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(3.74 MB 1920x1080 PeriPromoArtBig.png)

New Peripeteia Demo & a Kickstarter Anonymous 08/14/2021 (Sat) 21:18:34 Id: 63bee9 No. 389089
Dunno if any of you fags remember that Peripeteia demo from a couple months ago, but there's a new one. I'm pretty tired, so please excuse me if the OP isn't great >What is it? You're an autistic anime cyborg in post-Soviet Poland, and you explore fuckheug Hammer maps and shoot shit. You could call it an immersive sim, it has that FPS/RPG/stealth mix you get in those kinds of games but with a way bigger focus on exploration. The idea is that, outside the tutorial, there is very little spoonfeeding and you can find a lot of the mechanics and cool shit yourself. >Who are you faggots? Mostly /agdg/fags, many of whom initially worked on a Teagan fangame but got derailed from that. You might remember the Beezlebox dev or Ika (the Red Sky/Sigma Engine guy), maybe Kowloonanon if you really followed the /agdg/ threads, but the guys behind those and some others are on board. Sadly, they've been pretty busy with the game lately so they haven't posted much in a while. >What's new in this demo? The tutorial's been improved, for one, and a level from the previous demo has been remade. The apartment from previous demos has been brought back and expanded, there's a shooting range, bugfixes, probably new bugs too, and some quality of life stuff that escapes me right now. There's some new levels and enemies that are a good way into development, but sadly they aren't quite ready for this demo and it's not like you want to spoil everything before a game's release. Seriously, sometimes it feels like developers show off every level and mechanic in trailers and leave nothing but some story elements as a surprise. >Where's the fucking Linux build? Still waiting on the move away from Unity's HDRP, also the main reason the game still isn't terribly toaster-friendly or like Proton still worth trying in Proton, somehow some people have it working in there. Kowloonanon estimates the move would take around a month and they've been focusing on other stuff lately. Development's been a lot more focused and organized lately too, they're aiming for a 2022 release date and I'm pretty sure they'll make it. That's the most important stuff, I'll save the second part and less interesting part for the next post. Here's the demo downloads in the meantime. https://shodanon.itch.io/peripeteia https://store.steampowered.com/app/1437760/Peripeteia/
(685.84 KB 1920x1080 Peripeteia.jpg)

Wonder how the gameplay will be in the desert sections.

(726.29 KB 1199x606 kik.png)

>>389089 Now for the other part. >A Kickstarter? The fuck is this garbage? I'll defer to something Shod wrote here. <Money can be exchanged for goods and services, which unfortunately our (for the time being) flesh-and-blood development team require to continue being alive. Working on Peripeteia is a full-time job, and the Kickstarter will give us the small living allowance needed to keep making the game. We make as many models, textures, sounds and other assets ourselves if we can. This is not only because we want a look and feel that is unique to PERIPETEIA, but also to keep our development budget as small as possible. That's more or less it. It's a "the guys want to work on this fulltime and they're sick of the lead level designer going homeless mid-development" fund. This is an imageboard and Kickstarters generally suck, so I don't expect a dime from these threads. Seriously, don't worry about this unless you really want to throw money at the developers, the Kickstarter is doing fine and I'm only really including this because I'd feel a little bad for Shod and Kowloonanon if I didn't. I'm pretty confident it'll make its $11k goal and, as I mentioned earlier, development's a lot more focused nowadays so I imagine it'll make its release goal barring shit like Canada collapsing. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/shodanon/peripeteia >>389090 I really don't know what's planned for that, enemy or gameplay-wise. Wouldn't be surprised if some Yume Nikki influences pop up in there.
>>389091 >level designer goes homeless mid development No wonder the maps are so big
>>389091 I hate spoilered links. I just wanna know whats hidden under the black block, and instead I'm redirected to a different site entirely. Dick move.
>>389089 I'm not complaining, but why didn't you also post it in the aggydaggy thread?
>>389093 That's a big part of it, yeah. He's not the only level designer and the others make large levels too, but he's the guy who really set the style and feel for Peri's maps, and his multiple bouts of homelessness and being into urban exploration really fed into that. There's this whole world of strange, oppressive, poorly-designed architecture with a unique feel of its own and it rarely gets captured in video games, often because level designers are too fixated on guiding the player through gimmicky tricks like it's a theme park. Do normal people navigate the world the way they do video game levels? I'm not sure. The homeless and urban explorers definitely don't, and it's that freedom and way of seeing cities and architecture that I believe really shines in Kowloonanon's work. You can climb and reach anything, even areas that would be out of bounds in any other game, and even areas he doesn't believe are reachable reward players with cool shit and neat environments on the offchance some absolute madman gets up there. >>389094 >clicking spoilers instead of hovering over or highlighting them Are you on a phone or something? I hadn't thought of that, sorry man. >>389095 Tired, overthought the OP way too much. I might get around to it in a bit, probably gonna nap or something first. I also don't post on this branch of the diaspora very often, if at all.
>>389089 >kikestarter The product is automatically shit, for the sake of principles.
>>389089 I sent over 65 euros
OP suck up to Tyler McVicker hard in their discord
(234.91 KB 1240x1754 20210815_005022.jpg)

Hey tell that faggot Snaketicus good luck, he deleted his discock apparently and can't reach him anymore. Good luck to you and the team too.
(1.85 MB 1920x1080 5GxSq_.png)

(2.04 MB 1920x1080 Zbd_jo.png)

You could have done this a much better service by posting other screenshots. It really reminds me of Divine Cybermancy. You mentioned Hammer, so I assume it's running on Source?
demo runs like ass cant get more then 20 fps
So is this going to be 8chan's first "real" game? YanSim was such a huge disaster even normalfags know about it and Anton & Coolpecker was vaporware.
>>389128 Would Tyler even cover a game like this? He mostly does stuff about Valve, Nintendo, Bethesda and CPDR. He doesn't have a huge audience anyway. His videos rarely break 150k views and his non-Valve/CDPR videos often don't break 25k.
>>389150 He's in the games discord and they stroke him fags
>>389153 Are you an ESL? Your writing is kind of difficult to decipher, your previous post was written in a way where it sounded like you were telling OP to do that.
(246.55 KB 1920x1080 screenshot.jpg)

(85.32 KB 1920x1080 red.jpg)

(225.99 KB 1920x1080 a screenshot.jpg)

(225.12 KB 1920x1080 yes, a screenshot.jpg)

(1.60 MB 800x500 2021-05-11_21-24-46.mp4)

>>389132 Yeah, sorry about that. I posted more screenshots in the last thread, guess I can post some newer stuff here. >You mentioned Hammer, so I assume it's running on Source? No, actually, it's fucking Unity of all things. The devs have some kind of Hammer to Unity pipeline setup and use a hack that lets them go beyond Hammer's usual llimits, it's pretty cool. >>389142 Unity's HDRP is to blame, shit's really fat and has a high baseline overhead. They'll likely move away from it soon. >>389150 I don't like talking about discuck stuff, everyone involved hates it and says setting one up was a mistake, but - Tyler showed up recently, got shitposted at and, and declared he's going to make a video about Peripeteia because it reminds him of the HL2 Beta. It really came out of the blue, so everyone's waiting around to see what comes of it.
(959.63 KB 1528x720 some_video.mp4)

(1.51 MB 1544x720 skewed.mp4)

(256.49 KB 1903x999 E3HWIwXUcAcHrFT.jpg)

Here's some more stuff, it's a bit sparse but I can't run the thing right now thanks to the lack of a Linux build so I'm mostly just grabbing ripping stuff from the Twitter account. >>389143 Individual 8chan anons have released games, but as far as collaborations go? This might be the second after Die Totenmaske, which it shares a lot of developers with.
(62.21 KB 588x327 tyler.png)

>>389157 Oh, that's what he was talking about on his Twitter when he posted this total non-sequitur? Small world, huh? I can kind of see where he's coming from, but it doesn't look that much like the HL2 beta.
Wait, is this the game Sewerslvt is apart of? I think I've seen this before, it would also explain why the TORfag is sperging out.
>>389182 Well >she locked >her Twitter account over getting cancelled or something so I can't verify it, but if it has drum & bass you're probably right. Sewerslvt is also a longtime imageboard dweller so it would make sense if >she was working with other imageboard people.
(13.13 MB 1532x720 locations.mp4)

>>389182 >>389183 Sewerslvt has zero involvement beyond permitting the devs to use some music.
Yes she's involved directly.
>>389143 What about Speebot and Phantom Path? >>389182 >it would also explain why the TORfag is sperging out. These threads always have one faggot derailing them because the dev lives rent free in their head for some reason. It's almost always no-devs who are jealous.
>>389100 >too fixated on guiding the player through gimmicky tricks like it's a theme park. Sandbox design is a lost art
>>389089 >Still waiting on the move away from Unity's HDRP, also the main reason the game still isn't terribly toaster-friendly or like Proton still worth trying in Proton, somehow some people have it working in there It runs in proton GE, but it runs at like 25 fps while looking worse than deus ex, which is both sad and funny.
>>389270 It runs just as shit on any pcs even with good top end hardware
>>389271 Oh, well that's no good. Considering my PC isn't exactly a toaster I figured it was a proton issue, but I guess OP has a weird understanding of how computer should perform relative to the fidelity of this game.
>>389270 See, Proton runs it, but usually much, much slower than that. Depending on your hardware I'd imagine performance issues are probably still on Proton though. I am not excusing the performance. It is bad, and a good chunk of it is the HDRP being just plain fat and unsuited to this kind of game, but some of it is probably on the devs and I'll likely have a gander at the codebase soon to see if I spot any obvious issues. Still, do realize that the maps are really fucking big and that there's a lot of AI agents active at any given time, and I'm not sure how good the game's culling is.
>>389270 >>389273 Actually, could I have your specs when you're around? I tried running the game in Proton GE and it made no difference. I'm starting to wonder if HDRP games are just really fucking CPU-heavy in Wine for some reason, and my CPU would really bring that out because it's an old, low-end bulldozer chip. Also, out of curiosity, does the main menu run at the same framerate as the rest of the game? It does for me, and an HDRP test program I tried a while ago ran at the same godawful, incredibly unresponsive framerate despite being two or three low-poly models.
(264.26 KB 1080x1306 ClipboardImage.png)

>>391013 congrats lad What did you need the money for?
Trying the new demo, it's neat so far. I don't know if it's intentional for you to be able to move along rails perpendicular to each other (like the railing in the thug's hideout) but it's fuggin cool either way. Just trying out stealth so far, but found the dealer and the hidden tunnel and I'm enjoying it. Can't wait to see more.
(2.44 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

>>391179 I actually really dig this end screen for a mission
Just finished the first level, liked it but had some jank. >Physics object would sometimes freeze and not be able to be interacted with, this can cause tight areas to be inaccessible. >The scaffolding at the hideout needs a rework imo. Having the weird janky movement on thin bars doesn't work very well, kept slipping of them, maybe put some platforms among the scaffolding so players can climb up. At least for the opening level. >Don't know why but I was able to open the safe with the keycard in without using the terminal, don't know if it was because I had that log in my inventory (I dropped it on the floor and it still let me in). >Lot of places to explore but a lot had nothing in them >Needs a flashlight (just saw the game has nightvision as an implant, still needs a flashlight imo) Overall pretty good, look forward to what might come of this. Completely offtopic but this game is very, VERY similar to a game concept I came up with recently.
>>391013 congratulations
I should get around to playing it at some point. Always nice to see anons get their shit together and make something good. Does it run on Win 7?
(413.45 KB 651x1014 ClipboardImage.png)

Some new stretch goals were added (one was already reached), so I guess I'll post this here. >>391077 Thanks man. A lot of the guys are working on this fulltime, and unless you're a NEET that isn't exactly free. It's also partially a "pull Kowloonanon out of extreme poverty" fund so he can stop being homeless and put his frankly insane grasp of shithole city architecture and industrial buildings to even better use. >>391203 Depending on your actions, you may enjoy it even more on some levels. >>391287 >Physics object would sometimes freeze and not be able to be interacted with, this can cause tight areas to be inaccessible. >Don't know why but I was able to open the safe with the keycard in without using the terminal, don't know if it was because I had that log in my inventory (I dropped it on the floor and it still let me in). I'll pass these on to the guys, thanks. >The scaffolding at the hideout needs a rework imo. Having the weird janky movement on thin bars doesn't work very well, kept slipping of them, maybe put some platforms among the scaffolding so players can climb up. At least for the opening level. Kek, yeah, that might be a bit sadistic for the tutorial. On the flipside, if players can get up that, they can climb anything. >Lot of places to explore but a lot had nothing in them Is that a problem? You usually aren't expending resources to reach them, you get to find areas that look cool, and when you do find stuff it means something. I'm pretty sure the levels following the tutorials have more stuff scattered around the map, so I'd encourage you to take a look around them. >Needs a flashlight (just saw the game has nightvision as an implant, still needs a flashlight imo) There is a flashlight somewhere, but you gotta find it yourself. >spoiler Even if it's similar, you should work on it man. Start it off as a hobby project and make some prototypes in Godot or an id Tech engine, mash out some test levels in a BSP editor, see if it goes anywhere. Just look at the Cruelty Squad guy: he installed Godot and a BSP map editor and made a fucking open-ended tactical shooter with a shitton of character implants to switch up the gameplay as his very first game. Yeah, the game looks weird as shit and initially ran like shit too, but the gameplay and setting are rock-solid and the dude's just passed a million copies sold. Don't expect Cruelty Squad-tier success, of course, but don't be afraid to show some ambition even if it remains a small hobby project. >>391300 It does, yeah. Windows 10 is fucking garbage and forcing anons to use that would be heinous.
(135.84 KB 399x250 klaus ok.png)

I have send 150 euroshekels & hope I will not regret it for the rest of my life
>>392193 >Kowloonanon Wait, the same guy who made those Source maps is working on this? http://8agdg.wikidot.com/kowloon
>>392228 Yeah, same guy. Another guy made the tutorial map, but the rest in the demo are his and it really, really shows.
>>392230 Nice, hopefully he finds a nice cozy home
>>391013 That's not much money, don't squander it.
>>393490 I was thinking that myself, he said they're working on this full time but I don't know how $14k will support a team of devs.
(18.92 KB 351x532 glow.jpg)

(109.17 KB 744x573 ClipboardImage.png)

In case you've heard about this elsewhere, the console ports are being handled by a third party and won't be eating up dev time or the budget. They're being handled by Top Hat Studios, if you're curious: the same people who published and ported The Citadel and Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story, among other games. I have no idea how they'll move stuff like the hacking system over, given how keyboard-centric that is. And yeah, a stretch goal for adding more western prototypes and weird CIA equipment was reached two days ago. I figured you guys would be more interested in that.
(250.41 KB 1200x918 OICW.jpg)

>>404537 >kraut space magic >OICW Fuck yes.
I'm seeing you guys get news coverage elsewhere. Serious congrats, it's surprising to see a game from here make it.
>>389089 >>391013 That's really great news anon. >>404554 >it's surprising to see a game from here make it. Don't forget that SpeedBot anon is from here too.
(298.68 KB 591x451 ClipboardImage.png)

>>404579 Sigmadev, too. Who's apparently helping with Peri's level design. God help us all
(3.98 KB 202x30 ClipboardImage.png)

>/v/ making a game bullshit. i'll be the judge of that
(24.08 KB 226x239 1372087828955.jpg)

>>405239 well... its definitely a thing, the character looks horrible and the walking animations are janky as hell. also the chatting about communism is kind of forced. but its definitely a thing. the one thing i liked the most about it is the inventory management, that thing seemed to be pretty polished. however i would improve upon it by making the item rotation be tied to the mouse buttons when you're holding an item because thats just intuitive. were you guys going for an anime girl/2b type of protagonist in a stalker aesthetic game? considering its a demo i give it a 6/10.
(391.83 KB 900x600 1351909349877.jpg)

>female PC Can she do other girls?
>>405827 of course. you can do them with a 12 gauge, you can do them with 9 milimiter, you can do them with an AK, you can do them with a grenade, or even with a sword or a hunting rifle.
Apparently Tyler McVicker is planning to do a video on you guys' game next week. Are you nervous what that might bring?
>>407811 literally who?
>>407812 Formerly known as Valve News Network, the guy who predicted Half-Life: Alyx's release years in advance. He's a small YouTuber but he still pulls in a few ten thousand views per video. There's also a bunch of conspiracy theories surrounding him like that he tried to kill TF2 or whatever but they all come from 4/v/ and they have a weird paranoia that he's some kind of mastermind. That largely stopped after he moved away from making Valve videos.
(4.37 MB 570x426 ulf_moar.mp4)

>>407827 >tried to kill TF2 Good, TF2 should have been open sourced years ago if Valve was going to abandon it. Now it's a dead man walking.
>>407899 He didn't though, did you even understand what I wrote? As for the source code, that was leaked years ago, around 2017 or 2018. It wasn't widely reported on until 2020 and for some reason 4/v/ tried to pin the blame on McVicker even though he wouldn't have that kind of access to internal Valve information.
>>407913 >He didn't though, did you even understand what I wrote? Yes. >As for the source code, that was leaked years ago, around 2017 or 2018 Leaked source codes are basically useless since no one can in good faith do anything with them or even look at them.
That guy did his video on the game so far it only got 19000 views
(233.88 KB 900x1200 E_8QZDVVkAMpOOn.jpg)

(293.86 KB 1695x883 E_8Qeg_UcAQH_vB.jpg)

(89.14 KB 600x500 deebly goncerned.png)

>>429160 Getting mentioned in gaming mags? This is really cool, guys. Or at least I think it is, I don't know if anybody has read these since 2007
>>429160 Really now? How did they managed to get them to interview? Also >I think Finland should be nuked lel
>>429160 Nice. I managed to pirate the whole article.
I watched a friend of mine play the demo for this, didn't realize the dev was from 8ch. Neat game anon, hope it ends up doing well.
>>407827 >>407913 iirc Tyler and his closed group of circlejerkers got their hands on a shitton of leaked stuff from Valve, including TF2's source code and a bunch of Source 2 shit, and they refuse to share or post it anywhere under the pretense of moralfaggotry. Of course, it's really just for clout and so they can make videos about info nobody else has access to. I could be wrong about the specifics of it, but I'm pretty sure what happened is close to that. Sage for doubleposting.
>>405803 >were you guys going for an anime girl/2b type of protagonist in a stalker aesthetic game? Someone actually pitched the idea of a stalker game with anime characters a long time ago. They got laughed out of the thread. Would be hilariously ironic if they ended up being the person making the game. The protag reminds me way more of Tetra probably because of how amateurish it is. Doubt that guy is on the game though he probably swore off 8/agdg/ after his meltdown.
(378.04 KB 596x685 Bane Question Mark.png)

(107.46 KB 594x396 Jucika Lives.png)

They released a Kickstarter update... really digging the Jucika-inspired icons...
(33.83 KB 350x309 KICK THE BABY.jpg)

>>450339 I thought Tetra looked cool, wish the dev didn't abandon the project. >>451173 >Jucika The art style? Maybe, but I think they were more inspired by Vault Boy for the idea.
>>450339 Honestly it's such a shame he sperged out on such a far reaching similarity since 3d agdg projects aren't that common and often seem to die and I thought it looked kind of cool too I'm still waiting on We Shall Wake.
>>451173 >FAL Fuck yeah!
(54.16 KB 700x326 jucika2.jpg)

(209.12 KB 1280x520 jucika1.jpg)

(3.18 MB 2500x1050 jucika.png)

>>451175 the character itself looks like jucika.
>>451259 hey I remember those she's pretty cute.
(85.47 KB 768x1024 retard chamber.jpg)

>>450339 I kept asking that guy to toss out a demo for bug testing and kept insisting on it and I still regret that he never did. His player character there had some great jiggle physics, like everything moved tits, butt, thighs etc it was pretty rad, shame he had his meltdown but dunno why he had to be a little bitch about it.
>>451175 >>451176 >>451309 I keep wondering what he's up to. The dude had a pretty wide range of talent.
>>460168 I still hold out hope for a tetradev redemption arc.
>>450339 where is that gif from? It looks cool
>>460574 DMC esque action game made by an anon called tetradev. Had a meltdown insisting Yoko Taro stole his character design with 2B despite the only similarity being both characters being white haired android with a primarily black color scheme, which is hardly unique. Every anon mocked him which caused him too fuck off to God knows where (I heard he went to tumblr but stopped making games but didn’t care enough to confirm this). Now he's only brought up as an example of dev's sperging out and by people pretending Yoko Taro did rip him off in jest/as a shitpost.
>>460649 >>460574 Actually It may have been A2 he accused of plagirising his design. But my overall point still stands.
(162.41 KB 1199x948 Why 2B is not in Smash.jpg)

>>460649 >Retard claims he came up with a trope that has been popular in Japan for fucking decades. Fuck he must have went through every recent anime and game with a white haired robot maid and brainwashed himself into thinking they all copied him. What a faggot.
Are you still here, devs?
>>460778 I think it was the combination of DMC-like game and white haired anime girl protag that made him go full schitzo. I sympathize with him even if I think he's wrong. I can only imagine how much psychological damage you get from having a project you dedicate your life to get it's thunder stolen by a AAA company coming out with a similar idea. Dude was probably a wreck.
>>460884 Nier automata is far from dmc like from what I have seen. It is part of what made his sperging retarded.
(8.46 MB 800x450 ulqbnj.mp4)

>>460938 Those animations are jank and the sound design needs work, but this is really impressive for a one man project. Just wish he stuck with it, Tetradev obviously had problems and anons did nothing but make fun of him.
>>486519 Considering how early in the dev cycle it was it's really not surprising that there's not that much polish and placeholders everywhere, in fact I'm pretty sure the environment is just a fancy whitebox design for the prealpha demo build. It honestly wouldn't have taken much work to get the game into something you can release and sell, just look at Proxy Blade Zero.
>>486519 >anons did nothing but make fun of him. Nigger, people were on their hands and knees sucking his dick because his shit was genuinely impressive before he sperged out about nier. What's with you niggers and wanting to revise history?

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