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(72.49 KB 836x836 3070ti Evga.jpg)

PC Hardware Thread Anonymous 09/11/2021 (Sat) 22:04:07 Id: 4d0df2 No. 413503
Think we could use a PC hardware thread on /v/ right now. >What have you bought recently? >What Specs is your Rig running? >What peripherals do you use? >What Monitor resolution do you run? >Storage >PSU wattage I recently by some miracle snagged a 3070 ti for a somewhat reasonable price in Leafstan and now am looking for a reasonable priced 1440p 144hz monitor.
Don't buy from Scalpers and if you have a semi decent GPU save it like your life depends on it, don't be like Mark who was scammed by them.
Data mining thread? Alright. >What have you bought recently? be quiet Dark Rock TF CPU Cooler I had two PCs with fully custom water cooling loops. The loop in the ATX build is manageable, but the loop in the ITX build is too much hassle to drain and refill so I converted that build to air cooling. Had to get the Dark Rock TF CPU Cooler to do that. >What Specs is your Rig running? I have multiple PCs. Two ATX builds, one is a NAS. Two ITX builds, the older ITX build is the one I converted to air, the newer one (listed below) is using air cooling and just barely fits into a big backpack meant for laptops. Anyways, the build I'm using now: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X cooled with Alpenfohn Black Ridge (wouldn't recommend this because I had to undervolt the CPU to get the heat under control) Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti (Asus) Miraculously obtained from Newegg Shuffle on launch day. Corsair LPX Memory (2x8GB) 16GB 3600Mhz CL14 >What peripherals do you use? Logitech G305 Wireless Mouse Keychron K4 Mechanical Keyboard (Gateron Brown Switches / White LED backlit) Unfortunately, the version with hot-swappable key switches was not available at the time. These Gateron Browns are fine, but I would have liked to try other switches. Superlux HD 669 Headphones with some necessary comfort mods 65" LG C9 OLED TV >What Monitor resolution do you run? 1440p 120Hz I can do 4K 120Hz, but I also take this ITX PC on the go and plug it into a 120Hz 1440p portable monitor. So to avoid messing with game settings between two displays I just keep using 1440p 120Hz for everything. >Storage Samsung 980 Pro NVMe 250GB SSD Samsung 870 QVO 4TB SSD >PSU wattage 750W I have a third ITX build that I could get running, but it needs a PSU and suffers from random shut downs that I've yet to diagnose; it's either the old RAM which wasn't even working with that motherboard before updating the BIOS or perhaps the slipshod way I've mounted the HDD. Those are the only changes aside from the case and the hardware worked fine before those changes.
>>413555 >Samsung 870 QVO 4TB SSD I was thinking of picking one of these up how fast are they compared to a WD black anon?
>What have you bought recently? Lian Li O11D Mini Liquid Freezer 2 AIO also a mini PSU for the Lian Li case since it's technically an ITX case with ATX support. >What Specs is your Rig running? AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 64GB of RAM NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti (EVGA) CROSSHAIR VIII DARK HERO (AM4) >What peripherals do you use? Hard drive bays for ROMS and Dropbox ROG Claymore II Keyboard and a Keris mouse Webcam for interviews Shadowcast for when I wanna play with my Switch and Series S console >What Monitor resolution do you run? 3840 x 2160 pixel >Storage two 8 Terabyte hard drives two 1TB M.2 SSDs two 1TB SATA SSDs one 500GB SATA SSD one 2TB SSD >PSU wattage 850
I can't find any good 4K monitors on the market. I just want a good 144hz 1ms 4K monitor that's at least 32 inches, but the biggest one available is just 27 inches. What's the point of me owning a RTX 3090 and Ryzen 9 5900X if it's on a small 27 inch monitor.
Still rocking rx480 still plays what I want. Just hope it doesn't fucking break with these GPU prices
(56.77 KB 122x183 The kike.png)

>>413567 >Series S console There is only one Mann in all of /v/ who'd own an Xbone cuck series. >>413569 You actually managed to snag a 3090? Actually this brings up a question how much of /v/ is running serious hardware? >>413570 Treat it like gold anon as a fucking 2060 and AMD equivalent is 800-900 USD/CAD I don't know about European or Aussie/Kiwi prices.
>>413563 Oh, I forgot to mention that 4TB SSD is a SATA drive. It's only around as fast as the bandwidth limitations of SATA. I thought about getting a 4TB NVMe SSD as the secondary drive instead of a SATA SSD, but they were more expensive and my ITX case is poorly designed so there's no cutout behind the motherboard to get to the second NVMe slot. So in the end I just went with a 4TB SATA SSD.
>>413588 My C drive is a 970 Samsung MVMe but all my other storage drives are WD blacks but my 4tb is running out of space after seven years.
I'm running a i9 9900k currently but I wonder if a Ryzen 7 or 9 would be an improvement what you anons think?
(59.01 KB 885x560 Jesus.jpg)

>>413661 Anon gas has doubled in the past year. When will prices fall? When we switch to a new currency. And if you think those price increases are bad you should see fucking ammo lately.
>>413676 Prices will always be $100-$150 more than we're used to forever due to inflation, but hopefully within the next year and a half they'll normalize a bit so we can at least see them on shelves at their proper inflated price. The biggest issue isn't so much the currency inflation but the fact that used cards cost more than their MSRP. In a perfect world all the richfags would be buying new GPU's and selling their 1080's off for half price to people that have a budget.
Honestly this mess has hurt gaming more then anything as neither PC or console are selling much.
>>413709 PC is still selling, but it's mostly software.
>>413715 What's going to be funny is how the Next gen only games will do as barely anyone owns a new PlayStation or Xbone, but even a 1060 will run a new game with at least 60FPS on medium or high 1080p.
How the hell do you fags make use of all these weird name with number? gtx 4023? i3 440m? gforce 9000? Like how do you compare their performance? Is there a score somewhere that determines it or do you have to look at the big picture?
(191.30 KB 542x349 tired bateman.png)

>>413661 >>413676 >>413693 >>413699 You guys can thank the American funded Coronavirus for bringing in all that inflation along with the authoritarian new world order. Don't know how long were gonna have to deal with this shit, hope its just a temporary thing like the cold war and not permanent, but in the latter case, PC part prices are fucked forever. >>413756 Bigger number bigger perfomance. A chart like this makes it easy to make sense of https://www.techrankup.com/en/pc-graphics-cards-ranking/
>>413716 1060/rx480 is still the best buy you can have in PC. Hell gtx660 is still playing games fine
(137.60 KB 901x461 chinese_planning.png)

>>413781 >You guys can thank the American funded Coronavirus That's the Chinks being subhuman fuck ups as always and blaming Americans or everyone else whenever they fuck the bed which is near constant. Yes I absolutely hate the Western Taiwanese with all my soul. >>413783 If you have those cards or slightly newer such as a 2060 you're fine and unless you find a card for a reasonable price like I or other anons did you should go for it but if not don't do so as GPU prices are insane.
>>413788 What I thank the Kung Flu for is helping cucksoles die faster and hurting Soyny/M$ as I blame those two and Nintendo to a lesser extent for fucking gaming beyond repair. >>413789 God I hate Biden, Justin Castro, that cuckhold Macron and others with a bloody passion.
(36.85 KB 817x527 1630354147422.png)

>>413569 >144hz 1ms 4K monitor that's at least 32 inches tftcentral.co.uk/reviews/asus_rog_swift_pg32uqx tftcentral.co.uk/reviews/gigabyte-aorus-fi32u 1ms on LCD is unlikely to happen. Even the fast TN panels like the one in tftcentral.co.uk/reviews/asus_rog_swift_360hz_pg259qn average about 2.5ms. >>413715 Oh, videocards are selling perfectly fine. Just to miners. Despite the notable crypto fall in May following the historic April rally, crypto clawed its way back up. Etherium, which is most popular coin to mine with PC hardware nowadays (even when you account for NVIDIA's LHR editions of 30*0 cards), has its total mining pool bigger than ever. The wild ride goes on.
>>413792 Didn't LHR do absolutely jack shit in stopping Chinkoid Miners until the CCP ironically saved the day by stopping them to a degree?
>>413787 >blaming Americans Yes the chincks are to be blamed for releasing the virus(accidentally or not), that does not mean that Americans didn't fund the gain of function research, especially now when emails got leaked and prove that Dr Fauci, personally funded those projects, and thought it was worth it, even if there would be a global pandemic. https://archive.is/5wfTQ
>>413792 Don't IPS panels hit 1ms? >>413794 Oh I think Americans and other Western powers played a part but at the end of the day it's these yellow bugmen fucks who fucked everything up through sheer incompetency , then didn't tell anyone jack shit for months till it got so bad. God I fucking hate Chinx so much.
>>413793 LHR only targets ETH, so some miners just switched to Ravencoin and other alts. Then there's the fact that early on LRH was just flipped on through drivers, not through firmware, so cracking/bypassing it was only a matter of time. Then NV "accidentally" released some beta drivers that supported even 3060 (cards that should only be supported by LHR-aware drivers) but didn't have LHR on. Looking at the Etherium situation now, either LHR was cracked for good (I don't truly know if it is), or miners are still making a profit despite it. NV and AMD don't care because they get record revenue and profits from it and are laughing all the way to the bank. >>413795 On some transitions in some circumsrances. But not all of them, hence the averages being much worse than 1ms.
>>413756 Computer part naming schemes are inconsistent at best and gibberish at worst. You only keep track of them through sheer exposure to the information. Nvidia went from calling their lineup GTX #### to calling them RTX because they really wanted you to know it had useless ray tracing tech in them that serves no purpose outside of enterprise shit. AMD jumps around their GPU naming schemes randomly, and their CPU naming schemes are almost as random. Intels CPU naming schemes are a running joke at this point and I don't think anyone can keep track of them. The best way to compared modern hardware is to just watch youtube reviews from people like HardwareUnboxed and listen to their guidance and charts. You aren't going to be able to make intelligent decisions on your own if the names of the products are tripping you up.
>>413797 >Then NV "accidentally" released some beta drivers that supported even 3060 (cards that should only be supported by LHR-aware drivers) but didn't have LHR on. Looking at the Etherium situation now, either LHR was cracked for good (I don't truly know if it is), or miners are still making a profit despite it. What a waste of fucking time. >On some transitions in some circumsrances. But not all of them, hence the averages being much worse than 1ms I was eyeing a 1ms 1440p IPS panel from LG as my next monitor or should I just look elsewhere? >>413801 Does anyone other then Pixar and Dream works use Ray Tracing in any real capacity?
>>413804 >Does anyone other then Pixar and Dream works use Ray Tracing in any real capacity? Besides Disney with their own CGI movies, any company that makes CGI trailers for video-games also count(think of those Blizzard trailers, everybody gasps about). There are also live-action movies, besides capeshit that will use CGI in some of their action scenes, and that will need ray tracing as well. Back during the 90s when you had games with pre-rendered backgrounds(Resident Evil 1-3, Final Fantasy 7-9), those pre-rendered backgrounds were done also using ray-tracing to look better.
(192.67 KB 400x400 rtx on&off.png)

(72.95 KB 1791x260 why rtx will fall.PNG)

>>413807 I went to a friend's place where he has a total monster of rig >Ryzen 16 core >128GB RAM >RTX 3090 >4K 120hz >and the works When he tried showing me RTX in games I honestly couldn't tell any difference as modern games are already so lovely in terms of graphics (only if they could not suck ass at everything else) that at best I could see reflections were a tad bit better.
>>413804 >What a waste of fucking time. I honestly believe LHR was just a ruse to placate the gaming market, since the latter obviously fucking hates the miners right now, while NV still strikes the iron (miners) while it's hot. >We care about gamers and hear your grievances >We condemn the environmental irresponsibility of mining >We intoduce LHR <Oh, it does jack shit? How unfortunate. <t. (((NVIDIA))) >I was eyeing a 1ms 1440p IPS panel from LG as my next monitor or should I just look elsewhere? Which one? Just read and watch the reviews and user experience, and if you don't see anything wrong with it, go for it. Don't put too much stock into average G2G reported pixel response times, because that number is always massaged a bit.
>>413810 Ray tracing can do some cool things that are impossible without it like real reflections, which means functional mirrors. But other than that most of the eye candy it has can be done in rasterization by people that are just good at developing games. Maybe in 2 or 3 more generations it'll be worth caring about.
>>413815 >which means functional mirrors Anon I've seen doom wads with functional mirrors. Build Engine games had functional mirrors. Yeah they used tricks to make it happen. Isn't that for the best? Using some trick to achieve something at a lower cost/effort than making it happen otherwise?
>>413812 What really blows my mind is how fucking Nivida didn't just piss off the gaming market but prosumer and enterprise markets too with their bullshit. >>413816 Shit like fucking ICO and Shadow of the Colossus in the PS2 era had reflections and good lighting which is better implemented then most modern game currently.
(3.75 MB 640x360 KH3.mp4)

(45.59 KB 486x600 andy room 2.jpg)

(93.59 KB 800x449 andy room.jpg)

>>413810 The thing with RayTracing is that it's extremely computer intensive, even today(it probably takes 1 day to render 1 minute of realistic lighting), and these dedicated GPUs, only partially do RayTracing or do some hacks to simulate it. I guess an advantage of it is that we could have working mirrors again in games. The best comparison of what RayTracing can do, is to compare the original Toy Story from 1995 with Kingdom Hearts 3 from 2019, so a 24 year gap, as they both feature the same characters and even environments. Now Square Enix, is known for their good looking graphics in games, especially Final Fantasy(even if the games are shit), so the comparison is fair, plus technology has advanced a lot n those 24 years, so you can expect modern consoles to be able to render enough polygons to match what was done in 1995. That is correct, so all that is left is the lighting, and you can clearly see the difference, that even now Toy Story 1, overall, looks better, though the human models in the first movie were crap, and this has improved.
>>413816 Just because some games and developers put in the effort to do mirror tricks in their games doesn't mean ray traced reflections aren't cool or worth caring about. It means that developers don't have to spend time doing funky tricks to get the same effect, and less time spent doing that is generally better. Plus there's a big difference between reflections in some bathroom in an old game and reflections in the windows on the site of a skyscraper. At scale those tricks don't really work anymore. Obviously the performance hit of ray tracing isn't even remotely worth it, but there will come a time where the performance hit is negligible and it'll be interesting to see what games start to look like.
>>413819 Fair enough. I had the performance hit in mind when making that post because I do not want more shitty sub 30/60 fps games coming out being excused because of raytracing or what else.
>>413819 >Plus there's a big difference between reflections in some bathroom in an old game and reflections in the windows on the site of a skyscraper. As far as I'm aware, the key advantage of RT when it comes to reflections is being able to do dynamic, realtime reflections on trasparent/translucent surfaces like water and windows. That is straight up impossible with rasterisation; the reflections on water (think HL2 or Far Cry 1) will be static. Correct?
>>413818 Toy Story still holds up even after so many years is a testament to Pixar's tech skills. >>413819 >Obviously the performance hit of ray tracing isn't even remotely worth it, but there will come a time where the performance hit is negligible and it'll be interesting to see what games start to look like. When my 3070ti comes in I'm going to do some test and come back to this thread or make a new thread posting my results. >>413821 >do not want more shitty sub 30/60 fps games coming out being excused because of raytracing or what else. I remember the bullshit excuses six years for 30fps being the norm was it was more cinematic which is what the hacks at Ready at Dawn tried pulling with that awful PS4 game the order 1886 which the only interesting thing that shit piece going for it was the bullet denting system which I think should be in more titles.
>>413823 >Toy Story still holds up even after so many years is a testament to Pixar's tech skills. Yes they did a great job but it's important to remember that they didn't render the movie on one computer, but on a cluster of them(something that is still standard to this day). Apparently they used 117 computers most of them were dual-core but some quad-core to render about 3 minutes of animation in one week. Of course technology has evolved a lot since those days, and from what I have found online, theoretically the latest GPUs and CPUs could render the original movie in real time, though you would need to re-write the software to be compatible with modern hardware, which I think is really impressive. Something that I was mistaken about, in my posts, was saying that Toy Story used RayTracing, apparently this is false, because ray tracing was too computer intensive in that day, and instead they used Reyes Rendering technique, which is almost as good but less computer intensive, that they later developed the RenderMan software to animate stuff with, software that is still maintained and used today by Pixar, even used in other movies such as Lord of the Rings. Apparently the first ever Pixar Movie to use actual Ray Tracing is Monster Univeristy, which came out in 2013, though others say the first Cars movie was the first to use actual Ray Tracing.
(146.27 KB 602x400 Rendering Farm.jpg)

>>413873 Forgot image and rest of my post So let's say that we can render the original Toy Story on one modern RTX GPU and CPU, does that mean that games can look as good? Sadly not yet, as a movie does not have to deal with AI, player inputs, chaotic camera movements done by the player, and destructible environments that are triggered by the player, especially if he can also move stuff around(say move explosive barrels in another location, instead of detonating them, where the devs wanted). Maybe in the next 10 or so years, but not now. Still it's impresive how technology has evolved.
(233.74 KB 620x640 HUHUHH.png)

Does dust in your PC have an effect on your performance? occasionally when I play games I have these micro stutters. I swear they werent there for the first few years I had this machine and I cant think of a reason why it would suddenly start getting worse. obviously newer games wouldn't run as well but even older games that used to play well have some weird performance issues. My specs >Geforce 650 ti boost >8gb of ram >intel CPU @ 3.10ghz (4 cpu) is there more I need to post?
>>413894 Before anything, please tell me you haven't cleaned your PC since "the first few years" you had the machine. If not, go do that. Maybe even reset your CMOS battery.
>>413895 >please tell me you haven't cleaned your PC since "the first few years" I have Never cleaned a pc in my life.
>>413896 It's super easy. Unscrew the side that's opposite to the motherboard, and either use compressed air or a leaf blower on the fans and such, and then go over the parts(usually the RAM and GPU) and make sure nothing's loose. Since it hasn't been cleaned in years, expect a shitton of dust so be prepared for that, have it be in a closed room for example that you don't mind getting dusty temporarily and then sweeping, etc.
>>413897 >a leaf blower what the fuck anon...
>>413899 Big dick problems being lazy and not having compressed air at the time require big dick read: retarded solutions. throttle it and obviously take caution you don't do something retarded like blow the fans one way and then start blowing the other and giving the fans a fuckton of resistance. You're doing surgery with a cleaver here so you have to be as careful as possible you don't break shit. Blow in short bursts with long pauses too too, you just want the dust out.
>>413901 Just take it apart and clean everything with a paint brush. Blowing shit won't remove all of the dust anyway. Not to mention fans need to be oiled once in a while too.
>>413787 >Kissinger makes the USA be buddy with Chincoms >American companies start outsourcing everything to China <Waahhhh I hate China Nigger, this is all on you
>>413894 >My specs >Geforce 650 ti boost Judging by the card, I assume you bought your PC around 2012-2013, right? Then in addition to cleaning dust, like anons above mentioned, you might also need to replace the thermal paste on CPU and GPU. Some cheap and mid tier pastes degrade a bit with age. Couple that with dust problems, and your shit could start hitting high enough temps where throttling kicks in. That means the frequencies are pulled down or clocks skipped for a brief moment (to make the temps go back down to an acceptable level), and the cost of performance of course. If this happens rarely, and only for a split second, you get your microstutter. You could always check if this really is the case by running some diagnostics utility like HWiNFO64. It will report temps, clocks, and so on. It should report throttling too (AIDA64 definitely will). >>413901 >you don't do something retarded like blow the fans Because a motor and a generator are very similar things, if you spin your fans manually, they will generate current. Current that will go back to the motherboard if the fans are plugged in. Spin a fan fast enough, and the current it generated can fry the mobo traces that go to the header it's connected to or even the relevant circuitry like the SuperIO chip.
>>413909 >Current that will go back to the motherboard if the fans are plugged in Oh my bad, yeah you unplug the fans. I forgot to once and thankfully nothing really happened, which is why you throttle your leaf blower or you stop being lazy and retarded and just go get yourself compressed air and stay far away from the fans and large motors.
Ryzen 2200G, 8GB DDR4, 512GB SSD, 4K 49" IPS Sony TV as display because monitors are garbage, also Superlux HD 681 headphones. Have a bunch of different controllers, but Logitech F310 is my goto. It's cheap, light, low input lag and has a better dpad than a saturn controller if you add masking tape to it, helps round the harsh edges and gives it texture. Do not get the wireless F710 variant, it's bulky and the range is shit. Currently waiting on the Steam Deck.
>>413918 >Monitors are garbage Nigger, what?
>>413918 >>413920 >Monitors are garbage I would understand why someone would say that if they owned an OLED TV since OLED kills LCD in some areas, but he owns an LCD television so he's not really escaping the pitfalls of LCD monitors with that. OLED is not without its own pitfalls, but pixel response times and contrast ratio absolutely obliterate LCD. To what extent is OLED better in these areas? Watch this aussie guy testing an OLED TV against LCD monitors: https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=Qtve0u3GJ9Y Mini-LED backlit LCD PC Monitors are appearing to try to hit high contrast ratios for HDR, but the introductory prices of that tech are insane (especially for being mini-LED not micro-LED) so OLED TVs wind up beating these Mini-LED LCD Monitors in price as well. Not to mention that mini-LED backlit LCDs still have the issue of "haloing" (when a bright object is in a dark scene has a glow around it) because the array of mini-LEDs still isn't small enough to isolate what needs to be lit and what doesn't. >Superlux HD 681 I have a pair of the Superlux HD 681 EVO. The head strap sucks on them though because when you tighten it, it just slides back out. I had to get some head strap pads and zip tie them to the head strap to make it tighter on my head. I don't know if the non-EVO version suffers from this problem. >>413896 >>413897 >>413899 >>413901 >>413903 >use compressed air or a leaf blower I watched someone use a leaf blower to clean a PC once IRL. They didn't unplug the fans, but it all miraculously still worked afterwards. PROTIP: The cheapest way to clean your PC. Save a plastic drinking straw from a restaurant. Just blow through a plastic straw to get the same effect as compressed air. Your head may hurt afterward, but you'll save money.
>>413979 >use a straw **Why didn't I think of that. But wouldn't your spit/saliva get in the mobo?
>>413984 Just like.. don't slobber through the straw? You don't have to spit to blow. (sounds like fellatio advice) I mean, when you whistle you're not spitting everywhere, right? I can see the straw maybe getting foggy from your breath if it's a clear straw. Just don't drool, I guess.
>>413979 >I would understand why someone would say that if they owned an OLED TV since OLED kills LCD in some areas, but he owns an LCD television so he's not really escaping the pitfalls of LCD monitors with that. Ever since CRT got killed over a decade ago, LCD has been de facto the only panel tech for mainstream PC monitors. This LCD hegemony meant market stagnation and getting a subpar product at inflated prices. Either you get a shit LCD panel, but at least it's affordable; or you buy a slightly less shit LCD panel, but pay the kind of price that would buy you a small army in some Bumfuckistan. In mid 2000s getting a monitor with zero defective pixel guarantee was piss easy. Good fucking luck with it now, even the expensive ones claim that up to five is tolerable. THAT's how much the PC monitor industry stopped giving a fuck. TV market is less fucked because LCD TV panels always had proper competition. Ten years ago it was Plasma, today it's OLED and non-organic LED for very big panels. Both Plasma and OLED sre superior to LCD in viewing angles. Both are emissive, so you get almost perfect blacks and therefore almost perfect contrast, which on LCD is doable but requires FALD with a fuckton of zones and hardware fast enough for frequent enough switching of them to keep up with the panel. Plasma had much faster pixel response times than its LCD contemporaries, and the same rings true for OLED now. All that meant that Plasma/OLED became the premium TV tech (all the retention and burn-in issues were simply swept under the rug) while LCD was the cheap and cheerful bang for the buck alternative. This meant panel manufacturers that only focused on LCD (like Samsung until recently) actually had to make good shit at okay prices. And that's the gist: TVs are just a more efficient buy than monitors. >TVs had 4K@120 before monitor panels just no inputs to capitalize on it recently >TVs got FALD before monitors >TVs have true 10bit panels even in consumer midrange when monitors still reserve it for workstation models >TVs tend to have panels with better contrast and wider gamut than equivalent LCD panel types, unless we look at the ones in very expensive and/or pro monitors >TVs even tend to have better panel uniformity than equivalent LCD panel types, sans again the pro options The last one is especially galling. About the only shit thing about a TV as a monitor is lack of good sub 49" options, and fucking PWM backlight in many models. >the array of mini-LEDs still isn't small enough to isolate what needs to be lit and what doesn't. There's a 31,5" 4K@144 panel in development by Innolux (model M315DCM-E30) that allegedly will have 2 million FALD zones, meaning one zone per 2x2 pixel quad. If it ain't benis, that's about as good as LCD could get. Otherwise yep, MicroLED or bust.
>>413907 I'm not American and everyone under the sun regardless of whether they are North/Central/south America, African, European and whatever area in Asia has outsourced or taken yellow shekels. Also everything is very much China's fault as they are still the root cause so eat Shing Lee Hu's to insectiod cock.
>>414012 >on it recently on it until recently
>>413979 >>414012 Jesus Christ is this why it's so bullshit to find a display that isn't riddled with defects?
>>414017 Yes. Either you buy overpriced defective shit, or you're stuck without a monitor. Because what are you gonna do, go buy a projector? Maybe a TV? And then people uninronically started buying TVs and using them as PC screens, and the monitor market is only now starting to react in a oh shit oh fuck how did this happen kind of fashion.
>>414022 All I want is a colour accurate 1440p144hz monitor for work and play but that's a pain in the nutsack to find. Then I noticed some TV screens are shockingly better and cheaper.
>>414026 Don't fall for it, they're cheaper for a reason.
>>413984 eat some bread. Though the practice is useless on my laptop, i still think dismantle the whole thing and clean it with a brush is the only way.
>>414012 I have noticed the pricing of PC monitors is nonsensical between different models for minimal performance gains. I didn't realize the dead pixel policies for mainstream monitor brands had become worse than cheap overclockable korean LCD monitors from the past. >just no inputs to capitalize on it recently It's lucky that HDMI finally gained bandwidth because for a long time it was absolutely infuriating that TVs could not have DisplayPort inputs due to some HDMI monopoly bullshit and that kept the input bandwidth stuck in the stone ages for too long. Monitors with that Innolux panel are going to be so overpriced that people will just say "Why would I get that for HDR when I can get an OLED TV for half the price?" I mean look at this for example, a 32" 4K 144Hz PC monitor with mini-LED backlight: https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=mwj0GbbQZqU it's THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS. Mini-LED backlit PC monitors are going to remain dead on arrival at these prices.
(35.74 KB 636x464 What were they thinking.jpg)

>>414043 > long time it was absolutely infuriating that TVs could not have DisplayPort inputs due to some HDMI monopoly bullshit and that kept the input bandwidth stuck in the stone ages for too long.
>>414012 Does the lack of G-Sync and FreeSync hinder TVs in any way?
>>414061 >>414043 >>414026 >>414022 Don't get Samsung, those fucking pricks have garbage quality displays. Can't handle 60fps at 4K will just flicker like a mad cunt. Go for any other brand.
>>414063 What about ViewSonic?
>>414066 I wish I could tell you on that front sorry. I'm genuinely considering returning my 4k tv though cause I can't stand the random flickering that sometimes happens even on 1080p . Fucking piece of shit.
>>414043 >Why would I get that for HDR when I can get an OLED TV for half the price? Exactly. Were it not for the blue subpixel burnout worries and the weird WRGB subpixel structure, OLED would be an almost strictly superior choice. >>414061 Many modern ones do have FreeSync and HDMI Forum VRR.
(113.71 KB 278x360 eyes of a tech.png)

What was the deal with G-Sync again I remember Linus or some other fag talking about it, was it Nvidia's version of free sync?
>>413918 How are the shoulder buttons on those Logitech controllers? They look so tiny and crappy compared to the older model Logitechs.
>>414092 OG GSync was a VRR implementation through a special hardware scaler that replaced the "default" hardware scaler in a given monitor. This made it good, but it was proprietary tech that increased the price tag by about 200-300$. FreeSync is a VRR implementation through firmware/drivers and has the same roots as VESA AdaptiveSync spec, so it's cheaper and more portable than OG GSync. FreeSync started winning the popularity contest. NV got pissy and started supporting FreeSync too, but called that support "GSync Compatible" to maintain GSync brand value. Then OG GSync got morphed into GSync Ultimate. In short: GSync and GSync Ultimate = proprietary NV tech GSync Compatible = FreeSync but NV doesn't want to admit it.
>>414112 Ah thanks anon.
>>413810 RTX is just a complete FPS killer from what I've seen, apparently even the 3000 series cards are struggling majorly to make it work. Apparently you get decent 60 for or more if you have it in 1080p. However....if the point of the technology is to make scenes look better....and to make it look better you have to downgrade the graphics... all for the sake of slightly better light effects...then what's the fucking point? If I wanted better lighting I'd have my cake and eat it too by sticking a fucking nightlight behind my monitor, that way I get a 80s vibe and my fucking games can still stay at 1440p 144 fps. >>413503 Rig Specs: Mid-tier >RTX 2070 Super >Ryzen 7 3700x >1000w PSU, don't remember the brand it's 3rd party >32 gigs of ram, split into 8 gig sticks >full tower case, Rosewill if I remember right >Acer 1440p monitor, low latency but no HDR >1 tb NVME SSD for OS, several barracuda HDDs for everything else >Aorus Elite x570 motherboard >steelseries extra clicky keyboard >a decent mouse, don't remember the model or manufacturer I don't remember most of the info on my parts but it's a decent mid-tier rig, think I spent 2k total on it for everything including peripherals and sound system. Plays everything at 1440p at ultra with zero hiccups, don't know about 2k or 4k but it should be able to handle 2k well enough, and VR should be fine as well as long as I don't go nuts. Problem though is any decent VR set costs almost as much as my fucking computer
Where are my speccy bros?
>>414150 Should post mine >i9 9900k >32GB RAM two 16GB sticks >Corsair 680X case >Aorus z390 Master >970 Samsung Evo 1TB NVMe for OS >WD Black 4TB >WD Black 2TB >EVGA 3070 Ti >Corsair RMX 850 Watt PSU >Razer Huntsmen Keyboard and Razer Viper white which I was given as gift >LG 27 1080p monitor which will soon be replaced with a 1440p 144hz monitor
(197.15 KB 896x734 hwinfo.jpg)

I own multiple PCs and laptops including a few toasters and potatos, but pic related is my main rig. I also have over 10 external hard drives at 2+ TB for backup storage. >>413895 >>413896 Just wanted to point out that it can be risky to clean PCs that have never been dusted in years. If enough dust accumulated to end up forming shorts in the hardware, dusting off the PC might end up bricking the motherboard or killing video cards (even with very careful cleaning - not using leaf blowers or anything of the sort, just a soft brush and compressed air can, and unplugging the fans). Speaking from experience on my years working as a tech support repair technician and handling hardware covered in thick layers of filth and dust. That's why everyone should clean their PCs no less than once every 6 months (ideally every 3 months), so it won't get to this state. Clean it if you must, but be prepared for some hardware to fail afterwards. If the hardware is covered in layers of dust and it's a mission critical PC, or you don't have money to replace hardware in case it breaks, I wouldn't touch it unless it's overheating. >>414150 >Where are my speccy bros? Speccy is dead. It hasn't been updated in years. It's deprecated and doesn't recognize any hardware made after 2019, it even crashes on one of my newer PCs. People use HWinfo now.
>>413894 It's unlikely dust is causing micro-stutters specifically. That's usually a software issue or maybe a slow hard drive causing the game to hitch while it's loading in assets or levels "seamlessly". Regardless you should clean your PC once a year at minimum. Though with how cheap cases are designed even that can be quite annoying. >>413897 From what I've read it's generally not a good idea to use electric devices to blow air out of a PC. I've heard it can build up static electricity or some shit. Unlikely to do damage but still possible. Compressed air is the best.
(134.90 KB 887x848 ClipboardImage.png)

>>414260 oh ok
(3.60 MB 640x288 its_over.mp4)

>>413661 >>413676 >>413693 We are in a new world-historical era - the full on collapse of the American Empire. Prices won't be going down, they're only going up. This is called "the decline of living standards." The ammo you have? Sit on it and forget about going to the range for fun ever again. Your GPU? Hope you have a good one, and if you do, sit on it for about 10 years, after which you will buy a new mid range card one for $1,000 There is no economy, it is a fake economy. They're just going to print money forever. Eventually the inflation will get so bad that the government is going to transition to some new kind of currency system but for now it is nothing but fake liquidity. You'll never see GPUs cheap ever again, ammo either since apparently people are too fucking stupid to not panic buy. It's over.
Welp, time to stop wasting my time playing videogames.
>>414438 Jesus Christ
>>414438 While those prices are shit getting 1080ti performance for $300 isn't that awful. Though if the demand for GPU's wasn't so ridiculous you would be able to buy a used 1080ti for like $80. The ridiculous high end prices only matter for high end 4K gaming with RTX and other useless eye candy enabled. For what most anons would play the 4050ti and 4060 will probably be fine.
>>414441 I'm not shelling out a single dime, the moment my 750ti stops working is the moment I quit gaming unless AMD can get its shit together.
>>414442 The MSRP of AMD's cards won't matter either because you can't buy anything for MSRP. Intel's cards might be interesting though if they have SR-IOV enabled which they probably won't.
>>414438 Wew, kidneys don't grow on trees you know. Nvidia surely not trying to offset their "supply issues" with those fucking prices.
>>414438 Guess I'll wait for the 4060 It's not like I play unoptimized garbage looking AAA trash anyway.
>>414441 From what this thread has shown most anons play in 1080p-1440p while 4k is barely in the minds of most anons. >>414442 AMD doesn't give a fuck about you either and anons need to get this in their heads.
>>414448 4K is a meme, huge marketing campaign and still most people watch their fucking cable TV at 720p/1080. People are retarded, such is life.
>>414441 >>414447 If your target is 1080p60 without RTX, since the RTX 2000 generation a *60 series card is good enough even for unoptimized AAA trash (to be fair nowadays there's lots of unoptimized indieshit trash too). The RTX 4000 generation might even move that target to the *50 series. What's moving graphics card prices up isn't only the cryptoponzi meme and the economy, but also consumerist idiots without self control falling for the 4K meme. >>414442 If a 750ti is good enough for you, a high-tier next generation AMD APU will probably perform better.
>>414438 I paid $675 for a 6700 xt two months ago. I won't be buying another GPU for a decade.
The 4k meme is fucking retarded now I do think 4k will become the norm in another ten years but right now most people are just finally able to get into 1080p/1440p above 60FPS. 4k will be a meme for foreseeable future while I believe everyone will jump more onto 1440p.
(54.56 KB 750x725 Paulie.jpg)

>>414451 >If your target is 1080p60 Was thinking more of along the lines of 1440p 60/120 FPS >>414453 4K is a joke for TV still and even moreso for gayman. Look at this shit anon https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultra-high-definition_television#List_of_4K_television_channels
>>414459 >television channels Nigger no one still uses cable come on.
>>414460 >Nigger no one still uses cable And nobody buys the subscription that allows 4K streaming anon, if the movie/series even allows that resolution. Yet everyone owns a 4K TV for no fucking reason.
>>414464 Everyone owns a 4K TV because it became the standard and no one sells 1080p TV's anymore. 4K TV's are cheap as fuck. It's like complaining that no one sells 720p TV's anymore, they aren't sold because they aren't the standard and aren't worth producing. It's not like you get fucked over buying a 4K TV, their prices are fine.
>>414468 > Everyone owns a 4K TV because it became the standard and no one sells 1080p TV's anymore. Were all those 1080p and 720p TVs that I saw at Best Buy yesterday just my imagination?
Reminder that 4K is a cancerous marketing term. It's not vertical pixels, but horizontal count.
(85.10 KB 354x480 Smug bitch.jpg)

>>414479 Yeah, I'll start using "Ultra HD" just for you anon
>>413503 >recently <buying any part recently Last thing I bought was a FX780DY Asus Laptop. Installed Linux Mint on the first day. I like to think it runs faster than stock windows. >Specs for my rig It's about mid, some parts are mid-high some are mid-low. CPU is probably the bottleneck but if I want to upgrade it, I'd have to upgrade ram+motherboard too. 1060 Ti Xenon I3 CPU, 12 core 3.2 something GHz 16 gigs ram 1 + 3 TB storage. Dual monitor setup, both 1920 by 1080P. Motherboard is about 8-9 years old at this point. GA-B75M-D3H. Regular cooler-master case. >PSU 580W I think?
>>414479 Also "4K textures" What does that even mean? The size of an texture is entirely dependent on the model its made for.
>>414511 The texture is a png image that is 4096x4096 in size. That is actually accurate, but excessive.
>>414511 >>414518 It also doesn't matter much since most textures nowadays are flat fucking garbage made by complete novices just to fill some empty terrain.
>>414479 it's 4k as in 4x1080 dummy. And 2160p is linguistically gay
>>414609 Arbitrarily changing naming conventions to something that isn't even accurate or true because 2160p doesn't roll of the tongue very well is fucking retarded.
>>414610 Well unfortunately humans do this thing called speaking, so get used to it.
>>414611 Usually the purpose of speech is to convey information, ideally correct information. 4K conveys misleading and inaccurate information based on established standards. If you're resorting to lying because 2160p doesn't sell as many units then you're defeating the purpose of good faith communication.
>>414612 You and I as well as anyone buying a 4k display understands what 4k refers to.
>>414615 99% of everyone buying a 4K display has zero fucking clue what 4K actually means beyond it being bigger than 1080p and the icon on the box being shiny and gold. If you asked the majority of people that own a 4K display what resolution that was they wouldn't be able to tell you. You're appealing to speech and communication while defending an affront to speech and communication by confusing people through arbitrarily changing how we communicate based on whether or not it might convince someone to buy a product. Stop being retarded.
>>414438 Now imagine how much scalpers will resell them for...
>>414444 (noice) >The MSRP of AMD's cards won't matter either because you can't buy anything for MSRP >anything Back in March one day I was scrolling through the webpage of one local PC hardware store in my neck of the woods and found something hilarious. RX5500XT, which is a card with 170$ MSRP, was selling at approximately 450$ before tax. Meanwhile, Radeon Pro W5500, which is just RX5500XT in a business suit, with workstation permits, a much better build, and an MSRP of 400$, was selling at 370$. Because miners at the time hadn't caught up yet that pro cards could also be used like their consumer-oriented cousins, the pro cards were not only below their MSRP, but cheaper than consumer equivalents. Still a ripoff obviously, but bizarre nonetheless. Same was true for RX5700XT vs W5700. >>414450 >>414453 For gaming, 4K is questionable for most people when used on tiny 24" screens but makes sense on large screens where higher resolution is necessary to maintain decent pixel density so you get screen real estate without sacrificing clarity. Then some fags like large pixel density (I'm talking like 130-160PPI when common default is 96PPI) to improve image clarity further. Do you know what AA is and why it's used? I mean good AA like SSAA or MSAA, not retarded postprocessing shit like FXAA and SMAA. Well, 1920x1080 with SSAA4x has the exact same computational cost as 3840x2160 because both render a frame at 3840x2160, the former will just then downsample it back to 1920x1080; but outputting a 3840x2160 image on a 3840x2160 screen with a certain diagonal will have better resulting image clarity than outputting a 1920x1080 image on a 1920x1080 screen with the same diagonal as the first screen. MSAA will complicate things because it oversamples only portions of the scene to reduce performance impact, but that leads me to the next point. <4K is pointless because hardly anyone one has the hardware to run it! Nigger just use integer scaling. 3840x2160 is exactly a quadruple of 1920x1080, so just map one logical pixel to 2x2 physical ones, and you run your game at good old 1920x1080 on a 4K screen. <but then what's the fucking point of having a 4K screen? Do you only play unoptimized modern triple ayy garbage? Plenty of older or just less demanding games can run at 4k60 on midrange hardware just fine, and many of them do benefit from larger image clarity. 4K gives you the flexibility of choosing to go with it when you can, or falling back to FullHD when you have to. FullHD panels don't give you that. >>414468 >no one sells 1080p TV's anymore. There are still many 1080p options among the 32" TVs because the smaller sizes are neglected since panel manufacturers mostly care about 48" and up.
>>414650 1440p@144fps is my gold standard, and 4K60 sounds like a step down from that. Last time I checked, all the 4K monitors out there produced unacceptably high input lag for gaming. I went with 27" 1440p and didn't look back, but that was years ago. Unless there's a 1ms >32" 4K screen with freesync/gsync, 4K gaming is still an overpriced and latency-ridden gimmick. Change my mind.
>>414654 >1ms >32" 4K screen with freesync/gsync LG OLED TV
>>414655 After some googling it looks like I'll be throwing away $2K on a new monitor, thanks fren.
>>414659 48-55" CX/C1 should be about 1.5K$, not full 2K. Besides, you specified 1ms. Show me a 27" 1440@144 monitor that is 1.5K$ or cheaper and actually hits 1ms. The ones that actually do are expensive.
>>414655 >source: https://www.lg.com/in/oled-tvs/2021/gaming Apparently, LG's website ​claims that their LG OLED C1 and G1 models can offer >4K resolution >120hz >1ms >g-sync & freesync >tvs can be 48" up to 83" I'm a little skeptical about their 120hz and 1ms claims, since you can't always trust a manufacturer's word for whatever they're shilling.
>>414661 Unless I want to be saddled with 60hz or some other concession that looks like what I'm going to be paying. I'll keep looking. >Show me etc. Considering I bought one four years ago for less than $1,000, I doubt they're that expensive nowadays but let me look... 15 seconds on google: https://store.asus.com/us/item/202008AM270000003
(1.52 MB 3840x4151 response-time-2-large.jpg)

(168.81 KB 646x656 tables-max-level-5-large.jpg)

>>414665 Trusting manufacturer claims is indeed unwise, but we have reviews: https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/lg/c1-oled And see pic related 1 for response times. 80% transitions are always 0.2-0.3ms. Some 100% transitions (notably, black-to-white and black-to-dark- gray) are slower, though. That should be kept in mind. >>414666 Like with all such monitors, its 1 ms claim is a bit misleading: https://www.rtings.com/monitor/reviews/asus/rog-strix-xg279q See pic related 2. You only get 1ish ms on some transitions when using aggressive overdrive settings and get substantial overshoot in response. True 1ms is a tall order for modern LCD panels still.
>>414672 You're right that manufacturer claims are bullshit, but putting it all together you're saying that the $1.5K 4K screen has response times on par with a 1440p screen for about the same price, and that doesn't compute. How can they be the same price to hit <1ms?
>>414673 > $1.5K 4K screen has response times on par with a 1440p screen for about the same price, and that doesn't compute Several reasons. >TVs are big. Many people just aren't comfortable plopping a massive 48 inch (or bigger) monstrosity in front of their faces and the sheer girth makes them uncomfortable. Lots want something more manageable like 32". >OLED OLED inherently has fast response times. For LCD, you need a lot of effort to achieve comparable response times. Effort means cost. >Competition TVs are a more competitive market than monitors. Good competition translates to better pricing, so monitors tend to be priced higher than TVs for the same featureset. Look at the cost of OLED monitors like this Dell: https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/new-alienware-55-oled-gaming-monitor-aw5520qf/apd/210-auds/monitors-monitor-accessories It's based on a panel from an older LG OLED ad yet they want 3K for it now (it retailed for about 4.5K).
>>414679 >TVs are big. So increased demand for smaller screens? Silly if true, size should be relative to your preferred viewing distance. A bigger screen further away is always better than the same relative size with a smaller screen, the limitation (up to the point that I had been paying attention) was that increasing size always increased response times and input lag, which... >OLED I'll keep looking around on this to make sure there aren't other downsides that creep up, but if this is the new hotness I'll be happy to get in on it. >Competition No offense, but I have no reason to trust your amateur market analysis. I didn't know about the advantages of OLED vs. LCD. I'm sure you can tell my knowledge is out of date, so thank you for answering my question. Now I have to stop being spoonfed and do my own research.
>>414686 >So increased demand for smaller screens? Not quite what I meant. TVs have a choice of tech to compete with LCD: Plasma in the not so distant past, OLED now. Hell, even projectors for some enthusiasts. If you don't like something about LCD TVs, you have options. And as you said, size is a variable. But the monitor market for quite a while had been pretty much only about LCD, so if you didn't like something about it, you'd have to grin and bear it. Just ask people who still swear by CRT what they think of LCD monitors. Trouble is, people want their monitors to be around 20-32" so they could fit on the table. That meant they couldn't just get, say, a 50" Plasma in place of a monitor. They had no option but to buy an LCD monitor, so panel manufacturers had little impetus to advance this section. Why bother when you'll have the clients anyway? Remember that the LCD panel manufacturers already got slapped with price gouging collusion accusations once. >increasing size always increased response times and input lag Because mostly PC gamers care about both, and they typically aren't the first in line for a big panel, so low response time wasn't a key priority for a big panel. >other downsides that creep up Image retention and subpixel burnout. Those are the two huge ones. If you remember burnout on Plasma or CRT, it's kinda like that. Some OLEDfags claim to have gone for years (since LG C7 days) without issues, but as a former Plasmafag, I'd remain cautious. That is literally the only reason why I personally haven't hopped on the OLED meme myself yet. >no reason to trust your amateur market analysis. Don't trust me, just look at the prices vesus featureset, do your own research, and draw your own conclusions.
>>414686 >>OLED >I'll keep looking around on this to make sure there aren't other downsides that creep up Just be careful of "burn-in" https://youtu.be/BsqvpQY_qEw
>>414694 >>414695 Thanks for the info. I don't really have anything else to add, just that CRT will never be replaced and that precedent makes me worry. Maybe one day I'll wake up and the whole world is on a standard that sucks for reasons like the ones you've outlined. If it's 2030 and I have a CRT, LCD, and OLED in my home all so I can have proper quality for different applications I'm gonna be a salty sailor.
>>414672 >80% transitions are always 0.2-0.3ms. Some 100% transitions (notably, black-to-white and black-to-dark- gray) are slower, though. That should be kept in mind. So at best, it's at 0.2ms. And at worst, it's at 2.3ms I mean, 2.3ms isn't ideal but I guess it's forgivable on a big 48" screen. Especially considering that many other huge 4K tvs are often (at best) 5ms or slower.
>>414464 >everyone owns a 4K TV for no fucking reason I have a handful of 4K HDR movies on my NAS for playing in KODI, but most are remastered older movies because new movies are generally trash. I have First Blood, The Thing, Predator, The Matrix. I could get more since my NAS has free space. I also have the John Wick movies in 4K HDR, but I'm not that into them tbh I don't know if the situation ever improved, but the official build of KODI wouldn't trigger HDR properly on Windows while the Android version does just fine. I have been using a janky unofficial build of KODI on Windows just to have HDR work natively without relying on an external video player. With the KODI build I have it triggers HDR on the TV when I play an HDR video like it should. The janky KODI build I have won't install a lot of addons or skins though and I had to get the keymapper addon by copying the files from a different build of KODI. So I wish HDR "just worked" like on the Android version of KODI.
(84.75 KB 1404x804 lupin2.JPG)

Since PC building is dead, is laptops worth looking for non-AAA gayming? Is laptop 3050 good enough?
>>414767 No it's trash a 3060 is good.
>>414767 No. When you pay for a laptop, you're not paying for the same equivalent quality. More so convenience and the compression of parts. If you want the most bang for your buck, indeed a PC is your best bet. If you travel a lot and don't expect to live the NEET life, a laptop might (keyword: might) be a good option.
>>413503 I upgraded my CPU (and consequently mobo and RAM) last year, with the expectation of a GPU upgrade this year. LMAO, nope. Guess I'm using my 970 until it dies. It's annoying that I can't do neural-net stuff I've been wanting to try, but it's not even close to worth it. >>413756 >Like how do you compare their performance? Is there a score somewhere that determines it or do you have to look at the big picture? Benchmarks. Run consistent, controlled tests with software that scores performance in different tasks, and compare the scores. There is not one single score though. Different hardware is better at different tasks and you need to judge what reflects your use-case. For example, as I understand it Nvidia's GPUs this gen scale better to high resolutions than AMD (or conversely, AMD performs better at 1080p, depending on how you look at it), and Nvidia's ray-tracing is better. But ray-tracing is useless, and if you run in 1080p anyway, Nvidia's "advantage" at 1440p or 4K is meaningless. >>413801 >Intels CPU naming schemes are a running joke at this point and I don't think anyone can keep track of them. They can't even keep track of their OWN names. They talk about "11th gen" in PR shit because they cannot get any of their PR automatons to stand on stage and recite meaningless strings of letters and numbers like "i7-1185G7" correctly.
>>414767 This >>414851 , laptop GPU's are not even remotely the same as their desktop counterparts regardless of the fact they share a name. In fact laptop GPU's with the same name as other laptop GPU's aren't even necessarily the same performance and can differ drastically based on the manufacturers cooling solution. Unless you actually need a portable computer even in the current market I wouldn't advise just picking up a laptop because it's the easiest way to get a GPU.
If you anons want to get a GPU AMD or nivdia you must check prices constantly or sales it's how I got a 30 series.
>>414984 Where do you actually look though? It's impossible to find hardware on Amazon since their filters are useless for components. CanadaComputers and Bestbuy are never in stock. Newegg falsely labels everything they sell as out of stock while putting them in their exploitative bundle system, and everything third-party sold through them is inherently going to be way above MSRP since it's resellers.
>>415154 AMD has a lottery queue system on their site once a week I think. So you can try that to buy them for MSRP from their site. Complete luck of the draw but better than nothing I suppose.
>>415154 I was able to get a 30 series here in (((Toronto))) by looking at Amazon every now and then. >CanadaComputers They have stuff in stock but they choose to not say anything.
>>414438 I would love to upgrade to a 3000 series card but the prices are so outrageous I just can't. I just can't justify the cost no matter how I try to mentally jew myself into shelling out the coin to these parasites. 3090 is 3k, 3080 is 2.5k. 3070 is 1.5-2k. The fucking cards cost more than my entire station combined including the goddamn desk and chair. Even AMD cards are through the roof, 6900 is 2k, I think the 6800 is around 1k. Cryptoniggers and scalperkikes needs to be burned at the stake publicly
>>415255 No one said 4K gaming was going to be cheap. I personally just saved up money for two years. By the time the 3090 came out, I had around $5000 to blow.
>>415276 What games do you play in 4k?
>>415170 Well, I've got distill.io monitoring a few pages on various sites. The worst part is that if my card died right now and I couldn't wait for a deal to appear, these prices would probably actually up-sell me. When the 3060 is $1000-$1300, the 3060Ti is $1200-$1400, and the 3070 is $1300-$1700, it would be hard to justify not going for one of the cheaper 3070s like the Asus TUF line that nearly overlaps in price with even the non-Ti 3060.
>>415589 What's bizarre is that 3070 to cards currently have net cheaper and more available the the regular 3070 in Canada. I and few other leaf anons have been grabbing the 3070 Ti lately as it's been cheapest high end card around for the time being.
>>415604 That's not what I've seen at all. The ones I see have a huge gap between the 3070 and the 3070Ti, with the latter consistently being around the $2000 mark.
Would you fuck your PC?
>>415618 No, I'm allergic to dust mites
(449.19 KB 1678x944 AVGN 148 Clang.webm)

>>415618 Only if it had tits
>>415618 Nips should get on their feet and make a cum receptacle for computers that uses your fluids to cool off the system.
>>415825 Body temperature is still cooler than most components.
(80.40 KB 588x437 wtf.jpg)

What is the point of 4K Gaming? I game/watch everything at 1080P and have seen no justifiable cost difference between a 1080 setup and 4k, ESPECIALLY when you need an RTX 3080/3090. Any sane person would use the following budget: Case: $100 Mobo: $150 CPU: $200 RAM: $75 PSU: $150 Cooling: $150 Storage: $300 RTX 3060 Ti: $600 TOTAL: $1,725.00 vs. RTX 3080: $1,800.00 I've seen too many people try to convince themselves that they need PCI 4.0, an 8+ core CPU, 4000+ mHz RAM, Operating Systems on dedicated NVMe drives, $2,000 GPUs, and ricer LED case fans (or worse: liquid cooling). It is absolute nonsense to think that you'd need all of those features, let alone one. You could build a perfectly functional 'daily driver' PC that will do everything you want it to do for less than the cost of a single RTX 3080. Are you using $5000 in hardware when you're browsing 8chan? What games are you playing that demand 4k resolution in order to be enjoyable? Is 4k movie playback achievable only through a premium video card?
>>415972 If I want or others a killer rig why shouldn't we? > 8+ core CPU 6-8 cores have become mainstream and the adoption of it has finally rid us of the cancer that was only 4cores for 400$ where now one can get six cores for 200$. >Operating Systems on dedicated NVMe drives Why is this a bad thing? Having my OS on a NVMe has been nothing but a blessing due to how fucking fast my systems boots and operates. >. It is absolute nonsense to think that you'd need all of those feature People enjoy having spec'd out rigs and now is it necessary? No but it's fun to make a full liquid loop and do some of the other stuff. >Are you using $5000 in hardware when you're browsing 8chan? What games are you playing that demand 4k resolution in order to be enjoyable? Is 4k movie playback achievable only through a premium video card? I don't use 4k or have a 3080/3090 I do however use 1440p and most anons here don't really use 4k either and are mostly in the 1080p/1440p camp. Most of diy PC community is like the car community they love building and doing crazy shit with their hobby.
>>416034 >Having my OS on a NVMe has been nothing but a blessing due to how fucking fast my systems boots and operates. I don't think boot time is significant enough to be a priority at all. It only takes a couple minutes. Game load times would be a better argument, since they're more frequent than reboots and often take longer.
>>416069 Having your OS on such a fast drive is an overall improvement to system performance.
>>415972 >What is the point of 4K Gaming? It's downright beautiful when you play a game like Red Dead Redemption 2. And it can breathe new life into old games like Breath of the Wild on CEMU. And besides playing games in 4K, I actually do need a high end pc for other things. Namely, for 3d modeling and game development. I'm not saying that an RTX 3080/3090 is absolutely necessary for those things. But your pc will have an easier time doing demanding computational tasks, like ray tracing in Unreal Engine 4 or 5 if you ever want to start playing around with that. On an older pc I owned, I once tried to make a level with too many models, particle emitters, etc. Unreal Engine got really laggy and started crashing a lot because my old pc couldn't handle it. That's what motivated me to get a really high end pc, just so I'll never have that problem again.
>>416457 for me the only point of 4k or 8k is to improve the accuracy of CRT emulation shaders. 1080p looks great if the game is being rendered at 1080p + SMAA, TXAA, SSAA or DLSS 2.0
>>415972 You could do affordable 4k gaming with a 5700XT or a 2060 even at MSRP. >NVMe drives Well I bought one looking for a 1TB SSD and it's really fast on my machine. Plus It takes up less space in a box. Making them ideal for small and weird builds.
>>416542 Why even own a case at all? Why not just put the whole thing on the table and have the best air flow and no money wasted?
>>416551 >allowing dust to destroy your components Idiot.
>>416069 >a couple of minutes to boot Nigger, I run a 12 year old workstation with an HDD that I'm frightened might only be a 5400 RPM drive and it still takes only a minute to boot any OS installed on it. I've basically skipped the entire SSD generation and look fondly at M.2 drives like they're fucking magic. SECONDS to cold boot from those. SECONDS to open workstation-class software. And I bet games load faster, too. I'd love to have one of those simply because it means less time wasted. But your machine? Clear your registry, man. "Minutes" to boot means there's a problem somewhere.
>>416578 Is it really a problem? Just like clean it with a brush once in a while.
>>416582 Never own anything but a toaster laptop for the last 10 years, but before i knew how to disassemble my laptop, the guy cleaning it was going hard with a paint brush and blew the thing with a hair drier. Now I just use a tiny paint brush to clean the fan. Can't see why you wouldn't do the same thing with a pc, since it's so big and durable and all. >>416579 True ssd is game changer, and if you really want to cheap out chinese ssd isn't that bad either. Though you will need to research because some of them are better than others.
(806.92 KB 2374x3032 download (1).jpg)

(2.16 MB 5184x3456 download.jpg)

>>416551 >>416578 >>416580 >>416582 Why not go even further and have a wall mounted pc? Let gravity, dust and earthquakes be damned! Its way cooler to live dangerously like this than to be a reasonable human being!
>>416579 >But your machine? Clear your registry, man. "Minutes" to boot means there's a problem somewhere. My own doesn't actually take minutes. 20 seconds from hitting the button to reaching Grub, 35 seconds from there to the login screen, and less than 15 seconds from the login screen to a fully usable desktop. The 20 seconds can't much shorter since you need to have time to actually hit the key to go into Bios, if you choose. I also don't want the 35 seconds shorter, since then I wouldn't be able to skim through what's on the screen. I exaggerated up from one minute to two under the assumption that a heavier DE than Xfce might take longer. There's no way something as bloated as Windows would boot that fast though. I guess SSDs would be useful there, instead of five minutes to log in plus another ten minutes after login waiting for it to actually be usable.
>>413873 That explains why the computer effects in LotR holds up so well. >>413907 Kissinger is an International Element. >>413984 Use a piece of paper towel or cotton on the mouth end.
(2.98 MB 1280x720 NB.webm)

>LotR holds up so well They also didn't rely solely on green screens. They had CG and a lot of practical effects/Sets That's why The hobbit looks like absolute shit.
(89.93 KB 257x237 ClipboardImage.png)

(555.29 KB 574x671 ClipboardImage.png)

>>416813 I know but even the big CGI things like the Oliphants/Mûmak work well despite not actually being there. Each one had a distinct design with the war paint used as well as different weapon tools and you can really feel the weight and impact of each one. I really like scene related a lot. The Haradrim guys sold it well too, especially smug horn man. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=Jl8TiA3RwIY
>>416918 Less use of CG also means more work is put into said CG, meaning art design, lighting and weight. Hollyjew is completely fucking dogshit and CGI studios are yet another money laundering scam nowadays.
>>416034 Everyone is free to spend as much money as they want on a PC. It's incredibly easy to pick out premium parts and throw them in a mid-size or full-size case. What isn't so easy is determining the performance you need out of the hardware you're going to use. Are you often copying massive files from one drive to the next? If not then you most likely don't need NVMe. Boot/load times are negligible compared to cheaper SSDs. Are you doing work in 3D modeling, video rendering, or CAD? If not then you don't need a premium video card. Are you incapable of setting up a push/pull airflow system? If not then you don't need liquid cooling or AIOs. The Noctua NH-D15 will out-compete some AIOs. Are you looking to enter a dick measuring contest? If not then you don't need the X570 chipset or PCI 4.0 as there are no real benefits or applications with current hardware. Are you doing a lot of gaming, editing, and streaming? 6 CPU cores is all you need. Threadrippers are really only for professional grade CAD stations. You can save thousands just by assessing what it is you do in your daily life and what it is you need out of your PC. People will always be tempted to go overboard and never have any real justifiable reason to do so. If you don't know how to use Blender or Lightwave now, don't buy a $5k PC built for 3D modeling "incase you want to eventually".
>>416985 Why does it matter to you want anons spend on their rig?
>>416989 The PC community is turning into a consumerist theme park. It's what detiorates the games industry and will deteriorate the community of people looking to build their own rig. I have some pride in PC building so I'd rather not see it turn into a pissing contest of needlessly expensive desktop LEDs.
>>416618 The slowest potato PC I have here (old budget laptop w/ Celeron J1800 + 4 GB ram + 320 GB HDD) can boot from powered down to fully usable, fully loaded Windows desktop in 2 minutes. To be fair my Windows installs are heavily customized and optimized with lots of tweaks. Still, if a Windows machine takes longer than 5 minutes to go from power down to fully loaded, fully usable desktop (even in a potato) then there's clearly something wrong either with software or hardware. >>416996 >The PC community is turning into a consumerist theme park I blame social media and youtube "influencers". Among other retarded things, they're the ones who have convinced the sheeple that you "need" a high end NVMe SSD for gaming.
>>417013 As far as I can tell the price difference between NVMe and non-NVMe is negligible. Where the price goes spikes for SSD's is when you get one with an actual proper cache.
>>417013 >there's clearly something wrong either with software or hardware. Running an R5 3600X, 32GB ram, a 2TB Western Digital HDD (don't remember what colour, it was just one I had lying around and could spare for a junk OS). 2 minutes 11 seconds from the post beep to the login screen. 1:00 exactly from hitting enter at the login screen to having the desktop appear. 2:45 from the desktop appearing to successfully being able to open a program (HWinfo64, for testing). That's 5:56 to be "usable". And then from there it's bogged down for at least another ten minutes as it automatically runs whatever mystery processes and updates the Microsoft overlords deem fit to bestow. Even twenty minutes later I still have 33% disk usage idling because it's busy with "Service Host: Cryptographic Services". This is stock, unregistered Win10 that I installed for the sake of having Windows for the two or three things Wine struggled with, and that I don't use enough to bother looking up how to unfuck it.
>>416996 Again why does it matter if some people waste their money and why does it matter if some enjoy having beefier specs then normal? You aren't forced to by expensive products and are free to build your budget rigs and they are free to waste money (Granted the current situation with the chip shortage and miners is fucking everyone isn't helping) honestly who gives a shit at the end of the day of what the community does or doesn't do. I enjoy my 1440p gaming/workstation rig and the other anon enjoys his midrange 1080p rig, why lose sleep over it?
>>417027 When you actually own and use a NVMe it really changes your overall user experience like >>416579 stated.
>>417053 If nothing ever matters then why are you so bothered by anon criticizing people for wasting their money? Why is wasting money more valid than spending your time mocking people for wasting money? It doesn't sound like you've thought your nihilism through very far.
>>417053 >You aren't forced to by expensive products and are free to build your budget rigs You are if game devs abandon any concerns of optimization under the assumption that since so many gamers dump money on expensive products, it's pointless to cater to the budget ones. >>417057 >If nothing ever matters Where did he say that?
>>417047 I get it. My definition of "fully loaded, fully usable" is not being bogged down by anything else still loading in the background, and being able to load Chrome or Firefox reasonably fast and start using it. >R5 3600X, 32GB ram, a 2TB Western Digital HDD 5:56 minutes with those specs, even if it's a 5400 rpm HDD and on vanilla Windows, is completely abnormal. There's clearly something wrong. I'm assuming this happens even in a fresh install? Otherwise could be something you installed. Anyways, some guesses: >BIOS settings >Try disabling / unplugging your network >Fucked up drivers >Weak sectors on your HDD (Linux handles weak sectors much better than Windows - keep in mind "weak" sectors are not the same thing as bad sectors) >>417056 The point is that it doesn't have to be a high end NVMe. Using a budget cacheless SATA SSD is like "fucking magic" (paraphrasing that anon you refer to) compared to a slow 5400 rpm HDD. SSD is always much faster. But if you have nothing else and don't / can't spend money, it's perfectly feasible to play video games with a reasonably fast 7200 rpm HDD and it won't degrade the experience other than longer loading screens. Nowadays lots of idiots think it's impossible to play current video games on a HDD.
>>417065 An RTX 2060 can play most games at high in 1080p even AAA (if you play that rubbish) things have gotten to where even midrange can play most things at high >You are if game devs abandon any concerns of optimization under the assumption that since so many gamers dump money on expensive products, it's pointless to cater to the budget ones. Last steam hardware check showed most on steam owned a GTX 1060 or RTX 2060 or their AMD counterparts if anything the high end userbase makes up a minority. >>417057 Are you on drugs? Where did you pull this out of? >>417102 Most people still use 7200 rpm drives but use a NVMe or sata SSD for their OS drive but expect more to use on as game drive as the tech gets better and prices cheaper along with capacity going up.
What's the best case for a mini ITX build?
>>417137 I quite like my NZXT H1, and it hasn't caught fire yet.
>>417138 The "yet" would still be enough to make me think twice about trusting it with my hardware.
(82.17 KB 286x297 hol up bitch.PNG)

>>417138 Wait mind explaining why NZXT shit would be set ablaze?
>>417143 PCIe riser cables in the model shorted out and caught fire in some PC's, did a recall over it after being pressured by GamersNexus.
>>417143 Bad PCB design on a PCIe riser cable means that when it's mounted, the screw threading can cut in and short the 12V line directly to ground. As >>417145 mentions, GamersNexus has a series of videos on the issue, first where they replicate it, then subsequent videos as they escalated to force NZXT to issue a recall (and not a soft recall, a hard government-involved one). Watch those for the details, and for footage of what might happen to anon's PC.
>>417145 >>417154 Well I'm not touching NZXT with a ten foot pole.
>>417157 You definitely shouldn't.
>>417158 Any other companies I should avoid?
>>417183 Well, the same YouTube channel is currently pretty pissed at Gigabyte for selling exploding power supplies then misrepresenting what led to the explosions.
(74.78 KB 358x280 well fuck my shit.PNG)

>>417185 Well shit I've been a customer for years in fact my current motherboard is from their Aorus line of products.
(3.07 MB 1280x720 NZXT.webm)

(8.66 MB 1280x720 GigabytePSU_1.webm)

(1.19 MB 1280x720 GigabytePSU_2.webm)

>>417154 >>417185 For the sake of not shilling a youtube channel too hard by just saying "go watch their videos", here's webms of the (literal) fireworks.
I might be in hte market for a new monitor since the one I have is currently failing Anything better than a AOC 27G2U in the 120hz+ non TN 27" under 300 bucks category?
>>417395 Do any of these interest you?
>>417408 Most don't Can't do 1440p, don't have the horsepower to do it at high framerate and framerate > resolution for me Can't do above 27"because no space for that but won't do 24" because too small UWD is gay for gaming and I'm not a productive person That leaves >ACER VG271 Shit build, contrast and uniformity >LG 27GN650-B Nothing special but actual Gsync support is a plus >VIOTEK GNV27DB2 Offbrand for brand price is most likely a no, especially if I have to deal with returns since I'm not buying through Amazon. Right now I'm also looking at >AOC 27G2ZU >ASUS VG279Q >iiyama GB2770HSU-B1 >ViewSonic XG2705 I probably shouldn't dwell on it too much or my autism is gonna take over and force me to check monitors reviews for hours since the more I look around the more ideas I get
>1060 6gb <i5 3350p What would be a reasonable upgrade? Ryzen 5 3600? I'd need a new MoBo for that, sheeeiiit
>>417496 Depends on the budget, I'd go for a 5600X if you can find a discounted one instead That with a MSI B550A-PRO and a 2x8 3600 kit from crucial will run you about 450-480 bucks and be a very neat 1080p medium / emulation box with that 1060.
>>417503 >5600X huh, that'd be only ~60 shekels more
>>417552 Do it, 20-30% faster is well worth it if it's only $60 extra.
>>417553 yeah, seems like a good deal how'd such a setup fare with PS3 emulation, you reckon? Tried emulating DeS last week, just to see what would happen ayylmao, that was choppy
>>417562 Not bad, not ideal, but DeS 60fps stable should be achievable, to get much better you'd need a 11700k/11900k.
>>417503 >a 5600X It's the best midrange CPU currently.
>>417503 >>417496 i5 11something is good price too if you find it bundled with "compatible" mobo, but have to put with intel jewry
>>417933 It's worth getting a 11400/11600 if you can deal with the following >need to buy pricier mobo because even low-tier 6 core can pull 200w and low end VRMs can't cope, can't OC on B560 either >need to buy separate heatsink because the stock one hasn't changed from the shitty dual and quadcore only day, meaning you'll spend most of the time riding hte throttle temp if you actually use it. >it's still 10% slower even with power limits pulled than a 5600X in anything that can't use AVX512 You're saving maybe 50-100 bucks and the end result is less appealing to use, also no good upgrades kinda stings
(63.87 KB 812x587 ClipboardImage.png)

Not sure what to upgrade next, if at all. No vidya from the last 5 years excites me, and whatever does, is either indieshit that doesn't need it, is actually optimized (Factorio), or graphics don't matter. Maybe the processor? I'm not upgrading to W10, and I heard some newer hardware requires it.
>>417496 At $215 the I5 10600K is worth mentioning as a good price for power CPU. A decent upgrade from what you have. Still >>417553 and >>417933 are right because both the 5600X and the 11600K have faster clock speeds and are still below $300. Since they're closer to $300 I figure why not mention you could go closer to $200. Either way you'll still need a new mobo.
When am I gonna get a 2060 Super or similar at a reasonable price in Germoney? Everyone is asking over 300 Euro for it. USED For 300 I could have bought a better GPU new if it wasn't for the scalpers who buy them up full auto.
(2.70 MB 954x720 хуйлодец.webm)

(153.60 KB 657x552 1532997956625.jpg)

>>414438 It's over bros.
>>418022 A 2060 in Canada is 800 used your Lucky
(225.55 KB 1424x390 totally-not-a-scam.png)

>Little-hope It's nice of this seller to use his name to tell you how much chance you'd have of actually getting what he claims to be selling.
>>418103 I mean at least he's honest.
>>418071 Na, Ebay prices are just higher than real prices. Don't buy GPUs on ebay.
>>418132 I wonder if anyone can get a GPU that's not 1000+ dollars for a mid-range card
>>414438 Just stop being poor lol

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