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(179.05 KB 608x606 steak.jpg)

(378.41 KB 1610x1461 trial of the dragon.jpg)

(4.18 MB 1940x2500 garu.png)

Persona Thread: Chie Edition Anonymous 07/13/2021 (Tue) 18:34:13 Id: dd95e6 No. 362580
If you're going to spend the entire day online anon, might as well get in here. Good memories, good tunes, what more can a man ask for? What are ya playing now or got done playing? What are your thoughts? Anything goes. >News The 25th anniversary of Persona is coming up and Atlus is teasing 7 announcements from Fall 2021 to Fall 2022. Quite a ways away, my guess is they'll announce the next game as the last announcement in 2022. It is worth noting that the director of Persona 3-5 left after 5. Also, don't forget that Atlus West localizers have repeatedly shit on the original games and 'fixed' them like they did Catherine: Full Body and some scenes in P5. If there is a game, expect it to be complete shit. https://archive.is/3J8fz DeepL: >In 2021, the Persona series will have sold over 15 million units worldwide. >I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all of you who have watched over and supported us over the years. >In September, the Persona series will finally celebrate its 25th anniversary. >To express our gratitude to all of you, we will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Persona series for one year from this September 2021 to next fall 2022. >PERSONA 25th Anniversary YEAR, we are preparing a lot of fun. >We'll be announcing a variety of 25th Anniversary items, events, collaborations, and of course, game information. >We'll be announcing a variety of special events, collaborations, and of course, game information. >Please stay tuned.
(293.80 KB 319x322 ClipboardImage.png)

Play a real Shin Megami Tensei
>>362580 I thought the Persona 5 director was working on an original IP
>>362650 Like Nocturne or Strange Journey?
>>362650 My virtual boy is out of batteries though.
>>362653 Use Retroarch
(219.53 KB 422x313 ClipboardImage.png)

>>362652 >>362653 Play this instead you casuals
>>362653 Then buy more batteries.
(1.15 MB 1653x827 project re fantasy art.png)

>>362651 Think so, but its not part of the persona series which makes me skeptical on if it will be announced as part of this anniversary. Project Re FANTASY. Not sure on the progress for it but the artwork looked good. >>362653 Get a Vita, play every game known to man.
>>362654 Legitimately hadn't thought of that. Goddamnit this better be a short game.
Fuck Atlus. Don't buy their shit or support them anymore until they stop being cancerous, which probably won't happen for a while. If you care enough, send them an email about your disapproval with their policies. My issue is that even the Japanese branch is cancerous to me with how they did 13 Sentinels dirty, and the Western branch just made things even worse with SJWism. Can't imagine how much they'll both fuck up SMT V. Anyways, back on topic. I've played only the weirdest combination of mainline Persona games. I've only played 1 and 4 so far. 4 was great in terms of story, gameplay was good but I didn't want too much of it because it would clearly get repetitive and tedious, thankfully it was almost never forced on me and I was able enjoy it in a measured way without that part of the game overstaying its welcome. I feel that some social links could definitely have been handled better in terms of character depth. Chie is one of them for example and Yukiko is an even more obvious example, but the character's writing in the context of the plot and events easily offsets any of the more shallow social link writing. P4G should have never left the Vita. Persona 1 I have a lot to fucking say about because of the fucking revelations (kek) I had about the game. Not the game itself, which was... good, but had issues and definitely needed more dialogue and writing in general, but the fact that I was completely uninformed about the seriously detrimental changes to the PSP version which everyone fucking says is the best. Fucking nobody talks about this shit, and when I found out that almost 'every fucking criticism I had for the PSP version was actually an advantage in the PS1 version', I was fucking livid. The OST was one of the smaller issues I had, but the fact I wasn't able to experience the original OST proper was a bit annoying. At least the remake's OST was easy on the ears, but still. There were significant issues I had with the gameplay not being as fun as it could have been. >lack of flashy or eye-catching animations; the animations themselves also lack impact This is not the case in the original. The animations have more detail, more color, and a feeling of proper weight to them >poor sound design on the spell and attack effects and overall meh audio on gameplay aspects The original had excellent audio, it was like it was meant to be played on the PS1. The audio aspect combined with proper visuals completely changes the gameplay. >sterile UI The PSP one was "okay" but nothing special, but when I took a look at the PS1 version, I was fucking shocked. It was handmade, expansive, with better colors, animations for shit like the boxes (They would flip based on what action you take), the text boxes having colored backgrounds, and had a ton of flair and identity. The remake just "modernizes" it into minimalistic, generic font everywhere with gray with no sheen and a few cheap icons here and there. The only positives they added was portraits and health, which doesn't make up for what was lost. One of the small examples of things missing from the PSP version was the shit like the loading screens being metal and dark as fuck on the PS1 version. These seem like minor things but they are fucking important. What's the point of turn-based combat if it doesn't feel good? Where's the fucking flashiness, the impact? What a fucking stupid thing to compromise on. >missing a lot of tracks from the OSTwhile the remake's tracks were a strange "Different" sidegrade, there are a lot of fucking tracks missing, and as a result the game is clearly missing a lot of its identity. The game should've been far more fucking fun than it was when I went through it. Its absolutely cursed that there isn't a proper translation/localization patch for the PS1, but for all I know maybe I'm missing out on even more there. Who the fuck knows at this point with how much bullshit there is. The PSP's localization is one of the only supposedly positive attributes about the PS1, that and what I assume to be the encounter rate changes, but I haven't played the PS1 version yet; I only saw the differences on video several months ago, will probably do it in the future since i don't feel the persona 1 urge right now. Plus I want to do new games or games i haven't played before. I need to get to 2 proper, but I heard that 2 IS's sequel or whatever, Eternal punishment has some serious issues or something. also Persona 1's girls really need more fanart I'd include gameplay videos but its too much of a pain to clip these things. Just go check out the differences, its really fucking clear.
>>362682 All this shit to say you didnt like a localization. Nigger emulation exists. Play the original. Also who the hell doesn't like golden? Way better Chie Voice.
>>362686 >didn't like the localization Nigger what are you talking about. You didn't read my post at fucking all. I was talking about problems with the remake's changes to the gameplay (and music too), not the localization. >who the hell doesn't like Golden I never said that you dumb nigger. I said it never should've left the Vita. Steamdrones don't deserve it. I don't know if you're genuinely this retarded or you didn't read any of my post. Here's the tl;dr: The PSP version changed a lot more than people think about it, and it mostly hurt the gameplay and overall design of Persona 1 significantly.
>>362655 >not playing Persona 4: Typing All Morning instead
(655.17 KB 637x726 DDS.png)

>>362652 >Like Nocturne or Strange Journey Why do anons here forget about the great games that are the spin-offs? Pic related is only an example of them. >>362682 > but the fact that I was completely uninformed about the seriously detrimental changes to the PSP version which everyone fucking says is the best. No one has ever said that Persona on the PSP was the best other than people who've just played Persona. >I feel that some social links could definitely have been handled better in terms of character depth All of the social links were Soap Opera-y. And Marie's was the worst one. > but had issues and definitely needed more dialogue and writing in general Did you play this game or are you pretending to be cool and ebin like us 8chan users? This wasn't the problem with game at all. The problem with the game was using different personas and getting them to their max rank was pointless, because spells are useless and the reward is usually an item. It's also stupid that some bosses required mandatory grinding to be able to stand a chance, aka the final boss. When are you going to learn to fuck off and stop coming here with your bullshit? >inb4 I'm not Luicano y-you d-dumb nigger! You have the urge to use the same lines within your posts over and over again within your post. You can't stop calling someone retarded and you get easily offended even when someone makes one insult. Next time learn to play the OGs and not the remasters/remakes first.
>>362718 oh shit you bringing up digital devil saga. Fuck yeah.
Is SMT If... worth a try? I renember the MC(?) appearing in persona 2.
>>362718 Can we talk some Raidou Kuzunoha? Or even the gba devil kidz series. There are some fantastic spin offs.
(18.21 KB 400x533 Argilla.jpg)

>>362724 More like about fucking time. I only ever see anons mention it once, but most fags just want to suck off Nocturne as if it's the greatest thing ever or only good thing about SMT. >>362729 SMT: If is alright, it's better than SMT 1 and 2 IMO. But that's persona bias, because it was my first SMT game as kid.
>>362738 You knew Japanese as a kid?
>>362742 No, but I did have a nip friend who lived in Hawaii for a while, and gave it to me as a gift. He taught me how to play despite the fact I didn't know a lick of Japanese. It only took a couple years later after translations have been released for me to know what I was playing.
(27.41 MB 4624x3468 ClipboardImage.png)

>>362718 >no one has ever said Oh its you again. Still butthurt about someone having different opinions from you I see? >did you play this game Yes. Don't worry though anon. Maybe someday you'll be right about something. >some bosses required mandatory grinding The bosses were fucking easy on the SEBEC route. The only boss that required grinding was the last one, and only a little bit iirc. >next time play the ones that everyone says are abysmally translated they turned Mark into a nigger in the PS1 version. Its very easy to believe that the translation was fucked as a result, along with numerous examples people dug up. Technically in terms of understanding story and plot the PSP version is very likely better.
>>362774 >t. never played the Ice Queen route
>>362774 >Oh its you again. >Still butthurt about someone having different opinions from you I see? Did you forget to take your meds? >27 MB for a screenshot Do you not know how to compress images? >Don't worry though anon. Maybe someday you'll be right about something. <Doesn't counter any of my other arguments of why I'm wrong Ok. >The bosses were fucking easy on the SEBEC route Yes, revelation is indeed easier as intended, which is why I'm referring to the OG game. Did you not play the other routes? >>next time play the ones that everyone says are abysmally translated You keep saying everyone, did you really play the game or just too illiterate to speak proper English that you couldn't differentiate it from bad English yourself? >Technically in terms of understanding story and plot the PSP version is very likely better >what are fan translations >game that downgrades most of everything is better Yup you're retarded.
>>362810 >being this blatantly disingenuous >lying openly about things that don't even exist Did you forget they removed the Snow Queen route from the PS1 translation of P1? How about the fact that there is no fan translation of P1? You're lying through your teeth and acting smug about it.
>>362819 They removed the Snow Queen route? Why? Also I didnt know there was a PS1 translation, I thought Persona 1's entry to the west was with the PSP version. Shows what I know. They aren't really missing out, the Snow Queen route is so tedious
>>362821 Who the fuck knows. They were probably lazy and didn't want to translate a whole route, or maybe they considered it too autistic or something.
>>362819 >Did you forget they removed the Snow Queen route from the PS1 translation of P1? I didn't mention Snow Queen you retard. Holy shit learn to fucking read.
>>362889 >other routes >2 routes anon I-
>>362819 >They removed Snow Queen You're a double nigger, because they didn't remove it. The data is still within the game, it's just that the localizers were too retarded to properly implement it within the game, so now you can only access it by gameshark.
>>362821 They didn't remove it, it's still there, but you have to cheat to obtain. The Japanese versions have it, except for the US.
>>362900 There are two routes, it's just not in the English PSP version of the game, but you have to be retarded to not learn this first hand or to think it's okay to play a localization version of any Japanese game ever on your console that comes from Fatlus USA.
>>362901 >they didn't remove it >you can still access a completely untranslated and buggy route in the game by cheating oh wow anon, now you're backpedaling too? So you played the route entirely in Japanese then? What happened to the fan translation? What happened to the "other routes"? I thought you were talking about the "OG" persona game", which was "not Revelations: Persona"? >>362910 Tornigger, read his post. He's talking about "other" routes aside from SEBEC and snow queen. You know, the ones that don't exist, much like his fan translation of Persona 1? >don't exist in the PSP version The Snow Queen version exists in that game and is fully translated.
We never got to talk about the good games.
>>362914 >Tornigger, read his post. I read his post you dumbass, I don't care about you and his autism. The Snow Queen quest is in the game, it's unavailable, due to the stupidity of the localizers. Again you were talking all this shit about Atlus, but are dumb enough to buy a copy from the American branch of Atlus. I see stupidity from both sides here. >doesn't exist in the PSP version I never said and you didn't learn this information until 690822 and I brought it up, so you do need to learn how to read and can stop pretending you know shit.
(6.25 KB 547x96 ClipboardImage.png)

>>362919 Huh? What are you talking about? They gated normal access to the route in the game and never translated it. Without 3rd party hardware or cheating programs, its impossible to access it. Functionally, its removed for the player, and even when you do cheat to access it, its useless without knowing Japanese. >I never said this You are as retarded as he is, assuming you're not the same person of course.
>>362927 >They gated normal access to the route in the game and never translated it. They did translated, now you're just lying. You don't know what you're talking about dude. >Without 3rd party hardware or cheating program. It's impossible to access No shit? Why are you stating the obvious? >Functionally, its removed for the player, and even when you do cheat to access it, its useless without knowing Japanese Am I talking to an underage moron? You don't need to know Japanese, because only the USA version is fucked, WHICH IS WHY I SAID EXCEPT FOR THE US. You're just trying to use what I said against me, but don't understand the circumstance of why Snow Quest cannot be played by USA players. Just stop posting.
>>362927 Also when I said " not in", I was referring to the gameplay.
(322.19 KB 637x850 1465083228222.jpg)

>>362580 Chie's butt
(1.77 MB 1295x1617 Smtjack.png)

Listen here faggots, I'm going to explain this situation for you cocksucking sodomites to understand clearly. Snow Quest's data is in the game, it's translated, the problem here is that it is unavailable to the US versions and is corrupted and requires a gameshark to access it, or just buy a different copy that isn't from America. Also you speficially state here >>362828 that you didn't know why they "removed it" and that they didn't translate when it wasn't and they did indeed (((localized it))). >b-but that isn't me Yes it is, because you two are the only ones who can't understand each other and making this so much of a big deal. Just accept that you didn't know and "get over yourself." There are you happy? To realize that you're both stupid? Now shut the fuck up and disucss some fucking games. Here's a motherfucking Jack Frost, niggers.
>>362650 Persona is shit >you say that every thread Because it's true.
>>363013 >Persona is shit Anything after Persona 2 isn't worth playing.
>>362956 >they did translated No, they fucking didn't. This is easily verifiable. The only part that was translated was the very beginning, at best showing they considered translating the route but gave up on it. >Except for US Except that's not true. Its only the US PS1 version that has that issue. The PSP version is translated fully, including the snow queen route. You said the Japanese versions here >>362906 not "version" implying you were talking about both USA versions afterwards. Then you said explicitly here that the PSP version doesn't have it in the game. >>362910 And now you tried to deny it and say that the USA PS1 version of the game is translated. I don't know what you're talking about at this point. You're clearly insane and/or retarded. >not in >referring to the gameplay What are you talking about nigger? The post said you were talking about the 2 routes. The PSP version allows you to play the Snow Queen route fully translated. >>363012 >the entire route was translated, but was corrupted That literally doesn't make any sense. >they did indeed (((localized it))). How the fuck can you know that if the game was "corrupted" to begin with? It seems more like an issue involving japanese characters in the game and the way they translated the game, than them actually translating the entire snow queen route but just leaving it "corrupted". >just buy a different copy that isn't from America Oh, you mean like the european copy? Oh wait. Nigger there is no english translated version of it besides the PSP version.
>>362580 I visited the page, and this art is official, huh? I saw someone else post it recently, and I assumed it was fanart until now. Anyway, Hashino stepping down from directing Persona games has been just about the only positive news about the series for quite a while now. The obvious problem is, Atlus hardly has any good directors anymore, so I'm not quite convinced his replacement will be much better. Maybe they can get a good one from Sega, I suppose. >>362682 >>362718 >>362701 The first Persona is the only real masterpiece in the series. The PS1 and PSP versions both have their distinct flaws, but I'll take either of them over the rest anyday.
(13.58 KB 522x213 retard.PNG)

(14.69 KB 705x173 retard 2.PNG)

(949.28 KB 480x270 unironically kill yourselves.gif)

>The autistic faggot still cares so much about something that matters so little that he proceeds to derail the thread There were attempts to translate the game, but they were left unfinished. I don't know if the Eurofags got the USA copies, but PAL likely got different localizers for their respective games. All it took were simple screenshots and yet no one here provided them.
>>363061 >derail >when its talking about Persona topkek >first image confirms what I've been saying >second image proves my point completely Nigger did you not read what you were even looking up?
(32.17 KB 600x705 GO AWAY NIGGER.jpeg)

>>363036 >The only masterpiece is P1 You're fucking dumb and should stop IP-hopping. Persona 2 is the masterpiece here. Don't respond to me again, because I won't respond and plan to continue to communicate with niggers who enjoy shitting up threads over petty stuff. I'll wait until you guys finish. >>363071 >We're not derailing the thread when we're talking about Persona! You're derailing thread by constantly IP-hopping, bitching about something that doesn't matter , and won't the end conversation with a simple archive and screenshot, negroid. Talk about something else. >Nigger did you not read what you were even looking up? Hey brain-let did I say you were wrong about anything? Was I specifically referring to you at all being wrong about the contents of my screenshot? Thanks for confirming that you are IP-hopping though. >363061 Forgot link. https://archive.is/LErWj
>>363084 >please don't talk about shit like this Nigger when so many people are factually incorrect about something so basic, it clearly is a fucking issue. Plus having a version of Persona 1 that doesn't have the issues that the PSP remake introduced would be nice. >PAL likely got different localizers PAL never got the PSX version. They only got the PSP version.
(159.63 KB 870x1500 p3p.jpg)

(38.85 KB 640x363 lectures.jpg)

>>363036 >Anyway, Hashino stepping down from directing Persona games has been just about the only positive news about the series for quite a while now Cant quite agree with this. He directed P3 and P4 which were great games, P5 was also a great game by most metrics, but was disappointing to me in the characters and plot, otherwise I liked the style, music, gameplay, graphics, everything else pretty much. I dont know how much of the games quality we can attribute to him, but I do know that when Atlus West and much of the original faggots hated him for allowing "homophobic" and "transphobic" jokes, it isnt a good sign for the game when the guy responsible for them leaves. He may have been giving Persona bad momentum, but the person replacing him will be magnitudes worse is my guess. My personal opinion is that the game will lose all of its charm the originals, all the friendships will be hollow and pointless significantly worse than Persona 5, and themes that are purely propaganda. While Persona traditionally dealt with a lot of Jungian philosophy and the nature of people + truth, Persona 6 would just be shouting angrily at conservative values, nothing more. Sure, the music will probably still be amazing since its Shoji and the art style will probably still be good since, as far as Im aware, its Kaneko and Soejima, but a director can nullify practically everything else depending on who it is. >>362682 >Fucking nobody talks about this shit, and when I found out that almost 'every fucking criticism I had for the PSP version was actually an advantage in the PS1 version', I was fucking livid Slightly related, but I played the Persona 3 Portable version of the game first as people said it was just as good if not better than P3/FES due to quality of life changes and the female protag. I didnt even realize it was missing content that FES had that I badly wanted to play. I ended up believing them. After maybe 10 hours, I realized that the portable version had 0 immersion whatsoever and killed it. The inability to move around town, see what people look like, all of it was gone. At the time I didnt have access to an emulator that could run FES, I realized I wasted my time with portable.
>>363127 >PAL never got the PSX version. >They only got the PSP version. He never said they got the PSX version. He was clearly talking about the western PSP version of the game. You must be at least 18 to post on here. >>363136 > He directed P3 and P4 which were great games, P3, P4, and P5 suck, they are baby's first SMTs and their stories are too much of a Soap Opera to be considered great. The idea of having to work by a schedule is an idea I like and believe it can be properly executed, but fatlus always make them way repetitive and give us such little things to do to increase our stats while having fun with the game outside of memorizing or simply click and results. It especially doesn't make any sense to lack such content when you're in a big city and a small town isn't an excuse, because there are many things to do in rural areas as well.
>>363162 >he was clearly talking about No, he wasn't, assuming you're not the same person of course, which I'm very much doubting at this point. He never clearly spoke about anything. His posts were nothing but incoherent drivel that never made any sense. If you want to make something clear, you make it fucking clear in the post itself. The fag mentioned failed attempts to translate which refers to the PSX version, refers to whether he didn't know whether EUfags got the USA copies of the PSX version, and then suddenly, without any mention of the PSP, mentions the PAL version? Nah, he was talking about the PSX, unless you want to get back on tor and clarify your post again :^) People like you keep bringing up things that literally don't exist, so I just assume everyone who says something that is face-value retardation is as retarded as they look. So far there has been fuckall in this thread with regards to proof, and the only shit that's been asserted correctly has been by me, and the retarded tornigger who happened to confirm my statements with his screencaps. You have been wrong about everything you have said.
(113.24 KB 1280x720 brain damage.jpg)

>>363173 >, he wasn't, assuming you're not the same person of course He doesn't need to mention the versions of the game, it was obvious that it was the PSP version. Did your shit-skin father beat the ever living fuck out of you so bad that you can't comprehend mere words and simply pretend to be retarded for attention? You don't need to specific, when it's obvious what he was talking about. His own links specifically states that that the Snow Quest was removed only on the PSP western version. Learn English and find something better to do other than being dumb.
>>363187 >speaking for a tornigger's intent >after getting every one of your own posts wrong No anon, it was obviously the fan-translated version he was referring to. He was playing the super sekrit 3rd "Retard" route where he gets to play as (you).
>>363192 You literally said that the game was "removed" and didn't know that the data was still in the game until afterwords, also yeah you are indeed seeking for attention that your parents never gave you. >He was playing the super sekrit 3rd "Retard" route where he gets to play as (you). I know that route, it's where you plays as the main character named Luciano right?
>>363196 yes, I used the word "removed", when I should have used the words "locked out and left untranslated and fucked " instead. I used too strong a word to describe it, but not by much. That's about the best straw you can grasp at, and its semantics.
(36.40 KB 512x512 drink culter.gif)

>>362682 >all of this just to tell me how bad atlus is and how emulation is good Whatever man. I already have a copy of Revelations anyone and I'll just play it when I have time. Quit complaining about about purse owner and just call the fans fags.
(1.67 MB 1288x806 P2 EP combat.png)

>>363084 The P2 games are pretty good and I enjoyed them for what they offered, but there's no denying they dumbed down the gameplay in just about every way possible and showed the first signs of where the series was headed. The purpose of sequels is to make progress and improvement, yet the Persona series has been regressing at nearly every turn. >>363136 P3, P4 and P5 inherited a few positive elements from SMT III Nocturne, but they're heavily stunted by bad game design just about everywhere else. The calendar is a terrible system that ruins the pacing just to bloat the playtime, and the dungeons for the most part can't even be called dungeons (with a few exceptions in P5's case). Did I still enjoy them somewhat? Yeah, I suppose so.
(25.50 KB 480x360 akihiko.jpg)

Has anyone done the Nocturne release on the switch and is it worth playing? From the videos I've seen it doesn't look terrible but I am not sure on how good the localization is and if the original is better which Im sure it is. >>363162 > P3, P4, and P5 suck, they are baby's first SMTs and their stories are too much of a Soap Opera to be considered great. What the hell are you talking about, nobody compares a game to a Soap Opera. Dont you have some children to be taking care of? Plus, the way you describe the game shows you havent played it. I can't even humor this, because I have no clue what this is supposed to mean. >It especially doesn't make any sense to lack such content when you're in a big city and a small town isn't an excuse This might be the most retarded thing I've heard. Inaba sucked so fucking much, it drove Adachi to becoming a serial killer and everyone is constantly shitting on the city for being boring as fuck. There's nothing to do there except eat skewered meat. The city is supposed to have nothing there, thats why you get a scooter and go travel outside the city or spend time with people, the city itself has nothing to offer. > because there are many things to do in rural areas as well. Even in real life, this statement makes no sense. What are you going to do? Walk 10 miles to the nearest person and fuck his cow? Thats all there is to do in the city. >>363341 >but they're heavily stunted by bad game design just about everywhere else The biggest grievance I had was with Persona 3 + Persona 5's chore like dungeons. In P3, Tartarus felt like something I had to keep doing for no reason other than to pad time. P5 had that stupid underground railroad thing that had the same purpose in mind - increasing gameplay length. No color, no variety in gameplay, just force the player to do something. In P4, at least they changed each dungeon and got rid of that "grinding for no reason" mechanic. >>362655 I wish dancing all night didnt suck ass >>363002 >pic related
(1.25 MB 637x1300 ClipboardImage.png)

>>363749 also >port of a 18 year old game >by a currently pozzed company >being good Just fucking play the original you retard.
>>363757 Hello. Also my boner says hi.
(47.94 KB 431x307 pout.jpg)

>Persona 5 Strikers <it's not a soccer game
>>363911 Dynasty warriors thing. I'm enjoying it. A persona soccer would be less gay than regular soccer. But.
(857.35 KB 1520x1465 Arsene.png)

(1.56 MB 1101x1600 SMTIVF_Mephisto.png)

(846.22 KB 1080x1080 afk-arena-persona-5-joker-arsene.jpg)

I didn't get to play Persona 5 (vanilla) until late last year, so I missed out on any and all anon discussion of it. Am I the only one who's pissed that the protag's starting Persona was going to be Mephistopheles, The Shapeshifting Demon Prince of Trickery and Contracts, but at the last minute they pasted a stovepipe hat on his head and called him Arsene instead? Then they tried gaslighting everyone into thinking Arsene fits the overall theme of the game better, claiming that the programmers complained that Mephistopheles didn't fit the thief motif, while the whole thing reeks of a marketing decision to make it easier "cross promote" in a bunch of chinese mobile games.
(5.02 MB 2337x1226 pyk6u8wj9lqx.png)

I honestly dont give a shit about persona discussion I just want to post this funny wallpaper I found.
>>364841 Gets even better when you realize his OST name is "black kid"
>>363036 >>364841 By the way, there's a long-running inconsistency with Pierce Boy's eye colour, and I think I've figured it out. The original cover art makes his eyes appear blue, but the context is that he's illuminated by the strong beam of light that appears during persona summoning. You can see his hair and collar on the cover are also brighter than usual. Sadly, some of the official artists misunderstood the cover, even to this day (and as a result, a lot of fanartists over the years as well). His actual eye colour is brown (probably in homage to Shin Megami Tensei's protagonist).
>>364839 What? Thats awesome they should have used that instead
>>364839 But every other party member has a historical or literary thief as their first persona. It’s their second persona that dips into mythology. Arsene fits way more with Zorro, Captain Kidd, Carmen, Goemon and Milady and such than Mephistopheles would.

(102.91 KB 1024x1024 P5-wanted11.png)

(974.25 KB 1280x720 P5-unused-disguise-in-action.png)

(49.64 KB 430x292 P5-placeholdercallingcard.png)

(22.47 KB 450x300 arsene-lupin.webp)

>>365072 In P4 Ultimax there's an unused/unfinished DLC character named Persona 5 Hero with Mephistopheles as his Persona. >>365307 I can agree that Arsene fits that one aspect better, however there are many aspects of the game that Mephistopheles (and by extension Faustus) fits like a glove. >Mephistopheles being a servant of Lucifer and a slave to Faustus for the promise of his soul, makes the chains fit him better than Arsene, making that part during the final boss much more symbolic. >As a shapeshifter, he fits the role of the Wildcard/Fool Arcana quite well. >The Protag and Faustus were both men who were unsatisfied with their lot in life and were offered a deal to change that. >Both were (at least in the Goethe version) unwittingly taking part in some "divine game" to see whether good or ruin would prevail over the souls of men. >Both have a bad end in which they give in to their desires and meet a disastrous fate, and a good end where they instead find meaning in their life through others and change their fate. >All of the references to contracts and deals, while not out of place in regards to the Velvet Room, has a lot more meaning in the context of Faustian legend. >Same with the whole "blasphemous acts" thing that gets brought up a few times throughout the game. >Even the part in Kamoshida's Palace where you fight Archangel in the chapel could be an allusion to the part where Faustus and Mephistopheles play tricks on the Pope and rescue Brutus from being executed by the church. >One unused mechanic in the game would've let you disguise yourself as palace guards, which is a trick that Mephistopheles would often employ as a shapeshifter (though I'm sure there's plenty of times Arsene Lupin donned disguises). >Mephistopheles has the power to turn invisible and the power to put targets to sleep, same as the Smokescreen and Hypno Mist infiltration tools. >Even the Raul DLC for Royal gives him a powered-up version of Lullaby as a signature skill, which fits Mephistopheles better. Admittedly, some of these are a little bit of a reach, but it's obvious that a good chunk of the themes were meant for Mephistopheles. I can only think of a few things that really fit Arsene, and even fewer that fit Arsene better than Mephistopheles. Persona 5 has the largest TCRF entry of all the Persona games, and while some of the unused content was better off scrapped, reading through all of it has left the final release feeling somewhat more unsatisfying.
>>366193 Dont forget the Loki and Mephistopheles with the shape shifting and trickery
I think both Persona and mainline SMT series are fun for different reasons! It's just a shame that Atlus is mixing the elements from both series together. I have seen people complaining about SMT getting too persona-like with its plot, and seen Persona fans complaining about killing God in 5 being too SMT-esque. I've played Persona 2, 3 and 5 and all of them are pretty cool. Nocturne and Strange Journey are amazing.
>>366240 You talk like an FBI agent.
>>366240 I'll fucking kill you, nigger.
>>366193 > P4 Ultimax You have my respect anon, Ultimax was terrible and I couldn't bring myself to finish the game without sleeping.
>>366193 Again that fits more with the ultimate persona than the initial one. And they decided to go right for Satanel for the ultimate in this case. Someone else brought up Loki. That was Goro’s actual persona, but he hid behind Robin Hood, which fit the initial theme better.
(144.14 KB 800x700 hamukoway.jpg)

(317.20 KB 1030x800 hamuko2.png)

(375.16 KB 550x711 hamukohold.png)

(548.77 KB 850x1250 hamuko1.jpg)

(109.98 KB 600x518 hamu.jpg)

Persona 6 needs a FeMC option with yuri.
(312.63 KB 388x837 Mephisto_Megami_Tensei_II.png)

(73.93 KB 429x750 The_Dealer.jpg)

(609.34 KB 2896x2896 AOT Comparison.jpg)

>>366237 Exactly, thank you! >>366625 I understand that you mean the theme of extraordinary human thief/rebel (Initial Persona) → mythological being thief/rebel (Ultimate Persona), but what I'm saying is that a sizable portion of the themes surrounding Joker's Initial Persona were tailor made for Mephistopheles, and that Arsene was a last minute decision painted over top of him. They wrote themes referencing Faustian Myth and they designed a Persona with a heavily demonic appearance (horns, claws, wings, glowing red eyes, Eiha skills). As far as I can tell, the only things that are tailor made to Arsene are the hat, the itemized cane weapon, the gentleman thief stuff, exclusively targeting villains (if you don't count Futaba), the treasure demons also being featured in Arsene's books, some likely nods to Lupin the Third, and a few snippets of trivia. I haven't read a single Arsène Lupin book, so there's probably some subtle references I'm missing, but it still seems to me like Joker's Arsene is caught halfway between two separate literary characters. It would kinda fit that initial theme if you consider Joker to be Faustus and his Persona symbolizing him being manipulated by divine forces beyond his control Yaldabaoth, like how Mephistopheles is under Joker's direct control, but he's still chained to a cruel fate, but I have to admit that is kinda stretching it. >>366632 Definitely. I picked Elizabeth in P3P, just to see where they'd go with her and feMC, and that was one of the few things about P3P that didn't disappoint. I also remember looking at Persona 4 screenshots before buying it and thinking Chie was going to be a playable feMC. The All Out Attack cut-ins in Persona 3 always put the MC in the same spot, so when I saw screenshots that alternated between Yu and Chie being in that spot (the 3-member AOT cut-ins put the P3 MC on the left, and the P4 MC in the middle), I assumed that they'd make the character you didn't choose into a party member.
>>366867 I personally think there would have been far more foils set up for the MC and Goro, as well as world building. >Mephistopheles creating a contract with the MC to be his persona like all Personas do. >Arsene/Mephistopheles comments on how the MC will perform sacrileges acts in the pursuit of justice Highlighting how the road to hell is paved with good intentions but also showing that sometimes in order to do the right thing you have to do the wrong thing. Already sets up foils for Maruki and Akechi. Akechi who wants justice/vengeance and is willing to hurt innocents to achieve it and Maruki who wants to save everyone even if it means effectively enslaving them. It just feels like a missed opportunity
>>366632 No, you're just gonna get faggots.
I love my harem so here's my Persona waifu list, in no particular order: >Maya >Mitsuru >Yukiko >Rise >Anne >Makoto >Sumire >Tae >Kawakami
(38.87 KB 500x510 extreme thirst.jpg)

>>367016 >Rise >Chie >Yukari >Tae >Kawakami >Makoto >Maya >Ms. Terumi
(343.14 KB 500x510 ClipboardImage.png)

(114.92 KB 814x1199 C5R25PvUEAAWtkx.jpg)

>>369648 top tier choices
(169.26 KB 850x1523 ClipboardImage.jpg)

>>395149 Who was best chie voice actor?
>>395150 Which was the one who got their dub VA replaced with Ashley Burch? That was Rise, right?
>>395261 Nobody got replaced with Ashley Burch
>>395150 I only played the original Persona 4. not Golden. So I'm biased towards that one. She sounds more mature than the chirpy voice she had in Golden.
>>395271 I agree, but my little sister hated her original va, and loves the golden one. The exact criticism was that she doesn't sound like a highschool student. Also she thought she was a bully and a bitch to brosuke.
>>395150 Personally I’ll always have a soft spot for her vanilla va. It shows just how much line reads can change a character even if the script is exactly the same. In vanilla Chie comes across much calmer and it made the whole “tomboy girl next door” thing hit home for me. It was what sold me on Chie because it made her seem much more like a normal girl than the others. I’ll always remember that because it’s one of the few times a character has straight up surprised me and won me over purely on personality over what I thought I would do. It should be noted, though, that her second va (who has been Chie ever since) is much truer to her Japanese portrayal, as Japanese Chie is very prone to much more loud and excitable dialogue. >>395261 Rise was the one who was Burch’d. Laura Bailey was doing Halo 5 at the time, no one cared to delay Dancing All Night as it was seen as too minor and I guess they hadn’t heard of Alexis Tipton who is basically to Laura Bailey what Matt Mercer is to Troy Baker.
(185.68 KB 857x1200 Chie sushi.jpg)

>>395278 what a nice meat girl
(210.66 KB 1200x1780 C_3rF70VYAIlaLO.jpg)

>>395278 fuck the Burchs
how do i make a character my waifu?
>>405942 In Persona or in general? In Persona you level up their s-link, confidant, whatever. It’ll be obvious. If you meant waifu in general then just pick the one you’d like to marry and then don’t tell anyone about it. Telling someone the name of your waifu is like giving away your social security number. It can only be used to hurt you.
>>406027 i meant in general, i will make a folder for her and will not tell anyone. thank you
(451.43 KB 720x720 my_coony_waifu_Raphtalia.png)

>>406027 >then don’t tell anyone about it. >>406064 >will not tell anyone. Pussy. Real men aren't ashamed to tell others who their waifu is.
>>406066 Raphtalia is top-tier, but don't you dare cuck my best tomodachi Naofumi. He had a rough start.
>>406066 >>406074 Shield hero ended with the revenge arc. Everything after is wank.
>>406066 Never forget, anon. Raphtalia is an excellent choice though.
>>406177 The solution is obvious rape the rapist
>>406066 No he speaks truth
>>406066 >Real men aren't ashamed to tell others who their waifu is. In the company of other waifufags maybe. With anyone else it's a good way to ensure some autist spends his NEETbux commissioning several artists to draw pictures of her taking horse cock just to fuck with you.
>>406177 What game is this again?
>>409511 Check that pic again, anon. It says the title on the bottom right corner. Artificial Academy 2
>>364898 Update: Just saw this illustration recently. Looks like the colorists are doubling down on the eyes and refusing to admit they're wrong. Sad to see. But at least the rest of the illustration looks pretty good.
>>363036 At least FeMC is in the pic. If it's a teaser for P6 though, there only seems to be room for one person in the center, which sucks.
(263.08 KB 1825x973 p-ch p25th webpage screenshot.png)

(1.74 MB 1920x1080 Persona secret card.png)

>>423595 Well, on the webpage it looks like this, with the logo in the middle, but it's a separate image file, leaving the middle blank when you save the pic. But yes. The latest Persona merch marketing video heavily implies they have a new protagonist to reveal soon, so it makes sense.
>>363013 >>363023 *Anything before Persona 2 isn't worth playing.
Do any anons here have any idea how to into modding P4G? I'm looking to rip the script files for AI projects.
Post your favorite side chicks/underrated girls/girls not part of the main casts My favorite was Yumi, she was nice, had a cute voice, and was probably the girl most thirsty for your dick in P4. even if she did have a gigantic forehead
(595.48 KB 618x850 Kawakami5.png)

(2.80 MB 2039x2700 Tae 02.png)

>>467222 I like these two
(351.68 KB 1200x1699 elizabeth.jpg)

>>467222 I liked how P3 let you go on dates with this quirky autist. Especially the final date where she visits your room and you make love to her.
(3.13 MB 498x357 me.gif)

>>467341 >Kill yourself normalnigger Gladly :^)
(3.87 MB 404x500 japan fart bomb.webm)

>>467222 >pixels What in the fuck is wrong with the Japs, anyway? They can buy middle aged girls' underwear from a vending machine but they can't look at a vagina?
>>467671 >They can buy middle aged girls' underwear from a vending machine but they can't look at a vagina? Blame America. All those censorship laws were forced on Japan by US occupiers after WWII. They tried to destroy cultural sites and artifacts but fortunately MacArthur was able to intervene on their behalf.
Anyone excited for the P4U2 rerelease? It's a new balance patch they're calling 2.50, the last arcade update was 2.02. There isn't much discussion about it since most Persona "fans" are P5fags that know nothing about the older games and are just furious Atlus is porting an old game to PC/Switch instead of P5R.
(276.84 KB 1000x1414 5275b9e1b8f3f2e4b4caab5bbffd9a2c.jpg)

(495.12 KB 1949x1240 955266.jpg)

>>498080 Labrys is coming back?
(729.48 KB 1300x1028 hehe.png)

>>501103 I was extremely disappointed that Yu’s story in ultimax was canon since I thought her and Yosuke’s interactions in the first game were cute and it’s long past time he got thrown a bone.
(2.76 MB 1920x1080 SCVI Archangel.png)

>>498080 I played Ultimax back in the day, but I didn't stick with it. I guess ArcSys just isn't my cup of tea. I'm more of a SoulCalibur kind of guy.
>>502982 The most I remember about Labrys was that her english voice actress had a thick New York Brooklyn accent
>>503024 >Had her speak Brooklynese in the dub Does she have a Kansai accent in Japanese or something?
>>503048 Yes. Though I admit it’s nice when Kansaiban isn’t always presented as southern twang. So at least Brooklyn was kind of different.
>>503207 The Brooklyn accent was god awful and annoying though. I couldnt stand it at all and dropped it as a result.
>>503226 Did they not have an option for JP voices?

(451.42 KB 738x1179 Brown image.png)

(102.04 KB 397x556 Brown pic.png)

New Year's Day is also Brown's birthday. Happy birthday, Hidehiko!
(72.79 KB 611x1495 brown.webp)

(79.40 KB 960x544 ULUS10432_00120.jpg)

(93.36 KB 960x544 ULUS10432_00183.jpg)

(100.82 KB 960x544 ULUS10432_00184.jpg)

>>503232 He was fun in the Snow Queen Route. Here's hoping he never Browns his pants again.

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