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(20.55 KB 480x360 ralsei casts rpg.jpg)

Deltarune containment thread Anonymous 09/21/2021 (Tue) 23:21:35 Id: e53856 No. 421351
Deltarune chapter 2 just dropped, so this thread is for that. Reposting the header from the last thread as well. Six years ago today, Undertale was released. As per the Gamergate thread, they said we could have a discussion about it. >Sans is a fictional character created by Toby Fox for the 2015 role-playing video game Undertale. While normally a comic relief character and NPC, he also becomes the de facto final boss if the player chooses to complete the "genocide route" and destroy the game's race of monsters. His name is based on the Comic Sans font, which is used for most of his in-game dialogue. The character was praised by critics for his dialogue and boss fight, which is considered to be the most difficult in the game. His popularity with fans inspired several user-created mods and other types of projects. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) https://twitter.com/tobyfox/status/1438331420154368003?s=19 I like the game, there, I said it.
(212.40 KB 1040x707 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.86 MB 2048x1536 ClipboardImage.png)

(9.49 MB 3149x2300 ClipboardImage.png)

Snowgrave best grave.
(12.65 KB 751x318 bigshot_friday.png)

First for [BIG]
Barneyfags, on my site?
(701.56 KB 2424x2792 ClipboardImage.png)

>>421351 you should've take the gamergate part out, I'm pretty sure that was the root of most of the shitposting from the last thread >>421370 I love susie so much.
(68.27 KB 1000x1000 E_1xU3oVcBY1g6d.jpg)

(136.33 KB 1238x1913 EpizHOuU0AA5n-k.jpg)

(75.57 KB 825x1275 EoceWTmVQAI9QR5.jpg)

(92.21 KB 1438x1349 EkzH2P8WkAAUoSb.jpg)

(99.74 KB 878x1239 EoF8yvtXMAAonjO.jpg)

>>421370 I don't only love Susie.
This thread is a cyclical, if there are any objections let us know and it will be reversed.
(271.37 KB 452x635 ralsei is about 12 inches.png)

>>421381 Nope, solid, rock hard decision.
(2.54 MB 500x400 lancer pathologic.gif)

The shitposting on this game is high tier tbh
(129.49 KB 181x267 1632155345475.gif)

(11.87 KB 180x570 1632159070506.png)

(65.70 KB 556x560 1632177902334.png)

(15.83 KB 650x1088 1632180522526.png)

(89.22 KB 1200x1600 wired and loving it.jpg)

I am trash
>>421408 That's some deviantart shit.
>>421412 >>421408 those monsters are at least soft-lovecraftian considering that it even seems like it's a part of their life-cycle.
>>421418 >those monsters are at least soft-lovecraftian >soft-lovecraftian I.... what do you think that means..???

(71.38 KB 800x1200 1632102762525.png)

(91.72 KB 976x1171 1632189565393.jpg)

(258.81 KB 1278x2000 1632154026156.jpg)

(28.86 KB 200x264 werewire.png)

>>421412 Dont care I love it
(891.14 KB 1187x2496 1.png)

(203.79 KB 1097x853 2.png)

(218.92 KB 1097x853 3.png)

(76.30 KB 700x933 undertale threads.jpg)

>>421381 Thanks Mark.
(24.42 KB 100x126 Werewerewire.gif)

>>421424 kinda Gravity Falls-ish. As in major lovecraft-type threat (assimilating wires that completely transform and corrupt those they catch) but actually possible to fight back against, while also made to be somewhat appealing but still strange and lacking in humanized elements (facial expressions, human movement, still able to speak and think for themselves afterwards, etc) There's also a "Werewerewire" who has detached from the wires and grew his own drill-shaped helmet (he's a miniboss before Queen), meaning it's apart of their life cycle, so a mundane creature having an off-kilter life cycle that doesn't make sense at all also contributes to it.
>>421444 The word you're probably looking for is eldritch. Essentially beyond understanding in the conventional sense. I mean the creatures are influence by the environment the fountain is created in so it's not natural per say so much as they're just themed around the real world place.
>>421424 >I.... what do you think that means..??? ỠwwwwỖ Ϣhaɫ's ɫhis۞ ₪ữzzſes ữr sa₪iɫy ~ia ia~
>>421457 You stop that.
Chapter 2 is a lot better than Chapter 1 in my opinion. It's not really a great game, but nice to see whenever it pops up. >>421404 This. It's reason enough to play it, honestly.
>>421408 These enemies are the electric equivalent of being shoved a tentacle penis down your face and turned into a zombie who wants to do the same to others.
(458.39 KB 1280x1112 gkycj1.jpg)

(141.23 KB 720x669 convert 0.jpg)

(15.52 KB 412x221 convert 1.png)

(23.16 KB 570x250 convert 2.png)

>>421381 The cyclical is fine, I just think a better text for the OP would come in handy since last OP mentioned gamergate and that was fuel for pure autism.
>>421426 I'm guessing it's called a werewire because wirewolf was already taken by Games Workshop.
>>421517 its called a were wire because its half-wire. just like a were-wolf is half wolf.
>>421517 >>421518 What about Werewerewires?
You won't believe who the hidden boss is.
>>421544 They pulled an OP and chocked on two dicks wires at once, getting enhanced abilities.
>>421351 Why wouldn't you just use the undertale thread? We don't need multiple of these, this isn't cuckchan.
>>421560 Yes it is. Now open wide.
(97.13 KB 1810x1990 BIGSHOT.png)

It amazes me that a secret boss functions as a better antagonist and boss for the Chapter than what we actually got. Queen is funny and all, but she badly overstays her welcome due to playing up comedic relief with her every appearance. Its like if Lancer was the big bad of Chapter 1 and that was all there was to it. Spamton meanwhile has his own mini-arc of sorts with Kris and the player. We get foreshadowing to a potential Chapter 3 antagonist like during the Jevil fight, and there's the obvious parallel between Spamton and Kris upon beating him in a Mercy route. He's not as hard as Jevil - on the normal route anyway - but I bet he's going to be much more memorable. >>421426 >coolest looking enemy in the entire chapter >people fetishize the fuck out of it Every fucking time. >>421499 >Chapter 2 is a lot better than Chapter 1 in my opinion From a gameplay perspective, without a doubt. >ACTing no longer as much of a slog >guest party members mix strategies up >an entire evil route that drastically changes the story Writing wise, I felt it was a downgrade in several areas. The SusiexNoelle romance is downright horrible and reeks of being generic and forced. It doesn't help matters that Noelle's character becomes some Flanderized Amy Rose whenever Susie is on screen. She's actually a decent character when left alone or with Kris. If this was intentional on Toby's part and they're not gonna end up together, then I'd take that back, but since this is Toby Fox we're talking about and the woke mob would lynch him for not going through with it, I think we're stuck with more lame lesbians.
>>421544 the werewerewire is probably a meta joke about how the concept can be added in layers. like a were-were-wolf. notice how the werewerewire has no wire?
>>421596 Isn't it implied that werewerewire possessed the wire itself?
>>421551 Is this a joke or is it real?
Do you really think Toby will make Ralsei and Susie go full gay for Kris and Noelle (and Birdly chase Susie), or is everything just shipper bait?
>>421711 Sadly the likelihood of lesbian pairings with Susie & Noelle is incredibly likely. But Toby would be smart if he didn't do the obvious pandering thing.
The Homestar Runner references are only solidifying my theory that the Brothers Chaps are onboard with the game. I had a hunch they'd make contact with Toby once Fangamer started selling Strong Bad plushes, then my hunch got confirmed once Stinkoman level 10 came out and the music was obviously in his NES-and-soundfonts style. They're probably going by pseudonyms in the credits, the same way Toby went by the not-so-subtle moniker of U.Z. Inu (short for "uzai inu" or "annoying dog").
>>421711 o assume itll all be an endless love comedy relief triangle shit where noelle wants suzie and suzie doesnt notice, suzie wants kris but he dont give a fuck, and goatboi acts like the cockhungry tease he is but he never gets raped because there isnt a command for it; i bet actual kris instead of player kris wants to fuck like his mom or catti or something making it even more confusing
>>421717 Wouldn't surprise me. Toby Fox did the final boss music for Stinkoman level 10 (under a pseudonym but it's obvious it was him).
>>421752 That's what I just said.
>>421711 I was thinking, you know what would be cool, if you could choose the endgame ships. >>421718 That would be cool, too.
Just like with Undertale I think I'll wait a long time until the hype dies down to actually play this. Sometimes I wonder how much people would like these games if they'd found them on their own instead of through, uh, tangential sources... >>421514 Those are from /trash/, aren't they?
(453.90 KB 640x480 115.png)

(334.41 KB 640x480 115-1.png)

>>421771 Everything has to come from something and it's not easy to find good games in a free game pile without others namedropping them. There's already an Omori thread and i've already namedropped Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass, Undertale 2, and Weird And Unfortunate Things Are Happening before but i haven't seen anybody else talk about them yet. I know exactly one other guy around here has played the Black Souls games but i don't know what to say about it and i don't think he's taken any initiative over it either. At least Deltarune is popular enough to sustain a conversation, even better than the game week threads seem to do.
>>421771 >spoiler Who knows, there's probably a werewire thread up right now
>>421781 It's not so much a problem with Undertale or Deltarune and more a problem with media in general, where people hyperfocus on something for like one or two weeks then slowly drift to something else. It was always how stuff worked, it's just accelerated a lot in the past decade, especially with videogames. Maybe an RPG Maker game general would get some attention? LISA was really popular with anons when it came out and there are still fan games getting made today, in addition to the ones you named. >At least Deltarune is popular enough to sustain a conversation, even better than the game week threads seem to do. Eh, depends on the game. Deltarune is very popular though.
>>421771 What do you mean by "tangential sources"?
>>421563 Well that post was certainly cuckchan
I'm glad that Noelle is a party member this time.
(1.03 MB 1160x760 chill out.gif)

>>421971 How is this real?
(1.88 MB 2048x1551 ClipboardImage.png)

>>421973 Through the power of [HYPERLINK BLOCKED],of course.
>>422030 This reminds me of those drawings angsty teenagers on deviantart make.
(1016.41 KB 679x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

>>422044 Because it is,look at it it's all uncleaned sketchlines Snowgrave route is cool though,hope the new chapters include mindbreaking Noelle into being your loving childhood friend wife instead of a barneyfag.
(35.57 KB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

Here's some things I noticed whilst fucking around. In the real world you have a "ball of junk". Discarding this deletes your dark world inventory (both your usable items and unequipped gear), but your shadow crystal that you don't see doesn't disappear. (Although I haven't tested this with post chapter 2.) On one of my saves, Noelle gives a lunchbox with chalk to Susie. She doesn't do this on my other saves, so whatever route you took definitely has effect on minor dialogue bits too. It doesn't help that I don't know which save is which route and the game doesn't give me an easy way to check.
(76.70 KB 1247x915 egg.png)

>>422180 >whatever route you took definitely has effect on minor dialogue bits too I assume that happens when you select "likes chalk" when talking to Noelle at the end of chapter 1. I didn't do the egg thing in chapter 1 the first time I replayed the demo but then I went back and put the egg in Asgore's fridge and I believe it unlocked this dialogue between Sans and Toriel trading egg puns in chapter 2. I didn't see it during my first play through, but maybe I just didn't trigger it.
>>422184 The egg pun exchange happens without using the egg items. Asgore desperately needs to take the hint
>>422049 >hope the new chapters include mindbreaking Noelle into being your loving childhood friend wife instead of a barneyfag. Doebreaking even.
>>422185 That eggs-husband pun was so bad and pathetic considering all the circumstances, it made my face cringe. No wonder sans gives the guy pickles for free, he's pitiable.
>>422185 >>422242 It's not fair. We have no clue why they're divorced in this game, Asgore's best friend dies of terminal 7, & all he wants is to at least be on friendly terms with his ex-wife.
>>422277 i like to think that he george-floyded an in-universe equivalent of frisk and thats why he was fired from the police station
>>422281 If Undyne can get away with being a public menace as a police officer then I doubt Asgore would get fired over an accident. Probably be in jail too if he killed a child.
>>422185 Isn't he showering Alphys with flowers in a desperate attempt to rebound? She lends him comics and shit, too. >>422285 Undyne gets away with being a public nuisance because there's nothing anyone can do about it.
>>422281 >>422277 If the world is really an Undertale "corruption" of sorts made by Gaster, there might be no reason for the divorce and dislike for Toriel besides it happening in Undertale. >>422281 I don't see that happening, nobody but Toriel seems to mind Asgore at all. If that was the case, I'd expect him to receive some hate besides the family which would be the most likely to understand him. It must be something nobody but Toriel and Asgore and maybe Kris and Asriel know about. Kris can be pretty cold to Asgore with what you can do with the bucket of flowers, so maybe he knows as well. Asgore is seemingly not expecting Kris which leads me to believe he didn't visit Asgore much if at all before the game starts. It's likely whatever he did, Kris also doesn't approve of. I'd think even him cheating on Toriel is more likely than a kill on a child, and I sincerely doubt that.
The barrier fade to white in UT is similar to the fountains in DR. Is it possible that UT is the light world and DR is the dark world? Their respective real worlds are all part of them. >expect light/dark as real/dream world >but theres another duality between UT/DR
>>422180 >We have no clue why they're divorced in this game Bear in mind most marriages broke appart when a child dies, so that's pretty much straight forward in my opinion, not much else to think about.
>>422184 >I assume that happens when you select "likes chalk" when talking to Noelle at the end of chapter 1. I didn't tell that to Noelle (I told her Susie was a good girl) and she still gave Susie a lunchbox full of chalk. I also got that special dialog on my first playthrough by simply talking to Sans and then walking towards the eggs. >>422242 I found funny how Sans turned his back the moment Asgore made that joke and then started talking to Toriel. >>422277 Maybe he was "too soft" with criminals during his time as a cop, eventually getting fired for it. I mean, his shop is a failure because he keeps giving flowers away for free, so it's possible that he was equally retarded as a cop. w-what's going in the second pic?
>>422340 >too soft on criminals Very likely the case. >w-what's going in the second pic? Father son bonding.
>>422324 Makes sense. What if Asriel is dead and Toriel and Asgore are hiding it from Kris? The university is a lie, and Toriel is bullshitting he's coming back even though she knows he won't. She might be planning to tell Kris the truth next week, and the "he might not want to come back next week" is her creating a potential excuse in case she decides she doesn't want to tell Kris the truth this time. Or there was a not-Frisk before not-Chara that died in their care, and whether Asgore was guilty of negligence or not, it all fell apart anyway.
(102.42 KB 400x474 1549324283430.png)

I'm glad that all of Toby's attempts to make the Queen some sort of sexy character despite having that ugly mug of a face and head with a weird protrusion fell wayward. I don't like Tasque Manage too much either but at least I can see why someone would like her.
I really really really like this picture.
>50+ queen images >only two are futa >neither refer to her cock as the banana whats even the point
>>422395 I didn't get that impression. It doesn't feel like he tried particularly hard one way or the other, he just made her so. I definitely agree she's ugly, though.
(34.87 KB 551x768 robot sorayama album.jpg)

>>422524 i disagree; shes a fuckbot all she needs is a hot body and a mouth
>>422393 >The university is a lie, and Toriel is bullshitting he's coming back even though she knows he won't. That would be a really neat idea. We do not really know how Deltarune and Undertale are related but so far it appears that it's a sequel, so considering that Asriel has to be dead, so assuming that the university thing is bullshit sounds like a fair asumption; however, I would like to see college Asriel happy at last.
>>422524 >I didn't get that impression Autism surely. >Ask Kris to give up and rest on her bosom. If Kris says yes she'll specify it means her (direct quote) "tity". >Save point on the castle states that your determination comes from the super robot (AKA: The one that looks like the Queen) having hot legs >There were at least 5 more instances of this but I can barely remember them so if I touch the game again I'll update you on it >>422525 This is a great time to mention that robot looks like shit, specially the face. >But robot sex you just don't understand She has inexplicably smooth lips and body like its just someone with metal spraypainted, could probably do the same by giving a normal girl a ugly helmet. I guess /m/ and whoever succeeded them didn't have the balls to say it because Sorayama is popular.
(123.97 KB 800x2500 car slut.png)

>>422562 Sexy robot women are to /m/ what mostly human girls are to /monster/: anything more and you're crossed over into /furry/ or whatever board there would be for carfuckers, maybe /tachikoma/ or /fuckerjets/ or something.
>>421774 you could just had used the anime music
(363.00 KB 914x721 pngaaa.com-2428723.png)

>>422577 If you post the song you're talking about sure I don't see why not.
>tumblr rune Fucking gay what is this woke shit. Kotaku's game of the decade's sequel. How can you guys like this pozz. That's like a betrayal of gaymergayte.
>>422562 >shit talking about Sorayama You're one of those queers aren't you?
>>422617 >How can you guys like a game I don't like geez, idk.
(54.44 KB 1017x767 ClipboardImage.png)

I was playing and the game froze on this part, Noelle jumped the cones and then disappeared out of nowhere, and now I can't control kris.
>>422617 Looks like anon dropped his spaget
>>422577 Oh wait I think I understand now did you want something more like this?
>>422630 You're a bit dumb aren't you? https://youtu.be/K2wKBYrDxew
>>422610 really nigger? you dont know the source of that animation?
(58.67 KB 1017x759 ClipboardImage.png)

This is weird, why would the queen have a room for Asriel inside her palace?
(194.08 KB 480x360 Loud Howard.mp4)

>>422643 Yea sometimes. >>422645 Never watched jojo so no I didn't.
>>422649 Yes. Excellent.
>>422324 >>422393 >>422555 Toriel and Asgore talk about Asriel returning from college in Sans' store when Kris isn't known to be around but it could also be a town kept secret. That said, IIRC he references the date that hes coming back and its unlikely that Toriel would be keeping him in the loop on these plans. Its worth noting that Asgore is stated to have been the former chief of police before Undyne took over and his reason for leaving is not stated in the newspaper but is alluded to as if everyone who would read the paper would know exactly what it was without it being mentioned. It could be the divorce or it could be an event that occurred before the divorce. Also >>422648 would indicate that he is alive as she had a room for everyone in the world.
I don't like it, I forced myself to finish Chapter 1 which was really short and unamusing. But Chapter 2 is somehow even more boring, filled with literal faggot acceptance propaganda and endless stale dialogue that just isn't nearly as funny or clever as (((Fox))) probably thinks it is. For starters, I don't find a single one of these limp-dicked chumps likable or relatable and an RPG with unlikable characters should at least try and make up for it with interesting challenging gameplay which just isn't here to be found, anywhere. How did this garbage took years to release another chapter and ended up this underwhelming is beyond me.
>>422653 And yes, before anyone points it out I do know that there was faggot shit in Undertale but at least that was mildly amusing at times.
>>422652 >Also >>422648 would indicate that he is alive as she had a room for everyone in the world. Or maybe everyone who went to the library, because that makes more sense. Or hell maybe this is just more "Asriel is Ralsei".
(167.11 KB 419x302 800.png)

>>422479 God what I'd do to have that in front of me. Why must art tempt the soul?
(7.28 MB 1280x720 Beetles.webm)

>>422660 That would explain why he can exist in the queens world but wouldn't explain why he has on eye makeup.
>>422664 He is very pretty.
(49.02 KB 1015x761 ClipboardImage.png)

This is also really weird the denizens of certain world created from a dark fountain cannot live inside a world created from another one; however Ralsei it's there just fine and dandy so it's implied he's not a denizen but a monster from the real world himself,so the idea that the university thingy is just bullshit it's more plausible
(85.10 KB 480x360 Good Job.mp4)

>>422663 Haha good job anon I was waiting for this.
(663.14 KB 250x188 mega yes.gif)

>>422663 Now this is what I come here for.
>>422664 Because Toby Fox is going too far with pandering and I'm going to shoot him.
>>422666 Some other people said that Ralsei isn't a darkner made of the red horns Kris used to wear, but rather Kris' knife. As a catalyst for the creation of the worlds, he belongs in each of them, therefore he will never turn to stone.
>>422666 (satan) I'll say it again: I don't completely believe that Asriel and Ralsei are 100% the same. Ralsei either exists as a powerful being that breaks the rules of the Dark World (being a prince) or is from the light world, as you said. But it's impossible to be completely certain yet
>>422628 >Spamton didn't drop his pipis (<— pipis)
OK, a new theory Asriel is in jail for killing Noelle's sister Dess, whether he did or did not do so I don't know, it could have been an accident. Kris' parents and the town are hiding it from him, but at this point he knows from searching university schedules on the internet. Asgore is somehow to blame that is why he stepped down as chief of police and why their was a divorce.
>>422681 Okay but is there any actual ideas that support the theory?
(47.18 KB 1015x767 ClipboardImage.png)

This goat is a fucking faggot, like holy shit.
(172.28 KB 2328x1151 delta goat eyes.jpg)

>>422685 with the hat and the scarf in part one he looked cute, kinda like Vivi from FF9; without them he looks like a complete bottom bitch
(44.90 KB 1011x761 ClipboardImage.png)

>>422686 His design is cute but the way he acts makes me feel uncomfortable. >Also His reaction when I told him he's acting weird is pure gold.
>>422685 He could be a Prince♀
>>422699 What if you could be an Anon (F) (ex male)?
>>422703 That is true, for all we know Kris could be short for Kristina
>>422687 >he didn't hug the goat What the fuck is wrong with you?
>>422709 >Kriss cross applesauce What did Queen mean by this
>>422675 Another theory I heard is that as his dark world is "pure dark" and can support darkners from all worlds, he is himself pure dark and can go anywhere. >>422685 Reminder that Undertale's Asriel was mindbroken by Chara. He's literally gay as a result of abuse. Current theory is: Soulless Khris (Chara?) also abused him and mindbroke him in this universe and is making him carry out some sort of plan, explaining why he starts talking to "Kris" when the soul is not around and why he's still a meek faggot.
(476.16 KB 468x600 ClipboardImage.png)

Butt that's just a theory... A GAAAAAAAAAAAYME THEORY!!! Thanks for watching!
>>422725 I mean, I do like effeminate male characters, but Ralsei, it's just waaaay too effeminate, he makes me feel uncomfortable. I also want that Kris ends with Barney, so I would take any chance to keep Kris away from him.
(6.20 KB 500x360 idort.png)

>>422755 >I also want that Kris ends with Barney Why not both?
(2.13 MB 1280x720 spamton_voiced.webm)

So since the next chapter's dark world will most likely be centered around the TV, what kind of secret boss do you think we'll get? Maybe something based on a television test pattern, maybe static or white noise? >>422681 I think it's more likely that Dess simply went missing (hence all of Noelle's internet searches for "December Holiday"). Since Asgore would have been Chief of Police, he would have been involved in the (failed) search. Later, Asgore would step down as Chief to appease upset citizens. I can't help but feel like there's not much mystery going on with Asriel (yet), and that he really is just at university. But when he comes back, there's no way he doesn't become a very important character.
(208.80 KB 554x838 proxy-image.png)

>>422778 >So since the next chapter's dark world will most likely be centered around the TV, what kind of secret boss do you think we'll get? >some teenagers enter a TV world in an RPG You really need to ask?
>>421373 >I'm pretty sure that was the root of most of the shitposting from the last thread The root was that it's undertale.
>>422778 That voice acting is fine, although I read his comments with a text to speech in mind, maybe something like the Salesman from the Lord Bung cartoon? idk https://youtu.be/8L0wQgPa20o
(50.03 KB 587x205 bearzerk dont work.jpg)

>>422783 there arent any bears in deltarune though so nobody can go bear-zerk
(221.43 KB 383x376 ClipboardImage.png)

>People still haven't seen or accepted this as the canon Spamton voice https://twitter.com/AlexRochonVA/status/1439357569437421575?s=20 >>422778 >So since the next chapter's dark world will most likely be centered around the TV, what kind of secret boss do you think we'll get? We'll get anime and gay superheroes and every awful trope that comes with it
>>422709 Maybe it's short for Krishna?
>>422790 >Neurodiversity advocate. >pronouns Fuck that.
>>422778 That was done over twenty years ago
>>422796 Which SaGa game was that? I only played SaGa3/FFL3 on the GB. I looked up battle themes for the series randomly, and that particular fight looked really punchy
>>422798 Frontier, it got remastered a few months ago. Check it out, cool game and definitely an unexpected final boss.
>>421381 I've been browsing for 6 years and I don't know what cyclical threads are.
>>422807 i means when a post is made above the post cap the oldest post in the thread gets deleted, not including the OP of course. its fucking retarded that we get cyclical and gamergate threads don't. hey ((faggot that replaced mark)), have you noticed how there's like 7 gamergate threads on the board that were posted to max that are always just floating there for no reason?
(73.27 KB 592x203 angry dinner.jpg)

>>422790 the laugh is what sells it. don't know why nobody yells the final BIG SHOT though
>Wonder why the Thorn Ring makes Noelle's health drain randomly <This item causes Noelle's HP to slowly reduce to 55 during battle. 55 in Roman numerals is LV, the acronym for "Level of Violence" in Undertale and Deltarune. This is a reference to how the player gains LV during a genocide run in Undertale, and reflects on how the player is going through a genocide run in Deltarune TOBY
>>422816 The reason why the gamergate threads aren't cyclical is two-fold: first is it makes it hard to archive them accurately and they need to save every last post in all it's glorious posterity, and the second is it's jewboy's golden goose and he's never going to clip it's wings. >>422833 Does that mean speedruns avoiding all battles "can't drive fifty-five"?
(305.05 KB 500x375 ClipboardImage.png)

Okay I just did some research, fucking hell >Making a Spamton meme from pic related >Reading a text dump trying to find out memeable things, some people have said that things like BIG SHOT means god, etc >Wondering what [[$4.99]] could possibly mean >Look up random psalms <Bible psalms 99:4: "The King is mighty, he loves justice— you have established equity; in Jacob you have done what is just and right." >Jacob >Jacob (/ˈdʒeɪkəb/; Hebrew: יַעֲקֹב‎, Modern: About this soundYa'aqōv (help·info), Tiberian: Ya'ăqōḇ; Arabic: يَعْقُوب‎ Yaʿqūb, Greek: Ἰακώβ, Iakṓb),[1] later given the name Israel, is regarded as a patriarch of the Israelites and is an important figure in Abrahamic religions, such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. >Israel >Ralsei Fucking hell Toby, this isn't a coincidence
(246.60 KB 433x360 pvkq3.png)

>>422842 >Old Man Gangbang >Prolapsing My Colon >Let's Kill A Bum
>>422842 Hold on this gets funnier >According to the folk etymology found in Genesis 25:26, the name Yaʿaqōv יעקב‎ is derived from ʿaqev עָקֵב‎ "heel", as Jacob was born grasping the heel of his twin brother Esau. >implying that Ralsei and Asriel are actually hidden twins >Esau[a] is the elder son of Isaac in the Hebrew Bible. He is mentioned in the Book of Genesis <Genesis spammers for the last 3 years predicted this
>>422842 >using kabbalah to grasp at straws its nothing BUT (((pure cohencidence))); youre worse than nostradamus
>>422856 I just want to play the next chapter of gay goat game and have to wait 3 more fucking years
>>422842 >>422855 So Deltarune is a Christian game?
>>422859 toriel definitely seems like a hardcore theist mom; id make a joke about lamb of god but lambs are sheep and not goats
>>422862 Well the lamb of God wasn't a literal lamb either since it's a metaphor for Jesus being the finale sacrifice to free us of sin. Maybe Kris or Us ourselves self sacrifice for everyone's sake.
(34.69 KB 621x1161 ClipboardImage.png)

>Genesis >It is divisible into two parts, the primeval history (chapters 1–11) and the ancestral history (chapters 12–50).[4] The primeval history sets out the author's concepts of the nature of the deity and of humankind's relationship with its maker: God creates a world which is good and fit for mankind, but when man corrupts it with sin God decides to destroy his creation, sparing only the righteous Noah and his family to reestablish the relationship between man and God. He knows quite a bit about the world. Why was he a dark prince with no subjects, again?
(59.66 KB 1017x761 ClipboardImage.png)

Man, she's so cute
(9.71 KB 678x149 ClipboardImage.png)

>>422842 Kabbalah can be used to mean anything. There was a cool book about it, it's called Unsong.
(76.04 KB 1011x765 ClipboardImage.png)

Looks like religion exist inside Deltarune cannon.
>>422879 Monster Kid wears a cross, too. He'll likely show up in Toriel's chapter, which may be next. >Next chapter takes place in a TV >Seam says the Shadow Mantle is missing >It is unobtainable, but hacking shows it to add electric and holy resistance >This could imply a televangelist and Toriel next
(67.27 KB 963x751 ClipboardImage.png)

Who do you think is the major?
>>422883 Muffet.
>>422884 Not likely. Apparently, being a guest character, the owner was fussy about having her reused
>>422887 What a bitch.
(270.66 KB 777x759 1581289979534.jpg)

>>421351 Does anyone have a recording or extracted script or something of Berdly's monologue about Noelle during the Annoying Mouse Game 3 (I think it was called)? It seemed pretty relevant if you wait long enough and I do not feel like running through the whole chapter again just to see if that was the case or not.
(82.50 KB 1286x985 ClipboardImage.png)

>Where did the apple scented shampoo go?
>>422887 I completely forgot UT had "guest characters." What a terrible idea.
>>422653 It's the dream game syndrome. Remember when you were just finishing up high school and you had this super cool idea for a game you can't wait to finish someday (aka what Deltarune is for Toby)? One bit of wisdom among indie devs is to hold off on making this for now and work on smaller projects to build up experience and connections. Then in doing so, you'll realize your initial idea was shit and scrap it. Really, the wisdom should be "never make it at all" instead of "wait until you're more experienced", but that'd probably convince people not to even try gamedev at all. Thanks to being surrounded by enablers since his Starmen days, Toby thinks he's immune to this. He, his enablers, and the fans they ultimately brought him think that he's going to subvert the dream game syndrome and make the game he's been wanting to since his teens. But if the rest of the game is the memefest it's shaping up to be, is it really going to be the same game he wanted to make back in 2012? Chapter 1 wasn't this bad. Not even Undertale was like this. Both of these were written by early-10s Toby, the minor e-celeb best known for his work on Homestuck and a couple indie game tracks. Meanwhile, chapter 2 was written by the current-year Toby who's let his fame get to his head, even if he tries to hide it with his humble-jap-dev act.
(36.11 KB 404x360 1623105679.jpg)

Just finished it, loved the shit out of it, more than chapter one, so Kris is creating the fountains? Is he the knight? since the dog can be found inside the library computing center I just assumed the Dog IS the knight, but considering that ending I have no idea. Looks like Toriel is going to be a playable character in the following episode something that I'm completely looking forward to. It also makes you doubt about the worlds created since the Queen didn't wanted to conquer and slave people just wanted to expand her influence, and makes me doubt about the true identity of Ralsei. Another thing that impressed me a lot is the Queen's dialogue about Determination, she said all the lighters have it, however, from the original game we know only the humans have determination, so maybe she misinterpreted the knight's actions, she should've looked for a human like Kris instead of a monster like Noelle generally I enjoyed it a lot loved the shit out of the White Diamond reference on the final boss >>422904 But the shampoo is not floral scent, it's apple scent.
>>422921 Apples are fruits, produced from a plant's ovary
(174.61 KB 1000x1000 71458157_p0.jpg)

>>422685 Hugging a bro is not gay. I bet you never had friends. >>422883 Noelle's mom. >>422904 It's still in the bathroom. The "floral scent" comes from the flowers Asgore constantly sends to Totiel.
>>422921 Don't forget that Kris and Ralsei have offscreen conversations. He says "Don't you wonder what Susie is up to? :)" and You (the red heart/viewer) leave them unattended for a time. In fact, when breaking out of prison, he's even finishing his conversation with "so don't worry about it, okay?" to Kris. This happens again in Part 2, when Noelle and Susie have a ride on the ferris wheel. Ralsei gets distressed when you skip it. Remember that Ralsei isn't confirmed to be Asriel, he turned from black goate to white and has an anagrammed name. Your brain filled in the missing details and made an assumption. You could be correct or incorrect. What's troubling is why Kris rips You out of his body at night to do things. This is obviously so that you cannot observe what he is doing. It's very possible that Kris is talking with Asriel who is only pretending to be at college the entire time and doing things that he can't (eg creating worlds). If humans have a SOUL and determination, Asriel would definitely need him to do this, and it could be that he acquired higher knowledge of the player so they're all conspiring against You while keeping up a veneer of a game world.
>>422879 If this game is supposed to subvert typical RPG conventions, does that mean the church will actually be good?
(97.07 KB 1286x985 ClipboardImage.png)

(61.89 KB 1286x985 ClipboardImage.png)

>>422950 Noelle is called Angel quite often. Amusingly, she uses ice magic, making her a "snow angel". But the legend of the Roaring says something about the three stopping ANGELS HEAVEN. This could imply Noelle goes fucking berserk and loses herself later, causing an apocalypse. Hell, the ending vocalized song seems to reference her too. She's not a minor character.
>>422956 Well I figured the angel was going to end up being good. You know, to subvert your expectations?
(231.53 KB 700x700 1471052638831.jpg)

>>422887 >muffet wont show up in Deltarune GOD DAMMIT
>>422958 In case there was any doubt this thread was infested with cuckchanners
>>422936 Deltarune and Undertale are the games that have most filled with stupid, illogical, detached theories going around them. They have all those theories that ignore the story's tone and logic, and people seem like they're borderline schizophrenic due to some of the poor connections they make between things. Actually, I'd even blame Undertale for the poor comprehension and interpretation of stories that some people on neo twitumblr seem to have lately. But what I want to get at is this. >Ralsei is Asriel >Your brain filled in the missing details and made an assumption "Ralsei is Asriel" is the most straightforward, sensible theory possible. Why would you accuse this of all things on failed pattern seeking?
(1.05 MB 1166x1115 viv refugees.png)

(1.35 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)

>>422961 What's your problem cunt? They're just theories...
>>422961 Because Toby likes to put people on a fucking ruse cruise, and hiding something in plain sight by setting it up but not right 100% confirming it so he can go "haha I fooled you :)" much much later. He's done it many times.
>>422965 Okay fair but saying "Your brain filled in the missing details and made an assumption" makes it seem you're accusing it of being a wild leap of logic, not a sensible observation that might be wrong.
>>422970 No no, I meant that it's such a low-hanging observation, that everyone is going to make the connection that Ralsei is Asriel, then he'll introduce some plot twist out of nowhere that completely turns it on its head. By making it so obvious, everyone will be locked into that expectation, so it'll be a very effective moment storywise
>>422960 i would have posted a Rouxls Kaard but i dont have many images of him anyway point being i want my spiderwaifu back in the game
(1.98 KB 100x100 phil.png)

i just wanted to drop in here to say i want to absolutely destroy noelle's pussy into straightness and that this board is fucking awful that is all
>>422936 He also freaks out in the snowgrave route when YOU don’t leave so he can’t plot with Kris. I hope you can continue to derail his plans in the future. >>422833 It also changes her class to “trance manner” when she equips it, saying that she increases in power when she’s in pain, which just ups the whole masochist, obedient murder slave kink even more. Toby knew exactly what he was doing.
>>422985 I just wanted to say that you're a nigger
>>422987 *trancemancer
>>422988 that would be you who is the nigger here
>>422958 Hi Midna. If you're gonna post on 8chan, soyjaks are frowned upon here.
As a massive Krusiefag, I still have a sliver of hope due to how the story seems to be structured. It seems like the big carousel scene in the neutral/pacifist route was basically the huge Suselle payoff and that we shouldn't see much else of it besides a reference or two of Noelle being thirsty as fuck for Susie. Besides all that though, I just wish Toby would drop it with his fucking gay fetish. Every canonical ship that happens to be homosexual is happy and stable, but we rarely see any straight canon ships that either even exist at all, or have some semblance of stability or real love besides the Snowdin dog couple in Undertale with the giant battleaxes. Canonical straight relationships that are in the shitter that I can think of off the top of my head include: >Asgore and Toriel. They're divorced and Toriel hates Asgore in both Undertale and Deltarune. >Noelle's Parents. Rudy is basically being neglected by his wife in his time of need, even if she is implied/confirmed to be Hometown's mayor IIRC. Canonical gay ships that are perfectly stable and loving, or are at least heavily implied: >The Royal Guards. That shit made me cringe so fucking hard when I was doing True Pacifist in Undertale. >Alphys and Undyne. The yellow lizard bitch faced no consequences or any real character growth due to her determination experiments other than "i'm kinda sad :(" and got a rowdy tomboy GF in the True Pacifist ending. I'm still mad. >Toby gave Susie x Noelle fans a fuckload of fanservice in Chapter 2, even if an actual romantic relationship isn't exactly confirmed. >If you personally interpret Kris as a dude, you're able to do a lot of really gay shit with Ralsei to a nauseating degree.
>>422991 I thought you said "that is all".
(76.95 KB 499x496 flowey.jpg)

>>422996 well now it's not because i fucking hate niggers >>422995 pretty sure noelle's obsession with susie is being set up as unhealthy and part of her massive plethora of problems susie on the other hand is just happy to be making friends so it's all one sided as well
>423001 Can you tell us which board you came from them, I'd be interested to know.
>>422995 >shipping you people should be krusie-fied
(19.28 KB 679x370 SHUT UP BEANER.png)

>>423003 You shut your whore mouth.
>>423002 none i've mostly given up on imageboards after the fucking shitfest that was 2019 in general but sometimes i randomly lurk in here every time i'm astonished at how bad this place keeps getting anyway now i'll actually fuck off for real
>>423006 You should try ZZZchan, it's pretty good.
>>422995 Sadly I don’t trust Toby to not make the same mistakes Hussie did with Homestuck. Yeah Susie is acting clueless now but frankly she showed way more interest in Noelle than she should have considering she never fucking mentioned her in episode 1. It feels like Toby is just pandering to the shiptards. It’s a goddamn shame since your former bully becoming your protective tomboy gf is top tier. But honestly there was enough engagement from Susie for me to lose most of my hope, so at this point snowgrave is the only thing in the story that’s really compelling to me. Granted, that doesn’t kill the dyke shipping nonsense entirely either, but there’s enough subtext with Noelle and Kris’s relationship in that (not to mention having zero fagshit with Ralsei) I’m slightly more hopeful for it. If I can’t have Susie I’ll settle for breaking the Doe.
Who the hell is Claus?
>>423022 i find strange it strange how spamtom quotes in genocide appear to be talking to kris as he is talking to himself. this could just he being unstable but seem the kinda oh hint that is just hiding in plain sight. becuase of this i came with a crazy theory. kris is one of the extra bosses. it appears that jevil and spamtom came in contact with gaster some and thats why they went crazy (spamtom kept talking to the phone and when people tried to listen to it all they could hear were noises presumably the noises you hear when you use the cell phone in the dark world. well the thing is kris maybe already had came in contact with gaster, the link is the banker on light world, when you are close to the banker you can hear some kind of noise coming from it if you speed the noise up it turns out to be gaster theme. also the benker seem to have some kinda of ghost story to it and kris seems to be involved in it according to the monster kid. so the kris ripping his soul out and creating dark fountains may be him acting under the gaster effect.
>final boss fight >Punch Out but in turn-based RPG form >you can't interrupt the Queen's attacks with a perfectly timed jab, and the only viable strategy is to dodge and counter-punch I could ignore the lack of gut-punches with headshots being the only attacks you could do, but you had ONE JOB TOBY, ONE FUCKING JOB.
>>423038 >you can down dodge all of the attacks except her ultimate move, also the only time you have to actually think which way you're sideways dodging >can't block >no interrupt / star punch as you said even platinum made a better punch out game
>>423038 >implying hes ever actually played punchout
>>423038 It's a gimmick, not a core gameplay feature. Save it for the totally happening Super Queen's Knockout arcade machine showing up in chapter 3
Some people have been saying these threads are "cuckchan-tier", so I checked cuckchan's deltarune threads. They're easily worse.
>>423071 You say "These threads", like this isn't all of two.
>>423072 No, I said "these threads" to refer to the two deltarune threads.
(4.46 KB 540x150 my father.png)

(54.69 KB 418x554 jevil can become god.png)

(1.20 MB 1524x678 cuckchan deltarune threads.png)

(398.03 KB 580x676 fedoraberd.png)

(77.37 KB 802x522 asrielsownclone.png)

>>423071 Indeed. We still have the "I WANNA FUCK DARK GOAT HUE HUE HUE" and "MMMM FEMBOY KRIS IN SPANDEX FAPFAPFAPFAP" niggers, but it's significantly toned down here in comparison. I also like the fact that we're actually having real discussion in this thread about the game itself and not only the superficial stuff like fanmade porn.
>>423081 It probably helps that mork /v/ is dead as shit
>>423071 This entire board/site is "cuckchan-tier", you know. Every site is the same nowadays, filled with pro-faggots (which games like these tend to attract) and anti-faggots, so to speak. It's why I don't give a shit about making bad posts, like this one. Does anyone have a recording or extracted script or something of Berdly's monologue about Noelle during the Annoying Mouse Game 3 (I think it was called)? It seemed pretty relevant if you wait long enough and I do not feel like running through the whole chapter again just to see if that was the case or not. >>423070 Does anyone have a recording or extracted script or something of Berdly's monologue about Noelle during the Annoying Mouse Game 3 (I think it was called)? It seemed pretty relevant if you wait long enough and I do not feel like running through the whole chapter again just to see if that was the case or not. >>423041 Does anyone have a recording or extracted script or something of Berdly's monologue about Noelle during the Annoying Mouse Game 3 (I think it was called)? It seemed pretty relevant if you wait long enough and I do not feel like running through the whole chapter again just to see if that was the case or not.
>>423083 Just open the data.win in a text editor dummy, strings are plaintext.
(29.04 KB 640x480 to kill a mockingbird.png)

(159.88 KB 467x676 big shots watching.png)

(278.09 KB 676x676 2 kromer.png)

(105.38 KB 560x676 TAKE A BIG SHIT.png)

>>423082 That is sadly true. I still lament that the oldguard 8chan population is fractured and scattered.
>>423084 I had actually done just that already, but could not find anything the first time, so I apologize.
>>423083 You can say this entire board is shit if you want, but saying it's "cuckchan-tier" is just factually wrong. >anti-faggots Not sure why you listed that like a bad thing anon.
(2.23 MB 360x294 v video games.webm)

>>423087 I should clarify: 4chan in general is about as terrible as 8chan. 4/v/ in particular is one of the shittiest boards on the site. See the attached video. Even if it's all "ironic", it's still shitposting. It's such a bad mess that it's actually kind of amusing, as long as I'm watching from afar. "Anti-faggots" was not necessarily used negatively in of itself. Being against sodomy is good. I used it to mean a general "team" versus the other general "team", the pro-faggots. In actual fact, they are useful idiot plebs versus useful idiot plebs. They just talk differently, consume different propaganda and misinformation, believe different things, but ultimately are both base and stupid. I won't say anymore because I'm getting off-topic here.
>>423090 *as 8chan, and by extension twitter, reddit, discord, funnyjunk, and so on.
(773.89 KB 1230x1594 ClipboardImage.png)

Alright here's my OC
(687.17 KB 1230x1594 ClipboardImage.png)

>>423093 The name Noelle means Lords Birthday and she was supposed to bring about the birth of a new world. Not sure if this is supposed to be implied but I can't not see it.
>>423123 >counting how many protrusions she has from her head to compare to seraphim wings This is some prime autism but I guess that was the joke
>>422970 What he meant that's the most obvious and straight forward assumption you can make, and probably it's not going to be what we are expecting.
>>422995 To be fair, you have the option to do gay shit with Ralsei if you want, it's just optional. I would like to have the option to choose between Kris or Noelle for Susie I think that would satisfy everybody.
(278.22 KB 1200x1200 Spamton NEO kromer.jpg)

Instead of eliminating the charge shot glitch in Spamton NEO's fight, Toby made it a FUCKING MECHANIC https://www.youtube.com/watchv=Kt4pRQGidpU He now gets fucking angry, has a new graphic for his head and his shots do double damage if you specifically abuse it.
(371.41 KB 139x211 1471998825397.gif)

I don't give a fuck about deepest lore, just give me more mommy sex robot pictures please anons >>423165 I like this idea a lot. Instead of punishing players for discovering shortcuts, make them rewarding to pull off and add an extra challenge if they use it as a crutch.
(122.08 KB 750x650 Jevil3d.png)

>>423172 Spamton now has a difficulty setting. That's game design right there, turning glitches into gameplay, like combos in Street Fighter.
>>423175 I think my favorite glitches-into-game mechanics is the charge ball tricks in Mario Strikers Charged. It was just supposed to be a button to quickly clear the ball but you have so much control of it that you can do insane shit like instantly charge the ball to full strength, cross the ball to yourself by bouncing it off a wall, score goals from your own field (very much unintended) or even style the fuck out of the enemy team. It turns a good, fast paced game into a DBZ associaton football match.
>>421351 >Deltarune containment thread <When there already an undertale thread I'd say this is getting out of control, but GG has 9 threads right now over the course of less than three weeks.
>>423410 ><When there already an undertale thread there is?
>>423454 theres the deltarune 2 announcment/waiting thread with sans undertale on the front but someone already made this one and it got cycled so
(303.91 KB 840x861 ClipboardImage.png)

>>423551 Accurate Berdly did absolutely nothing wrong
>>422961 >Deltarune and Undertale are the games that have most filled with stupid, illogical, detached theories going around them I've noticed that a lot of games that were inspired by MOTHER/Eathbound and Yume Nikki (like Undertale and OMORI) tend to have fanbases full of crazy theories to explain a character's (lack of) story and unintentional plot holes. I think it's one of the traits of this unofficial subgenre along with things like a 16bit aesthetic mixed with more modern effects, a story that is simple and happy at the beginning but eventually devolves into edgy drama and/or horror, and one or more characters with a completely mysterious past that tend to be extremely powerful. Also don't throw stones in glass houses, dude, at least not with that image. Mario has retarded theories fueled by shitposts and mistranslations that would put everything in this thread and Tumblr/Twitter/whateversiteUndertalefansusenowadays to shame. >>423201 Do you have an example of these Mario Strikers glitches? Sounds fun.
>>421351 I could swear there used to be decades old videos with all the different glitches and tricks, but the speed of play of this choppy old one will have to do https://yewtu.be/watch?v=Tvd2P-bpbBE basically, certain characters can break the physics of the game and cancel animations into other moves, which is why you see those lighting speed plays
I hope Asriel is alive and pounding Alphys' fat nerdy fish pussy into making her bi or straight as well as a pedophile that lusts for his small yet thick goat shota cock, just as some sort of cosmic alternate universe justice for turning him into a flower in the first game
>>423672 Wasn't Alphys into Asgore in both Undertale and Deltarune? He won't be turning her, she's already there.
lol, the game was just announced for the Switch
>>423672 Alphys is a lizard.
>>423851 >All the kids that get a continuation of their favorite game >Werewire >Tasque >All the BDSM themes Welp
>>423970 Don't forget a double dose of homobait.
>>424003 Berdly alone will delivery us from faggotry
>>423071 Jewish-mettaton is a shitty meme-bait character and a shallow soulless attempt at duplicating Jevil's success. This thread is cuckchan-tier because so many faggots like this forced, pathetic imitation.
>>424011 If your Kris doesn't go Ralsei romance, Berdly will romance Ralsei and you'll get as many homo scenes as if you went to fuck Ralsei.
(141.63 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)

>>423172 >more mommy sex robot pictures speaking of which, am i the only one that see K_K chest as boobs?
Deltarune appeared in the nintendo stream.
>>424057 yeah I thought it was a woman
>>424045 regardless of your choices the game ends with kris and berdly double teaming ralsei while they are pegged by susie and noelle
(7.21 KB 280x182 lol.png)

>>424041 >Jevil >Better than Spamton >Spamton/Jevil >Good Spamton appeals far more than Jevil ever did. I look forward toward your future sperging as he becomes integrated into internet culture.
(182.98 KB 1040x2480 E__yCvZUcAUZU2x.png)

>1997 >March 24 – 26 – In San Diego, 39 Heaven's Gate cultists commit mass suicide at their compound. Making Dark Fountains is a part of making ANGEL'S HEAVEN, which will result in the end of the world, so maybe a doomsday cult connection?
>>424057 They remind me those robots from that Dexter's Lab animated music video.
(241.91 KB 815x630 big spook.png)

>>424120 i think as far as pure characters go theyre both about equal, but spamton had more actual characterization while jevil was just an extra boss tucked away with extra notes from grandpa stuffing; i do prefer jevils song to spamtons though, possibly because i couldnt beat jevil and the music got stuck in my head where as i whipped spamton in one and it didnt have time to wear a groove in my brain
(15.29 KB 234x215 horrible.jpg)

Does anyone else find Chapter 2 boring? I can't be arsed to keep playing
>>422788 >He didn't go to the mayor's office wew >>422956 You help her stand up to her mother, it's probably going to come back with her dad dying and causing her to go crazy. Might also be her sister possessing her I don't know >>424155 I don't know, spamton kicked my absolute shit in a dozen and a half times; they both took me about the same number and I can't get NOWS YOUR CHANCE TO BE A and BIG SHOT out of my head. Also what's with spamton's [Hyperlink blocked] text all being song references?
>>424158 where are you at? it definitely ramps up a bit, but if you haven't gotten on board by the spamton fight you're not gonna like it.
(3.13 MB 480x270 FF7_Big_shot.gif)

>>424173 >never says "nows your chance" that could be anything
(162.66 KB 1166x1433 delta berdly homosuck.jpg)

>>424206 youre the absolute last person who has any right to say shit like that
>>424207 I don't get why people defend berdly, not even as an ironic "Griffith did nothing wrong"
>>424209 Berdly is just an idiot but a funny idiot.
>>424212 Yeah but he's the kind of guy who would lie about a secret boss in a video game with a cheat code he made up to the kids at school just to seem cooler
>>424213 Yeah he's obnoxious & annoying. Won't deny that. Still needs a beatdown but just freezing him in the dark world might be too far.
(37.88 KB 661x601 anime venn.png)

>>424218 >avatarfagging with a psycho cunt >spic, most likely brazillian >tor cause you keep getting banned >needing to have this explained so i guess youre retarded as well
(246.53 KB 480x320 DOUBLE.webm)

I know this is off-topic and all, but anti-anime niggers are the biggest newfags and they don't even realize it. Think of the very NAME of the website you're on right now. 8chan.moe. Chan. Moe. One of the very foundations of imageboards is based around Japanese media. >>424222 You're a newfag. >>424228 You're a newfag, >>424229 And last and certainly not least, (You) are a newfag. >>424233 >BASED BASED BASED BASED BASED BASED BASED Go back to halfchan you triplenigger.
>flood of anime-hating (1)s just because i had to beat a wetback to death this is why we cant have nice things
>>424228 >>424229 >>424231 >> 424233 >>424234 >>424237 THIS is why people call these threads cuckchan-tier which isn't fair because it's clearly just (1) guy ip-hopping
>>424212 Speaking of Bredly, I hate him I can't stand him, but what makes it worse is that he reminds me how I used to be when I was on high-school. I fucking hate myself.
>>424348 That's good though. That means you've gone through self growth.
>>424222 >>424232 Just out of curiosity, what did I miss?
(27.73 KB 563x900 delta noelle chilly.png)

>>424350 boku no pico academia avatarfag from /b/ but also 9chan had the audacity to call someone else a psychopathic tranny and then i had to make him eat humble pie pic unrelated
Does anyone have a compilation of all the things pocket lancer says, he seems to have a new phrase for everything that happens
(67.67 KB 207x219 vivian smug.png)

>>424348 Berdly is a funny idiot and so are you anon.
>>424441 >clover
(3.79 KB 166x140 ClipboardImage.png)

>>424482 What about her?
>>424494 Monster girl when
>>424502 damn near three years ago but maybe we'll get a bit more now
(72.73 KB 207x219 vivian smug moe edition.png)

>>423093 >The sporty one's not sporty enough >the timid one's not timid enough >the berserker one's not berserk enough oh well, still pretty good.
On the subject of fanart I need something to the tune of Queen drunk on battery acid getting up and cozy with Kris on the arcade cabinet when they're alone together, something like Baal Buddy's "Wouldn't it be messed up if you fucked your aunt" comic
So fun fact, the way title coding works, moss related titles take priority over bed related titles and Noelle's current title can break Ralsei's
I managed to beat Jevil barely. He makes King look like a bitch. I really don't care about the recruiting or anything. Got past the audio bots. Not bad so far.
>>424516 >Battery acid You are now aware that car batteries are basically wineboxes for her
>>424525 His fight is basically just a waiting game like the sans fight, you load up on dark burgers and the fight is super easy. Pick the hypnotize to make the attack a little easier on you, and if you go through and piroette when you can you can memorize which attack number piroette does which action "full heal, defend, etc." >>424519 Very interesting knowledge, I actually did wonder about title priority since moss titles seem to fuck with things a bit.
>telling the shopkeep you are just friends with Noelle resets your sins wew
(40.46 KB 680x680 EI_8dceWwAAPzNL.jpg)

>>424348 Berdly is cute
Is best girl in this game yet?
Go to your classroom after beating Chapter 2. I think you can find her studying for her group assignment or something IIRC.
>>424615 >>424616 she was there in chapter one as well; if you ask her to be your partner she says she's gonna shove an egg in her pussy and call it macaroni
>>424567 Sins? Explain.
>>424635 Rather, it locks you out of the snowgrave route softly.
(943.43 KB 1280x720 Snow_Feud.webm)

>>424615 I wonder if they are planning to use her as playabe character in following chapters
>>424804 If the third chapter takes place in Kris' house then the next playable character is probably Toriel which might lead to mind fucking your adoptive mother
>>424862 i want to fuck other things of her IYKWIM
(52.14 KB 505x641 swampy says no.jpg)

>>424862 >spoiler Wonderful, as if there wasn't enough furry porn on the internet already.
>>424349 >>424441 Thanks, anons, it means a lot coming from you
>>424799 Nobody cared who she was until she put on the leash.
(231.73 KB 384x384 Ralsei_Wirebitch.gif)

I dont see the appeal
>>424970 You have to be gay and have down syndrome for it to be appealing.
>>424862 Kris also left the door open and toriel called the cops, which means blooky or undyne will be there.
>>424970 What appeal? It's not sexual at all, I don't get why someone would find it so. If it was not some plunger power draining line but Kris's humongous dick with the sucker part on the face being his foreskin then I'd sort of get why someone would get turned on by Ralsei in this situation, but like it is? Nope
>>425011 >which means blooky or undyne will be there. Let's fucking gooooo
>>421711 I hope so, I want to fuck the goat boy
(499.23 KB 300x250 717.gif)

This was great, many of you are saying that it's boring but I didn't feel it at all. I loved the interactions between characters and thought that everything was cute, funny and really fun. The Queen was funny, although I do agree with the points made about her being a bit too much of a comic relief. I'm wondering what Kris' motivations are and how much will my heart break when the dark undertones become a bigger part of the plot.
>>423147 Yeah that would be great. I think we should have the option to chose who we romance if there is going to be a romance route. And it makes sense for all of the characters to be interested in Kris right now. >Raslei is totally gay for him >Noelle does have some dialogue involving them knowing each other well >Susie is good friends with Kris and it's possible that a romance could develop
>>425141 >how much will my heart break when the dark undertones become a bigger part of the plot. I'm convinced Asriel has something to do with Dess Holiday's disappearance. Leading to Toriel divorcing Asgore & Asgore stepping down on the police force. Asriel himself may also be missing & everyone just tells Kris that he's away at college. Even Susie seems to know something is up because she shuts up when Noelle's dad talks about how Dess made the angel he keeps beside him. Toriel wants Susie to stay over because of the slashed tires. She also wants them to all sleep in the living room together so she can keep an eye on them before the police arrive. Not a mystery but it's just really dark for how real it is.
>>425166 >Asriel himself may also be missing & everyone just tells Kris that he's away at college What a retarded theory. A shame really, because now I have to disregard the rest of your post as well.
>>421711 It looks more and more like this. Kris has tons of options to do increasingly "romantic" stuff with Ralsei and we're only at chapter 2, and he has no comparable options with anyone else. The options keep on growing and it seems to be on a slippery slope of sort, one that leads to more gay interactions with the goat boy. Which is perfect for me >>425106 Why would you be in this thread if you didn't?
>>425141 I really liked the queen, she was just lancer but less naive and more interested in actually moving her plan forward >>425184 Ya'll are gonna be heart broken when you realize ralsei was the knife the whole time and it's the reason he's able to exist in multiple dark worlds.
>>425196 >snogging a cute goat villain (?) who is also secretly a knife Not seeing a reason for the heartbreak yet, unless he becomes sharp like a knife.
Maybe Kris doesn't actually have anything evil in mind even if he is creating the dark worlds, seeing that those were seemingly harmless so far with Raslei and Kris immediately closing them off later, and when we actually go for Snowgrave with Noelle being mind broken we are the ones who are hurting her.
(34.12 KB 543x281 ClipboardImage.png)

What is this room?
If Dark World items are just cards and toys why doesn't Kris just craft his own sword? I bet he could slip a real spike inside of a pen and get a +99 ATK sword.
>>425211 That anon mentioning Ralsei is the knife made me think Kris could in theory be possessed by the knife (Ralsei?). It'd explain why he moves like a puppet and why the knife is always involved whenever he goes out after removing the heart. While it might seem weird for Ralsei to open the rifts just so he closes them, he is having fun and getting interactions which seems to be going according to his plans. It must've been lonely for him before Kris. He might also have other, good or bad, goals. If Ralsei is indeed "the knife", I wonder if he was also used to open the rifts before Kris got involved.
>>424348 Same thing, but here's the thing anon. You have to be somewhat compassionate towards your past. You have to understand that yes indeed you have been a retard in the past, but so was everyone else, and there was nothing wrong about making those mistakes.
>>425275 Kris has been doing occult shit with Catti, that's revealed in the diner when you stop by on day two. I just know ralsei isn't what he says he is, and that's sort of the key as far as things go for me.
>>425278 Ralsei is either Asriel staying in the Dark World possibly after really going missing & not in university or just a simple object like the knife Kris carries around with him.
>>425267 the sex cauldron
>>425280 Maybe but I had another thought >people are lightners, they are able to move around from place to place and use their souls to unleash a dark fountain, which will warp that piece of reality >the objects of that world are ascribed traits of the variety that reflect on their use >People are not objects but they are able to move between these worlds >living people are not objects >dead things are not sapient or sentient and therefore cannot exist in the real world unless unleashed by a dark fountain >The dead become as living as the golem made of a card or puzzle pieces A dead person can be brought back from death, but only if they exist then as a darkner, and only as an object. Why is ralsei, something that isn't bound to one dark fountain, able to move between the light and dark worlds? If it was a person you would see him when you jump from the void, but if it were an object, something small you could keep on you, then you could "sneak him in" as a parlor trick. Why are they amassing objects from several, various dark fountain worlds? Why would Toby reveal in chapter 2 who the essential antagonist is? Kris could be thought to be the one who summoned the first three fountains, but it could also be that there's someone else who has also been dabbling in the occult. After all, the Queen explains how one would actually create a dark fountain, and it's only after this that Kris is shown to do that himself. Even I'm not sure where everything is headed.
>>425312 Maybe Ralsei/Asriel chooses to stay in the Dark World. Never leaving.
>>425328 You have to travel to the light world if you want to get to another dark world, they aren't all connected until the roaring happens
>>425334 Or ARE they?
Toby Fox's games are so fucking bad. I can't believe there are autismos who unironically think undershit was ever good and undershit 2: "totally not a prequel" is decent.
(157.22 KB 955x1200 thing.jpg)

<<425341 <(1)
>>425349 >responding to bait >hurrrrrr i didn't quote you so im not actually feeding the troll retard
(34.48 KB 600x600 you lost me.jpg)

<<425351 <responding to a bait response to bait <tor
nah you were just baited by me hahaha got you
can't even say based anymore wtf
>>425375 You know we use tor for a reason. We both know how rulecucked this kike has become.
>>425349 >(1) Are you stupid or a normalfag? >le meme If you don't care why did you respond? Is the true autism of undertale fanbase?
>>425382 well the main reason im using tor is because this place has some sketchy schizo admins but the ban evasion is also a plus
>>425384 Chill out a bit dude. No one is forcing you to live video games. Go jerk off and come back when you are calmer.
>>422663 Nice to hear Bartleby Montclair of Dresden chiming in too.
(115.32 KB 1800x1578 autism.png)

>>425384 It's not that i don't care, it's that your hot take doesn't mean shit in the thread made for said game full of people who enjoy it and i'm shaming you for being a fucktard.
>>425395 >nooooooo im totally not triggered!!! <actually derails the thread by continuing to reply to bait like the autist he is lol
(328.30 KB 1000x1600 01.png)

>>424862 Can't waif for the awkward moments when she's alone with Ralsei after seeing the player do something gay with him or maybe even her joking with Susie about how she and Frisk make a cute couple, opening the possibility to keep her away from the snow dyke. >>425045 >inb4 Alpiss somehow is transported too and another round of "yuri" bait happens, this time between her and Undyne >>425275 I don't think Ralsei's bad. He knows that the dark worlds need to be closed and that by closing their fountains their inhabitants become incompatible in other dark worlds and normal objects in the light world, that's why he's tasking Kris to recruit as many characters as possible and bring them to his own dark world (which has a special set of rules, since nobody has turned into stone or gone crazy yet). His plan probably is to unify every world under his kingdom and maybe cut the ties between the light and dark world so nobody can open more fountains and tear the world apart. However, it's almost certain that he'll be met with harsh opposition due to his excess of secrecy and because of how fucked up is his plan if you think about it.
(91.44 KB 1022x1024 Autism.jpeg)

>>425384 >>425395 >>425396 Posts made by people who aren't big shots.
(87.59 KB 500x500 1455756724737.jpg)

What other games build a storyline based around daily adventures like Deltarunes does or at least give a similar feel? Persona doesn't count.
>>423090 That video is based though.
>>425401 Moon RPG? Deadly Premonition? Hourai High? Giftpia? Chulip? Captain Rainbow?
>>425401 Chibi robo
>>425402 exactly what I was thinking
>>425405 >Moon RPG Looks awesome and will definitely play it. >Deadly Premonition I tried to play it but it didn't go well on my machine, will try again on my laptop >Hourai High Looks cute, might try it >Giftpia Maybe will try later >Chulip Doesn't seem as interesting in comparison >Captain Rainbow Looks great, might try it out too >Chibi robo I heard anons talk about it but have not yet played it, is it worth it?
(185.41 KB 280x251 ClipboardImage.png)

>>425411 Chibi-Robo is one of the highest fetching Gamecube games for a reason. It's great. Okaeri Chibi-Robo which is technically Chibi Robo 3 has an english translation, check it out as well. Avoid Park Patrol. Moon RPG is on both Switch and PS1, the PS1 fan-translation is a bit rough at times but manageable.
>>425415 Thanks for recommendations anon, will check the games out.
(16.60 KB 240x199 ClipboardImage.png)

I always thought Gaster was wearing some kind of black robe or suit and kneeling. Apparently he's just the white mask face thing and the black past is a shadow that's being cast.
>>425439 Shadows aren't white.
>>425444 I think anon means that the black part is the shadow.
>>425448 I get that. But if his "body" was covered in shadow or it was the shadow of his mask floating then it'd be a solid mass without the white.
>>425449 The white comes from the holes in the mask.
>>425452 But if it was light being shown through the mask then it'd be transparent or have light obviously poking out. I think anon is just overthinking things.
(702.52 KB 1024x577 ClipboardImage.png)

>>425439 >>425463 Actually I saw that from the UT wiki. I prefer "not Uboa with cracked skull in a Japanese kimono robe" over "silly black face" but I thought it was interesting.
>>425469 Then the wiki is just being stupid.
>>425267 That's where he hides his dildos and the Kris dakimakura
(50.72 KB 960x640 ClipboardImage.png)

Light vs Dark
>>425402 >>423090 >>425410 It could use some music THOUGH.
>>425488 now that is based
I don't like susie's new sprite. There's something wrong with her bangs not covering her eyes and I can't really tell what, just that I know it sucks.
>>425493 I liked it.
>>425493 But now you can look her in the eyes when you smooch.
>>425493 I think it looks cool, cuter and warmer in contrast to the distant and cold susie from the first chapter
>>425341 heh, it really depends whether you get hooked by the characters and story or not. I won't say it's perfect, it's definitely not, but I still manage to enjoy it because I like the characters (most of them) and the plot.
(206.99 KB 389x412 1597968461650.png)

>>425398 >or maybe even her joking with Susie about how she and Frisk make a cute couple, opening the possibility to keep her away from the snow dyke. YES YES, OH GOD PLEASE YES
How long does UT take to play through? I'd like to go through it first before trying out DR but I've got a lot going on right now. I've been putting it off for almost six years now. >>425411 Moon is pretty much exactly what Undetale was based on so if the idea of subverting the player's expectations of a game and the idea of monsters simply being misunderstood creatures trying to live their lives appeals to you too it's a good pick. It's also got an absolutely massive OST in terms of size and variety. Here, have some.
>>425493 Susie's face reminds me of Mettaton's now. >>425540 If you bother to read all the flavortext and do regular and genocide routes, probably like 6-8 hours. If you're playing the game from memory or skipping things, it's about 45 minutes to 2 hours. I'd say my DR1+2 file is about 8 hours as well.
>>425546 Okay, that's about what I thought. I knew it was on the shorter side but everyone endlessly discussing the plot and character interactions just made me expect something much more lengthy.
>>425553 Toby is pretty good at dumb puns, hiding things in plain sight, and referencing other things via audio leitmotifs. The presence of a certain melody in a song can be used to foreshadow and connect things, so it all feels pretty cohesive as a whole. Thus, it also makes people do insane lore dives for hints Just go along with the ride. The writing can be stupid, the characters predictable, but the greater setting can be very cool
>>425556 The characters might be a bit stupid but they are also extremely lovable. At least to me.
(32.85 KB 144x129 lance on em.gif)

>>424970 the game is fun____
>>425626 test completed
(65.83 KB 582x582 Karen_ha_lol.jpg)

I want so badly for a Kris and Susie against the world scenario, no lame fucking romance. Just Kris and his female bro. Imagine: they decide to go on a shooting rampage in the Columbine outfits, blasting them jox. That'd be neat. And they find Noelle under a desk. Susie spits about her dykery and that the pervert would probably enjoy dying by her hand, so Kris blows her head off with his sawed-off, and Kris breaks his arm like Eric (IIRC), and they have a laugh. Kris also smiles for the first time during the whole ordeal, just a slight sort of smirk. Alternatively Kris and Susie gangrape Noelle and kill her. Yeah, that'd be pretty neat. I miss edge. ;_; >>425628 <3
(10.66 KB 368x277 EVlYDXsX0AEhdW8.jpg)

(3.91 MB 1280x720 MadWorld.webm)

>>425635 Unrelated to the thread but you remined me of this vid and I thought you would like to have it as well assuming you already didn't.
So why was Gaster and Spamton in the tv static at the end of the chapter?
>>425635 >Kris and Susie on Columbine rampage Please, someone has to draw this, the world needs to see It.
(115.27 KB 1640x1134 1.jpg)

(179.21 KB 1640x1134 2.jpg)

(115.40 KB 1640x1134 3.jpg)

(90.44 KB 1640x1134 4.jpg)

>>425493 Blame the King for cutting them with his sneak attack: https://invidious-us.kavin.rocks/watch?v=zVI66OmsXDY (around 6:00)
>>425809 Then they have s*x in the pools of blood.
(579.32 KB 403x498 Kyoko chuckle.gif)

>>425809 >>425912 Ralsei is Kris' EGS.
Ok so correct me if I'm wrong but in the Undertale genocide route, the boss order would be >Asgore A king >Sans A joker >Mettaton A Robot >Undyne A Knight >Papyrus A brother >Toriel A mother and so far the boss order of Deltarune's weird route is >King A King >Jevil A Jester >Spamton Neo A robot >Berdly A knight Can anyone confirm that my ordering of Undertale bosses is correct? This seems like an interesting coincidence if I'm correct.
>>425942 >>425942 >the boss order would be Fuck the boss order in reverse would be
>>425942 Jevil doesn't get killed though in Chapter 1.
>>425946 He gets turned into a weapon. That's close enough for me.
>>425947 >>425946 Hell, the king doesn't get killed either, but thats besides the point.
>>425942 I thought so too but I think it has more to do with the secret bosses, since the actual genocide undertale fights are >Sans >Mettaton NEO >Undyne Determined >Papyrus >Toriel and the fights thus far have been, as you said, a Joker and a robot with the likeness of NEO. In this case I'm pretty sure the next fight will be some kind of knight, but the fact that undyne will be there makes me think some other things.
>>425950 >I'm pretty sure the next fight will be some kind of knight Berdly is a (white) "knight" during the snowgrave route, which is the actual genocide route in Deltarune since in the other routes defeated enemies simply run away. In that route you "only" kill Birdly (knight), Spamton (robot, although he's more like a puppet) and countless NPCs, going against the "pattern" set by Undertale.
>>425957 I'm pretty sure Toby is lying through his teeth with the whole "1 ending" bullshit. Otherwise why would he include a fucking genocide route in his game?
>>425960 If the antagonist wins in the end or the world is reset then it would in fact still have 1 ending.
>>425961 That would be fucking lame wouldn't it be?
I have been playing Gachashit, and to be more specific FGO and was reading about what Nasu was inspired by in his new storyline. Ironically, he said that the Lostbelts were inspired after him playing Undertale. Which is kind of ironic, since Deltarune also has a plot of creating new worlds that spread their influence that need to be made back to normal although obviously Deltarune is less dark so far. Does that make Deltarune a Cosmos in the Darkworld?
>>425957 No, you're not getting it, I'm saying only the secret bosses are following the undertale genocide route bosses in reverse order, you absolute fucking retard. >>425962 >>425961 I'm pretty sure that still fits his theme of "Your choices do not matter" >>425965 >deltarune is less dark thus far deltarune is incredibly grounded in a lot of ways, and there are a lot more dark undertones
>>425635 You need to be at least 18 to post here.
>>425960 from the QA page: Q:How many endings are there? A:One. Q:Then doesn't that mean nothing I do matters? A:There's something more important than reaching the end.
>>425960 I think he'll make it "technically" a single ending by putting a sequence with just Kris at the end. It's just that everything right before "the ending" can be different if you go Snowgrave or something.
>>426066 >A:There's something more important than reaching the end. depends on how this is supposed to be interpreted I guess
>>426047 >>425960 It could be that no matter what decisions you make the game ultimately ends the same way (the world ends/everyone is redeemed and saved/some meta bullshit to do with the player) and while your actions can affect later parts of the game, they won't affect that ending.
>>425967 Would you say that Delta Rune is... darker, darker, yet darker?
>>425493 Frankly, I agree -- fuck the other anons. It was alright to see her eyes peek out every now and then during Chapter 1 when she was flustered or having a moment, but I can't help but find them a bit awkwardly placed put onto all her other sprites. Especially the "scary" ones when she bares her teeth. For that matter, Hat Ralsei > Faggot-ass eyeshadow Ralsei.
>>426102 You're just a silly monkey who only prefers things because he saw them first.
>>426103 I could just as easily turn that around and claim you're a MUH DIK faggot who only prefers hatless Ralsei because you're a gay furry or something. Hair-over-eyes designs are cool, look at Shermie from King of Fighters.
>>426103 >You're just a silly monkey who only prefers things because he saw them first. That applies to me. At first I didn't like white Ralsei, but the more I look at him, the more I think he's great and just as good as the black Ralsei, simply different.
>>425533 There’s an easy solution there.
How do monsters procreate? Are they created with magic? I doubt skeletons like Papyrus and Sans were created through procreation, but then maybe it does depend on some factors? Would a human be able to make offspring with all or just some monster breeds? Can a Lightner monster make offspring with a Darkner one? Can Kris make children with Noelle or Susie? What about Asriel or Ralsei, if it's magic based?
(384.22 KB 4096x4063 Sirikakire.E_74rpcUYAsIGrE.jpg)

(3.70 KB 100x94 Ralsei_battle_idle.gif)

(1.06 KB 106x98 Ralsei_face.png)

(3.10 KB 36x52 Blackmage-ff1-nes.png)

>>426102 >Hat Ralsei > Faggot-ass eyeshadow Ralsei Agree. His "black fur" and lack of facial details made him look like a blob-like monster rather than the gay furbait he is without the hat hiding his face and fur. His hat and clothes also had a light resemblance to the classic Black Mage design, which was cooler than the "dress" he wears now.
>>426127 Clearly monsters can breed but it's probably limited by species.
I finished my first run. Going for a Snowgrave run now. Will see if it's less tedious than Undertale's Genocide run. Berd's arm is unbroken or is that a hoax?
>>426127 >Lightner >Darkner I forgot about these goof sounding terms. They sound janky and awkward.
>>426143 If you attack Queen, he'll have a broken arm, and if you release the wire by throwing, he'll be fine
>>426143 As a person who has done at least 3 genocide runs, Snowgrave was much better in terms of storytelling. There are several key events that you can't fuck up if you want to get a snowgrave going, but if you have multiple saves then it should be fine. Everything starts when you get noelle.
>>426012 >he doesn't know that we're shotas
>>426182 >ywn be a shota again
>>426082 Undertale was the game about all the choices you were explicitly shown in the game not actually mattering, whereas the choices you made by the way you played the game were what mattered. Maybe this game is supposed to be the other way around. I don't know.
>>426121 >Noeru porn Is there more?
(237.71 KB 800x540 delta noelle pomf.png)

(62.37 KB 900x689 delta noelle room stain.jpg)

(436.34 KB 1272x1800 delta noelle transparent.png)

(282.74 KB 959x1280 delta noelle pet.jpg)

(248.90 KB 1173x1485 delta noelle moss.png)

>>426307 i save whatevers cute or sexy
>>426309 I just found Noelle completely forgettable at best and annoying at worst until snowgrave. Turning the dyke deer into your mind broken murderslave who comes when you call checked way too many boxes on my fetish list. The way she noticed Kris before Susie at the hospital was just icing on the cake. Toby could easily fuck it up next chapter but for now it’s great porn material.
>>426323 That's what I hate. The waiting. There's so many directions this story & these characters can go but we'll have to wait who knows how long just get another chapter. If even a full game.
(1.16 MB 1806x1666 delta ffx.png)

(192.07 KB 1002x1280 delta catti prom.jpg)

(1.19 MB 1920x1536 delta noelle queen.png)

(412.87 KB 1837x2048 delta noelle angel.jpg)

(194.40 KB 669x1195 delta noelle x kris.jpg)

>>426323 i thought she was an adorable cinnamon roll and best girl since part one three years ago with catti coming in second and goatboi in third; suzie never stood a chance as far as im concerned
>>425401 Every Slice of Life porn game ever >>426323 Her sprite makes her face look like a walrus's, though. It's not hot if the mindbroken murderslave isn't. But I guess for a a person who's deep into the kink, though, even a moonfaced blob of fat who checks the actual kink boxes would be acceptable, because checked boxes are checked boxes and can't be argued with.
>>426328 >based on my aunt you fucking what
>>426330 I may be in the minority here but I don’t think anyone in Undertale or Deltarune looks attractive without the added appeal of fanart that takes a lot of liberties.
>>426353 Sure, that's a fair point. I suspect her oblong face is probably just bad spritework, anyhow.
>>426353 > that takes a lot of liberties. Like turning them into humans
(19.75 KB 260x195 260px-Op_C013_gendo.jpg)

>>426328 Last pic Kris looking familiar.
>>426330 >But I guess for a a person who's deep into the kink, though, even a moonfaced blob of fat who checks the actual kink boxes would be acceptable, because checked boxes are checked boxes and can't be argued with. To be fair, some fetishes don't really have enough games to scratch that itch. Just for this one, for example, what other games let you mentally break good people by forcing them to murder innocents on your order? I can only think of Soul Nomad off the top of my head.
>>426384 You can turn the good alignment girls evil in Jade Empire if you romance them. It’s not really the same as what you see in Snowgrave though.
>>422663 The implication here that 94cfa6 was just projecting some family bullshit the whole time kills me lmao
>>422790 he sounds like the fucking announcer from smash tv i love it
>>426999 >What were the tts you used besides the 15.ai? Not him but probably that anon used uberduck
>>427000 Thanks. He definitely used more than just that, but thanks.
(9.76 KB 300x300 eric.jpg)

>>425635 There's a chance. The most popular photo of Toby does have him looking like Eric Harris, after all. i wonder if there's an indie dev that looks like dylan klebold
>>427053 I think if you gave Yandere Dev his hairstyle, he'd look the part.
>town is named after you, the player, or whatever you put as your name in the select screen >"Kris" is a name that is often in quotations when referenced by an out of character entity >"Kris" since chapter 1 is in the pause screen >Ralsei talks about "our" fountain constantly, and how more darkners will bring more power to the fountain My biggest problem in cracking this code has been figuring out which person ralsei is ever talking to, and if the body deprived of the soul is the real kris or if the soul itself is named kris. One thing I've noted about the layout of the town is that there is no actual way to get out of the town itself; There's a road block, but that's not just a "repairs on this side, stay to left/right," that is a complete blockade that stops you from leaving entirely. Alphys also is next to that road block with a broken bike, which is more puzzling.
(41.50 KB 640x480 ClipboardImage.png)

(73.69 KB 750x727 E0T7lfSXMAYiZ1p.jpg)

Just finished chapter two and i still have the feeling that the faggot goat is hiding something, specially after the Spamton fight where he just brushes off questions about what just happened and tells you that "it was nothing" and "you're thinking too hard" I feel as if his cuteness were a deception Like with Airy in Bravely Default
>>427135 >the deltarune equivalent of the big bad of Undertale >starts as a black goat when you first meet him >asriel is similar to the name Azrael the angel of death I wouldn't worry about it.
>>427136 Not to mention >the lamb of god
>>427137 The lamb of God is a reference to Jesus being the sacrifice from God to free humanity from their sins. Also a reference to us humans being the flock to Jesus our shepherd. Nothing sinister I can align there.
>>427139 It does when you align "God" (the false, dumb, and blind god yahweh- the demiurge) IE the wolf in sheep's clothing.
>>427140 I know nothing about Gnosticism.
>>427142 It follows Neo-Platonism mixed with esoteric Christianity. The Cathar/Marcionist theology follows this: The Old Testament God is inherently evil, vain and materialistic. Old Testament isn't applicable and isn't considered canon. The New Testament God (the Monad, the origin of everything) that Jesus sacrificed his life for is inherently good and just and wholly spiritual. Also Judas wasn't tricked by Satan, but instead Judas was directed by Jesus to betray him so that he could die and save humanity. There's also Archons (malevolent minor deities) And Aeons (benevolent minor deities)
>>427146 Sounds like fanfiction.
>>427147 All religion is fan fiction. All Abrahamic religions are, first part- is just kikes trying to justify their existence and their shitty iron age kingdom, second part- gentiles trying to fit that ideology into their own native beliefs.
>>427148 Oh shut up.
I don't know but i feel like he's up to something, maybe he was ordered by someone to keep an eye on Kris since he's the only human around and the vessel for the player's soul, maybe that's why he tells you not to think too much about who Spamton was talking about with that string and puppet dialogue
>>427151 Not like he knows things he shouldn't like the layout of Kris's room or what kind of pie he likes. That'd be silly.
(105.67 KB 1286x985 ClipboardImage.png)

>Aww, the rollercoaster is still broken? That's too bad. >I petitioned for a merry-go-round, but some ex-famous guy, some salesman-lobbyist-type... >He was afraid of clowns, so he kept it from happening
>>426384 It is kind of a specific kink (mindbreak, which is less common than ordinary corruption, plus the whole murder thing), but I understand how it is to have a relatively rare variation of a common kink. It's one of those things that you think must certainly be in some game somewhere, but it's probably actually just in one or two VNs at best. Or you can do it but it just ends up with a game over. There are games where you can force a good girl to change alignment, so to speak, like that one Crooked Navel SRPG, but it's usually just a corruption thing without the added slaughter dimension.
(105.39 KB 1286x985 hmm.png)

>>427181 And what about Werewires?
>>422663 Is that an Undertale track mixed with Beatles' vocals?
>Who will take care of my eggs >the guy who gives you eggs is a smiling man What did toby mean by this
>>422663 Wow, the Beatles-hater sounds like a total fag. I just say my piece and/or hide the thread if it's shit (as per my opinion, shut up), but this dude... I filtered him early on, so this is funny. By the way, there's a Krusty the Clown text-to-speech? Where can I find it?
>>427139 >Also a reference to us humans being the flock to Jesus our shepherd. Ralsei tasks Kris with bringing the darkners from other worlds to his domain where they will be safe and happy. >Nothing sinister I can align there. For now.
>>427550 Well that's where the black goat reference comes from. Like a false shepherd.
(361.97 KB 1366x768 ClipboardImage.png)

(339.82 KB 1366x768 ClipboardImage.png)

in retrospect, isn't it weird that for every fight, Kris points and a heart comes out to take the heat? >>427552 >black goat >false shepherd holy shit
>>427552 >>427572 But Ralsei is white.
>>427576 But he first appears as black. Wearing a pointed brimmed hat, often associated with witches, before taking it off to reveal a kinder more innocent looking white form. If you know Revelations, the anti-christ is deceptive. He'd have a beautiful appearance to fool people into following him. With other references to angels, Christmas, & devils it wouldn't be too hard to connect the dots there with Ralsei.
>>427572 I think it's a meta joke. I went for the eat Moss reference, I also gound the Moss on the second chapter, I have the Moss Finder title.
>>427579 Gaster is Jesus. >Holes in hands >Died >Will be resurrected
>>427582 Gaster could also be an anti-christ type figure. If he's the one behind this presumably false reality. Manipulating the player & Kris for his own goals.
How do you guys know Gaster is bad? He could be trying to stop some doomsday shit like the twins in Nier
>>427606 It's all just theory.
You know what? I bet Papyrus is the knight. Its so unexpected that nobody would think of it.
>>427608 A GAME THEORY
>>422887 Is there a real source on this?
>>427135 He is hiding something, but it's hard to say yet if his motives are good, evil, selfish or acquiring Kris dick. >>427606 Nobody knows anything to be honest. We don't even know if Gaster will actually appear. He might replace sans and appear to be fought if you go full Snowgrave for all the chapters, but I wouldn't be surprised if he appeared for like 3 seconds over all to be touched before disappearing.
>>427579 >>427582 That's funny, because what I figured out is that Ralsei was planted there by Gaster. >Knows a bit too much >Tries to stick with Kris when possible >Doesn't want Kris to look into what happened to Spamton, a person Gaster dropped because he was trying to see too far
>>426328 >Based on my aunt You know, I don't know the artist, nor his aunt, but I can see it. She looks aunt-ish (am I even making sense?). I like Kris's beard, it's a good beard. Let's hope his aunt never sees this. Or she does, and anons can records the fallout, that could be fun depending on her reaction At least its a straight ship, very refreshing in a sea of homophilia.
>>427636 Yeah, i was thinking the same thing, he always wants to be with Kris, definitely knows more than he let's on, doesn't want the party to think too hard about this "string" business, he somehow knows there's a classroom next to the entrance to his town and he doesn't turn to stone like Lancer

(2.19 MB 1280x720 spamton.mp4)

>>425398 Somebody had to do it >>424239 It annoys me how this scene doesn't have some dude in the background proverbially fucking dying of laughter, because I would. >>424222 >489 favorited galleries Fucking amateur. 1427.
>>427636 >Gaster abandons Ralsei >He goes fucking insane Oh no
>pipis While the wikia page makes good points, I still feel this is worth mentioning. From a game I once remember hearing about and suddenly remembered: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pipi_&_Bibi's >Pipi & Bibi's is an eroge action-platform game reminiscent of Elevator Action, where the players assume the role of Pipi (P1) and Bibi (P2) entering a series of six increasingly difficult buildings composed of four stages filled with enemies in order to set up time bombs on computer rooms and exit from the area before it collapses from the explosion as the main objective to reveal the picture of a woman. <in order to set up time bombs on computer rooms Note that they explode and this Dark World is in a computer room. Coincidence?
>>427672 The wiki just mentions anything, ever. Do you seriously think they're going to reference a eroge? What sense does this make? So please explain further or yeah, this is probably a coincidence.
So the character we create at the beginning is called a goner. After Gaster and his friends got core'd in Undertale, they ceased existing and were forgotten, but the things they've made, like the core, remained. What if the vessel kid is Toriel's and Asgore's previous adopted child that died by being erased? Toriel might still "feel" as if they've had another child especially after seeing objects in the house that do not belong and feel dislike towards Asgore leading to the divorce, and Asriel might be manipulated by Gaster who made him remember his brother.
>>427678 The character you created in the beginning is kept (at least in ep1) your save file. IIRC program wise, the entity that tells you its being deleted is different from the one that helps you make it.
Maybe I should try Omori and LISA. I beat Spamton NEO. >>427658 Saved. I was about to request this.
(22.49 KB 272x348 heh 2.jpg)

>>427687 >I was about to request this Which one?
>>427687 For posterity, neither of those games are gameplay hard so beating spamton isn't much of a qualification. Hell, deltatale might well be the earthbound-like with the highest skill requirement.
>>427680 The entities being different makes perfect sense, it'd explain why it's all uppercase letters before it says it's discarded and then it goes lowercase. I think the good uppercase guy who helps you create is Gaster, it's stuff an enthusiastic, helpful scientist would say and being uppercase could be a font translation, but I have no idea who the other one who destroys the being is. Asriel? Kris? Chara? Someone unknown, like maybe someone who sabotaged Gaster's project?
(23.34 KB 569x428 consider.jpg)

>>427687 As someone who has played and greatly enjoyed both, play the games but stay away from the fandoms. Jesus H Christ, stay away from the fandoms. >Omori Omori's fandom is nothing but teenagers that get "triggered" by every single dark and edgy theme and topic in Omori but are somehow still fans of it, or they're massive faggots that talk about how certain characters are "soft" and "wholesome" and post gay ship art. <my triggers are: suicide, child abuse/neglect, death, bullying, etc. >the game's content: basically everything mentioned above It fucking baffles me. It's like being a regular member of a private swimming pool, but being hydrophobic. >LISA Elitist niggers, but in a different way than we are and much more insufferable. They're different due to members of the fandom usually having a profile and name attached to any platform most LISA fans congregate (I.E. places like Discord and Reddit, not anonymous imageboards). They also have a surprising amount of actual trannies, and many of them take up a lot of admin/mod roles in their respective sects. Play the fangames Lisa the Hopeful and Lisa the Pointless after Lisa the Painful and Joyful, though. They're really good if you want to experience more of the game's world.
>>427690 The typers ID is 666 which is associated with Gaster, also my mistake, both are 666 but the ID changes to 2 after the "Goner" is "deleted"
>>427579 Does that mean that I can lewd him without remorse? >>427582 Gaster is a scientist who accidentally teleported himself to a space between realities (aka unused and cut levels). >>427695 >Omori's fandom is nothing but teenagers i thought they were adult women shipping the characters and making (and masturbating) to porn of them.
>>427734 I mean I'm not gonna stop you.
>>427606 I've always thought Gaster was a decoy to avoid people messing around with the source code.
(690.84 KB 1260x823 The_Beast.png)

>>427734 >i thought they were adult women Adult women basically act like teenagers so no difference.
Do you guys think that Susie learning healing magic could mean that at some point she might replace Ralsei? And if it does, would that make him jealous or trigger some king of chage on him seeing how he's being "replaced"?
>>427835 Imagine Ralsei learning how to be rude. >You're not very nice! >:C >[-3 hp]
>>427837 >Hey Susie, want to see my new hava? <Huh, what's a hava? >Hav-a nice day lmao :DD
>>427871 You stole this from somewhere. I just know it.
>>427837 >>427871 That would be epic
>>427871 >>427875 Twitter art I think
>>427875 I did, but only because I couldn't find the original image.
(157.95 KB 1694x1340 pruty1cvctp71.jpg)

>>427885 That's the one, thank you. Here's the source and the panels put into a single image: https://nitter.cc/MijumewAndCo/status/1442109450391744516
>>427926 Damn, that was actually pretty good. My only pet peeve is whenever a character's mouth doesn't move when they speak in general, not just in this animation.
>>427982 I don't know why toby made such an easy to hate character or why he seems to absolutely shit all over asgore at every moment, but I do appreciate the sentiment
>>428051 >easy to hate >Asgore Really? I always thought he was one of the most sympathetic characters. He gets worse attacks on his character than I think he deserves, even in Undertale.
Still no fucking pictures of royal robutts, what the fuck are you guys even doing
>>428084 >Monsters were trapped in the underground because of cowardice in leadership Just realized I have basically a rant about how human souls work compared to monsters in undertale so bear with me >human souls are simultaneously physical manifestations of a person's will and a metaphysical force which can act upon magical entities >as monsters grow a stronger desire to kill, they are able to emit more bullets in harder patterns >the only reason a human is able to overcome these patterns is because there is a slight amount of weakness on the side of the monster or a human is so unwilling to die that they create their own path through the fire >if a monster is unwilling to fight back and a human is ready to kill them, a monster will turn to ash immediately >the unlikelihood of a person falling into the hole. then being overcome by the monsters in the underground means that anyone who does die down there is probably begging for death >asgore took a bunch of depressed and underappreciated kids, killed them,when they were at their most vulnerable rather than using them while they were alive to send out a good word to humanity via a chain of children >humanity is for some reason very willing to accept the monsters as though they completely forgot they were even down there in the first place Asgore's fuckups are enormous, and everyone beats him up for it rightly.
>>428084 >>428100 Oh man I forgot to mention the fact that he knowingly commissioned not one, but two different science teams that both fucked with the laws of the universe in some way, with several instances of necromancy
>>428100 so you hate him because some dumb interpretation you have that nobody else has?
(7.01 KB 251x209 ed has a point to make.jpg)

>>428100 >>428103 >humans only die to monsters if they're suicidal You play as the absolute antithesis of a quitter, AKA someone so determined that time rewinds if you die so that you can try again, and everyone has died at least a few times on their first few runs of the game. Toriel can kill you without meaning to, due to just wanting to scare you off. Asgore clearly takes no pleasure in killing you and REALLY doesn't want to, clearly shown by him not being able to bring himself to look you in the eyes as he does it. Other common enemies that don't even realize you're a human have some pretty difficult attacks that can easily kill players on their first run. IIRC I'm not so sure that humans can only die to monsters if they're either suicidal or completely retarded. >he murdered kids in Undertale and was a coward I look at what Asgore did in Undertale, and I can't imagine myself doing it much differently other than watching Alphys a lot more closely. He deals with the depression of having his adopted androgynous child commit suicide, then have his son get slaughtered and barely make it back home just in time to die in front of his parents, for one thing. That's sure to bring on some immobilizing depression in anyone, regardless of leadership status. That, and he has an excuse of not wanting to start another war. Killing a human, taking their soul, the going outside and killing more humans to break the barrier is bound to cause some really nasty shit to happen that he wants to avoid. He wanted to keep his people sated by having any human that happened to fall down be harvested for their soul as a way to buy as much time as possible while Gaster and Alphys tried to find a peaceful alternative, which leads into the next point. Before each experiment, there was no precedent for what they were trying to do. Both Gaster and Alphys were basically pioneers in the field of science in monster society, and nobody knew what the fuck their experiments would even cause. >Gaster IIRC he (and potentially his followers/the goners) was/were the only victim(s) that only resulted in his/their existence from being erased from everyone's memory. Asgore would only be aware that he had a missing royal scientist and not know why. Alphys was his next best bet. >Alphys Alphys is shown to be very secretive about the results of her determination experiments, and still kept trying even after the first few fuckups permanently scarred and deformed multiple monsters. The blame for the amalgamates is purely on Alphys. I'm still mad that she didn't get any character development out of that other than getting a tomboy GF ||with barely any believable chemistry. Fuck you Toby.|| Did Asgore fail? Yes, he failed. The only reason anyone got a happy ending at the end of the True Pacifist route was because of the player being a living Deus Ex Machina. However, every single possible odd was against him, and all he felt he could do was either wait, or start another genocidal war he wanted no part of.
>>427579 If Ralsei turns out to be evil then I'll be really sad
>>428193 oh come on, can't even do a little bit of zalgo text?
>>428100 Why does everybody assume the other souls where children's? We just don't know the age of the people that came before Frisk >Also Thread is bumplocked, who's opening a new thread?
>>428103 We don't know if Gaster's work was commissioned or if he decided to just do it for the sake of science or something in his free time. We don't know what the test was really about either, maybe it was meant to destroy the barrier with no casualties as we don't even know how long ago the Gaster incident was, it could've been before Asriel died. Asgore has no knowledge of what Alphys really has done. She's secretive and keeps them locked where he won't look. >>428193 I don't know, it's not exactly the same Alphys. Alphys in Undertale was definitely the worst and most irredeemable character, but that one got no punishment.
>>428228 it's cyclical, it doesn't bumplock.
(15.48 KB 631x58 ClipboardImage.png)

>>428268 Refresh da thread
>>428274 well, the board is slow, let's wait until 700
>>428228 I'm not positive but i feel like it was mentioned that they were all kids, unless a full-grown ballerina just happened to be up on that mountain. I also don't think Asgore killed most of them, if any of them; they likely died here and there against other monsters since their items are scattered about.
>>428117 All of this. Asgore is not a bad guy. He's a damaged man trying to protect his people even if it means doing bad things to the humans that end up in his kingdom. Alphys is the real one to blame here with her experiments.
>>428261 >but that one got no punishment >watched you kill everyone >every single monster >caused all the problems and was ineffective at stopping you >left alive (at least until Chara takes over) in trauma It's subtle
>>428117 What anon is saying is that if humans have the power to rewind time and reset the timeline that means the people that came before Frisk actually wanted to be killed so Asgore can turn them into a soul inside a jar, which makes a lot of sense, imagine getting into a time loop for years and years, at one point you might just end everything and just let the final boss kill you at last. That's basically the same reason why flowey/asriel became crazy, he got sick of doing the same shit over and over again.
>>428490 They probably didn't WANT to die, they just didn't have enough DETERMINATION, at least not enough to somehow siphon the reset power away from flowey. Time reversal is not a standard power of humanity, they just kind of happen to bumble into it like Groundhog Day or All You Need Is Kill.
>>428494 >Time reversal is not a standard power of humanity Haven't played Undertale in a while but I'm pretty sure they mentioned that the Determination is humanity power and that makes them basically do time travel.
>>428506 Which was a power that Flowey had until Frisk came along and took it over, which i assume is because Frisk is Chara reincarnated. Maybe the power was born between Asriel and Frisk, maybe it happened form the soul experimentation, maybe it's a magic that only exists underground from all the latent monster magic. We don't know enough about human society to say for sure but i highly doubt the power existed before Chara fell down the mountain since otherwise he could just reload himself to a point before that to get out.
Never been in the undertale threads. Who was the Phil Collins poster/anyone have an archived thread where he showed up?
>>428274 >>428305 Wasn't the point of having a cyclical to avoid having multiple threads over the catalog? Anyways, I archived the thread in case it becomes cyclical again and old posts are purged: https://archive.is/QgXcW
>>428531 >but i highly doubt the power existed before Chara fell down the mountain since otherwise he could just reload himself to a point before that to get out. That's just another plot hole that Toby didn't account for, just like human magicians. Or maybe there aren't many inspiring things in the normal human world. I think its pretty much universally agreed on that the human with greatest determination in a area can always save.
>>428600 >human magicians why is that a plot hole?
(384.22 KB 4096x4063 Sirikakire.E_74rpcUYAsIGrE.jpg)

>>428596 And here's one of the previous thread: https://archive.is/aOLgK It's surprising how nobody bothers to archive non-gamergate threads.
>>428615 >it's surprising Is it really?
>>428615 Most people don't give a shit. Hell, even on 4chan they have multiple auto-archive sites (that usually die after a few years) so they don't even need to bother there until one explodes and by that point it's already too late. Not like archive.is saves images so anything behind a spoiler is a complete mystery once the actual thread goes.
>>428422 Only if you went genocide and I didn't, and going genocide just to punish Alphys is like bashing your head on a wall to get rid of a fly. Yes, you killed the fly, but at what cost? Why did you not just slap it?
(1.94 MB 640x360 Where.mp4)

(741.57 KB 640x576 delta awakening.gif)

>>428674 When did this happen? How did I miss it?
(376.87 KB 680x429 ClipboardImage.png)

(509.70 KB 1204x677 ClipboardImage.png)

(195.52 KB 561x524 ClipboardImage.png)

(12.86 KB 480x360 hitler undertale.jpg)

>>428680 "The Darkner is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, sussy baka, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Monster and you will be astonished at how quickly he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: "I've been found out."" - Kris Deltarune
(16.09 KB 188x215 The state of cuckchan.JPG)

(322.87 KB 680x697 Cuckchan trash.png)

>>422663 Beetlesfag has a point, though I lean towards them being overrated rather than shit. Early on when they first crossed the pond they were basically a fucking boy band, then they started making music that wasn't repetitive shit for women. >>423090 Correction, one side is correct and the other isn't. Sodomites are an abomination in every way. >>424244 No it's because UT/Deltafags is absolute shit that attracts the worst possible posters to the board. Case and point these niggers using Reddit and Cuckchan memes >>425349 >>425612 The passive aggressive angel faggot meme was made fun of back on Fullchan, that's how I know you are newfags. Unironic Reddit posting scum.
(179.97 KB 500x650 all of them.png)

>>428691 >but penn jillette, a man who loves fags and hates religion but refuses to shit on the mudslimes since theyll fucking suicide bomb him, is a-ok
(1.62 MB 1200x816 8658965.png)

(163.88 KB 1277x715 568587.jpg)

(561.23 KB 1368x768 5675878576.png)

(4.14 MB 1280x1440 574578456.png)

>>428704 I think you have the wrong guy Anon, I didn't even know who that was until now. Sounds like another faggot to me.
>>428674 >Sonic Robo Blast 2 Fuck, that one got me hard, the memories will not stop coming back Also what's the game at 0:07 with the white background?
>>428113 >you hate him because you came to a conclusion on your own what, don't you?
(107.20 KB 1280x720 SRB2P_WALLPAPER.jpg)

>>428712 >Fuck, that one got me hard, the memories will not stop coming back Have you seen SRB2:P yet?
>>428721 Nah, I tried the Kart one and it was fun but not something I can see me binging on quite like the original. How's that?
(8.35 KB 1279x934 WHITE_SPACE.png)

>>428712 thats from Omori; youve always been here
>>428691 You complain about bad posters, and yet have produced shit yourself. For example: You still use "cuck" in 2021. "Cuck" is one of many obnoxious memetic phrases that has long stopped being amusing or useful (it's frequently used outside of its proper context), and the inability to either see that at all or to see that and stop using it suggests a lack of thoughtfulness, which is unbecoming of a board that wishes to be high quality, which all boards should strive to be. Or, in this case, of a person that wishes for high quality. I am also not speaking from a point of defending Deltashit, rather annoyance that some anons such as yourself complain about some things (even "just because", i.e. without a second thought but to spew opinions as if we were on twitter or something) but not other things that should be complained about, or who are otherwise hypocrites.
>>428747 >saging a bumplocked thread ok newfag
(1.80 MB 429x338 Hitler Love.gif)

(305.11 KB 1280x800 ClipboardImage.png)

(534.89 KB 953x595 ClipboardImage.png)

(225.28 KB 1280x720 mpv-shot0003.jpg)

>>428724 It's an SMT game with online coop+versus,also random srb2 character mods have hidden compatibility with unique personas and abilities for no reason. The demo(whats out now) lacks a story mode,which they are apparently going to add,but does have 111 floors of tartarus dungeon crawling and a boss rush.
>>428674 By the way, do you have the template of that Susie and Kris pic?
(411.46 KB 537x403 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.10 MB 1914x1083 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.48 MB 1782x846 ClipboardImage.png)

(16.57 KB 480x320 ClipboardImage.png)

(522.88 KB 1200x676 ClipboardImage.png)

>>428769 Afraid not,they are just sprites from the game though,some variants don't even use them at all.
>>428776 The Susie and Kris on 2008 YouTube is so fucking gold, man, I miss those shitty annotations, I especially have fond memories when the video uploader made public the annotation edit panel and everybody could just enter and put random dumb messages. Those were good times.
>>428859 Are there any youtube clones that offer annotations? That seems like a no-brainer if you want to give an advantage over Jewgle but then again, so is having a non-retarded UI
>>428924 i never used it but i recall the cliche of nico nico douga or something having all these retarded scrolling text comments on the videos
>>428924 Invidious instances have an option to turn annotations on in the settings, and I was surprised to find that old videos actually have them.
(60.56 KB 560x560 shit eating grin.gif)

Why is Berdly cute
(131.14 KB 800x1200 delta berdly glasses.jpg)

(479.67 KB 697x569 horn.png)

Why do people want to fuck the characters? I guess I get Noelle but it's much funnier to bully her, along with Ralsei. Susie is a bro and Berdly is enjoyable too, though the gamer comments could have been toned down a bit (still better than DUDE ANIME from Tumblrtale). Speaking of Tumblrtale, anyone else feel that a lot of the "Light" World Undertale leftovers feels out of place? With the exception of the more "animal" monsters like Toriel/Asgore and maybe Alphys and Undyne, they clash well, assuming a lot of those background characters were actually in Undertale, I don't remember with the newer characters like Noelle and Berdly who are more animal-like. It might also be that I'm confusing the way some of these background characters are drawn with their more prominent features, or lack thereof compared to the foreground characters. And was the "Weird" or "Snowgrave" Route in this game less or more obnoxious than the Genocide Route in Undertale? I found the dialogue when you confront Berdly rather contrived, though of course plebs easily fall for it. I don't remember if Undertale's was as bad, though it's likely because this "Weird" Route is a lot shorter and there's less room for build up. At the very least it wasn't as boringly tedious as Undertale's Genocide.
>>418113 That wasn't ZUN though I think it was joked that it was him on account of the name similarity, or other people really did get confused, that was Zankuro, and even then I don't know if it was on purpose or just a device region-lock hiccup sort of deal. I don't know why so many people are under the impression every Jap is has a raging hateboner for gaijin (not that I would blame them if they did) just because a lot of them don't like us (I don't hate blacks for instance but I'm not friendly with them either; nuance is a sign of intelligence, by the way :^) ). In actual fact it's a common misconception that Japanese are super "xenophobic", and I'm confused as to what the government is trying to do because on the one hand they said they'd bring in refugees and the like, but then they were also caught pushing "xenophobic" attitudes through mass manipulation which hiromoot was part of.
>>428987 He's a huge dork. (The good kind but wrapped in the shitty kind)
>>428674 Somebody make one with the scrubs template. >>428707 That eva one is so high effort, it's fucking great.
(1.04 MB 900x675 back to cuck chan.png)

>>428747 >durr hurr stop using cuck No fuck you, I always called Halfchan cuckchan because it's fitting that those faggots choose to go there and stew in that mess after Moot sold it all out. You may call the Cuckchanner many things. >I am also not speaking from a point of defending Deltashit, rather annoyance that some anons such as yourself complain about some things (even "just because", i.e. without a second thought but to spew opinions as if we were on twitter or something) but not other things that should be complained about You complain about that shit then dumb ass. I'm highlighting that we are being invaded by cuckchan rapefugees using Reddit memes. The Cuckchanner is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a faggot, board rapefugee, nigger, or shill, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Cuck/Cuckchanner and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: "I've been found out."
>>429378 "Cuckchan" isn't just metaphorical anon. Most of the anons there like cuckold porn and self-insert as the cuck.
>tumblrtale thread >cuckchan posters I knew from the start this would happen
>simp Anyone here who says that is bullied off the site for being a normalfag from twitter, reddit, or 4chan, like yourself for instance. Maybe try lurking for a few years before you try to stir shit so you actually know how to blend in.
(30.58 KB 600x450 1457221509111.jpg)

Imageboards have been completely fucked for years now, the only difference between this shithole and cuckchan is the speed and the amount of retarded wojak/twitternigger spam relative to the amount of paragraphs of schizophrenic babble and contrarianism, this has been the case for 4 to 5 years now, the bunch of you arguing about this shit in the first place are fucking retards and absolutely part of the problem. By the way, it's been SIX FUCKING YEARS and you're still crying about Undertale as if it was your own personal holohoax.
>>429622 >I HAVE BEEN POSTING HERE SINCE 2001 Care to provide proof?
>>429622 Wow anon, you're a real oldfag! Cand you teach me how to be as cool as you? Should i start by making a desu folder?
(143.41 KB 1024x1024 spongebob.png)

(31.04 KB spongebob says.mp3)

(11.77 KB 69x81 tony.png)

>>429644 I wanted to talk about Deltarune but every time I drop in here it's either schizophrenic ramblings about the Beatles or schizophrenic ramblings about the fucking state of imageboards. I replayed Snowgrave but spared all the enemies in the mansion to see what would happen and I guess the bit in the Dark World town doesn't actually change depending on the route but only depending on how many enemies you recruited so if you do a regular run but fight every enemy you'd get the same outcome as Snowgrave, that's kind of dissapointing but expected.
(1.59 MB 1814x1224 delta bunnies.png)

>>429653 the terrible tragedy is i dont have a whole lot to say about very nearly any game i play so i mostly just repost pics i stole from elsewhere and call it close enough; good on you for experimenting though
(907.74 KB 812x1190 ClipboardImage.png)

>>429653 >in the mansion Well yeah,Noelle had left by that point. Remember,anon,your choices don't matter.You need your partner nearby. >>429663 >Not keeping the doebroken for yourself The childhood friend always wins,never forget. Or you can get Barney for yourself and watch her get cucked to death,both are acceptable.
>>429653 >every time I drop in here it's either schizophrenic ramblings about the Beatles To be fair, the Beatles are overrated.Some people have said they aren't totally talent-less as if that makes them good but the thing is, a certain level of talent is necessary to be a singer or musician in the first place. You're essentially patting them on the back for the bare minimum.
(51.58 KB 350x350 41GCHC2068L.jpg)

>>429663 >"Schizo" is a 4chan complaint. :3 I don't care. Also, I'm pretty sure Susie and Noelle won't actually end together, i saw Noelle as being set up for failure regardless of route, she's going to break badly as her family life is falling to pieces (Her dad, the only one that supports her, dying, leaving her with only her cunt of a mother, along with the missing/dead big sister) and seeing how almost the entire party is romantically interested in Susie, how Susie likes everyone platonically because she's just happy to have some fucking friends for once (see the reactions for drinking the character teas), and how Noelle's interest in Susie is based almost entirely on her being a big scary bully (to the point of obsession), she's gonna end up being rejected by Susie to add to her suffering, I say all of this as a Noellefag by the way. I don't care that much if the yurishit does happen though, the Alphys shit was horrid more because of how fucking awful Alphys was in every way than because of it being yurishit. >>429667 True, it wouldn't really matter what happens without Noelle, or whoever else you might get any controlling influence over in future chapters. >>429670 Well, you're in luck, that seems to be what Susie cares about the most instead of romance, the only way she ends up saying anything romantic at all is if you make her say something romantic on the ferris wheel, Noelle's shit flies over her head because she just wants friends. >>429672 The merits of the band aren't really the point, it's just that it really had nothing to do with the games other than to make a dumb analogy.
>>429672 I don't think you appreciate how good they were compared to the shit that nobody even remembers anymore around the same time, how much time they spent touring and working on their songs before they actually recorded the albums that made them huge, or how they experimented wildly after the british invasion died down. But i'm also not huge into music so i can hardly go into comparisons of cultural influence of other bands like, say, Thin Lizzy or Silver Apples.
>>429009 >Why do people want to fuck the characters? because muh dick >Anyone else feel that a lot of the "Light" World Undertale leftovers feels out of place? They feel like cheap bait for Undertalefags more than anything, specially because they don't seem to be involved in the plot at all. You probably think Toriel, Asgore, Alphys and Undyne don't stand out as much as the rest because they have been interacting with Kris more (Toriel and Asgore are their parents, and Alphys and Undyne play minor roles in the story). >And was the "Weird" or "Snowgrave" Route in this game less or more obnoxious than the Genocide Route in Undertale? It's still obnoxious to "farm" deaths for the sake of completing it, but the fact that it has more requirements to be achieved and affects other characters in more varied ways makes it superior to Undertale's genocide route. The fact it is shorter made it more bearable in my opinion, and also gives Toby the opportunity to make self-contained "weird routes" for every chapter instead of a long one that lasts during the entire game. >>429663 >flirt with Noelle as Kris to dissuade her from going after Susie >avoid any romantic dialog with Noelle as Susie so she loses interest in her and chooses Kris in the end >become Noelle's "heroic knight" (if doing a non-weird route) or "master (if you already mindbroke her) so she falls in love with you >(assuming that Toby actually puts romantic choices in the game) wait for the moment when Noelle decides to confess to Kris after >immediately dump her for either Susie (or Ralsei if you want to cuck Susie too after flirting with her in a similar way, but that may cause them to become dykes) >drink delicious ice-cold deer tears
(2.45 MB 480x360 kamille thumb.gif)

>>429677 I was hoping Susie just felt a more friendly/protector feeling towards Noelle, evidenced by her absolute lack of blushing (with the exception of the tail embarrassment) compared to Noelle. Speaking of the cutaway Ferris scene, I thought it was bullshit that the selections don't matter; may as well have had none at all, though I guess it was to better hammer home the lack of control the player has when leaving Kris. >>429682 I like the way you think, anon.
(3.59 MB 2000x3200 ClipboardImage.png)

>>429677 > almost the entire party is romantically interested in Susie,how Susie likes everyone platonically
(55.82 KB 416x604 1464817721797.jpg)

>>429689 >I was hoping Susie just felt a more friendly/protector feeling towards Noelle That's probably what's going to happen unless Noelle's downfall leads directly to her death/her becoming the Angel/her doing something unforgivable/etc. Susie clearly cares a lot for all of her friends, Noelle included, she might act like a tough bully but she's a softie inside. Hell, I'd be 100% sure that would be the outcome if it wasn't for fucking Alphys in Undertale. I just want everyone to be happy in the end, I like all of these characters too much.
>>429689 >I thought it was bullshit that the selections don't matter that's the first thing the game tells you lul >>429702 At least two characters will be miserable or dead, maybe more.
I wish to have sexual relations with goats.
(150.73 KB 2141x1737 Spamtits.png)

Behold my masterpiece.
(32.13 KB 630x833 vriska canon still.png)

>>429826 >e8ght f8ld fuck outta here spiderbitch
>>429827 Troll breasts don't produce milk though.
>>429864 might do; you dont know xenobiology
>>429875 I distinctly remember a line of dialog stating that troll breasts don't produce milk. In fact, by going ctrl f "breasts" on the wiki page for trolls I was able to find it. https://web.archive.org/web/20210123223725/https://homestuck.com/story/6378
>>430038 All that said is it's not for feeding babyworms, not that it isn't milk nor is it not some form of nutrition for non-grubs. Of course, Hussie has always been retardedly cagey about troll genitalia so he's certainly never going to give a straight answer, both out of pleasure denial and disgust. Until and unless he goes entirely into the gross anatomical details of troll physiology i'm going to assume they're basically humans that do things differently except for the parts that are bug or otherwise fantastical, eg blood colors, lifespans, and psychic abilities. Now, lemme tell you about the incestuous slurry.
>>430060 Not much about trolls makes sense, hHussie is not very good at speculative biology. Most egregious is the fact that trolls even have two sexes in the first place. Perhaps that isn't entirely accurate, as the "mother grub" is essentially the female of the species. But then we have another female which copulates with another specimen to fill a bucket with genetic maternal that is then taken to the mother grub to impregnate her? It's established that troll reproduction is "bisexual", but in that case why would there even be two sexes of the grey trolls that produce jizz for the mother grub in the first place if two aren't necessary?
(83.83 KB 798x598 vriska doodle.png)

>>430084 To make them more human, obviously; same reason they look human rather than having compound eyes or six limbs or some shit. Also it never goes into how babies are born on Beforeus; it may be the same or it might be more human still without Doc Scratch having fucked with shit as per his agreement.
>>429602 How should I calle people Who let themselves be submitted by women because they want sex or a romantic relationship?
>>430448 The older terms are bitch's bitch, pussywhipped, henpecked, under the thumb, and uxorious; most of those apply to men already in a relationship, though.
(342.72 KB 1511x1878 deltaloss.jpg)

>inb4 someone does the questionable content tranny comic edit
>>430520 I'm actually impressed that no one haven't done it yet.
>>430448 >How should I call people Who let themselves be submitted by women because they want sex or a romantic relationship? "Pathetic" What you shouldn't do is use normalfaggot terminology like a newfag who's come straight from twitter after seeing it shilled there by mark.
(80.98 KB 182x249 smh.gif)

>>430675 you sound like a tremendous boy-molesting fruit
>>429667 >you can get Barney for yourself and watch her get cucked to death Please I want that
>>429677 Agree, Alphys yuri garbage put the bar so low that no matter what Toby is going to do regarding yurishit it's going to be better than the yellow lizard.
(392.76 KB 1680x2376 E__izLwUcAceLm1.jpg)

What if Ralsei isn't Kris's knife but the pair of devil horns he got as a kid? Maybe that's why his horns are pink.
(314.10 KB 640x480 ClipboardImage.png)

>>430915 that's the most likely theory, but I still wonder what the deal was with the missing green crayon.
>Call Kris male in a youtube content because I am male and Kris is a blatant self-insert character in the same manner as Frisk and Chara >Bunch of troons lose their shit because I'm not 'respecting nonbinarys' Why is almost every fanbase of games I like this way
>>431353 because unfortunately, kris is, quite literally, a "they". toby fox flat-out emphasizes it 24/7. also >youtube comments why the fuck would you even read bottom of the bottom of the barrel garbage?
>>431370 >emphasizes it 24/7 I must've missed this, but that's incredibly disappointing, why try and force something like that onto all players when Frisk being ambiguous was because he wanted the exact opposite?
>>431376 could be a plot twist where kris is actually some sort of eldritch abomination and no-one knew what the fuck was between his legs from the time he was adopted, or toby still riding high off of his fame and smelling his own farts. pick your poison.
>>431353 >>431370 Kris is two niggas
>>431353 >Giving as hit of what people say on YouTube out of all fucking things Why are you like this?
So, when did Spamton's whole backstory happen if the cyber world has existed only for a day?
(2.52 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

>>431718 I assume it's the same logic as the Everything is Jake episode where the magic man curses Jake so he wakes up in a world made by himself and even though this world existed just for a couple of hours there are characters that have vivid memories of him living on this place for years.
>>431724 yeah but Jevil and Spamton have a figure who drove them mad in the past by letting them glance into reality (as implied by the dark crystals letting you look into the light world), if he's a lightner, when did he do it, if he's not, how did he do it.
>>431718 It's magic damn you.
(53.42 KB 500x360 magic sans.png)

>>431724 >adventure time Not doing yourselves any favours here
>>432175 What?
(298.90 KB 360x565 crap.png)

Berdly wasn't too obnoxious. The gamer shit was a little too forced, but then there were quite a few unfunny references to dumb social media "memes" so I can blame Toby for that rather than Berdly per se. I don't know why people hate him; I'm assuming they're normalfags or otherwise self-hating? Much better than fucking Alphys. Did people like that annoying cunt? I have no idea. The only reason I know people hate Berdly is some of the content here has encouraged me to seek more out, though I've largely been disappointed (it was dumb of me to expect anything other than stupid tumblr shit). Anyway, I generally thought he was amusing, for the most part. Still hate that Toby does this shit where the characters are only capable of being serious when the player decides to do the Genocide/Weird routes, and with how heavy-handedly the world "turns" on you, though that's more of a problem in this game where Noelle and Berdly have no real reason to turn on you (Noelle telling Berdly to run, anyway) when they did. >>432175 Still better than the one who mentioned that Steven Universe character supposed reference in a positive light, frankly. >>431353 Get better taste in games. :^) >>431376 I thought Kris was a "they" because he's a literal self-insert for the player. I've heard Toby emphasized the pronoun, even correcting others supposedly, but, although somewhat unlikely, it is possible he is doing this because he seems to have a controlling aspect to how he wants people to consume his work (not that there's anything wrong with controlling people and how they consume a work, of course :^) ), as in with Undertale when he rudely demanded people not to datamine and spoil things about the game, and he wants Kris to be a "they" for the aforementioned reason of player self-insertion, for story reasons. Kris is a boy, fuck anyone who says otherwise.
>>432290 >I've heard Toby emphasized the pronoun Closest I've actually heard to that was potentially misunderstanding something he said during the 6th anniversary stream referring to the 3 other hosts.
>>432290 Kris pretty much looks like a boy and by the simple art Style is correct to just asume that. However, you can say the same to Ralsei and say it's a girl (I actually thought It was female the first time I finished chapter 1) >Still better than the one who mentioned that Steven Universe character supposed reference in a positive light When did that happen?
(2.69 KB 60x29 ClipboardImage.png)

Kinda weird that Ralsei straight up vanishes when he's KO'd.
>>432641 I agree, Ralsei looks exactly like what I'd imagine young Toriel to look like.
Should I make a new thread since there's still discussion going?
>>432716 I think a new thread would be great.
(816.90 KB 1280x720 5UsqLD0Omp8NUu_1.mp4)

(133.52 KB 1206x906 FAL6tLbVkAInnEe.jpg)

(143.28 KB 1000x1132 E_zqN0LVUAAZCh_.jpg)

(309.75 KB 1000x749 75643234.png)

(542.03 KB 2000x2338 FAB2ldNVgAgwXrv.jpg)

The previous thread (>>421351) was supposed to be a cyclical, but mods disabled it for some reason and now it's on page 5 with 600+ replies. Since there is still active discussion, here's a new thread.
>>432769 Kill yourself nigger
Ralsei seems like he has done some of this stuff before, what if there's time travel involved? It could very well be that the light world is reset by some character from time to time, but the dark world can remember.
*hides thread* :^) :^) :^) :^) :^)
>>432782 >what if there's time travel involved? There must be otherwise Undertale's time travel machine secret is completely useless and irrelevant. Will the hack do it?
(243.07 KB 1673x1902 84211972_p8.jpg)

>>432782 >Ralsei seems like he has done some of this stuff before, what if there's time travel involved? I think he just studied the "legend" a lot, like the monks from movies that spend their entire lives training in isolation just to stop the big bad guys. He actually seems to be quite ignorant of things outside of the scope of the legend and even combat tactics that don't involve hugging people.
(102.47 KB 905x1620 Chara.jpg)

Okay so I guess this is as good of a place as any to discuss this, it's technically about Undertale but still. Was he or she as we don't know their sex a sociopath or just a hard-line misanthrope? Obviously they wanted to destroy the world, but it seems that initially they wanted to destroy just humanity, and only afterwards made their goals bigger. It's obvious that their goals are very fucked up, but there is a question of whether they felt anything towards their adoptive family? Was it all an act to manipulate them, or was it actually geniuent? We see Chara react to a few things involving their family, including a photo of everyone being happy, despite that Chara seems to be more than happy to angrily murder Asriel and just kill everyone. Is that because their mental state is so fucked to this point, or were they always sociopathic like this?
>Replay EP1 because I missed the onion >Visit Asgore >He hugs Kris >Then apologizes remembering that Kris hates being hugged >Realize I have been forcing him to hug Ralsei very much against his will Its not Ralsei who is the true villain, it is I
>>432810 How do you know he wanted to destroy the world? He took partial control of Asriel, but I don't think it was stated outright what the actual reasoning was for his deeds. He perhaps just wanted the monsters liberated and made the plot with Asriel to ensure it gets done, basically a suicide to accomplish a goal. He probably fell down the hole to the monster kingdom because he wanted to die anyway. Maybe he wanted to kill a few humans to get souls to liberate the monsters, only failing because Asriel was too kind and wouldn't do it. It's possible Chara only can get truly corrupted by player's actions and was at best a suicidal idealist, at worst someone with salvageable mental issues nobody took proper care of during his life.
>>432820 For all we know, Kris might only hate being hugged by Asgore because he doesn't like him. It's implied by flower disposal. Perhaps real Kris doesn't want to go near Asgore at all, maybe because of that unknown incident.
The fans are currently depicting Ralsei as a weed smoker and a crossdressing gigolo.
>>432826 >implied by flower disposal What? You mean when his mom throws it away or is there text when Kris tosses it?
>>432823 >He probably fell down the hole to the monster kingdom because he wanted to die anyway. Not likely, considering they were described as crying for help and the intro depicts them as tripping on a vine. >>432829 I don't care what twitter is doing.
(80.95 KB 680x680 delta blunt comic.jpg)

(145.46 KB 523x452 delta blunt 64.png)

(1.04 KB 168x177 delta goatface.png)

>>432829 pictures may help
>>432823 Even liberating the monsters involves killing humanity, and it is fair to say that at first he did not want to destroy the world but after being resurrected and put into Frisk's body he starts taking more and more control over it as we fight the monsters After all, Frisk is a separate entity from the player himself, which has a personality, this seems to be a theme with Toby's games. The weirdest fucking thing is about him laughing about almost killing Asgore, and the narration he gives in pacifist route. Maybe he just had mental issues, but I wonder what exactly led him to what he wanted to do in Undertale.
>>432810 I feel like originally Chara was just someone who hated humans, but after the incident leading to Asriel's death, she broke and just wanted to destroy everything. Depending on if you believe Chara's the narrator or not, it's possible what you make Frisk do as the player influences her, either making her reconsider or reinforce how she feels about the world. She does seem to genuinely like you, at least, given dialogue in the Genocide ending.
>>432837 >chara >she >narrator ???
>>432837 >Considering Chara a girl That's my headcanon too, I like the idea that Chara is female I think that the narrator chara thing is basically confirmed seeing that there are visible differences in narration in Undertale and Deltarune. Most striking, not calling the cactus a tsundere >>432840 >He doesn't know the "Chara is the narrator in all routes" theory Let me just grab the evidence for that.
>>432835 That's disgusting. Ralsei is an innocent goat boy.
>>432842 Speaking of narration differences, I don't think Chara's going to be completely absent from Deltarune. That vessel we 'discarded' has to be used for something.
(2.11 KB 500x207 White text Chara.png)

>>432840 = We can see that Chara speaks to player not only in white text in the genocide route but red text as the narrator, not only that text in pacifist route seems to include references to Chara's backstory. >When seeing the bed that Chara was in the narrator comments by saying: <(What a comfortable bed.) <(If you laid down here, you might not ever get up) It's the bed Chara fucking died in >When you act with a "Dirty Joke", the jokes that the narrator says are as follows <You tell a joke about two kids who played in a muddy flower garden. Chara and Asriel <You tell a joke about a kid who slept in the soil. Chara dying and being burried under the ground <You tell a joke about a kid who ate pie with their bare hands. Memories of Toriel baking cinammon pie Not only that but in true lab the narrator is surprisingly cruel to the characters, but then gets confused when someone probably Frisk decides to not play along. The commentary on the mirror is the most telling with when you do a pacifist route, you get a message saying "Despite everything, it's still you", but in the genocide route it changes to "IT'S ME CHARA".
Chara is only genocidal on the genocide route because you are chara and that's what you are doing, the plot makes much more sense if you consider what you do as a player separate from what Chara does before you take control.
>>432853 It makes sense, I'm not arguing that Chara is necessarily completely evil, but seeing his actions previous to Undertale in the backstory he seems to at the very least be pretty immoral, although possibly not fully evil. Chara does say that it is due to player's actions that they've realised their purpose... so perhaps Chara did have a darker side to them but that only grew when played decides to go on a murder spree.
Anon creates another deltashit thread for retards and soyfreaks.
(52.35 KB 637x354 bfeggius21-093.jpg)

>>432810 Tried to murder his adoptive father, tried to use his adoptive brother as a weapon to kill all of humanity holds the goal of annihilating all life inside the barrier, and after realizing that he could use you to escape this inescapable situation after Asriel kills his own father to prevent him from taking your soul and getting possessed, goes on to murder everyone in the pacifist ending after using you to escape the barrier, and presumably all of the world. I dunno maybe he's just misunderstood lmao?? You're still a shit if you do genocide but Chara clearly isn't even something that would possibly be aligned to "good" or misunderstood.
>>432871 Not necessarily good, but maybe had a goal more complicated than "omnicide"
>>432871 I think that no one could really claim that Chara is good. What I'm asking rather is whether Chara is an irredeemable bastard or is merely a person who was driven to this and could theoretically change. Not only that, but it's not stated whether he wanted to murder his father, or whether it was an honest mistake. Though the fact that the fucker laughed about it does not help his case
>>432883 M8, he literally throws a tantrum and gratuitously slaughters his brother he totally cares about after soft locking him at the end of a genocide run by denying his vessel the only means of escaping the barrier and in an act of deception tricks you into restarting with that bastard fully awakened to run the pacifist mode again letting him out. He had a whole plan to slaughter humanity and was thinking that his brother would be such a pushover he'd just let him. He was a shit before you got there.
(280.22 KB 540x599 Angry goat noises.png)

>They merged the two threads together. Alright but you still didn't make the thread cyclical you dumbfuck hotpockets
>>432894 Also it was merged down to kill both threads.
>>432896 well if we shitpost this one to 700 maybe jewboy wont be a faggot about it; not likely but hey
Daily reminder that spamton is a shitty memebait character.
(112.60 KB 576x768 delta noelle tea (you).png)

daily reminder that most of the characters are shitty memebait and thats half their charm
>>432902 Get that smallshot out of here.
Reminder Snowgrave proves that Kris isn't evil, because if he was, it would be his voice forcing Noelle to kill people but it's your voice instead, and specifically described as alien to Kris.
(153.25 KB 720x720 delta friends.png)

>>432940 only for those who did the snowgrave route though; i go 100% friendly goodboy route/fetish fannon
>>432946 I didn't go Snowgrave either
>>432946 >>432947 Same. I'm trying to keep a 100% pacifist save without making additional ones because I'm wary about them being able to affect each other and change something for worse.
(63.44 KB 960x540 delta banana car.jpg)

>>432978 the kike isnt looking at this thread; youre either gonna have to scream in the meta thread, report it with your demands, or spam to 700 and make a new thread by the not always upheld or updated rules of the board
(39.09 KB 500x318 157394578570.jpg)

>>432769 lol, did they merged the new thread? I suppose we would have to wait for this thread to get out of the catalog.
>>432641 CTRL+F "White Diamond"
(25.43 KB 337x337 Hitler question.gif)

>>432788 >Tumblrtale's time travel machine secret
What's this about a crystal light world change in 1.06? >>432810 A tumblr faggot explains this here: https://www.tumbex.com/determinators.tumblr/post/159674581147/greetings-uh-so-ive-been-working-on-this
(15.33 KB 239x217 nice nice.jpg)

>>433826 I came in with zero expectations but this actually explains why Chara is so inconsistent really well. nice.
>>433826 >>433895 I think that the truth is somewhere between this and the "Chara is evil idea". I personally believe that Chara had some geniuently bad intentions, at least for humanity, but loved the monsters even if they were a manipulative cunt, and that depending on your choices they are redeemed or pushed further into their obsessive hatred.
(55.76 KB 1280x720 2031-0273-9123.jpg)

>>433910 >but loved the monsters even if they were a manipulative cunt, and that depending on your choices they are redeemed or pushed further into their obsessive hatred. He tried to kill his father and got his brother killed by using him as a suit of power armor. Jesus Christ, Asriel literally just tells you in the end Chara isn't a good person and is elated that you aren't them and gave him the chance to finally rest. God damn it's not that complicated.
>>432810 >or were they always sociopathic like this? Isn't is psychopathy if you were born that way?
>>434539 >tried to kill his father Wasn't it an accident? He didn't know the buttercups are poisonous, even as the narrator he doesn't know much about any plants. Why would someone from a human city know about plants found in a mountan? Soon after that he did this whole suicide plan which seems like it was made because he felt very deeply ashamed of this accident in which he's harmed Asgore. I see the plan as a twisted way of repaying Dreemurrs for their kindness by liberating the monsters at the cost of his life which he valued even less after aciddentally harming his family. He did go to the mountain to suicide, after all. That he chose such a painful way to go was simply additional "penitence" from a suicidal boy who almost killed the same way someone who held him in very high regard, considering him a hope for monsters and humans. Everything he did shows a suicidal, depressed and awkward boy. If he wanted to get one of their souls and cared so little for them, he'd just wait until night and stab one. They slept in one house, why bother poisoning? He did get Asriel killed, though, but Asriel shouldn't have ever agreed to this plan. Your understanding of Asriel's word is autistic and wrong. What Asriel meant was he trusted Chara too much and idealised him, but Chara simply wasn't perfect and seeing how pacifistic Frisk solved everything made it clear killing outsiders was not the solution here. Asriel was letting Chara affect and control him too much where it should've been the other way around. He should've talked Chara out of all these ideas but he didn't because he thought too highly of him, thinking Chara can do no wrong and he must be in the right. Asgore constantly talking about how important Chara is for humanity and monsters might've affected his train of thought here.
>>433748 I might remembering wrong, but isn't there a time machine inside Sans' house that you can find during the pacific route?
(180.60 KB 1000x749 R4YNK4NI646LPT6HNR2MAQR5KM.jpg)

>>434662 >pacific route
>>434662 No, it's only described as a broken down machine.
Is there actually any proof that Gaster was referenced by Jevil and Spamton?
>>432940 >evil Please. There is glory to be had in kill counts.
>>433826 After defeating Spamton, the dark crystal text with Susie shows up in the Light World now.
Why does /v/ hate letting people talk about this game so much again?
>>435023 Only that Spamton's phone is described as making "garbage noise", which is the same way the game describes the noise coming from your phone, which is the same sound from Gaster's entry 17.
>>435109 Blame Mark.
>>435109 It's specifically Mark. The threads found out something he was embarrassed about and he'd been steering conversation in a particular direction for years. From what I can remember. The rest is just a monkeys and the ladder situation.
>>434665 Didn't mean that
>>435109 clearly there wasnt enough genesis spam
Making some predictions; >undetale is a computer game made by toby or goteboy in Deltarune >undertale is not only not the same world, it is an isolated instance where asriel lashed out at his brother for being a creep >he made the entire game, replacing kris with an inserted character that he named Chara, then made the main character also partly converted from kris >WD Gaster references in Undertale are talking all in reference to a character who has somehow traumatized or otherwise impacted Asriel >Undertale is essentially an elaborate fan fiction game of the real lives of everyone in Deltarune >the reason "Kris" knows everyone, everything about them, and when he starts talking to them, asking about relationships, is because Asriel was an active and interactive kid, having learned a lot about everyone and was able to spin stories about all of them and their interactions >Kris could have played that game and mistook everything for being how they are in the real world, hence why he knows sans, and you can talk to him about his brother without having that information >Gaster as a character seems to enlighten people and take them to a higher state of being; jevil understanding "freedom"; Spamton becoming successful >it is possible that Gaster influenced Asriel through his lifetime, which is why he has so many first place prizes and actually went off to college Some fucker also said egg in wingdings is Up Left Left with fingers, which is a move a knight can do, so he may be the actual person who created the first two fountains you move through.
>>435561 Not a bad idea. But there's nothing that really supports that as a real theory.
>>435565 Supporting evidence is files in the computer lab that made the body spamton uses to become neo; asriel could have emailed himself files and used the library to make some of Undertale; Supporting evidence number two is in chapter 2 you see a file of a game with a rainbow-wing final boss, similar descriptors for Asriel Dreemur's final boss sequence, despite how vague that is; supporting evidence number three, Kris breaks the fourth wall intensely, but he is noted to not be a particularly interactive boy, meaning he wouldn't have that knowledge unless he was informed by some third party, and the only thing to go on right now is that Kris makes references to Undertale-specific character relationships.
>>435575 The last bit of references is probably more that we the player are in control. So we recognize Sans but Kris doesn't know him.
>>435578 bullshit blazing
>>435579 This has nothing to do with the smell of the game.
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fyi we're cleared for a new thread; i dont give so much of a shit as to make it myself but anyone else can go nuts i guess
>>435580 Sorry i'm testing the thread and why it keeps autosaging
>>435583 Because it's anchored.
>They made it cyclical AND anchored. Are they mentally deficient?
>>435667 Yes. >they I assume it's just Mark.
>>435667 >>435669 Fuck it, here's a new thread: >>435747 >>435747 >>435747 >>435747

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