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(13.87 KB 297x170 12-25-04-9k=.jpg)
Cyberpunk 2077 leaked once again Anonymous 06/03/2021 (Thu) 09:28:09 Id:f29382 No. 322268
Cdpr paid ransom but leakers didn't keep their promises. What a foolish company. http://wavbeudogz6byhnardd2lkp2jafims3j7tj6k6qnywchn2csngvtffqd.onion/
they haven't released a single game i care about. i tried the witcher 1 once and it played like shit and none of the characters were even remotely likeable. garbage dev. don't care.
>they paid the ransom on top of it The cucked-o-meter just hit 88 Burches per hour, holy shit.
What got leaked? Source code? Maybe modders can fix this awful shit.
>>322289 Even if they can, why would you want modders of that skill to waste the time and effort doing so? Is this really the type of game to deserve it?
>>322268 What's left for them to leak?
Source code leaked. Their website contains 5 link which correspond 5 different leak. Maybe rtx version of witcher 3 iş there.
Dumping anyway is the fastest way to ensure nobody ever pays your ransom ever again
>>322303 Maybe the leaker knows the FBI is on his tail and wants to dump it before he gets V&
>>322303 If you're dumb enough to actuay pay the ransom you deserve it honestly.
I'm not finding any information about this anywhere, where did you find this OP? How recently did this happen?
>>322306 Ever notice how ransomware and hacking groups only last a year or two? That's because they're quite frequently caught by law enforcement agencies. Though hackers might be great at injecting code and social engineering, they're terrible at money laundering. That's usually how they're caught.
>>322312 It's fresh anon interestingly media didn't report. Source that i used : https://www.databreaches.net/babuk-re-organizes-as-payload-bin-offers-its-first-leak/ In order to find ransom's website i used one of shitty search engine of dark web. It's easy to find.
>>322314 >they're terrible at money laundering That's probably because of how young hackers tend to be. Many infamous attacks were perpetrated by teenagers. That bitcoin Twitter hijacking last year was done by two high schoolers and a college kid.
>>322318 Transfering one account to another doesn't matter. FBI is not idiot.
>>322289 >>322291 They'll have an easier time just throwing out the whole game & redesigning it from the start as an RPG rather than a bland GTA V that doesn't even have a "nightlife".
Can we get a properly optimized fully moddable version now? Maybe mod in some loli cat girls.
>>322418 Anon weird fetish shit won't make the game any less dogshit
>>322314 Thats also why they prefer to deal with "cybersecurity companies" that specialize in ransomware. They're really just negotiators that get them to lower their fee a little bit because they know that they can get their money without much trouble. Nobody actually cracks the encryption on ransomware.
>>322412 >redesigning it from the start as an RPG But it has a skill tree and when you pick something that thing is increased by a whole 1%. Truly, Cyberpunk is the pinnacle of RPG's.
>>322300 >Source code leaked. That's all? Why did CDPR then pay the ransom? The source code is useless since no one will dare touch it for anything legal (like making a fan patch or making one's own game), and everyone who doesn't care about the law has already pirated the entire game anyway.
>>322449 Its more of an intelectual property thing, having source code floating around is bad for your ip value
Has anyone been able to download it yet? specifically interested in ps5.7z.
>>322268 Looking forward to the fixed version of Cyberpunk
IT IS always a temptation to an armed and agile nation To call upon a neighbour and to say: – "We invaded you last night – we are quite prepared to fight, Unless you pay us cash to go away." And that is called asking for Dane-geld, And the people who ask it explain That you've only to pay 'em the Dane-geld And then you'll get rid of the Dane! It is always a temptation for a rich and lazy nation, To puff and look important and to say: – "Though we know we should defeat you, we have not the time to meet you. We will therefore pay you cash to go away." And that is called paying the Dane-geld; But we've proved it again and again, That if once you have paid him the Dane-geld You never get rid of the Dane. It is wrong to put temptation in the path of any nation, For fear they should succumb and go astray; So when you are requested to pay up or be molested, You will find it better policy to say: -- "We never pay any-one Dane-geld, No matter how trifling the cost; For the end of that game is oppression and shame, And the nation that plays it is lost!"
(24.29 KB 400x400 tuCu6BT-.jpg)
>>322412 Somewhere between TW3 and halfway through CP2077 they lost their way.
>>322286 Reminds me of the US companies recently paying out to hackers and in turn inspiring even more hacks. They deserve to get fucked for being so retarded.
>>322453 >implying CP2077 has IP value
(36.80 KB 600x600 iactsn.jpg)
>>322321 The FBI literally submitted photocopies of screenshots of posts THEY MADE THEMSELVES as evidence of "Domestic Terrorism" being organized on old 8chan, the FBI is like any organization where in any group of 20 people you've got maybe 4 that actually work and know what they're doing with the rest evenly spread between those who know nothing and those who do nothing with 1 Know-Nothing Do-Nothing running the place. Thing is, criminal enterprise is a business and it only takes one person feeling they didn't get what they were do to decide they'd be better employed elsewhere. Cybersecurity orgs, either commercial or governemental, hire extensively from disaffected Black Hats and hey what better way to show that you're going to be one of the "Good Guys" now then to turn in your old compatriots that snubbed you on the last hack? The really problematic guys are those associated with foreign governments, they're hard to buy off, at risk of being eliminated if they get funny ideas and usually have a military liaison insuring they act (somewhat) professionally. If they're ideallogically motivated to support the state their loyalty and work ethic is even greater though folks that feel deep kinship with a state usually don't reach the same levels as those who don't since the tendency to dismiss the advancements of enemy nations and an unwillingness to talk shop with foreigners stymies their technical growth.
>>322449 > no one will dare touch it for anything legal cybertruck 2069, a mod that hacks your webcam and sends nudes to Todd, which he uses to blackmail you into buying skyrim 5 more times
>>322437 >Nobody actually cracks the encryption on ransomware. https://0xec.blogspot.com/2016/04/reversing-petya-ransomware-with.html Very interesting read
>>323351 >only 5 times Let me tell you about wage garnishment
>>323322 >the FBI is like any organization where in any group of 20 people you've got maybe 4 that actually work and know what they're doing with the rest evenly spread between those who know nothing and those who do nothing with 1 Know-Nothing Do-Nothing running the place. Yep, in every organization across the board, as soon as you go outside groups of 5 the statistic immediately becomes 13% of the group does 55% of the work, the rest either do not contribute or they contribute minimally. Official statistic by the way.
>>323390 Are you saying that the actions of just 13% of a population account for over 55% of the results?
(73.81 KB 640x630 americacat.jpg)
>>323395 Yes. And it's not just the black guy murder shit statistic either (which is also true). Which is why, paradoxically, in a society where there are millions/billions of people, individual actions can make a gigantic difference. Few people actually apply themselves and when they do they tend to change the world for the better. If everyone, from young to old to stupid to smart, actually applied themselves, problems could be solved overnight As well as caused, but that's a different argument The most insidious propoganda is someone telling you your actions are worthless and can never change anything. Blackpill is just reaaaaally fucking stupid and obvious about it, but this is why he tries. Because it's effective propoganda that makes sheeple. It makes blacks into do nothing murderers and gangbangers, when they could be something else. Even if blacks were all chair-level IQ retards, someone dumb who applies themself can make more of an impact then a depressed genius. So like Do things.
Only in the past few hours have gaming outlets started reporting on this, it's weird how I saw both this leak and the previous one days in advance on 8chan. The Witcher 3's source code was reportedly also leaked along with their SDKs https://archive.is/DYWZC https://archive.is/bXzuw
(3.89 KB 738x208 spawns behind you.png)
>>323690 >>323691 I'd say it's false, but I'm unwilling to take that bet given how absolutely retarded devs, and especially game devs, can be.
>>323691 >if else statements lmao that's even for a studio like CDPR that's obviously not real code, it does a check on every single action which would be horrendously inefficient, and that "double check to make sure" comment doesn't do anything, typing that doesn't magically make the code check twice "behind" is undefined here, there would be some parameter in place instead of an array that's off somewhere else
>>323690 Well if the "Spawn Police" function is predeterimined, maybe. Normally what you'd do is sprinkle spawn points for police around the map and then spawn them at those points and have them converge on the "crime scene" while tagged as hostile unless you want them to be psychic. Considering they had little time to implement and the graphics rendering code on launch was fucking abysmal, a quick fix would be to define "Spawn Police" so that a predetermined pattern of police with a random number assigned, and have it so that police that spawn in collision (aka spawning in walls or props) are deleted instantly with a simple collision check. Then you define "Behind" as an x point behind the player camera. Considering how a sprinkle spawn police thing probably would not work at launch (and since the spawn points for the cops means sorting through the whole map to add more), this feels like what they did.
>>322467 It's legit and unencrypted. I'm not wasting space extracting and installing the whole thing right now but some individual programs I extracted from it work.
>>323696 I'm going to neatpick because I'm an asshole. >it does a check on every single action which would be horrendously inefficient You're only seeing the function declaration, not when it's called, you can't possibly know how often it's called or how efficient it is. >that "double check to make sure" comment doesn't do anything, typing that doesn't magically make the code check twice The joke is that they are checking if a variable is True and if it's Not False, that's the double check. >"behind" is undefined here, there would be some parameter in place instead of an array that's off somewhere else It's in quotes, so it's a String and doesn't need to be defined anywhere. It's also not an array and it wouldn't be "a parameter in place" but rather a reference to an object like (Player.Mob.Position - Vector3.Forward* 10) or something similar
>>323788 You're not nitpicking, anon's comment is just really bizarre and you pointed out the reasons adequately. He says it can't be real code which makes me think he understands it's a joke piece of code, but then he starts picking it apart as if it was serious and criticizing it as such, while doing a hilariously bad job of it. Just confusing.
So has anything come of this so far? I still haven't seen anything from the source code leak that's interesting
>>323322 That and also how they tried to recruit that one anon who paid a visit to the FBI, I don't have the video but maybe some other anon has it.
>>323186 Polanon here. Can pinpoint it to when they hired keanu. Though slightly before that already they started to support LGBT and other westshit here. Lots of developers who worked on W3 also left the company during that time. And lots of diversity hires.
>>324729 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>/Pol/
>>324729 Nah it was already too late when they keanu'd they were fucked when the company went public. And they started ragging on linux users on GoG like 2nd class citizens
>>323186 >>324729 If you actually bother to research this shit, you'll find out that they had most of their CP77 team pulled back into the Witcher 3 to fix the many bugs and work on expansions so they had to use the equivalent of a B team to develop the game in the meantime. Apparently, said B Team actually came up with an interesting take on it that was mostly just some gameplay. But once the veterans were free from the Witcher 3 and came back, the project had nothing to do with how they did things, so they started a different take entirely and afterwards, they compared both. The veterans take was the one used because it looked better, even though it barely had any gameplay. That trailer of gameplay shown when the game was massively hyped was entirely scripted because, and a lot of people don't even know this, but they had started actual development of the game just a few months prior to that. The game did not had several years to be made, it was a couple if that even. Ultimately, that's what fucked up the game. Bad resource allocations, hyping it up way too fucking soon, releasing it way too soon because of that. The developers were actually furious with the suits that started the marketing campaigns before they even had a vertical slice and forced the game to be released in the state it was at the time. I'd like to believe it was a lesson for them to learn but most of their talent has already sailed so it's unlikely that CDProject will ever recover from this. They'll just become another Bioware\Obsidian. >Though slightly before that already they started to support LGBT and other westshit here. If you mean picking an unconventional combination of genitals\body\voice, it's nothing new. Dragons Dogma lets you make a twig of a woman with a booming voice or a massive wardrobe of a guy with a squeaky voice. It's the most basic bitch trick to pretend there's "representation" while also allowing for hilarious hijinks. If you mean the car with the trans flag, you're not gonna believe this anyway, but it was a genuinely good example of how to put a transsexual in a game. Her\His\It story revolved entirely around racing, the partner and how he died as well as getting revenge for that. The fact that this character was trans was approached more in a Ship of Theseus way more than anything, since they constantly swap the body parts that get fucked in a race.
>>324777 Your mom is politics. >>324780 For anyone that actually tried the game, you can easily see an example of this by comparing the Ricochet feature from the first gameplay trailer featuring it to what you got in the game, where you had more feedback about where to shoot in order to get a hit, while the game just had some arrows along the predicted trajectory that didn't even changed color if they connected to a target.
(553.07 KB 1280x1280 one1561625984.jpg)
>>324780 >but it was a genuinely good example of how to put a transsexual in a game Anon if there wasn't a worldwide movement against western civilization and the 'normal people who kept us oppressed', I would agree with that statement - just a characteristic of a person, mentioned without fuss, doesn't shove any politics and plot point is well done. But since there is, any representation is taken as their support and their pandering, both by us and them. They feel validated and pandered, we feel ignored. There unfortunately cannot be a good example without making an entire game around that. If there was footfag in place of trans, someone who had 'i love feet' sticker on truck, made jokes about how he loved feet, again with no politics, no fetish pandering and good plot point, it would be fine. Aside from few autists going wild, fine. People here would make memes out of it. Because it has no real world connotations and movement involved with it, so its all fun and games.
>>324780 I do agree now CDproject is no more. Wonder will they market the next game as "from the creators of Witcher series" like turtle rock studios
>>324791 >any representation is taken as their support and their pandering, both by us and them. They feel validated and pandered, we feel ignored. Speak for yourself and don't count me on either side of this "us vs them" war. I don't give a fuck about trannies, their only issue is how much everyone overrates them include those that claim to hate them. Case in point with Cyberpunk77. For all the posts about cyberdongs and tranny cars, none of that was the reason the game was fucked. I'd expect at least the same furor against suits being suits and bullshots used as trailers, the trannies literally do not matter as much as anyone seems to think. >There unfortunately cannot be a good example without making an entire game around that. You just contradicted yourself because that's what that character in Cyberpunk was, a good example without the entire game being about your eternal quest for cybernetic feminine penises. I prefer to look at the entire LGBBQ issue as very dedicated trolling because even if they aren't doing it with that intention, they do use the same mechanisms in the first. Stop feeding it attention, stop pretending they matter or have any modicum of power. Anything they do end up affecting that turns out to be shit, same rule: ignore it. Let it be perfectly clear to every company that if they want your attention as customer, they gotta do the same and start ignoring the gay shit. That's all you have to do, that's all everyone ever had to do in the first place. It's 2021 and people still argue about biological characteristics like race or sex when culture is where our genome actually resides and so far, all we have is a culture about debating biological details.
>>324865 >It's 2021 and people still argue about biological characteristics like race or sex I see you, twitter man
>>324791 >we feel ignored Well at least you admit it. The only reason are mad about black and trans people in media is because they want to feel targeted by consumer products and want to feel recognized by corporate advertisements. Mad that low quality, disposable shit is being marketed to someone else. It's a real gamer moment: just as a child raised by wolves will behave like a wolf, a person raised by objects will behave like an object, and feel dejected when not recognized by objects.
Within this leak was a pre-alpha version of the game from 2013, and it looked radically different to the final thing. Somebody on 4chan got it working. This also throws that "the game wasn't being made until 2016" theory out the window and further points toward the Keanu rewrite being true.
>>324912 >Playable Catalina scene Okay, now I'm interested. https://youtu.be/mmCzTJTK1H8
>>324912 It looks like they were taking inspiration from Mass Effect with that apartment. There's a lot more footage, but I don't think "Somebody on 4chan got it working", it all looks like footage the devs recorded. There's no reason they'd have a fully in tact version of the game this old lying around on company computers. One thing I noticed is how much higher the level of interactivity was, something the final game severely lacks.
>>324912 Post more.
>>324920 https://yewtu.be/watch?v=E9Y_XwloQ3A The devs were making entire bug compilation shitposts. They're all from different builds of the game, but you can see some of the 2013 footage and how different everything is.
>>324912 So... Keanu kill Cyberpunk 2077?
>>324918 >There's no reason they'd have a fully in tact version of the game this old lying around on company computers. Version control when making software is a big deal so it's certainly possible
>>324940 No. Pink haired landhwales did.
(151.16 KB 624x897 Keanu punk.png)
>>324940 Indirectly. This is partially speculation, but there are hints pointing towards the main story of Cyberpunk originally being very different. There's pre-release footage where the subtitles say Johnny was killed "last year", when in-game he's a has-been nobody remembers who died over 50 years ago. Couple that with the fact his logo and music are both everywhere and you can start to see discrepancies in what the game is saying and what it's showing. The theory goes that the second they secured Keanu Reeves, the game was heavily rewritten with Johnny Silverhand at the forefront to maximizes Keanu involvement and emphasize his presence in-game. It's a known fact Silverhand wasn't as prevalent as he became in the original script, there are articles from 2019 about his dialogue being doubled (https://archive.is/UqSL5) and being given more importance. He ended up having the most dialogue of any character in the game, something that surprised even Mike Pondsmith, the series creator. Many of the quest lines feel like they should go somewhere, but don't. There are quest lines you don't even have to play the game to tell were cut, like most of the gang related stuff and the life paths. I personally believe a lot of these major quest lines were cut to focus on the main quest line and to remove elements that might otherwise conflict with the new story. But did this rewrite ruin the game? No, Cyberpunk has an enormous quantity of cut content comparable to if not exceeding Fallout: New Vegas. Some of this was cut because CDPR couldn't get it to work like the wall running, while others are things that are still in the game and accessible via noclip like the luxury apartments, stores and train stations. Cyberpunk was ruined because the development was a mess and one of the game's directors decided to scrap large portions of the game in 2016 and change the genre to an FPS. As you can see in the 2013 footage, the game wasn't meant to be what it is now.
>>324989 I forgot to mention that the Silverhand story was meant to be just one of three main stories you could follow, which is what the life paths seemed to be about. This is why all three paths jarringly convene into the same story after the first 30 minutes, it's a remnant from an earlier point in development.
>>324940 No, going public and being rushed to death was. That demo looks like a concept more than anything at least it looks punk instead of California Soylard shit.
>>324871 It's one of Man's unique characteristic over other animals, that we can pass information through culture that affects the world far more than your genes can. There's certainly biological differences between everyone, but your race matters much less than what town you're born in, for instance. >>324912 >This also throws that "the game wasn't being made until 2016" theory out the window and further points toward the Keanu rewrite being true. Not exactly. Remenber that they did have a sort of "B Team" working on the game while their main devs were still fixing The Witcher 3. This footage might just be the game they were working on that later got scrapped. Some decent amount of interactivity, some enticing characters, but nothing too complex. Exactly what you'd expect from a B Team. Personnaly, this looks a lot like Omicron >>324989 >It's a known fact Silverhand wasn't as prevalent as he became in the original script, there are articles from 2019 about his dialogue being doubled If this is true, I'm willing to believe that they scrapped the B Team prototype because it didn't held up against modern games and decided to do something else by 2016, but because the hype machine was already running and time was short, they decided to use Keanu as a trump card, to put so much dialogue and story on him that his story would be the great majority of the game and maybe his star power and followers would be enough to carry the game while they fixed everything else. Shitty thing they did with Keanu if that's the case.
>>325034 Waiting for your twin studies to back up all your statements.
>>325060 Transcendental reasoning; you don't need twin studies to 'prove' salient intuition. The individual is the narrative which connects a series of conscious states together coherently; the narrative is informed by culture and the grammar of socialization. There's no such thing as a biological narrative. Even if biology influences the conscious states themselves, it doesn't dictate the narrative which connects experiences into an individual.
>>325071 Please take your critical theory elsewhere.
>>325109 /v/ isn't one person
>>325126 It isn't but when you straight up deny what's going on is when people have a problem.
Back on to the topic >>325034 >>324989 The producers most likely went apeshit when they had Keanu onboard, with them wanting to push for more keanu since "big star hollywood" and definitely ate up all the hype they got. The rewrite itself most likely wasn't the cause but rather the symptom that Cyberpunk was being heavily changed to a new (worse) direction. >>325034 B team work being scrapped is a shame, since atleast it had somewhat of a backbone that could have straightened the changing direction, but Bteam scrapped, direction scrapped, the old team being ordered to go full hollywood.
>>324918 >>324942 Yeah, if the leaks are FULL SOURCE CODE leaks there must be a working copy in there, but I'm thinking the leakers took all the juicy stuff out and only released the scraps. Someone should go through the entire leaks to find something useful
(29.34 KB 749x280 ClipboardImage.png)
>>325274 Wait why the fuck would the Seinfeld writers reference an 8chan meme
(30.99 MB 854x480 dance.mp4)
There is just too much shit to upload. And pretty big file sizes so i couldnt be bothered. https://files.catbox.moe/b6t4oj.mp4 CyberElBuggado2020_pt1-8wk2cx https://files.catbox.moe/7sf186.mp4 CyberElBuggado2020_pt2-thuk6o https://files.catbox.moe/hohhzc.mp4 ElBuggadoDos-rz1onb https://files.catbox.moe/1v2t1g.mp4 Cyberpunk 2077 - august 2013 - M1 shower scene-pvbylo https://files.catbox.moe/873v72.mp4 2019-09-18 16-36-29-r0txb1 https://files.catbox.moe/tnrkxy.mp4 2020-05-04 17-13-14-q6tb2f https://files.catbox.moe/afgqhy.mp4 2020-09-06 ted_fox-xcxf64 https://files.catbox.moe/m03h90.mp4 arasaka_harlem_shake-zfcvw0 https://files.catbox.moe/fo9nod.mp4 capture-2fldc4 https://files.catbox.moe/jnr43n.mp4 crazy_rave_party_in_da_choppa-1bkict https://files.catbox.moe/rrwetr.mp4 Cyber-chicken-cz8o0z https://files.catbox.moe/nc53t5.mp4 great-1brygs https://files.catbox.moe/86lkeb.mp4 offroad-hirwmy https://files.catbox.moe/5bgh79.mp4 queue-0kz70t Torrent: e34280de
(187.60 KB 598x443 ClipboardImage.png)
>>325274 ? This is just a bunch of gibberish and made-up words. You're just an anon on 8ch like every one of us, your "beliefs" don't do anything except influence who you are rude to on the internet. Having political beliefs is the Overton Window, you're wasting your own time.
(244.71 KB 400x200 skele lol gif.gif)
>>325276 Ahahaha, Cyberpunk just caused an international fucking incident. CDPR is going to have to issue an apology and everything. This is doubly cathartic after GOG backed down and refused to publish Devotion (Taiwan made game that made fun of China in some pamphlet textures) in order to appease the Chinese market.
>>325287 thanks anon >>325276 >winnie_the_pooh //China top kek
(3.56 MB 256x188 minus_20_social_credit.gif)
(24.06 KB 112x112 kekerinous_01.gif)
>>325276 >>325288 holy fucking kekerinous, not even the TLOU2 shitstorm was this entertaining, thanks CDPR for making this jaded person know how to laugh again is it true the SDKs for fagstation5 and cuckbox-seriesx also got leaked? cuz microsoft and sony won't be too happy about that
>>325291 >Cyberpunk 2077 was so bad that it causes WW3. >The advances made in technology during the war and nuclear strikes make the apocalyptical wasteland with high tech real. Absolutely poetic.
>>325290 Answer his questions and stop deflecting.
>>325281 8chan was very big in the 90's, although BBS imageboards were already a thing for a decade, they really blew up around the time that Seinfeld was airing.
>>325281 >>325336 Are you perhaps doubting the comedic genius of Michael "If it's black he sits in the back" Richards? https://invidious.namazso.eu/watch?v=eQmyQislzzE >>325276 >>325288 peak Gucci Communism
>>325276 Is this actually real? Wouldn't the code be in Polish?
>>325379 >>325335 As much I want to argue I don't think anyone talks about how basic this game is, even for a typical RPG, how little material is there to do? Like forget open-world sidequests, just the main plot itself is so unconcerned about the "role-playing" aspect of game, no choices, no difference in gameplay. Hell if you put all points on hacking, there is like nothing major in the story that benefits from it. Its fundamentals are so poor it would be laughable in 2006. >>325291 Im still mad about how many hardware reviewers like to use this as a benchmark game to test out new graphics card. Epsecially for RTX.
(124.57 KB 517x768 superlative laugh.jpg)
>>325276 >Censor_winnie_the_pooh >//China and this the official documentation
>>325249 >>324780 >>324729 This reminds me. They actually forced a vegetarian diet at work on their employees. Couldn't even bring their own sandwiches with them, if they contained meat. Politics just ruins everything. >>325370 Poles, especially this kind of Poles, have a really weird inferiority complex, so they use English instead, when they can. Though it's probably also because as >>325377 said. Especially C has problems with non-English letters.
>>325276 What am I looking at here?
(2.41 MB 500x500 anita tide.gif)
>>325374 >Western Civilization >Grandiose term that doesn't mean anything
>>325402 >javascript Thats not a language..
>>325410 I don't..
>>325392 >>325407 >>325413 Holy shit, fuck off already. We have a thread for this kind of dumb off topic arguing
>>325418 No, that's the worst excuse and it's used every time this happens. It's not even true, there are people talking about the leak
>>325388 What kind of retard forces vegetarian in an office?? Like who the fuck does that?
(54.53 KB 960x960 HUH.jpg)
>>325388 >They actually forced a vegetarian diet at work on their employees. Source? If that's true development this will likely mean that development was FFXIII-tier, if not worse.
>>325423 That was probably during the last weeks of DLC development for Witcher 3 and they kept going from there, the one who more prominently broke the news back in the day was Ching Chong Yea not in 4K because either one or more ex- employes of CDPR at the time reached out to him and splurged all the details. It's basically one of the things that boosted his channel to high heaven back in the day. As for FFXIII what happened? All I know was that Toriyama was a giant nigger and threw two builds of the game away but other than that, nothing.
>>325388 >>325420 >>325423 This isn't true, the on-site canteen had vegetarian and vegan food but employees could bring whatever they wanted.
>>325384 >I don't think anyone talks about how basic this game is, even for a typical RPG, how little material is there to do? Like forget open-world sidequests Wasn't it talked back when the game's original plans were leaked, when the shitshow was going on? Like how you would initially pick your hero and they would either co-exist with you a la John Wickerhand or in back'n'forth flashbacks, all essentially unlocking "three routes" for each "faction" you choose to allign for, like Johnny would have different quests and enemies / RPG elements to the Corpo /V/ than the Nomad /V/ or something? And they threw it out because it bloated the game so they went with the Johnny Reaves thing they showed in E3? And that their A.I. was Radiant AI-tier so they scrapped a ton of things?
(20.45 KB 340x346 Toriyama.jpg)
>>325428 Toriyama wanted to make a game about his Waifu, allegedly guy had posters of Lightning hung up walls for the staff to see and praise and guy made advertising deals starring her. You could tell his devotion to her when the guy announced Lightning returns, embed related. I'm too lazy for invidious so you get jewtube instead. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvA56FNdRs0
>>325432 Oh, I'm aware of his devotion, I have burried the fucker a ton over here and have recorded his passion for the genderbender Cloud scene and how far he took it in FF7R, even asserting more creative control than Nomura, just to jerk off. And the advertisment deals as well, I just thought we were talking about the development cycle, which I haven't been able to find much beyond >Toriyama is a stupid fuck an a hack >Toriayama is a moron retard nigger but he got the job because Kitase and Yoichi Wada liked him >Toriyama is an utter nigger for wanting more games so the player can see Lightning's pits instead of Lenneth's tits etc
>>325431 They even got state funding to develop a believable city and good AI. And look what they did with that. Though calling that excuse of a game an RPG is an insult. They had everything and threw everything away. And halfway through they started to go full woke. Especially for Polish standards they went full crazy.
(123.79 KB 1677x1119 smooth.jpg)
>>325431 This place was the only place I saw having that discussion about that. Infact I think these kind of discussion happened in mainstream very late, that too from small youtubers. Hell aside from the bugs and hype failure, people rarely talk anything about it
Go to /pol/ for completely off-topic politic discussions
>>325126 >>324865 >>325034 I'm sorry, is cuckchan down? >>325428 >>325435 >As for FFXIII what happened? The waifu shit is a meme. What happened was the game was just stalled due to splitting dev time on the 360, Square getting tripped up moving over to HD (like most jap devs of the time), confusion on how to market the game overseas as Japan was no longer the kings of console development, and constant mismanagement where staff had to be wasting away their hours doing menial shit like polishing textures while waiting for a new assignment.
>>325445 >Who gives a shit about cyberpunk? A lot of people judging by the UIDs? Dude why are you even in this thread go away
>>325445 People still play Skyrim despite the fact that it's arguably much worse than CP2077
(151.09 KB 1024x561 thinker.jpg)
>>325445 >I entered a thread I don't even care about to argue about something completely unrelated What compels him? Is it the autism, is it schizophrenia, or is it a unrelenting desire for chaos?
>>325448 troll harder nigger
>>324865 Additionally >Stop feeding it attention, stop pretending they matter or have any modicum of power >ignore it Yeah, when the Great Niggening was happening last year, I'm sure if all the civilians whose businesses were ransacked would be totally fine by ignoring it. I'm sure all the crime that's rising in cities across the country will just dry up if we ignore it. Fuck right off you fucking disingenuous faggot.
>>325448 I'd assume the reason is that it runs on older hardware and has a much more developed modding scene.
>>325448 I don't know if I'd agree with that, Skyrim is very shallow but there's still more stuff to do and it's nowhere near as shallow as Cyberpunk. >>325452 Cyberpunk's combat is certainly a lot better, even if the AI is as dumb as a bag of bricks.
>>325420 >Like who the fuck does that? Progressive retards are who.
(99.48 KB 370x799 Psycho man.jpg)
>>325437 >They even got state funding to develop a believable city and good AI. FUCKING WHAT? Last time I remember the vidya / animu media got state funding was Dragan Bollz : Battle of the Gods and that was a shit ton of money, yet like, three years later CDPR got something similar in treatment and squashed the chance? Jesus. >>325440 If we're talking about jewtubers, I think only two guys, that youtube did push at the time, Chink Yea and that uberfaggot, Upper Echelon Gamers talked about and pushed videos about it while the others capitalized on that craze about "how much of a failure of an RPG the game is" while showcasing how little they understand what a western styled RPG game is in the first place. And apart from Chink Yea claiming he had his contacts tell him about the "leaked" documents having that info leaked my ass, it was kinda known as a PR stunt that the game was initially so massive but they chose to have Keanu instead of the three heroes initially and that Johnny didn't look like that at first and didn't have a VA and everyone shut up about it after that, in a faux >OH WOE IS ME AND MY HYPE when it was obvious every single one of those niggers wanted the game to fail so they could clibait it to death and not one of them even attempted to play it properly to make an actual analysis of its problems beyond >Muh bugs that any human with functioning eyeballs and eardrums could see and hear >>325443 Fucking hell, the split dev time for the 360 version was a death keel these days for nip devs but them tripping over the HD was known and I give some nip devs a bit of leeway forthat but the rest...just sounds like the usual niggering Toriyama does, just like with The 3rd Birthday.
>>325457 Most of Skyrim's content is just endless generic fetch quests that get tiring easily, most questlines are really short and have you as head honcho of the gang within 3 quests. The main quest can be completed in less than 3 hours. It's terrible anon, try replaying it. At least as you said 2077 has decent gunplay.
>>325462 That's absolutely true, I'm not denying it. But Skyrim's world isn't so lifeless. There's absolutely nothing to do in Night City, it feels like a Far Cry game where 90% of the world is pointless. At least in Skyrim you can fuck around and find things or caves, Cyberpunk by comparison is hollow. I don't think either of these are good games though so there's not much point in arguing about it.
>>325461 Yeah, that's the primary reason why Polish presecution decided to start a case against them. Don't remember how much they got though, but it was an initiative to develop good and believable AI. They did well with the believable city (only the scenery that is), but they completely failed with the AI bit, which was the main goal, making the city feel alive.
>>325437 >They even got state funding to develop a believable city and good AI. Didn't the state asked for reparations after the disaster? I think I heard something like this.
(993.38 KB 797x865 strange dog.png)
>>325467 All I remember hearing was a class-action lawsuit over false advertising. Nothing about the state itself demanding their money back as if they didn't give a "culture fund" willy nilly a few years beforehand like Jewbisoft.
>>325466 What a fucking shit show. They just had to make the scope of a city like the one in Deadly Premonition be bigger, or the places in Deus Ex come to life but they fucked it up. >>325470 >Spoiler Oh shit, was it for the WE WUZ KANGZ AND SHIIIIIIIEEEEET Asscreed game? Or for the Watch Dogs shit?
>>325437 In their flimsy defense, lots of countries have a "art credit" fot media and games. For example Bioware gets something like 30% funding from Canadian taxpayers, and this is enough to move them into being profitable
(578.06 KB 1920x1033 concept art.jpg)
>>325464 >There's absolutely nothing to do in Night City The interesting thing is how much unused content there is. There are dozens of stores, apartments, buildings, districts that are fully modeled with NPCs and collisian that are either completely inaccessible or very hard to get to intentionally. An apartment building with modeled and furnished rooms and a complete store on the bottom floor. https://files.catbox.moe/m85iwr.mp4 A company district with dozens of NPCs, very hard to access and seemingly pointless. https://files.catbox.moe/3uw40u.mp4 Compilation of fully made but inaccessible areas including train stations, bars, rooftops, apartments and more. https://files.catbox.moe/v3hkyz.mp4 This one is the most interesting in my opinion. This is the one that really shows how the finished product was not meant to be as shallow as it is. If the game had more intentional areas like this I don't think Night City would feel so empty. The apartment building video especially, I think that's the standard people were expecting instead of almost every building being a prop.
>>325471 I remember was Jewbisoft going bankrupt only to get a culture fund from France as "supporting their culture" by giving them free money to pump out shit for Clappistani audiences . Does this shit happen in Nipland, Bugland or Clappistan at all? Propaganda funding like America's Army and GATE doesn't count.
>>325370 programming in any language but english is mental retardation, it's such an elegant language for expressing high level concepts with a minimal amount of extra characters, I cannot tell you the time that some dumbass intern used accents or nonstandard characters and fucked up the comments, if they're there in the first place t. pastanigger
>>325492 *times
(899.44 KB 1600x900 goat skyrim.jpg)
>>325448 >>325462 >comparing the "next gen" experience that is CP2077 to a 10 years old game and the weakest entry in the TES franchise So why not compare to current gen games anon, hmmm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5WFfIKxA1Y&t=654s
>>325494 Skyrim still feels 5 years old to me. I refuse.
(20.79 KB 600x330 skele_wake_me_up.jpg)
>>325486 > by giving them free money to pump out shit for Clappistani audiences Holy fuck, that is beyond retarded. As for Nipland, you sometimes have the governement fund some Nip exclusive projects via the Cultural ministry or whatever its called, one example was that Dragon Ball movie I mentioned. So it's not exactly propaganda yet Though I'd rather have nip propaganda about how nip martial artists are so awesome they can shoot lazer beams out of their hands while flying faster than F16s while facing sentient purple dildos
>>325462 >most questlines are really short and have you as head honcho of the gang within 3 quests. The main quest can be completed in less than 3 hours. It's terrible >implying CP2077 isn't like this, but with less immersive NPCs,
(28.52 KB 350x350 1275953601135.gif)
>>325505 It isn't, because you don't even get to join any of the gangs in Cyberpunk.
>>325519 hiya :3c
>>325519 Fuck off, we're full
(256.22 KB 1920x1080 hey.jpg)
The idea of pressuring developers to make 'based' media by pressuring them from below as in gamergate is wretched. You just become the Morlocks from The Time Machine. What's the point, what is this maximizing? Maximizing the consumption of media? Your grand complaint is that the flavor of the corporate slop coming through the feed tube changed and you want the old flavor of slop back? >>325109 >>325504 >You don't belong here. >we >us Yeah, us gamers amiright? Chill out, this site's anonymous for a reason.
>>325550 Please do go back, faggot.
>>325550 < pressuring developers to make 'based' media by pressuring them Stop repeating yourself. >>324915 >posts JewTube Look, I know we have a bunch of morons who don't know what YT-DL is, but even this is a bit much. I don't know what else to expect from a normalfag bait thread >>324879 > because they want to feel targeted by consumer products and want to feel recognized by corporate advertisements Again, as much as there are retards who allow their moral values to be dictated by marketing, brands and corporations (so 99% of anybody who parrots the garbage propaganda spewed out by media corporations because they have no inner thought), politics is downstream from culture because of those said idiots. So please, just go back to your Hexcat circlejerk because you're mad people recognize reality and human behavior and prioritize personal freedom over justifying totalitarianism because you think it will bring you the trade union utopia you trap in your mind..
>>325555 >they have no inner thought >politics is downstream from culture because of those said idiots >dehumanizing ideological opponents What a novel concept. I'm not advocating for anything, the entire pseudo-conflict is a waste of time. But if trans people in video games makes people play fewer video games, then I'm all for it; maybe people will read books instead. This has just boiled down to fighting over images: advocating for an organizational chart or a system map, who gets to design the next attraction at the amusement park. There are more important things than images.
>>325572 And the 'good race' is ... the one that produces/consumes the most TV and video games? That's all anyone here advocates for. I don't care, you're all talk; your entire system of belief amounts to nothing except being rude to some people online.
>>325572 Good seeds in bad soil will yield you little
(5.43 MB 540x286 offender.mp4)
>>325574 >came to a video game image board >is shocked most of it is bideo games Nigga, are you trying to make yourself look retarded or what?
>>325578 Then why are we in a thread discussing an interactive experience, rather than a video game?
>>325577 No, I just think people are more complex than vegetables. >>325578 I'm down for vidya, I came here for the CDPR lolz, but the gamergate stuff is annoying and people itt started popping off about it.
Would the stormfags go away already? They already have their own board, they don't need to derail every thread. >>325481 Those second and third videos are really strange. Why any of this still in the game? I would have thought they'd remove these when they scrapped the ideas surrounding them. It's like if Half-Like scrapped the armor mechanic but left the HEV chargers. The game is wasting resources calling all of this in.
Took a while for the retarded TORnigger to arrive. >>325560 >trans-people >Implying trannies are anything but upper/middle suckers who got scammed into an expensive surgery and lifetime of medication that's nowhere near what is marketed with downsides no one is willing to divulge when recruiting and deserve to be called anything but deranged men/women. Fact of the matter is that this shit is part of peer-pressured morality from the top-down and self-indulgent activism. Tranny, mystery-meat or homo "solidarity" and "representation" in the first world is the most empty and least controversial sort of moral signalling. It's self absorbed and is almost never going to come from a genuine place of good-will. People praising it tend to be upper class twits with genuinely nothing better to do with their time, notice how these "brave statements" are done in the areas they face the least contentions, once they have to sell somewhere else they censor to avoid backlash out of cowardice. Until the medical technology can reliably and consistently succeed to the point where "trans" stops being a seperate identity entirely, all encouragement for it brings is pain and delusion. Videogames >>325591 Videogames always have cutting periods where something has to be cut down for things to synchronize better or to increase consistency, regardless if the thing actually works. From Soft is an insane example of this where you can find functional and additive cut content throughout every game.
>>325591 >Why any of this still in the game? When CDPR were scrambling to get the game in a functional state they probably were gutting sections left and right. Removing every little piece of used content wasn't worth the time. That, or they were planning to finish them at some other point either via a patch or DLC. Considering the game's sales were already at less than 1% of launch by February I seriously doubt that will ever happen.
>>325596 Yeah it probably was like an 'oh shit' moment in development where they started cutting a lot areas down to the minimal, playable depth. Like in this post >>324989 they got in over their heads and just chose to focus on a smaller portion of the game, but remnants of the old ideas remain. >>325594 I was playing TF2 the other day and there was a dude who sounded like he was 14 at most saying he was trans, it's depressing; all I can do is pray for this dude's soul. imo it's just the same as being exposed to porn as a kid and getting turned into a coomer. Like unironically China's got the right idea about keeping kids off the internet, I hate it man.
>>325612 The retard is also shitting up the spiritual successor thread with his retardation. See >>325610
>>325650 Yeah, time to delete the thread and try again, maybe we'll get it right next time.
oh fuck off janies
>>325651 Please fuck off and take what ever bachelors in the humanities you got with you.
>>325650 Rightfully so, I don't know what it is about this thread that keeps attracting political shit. It feels like the same guy on a VPN with the constant new IDs coming up out of nowhere exclusively to talk about political issues.
Back on the topic, is this leak just the scrapped version of the game that never saw the light of day? Because they were supposed to release a free DLC in June (to make up for the disaster that the main game was) but there haven't been any news about that so far. Was hoping to see what they'd include there, considering how lack luster their patches are and how fucked the gameplay still fundamentally is.
>>325650 Meh, there's the designated GG thread if you want to talk about trannies and their infestation on the things anons know and love. This boring derail lasted long enough. >>325663 I thought this leak was the whole thing during/bit before release.
>>325662 It's because of Cyberpunk 2077, people with an axe to grind, theories as to why the game failed and what went wrong in development. Like this video game being bad is going to prove that X worldview is correct.
(51.53 KB 326x184 Im not okay.mp4)
>>325669 >Like this video game being bad is going to prove that X worldview is correct. Overhyped game by a studio of relatively high regard with it's staff composed of recent diversity hires and empty showboating on progressiveness and a celebrity cameo. It was CDPR's first real AAA title after the Witcher 3, it was everything wrong with modern game production and that includes it's most advertised parts.Considering this and all the above, of course it proves more than a few things: The corrupting nature of studio growth. The meaninglessness and the outright harmful nature of recent corporate and social trends. The lack of self-awareness of die-hard fans and consumers. The repeated proof that hype-trains are bullshit. And so much more.
>>325662 >It feels like the same guy on a VPN with the constant new IDs coming up out of nowhere exclusively to talk about political issues. That's because that's exactly what happens, same with Luciano being attracted to ni/gg/er centrals.
(28.88 KB 640x360 smack.mp4)
>>325698 Oh, fuck off nigger. Just because you are not interested in a topic does not mean others are not. Go to fukken reddit if you need your sanitized discussions so much.
>>325712 Berserk sword sound was not what I was expecting when opening this webm.
>>325677 You're exaggerating again for whatever reason with hyperboles and generalizations. There's plenty of large studios that don't fuck up this badly. Nintendo consistently puts out high quality stuff (at least their fans seem to like it) and the same goes for Activision and Call of Duty, which is shit but it's consistent shit. There's nothing recent about what they did either. Companies have always banked on star power and bullshots to increase hype and make profit with pre-orders, this has been going on for decades now. Even the pandering to whatever is the topical politically correct message of the current zeitgeist and all the nepotism. Gamergate isn't that recent and it was already old news when it started. You have also always had die-hard fans that defend the games they like. Someone should have that BBS forum where people were arguing about very old games like the first pokemon even. Nothing of this is new for anyone that isn't underage, nothing of this is exclusive to CDProject and nothing of this has happened for the last time either. Bitching about it makes as much sense as bitching about the tides of the sea. The only things worth talking about are: They had the Witcher 3 as an excellent example to not rush things, not release a buggy unfinished mess and they clearly learned nothing from that. They were one of the few companies trying to come up with a DRM-Free store. Even despite all the fuckery behind it (using cracks from scene groups, fucking up updates and translations), it was still miles better than Steam or EGS, but now there's no pointing in supporting that alternative. The few competent devs in there already jumped ship. Better to see where they went, those studios might one day produce something decent so it's worth to keep an eye out. That's pretty much it. Lessons weren't learned, alternatives were burned and maybe there's something neat to look into the future but maybe not. Everything else is just a rehash of a repeat of a cycle of old shit that doesn't matter because it's always happening anyway.
(904.07 KB 150x150 Stop fucking posting.gif)
>>325712 Switch the ids on you stupid faggot.
>>325451 >What compels him? Shills are dead afraid after the leaks. They want to derail all threads exposing CDPR as incompetent leftards.
>>325550 Everything must be made in order to attend to my will only, yes.
>>325560 >dehumanizing ideological opponents Yes. Anyone who doesn't share my ideology is not a person and must be killed for existing. Get used to that, freak.
>>325574 >the one that produces/consumes the most TV and video games? You mean jews? no. They are a inferior race, composed exclusively of low IQ deformed freaks. >That's all anyone here advocates for You don't speak for us, freak. >I don't care Yes, you do. And you are buttmad and afraid, as all of your failed kind are, due to people like us completely destroying your fake narrative all over the world, no matter how small or how big the platform is.
>>325576 The good seed are still superior to the bad seeds. Only race matters. It is impossible to change behavior with society, culture or anything else. Behavior is solely dictated by one's race.
>>325580 We are discussing a TOTAL FAILURE from a company composed of leftard soyfreaks. And collecting information on it to spread to all places, so normalfags start avoiding said company. And yes, I know that this makes you angry. And yet, there is nothing that you can do about it.
>>325581 >the gamergate stuff is annoying Confirmed marxist. >I just think people are more complex than vegetables What you think doesn't apply to reality. People from a good race (Whites, for example) are superior than "people" from a bad race, such as jews and shitskins.
>>325614 >>325651 Faggot abominations aren't people and it is ok to kill them for existing.
>>325669 Leftard worldview is always incorrect, and yes, this games proves it, yet again.
(682.87 KB 1096x698 what in the .png)
>>325461 Yup, state gave them a lot of money, just like Ubisoft and all the others in Montreal. Poland is pushing a lot on Vidya development, even had a segment in the recent Indie Showcase where some polish dude spoke in Japanese speech >niggers wanted the game to fail so they could clibait it to death You could see it with your own eyes the tides turning when they began delaying the game again and again, all the Keanu hype was at boiling point, "us" who knew the game was gonna be shit. But when it was actually released and videos start pouring out, reddit who were worshipping them immediately 180 and start shitting on it, even the most hardcore of shills jumped on shitting on them. And now finally there are people talking as "Now that dust has settled, Cyberpunk was fundamentally a broken game that wouldn't work even without bugs".
>>325726 > Companies have always banked on star power and bullshots to increase hype and make profit with pre-orders And that alone makes it extremely pleasant when they fail after all that cancer.
>>326031 >even had a segment in the recent Indie Showcase where some polish dude spoke in Japanese speech Give link. And about the game and expectations... I already knew that it was going to be a mess, considering them going woke. But my expectations were still too high.
Did no one post this? video footage of the bugs and issues made by devs themselves https://siasky.net/CAAXFUADHdvsGU6erHgTORj9kkejY4Ak9IJO9ItCDkWl7Q >>326093 I don't have any links, sorry. Just remembered from the livestream. >>325481>>325471 Damn, think about having a multiple Big levels like in Deus Ex, hitman rather than openworld like gta. You could put way to details and having small size means it'd feel crowded like an actual cyberpunk city. >>325492 pastanigger why isn't there any games from your country if its all about art and culture there?
>>326099 >pastanigger why isn't there any games from your country if its all about art and culture there? you answered your own question.
>>325481 I tried to get them small enough to fit them in a single post without looking too crappy but the latter two ended up near the file size limit anyway.
>>326125 >>326128 >>326129 Really interesting stuff, this game looks like it suffered from massive scope creep.
>>325486 Activision-Blizzard got $228,000,000 in 2018 from the Federal Government because of tax credits. Not exactly a donation for stimulation of an industry/culture, but still pretty goddamn egregious if you ask me.
>>326125 >>326128 >>326129 I was going to compress these for upload as well but decided against it. >>326134 I think it's more to do with the rushed and aimless development. As mentioned earlier in the thread, the game shifted direction several times. The final major change was in 2018, so they effectively had 2 years to tie everything up which is not enough for a AAA open world game. Instead of the devs polishing and improving mechanics, they had to deal with the constant design changes. Had Cyberpunk stuck with the pre-2012 version, or the 2013 version, or the 2016 verison it could have been a good game. Instead the devs spent almost ten years in preproduction and core development and never once getting the game to a MVP state.
A new video by the guy making the unused content series. https://files.catbox.moe/ayk7bt.mp4 This one is the longest by far featuring the most stuff.
>>326199 What?
(783.27 KB 1250x705 arasaka.png)
The old weapon system leaked https://streamable.com/ecz7bj Was considerably more in-depth and contained more stats
>>326225 So the thing we saw in the 2016 pics and short clips?
>>326229 Seems like it. This leak is really showing how utterly gutted the final release is. I'm not surprised so many devs towards the end of and after development, they couldn't have been happy about this.
>>326225 That looks way, way better than what we got, and it actually makes me angry looking at it. I enjoy a good and deep customization of my weapons. I wonder if they had other heavy weapons than that one machine gun.
(123.22 KB 680x910 Esteban Travajo.jpg)
>>326232 Why gut the release like that though, it really seems they were trying to make it more akin to Deus Ex back then, even if it meant the city was closer to a hub or had the "Sleeping Dogs type of charisma" where the streets were somehow empty but the moment you dismounted and went in the claustrophobic environments and out them, suddenly you had Yakuza 5 levels of retarded NPC walking around you or at least hubs like in D-Ex1 with each hub having NPCs doing very specific programmed tasks to lift the heavy memory loading and processing. It really seems like them making it an entirely open world with >MUH NO LOADIN TAIMEZ that normalniggers creamed themselves over, really did fuck the final product. And I'm pretty sure the devs leaving mid-development isn't exactly a rumour anymore, given that the gun menu posted above is of such a higher caliber compared to what we got in the final release and it doesn't come down to money and graphics so much as much as passion and talent, something that CDPR was probably liking in ounces back then. It also showcases a much better understanding of how to make an RPG combat based around firearms than the Mass Effect 3 shitheap CP77 currently is now, even though that's what the normalfags like to pass around as "RPG Shooter" due to >MUH GUNZ ARE NOT AS REALISTIC AS CAWADOOTY'S
>>326225 The videos of all the cut areas are interesting, but this makes me genuinely upset.
>>325677 >everything wrong with modern game production It didn't have microtransactions
>>326184 >people haven't learned from Duke Nukem Forever I bet Bitchford had a good laugh.
>>326287 >>people haven't learned from Duke Nukem Forever What lessons can one take from Forever other than not allowing a single man's autism to dictate a game for 15 years?
>>326225 I preorder this game in August of 2019. And see this in comparation of the bullshit we have now... I only want see CDPR burn.
>>326296 >I only want see CDPR burn Something tells me they'll be alright. Despite The Witcher 3 currently having twice as many players as Cyberpunk 2077 (on steamcharts), Cybperunk 2077 has more than twice as many positive userscores on metacritic. And that's AFTER it came out. The hype train was a massive success, and the people who played Cyberpunk 2077 thought it was a flawless masterpiece. CDPR is the God Emperor of the games industry and can do now wrong etc. The next game they make will be even more broken, and sell even better, because advertising is the only thing that matters. >>326287 lol yep. The creator of such amazing games as Aliens Colonial Marines, Battleborn, and Duke Nukem Forever, and he's still going strong.
>>326317 >Something tells me they'll be alright. I only wait to see what happen now with China and the theme of "Winnie the Poo". China ban Cyberpunk 2077 and CDPR? Plus, there is still the demand of the shareholders towards CDPR. That if I remember correctly, it will be presented this month.
>>326317 >metacritic Critics are becoming less relevant rapidly.
>>326551 Critics and journos are seething that they aren't gatekeepers of opinion and news anymore. The rise of social media had one positive effect and that was giving voices to actual everyday consumers who can tell people that shit sucks and not to believe hype. They spent decades copy/pasting press releases and writing opinion pieces and now that YouTubers have more influence and credibility than them they double down on their divisive political shit which only drives more people away which causes them to block people which increases the pressure in the echo chamber which causes them to double down which- It's all a massive death spiral at the moment. And I think Nintendo is partially to credit for it too. After all the bullshit journos have thrown at Nintendo (they've been sucking Sony feminine male penis since PSX days and Polygon was outright funded by Microsoft for its opening) and all the Nintendoom about them going third party since the N64 was a "failure", Nintendo decided to skip journos entirely and go directly to their audience with Nintendo Directs, so journos couldn't adulterate Nintendo content unless readers actually wanted to get a second-hand opinion. Sometimes it's nice to sit back and remember that, as fucked as this world is, and as crazy as this timeline is, the faggots who would be king still seethe that they are becoming less relevant despite how loudly they screech.
>>326199 Its a catbox link, just a .mp4 file. >>326293 >What lessons can one take from Forever other than not allowing a single man's autism to dictate a game for 15 years? You tell me anon, aside from not to make "best Biggest Game EVAAR", not to step aside from the original base vision, and most importantly don't hype your game. >>326562 What actual games news and happenings is left now? Aside from following twitter handles>>326562
>>326293 Create your design document before starting production of the game. After starting production, you are NOT allowed to add things to the design. You may (temporarily) remove things or do small changes depending on how production goes, but don't add anything. If you read stories of DNF's development, you'll quickly notice that it spent forever because the autist in charge saw some game and decided "we need that".
>>326719 The entire debacle of Forever could be summed up as nobody having the balls to tell Broussard to fucking stop adding shit and switching engines for no reason.
>>326719 Also, write down the ideas for shit you would like to add (but aren't going to) and keep them in a design document for the sequel. Instead of doing a constantly updated GAAS, make an actual game that is finished and then make an actual sequel with those other ideas that also gets finished. Or create a spin-off game with a side character built around that mechanic of "wouldn't it be cool if..." >>326665 >What actual games news and happenings is left now? Aside from following twitter handles There are a couple of websites I find tolerable which I basically just use as news aggregators (though that's decreasing since one of them hired a fucking feminist columnist that admits she can't finish E1M1 of Doom) and a couple of youtube faggots whose tastes seem to overlap with my own. Other than that, if there's a game I'm interested in I'll wait for a release and check gameplay footage and find someone who doesn't have a black mark against their name (make sure they're not a retard or a shill) and watch some actual gameplay before I make up my mind. And even then, I'll buy the game in a way that makes sure I can refund the fucking thing.
>>325287 >the driving in that first mp4 it's like something out of half life full life consequences
(5.67 MB 480x360 America USA.webm)
>>323322 The ones that know what they are doing are usually creepy shits too, had a neighbor who powered his way through sheriff leapfrogging to being a fed, fucker was always taking inventory of various neighbors friends and he was a home owner association cunt. Fuck him as a person and as a representative of my fair land.
(840.00 B 245x16 speed.PNG)
How has anyone downloaded this yet
>>324989 It's like Raphael started a masterpiece and then halfway through decided to change from oil on canvas to shit on wall
>>324989 >2013 footage What, the teaser with the sexy cyberlady? That doesn't show anything what the game should be like.
(38.57 KB 480x300 Wishing[1].jpg)
>>325663 Maybe they'll pull a No Manski and fix all the shit that's fixable.
this thread has really been derailed by an autistic, can anyone save me some time and just link all the leaked videos we have so far? MEGA would work, too

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