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(26.13 KB 273x364 Starsector_Cover_Art.jpeg)

(36.34 KB 337x324 starsector.png)

(131.23 KB 1500x960 onslaught.jpg)

(330.89 KB 1041x633 refit.png)

(136.20 KB 1200x675 battle.jpg)

Starsector bread Anonymous 11/02/2021 (Tue) 04:15:48 Id: 3d6db3 No. 456124
STARSECTOR THREAD I'm bored and I want to talk about it. But what is starsector? The best way I've heard it be described is mount and blade in space and I would say thats not to far off especially with some mods. It got a fairly big update a while back an now its just the wait for the next one. The story that was added in that update I have to say was actually pretty good an even actually spooky at some points if you can believe it, I really should give it another run through Good news is that the mods for this game are insane and fill the gap pretty nicely. So anons whats your favorite SHIP FACTION MOD FACTION HOW CUTE IS YOUR AI WAIFU? I tend to jump around with ships but I just love the onslaught. Nexeralin is one of my favorite mods for obvious reasons but for a mod faction this Yuri faction this fag makes is pretty impressive. At first I dismissed it as some shitpost anime mod but it seems like a genuine attempt to push the limits of what starsector can do. I look forward to its next update. Diable is also pretty neat. Or maybe you hate starsector? Feel free to call it, and myself, shit in this thread.
(2.00 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

>>456124 Been a while since I last played, so I checked the last update summary: >Complete story missions and uncover some of the mysteries of the Sector >Face new endgame enemies and acquire their technology, including new weapons and a unique capital-class ship >Make playstyle-altering choices using a revamped skill system >Customize your playthrough – mentor officers, specialize colonies, make permanent alterations to ships, and more >Raid the core worlds for what you need using a targeted raid system >Improve your colonies using lost technology >Build relationships with contacts and gain new opportunities >Take on many new types of bounties, choosing the challenge level you want >Incorporate automated ships into your fleet >UI scaling and support for 4k monitors >Ship AI and combat balance/gameplay improvements >Several new ships >Mercenary officers that temporarily increase the strength of your fleet >Many modding-related improvements >Numerous quality-of-life and other improvements Sounds like I need to give it a go again once I finish my mechwarrior run. Now I need to check if I still have my old portraits mod around anywhere.
Ah yeah, I still haven't played the update. It all looks like good stuff except the storm needler nerf My favourite ship is probably the Tempest for being the only useful frigate and for being sanic fast. As for ships I fly myself, anything with either accelerated ammo feeder or high enery focus is good. I like my burst damage.
>>456124 Remember trying this game a while back. Thought it was cool and I fucked around as a small-time merchant/peddler. But I also recall being frustrated because I'm too stupid to understand combat. Tried the tutorial multiple times and it wasn't very helpful. Maybe I'll give it another go though.
>>456138 Combat is heavily dependent on how good your loadouts are and can be a real pain in the ass until you work out which ships and weapons are good and which are not. Many of the things you have available to you are just plain trash. The only solution is to try out lots of things until you get a feel for it.
>>456138 Combat is singly focused around flux management. Flux is ammo, flux is health, flux is speed. Aside from that, hold shift forever. Meta is all about massive fighter fleets, wolfpacks, tempest and omen rushes, and a big fat paragon. Speed and range are a particularly good combination. Having both enables you to set up engagements on your own terms -- but most importantly, to capitalize on weaknesses in the enemy formation without overextending yourself. You can find a lot of little 'edges' in the least likely places. Apogees, for instance, make for a nice early flagship. Aside from their bare utility as a survey ship, they have amazing shield efficiency, and can mount a large energy slot. It's common to see people put plasma cannons there and use the ship as a very effective pressure maker -- although the plasma cannon is not flux efficient, it is very damaging and has good range -- coupled with your inherit shield efficiency, you can afford to use the plasma cannon because you're generally going to spend less flux on damage. That forces enemies to backtrack with shields up, allowing you to advance with shields down. With a wolfpack, you can cleanly whittle down opponents.
>>456124 >favorite ship Onslaught. All purpose bread-and-butter ship that fucks up everything. >faction While I can respect the Hegemony and the Sindrian Diktat, Tri-Tach's a bunch of jews, the Persian League's a bunch of faggot plutocrats, the Luddic Church and Luddic Path are subhumans (although the Luddic Path's leader is at least tolerable and sensible despite being the leader of a bunch of faggot fanatics) and the Pirates deserve genocide. >Mod faction never played any of the mods, really need to get into that because it sounds like fun but I've heard of all the fucking "waah I don't like this person using my mod as a base so I'll break compatibility with his work" shit >how cute is your AI waifu don't have one, I never used them outside of attaching a Beta core to a Radiant
>>456138 Combat's one of those things that takes a while to figure out. I fucking hated combat as well until I had that moment of clarity where all the pieces clicked together.
(34.73 KB 848x504 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.02 MB 1366x768 ClipboardImage.png)

(958.58 KB 1366x768 ClipboardImage.png)

>>456124 >SHIP Vanilla: Paragon, because I like my lazers Modded: Arjuna(Maysuran Navy), has a built in triple-linked gauss cannon and 4 flight decks Current: Nagato, a big fuck off ship that costed 3 million to make >FACTION I'm a TriHard >MOD FACTION Mayusuran Navy, and all the Mech mods >HOW CUTE IS YOUR AI WAIFU? Very, just wish THEY'D GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY FIRING LINE, If you mean AI ships, I don't have any. I'm pretty far into my campaign so I might start a new one. As you can see I like big ships, big mods, and big maps. If only the game could run a teansy bit smoother with a shit ton of mods on a potato, that would make the game a solid ten. I also like nexerlin but it needs more stuff like in Vayra sector with the unique ship bounties, and more fleshed out colony management would be nice or more diplomacy options. To be honest like most mods it should already be a feature in the main game.
(7.97 MB 1280x720 vidya_jihad.webm)

>>456175 >Aside from that, hold shift forever. There's a menu option to invert shift functionality You don't need to hold it down all the time if you check that.
>>456236 How is vayras sector? I've seen it around but never bothered with it.
>>456431 Really good if you remove all the commie shit and ignore the fact that every new version breaks saves. Colonial factions are pretty cool and their ships are nice, they have some good unique mechanics related to them (like the treasure ships of RTC or the fun surprise). Regular bounties are reworked and rebalanced for better scaling and not actively messing up faction relations. Most importantly it adds the framework for High-Value Bounties - those don't expire once posted and have unique ships you can salvage. A lot of ship/faction mods add a handful of these, but VS itself only comes with a couple HVBs. The mod hasn't been officially updated since 0.95 release, but some dude made it compatible with the current Starsector. AFAIK this continuation has not been released outside of the tranny-infested dicksword server, so I figure it would be good to de-botnet it and upload here.
>>456469 >botnet Surely it didn't have any tracking in it, right? Also thanks. I have a few "bootleg" mods but not all of them work.
>>456489 Botnet is in reference to Dicksword, not the mod itself. I post it here as it was released.
>>456489 I think he means discord is a botnet
(6.73 MB 1920x1080 boom2.webm)

(5.03 MB 1920x1080 boom3.webm)

Coincidentally a few days ago I found the webms I made when I played this a few months back. I had a lot of fun and I miss the game but I ended up getting a bit burnt out of it. >>456124 >SHIP I like Hegemony ships the most in terms of how they look and how much fun I can have with them in battles but the problem is that they're simply not viable as endgame ships. I had a lot of fun using the autoloader (or whatever it was called) on the Hammerheads, rushing ships head-on with the Dominator, and in general using the Onslaught which is a tough nut to crack. I think in my playthroughts that middle part of the game where they were good ships to use was the most fun. >FACTION None. Fuck every single one of them.
>>456469 I'll have to give it a shot on my next nex run. I've been thinking about a fresh one. I tried doing one recently where I took over the sector but it can become a chore sometimes and it feels like you should just do a cruiser stack and call it a day.
(5.62 MB 640x360 hms cancer.webm)

>>456124 >HOW CUTE IS YOUR AI WAIFU? AI is heretical and you should be hammered into fine space dust by precise torpedo barrages.
>>456798 But anon she loves you and totally didn't cause the collapse.
>>456798 Why does the AI drop shields? They aren't even close to max flux.
>>456983 Everything there has shitty shields and is trying to armour tank, it's possible that beam also does kinetic damage. They usually raise their shields before dying though which the Venture there does do, not sure why the others didn't.
So apparently there are hyperspace shenanigans going on if anything from the story is to be believed. Maybe that's why the domain shut off the sector from the network. Also fuck hypershunts.
>>457198 The one thing that pisses me off about hypershunts is how they can be surrounded by a bunch of shit systems that don't have any major resources of note. Hell, one time I had two hypershunts close enough to each other that there was significant overlap between the two and my fucking colonies were about 50 LY away.
>>457199 That and the cryotombs. The mapgen should favor systems that can get the most out of them. From what I read, hypershuts have a huge appetite for fuel that's hard to meet demand for. Which is really lame considering what you have to do to clear the shunt.
This fucking game, deserves every bit of my money. One of the few ones that made me think it was worth the price.
>tfw the domain reactivates the gate network and comes back to fuck everyone's shit up
>>457351 honestly speaking that might be for the best
>>457351 That'd be a real great endgame if the player already conquers most of the sector. It's either reintegrate or double down on your own domain, like you're fighting the Emperor in the 40k great crusade
>>457466 >every single nanoforge in the system working for one goal - defeat the Domain and secure your empire that was hard won through years of effort >ship after ship after ship being pumped out regularly, walls of Paragons, Onslaughts, and Legions, backlined by Astral fighter support with Conquests, Odysseys, Atlas Mk. 2s and Prometheus Mk.2s as auxiliary flanks >the core of the entire armada is a single Ziggurat surrounded by motes >the home offices of Tri-Tach are going mad trying to figure out what and how the fuck when it registers with one of THEIR Idents >that one fleet of nothing but phase class ships popping in out of fucking nowhere >the Domain's face when they have to come up with wild, radical new ship designs >every fucking world has a fucking plasma shield >Domain naval strategy has to radically change invasion policies and tactics >they have to be willing to engage against a people who have seen the worst that war has to offer and not only thrive in such an environment, but also adapt their entire existence and cultures around it too, to the point of living on deathworlds, irradiated hellscapes, and regularly shifting realities in the vainest attempt to have an upper hand in combat >the Domain's reaction when they engage Reckless Pather officers who are exclusively using Prometheus Mk. 2s While I don't think it would be on par with being a pocket empire fighting the Emperor during the Great Crusade during 30k, it's still a fun thing to imagine. At the same time the Domain could have already abandoned most of those ship designs entirely and are sporting newer ships that are far, far more powerful due to 200 years of actual progress not hampered by constant, insane infighting and (almost) unnecessary conflict with an empire that spans multiple galaxies all set up with proper infrastructure. That's a hell of a lot of raw materials, heavy industry and brain power to deal with. I'd love to see what an Onslaught Mk. 2 and a Legion Mk. 2 would look like.
>>457762 >Prometheus Mk. 2 Man, I loved using that thing and just going full ramming speed and being a big chonky space club. Pity it doesn't work well past early-mid game.
>>457772 Sadly true, the civilian-capitals turned deathbringers are lacking, even when you put in the effort to bring them up to spec with Militarized Subsystems upgraded to Assault or Escort Package hullmods and the Auxiliary Support skill. The max boost being capped at 5 or less recovery cost really hampers how useful those ships are, too.
>>457762 Forgot to add this in: >the home offices of Tri-Tach all collectively suck-starting shotguns when they realize those big blue fuck-off ships with massive firepower and insane offensive capability are all AI controlled and registered with their Idents
(15.31 KB 198x228 Omega_cruiser.webp)

(31.30 KB 364x322 Zigguraut.webp)

>>457772 a real shame, crashing into enemies and destroying smaller ships was so fun. >>457762 Those new ships in the newest patch make me doubt the core worlds can resist that well.
>Fave ship Tempest. It has insane burst potential for its size, and is very satisfying to solo shit with. I like to play Nex with additional colony extender mods and typically as Spacer start to keep things challenging. My PC struggles with very large battles (eg 25 fps when using carrier loadouts) so I never get those juicy 2 cap vs 2 cap fights. I like to work with one faction typically and harass the others. Sometimes doing a mining/surveyor run is comfy too if things like volatiles are in demand. My dream for the game would be to extend the economy further with stock markets, 3 or 4x the commodities and that sort of thing. Or more playstyles - Nex lets you mine for example
(71.79 KB 140x280 ClipboardImage.png)

(121.50 KB 224x276 ClipboardImage.png)

>SHIP <Apogee Great forward-facing firepower, good shields and maneuverability, built-in surveying equipment. What more do you want? >MOD SHIP <Panrelka from Xhan Empire Something between a cruiser and a capital. Tougher and heavier armored than the former, yet faster and much, much more maneuverable than the latter with enough flux cap and venting to sustain its considerable firepower. A couple of these things can spitroast almost anything, and they're nimble enough to chase down cruisers. Excellent hunter-killer choice, the only downside is its 40 DP cost. >FACTION <Tri-Tachyon When I play Starsector I play as a bad guy, a turbojew that seeds and exploits chaos and conflict to his own profit - which includes unrestricted usage of advanced AI cores to augment my gubernatorial, industrial and military capabilities. On top of that I tend to utilize mostly midline and high-tech ships and weapons. All this aligns very neatly with TT's corporate ethos and tactics. >MOD FACTION <Independent AI Research Institute from Vayra's Sector High-tech ships with improved beams and a fun mechanic further down the line. >HOW CUTE IS YOUR AI WAIFU? Not cute at all, but I want to fix that. Where do I get a mod a mod that replaces all AI core portraits with anime girls?
>>457813 How the hell are you supposed to beat the omega cruiser? Is it really just a march of broken ships until it dies?
>>458031 One cruiser splits into 2 destroyers. One destroyer splits into 2-4 frigates. Welcome to the final boss.
>>458031 >How the hell are you supposed to beat the omega cruiser? Excessive firepower.
I can't decide what to do for my new playthrough. Last time I just started taking over league planet because while I could find my own there were these just sitting in the core worlds ripe for the taking. I see that nex now allows you to start on a random planet in the core worlds if you do the vanilla system.
>>458031 Thats what i did. At that point i just wanted em dead
>>458031 You could try my stupid method, create a colony in the shunt system, then fit your entire fleet with Paragons or other Capitals, Monitors, and some phaseships or fast ships, then just wither the both of them down. Basically a march of the Expensive ships since you don't have to worry about logistics in you colony system. Or you could try that Ziggurat and hyperion only strat, it's a fucking puzzle though, brute force is way better
>>458074 The worst part though are the fighters.
>>456124 >Ship (new) Hyperion. Load it up with 3 heavy blasters, and safety overrides (built in) and dominate entire fleets single-handedly. >Faction Tri-Tach, because everything worth using is high tech >Mod faction Fuck if I know, they all either suck compared to TT or else they are just blatantly broken.
>Technocratic This is an unholy alliance
>u will never upload braap.exe to your ai qt as a prank >haha
Newer version of updated Vayra's Sector.
Where is the mod that lets me marry an AI?
Is it just me or did the most recent update make it harder to make money from trade in the early game? I seem to recall being able to find trade contract missions in abundance in the Intel screen. But now apparently the only way is to hope to find them in a bar and then hope that mission lets you develop a 'contact.' Normal trade is basically useless, you have to use the black market and getting caught once can fuck with your profits. Bigger fleets with more cargo space and fuel have a harder time getting away fast if a patrol flags you down and you have illegal goods. So moving large quantities of goods on the black market is hardly viable. Also, why can't I see the global prices for buying and selling goods? I can mouse over a single trade good and see the top 5 best places to buy and sell it. And in colonies I can click a product on the right to see the market share of production of that good across the galaxy (which I've found faily useless). Why is there no chart that just shows the prices of buying and selling each good in every system. If I can see the top 5 cheapest and most expensive places then the information surely exists in-game, but there is no menu for it? Feels like the game is trying to railroad me into some sort of combat-oriented playstyle. Since I still have no idea what I'm doing and the simulations show my ships getting shredded to pieces I usually avoid encounters like the plague. Doesn't help that giving orders to ships in battle feels clunky and unresponsive. I have little control over what my ships actually do, I just assign them to escort each other and my flagship, then cross my fingers that they will win. Going to stick with the game and see how far I can make it, but the trade playstyle I recall playing in the last version for a bit doesn't seem nearly as viable anymore.
>>460564 >Is it just me or did the most recent update make it harder to make money from trade in the early game? No, it really did that. I recommend doing "dead drops" stealth missions instead. >Also, why can't I see the global prices for buying and selling goods? It should be in intel tabs, in commodities tab. (Unless it was some mod, which added that. It was quite long time, since I played vanilla Starsector.)
>>460564 I'm still not having much trouble with smuggling, you just need to get the navigation skill to help you escape patrols with speed or transverse jumps. And as long as you're carrying nothing illegal, getting caught barely matters either. It's just a small reputation drop.
>>460595 >Just a small reputation drop >Rep is infinitely more valuable than credits, especially early game No really, you could have infinite credits, but if your rep is in the toilet you won't be able to buy anything worth a damn, and without a fleet you won't be able to hold and build up your own colonies to ween yourself off of bought ships.
>>460564 >Is it just me or did the most recent update make it harder to make money from trade in the early game? You sure? Frankly all these contacts make it far easier its the smuggling that i find hard.
>>460807 >needing rep I have never once needed rep above 0, and I sure as shit don't do any of that commission crap either.
>>460564 The best way to make money is to go to a system with warring factions and vulture the shit out of everything. And then you go to the loser of the fight who will typically be starved of supplies and fleece the shit out of them. Black market penalty won't even matter because the fleets will be too busy killing each other to inspect your stuff. You may experience a slight rep drop if you push this too hard, though. I had to restart my playthrough because my colony was landing me with 250k debts out of nowhere for supplies and fuel. I guess every colony has to start with commerce because fuck me if I'm going to shuttle goods for my brain-dead colony because it can't take care of itself.
>>460564 Only thing i noticed is how Good planets actually worth colonizing now make less money than shit planets with no fucking atmosphere. >>461126 just ferry a whole bunch of shit for em at once. No need to completely restart
>>461148 It was still early enough that making and maintaining 250k a month would have been really tough. On the plus side, I'm doing much better with my new colony so far, since it's habitable and I started with commerce first. Shame it was built in a warning zone and I'm going to have to deal with an AI fleet sooner or later
>>461187 >It was still early enough that making and maintaining 250k a month would have been really tough Right that makes sense actually. >spoiler Nah you're fine. unless its high warning nothing should happen
I have never bothered with commissions. Am I missing out on sick money?
>>461294 It's quite big early on. Ability to colonize planets in core sector, without protection fee is nice too. Especially when your seed gives you planets in core systems with nice big resources stacks.
>>461294 Not really, the amount you get is about 30% of what you get from system bounties. The main advantage is the ability to buy high-end ships that would otherwise be very hard to get, though even that's not an issue once you have a colony with a nanoforge.
>>461294 >>461337 Commissions basically pay your entire fleet upkeep cost. You get a monthly stipend based on fleet size that is usually enough to pay for any monthly cost as well as most of your fuel and supplies. That's in addition to the small bounty on your commissioner's enemies. Most important thing though is the ability to buy advanced ships and weapons from your commissioner's military markets. That requires rep as well of course, but if you don't want to fly around with a bunch of junk ships it's absolutely essential. Flying a junk fleet is a huge mistake when funds are tight. While it may be cheaper initially, upkeep costs go through the roof when you need 5 ships to do the job of 1, and have to replace 2 out of the 5 (instead of 0) every fight. Then there's the fact that your larger fleet fails to catch enemies you can fight and fails to flee from enemies you can't, further costing you credits on both ends, both missed opportunities and rebuilding costs.
>>461342 >Flying a junk fleet is a huge mistake when funds are tight. While it may be cheaper initially, upkeep costs go through the roof when you need 5 ships to do the job of 1, and have to replace 2 out of the 5 (instead of 0) every fight. Then there's the fact that your larger fleet fails to catch enemies you can fight and fails to flee from enemies you can't, further costing you credits on both ends, both missed opportunities and rebuilding costs. You're also going to stay near the core worlds until you have the logistics to travel far outside them. In addition, you're going to specialize into the industry tree if you're going for a junk fleet, which helps mitigate that.
>>461415 >not putting in the points necessary to remove random d-mods Considering how often I've come across abandoned capital class ships in the far reaches of space and the fact that the ability to cheaply remove d-mods means the cost of recovering other capitals from higher-end bounty targets is greatly diminished, you're a fucking potato if you don't invest those levels.
Best faction for a commision?
>>461458 Whichever lore you like the most, or whoever's ships you want to get access to easily. The EMP from Tri-Tach ships can fuck up low-tech fleets upside down, if you're looking for an early game advantage
>>461458 High tech best tech, midline and low tech cant even come close anymore. Maybe a few more patches of balance will fix it
>>461531 Now that shield shunt is a thing I suspect low tech fleets can fare well enough, but they'd need to be pretty extensively modded for it.
>>461531 Unless you're talking player phaseship shenanigans that's hardly set in stone. Plenty of high-tech was ran into the ground, same as low tech and everything in between.
Why is the modding community for this game full of faggots? If someone who isn't the original creator of a mod bothers to update a mod for the newest version of the game they're not allowed to post it anywhere on the forum. Instead it's only allowed on their fucking discord. And even there you apparently have to PM some people for their """bootleg""" updates to the mod because they're arbitrarily not allowed to post some of them to the malwarecord. Also they straight up banned some guy's mod from everywhere because it was "too fascist"? I don't even feel like using any of these mods if the authors are a bunch of insufferable trannies.
>>462105 Because everything related to any kind of mods is just gay.
>>462105 >they straight up banned some guy's mod from everywhere because it was "too fascist"? I was about to buyfag this after finishing my current game, but I won't now. Thanks, anon. I'm tired of faggots getting their panties in a twist over what people mod in.
(618.44 KB 1160x3400 35-1571637967-2023262495.jpeg)

(907.83 KB 1200x1920 35-1571637948-1542049406.jpeg)

>>462119 To be fair I don't think it was the official staff working on the game, just the forum staff and gaycord mods. Although there may not be a difference. The mod, New Galactic Order, is still on Nexus though no longer maintained and probably doesn't work with the latest version of Starsector. Some of the assets in the mod were taken from another game apparently, but honestly that doesn't really matter for a free mod and is explicitly not the reason they banned the mod, it was banned because the creator and mod were too "fascist and racist."
>>462144 The guy making the anime mod had to put aria empire on nexus because of an iron cross one was wearing. Nazi lolis are to strong
>>462144 >>462105 >too facist >when the sindrian diktat exists That is the stupidest thing ive ever heard
>>462147 >>462145 Oh yeah, also read online that in the last version of Starsector, some mods "have hard-coded incompatibility with NGO." So not only did they ban the mod off their forum, but some mod creators intentionally made it so their mods will not work with the New Galactic Order mod. Yet one of the forum's most popular mods has communists. Unsurprising that the fag who made HTE and made it incompatible with NGO also made the 'Furry Portrait Pack.'
>>462105 fucking hell i dont understand what goes on in these faggots mind. The NGO is clearly being facetious. Im trying to make excuses for a fucking furry because i cant believe how stupid he is
Only a full anime overhaul will save this game now. Now, my colony is targeted by Pather activity and when I went to spank them I found their base surrounded by several fleets and one megafleet. I dealt with the megafleet by luring it out of the system and crashing it into another fleet, but I don't think I can beat the station and it's defenders. What do?
>>462105 This is why I don't even read past what the mod does, I just download for ship and weapon variety.
>>462105 Modders in that forum were huge fucking cunts last time I checked, so I can only imagine how bad they are now. I even vaguely remember some drama from fucking portrait mods of all things. They were some of the most insufferable people I have ever had the misfortune of interacting with.
>>462198 I remember there was a music pack whose author took it down because some other fag claimed some of the music might be copyrighted. No actual takedown request was made, and it was never confirmed that any of the music even was copyrighted, but at the merest suggestion that it might be the guy deleted his own mod. That's the kind of people who inhabit that place, absolute cowards obsessed with following rules.
>>462198 That reminds me, I need to make a kemoshota portrait pack
>>462211 Try posting it on the forums. It'll be interesting to see if they allow it because they're furfags or ban it because of shota.
>>462105 It's mostly a tranny circlejerk. Non-fags don't stick around in that "community", so it's just a downward spiral from there. >>462119 The devs themselves are alright, they're not involved in the community. I haven't seen them post anything not related to gamedev in general, much less anything political.
I've been doing a rebuild the infernal machine run in nex. You rebuild the internal machine at friendly docks. Thing is a huge money sink and a pile of shit starting off but man does it get mean with some upgrades. Might try rebuild that other rebuild one next.
(70.93 KB 206x238 edshipyard_doog.png)

>>462105 I personally gave all permissions to anyone who wants to update or use any part of my mod. Still get messages asking when I will update the mod even though I already made clear I will not.
>>467325 Just like update ur mod bro
>>467325 Oh hey, I remember you. Your mod had some pretty cool ships, I liked the one that was just a long metal bar with some large ballistics on it. Why aren't you going to update it?
>>467347 >>467386 I burned out so hard I can't look at the game anymore
>>467321 Im sorry what is this? Is it new?
>>467854 I think he meant the one in Underworld mod.
>>467610 >>467325 That's a shame, your mod really had some of the better ship concepts out there, hopefully the guy taking over which seems like it might be Laharl doesn't go full retard. Best of luck with your other projects.
>>456255 Okay, after watching the USS Jihad for 50th time I have been convinced to try this game. I have read that the game has a custom portrait option but that's something to do with mods so i need to make a full portrait mod or i just can throw in the folder some .png and it's done? >>462164 What the hell have the space settings that attracts the furfags so much?
>>468379 >What the hell have the space settings that attracts the furfags so much? <If we get this super extra-over medical technology we can become the furries we've always wanted to be with knotted dicks and muzzles and shit I wonder why.
>>468379 >What the hell have the space settings that attracts the furfags so much? Autism. >I have read that the game has a custom portrait option but that's something to do with mods so i need to make a full portrait mod or i just can throw in the folder some .png and it's done? You need to make a simple mod - just download some other portrait pack and replicate its file structure, mod_info.json and .faction file(s). All these config files are human-readable JSON, so you shouldn't have any problem with figuring out what does what.
>>468379 >What the hell have the space settings that attracts the furfags so much? Its the aliens. and where theres aliens theres the possibility of space furries
>Luddite scum targeting my colony >go and spank them >it's a 3* high-tech base >fail to destroy it, settle for raiding the fuck out of it and starving it via siege >months later >zero stability for months >I keep raiding it for supplies but somehow it still manages to rebuild whatever damage I do to it >it even manages to produce fleets What the actual fuck man. Is this really not a viable strategy? >>468379 You can easily edit one of the in-game portraits to whatever you want. Otherwise, you can download a portrait pack and modify that one instead.
>>469081 Raider bases don't get deciviized, you have to actually destroy the orbital station. Pather cells need to be resupplied, soAFAIK you can just blow up those resupply fleets. They are small and weak, but also pretty sneaky.
>>469300 Yeah, eventually I scraped up enough cash to launch a fleet to help me out, and even then I got stomped when I went straight in. It was only after I let the support fleet get banged up a bit in auto-resolve that the base got damaged enough for me to beat it. I feel these things shouldn't be this hard to beat. It's kind of ridiculous how much firepower and shield they have.
>>469081 >>469822 Since when do the Luddies even use high tech shit? Are you using any mods? Because I'm pretty sure in vanilla they only ever have low tech stations.
>>469822 >>469890 I also think you can't have a star fortress on a raider base, only a regular orbital station.
>>469890 >>469960 I could be mistaken about that. It was a 3 pointed base with 3 nobs that had a lot of firepower. Whatever they are, they're ridiculously tough.
I started as a trader on a nex run and rolled an atlas on my random ship. I made 2 mill in about 2 hours, the panthers are real hungry for stuff and you can drop it on the black market. I'm getting bored of starsector again, when is this nerd going to update.
>>470061 Sounds like a regular orbital station then, one that isn't missing any modules like some pirate ones.
(477.56 KB 1366x768 screenshot000.png)

(22.93 KB 128x128 predator_gentleman.png)

Well I finally managed to make a functional portrait pack, time to fill the galaxy with MEMES
(34.98 KB 702x564 yabo.jpg)

>>470441 Post your progress.
(29.40 KB 128x128 ShittyHegemonyHitler.png)

(31.38 KB 128x128 SpaceDruid.png)

(26.66 KB 128x128 TheDirector.png)

(34.68 KB 128x128 TheDirectorIA.png)

>>470442 For now, besides the gentleman, there are 4 shitty edits for testing purposes since i'm not in creative mood today.
>>461294 It's more like money to keep you in the green and help you until you get colonies set up. Being able to buy ships is also helpful, but once you find a blueprint and Nanoforge it's better to do it that way. The most annoying downside in the early and mid game is the reputation hits you take when the faction you're commissioned with becomes hostile to other factions. It sets that opposing faction as hostile to you as well, and you cannot trade with hostile factions unless you come in with your transponder off. Even worse, your own colony's forces may start shooting down merchants from hostile factions, which I believe results in the "trade disruption" shortages that can fuck up your income stream and stability. That combined with the Accessibility debuff from hostilities convinced me that commissions really are only relevant in the early game. In my current playthrough at least, it became such a pain that I ended up resigning my commission with Tri-Tachyon after buying 4 Paragons and a Doom. Hunting the stars for those blueprints is a pain in the ass though, so if those ships don't last I may reinstate my commission just so I can buy more ships then fuck off again if that's possible.
>>472478 Commission also means you can safely make a colony in a star system already occupied by your commissioning faction and take advantage of their patrols to bolster your defenses against hostile raids.
Anybody experiment with the skill that lets you take Remnant ships? Or is it just not a skill worth taking when the other tech skill lets you put an extra S-mod on your ships (technically you could take both but that's a big skill point investment)? The amount of Remnant ships you can run also seems very limited with the CR debuff from running too many of them, which is unfortunate.
>>472713 Radiant is a great capital A couple Brillant can be okay. If you have mods there's quite a few more things that are worth considering but sadly the real good shit isn't worth going for But basically a well outfitted Brilliant is about as good as you're gonna get from the skill, which basically means a better Paragon with a Phase skimmer more or less. Now if you have that mod which overhauls automated ships by allowing you to run more of them without CR issues by putting cores into them at the cost of extra maintenance you can run some pretty crazy stuff like a Nova which is a 100DP abominattion that is worth every single bit of that (though the 200% maintenance costs to have it at decent CR gets spicy) I don't recall if I had to modify shit for that be possible or not though
>>472713 Redacted ships are great and even gamma cores are pretty strong (on top of not being affected by officer number limit), but the more DP worth of automated ships you have in your fleet the bigger is their CR malus. I'd say you can really only use a couple frigates or a single destroyer or cruiser without them turning completely useless.
>>472713 Vanilla, the other skill at that tier is WAY more valuable. +1 built in hull mod can save a lot of points and make for some very strong ships. +10 max vents/caps also helps a lot. Meanwhile one Radiant at terrible CR just isn't worth much compared to normal ships, especially given you cannot pilot it yourself. It's not a terrible ship to be sure, but as a tradeoff for making your entire fleet including playership significantly stronger it's never worth. I guess you could wrap around and buy both, but with how few points you get I wouldn't.
>>472989 And I should add that Brilliants and lower are simply trash. I wouldn't run any of them in my fleet even if they didn't cost an essential perk. Maybe the Glimmer and Lumen, but really it's Radiant or bust.
>>472713 I wish there were an alternative to simply scrapping AI ships if you don't take the skill. Having tried both out, I think I can conclusively say that the extra mod far outweighs having a "free" ship or two in your fleet. It also feels like AI piloted ships are even worse than human pilots in terms of damage control, resulting in them getting over their head if I take my attention off them. I don't know how I would fix this though. An obvious answer would be to let AI pilot any ship, not just remnant ships, but that would be quite OP.
>>473075 >It also feels like AI piloted ships are even worse than human pilots in terms of damage control Every AI counts as having a reckless personality, so they do tend to get themselves blown up a lot. Officer personalities are mostly shit actually, anything less than aggressive is too cowardly to do anything unless they heavily outnumber and outgun the enemy, but reckless goes too far in the opposite direction and will happily rush right into the middle of an enemy formation and die instantly. It makes it so aggressive officers are the only ones that can be useful.
>>473079 >Every AI counts as having a reckless personality, so they do tend to get themselves blown up a lot Well yeah, but I can offset that somewhat by giving reckless officers ships that have the capability to survive the odds (chunky low tech or fast phase ships). With AI I'm pretty limited. >Officer personalities are mostly shit actually Depends. I personally like cautious officers running my carriers, for example. They'll tend to hang back until I'm ready to give the order to go all out, so I can control the flow of battle that way.
>>473079 I think I found Reckless to be pretty good for the most part, like >>473089 says obviously carriers should be something that stays out of the fight. My overall strategy is to blow up the enemy as fast as possible, so the last thing I want to do is stand off at max range with lasers. I want my ships kissing the enemy's bumpers as long as they can get away with, that way when the enemy starts to back off they have too much distance to cover to escape before they die.
>>473095 that way when the enemy starts to back off they have too much distance to cover to escape before they die You can set a waypoint way back and order all your ships to it, then let the enemy fleet come to you. Depend on your own piloted ship, you may be able to cut the enemy fleet into half as they come in, and then easily tear them apart even if you're outnumbered. I find Omens are really OP for this kind of thing, what with a deceptively tanky shield, fast speed due to small size, and the ability to shut down multiple ships with force lightning.
>>473128 waypoints are way too risky, ships will fail to maneuver or just go full retard. Basically any orders you give will massively ramp up casualties, and my goal is to kill the enemy fleet as fast as possible (real time) with zero losses. Especially important since my player ship only has a 90 second PPT.
>>473149 It's all about giving the right command at the right time. Yeah, setting all your ships onto the waypoint for the whole fight is retarded, but once you got the enemy fleet into position you can cancel that waypoint and go full ham. Bumrushing enemy fleets only works up to a certain level, because eventually you'll be facing fleets with multiple capitals and they'll overwhelm you if you're not planning tactically.
>>472989 The automated ships skill really should be changed somewhat to make it worth not taking special modifications. Trading an extra s-mod for every ship for one good capital ship with bad CR just doesn't seem worth it. Right now Automated Ships are more of just a cool novelty. If you're going to put the skill at tier 5 next to one of the best skills in the game, then Automated Ships should be a game changer itself, or at least have an elite skill that makes it more powerful.
>>473196 I fight fleets with multiple capitals all the time. Orders are suicide.
(504.17 KB 1437x894 zigg kun get.png)

>3 Paragons, an Astral and an Onslaught melt the Ziggurat in about 60 seconds That was way easier than expected. I was ready to get crushed.
>>474050 >three paragons, an astral and an onslaught Let me know when you're only able to field two onslaughts and two XIV legions instead. Shit gets harder.
>>474331 Of course shit gets hard when you use garbage ships not worth the scuttle value.
(301.61 KB 999x201 dorito weapons.png)

Is there any other way to get Omega weapons besides the Hypershunts and the cache of weapons at the Alpha Site(or if not maybe a mod that adds more ways to get them)? According to what I read online, only two Coronal Hypershunts spawn per seed, and I've already dealt with both of them. Some of the weapons didn't even drop which is a bit frustrating.
>>456798 Damn that ship looks incredible from witch mod is it from ?
>>472761 >Radiant is a great capital Apparently the next update will change the deployment cost of the Radiant from 40 to 60. Guess they thought the cost was too low. They seem to be changing a few more things about the Automated Ships skill. There is actually a lot of other stuff in these patch notes if anyone is interested: fractalsoftworks.com/forum/index.php?topic=22918.0
>>475922 Well looking at it it means that yes the Radiant costs more but you can have it out with an alpha core and full CR and still have room for a frigate escort, which means it's still a fairly big buff. >>475899 That's a very old version of the Titan missile, you can't have that exact one but you can have the new one by using interstellar Imperium and getting yourself an Olympus, be wary they're a pain in the ass to get if you're not able to access military markets from II, they also seem to have a spawn and recovery reduction attached to them because I've had quite a few time where I had it show in the console command for finding ships but it would be gone even if I was right next to the market once I docked.
>>475928 >Well looking at it it means that yes the Radiant costs more but you can have it out with an alpha core and full CR and still have room for a frigate escort, which means it's still a fairly big buff. Wait nevermind I can't read. The actual change looks retarded, no one is gonna want a 120-240DP Radiant with half CR no matter how good it is with a core instead of a regular one with full CR, even if it only affects "automated ship points" it's still extremely questionable, once again the mod that tweaks automated ships is less retarded, even though it still is to a degree.
>>475928 >That's a very old version of the Titan missile You didn't follow the correct link. He wasn't asking about the missile ship here >>456255, but the stupid laser ship here >>456798. I guess the thumbnail makes it hard to keep straight.
>>472761 From what I've seen and read the Nova isn't salvageable in the current version of Seeker. Interested to figure out how you changed it to be salvageable if you can find out.
>>476891 Probably some tag changes, I might have simply bruteforced it by copying the tags off a radiant on the central part tags.
>>475922 That last line looks like they might make AI ships "free" in terms of DP, within the limit of what the skill allows you to deploy. That might make the skill actually worth taking if true: either gain 1 or 2 decent AI ships in addition to all your normal ships (so if you could deploy 3 paragons before, now you can deploy 3 paragons AND a radiant for the same DP), OR gain a buff to all your ships. Sounds balanced. Anything less than that, and the extra S mod is always going to be preferable. Even with it being "free", fewer, stronger ships is almost always preferable to more, weaker ships. Both in a deployment and in a fleet.
>>476931 Pretty sure you just have to add the 'auto_rec' tag to the ship in the ship data csv, right? Haven't tested it out, since I would have to track the fucking thing down (in current version of the mod only one Nova spawns per game) and blow it up, but everything I've read indicates that the auto_rec tag is how you designate an automated ship as salvageable with the skill.
>>474050 >>474331 >Needing all those capital class ships >when you can solo him in 60 seconds with a Doom do you really?
>>477032 >OR gain a buff to all your ships Well the 'Special Modifications' skill that allows the player to add a 3rd s-mod to their ships will be replaced with the new Technology skill 'Neural Link' that allows rapid/instantaneous command transfer between two ships if they both have a new hullmod called 'Neural Interface.' The extra s-mod skill has been moved to the top of the Leadership skill tree instead. Additionally, this next patch will change how advancing up skill tiers works (no more wrapping bullshit). Everything can be found in the patch notes, linked at the bottom of this post: >>475922
The new update has been released, features sensor ghosts, slipstreams and allegedly a fencing minigame on Eventide. https://fractalsoftworks.com/2021/12/10/starsector-0-95-1a-release/
>>490050 Ayyy. I hope it adds some good stuff.

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