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(48.68 KB 640x480 jenhsunsad.jpg)

(174.77 KB 1920x1080 linus-laugh.jpg)

NVIDIA LEAKS A FUCKLOAD OF GAMES Anonymous 09/13/2021 (Mon) 14:34:47 Id: 4d5d3c No. 414768
https://archive.vn/df3qS Basically some guy was able to just get into NVIDIA's system, actually reported it to NVIDIA, but they just flat out ignored it. Therefore he was able to leak a shit ton of games including: >Dragon's Dogma 2 >Human Fall: Flat 2 >Crysis 4 >The Talos Principle 2 >Earth Defense Force 6 >Tekken 8 >Bioshock 2022 >Chrono Cross Remaster >Soy of War >Demon Soul's >Injustice 3: Gods Will Fall >Shin Megami Tensei V >Catherine: Full Body >Grand Theft Auto HD Collection >Kingdom Hearts IV >Final Fantasy XVI >Final Fantasy VII Remake >Tomb Raider 25th Anniversary (2021) >XCOM 3 >Cities Skyline 2 >Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 >Monster Hunter 6 >Titanfall 3 >Bayonetta 3 >Sniper Elite 5 >Destroy All Humans 3 >MGS 2 & 3 HD >Payday 3 >Ghost of Tsushima >Death Stranding Director's Cut >Ratchet & Clank >Resident Evil 4 Remake >Returnal >Sackboy: A Big Adventure Thanks NVIDIA,
>Dragon's Dogma 2 >Destroy All Humans 3 >MGS 2 & 3 HD I can't open the archive because it keeps erroring out, but please don't play with my heart like that.
>>414768 >Chrono Cross Remaster >Bayonetta 3 Consider me mildly interested >Kingdom Hearts IV lol. After KH3's shitty cliffhanger, I'm never touching that series ever again
> Sequel > Sequel > Sequel > Sequel > Sequel > Sequel/prequel/Spin off > Remaster > ? > Remaster > Sequel > Sequel > Remaster > Remaster > Sequel > Sequel > Remake > Remake/Sequel/Spin off > Sequel > Sequel > Sequel > Sequel > Sequel > Sequel > Sequel > Sequel > Sequel > Remaster > Sequel > Re-release > Re-release > Re-release > Re-release of a re-remake > ? > A new game Wowy

(68.65 KB 247x280 Picture 1.png)

>>414777 >mfw video games
(25.45 KB 599x399 BMwAX65CEAAbnup.jpg)

>>414777 Oh no, wait. That sack boi game is also a re-release >>414779
(112.50 KB 892x828 dolphin.JPG)

(69.13 KB 883x641 gow.JPG)

(112.07 KB 880x807 nvidia emulates mario.JPG)

Nvidia has lots of games and applications for streaming, put by their devs to test or just personal use. Doesn't mean they have actually leaked, just references of potential upcoming games.It needs to be looked into more, fags can set up a proxy server to access the db directly
inb4 DMCA complaint >>414768 >Bioshock 2022 >Crysis 4 I'm interested purely because of the trainwreck this will be.
>titanfall 3 Nice joke.
>>414782 You do know that Nintendo allowed Nivida to sell a very small selection of Wii games for their crappy Android box right? They're region locked to China and been selling them since about a year and half ago.
>some intern implemented graphql to access Nvidia's database and left the query interface wide open This is what they get for only hiring retards fresh out of/still in college who implement trendy shit and never bother with boring stuff like basic security. >>414792 Yeah, that is the most unbelievable thing about this. But the database leak existing is very believable.
>>414797 Destroy All Humans 3 is the most unbelievable thing here because I doubt anyone would revive that franchise. Yeah there was a remake somewhat recently but you'd think they'd go for the second game too.
>>414768 >Chrono Cross Remaster <Not also remastering the first game >Titanfall 3 >Monster Hunter 6 doubt.PNG >MGS 2 & 3 HD <The first game is excluded >Resident Evil 4 Remake For fuck's sake, can't Capcom just stop with the fucking remakes?
>>414768 >Demon Soul's Better be the original. >Monster Hunter 6 If real that'd be great. Getting all I can out of MHW right now. Still gotta fight Fatalis. >Ratchet & Clank Which one?
(363.53 KB 267x768 The Sony Community.png)

>>414768 >all those PS exclusives Unfortunately none of them are good, but on the bright side the salt from sonyggers will be biblical.
After Uncharted 4 was announced I saw GoW 2018 PC coming, that much was obvious. But what I really want is the classic gameplay style games, I actually want ascension to come to PC since that is the game that needs better hardware the most, it's the only one that doesn't have a version that runs at 60FPS. >>414798 I disagree, the remake of the first game was clearly a cheap but very profitable release for them, it showed that there was still interest in DAH to make it worth investing in. a DAH2 remake could be easy and cheap to make as well, but a DAH3 will ultimately be more profitable. They could do both, but it's worth it more to just skip to making a new game. >>414799 MGS is only 2&3 because they skipped making an HD version of MGS1. This is the same collection that was released on the 360.
>Bioshock 3 Whatever happened to the unnamed game the Bioshock team was gonna make? I don't think it even came out.
(417.29 KB 1920x1080 FF6_remaster.jpg)

>>414799 <Not also remastering the first game Anon, it's an SNES game. You don't want modern squeenix remastering SNES games after what happened with FF6
>>414800 >Better be the original. Are you retarded? >Which one? It will be the last one released on Soy5
>>414798 Not really, they've said the remake did really and confirmed that they have further plans for the franchise. >>414799 ><Not also remastering the first game Already did that, it was bad. ><The first game is excluded Probably HD collection so obviously no 1, but strangely no Peace Walker >>414800 >Which one? Most likely the 2016 remake, there's already been talks of it getting ported alongside a few other PS4 exclusive because Sony is desperate. >>414804 Too late, though it wasn't that bad.
>>414800 >Better be the original It's not >Which one? Which do you think? The PS4 Movie game.
>>414804 I didn't play it but what about that secret of mana remake? Wasn't it "good"?
>>414809 It's okay mostly because lewd mods.
>>414805 >>414807 >>414806 Well fuck it then.
(67.20 KB 841x419 rockstar.JPG)

Nice meme.
>>414802 >>414806 Huh, it would be nice to play more DAH. >>414800 >>Ratchet & Clank >Which one Probably the PS4 tie in game. If it were Rift in Time they would have said so and if it were the PS2 collection or PS3 Future collection they would have probably also said so. >>414814 So is this shit why Take Two went scorched earth on the devs reverse engineering Vice City?
>>414814 Its no wonder they got so buttblasted about the reverse engineered versions.
>Destroy All Humans 3 Why are they releasing a wii game on PC?
>>414814 I'm curious as to how Rockstar will fuck up the remasters, the MS store version of SA is already a pretty high bar to go against >phoneshit UI >fucked up controls >fucked up scripting >fucked up handling >can't mod
>>414802 >classic gameplay style GoW games on PC >GoW 3 and Ascension Might be sooner than you think, since shit that was notoriously unplayable on PS3 like Drakengard 3 is running at steady 60 on RPCS3.
>>414812 You can play it on 4k 60fps on pc
>>414822 Why would I wanna play either the Demon's Souls remake or the failed Rachet & Clank reboot?
>>414821 Drakegard 1&3 on PC is something I'd buy since moonman is pretty chill.
>>414821 You can play both PS3 GoW at 60 right now if you're the lucky owner of a 11900k that can do 4.8Ghz+ with AVX512 without bursting into flames.
>>414823 I was talking about emulating the original one
>>414768 I don't see a single thing I'm interested in, but the MGS HD games might be cool.
>>414768 I seen multiple unconfirmed and unreliable leaks from faggots like you several times. Where did you get that actual list of games because the archive doesn't really show those or are you just pulling all of those out of your ass? REMEMBER GUYS DON'T BELEIVE EVERYTHING PEOPLE TELL YOU ON THE INTERNET, POSTS LIKE THESE ENDED UP BEING LIES FROM TIME TO TIME' But good god that Kingdom Hearts 4 took me by surprise. If Nomura were to ever make that I wonder how badly he will fuck that up this time around. >>414800 >Better be the original. No way dude. If it comes out on PC it could possible be modded so its more like the original, by that I mean un-cucking character models and genders. >Still gotta fight Fatalis. Don't even bother after you failed the first time, Fatalis is a complete and total nigger who is an absolute abortion of unbalanced game design and the most cruel example of unfair difficulty scaling I've ever seen in a videogame. This is coming from a guy who killed every from of Fatalis in 4U and killed Dire Miralis in 3U.
>>414828 >Fatalis is a complete and total nigger who is an absolute abortion of unbalanced game design Oh, you mean like all of Monster Hunter World and Rise?
>>414828 Can't mod cutscenes but I guess you could just play the original ones over the remake ones. I've seen a handful of Fatalis videos. Even the most experienced players have trouble with him. But I've also met enough hunters online with Fatalis weapons & skins to know he's not impossible. >>414829 Maybe if you're a bitch.
>>414828 >If Nomura were to ever make that I wonder how badly he will fuck that up this time around. We already know it'll be about Sora in FF13 Versus world. Nomura is still ANGRY that his original vision for FF13 Versus got scrapped when the story got changed to what FF15 currently is. https://youtu.be/13OZ-eoD9Rc
>>414830 Imagine calling anyone else a bitch when you like a game that has the crutchclaw, shittercapes, and complete fucking abominations like the current HBG, GS and bow iterations, and other shit that makes the player so comically overpowered that they have to keep making incredibly niggerdly and unfun monsters or just turn their damage up through the roof, just so they can compete at all.
>>414834 So what do you want then? If you feel overpowered then why are you complaining monsters are stronger?
>>414816 >So is this shit why Take Two went scorched earth on the devs reverse engineering Vice City? Yes. If I remember correctly these remasters were mentioned before in news articles discussing that lawsuit so I don't think this is new information. Having said that considering how much of a fag companies are it might have just as well happened anyway.
(200.10 KB 2048x1278 Bayonetta Concept.jpg)

(218.33 KB 1000x1000 Anime-JK-Bayonetta-Dakimakura-Co.jpg)

Outside of Bayonetta 3 (a switch exclusive) nothing on that list sounds even remotely appealing in current year +6. (and even that will probably suck as the plot is reportedly even more stupid time travel bullshit).
>>414803 >Whatever happened to the unnamed game the Bioshock team was gonna make? That cancelled Vita game?
>>414841 Was it a vita game? Fuck if I know, I just remember something about a dude with a hole in his hand, and it was made by Bioshock devs. I think news of it surfaced after infinite.
(10.71 KB 226x255 meaty whack.jpg)

We already knew about some of these games, Dragon's Dogma 2 leaked ages ago, Payday 3 has been confirmed to be in development by the studio for years, Crytek have talked about Crysis 4, Bayonetta 3 was not only announced but has marketing material, there have been dev jobs posted for Sackboy: A Big Adventure and so on. Still a massive fuck up for Nvidia, just as many of these games were completely unheard of like Titanfall 3 and The Talos Principle 2. This is a huge leak and will probably cause problems for Nvidia. >>414777 Of course the list is only going to be sequels and remasters. A random title nobody knows won't mean much to anyone.
>>414841 >>414776 >>414768 >Chrono Cross Remaster. this makes me think its a fake list. outside of nostalgia for the snes game, chrono is a dead franchise. (Chrono Cross was also a bad game, it had great music and visuals but it was still a very bad game)
>>414839 why was Bayonetta 3 even mentioned on an Nvidia list if it's not coming to pc?
Jewgled that, on the list are also >Street Fighter 6 >Total War 9 Medieval 3 probably?
(1.22 MB 400x300 nod.gif)

https://gist.github.com/xPaw/6a42aafd3c9d19b3ceab2e90b5a37cd2 A list of every game the guy scrapped. Almost 6000 entries. Anybody wanna dig?
>>414768 >Greyhat finds massive vulnerability in system authentication infrastructure that can be exploited >Proceeds to tell the company to fix their shit, for free no less >Company tells them to fuck off >Pissed off greyhat causes as much damage as possible. Tale as old as time. It's how you know the top brass are all exclusively suits. Only suits would attach 'exposure of incompetence and insecurity' a monetary value. The dumb fucks probably thought it'd cost them less to pretend the vulnerability didn't exist.
(284.10 KB 640x474 noided.png)

>>414849 >Scalebound
>>414849 > Mobile suit gundam Online >Tibia > otPokemon MMORPG > Need for speed 18 > Bioshock RTX Remaster > Evolve stage 2 > Freedom Force vs. the 3rd Reich > Activision Anthology >Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled
>>414847 >>414848 just seems like a list made of mostly educated guesses (not hard as the industry has been all about sequels, remakes and remasters for decades now) or ideas publishes have been teasing for years. >>414850 isn't that sort of how the last big capcom leak happened? only thing of interest to come out of that was how capcom has gone fully woke and deserves no money ever again. they should have died in the x360 for putting out garbage like "dark void"
>Hey there's a barbarian horde that's like 5 miles away, you should probably make preparations and close the city gates >Yeah nah fuck you >Gets invaded <How could we have prevented this? Every time
>>414854 >isn't that sort of how the last big capcom leak happened? Nope, that was ransomware blackmailing, Capcom didn't pay up so things got leaked.
>>414768 How many of those games will be pozzed?
>>414859 >having faith in Crapcom They will fuck it up, 110% guaranteed.
>>414849 >Descent (remake) So that's still getting made? I thought it was as good as cancelled after the whole lawsuit between the studios.
>>414818 The Nintendo games on that list makes me heavily doubt its creditability.
>>414865 well a lot of this shit is placeholders it seems, so don't get your hopes up.
>>414835 Because it leads to an increasingly high volume of bullshit unfun monster design where everything is fast as fuck and one shots you with absurd attacks, much like Frontier and XX, because that's the logical end point of "difficulty." It's an arms race that results in creative exhaustion for monster design. They should expand the game with options, not by simply making both the players and the monsters more powerful. It's kind of like asking why Dragon Ball got shittier over time if both the heroes and the villains got more powerful. Compared to say, Jojo or the classic games, which manages to keep the playing field somewhat level until the main antagonist of the arc by resetting the main character and thus dodging the "arms race" problem. Increasing damage numbers is a creatively bankrupt way to add difficulty no matter what game you're playing.
>bunch of Sony games coming to PC There truly is no reason to ever buy a Playstation again. >>414804 >Chrono Trigger Maybe they'll do a "pixel remaster" like they did for FF1-6. >>414866 >The Nintendo games on that list makes me heavily doubt its creditability. They're likely in the database because Nintendo hardware is literally Nvidia hardware, and Nvidia is also licensed to sell Nintendo titles in China on that weird chink controller thing.
(2.28 KB 231x155 src.png)

>>414849 >Saints Row Cinco Anybody have any idea what this might be?
(98.17 KB 456x380 lol.jpg)

>>414873 Cinco means five. It's the fifth game in the series. The game after Saints Row 4. It's the reboot featuring mexicans and mystery meat. Use your brain anon, you silly goose.
>>414873 Cinco is Spanish for five. The Saints Row sequels do a """quirky""" thing where the sequels are numbered but in different ways. The second game is Saints Row 2, the third is Saints Row: The Third as you can see there, the fourth is Saints Row IV using Roman numerals, so that suggests it's the fifth game. It was likely either cancelled or transformed into the recent reboot. Interesting to see it did exist at one point.
>>414853 >ff vs the 3rd reich What the fuck? Why rerelease the expansion pack to a 20yr old pc game? And more importantly why release the expansion pack without the base game?
>>414876 Its an actual DLC for the upcoming shit. Its the 5 de Mayo and you have to retake Texas with your friends. The objective is to colonize the whole texas via gang wars. This will be the set up for the next game. Arizona 2030, mexicans start flooding but they encounter a resistance from evil racist nazis with superpowers they found in a secret stash from the second world war of the worlds. So now you need to find the nazi technology, give it to your black scientist friend so he can reverse engeneer that and give you super communist powers. The ending battle is a Megazord fight were you control Mega Stalinzord against Cyber Hitlerzor
>>414861 It is post 2007, so, all of them.
(173.26 KB 2688x2688 9d5.png)

>>414875 >>414876 Very suspicious that you quickly knew what cinco meant. It's almost like we have a bunch of spics posting here.
>>414776 >Chrono Cross Remaster So help me GOD if they fuck up the artstyle or poz Chrono Cross with current year shit! And they better unfuck Pip's element grid too. >>414846 >Chrono Cross was also a bad game Suck my dick or cock!
>>414804 The Pixel Remakes have actually been pretty good. People thought it was going to be another mobile graphics port, but it's not.
>>414828 >KH4 Couldn't some of these titles have been registered by third party developers years in advance? I find it more likely for Squeenix to have registered a new KH spinoff game as KH4 because they hadn't pinned down any definitive titles yet.
>>414882 >Castilians aren't white
>nothing but sequels and remasters/remakes The absolute state of the AAA gaming industry.
>>414873 I would play Saints Row: Cirno.
>>414787 >>Bioshock 2022 Orange man bad and BLM/Antifa good >Crysis 4 I heard rumors of crysis reboot being battle Royal with escape from Tarkov hub world. Which what they are planning for battlefield 2042 from my understanding.
>>414839 Outside of cheese cake art. I’m surprised Bayonetta still an heterosexual woman. That’s pretty rare in video games now. Outside of tranny youtubers saying so. There zero proof of her being an canon lesbian.
>>414861 How many of those games will be pozzed? >DD2 "Itsuno's Dream game so it should be fine for the most part" <Human Fall: Flat 2 just a dumb rag doll physics game so at worse optional hats the characters where could have the "Trans Flag" on them <Crysis 4 could go either way, depending on if a faggot is the writer or not >The Talos Principle 2: Puzzle game maybe the Serious Sam Devs, unless they got cucked recently it might be fine >EDF6, Low Budget Japan game so it should be fine. >Tekken 8: people seem to like Harada so it should be fine <Chrono Cross Remaster, it will probably just be shit, at worst it could have censored tits like the FF8 remaster >God of War 2018 say what you will about it's quality as a game and an entry in this series, Corry Barlog himself is a massive faggot, but the actual game isn't actually all that pozzed, the end product is competent for the most part and inoffensive imo. Feel free to call it Pozzed anyway doesn't really matter <Demons Souls PS4, we would already know at this point if it's faggot shit or not, at best we'll just emulate the PS3 Original instead <Injustice 3, Could go either way if they put some actual effort into the female faces not being dogshit, but it will likely be faggot shit >SMT V I mean it's the Japanese kind of Faggot shit, so it's not really the same as Pozzed. I guess >Catherine: Full Body, This game got "The Trans Community" butt hurt so it's probably fine >GTA remastered: it's probably gonna suck but the games are just remasters so it'll be fine in that regard >KH4 It might suck but KH is Faggot Japanese shit again, not the same as Poz >FF 16 & FF7Remake Japan still seems to be able to make attractive women that sell their games so they might suck, but not be Pozzed <Tomb Raider It'll probably be shit >XCOM 3 the devs made Snake Tits so it might be fine >Cities Skylines 2, It's Sim City, so could go either way I guess >Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Made by Team Ninja so the women are actually attractive should be fine <Monster Hunter 6, it's not MH World but rather Normal MH, so it could go either way <Titanfall 3 the devs made Apex Legends, so it could go either way probably pozzed. >Bayo 3, Probably fine. >Sinper Elite 5 Unless from what I'v seen the series doesn't change all that much "dude with Sniper" probably will be fine <DAH3 Part of me wants to say it will be fine, but this can easily become "Current year" DAH so I won't hold my breath >MGS 2&3 they're just ports so they are fine <Payday 3 could go either way if the devs are faggots, it will be filled with greedy bullshit anyway so fuck em <Ghost of Tsushima I honestly know nothing about this game so i'll assume Pozzed >Death Stranding well it's kojima shit so might be just plain old gay, and not Pozzed gay <Ratchet & Clank the movie the game It's shit, but we can just emulate the PS2 games so fuck it <RE4 REmake, the development on that game has be leaked to be in some shit places, I won't get my hopes up for a game that doesn't even need a fucking remake <Returnal I know nothing about this game but it looked like faggot shit when it was announced. >Sackboy. A Big Adventure It's some Mario rip off shit, so It'll probably be fine That's my line of thought at least. Most of this I don't care all that much about so eh.
>>414768 >>Injustice 3: Gods Will Fall If the leaks from Amazon correct. Injustice 3 will be based on doomsday clock and Dark Nights: Death Metal. Playable watchmen characters and Batman who laughs as the main villain.
>>414768 >Dragon's Dogma 2
>>414771 >>414900 There is nothing to "Hope about" We know for a fact Itsuno was going to just up and quite Capcom unless they let him make DMC5 and DD2, DMC5 exists, so of course now he's making DD2. Itsuno is the only member of the old Guard left at Capcom that anyone gives a shit about. They need him more then he needs them so they have to keep him happy if he's not going to quit and then walk across the street and start working for Platinum.
(164.95 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)

(94.38 KB 731x719 cut2.jpg)

>>414896 >Outside of tranny youtubers saying so. There zero proof of her being an canon lesbian. with Hideki kamiya's sense of humor she's probably still a virgin. (although in an optional boss fight with Rodin one of his super combo movies leaves Bayo on the ground moaning + looking like she just got fucked, technically not canon but still).
>>414882 ayyyy que mierda estás insinuando?
(863.94 KB 703x485 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.69 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)

(521.47 KB 554x648 ClipboardImage.png)

(560.57 KB 500x404 ClipboardImage.png)

>>414909 >>414896 The real version of how the characters are day to day is that Bayo and Jeanne probably have the relationship of best friends / Roommates Bayo is the Responsible one, she does all the chores and such and she's a Nun during her free time just for fun. Jeanne might be a School Teacher for fun, but she's also incredibly irresponsible since she's also the Super Hero Cutie J for no fucking reason besides wanting to be a Super Hero, so Bayo is the one who has to deal with the result of that every morning.
(718.20 KB 832x456 ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone have a full list of leaked games? As for the questions what NSMB is doing in the list of games. I suspect it's is related to the NVIDIA Shield's Chinese release, which included one of Nintendo's many weird attempts to break into the Chinese market in the form of Gamecube/Wii titles with some higher quality graphics swapped in. Internally these were actually just emulated, to the point a debug executable left in that version of Twilight Princess can be made to run on Dolphin with basic conversion. Dolphin may be explained by NISA's port of Killer Seven, which used Dolphin for "testing" (after they were caught using it for footage in early trailers), or some other game in the same situation. That or some dev using it for hardware benchmarks.
Found the full list of games leaked by this. List includes a lot of software, duplicate entries, and a few games known to be canceled already (Realms Beyond, where one of the two rights holders has just gone missing and the team can't do anything) https://gist.github.com/xPaw/6a42aafd3c9d19b3ceab2e90b5a37cd2 https://archive.md/6oIrt
>DD2 was holding out for the mmo to get translated, but this will do.
>>414921 Why the fuck would you want to play an MMO? They are all shit.
RE4 Remake Barely a surprise, just waiting on what else they fuck up(ruining the inventory screen is one thing). >>414846 They've been going through the SaGa and Mana games so it doesn't sound far fetched, what's doubtful was not including Trigger. >>414861 EDF 5 managed to get away with saying China is polluted shithole and the no illegal aliens in our planet line.
>>414926 >EDF 5 managed to get away with saying China is polluted shithole and the no illegal aliens in our planet line. I wonder if the line is kept in the chinese voiceover.
>>414782 I mean technically, nintendo is right being on and off about it. They're fiscally capable of being litigiously belligerant enough to overide the fact there's no legal case to be made that personal copies of content and not distribution.
I thought there was something I heard about DD2 being a Switch exclusive
>>414839 >>414909 >>414916 Fuck, I'm reinstalling.
>>414853 > Mobile suit gundam Online Fuck Yeah, I hope it's like Titanfall or Destiny
>>414877 vs 3rd reich is FF2, retard
>Kingdom Hearts IV Don't they have to rerelease III like eight more times first?
(1.19 MB 1366x768 yuuki.png)

>Shining Online
>>414780 Using a picture of the worm as a reaction image? Fuck that faggot.
>>414977 Buttplug?
>>414897 >Ghost of Tsushima Is surprisingly no pozzed and kinda decent as the devs actually wanted to focus on making a game, now it's nothing special but it was refreshing to see a game and dev team that didn't hate it's customers.
>>414981 It's fucking AC you goddamned weaboo
>>414977 WORM?
>>414982 It's nothing special but it's also a better AC game then actual modern day AC, again nothing special then they gave a fuck about what potential fans wanted and didn't attack said potential fans like others devs.
>>414981 It literally has similar mechanics to Assassin's Creed and Batman Arkham knight, it is mediocre as shit. The female samurai is also a lesbo even though I'm pretty sure Nippon only had cases of corrupt samurais molesting little boys during the Sengoku period.
(81.97 KB 750x750 ME IRL rite nao.jpg)

>>414991 >It's nothing special It's mediocre AAAshit made by Insomniac, one of the most pozzed devs out there, who is now owned by one of the most pozzed publishers/platform manufacturers out there and their game has a lesbian Woman warrior in it. You only like it because you're a fucking weaboo.
>>414994 >Insomniac I thought it was the inFamous studio, which isn't pozzed as far as I know.
(627.03 KB 640x352 crashing this plane.webm)

>>414998 >the inFamous studio It's Insomniac
>>414998 <which isn't pozzed as far as I know. >he hasn't played inFamous Second Son
>>415000 Sucker Punch is the inFamous/Sly Cooper studio.
(127.33 KB 1920x1080 dyke.jpg)

>>414998 Infamous Second Son is about a native American who fights against a wypipo regime and the main villain also being a wypipo as well. And his girlfriend, if you decide to not kill the cunt, is a pink haired fugly dyke.
(90.71 KB 500x467 sSi7z2z.jpg)

>>414987 And the nana prance
>>415017 Did you know his brother pays little kids to spit on his mouth?
>So many sequels and remakes. Gaming must really be dying if they can't make any new games instead of copying what we've already done before. But I guess it would be hard to talk about a game that has a weird name and isn't associated with any franchise. Bayonetta 3 is the only thing I care about and it looks like that might be in trouble since the original voice actress is implying she won't be in 3 some many hours ago. Fix this Platinum and Nintendo.
>>415023 >>So many sequels and remakes. Hmmm... where have I seen this sort of stagnation before
>>414870 Get good.
>>414992 >it is mediocre as shit Which makes it one of the best games of the decade.
>>415023 >Gaming must really be dying if they can't make any new games instead of copying what we've already done before. I thought people wanted more sequels to games like F-Zero, Dragon's Dogma, Silent Hill, and so on.
>>415000 Sucker Punch Productions
>>415009 Shit, you're right, I'm retarded
(570.29 KB 780x630 d49cbda.png)

>>415021 So so so what you are saying is just because I enjoy the occasional child spit that makes me a pedophile?
(240.39 KB 1154x916 not_okay.jpg)

>>414768 >Dragon's Dogma 2 oh god please don't be garbage >>414804 >>414799 >phone quality chrono trigger
(347.99 KB 633x394 EDF6lineup1.png)

(1.44 MB 1909x399 EDF6lineup2.png)

(1.51 MB 1912x398 EDF6lineup3.png)

(997.79 KB 1275x402 EDF6lineup4.png)

>>414768 >Earth Defense Force 6 Not really surprised even if I remain dubious about the legitimacy of the leak itself. Also the fact D3 Publisher has yet to confirm any platform for a whole year after the initial game announcement makes me think it's not going to be a Playstation exclusive from the start.
>>415000 It's sucker punch who made it.
>Postal Next - Running With Scissors Is this Postal 4: No Regerts or something else?
>>414898 >Injustice 3 will be based on doomsday clock and Dark Nights: Death Metal. Playable watchmen characters and Batman who laughs as the main villain That sounds like the game will be either insanely retarded or very entertaining but it's NRS so I wouldn't get my hopes up. >>415014 >And his girlfriend, if you decide to not kill the cunt There's never an option to kill her, you clearly haven't played the game.
Since we are on the topic of ghost regarding the lesbian it's this old window whose whole family was killed by both Mongols and assassins. She has a female lover on side which I guess wouldn't be to big a stretch considering how many Samurai had twink lovers on the side, but I did play the game which I borrowed from a mate. It's weird as normally I'd not really give a shit or even somewhat enjoy it but the bar has been set so fucking low that an AC clone with some half decent features (such as just being a game) made it one of few decent AAA games in the past ten years. Let that fucking sink in gaming has become so shit that a mediocre AC clone came across as somewhat decent!
>>415066 Low standards. You're still playing a game pozzed by dykes
What the hell are you guys even talking about? This is for the Nvidia leaks.
>>415066 Western writters think giving depth to a character is making him/her a faggot. >>415075 Ghost of Tsushima coming (probably to pc) which is a leak from the Nvidia leaks, you fucking nigger master
>>414829 Icebourne was pretty unfair due to monsters with retardedly high HP and were balanced for clutch claw. I played a bit of Rise and is kinda fine, I actually like the wirebugs it adds even more tools to kill monsters in combat but I wish it would stay in Rise though. >>415046 EDF in the EDF5 universe just can't catch a fucking break can they? How is a handful of EDF soldiers with no supplies plus a humanity consisting of only women, children and old farts because all the guys died in a ruined Earth gonna fight off another fucking alien invasion? >>415076 Who cares I want Bloodbourne and Gravity Rush and I want them NOW.
>>415076 If ghost comes to PC I wouldn't mind a Yojimbo mod.
(346.87 KB 680x449 JC Jen.png)

I've seen people say the leaks contain a wrapper referencing "deus_ex_5", but I don't see that anywhere in the github. Is there a more expanded leak? The github's title suggests it's an abbreviated list.
>5589 Chrono Triggered What could this be? >>414897 >Catherine: Full Body, This game got "The Trans Community" butt hurt so it's probably fine Full Body is garbage and suffers from the same problems almost every re-release in SMT does but this time the Mary Sue is Qatherine, the alien trap. However, there's also the Catherine+ ending where the transsexual Erica is turned into a real woman via a timeline change. On the other side, there's also all of the DLC, including the mandatory Persona 5 shit that was stuffed into it. >XCOM 3 the devs made Snake Tits so it might be fine Not after the shitshow that was Chimera Squad. Unless you play against the human-alien government, it's going to be faggot garbage. >Cities Skylines 2, It's Sim City, so could go either way I guess It's modern Paradox. Expect standard Swedish politics but with more Chinese and Turkish shilling this time as well as a ton of DLC. >>414946 It's probably the Overwatch clone.
(28.07 KB 634x617 squeenix leaks.png)

>>415068 The bar is so low that this game came across as decent and sold well when it did because everything especially Dykes of us Troon was such an utter disaster that generic open world AC clone was considered goty. I mean I still think normal niggers would of eaten it up but it's extremely telling of the state of gaming when even normalfags consider this one of the few good games to come out last year. This isn't praise this is realising things got worse then imagination.
>>415096 >Actraiser remake But we already have Smelter.
(17.82 KB 225x225 HOLY SHIIIIII.jpg)

>>415096 >ActRaiser remake
(101.89 KB 1024x647 Kara and Will.jpg)

>>415096 >>415108 >>415109 Do you think we'll get Terranigma and Illusion of Gaia as well?
>>415109 >>415108 Zero hype, it's current year. I'd like to be wrong.
>>415096 >the Invisible War >the Lightning Returns This kind of issues with articles is typical of people whose native language is of East-Asian origin (Chinese, Nipponese, various others). What that actually means and if it's good or bad, I have no idea.
>>415142 Deus ex: invisible war The mid 2000s sequel. Probably an hd remaster. And lighning returns was the name of the unreleased ps3 exclusive ff13 spin off.
(32.79 KB 342x559 ClipboardImage.png)

>>415147 >And lighning returns was the name of the unreleased ps3 exclusive ff13 spin off. But it released in 2013 though?
>>415150 Wait it released? Could have sworn that wound up in development hell. Was it any good? Was it actually a ps3 exclusive?
>>415153 >Was it any good? Nope, don't recall whether it's the one that repurposed a new Chrono game or a new Valkyrie Profile to get made. >Was it actually a ps3 exclusive? Nope, it's on PC though that came a lot latter.
>>415153 There is nothing good about anything related to FF XIII
>>415153 Yes, retard. It released ages ago.
>>415142 Invisible War was made before they were bought by Squeenix. The name has nothing to do with Engrish.
>>415159 >>415155 >>415157 Well that answers that. Thanks for playing so I didn't have to.
>>415161 Oh nevermind, they did actually inject "the" into the title. I really hope it's not because of the documentary about sexual harassment in the military which released with that same name in 2012
>>415147 >>415147 >>415163 The point is HOW the titles were mangled. Generally only an ESL makes that kind of error when handling articles, and it's particularly common of certain first languages. What can be gained from that information, I have no idea, but it is non-obvious information that can be obtained from this leak.
>>415164 I think it's one of those things that an ESL would miss because native speakers use English in such weird ways sometimes. In an earlier time, the original subtitle would likely have been "The Invisible War," but English speakers tend towards removing articles or unnecessary words as time goes on. It's not grammatically incorrect but it is idiomatically unusual.
>>415164 Oh sorry bud, I missed that part. Yeah "the" shouldn't be in either of those. That is odd.
Tell me about Chrono Cross. All I know about it is that apparently was deemed to hate its predecessor to the point of having 4 members of the cast killed, one rendered amnesiac and basically a completely different character, and even having you stumble on the corpses of minor characters like Gato and Johnny.
(2.83 KB 536x58 wat da fug.png)

Very interesting
>>415178 >Valve releasing another game in the same decade Now I know it's bullshit
>>415181 Probably just absorbed a modding team to do it for them.
Woah dude Nvidia do be a leaker
(12.89 KB 575x254 Nordic.png)

>>415183 This is what publishers deserve after they all trusted noVidya.
>>415096 >Unannounced title by Square Enix >Unannounced Card Game You see, Square were smart about this. Look at everybody else naming their unreleased projects things like "HIGHLY ANTICIPATED GAME 3" or "BELOVED GAME: REMAKE" but they didn't even give working titles. They do have their own remakes listed there but I think the devs of those games have already talked about those on Twitter. >>414814 This pretty much confirms the reverse engineering lawsuit was to prepare for their 3D-era remasters. Knowing modern Rockstar they'll probably fuck it up even worse than the current versions of the game. >>415178 >>415182 This is probably that Half-Life 2: Update thing Valve gave permission for. Either that or they're doing an in-house remaster in Source 2 the way they did for HL1. Hopefully it's not as shit as Half-Life: Source. >>415185 >Titan Quest 2 Oh shit that's real? Maybe THQN will finally start delivering after the 50000 studios they bought up.
(55.23 KB 500x356 even sleep won't fix.jpg)

>>415188 >This pretty much confirms the reverse engineering lawsuit was to prepare for their 3D-era remasters. >Knowing modern Rockstar they'll probably fuck it up even worse than the current versions of the game.
>>415014 Nice colors too bad that the hookers look like whores. >>415116 I need Illusion in my life again. I never did complete Gem's quest.
>>415200 They'll remove half the songs out of spite alone
>>415085 >deus_ex Square killed deus ex to make shitty marvel games. the dev team is likely locked into making only trash games for all the upcoming disasters out of marvel/disney for years to come.
does this mean SMTV is coming to PC? excuse my ignorance im a retarded 90's boomer.
>>415229 Well I wouldn't get your hopes up, Nivida and that's what the Nintedo Switch uses, hence why Bayonetta 3 is also listed here. Given Persona 5 "Strikers" is on PC, but "Persona 5" still isn't, there isn't really any way of knowing what the deal is.
Just remember that New Super Mario Bros Wii can be found on that list and that the people at NVIDIA are just pirating the games to play them on their off time, so it's likely that any ports of currently released games on the list could potentially be just emulated games found on their servers. >Dragon's Dogma 2 >Bayonetta 3 Nice, those are two games I want to hear about most. >Chrono Cross Remake I hope that they reduce the cast so we can have more focused character arcs instead of like 30+ party members that are mostly underdeveloped and that they reverse the character butchering they did for the CT crew. I still need to play this game, so I don't entirely know how bad these two flaws are, just that they plague the game like Xenogears Disc 2. >KH4 I'm looking forward to the music and how much more retarded the story can get. That's about it. >Actraiser Remake Oh, shit. I never thought I'd see this game again. >>415044 >phone quality chrono trigger To be fair, I heard that SE improved the PC port to the point that it can be considered the definitive release. Doesn't mean it's okay for them to release it as it was.
>>414804 My EYES Fucking hell didnt they learn from ff5
(21.92 KB 449x43 fallout_5.png)

>>415218 This is really strange, there are multiple references to Fallout 5 by Bethesda and something called "Fallout 3.5" by Obsidian. At first I thought the latter was just New Vegas but then I found NV had its own entries. There's also something called "fallout_pip-boy", no clue what that could be. The Elder Scrolls VI is also in there, but we already know that exists and there's no subtitle.
>>415085 I'm someone who in spite of all of their (many, many) flaws, really liked both the Squeenix Montreal Deus Ex games. I do not want to see the current Squeenix Montreal(who is currently shitting out that insufferable looking Guardians of the Galaxy game and I think made that shitty Avengers game) touch Deus Ex ever again and this is coming from the same dev team that thought to make Human Revolution.
(128.51 KB 331x507 Autistic Child.png)

Can you believe we just got a leak of almost every major game currently in development? Check the links, anything you can think of is in there. The next COD, Fallout 5, WoW's next expansion, Kingdom Hearts 4, the fact Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2 are going to have separate Chinese editions, PC ports of PS4 exclusives, the Half-Life 2 remaster, Watch Dogs 3, the GTA remakes, it's all there out in the open. This tops the gigaleak, that was just Nintendo, this is the entire industry. Heads will roll over this.
>>415408 Popular series has sequel in development. How is that in any way newsworthy?
>>415409 It will be newsworthy to normalfags is the point, and therefore someone will get fired.
>>414828 >If it comes out on PC it could possible be modded so its more like the original, by that I mean un-cucking character models and genders. It's not only characters models and gendres https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QT6aJspFQg you can't fix it with mods
>>415409 Major hardware manufacturer and software developer ignores potential for data breach, resulting in unannounced games being leaked, many of them sequels to popular franchises which will result in damaged business relationships and cause a PR shitstorm for the entire industry >yeah but sequels so not newsworthy pretty retarded take on the situation anon.
(801.15 KB 3840x2160 demake.jpeg)

(1.35 MB 1280x720 original.png)

(1.39 MB 1280x720 original1.png)

(1.09 MB 3840x2160 demake1.jpeg)

>>415411 Fire, who? The DB analyst that wasn't secure to begin with, or the query page that uses graphql, the customer service who told to contact actual devs, or someone else? Its just a list of names, that are mixed with existing and upcoming software, not even dates or shit. It should simply be a warning that this time its a simple db, next time it could be potential security risk. Don't use this query method again. That's it
>>415409 Is this damage control or baiting? That's such a stupid thing to say. Under that logic Half-Life 3 being announced tomorrow wouldn't be notable.
>>415421 Old interesting IP getting a release is notable. A half-life 2 remake is not notable. Dragons Dogma 2 would be notable if we didn't already know about it.
>>415418 It amazes me how much Bluepoint missed the fucking point and completely ruined the art direction. Does anyone know what the nips thought of the remake?
(858.27 KB 1464x5700 y3f3vwv6xfz51.jpg)

>>415423 pic related my result from google images. From software completely ignored it. Not a single word.
(14.11 KB 470x633 skele thumb.jpg)

>>415426 Holy shit that's amazing, thank you.
>titan fall 3 Doubt[x]
>>415426 It's the greed of the wider (and now liberal) audience again.
>>415182 >>415178 >>415181 There was info floating around Valve had something planned for release with the steam deck. A fully native source 2 port of half life wouldn't be all that surprising, especially since they've already experimented with porting most of the graphical shit for it to Vulkan.
>>414819 Don't forget >Removal of iconic songs from the radio
(2.04 MB 1920x1080 kiralaugh.png)

>>415426 >"The god is in the details" (Japanese saying) >well they killed god W E W
>>415467 get woke go broke blackpill The audience isn't liberal, it's centrist in majority, that's what you don't understand.
>>415492 It also stands to mention, they don't actually buy things, they only part with part of their money to "socialist" streamers that effectively scalp leftist bitching by coercing competitors from even participating in the market. As in, like that faggot Hassan, has managed to prevent leftist bitching from being in enough supply that he's managed to fraudulently inflate the value of his. Quite literally one of the few "critiques" of capitalism that's nearly valid In truth there's no real difference between monopoly and government and both being egregious to the free market
>>415494 Governance is still needed as mediation, as privatized corporations cannot protect borders due to monetary interest. A government places additional barriers to entry on corruption, and having a pure monopoly in control as both public and private need to have oversight over eachother in order to function. In essence government HAS monopoly over certain things, but these things are low value. If a government has a high value monopoly, that will eventually fail, just like with privatized monopolies.
>>415496 again, yeah, one of the only legitimate actions for a government to intervene on a free market is to ensure the market is free.
>>415497 I can't tell if this post is ironic or not, since there are people who actually believe this.
For some fucking reason I feel like Deja Vu, this entire thread, with most of the same posts and reaction images had been seared in my mind. But from a month ago. Help, I'm hallucinating. >>414909 >with Hideki kamiya's sense of humor she's probably still a virgin <Implying Kamiya's custom made waifu isn't a pure virgin just for him >>415094 It's worse, Erica never became a tranny, he stayed as Eric and kept fucking the twink in the ass since he enjoyed it in the OG timeline anyways. <The twink wasn't Lucifer or some Satan analogy despite the very clear hints he gave throughout the story That was fucking bullshit >>415096 >>415109 >ActRaiser remake Is it bad that I wish Shade or nuFalcom makes it happen? >>415188 >This pretty much confirms the reverse engineering lawsuit was to prepare for their 3D-era remasters. <Now other companies will once again copy Pozzstar and their shit, leading to an even slower death of gaming with no rebirth in sight Hopefully sleeping will make the fatigue go away. >>415426 No matter how many times I see this, it still fills me with joy, thanks anon. >>415492 >The audience isn't liberal, it's centrist in majority, that's what you don't understand. It's also highly apathetic anon, that's the sad truth of the world. Either that or super lazy.
>>415505 >Is it bad that I wish Shade or nuFalcom makes it happen? Look anon it's not the best game around but play Smelter if you've got an itching for ActRaiser. https://www39.zippyshare.com/v/aujM8gWg/file.html
>>414768 This industry is so godawful boring now. Just a lame pile of sequels and random remasters. Nvidia was fine to not give a damn.
(96.84 KB 500x640 1572035906902.jpg)

>>415426 Where are these from? No i don't mean 4chan, i mean where the jap text was from originally.
Any reaction from nvidia yet?
>>415063 >There's never an option to kill her, you clearly haven't played the game. I did play the game retard, I'm not going back to playing a travesty. Also you are correct you end up corrupting her, but apparently this was the only "gotcha" you have against me.
>>415614 They admitted it’s all real, yes.
(9.98 MB 1920x1080 It's All True.mp4)

>>415625 >its all true
(20.65 KB 625x291 ClipboardImage.png)

>>415569 2ch i suppose
>>415651 Using 2ch for the "Japanese opinion" would be like using /v/ for the Western opinion. You're looking at a crowd that's largely autistic NEETs and don't represent what the average person thinks, the average Japanese gamer only play mobile games and gacha with the occasional JRPG.
For some reason I can't open their /v/ https://agree.5ch.net/games8/
>>415658 They block non-Japanese IPs.
>>415666 Nice.
>>415652 The average Japanese person doesn't think niggers are attractive. Of that I am fairly sure.
>>415676 The average human doesn't find niggers attractive either.
>>415684 what did u say about our board owner?
>>415686 This isn't julay /v/
>>415686 Is acidman even the board owner? I thoguht he was the site admin. Or did he take up board ownnig duties after mark stepped back?
>>415707 No Anon just fucked up his joke.
>>415700 prepare your angus for current year's pozz(i genuinely can't comprehend you people can still get excited about remakes/remasters/reboots after the last 10+ years of shit)
>>415712 How can gooks fuck one of their best IP's?
>>415712 >>415700 Aren't the newest ones ported to PC anyway?
>>415700 >>415712 >>415733 >>415734 >EDF >A series that has been ported to PC for 7 years >A Japanese series that gives no fucks about politics and has streams with skimpy dressed cosplayers I honestly know who's the bigger retard
>>415763 You're the biggest retard because that's exactly what i was telling him here >>415733
>>415676 I saw a black man holding hands with an asian lady at work the other day. The thing is that was the only time in my life I witnessed such an occurrence.
>>415983 >Americans
>>415983 It's clearly happened at least once before because Tiger Woods exists. However I was referring to mainland Japanese. You're going to have a hard time finding a job if you're not Japanese, good luck getting a wife. The social pressure is too strong.
>>416004 >He's never been to a major city in Europe or Canada
>>415707 >mark stepped back I thought mark was co-admin of 8moe (with acid) and owner of /v/. has that changed?
>>416043 I haven't really been active since the switch from 8kunt but apparently jew boy is trying to get a real job now.
(21.55 MB 1280x720 Wh.mp4)

I hope the devs don't change Natalya's black costume.
>>416062 If there is something "problematic", it will be censored.Also, this probably confirms DAH3.
(201.70 KB 471x642 1609872220662-0.png)

>>415492 Can you prove that? Lots of companies are trying to appeal to the liberal audience in America.
(85.66 KB 500x594 4544.png)

>>416092 >Poland Poland is one of the last places in the western would that wont put up with 100% pozzed bullshit, but who knows how long they can/will hold out.
>>416067 DAH played the "This game is a product of it's time" card, and it didn't change any of the rused dialog from the original game To my knowledge at least. I don't know how they would get away with Remastering DAH2 without it being "Problematic" since the entire game is about Crypo now having a Dick, and how Horny he is for Natalya, and the ending of the game is him making a clone of her that actually wants to fuck him. So this isn't really a game you can Censor without doing a ton of extra work, that would result in zero profit. if they wanted to be "Politically correct" they'd have better luck not touching DAH2 at all.
(63.22 KB 800x720 poleboo.png)

>>416062 They went an extra mile and gave Silhouette cleavage in the remake which was surprising. >>416105 >it didn't change any of the rused dialog from the original game To my knowledge at least. Crypto had a longer line while probing Ms. Rockwell. I've read some of the cortex scans were also removed but I don't which ones(not sure what else is offensive if commie and pinko aren't removed). https://invidio.xamh.de/watch?v=ZxyfM_HzMBA
>>416062 Please tell me there's still co-op. Using the co-op only saucer cannon was fucking fun. >>416158 They also gave some of the rockwell farmers BEEG TITTIES.
>>414768 Chrono Cross remaster sounds good and my hunch was correct about that. All told, that list is quite appealing. I want a Parasite Eve 1 remaster the most though.
>>416184 >making monkey paw wishes You absolute retard.
>>416092 Notice that they still made the man swarthy-looking in the Polish ad.
>>416212 >bringing up furry fetishes for no reaso
>>415712 EDF hasn't shown signs of poz and yet somehow the franchise moving away from Sony of all companies will make the poz worse? Anon I think you hit your head. >>416184 >I want a Parasite Eve 1 remaster the most though. SE fucked up Parasite Eve so bad the author refuses to work with them again, so it's highly unlikely. IIRC the last game in the series was some mobage shit that had to have all branding removed because the author wasn't playing ball.
>all these retards getting excited for remasters I didn't know I was on Reddit.
(1.52 MB 2560x1440 1.png)

>>416384 I can't even name one good remaster or remake. Even MGS and Dark Souls remasters are trash with downgrades, missing effects and even missing models in some cases like MGS2 remaster has no roaches.
>>416491 Id add the remake of 2 too.
(230.94 KB 427x300 ClipboardImage.png)

>>414768 >Dragon's Dogma 2 >Titanfall 3 >>414799 >doubt.PNG You feel it to don't you? hope and doubt
(13.48 MB 1280x720 2021051518303201_c.mp4)

(300.88 KB 1280x720 2021040823394500_c.jpg)

(215.54 KB 1280x720 2021050523200500_c.jpg)

>>416414 Xenoblade Chronicles DE and Famicom Detective Club. El Dia also get to respect the original artstyles of the old CWare/Studio Line's text games (Eve Burst Error, Doukoku Soshite, Desire). If I were to personally hate specific remakes, it would be the Langrisser 1+2 one and YU-NO.
>>414882 side note I learned to count to 6 in spanish when I was like 8 years old Uno Dose Trese, Quatro Cinco Ces probably misspelled those
>>416501 >speaking spic nigger gibberish >ever
>>416503 LATIN you mongoloid
>>415624 >I did play the game retard If you say so. >but apparently this was the only "gotcha" you have against me Your assertion that the game was about "wypipo" was wrong, I don't recall the characters ever complaining about white people, which is one of the extremely few positives about that game. >>416496 It did change a lot of things from the original though.

(8.64 KB 238x279 [autism intensifies].jpg)

>>414839 >exclusive Lol it's been hinted at by Platinum and Nintendo that the latter might be lenient when it comes to some once exclusive titles they have made like W101 and possibly Astral Chain. Probably won't happen until the Switch has run it's course though. >>415242 This is autistic but you're kind of right. >>415480 That's nice, they should release Source 2 SDKs so that faggot Garry isn't the only one developing with it besides Valve. >>415497 (((free marktet)))
(194.90 KB 1224x1445 Retarded on purpose.jpg)

So now Nvidia is claiming this just was just "speculative"? Weird to see their engineers speculating about "Unannounced Square Enix Game" and Bioshock 2022, but not a Bloodborne port.
>>416659 They have to say "Something" to try and save face. Although saying nothing at all probably would have put slightly less of a spotlight on this, now that they've acknowledged it that's only making more people look at the leaks. Damned if you do Damned if you don't. but either way It's their own fault for letting this happen.
>>416414 >I can't even name one good remaster or remake Because you're a newfag and you barely play videogames.
>>416716 Or because I have standards.
>>416717 Stop lying to yourself
>>416721 Remasters are fine when they're actually remastered. It's rare, but there are a handful that actually did use the original, pre-compressed (master file), audio/graphics instead of new shit vaguely (or not at all) in the style of the original and look/sound way better, but perfectly in line with the original. The only one that comes to mind is Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection, which has the original quality cutscenes and voice acting for the ZX duo in place of the versions heavily compressed to fit on the DS (which is important since those two have full voice acting in Nipponese). Also there's a small number of PC games where the remaster is the only way you'll get it to run on a modern PC.
>>416414 >I can't even name one good remaster or remake. The Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy Remasters for the PS1 were good. So was FF1+2 remake for the SP. I havent played it yet but I haven't heard anything bad about the LoM remaster.
>>416730 >>416716 Good Remakes/Remasters are very fucking Few and Far between, I don't blame anyone for not being able to rack their brains hard enough to think of any. since the standard is something that's "Good Enough" if you're lucky. Most times when something is Remastered it actually tends to be worse then just playing the original version game. Even good remasters aren't perfect. Like the Recent Turok 1 re-release, it was great for the most part but there was still something missing bits and peices like sun Lens flars not being in the PC version, and they were only bale to fix that hardware detail in the Swtich port. DMC1 HD plays "Good enough" but that's missing a ton of Effects and Shit from the PS2 version. When it comes to Actual Remakes, that's highly debatable too. Resident Evil Gamecube, and The Journey Man Project Pegasus Prime are the only Remakes I can think of that actually make sense why they're quality is so high. And it's because technology at the time got rapidly better very quickly, so the people who actually Made those original games re-did their works to take advantage of the technology. And even then it's a debate just how much better it might be over the original, since anyone can just Do something they already did a 2nd time, and make it seem allot better when they now have way better tools to work with. The Remakes might be objectively better in allot of ways but that doesn't make them more impressive then creating an original concept entirely form scratch. Mega man Maverick Hunter X on the PSP, is a pretty good game, but it is Objectively better then the Original Mega man X just because the graphics are 3D and you can play as vile now? Is Mega Man Powered up better then the original Mega Man, just because it has the advantage of coming out in 2006, rather then 1987? These can be good, or even Great games on their own, but they're pretty much never something that deserve to Replace the original games spots in history.
>>416753 Specific to Powered Up/Maverick Hunter, I think they're inferior games because of the slow-down you get thanks to the PSP. Really the most superior remake I can think of is Oath in Felghana. Not only is the game great on its own but the original wasn't particularly good so it's twice as neat.
>>416761 Yeah, the problem is most game remakes is that they are Remaking games that are already great, when in reality the proper reason to Remake a game is to take advantage of a projects missed potential. When Hideaki Itsuno was asked about DMC Remakes, he really just said that DMC2 is the only game he can see that Needs a Remake, and for good reason since DMC2 has tons of good ideas, but the production was a hack job, that it's impressive the game is even as functional as it is. Of course they will almost never remake Flawed games, only ones with big names that sell copies. but we can see today that the Fan Made Sonic 06 Remake Just put out it's Shadow levels update, and it's getting more hype surrounding it then Sonic Colors Ultimate, since they fucked up that "Remaster" and they have to patch it to fix bugs. where Sonic 06's remake is trying to realizing some of the potential of what should have been the best Sonic game ever made if the production wasn't rushed and fucked over.
>>416753 Powered Up is superior because it lets you play as Roll.
>>416766 There are also two different kinds of "remakes." There are remakes like Super Mario All-Stars, where the intent is to make something that is almost 1-1 like the original but with technical upgrades and perhaps some new features, and there are also remakes like Castlevania IV, which just has the same title as the original game (they're both just called Akumajo Dracula) in Japan, because it's supposed to be a remake. But it's a remake in that it's the same story, and has some elements that are supposed to be the same locations, characters, and events, but really the level design, not to mention game mechanics, are different. But this is closer to what people mean when they talk about a movie remake. In movies, shot for shot remakes are rare and seen as pointless. In video games, shot for shot remakes are the standard, and usually just as pointless. "Remakes" that try to capture the spirit and evoke the original but still be their own thing are rarer, and usually better. Except for Ratchet & Clank. That was the latter kind of remake and way worse than the original. Also, the original Castlevania game technically has five remakes, or six different games that are all supposed to be alternate versions of each other, but are different games. They all have different names in the west, but are all just called Akumajo Dracula in Japan. The NES one (Castlevania), the MSX one (Vampire Killer), the arcade one (Haunted Castle), the SNES one (Super Castlevania IV), and the Sharp X68000 one (not released outside Japan). Also the game Castlevania Chronicles (which is actually called that in Japan) is a remake of the Sharp X68000 game, but it's the other kind of remake, where it's practically shot-for-shot, with only minor differences. But you could consider it yet another remake of the original game. With the amount of new content in Mega Man and Powered Up, I'd consider it more like Castlevania IV than Super Mario All-Stars. The content that comes from a previous game, even if changed is very little, and the vast bulk of the game is new content. All those new characters make the game feel very different. Two new levels. Even old levels have some significant changes, to the degree that you can play the original level layouts as an option. All those challenges are a huge amount of content. Beating the regular game is just a miniscule part of Powered Up.
>>416753 Your post got me thinking about what remasters I actually liked. Here's what I came up with: >Starcraft Remastered Despite Warcraft III Reforged being a legendary dumpster fire, the Starcraft remaster was basically perfect. They took the original 3d models that were used to make the game's sprites and just remade the sprites at a higher resolution, implemented widescreen and higher resulting support, some other QOL, and made absolutely no gameplay changes. In fact a non-remastered client can still crossplay with remastered players because it's exactly the same engine. Also, I think it was only $20, a reasonable price in my opinion. >Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition This one makes more departures from the original than SCR but I still think the end result is a superior product over the original. Better visuals, more content, Steam integration (cloud saves, etc), and QOL. According to the developers, this is using the same engine as a base, so it counts as a remaster. >Master Chief Collection PC I've heard that MCC's launch on the xbone was horrible and it took them years to fix everything, but by the time it got to Steam that's basically been resolved. MCC now is great, and I had a fun time playing through the series on legendary with friends. Purists have pointed out a few lighting and audio issues, but from what I've seen the MCC team has been addressing most of those as they come up. Overall, I'd say it's a very good remaster. Dishonorable mentions: >Spongebob BFBB A full remake in UE4. Looks nice, but is buggier than the original and they didn't quite get the movement right. Hard to describe but it just feels subtly less responsive. >Wind Waker HD Way too much bloom, but otherwise it's an inoffensive update. Not worth the price. Just emulate the original with Dolphin. I think there's even HD texture packs if you want.
>>417556 One thing I'd like to add to my comment on MCC. I don't play the multiplayer so I don't know if they fucked that up. I did hear that controllers have aim assist on PC so people use controllers instead of KBM to get an advantage. So that's pretty retarded. >>417494 Super Mario All-Stars isn't a remake, and it's not even a remaster. It's a sourceport with no changes. Literally the only thing they modified was uprezzing the UI in SM64.
>>417560 >Super Mario All-Stars isn't a remake, and it's not even a remaster. It's a sourceport with no changes. Literally the only thing they modified was uprezzing the UI in SM64. >SM64 How did Super Mario All-Stars include a game that originally came out on hardware that didn't even exist yet? Or are you actually such an underage faggot that you aren't aware of one of the most popular Super Nintendo games ever?
>>416766 >Yeah, the problem is most game remakes is that they are Remaking games that are already great, when in reality the proper reason to Remake a game is to take advantage of a projects missed potential.
>>417556 >Halo MCC Halo CE is the game that for the most part has the most problems. due to the fact that Halo CE Anniversary, and by extension Halo MCC's version is all based off of the Shoddy as fuck Gear Box PC version of Halo CE. so the Anniversary graphics actually have some problems that are only there because the devs doing the graphical update where looking at the Gearbox port for reference instead of the Original Xbox Version. and the "Classic Graphics" option is the Gearbox Graphics that has tons of broken effects and shit like the Beta Version of Captain Keys, instead of the proper finished model. Yeah they've been trying to fix things, they only used the Gearbox port due to the fact it already had Working Net Code, but in the long run it would have been less work to actually just try and do everything agian from Scratch instead of Working with Gearbox's messed up garbage. It's in a better place now then it was a number of years ago, but Halo CE Xbox Purists that still play at Lan Parties say that the Multiplayer isn't even close feeling the same for a number of reasons. >>417560 Yeah I play on KBM and I personally find that more fun, but when I saw to Controller just for the sake of checking it out the Aim Assist feels so fucking strong it's almost like Cheating. If you were to make a jank set up that had Mouse control with the Aim Assist it would be ridiculously broken. but people have been playing Halo on Controller with AA for Decades so it's a bit of a problem trying to balancing things for a different control scheme. They waited far too long to put in input based Matchmaking, so now it's either you play with Controller, or you play with mouse and are at a disadvantage. social games on Mouse for me are just fine, and fun. but playing competitive against all the people who have been playing Halo for decides using controller, isn't a fun experience if you just haven't put as much time into memorizing everything about the game. >>417565 I almost didn't even think of Razors Edge as a Remake, but it adds changes and improves so much about NG3 it might as well be called one rather then an "Update".
(86.90 KB 640x908 17374_front.jpg)

(437.31 KB 640x899 86002_front.jpg)

Also, if people want an example of a remake port that completely misses the point of the original, there's Rygar.
>>417568 Wouldn't the NES game also qualify since it's so different from the arcade version? And that was quite common on the NES, with other examples like Ninja Gaiden.
(248.50 KB 926x1500 71whlPxCIJL._SL1500_.jpg)

>>417563 Calm your autism, I thought you were talking about Super Mario 3D All-Stars.
>>417571 You were the one autistic enough to get mad about me describing the game wrong when I also called it something different. That's like me looking at your post and thinking you were talking about Super Mario Bros. DX, then getting mad at you for describing Super Mario Bros. DX wrong.
(74.62 KB 640x1481 448974-ry_020.jpg)

(296.98 KB 1200x1600 project-rygar-art-big.jpg)

>>417570 >Wouldn't the NES game also qualify Not what I'm talking about. The Rygar game on the PS2 and the Wii are the same game. HOWEVER, one of the biggest changes with porting the game from the PS2 to the Wii is the addition of a challenge mode (Big whoop) and a complete redesign of Rygar himself. This latter change is the point I was trying to make as you can tell just by looking at the cover. The setting for the game is during Rome's expansion into Greece, so, given that setting, which design of Rygar do you think is more appropriate; the original design on the PS2 (Image one) or his redesign on the Wii (Image two)?
>>417574 I dunno, Wii Rygar has like 10 layers on his skirt. Hard to say no to that.
(312.91 KB 570x932 cristo-1-1.gif)

>>417574 > That wii design > That face

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