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(244.79 KB 1069x1185 pngegg.png)
Short vidya Anonymous 05/04/2021 (Tue) 23:34:37 Id:27ae37 No. 301481
What are some good short and easy vidya? I'm talking about single player PC games you can complete in 1 or 2 hours. I'm getting exhausted playing games that take a month to complete.
>>301481 Doom's Episodes are pretty short if you just play them by the episode and not all at once. I'd also suggest Arcade style "endless" games ala Tetris, Gradius, or Pacman Championship Edition for some short runs
its not exactly 2 hours long but have you ever tried Obduction? its more like 4-6 hours long, unless you take your time.
(314.07 KB 1038x1393 deed.jpg)
I beat record of lodoss war yesterday and it took me 5.5 hours to beat. Neat mechanics. Fluid gameplay. Beautiful art. Banging music. Passable story. Fair enough difficulty. Near bountiful content for its length. All round solid game. Make sure you watch the 13 episode anime anon, I finished it in an afternoon so theres no excuse not to watch it before you play. I promise you its also good.
>Thomas Was Alone A simple, and cute puzzle game. It's one of those "experience" games, like Earthbound, walking sims, etc. >The Megaman/Megaman X games When you know what you're doing, you can beat each of them within a couple of hours. >Roguelikes/Roguelites If you allow the inclusion of them, many of them have runs that don't last too long. >>301484 Pac Man Championship Edition is so good.
(63.81 KB 340x379 Anjin and Wolf.png)
>>301481 Sekiro is short. His game doesn't take long to complete either.
Frog Fractions can be pretty easily beaten in under an hour
>>301481 Trannypunk 2077. The game ends as soon as you start playing it.
If you don't mind really easy, Doom 1 + 2 on any difficulty below UV can be breezed through in 2-3 hours each.
>>301481 >short and easy vidya How easy are we talking? Because there's lots of NES games that can be completed in less than an hour.
>>301481 Helltaker, funnily enough that game's going to be a year old in a few days.
(14.13 KB 160x160 unnamed.gif)
>>301481 You could probably beat YS I in around 5 to 10 hours.
Journey, OFF, Prince of Persia (DOS), Iji.
>>301556 >Journey Note that OP asked for PC games. While you can play Journey on an emulator, that's a pain to setup and find roms for.
Never mind apparently it was ported to PC two years ago
For an RPG Legend of Mana is very short. You can 100% it in about 20 or so hours total and since it's episodic in nature you can play it in short little bursts.
(171.32 KB 500x500 Off baby.png)
>>301556 >off very based recommendation.
>>301567 Does it have an HD remaster?
>>301567 Is it 1-2 hours short? Because the only RPG I can think of that's even close to that length is Undertale
>>301648 Lute's Quest in Saga Frontier can be beaten that fast if you look up hints.
4th gen consoles and older systems are what you could be looking for, unless you're not willing to practice and get good.
>>301651 >4th gen consoles and older systems are what you could be looking for OP very specifically asked for PC games
>>301481 Flash games are a great way to get your gaming fix in short bursts. Browse sites like itch.io and Newgrounds for the shit you like.
>>301674 Read the post directly after that
>>301674 Is there anyone still playing this game? I was interested but never had a PS3, but since the multiplayer is so integral it's probably not worth playing now if there's nobody to play with.
(38.05 KB 320x320 Metroid_Fusion_box.jpg)
(75.06 KB 550x458 Cover.jpg)
(74.08 KB 464x315 am2rupdate.jpg)
You can emulate the 2D Metroid games. Zero Mission, Fusion, Super Metroid, and Another Metroid 2 Remake for good measure I wonder what play order works best tho, since Super Metroid released first but it's more complex then Zero and Fusion since those Streamlined things for the GBA. AM2R should probably be played after at least Zero mission or maybe even last. So you have chronological order, which would be Zero, AM2R,Super, Fusion Release order, Super, Fusion, Zero, AM2R Or least to most complex order (This order I could be off about since it's been a while since i played them), Fusion, Zero, AM2R, Super
(16.85 KB 374x266 MysticalNinjaStarringGoemon.jpg)
(11.39 MB 640x416 Impact Fight.webm)
(11.39 MB 640x416 Impact Fight.webm)
Can also recommended Mystical Ninja Staring Goemon, which can easily be beaten in a day if you know what to do. it's like Ocarina of time in how there's an connected world and dungeons, but there's also giant robot boss fights, just make sure to look up the controls for the super moves during those, since they're written in the manual, but not stated in game, at least until the second Goemon game on N64.
(10.33 MB 640x416 Impact.webm)
>>301690 I posted the same "impact fight.webm" twice This was meant to be the first webm
(154.52 KB 634x802 50776974_p43.jpg)
>>301647 Soon. >>301648 I think you can speedrun it in about an hour and a half or so if you only follow one of the 3 main plot threads and ignore all the other quests and one off missions. Even if you do everything you could marathon it over a long weekend. You could kill dozens of hours though if you want to dive into the deep mechanics of equipment and instrument crafting and reforging and golem building. There's potential for deep autism there if you want. The game is very comfy so I don't suggest rushing and the way it's structured you can easily play it in as small or large chunks as you wish.
>>301481 >What are some good short and easy vidya? Rocket Knight Adventures on hard mode is pretty short and easy.
I play a single round of multiplayer shit daily. It never generally lasts more than an hour per game.
(120.98 KB 800x789 strider2.jpg)
Pic related is probably both the easiest and shortest game i've ever played.
Resident Evil 7. Beat it in 2 days on my first playthrough. It's not exactly "easy" but it's not really difficult either. There's also an assisted gamemode, but I never used it because I'm not a casual normalnigger. >>301684 Metroid games are only short and easy when you know the games really well
>>301494 The anime was good but I disliked the ending a little. Parm doesn't even get a title. He just walks off with nothing but the smug satisfaction of saving the world I guess.
I liked NUTS a lot. It's only 3 or 4 hours long, but does some cool stuff with its novel mechanic. Set up cameras during the day, piece together what the squirrels are doing at night by watching the footage.
>>301875 The guy is already a knight and he rode off with a new 100% faithful QTpie elf waifu who will always be a QT by never aging. Kinda surprised how Deed didn't become at least mortal or anything despite having the life forced sucked out of her to hell and back.
>>301481 Look for old DOS shareware games. Some even have shareware exclusive campaigns so that when you bought the full game, you weren't playing the first 1/3 or 1/4 over again.
(27.56 KB 240x320 0000.png)
Arcade games are what I'd recommend. They were meant to be played in short bursts (of quarters/tokens) anyway, and even if you play with no credit limit, they don't take too long. Unless you play borderline endless loop stuff, but who tries to "beat" Galaga?
(1.79 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
I think Primordia would fall into good quick game, if you like point-n-clicks. Its got a good story and setting and, unlike something like monkey island, the puzzles are reasonable and not completely mental. Not sure how long it took me but it was defantly just one sitting. actually i think the length was probably its worst bit, I'd have preferred a bit more
(1.86 MB dadshome.swf)
Dadgame is the best game ever made and it lasts less than an hour
(36.03 KB 256x224 ClipboardImage.png)
I've been playing the BS Zelda games recently. Each one is split into four chapters, and each chapter has a strict time limit of one hour. So you can consider each game to be, at most, four hours long. But you can play each chapter on its own as its own thing (though things like Heart Containers do carry over through your save file). Of course, the gimmick of the games is that there is streamed audio and events that correlate with the audio. This is essentially why the time limit exists. The audio was originally streamed live. So at certain times you'll be given a powerup, no matter where you are, or a weather effect might happen, no matter what you're doing, or a sidequest might become available, if you can reach and complete it in time. Each of these is accompanied by audio explaining it. Of course there is also CD quality music, but due to it being streamed, it doesn't correlate to where you are. So instead of dungeons and overworlds having their own music, music changes based on events that are happening. Like for example, when you get close to the time limit, the music changes to reflect it. It works well. Due to the streamed audio, the audio could not be dumped off the cart. The rest of the game could be, but Satellaview carts were meant to be reused, with new games loaded and replacing the old ones, so we only have dumps from people who happened to never use their Satalleview again after playing one of these games. However, there were also VHS recordings of people playing the games, so we did have the audio as well (but with the in-game sound effects over it, so not a clean streamed audio track). Super autistic fans then spent decades remaking the games, including the audio (which you need a special emulator for, to play the audio files) and a few years ago finally got to the point where it's pretty much exact. They've also gone further and made mods for subtitles (since the original games are in Japanese) and even fandubs. The fandubs are clearly by fans (not that professional dubs are really any better), but they come reasonably close to giving you the original feel, where you can listen to the streamed audio while playing, so you don't have to try to read subtitles in the middle of combat, or you can listen to the audio while reading other text, which is sometimes important, because eventually, your game will end, no matter what. Unless you get one of the mods that turns off the time limit. But that's cheating. There are three games. BS The Legend of Zelda Map 1 and BS The Legend of Zelda Map 2 take place in the overworld map from Zelda 1 but with new dungeons, SNES graphics, and streamed audio. Some people consider them the 3rd and 4th quests of Zelda 1, but I wouldn't go that far. Even if you turn off the time limits, the game is designed for them, so dungeons are generally simpler. There is nothing in either game nearly as hard as Level 9 from Zelda 1. Also technically there is an original story that is different from Zelda 1 (you don't play as Link, for example), but both games have so little story that it is easy to ignore. The third game is Ancient Stone Tablets, which uses the overworld from Link to the Past, but again with different dungeons, and the timed events that happen feel more substantial. It starts to feel a little closer to what Majora's Mask would eventually do, except there is no going back in time, and if you miss something, you miss it (though really the only things that feels like a real bitch to miss are Heart Pieces and Bottles, and maybe a couple sidequests that have a tiny bit of story attached). This one also has a more significant story, that functions as a sequel to Link to the Past, when Link is off on an adventure elsewhere, implied to be Link's Awakening. This game is really a must play for fans of the series. Anyway, all of these games are four hours long, or collections of four one hour games. Pretty short, very good. >>301684 Release order is always the proper way to play video games. Ideas and mechanics evolve over time, and previous games are taken into account when making the newer ones. Also, as has been pointed out, these games are actually very long unless you've already mastered them. They're about exploration, and a very large part of the game is slowly exploring the entire world. Only once you've dedicated the entire map and order to do everything (including sequence breaking) to your autistic memory does it become reasonable to do the games very fast. There's a reason the original Metroid was one of the first games to use saves/passwords.
(96.38 KB 250x364 Dark_Fact.png)
>>301553 Oh, I don't think so.
Why the requirement of PC games only? Try Pokemon Conquest.
Ziggurat 1 and 2. They can both be beaten easily within 20 minutes.
>>302063 He should be a breeze on the easiest difficulty. Though even on Nightmare, theoretically you could plan out a route and defeat him every time, since all his movements are predetermined and have no RNG, at least this was my impression when I fought him in the remake. >>301481 I think Limbo and maybe Portal 1 can be beaten in 1 or 2 hours. Do you want games that can be completed from start to finish in 1 or 2 hours, or games that have separate levels than can each be beaten in 1 or 2 hours, so you can take breaks between them? If it's the later, racing games and even puzzle games can fit this definition.
>>301756 It's definitely short and relatively easy. But it gives my whole arm crams with the amount of button mashing you have to do.

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