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(26.83 KB 360x360 Geese-kofxiv.jpg)
Fightan thread Anonymous 06/24/2020 (Wed) 08:30:24 Id:228088 No. 45433
Here we go boys another fighting game thread: >Favorite series and character from series? Tekken/King >Favorite fighting game character ever? Geese Howard >Fighting games you've currently been playing? Tekken 7 and Soul Calibur 6 >Crossovers/Guest characters you want to see in fighting games? Kiryu from Yakuza in Tekken 7 >Upcoming fighting games you're interested in? Guilt Gear Strive
>>45433 Any good single player fighting games worth emulating?
>>45466 Marvel vs Capcom 2
>>45466 Last of us 2
(9.69 MB 640x360 SamSho x ForHon.mp4)
>SamSho new character crossover DLC is!!! >Fucking Jewbisoft's For Honor with them most generic and boring choice, "The Warden" Fucking bullshit!
>tfw Lili will never step on my balls
>>45615 Yeah that felt retarded and out of place, even for a guest character.
>>45653 It's not even a character, it's a Function™. Let that marinate your almonds for a second.
>Another FGC organization drops their sponsorship for a player over "racist" facebook posts 3 years ago It's gay as fuck how this shit happens in the FGC. Back then I always thought this was like UFC but for fighting games. Where players should be allowed to trash talk each other or say whatever the fuck they want on the internet without getting fired. Hell Conor Mcgregor could probably say fuck niggers on twitter and he'd still be under contract.
(12.23 MB 1280x720 SCVI - Prezident vs Mitsurugi.mp4)
>tfw that kick at the end Holy shit, I never realized how fast I can jump over sweeps with that. Feels good man. >>45966 That type of shit is the reason I will never join a modern gaming clan. They're all politically-correct pussy shit.
(116.80 KB 720x842 ultra david fgc.JPG)
>>45966 Whats fucked up is that the sponsor already knew about it and made him move house. The western FGC will be exactly like AGDQ soon.
(319.03 KB 752x1063 bat.png)
>>49206 >Western FGC You mean AMERICAN FGC. In Poland, no faggots and foreigners allowed (Japanese get a pass). You fags are destroying all your soft power and its fucking hilarious to watch.
>>45619 Cute
>>49220 >Poland >Western Do you think Russia is Western too?
>>49239 "Western" in this context is lay for the Occident, which includes Poland.
(168.90 KB 1475x802 cd project pozz pride.jpg)
(1.65 MB 1201x1189 poland gay pride parade.png)
>>49220 I'm not a burger and I wouldn't get to complacent.
>>49239 Yes. In the context of countries that are largely white European alone. No. In the context of location on Earth. What ever floats your boat but the fact still remains American FGC does not equal western FGC. Americans are now officially bitch made. >>49269 >Poland gay pride >Jew flag. Seems legit.
>>49206 As fucked up as this shit is at least they are being consistent and aren't just banning evil whitey. This guy named FilipinoChamp got banned for tweeting #WatermelonLivesMatter like a week ago. LTG and this one tranny got banned because they went back and forth after a Street Fighter match and LTG was telling the tranny to cut his dick off and the tranny said nigga, not even the hard r.
Whats the best Jojo game?
>>45466 Fighting games aren't worth playing alone. They're only fun with someone to play against IRL.
>xrd being 9 dollars is bringing in new players oh yeah, more baiken players to btfo
>>49801 The one on Dreamcast. I also heard Eyes of Heaven was alright if you like arena fighters.
(178.73 KB 1216x1636 LOZPvtY.jpg)
(139.38 KB 935x1200 ZSZgYRx.jpg)
(155.84 KB 1003x1200 BM3Nkd1.jpg)
(99.40 KB 918x764 hyISfuz.jpg)
MikeZ had embarrassing conversations leaked. https://imgur.com/a/EAHadqu http://archive.fo/9LfMg
(768.65 KB 449x393 kektrode.gif)
>>50738 This confirms it. I thought M*rk was just a fluke, but autism really does cancel-out jewpowers. And any chance of getting your dick wet lmao.
>>50738 I'm pretty autistic but this is embarrassing
(90.76 KB 744x1059 EZkdMqCUEAEOeJn.jpeg.jpg)
>>50738 Its like reading HK-47 or Data trying to talk to a girl. Goddamn, even Saint Elliot had better social skills.
>>50738 I must be retarded because I genuinely had to take 5 minutes trying to figure out what the fuck MikeZ was saying. do people talk like this now?
>>49804 >Fighting games aren't worth playing alone. They're only fun with someone to play against IRL. If that's true then why is SubZero such fun game?
>>50806 No, he's just an autistic, male feminist "ally".
>>50738 >words words words *holds up spork* >oh and have you heard about misogyny in videogames? my game's community doesn't have any of that <even though japan has no problem with bitches playing vidya, seeing as yuuchubas are popular in that country, and this nigger definitely knows that wherever i am, i must also (((pozz)))
(419.40 KB 640x400 fuck this I'm out.gif)
>>50738 My eyes kept unfocusing and darting away from the images as I was reading them, no joke. If the autism on display was any stronger, it would've melted my face off like in Raisers of the Lost Ark, holy fuck. The best/worst part is that these socially-inept jackasses actually think that doing the chat client equivalent of "/me yiffs ur urethra" is legitimately a charming tactic, rather than doing it ironically. I've never even been on a fucking date at the age of 25, and even I know that shit is an instant killswitch for any romantic and/or sexual interest.
>>50738 Wait a fucking mo. This whore started talking about lesbians and BDSM to an autistic guy. This whore bitch wanted to manufacture something to be outraged about.
(14.59 KB 584x123 BunnyAyu tweet.png)
(68.13 KB 587x677 BunnyAyu tweets.png)
>>50738 >"the prevalent problems with sexism in the FGC" You know, the problem isn't that harassment happens exclusively to women. It happens to everyone. The problem is that women are exclusively sensitive to it and milk that shit for attention. I've never once seen a grown man make a public outcry over receiving shitty private messages from someone, unless it was some serious death threats. Women need to learn to use the block button, shut up and move on like the rest of us. At first they demand to be taken seriously in the environment like they don't want to be patronized, but at the slightest sign of hostility, they cry victim and seek pampering, and then there are white knights who continuously enable this shit. It's retarded and I'm tired of it.
>>51050 Wait is this bitch talking about these messages >>50738? They were definitely autistic as fuck but I don't see how that's sexual harassment. She even responded to his messages. These cunts really take the smallest comments and say it's sexual harassment but he's a male feminist so I guess he deserves it anyways.
(93.47 KB 587x978 BunnyAyu_tweets.png)
>>51054 Yeah, I guess the beta male and the fragile woman in question are both hyper-sensitive autists, just in different ways.
(171.19 KB 1024x933 funniest.jpg)
(212.84 KB 1000x833 10769747.jpg)
>>50738 Yes Mike has weapons grade autism, he makes Chris Chan seem well socialized. I once spoke to him on twitter, I asked him a question that I phrased as him being "just the programmer" and he got offended at me using the word "just", because it apparently undermined his status. Reminder that he didn't actually create Skullgirls and is just the programmer, Alex Ahad created SG and he was kicked off the team. Also imagine if SG gets removed from Evo and then I release GigaMaidens this year. It's like the big words "FINISH HIM" are on the screen and all I have to do is complete the input in time..
>>51094 I don't care about your autism or your trash heap of a game for your autistic fetish fuel I only like Felicia.
>>50808 Because you have shit taste.
(106.45 KB 450x626 156435.jpg)
>>51096 As do I, Anon.
>>51099 muscle catgirls are the brst invention ever.
(463.25 KB 1920x1080 Oh Yes.mp4)
(946.41 KB 1313x942 35417006.jpg)
>>51125 You like them too? I'm glad.
(25.60 KB 325x330 dedede smug.jpg)
>>51050 >>51083 > checking her twatter > likes shota Huh
>>51130 >>51128 Well at least we agree muscle catgirls in moderate actual human size, meant for fucking to make MORE catgirls is the best route.
>>51138 Indeed. She's a softcore camwhore. She has retired from selling photo sets because twitch streaming is obviously much more profitable, what with the simps and all. For better or for worse, her looks are much better than her personality. The same goes for a lot of women, and it ain't no coincidence. >>51096 A borderline furry complaining about "autistic fetish fuel", that's rich.
(1.16 MB 1285x1873 milchi-jamoart.jpg)
>>51133 I think muscular catgirls are #BeautifulAtAnySize Anon. The lore behind Milchi is that she is an amazon who got transported to a world where everything is tiny. But even when she is normal sized she is still 14 feet tall. So shes huge even when she isnt huge.
So is Street Fighter V still shit?
>>51400 I enjoy it. But yes.
>>51260 Not everyone has to be gay for horse dick because they like monster girls, boyo.
>>51338 I don't mind tall girls but your Godzilla fetish is trash and you're borderline gay.
(3.83 MB 4238x2296 33453577.png)
>>51540 "Borderline gay" is still not gay Anon. In any case, will you still play my game though? It'll be free
(115.07 KB 597x621 ClipboardImage.png)
>Mike Z getting banned from his own fucking game This is ultra instinct zen-oh sama god level cucked
(3.07 MB 480x266 Ironic.gif)
>>51653 Don't call it a grave KikeZ, it's the future you chose.
(161.38 KB 1200x879 1588474008789.jpg)
>>51653 >MikeZ gets shunned by the same fucks he virtue signals too. Its like that old Texan saying. Lie down with dogs and you get raped by a furry.
>>51653 You reap what you sow.
(32.73 KB 750x489 u4oxfs42d3c31.jpg)
>>51653 I'd find this funny if it wasn't expected. I'm a man who really enjoys irony, but this isn't ironic anymore. This is like watching a man eat laxatives and shit his brains out later. The first and second time, it's funny. After that, you just have the bathroom ready.
(75.45 KB 592x592 weirdos.png)
(53.67 KB 591x535 furryfag.png)
>>51705 It gets better Anon some of the twitter mob are trying to go after Sonic Fox now to try and get a little clout.
>>51707 The best part is that Kike Z added SonicFox into the game, only for the furry faggot to immediately toss him under the bus the moment he fucked up.
>>51705 >>51707 I disagree. Leftist circular firing squad are the finest of entertainments. They never fucking learn.
(884.04 KB 314x500 the sequence.gif)
>>51707 >furfag supreme is about to get yiffed directly into the ovens by its own dicksuckers-turned-executioners Finally, some good news to offset the boredom of waiting for society to collapse completely so it can be redone from scratch.
>>51707 >>51710 I hope pandering to the furfags by adding Sonicfag into your game and pissing off your fans in the process was worth it KikeZ.
>>51653 How the fuck do you manage to get banned from your own product?
>>51644 nah but I will enjoy Felicia fore the rest of forever. Your game is unplayalbe because it'll never exist & I don't like trash.
>>51644 Get it done and I'll play it.
(336.55 KB 586x909 ClipboardImage.png)
It all Returns To nothing It all comes TUMBLING DOWN TUMBLING DOWN TUMBLING DOWN
(101.04 KB 1050x1050 1468783497940-0 prease.jpg)
>>52771 So is EVO over? Is the FGC over? Is modern fightan geimu finally over? Please God let it be so.
>>52775 Not quite. Riot's still working on their fighting game. Death is only the beginning.
>>52771 OH BABY
>>45619 I don't know who this beautiful creature but I definitely would.
(167.61 KB 589x498 ClipboardImage.png)
>>52771 Nice.
(113.19 KB 600x652 okay.png)
You know what's funny is I'm pretty sure that Mr.Wizard guy also bad mouthed DSP.
>>52783 >Riot's still working on their fighting game. I'm almost afraid to ask.
>>53132 >He doesn't know Oh Anon. Would that you could be you from before you saw this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EM2JL7iqdCY
>>53130 >When DSP outlasts EVO, Kojima, Sons of Kojima, Pro Jared and Angry Joe despite jerking off on screen Holy shit this is hilarious.
(19.28 KB 397x436 dumb nigga.jpg)
>>52775 >So is EVO over? Is the FGC over? Is modern fightan geimu finally over? Please God let it be so. I truly hope so, i am sick and tired of these dumb niggers thinking they are important because they play videogames, the retards giving them attention and publishers giving them shekels to play and shill their games. >>51260 >that webm <Why these horny men act creepy around me? I am such a victim! Pathetic.
>>52771 It's EVOs fault a lot of games got censored and now we know why. McRibs is a fucking faggot nonce. Now we also know why Sonic Fox got away with cheating. Fox most likely was sucking McRib's dick.
>>49206 Absolutely disgusting >>49292 >#WatermelonLivesMatter Kek
>>53938 I know that Sonic Fox is a furry degenerate but never heard of him actually cheating. What did he do exactly?
>>53938 >Fox most likely was sucking McRib's dick. Oh shit I bet he was.
>>53979 I don't know about cheating, but I do know of at least one instance of really shitty rules-lawyering he did at Evo 2018 DFZ grand finals: He lost the first set and then kicked up a huge shit about wanting to be on the other player's side, delaying the match. Ultimately, he got his way because of some obscure tournament rule no one else ever used and when they eventually resumed the match he managed to win. It was pretty blatantly obvious the entire thing was just a stall tactic so Sonic Fox could recoup after losing the first set pretty badly and cool off the other guy's (Goichi) winning hype. Legal, but really fucking lame.
>>53993 I know people have mentioned Sonic Fox having a godawful stink coming from his suit most of the time, so switching seats probably would've left Goichi sitting there with a smell bad enough to be distracting, on top of taking away his momentum. Considering how big of a fuss he made over it, maybe that was intentional.
(82.56 KB 1280x720 gay furry.jpg)
>>53993 If it was a straight older player pulling that shit McRibs would not have allowed it. Think about it Anon. McRib halts a DOA6 promo because it has hot women but allows a young fag to go up on stage wearing his fluffy gimp suit. The reason Fox's suit smelled was most likely due to McRibs hot gluing it beforehand.
(67.28 KB 510x556 nigger stink.jpg)
>>54005 >>54035 Niggers already stink naturally, imagine wearing a suit like that (and most likely never washing it) Fucking gross, somebody should put an end to this faggot's misery.
(96.63 KB 593x758 How the turn tables.png)
>>54501 >Asians give blacks a non violent hint they do not want them in their countries. They should take the hint.
>>54519 >you will never be banned from your own fucking game
(1.28 MB 768x1024 ClipboardImage.png)
I thought this game looked pretty cool, but unfortunately... >Tencent https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRd0779PG-8
>>57970 Is that the LoL fighting game?
(795.50 KB 1000x1286 3e226c724c41c758ffc2494b6a61b9c5.jpg)
>>66427 No you idiot. Although I imagine Project L will roughly play the same.
>>66439 I'll suck your dick, faggot.
>>50738 >humans with penises Funny how in a desperate attempt to court pussy while coming off as non-threatening as possible he says 'penis' like a giggling socially fucktarded idiot child might making him at once unfuckable and childish to any female paying attention. Why do they do this next to pictures of their own faces? Will they ever learn?
>>45433 Some supposed ex=Crapcom employee posted this on Infinity: "i'm a capcom programmer that got fired for "sexual harassment" after joking about Chun-li's ass around a woman coworker. Pissed off so heres everything about vampire 4. They're also doing street fighter 6 and talking about another justice acadamy but I wasnt involed in those projects so I don't know shit. Random shit- >it's using the re engine >we're having conversations with sony about making it a ps5 exclusive and having Kratos from god of war be a dlc guest character, but nothings 100% yet >capcom are going to make all their fighting games share a universe for some reason and this game is about jedah breaking the universe so they can cross over >gameplay is total shit. Theres 2 punches and two kicks, both lights do a throw and both heavys + a direction do a special move, inputs are just for supers and even then its just either 23623 or 21421 and a button >returning characters- Demitri, Jedah, Zabel, Gallon, Donovan, Victor, Felicia, Lei Lei, Morigan (now as a bunch of lilith's moves) new characters- >Gabriela : Demitri's bastard daughter, plays like demitri but with more comand grabs and a teleport and her midnight bliss, now twilight bliss, turns people into bara. she really wants to fuck Donovan because their both half demon but he hates her >Marrionette : secert character from vampire savior that just made you play as player 2s guy, now as their own move set. some long range pokes with string and a fucking busted full screen throw and they can copy special moves if they use their counter on them >Marrow : a skeleton with tits that has this gimmick where they throw their arms across the screen and when you hit a button the arm moves on the ground and does damage first season- >bulleta, Pyron, Qbee, Enita (now an adult), Kratos if sony agrees or a bunch of costumes otherwise second season- >new character thats just a rip off of blade from marvel, lilith, Sasquatch, Anakairis, Harry from the cartoon but as an adult with lots of kicks that shoot magic third season- bishamon, alubath, beliel, phobos, dee, menat from street fighter
(17.59 KB 464x108 Crapcom.jpg)
>>70732 >Selling OG characters as DLCs on season passes rather than including them on the base game That typical of Crapcom, that's why i believe this leak.
(108.33 KB 570x575 Do you have brain damage.jpg)
>>66449 >getting this butthurt because you rightfully got called an idiot because you can't do one second of research or read the damn video title Judging by your intelligence and attitude you must be a nigger.
>>70732 I don't buy it. They wouldn't have that many characters at the start.
(336.61 KB 900x900 Capcom fanboy.png)
>>70934 12 is a lot to you? I think the leak may be legit, especially considering how those pieces of shit at Crapcom are already planning to jew more money out of their customers when development of the base game barely started.
>>70810 >>70934 >>71078 >>capcom are going to make all their fighting games share a universe for some reason and this game is about jedah breaking the universe so they can cross over Pay attention to this train wreck. How long will it take for Crapcom to push for ALL their games to be in a shared universe, as the shitty Marvel/Jewsney movies?
>>71078 It was an attempt at a joke. 12 is a terrible number.
>>70732 8kun or infinity.moe
>>70732 also >Harry from the cartoon I'm calling bullshit
>>71214 12 characters in a full priced game is a joke, i haven't bought Samurai Shodown for that reason. But again, all that shit is so crapcom, that i think the leak may be legit.
>>71230 I forgot which one. >>71235 Never forget the cancer called: western advisers.
(3.93 MB 640x360 fuudos wife wailing.mp4)
Happy 20th birthday, King of Fighters 2000!
(80.08 KB 577x422 minecraft.png)
(27.85 KB 676x450 daigo.jpg)
>>71382 >Fuudo gets destroyed by the drunken 40 year old beast. >Fuudo's wife realizes she married a fucking manlet she starts wailing. >To rub salt in the wounds Daigo played Minecraft between sets. >Daigo has no chill.
(489.99 KB 965x539 ClipboardImage.png)
>gg strive is getting a new character trailer I'm just going to play strive to stomp everyone I meet in matchmaking and stop playing it once all the scrubs leave.
(48.55 KB 500x404 GG2020 verdict.JPG)
>>72364 It'll probably be that black samurai guy they showed in the first trailer but for some reason hasn't been revealed yet.
(13.67 KB 255x255 GGBird.jpg)
>>72366 >More niggers in fighting games. >Dumbing down of GG even further. Why the fuck are they doing this when it has been shown time and time again that their efforts never get newfags in to boost sales.
>>72366 My money's on either I-No or Baiken. >>72414 It really is insanity. Part of me wants to believe it's some corporate suits forcing them to do it but I'm probably being optimistic.
>>72507 Here is what I am certain will happen. >Baiken in main roster. >I-No as DLC later to get extra coin from goys. Basically the reverse of what they did with XRD. It will also be why I am sticking the the 20th anniversary pack. Fucking paying extra for legacy characters and dumb down controls.
>>72366 Good. Weed destroys your brain and your aptitude for anything worthwhile. Fuck weed and fuck Guilty Gear
>>72414 >Why the fuck are they doing this Leftards always fail at everything, as one is required to be literally a retard in order to be a leftist. That is why.
>>71594 99 is my fav cuz it was the first one I played but 2k is also fun. there are good players on fightcade with crazy combos.
(111.15 KB 980x734 guiltygear.JPG)
>>72414 >Ishiwatari was convinced that the game "should be something difficult" because he saw fighting games trying to appeal to casual players and failing on it. Ironic now.
>>73002 ain't it a kick in the dick?
>>73002 Ishiwatari is just another libtard. If you watch his interview at Toco-Toco (use Invidious), you will see that he grew up in South Africa and always sucked the dicks of diversity and multiculturalism. Anyone with that mindset is guaranteed to be a hack.
>>73070 I wouldn't say he is a libtard he is just a normal ass liberal. There is a difference. What he is though is super fucking retarded if he thinks one button combos are going to go down well with GG fans.
(422.45 KB 1158x317 doaxtekken.png)
I predict DOA and Tekken collab at the upcoming event. Most likely Tekken pack for DOA6U like Virtua Fighter was for DOA5U.
>>73111 Isn't doa6 dead? They announced the final DLC in April.
>>73080 >There is a difference There isn't. >one button combos The Crapcom's supposed leak for Darkstalkers 4 also mentions special moves done with direction + buttons. You can bet that the whole industry will push for this to become the new normal, so women can think that they know how to play video games. And they will still lose everywhere. >>73150 Tekken 7 is also hanging by it's neck since it became pozzed. The collab is probably a desperation attempt by the companies involved. Too little, too late. It would be cool in the 90s and early 2000s. Now? Those two franchises are only another batch of pozzed (and thus, shit) nugames.
>>73180 How did Tekken 7 become pozzed? I don't follow Tekken or the fighting game scene much. Just heard T7 was very popular.
>>73187 Its not pozzed Anon is talking out his ass.
>>73180 Pozzed how? Because they adde a dumb black character?
(331.24 KB 1075x2000 img-ayane.png)
>>73111 I would have loved a Tekken X Dead or Alive collaboration, but DOA6 is trash and tekken7 is not much better.. The only way to make this work is if the two developers make a new game from scratch that isn't shit, like tekken 8 and DOA7, and DOA needs to go back to the Soft Engine, since the DOA6 new engine is garbage and makes the game run like shit. (they even had to cut tag battles from the game because that shit engine couldn't handle it ffs)
>>73187 >>73207 -It added a neggress to the main host while keeping legacy characters paywalled as DLC. -Promoted the game as "a fighting game without borders". -Created a new character that is literally "a good and honorable mudslime". -Created a new character named after a pajeet religious hero, but made him a woman for virtue signaling, causing massive boycotts all over Asia. -Removed the kangaroo character to pander to PETA for virtue signaling. -Added a new DLC character that is a nigger who is a "grandmaster" of martial arts and his gameplay consists of having stronger versions of some of the other character's moves. The nigger was solely created in order to try to pander to new nigger players (easiest character to play + strongest character gameplaywise and plotwise + being a nigger). -Bandai-Namco donated money to nigger lives don't matter. >Just heard T7 was very popular Only shills are saying that. The game disappeared from tourneys and online play as soon as it was released. >>73203 t. shill. >>73239 The main problem is that both franchises lost their original creators and got hacks as replacements. That, and their companies becoming slowly but steadily pozzed.
>>71520 come play in our tournament
(242.94 KB 1280x1810 Asuka_Hi_Res_0SFW_01.jpg)
>>73320 Tekken died right after Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, the last good game in the series.
>>73320 Wasn't it confirmed by Harada that Roger wasn't going to be in Tekken 7 at all?
>>73320 >Bandai donated to nigger lives don't matter Isn't that a good thing?
>>73350 He's probably saying that they donated to BLM, which to be fair everyone other than THQN was forced to do.
>>73354 I know what he meant I'm just mocking how poorly worded it is.
>>50738 >>51050 >Opens the conversation talking about BDSM >I can't believe how intrusive his replies were And then proceeds to talk about how difficult it was as if she was actually traumatised. I thought the initial cringe was powerful but that's some Grade A rage right there.
(1.17 MB 446x469 what the fuck am i reading.gif)
>>73354 >donated to BLM >everyone other than THQN was forced to do Forced!? How!?
>>73387 I think he means socially pressured.
>>73387 >Soft power isn't force >t.child / heavily indoctrinated bugman
>>72754 I had a really good time with KOF 99 and Krizalid is among my favorite end bosses. I wish they had combined the extra art gallery from the PS1 port to the DC version in a brand new release. Now that my internet is in better condition, I ought to try out Fightcade again and see their skills for myself.
So, Sirlin's game Fantasy Strike went free to play. You pay nothing and get all the characters and they added two new ones. But you do have to pay for ranked matches and friend matches. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIQo_WuwQkk I play it. It's... actually fine, for the most part. It accomplishes what it's trying to do successfully. It's also free, so go give it a try.
I was talking to my friend about this. Do you guys think Geese can whoop Yujiro Hanma's ass?
>>73740 I don't like how slow and simplistic that game looks.
>>73341 He was joking you autistic fuck. How would Kuma and Panda be OK if he wasn't?
>>74005 I think the only thing ruined about Yujiro is how he's made out to be a "good" guy now. Still it's fun to theorize who would win in fictional fights.
(333.22 KB 1100x160 ClipboardImage.png)
OH FUCK OH GOD OH NOOOOOOOOOO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNfEDX32Oco
(1.08 MB 4000x2250 tencent.jpg)
>>74345 Its starting to look like a gacha game with all these crossover characters.
>>74345 What's shocking is the character is free. I smell some bullshit around the corner.
>>74345 >For Honor - Warden >Honor of Kings - Gongsun Li I hope they get that Nigress from Dishonored next.
>>74345 PANIC
>>74345 >SNK came back just to sell out to the ccp
>>74649 >SNK came back just to sell out to the ccp They were already bought out by that Hong Kong company years ago before KOF14, but seeing as how the CCP is bringing the entire hammer down in HK, might as well be owned by them.
>>74658 Oh, and one more thing, Sony and Tencent are planning to compete to buy out SNK's parent company. So SNK is doubly fucked is their Chairman doesn't say no way fag.
>>74663 >Dongfang Xinghui (subsidiary of Oriental Securities) will be the majority shareholder of the joint venture with 80% of the shares. The CEO of Dongfang Xingui, Zheng Jianhui commented that the main reason for their acquisition of SNK Playmore is their vast number of game IPs and the all the tie-ins the SNK characters are involved in. In particular, he mentioned that going forward they aim to follow the “Marvel formula,” where the Marvel Universe has branched off into different spaces including comics, games, television, and movies to form a complete and synergistic IP portfolio. He is also looking forward to collaborations with other Chinese companies to develop games, anime, manga, televisions, and movies in order to fully develop SNK’s intellectual property. http://archive.vn/i2O02 Top wew, the chinks are gonna do it!
Thought it would be kang samurai. https://invidio.us/watch?v=qNgbfTWjEsM
>>75590 The only reason why nips are making niggers marital artists in fighting games is because nigs make up a large portion of the gaming industry.
>>75594 Why she blonde hair and blue eyed? What's the point of the change, they kinda already established that she likely came from Portugal and Portuguese niggers don't have blonde hair along with blue eyes.
>>75704 Not even 40% of the industry. Niggers are a minority. But since they are an inferior life form, one of their characteristics is that their defective brain makes them buy on impulse (when they are not stealing everything), which is what the untalented and unskilled hacks at the industry wants as consumers: braindead apes. Also, niggers flocked to the niche market of fighting games, so companies that create those games want to capitalize on that. And as always, they will fail, as they ignore the nigger factor: niggers steal more than they buy, and they have short attention spam, making them flock to other niches/industries at the blink of an eye. It will be another case of a company going broke for being woke and pandering to apes. >>75709 All fictional girls must be white, blonde and hot. The more they do it, the better.
>>75704 I don't care that it has a nigger character. Balrog from Street Fighter is a nigger and I think he's cool. What I don't like is niggers acting like this is new and saying shit like "they be putting us in they games we wuz kangz n shit" thinking it's some defining moment.
>>75590 Well shit, you were right.
>>45433 Guilty Gear confirmed for PC release. thank Christ https://archive.vn/NT69L
>>75789 Thats the funniest part the nips put Leo in and you don't see us going full kangz like the niggers.
(92.82 KB 500x500 god.png)
>ohayigozaimusu Cappucukkuru-tachisama >prease crear za rabiribingu room and prepare to enjoy grorious announcement: >wee havu nothingu wwwwww >arrso makotoffags confirmurudo foa 14 months of suicide watch holy shit you yellow monkeys
(1.44 MB 1443x775 ClipboardImage.png)
Also, here's your roadmap bro
(389.95 KB 738x1200 Setsuka SC3.jpg)
(25.67 KB 310x478 Setsuka SC4.jpg)
(1.14 MB 2320x3176 Setsuka SC6.jpg)
>>75709 SC6 is a reboot of SC1 because Zasalamel and a bunch of other characters got visions of the future, which changed the past. Since Nightmare ultimately lost and hard, it's implied that Inferno is changing the timelines from the Astral Chaos dimension for a redo. Also all of the Setsuka designs are hot.
>>78352 I love Nip Nong style umbrellas.

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