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(292.46 KB 1209x1500 92fuwap72p471.jpg)

Tales of Arise Anonymous 09/10/2021 (Fri) 09:20:46 Id: 4e4504 No. 412173
Game comes out today! Who's ready to be a slave in this action rpg about slavery?
Game looks mad trash mate
might pir8, but i've never been a fan of the tales of series. its always some uwuu moe trash looking game with horrible voice acting, even dual audio became sort of the new standard, the games still tend to be pretty generic grindfests. guess i'll see
>>412193 People are saying it's actually good
>>412223 (((people)))
>>412173 The shills coming out of the woodwork for this leaves me deeply suspicious. How much was it westernized?
What was the last good Tales game? The last one I played was Vesperia. Everyone used to love it and now everyone hates it. I thought it was okay.
>>412235 Graces F or Hearts for DS (Shit Vita version need not apply) depending on taste for combat . If you want a good one to play, people have been translating Destiny Directors Cut which IMO is the best one in the whole series. Currently fully playable and it's good with emu so it's free.
>>412235 If anyone hates Vesperia they need to off themselves, it's a great game.
>>412193 That quarter helmet, quarter bandana, quarter eyepatch, and quarter metal slab is a real turn off. And ive forgiven plenty of Tales of Character who dress like idiots >>412235 >>412239 I think a shit re release was to blame for that but im not sure.
>>412242 The only bad part about the deluxe edition was when the PS3 bonus content got English dubbed the voice for Yuri wasn't Troy Baker, and you can hear the differences in voice in the game. Whoever they had to replace to lines for Troy Baker didn't really do a good job at trying to emulate his voice.
>>412248 i seem to remember alot more hate, but what the hell do i know. Maybe some other anons can come fill in the gap
>>412173 >(1) Magnet or fuck off, shill.
More like Tales of Arse.
>>412173 >Who's ready to be a slave? Will the game also hug me afterwards and call me a good boy?
>>412173 The mc is only a slave for like 5 minutes. He links up with rebels almost immediately. It is nice to finally have a Tales game with a central romance arc again though. The series always shies away from it most of the time.
>>412366 It’s already on pc. Christ are you niggers the laziest people on the planet? You can’t take like 20 seconds to look something up?
>>412368 I wanted to actually ask about the game's mechanics but now it makes sense : >Game has r1 combat because the director played Meme Saouls >Game has stupid retard characters and weird interelationship instead of the usual Tales romance arc because it's inspired by Life is Gay What's next, the artstyle and gorillion game engines stiched together were inspired by some shit like Technomancer. OH WAIT, obviously not because the intro and its slave premise along with the Renan mages being lifted from the Technomancer universe wholesale. And they copied /m/ designs from Star Ocean on top of that.
>>412449 I recognize Goku and Bolt's father, but who's the dude on the left?
>>412371 You're speaking to the local OAG rapefugee Luciano. https://archive.is/RYFSQ
I'm going to wait on it to see if people still think it's worthwhile after the paid shills are gone and the honeymoon period is over. Not really impressed with the new art direction after Fujishima left either. For all it's other problems, at least Sakura Wars got a distinctive artist like Kubo with a signature artstyle that was uniquely his - and didn't even turn out too badly. The new art and character design on Arise feels uninspired from what I've seen - like something out of a generic gatcha game. I know he's getting older and has a hot young cosplay waifu to breed, on top of all his other work, but I wish he'd have picked one of the two series at least and stuck with them.
>>412493 Some Destiny fag I think? I've been seeing him lately in jewtube thumbnails when I include "gameplay" in my search and the useless thing throws me some of EA-Whorectivision's shit striaght to my face, even when I have conveinced the system I live in Japan and only want Hatsune Miku.
I never played a Tales game. Where should I start? >>412449 >image Please tell me that's fake. >>412498 >I know he's getting older and has a hot young cosplay waifu to breed Even Eiichiro Oda from One Piece married a Nami cosplayer. Its like mangakas have a magnet for attracting nerd girls or something.
>>412505 >Its like mangakas have a magnet for attracting nerd girls or something. A cynical man would say they're just trying what woman in our neck of the pacific have done; cozy up to big name figures then stab them in the back for profit.
>>412505 Goddammit, why does everyone ask that, can't you tell it's obviously fake it won't be for long though >Its like mangakas have a magnet for attracting nerd girls or something. Yeah, it's like some of them are attractive and well mannered individuals or something Fujishima's wife was rumoured to have been entirely golddigging though, at least Oda's wiffe is close to his age to make it less obvious if she was doing that
Forgive my brain damage, I forgot to answer >>412505 >Where should I start? Phantasia, Symphonia, Vesperia and Graces f will always be solid starting choices. Xilia 2 is horrible for a first timer no matter how many amazing things you hear about the game since story and characters are pure ass and the gameplay system requires some DMC4-tier autism and familiarity, so it's a bad place to start but a joy once you're aclammated to the main mechanics throughout the games, making it a joy to style on even the most basic enemies like chuuni Dante.
>>412512 Araki is indeed handsome, anda sharp dresser aswell.
>>412516 well, duh he harnassed the power of the gay
>>412523 >gay Hes married and has 2 daughters.
>>412526 That's just the cover story.
>>412523 >Not the power of 80s Hard Rock bands
I'm downloading it but this shit looks like a run of the mill, average JRPG thought for western audiences. The character design is by far the worst the series has had. Its embarasing what japanese developers are churning out now that JRPG have fallen of a wagon.
>>412498 >Not really impressed with the new art direction after Fujishima left either. <No Inomata anymore either <Kentaro Miura never did the art for Berseria despite the fucking thing wanting to ape his story so much <No cool mangaka anymore for the Tales series to have a unique artstyle <Just some random vidya fag trying to make western Guts with Dante's hair fug
(867.17 KB 1334x750 ClipboardImage.png)

>>412529 Shut up, Dusty.
I have never played a tales game before, so I don't care.
>>412242 >And ive forgiven plenty of Tales of Character who dress like idiots If you could forgive Luke's outfit you can forgive this.
>>412703 Whats wrong with Fuga?
>>412705 Anon, its niggerpill.
>>412705 Three niggerpill posts in a row, all (1)s with the same theme. Here’s a tip anon: if you see someone posting about how all hope is lost and we need to abandon Japan/Japan has failed us of someone shitting on anime, it’s niggerpill. He’s stopped saying we should kill ourselves and started trying this. It’s because he’s a reset era tranny who obviously hates Japan because they aren’t as woke as he likes, so he thinks by changing his ip and trying to force this meme enough he can D&C.
>No multiplayer >Western pandering It's SHIT and I hope it bombs! I'm only going to pirate and play it on journalist mode with myf riend just to make fun of and laugh at it but even then I'm going to wait till someone mods in multiplayer
(272.03 KB 680x515 933.png)

>>412706 >>412710 Lol you two are the biggest retards posting here. Denying reality won't change things. I post here every single day, i share shit in the sharethread and probably been here longer than you 2 fags are. Its a shame that the moderation listen to you fags though. Continue to eat shit and support shit, anons
>>412753 >It's SHIT and I hope it bombs! Wish not granted. It’s already the most successful game by a country mile. https://archive.ph/ztHjw
(718.84 KB 720x408 1593843074169.gif)

>>412757 ! I cry! That'sb asically a guarantee that the HIDEOUS new direction will stick
(632.33 KB 1280x720 Marida stare.png)

So is anybody actually going to post whether or not the game is any good with reasons why or is this thread just going to be filled with shitposting saying that Japan cucked out and the like?
>>412756 Explain why the game is shit more thoroughly instead or arguing like a nigger then.
>>412762 I stated in my post that i just download the piece of shit. I will be playing the piece of shit on the weekend and i will give you my opinion on the piece of shit. At this juncture it seems what i was talking about this being a run of the mill game made for western audiences is correct >>412757
>>412760 It’s a perfectly fine jrpg. If you hate modern Tales and want it to back back to old Tales it won’t win you over. If you don’t give a shit about that you’ll probably enjoy it. I have no idea why “muh western” is being thrown around so much. The game is anime as fuck. Yeah the game features an oppressed enslaved race but it’s not like the enslaved ones look like niggers or something. They all just look like anime people. It’s no different than different factions fighting each other in Gundam or something.
>>412777 (←👏) >The game is anime as fuck Haha yeah I've watched a few shounen in myt ime too and I can conclusively say it's TOTALLY anime guys haha.
(248.72 KB 1920x1080 Beast Slaves.jpg)

(18.08 KB 320x320 R (1).jfif)

>>412777 Oppressed slave races, especially genetically engineered ones - or gynoids, are fucking staple for anime since forever. It's an obvious acknowledgement of mankinds ability to find any little difference between people and exploit that as an excuse to be cruel to each other. If anything it's not current year western influence, but post-war western influence while Japan was still flogging itself over the atrocities they were accused of during WWII.
>>412777 Wasted trips At any point did i say the game was western for the slave shit. >>412780 This fellow here gets it
>>412780 It’s full of anime cliches and tropes anon and you whining about the game isn’t going to make that not true. You want to know the main reason this isn’t the western pandering thing you say it is? The main female character is incapable of using the magic sword mcguffin. She can’t do anything herself. She needs the man to make it work. No western studio would do this.
>>412785 >It’s full of anime cliches and tropes Haha like do they fall over randomly whenever something funny happens you know those whacky Japanimations are ALWAYS doing that lmao XDDDDDD
>>412710 >if you see someone posting about how all hope is lost and we need to abandon Japan/Japan has failed us of someone shitting on anime How is this incorrect? It has already been proven that nips pandering to SJWs is more profitable than pandering to domestic audiences >>412757. You are never going to see anything unpozzed from Japan ever again.
>>412789 No. If fact there’s been virtually no slapstick at all. I mean plot tropes, anon, like the amnesia sword boy in a mask. The mysterious princess like girl in the battle ballgown who has a mysterious power only the anime sword boy can use that he pulls out of a magic crystal between her tits. Anime bullshit. I’m beginning to suspect you have no idea what anime actually is, anon, outside of like having seen an episode of Pokémon with the sound off once or something.
>>412760 That's just one retarded niggerpill spamming Japan bad.
>>412814 This game seems to have him booty blasted for some reason. I have no idea why. It’s fine. It’s not great or anything. But I guess it being popular and not completely pozzed means he loses his shit these days.
>>412753 >>412758 Hi idolcuck
>>412757 >>412758 Those sales numbers are because Bamco actually gave a damn about it and gave it some proper advertising like what happened with Tales of Symphonia back in 2003. I'm just not sure how the Japanese sales numbers will be but we'll see what they are when the Famitsu sales numbers come out next week. >>412777 >I have no idea why “muh western” is being thrown around so much. >>412817 >This game seems to have him booty blasted for some reason. I have no idea why. It's probably because Yuusuke Tomizawa said in an interview with Game Informer last month that Life is Strange was a noticable influence on the game's art style and story though I could chalk this up to some basic ignorance about how foreign gamers responded to this game considering how badly written Life is Tumblr is and how much the gaming journalists sucked it off: https://archive.md/PPaTt There was also that Famitsu interview that the producer did back when the game was revealed (that I posted on 8ch back when the game was revealed two years ago: https://archive.md/GOOHU) and that interview opened with statements like "when creating it we first had to take some time to rethink what the Tales Of series is and what it should be", "Our goal was “succession and evolution” while also confronting the traditions of the series." and "As we were analyzing the main appeals of the Tales Of series, there were many parts that needed to evolve for the future. In order to maintain and expand the brand from here on out, we need to also attract the attention of young players.": https://archive.md/HBXc6 And this article from GameReactor that was posted shortly after the game was revealed that I posted later in that thread had this particular quote: >Tomizawa also shared that the game has become more popular in the West, which has subsequently impacted the franchise itself. >"I believe we have more influence from the Western users who are now playing Tales Of series," he said. "So for example, as you can see the main character's appearance, he is in armour for the first time in the series, and the art style - we are aiming for a kind of unity [between] the world and art direction in the world environments and character and appearances. So we want to have the characters stand really naturally in the world of Tales of Arise […] so yeah, actually, it really affects us." http://archive.md/TdXuD Besides, if anyone actually wants something to complain about regarding this game other than the assblasted blackpiller doing his usual thing (who even posted that screencap that was made before the 2020 Olympics even though it ended a month ago without any serious ramifications), it should be that Tom James, the Unseen Japan-retweeting SJWeeb that's fine with rewriting Japanese games that don't have voice acting (as seen in the first four pics that I saved a few years ago even though I've already forgotten what game he was talking about, feel free to post more if you guys have any more examples of this guy's behavior), recently announced that he was brought on again to work with the localization: https://archive.md/pHnbM https://archive.md/06HM7 Now I'm hoping for someone that knows how to read Japanese to pirate this game (especially since it doesn't have Denuvo) and post some comparisons of the JP script with the EN script like what that one anon did with Ace Combat 7 back on 8ch (last pic related, I'm very happy that people liked and saved my somewhat-crappy screencap back when I made it since I have seen it reposted a few times in the past). Also, while this is completely unrelated to the thread's main topic, nearly seven months after I created that last pic I actually managed to prevent a local PC SI company from falling down the woke PR rabbit hole by telling one of their sales representatives about how bad it is to post woke crap on their social media accounts after they posted a tweet related to those global warming protests that were happening on the same day and I've never seen anything like that tweet since then. It's a particularly famous company too so it really feels like I really managed to help them dodge a bullet there.
but how's the gameplay
The only Tales game I actually liked was Symphonia, and that's because the combat wasn't a complete chore in that game. And I recently learned that's because of a Street Fighter 2 style bug that I abused the shit out of where you could cancel attacks into other attacks. I tried the demo of Arise on my XSeX and, perhaps it's just because it throws you into a pre-made party without tutorials or anything, but the combat felt spongy and bland. Does Arise combat actually allow for launchers and air-combos and magic juggling and stun-locks and cool shit like that? Or is it just damage sponge enemies with super armor?
>>412918 It certainly has launchers and air combos. I’ve been using them. Can’t promise it will compare to earlier games but at the very least you can seem to juggle enemies around.
Well if the game had triggered niggerpill this much it must be doing something right.
>>412888 (Impressive) Apart from my seething hatred for those fags you posted, this makes me rage even harder : >So for example, as you can see the main character's appearance, he is in armour for the first time in the series, and the art style - we are aiming for a kind of unity [between] the world and art direction in the world environments and character and appearances. >First time >FIRST TIME FIRST FUCKING TIME AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA >Arise doesn't have Denuvo How in the assfuck did that happen? Did someone at BandaiNamco started thinking with their few braincells?
>>412961 It also managed to trigger Luciano for some reason, I have no idea why he showed up in this thread of all places.
For the record, the reason Niggerpill and Luciano are so invested in this game was that the developer admitted to taking inspiration from Western games like The Last of Us according to an interview posted in a /gg/ thread some time ago, so (politically-rotten nigger brains that they are) they see it as a touchstone of Western corruption in Nippon and thus suit their respective brands of HURR DURR JAPAN IS CUCKED, ITS OGRE THERE ARE NO HEROES LEFT IN MAN and HURR DURR >we ALWAYS WIN AND ANYONE WHO DISAGREES WITH ME IS A LEFTIST, OAG GOT MURDERED SO I NEED A PLACE TO SHIT UP WITH FEDPOSTING ABOUT MURDERING WHOEVER I DON'T LIKE. If someone hunted both their stupid asses and offed them like they threatened that Leandro Pardini guy into giving up the COH source code, /v/'s quality would improve a hundredfold.
>>412981 >Niggepill >Implying it's just one guy You do realise that it's probably only one of them being as autistic as Lucinigger and the rest are probably former /cow/tards or other flavours of goons that think "trolling anons is still ebin" or some shit? Either that, or its redditors in between their ban periods from repeating the same things over at cuckchan so they come here. The fact that none of the jannies has fucking banned their IPs is pretty telling, might as well allow bots to come here and tell us about whatever else google wants to promote.
>>412984 IP bans are almost completely useless, especially against fags that so readily just hop on Tor or change their IP to ban evade. MAC bans would be harder to circumvent since they ban your hardware rather than your connection.
>>412984 > Everyone that disagrees with me is niggerpill or a retard
(78.79 KB 500x313 oraora.gif)

How shit is the gayme?
>>412889 No one knows. /v/ doesn't play video games.
>>413020 Friend of mine has been playing it and says the game is pretty average overall and not worth it. Chief complaints are the combat is meh, the characters bar the main guy and the punching cunt are boring, and the game is basically a linear corridor and apparently enemies do not give enough money or XP as to incentivize buying micro-transactions of which ads for said micro-transactions are shoved in your face while you are at camp or something.
>>413031 That's cuckchan, we play games.
>>413042 >ads for said micro-transactions Wasn't this shit full priced?
>>413079 Ya and it still has them. A lot of them.
>>413042 My friend told me this game's using a bait and switch like Zestiria. The girl is not the romantic target of the main guy just like Alisha was not important to Sorey's journey, he is actually a fag.
(13.06 KB 250x333 PajamaKid.jpg)

>>413079 >ads >in a full priced game You best be shitting me nigger.
I tried Tales of Abyss and couldn't give a shit. Are there any ARPG Tales of games that are good? Which one?
>>413085 The 2D games, Phantasia, Destiny, and Eternia (called Destiny 2 in the west) are all great.
(1.08 MB 720x405 1571907351218.gif)

>>413085 You should play Tales of Graces F! It's easily the best game in the entire franchise
>>413042 >enemies do not give enough money or XP as to incentivize buying micro-transactions If this is the case then everything i suspected here >>412530 I truly hope you are shitting me though
>>413010 Are you sure you quoted the right guy? >>413141 >I truly hope you are shitting me though Nope. He isn't joking And on top of that, some people say that EXP is tied to difficulty in an inverse manner : higher difficulties give out more EXP and SP but the highest ones are either locked by New Game+ or DLC and that lower difficulties cut EXP and SP gain by half instead. Your average Arte in order to unlock needs about 400 SP and you gain about 50 SP per battle with the various food bonuses, if you're lucky. SP grinding becomes viable 2/3rds in the game and by then your level will also be affected due to reduced EXP gains if you're playing below Moderate. Now, that could bullshit buuuuuuuut There is the "Starter Pack" DLC that gives you about 50 free levels worth of experience How's the game going by the way, still waiting for impressions. >>413082 Your friend is a gay fag that likes to lie to you it's actually dumber than that. The game that starts about two planets being racist at each other is akchually a ploy between AAAAYYYYY LMAOs to harvest astral energy out of humans so they abducted them from the planet and created clones of them. The clones then subjugated the original humans and are trying to breed them out so the clones can have an excess of astral energy in order to ascend alongside their (((chosen))) leaders, their alien creators Main character was actually in love with the girls original DNA donnor, 300 years ago. He gets together with the current girl at the end of the game by performing Goku's Spirit Bomb and killing the leader of the LMAOs with a spirit sword to fuse the two planets together in an effort to mitigate the racism between proper humans and clone humans
(1.14 MB 900x675 the_bardmaidens_cocks.png)

>>413152 >spoiler That sounds like a gayer Symphonia.
(565.40 KB 958x717 What a swell guy.png)

>>413197 Worse. It's gayer Symphonia mixed with far gayer Abyss and sprinkled with Dragon Ball Super Zamasu Arc and Kamen Rider Build since Bandai Namco considers the last two their greatest triumphs regarding anime and tokusatsu this last decade.
>>412505 Tales of Destiny is solid (figure out how to play the remaster) Tales of Eternia (Tales of Destiny 2 for some fuckdumb reason in some countries) is great Never played any other tales game, I should probably...
(69.96 KB 612x449 FUCKING LOL.jpg)

>It has microtransactions
(178.94 KB 1280x720 magilou.jpg)

So we can all agree Magilou is the best Tales girl and she gave us all a pit fetish, right?
(11.09 KB 300x361 Mint_Adenade.JPG.webp)

(8.83 KB 180x352 Chloe_Valens_(1).webp)

(60.54 KB 758x758 Philia_Felice_(ToD_PSX)_1.webp)

(11.62 KB 250x176 Tear-sees-your-cock.webp)

(97.25 KB 550x1190 Sheena_Fujibayashi_(ToS_GC).webp)

>>413294 >Not /m/int giving everyone a /m/other fetish >Not best slut-priestess Phillia >Not Sheena Fujibayashi and het great cleavage >Not Tear Grants being a fictionlised Yukana with upgrades in the boobs and ass department >Not Chloe Valens <Thankfully probably nobody fawns over (((Judith))) Pretty gay taste anon.
(178.43 KB 740x1038 ToV Judith.png)

>>413297 Fuck you Judith is top-tier
(170.93 KB 1021x690 Tales of Conservatism.jpg)

>>413152 > it's actually dumber than that. The game that starts about two planets being racist at each other is akchually a ploy between AAAAYYYYY LMAOs to harvest astral energy out of humans so they abducted them from the planet and created clones of them. The clones then subjugated the original humans and are trying to breed them out so the clones can have an excess of astral energy in order to ascend alongside their (((chosen))) leaders Sounds like a VERY rough retelling of Tales of Symphonia, where there's two planets in different dimensions that are linked - magic energy flows between them, but only one direction at a time. When one is drawing energy and thriving, the other is dying... and then they flip so that the other one starves while the prior one thrives. They had the whole subjugation and oppression by people from the other world angle going as well, complete with concentration camps for dissidents. Sounds kind of par for the course to me.
>>413322 The thing with Tales of SYmphonia is that it plays roughly on Norwegian mythology and acts as a prequel to the Norwegian shannenigans that Phantasia started. Arise's main plot is delivered mostly in exposition because Tomizawa is a fan of >LE EBIN PLOTWISTERINOS, isn't that right my fellow Yuasa / Nishioishin enjoyers kind of shit and basically lifts the plot of the Super Warrior Human race straight from Guyver, being aylmao experiments, straight up has shit like the Planets are linked not because they were originally one and they split but because one was a natural planet and the other was manmade for the LMAOs to harvest it and humans happened to be born so they created clones of them, subjugated the actual humans and steal their shit to live. Meanwhile, the final aylmao survivor drops the bombshell that in reality all of this is the will of "The Great Spirit" who hates strife and despises humans. So you ask, what the fuck is the Great Spirit and why am I remembering Shaman King all of a sudden? It's because the great spirit is the energy that was drained from the made up planet and gained conciousness due to experimentation and it came to be a God. And promised to ascend the lmaos but they were too violent so they systematically killed them while they were worshipping it like a retard. An the reason the two space-faring human races are akchually at war(the royal families anyway) is because they want to control the Astral Energy of legend(they don't know it's called the Great Spirit) so instead of trying to work something out they zerg into war and only the resistance are magically the level headed ones with the power to access the Great Spirit. Sound familiar? It's the entire backstory and first episode of Ideon actually. And the Great Spirit wants to combine the two planets to live forever and to then grow even more powerful in order to "Evolve" which is fucking ripped off from Getter Fucking Robo. I'm not saying that previous Tales games didn't have anime tropes but it's one thing to animefy old myths, old stories and put a twist in them, and explore the characters but modern Tales just straight up want to copy either flavour of the month anime or just some anime that are considered a "risk" to adapt in video game form. Why do you think Berseria even exists, that shit plagiarized Berserk to a highly uncomfortable degree. It made Super Robot Wars look original by comparisson. Oh and the technology the aylmaos use to drain the energy of the human planet takes the form of a steel flower that blooms the more energy it has, as if it is fucking Gundam 00 all over again.
>>413301 Literally the best gameplay in the series character. >Jump cancels >Fast falling >Anime fighter IADs >no restrictions on normal mechanics like Manual cancelling >best OTG / Reversal bait move in the game possibly series >instant teleport above enemy move that avoids effectively every attack in the game and combo starts on hit >Dabs on co op partners by forcing the screen to highly zoom out because how how high she can juggle people compared to the rest of the cast Devs on something when they made her gameplay.
(2.48 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

>>412173 >start Tales of Vesperia >hallways everywhere >badly controlled AI allies >free-roam combat >janky controls >words words words thrown at me PS3 release Wait a damn second FFXIII did all these things but better.
>>413648 She's pretty good, but as far as fun characters go Patty definitely takes the cake for that. I did use Judith a lot in the coliseum though.
>>413744 NGL I cheated and used the DLC to get the weapon she has which lets you just cheat critical mode. I know the magic form actually has some cool stuff but I'd rather just skip to the best mode with the best versions of physical attacks and easy combos I can give to my friends.
(70.13 KB 820x1024 download.jpeg)

>>413648 >Literally the best gameplay in the series character. ? That's WRONG though?
>>413772 >adds a question mark at the end for no reason. You type like a woman or a nigger.
Did they bring back auto-battle in Arise? At some point in Tales games I get bored of manually fighting and just let the A.I do it for me.
>>413648 Nah it's got to be Rita or Philia. I love when they make the spell caster so unbelievably strong, Philia is effectively immortal when she activates force field and if the enemy even dared to attack it fills her super meter by a full gauge to let her just super for free pretty much and once you have all her speed castings stacked she can combo bomb into lightning into judgement and then just loop her strongest spells that almost always crit to do it again and again. Rita just rapes the game, once you give her fastest casting speed she just combos screen nuke into screen nuke and nothing in the game has a reply to this because what can they do this? You can find out how to do this from a grade farming guide since they have her do this to a triple or quad encounters to get 10 minute long loops that just end on her getting 800 grade. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3Ppj-yuuzI here you go. >>413772 Sophie chads?
why is the entire level design just one big hallway.
>>413786 It’s the same as most jrpgs. You go from place to place in linear plot order. There’s a few side areas. Dungeons have some side paths for treasure. A few dungeons are more maze like. It’s no different than an average jrpg.
>>413786 >>413863 These fucking games should have stopped being called "RPGs" 30 fucking years ago
>>412967 If they had braincells they'd remove Denuvo from older games like Ace Combat 7 and that Souls ripoff game. >>412981 It's still deeply concerning to see people taking inspiration from shitty games like TLOU and Life is Tumblr.
>>413975 >It's still deeply concerning to see people taking inspiration from shitty games like TLOU and Life is Tumblr. I’m a decent way into the story and I personally have no fucking clue where this Life is Strange influence is supposed to be represented. The characters talk like standard jrpg fantasy heroes not like middle aged Frenchmen trying to write teenagers, the story is a standard save the world with your friends plot rather than a self obsessed bumbling through a half baked mystery, the character designs look like standard anime protagonists rather than west coast hipsters. Where the fuck is this “influence” supposed to be exactly? I feel like that guy was just talking out of his ass and trying to say shit he thought would appeal to western journos.
>>413786 I don't know when they started doing that shit. I skipped Xillia 1 and 2 but I know Zestiria and Berseria just had copy-pasted dungeons with like one or two being unique. Vesperia was the last game that actually had every dungeon be differently designed and even had some fairly challenging puzzles.
>>413786 Japanese devs should at least give players more freedom to explore the levels instead of making a handholding linear bullshit that plagues most JRPGs.
>>413774 >>413775 ¿¿¿¿¿
Is there some kind of reveal later in the game that recontextualizes how much of a tropey shitfuck the main characters are like some of the other games or is it just tropes all the way through like Symphonia?
>>414291 Tales of Symphonia turned the "you are the chosen one" shit on its head and forced you to watch your friend die for the entire first act Tales of the Abyss has your main character actually being a fucking clone of a real person with baby brain and then shoves him in the middle of a warzone and deals with the actual trauma of having to kill someone to save your own life having literally never seen death before Tales of Vesperia has a main character who straight up murks at least two corrupt government officials while the rest of the party is asleep and drops their rotting corpses in the river the Tales series has its standouts and it has, in the past, been able to evolve beyond tropes I was hoping it could do it again
>>414294 If every game is a “subversion” then that means the “twist” in every game becomes expected. Frankly I think modern society is too obsessed with subversions. I actually like playing a super traditional game since you never see them anymore.
>>414312 >I actually like playing a super traditional game since you never see them anymore. Like what?
(174.71 KB 1920x1080 velvet and laphicet.jpg)

Reminder that /ss/ is canon is Berseria
(1.12 MB 80x160 dance.gif)

>>412529 Well I know what I'm listening to next. Give me more you faggot.
>414291 >phil fish
(339.73 KB 1600x800 BD.jpg)

>>414314 I guess this would count, as well as the latest Dragon Quest game.
>>414336 I might start DQ XII. No way in shit i'm wasting my precious time with this game. And its only because of that XP, pay to win bullshit. Just fuck off with the grinding on offline games. What in the fuck is that about.
>>414315 < >>414346 That anon was talking out of his ass. The game does not require grinding. It’s not an Ubisoft game trying to make the game a grind to sell the packs. The xp shit is just for lazy fucks and journos who want to be over leveled. You get plenty of sp in the game and you never have to grind. I’m playing through the game right now and have never needed to grind once.
(619.10 KB 1280x1820 002.jpg)

>>414312 When Tales was doing it though, nobody else was even touching the subversions and most of the time, the subversions were one part of the entire storyline. To take the Abyss storyline for example, I could acurately tell you that : >Abyss is about a brat discovering that he was used by his teacher to basically open the gates of Hell so he has to man up, gather his party, drop his attitude and fight him to avoid the destruction of the Earth Notice that the fact that our main character Luke is a clone isn't as important to the whole story. Same thing with most other Tales games, it's not as subversive as you fear it to be. Heck, Zestiria and Berseria completely dropped any sort of subverting pretenses and just gave some retarded stories up front. Xilia did to an extend as well but I'd be lying if I told you I remembered anything beyond the sickest fucking fighting system, the coolest fight against Cress and Stahn and the greatest Dual Ougi name of "Wild Combination". >>414315 Anon, post the actual, official, totally canon material anon. 8^D
>>414424 Most I remember about Xillia was having a traitor who backstabs the party like 4 different times and keeps getting let back in, like they were parodying the trend.
>>412173 Was this shit designed by Feminist Frequency or what? This is like GamerGate's worse nightmare realized.
>>413085 Xillia 1+2 are top tier.
>>414074 >Where the fuck is this “influence” supposed to be exactly? To quote the interview that I linked earlier in this thread, it's mostly because of the game's art style and tone: >“We started developing Tales of Arise all the way back in 2016,” he recalled. “Initially, when we were considering what sort of art style and direction that we wanted to take this game, at the time, I was playing Life is Strange a lot. I was a big fan due to the art direction, which was a very good balance between photorealism and [animation]. It was very impactful. And Life is Strange is an adventure game with a very beautiful story, and that story really inspired me to deliver that same level of beauty and quality into the Tales of Arise story. So I would have to say Life is Strange was a very big influence and inspiration in planning and developing Tales of Arise.” Honestly this reminds me of how some Japanese gamers view Call of Duty as something that only hardcore gamers play instead of something that millions of normalfags and children have played or how the PC platform was mostly viewed over there as something only for boring office work and adult visual novels until a few years ago. Like I said before in that post's first spoiler I ultimately think it's simply just ignorance on what foreign gamers are interested in and playing considering that these developers are likely looking at what the mainstream gaming journalists are praising and thinking that's what everyone in the west is interested in. If I somehow had the chance of meeting him I would simply give him a copy of a game like Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver and tell him that game is a better example of a "very beautiful story" compared to Life is Tumblr. <<414592 Fuck off niggerpill, you're really running out of things to whine about. At this point you should really just do everyone a favor and kill yourself. You also forgot to turn on your TOR so enjoy getting IP-banned.
>>414676 >Honestly this reminds me of how some Japanese gamers view Call of Duty as something that only hardcore gamers play instead of something that millions of normalfags and children have played or how the PC platform was mostly viewed over there as something only for boring office work and adult visual novels until a few years ago. Or when Hideous Babar quoted Skyrim as the best open world game ever and the next step to the Tales series, and then we got Zestiria. Which is PR speak but whenever they do that PR talk it's most often >We want their numbers or [PUBLISHER] is going to kick our shit in if we fail in disguise. >If I somehow had the chance of meeting him I would simply give him a copy of a game like Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver and tell him that game is a better example of a "very beautiful story" compared to Life is Tumblr. We're talking about Tomizawa, the guy that doesn't fucking know what he's talking about. When God Eater 2 came around he was quoted >Burst was the result of us taking in all the feedback we received from gamers about the original GE and trying to make the first game as complete a package as possible. With GE2, we’re trying to pinpoint what users found fun about the game; we’re taking it apart and reassembling it from scratch. The GE series is about high-speed action and a story that makes you the hero. The way those two aspects combine is what I think makes the game appealing to users, and to start out, we’re going to make both aspects stronger in GE2. The man has said similar thing when he was in charge for Code Vein, the man has no fucking idea what the story is, like he reads the summary and still is in the dark about. He also doesn't have a good grasp on the shit the directors do, like when the fucker said >I played too much Dark Souls, so here's the R1 attack Like, motherfucker that's the first thing you slap the shit out of your directors.
>>414676 >mostly because of the game's art style and tone Again I see no indication of this. Life is Strange was down to earth and mundane even it’s fantastical elements featuring lots of muted colors. Arise is vibrant and full of pastels even in the desolate areas. Character designs also feel not even remotely similar. As for tone I don’t really get that sense either. There’s less attempts at goofy comedy but that’s mostly due to the subject matter.
(54.57 KB 447x686 arino despair.jpg)

Downloaded the demo when it dropped the other day so here are my thoughts: 1.) Controllers did not work out of the box at all, I tried fiddling with it for a good half an hour to no avail, appears this is fixable with the full game so make of that what you will 2.) Combat is "okay", it's more of the same but a little faster paced. 3.) From the area you get to run around in the demo I wasn't impressed, seemed like more FFX tier hallways with maybe a few deviations here or there, might not be as bad if there's still a world map but I'm not sure 4.) This one is where my opinion went from lukewarm to bad, you get ads to buy microtransactions when you sit at campfires which is made even worse when almost all the mtx in the game are level boosters and pay to win tier shit. All in all, probably gonna wait for a sale or just not buy it at all because there are probably better games to invest time into. Fuck Bamco
its honestly like every other jrpg ive played. mediocre story, they try to get you to care about someone you just met and have no prior relationship with, only model a handful of armors, and linear and on rails as fuck. the combat is decent, but nothing amazing.
>>414878 just pirate it, you dumb fucking nigger
>>414983 >hypersexualized drawings of underage girls If Arise had that, that would be the redeeming quality. But it doesn't.
(10.21 KB 255x246 kermit nigger.jpg)

>>414944 I don't want to pirate it, I don't want to play it at all and when I say "wait for a sale" that means, I'd pay 5 dollars for it years down the line. Pardon me for insinuating I might possibly pay for a game at some point retard
(26.47 KB 332x355 51MtXfkhAXL._SY355_.jpg)

> Paying for your entertainment
(8.00 MB 590x332 pirate my programs.webm)

>>415065 Don't these niggers have bills to pay? Groceries to buy? Real shit to spend money on?
(118.16 KB 740x960 Heavenly_Pete.jpg)

The fights after Lightningjew will be less of a clusterfuck, r-right? It's gonna get better, right?? Because fuck me sideways, that was simply not fun. It took me 2 tries and I was not in charge at any point. Also, when does Karatekid get decent? Because right now his misbegotten Cannon-Spike™-looking launcher whiffs practically every time. Also, also, how do I set a character to actually be the damn party lead? Having to fiddle with the menu every time a fight starts is janky as fuck.
>>418774 Kill me, Pete
>>418774 Kill me, Pete
>>418774 There’s a button in the menu that should bring up the menu that lets you pick the battle party lead. I think it’s one of the shoulder buttons if you use a controller.
>>418774 How did you manage to get past the part where all the clones activate after he uses his kill super-powered spell? I can only manage to barely kill one clone before the spell goes off and then the two remaining ones go ham on everyone. As for the party lead thing, with KB+M it's the E button on the ESC menu, press F over the char you want to be the party lead. You can also cycle through who's the displayed lead in the overworld by pressing F on the main part of the ESC menu.
>>418862 isn't she basically a toddler?
(602.03 KB 963x720 question.png)

So is the game actually any good? I see it's been given the "open world" tag but I pressed (X) to doubt on that. Are the micro-transactions egregious? Will there be DLC later?
>>419982 >So is the game actually any good? I’ve been enjoying it. It’s an incredibly basic jrpg with a standard save the world plot with all the typical trimmings that entails. However I’m also a huge sap who enjoys a traditional romance from time to time. Granted, it’s actually pretty rare for Tales to dip into that, but still. >I see it's been given the "open world" tag but I pressed (X) to doubt on that. As well you should since it’s not. It’s a linear adventure taking you from place to place as the plot progresses. You can fast travel back to old regions for side quests and the like and there are optional areas, but I’d never call it open world. >Are the micro-transactions egregious? For what it’s worth I’ve never felt like my growth was being throttled and I’ve never needed to grind to progress. The dlc option in the camping menu is a bit of an eyesore but I learned to ignore it pretty quickly. >Will there be dlc later? Unknown. It was very successful though, so maybe.
>>419999 (nice quads) Thanks for the info, I guess I'll wait for a sale or a complete edition if there is any eventual DLC.
(1.00 MB 706x754 ClipboardImage.png)

>>419024 I just hit them till they were dead.
>>419982 >Are the micro-transactions egregious? Just pirate it if you're worried about that, anon.
>>412233 >How much was it westernized? None of it its pretty much just a by the numbers Tales game and /v/ is just spouting random shit as per normal. >If your going to shit on a game Anons do it for the real reasons. Arise is boring. Played it for about 10 hours and got fucking bored. Berseria is better Anons should play that and not waste their time with Arise its fucking dull.
>>412233 The girls aren't sexy unlike how they are in their new upcoming mobile game.
(44.40 KB 444x444 444.gif)

>spirit dungeons I will rape the yellow niggermonkey who signed off on this shit to death.
>>419113 Yeah, if you're retarded.

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