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(226.58 KB 616x400 DQ11S_details_A.jpg)
Dragon Quest thread Anonymous 05/03/2021 (Mon) 12:14:50 Id:8deb11 No. 300331
The kinda final boss for Dragon Age 11 just fucked me out of my win. Basically there's two phases to the boss, single boss and his shadow, then he transforms to both a demon and has a dragon as his tail, and his tail just used resurrection or "zing" as its called in the game. Now I'm trying to get back to that point, but he keeps kicking my ass. Probably gonna have to grind for a few levels and see if it makes a difference. Fun game though, highly recommend. Any other recommendations in this franchise?
>>300331 Only one I ever played was 9 on the DS, but I really enjoyed it. You could make your own character, as well as your own party. Plus, one of the moments that always stuck out to me in was a main story quest with a monster knight. It turns out he was being controlled by a demon lady. He was called "Wight Knight" in English. Also, I can't believe 10 never got brought over to the west.
>>300338 >only 9 Try the other ds ones Theyre all fun. All those people who complain Dragon quest is generic, have never played it in depth considering it has some of the saddest shit in vidya
8 is my favorite, and it's NOT because I'm a horse fucker!
Why is Veronica best girl?
(627.49 KB 500x441 ClipboardImage.png)
This is the only DQ game I ever finished because most of them are dreadfully boring. I guess that DQ is supposed to be like that, just the bare basics of turn based combat with some light-hearted fantasy setting. That ain't for me though.
>>300404 >He didnt reunite terry with his sister >he doesn't want to see terry lose his soul just for a chance to be a family again >he doesn't want to see the conclusion of his story Boo i say
>>300408 I'd rather not die of boredom, anon.
(211.14 KB 288x499 Kenan&KelWHY.png)
>>300331 >Dragon Age 11
>>300415 i guess terry will forever be alone then.
(219.00 KB 311x309 Something is missing.PNG)
>>300404 >just the bare basics of turn based combat with some light-hearted fantasy setting Don't forget the enemies with names that are puns. I wouldn't be surprised if most of the reason the Japanese love it so much is because of clever wordplay or something like that.
>>300370 >Try the other ds ones >Theyre all fun. Alright. I'll look into them. What about the ones on 3DS? I got a hacked one and thought about trying them out. >>300376 It's because of Yangus and Jessica, isn't it?
>>300427 7 and 8 are fun so sure give it a go
(192.71 KB 1280x720 Gay Space Jiren.jpg)
(38.07 KB 534x486 git gud.jpg)
>>300331 >Anon lost to Jiren's gay down's syndrome little brother.
I'm just finishing up the rebuild Cobblestone quests, going to finish the Tockton quests... and then probably just quit if it's going to take a ton of grinding or metal slime farming to get from lvl 74 to whatever I need. I don't mind a few hours of grinding here and there to make it past certain bosses - but when a game is more or less this easy all the way through to the point where you don't need to grind, then expects a grind wall in the post game just to see the "True Ending" - it just pisses me off.
>>300458 Grinding in DQ11 is easy peasy. There is a pep power that doubles all XP gained from a battle, and there are abilities that hit everything multiple times, including metal slimes. Even though you only do 1 damage to a metal slime at a time the multiple hits make short work of them.
>>300428 Thanks, fam. >>300442 >Gay Space Jiren Cannot unsee. Looks like a mix of Jiren and one of those robotic looking enemies from Rocket Slime. I wonder if someone modded Grande Padre into one of the Dragon Quest games.
>>300461 And there's a pop power that straight up summons metal slimes. I went from upper 60s to 99 in maybe and hour and a half tops. Anyways i've been playing Dragon Quest 3 and it's been good fun in an old school way, it's fun thinking how amazing shit like class changing must have been back then. Thinking of picking up 5 next as i hear nothing but praise for it.
(94.97 KB 1280x720 Best grill.jpg)
>>300416 There's only one reason
>>300442 >gay space jiren #1 Jiren is already from space #2 Wait a sec, isn't that the boss from Chrono Trigger?
>>300482 That’s not Veronica
>>300370 well, DQ is generic. It's just that it's so generic it wraps around to being amazingly unique and charming
(80.39 KB 631x467 69e.jpg)
>>300461 It's not even all that, it's a pacing issue that gets me. I'd rather have longer grinding periods between story beats than a vertical wall at the finish line to fight a boss that was pulled out of the game's ass at the last minute after you already beat the "final" boss. It's just kind of the nature of post game content, I guess. Usually I never bother with DLCs at all, but the version of DQXI I tried was already the definitive version. Kind of running into the same issue with Legend of Legaia. Just got to the Sol Tower and, and usually I just grind until I can afford the best equipment for everyone - which so far has put me well ahead of the curve and it's been easy going (except for that fucking Mutant humping the Genesis Tree at the beginning of the second continent). But equipment in the Sol Tower is so expensive that I'm having to grind a ton and I end up falling asleep before I make much progress.
>>300331 You need to manage the damage on both parts to try to kill them at about the same time.
(125.00 KB 326x239 1528046042.png)
>>300461 >There is a pep power that doubles all XP gained from a battle >>300478 >And there's a pop power that straight up summons metal slimes. How can I learn this power?
>>300677 >using google That's a yikes from me, fam You get a nigger normalfag response, because that's how you're acting
>>300708 If you realize it's a nigger normalfag response, why are you being one?
>>300331 >"zing" Jesus fucking Christ the modern localizations are retarded.
>>300424 It's not even like that in the Japanese version.
>>300918 I can tolerate it as long as they don't add an all party revive named 'bazinga'.
>>300331 >Any other recommendations in this franchise? It depends on what you're looking for. I usually recommend 5 and 8 to newcomers. 8 is the most similar to 11 so that would probably be the best one to play next. The PS2 version still has random encounters though and those can get annoying when you're trying to explore all of the big areas in the game. I've heard that the 3DS version removed random encounters and adds a new, optional, ending but I've also heard they censored some of the content. I haven't played it myself so I can't say for sure. 5 has the best story in the series and lets you recruit monsters as party members. Play the PS2 version if you can. It's Jap-only but it has an English patch. The other versions aren't bad either if you can't get the PS2 version running. The localization in the DS version is a bit obnoxious because they tried to give every character their own accent or dialect but it's fine otherwise. If you're willing to try a more old-school JRPG, 3 is great but still very basic in a most areas and you'll probably have to grind a lot at the beginning. Most of the story is told via talking to NPCs instead of through cutscenes. Play the Super Famicom/SNES version, it has an English patch but be sure you're using the 1.1 English patch because the 1.0 version can cause the game to crash and erase all of your data at certain points. You can skip the first two games unless you're curious to see how the series started out. 4 and 6 are good games in their own right but they kind of pale in comparison to other games in the series. 7 is very long and very slow (you don't even have your first battle until several hours in) but it's a great adventure once it gets going. 9 tried to incorporate MMO elements which I personally don't care for but a lot of other people seem to like the game. 10 is a Jap-only MMO so I haven't played it.
(258.72 KB 508x401 Nathan Glasses.png)
>>300949 Well since its upgrade is "Kazing", following the naming rules they decided on it would probably be "Kazingle". The biggest offender is the sleep heal spell "Cock-a-doodle-doo".
>>300331 Just beat the second part, turns out the tail was the one that fucked me over and that going after it first was the right move. Gonna start the third part tomorrow.
>>300951 Got it, so eight is next. thanks anon.
(51.75 KB 723x379 DQ boys.jpg)
>>300338 I jailbroke my n3ds and managed to fit DQ 1-9 on there. I beat DQ 1,4,5,6,7,8,9,11 and DQ Builders 1/2 Dragon Quest 9 was a really fun experince due to the less party memebers you have, the more experince you'd get and because of that I got greedy and did a solo party member run. It was basically 64 hours of grinding and me maxxing various weapons and classes so I can combine them all to become a one woman party and curbstomp the rest of the game without help. I beat the game as a gladiator. I really couldn't beat the final boss without miracle slash, high def and a bit of luck due to him inflicting status effects and magic always hitting like a truck unless I used magic mirror or some shit to repel it, but then they'd use disrupitve wave and sometimes get a second turn in a row where I can't do shit about it. It was a pain in the ass but a fun pain in the ass. >>300673 I followed a youtube videos instructions. I made it to level 70's then got most of my party to level 99. I still couldn't max out all of their skill hexagons surprisingly. >>300975 Good fucking luck anon. If you get lost don't feel bad to look up guides online. DQ games can be a pain in the ass like that sometimes.
(151.61 KB 800x1211 146873_20190116194905_0.jpg)
>>300956 I know a lot of the spells in Japanese are based on onomatopoeia and tweaking words to sound more spellcrafty. The waking spell is called Zameha which is based on the verb "sameru" which means "to wake up". Every Dragon Quest translation is a dice roll, considering the flame spell line used to be named Blaze, Blazemore, and Blazemost; or that some games add a little bit of accents or just pile on foreign words.
(253.83 KB 800x922 1443536216078.jpg)
>>300951 The 3DS version of 8 has mods to fix the censoring and change the Western release's MIDI music to orchestral. After that, it's more if you want more content at the cost of world detail; and a new dub voice actress for Jessica since the old one became busy with Doctor Who. The reason for the censorship is due to the Dragon Quest games adhering to being "all-ages" in Japan, so when their CERO rating for All Ages/A was made stricter around 2006, some of the outfits on Jessica were too revealing to keep within all-ages guidelines (that and her bunnygirl outfit might have been altered to not infringe of Playboy's trademark). DQ11's outfits also are more covered up with more tights/hose and skirts.
>>301076 >I jailbroke my n3ds and managed to fit DQ 1-9 on there. That's neat. Though, I think I might run some of them on a computer to speed up the times I'll have to grind. I don't always have a lot of free time. >>301363 Sounds like it would be less work to emulate the PS2 version, if you have a computer that's good enough to run PCSX2.
>>301392 There used to be a pre-patched version of the 3DS game that made the runs on chan threads when it first came out
>>301517 >chans
(656.79 KB 1920x1280 Gay Space Marine.jpg)

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