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Beach games Anonymous 06/10/2021 (Thu) 20:15:49 Id: 5d7173 No. 328485
Lets go to the beach anon. The summer heat is killing me and now I need summer games about going to the beach to distract me from all the bugs waking up. Summer games in general works for me. I actually hate summer but lets try and focus on the positves.
Also if you're an idiot like me who plays MMO's there is probably going to be a seasonal event soon with bikini outfits.
>>328485 >beach games Only one I've played that had a beach style activity was tekken's volleyball mode.

(602.81 KB 950x1343 EgIZehVXgAAkBas.jpg)

(171.54 KB 1076x742 old.jpg)

(7.18 MB 740x416 Nyotenguthe semen demon.webm)

>>328615 Hold the fuck up, Tekken had a volleyball mode? I know they're competing with DoA but i didn't know they were competing with Xtreme too.
Tekken >I hate summer Get /fit/ and go to the beach/pool nigger, it feels good
>>328652 Imagine getting fit instead of lording your bear like body hair and beer gut around for all to admire.
>>328652 That is some pretty sick music, is tekken 7 good? My knowledge on tekken is extremely limited. >>328682 im way too thin to be a bear.
(8.93 MB 360x360 Metzo.mp4)

>>328682 >not getting fit so you can relax at the beach while listening to sick techno or comfy lounge while watching babes in bikinis and getting those sweet 90s/00s Sega vibes. What a faggot >>328691 >is tekken 7 good? Ye, but Harada is a Soyny fanboy so some music is exclusive to the PissPoor version and there's shittons of DLC.
>>328700 > music is exclusive to the PissPoor what? >and there's shittons of DLC. Thats every game nowadays, I hate it but i am used to it.
(428.42 KB 1600x2381 zss pinup.jpg)

(69.07 KB 644x900 zss swimsuit.jpeg)

(782.46 KB 500x850 zss shantae.gif)

(123.79 KB 647x1000 peach swimsuit.jpg)

(636.55 KB 1280x1795 nintendo beach level.jfif)

>>328485 >Lets go to the beach anon Not actual "summer" games, but these games have some fun beach levels. Super Mario Odyssey had a fun beach level, complete with a volleyball minigame you played to earn stars shines moons. BOTW had some nice beach areas to the south, though there's no diving and the sailing is very limited. Didn't even get a gust jar or a wind waker to change the wind so you could herd a fucking forest fire through a moblin camp. Speaking of, Wind Waker is pretty much all ocean so I guess by default it's a beach game. There's also the Senran Kagura water pistol shooter, though I never played it. I assumed it was a B game at best that sells on T&A. And Kadokawa Jet Girls seems like a summer game but I heard mixed opinions on that when it released. >>328650 >Hold the fuck up, Tekken had a volleyball mode? Tekken 3 had a volleyball mode you could unlock. It was a fun novelty but it got boring fast.
>>328780 Senran Kagura is a mediocre beat em up at best but the dress up mode is fucking legendary. You can put a sushi roll between a characters breasts, have another character sit on top and adjust the camera to make it look however you want, etc. It's as close to a porn game you can get while having enough plausible deniability to not be a porn game.
>>328785 Natsuiro which was also developed by Tamsoft featured the peak of that shit to the point that they had dogs in lewd poses with the girls. It was then censored because morally uptight botches and spineless cunts.
>>328785 >Senran Kagura is a mediocre beat em up I was going to ask which one but honestly both are kinda mediocre, I still really like the 3ds game though. Never could get into the musuo ones. >>328878 >Look up if that was the weird photography game >half the wikijew page is just the games name being repeated. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natsuiro_High_School:_Seishun_Hakusho I think someone was having a laugh.
(54.18 KB 800x708 kunsern.jpg)

>>328652 >>328485 b-but s-summer is jellyfish season
>>329083 >>Look up if that was the weird photography game >half the wikijew page is just the games name being repeated This reminds me one time I randomly looked at the wikipedia page for Fast Racing Neo and the only thing written in the gameplay section was "It's pretty good".
>>329083 >>329108 Wish D3 gave it a PC port
(205.88 KB 1024x1434 beach peach.jpeg)

(598.72 KB 850x510 beach peach.png)

(161.74 KB 541x900 beach peach 2.jpg)

(1.03 MB 1060x1500 peach laying on beach.png)

>>329091 At least you can see those coming. there is one kind of micro organism living in australia that instantly paralyzes you the moment you touch it, causing you to drown. How the fuck people live in australia is a mystery to me.
(62.20 KB 600x450 IMG_4262.JPG)

>>329782 some jellies are really hard see and if you find just one chances are there's lots more nearby. This one is camouflaged to the clear water, not easy to find even if you are looking for one. While moon jellies aren't deadly itself, the stingers are painful
(280.84 KB 511x384 gauntleg2.png)

(410.64 KB 533x800 asuka.jpg)

(200.08 KB 909x2048 bomb mom.jpg)

I really like the Gauntlet ads, its just the main characters chilling on a beach. The game doesn't even have a beach level but they still made this. its like fan art but its official.
>>329782 Reminder that Australia has fucking birds and FUCKING TREES that are poisonous. Poisonous organisms typically exist in lush tropical areas, which Australia used to be, until based unga bunga abbos burned all the fucking jungles down to spook the animals out to hunt them (note they couldnt make fire, only use it) and now its a desert wasteland
>>334791 >Gauntlet I was always confused as to why Warrior's counterpart wasn't an archetype of the opposite sex like the other three's. Valkyrie gets Knight, Wizard gets Sorceress, and Elf gets Jester, but Warrior gets a fucking Dwarf. Not that Dwarf isn't rad, but I feel like we got screwed out of getting a barbarian woman straight out of Conan. I miss Gauntlet so much.
>>328485 Rumble Roses, Windjammers if you want full summer.
>>335949 I only really played Gauntlet 64, but had fond memories of it. How was Dark Legacy? I heard it felt somewhat padded. I only played a bit of DL and it felt wrong doing the plague town so early
>>335661 >Abbos burned all the forests Or Australia shifted from a tropical zone to southern zone, like atacama and namib deserts Burning down forests would enrich the soil actually, not turn into desert >>335974 Its okay
(242.38 KB 1280x720 Ys 8 Beach.jpg)

(114.20 KB 657x479 Ao Beach 1.jpg)

(183.06 KB 1120x700 Ao beach 2.jpg)

(199.82 KB 1280x720 Ao Beach 3.jpg)

>>334791 >its just the main characters chilling on a beach I like all art of this type.
>>335974 I really like dark legacy, Its one of the Gamiest games I have ever played. "Gamiest" isn't a real word but I cant think of a better way to describe it. Highly recommended, I played the xbox version as a kid and replayed it a few years ago on dolphin and it still holds up. No idea about the ps2 version though.
>>335974 Dark Legacy is basically just the 64 game but more of it. All of the same worlds and bosses are there, but there are more of them (and a few bosses get moved around). You have the same four classes with another four added. The only really significant difference is that you collect crystals to open new worlds instead of activating obelisks, and you can't save items for later. They're activated the moment you grab them.
>>336127 This art is pretty shit though. Especially that Adol in the first picture who looks like a fucking giraffe.
>>336519 I mean really that's visually most of Falcom's games post the 3D stuff. I just like the idea of the main characters spending time on a beach.
>>336624 Yeah, I know what you mean, this sort of thing is very comfy to look at.
(984.38 KB 640x650 ClipboardImage.png)

Hold on to your hate, best summer game coming through.
(1.88 KB 106x255 sonic?.png)

>>337603 You have summoned the demons
(62.96 KB 640x439 8857_front.jpg)

(180.19 KB 640x476 wave race blue storm.png)

Does Wave Race count as a beach game?
>>337656 I'll have you know I was personally (or at least largely) responsible for the state of Klonoa threads that spawned those memes, that was many year ago, I've settled down since then, and don't have access to a dynamic IP for shitposting anymore
>>337701 You monster. Post beach games as penance.
>>337658 Debatable but I would say yes since you cant have ocean jetski racing without a beach somewhere.
(313.46 KB 480x272 ClipboardImage.png)

>>337709 I seem to recall hearing that one of the PSP MGS games had a parody beach mission with Snake and Kaz
>>337711 You could also take paz to have some personal CQC time in the box.
(152.09 KB 1280x720 Danganronpa2.jpg)

>decided to watch the nintendo direct >there is now a danganronpa beach JRPG. I dont know shit about dang it ron paul other than the fanbase being fanatical. I wonder if its going to be any good.
>>338594 But can you be yuri in it?
(1.55 MB 1370x2141 Yuri_Gagarin_with_awards.jpg)

>>338700 unfortunately I dont think you can play as yuri gagarin
(669.71 KB 1200x1800 RE best girls.jpg)

Contributing to vidya girls in the beach.
I have a friend who is a total waifu fag for Morrigan and he gave me his morrigan folder several years ago which thankfully includes a few beach pics. 4 of them anyway, one is just a swimsuit but i like to think it counts.
>>341862 Sauce of that girl from your second pic?
(1.67 MB 2448x3264 036.JPG)

(1.93 MB 3264x2448 020.JPG)

(2.01 MB 3264x2448 021.JPG)

(2.06 MB 2448x3264 023.JPG)

(945.92 KB 1680x1200 1461262620139-1.jpg)

>>341917 Rachel alucard from blazblue. dont worry shes a legal loli vampire. I probably shouldn't be giving new fags the source so easily but it does give me the excuse of showing off the blazblue artbook I got years ago which is just borderline porn. I wish I had like full resolution for all of these pics but I only have the one where Noel is kneeling and I dont think its even like full resolution.
(1.65 MB 640x360 Ass2Ass.mp4)

>>341931 >That keyboard
>>341931 Actually, I found the sauce myself after asking. I just tend to ask sauce beforehand if I happen to find it difficult. But thanks anyway, those pics from the artbook are top tier. >also Did you search it in sadpanda? That artbook could be there in HD. I'll take a look later.
>>341932 FUCK. I forgot you can see how dirty my keyboard is in the light. I swear I am planning on cleaning it one day.
>>341937 Clean it today anon. I could bet that you are saying that from a long time; so the best time to do it is right now. Go and clean it anon.
(302.72 KB 1400x1050 1462727051274-1.jpg)

(385.09 KB 548x1208 1459574783996.jpg)

(96.70 KB 1024x576 1461932712375-0.jpeg)

(263.69 KB 1364x768 1461950909311.jpg)

(38.55 KB 300x600 1464121357485.jpg)

(400.36 KB 1080x1920 1463424037516.jpg)

(277.76 KB 1920x1080 1463444539435.jpg)

(247.63 KB 1920x1080 1463448952214.jpg)

(504.45 KB 1280x720 Dempsey roll.webm)

(336.90 KB 358x898 DOAX3 Butt physics.webm)

(138.82 KB 1000x563 doax3-screenshot-04.jpg)

(918.03 KB 3240x5760 bitch.jpg)

Remember boom boom volleyball?
(100.55 KB 550x350 boomboom.jpg)

>>342492 Actually I do kinda remember this. I dont think I ever played it myself but I vaguely remember seeing it. Couldn't remember the name at all but I remember seeing a game like this. You know going by the name alone i thought it would be some obscure ps2 volleyball game not a flash game.
>>342510 You can unlock topless mode.
I wish Leona was in a better game than League of legends.

(362.48 KB 778x1100 1410398950159.jpg)

(175.46 KB 365x1200 1355740310337.jpg)

(415.67 KB 1280x1921 Summer_Widowmaker_1.jpg)

(319.37 KB 1280x1992 Swimsuit_Pharah_1.jpg)

(349.01 KB 1280x1664 Swimsuit_Mercy_1.jpg)

(675.14 KB 1124x1754 tumblr_o74j1yinik1tb5g6zo1_1280.jpg)

(199.30 KB 900x1200 75845180_p0_Mercy.jpg)

(273.83 KB 849x1200 3760851_000zd2.jpg)

(275.62 KB 849x1200 3760851_000zd3.jpg)

(1008.54 KB 2878x4096 E2vEEKgXMAACdW4.jpg)

(201.06 KB 825x1100 016_kajinman_539312.jpg)

I want everyone to know that tracer is the worst.
(323.90 KB 1336x1000 1390635839331.jpg)

(440.96 KB 1336x1000 1390636053972.jpg)

(88.37 KB 800x602 1390637279728.jpg)

(337.21 KB 1920x1080 1390637496801.jpg)

(2.86 MB 636x434 1390643395566.gif)

Would be nice if I could play Summer Memories, but it's stuck on ps4 vr.
(43.16 KB 315x480 1390646992622.jpg)

(1.29 MB 1173x1734 1390649662419.jpg)

(422.16 KB 1920x1080 1390649840242.jpg)

(329.03 KB 804x1169 1390650396249.jpg)

(368.89 KB 942x1405 1390666158113.jpg)

>>343243 what game is this?
nvm it's rumble roses
(89.72 KB 900x506 1390638222469.jpg)

>>343518 >>343539 I dont blame you for not knowing, Not even konami knows what rumble roses is.
>>343553 it desperately needs a switch port
>>343553 This looks boring other than the hot girls.

(248.42 KB 922x1381 Ee-kvrmUYAA8ClR.jpg)

(674.32 KB 1278x1615 13.jpg)

>>343556 I can hope but Konami barely gives a shit about their most beloved franchises, they're probably not going to do anything for rumble roses Unless they really want to compete with DoA in the future for whatever reason.
(143.19 KB 679x943 EwVFVxbWQAYT5wu.jpg)

(240.72 KB 582x900 EZInlhCXgAEpA3z.jpg)

(262.09 KB 593x900 ibuki102.jpg)

(257.50 KB 800x720 ibuki13.jpg)

(1.14 MB 1700x1202 1384077297704.jpg)

(198.97 KB 797x490 Sad oro boy.png)

>>343660 Poor zangief.
The "ara ara" was in my final fantasy folder for some reason I dont know if its actually a video game character
>>343707 Nevermind im an idiot, they are from precure. Please ignore the ara ara
>>343753 >>343741 Forgot to mention because I had to refresh the page. The first lulu pic was a much lower rez so I wanted to post the full version. Sorry, my stuff isn't very organized as you might be able to tell.
(1.15 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)

>>343753 >>343757 >greased-up desert monkeys
(2.90 MB 1920x1200 Wakka..png)

>>343766 Other post wasn't supposed to be a reply to you, please ignore it
(16.90 KB 347x344 confusion.jpg)

>>343834 >suffer not the machina >clearly wearing machina and about to have more machina put on his head by other machina
>>344119 I dont know man, I just thought it was funny. I haven't even played FFX more than like 10 minutes.
>>341931 The fuck are you doing to desk? You have all these cut marks on it . Do you cut your desk with a pocket knife when mad?
>>344283 they're not cut marks its just the paint flaking off. You dont rest your arms on the desk while browsing or typing?
(370.13 KB 314x445 ClipboardImage.png)

(25.71 MB 3263x4591 ClipboardImage.png)

(202.66 KB 259x445 ClipboardImage.png)

(418.28 KB 494x573 ClipboardImage.png)

(226.19 KB 240x413 ClipboardImage.png)

I don't see many games with beaches ITT, just bitches.
(960.61 KB 563x569 ClipboardImage.png)

(276.49 KB 332x299 ClipboardImage.png)

(371.05 KB 346x500 ClipboardImage.png)

(126.68 KB 336x296 ClipboardImage.png)

(41.28 KB 540x540 slugger.png)

(177.41 KB 800x1000 VC 2.jpg)

(415.67 KB 1312x920 VC.jpg)

(448.59 KB 941x1200 Xeno whores.jpeg)

(1.44 MB 2525x2480 xeno whore2.jpg)

>>344295 Completely forgot that Yakuza 3 was set by the beach for a good chunk. Got to replay that game someday. Is the PC port any good? >>344297 Lost in blue looks pretty fun. I like the idea of being stranded on a tropical island but I usually dislike survival games like ark or rust.
>>344311 The PC port of Yakuza 3 is good enough I suppose, SEGA ports are generally decent. Enough settings to ensure you that it will run on most devices. Lost In Blue 1 is pretty fun, give it a shot. skip 2 and 3 tho.
>>344313 >skip 2 and 3 tho. I didn't even know there was a 2 and 3. I did notice while looking up gameplay for it that there is a lost in blue mobile game. Probably garbage too.
Remember gaming magazines?
>>345886 It still weirds me out that internet used to come on paper
(322.79 KB 650x556 imperial guard.png)

(62.46 KB 426x397 1542225565592-1.png)

>>345886 >Remember gaming magazines? I miss them so fucking much.
>>346136 17 would be nice. It's 33 here.
>>346179 Given that it's midnight UTC, I would be terrified if anywhere in Europe were 91 degrees right now.
>>346179 More than just Europeans use the global standards for measurements. Imagine having proprietary measuring systems, America really is the most jewish country on the planet.
>>346181 >>346183 >non-Americans
>>346183 >claims that using measurements discoverable through simple observation of the natural world and countable/divisible/fungible by anyone, anywhere, is jewish >uses a system derived out of thin air with no relationship to the natural world and only enforced by government fiat with measurements that have fewer common denominators and are less useful to how humans actually think and behave Absolutely fucking pathetic.
>>346291 Ask me how I know you use the microwave to boil water
>>346304 >literally no argument whatsoever >>346312 >literally no argument whatsoever Thanks for making my point for me, subhumans. Run along now.
(7.12 KB 801x577 1421886722888.png)

>>346325 absolute fat post.
(4.64 KB 680x108 weather.PNG)

>>346136 I want to head to a beach soon, this heat is bullshit and all the pools are closed.
>>346378 >all the pools are closed It's for the best, anon, they're probably full of stingraids.
>>346378 >The pools are closed Has there been a sudden influx of well dressed black men in your area?
(78.99 KB 860x720 camo bikini.jpg)

Also, I've had a thing for camo bikinis after watching jormungandr. Kindly post some if you can. Thanks. >>346430 >>346393 Fucking hope not. No one told me anything about aids.
(3.19 MB 2188x2750 cowonbeach.jpg)

(418.67 KB 902x1181 leopard ogre.jpeg)

>>346461 >camo bikini Never heard of it, I prefer leopard print or cow print bikinis. I thought I had more leopard print but apparently I dont.
(144.57 KB 1000x4000 polandball metric.png)

>Americans >friendly banter >fairly reasonable arguements >generally trying to laugh and have a good time >can take a few jokes at his expense >europoors and non-americans >unreasonable and angry >resort to name callling >zero ability to banter >will declare a jihad for the slightest joke Every single time
>>346629 NASA uses metric, though.
(157.25 KB 663x1000 1375149201410.jpg)

(501.56 KB 1086x1145 1382722394216.jpg)

(360.79 KB 644x903 1384000649565.jpg)

(291.84 KB 850x637 1386508483632.jpg)

(131.63 KB 250x486 1388863634191.png)

>>346629 >>346643 >>346673 This thread is for beach posting, not for EUvUSA.
>>346708 Of course, of course
(8.44 KB 480x360 bc8bfqkvwz471.jpg)

>>346708 Got higher res of pic 5? Or source if not?
>>347002 It looks like a Vindictus character in the dressing room with innerwear and a hat on. Not sure which one, a lot look the same from behind and some have the same exact body.
(1.53 MB 1200x1600 1360610532065.png)

(456.47 KB 1920x1080 ave true to caesar.jpg)

>>347002 Its vindictus, I used to play it a lot with the old halfchan guild we had. Good times. Avertia is still a massive slut and so is all the other vella mains. Evie mains are best and purest. >>347025 They totally have different bodyshapes though, they even gave the men different sized bulges.
>>347104 I'm pretty sure Evie and Fiona both share the same body but have a different face and posture. They got less lazy with some of the later ones. Lann was the only man at the time but Kai and Hurk both look way different.
(189.23 KB 1000x1200 evertale1.jpg)

(227.70 KB 1000x1200 Evertale2.jpg)

(209.77 KB 1000x1200 Evertale3.jpg)

(685.94 KB 1326x1959 E1Nh5HRWUAM4lae.jpg)

(1.10 MB 2876x4096 E2TytaeVIAAOyMC.jpg)

>>347115 Is that suppossed to be Mark or Danny Devito?
>>347140 It's a cuckchan meme.
(155.59 KB 1181x1181 draphwoman.jpg)

(149.40 KB 1280x720 NAGISA_TAMAKI_01.jpg)

(427.62 KB 346x488 EgLSkuIWoAAVZIv.png)

(203.18 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)

I dont even know if the last one counts, I mean it is an bikini at the beach but its like cow bikini. I feel like beach and cow conflicts with each other.
>>346376 >literally no argument whatsoever Thanks for making my point for me, subhuman. Run along now.
>>347507 >copy pasting "arguments" ayy lamo, lazy burger.
(353.46 KB 1154x1500 fdd4eb636b66c172af6857eaec28a6e0.jpg)

(400.22 KB 512x724 Murasaki_(Rider)_SG1.png)

(405.25 KB 512x724 Murasaki_(Rider)_SG3.png)

(429.77 KB 512x724 Murasaki_(Rider)_SG4.png)

4th pic is slightly better quality than the first time I posted it.
>>347532 >abjectly refuses to even attempt to prove me wrong >spams off topic bullshit >acts surprised when he gets copied and pasted responses because he doesn't deserve any real effort Non-Americans, everyone. This is how they behave.
>>351713 >1st pic What the fuck is that anatomy? I thought that was his dick sticking out for a sec, then I thought it was his knee. Then I realized how twisted he is. Terrible.
(369.96 KB 1280x1919 ann_takamaki_1.jpg)

(481.69 KB 1200x1875 EaG31cRWoAAb2V9.jpg)

>>351770 I dont really understand what you mean anon. His knee is just slightly raised.
>>352189 I used to really to like Sakimichan art but after a year or two it was copied by dozens of artists and I kind of resent it now. Also its all the most boring art. It was nice for a time but every single piece looks identical. Also the lewds are shit and he turns lolis into cowtit hags.
>>354902 >>352189 Sakimichan trend was inevitable, great pinups of girls, and made lots of dosh. Hell he proved that internet artists can make a living without furry commisions or futa shit. His copycats was inevitable, 80% of same work for half the price, plus you can show it to normlafafs. Is there a robutts copycat?
>>354988 >Is there a robutts copycat? Yes, Shexyo. Robutts even called him out somewhat for tracing his work. For the longest time I thought Robutts just made a new account to try to make more money by having two different online names. Shexyo's tracing of Robutts doesn't really bother me much because theres still so much effort going into the work and he doesn't only trace. Makes completely orginal stuff too. There is a rebuttal from Shexyo but I can't find it. https://twitter.com/cutesexyrobutts/status/1324777297698848770
>>346673 The funny thing is that NASA still defines the edge of the atmosphere as 91.44km, which is 300kft converted to metric.
>>355337 That third pic is not what I wanted to post. what the fuck man?
>>354735 >>354736 >>355337 Shantae is pretty damn great.
>>355442 i bet her pussy smells like gingerbread
>>355442 Yes >>355591 What the fuck anon?
>>356215 >What the fuck anon? let him have his fantasy anon, 2D fictional girls probably do smell wonderful (they should since they are imaginary)... once you actually know what "real" women smells like (even extremely cute ones) that fantasy is ruined forever.
>>356215 Reminder a vorefag snuck his fetish OC into one of these games
>>355338 You should post this version next time so that anon's pure, virginal eyes can be protected.
(934.50 KB 1133x762 1397961936277.png)

(438.43 KB 1280x720 1420069719846.jpg)

(434.73 KB 1280x720 1420069774586.jpg)

(393.62 KB 1280x720 1420069894420.jpg)

(386.37 KB 1280x720 1420069906660.jpg)

(224.86 KB 1536x1200 velvet crowe.jpg)

(103.27 KB 955x514 valkyrie2.jpg)

(313.24 KB 1500x1500 Valkyriecover.jpg)

(5.97 MB 4646x3513 VKB.jpg)

(448.59 KB 941x1200 Xeno whores.jpeg)

>>356754 No besides nothing wrong with the tits dude
I just realised that Tropical freeze would be pretty good, at least for the first few levels.
>>379053 >tfw no wii fit gf

(147.91 KB 1400x823 E74aPHDVoAI_9GK.jpg)

(97.34 KB 702x1080 E7z4exNVEAMdH8V.jpg)

>>346629 ex-NSDAP/German scientists were the reason we could go to the Moon, not Americans themselves. <going off-topic Has there been a beach volleyball game set on a terraformed moon with low gravity?
(448.59 KB 941x1200 Xeno whores.jpeg)

(333.21 KB 900x675 YIIKES beach episode.png)

(1.44 MB 2525x2480 xeno whore2.jpg)

(1.82 MB 3000x1991 yennefer1.jpeg)

(1.74 MB 3000x2028 yennefer.jpeg)

(2.02 MB 1400x882 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.40 MB 1350x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

>>387147 >Nia I didn't know you were a fan of NTR, anon. >>380339 >Not posting the REAL versions Pathetic.
(148.15 KB 701x1024 bikinioni.jpg)

(842.06 KB 3000x3831 sorceress sling bikini.jpeg)

(1.08 MB 700x1198 lara bikini.png)

(2.48 MB 2300x2014 vivian bikini.png)

>>387157 I am not a fan of either NTR or giantess. I haven't even played Xenoblade. is there a beach in it?
>>387178 Nah, but there's some swimsuit costumes as DLC.
bumpan a delicious bread
>>387147 >there's fucking lewd fanart of YiiK Why?
(1.32 MB 1920x960 Zofia.jpg)

(155.08 KB 900x1345 E-X5DecWEAYHxBD.jpg)

>>414720 why not?

(1.29 MB 1160x1575 E5aSA6bXIAA0QHz.jpg)

(404.60 KB 1769x1536 D_bvifDUEAAc6BM.jpg)

its actually starting to become autumn where i live but i still wanted to post a bit more.
>>414956 I really need to play XC2 but I don't have a switch I didn't care for Pyra's original outfit but that one-piece swimsuit she came with later on makes me fucking diamonds
Stop reminding me that summer is already over.
>>439124 Summer is over. AND THAT'S A GOOD THING
(622.94 KB 1280x720 ZPHHMORm_s5G3sQt.mp4)

(394.93 KB 1280x720 IFJSEDMX_ovvnwad.mp4)

(7.99 MB 640x360 tiddies.webm)

>ctrl+f "HDM" >0 results what the actual fuck anons, are you retarded?
>>440110 Eh, I dont find it as exciting when you can actually see the nipples.
>>440136 weird, I literally REQUIRE visible nipples to find it erotic in any capacity
>>440137 Its an acuired taste, Not everyone can appreciate Ecchi.
one of the biggest reasons I want to get VC4 besides me liking VC1 a lot, is the hot sniper chick and the swimsuit I saw her in pics that were circulating around
I wish more games had nice beach scenes
>>440110 >>440110 If only it wasn't a chore to get it working.
Its the new year Any fun, sexy new beach games on the horizon? Or maybe just swimsuit/bikini mods of already existing games? I've been watching gameplay of some old FE Fates shit the sauna scenes were amusing, I wish there was more being shown and whatnot though
>>341854 Only bayonetta pic I've seen that I actually liked >>347441 >5th pic what a beautiful cow
Beach games? More like bitch games.
>>527411 I wish more games were the kind of bitch games that beach games are. I want games where I can get some bitches, not play as a little bitch.
(84.55 KB 600x516 absolutely haram.jpg)

>>347437 Don't tell me second pic is Non Non Biyori.
>>539818 Nope, they're from some chink game about boats, can't remember if it was paizuri lane or kancolle.
>>539823 Azure Lane is the Chinkboats game, Kancolle is Japanese.
>>539818 I haven't the faintest clue what that is.
(185.59 KB 1154x684 FG1EBneacAAytaX.jpg)

(285.57 KB 1652x930 lastorigin.jpeg)

Last origin is a gacha game. Probably not a good idea to play.
>>539968 That's some hefty plot there.
>>539968 >pic 1 oh so this is where that cowslut comes from >it's a gacha
>>539968 its not fair how the gacha games have such amazing artists
(401.15 KB 600x600 sweaty_samurai.jpg)

(1.73 MB 2000x1400 Zig fox bikini 2.png)

(2.61 MB 1199x2000 Zig fox bikini.png)

>>539968 Good lord almighty. So much VISIBLE plot.
You know if we save this thread we can re use it for this summer.
(660.52 KB 1561x1600 ClipboardImage.png)

(333.80 KB 960x684 ClipboardImage.png)

>>346291 Tell me how I know you've never do physics not even at a basic school level in your life
>>590715 I got your measurements right here, Yuropoor
(198.00 KB 250x348 ClipboardImage.png)

(794.56 KB 767x511 ClipboardImage.png)

>>328485 Does Super Mario Sunshine count?
>>590715 >uses a system where arbitrary french measurements (many of which would actually change if you went someone other one of the worst cities on Earth) and were given retroactive definitions based on otherwise totally random physics questions desperately contorted to match those >thinks that makes him superior to someone who bases their system on averages of food
>>590737 Whatever let's You sleep at night pal. Now shut the fuck up, and post beach beauties, or GTFO or neck yourself
when does summer start anyway? June?
>>609945 The seasons always change on the 21st of the same four months. December 21st: Winter Solstice March 21st: Vernal Equinox June 21st: Summer Solstice September 21st: Autumn Equinox
>>610085 Not if you are australian
(5.86 KB 581x123 Weather.png)

>>609945 You mean it hasn't started?
(91.92 KB 1063x588 Bikiniday.jpg)

>>610538 I am sorry anon, its going to get a lot worse.
Here's a totally video game question anons, are you beach body ready? I'm trying to be. >>610553 What a nice ass.
>>610553 Who's the ice cream character between Walter White and Space Ghost?
>>610553 I WANT A MOONMAN ICE CREAM >>610556 Frankenberry
>>610554 >are you beach body ready? not at all. I am a skinny fuck with no muscles.
Its summer again, are there any hot vidya girls that have been making a splash lately?
>>630755 >55 Nice. I wish more hot girls were a thing.
>>610729 Twink.
>>630804 I am not nearly pretty enough to be a twink.
>>630981 There's tons of homos who post their naughty bits without ever showing their face, if you got it flaunt it
(180.24 KB 950x1200 22.jpg)

>>631007 you think im going to post dick pics in a beach thread? fuck off faggot. go back to >>>/cb/
(39.74 KB 600x820 donaldhyperboner.png)

>>346461 I want to reverse snusnu rape buff amazonian women
>>631152 I don't want to be the dominant partner in a relationship with a muscle girl.
>>631163 What you want isn't important here. It's what the world needs. It's what your musclegirl partner needs. It's your duty as a man to dominate that tigress and make her feel like a woman.
There is value in both approaches.
>>631152 Being alpha is the last thing on my mind. I just know that nothing makes my dick harder than the idea of fucking a muscle girl and running my hands over every inch of her body while she's sweating bullets and moaning as her exhausted muscles quiver like jello from the strain of desperately trying to push out another rep even though she's just a second or two away from muscle failure.
(10.19 KB 350x376 DISGUST (2).jpg)

>>631215 >krekk0v
>>631281 What's wrong with Krekkov? He doesn't draw any futas let alone gay shit.
(829.21 KB 1500x1539 67407348_p1.jpg)

(695.58 KB 1500x1539 67407348_p2.jpg)

(736.21 KB 1500x1539 67407348_p3.jpg)

(1.12 MB 1500x1539 2.jpg)

>>631301 >>631281 >>631215 Dont fucking derail the thread you idiots. post beach babes.
(589.76 KB 2120x2011 sauce is zeromomentai.jpeg)

>>631301 >He doesn't draw any futas let alone gay shit. not him but lmao what are you talking about, krek draws tons of gay shit, 10 pages worth on r34 rule34.xxx/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=krekk0v+-female+-1girls does he have a normalfag-facing twitter or something? krek started off drawing hardcore snuff porn on 4chan he's shadman if shadman were a decent artist
(433.84 KB 850x1229 Overwatch tracer.jpg)

(143.00 KB 850x862 samus1.jpg)

(222.21 KB 1000x1635 Fate.jpeg)

(292.61 KB 850x1314 samus2.jpg)

(268.18 KB 1100x1140 Samus.jpg)

>>631346 Is it possible for anyone to dislike Samus? Even other games lust after her.
>>632402 Open them in new tabs, for some reason none of these are expanding properly here despite Samus.jpg doing so properly in a previous thread I had posted it in.
(391.76 KB 5x5 a webm for ants.webm)

>>632402 >not the full version
>>632398 Of course not, shes a tall, hot, blonde, who could hate that?
(445.17 KB 2640x2119 E5NO4SkWEAc3d0y.jpg)

(136.86 KB 738x1000 E6cISwtXoA0gZ3l.jpg)

(133.25 KB 738x1000 E6cISwpWEAIy0F8.jpg)

(474.37 KB 509x680 EcS9oYQXkAEXd4M.png)

(1.05 MB 480x384 Homer Jackin in.gif)

This threads doin' it for me.
Does anyone know what anticheat Dead or Alive: Venus Vacation may have? I figure a small project may be neat to open the game up on Proton. I will be damned if I let this magnificent thread be replaced by nu-abominatipns.

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