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(739.25 KB 2200x1080 1404624252346.jpg)

(415.99 KB 540x540 ClipboardImage.png)

(3.69 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

Yuri Games Anonymous 10/12/2021 (Tue) 20:14:56 Id: 0e9e6c No. 440486
>game gives option to play as male or female character >if you pick girl a bunch of chicks lust after her because the devs didn't change anything to incorporate the girl >devs latter use FeMC over male one for special art/merch/sequel and keep her acting like a lesbian I love it when this happens. Are there any other examples of this? Ugly western shit isn't yuri, so don't even try. Posting Command and Conquer is also cliche at this point
I want to pin nokia down and sniff her
(1.69 MB 1920x1080 1470790793359-1.png)

>>440488 >needing to pin her down
>>440486 Playing on Pratty with Sugar summon in Summon Night: Swordcraft Story
(345.73 KB 1024x768 1364864985650.jpg)

>>440496 Oh right, there is this.
>>440498 sword craft 3 fully translated never EVER
>>440591 You mean gender
>>440486 >accidental yuri >Are there any other examples of this? I don't care about your "no western" clause, so I'll present Fallout: New Vegas. The game has the option of intentional lesbian interactions but a lot are unintentional lesbianism intended for male playthroughs. Does anybody have that "lunatic stealth suit GF" image? >>440591 Anon you shouldn't advocate suicide
>>440679 The only purpose of dykeshit in NV is so the Legion have things to rape and crucify.
(31.81 KB 349x500 Yuri's Revenge.jpg)

(6.55 MB 720x720 Brain Freeze (Remastered).webm)

Homos get out, time for the best C&C game and the best C&C track. Yuri's gay as fuck because instead of just wanting female on female action because you're a degenerate and you find it hot you want female on female """"action"""" because you're a faggot who thinks it's "cute" or who knows why
>>440841 okay in my defense I read remastered and did not think they would introduce a fucking dubstep segment 2.20 minutes in.
>>440841 >>440846 >Posting Command and Conquer is also cliche at this point
(124.52 KB 500x628 Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni.jpg)

(75.62 KB 640x640 Elan Plus.jpg)

(198.51 KB 640x1040 Super Robot Taisen T.jpg)

(130.32 KB 640x1048 Mary Skelter 1+2.jpg)

Sole game I can think of that actually make use of yuri as a gameplay mechanic is Valkyrie Drive, where kissing the girl partner turns her into a weapon (enabling new movesets and stronger attacks). I recall it also being a better Senran game overall than the SK games too. Elan Plus is a japanese simulator game where candidates are selected for the Elan project, a plan meant to migrate to a new planet. Conversation choices with characters are a bit deeper than the usual japanese romance simulation game as you get to choose the emotion tied to the responses (sad, angry, happy, normal, etc) which can bear different results. It's possible as a female character to have romantic relationships with the heroines and the same is true in reverse for the male main character The Atelier Arland trilogy have their fair share of yuri teasing, and Totori is the most known out of the bunch for the Mimi route (which I've heard became canon in Atelier Lulua). Super Robot Wars T features the three female assistants progressively having the hots for MC and you can choose as female MC to drop the hint in the true ending's epilogue that you don't mind a romantic same-sex relationship. SRW V had the Cross Ange plot, tso hings went awfully gay mid-game with the redhair girl declaring her love to Ange and being reciprocated in return. Haven't played Mary Skelter 2 but I've heard the two main heroines get to be together.
>>440841 I mean, if it's going to be like that have this.
(959.55 KB 1559x2197 92088597_p0.png)

(1013.32 KB 1559x2197 92088597_p1.png)

(744.23 KB 1559x2197 92088597_p2.png)

Lesbian males.
(1.61 MB 480x360 hardcore_yuri.mp4)

(249.89 KB 848x729 YURI_IS_MASTER.jpg)

>>440951 >>440846 >>440841 MY MIND FOR MASTER YURI
(2.53 MB 1426x2046 newgame.png)

How do you feel about Lesbian_With_Male?
>>441051 Thats the kind of yuri i enjoy, specially when they are man-hating dykes and end up addicted to the cock.
This is my fave, babe.
I've been tempted to try out Nurse Love Addiction on the vita, has anyone played this before? I've heard this is good.
(76.63 KB 615x993 FLOWERS 四季 - Switch.jpg)

(105.66 KB 784x1280 夜、灯す - Switch.jpg)

(200.85 KB 687x1181 Solfege.jpg)

(82.92 KB 640x815 Katahane An' Call Belle.jpg)

>>441077 I do recommend Nurse Love Syndrome, solely because it focuses more on the nursery stuff while Addiction barely makes use of that topic. They're self-contained anyway so it doesn't matter which order you read first Although all of the Kogado yuri VNs are Nitroplus-tier kind of fuckery the further you go on Flowers is also a very good yuri VN I'd recommend, but the Vita/Switch versions are japanese-only while I believe PC only has english translations up to the third volume. Second volume has a wheelchair tomboy protagonist whop quotes Nolan's Batman (that's a thing in the japanese script too) and can date a nun.
(232.08 KB 1280x720 711af36a.jpg)

(109.36 KB 540x813 1411875071809.jpg)

(99.79 KB 506x673 1411877566705.gif)

(92.80 KB 563x800 1411878835370.jpg)

(449.58 KB 900x781 1411879441219.png)

>>441059 These two are indeed a cute couple.
>>440992 send it to /b/
>>441333 Nice work, lad.
(134.13 KB 1280x720 Mastermind.jpeg)

>>441333 The Physic Dominator has been moved to >>>/b/128695 Another Physic Dominator has been spawned at >>>/tkr/3570
>>442221 None of you faggots who whine about these topics have ever been able to explain how a guy watching two girls together suddenly makes them crave dick. It just means guys like watching cute girls. Wow what a revelation. I’m starting to think it’s you guys who are deep in the closet. Just like the “anti-loli” people who are real life pedos, I’m beginning to suspect you guys all secretly want to smoke cocks, so you rail against anything you perceive as gay in the hopes of looking straight and hopefully not triggering your homolust.

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