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Anonymous 10/18/2021 (Mon) 04:55:22 Id: 652646 No. 445102
Is it really so difficult to make an emulation handheld in the form and shape of a psp go? Does Sony have a coppyright on a sliding screen gaming device that prevents others from making their own, nearly every new retro handheld is either a psp brick, a clam shell with no second screen or some other abomination. >just buy a psp go That shit can barely emulate n64 and the controls are limited. Plus the newer devices can emulate most 6th gen now.
>>445102 its called a phone, unfortunately
>>445118 And touch screen buttons suck ass.
>>445102 I want to know why it's so fucking hard to get a handheld with six action face buttons so I can get my Sega on.
>>445127 There's the piboy but that's literally a mini pc inside a shell. Retroid Pocket looks nicer but its a vertical brick.
>>445133 No dual sticks and the Retroid Pocket "D Circle Pad" monstrosity is fuck awful
>>445171 You're not going to get a handheld with 6 face buttons and two analog sticks. The upcoming Powkitty A20 is going to be your best bet for what you want.
>>445102 I really can't understand why they don't make a new Xperia Play or a modern smartphone like that. Mobile gaming is extremely popular and more and more people play more demanding stuff that would benefit from better input such as Genshit Impact etc. That said, I ordered a RG351MP and I'm hyped. Unfortunately I still have to wait a few weeks for it to arrive I guess.
>>445194 Not good enough, dammit
>>445219 Why would you need a second analog stick just to place genesis games?
(65.91 KB 1000x667 Analogue-Pocket.jpg)

What does /v/ think of the Analogue Pocket?
>>445415 It looks really cool, but I feel like I'd need a lot of flash carts for it to be worth it.
>>445102 >Does Sony have a copyright on a sliding screen gaming device that prevents others from making their own? I doubt it, but these retro handhelds are made with the chinkiest materials possible in order to turn a profit (iirc even the most expensive anbenis device costs $200), of course you're not going to get anything but a shitty gameboy rip-off with a stiff d-pad, wobbly thumbsticks and micro sd slot that is exposed to the elements. Get either a 3DS (everything up to 4th gen, GBA, DS) or a Vita (everything up to 4th gen, GBA, PS1, PSP), hack it and fill it with games, you're honestly not going to get anything better unless you go for the $500+ devices, which rip-off the switch's design instead. >Plus the newer devices can emulate most 6th gen now. Surely you meant 5th gen, and they cannot, even the newest RG-whatever struggles with PS1. >>445415 Soyboy trap, it needs extra hardware ($30 goycoins each) to play consoles other than the gameboy, the screen isn't optimal for any of them (ideally you'd want a 4:3 240p, this shit is 480p), the design is shit, the d-pad is yet another fucking SNES-style one, it has a lot of overpriced and useless accessories ($20 screen protector, $20 usb c cable, $100 dock, $50 travel case etc) and they refused to make it run on rechargeable AAA's despite supposedly being specifically designed for you to have a way to play your old games 20+ years from now. These fuckers knew their audience will just take a few photos of it, post them on r_ddit for upboats then toss it on a drawer until the lithium battery explodes.
>>446265 >everything up to 4th gen That isn't quite true. The 3DS can emulated Genesis games, but has issues with some Sega CD games (The PSP can emulate these without issue, however); the same is true for regular SNES games, but slows down if you play games that have the SuperFX chip (This I haven't been able to solve either way); and Neo Geo games can only be played on the PSP on up. Cannot attest to play games on the Vita itself, however, as I have a Vita TV and emulate nearly all my games at home through my PC, I haven't really tried to test what can and cannot work. Also, don't know the situation regarding having a N3DS.
>>446265 >even the newest RG-whatever struggles with PS1. The bigger/expensive one's can run dreamcast and gamecube just fine. Some can even run ps2 depending on how mature the emulator software is.
>>446305 >The bigger/expensive one's can run dreamcast and gamecube just fine. Such as?
>>446310 The most recent one is the Powkiddy x18s.
The ergonomics for all these devices look awful
>>446426 Has there ever been a handheld that had good ergonomics out of the box?
>>446421 When are they gonna make a handheld with dual screens to emulate DS/3DS is my question.
>>446452 The GBA (OG), PSP and Vita were good
>>446458 They were bearable but no good. A kid's hand could spend hours on it no problem but an adult would get frequent cramps, its probably why Nintendo invented the XL series for the ds family.
>>445265 I want a second stick so I can also play other games like PS1 and such that make use of them
>>445194 >You're not going to get a handheld with 6 face buttons and two analog sticks. Can't even find a good controller like this (plus four shoulder buttons and clickable sticks). All I want is something that can play every major console without needing to mess around with weird button remapping to make up for not having all the inputs. I just wanna be able to play Genesis/Saturn/N64 games on the same controller that I can use to play PS1 or other more recent games that use two clickable joysticks and four shoulder buttons.
>>446265 >the screen isn't optimal for any of them (ideally you'd want a 4:3 240p, this shit is 480p) It's a 1600x1440 VRR display for some unholy reason.
(36.43 KB 720x720 concep go.png)

(1008.71 KB 2100x1500 Untitled-1.png)

Honestly if you used the gamecube style of buttons, you'd be able to fit six. Of course this is just a shitty mock up but it can't be that complex to implement a sliding screen, hell most of these companies started off bootlegging phones before going into the emulation market.
>>447547 With the exception of the tilt mechanism, I generally like this design
>>447547 If you ever had a Xperia Play you'd know that the screen ribbon cable is the biggest point of failure because of the sliding mechanism, there's a reason no device uses this type of layout anymore.
>>447690 Im sure there's a sliding mechanism that doesn't damage the ribbon cable.
>>447670 Which makes it strange no one has tried to do it.
>>445102 Just get a Vita, or a Switch. They can both run PSP games just fine.
>>448611 You completely missed OPs point, it's less about what games it can run and more about the formfactor itself. Fucking phones can run PSP games no problem, even if you get a budget piece of chinkware for $150 or so. The formfactor of the PSP Go is what sets it apart from nearly everything else on the market.
>>445121 Get a gamepad.
>>448707 What is so special about the formfactor? It's kinda shit... Doesnt protect the screen and isnt ergonomic either.
(1.41 MB 4032x3024 55ubm06uzkl21.jpg)

(376.33 KB 1920x1175 gpd-win.jpg)

(445.08 KB 1500x1220 x201-b.jpg)

(134.99 KB 545x500 librem-5_01.png)

>>445102 Speaking of small portable electronics it baffles me that there hasn't been a major company like Samsung or Asus to make a user friendly pocket laptop out of a Raspberry Pi yet, something similar to a GDP. Despite Raspberry Pi's being way more energy efficient meaning the battery would last longer which is unironically great for people who travel a lot and aren't doing anything demanding like video editing. >>445118 There's nothing inherently wrong with smart phones. (((Jewoogle))) android phones though....
(219.13 KB 1000x1000 AmogOS-icon.png)

>>448879 >TORfaggot shills its garbage Reply to me if its usable (Impossible)
>>448879 RISC-V computers when? In actualoty, they have no reason to make sething like this, even if there is a high demand. Because netbooks failed, chromebooks failed, people will just want to run windows on "thin and light" 13 inch laptop. And smartphones are already powerful and small enough to do those other things. Though since apple made arm based laptops with incredible gains not to mention being free from intel's claws, others are taking notes. Still the biggest hurdle remains to be software.
>>446918 They picked the 1600x1440 resolution because it is exactly 10 times the horizontal/vertical resolution of the gameboy, gameboy color and game gear (160x144). Unfortunately as a result of the strange aspect ratio it is not wide enough to upscale 320x240 or 640x480 without black bars on the top and bottom.
>>445201 >I really can't understand why they don't make a new Xperia Play or a modern smartphone like that. because the ngage, tapwave zodiac, xperia etc didnt sell enough units. businesses dont like losing money, who knew. next question
>>449949 >netbooks failed, chromebooks failed no they didnt, my whole family had netbooks back in ~2007, and millions of kids were issued covid chromebooks for their zoom classes last year
>>448759 Have you ever held one in your hands? It's small but not gameboy micro-sized, has a pretty decent dpad, the best screen out of all the psp models and when the screen slides down it shields everything but the shoulder buttons, this was a handheld you could fit even on a breast pocket and looked sleek as fuck, it also had bluetooth so if you had the dock and cables you could plug it to a tv and connect a dualshock 3 to it. It wasn't perfect of course, but the few issues it had (expandable storage was only via M2 cards, proprietary USB port, 920 mAh battery, only one stick, no triggers and too weak to emulate anything but NES, PCE, PS1 and GBA) could be ironed out by someone who actually gives a fuck.
Almost thought about getting the RG351MP but the fact there are new models coming out from all kinds of off-brand chink companies with higher tier emulation put me off it. That being said is it worth getting one of these if own a hacked switch/3ds/psp? Or am I just adding clutter to space
>>487777 > if I own a hacked switch/3ds/psp? I would say no. I ordered one and I found it to be relatively low quality, even though it's considered to be the best chink handheld quality wise. Looks good from the outside, but felt like it would surely break within a year or two. Alumium case is nice (but its kinda heavy) and the screen is fucking awesome, but the buttons and dpad as well as the internal hardware seem cheap shit, for example the battery level reading doesnt fucking work at all and goes up and down 10-20% randomly. Also it's kinda weak performance wise. All in all I would say it's just not worth the price they are asking for. My device was also extra fucked and started randomly registering button inputs which fucked me up several times. Take that as you will but I feel like they have no QA, have fun argueing for weeks with chink support and shipping fees if shit goes wrong.
>>487777 >>487801 Forgot to mention that you might want to get a Vita for the same price but better experience. But a 3DS & PSP will also do.
>>487802 I forgot to say I also have a hacked Vita, seems like I have pretty much everything I need already. Unless the future models become able to flawlessly emulate PS2/Gamecube and beyond, but I doubt that's within the decade let alone anytime soon.
I miss the Gayboy.
>>487802 3DS only has a handful of exclusives worth playing and you need to shell out more for a "new" model if you want good emulation (and even then it still can't handle 5th gen consoles), and a vita is more or less two PSP's duck taped together so there's no reason to buy one unless it's all you can afford or something. >>487808 I doubt it, we're only getting old rockstar games because someone's been decompiling them, you're better off buying a switch, as it seems every vita dev flocked to that system after trannystation told them it was now going to cater exclusively to (((america))), the scene is surprisingly good as well, it can run PS2 and GC games if you dualboot android, only downside is the shit tier controllers, nintendo even got sued for manufacturing such shoddy products.
>>487842 >3DS only has a handful of exclusives worth playing It can run 3DS, DS and injected GB, GBC and GBA games natively. A PSP can run PSP and PS1 games and emulate SNES, GB, GBC, GBA. Both together pretty much cover everything. Vita isn't much stronger but has a better screen, sticks, plays Vita games, can emulate slightly better and has access to Retroarch. Again, it's not a big upgrade but it would be a good choice for someone that doesn't already have a PSP or wants the sticks for better PS1 gaming.
>>487842 >ignoring the vanillaware and falcom games
>>445102 >handheld Handhelds have always sucked anon. You don't have to put up with this shit anymore. Just RGB mod a console, buy a flashcart+cables+etc, play on a good CRT and give the gayming industry the finger. <but I can't afford all that! If my autistic ass can get a job then you can too nigger. Ask your relatives to hook you up, worked for me.
>>487851 It can run DS with a flashcart, twilight is still ass for a lot of games, the others do run fine though, but i prefer using standalone emulators over injection (and the O3DS can't handle snes9x nor mgba) due to easy acess to saves, which is why i recommend getting a new model over the original/2DS, and these went up in price due to getting discontinued and the soytendo tax. >>487855 My bad, i meant there was no reason to buy a PSP over a vita.
(651.58 KB 800x1000 JoseSalot_TestSuite.jpg)

>>487871 hand-helds are all about taking it easy. Are trinitrons really that special? Every jewtube shill in the retro gaming world has caused their prices to skyrocket, old people think their consumer grade composite only trinitrons should go PVM/BVM prices. If a CRT takes RGB @ 240p isn't that all that matters? Why not just find a Sync-On-Green computer monitor at the dump?
>>487995 >dump The CRT meme too strong now anon. All shitty ones get snapped up by your friendly neighborhood turkish 2nd-hand seller.
>>487851 >A PSP can...and emulate SNES...GBA No, it cannot. I've confirmed it with mine.
>>487871 I can't take a home console with me when travelling or on a road, or even outside one room in the home. So home consoles aren't for me since I don't have the portability nor time for consoles at home, but plenty for handhelds when I'm out and about. All that said I am trying to get consoles, mainly between 4th and 7th gen, since for the next decade and probably longer emulation still has a ways to go for a lot of them and are best played as intended
(23.57 KB 1337x373 stop.PNG)

>>445102 The PSP GO was ass to use,why would you want more of it's form factor.
>>488040 Mine cane run SNES games good enough, i haven't tried that many though.
>>488023 Whenever I'm at a thrift shop and see these sand niggers looking up everything on their phone I want to beat them. They are wasting their free time making peanuts to ruin people's hobbies. youtube, ebay, kijiji, etc are such cancer. Its much much worse when it comes to retro keyboards / synths, These things have value only to a small group of enthusiasts, but cargo cult copycats have to buy to put on a shelf and never use because speculators / merchants bought them up and created a phony "consumer identity culture" through social media cancer. There are thousands of earthbound fans that never played it, there are thousands of Juno 6 owners that put it on a shelf for their instagram mixtape promotion with a faggot neon filter. Retro shit isn't worth it anymore, let the consoomers spend their paycheck on an identity.
>>488777 There's your issue. The PSP cannot run the more intensive SNES games. It can play Sega CD and Neo Geo games without issue, though. >>489972 >Whenever I'm at a thrift shop and see these sand niggers looking up everything on their phone I want to beat them. Anon, whenever I'm looking at games at stores, I have my phone out and scrolling through it because I have a wishlist of games that I want. However, fuck all those jackasses that cause decent games to cost an arm and a leg.
>>487871 >buying overpriced old boxes I can emulate on my PC Unless emulations still not perfect like Saturn, PS2 and Xbox(plus newer shit I guess), I'll stick with PC and handhelds that some can also stream my PC and thus play those on it instead. Unless there's a REALLY good reason to buy physical consoles besides 'muh authentic CRT experience'
>>497945 CRT is a legitimate reason though, PS2 absolutely needs it considering 90% of its catalog runs at 480i even if you have the component cables, and even modern upscalers can't do anything to improve the image on flatscreens. Just don't pay $1000 for a shitty sony PVM without speakers, get a JVC of any kind (consumer, PVM) or one of those 200 lbs trinitron, just make sure it has component inputs, comes with the original remote (to enter service mode and calibrate the screen) and the screen is an actual square (curved ones are a bitch and half to fix with screen calibration alone).
>>489976 >not using paper notes
>>497973 Anon could always give OSSC, or Retro-tink if he's lazy, a try if he doesn't care about CRTs although heard mixed opinions on them since some say the quality still isn't as good while others say it's on par as CRTs
(20.57 KB 400x400 xkxh2Qk6_400x400.jpg)

>>497976 >not writing on your hand
(99.28 KB 560x426 bigbrain.jpg)

>>510975 >not writing in you're brain
>>510999 >not writing in you are brain Wut?
>>511001 yeah I'm a brain, your a no brain LOL

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