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Darksiders Anonymous 05/04/2021 (Tue) 02:18:48 Id:e78fbc No. 300841
An under the radar series which I enjoyed save for the third game but Genesis somewhat made up for it.
STRIFE FUCKING GAME WHEN It better be Vanquish tier as a TPS, I can't believe we got Fury's shitshow of a game first over Strife's.
>>300928 Genesis was the Strife game
>>300929 Like hell it was.
(60.19 KB 717x717 Cool Bug Fact's.jpg)
>>300929 It was confirmed to just be a side-game and not Darksiders 4 when it was announced, Strife's game is still coming.
I really enjoy all the games, though I haven't played Genesis yet.
Reminder that according to gameplay = power level, Fury is the weakest of all of the Horsemen for having pussy footing Soulshit combat and powers. Fuck that waste of shit game.
>>301010 >The woman is the weakest Biology strikes again! -3 STR!
>>300937 >Strife's game is still coming. I fucking hope so as I really like his character in Genesis and 3 is still a shit game despite them adding classic mode.
>>301339 3 just feels off all around. Like all of the animations were cheaply made and it heavily affects enjoyment of the combat system. I do like weapons you collect giving you entirely different right click/secondary weapons though, I feel like that idea was done much better as War's upgrades in Genesis despite it being a much simpler mechanic.
>>301345 Genesis felt like a Darksiders game meet Diablo which was a good thing and I wouldn't mind more Darksiders titles like it.
>>300841 I love the first game, got the platinum for it on PS3, PS4 and PC, never finished the second but i managed to get both on PS4 for cheap, so i'll play it this friday. Warmastered and Deathinitive sound stupid though, i even thought they were fake as fuck bootleg games until i looked them up. Anyone here played the third game? I lost all interest when they showed it off and it was a clunky dark souls rip-off starring a ugly bitch with a bad temper.
I played a little of the first game years back and never really got into it but I might give it another go. Does the Warmastered edition avoid fucking anything up or should I stick with the original?
>>301579 Warmastered is avoids fucking with shit and I highly recommend getting 2 and Genesis.
(118.98 KB 880x587 comfy.jpg)
>>301579 >>301591 I too couldn't get into Warmastered, I simply didn't like the protagonist. I will try 2 and Genesis
>>301345 Genesis feels like it was given way more thought and time then 3. >>303070 That's fair

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