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Beach games Anonymous 06/10/2021 (Thu) 20:15:49 Id:5d7173 No. 328485
Lets go to the beach anon. The summer heat is killing me and now I need summer games about going to the beach to distract me from all the bugs waking up. Summer games in general works for me. I actually hate summer but lets try and focus on the positves.
Also if you're an idiot like me who plays MMO's there is probably going to be a seasonal event soon with bikini outfits.
>>328485 >beach games Only one I've played that had a beach style activity was tekken's volleyball mode.
(602.81 KB 950x1343 EgIZehVXgAAkBas.jpg)
(171.54 KB 1076x742 old.jpg)
(7.18 MB 740x416 Nyotenguthe semen demon.webm)
>>328615 Hold the fuck up, Tekken had a volleyball mode? I know they're competing with DoA but i didn't know they were competing with Xtreme too.
Tekken >I hate summer Get /fit/ and go to the beach/pool nigger, it feels good
>>328652 Imagine getting fit instead of lording your bear like body hair and beer gut around for all to admire.
>>328652 That is some pretty sick music, is tekken 7 good? My knowledge on tekken is extremely limited. >>328682 im way too thin to be a bear.
(8.93 MB 360x360 Metzo.mp4)
>>328682 >not getting fit so you can relax at the beach while listening to sick techno or comfy lounge while watching babes in bikinis and getting those sweet 90s/00s Sega vibes. What a faggot >>328691 >is tekken 7 good? Ye, but Harada is a Soyny fanboy so some music is exclusive to the PissPoor version and there's shittons of DLC.
>>328700 > music is exclusive to the PissPoor what? >and there's shittons of DLC. Thats every game nowadays, I hate it but i am used to it.
(428.42 KB 1600x2381 zss pinup.jpg)
(69.07 KB 644x900 zss swimsuit.jpeg)
(782.46 KB 500x850 zss shantae.gif)
(123.79 KB 647x1000 peach swimsuit.jpg)
(636.55 KB 1280x1795 nintendo beach level.jfif)
>>328485 >Lets go to the beach anon Not actual "summer" games, but these games have some fun beach levels. Super Mario Odyssey had a fun beach level, complete with a volleyball minigame you played to earn stars shines moons. BOTW had some nice beach areas to the south, though there's no diving and the sailing is very limited. Didn't even get a gust jar or a wind waker to change the wind so you could herd a fucking forest fire through a moblin camp. Speaking of, Wind Waker is pretty much all ocean so I guess by default it's a beach game. There's also the Senran Kagura water pistol shooter, though I never played it. I assumed it was a B game at best that sells on T&A. And Kadokawa Jet Girls seems like a summer game but I heard mixed opinions on that when it released. >>328650 >Hold the fuck up, Tekken had a volleyball mode? Tekken 3 had a volleyball mode you could unlock. It was a fun novelty but it got boring fast.
>>328780 Senran Kagura is a mediocre beat em up at best but the dress up mode is fucking legendary. You can put a sushi roll between a characters breasts, have another character sit on top and adjust the camera to make it look however you want, etc. It's as close to a porn game you can get while having enough plausible deniability to not be a porn game.
>>328785 Natsuiro which was also developed by Tamsoft featured the peak of that shit to the point that they had dogs in lewd poses with the girls. It was then censored because morally uptight botches and spineless cunts.
>>328785 >Senran Kagura is a mediocre beat em up I was going to ask which one but honestly both are kinda mediocre, I still really like the 3ds game though. Never could get into the musuo ones. >>328878 >Look up if that was the weird photography game >half the wikijew page is just the games name being repeated. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natsuiro_High_School:_Seishun_Hakusho I think someone was having a laugh.
(54.18 KB 800x708 kunsern.jpg)
>>328652 >>328485 b-but s-summer is jellyfish season
>>329083 >>Look up if that was the weird photography game >half the wikijew page is just the games name being repeated This reminds me one time I randomly looked at the wikipedia page for Fast Racing Neo and the only thing written in the gameplay section was "It's pretty good".
>>329083 >>329108 Wish D3 gave it a PC port
(205.88 KB 1024x1434 beach peach.jpeg)
(598.72 KB 850x510 beach peach.png)
(161.74 KB 541x900 beach peach 2.jpg)
(1.03 MB 1060x1500 peach laying on beach.png)
>>329091 At least you can see those coming. there is one kind of micro organism living in australia that instantly paralyzes you the moment you touch it, causing you to drown. How the fuck people live in australia is a mystery to me.
(62.20 KB 600x450 IMG_4262.JPG)
>>329782 some jellies are really hard see and if you find just one chances are there's lots more nearby. This one is camouflaged to the clear water, not easy to find even if you are looking for one. While moon jellies aren't deadly itself, the stingers are painful
(280.84 KB 511x384 gauntleg2.png)
(410.64 KB 533x800 asuka.jpg)
(200.08 KB 909x2048 bomb mom.jpg)
I really like the Gauntlet ads, its just the main characters chilling on a beach. The game doesn't even have a beach level but they still made this. its like fan art but its official.
>>329782 Reminder that Australia has fucking birds and FUCKING TREES that are poisonous. Poisonous organisms typically exist in lush tropical areas, which Australia used to be, until based unga bunga abbos burned all the fucking jungles down to spook the animals out to hunt them (note they couldnt make fire, only use it) and now its a desert wasteland
>>334791 >Gauntlet I was always confused as to why Warrior's counterpart wasn't an archetype of the opposite sex like the other three's. Valkyrie gets Knight, Wizard gets Sorceress, and Elf gets Jester, but Warrior gets a fucking Dwarf. Not that Dwarf isn't rad, but I feel like we got screwed out of getting a barbarian woman straight out of Conan. I miss Gauntlet so much.
>>328485 Rumble Roses, Windjammers if you want full summer.
>>335949 I only really played Gauntlet 64, but had fond memories of it. How was Dark Legacy? I heard it felt somewhat padded. I only played a bit of DL and it felt wrong doing the plague town so early
>>335661 >Abbos burned all the forests Or Australia shifted from a tropical zone to southern zone, like atacama and namib deserts Burning down forests would enrich the soil actually, not turn into desert >>335974 Its okay
(242.38 KB 1280x720 Ys 8 Beach.jpg)
(114.20 KB 657x479 Ao Beach 1.jpg)
(183.06 KB 1120x700 Ao beach 2.jpg)
(199.82 KB 1280x720 Ao Beach 3.jpg)
>>334791 >its just the main characters chilling on a beach I like all art of this type.
>>335974 I really like dark legacy, Its one of the Gamiest games I have ever played. "Gamiest" isn't a real word but I cant think of a better way to describe it. Highly recommended, I played the xbox version as a kid and replayed it a few years ago on dolphin and it still holds up. No idea about the ps2 version though.
>>335974 Dark Legacy is basically just the 64 game but more of it. All of the same worlds and bosses are there, but there are more of them (and a few bosses get moved around). You have the same four classes with another four added. The only really significant difference is that you collect crystals to open new worlds instead of activating obelisks, and you can't save items for later. They're activated the moment you grab them.
>>336127 This art is pretty shit though. Especially that Adol in the first picture who looks like a fucking giraffe.
>>336519 I mean really that's visually most of Falcom's games post the 3D stuff. I just like the idea of the main characters spending time on a beach.
>>336624 Yeah, I know what you mean, this sort of thing is very comfy to look at.
(984.38 KB 640x650 ClipboardImage.png)
Hold on to your hate, best summer game coming through.
(1.88 KB 106x255 sonic?.png)
>>337603 You have summoned the demons
(62.96 KB 640x439 8857_front.jpg)
(180.19 KB 640x476 wave race blue storm.png)
Does Wave Race count as a beach game?
>>337656 I'll have you know I was personally (or at least largely) responsible for the state of Klonoa threads that spawned those memes, that was many year ago, I've settled down since then, and don't have access to a dynamic IP for shitposting anymore
>>337701 You monster. Post beach games as penance.
>>337658 Debatable but I would say yes since you cant have ocean jetski racing without a beach somewhere.
(313.46 KB 480x272 ClipboardImage.png)
>>337709 I seem to recall hearing that one of the PSP MGS games had a parody beach mission with Snake and Kaz
>>337711 You could also take paz to have some personal CQC time in the box.
(152.09 KB 1280x720 Danganronpa2.jpg)
>decided to watch the nintendo direct >there is now a danganronpa beach JRPG. I dont know shit about dang it ron paul other than the fanbase being fanatical. I wonder if its going to be any good.
>>338594 But can you be yuri in it?
(1.55 MB 1370x2141 Yuri_Gagarin_with_awards.jpg)
>>338700 unfortunately I dont think you can play as yuri gagarin

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