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Yandere Dev finished his game Anonymous 09/05/2021 (Sun) 07:14:20 Id: 99bf33 No. 407628
Hell has basically frozen over as after seven years, Yandere Sim is finally finished. Honestly, I thought with the massive feature creep and sperging that it'd never happen. The game will probably be shit though.
(5.31 KB 225x224 download (1).jpeg)

We did it Reddit!
>>407628 >I've been searching for bugs, fixing anything that looks janky, and adding a final coat of polish to the update Let me guess, it still runs, looks and plays just as badly as it does a year ago?
>>407639 Probably worse if he's not lying and actually went through touching his spaghetti code
>He says he did it Watch it take another week before it comes out. Then two weeks. Then three months, four more years, then his parents find him hanging.
>>407628 I'll probably play it, just to see.
(620.54 KB 2048x1536 EvaXephon 2016.png)

(172.20 KB 709x1253 EvaXephon 2021.jpg)

>>407645 >Find him hanging I doubt it, he's probably doing this just to keep his paypigs happy or try to drive some more attention as his money runs out. His Paytreon money keeps decreasing monthly
The autist wins.
>>407663 The fact he even still gets over a grand a month is really telling of how easily people are willing it piss away their money.
>>407669 To be fair, most of his fans probably used their parents' credit cards then forgot about it when their favorite Youtuber started playing something else.
(385.63 KB 288x360 muslim life hack.mp4)

>>407669 You think that's bad? Jim "Stephanie" Sterling gets 12K a month in 2021
>>407678 To be fair, most of that likely comes from the gaming press and people trying to get into the gaming press
5 bucks said he declared whatever he had done as "finished" to escape the constant stigma and mockery, rather than actually achieving his goals with it
Oh God what? Are you telling me he's going to be getting the last laugh after all?
>>407685 Wait what's KikeZ got to do with this? >>407671 How are people so hands off with their credit cards/money? Baffles my mind.
>>407685 What does KikeZ have to do with this? Did the and LabZero invest on Alex's weaboo pandering shitty Unity asset flip scam?
No fucking way. Impossible. Didn't think we'd live to see this day. I thought the fucking sun would explode before this retarded faggot 'finished' it. Imagine how fucked up and broken it must be with that faggot's total lack of competence.
>>407688 >>407693 Alex tried showing a "game" he'd made to MikeZ. Mike critiqued it, as one should when a rookie presents their work, but instead of taking the constructive criticism, Alex just got butthurt.
>>407704 Oh right, I forgot that
(871.68 KB 640x640 quake yandev hyde.mp4)

(7.38 MB 640x360 ALEXQUEST360p.webm)

(479.32 KB 415x375 1296788100606.gif)

What's his secret guys? How did he make so much money despite all of his flaws? Hit the 4chan audience? Promise after promise? Hit the kids' and manchild audience? This is very important, i want to do the same thing too. Look at those fucking cash, there should be an honest guide around on the internet on how to scam money from retards.
>>407704 Yeah, he explained that when he still made threads with us here. Said that him trashing his proto wrecked his "self confidence" and that one of his goals for YanSim was to finish it to get back at him. Funnily enough, Zaimont ended up getting cancelled before the game was done. His explanation must've been in archived thread way back when; it's been years. >>407718 I'd say Judaism, but when you look at the aforementioned Zaimont and Mark himself, it's a wonder his massive autism didn't cancel out his jewish powers to the same extent as them, so far, that is. He could still fuck up big down the road.
(74.84 KB 697x520 memri youkai.jpg)

>>407718 >there should be an honest guide around on the internet on how to scam money from retards. My friend, you just stumbled upon a golden opportunity. For the low, low price of $29.99 I will impart onto you the secret to extract shekels from witless marks.
>Yanderefag gets his game finished. >Anonfags could not even get a basic Battletoads game done in gamemaker. Fucking explain.
(29.33 KB 712x472 you're hee-hopeless.jpg)

>>407731 His "game" "started" "development" years before the idea of a /v/ Battletoads game existed.
>>407628 who cares? by this point it's a pile of broken promises and poorly optimized shit isn't it?
(447.13 KB 3968x3864 yandere chan.png)

>went from having no rivals done to having all 10 done. I'll believe it when I see it.
>>407718 >What's his secret guys? How did he make so much money despite all of his flaws? He's virtually only competing with Hitman, and hitman sucks.
>>407741 Yeah, but the end result should be hilariously bad.
>>407731 Psycho Josh is a terrible director. Every project he becomes part of is doomed to fail, he's literally modern day Val.
(104.09 KB 800x600 HitmanBloodMoney.jpg)

>>407754 >and hitman sucks. Shit opinions like this should be illegal
>>407760 Anon clearly means the newer shitty games, nothing in the same genre can compete with Blood Money.
>>407721 >I'd say Judaism, but when you look at the aforementioned Zaimont and Mark himself, it's a wonder his massive autism didn't cancel out his jewish powers to the same extent as them, so far, that is. He could still fuck up big down the road. I wouldn't place that much trust in Mark.
>>407628 I'll believe it when I see it. History points to the likelhood of him having the rivals in, but doing nothing or some other shit where he technically has made progress without any real work or advancement. Or he's just lying, wouldn't be the first time. And even assuming it's really real, it's still going to be a shit game because he can't into game design, a control freak that tried to make a sandbox game and instead has an empty world with checklists you have to follow step by step. It's neither fun to murder, nor titillating, a marriage of the worst aspects of game and eroge.
(150.18 KB 462x451 did I wrong.jpg)

Now only DSP and Chris Roberts are left.
>>407769 >Chris Roberts I know Yandereshit was out of the ordinary but no way in fuck is Star Citizen ever coming out.
>>407718 Porn/lewd games especially those that manage to get even slightly popular make assloads of cash from certain fetishists desperate for more content. Or just make a furfag game if you want a sack of money on par with your now rapidly rising levels of shame. >>407770 Yeah that man has perfected the art of selling people on an idea. It makes too much money for him to ever stop.
>>407663 It sickens me not only to think that games at one point were developed with no money by guys with full time jobs on computers that are now obsoleted by pocket calculators, building the game engines themselves, and people like yandev can use a complete game development suite, take literal years to make any progress, while getting paid more than double what you could make doing physical labor and only now claims it's finished.
So he finally took the whole week needed to finish the game?
>>407718 I'm more interested in how you can invest money to get an infinite source of income.
(565.49 KB 368x640 RN3KcdOnTWH_prji.mp4)

>>407718 Does anyone here run a porn game scam? Can you make a thread or something so we can learn? I am very interested in this sort of thing.
How much do you think Yandere Dev will try to sell his game for? I'm thinking maybe 15 or 20 dollars at most.
>>407797 Bullshit it will be a full 60 euros with dlc along the way.
(285.04 KB 1151x848 paypigs.png)

>>407782 >Porn/lewd games especially those that manage to get even slightly popular make assloads of cash from certain fetishists desperate for more content. It's not just games, horny idiots will pay for anything they can jerk off to. I recently stumbled upon Shibby Says, it's a woman who runs an erotic ASMR web site and she makes 20k per month from paypigs for just whispering dirty things into a microphone and recording it. To be fair, after I took the average it seems that most of them are in the 6$ to 9$ tier, but the sheer amount of horniness adds up. It makes my annual income look like a poorfag in comparison. What the fuck am I doing with my life?
>>407782 But he didn't make a porn game. I'd have thrown money at him too if he'd made a schoogirl raping/guro sim, but that's not what it is. He just used the slightly ero themes to get initial interest, and then softened them to get normalfag attention. >>407800 Women don't count, they live life on journalist mode to begin with.
>>407800 >it's a woman who runs an erotic ASMR web site and she makes 20k per month from paypigs for just whispering dirty things into a microphone and recording it. ASMR fags are a weird lot. I do not get the appeal of having someone whisper into your ear let alone pay for it.
(1.19 MB 665x1182 asolid.png)

>>407800 >tfw after this thread everyone rushing to learn the art of horny money >after this thread anons are all drowning in cash in the future >/v/ turns into /biz/ >all threads are about making porn games >yfw /v/aginas are richer than /biz/tches
"finished" probably means he stoped "working" on it. I really doubt it can be playable or fun. Prove me wrong. Pro tip: you can't!
>>407797 >>407799 When have games been that cheap? You know inflation? It will be just 80 bucks and 70 if you preorder it! That's so gracious of him!
>>407826 No, but Yandev can. Can try. Not saying it will be
Honestly and unironically, good for him. I bet it's going to be a buggy mess that will inexplicably get worse with patches, I bet it still has horrific if/else trees longer than Tolstoy, and I bet that people are going to make a lot of obnoxious meta content to profit off the fact that it wasn't worth the wait, but he went and made something and I begrudgingly respect that because that's the spirit of AGDG. Now he can afford plastic surgery to deal with that gigantic hasidic nose.
>>407667 The only winners are those who never spend money.
>>407800 >horny idiots Software designers. They work as slaves, earn poorly compared to all the work hours, and waste their lives not living outside their jobs. As soon as something even remotely resembling flirting shows up, they throw all their money at it.
>>407757 >he's literally modern day Val. Have we really been at this so long Val can be considered pre-modern day?
>>407731 We're all talk and no action. Anons are barely capable of hosting game night servers.
>>407718 >Hit the 4chan audience? Promise after promise? Hit the kids' and manchild audience? None of the above. He got the fujoshits, man. Watch any videos about YanDev or YanSim being "exposed", you'll find most of the people talking about it are women in their early 20's who enjoyed the game and its community when they were teenagers. >>407754 >>407763 The newer games are good, though. Did Absolution really leave that bad of a taste in everybody's mouth? The only thing I don't like about the reboot series is the score system they carried over from Absolution. >>407757 >>407900 >Val I know this name but can't place it. Was he involved with Anon's Bizarre Adventure or A&C by any chance?
>>407917 Anons have made a few games in their time. Some tend to disappear when they get velocity. Deadbolt was one, that was a great game. That said, if you're holding down a decent job you're making it in your own way as well.
(78.75 KB 477x1168 katawa shoujo lilly.jpg)

(44.82 KB 483x1000 katawa shoujo2.jpg)

(800.37 KB 934x1103 katawas.png)

>>407731 >the most successful /v/ game is still Katawa shoujo.
>>407921 >The only thing I don't like about the reboot series is the score system they carried over from Absolution. Just play offline (read: pirate the games) and you won't be allowed to have a score. All the features are locked behind the online paywall. So just download a 100% save and have fun with the game for free.
>>407930 God that third one is so fucking hot, it takes into account intricacies that women like while setting up a more realistic situation where one would find themselves in a willing sexual experience and experimentation. It's more subtle with touching that's not entirely confident, but is curious and willing to explore, adding an entirely new level of arousal.
>>407770 I look forward to playing Star Citizen in another decade or two.
>>407930 Katawa Shoujo... Pokemon Clover... Snootgame...
>>407731 It's finished after being in development hell for years and runs on unstable spaghetti code. >>407807 >Women don't count, they live life on journalist mode to begin with Indeed, with the advent of onlyfans and twitch, any talentless bimbo can become a millionaire on the internet. >>407923 >Deadbolt was one I didn't know Deadbolt was made by anons.
>>407971 Deadbolt was by the Risk of Rain guys, who were an /agdg/ group I think.
>>407960 I'm going to cum on your stupid bird, shut up.
>>407757 Val is no longer with us right? If he's really gone, then good riddance
(1.56 MB 2048x1948 1629466470945.png)

>>407971 Average vagie only makes 180 a month though.
>>407958 >>407959 >>407960 >>407970 Oh wait this is a guy obviously proxyfagging, how embarrassing.
>>407985 >Average Average is only a meaningful measurement of central tendency when the data is normally distributed. Mean is worthless unless we know how the data is distributed, and I'd wager its skewed or binomial distributed.
(2.17 MB 480x270 the grin enters.gif)

>>407988 >>407991 >>407992 >4 posts, three of which are new IDs show up in the same thread within 12 minutes all saying the same thing >these replies are barely a minute apart >still saying the same shit The gig is up, faggot.
>>407628 Is it actually finished in the sense it finally has all the features and mechanics he promised way back when or is it "finished" is the sense that he's sick of working on it and will release it as a half baked mess? >>407992 >>408001 Some of those posts look like they were made by that Brazilian retard who usually posts via TOR, specifically >>407970 I don't know if those are him but at least two of them fit his posting style. "Kill all __" is a notable thing he says a lot, if you're on /v/ for longer than a few weeks you'll notice him because he cycles through the same 10 phrases every time he shows up and that's one of them. Doesn't help that guy is also a raging samefag.
(650.40 KB 764x1292 ClipboardImage.png)

>He didn't actually finish the game https://archive.vn/qVz3i
(409.40 KB 490x360 wew ping.webm)

>>408076 I FUCKING CALLED IT! >>407645
>>408076 What a continued joke of a man. Fucking pathetic.
(61.88 KB 734x510 2cat.jpg)

>>408076 So if I'm understanding that parteon post correctly, he's scared that he'll fuck up and do a bad job when implementing the rivals so he decided to make an entirely seperate game in order to gather feedback on how to maek rival good. Or more simply, he's acknowledging that he's incapable of making a good game without a constant stream of people telling him exactly how to design everything. >this new mode is not a detour that will slow down development; it's an added bonus Top fucking kek
(476.09 KB 1280x720 Joe Laugh.mp4)

>>408076 >People actually believed him
>>408076 What the fuck is with the "multiple full playthroughs" thing if it's just an extra mode? No one claims to do full playthroughs when what they're doing is a side mode in games. Is Yandere Dev intentionally trying to deceive his followers and if so, to what end?
(18.36 KB 500x318 toad jones.jpg)

>>408076 WHAT A MESS
>>408076 Did this jew nigger actually just double the content of the game he isn't making because it's too hard?
>>407731 >wanting to develop under PsychoJosh no way, not in a million years
>>408124 I always forget Notch was a /v/irgin
(26.32 KB 623x315 vibrimistake.png)

>>407757 >>407731 >>408121 Jesus fucking ouch you guys I'm right here. But yes, I don't disagree, I'm mostly just an artfag and I do think a coder should be in charge of this so I've been trying to find one. We started out strong but I had to devote my attention to other things. Currently our only coder is too busy to dedicate time to this as well. I've been looking for someone more experienced with coding to take the reigns as team lead on /v/attletoads since I'm a bit encumbered with shit and I can't really help with coding yet (I'm still in the middle of learning it). Like I said I'll happily give up the team lead position to any codefags who want to step up, I'm just managing the slack server and contributing art right now. I'll still contribute art and concepts even after someone else takes the lead. If any of you guys wanna take the reigns with our current files and shit you're more than welcome. Here's the link to the /v/attletoads slack server (you can just lurk if you want but I encourage you to only join if you want to actually work on this). https://join.slack.com/t/vattletoads/shared_invite/zt-h3lj55c1-2Y8nlXcWfB_eYFeRLZrPTw
>>408152 Troubled development, I see. Doesn't inspire a lot of confidence when the lead dev wants someone more competent to be in charge.
(2.08 MB 3344x4008 blista-exploitable.png)

>>408165 I'm just doing what's best for the project. I don't have an ego on this, like I said I will gladly relinquish the position to anyone who steps up to take it. This game needs a coder lead, and that's currently beyond my ability.
>>408076 >Instead of finishing the game, I'm going to make a new game mode that has as much content as the final game mode That way you can keep milking patreon shekels right? What a proper dev would do is finish the game, release it, and then make improvements based on feedback.
>>408174 >pedo swirl Fucking dropped
>>408076 He truly is the worst offender of feature creep. After 7 long years of making brittle if-else spaghetti code, he should just quit and move on.
>>408076 Oh no, it is Gran Turismo Prologue all over again, except for 'date' simulator enthusiasts.
>>408096 >Is Yandere Dev intentionally trying to deceive his followers Yes. >to what end To wring out as much money from them for as little work as possible.
>>408076 >Amateur dev fails to finish a small project and lets it balloon to a bloated mess before giving up, calling it "finished" and moving on to a different project What an absolute shocker.
>>407731 >believing the cuck >thinking a project made 4free is guaranteed to be made You haven't even tinkered around with a game engine and it shows, 98+% of games don't even get finished This one is unique because it was basically "game development as a service" for a well known meme of a game made by a cuck who betrayed everyone who genuinely cared about his work, and now being humiliated by people on the internet as a laughingstock Not finishing games is normally not a big deal unless a lot of money and time went into it already; an impulse project is neither one of those, and moreover /v/ has literally lost over 90% of its activity and users in the past 1-2 years.
>>407628 Did you guys know there's a cum chalice in bloodborne? It's absurdly good for leveling up characters quickly, and a real challenge if you do decide to go through it as it is doubly cursed (you only have 5% of your max HP), and the layer 3 boss is the motherfucking headless bloodletting beast, who doesn't even drop anything since the chalice is bugged.
>>408287 You are a projecting retard that spouts random numbers and that is the worst kind of retard so out of absolute fucking spite I will have a working Battletoads game posted here two weeks from now. You will learn never to underestimate the power of weaponized autism.
>>408298 Godspeed autist, you had better deliver.
>>408298 Will you be joining the slack then? We could use your help.
>>408298 I can say with an almost absolute certainty that you will not. Why not post some kind of proof that you will or are even capable of such a thing. Do you have a game engine or anything you've been working on or anything like that? No throwaway identity that can be used to follow up? At least some kind of documentation? >projecting retard Nope, I'm aware of the realities of game development. The fact that you made a meaningless post that nobody will remember and with no way to follow up on practically proves that you're trying to act like some kind of "internet tough guy" If you prove me wrong I'll retract my statements, but until then you're a colossal nodev (or worse, idea guy) faggot like 99% of people
(21.64 KB 400x398 vergil.jpg)

>>408303 Anon your that much of a fag I will have a game done in THREE FUCKING DAYS. It is going to be autistic and retarded but it will be done. >>408302 No you are all gay and I'm just gonna be fucking around in game maker like you fags should have done a year ago.
>>408330 Anon you can say it will be done in 10 minutes Without a way to follow up or get proof, it's meaningless much like your post I don't get what you're trying to prove here, if you're pretending to be retarded it's not a very good act
(4.73 MB 1280x720 Nia - nodusfm.mp4)

>>407731 Not gonna lie, that form is Nia is fucking hot.
(150.90 KB 357x213 rash.png)

>>408334 Look Anon you can stop being gay anytime. But know this: I am now actually motivated to create something. Something simple but still something. Three days from this exact moment I will have a game posted here. I even have an idea forming. >Rash's Jihad Adventure. >Whole game based on speeder bike bit. >Plot involves Rash taking down the studio that made the shitty woke game. >You are still a fag. Now excuse me I have shovel ware to make.
(12.16 KB 320x240 garfieldtoss.jpg)

>>408350 >Game maker >Two weeks >Paying for a use license Okay well let me know when you're wanting to make something actually worth playing we'll be around.
>>408357 Anon if you are going to delete post to fix spelling mistakes try to keep up with recent events. It will be done in three days. If Yanderedev can't do quality why the fuck should I?
>>408362 The real question is why the fuck do you set the bar for yourself so low? Why wouldn't you want to outdo Yandev?
>>408298 >>408330 >>408350 >>408362 Anon, I think you're a retard that completely misread what >>408287 was saying. He wasn't justifying yandev's terrible dev practices, quite the opposite. If you actually read the post he was replying to, he was saying comparing yandev to various /v/ projects was completely unfair to the /v/ projects, because those are being made for free and often on impulse, while yandev is being paid to make his game.
>>408370 Thank you for having reading comprehension
>>408076 nuff said
(47.95 KB 500x480 sept21.jpeg)

>>408298 >>408330 I'm holding you to this. I won't be so mean as to hold you to three days.
>>408647 screencap his post too
(90.64 KB 1631x212 1.png)

>>408648 Sure.
(18.47 KB 361x295 absence of god nep.jpg)

>>407723 How does one even extract shekels from a Jew as a goy and s-since when have there been multiples of Mark?
>>408076 Ok wtf Alex...
>>408298 ゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴ
(22.99 KB 500x500 obligatory smuggu.jpg)

(79.27 KB 1204x669 sane reaction.JPG)

>finished Means nothing with the modern developer paradigm. He could release it and it'll be a barely functional buggy piece of shit mess like every mAAAsterpiece gone gold, and people will defend the travesty by claiming he could NuMaleSky it after an additional decade. OP is actually relevant to the skeleton of what resembled classic 9chan history for any oldfags still with us, who actually posted in the threads as they appeared, but who remains have moved on to better and more hopeful prospects like Peripeteia, something that might not actually become a joke.
(18.13 KB 244x329 1462279637287.jpg)

>>410273 >9chan
(35.61 KB 493x377 disappointment.JPG)

>>410276 Fuck's sake, how did I not catch that.
>>407718 You are a spiritual jew
>>407628 >>407633 >>407640 Would bullying of Yandere Dev be perfectly acceptable if he wasn’t Mexican and heterosexual? Outside of straight white males and conservative game devs, I don’t think he would’ve been publicly bullied on YouTube if he was a woman or a literal homosexual faggot.
>>408076 People are just paying to continue the meme at this point anyways. He like chris-Chan without the incest rape and being a transgender icon.
>>408165 At least he's willing to admit his relative lack of competence. Plenty of dipshits out there that refuse to swallow their pride.
>>408350 Also, while everyone's talking about game development, I'm gonna shill that indev gondola game on >>>/vg/572 I just posted some music I made to go with one of their episodes. Another anon is also making a song, and 1 or 2 anons are apparently programming the first build.
>>407663 >$5,000 a month. You know vtubers make more money than that a month even when you cut they have to pay a portion to youtube and their company. I'm honestly surprised he hasn't capitalize on that trend yet.
>>412410 > I'm honestly surprised he hasn't capitalize on that trend yet. Oh anon, he tried. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=duyfhuHVJew https://yewtu.be/watch?v=zxaPC47s2Hg Yes, that is his V-Tuber persona, this is not a joke
>>412428 >Jew in the URL Heh How the fuck does anyone do this with no shame, he isn't even a tranny Is he?
>>412435 I think he just likes to stare at big, juggling breasts.
>>412438 With a man's voice attached to them? You might as well look at futa. You had a perfectly good female form and then you ruined it with one thing. Why?
>>412440 Because even yandev is less autistic than you, anon. :^)
>>412444 Trips don't lie, futa and pretending to be anime girls online is the new normal.
>>412446 i like futa and i want to throw trannies in woodchippers.
(2.52 MB 640x360 yanderedev's real voice.mp4)

>>412440 But anon, that male voice IS his voice changer :^)
>>412388 >mexican pretty sure he's jewish
>>412388 >>412479 He's a jew. >>408101 Look, I have twice as much work now. You have to give me twice the money now! Or I'll increase the time in which I'll play Minecraft and read emails. (I don't actually spend more than 5 minutes a day on them and just call everything else I do "reading emails")
(94.32 KB 1300x934 wheregame.jpeg)

(18.24 KB 712x455 D1aHQ6OW0AUkEye.jpg)

>>420944 Seems that anon wasn't autistic enough. If he doesn't deliver within 11:59 EST today he will have only one option left after that.
(317.60 KB 666x683 FUCK MY LIFE INTO PIECES.png)

>>420952 Shit, I forgot about that autist.
>>408298 >>408330 Where is the shitty Battletoads clone you promised?
>>408647 Dear diary, Today Anon was a faggot.
>>420979 >the whale movie what role does he play? the whale?
>>421018 >A 600-pound middle-aged man named Charlie tries to reconnect with his 17-year-old daughter. The two grew apart after Charlie abandoned his family for his gay lover, who later died. Charlie then went on to binge eat out of pain and guilt He plays charlie so yeah, the whale.
>>421023 >600 pound faggots: the movie god i hate kikes
(56.63 KB 172x436 20180907_141927.png)

>>407628 >It's almost done I swear! >I'm polishing everything up I swear! >I-I-I can't really show that I've actually made any progress because that's too much spoilers! Safe to say he's lying out his ass.
(57.60 KB 800x733 download.webp)

>>421023 I can't even fathom how much the weight of his existence and the ghosts of his past corrode his mind. God damn.
(201.81 KB 256x352 lol.png)

Fine, you faggots. Delivery. windows: https://files.catbox.moe/25tkyr.gz linux: https://files.catbox.moe/b5v2lj.gz Made with Godot (TM)
>>421040 It's a tarball, so you have to rename it
(3.31 MB 1905x1481 Big Guys.png)

>>421040 Holy shit he delivered.
(125.86 KB 669x660 wat.png)

>>421040 >Anon delivered Put me in the fucking screencap.
>>421040 didn't play
>>421040 oh well at least it doesnt have virus.
>>421040 >Nigger option does nothing 0/10 your bark is worse than your nodev.
>>421040 Hilarious first level, can't wait to see what you make next :^)
For a thread about Yandev, I am seeing a pretty severe lack of cum chalice.
>>421178 thats all i got
(871.68 KB 640x640 yandev nutquake.mp4)

>>421178 flood my ass
(13.23 MB 4300x3300 vattletoads-blistaassnosig.png)

>>421040 >Me download an obvious virus Yeah how about you lick my butt Good job
>>421178 How about the three part mini-series on the world record speedruns, for getting banned from the YandDev Discord?
>>421909 >>421912 Very nice.
>>421040 Any screencaps?
(296.77 KB 1024x600 ClipboardImage.png)

>>421040 wow nice shitpost
>>422046 Nice photoshop skills, faggot.
>>421040 Cool game.
>>421187 You to rename it .zip and extract it. It's just a rickroll though, see >>422046
>>422304 >posting a shitskin Airwolf off.
(368.44 KB 1000x1252 1440752357.png)

>>422339 If you wanted more Shantaes you could have just asked.
>>422304 >>422370 I would make her a full genie hero by shoving my cock and cum deep inside her magical poopshoot.
>>408210 you're seeing shit
saw your reply, dont know why it got deleted 12 seconds later but whatever you'd think he'd even compare it to the linkin park symbol that's too obvious but just has to shit on someone's oc
>>422304 >>422370 I want to snuggle with that genie.
>>422370 Shitskin.
(13.72 MB 1280x720 consume the brain power.mp4)

(1.25 MB 640x360 rccrNndJZRdKPHGt.mp4)

(39.20 KB 646x404 13173017393095.png)

>>407930 That wasn't just /v/ though, so it doesn't count. >>407933 >ifunny
He did it, boys. He posted another meme
>>438745 >What is it with millennials and zoomers thinking that the 80s was all about vaporwave? >This generalization is almost like thinking "60s = hippies" and "70s = disco" It's actually much worse. At least hippies and disco actually existed in their respective eras. Vaporwave is a nostalgic modern distortion of 80's music with only niche popularity today that did not exist at all in the 80's. Vaporwave:1980's::Blackface:niggers.
>>438756 >Vaporwave:1980's::Blackface:niggers Is that the correct format? I've been trying to remember for years and it's a surprisingly obnoxious thing to google.
>>438767 I think it's optimally supposed to have spaces between the colons and words itself, so more accurately it would read "vaporwave : 1980's :: blackface : niggers".
>>438770 That looks right, thanks m'nig
So I played 80s mode... it's bad but better than I expected. At least it feels like a complete game rather than just a sandbox. All the rivals pretty much do the same thing just with different people being around them though and everything feels samey.
>>438724 He really half assed it with the designs. The girls should all look like they belong in an 80s anime, these just look like standard present day style.

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