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Witch thread. Anonymous 10/06/2021 (Wed) 23:14:55 Id: 3056c1 No. 435592
Lets have a cute witch thread in honor of our fallen comrade. Post cute video game witches.
>Fallen Comrade ???
(194.14 KB 399x465 WWGIT_Gallery_Ashley_1.png)

>fallen comrade What? Anyway, make way for best warioware grill.
>>435594 >>435600 Some guy years ago was doing witch threads when suddenly he had to leave because he heard something outside. The next day anons noticed he hadn't come back and there was a news story about some guy who had died around the time witch-anon had gone out. There is a chance that the two are un-related but as far as I am aware Witch-anon has still not returned to us.
(177.75 KB 1285x1549 nobetafellover.jpg)

(890.83 KB 1362x1870 nobeta5.jpg)

(316.65 KB 1107x1535 1470621354425-3.jpg)

(143.73 KB 2489x1806 little witch nobeta.jpg)

(78.93 KB 268x137 tessa-lose-ani.gif)

(42.11 KB 303x224 tess-gem-glow.gif)

(1.81 MB 2236x2833 Warzard004.jpg)

>>435639 Nobeta is really cute, does it play good?
what the fuck is willow anyway?
>>435689 I need more context?
(173.61 KB 250x342 beatrice 1.png)

(40.86 KB 615x636 beatrice 2.jpg)

(1.80 MB 3056x4075 beatrice 3.jpg)

(53.73 KB 1280x960 beatrice 4.jpeg)

(309.01 KB 620x350 beatrice comparison.png)

Witch Beatrice is a character from Dark Souls who's very easily missed by a lot of players, since her summon sign for the Moonlight Butterfly is hidden beneath some destructable bushes. Even more interesting is there was a young version of her cut from the game, very likely based on Schierke from Berserk considering its influence on the game. Was time travel going to play a more major role in the game initially? Was she going to appear in Oolacile, but got cut from the DLC? Was the design just too close to Shierke's?
>>435689 >Willow You mean the movie from the 80's with Val Kilmer and that midget?
(2.23 MB 1280x720 dKvxWwU.png)

(1.76 MB 1024x764 jcScxwX.png)

>>435711 >Was time travel going to play a more major role in the game initially? Given the existence of loli Emerald Herald in the files, probably.
(38.11 KB 512x318 978003168.jpg)

(150.54 KB 1021x752 1483793615-3691939085.jpg)

(53.71 KB 448x640 93812.jpg)

(43.35 KB 224x320 37_헤이콥_폭탄.png)

>>435592 Did that new Cotton game ever come out? You faggots got me kind of hyped for it, and then it's radio silence ever since. Got an itch for a cute bullet hell and decided to get GunBird 2 since I missed it on the Dreamcast.
>>435733 >Did that new Cotton game ever come out? Cotton Rock n Roll? Not yet. Not until December 23, 2021. But the other game, Cotton Reboot! (a 2021 remake of the first game), is already out. https://youtu.be/bMJ0vXkjWro
>>435741 >Cotton Reboot! >PS4 and Switch exclusive Well fuck. Sales never ever on Switch, and I'm sure as fuck not giving another dime to Sony. Guess I'll just emulate the original games until Rock & Roll launches.
>>435741 >>435733 I played the first Cotton and GunBird (1-2) at a retro arcade not long ago, I fucking hate shoot-em-ups where you have no choice but to use a bomb or get hit. Am I just not recognizing patterns well enough to dodge every bullet every time or are there truly moments where one has no choice?
(146.86 KB 724x1024 moana.jpg)

(6.51 MB 877x1285 moana2.jpeg)

(660.20 KB 900x1455 mona.jpeg)

(305.18 KB 1181x849 monasass.jpg)

(1.17 MB 1900x3500 monaab.jpeg)

>fallen comrade Who? Also which game is the 5th pic from?
>>435608 Post the news story and/or thread archive
>>436139 Anon already explained >>435608
(894.73 KB 900x1273 witchtits2.jpg)

(61.36 KB 685x1004 witchtits.jpg)

(62.66 KB 467x700 witch point.jpg)

(103.62 KB 700x444 varying degrees of witches.png)

(946.07 KB 1612x1495 WitchesVidya.jpg)

>>436141 I dont have the news story, could have sworn I had a screencap but I cannot for the life of me remember where I put it. The fifth pic in the op is Panorama cotton.
I don't know about a fallen comrade, but I know a cute witch.
>>436199 I raise your witch to a ghost wizard
(90.21 KB 652x1100 ayako witch.png)

(4.46 MB 2302x4096 tabhead electro.jpg)

(12.53 MB 4000x4966 Witch 1.png)

(11.81 MB 4125x5500 Witch 2.png)

(2.66 MB 2560x1934 eu03 Demon Witch x2.png)

(225.50 KB 2094x2365 EYEWvKKVAAI7r-o.png)

(2.01 MB 1311x2694 EY5Z-z7U4AAoQaS.jpg)

(104.97 KB 424x600 metallia.jpg)

(290.27 KB 1280x1281 Metallia3.jpg)

(578.58 KB 1024x1152 Metallia4.png)

>>436199 >>436383 Marisa is the best witch in gaming, and #2 in my waifu candidates.
(141.61 KB 1011x1395 merula.jpg)

(201.08 KB 1503x1512 Bully.jpg)

(454.12 KB 1947x1462 cassandra.jpg)

(136.96 KB 810x1080 Snyde.jpg)

(556.75 KB 198x280 wink.webm)

I like these witches.
>>435672 I only played the demo but It's pretty fun, you regain mana by dodging attacks and meleeing so you're encouraged to get into the fray and play agressively. Unfortunatley last I heard the game hadn't been updated since the demo released over a year ago, starting to look like another early access scam. >>436462 I still hold out hope that there will be a sequel one day.
>>436512 > Unfortunatley last I heard the game hadn't been updated since the demo released over a year ago, starting to look like another early access scam. Apparently the dev said there won't be updates in early access, he'll just release the finished game somewhere at the end of the year or during the first few months of 2022.
(364.26 KB 1505x2125 a6rb7h7f3y751.jpg)

>>436961 >pparently the dev said there won't be updates in early access Sounds like a scam to me fam, because it entirely defeats the purpose of Early Access. EA is a tool for largely indie devs who don't have the resources to focus test, bug test, or necessarily even have the money to finish production with all the features they'd want in the game. The general public ends up paying for the privilege of being the game's production crew, in exchange for having an active role in the development of a game they felt was worth investing in. This sounds to me more like the EA was a scam to get some basic IP rights secured and a proof of market portfolio he could take to an animation studio and pitch. If that's the case - you might still end up getting a complete game out of it - but that will be later down the road, and most likely an entirely new development that's been licensed to a major publishing house as a tie-in to the anime. The existing work on LWN will be quietly shitcanned, while explaining to the customers that this is a good thing and will result in a better product. You'll be encouraged to buy the new title, and if you're lucky - you might even get a 10% off coupon for being a long time supporter. Most likely, though, the anime will fail to meet expectations, all the money will be burned up by pivoting to a manga series in last ditch effort to save the IP - and then he'll just disappear into the net like a fart in the breeze.
(6.62 MB 3965x6026 deathsmiles-artworks-0019.jpg)

(6.59 MB 3940x6042 deathsmiles-artworks-0023.jpg)

(6.49 MB 3925x6025 deathsmiles-artworks-0027.jpg)

(6.38 MB 3903x6032 deathsmiles-artworks-0031.jpg)

(6.37 MB 3913x6032 deathsmiles-artworks-0035.jpg)

>>436391 >2nd patch i want to bury my face there and inhale. pls no bully, no fattyfetish.
(225.01 KB 384x482 battler cri.png)

>Witches You DO know those aren't real right? Pic not related
>>435608 Dont worry, hes probably in a nother world, being a little witch, having teas parties with other witches and wearing frilly skirts...just the way he wanted.
(474.75 KB 900x582 mfw ignorant Europoors.png)

>>438294 Witches have been proven real in courts of law. Your waifu never has. You are officially blown the fuck out by the fact-check gang.
>>438396 >Witches have been proven real in courts of law. Your waifu never has. You are officially blown the fuck out by the fact-check gang. There was a guy who married Hatsune Miku. How the fuck are you supposed to get a marriage license if your waifu isn't real, smartass?
>>438411 >There was a guy who married Hatsune Miku. How the fuck are you supposed to get a marriage license if your waifu isn't real, smartass? Fraud. People do all kinds of things to defraud the government, marrying an intangible fictional character is just one of those things. This lesson in the real world was brought to you courtesy of the fact-check gang.
>>438413 But he had an actual member of the Diet in attendance, a Diet member who also moonlights as a v-tuber. If that's not government sanction I don't what is.
>>438414 Politicians can involve themselves in fraud against the government. Take former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick for example, he defrauded the shit out of the government and was convicted for it (among other things). The presence of a politician doesn't make fraudulent actions legitimate regardless of whether they actually get prosecuted. Additionally, the presence of a single legislator at an event isn't official approval of the entire body by any stretch of the imagination. I'd offer you a lesson on that, but the fact-check gang has better things to do than to rehash schoolhouse rock.

(235.46 KB 1680x1050 EfgPo6oXoAE9QzP.jpg)

(80.50 KB 768x1024 EfgQ3gRX0AEP5S-.jpg)

(119.21 KB 719x1000 EfgQPeVXgAAHzDG.jpg)

>>438421 >>438414 Anons please, this is a witch thread.
(297.66 KB 870x570 ph_top1.jpg)

anybody play Trouble Witches?
Witches you say? Then make way for the illustrious Mazhigigika Miludin do Din Nolurun Dou... Also known as Magilou!
>>438562 I remember owning the XBLA version of this game and it had some awful English voice acting, recently bought it for 50 cents during a sale on Steam and it only had Japanese voice acting. It has plenty of DLC characters apparently, but I didn't buy any of them.
What the fuck are willows and why is cotton addicted to them?
>>440994 Same. What the fuck are they? Berries? Fruits?
I just realized that I own pretty much every game where you can play as a Witch on Steam.
(58.68 KB 670x378 witcher thumbs up.jpg)

>>435629 >The witch that made Jim Sterling finally lose what was left of his marbles Excellent choice.
(54.20 KB 580x410 zelda maple 1.jpeg)

(88.26 KB 500x383 zelda maple 2.png)

(100.72 KB 500x668 zelda maple 4.jpg)

(136.92 KB 500x500 zelda maple 9.png)

(1.14 MB 3600x3400 zelda maple 3.png)

There's a lack of tsundere Zelda witch ITT. >>435773 >Sales never ever on Switch The Switch has sales all the time anon. Nintendo first party titles rarely go below 33% but third party shit is regularly 50% provided the publishers aren't complete jews (KT for example).
(722.09 KB 1714x1392 2a6f5e921bc928ba4fb4961b1cc2b05c.jpg)

(247.71 KB 1500x2200 92236368_p0.jpg)

(630.88 KB 1164x1337 º132352r22r3d.jpg)

(813.62 KB 1100x1080 90875327_p1.jpg)

Don't know why witches in particular tickle my funny bone. Could there be an explanation for it?
>>452242 Witches are the opposite of nuns. Nuns are supposed to be sweet and pure, so they’re prime targets for corruption and degeneration. Witches are supposed to be evil and corrupt, so they are treated as cute and pure.
>>453136 I have this fantasy sometimes where as a lone paladin I get put in charge of and entire church and get to impregnate all the nuns inside Its one of my favourites, I dont think it counts as corruption though since my penis is very blessed.
burn the witch bitch
Give me sum games with witches n' magic n' shit.
>>452242 > Don't know why witches in particular tickle my funny bone. > Could there be an explanation for it? Gee, what could be the appeal of a cute nerdy slightly autistic readhead girl with magic powers living comfy innawoods? Must be the hat. >>453855 > recommending Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone to anyone Not even a ghetto nigger deserves that.
>>453974 >>453855 What the fuck? I thought this was an edit and the original had oblivion not forgotten realms demon stone, but I can't find that version. Are they the Berenstain or the Berenstein Bears here?
>>453974 It's funny how the typical anime witch is the diametric opposite of the typical mythology witch both physically and mentally, but not socially. I mean, yes, they usually serve totally different functions, which is the explanation for it.
(201.45 KB 1034x784 yotsubawitch.jpg)

(348.24 KB 1500x2000 Witch uraraka.jpg)

(552.41 KB 1000x1000 Witche.png)

(139.69 KB 422x600 witches.jpg)

(268.78 KB 500x729 witch time.png)

Happy Halloween.
here's a pretty nasty one
>>480949 Here's a better mature witch
>>480977 The fuck is that sheep doing there.
>>480982 it's her golden fleece
Anyone play any spooky games with witches lately? I'm interested in Coven: Labyrinth of Refrain, I heard its got some big tiddy witches
>>503249 It's pretty good. Gets a bit repetitive, as blobbers usually do. Some decent fan-service remains in it though I'm not sure how faithful the localisation is to the original.
(116.58 KB 640x871 53144117_p0.jpg)


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