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(54.11 KB 640x360 Spelunky-Classic-640x360.jpg)

(30.89 KB 640x480 spelunky-pc-screen.png)

(483.41 KB 1024x720 spelunky ghost chase.png)

/gameclub/ Thread - Spelunky Classic Anonymous 07/20/2021 (Tue) 01:55:18 Id: d2ad02 No. 367988
Life is unbearable and I wish I was dead, welcome back to the gameclub thread! >What's the /gameclub/? It's a thread where we play a game, and talk about it, like a gay club. Try out something you might have never played, share your thoughts, compare scores, and have fun. GAME: Taking into account the votes from both previous threads, we still came out with a tie between two games. A simple question determined the course of events forever more: We're playing Spelunky, for PC! >Spelunky is a 2008 source-available 2D platform game created by independent developer Derek Yu and released as freeware for Microsoft Windows. It was remade for the Xbox 360 in 2012, with ports of the new version following for various platforms, including back to Microsoft Windows. The player controls a spelunker who explores a series of caves while collecting treasure, saving damsels, fighting enemies, and dodging traps. The caves are procedurally generated, making each run through of the game unique. Spelunky is one of the first games that borrowed concepts from roguelikes and combined them with real-time side-scrolling platformer elements. Due to its popularity, it was the influence for many later rogue-like games. >The first public release was on December 21, 2008. The source code of the Windows version was released on December 25, 2009. An enhanced version for Xbox Live Arcade was released on July 4, 2012. The enhanced version was later released for Windows and PlayStation 3 in August 2013, and for PlayStation 4 on October 7, 2014. The remake was also made available on Xbox One via backward compatibility in December 2015. A Chrome OS version of the original game was made as well, titled Spelunky HTML5. A port for Nintendo Switch is planned for release in Summer 2021. A sequel, Spelunky 2, was released in September 2020. >Spelunky received critical acclaim for its gameplay, atmosphere and design, though some controls and multiplayer elements polarized critics. Many critics and publications regarded it as one of the greatest video games of all time. (via Wikipedia) FUN FACT: The entire game's source code is freely available to dick around with! ANNOYED FACT: There was a pretty big modding scene for Spelunky back when it was hot and new, but it seems like the forums they were hosted on are down. Also despite having substantially different content, game coding and controls, most websites don't make a large distinction between Spelunky Classic and Spelunky HD even though one's a freeware project and the other's a retail product. COMPLETION: Post the best score you can manage or how far you get! This game's a pretty reasonable length so it's likely you'll get to the end if you really try. I've been doing this weekly anyway so having a date's sort of retarded.
Apparently one of the best ways to maximize score is to have the ghost bump into the gems, which converts them to diamonds. I never did it very well. >tfw digger nigger isn't available at the start
(130.33 KB 600x600 R-14105858-1567949662-2881.jpg)

INFO: >How does this work? You find a copy of the week's game and try to get through as much of it as you can. Beat it if you can! Post your progress or your frustration. Screenshots always welcome! RESOURCES: Share Thread: >>47877 (47877) Link to Game: https://spelunkyworld.com/original.html Alternate: https://m.majorgeeks.com/files/details/spelunky_classic.html POLL FOR NEXT THREAD: Up your ass, because I've already got an OP ready for Crash 2. Questions: >Why do caves make for a good videogame setting? Metroid, Cave Story, Spelunky, Undertale... I guess they're self-contained but the list goes on. >Why are roguelikes/lites such an appealing genre for indie devs? You'd think balancing a bunch of different random elements would be harder than just making a more curated set of levels, but some of the more successful ones (this one and The Binding of Isaac) do it well. >Classic artstyle or the HD version artstyle? >Do you know any other freeware games of the same size and scope as Spelunky? It seems way more common for developers to just put out a bare bones demo or alpha instead of a finished product now. Which makes sense, but shit, that pales compared to a full goddamn game.
>>367990 Yeah ghost running will net you tons of money but I'm not competent enough to do it.
>>367991 >POLL FOR NEXT THREAD: Up your ass, because I've already got an OP ready for Crash 2. Not that I mind Crash 2 but does that mean the previous poll is void / results from it are pushed back.
>>367991 >>Do you know any other freeware games of the same size and scope as Spelunky? Cave Story and La-Mulana.
(179.93 KB 519x533 1494066679572.png)

>>367993 Can you post the previous poll?
(159.66 KB 622x542 gc votes 1.png)

(220.47 KB 767x541 gc votes 2.png)

>>367990 >>367992 I've tried that method a couple times but I always just get assfucked by the ghost. >>367993 I guess? I was gonna make a new poll for this thread but I had the other OP ready so might as well use it. >>367995 Here they are!
>>367998 >Duke Forever lol
How does everyone else deal with shop keepers, buy or steal?
I loved the remake but I could never get into the original despite playing it for a few hours. Loved the music, though. There was something I remember really liking about it, it was the lack of something the remake had. Can't remember what it was though. Should I give it another try? I remember the movement being the main thing that turned me off it.
>>368008 >I remember the movement being the main thing that turned me off it. How does the movement differ in the remake? I've only played the original.
>>368012 I haven't played it in awhile, but I think it had no inertia
>>368004 > How does everyone else deal with shop keepers, buy or steal? I'm not good enough to fight them and they post guards at the exits after you steal from one, so I deal with them honestly. Then my game is fucked when a random boulder or other object goes through one of them and the shopkeepers blame me for it. Oh well.
>>368071 I don't think I've ever made a successful City of Gold run without pissing off the market. You have to deal with angry old men for the rest of the game but you can stock up on basically everything you'll ever need in one stop and you'll be so powerful that you can actually survive them. I generally don't like to steal from them before the market though because you really don't want them to auto aggro the instant you enter that level. Plus it's easier to kill them at the market than on normal levels because of the layout. Use the game engine limitation that the game has and just Za Warudo a dozen shotgun blasts down the straightaways.
>>368493 That probably isn't even intentional, it might have been easier to code it that way
>>368507 >>368493 In the tutorial theres a cat mural in the background if you blow up the tiles under the entrance
>>368004 >>368071 I used to be good enough to fuck the exit guards with a bomb or two, so I'd generally wreck every shopkeeper I'd find, just for dat shotgun
(11.73 KB 283x177 ClipboardImage.png)

(51.61 KB 966x745 ClipboardImage.png)

We did it, Reddit!
(32.32 KB 962x720 fail.png)

My scores were reset somehow, so this thread is a good time to start over. I had forgotten that there was a tutorial cave. My movement is rusty. I'm probably going to die in the ice caves if I make it that far. Remembered a few tricks. Whip jars from a distance because half of them have spiders. Whip then jump to hit bats. Found a giant spider in level 2, got sticky bombs. Level 4 is a flare level. Fuck. I'm never going to find the key. "Press x to throw flares." Okay. I threw the box off a cliff. Like I said, I'm rusty at this. At least I didn't hit a merchant. The chest and the key are sitting right next to each other out in the open. Never seen that before. Okay, I got the wojack eye. I mean, the udjat eye. And I forgot to bring my flares, but I made it to the exit. The jungle level immediately reminds me of why I hate frogs. I lose a life point right away. lvl 7, the wojack eye starts flirting with me but I only have one bomb and no ropes. I miss the secret. The merchant in this level is a gambling den. I remember this being a good way to get items. They say to push B6 to start. I forgot which button that was, throw a bomb instead, and run like hell from the merchant. lvl8 is another flare level. They must be weighted with lead because they knock out cavemen cold. There's a merchant guarding the exit. I manage to knock him on his ass with a flare and get to the exit. I couldn't get his shotgun. He recovered too quickly. Level 9. Ice ice baby. I pretend I'm in a Mario game and bounce off the yetis. Level 11. The merchant is another dice game and he doesn't seem hostile. There's a yeti in the way. I throw him off a cliff. After some trial and error I figure out the correct button to start the game and win a compass. Next up is sticky bombs. I already have that, so I leave. Level 12. The damsel is stuck in a place I can't reach. I risk my last bomb to reach a crate and get 3 bombs. Lucked out on that. I dodge some aliens and reach the exit. Level 13. I'm not making it to the City of Gold, just the city of Old. The Pharoah is right there at the entrance. I bomb him and get the sceptre. and I get nailed by an arrow trap that I forgot to disarm. The end.
I've seen a few videos in the sequel where they use ball+chain to style on things because of how buggy it is. Does it work to smash the Moai statue you're supposed to use the ankh to get inside?
>>368850 >Does it work to smash the Moai statue you're supposed to use the ankh to get inside? The only use it has in that instance is getting the eggplant to the final fight, as you cannot put down the eggplant inside the Moai nor can you take with you after you do the thing to get inside the ankh
>>368854 Well I'm talking about Spelunky Classic. If I fuck up finding the Black Market, for example, I might still have a chance to enter the city, yes?
>>368856 Ah yeah I think the eggplant thing is a Spelunky HD exclusive thing, I dunno how exactly it works in classic.
(37.84 KB 1275x949 reel big fish.png)

(4.69 KB 311x255 tutorial cat.png)

(61.30 KB 1217x794 title.png)

What happened to all my posts?
>>368856 >If I fuck up finding the Black Market, for example, I might still have a chance to enter the city, yes? No. You have to get the Ankh to get the Hedjet and you have to have the Hedjet to get the Scepter. You technically don't have to have the eye to find the Black Market but it's almost impossible to find the door without it.
(2.45 KB 200x200 wojack eye.png)

>>368012 Movement in the remake is a lot more floaty. There's a lot of other smaller changes that aren't significant, but they always seem to fuck me over when I go back to Classic, like how batshit the spiders jump around and the change in controls and your whip hitbox. That and my impatience at the start always leading me to losing health to baby shit like spiders and bats. >>368082 It's very difficult to get enough gold for you to stock up on supplies without clearing out the black market. Possible, but tedious and relies a lot on luck. >>368849 My condolences.
(148.83 KB 966x745 ClipboardImage.png)

>Have the usual good run™ of Eye, Ankh, shotgun, jetpack, and loads of shit >Get to the moai >Can't remember I think I just die to respawn in there, right? >Okay I'll drop a bomb on top and respawn inside >I do >And I also respawn into the tail-end of my explosion and die for good I'm not mad, you're mad
>>369243 Never use a bomb to get inside the moai. The safest way to do it is to suicide from the pause menu. Also if you've pissed off the (((merchants))) then make sure you kill yourself with the statue in sight or you might get trapped inside a very small box with an enraged old man with a shotgun.
(47.99 KB 1263x947 stats.png)

What's everyone's over all score look like?
(19.55 KB 320x240 Spelunky-Walrus.gif)

Apparently this is your reward for beating a custom level set
>>369252 thigg :DD
>>369252 This was probably considered a joke 13 years ago Not anymore
>>369269 I don't see any joke, just a beautiful trans woman of color.
(120.30 KB 960x720 just need some lamp oil.png)

(35.24 KB 960x720 spelunky win.png)

(78.48 KB 960x720 spelunky stats.png)

Success, at last! Had some very good luck with a gambling den in the caves which left me set for the run. Nearly lost all my health in the jungles and ended up panicking a few times before finding the black market, almost died on my way out of it. With a jetpack and shotgun the ice caves are a joke and also a UFO landed on a sacrificial altar so fuck me I guess and the temple wasn't too hard with enough bombs at my disposal. Decided against the City of Gold because I really didn't want to press my luck. >>369249 Here are mine up to the first win. >>369269 I mean, it's got tits. You wouldn't be happy if your reward after everything was some fat walrussy?
I don't get the fun of this game, it's extremely boring.
(15.80 KB 1106x175 equipment.png)

(81.73 KB 1277x957 fug.png)

Damn. And I really tried this time too.
>>369956 What part don't you like?
>>369988 The controls, the repetitive stages, the difficulty.
>>369999 >the repetitive stages, the difficulty. You're not very familiar with rogue-lites are you? >The controls What's wrong with the controls?
>>370037 The levels in classic feel like they have more variety than in the remake.
I got to the fucking moai, clicked the wrong button and exited my fucking game.
So damn close.
(74.03 KB 1278x957 HE WAS DESTROYED.png)

(82.17 KB 1276x955 success.png)

(25.13 KB 1274x956 final score.png)

(331.00 B 1131x98 you damn right I will be.png)

(20.29 KB 1274x954 U MAD WHYTE BOI.png)

(31.59 KB 1277x957 new record.png)

Oh shit this was actually a new record for me. I think this is about the best I could possibly do without ghost running. >>370042 Just about all of the Classic version is better than the remake. The music is better. I personally like the art better. It's got Tunnel Man. The only thing the Remake has over the Classic version is extra content. If only someone would make a mod adding all the new content over the Classic would be ideal version.
>>370250 >>370250 Is there anything you could do to extend classic? The only thing I could thing of is alternate tileaets per floor like Isaac. But Spelunky is fine the way it is
>>370289 Extend in what way? Spelunky Classic feels very well-rounded as is, and aside from adding stuff from HD into it (new items, enemies, and levels) I don't think you can really "extend" it without ruining the balance of the game. I'm having trouble finding live links to any the classic mods, but I remember them ranging from minor (offering a much larger inventory, swapping the protagonist with a man-eater plant) to basically overhauling the game (turning it into a purely mining game, also a Metroid mod existed iirc). Simply offering alternatives or more variety to what already exists in the game would extend its playability a lot, from reskinning enemies to providing different environments. Tilesets are definitely an idea I hadn't thought of, and I'm surprised they're not more popular considering Spelunky's a sprite-based game to begin with. More alternate tracks would also be nice, sometimes the theme to the first stage drives me fucking insane. Oddly, Spelunky HD (and 2) has a much more active modding scene despite not being open source.
>>370731 >>369252 Speaking of custom stuff, do you know if there is a custom map that allows you to experience all level feelings and mini bosses in a single run? I'd like to try my hand at fighting them since I've done almost everything else.
>>367991 >>367988 Add this to OP if Spelunky gets chosen again. Someone already compiled the game for Mac, Linux, and Android. yancharkin.itch.io/spelunky-classic-hd
What's the difference between the freeware version and the remake version other than the graphics?
>>371388 There's several differences: >music is different >some new items and enemies >bunch of different spelunkers to choose from but they're all just skins >no tunnel man >I don't think the crown stops the ghost from spawning (I'm not certain about this one) >you get the scepter from Anubis instead of a mummy >Olmec isn't the final boss >if you get an item from the City of Gold you can stand on top of Olmec as he sinks into the lava >this takes you to Chinese Hell >Gozu and Mezu are minibosses >the true final boss is King Yama <eggplant
(253.21 KB 331x331 please respond.png)

>>370849 >>372704 I think this is the kind of thing you're looking for? Not sure what you meant by level feelings unless you just mean environments, but this should allow you to choose what enemies and bosses you encounter in a run, among other things. https://takenapeveryday.wordpress.com/spelunky-classic-mods/yasm/
>>372711 This looks like maybe what I'm looking for. >level feelings That's just the term that the wiki uses for special versions of each level eg jungle lake with the giant piranha or the mothership in the ice caves, etc.
>>372715 >>372711 I've always just called them events
(47.60 KB 1281x951 FFFFFFFUCK.png)

Holy shit look at this fucking close call.
>>372825 Silly anon, you can't sacrifice boulders
(51.48 KB 966x745 ClipboardImage.png)

Finally got a sub 5 minute run. Not gonna try for 3 minutes until I get digger nigger

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