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(49.10 KB 595x474 luci.JPG)
(81.51 KB 362x933 AYYYYYYLMAO.JPG)
Horrible redesigns Anonymous 06/11/2021 (Fri) 12:32:00 Id:a72fc1 No. 329092
itt: post horrible redesigns to characters/monsters in vidya series
(444.01 KB 1280x1024 cvj carmilla.jpg)
(450.28 KB 1280x1024 cvj death.jpg)
(417.73 KB 1280x1024 cvj grant.jpg)
(504.77 KB 1280x1024 cvj maria.jpg)
(465.92 KB 1280x1024 cvj simon.jpg)
This thread should just be named Castlevania: Judgement - Fucking WHY?!
(64.61 KB 600x800 cv carmilla.jpg)
(94.34 KB 600x800 cv death.jpg)
(47.80 KB 580x650 cv grant.jpg)
(391.98 KB 994x955 cv maria.png)
(393.67 KB 628x572 cv simon.png)
>>329098 For comparison, here's what they look like in their non-judgement forms.
>>329098 I still feel hurt when i look at Simon, WHY? Also, WHY that shitty tattoo on the neck?
(25.89 KB 267x371 Gabriel.JPG)
(24.20 KB 265x303 Michael.JPG)
(27.10 KB 263x348 Raphael.JPG)
(24.28 KB 260x340 Uriel.JPG)
how do you go from this
(31.51 KB 248x362 Gabriel IV.JPG)
(33.79 KB 266x348 Michael IV.JPG)
(41.45 KB 260x494 Raphael IV.JPG)
(28.74 KB 260x342 Uriel IV.JPG)
to this
>>329105 >more lore friendly And by lore I mean the Bible.
(2.11 MB 1488x1196 ClipboardImage.png)
"Snake Race" In SMT 2 it was a yellow Mizuchi.
These are all awful.
>>329098 All that money wasted on hiring Death Note artist could’ve used to actually make the game better. I liked Cornell’s design a bit.
>>329105 Looks more biblical though, Angels are supposed to be utterly alien and fear inspiring.
>>329124 The funniest yet saddest part about the Donte design is that it's a self-insert of the faggot director of the game.
(243.20 KB 819x745 1342704899015.png)
>>329129 >>329106 >achskucally it loogs more biblical no, it looks fucking retarded. just because they made them look fucking retarded instead of "human with wings" (like they did in previous games, and like they did in the bible post roman-climatization of cristianity) and because you saw a funny meme once about "biblical accurate angels" ebing whacky looking creatures does not mean that these shit designs are biblically accurate. they are just shit designs.
(34.81 KB 640x480 donte.jpg)
(73.33 KB 201x303 Doxter.png)
>>329134 They tell people to not be afraid for a reason anon, people dont fear good looking anime men.
>>329092 Was going to say there was nothing wrong with lucifers design before i clicked into the thread >>329098 very true >>329105 Weirdly enough i like it
(555.64 KB 489x475 ClipboardImage.png)
>>329140 >lucifer
(2.62 MB 480x360 Smt V spinoff plot.mp4)
>>329092 >>329105 They reverted Lucy's design for SMTV so I'd assume the rest are also going back to their previous modes. I think they tried to go for the 'creepy angels' thing a bit too hard in an attempt to make it mesh better with the themes of 4 but I don't think they needed it,since the series has enough existential dread even while all the eldritch abominations look like anime ikemen. Don't know if they realized that or just backtracked because everyone cringed at the Lucifer design though.(I have yet to see anyone that enjoyed Ayy Lmao Lucy,even though the other angels are still ok in terms of design)
>>329144 im digging this resurrection of the mid 00's memes.
>>329138 Anon, most angels in the bible were human in appearance and with no mention of wings. Some of the first two angels mentioned in genesis looked human enough for people wanting to fuck them. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Genesis%2019&version=NIV Only the first triad of angels, Heaven's top brass, are inhuman in appearance (thrones, cherubim, and seraphim).
>>329121 This one is fine.
>>329105 They look incomprehensible and pretty spooky
>>329098 The designs are good though. They hired the hottest japanese artist at the time to make the characters fit his style. Death is another shinigami. Grant is questionable and Maria should have thicker legs and make her a thick loli slut.
(352.11 KB 660x362 rayniecomparison.png)
(514.90 KB 755x410 SJ_Comparison.png)
Obligatory Atlus examples.
>>329227 they made the strange journey guys all blurry?
(40.81 KB 426x521 ClipboardImage.png)
Crash 4 looks alright then there's Tawna.
>>329098 The first one is hot, though
(601.77 KB 560x664 cv succ 1.png)
(499.65 KB 479x900 cv succ 2.png)
(83.26 KB 1000x1460 cv succ 3.jpg)
>>329241 I do like the titties, but there's a way to make a busty vampire hot and it's not dressing her up like a fucking pride parade tranny.
(738.88 KB 1200x1000 Mega Maria.png)
(67.70 KB 979x729 MESSIAH.jpg)
>>329098 <Why not? It's not like Vania hasn't been known for redesigns anyways, besides, Simon was a lready a redhead BDSM barbarian in the remake, it's not like it was going to be permanent. They even changed the VAs on purpose to attract a different crowd anyways. >>329105 >>329134 >Not liking Keita Amemiya's angels Seems like someone doesn't believe in the Messiah of the Underworld
>>329238 I thought it was strange they made her into an entirely new character instead of you know, making an entirely new character.
>>329146 >Thinking the Jewish rewritten Bible is accurate.
(203.16 KB 480x960 Jill_Full_RE3.webp)
(387.57 KB 488x999 Jill_Full_RE1make.webp)
(364.43 KB 424x998 Jill_Full_RERevelations.webp)
(267.18 KB 314x998 Jill_Full_RE3make.webp)
>>329319 She really looks off when you look at her universe's N.Tropy which was just a genderswap. Adding Jill in as I never liked Capcom's attempt of photorealistic design.
>>329388 Atleast they kept her attractive and didnt make her an angry, unlikeable dyke.
(617.92 KB 1768x1899 56546.jpg)
(53.38 KB 457x446 drink better.jpg)
>>329339 >muh joos none of it is real anon, the angels with wings and halo's come from the influence of the roman empire on christianity, the cult of sol invictus got combined with christianity giving result to the cultural image of angels, seraphims and cherubs having feathered wings and circular halos around their heads. and that doesn't change the fact that the IV designs are garbage. they look like paintbloats with faces and lucifer looks like an AYYY LMAO
(99.10 KB 630x950 1447493642775[1].jpg)
>>329098 Trim down the spikiness a bit and Carmilla's a servicable design, albeit probably not for that character specifically. >>329128 >I liked Cornell’s design a bit. I agree. Werewolf knight is some pretty good shit. Shoulder spikes are unnecessary but it is what it is.
>>329422 >>329098 im not a big castlevaniafag but this is really fucking edgy design, both literally and figuratively.
>>329339 Anon, the whole bible was written by jews. Jesus was king of the jews. It's literally a spinoff religion. >>329420 None of it is real anyway, regardless of roman influence. You wouldn't say the roman religion was wrong until the greeks influenced it. It was just nonsense in the first place. Enjoy the art and get mad when it's fucked up and they adapt it badly. Don't get mad because it's "not real."
>>329422 >>329427 im not a big furfag but this is really fucking sexy, both literally and figuratively
>>329442 Are you still trying to buy Cornell from Konami?
>>329442 >fur nigga thats all metal and edges
>>329395 Lara design peaked in Legend. Too bad the game was so removed from what I liked from the series
>>329104 >>329105 By getting promoted in the Angelic hierarchy. Low-tier angels take humanoid forms because they often are in contact with humans, who would run in fear if the angels took an uncommon shape. High level angels who aren't in contact with humans and demons (who actually are fallen angels who stopped giving a fuck about everything) take less "normal" forms, like cherubs who look like chimeras, or demons who look like an amalgam of animals and humans.
(81.64 KB 450x244 distortion01.png)
(86.49 KB 342x290 distortion02.png)
Not really a redesign, just a bad design period.
>>329388 I like how they ALL look like completely different people. Her revelations design is by far the hottest in my opinion. Her original design is quite good looking too.
(226.36 KB 700x438 slidepooper.png)
(317.90 KB 1920x1080 mortal-kombat-x-kitana-render.jpg)
(336.97 KB 1324x1152 ugly wide faced chinktana.jpg)
(203.03 KB 1920x1080 mileen wide face.jpg)
What did they do to them!? Why the fuck are now some flat, wide faced ugly gooks!?
>>329921 They are just ugly. That's the only way to put it. I feel they had the design thing nailed in MKX but something went awry.
>>329649 Well, they cant look the same, we are talking about renditions from over 20 years worth of games, but the character is still the same brunette dressed in blue.
>>329394 No shit, even though Capcom's biggest audience are westerners, they're still based in Japan. Ever wonder why you barely see ugly STRONK WYMN HEAR ME RAWR type of characters? Because they still hold artistic vision above agenda. Heck, people will talk about Mommy Dimistrescu longer than some countless amount of STRONG WOMEN CHARACTER™ designed in western AAA garbage.
Mk9->10&11 for sure is the worst.
>>330088 nip companies stopped doax 2 in west. we are personally violated by this treatment.
(69.04 KB 365x504 2ighcuu.jpg)
>>330090 >Bitching about DOAX2 Thats nothing to do with Capcom you fucking idiot.
>>330112 nothing to do with capcom, but everything to do with neoliberal nipoids.
(408.66 KB 933x1400 jade-mk9render.jpg)
(44.87 KB 570x659 il_570xN.1985157261_qman.jpg)
>>329933 >I feel they had the design thing nailed in MKX but something went awry In MKX only kitana looked fine, Mileena was already a huge downgrade from MK9, which is still the last good MK. Also, people joking about (((WB))) giving burquas to female characters weren't that far from the truth, look at this shit. Fuck (((WB)))
>>329134 >He wanted fucking generic angels ala humans with wings Get assraped
(55.31 KB 751x1125 jill voth.jpg)
>>329394 Even though they didn't make new jill ugly dyke still she isn't Julia Voth, Also they somehow fucked up claire in rev2 also not a fan of remake2 claire.
(171.90 KB 720x405 JuliaVoth-JillValentine.jpg)
>>330917 Well anon julia just became very iconic and the face of jill for many years, its only natural to not feel the same.
>>330924 Somehow they also made new jill's personality and attitude like she has 4 pounds of sand in her vagina and acts like a 16 year old girl pretending to be a 80s action hero. I liked more of old jill's sarcastic witty comments on situation and her hopeful and optimistic attitude on the whole city gone full zombie nightmare in RE3.
>>330943 She still feels the same to me anon, she acts like a cunt towards the UBCS at first and with good reason, but shes the same jill as always to brad and other survivors.
>>330917 I don't like her legs, there's something wrong about them.
>>330827 God I miss the tittyninjas of MK9. Yeah they had an odd body but they were still hot.
(194.04 KB 600x338 ca5b84848dd33d45-600x338.png)
(260.17 KB 600x338 c6a77521f9121f73-600x338.png)
(203.84 KB 1280x720 ww censored.jpg)
>>330089 >Mk9->10&11 for sure is the worst. You can say that again. >>331251 >God I miss the tittyninjas of MK9. Yeah they had an odd body but they were still hot. I think we all do. The odd body was a result of NetherReal being shit at modeling, but if you look the sketches they were supposed to be hot. Now that they have better 3d artists and could make them better, they are making female characters uglier and dressed like nuns on purpose only because WB kikes ordered them to do so, one of their artists even complained on social media about that. Also it's better having female characters not overly dressed because fatalities look cooler when you see blades cutting the skin, and said skin getting covered in blood rather that going thought some layers of fabric.
>>329098 Maria is kind of cute, the rest are gay.
>>329394 I think she's ugly as sin, even more so than remake Claire.
>>330827 >from tanned wonder woman look alike to somali in a burkha That's even worse than the kitana and mileena changes.
>>331895 You need ot get your tastes checked then.
>>331936 >That's even worse than the kitana and mileena changes. If you are talking about the costume i agree with you, but while Jade is still a shitty redesign, Kitana and Mileena's face look way worse. Edenian chicks were supposed to look mediterrian, not chinks or shitskins. By the way, they also turned Rain into a pajeet and Sheeva now looks like a sheboon doing a bad cosplay.
>>331102 >I don't like her legs, there's something wrong about them. Yeah, they're not wrapped around my head with her fingers in my hair. >>330943 >Somehow they also made new jill's personality and attitude like she has 4 pounds of sand in her vagina Jill in the original games always seemed like the girl next door tomboy who grew up to be an actual strong and competent woman, but who didn't become a snarky bitch, remaining hopeful and confident despite the shit they were all going through.
>>329098 >>329101 Carmilla is the only one that looks reasonable since she's already a powerful vampire with transformation abilities. I could buy her Judgment look as her "battle form" or something.
>>332381 Cool it with the e-whores, bud.
>>329106 >>329129 >>329476 The redesigns may be more Bible-accurate, but the art style is shit. Kaneko could have done way better body horror art if he wanted to.
>>329394 >>330947 The issue was with having no live selections in the original and having some of the original's events altered or cut that we don't see some of the characters personalities better, I don't even understand why they gave Marvin more screentime in a game he originally wasn't involved in. It also looked like Jill didn't consider the whole situation as threat to her life but just a slight annoyance.
(110.78 KB 1200x844 Dark Queen.jpg)
You've all seemed to forget a very recent one.
>>332502 Everyone forgot that abortion after five minutes. I couldn't even finish the first level it was so bad. Not only was the writing fucking horrendous but the gameplay was worse than the Game Boy Battletoads game.
>>329098 To this day I cannot understand what must have gone through the heads of the Konami executives. You have a shitty fighting game whose only redeeming quality is that it is based on the Castlevania universe, but then you make sure that none of the characters even remotely resemble their originals. Maybe whoever is responsible was a huge Castlevania fan and wanted to make sure no one would buy that travesty, and so he made is as unappealing as possible?
>>329092 The problem with smtiv lucifer is his design could have been explained away that he was a fake, him and merkahbah being two halfs of satan, since in the original satan and lucifer are supposed to be individual entities. >>329098 I like carmilla it suts her, and maria is alright, but the others blegh. >>329105 Honestly, these are good the problem is they almost dont go far enough with the abstact, with 3 of 4 still being humanoid. >>329388 Jills designs are hilariously inconsistent.
(106.62 KB 221x286 1471105596682.png)
>>329921 Wait, what the fuck? When did this happen? When did MK turn into an abomination? Am I that fucking out of the loop???
>>332563 WB took over and forced a bunch of rainbowhairs into netherrealm studios.
(835.58 KB 1600x1151 ja2_mercs.jpg)
(910.29 KB 1034x828 jba_mercs.png)
Mercenaries in Jagged Alliance 2 versus Jagged Alliance: Back in Action.
(103.33 KB 972x710 Mk mature and realistic.jpg)
>>332563 As part of NRS. 2011/MK9 was already partly worked on before Midway had to close their doors and to "get the good faith", they let the ladies have huge boobs and skimpy attire. But they instantly backpedaled come MKX.
(103.74 KB 720x540 mk1 shao.jpg)
>>332820 Ah yes, Man Tits Kombat 9. In Shao Kahn's case back in the day they bought leather gear from a sex shop and dolled it up for the actor to wear, but in that case he was the barbarian Conan type villain and the rest of the cast were usually clothed, with emphasis on women in bodysuits, ninjas and robots most of the time, Shao wasn't even playable too. After MK9 the male ninjas started ditching the headwear and even the sorceror types were showing off chest, while the women got prudish compared to past designs and movesets. MK is MGay. And on top of that, to add further insult, they tossed all the systems from previous 3D fighter entries and went back to the most shitty version of MK, the first ones. No more hype ass anime ass sequences when you wallbreak someone, no more Kustom Kharacters, no more custom fatalities, the gameplay is slow as fuuuuuck and combos plant you the fuck in place with no creativity to work with. Compared to games like Guilty Gear Strive that not only de-complicated their roster yet rebalanced around it while still keeping the feeling of the game (Everyone is OP and "unfair" in some way, therefore no one is) the western game industry is utterly humiliated, all for politics, losing sales every entry. MK was the final blow for a lot of people, the fatality. For all the manufactured hype, the people who actually played it ditched it when better alternatives came in, and probably won't go back.
How come no one has mentioned the ma'amazon yet
(132.47 KB 820x1156 rena ps1.jpg)
(31.88 KB 600x741 rena psp.jpg)
Doesn't even look like the same character, with several details like the bagginess of her socks completely removed in the psp version.
(75.55 KB 1024x579 angela cross.jpg)
Not really a complaint about appearance but how the personalities of characters and the tone in Ratchet and Clank changed over time. The modern games aren't bad, they're certainly better than most other modern shit that gets released and still worth playing, but the newer ones don't really have the same type of charm.
>>329144 >it's been so long since I've seen this shit that it's actually funny again Lord help me.
>>334813 wow, that sucks. they made him all safe and bland and boring. and also its that anus-looking ryno instead of the 9-hole missile launcher.
(140.14 KB 687x687 meme eras.jpg)
>>334887 THat's probably a recent meme, anon. Most of the rest of the internet is at the post-irony faze, so people are using rage comics faces semi-ironically now.
(581.47 KB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
>>329134 Angels are weird looking because they are based on common hallucinations. Ophanim especially represent the geometric shapes commonly hallucinated while on drugs. This is of course because most accounts of angelic sightings are either hallucinations, or fabrications based on previous accounts.
(199.24 KB 396x360 ill take both.mp4)
>>329145 >>334887 Trollface has been making a pretty good comeback and is even getting new variations here and then, same case with wojak but everyone knows about wojak. How old is doge? Was she from the same era?
>>336243 I want "i know that feel bro" guy back
>>336243 >Doge Came during the 2010s >Trollface Arose during early 4chan with rageface comics. A thousand variations won't save that shit from being the stake and overused mess it is. Now fuck off to wherever you came from newfag.
>>336253 >Now fuck off to wherever you came from newfag Okay. I'll just come right back to here lol.
>>336251 I miss EFG and troll science.
(22.56 KB 270x303 boon.jpg)
>>336243 >Trollface has been making a pretty good comeback >Normalfags overusing an ancient dead meme that should be left to rot means it is "making a comeback" >>332820 >>332563 >>331251 >Pic Related I don't envy Ed Boon, working for a bunch of marxist kikes who are destroying his and Tobia's creation and Legacy for their shitty propaganda purposes. <Can't have anything good again goyim, watch as we ruin your favourite game series, it's all over, aren't you demoralized yet? I wonder if things will get better under the new property. Who am i kidding? We all know the answer
>Ctrl-F >No YUNO
>>339178 Left looks significantly better than the new art style. Should had just left it the same art style with new content for this game.
>>335959 Wow, this is the first time I've ever seen an image that encapsulates my thoughts on the progression of meme culture. I want to say the MLG era was really only from 2013 to 2014 By 2015 you already had hyper surreal memes
>>339178 Wow the remake look so much better. The original artist should be ashamed.
(1.71 MB 480x270 ExcitedAnimeMILF.gif)
>>329144 >SMTV >ShotaMilfTV
>>332820 <(((you're mature now, you should be over sex appeal, deal with it))) i think i smell something awful... smells like sanctimony
>>339219 I remember this bait the last time someone posted this image. I hope you ain't the same nigger double diping. Have some self respect with your bait not to reuse it if so, nigger.
(331.97 KB 500x375 cheese hanging from window.png)
>>339292 imagine replying to a 4 day old post because you got butthurt your sacred cow got touched
>>339350 Imagine having so much free time, you can keep up with every thread and never play catchup.
(16.09 KB 149x300 sheeva-mk3p.jpg)
>>339231 Beran turned into a huge faggot. It's pretty pathetic seeing this middle-aged developers regurgitating what retards on twatter write just to feel "hip and up with the times". Weird that male characters wearing next to nothing is not a big deal, but female characters have to wear sweaters and have less curves as possible. By the way, don't SJW retards call this shit "slut shaming"? Speaking as someone who was an MK fan until MK9 (or MK2011) this is just sad.
>>332820 Does that jackass not understand that people don't play Mortal Kombat, of all things, for realism?
>>339353 Stay mad and poor, peasant.
(211.70 KB 1440x1891 faggots don't play games.jpg)
>>339498 >Does that jackass not understand that people don't play Mortal Kombat, of all things, for realism? The real question is, does this jackass not understand that the faggots bitching and complaining about "sexism" because of FICTIONAL characters wearing revealing outfits don't play games let alone buy them!? If they are easily offended they shouldn't play Mortal Kombat in the first place, but shit like farmville and candy crush.
>>339576 Doesn't matter if they do or don't, Anon. Developers are going after the casual crowd because they don't question, they just consume unlike the older crowd who actually grew up playing games during the golden years will call them out on their bullshit and they don't want nor like that.

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