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(132.76 KB 900x506 Roguelike.jpg)

Roguelikes, Roguelites and randomised content in general Anonymous 11/13/2021 (Sat) 02:37:20 Id: 1e5d08 No. 465323
Let's talk about those games, and to avoid any stupid arguments, let's use the terms roguelikes to talk about turn based randomly generated RPG games in vein of Rogues, and roguelites as games that were inspired off of them. >Roguelikes <I still like Crawl quite a lot though I have to play forks to not get mad at the amount of fun, interesting mechanics that were thrown out of it for no reason. <Is QUD worth playing? I know it's made by a bunch of faggots, but is the game still worth getting through? <Any fun dungeon crawler Roguelikes that do something actually interesting? >Roguelites <Golden Light is interesting, fucked up and fun. <Isaac is great but gets too repetitive for me by now. <Inscryption was great when it actually was a Roguelite, but the game is still good <I'm thinking of playing Hand of Fate again but don't know if it's really worth it <Streets of Rogue is very fun <Very interested to see if Darkest Dungeon 2 will be fun
Which RL is that in OP? It's DCSS isn't it? Or Nethack?
>>465380 It's DCSS
(58.72 KB 1200x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

>tilesets but fucking why?
What would you expect from a roguelike that emphasized verticality?
>>465407 I just grabbed a random image for the thread
(85.08 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault (1).jpg)

Door in the Woods is alright, pretty simple but has a nice atmosphere to it. And I have a soft spot for horror roguelikes Though not sure if it qualifies seeing as the map is pretty much set. It has some cool effects.
>>465323 <Any fun dungeon crawler Roguelikes that do something actually interesting? Give Tales of Maj'Eyal a shot OP. Lots of fun classes and the game is mostly very fair when it comes to the challenge it presents to you, even if it is hard as balls. Finishing a run takes about a day or two once you get a hang of things, but you can certainly speed through it a lot faster once you really gitgud.
>>469629 I will try it, right now I'm playing Qud and it's fun, but I also got a fucking book written by Q girl and was annoyed at how retarded it was.
>>469629 Tome4 is a very unusual roguelike. It's almost more of a Diablo-ish Action RPG, although it's turn- and tile-based. All character actions besides walking are abilities, and most nontrivial ones have cooldown timers and use easily regenerated resources, of which there are a wide variety that are regenerated in very different ways. There's very little long-term consumable resource management. There are basically no consumable items except for a few artifacts that permanently change gameplay or character stats; gold is an exception to this, and is mostly useful to fill in loot deficiencies in the early game or, in the standard campaign, to effectively gamble for good late-game equipment if a certain quest is completed a certain way and a certain NPC isn't killed (which shouldn't happen but can, rarely). There is no food timer and only in certain instances is there explicit time pressure. A few certain classes have "steamroller" type pressure to keep moving from enemy group to enemy group before some bonus expires or a resource drains away, but most characters are going to want to rest to fully restore resources (at no cost) between groups of encounters. So, basically, each group of enemies (they aren't explicitly grouped but are roughly grouped just by how they are distributed across the maps) is approached afresh with no worries about running out of Wand of Death charges or anything like that. Inventory management is part of the game play, though, in the looter-shooter sense of regularly checking loot for better equipment, since monsters drop a lot of crap in this game and you're encouraged to carry it around for a while with regular pauses to clean out your zero-weight loot bucket. The bulk of the game play is approaching and getting through loose groups of enemies without being killed, and game progress largely revolves around getting to and killing a list of boss enemies much longer than that of your standard roguelike. If I sound like I'm down on the game: I'm not. I played a lot of it to the point where I only really see the skeleton of the game behind its flesh. There are a few aspects of individual runs that get some players very frustrated, although mods can fix pretty much all of them. For one, in the main campaign certain optional side areas are only available at random, determined (I think) when a character is generated. Now, there's a level cap, and so that both means that some characters don't get to the cap as quickly and that loot potentials for those characters are slightly decreased. For another, a set of early game bonuses may be extremely easy or extremely hard to obtain, and because the rewards from those can include free abilities, there is some uncertainty in character planning. Also certain fairly important (but optional) NPCs can be killed through poor choices or bad luck, and though that won't kill a run it certainly can be extremely frustrating. As I said, though, those are more or less fixable through mods. It's important to mention that the game does support lua, so behaviors that you hate can usually just be modded away. It's probably worth looking at if you like build autism or just don't like the typical kitbuilding-style long term planning of your average roguelike.
>>465425 to not happen
>to avoid any stupid arguments You introduced the stupid arguments by slapping an impossibly broad category of real time action trash onto the same thread as an extremely narrow band of antiquated turn based trash. The only commonality is the use of tedium and obligate memorization in the place of any difficulty or interesting gameplay. >>469629 >>469965 te4 isn't a roguelike but more importantly it sucks cock and balls all day and all night. I'm not convinced that there's any problem with it that isn't down to being a *band (other than the UX) but not only is it not even a good *band (no such thing) it's not even good amongst *bands. IA is pretty cool, I was playing it around halloween. It's dumb in a fun way, the sort of thing you hope for from one man shows. Also the default sound effects blow out your ears especially when you're deaf for a while and the ambience starts again suddenly, very spooky.
>>470347 Risk of Rain is great but I would be surprised if anyone here doesn't know it.
>>470347 >>470386 Here's a question, do you anons prefer 1 or 2's OST? 1 OST overall is better in my opinion, but 2 has a couple of standouts.
>>469629 >Tales of Maj'Eyal Unbearably slow and very very samey. The game is chock full of trash mobs that you auto kill only to stumble on some random uber boss that 2 shots you every couple of maps. That is unless you go brawler and become a invulnerable god that just auto kills the whole game.
>>465425 Randomly generated staircases, roll to not trip and fall, fall duration is random, the object is to reach the top of the level. I call it Stairway to Heaven.
Why is caves of qud so boring outside of the story dungeons?
>>471312 Random generated content can only do so much. Also CoQ looks like ass and devs are bunch of faggots.
>>471335 >Random generated content can only do so much I think this point is wrong. Random generated content can do way more than we could ever dream, but that would take a whole lot of effort that nobody wants to put into their generator. Everyone just settles for "put a bunch of samey rooms connected to one another = dungeon".
>>471335 CDDA seems to do ok with its genned content. Or at least it had different locations. Qud is just cave #134. Speaking of CDDA it lookd like there is a fork called bright nights that tried to unfuck a lot of the Kevining done to mainline. It also adds a few things like power grids for houses.
A lot of people like Risk Of Rain, but when I finally gave it a go it never clicked with me. I spent an hour or two slamming my head against the RNG, trying to make a build that worked out for me, but I never got past world 3. Yeah yeah I know, git gud and all that, but the process of gitting gud wasn't fun at all. The lack of unlockables early on didn't help.
>>472420 Just play the actually good one.
(181.24 KB 522x720 Hades.jpg)

literally Daddy Issues: The Game
>>487112 To be fair when your daddy is as cool as Hades is you're going to have issues when you're as much of a faggot as Zagerus is. >>472420 I think RoR's biggest issue is the balance because the gameplay itself is super fun. I'm less harsh on it compared to my "review" in the what are you playing thread because I realized Starstorm 2's typhoon is a bit too much for certain characters but I still maintain that some items and some survivors are too dependent on luck during the early game. Not to the point of being unplayable but to the point of some runs just not being that fun.
>>487113 Zag isnt a fag, hes a rebellius teenager and a achilles fanboy, so he wants to go out and see the world.
>>487114 He's bi (A fag) because the devs fell for the gay greeks memes or are deliberately perpetuating it because they're pozzed. Sure you can never pick any gay options and headcanon him as being straight but that's all it will be, headcanon.
>>487114 >>487119 I meant fag as in he's some skinny twig compared to his dad and his voice grates on me a lot. I just like his dad and I wish you were actually playing as him against the rest of olympus instead, actually.
*image collage
(271.81 KB 1920x835 nam-kwok-hades.jpg)

>>487123 He really isnt a twink, zag is quite built, the proble is that hades its super huge and fucking ripped, so he looks like a bitch in comparisson because he just looks like a muscled guy.
After hearing so much about the Binding of Issac I tried to play it, and the game really isn't fun. The movement feels horrible, the game is ugly, attacks are really slow and the game seems built from the ground up to be pure RNG hell. Is this what passed for a quality indie ten years ago? >>487128 >100% Totally Straight Not Gay Never Gay Straight Pledge I miss when Sam Hyde was actually funny and not spouting schizo shit into a camera for an hour.
>>487131 That's my point, Hades is just cooler and I wish I could play him slapping around Demeter and Poseidon or something. I can always imagine that's the plot of Apotheon but still.
>>470280 IA got updates for the worse so I can't imagine it having a bright future
>>487128 >The hatred of gays came from Christianity No, there's quite a few civilizations that were quite hostile to homosexuality or at least required it to be kept subrosa in some way. >during the Middle Ages, well before the Hellenistic era My dude WHAT?
Reminder to always keep your little girl on a leash lest she fall down a well.
>>487537 >My stupid Magcargo snail character gets reposted in every thread It's an strange sort of feel Has Elona+ updated at all in the last 5 years? I never really got to the southern province
>>487660 Anon, the plot's finished. The third act's complete. There's even been a guy who took up the E+ Custom reins to unfuck the game from the shitty balance decisions that've been made the last few years the details of which I completely forget. Ano's poking around at all kinds of stuff now, although I thought it'd been said he was wanting to move on from E+ so I must've heard wrong.
>>487660 The fork with most gameplay content is called Elona+ Custom GX.

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