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(236.55 KB 1105x962 Orson.jpg)

New batch of Nvidia leaks Anonymous 11/03/2021 (Wed) 23:05:49 Id: 811e3e No. 457602
This time, release dates included https://web.archive.org/web/20211103180922/https://gist.github.com/woctezuma/a1252976913713390963b745fbc51e73 This is a huge one Some examples >Ghost of Tsushima (PC port) 8th of February 2022 >Blood Bowl 3 10th of February 2022 >Cities Skylines 2 15th of February 2022 >Company of Heroes 3 23rd of September 2022 >Crysis 4 25th of October 2024 >Dead Island 2 25th of February 2022 >Descent (remake) 29th of March 2022 >Diablo 4 Originally 14th of September 2022, but Blizzard announced it was delayed into 2023 yesterday. This must have been their internal release date. >Dragon Age 4 15th of June 2022 >Dragon's Dogma 2 1st of January 2023 >Final Fantasy IX Remake 1st of April 2022 >The Elder Scrolls VI 2st of January 2024 >Dune 23rd of April 2023 >Fable 4 12th of October 2023 >Hollow Knight: Silksong 2nd of February 2022 >Final Fantasy 16 1st of March 2023 >Kingdom Hearts IV 30th of September 2023 >Gothic Remake 17th of November 2022
>>457602 >Final Fantasy IX Remake They have released only about 1/6th of VII's remake, how are they planning to pull this off?
(950.32 KB 813x900 95456565.jpg)

>Port >Sequel >Sequel >Sequel >Sequel >Sequel >Remake >Sequel >Sequel Sequel >Remake >Sequel >Dune >Sequel >Sequel >Sequel >Sequel >Remake
>2023 for Dragon's Dogma 3 Neat, hopefully we'll get a trailer next E3.
>>457608 There are new games too like Tchia and Syouwa American Story, I didn't post any because what does a completely random unfamiliar title mean?
>>457606 I think it's just the word "Remake" being used instead of "Remaster" They already Remastered FF VIII, and they are in the middle of releasing the "Pixel Remasters" of I - VI. so logically this on is going to be a Remaster as well. The way I see it is FF VII is the only game in the series that actually worth the effort of Remaking when it comes to profits, so that's gonna be the only Remake.
>Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge >December 1st I thought it was coming out in 2022, this list is likely outdated.
>>457611 I could have sworn that FFIX on PC was already remastered with re-rendered cutscenes.
>>457612 To a degree yes, it lists Diablo 4 as being this year. It still gives us a rough estimate of when these games can be expected.
>Ghost of Tsushima (PC port) Don't care >Blood Bowl 3 Meh, 2 was mediocre >Cities Skylines 2 Neat, too bad Parajew will fuck it up >Company of Heroes 3 I'm glad they're taking their time, the Pre Alpha alone was better than the current state of 2 >Crysis 4 Fuck Crytek, fucking backstabbing jews >Dead Island 2 Could be fun before Trump was elected, it's sure to be fucking garbage thanks to Deep Silver >Descent (remake) By whom? Who owns the IP rights anyway? I thought Overload would be the best that we could get. >Diablo 4 Garbage, fuck Blizzkike and their Blizztard acolytes that post to this day on this board >Dragon Age 4 Garbage, fuck EA and Bioware has been dead since they were bought out by them >Final Fantasy IX Remake Oh fuck, if it's anything like 7 it's pure fucking garbage, I bet it will be filled with Nomuras stink as well. >The Elder Scrolls VI I'll take 10 copies, thanks Todd! >Dune This is either a remake ala C&C or something completely unrelated >Fable 4 Microsoft pajeet tier shovelware I'm sure, Lionhead was dead as soon as they were bought by Microsoft >Hollow Knight: Silksong Neat, still have yet to play the original though, been to busy with Team Ladybugs games to get my Open Ended 2D platform fix. >Final Fantasy 16 The designs look like chinkshit tier stuff, couldn't care less about Final Fantasy after the pile of garbage that was X >Kingdom Hearts IV Fuck no >Gothic Remake They either took into account fan input or it's complete irredeemable garbage, since THQ now owns Piranha Bytes they should really look to them for some input as well. >Dragons Dogma 2 THE WIND IS PUSHING ME
Hey guys >2022-02-01 Shin Megami Tensei V Atlus Co. Ltd. Atlus Co. Ltd.
>>457630 Maybe someone could mod it to be ACTUALLY GOOD.
(1.64 MB 480x360 Dino Crisis 2 Prologue.mp4)

Also, it seems like all the good games only come out next year. Outside of Record of Lodoss Deedlit and Super Robot Wars 30 I can't remember anything actually good. >Metroid Dredd Mediocre Mercury Steam shovelware >Judgement Alright, but nothing special >>457632 How bad is it? I never cared about Atlus shit
>>457626 >Final Fantasy 16 oh shit, let's look at the dat- >March of 2023
>LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga >Release Date - April 5th 2022 Huh actually managed to find info I'm interested in. and as was expected since back in 2013, it took 9 years, Nearly the full 10 from when EA got the License for a possibly worthwhile Star Wars game to happen. The Lego game developers are pretty much the only western devs nowadays you can have a safe bet expecting competent quality from them, it'll be amusing to see them make a more engaging and entreating version of the Sequel Trilogy then the hacks that made the actual movies.
>>457633 Dunno, hasn't come out yet. All I know is that Doi is still making shitty designs and that the game has day 1 DLC.
>>457602 >Crysis 4 >2024 Cryrekt will be bankrupt by then unless Yerli can keep satisfying EA shareholders behind closed doors. How the fuck is Crytek still alive, noone uses Cryengine anymore and none of their overly expensive cinematic experiences in the past half decade have sold well, they also wasted goblets of shekels on the lawsuit against CIG.
>>457635 EA handled it so badly even the Mouse got pissed. Now EA is about to lose the FIFA license as well. Good times ahead lad. >>457636 >the game has day 1 DLC. You a big SMT fan? I know how you feel https://www.stalker2.com/preorder >>457638 I hope Crytek just files for bankrupcy, what a fucking embarrassment of a company.
>>457636 fuck all the rumors of kaneko not being part of team were true. I dont hate doi but im really unhappy we'll never see kaneko design again
>>457602 >Dragon's Dogma 2 The first Dragon's Dogma was rushed, but really good. It was a "Lighting in a Bottle" moment which I very strongly doubt could be repeated. DD2 is probably going to be disappointing.
>>457643 DMC5 was top notch, here's hoping Itsuno doesn't fuck it up.
>>457647 Itsuno only made DMC5 first since he felt obligated to give the fans what they really wanted after DmC. Dragons Dogma 2 is the game he's really wanted to make this entire time, and if Capcom doesn't want Itsuno to walk out the door go across the street and start Working at platinum then they're gonna have to give him what he wants.
>>457650 Yeah, it should be a good game. I'm looking forward to it.
Itsuno mentions multiple times he liked working on DmC. I'd like to think he's just being polite but...
>Resident Evil Outbreak How will they fuck this up
2022-04-13 Firaxis Unannounced Is this the marvel tactics game?
>>457655 He probably was talking about the actual game part and not the god awful characterization and writing.
(5.03 MB 960x720 wub.webm)

>>457661 >368260 2022-03-30 Marvel's Midnight Suns Firaxis Games Inc. 2K No it isn't, that's something different, either CiV or Nucom3. Either should be plain awful, it might also be related to this. https://www.dsogaming.com/news/take-two-has-canceled-an-unannounced-game-for-which-it-spent-53-million/
>>457662 The game part wasn't good though.
>>457655 Not surprising, generally when a dev says game's production went smoothly in interviews it's a omen of a shit game.
>>457659 Jesus anon, you think it will be a remaster of some sort, a remake or a sequel? I want more outbreak my dude, and capcom has been hinting at the guys in re7, remake 2 and 3. >>457649 >>457655 Like clockwork.
>>457708 >>457659 Be truthful now, everybody knows the real reason why you love Outbreak so much. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=EB_MDI2pOF0
>>457655 Just because a game wasn't good doesn't mean it had a shitty development. Not every bad game is bad because it has a duke nukem forever tier devlopment history. A game can be blast to work on and still end up being shit.
>>457718 If that was the case, i would love zero since its possible to get vored so hard your save becomes unwinable.
>>457602 >Ghost of Tsushima (PC port) I want to be true so I can see Soyny fags on suicide watch.
>>457723 I thought it was already on PC. Actually I thought it was multi platform. It's sony only?
>>457730 You're probably thinking of Sekiro
>Brothers in Arms >I.G.I. Origins >Platinum (Indiana Jones) >Project Apex >Space Marine 2 >Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown >Tomb Raider 25th Anniversary (2021) >ZOE - Engine Oh, goody, they're bring those back from the grave, just to ruin them. >Monster Hunter 6 >Ratchet & Clank >Sackboy: A Big Adventure >Shin Megami Tensei V >THE IDOLM@STER STARLIT SEASON Wait, what? These are coming to PC? >Mortal Kombat XII This shit will never end. >Saints Row Cinco <Endless laughter
>>457736 I see no reason why space marine 2 would be ruined (not saying we should have hopes mind you).
>>457743 I am cautiously optimistic, there IIRC 3 40k games with release dates that look cool.
>>457606 FF7 Remake is a separate game, though. So, assume that FF9 Remake is going through the same experience. >>457635 >The Lego game developers are pretty much the only western devs nowadays you can have a safe bet expecting competent quality from them That's ONLY if the game is made by the main branch, TT Fusion's Lego games have only gotten worse over time.
>>457736 I.G.I, Space Marine and Test Drive are in decent hands. The rest though, not so much >THE IDOLM@STER STARLIT SEASON Already out actually, region locked to Japan though >SMTV Not surprising considering Nocturne got a release on PC and Sega has been pushing PC pretty hard.
>>457751 Which ones? Chaos Gate:Daemonhunters, Darktide and Battlesector?
>>457608 >>457610 And people wonder why everyone is only making franchises and sequels and remake. America story sounds like its gonnna be sweet and attract tumblr crowd. >>457602 I think the ones stated as 2023-01-01 just means a 2023 year release, and not a fixed date. Nobody releases game on 1st jan
>Crysis 2 Remastered >Crysis 3 Remastered If they're anything like the Crysis 1 Remaster, they won't even be worth pirating. >2022-03-01 >Death Stranding Director's Cut I thought it was already out? >Life is Tumblr Remastered Jesus >2022-02-01 >Scorn I thought it was stuck in development hell and had become vaporware at this point. >Elden Ring >Forza Horizon 5 >Ghost of Tsushima >Ghostwire: Tokyo >I.G.I. Origins >Lords of the Fallen 2 >RoboCop: Rogue City >Scorn >S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl >System Shock Remake >System Shock 3 These are the games from that list that I'm going to bother pirating, eventually. I.G.I. Origins is the one I'm anticipating the most, even tough it will probably be shit and heavily casualized. Also the last Robocop fps game released is considered one of the worst games ever made during the 6th gen. But who knows, maybe it pulls off a Terminator Resistance. >>457613 >I could have sworn that FFIX on PC was already remastered with re-rendered cutscenes. Yes there is a FFIX Remaster that was released a few years ago. A remaster of a remaster, isn't something unheard of though. I remember the 2016 remaster is kind of shit and even back in the day it required a few community fixes, patches and enhancements.
>>457770 Space marine 2 is being developes apparently by some russians (this is a huge possitive point since russians love 40k and its grimdark aesthetic), i also loke them up and see that their parent company is embracer, therefore THQ nordic, could this mean we could see DoW with THQ?
>>457788 Walk softly.. and carry a big gun.
>>457777 >Darktide I have no idea why anyone thinks Darktide will be good, since Vermintide 2 is, at this point, an unrecoverable trashfire. And since Winds of Magic in twenty motherfucking nineteen, that game hasn't received an update that didn't somehow make it even worse. Well, except the Chaos realms, but it doesn't matter at this point. Firstly, you had the Back To Ubersreik DLC, which came with the objectively best weapons for two of the characters, and if you didn't buy it, fuck you.Then you got the 2.0 Winds of Magic combat rework, which took the game from being fun and fast, to a slog where you need to krump a shitty slave rat in the head twice to kill it with a motherfucking greatsword, because enemies who aren't already staggered by a hit barely take any damage, fuck you. Oh yeah, Winds of Magic also included more weapons, and a new difficulty mode, that'll be 17 eurodollars, fuck you. Then, they started releasing DLC character classes. Kruber gets grail knight, objectively best Kruber class, no contest, buy it faggot. Oh, you want actual cosmetics for this DLC class you just bought? That costs extra. Here's outcast engineer bardin, cosmetics sold separately. Class isn't great, adds a pistol that makes one of the default classes hilariously gamebreaking, buy it. Elf slut got her paid class but I don't give a shit about the game anymore, and I'm not even sure if the other two characters paid classes will be finished by the time they drop the game to work on Darktide.
>>457606 That’s easy, by not giving it the triple a treatment. They could do something like the Mana remakes for it easily.
>>457606 I swear I heard something about this one somewhere, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was. It could've just been the bare rumor that something was being done with the game; the reason I bring it up is that I had a vague memory that it was getting the mobile game treatment, something like a 2D demake only done shitty like the FF mobile games. They would never, after all, do a high-res remake of a game with the only good furry FF character.
(227.69 KB 1200x1920 1635842767995.jpg)

>Hollow Knight Silksong listed for February (despite total radio silence) >but God of War 2018 isn't on the list >Shin Megami Tensei 5 this soon >Earth Defense Force 6 in fucking January despite it won't be even out yet in Japan This whole 'leak' sounds fake as fuck, how people can be this gullible
>>457887 Because there were some on-target hits from the last one, although none of those were release dates. The gaming powers that be are not going to have not noticed the buzz about that whether that other list was 100% things that were going to happen or just some good guesses by an intern like they tried to explain it as.
>>457887 You forgot the most obvious one, like everyone else. Scam Citizen for 2021/12/01
>>457835 I don't think it will be any good. The whole point of being a faceless IG mook is completely gone now with the fucking Chink Inquisitor and Femoid non face covered IG. The original trailer was so much better, each wasn't radically different but personality and their armor were distinct enough for you to tell them apart. Now it's just random silly character XD!!! LOOK AT THE BIG DUMB OGRYN HES TALL!!! How they handled Vermintide 2 was embarassing as well, they're turning into Overkill fast. >>457887 Because the release dates are wrong but the games aren't It's real just like the last one, to the point that they removed it twice as fast as before.
>Football manager 22, 23 and 24 >Releases 05.11, 11.11 and 10.11 respectively Why are they releasing the same game three times within such a short time frame, and why does 24 come before 23? >Metro Next Oh boy. Well, here's hoping it doesn't feel as barebones as Exodus and takes on some new ideas. Artyom's story is DONE. And I hope if features a proper machine gun this time. If a game gives me guns, then I want to use them. I do not want to be penalized for using the fun things a game gives me. I do enjoy a good customization feature, and exploring can be fun too. While exodus was barebones, I did enjoy the exploration in the swamp. I just wish I could have had four guns in total instead of two and one fixed. >Project Dante, project Hawthorne, Wizards of the Coast A new MtG game I presume. Baldur's Gate 3 is the big D&D game at the moment, and with the flop that was the Drizzt game, I highly doubt WotC will let a new game be made so soon. But Hawthorne... hawthorne, hawthorne, where have I heard that name before? >Project GG, Platinum Games But Bayonetta 3 was already announced, and we haven't heard jack shit about Babylon. >Project Blacksky and Redfall, Arkane Studios So the dudes behind niggerloop are making two new games. >Redout 2, 34BigThings ABOUT FUCKING TIME, YOU INGRATES! WHAT, REDOUT SPACE ASSAULT FEATURING NIGGER IN SPACE FOR THE MOBILE PHONE WAS A BAD IDEA? I'M SURE IT WAS! Jaggoffs... It better feature a complete soundtrack by the end of it, instead of split in two like they did for the first Redout. >Relic, Machine Games Oh boy, more commie propaganda. I wonder what will happen this time? How bad will the white man be? Will he sneeze? Manspread, mansplain, maybe, gasp, dare I say it, mispronoun a MA'AM??! Oh the jubilation the EPIK MASSES OF SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS WILL HAVE when evul bad man is defeated by a bananapeel. I have no hope for those traitors. How many were fired after Commiestein: youngblood? >Ruined King: A league of legends story, Airship Syndicate Look, its bad enough that lol gets a new game, but a game where you don't fuck any of the female characters with your big gamer cock? Now that's just going too far. >Stalker 2 Here's hoping. >Scorn, Ebb studios, 22-02-01 Well, about time, I've been waiting. And it comes early too. Looking forward to this one. >Space Marine 2, Saber Interactive RU NO FUCKING WAY. NO WAY, NO WAY. Naaah, can't fucking be. Noooooo... Cautiously optimistic. Should be worth a pirate. >Squadron 42, 2021-11-18 I doubt it. >Star Citizen, 2021-12-01 I HIGHLY doubt it. >Starfield, 2022-11-11 I don't doubt it, but it'll be a mess. Eh, I'll pirate it. It better have cool robot companions and machine guns. >Lotr:Gollum, Daedalic Entertainment GmbH, 2022-06-19 This is still in development? Ok. >Titan Quest 2 I'll be honest, Titan Quest was boring. I couldn't get into it, the +5% damage on abilities was so unimaginative and boring. I tried, I really did. Maybe this will be better? >Vampire the masquerade, hardsuit labs, 2023-12-11 Hah, it's gonna be so fucking bad. >Vampire project, Big Bad Wolf, 2022-01-13 Let me guess, it's gonna be even worse than Bloodlines 2 or the battle royale game that was just released? >Warhammer Darktide, FatShark Games, 2022-03-18 I've heard that with these games, it's better to wait than get into them immediately. Probably true, as I will have to buy it on steam for any multiplayer funs. Single player will always be superior.
>>457723 Oh they're furious, the replies on the original post I saw this on were all things like "There's no reason to own a Playstation anymore" and "Guess I don't need a PS5 after all"
>>457887 This was released by the same crowd who released the last leak, which has turned out to be highly accurate. Are you trolling or did you not see that one? This one isn't 1:1 the same with the last leak, this is all games that had release dates associated with them. Some of those dates can be pushed back and some seem to be placeholders.
>>458002 Imagine the retards that spend up to a 1000 buckaroos from a reseller
>>457638 Star Citizen uses Cryengine and Ubishit has been using a fork of it for years to make their Far Cry and Ass Creed games unless they swapped everything to Snowdrop recently. >>457655 >>457708 If it's not remastered ports with some of the lost content I do not fucking care. I shudder to think how they would butcher the games with the nuRE style of development that involves cutting content and fucking up designs/characters left and right. It would also be hilarious because Capcom lied about how the games wouldn't work properly on PS3 back in the day when people wanted ports. >>457655 >>457719 It was a competently made game that wouldn't have been so bad if it was called something else. In terms of gameplay it's actually smoother than MGR despite the awful characterization and plot.
>>458025 Dunia isn't a fork of Cryengine, it's it's own thing
(96.65 KB 2362x240 ClipboardImage.png)

(285.41 KB 974x885 anon_tired.png)

>>458046 Just checked, I was sure it was developed and used first for Assassins Creed first as it's own thing.
>>457608 >>457610 And people wonder why everyone is only making franchises and sequels and remake. America story sounds like its gonnna be sweet and attract tumblr crowd. >>457602 I think the ones stated as 2023-01-01 just means a 2023 year release, and not a fixed date. Nobody releases game on 1st jan >>458046 I cant read ant images
>>457602 >Nvidia Goddammit, I was hoping for something related to the cards themselves. Like maybe the firmware keys so nouveau can finally run like not-shit on newer cards.
(81.81 KB 800x600 tired_of_this_shit.jpg)

>>458056 Click on the thumbnail retard.
>>457777 Battlesector is shit. It's the same deal of other recently 40k games where you have kind of solid base mechanics except you have very little single player content. Also because the developers can't actually challenge you in any meaningful way they just spawn big army stacks out of thin air when they need to.
>>457957 She's not even an inquisitior, she's a cleric sort of like a Redemptionist. >>458043 Anon, it's called Far Cry because it uses (modified) Cryengine. I shouldn't have had to point this out.
(23.16 KB 498x358 disney donald fully erect.jpg)

>>457602 >>Ghost of Tsushima (PC port) 8th of February 2022
>>457957 Hey fuck you man, ogryns as playable characters is a neat thing, they are the melee unit of my army.
>>458117 I'd rather take average IG
>>458096 FarCry hasn't been developed by Crytek since the first one They could have been using a completely different engine, the title doesn't mean shit or tie with the engine.
>>458137 What is the "average IG"? Because there's all sorts of really cool flavors of IG they could have gone with but instead they went for standard cadian who are the IG posterboys, Inquistors and fucking Ogryns.
(63.24 KB 273x322 tired_russian_cat.jpg)

>>458139 Why are you still posting? The first game is what set the naming trend so he's still correct dumb ass.
>>458146 A FarCry game could be done with any other engine retard, that's what I'm getting at. >>458143 Cadia
>>458156 Not shit Sherlock, unfortunately for you that is where the series gets the name.
(166.20 KB 1321x910 cadian.jpg)

>>458143 Well, cadia is the most standard and even if they arent cadian, cadian patterns are so universal they became the standard of the IG across the galaxy, hence why the cadian M36 rifle is called "galaxy pattern".
>>458139 >>458156 >I could have been right, I just happened to be wrong Definitely a worthwhile post. Just take the loss and move on.
Wait a minute >Batman: Arkham Insurgency Is this Gotham Knights or an entirely different game?
>>458162 I think in lore the reason is that Cadia provides a lot of training and advice to other planets when they form their own guard units and planetary defense forces that they end up looking like Cadian units.
>>458191 Yeah, its a mix of thing, they have colonized lots of worlds, as you said they train other forces and also they produce a fuckton of equipment and share their patterns because they cared only about fighting and winning.
>>458163 >It's called FarCry so the engine should be CryEngine related Are you 12 you fucking retard?
(13.86 KB 374x300 Sisqo - It never happened.jpg)

>Final Fantasy VII Remake in June 2022 >Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster in February 2022 I dunno...
>>458204 The FF7R is probably a PC port.
>>458215 very smooth here's your reddit gold
(9.05 KB 128x128 shrug.png)

>>458210 Yeah, I know it's a PC port, but it's unlikely that the FF7 Remake will happen on PC until FF7 Remake is completed.
>>458203 You must be even younger considering you seem to be unable to understand the order of cause and effect. And yes, I'm sure it's a total coincidence that the other flagship game CryTek made for EA was called Crysis. Not very subtle are they?
>>457612 First/last day of December or January are likely placeholders for the year alone. >>458231 There's Gundam Breaker 3 at a good framerate. Sadly Bamco doesn't look like they're porting it.
(48.77 KB 460x215 header.jpg)

>>458239 (C)ryse is a bit more subtle
(9.53 KB 204x300 adf45345.jpeg)

>>458204 i wouldnt believe it either but Actraiser of all things came out for steam during the last leak
>>458239 FarCry after 1 was not made by Crytek you absolute fucking retard, it was made by Ubisoft. They don't have to keep up the name gimmick you goddamned retard. How old are you?
(143.62 KB 522x457 ps4 nogaems.png)

>>458231 It's been years since I've heard that joke I made an image based on it years ago but lost it, here's a recreation
>>458355 OK anon, when we find a parallel universe where Crytek didn't use a lame naming scheme for all their flagship engine tech demo games, I'll be the first to say you are now correct. You can stop quadrupling down on being wrong now.
>>457602 >Dune 23rd of April 2023 That's got to be a DUNC game and nothing of value. The characters were devoid of character and I can only imagine the voice actors doing better
>>458604 Dunia doesn't have Cry in it's name despite being a CryEngine fork you dumb nigger Just because a Ubisoft game is called FarCry doesn't mean it needs to be using CryEngine. Ubisoft isn't trying to sell a game engine. How is this hard to understand?
(54.97 KB 300x200 (you).gif)

>>458708 Very hard, considering you are arguing against a strawman you stupid nigger. Far Cry gets it's namesake from Crytek which Ubisoft arranged to have the rights (for both Far Cry franchise and to have perpetual access to CryEngine which is used for their updated Dunia forks) for it. Far Cry would be called something else if it didn't originate with Crytek developed and CryEngine using Far Cry. You can only CRY harder about it.
>>458708 >>458734 You guys are still arguing about this huh
>>458734 You stated here >>458096 that the game is called FarCry because it's made with Dunia. This is not true and FarCry by Ubisoft could have been made with any other engine. Stop posting, you've moved the goalposts so hard that they are now lodged deep inaide your asshole.
(133.15 KB 935x859 came to laugh.jpg)

>>458771 Oh yes I've moved the goalposts, not you who claimed Dunia wasn't a CryEngine fork. Not you, the retard that ignores that this is how the series got the name. >This is not true and FarCry by Ubisoft could have been made with any other engine But it has that name because it was originally developed by Crytek. Also good job nigger, you cannot into IDs, I'm not even that Anon you think you are talking to.
(472.16 KB 1920x1080 co3.jpg)

2022-09-23 Company of Heroes 3 Is this gonna be any good?
>>458783 Given Relic's track record, no. It wont even have Italian faction at launch from what I heard, despite being set in Italy.
>>458779 >not you who claimed Dunia wasn't a CryEngine fork. Went back on that, read the thread >that ignores that this is how the series got the name. I didn't >But it has that name because it was originally developed by Crytek. So? We're talking about FarCry post 1 you faggot >IDs I have like 6 different ones in this thread alone The FarCry games by Ubisoft aren't called FarCry because of Cryengine, they're called that for branding. Stop posting >>458783 Pre Alpha was super rough but it's better than CoH2, still worse than 1, bit the turn based campaign might make it a decent game.
(260.84 KB 328x500 transformerswelles.jpg)

(1.70 MB 1280x1280 laughs.webm)

>>458797 >So? We're talking about FarCry post 1 you faggot Defer to the other Anon for "cause & effect" Far Cry has that name because the first one was made by Crytek. The series gets it's name from it's origins, CRY HARDER >I have like 6 different ones in this thread alone Nice, sidestep that you can't even tell other posters apart by them because you're too busy damage controlling for how much of an ass you are. You could have pretended to be someone else and move on from this by now but no! >doubling down this hard Kill yourself, unionically, if you have this hard a time at admitting you fucked up.
>>458826 >Doesn't even mention half my post FarCry made by Ubisoft doesn't have it's name because of CryEngine but due to branding. Deal with it
>>458850 And why is the brand called "FarCry"?
(1013.80 KB 360x203 1467962715178.gif)

>>458850 Well not anymore no, but you can take that particular argument up with someone else. I don't dispute that part.
>>458871 Because it's using Dunia :^) >>458874 Then read the thread autist
>>457723 Once Bloodborne comes to PC it will be official that there isn't any reason to own a gaystation 4 or 5. Although buying a soyny console for one game would be retarded anyway when emulation exists.
>>458096 >Anon, it's called Far Cry because it uses (modified) Cryengine It's called Far Cry, because the protag of the game is transported to a place so dangerous and far from home that it made the player/protag uncomfortable. And because it was to be named after the company and their engine. It's both a name designed for marketing and a reference to the Cryengine.
>>458771 That wasn't me, by the way. I don't (usually) change IDs. I find it funny that you have perpetually rolling IDs and yet you are still this focused on saving face for simple lack of research. All I meant was that the name "Far Cry" should have been a hint that you should double-check before posting. It was just a lighthearted jab, but of course you went for the classic imageboard poster move of assuming I was trying to say the most idiotic thing possible as seriously as possible in order to make yourself look less silly. And now you're trying to argue that Far Cry "could have" changed its whole franchise name even though Ubisoft went through the effort of striking a deal with Crytek so they could have the rights to the name? What is the point, man? You could have just ignored it and no one would have known any different thanks to your VPN. >>458783 It will probably be middling and not as good as 1, it's clear that they were playing it safe when they picked Europe again and not the Pacific Theater. Their reasoning for not doing the Pacific was very weak and something along the lines of "We couldn't figure out how to implement Japanese faction mechanics in a way that made sense." Which tells me that they're failing at game design, quite explicitly. They really wanted to make sure it was similar to CoH1 and didn't want to try too many new things so people would come back to the franchise. And frankly, I don't have that much interest to play as the Italians, who performed rather poorly in both world wars and were in large part propped up by Germany on the Mediterranean Front. The US was even able to pull mafia strings to create their own paramilitary spy network, look up Lucky Luciano. Also breaching is fucking pointless and must have been suggested by whiners. There are already several counters to garrisoned infantry, usually available from the start of the match. They were never overpowered unless you are just bad at the game and never bothered to understand army composition or counters. It doesn't fill me with confidence if they're going to make the classic blunder of design by listening to people who whine the loudest on the forums. I really hope it isn't going to turn into a clownish game of "let's trade places" as infantry constantly de-garrison to avoid taking damage from breaching. The garrisoning squad could de-garrison to avoid a breach, then when the attacking squad garrisons, the formerly garrisoned squad could breach them back, and so the cycle would go on. As long as they don't lock army doctrines behind either a paywall, or way too many hours of grinding, it will still be better than 2 though.
(10.58 KB 368x263 justlogo.jpg)

>>458785 Wait, seriously? They aren't going to have Italians at launch? Wow, they are making the Italians look even worse than I just described in my last post.
>>458879 And the emulation for PS4 it's Even better than the emulation Of the fucking NES, right? Fucking brainlet
>>458896 >>458900 The Italian soldiery fought bravely, I want to see them represented like their Axis allies have been. But without the one sided evil image they got preferably
>>458904 >brainlet Back to cuckchan. >And the emulation for PS4 it's Even better than the emulation Of the fucking NES Learn to speak English actual retard, PS4 emulation is fine for some games, although my point was that it's better to have patience for it instead of owning a shitty console that will get dusty after your first month of owning one, unless you're one of those idiots who buy games twice. You suffer from autism.
>>458896 >And yet you are still this focused on saving face for simple lack of research. See >>458043 >>458055 I made a mistake, excused myself and you just added to the confusion >>458096 by stating FarCry has it's name from Dunia (the heavily modified Cryengine), instead of Cryengine. That same post implies that Ubisoft is still keeping the name of FarCry because Dunia is a fork of Cryengine, which is not true, it's just brand name. Adding to that, if I had checked which engine any FaCry game post 1 were using I also wouldn't assume it's because of CryEngine because I would see Engine: Dunia and assume it was it's own thing instead of a Cryengine fork.
>>459112 I think he might be confused by the console only Far Cry games (maybe not the FC1 remake for 7th gen) using a fork of Cryengine but being made by Ubisoft.
>>459139 Instincts was standart CryEngine anon He fucked up, but so did he, which added to the confusion and the mess in half of this thread.
>>459141 >He fucked up *I fucked up
>>459141 I'm fairly sure at-least one of the console Far Cry used a modified cryengine, I even remember a video or infographics about exactly that being posted on a Far Cry thread on 8chan a few years ago.
>>458900 Italians are unsurprisingly not going to be a full faction. They're going to exist as "Detachments" for the Wehr faction, minorly featured in the US and UKF factions as Partisans, and likely make up some portion of the not-officially-announced-but-obviously-coming DAK faction. They're likely to be in at launch, but I dont think there were ever plans for them to be a "fully fledged" faction... Which is fairly logical, given the Wops' lack of heavier vehicles.
>ghost of sushi getting a PC port >still no bloodborne so I'm assuming this is on fromsoft's side then? besides maybe competing with elden ring why not give people that port/60 fps remaster? why is bloodborne the redheaded step-child of from's bunch?
>>459161 >so I'm assuming this is on fromsoft's side then? No, Sony wants you forget their Japanese games and SIE in general. Notice how Gravity Rush is also barely a thing. This is all on Sony
>>459161 >>459169 Could also be because Sony is saving them for a PS5 "remaster".
>>459185 I think they're going to do a full blown remake using Bluepoints engine. So get ready for another butchered Fromgame that's going to be fellated by Leddit and 4cuck alike.
>>457626 >Descent (remake) Remember Descent Underground? That's what this is. The game has been done and releasable, but it got stuck in legal hell between the publisher and the developer because the publisher demanded devs change focus from multiplayer to single player.
>>459223 Doesn't matter it's gonna be worse than Overload. > because the publisher demanded devs change focus from multiplayer to single player. Well for once I don't disagree with a publisher.
>>457626 >go searching for the japanese song >its not there At least i have this vid
>>459225 >worse than Overload Hold your horses there pal, are you somehow implying Overload was bad? I doubt you could make a finer 6dof in the modern era and I feel bold enough to say its far better than Descent 1 and 2
>>460506 Yeah, it got removed I keep archiving everything from Jewtube because that shithole is so bad I can't even find videos with 10K views back from 2010 because the fucking algorithm is too busy shilling their faggot ecelebs and corps. Absolute garbage website, needs to die, needed to die a long time ago.
>>460582 >because the fucking algorithm is too busy shilling their faggot ecelebs Their ugly O faces is so irritating. I can't believe some people find that amusing.

(100.98 KB 300x241 Held.jpg)

>>457626 >They either took into account fan input or it's complete irredeemable garbage, since THQ now owns Piranha Bytes they should really look to them for some input as well. It's just some oversaturated game full of bloom with none of the original mechanics. None. It's like a Tomb Raider 2013 to the Tomb Raider franchise but in ugly.
>>458043 I tried to confirm that right now but instead I ended up with: >Only two to three percent of CryEngine 1 is reused in the Dunia engine, according to an interview with senior product manager Michiel Verheijdt. [2] And what are the other 97 %? Javascript APIs? 3 % can be half the engine. To think that the newest Far Cry 6 from a month ago still has code from Crytek in there...
>Tekken 8 >Street Fighter 6 Those release dates are pretty near. Seems we're getting announcements soon then. >No Darkstalkers >No Power Stone Damn it.
(508.74 KB 900x900 14342819_p0.png)

>>461075 Literally the only reason Dorito Pope's shitty show exists. It better be there because I am not going to tolerate a whole night of tranny twitch streamers getting awards for sucking dick and piano tributes to Blizzard's rape victims. Oh who am I kidding, I'm gonna watch it anyways And yes, Darkstalkers needs to come back. I know there's a lot to be said about >modern Capcom but still, being alive is better than being dead. Darkstalkers deserves to live.
(78.06 KB 640x480 video game wishing device.jpg)

>>461080 >I want my /fit/ catlady, god damnit. She is now a full on dyke after leaving the church to become an atheist.
(117.34 KB 446x224 felicia.gif)

>>461112 woah fuck off anon. That other retard wished for this i didnt wish for shit, look at her smile how you do this to her
>>461021 If it's a remake I wouldn't want it to have the exact same gameplay as the first, if I wanted that I'd play the original Gothic. Then there's the problem of "modern audiences" having no exposure to a combat system that functions like Gothic's did.
>>461147 >If it's a remake I wouldn't want it to have the exact same gameplay as the first Worked with REmake and that's a 10/10 game
>>461146 Monkeyhand doesn't care. Monkeyhand is just granting wish.
>>461165 ill shove that monkey hand into the ass of the monkey it came from if it did that to felicia
>>461146 Sorry anon but it's too late, she has already turned to the coochie side
>>461112 >>461180 Fuck you. t. Donte
It seems this leak is from months ago as many of these releases are out of date. For example, it lists ELEX 2's release as being 2021-11-18, but PB just announced the game for March 1st next year.
(24.23 KB 500x500 1461255625345.jpeg)

>>457602 >>The Elder Scrolls VI >2st of January 2024 >2st
>>479295 First, second and third all having different suffixes to every other ordinal number is one of the many ways English is a complete mess than should have gone under reform centuries ago like most other languages did.
>>479400 Well if you compare English and German you can see why it is: erstens first zwei two zweitens second <- latin word for no fucking reason drei three drittens third <- probably leftover from German forms viertens fourth rest ends with -tens in German and -th in English like viertens fourth And I don't know why you put the ending behind the number anyway. In German we do 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. if they aren't written out.
(144.69 KB 500x254 english.jpg)

>>480402 >latin word for no fucking reason
(210.80 KB 768x1024 Uncleftish Beholding.jpg)

>>480402 >latin word for no fucking reason That's the entire English language. It's around 70% Latin and Greek origin words. Modern English grammar is closer to French than it is German. There's a famous paper explaining atomic theory using exclusively English origin (and if not possible, their closest Germanic equivalent) words and it's noticeably difficult to understand.
>>457626 I hope the classes that are not sorcerer will not be shit like in Dragons Dogma 1, I am expecting triple jumps for warriors and octa jumps for rogues or shit like that. Skills and attacks actually doing damage would also be great. Meanwhile >Sorcerrer laughs in High Maelstrom
>>459161 Can't you just emulate it? The PS3 emulator is pretty competent, although I only ever played Persona 5 on it.
>>480411 Second is the only word that is not comparable to German number words and French has deuxieme. The billion instead of milliard thing is from the USA and not the language itself or Britain. >It's around 70% Latin and Greek origin words. In your dictionary, not in usage. >atomic theory using exclusively English origin Possible and understandible in German. >it's noticeably difficult to understand. For you. Bestands of is besteht aus. Waterstuff is Wasserstoff (hydro literally means water anyway), sourstoff is Sauerstoff and coalstuff is Kohlenstoff. Kernel is the Kern and germanstuff is Germanium. Calling electrons bernstonebits, protons firstbits and neutrons neitherbits makes it a bit hard to figure out though. A firststuff is ein Grundstoff or ein Element. No idea what a cleft is though.
>>480458 a cleft is a division. So "uncleft" would be "indivisible."
>>480462 Thanks
Anon why'd you have to give your thread such a boring ass thumbnail? I only discovered it nearly a month later because of that. I'm glad that FFXVI and DD2 are still a thing though. Sucks how we have to wait 3 years for XVI but at least it wasn't a brutal 4 year long wait for SMTV or 6 year long wait for KH3. No doubt the game will have everything I want out of it I just want it to be fun and at least an 8/10.
(460.31 KB 2829x1937 frozen you.jpg)

>>480519 >Shitting on Orson Welles
(36.46 KB 464x577 curious.jpg)

>>480557 Anon I'm early gen z (late 90s), I just looked him up and I don't care about some old movie making fart who died over 30 years ago. I never even watched any of his movies. What does he even have to do with videogames?
>>480573 >uncultured gen z
>>480573 You are a retard and your age does not excuse your ignorance t. fellow gen z
>>480576 >>480586 I now understand what I just said and how retarded it was and I will accept all criticisms thrown at me. That man is obviously a legend and was greatly talented and disrespecting him by calling him an old fart was unnecessary. I humbly apologize for my rudeness.
(495.20 KB 286x457 bob-animal-crossing.gif)

>>480593 jesus forgives
(5.05 MB 1719x2000 ClipboardImage.png)

(681.88 KB 508x534 ClipboardImage.png)

>>479400 >English is a complete mess than should have gone under reform centuries ago like most other languages did. It did! The early modern English spoken ~1500-~1810 is even more of a mess than current English! The spelling was inconsistent to the point where two publications from the same year by the same educated writer with an editor can spell reasonably common words differently. The letter S had a second appearance (the "long s") that was used at totally arbitrary places (it could even appear literally right next to a normal S!) and looked way too much like an "F". Noah Webster even tried to introduce completely overhauled spelling, but alas only managed to get people to stick to one spelling (and the Brits were too proud to adopt even that, hence why they kept the extrenious "u"s and other stuff). That's not even getting into the English "reforms" that done were mainly to segregate social classes.
>>480573 >>480593 Same generation as you and I know of Orson Welles so being young is no excuse for being fucking retarded. Your parents failed as they produced a turbo sperg.
(55.56 KB 674x243 ClipboardImage.png)

>>480650 >The letter S had a second appearance (the "long s") that was used at totally arbitrary places (it could even appear literally right next to a normal S!) There were rules. ſ was used everywhere except word endings. Sometimes s was used in front of k and b. If words ended in ss then it would look ſs similar to German ſz. >It did! The early modern English spoken ~1500-~1810 is even more of a mess than current English! The spelling was inconsistent to the point where two publications from the same year by the same educated writer with an editor can spell reasonably common words differently. The letter S had a second appearance (the "long s") that was used at totally arbitrary places (it could even appear literally right next to a normal S!) and looked way too much like an "F". Noah Webster even tried to introduce completely overhauled spelling, but alas only managed to get people to stick to one spelling (and the Brits were too proud to adopt even that, hence why they kept the extrenious "u"s and other stuff). That's not even getting into the English "reforms" that done were mainly to segregate social classes. >It did! The early modern Engliſh ſpoken ~1500-~1810 is even more of a meſs than current Engliſh! The ſpelling was inconſiſtent to the point where two publications from the ſame year by the ſame educated writer with an editor can ſpell reaſonably common words differently. The letter S had a ſecond appearance (the "long ſ") that was uſed at totally arbitrary places (it could even appear literally right next to a normal S!) and looked way too much like an "F". Noah Webſter even tried to introduce completely overhauled ſpelling, but alas only managed to get people to ſtick to one ſpelling (and the Brits were too proud to adopt even that, hence why they kept the extrenious "u"s and other ſtuff). That's not even getting into the Engliſh "reforms" that done were mainly to ſegregate ſocial claſſes. If you print a book, you'll lose some pages. >and looked way too much like an "F". It was useful because it makes it easier to read. The problem is that they made f and ſ stop at the baseline when they switched to antiqua, so it's less easy to predict words just from the character heights. In cursive serif fonts it still is the case. Another problem ist that you're retarded.
>>480707 Damn. Hide the image and you'll see which text is longer.
>>480650 >housbonde to husband >moneth to month >an improvement No. Husband is derived from house + bond. House is still spelled house. You want to make it huse? Moneth was probably spelled as written. >iz How can you agree with such a retarded author?
(26.10 KB 532x49 ClipboardImage.png)

>>480707 >f has a stroke on the right. ſ never has If you think that this f and ſ don't look basically indistinguishable, you're delusional. It badly impairs reading to have too forms of one letter where one form is virtually identical to a completely different letter.
>>457602 For some reason I got Dino Crisis from glancing Dead Island and my heart broke when- >Dragon's Dogma 2 Never mind
>>480723 >faded letter Nice strawman. Might as well complain that d is identical to a when the stroke fades away. I and l are so fucking similar in antiqua. People use it to make fake URLs. Before I was written like a J. It was perfect and you fucked it up. And now you complain about the clearly different ſ and f.
>>480707 >>480710 >>480714 >>480723 >>480733 This all started from a silly post where anon noticed OP made a typo, please cease. >>480724 The exact date is probably a placeholder, games rarely release on January first, but the 2023 range is likely the year they're aiming for and considering how long DD2 has been in development I'd be surprised if it were any longer than that.
>>480733 That's barely "faded" at all. It's in good condition. It has imperfections but that's inevitable in print. >Might as well complain that d is identical to a when the stroke fades away. The stroke is much bigger than the tiny nub on the f. In this text as it displays on my computer, the difference between f and ſ is only two pixels. Between d and a is nine pixels. That's a gigantic difference. >I and l are so fucking similar Yes, and that's terrible too. I vastly prefer serifed typefaces where "I" has caps on top and bottom.
Remember that not only are a lot of these dates placeholders (especially those first or last of a month or especially year), they're also likely pre-lockdown dates that never got updated. >>480714 >iz He's demonstrating how his proposed overhaul of English spelling would work by using it. It's not supposed to be in standard English.
>>480736 >The stroke is much bigger than the tiny nub on the f. And why would that be? It wouldn't be because of the new great roman font (the romans never used. It was invented in Britain.) that's so much better than the traditional one? >It has imperfections but that's inevitable in print. Now go ahead and explain why I can read this entire page of 16th century German perfectly fine. And find an ſ that looks like an f please. I can't.
>>480752 >And find an ſ that looks like an f please I don't speak German. I wouldn't recognize an ſ that looks like an f or vice versa, because I have no way of knowing whether a given f or ſ is actually supposed to be that letter or not.
(678.54 KB 1600x900 old-english-crop-new.jpg)

>>480753 Nice strawman. How about this one?
(37.61 KB 727x480 a bit retarded.jpg)

>>480752 >>480754 German has had reforms and new words added in now it's not a super drastic change like others but German has had changes.
>>480756 >German has had reforms Not really except 1999 and onwards. Now they're trying to shit all over it. Up to the end of WW2 we wrote mostly in fraktur instead of antiqua. All those changes are imposed on us by our occupiers. (Russia, France, Britain and USA, now only the USA) People here are so cucked, they say they're lucky we are occupied, so the soldiers spent money here which is bullshit because they get that money from German taxes because Germany still has to pay for the occupation.
We also had our own handwriting. They also abolished it in favour of English handwriting.
>>480756 Dude, German has had such a small amount of changes, that even the accents most likely haven't changed for a thousand years, which I would guess because even during the time of one of the earliest German kings, Otto the Great, it was already recorded (in German that is very readable even today) how the south and north would make fun of their respective accents, which is a tradition well and alive today. >>480760 Nice to see a fellow sufferer in this hellscape of a country is still around. Worst part of the death of 8chan was the loss of Deutschpol, only place I know of that had some nice discussion of events here while avoiding the subhumanism of kc.
(39.25 KB 1280x624 1280px-Sz_modern.svg.png)

>>480650 >it could even appear literally right next to a normal S!) That's because it's a holdover from the German Eszett, dipshit. Two s's next to each other get concatenated.
(85.29 KB 412x490 Todd_Howard_visits_8chan.png)

>>457626 >Fuck Crytek, fucking backstabbing jews >backstabbing jews >jews <The filthy turkroaches I'm not saying one is better than the other, just letting you know what kind of bugspray to use. >I'll take 10 copies, thanks Todd! <Only 10 You're gonna have to do better than that anon.
>>479400 >these unique mechanics need to be dumbed down and made identical to everything else because I don't understand how to do it properly git gud
Wasn't dd2 on the other leak list? What's real and what's fake? Either way it's all bullshit until dd2 does come out.
>>480998 Both leaks are Nvidia leaks, this one is about release dates. Many of them seem to be placeholder dates, though.
>>480998 DD2 was also leaked when Capcom got hacked. They got everything from Monster Hunter Rise on PC, which made Capcom announce it earlier than expected. It also leaked a whole unfinished build of RE8. The Nvidia leaks just add to the fact, it's happening.
(5.02 KB 190x266 sad kitty.jpg)

>>481281 Monster Hunter Rise gives me fear for Dragon's Dogma 2. Rise was Capcom's most successful single system launch ever. Did in a few months on the Switch what SFV just managed in 5 fucking years on a Gaystation. Dragon's Dogma 2 could be a Switch game then a PC port as Nintendo's tablet is now the dominant system in Japan (and the rest of the fucking world to be honest). I do not hate the Switch but as a PC player it would be disappointing as DD2 might not be visually appealing.
>>481441 Other than the shit graphics for DMC5, Devil May Cry 5 and Megaman 11 turned out very well. I supposed it'll have to be a "wait and see" sort of situation.
>>481441 The majority of Dragon's Dogma's lifetime sales have been in the West. It sold around 1m in Japan while it sold something like 4m across all platforms internationally. Focusing on the Switch for Nipponese players seems silly with that context.
>No entry for Future Tone >No entry for Hatsune Miku >No entry for Project Diva Fuck me. I know PD:FT is basically just a PC in an arcade cabinet, but all the PC homeports only work with Nvidia graphics cards and even if I wanted one, even shit cards from years ago are going for a mint (and probably blown out due to mining).
>>481441 I hardly care about graphics these days when gameplay is so stale and dumbed down compared to games in the past. Besides something like original Dead Rising looks more visually appealing to me than most modern games due to it's art direction and usage of color. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUxJpDtg0Bs
>>481466 Would be a fine point if the Switch was as powerful as a 2006 console to run something like Dead Rising, which it isn't.
Dragon's Dogma 2 gets mentioned a lot lately. In fact, Dragon's Dogma 1 seems to be talked about more now. Which encourages more people to play the game in turn increasing interest in a sequel. I wonder if the leak was intentional.
>>481476 People trying Dragon's Dogma would probably damage DD2 sales more than increase them considering they would now realize that it's a set of assets with good potential and not actually a real video game.
>>481480 Maybe if you'd played the game you wouldn't have posted something so retarded. Who am I kidding, of course you would have. Retard.
>>481511 >defending an unfinished broken game demo because a nip released it for $60 instead of a jew
>>481511 I personally didn't enjoy Dragon's Dogma, it's big, empty and awfully repetitive. The story is just there but ultimately doesn't matter. Some cool set pieces and stand out fights but that's it, the game is clearly hampered by virtue of running on console hardware and its dev time.
(16.01 KB 474x371 OIP.jpg)

>>480519 >>480573 >hating the man the Brain was based on You're not too old for me to put you over my knee, young man.
>>481511 It's true. And the different classes to master are just an excuse for how empty the world is. The story is shit and the big map only consists of paths from place to place which again only serve to make you spend your time walking there. >>481534 This.
(65.70 KB 936x160 aged badly .png)

>>481447 An anon said the same about any new Monster Hunter game over a year ago and within weeks he ate absolute crow. Game companies only care about money and maximizing sales and unfortunately that means games being made for the extra large game and watch. This mean more ports of games that do not look as good as they should and its already happened and happening with games like Daemon X Machina and Monster Hunter Rise.
>>480760 >>480767 So pretty much you've had some changes there and there but it's been pretty consistent for the most part.
>>481574 Anon that was my post and yes, I indeed did fuck myself. Thank fucking god the game is coming out on PC now, at least capcom isn't truly pants on head retarded and knows how to please it's audience. Everyone wins at this point. You can play MHR on the go and soon on the best hardware available. All is well that ends well.
>>481574 >>481865 Anon the fact you came on to own up to this post took some fucking nuts.
(19.05 KB 500x367 carl,os.jpg)

>>482030 >Anon the fact you came on to own up to this post took some fucking nuts And some bolts.
(14.09 KB 679x370 carlos!.png)

(408.87 KB 1266x688 Carlos 1593366265388.png)

(44.85 KB 244x200 Fuck you Carlos.jpg)

(592.99 KB 499x1080 Getter Arnold.jpg)

>>482484 >A sniper rifle Arnold has far better weapons to deal with Carlos and the dinosaur menace
>>481865 >at least capcom isn't truly pants on head retarded and knows how to please it's audience.
>>457626 >Dead Island 2 >Could be fun before Trump was elected, it's sure to be fucking garbage thanks to Deep Silver I keep forgetting dead island the series even exist. Outside of decent RPG gameplay. The series nothing to write home about.
>>459112 I’m surprised Ubisoft writer confirming the jackal from far cry 2 was Jack carver from far cry 1 spark rumors of a far cry 1 remake. Than again far cry fans care about 2 than the original.
>>457602 >Nvidia I enjoy not abusing my RAM personally, also not very Loonix friendly.
>>482765 What? What are you talking about you stupid Linux penguin? This has nothing to do with Nvidia hardware or drivers, this about a leak from their database of games. You spend all day reading manuals and bug solutions, I didn't think you'd have such a problem reading the OP.
>>481537 >>482759 Huh, I figured event wouldn't follow the rest of the anons here after the DmC threads on 4/v/
(61.05 KB 720x960 DmC2.jpg)

>>482861 DmC is old news It's all about DmC2 now
>>482869 >he's still pushing this
>>482875 >It's totally just one person Still can't take a joke
(2.22 MB 1920x1080 DmC2.mp4)

>>482889 FUCK YOU
(28.39 KB 514x343 fuck you.jpg)

(17.19 KB 259x267 senordante3.jpg)

(661.71 KB 1920x1080 donte.jpg)

(870.82 KB 635x822 dmc_286991.png)

(1.74 MB 1280x1476 UNGA BUNGA READ.png)

>>482878 >It's totally just one person Oh yeah, this is definitely him
>>483024 Every single IP complaining about it is Mark. You can't prove me wrong
>>483192 Thats some /cow/tier logic.
(234.04 KB 480x675 Minecrap.png)

>>483200 I guess Mark frequents /cow/ then considering everyone making fun of DMC5s awful character models is the same fucking person.
Apparently there were even more leaks recently, does anybody have them?
(61.25 KB 512x421 dant do it.jpeg)

I'm not playing Donte 2 ever never.
So how many of these leaks have been confirmed or come true, how many have been proven false or are likely so, and how many are still undetermined?
(33.86 KB 475x543 black man.jpg)

>>507947 a good amount have actually been confirmed. >>507933 >DmC2nigger stop
>>507997 Oh don't set him off, man. Leave the sperg alone.
>>459161 Elden Ring is about to come out. Either they don't wan to spend on publicity at the same time or don't want people only buying one game.
>>507997 >>508001 >It's only one person DmC2 BAYBEH!!!
>he hopped off of Tor to samefag as "totally an unrelated anon"

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