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(49.79 KB 685x960 Thinking_noodle.jpg)

Will Bamco/Arcsys update FighterZ to work with Linux?
>>438859 All depends on how much attention the steam dick gets. But at least now there's virtually no excuse for EAC games not to enable it over wine plus a lot of incentive to literally just click a toggle. According to protondb you can get the game running in offline mode though.
(177.49 KB 960x779 1625353021714-4.jpg)

>getting excited for the steamy dick >Proton is making games work on lynuchs >even normalfags don't like Windows 11 >Linux has the best chance it's ever had at being a viable gaming OS 2022 Year of the Linux Handheld
Steam Deck teardown: https://invidio.us/watch?v=UahXjChuiPI Valve shows how to open up the Steam Deck, and since it runs Steam OS (based on Arch BTW), I guess it fits here as well. Apparently it will be possible to open it up with relative ease and there will be replacement parts to order, although it remains to be seen how much of it is actually repairable and how much is just pandering to Right To Repair people without actually delivering anything substantial.
Anti-Cheat is actual spyware that scans your system, does this fully work as intended on Linux?
>>438990 I haven't heard anyone explain it so far and don't really understand how these things work on Linux either. I've only heard people explain how it may hypothetically not need or be granted the same kind of access that it is on windows, but the risks of how it's actually implemented now that it's here haven't really been outlined by anyone so far. I like that it's a choice now but would like clarification on how it actually functions on Linux.
>>438990 Money's on them being too lazy to actually do any sort of sandbox breaching, and they're just having it not intentionally crash if it detects if it's being run through wine, which was actually the problem.
>>439043 So it doesn't work as intended? Sounds like the perfect excuse for games with anti-cheat to never enable Linux compatibility.
>>439108 Most EAC games don't even have an excuse for EAC in the first place.
>>438855 There's already a Linux thread, is it really a good idea to divide discussion?
>>439320 It's on post 500 and it's not a super active thread. It's fine.
>>438907 Even Linus from Linus Tech Tips is going Linux for his daily drive. Now all Valve has to do is release Half-Life 3 exclusively for Linux, then the age of Linux will truly being. Or at least getting VR to work.
(402.01 KB 1450x1772 Vivian knuckles.jpg)

Somewhat of a tangential question, but still. I'm trying to figure out minimal kernel configuration, and the sheer amount of kernel modules is a bit daunting. Is there some sort of guide or relatively noob-friendly overview of what each module is responsible for, which modules are best baked in, which can be disabled completely and which ones should be left as modules?
>>439320 >bump locked with no replies in a week Threads can't recover any meaningful activity once in that state. Which is why bump locks on a board this slow are fucking retarded.
>>439445 Gentoo wiki has all that stuff, although some of it is sparse and hasn't been rebuilt since the deletion.
>>439403 He's switching to it for a video concept, not switching to it because he actually wants to use Linux. I listened to his podcast briefly and everything he had to say about Linux was negative, probably justifiably so too. The Linux desktop is fucking garbage. Better than it was, but still absolutely awful. Windows is awful too, it's just differently awful. I don't use Linux because it's good, I use it because it's not spying on me. I guarantee once he drops his Linux videos it's going to be a non-stop bitch fest about all the retarded inconsistencies in KDE's UX design. It will be a video filled with a lot of valid criticisms that will make Linux look like shit, and it will get overshadowed by a handful of retarded criticisms unique to his bizarre power user configuration that no normal person would ever encounter. Why does stock KDE come with multiple GUI's for package management? Why does manjaro KDE come with two separate fucking file managers? Who the fuck is making this retarded decisions and are they getting paid a salary? The unfortunate reality is that KDE is the least shit desktop environment and it's still a complete mess.
>>439509 You know anon, you don't actually have to install or use KDE. I immediately assumed it was trash after all of the preview screenshots I had seen showed it featuring a Mac-like interface. >KDE is the least shit I like MATE, but they all have glaring flaws as you pointed out.
>>439525 Wait, I was thinking of XFCE. Fuck, I'm retarded.
>>439509 >desktop is fucking garbage. Better than it was, but still absolutely awful. Windows is awful too, it's just differently awful. yeah this is why you see some loonix users not use the typical desktop experience, they just install what they really want, a window manager and something like dmenu or run prompt that they just type the name of the program to run it
(123.35 KB 520x600 stupid lizard slut.png)

>>438907 Thank god it's a game dev making a Linux-based system, designing intuitive user interfaces is their bread and butter. The Deck's handheld UI looks miles better than anything from the community. >>439509 He used Linux years ago as well, and he switched because of all the problems in using Linux as your daily OS for most normal people. Windows' UI is a mess but mostly on the back-end when you're trying to configure something or find settings, the front-end works how you'd expect. The Linux desktop however is a mess on the front-end. This is a big difference. When you're trying to drag a file from one window to another, but it doesn't work because the two windows use two different file system GUIs that are incompatible with each other you start to realize that the Linux desktop isn't built for or "playtested" with normal people in mind. Granddad is not going to want to open the command line to do a basic task when his desktop environment doesn't work correctly. I see a lot of cope about this within the Linux community. You have two camps, the "get off the mouse!" camp who are never going to push Linux beyond niche hobbyist status, and the "Linux is janky, and that's a good thing!" camp who are fine with how broken the Linux desktop is and unironically think Windows/MacOS users would be as well. The second camp is far worse, because they're the ones causing the complacency with how unusable our desktop environments are. What Linux needs are people demanding more, demanding better, demanding an actually usable desktop environment. Currently the best way to use Linux is with a command line-based system and that's not going to fly with most people. My hope lies with the Steam Deck, KDE devs are going to get a rude awakening when millions of 'normies' and non-Westerners who've never interacted with Linux before try setting it to PC mode and start asking why the Plasma environment doesn't make any fucking sense. That might be the thing to make them stop developing exclusively for a small audience of desperate Linux enthusiasts with low standards.
>>439525 Whether or not I use KDE is besides the point. The fact that the general response to not liking something is to switch is another problem for Linux adoption. The average person doesn't want to have to constantly be fucking around and trying out different DE's to find one that fits, and they shouldn't have to either. KDE will become the default Linux experience because it's the closest thing to sane defaults with massive room for customization. >I immediately assumed it was trash after all of the preview screenshots I had seen showed it featuring a Mac-like interface. Stock KDE looks nothing like Mac, it's a very familiar Windows-like experience. The great thing about stock KDE is that it's Windows-like out of the box but can easily be configured to look like a Mac or whatever. Valve will be using KDE on their SteamOS so I will be treating KDE as basically the definitive Linux desktop environment and giving it the expectations that come along with that status. And Linux absolutely does need a standardized good desktop environment. I'm very optimistic about KDE and the future of Linux, but I do get mildly annoyed about how much people highlight how good linux is rather than how bad it is, because I want shit to actually get fixed and addressed.
Did anybody screenshot anon's post about the Steam Deck potentially forcing devs to make better desktop environments? It was interesting but got deleted.
(172.71 KB 904x458 ClipboardImage.png)

>>439583 this?
>>439586 >Valve >designing intuitive user interfaces is their bread and butter
>>438952 >based on Arch BTW I feel betrayed
gaems are for kids
>>439586 I tested what the fag was saying and he was half right. I can't drag a file from a Qt based FM into a GTK based FM. HOWEVER The opposite isn't true. Qt FM can take files dragged from a GTK application no problem. So it must be a problem for the now extremely cucky and grim future-looking GTK toolkit (I know, toolkit toolkit. Deal with it). Makes perfect sense for SteamOS to go the KDE way with how shitty GTK has become.
>>439879 how much did it cost to get a third-world whore to pose with a piece of paper like that? 20 cents? and thanks for sharing it on /b/ too.
I'm a winfag looking to make the switch. I have an enormous folder of pics and webms with many sub folders and sub-sub folders, and the "date modified" sort mode on Explorer ignores the folders and shows only files. This is essential to me so I can see a list of files I recently saved without having to manually check every folder and subfolder. What FM on Linux lets me do this?
(58.68 KB 530x746 dolphin_sort.png)

>>440153 Not sure what you mean. Do you want to see what's in the folders or ignore them? Either way dolphin has pic related. If you're looking to browse and have a shit ton of pictures it might be worth looking into hydrus network. Outside of that I dunno what to tell you dude. ls -Rrt
(322.09 KB 1920x1080 naut.webm)

>>440175 nautilus also has a 'recent' menu. I assume there's other FMs that have similar. webm related is its search
(193.95 KB 874x643 ClipboardImage.png)

(284.69 KB 877x672 ClipboardImage.png)

>>440175 Here's what I mean. First pic is normal sort mode, second pic is sort by date modified. The date modified view ignores the folders and shows only files in the folders sorted by date modified, I need this.
>>440179 The 'recent' menu I mentioned will give you that, essentially. If that, features similar to it or any of the other stuff I've showed aren't enough for you then you're probably nesting too much. If you want 100% windows UX then stick with windows. You have to be willing to go outside your comfort zone even a little mang. >I need this In all likelihood, you don't.
>>438859 Bamco won't even remove Denuvo after a year like Sega and Capcom, let alone 2 years after release like AC7. Don't bet on those yellow jews to do anything.
>>440179 You could search for all files in the base folder and sort the results by modification date. This is very fast on Linux, but be warned that in my limited experience at least, window managers may not behave nicely with folders with several many files and folders in them. Your mileage may vary. Also be warned that modification date on Linux can be a bit annoying because on Windows everything is an incoherent mess so modification date is almost the same as creation date, but on Linux tools behave correctly and get the modification time from wherever you're getting the file, so you can end up with a file you downloaded today that has a modification date in 2009. >>440190 >Sega They don't always, they still haven't removed it from Sonic Forces after like 5 years.
>>440225 How do they remove it from almost every Yakuza game but keep it in that 4 year old dumpster fire?
>>440247 I don't know, they removed it from Mania too which was very acclaimed compared to Forces and you'd think they'd want to 'protect' it better.
>>439550 Yeah that was my mistake, I mixed up KDE for another DE. Maybe I should try it sometime, I haven't yet. I am fairly uninformed on DEs because when something doesn't work I just immediately default to using command line. I know that isn't normal for "normal users" but I am a programmer so it makes me feel comfy. >I'm very optimistic about KDE and the future of Linux, but I do get mildly annoyed about how much people highlight how good linux is rather than how bad it is, because I want shit to actually get fixed and addressed. Agreed there, I try to be cautious about recommending Linux and carefully consider who I am talking to. People who proselytize for Linux because they forget what it's like when they had to spend months figuring out what they wanted to install and get their environment to a good place really annoy me. I don't mind doing it because it ties into my work, but I'm not stupid enough to think even a reasonably intelligent person would want to bother with that if they don't enjoy tinkering with computers.
(112.24 KB 470x321 Coco says hi.png)

>>439320 >There's already a Linux thread, is it really a good idea to divide discussion?
>>438855 Can a user who has no history in programming or computer science and only knowledge of windows make the most out of Linux?
Can I play Osu on linux with a tablet?
>>440865 Overlap between programming knowledge and being able to use Linux as an operating system is basically non-existent. Even if you used 99% command line applications in place of GUI applications knowing how to use the command line is absolutely nothing like knowing how to program. Virtual machines are your friend, boot them up and you can learn plenty of shit tinkering with them.
>>440663 man I wanna impregnate that bandicoot
Someone explain to me why Manjaro is worse than Arch and why Arch is better than ubuntu, debian
>>440878 >Someone explain to me why Manjaro is worse than Arch It isn't worse. Manjaro is Arch with packages held back slightly for some testing. Manjaro tweaks DE's slightly and themes them a bit, Arch will have the completely stock settings and experiences for DE's. >and why Arch is better than ubuntu, debian Arch based distributions will have more up to date packages in their repos. Sometimes this matters, sometimes it doesn't. On debian if you want dolphin with proper netplay you'll need the flatpak or to compile it yourself. On Arch based distributions it's the latest version so you don't need to worry about it.
(131.03 KB 800x800 pengun.png)

>>438855 I wanted to do this
>>440897 Good job, I laughed.
>>440865 Why would you need programming for Linux? You just have to learn how to use the command line, which is no harder than messing around with cheats in a Source game.
>>440865 you should think of the command line less as programing and more of playing zork in a way that if you utter the REALLY wrong phrase you can wipe your entire hard drive
>>440897 man this reminded me of grape-kun, rip you absolute legend
>>441056 fuck, i just looked it up and he died 12th of october 2017, and the 12th was yesterday, damn... at age 21 no less.
(210.58 KB 328x159 winver.png)

I've been wanting to play Death Stranding on Linux for a while, but haven't had any luck. Something about my card (GTX 1060) seems to have problems with it and it throws an error about not having the right version of Windows. Maybe this weekend I'll look into it some more and try to figure it out.
>>441138 >I've been wanting to play Death Stranding on Linux yet again Linux protects a user from himself
(258.86 KB 536x464 yerrow check.png)

>>441138 Have you checked the Windows version your Wine prefix is set to emulate?
>>441138 Supposedly it works near-natively on Proton. https://www.protondb.com/app/1190460 There's some advice in the reports for GPU problems, they say you should update your drivers if it's not working right.
(39.59 KB 375x523 dubs card.jpg)

>>441144 Impressive.
>>441168 >update your drivers My drivers were old, but updating (now version 460) didn't help. >>441163 I don't believe I have Wine installed, I'm only using Proton.
>>441234 Try changing the proton version used.
(3.11 MB 3840x1746 Purge.webm)

(98.54 KB 816x621 bonks in krieg.jpg)

>>441232 Theres no forgiveness for you.
>>441240 Wew it booted with 5.13-6. I went through all the versions + some GE versions a week ago with no luck, but I think in combination with updating the drivers, this version will work.
>>441234 Proton is really just a wrapper around Wine. Use Protontricks to get into wineconfig and check target Windows version there.
(545.12 KB 478x480 kill yourself.webm)

>>441261 >Proton is really just a wrapper around Wine I've seen someone (probably you) say this a few times but this isn't true. Proton isn't a wrapper, it's a compatibility layer that's based on Wine. So in other words, a fork. Protontricks is a wrapper.
>>441266 My point is that at its core it has a forked Wine, so most tools that work with Wine should work with Proton too. You're right in the sense that Proton is both the Wine fork and the Steam-related layer on top of it.
I really like Linux Mint more than manjaro, but is Manjaro better for Gaming because of how it updates more often?
>>441537 If you're after video games, use Windows like a normal person. Maybe dual-boot Linux so you can still participate in the circlejerk.
>>441538 I was going to dual boot windows 7 with mint, and use mint for windows 10 exclusive games since i really don't want to use windows 10. I hear a lot of games can run on linux.
>>441537 If you aren't running into apparent issues with Mint then you're probably fine. Generally speaking it's possible you might see some performance uplift by being on a newer kernel and all your packages being more updated. I guess it comes down to why you like Mint more than Manjaro, if it's the desktop environment then you can just install it all the same on Manjaro. Things like Manjaro are mostly useful for when you actually need an updated package and think it's stupid to use shit like flatpaks when you would rather it just be in your repositories, like dolphin-emu and netplay being up to date. I would recommend people learning more arch based shit because with the steam deck being arch based it's the direction things will be going, and steamOS might become the defacto noob distro people recommend. But there's really no harm in using Mint if you're used to it and enjoy it. Once you're proficient enough in Linux the concept of distributions kind of just fades into the background anyways. >>441550 Dual-booting is kind of a retarded meme. But yes Linux can run many games with minor tweaking.
>>441550 He's obviously trolling, you don't enter the Linux gaming thread to say "use Windows".
<<441582 >a cow is like a pig just different
>>441597 A cow and a pig are both like your mother.
>>441565 I haven't really used any linux version for too long besides their live versions, i'm a complete noob. I feel like i need to learn to use Linux because Windows 7 has no future and windows 8 and up is not an option. I like mint because of how minimal it looks and it reminds me of windows xp, pretty superficial i know. Why is Dual booting a retard meme?
>>441604 >I haven't really used any linux version for too long besides their live versions, i'm a complete noob. Virtual machines is the best way to learn Linux. You can break things and get back up and running without disturbing your main system. >I like mint because of how minimal it looks and it reminds me of windows xp, pretty superficial i know. So you like the desktop environment. You can install and setup pretty much any desktop environment on any distribution for the most part. I'm using KDE on Mint for example. There are community editions of both mate and cinnamon for Manjaro. But as I said mint is fine unless you're running into some edge case scenario. >Why is Dual booting a retard meme? It's just something no one ever actually commits to doing. It's way to inconvenient to shut down your entire machine just to play a one off game. You'll likely just end up gravitating into using either just Linux or just Windows eventually. Plus sometimes Windows and Linux just refuse to play well in the boot loader and shit can get messy. There's nothing actually wrong with doing it though.
>>441608 >It's just something no one ever actually commits to doing I have, I never gotten the virtual machine to successfully actually boot up linux or windows, so that's why I stick with dual boot.
>>441611 I was talking about virtual machines for general tinkering and testing distributions, not virtual machines for gaming. And how have you never gotten a vm to boot up an operating system before?
Never got the vm to recognize the os installer. I don't know if it's because I didn't set up the partions right or not.
>>441620 You just use Virtual Box, make a VM with 10-15GB of space, then go into the settings and attach the ISO file in the storage under the IDE devices. I'm sure you could watch a jewtube guide on it if you need to.
>>441608 Make sure the Windows partition has the boot flag. That's it. I never ran into any issues dual booting and have been doing it for over 8 years, with several distros and Windows versions
(3.32 MB 540x360 the power of gentoo.webm)

>when you unironically install gentoo but let the system get so outdated it cant update >because the gentoo maintainers make stupid decisions to remove packages from the repo for not being updated for over a year >or because packages are for "old hardware" so now users with old thinkpads will have to jump through hoops to get the video drivers to compile Xorg >or because your lightweight display manager specific to Xorg is fucking deprecated in favor of some init-scripts shit to support WAYLAND??? >and you can't install emacs because it requires EAPI 8 and you're still on 7 >and you can't update portage or anything else because of cyclic dependency errors with python >now have to go through the reinstall process and try not to install anything that pulls Rust as a dependency otherwise it will be compiling for a week I just wanted to use emacs org mode...
>>441912 Doesn't Gentoo also provide some prebuilt binaries as an alternative to compiling shit yourself?
>>441919 You could install binaries yes but if you're going to go through the effort of using a source based distribution like gentoo it kind of defeats the purpose to install binaries. Rust is one such binary made available which if you try to mask the source package it will auto-pull the binary or maybe it's vice versa. I would still have to satisfy a bunch of dependencies if I went with binaries regardless so I'd have to grab a bunch of packages straight from source and compile manually and hope I don't run into any errors, just to be able to use emacs. I could try pulling emacs 27.0 off github and hope I get it to compile with the necessary flags, but if I really had time to try I would have reinstalled already.
>>441933 I successfully installed emacs from github without issue, now I can finally get back to video games procrastinating.
>>441912 Theres a funny hack you can do if you ever get to this point. Just grab the latest stage3 and extract it in your root directory.
Linuxfags, confirm a curiosity for me. If a game has a Windows 10/8 requirement, is it possible I still don't have to touch those OSs if make the jump to Loonix and use WINE/Proton? Or is that not how it works?
>>442491 If you have an example you could use protondb and find out. https://www.protondb.com/ Generally speaking the only games that don't run on Linux are ones with anti-cheat. I can't recall anything specific to Windows 10 messing with wine.
>>442491 Should just werk. only case they wouldn't work is drm/anti-cheat like >>442495 said. It used to be the case that anything using a directx version greater then 9 wouldn't work but ever since dxvk that hasn't been the case for a long time. But i suppose if you got an older gpu that doesn't support vulkan you may be out of luck.
(67.46 KB 1095x174 Borked.png)

>>442495 Oh. Thanks anyways. However I wasn't expecting out of the box support for a game just released so I hope it eventually becomes playable at least Just how involved/uninvolved is debugging loonix installation issues, anyways? Everyone claims it's a big deal but if it's something as simple as "oh something didn't install correctly, reinstall it" or "maybe there's a pre-requisite" or "you'll have to play with the CLI a bit" I'm more than fine with that. I've used a couple of Linux distros before(Ubuntu and Red Hat) on VMs but they were all already pre-setup, just regular work on those felt more than fine and straightforward although I've never been personally shy of the CLI.
>>442499 Most of the time you probably wont have to debug anything, but it's all entirely up to what you're doing. New games you may end up spending a lot of time debugging, if you run steam in a chroot you may spend a lot of time figuring out why certain games don't work or how to get vulkan to work in a chroot, but if you're just doing default setups like most people have done then there's probably fewer bugs to worry about and ample support for whatever errors you may encounter.
>>442499 I don't know what would constitute a "linux installation issue". There are weird games like the one you posted that don't work for silly reasons, but the hope is that with the steam deck most of those will get ironed out. It's hard to say how much fucking around someone might need to do in Linux. Like >>442506 said it will depend on what you're doing. These days just playing games in steam requires relatively minimum tinkering besides maybe managing proton-ge versions which is literally just dragging and dropping files. Usually there isn't actually much you can do from your end to "fix" broken games beyond just switching the proton/wine versions around, or if there are fixes they'll be explained in protondb.
>>439509 >>439532 KDE is not a just-wurks DE just because it looks polished graphically. That's partly because it has a continuous problem with developers enforcing muh vision shit onto it by forcing fancy new features in/removing ones they don't care for without any concern about how it will affect the larger product. Dolphin is still niggers, Konqueror should have remained the default. >>442491 Depends on the game but if you go check winehq or protondb for a specific game you can get a decent idea if it will work or not. It's certainly not the case that all games listing Win8/10 will fail particularly since there are so few engines in use nowadays that often a lack of native Linux support is a lazy faggot dev not clicking a few buttons and getting those few engines to function with Wine/Proton is a solved problem. Almost all games with intrusive anti-cheat will fail by design though. More generally if you want to go pure Linux there'll be some games/mods, new and old, that simply will not work/will work but without some specific features like multiplayer no matter how much you fuck with them and from there your options are dual booting (not a good idea), running a separate machine purely for windows vidya (inconvenient), just skipping those games or setting up GPU passthrough with a VM (will take a day or two and need a second GPU and some other minor hardware, once it's up and running pretty simple). Once you know what you're doing it's not that common to run into such games though. >>440865 If you aren't a retard with a low attention span and can troubleshoot games you'll learn Linux simply by inhabiting it on a daily basis. Pick a decently slick distro and use it every single day without fail then just literally google it easier with a well-known distro or ask in a thread like this if you hit something you can't yet do. >>441565 >you would rather it just be in your repositories, The problem with Arch is that almost everything beyond the core packages is in the AUR and that has little-no quality control meaning you can easily get broken/misconfigured/poorly placed software. On paper that's a security risk too unless you manually audit the pkgbuild technically for every update too and most fags will just do it blindly but there have only been a tiny handful of known cases of intentionally malicious scripts. Really nobody should be recommending Arch/Manjaro to new users without a giant warning not to rely on the AUR until they know what they're doing, but then the same new users will eventually stumble onto the need for PPAs or the like for Debian-based distros and those have most of the same concerns really.
>>442511 >Really nobody should be recommending Arch/Manjaro to new users without a giant warning not to rely on the AUR until they know what they're doing, but then the same new users will eventually stumble onto the need for PPAs or the like for Debian-based distros and those have most of the same concerns really. 100%. The fact the AUR is shilled as a good thing for new users is insane. The AUR is a security nightmare. But Arch will generally have all the same packages as Debian based things but more up to date, which can be useful. Also PPA's aren't the same risk because PPA's can't get orphaned and adopted by random people over time. The AUR meme definitely needs to die though.
>>442499 different distros have different ways of dealing with things. Most of the time, if you know how to use a search engine and have atleast a basic knowledge of the english language you'd be fine.
>>442511 >>442514 one of these days when everyone has a decently powered cpu people will finally truely understand the simple elegance of portage ebuilds and overlays.
>>442514 >Also PPA's aren't the same risk because PPA's can't get orphaned and adopted by random people over time That is true, though I suppose the organisation behind the PPA could be subverted or it could die and the relevant domains could be bought up. The need/general requirement for signing packages usually stops this (attempts to update/install will fail with a relevant key error) but there are also some subtleties there about third party repositories and how you should go about adding them as a new source. The main example is that you should not really use apt-key to add a third party's key due to a (currently mostly theoretical but high-impact) issue with it now becoming universally trusted across apt technically only for repos that don't specify which key they want, but that's almost every single one including a decent number of distro-maintained packages however it's functionally standard practice for convenience. This is why apt-key is supposed to be getting deprecated entirely soon though it would probably have been more sensible to both automate and require the signed-by line in sources then define a standard location for user-added keys.
>>442511 I really want to go full Linux so I too can troubleshoot and run into brick walls regarding compatibility, sounds amazing. And way better than actually playing video games.
>>442601 A very minor part of why I want to go loonix is for ricing purposes, despite spending extremely little time on the desktop or file manager.
>>442601 But Linux troubleshooting is fun because once you've fixed something the things you learned while doing so make you one stop closer to becoming Terry A. Davis, in Wangblows you just throw proprietary dlls and drivers at a wall until it stops crashing. Also searching for a linux problem on the Internet will bring up stackoverflow posts and old forum threads that while not always pointing to the exact issue will usually give you pointers on solving it yourself, whereas typing a Wangblows problem into a search engine will result in a shower of epic 100% legitimate Windows optimizer programs from India.
>>442652 Another thing is that every "answer" to a windows problem you'll get almost all refer to the same source, so if that answer doesn't work for you or isn't exactly what you were looking for you're fucked
>>442652 or in my experience * How to fix things in linux: >search problem >check various forums >if first solution doesn't work keep trying other solutions * How to fix things in Windows: >did you try turning it off and on again? >is it plugged in? >did you reset your router? >did you update your drivers? >did you rollback your drivers? >delete your cookies? >just reinstall windows
>>442601 It is genuinely a good idea if you want to learn more about how computers and software work, but it depends on your priorities. However, platform convergence is real and rapidly happening as game developers want to spend less time and effort porting games to other shit. Linux is not necessarily the focus for this, except where Valve funding is involved, but it is definitely benefiting from it. Libraries like Vulkan are paving the way for this. It's only a matter of time until your platform either doesn't matter or Windows is worse because Microsoft is deathly afraid of touching the 20 year old poop hidden deep in their source code.
>>442677 more like: >did you try turning it off and on again? >is it plugged in? >did you reset your router? >did you update your drivers? >did you rollback your drivers? >delete your cookies? >just reinstall windows >buy a new computer
>>442677 >How to fix things in linux: I prefer going on my distro's irc channel to moan at the maintainers about the problems I'm having. It's feels nice to be able socialize with your fellow linuxtards every once in a while.
>>442816 A great idea, actually. Had a weird problem that I couldn't find anything about, managed to solve it within 5 minutes after popping into distro's IRC channel.
>>442816 But then you'd have to talk to nerds and that's just terrible.
>>442821 They're all hot chicks who are into coding, trust me anon. Two more issues and you'll be invited to the yearly meetup and then you'll be drowning in pussy in the ensuing reverse gangbang.
(753.27 KB 712x961 game_devs.png)

>>442897 It looks shiny enough that maybe he installed whiteboard all over his walls
>>442894 Hifumi still best girl. Nene second best because she knows what's important.
>>442897 >>442904 Definitely whiteboard. It's a new trend among the "artists" because it supposedly helps creativity to have to climb fucking ladders to write your notes, or read them for that matter. But it's "so convenient that you can erase it", because artists have apparently never heard of a word editor. Pro-tip: If you want to write complicated notes to yourself, use the Zim Desktop Wiki. It runs off text files in a certain folder structure, so you can edit or read it with anything at all, if you have Zim installed, it can actually handle publishing it to the net as a normal wiki, and it gives all the usual wiki advantages.
Are there any modern .umx module players for Linux? MilkyTracker 2 is functional, but I'd rather use something with a GUI that doesn't look like it hasn't changed since 1994. >>442924 No wonder, Hifumi is literally perfect.
(154.58 KB 496x1122 nenecchi_cant_code.jpg)

(3.92 KB 200x184 1518534305001.jpg)

>>443018 me irl
>>442720 >windows 11 is significantly slowing esports on Ryzen cpus, and nobody knows why, yet Probably all the processing power required for the new bloatware and telemetry :^)
>>442978 >GUI that doesn't look like it hasn't changed since 1994 what's wrong with GUIs from 1994?
>>443349 As much as I love the aesthetics it's just not that functional. Having buttons of different sizes, drop down menus, fonts and graphics that take advantage of higher resolutions all help make GUI easier to use and navigate. I found cmd-based xmp to be easier to use than MilkyTracker2 when it comes to playback.
(522.88 KB 708x631 disgust.PNG)

>>442978 >1994 Looks more like something from 1997-2000. >>443544 <drop down menus
>>443544 https://wiki.openmpt.org/Libopenmpt#Software_using_libopenmpt heh, the funny thing about MilkyTracker2 (and schism, openmpt, sunvox, etc) is that its still one of the best options for sampling on linux. You could try openmpt for a "modern" GUI, but there are plenty of music players that support mikmod, libmodplug, libopenmpt. If you want gay unix hipsters sucking you off, just use MPD, if not Audacious.
>>443618 I hate it for making a complete track even though I really like the small file size of tracker music. I wish someone would make something with a piano roll and workflow like a modern daw that outputs common tracker file formats.
>>440889 >Manjaro is Arch with packages held back slightly for some testing >testing That "testing" is mostly waiting a while before updates are approved by Manjaro team. If Arch users do not bitch about update breaking things for few weeks, they let it through after putting some of their spaghetti code in. Manjaro team seem like a bunch of retards based on their antics. Most notable cases of their idiocy are >security flaws in their updater that went unfixed for years >dumping treasurers after they question leadership's spending. It happened multiple times >when their site's SSL cert expired, Manjaro team told people to change date in their OS so they can access the site. It took them days to update their SSL cert. Oh, and this happened at least twice Incompetence of Manjaro maintainers is just baffling. Anyone who recommends Manjaro is either a retard or someone who did not look into the distro and the way it is being managed.
>>444296 What's the best beginner-friendly DE that comes with KDE? Kubuntu?
>>444326 >beginner-friendly DE I mean beginner-friendly distro, fug.
>>444326 >>444328 You can install any DE on pretty much any distro, you can even install several of them at the same time and pick the one you want to use during login. On top of that many distros have several pre-packaged versions offering different DEs. Personally I started with Fedora as I heard it was a little less retard-proof than Ubuntu, and I found it to be a decent choice for one's first distro. The only major issue I had was that I had to install legacy Nvidia drivers manually, but it might've been me being dumb and trying to install them from the repo incorrectly.
>>444326 You could always just install KDE on Mint. Or try KDE Neon which is an ubuntu based distribution managed by the KDE team. Or try MX Linux with their KDE variant. Basically any debian distribution and slap KDE onto it and you're good.
>>444246 I think Renoise might be up your alley.
>>444496 From what I've looked into, it doesn't actually export into a tracker format anymore, which defeats the purpose for me
>>444387 >Debian >Beginner friendly. I wish this meme would die already.
>>444326 >>444328 Usually the most retard-friendly option is an Ubuntu variant. With Mint you can install KDE even though it's technically no longer 'officially' supported and it should be painless. Otherwise you primarily have KDE Neon (focussed on the KDE experience, other non-KDE software is lower priority and upgrades-in-place for the Ubuntu base every few years may be a headache) or Kubuntu (cares less about a 'normal' KDE experience out of the box but better for all other software and updating), both of which are also Ubuntu variants so it'd come down to which you want to emphasise. I'd also agree with >>444361 that for those with more patience and an AMD GPU Fedora can also be a surprisingly decent place to start nowadays if you're willing to put up with a slightly harder start (mostly you can't just google any issue or assume there'll be a PPA for anything not in the main repos), use the fusion repo and wait a few months before upgrading versions. The difference is that Fedora will be more up front work while Ubuntu/Mint/actual Debian will require more hassle in the long term to replace stale packages and do the occasional major in place upgrade for LTS versions but you can get started happily right out of the box.
>>445197 It will die when the AUR meme dies and when Manjaro dies with it. There is no good beginner friendly retard proof arch distribution. The closest is Garuda which shoots itself in the foot by being a fucking 30GB install size.
>>445434 It will die when the PPA meme dies and when ubuntu dies with it. There is no good beginner friendly retard proof debian distribution. The closest is linux mint which shoots itself in the foot by being fucking outdated to shit.
>>446033 PPA's aren't analogous to the AUR. If you had any clue why the AUR is an issue in the first place you would know why. And there are dozens of decent debian based distributions that are retard proof. There's 1 arch based distribution that's retard proof and it's widely considered to be a broken buggy piece of shit.
>>446040 PPA's aren analogous to the AUR. If you had any clue why PPA's is an issue in the first place you would know why. There's 1 debian based distribution that's retard proof and it's widely considered to be a broken buggy piece of shit.
(308.57 KB 960x1280 pachyfat.jpg)

Why does UEFI exist when BIOS/GPT werks fine?
>>446123 <But ma i dont want a boot sector!
>>446123 >he wants to use storage devices with less than 2 TB of space for the rest of his life
>>446196 BIOS works with GPT too,dumbo. >>446132

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