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(9.84 MB 360x360 Omae Wa Mou.webm)

(3.46 MB 640x480 petersonian.webm)

(3.87 MB 854x480 tentacles.webm)

webm thread Anonymous 11/15/2021 (Mon) 07:32:34 Id: 5d2ae3 No. 467206
New thread because the last one is bumplocked
>>467211 I wish the singers had much deeper voices like the classic singers, would've been more authentic
(5.29 MB 552x480 George Plays DDR.webm)

(7.28 MB 1280x720 beetles.webm)

(3.34 MB 640x358 Columbine_Force.webm)

(5.48 MB 640x360 brock was right.mp4)

(24.09 MB 1280x720 ass man.mp4)

(7.77 MB 640x360 Galant.mp4)

(3.06 MB 320x240 8bitUV.webm)

(2.52 MB 640x360 Chris Chan On Tucker.webm)

(5.38 MB 424x320 AOTS Fat.webm)

(5.25 MB 480x320 AOTS Inflation Fetish.webm)

(1.82 MB 720x480 Olivia Munn Feet.webm)

(2.16 MB 1280x720 Bone Goblin.webm)

(78.50 KB 350x42 Bone Goblin Stairs.webm)

>>467232 >When television gaming sloots catered to footfaggots in the audience Man has regressed so far from this peak.
(31.85 MB 960x576 Wolfwalkers.webm)

>>467299 Did you made this thing? You know, at this point I thing you shouldn't need a big resolution. I honestly prefer a 256 x 144 in 144p resolution with decent audio rather than a 1280x720 but with a shitty re-scaled
(4.52 MB 854x480 Kenosha Kid.webm)

(3.38 MB 768x402 Live round in that prop.webm)

(461.41 KB 600x360 Smells like Heroic Spirit.mp4)

>>467447 I love neco arc memes for some reason
(4.38 MB 320x240 1565752396331.webm)

>>467538 A wonderful relic from the 2000s that's ever lasting to this day.
>>467563 Have some more.
>>467770 GMOD is my religion
Fucking board ate my webbum
(7.11 MB 640x360 absolute inner torment.webm)

>corrupted file Fuck
(214.92 KB 640x360 neco-arc-dance.mp4)

(523.01 KB 394x360 Neco arc dance 2.mp4)

(20.15 MB 1280x720 KAIN REFUSED THE SACRIFICE.mp4)

(10.22 MB 1280x720 Sam Hyde Fallout Redpill.mp4)

(23.17 MB 1280x720 Spic Teletubbies.mp4)

>>467822 I like how that video cuts out the part where Sam says Fallout 3 is a damn good game
(5.37 MB 454x480 1436464640450.webm)

(12.66 MB 1024x576 DOUBLE_KO.webm)

(1.89 MB 640x360 mike rowe on waifus.webm)

(1.26 MB 640x430 Newfag's first day.webm)

>>467354 Resolution really only affects the lower bound of a video's bitrate. Making the resolution smaller won't make the audio's bitrate larger than the quarter of the video's bitrate it is now.
>>467839 Holyshit this is gold!
(9.09 MB 1280x720 Untitled Killer 7 Reference.mp4)

(9.82 MB 1280x716 POSTAL 2 NPC.mp4)

(1.72 MB 1920x1080 Iago tells a joke.mp4)

(1.06 MB 1280x720 Love Is an Open Door.MP4)

>>467299 Fucking incredible, anon. What's your secret? I want to post long ass webms too!
>>467839 heh >>467881 I don't know what it is but anything about Villanous makes me smile. The thought that something with actual love and care can still exist in this faggy world makes me happy.
(11.92 MB 1366x768 Vita Propaganda (1).mp4)

Why don't you own a PS Vita yet anon?
>>468320 I have a gaming rig so all consoles and handhelds are equally worthless to me.
>>468267 2 pass encoding is a must. I also like to use "-deadline best" which will balloon your encoding times (the final encode of Wolfwalkers took either around 33 or 57 hours, I only track the start and end times so I'm not sure if it was 1 or 2 days between 16:17:47.90 and 5:41:35.69), but I find the extra little quality you can squeeze out to be worth it at these low bitrates. Lowering the frame rate and resolution will help the encoder to not overshoot your bitrate. I prefer to lower frame rate first to a minimum of ~12 fps before touching the resolution, but it'll depend on the content you're encoding. If you do touch the resolution make sure it's divisible by 4 otherwise you might get a green bar along the edge of your video. This happens when the video has chroma subsampling and the edge pixels of luminance don't match up to chrominance so you get color bleed into the black area. I recommend using a bitrate calculator, something which you input a time and a file size and get a bitrate back out. I've found that VP9+Opus have about a 3-4 kbps overhead, so make sure to subtract that out of the equation. Opus seems to handle extremely low bitrates better than Vorbis; I find it produces clearer speech. Be careful when going lower than 6 or 7 kbps as at some point libopus will give up and not encode anything for you, so make sure you check your output file once it starts getting filled that it actually has audio in it. I usually down mix to mono, but you can get smaller sizes using stereo or more channels. One strategy I like to use to get as close as possible to a specific file size is to not encode audio as low as possible. This allows me to re-encode and re-mux the audio if the total file size is larger than specified which is orders of magnitude faster than re-encoding the video. Do note that Opus only cares about bitrate differences in 100 bps increments (10.1k and 10.2k will have different sizes but 10.10k and 10.19k will not). ffmpeg -y -i "%%a" -c:v libvpx-vp9 -r 11 -b:v 31k -passlogfile "%%~na" -pass 1 -deadline best -tile-columns 0 -frame-parallel 0 -row-mt 1 -auto-alt-ref 1 -lag-in-frames 25 -an -s 960x576 -f webm NUL ffmpeg -i "%%a" -c:v libvpx-vp9 -r 11 -b:v 31k -passlogfile "%%~na" -pass 2 -deadline best -tile-columns 0 -frame-parallel 0 -row-mt 1 -auto-alt-ref 1 -lag-in-frames 25 -aq-mode 0 -c:a libopus -ac 1 -b:a 8k -s 960x576 -f webm "newfiles\%%~na.webm" These are the commands I used to encode Wolfwalkers. "-y" suppresses the "would you like to overwrite these files" prompt. "-i" marks the next option as the input file. "-c:v libvpx-vp9" tells ffmpeg to encode the video with VP9. "-r 11" sets the output frame rate to 11 fps (make sure "-r" comes after your input file). "-b:v 31k" sets the video bitrate to 31 kbps. "-passlogfile "%%~na" -pass 1" tells ffmpeg to generate the passlogfile needed for 2 pass encoding. "-deadline best" as mentioned before this sets the speed of the encoder there's "good" and "realtime" if you're impatient. "-tile-columns 0" tells the VP9 encoder to not split the frame for multi-threaded encoding which increases quality. "-frame-parallel 0" disables multi-threaded decodability which increases quality. "-row-mt 1" enables multithreaded features (probably outdated / not doing anything). "-auto-alt-ref 1" is a complicated option which gives the VP9 encoder more freedom in how it encodes the video, and it improves quality in most situations. "-lag-in-frames 25" allows the VP9 encoder to look farther ahead in the video which can improve quality. "-an" tells ffmpeg to ignore audio (audio doesn't support 2 pass encoding so this speeds up the first pass). "-s 960x576" scale the output to 960x576 (make sure "-s" comes after your input file). "-f webm NUL" output as a webm container into NUL (the first pass doesn't produce any output so we're voiding it). "-aq-mode 0" this disables adaptive quantization which to my understanding allows the encoder to allocate more bits to complex areas (VP9 defaults this to off already so it's not explicitly needed); I haven't really experimented with this so another value may produce better output. "-c:a libopus" tells ffmpeg to encode the audio with Opus. "-ac 1" sets the audio channels to 1. "-b:a 8k" sets the audio bitrate to 8 kbps.
(11.67 MB 1280x720 00 Qan[T] Final Attack.webm)

(11.37 MB 1280x720 nise_op3.webm)

(14.30 MB 1280x720 We jammin to Warcraft 2.mp4)

>>468325 But you can't emulate the Vita, nor the actual joyful experience of playing on one, with a PC alone.
(1012.82 KB 854x480 monkey.mp4)

(4.69 MB 1216x676 dance monkey dance.mp4)

(3.39 MB 578x480 shapeshifters.mp4)

(374.77 KB 796x480 which country will start WW3.mp4)

>>468666 If true, not relevant since I have no interest in emulating it nor anything on it.
(2.16 MB 952x716 ds9-games.webm)

(527.58 KB 960x720 Did someone say games.webm)

I love webms and I love webm posters.
(7.61 MB 1280x720 games press.webm)

(2.45 MB 1280x720 Eggman Nega.webm)

(11.32 MB 880x495 Polar_dooooriftooooooo.webm)

(4.23 MB 1920x1080 Warhammer 1.7k.webm)

>>468440 av1 encodes pretty fast at low res/fps/quality, this 5min video only took about 15min to encode: ffmpeg -i "funny minecraft vid.mp4" -c:v libaom-av1 -r 15 -crf 60 -b:v 0 -c:a libopus -b:a 10k -s 640x360 "funny minecraft vid av1 crf60.webm"
>>469888 The basic compositional idea of the russian roulette cutscene is pretty simple, so it's not a triumph for killer7, exactly, but nevertheless I've always thought that was one of the most effective cutscenes in video gaming. If it's ever remake, be on the lookout for that cutscene to be replaced with a QTE parody where Garcian points out how making the cutscene a QTE makes it completely limp-wristed.
why does the cars explode so fast sometimes, i preordered this trilogy 3 times in australia (PS4+Switch+PC) which is like $300+tax+tip and its so buggy in every version i hope R* will use my money to fix these bugs soon :)
(5.64 MB 1280x720 Penny.mp4)

Ashley and Mona be damned, Penny is and has always been the best.
(194.14 KB 399x465 WWGIT_Gallery_Ashley_1.png)

>>470011 Nah, skulls for the skulls loli.

(8.00 MB 1280x720 kiyomi-gwiyomi.webm)

(6.90 MB 640x360 ray.webm)

>>470011 when making english dubs of these songs how come nobody ever gets a senzawa-tier western loli voice? There's gotta be like a dozen fuckin nyanners and lilypichus and shit flooding in saying "PLEASE LET ME VOICE ACT THE VIDEO GAME"
>>470162 Maybe because they know better than to hire someone like nyanners and lilypichu? If I understood your comment correctly.
>>470168 they do the gay loli voice weebs love, why the fuck not hire them?
>>470169 Two main reasons. First, localization companies refuse to spend the money to hire real talent. The English VA industry is notorious for paying almost nothing even to its biggest "stars". The VAs make their money not through the job, but from convention appearances. Someone like Gura probably makes 10x more in a single stream than an English VA makes in a year. The other big reason is that these companies are incestuous as fuck and filled top to bottom with SJWs that love to gatekeep. The result is that you see the same handful of talentless hacks in all localized video games and anime.
>>470169 >they do the gay loli voice weebs love Really? I find them grating at best.
>>470189 ya but are you a weeb????
(7.98 MB 580x320 sadness.mp4)

(6.72 MB 700x700 WAVE.webm)

(190.33 KB 722x719 homesick.jpg)

>>470193 I dunno. I guess not. I don't know where I belong. Certainly not in this reality.
>>470194 nobody belongs here we were all ripped from the ether
(2.88 MB 1150x1080 Air Conditioner Gondola.webm)

(3.74 MB 760x480 Gondola car crash.webm)

(4.58 MB 854x480 gondola journey.mp4)

(3.14 MB 1280x720 gondola finland landscape.webm)

(6.51 MB 640x360 Gondola_iamready.webm)

>>470196 I woke up angry today, so forgive me if I can't bring anything useful to the conversation. I'm gonna make some food.
(5.31 MB 426x240 funny word.mp4)

(5.28 MB 640x360 sheyell.mp4)

(4.76 MB 1920x1080 wigs.mp4)

>>470197 anger is better than sadness
(22.24 MB 1920x1080 The Hustle [_o7qjN3KF8U].webm)

>>470198 Better than life of this
>>470207 >one chapter of Marcus Aurelius Meditations. Heh, didn't understand shit
>>469938 >why does the cars explode so fast sometimes Oh good, I thought it was just me. It’s SO fucking fast to destroy a car. Sometimes one shot can set it on fire. Yes, I pirated.
>>470162 Most women sound older than they look in Burgerland. The one weird exception comes from many of those Asians. Maybe it's the diet, or the water? Who knows?
>>470162 I know how nyanners sound like what lilypichu sounds like? They only do silly streams and blueball sexual stuff
>>470854 I laughed so hard my guts hurt and my eyes are watering like a bitch.
(5.31 MB 320x240 Dont Bother Me.mp4)

(2.41 MB 1280x720 OK LUIGI.mp4)

(1.94 MB 654x480 Epic Mickey.mp4)

>>468440 >>469467 thank you anons, I'll put those to the test soon enough >>471153 shit, lost my 92 years old grampa very recently and my grandma had exactly the same reaction to the loss

(11.37 MB 640x358 Shercock Sings!.mp4)

>>471180 >>471181 I do not understand
>>471182 I know that in Warzone the aim assist is so great for controllers that the top players all use controller because of how much of an advantage it bestows, I wonder how true that is for other games.
(2.90 MB 1280x720 Modern multiplayer FPS.mp4)

>>471182 This is really only common in the Call of Dutys and Halos of the world, you're not going to see that in most first-person shooters. >>471189 Halo Infinite allows you to aim assist for KB+M as well because their AA is basically aimbot tier for controllers and it wouldn't be fair otherwise.
(226.64 KB 1280x720 mp4)

(709.04 KB 1280x720 CLACKCLACKLACKCLACK.mp4)

(5.99 MB 326x218 Dale_Dancing.mp4)

(1.08 MB 480x360 Ur a Faget.mp4)

does anyone have the of king of pol laugh? I lost it in my dead hard drive
(28.99 MB 854x480 Contagious Idiocy.mp4)

(13.01 MB 1280x720 Niggers vs mirror.mp4)

(2.57 MB 640x360 Videogameguy.mp4)

(3.11 MB 852x480 Shed_some_light.mp4)

(6.58 MB 852x480 Best Ending.mp4)

(18.73 MB 1280x720 are you collecting.mp4)

(5.65 MB 640x360 fallout frontier deathclaw.mp4)

(2.25 MB 638x360 april fools joke.mp4)

(10.42 MB 352x288 Black_Out_-_Video_Games.mp4)

(10.74 MB 1280x720 Bucket.mp4)

One of those didn't load, that's interesting
>>472378 >1st webm kek
(12.63 MB 1280x720 demons souls remake black guy.mp4)

(8.58 MB 640x360 lawbreakers pickle rick.mp4)

(1.66 MB 608x360 Fallout_NV_companions.mp4)

(6.41 MB 1280x720 Dylan_Tale_Sonata.mp4)

(7.05 MB 1056x588 HWNDU_mark_autism.webm)

>>472395 2nd webm is both inspiring and saddening
(22.68 MB 320x240 stupid in the box.webm)

(3.10 MB 1280x720 RedAlert Gals Jack-O pose.mp4)

>>469467 Do av1's crf modes compare directly with vp9's? That's pretty good for crf 60.
>>473157 Also, why does the board sometimes eat my webm files? Let's see if it eats it again.
(6.18 MB 480x360 potion seller.webm)

(3.19 MB 1280x720 mmo fight.webm)

(3.82 MB 1280x720 senran_ass.webm)

(7.45 MB 940x529 80% positive,no lie.webm)

(7.88 MB 640x360 attack on moonbase.mp4)

(5.01 MB 1280x720 Accurate Morrowind Lore.webm)

(25.32 KB 582x568 pciard.jpg)

>>473247 >pol gets caught IRL
(13.52 MB 1920x1080 walk cycle.mp4)

(249.79 KB 720x958 Vengaparty Asuka.mp4)

(3.73 MB 854x854 video0.mp4)

(2.29 MB 960x720 Skinner Vice City.mp4)

>>473284 I hope drood anon returns some day. >>473339 Manm i always felt bad for skinner, guy was a war veteran and a productive member of society yet always gets fucked over by eveyone.
(159.83 KB 332x327 1442429827454.png)

>>472614 >Turning a tank into some kind of biped abomination
(86.13 KB 821x563 Otacon.jpg)

>>473373 Yeah, haha, who would do something like that?
>>473368 Like most veterans?
>>473373 >not knowing about metal gears I don't think you're a real general.
>>473157 >>473183 Re-encoded.
>>473389 Wouldnt know, the last time my country fought a war was against itself.
(634.19 KB 640x480 1434345362311.webm)

(1.07 MB 480x360 1436088047015.webm)

(2.05 MB 640x480 1437791149518.webm)

(3.08 MB 480x360 1437793600222.webm)

(2.90 MB 480x360 1437793608168.webm)

(682.00 KB 600x550 epilepsy fairy.webm)

(5.39 MB 960x720 Erica- loli edition.mp4)

(4.43 MB 480x360 eve online voices, GOTH.webm)

(4.74 MB 512x348 fate archer jack off.webm)

(7.53 MB 852x480 jet set in real life.webm)

(6.97 MB 640x360 jews get bored.webm)

(7.13 MB 320x246 jews.webm)

(4.33 MB 364x360 Johnny Rebel.webm)

(4.45 MB 642x720 ned of the world dance.webm)

(2.16 MB 480x270 magic island gondola.webm)

(5.41 MB 480x360 ross rants.webm)

(2.35 MB 480x360 rooster deathmetal.webm)

(628.48 KB 480x360 TEEDUS laugh.webm)

(9.96 MB 398x1082 The god of Eurobeat.webm)

(3.94 MB 500x210 welcome to 8chan.webm)

(935.94 KB 430x356 white1960s men.webm)

(7.79 MB 320x240 WOKE nogs.webm)

(7.07 MB 600x400 viv sparkle and shine.webm)

(5.35 MB 486x360 william pierce hellsing.webm)

(2.36 MB 1280x720 zuka zuka zuka.webm)

(4.05 MB 640x480 yoko goes on v.webm)

(6.82 MB 640x360 1449298035638.webm)

(1.09 MB 400x300 abo vs dogs.webm)

(1022.72 KB 640x360 akbar1.webm)

(5.61 MB 464x810 dancing snail.webm)

(7.63 MB 100x100 delousing.webm)

(1.77 MB 854x480 DAY OF THE ROPE.mp4)

(4.37 MB 472x360 deshi basara.webm)

>>472395 >third video Does he have more tutorials like that? Sounds cool.
(409.09 KB 1280x720 Autism has become an epidemic.mp4)

(5.40 MB 1280x720 A LEAF.mp4)

(6.68 MB 1280x720 (((Chous))).webm)

(4.77 MB 1280x720 (8chan) V sings Rescue Girl.mp4)

(2.08 MB 960x720 juno_20211116_3.mp4)

>>475848 Why? It seems you used a hard drive recovery software and it assigned generic names to the files
>>475834 2nd Aho girl >>475837 1st Steins gate >>475839 2nd Sora yori mo Tooi Basho 3rd Megumin nachi とびだせ!!バンキッキ (Casual Killer remix) 4th Gabriel Dropout >>475845 4th also Gabriel Dropout >>475840 1st Susumu Hirasawa - Dream Island Obsessional Park, anime is Paranoia Agent 2nd Nisemonogatari >>475840 3rd is also monogatari not sure which season. >>475841 1st street fighter V Rashido Meme video probably lots of em I Don't know if it helped that's what i could Identify.
>>475902 Oops 3rd of >>475846 is also monogatari
>>475845 >2nd webm - Cromartie High Very funny and 4th wall breaking, featuring freddy mercury. Manga reading is recommended by the anime
(5.32 MB 1920x1080 Boob Fight.mp4)

>>475845 Here's a longer version of the Maken Ki clip with sound.
Okay so >>475834 1 Source for music on screen, game I dunno 2 Aho Girl 3 music is some niggershit that was meme to hell sometime ago, pretty sure you'll find it by looking the lyrics, char is astolfo obviously 4 anime is oreimo, live action stuff I don't know 5 [Dru] Ura. Ki no Bouken | The Quest of Ki (The Tower of Druaga) >>475835 1 one of the patlabor anime 2 that's a "Get Down" edit but I dunno the game 3 dunno but there's definitely people around here who do as I've seen sauce being asked and given for it in the past 4 dunno looks like something from a special episode of some random ecchi anime, you can probably explore the nun tag on anidb and find it 5 dunno >>475837 1 That's Steins;Gate 2 Discosex - BetaMaxx, dunno the anime 3 Seikon no Swaser S1, Titanium loli in particular 4 Shirobako 5 Trap Adventure 2 >>475839 1 Amagi Brilliant Park 2 Sora yori mo Tooi Basho 3 Megumin from konosuba, dunno the music 4 Gabriel Dropout with the Spiderman 2 pizza theme 5 dunno >>475840 1 Paranoia Agent 2 Vampire loli from one of the monogatari 3 edit from that one half/f/ animation thing I don't remember the name of 4 Hibike! Euphonium 5 Abenobashi >>475841 1 dunno except that it's Street Fighter but that's fairly obvious 2 Danmachi, dunno which season 3 Ryuuou no Oshigoto! 4 dunno 5 Ueno-San-Wa Bukiyou >>475842 1 dunno 2 dunno 3 that's from Tinkle Bell, dunno which set, it's futa and I think has some NTR though so proceed at your own leisure 4 Juuni Taisen 5 dunno >>475843 1 no idea 2 pretty sure that's from Chaika 3 Wasurenagumo 4 Hibike! Euphonium 2 5 Charlotte >>475845 1 smartphone isekai 2 fairly sure that's Cromartie 3 & Down - Boys Noize 4 Gabriel Dropout 5 Maken Ki >>475846 1 dunno 2 Would guess Space Battleship Yamato but I'm fairly sure I'm wrong 3 Monogatari, whichever has the toothrush rape scene 4 dunno 5 You can read.
>>475968 Correction 4 for >>475846 is 15 Bishoujo Hyouryuuki 3 for >>475837 is Seikon no Qwaser S1
>>475929 Is that the female equivalent of guys swordfighting (with their dick of course)?
(29.97 MB 1280x720 dr_phill_and_alex_jones.mp4)

>>476028 Isn't it obvious?
>>476069 *what the female equivalent of guys swordfighting is I mean. bah, I blew it
>>475846 There's also a sequel to that doomguy video where he gets aggressively woken up by the Demon wife, which then transitions into E1M1
(2.71 MB 1600x740 ClipboardImage.png)

>>475835 >>475968 game on 2nd vid Xanadu Next
>>475835 3rd is a Takashi Miike movie called Lesson of Evil
>>476300 Uh oh somebody leaked out of the Tumblrtale thread.

(6.55 MB 640x360 GASTON CONDENSED.mp4)

(8.38 MB 1280x720 HANDS UP - The Perfect Date.mp4)

(1.62 MB 608x1080 TF2 Heavy finds a Dispenser.mp4)

(6.62 MB 1920x1080 Puddles.mp4)

>>476505 >ideological opposites are the same because they hurt my postmodernist fee fees Get this shit out of here.
>>473425 >Vid 2 WTF I've literally had an idea for a video like that for MONTHS!
>>476571 Totalitarianism is totalitarianism. If you're trying to subjugate the population I don't give a shit what your motives are
>>476657 >things which are different are the same Go be a (((libertarian))) somewhere else.
>>476209 Man that game had some great music. >>476500 What's the deal with Sargon? I've never kept up with him during that time period and now being introduced to him in podcasts that talk about entertainment he very much seems to me like a guy who thinks the world of himself but I have no idea what he even does.
>>476712 >What's the deal with Sargon? The webm comes from a Murdoch Murdoch episode that was released about three or four years ago, back during the "Blood Sports" era of Youtube. The video came, a few days after Sargon had a debate with Richard Spencer, in which Sargon argued that individualism was the best thing ever, while Richard said that a collective team will always beat a team filled with individuals with no common goal. Sargon brought up Kant and other philosophers, and Spencer told Sargon that he "isn't as smart he thinks he is", which destroyed Sargon the Blood Sport era was more about humiliating your opponent, rather than sound debate. This made Sargon spiral into an ego trip, created his own political movement, Liberalism Liberalistism, and that a Liberalist would put the individual above the collective, oh and something about horse shoe theory(something, something, the nazis and commies were just as bad). Most people laughed at him, including Mister Metokur, back when he was still relevant, and obviously his movement failed, then he joined UKIP to jump start his political career, again, this was during the Brexit aftermath, and he tanked the entire party with him, as nobody wanted to debate or acknowledge him, especially since he used the word Nigger on the internet. UKIP lost almost all of their voters, as they went to The Brexit party, now lead by Farage. This was Sargon from a few years ago, now I think he mellowed down a bit, but I haven't kept up with him. He probably realzied, that he will never be anything more than some Youtubeer, and any chance at real world politics are beyond him.
>>476703 This fuckinf voice acting is awful and soulless
>>476703 Is voicing webcomic the new hip trend among normalfags? I remember watching Tails Gets Trolled and Homestuck voiceovers like a decade ago but this is somehow worse and this kind of crap is cluttering my jewtube feed.
>>476740 Several channels cropped up a few months ago specifically doing voice overs for BaalBuddy comics. Somehow they got blessed by the jewtube algorithm and gained followers.
>>476739 >>476740 It doesn't sound any worse than the average free jap dub, only difference is that it being in a different language it's harder to tell when it's "phoned in" or "soulless".
>>476740 >Is voicing webcomic the new hip trend among normalfags? Yes, though I don't know if you'd call a few drawings posted on twitter a comic. >>476747 I think some amateur online VAs actually become funidubs.
>>476747 >that spider VA Oh my.
>>476749 Then I am sure you will enjoy the Spanish dub even more.
>>476748 >Some amateur online va’s actually became funidubs God, you’ve just reminded me. >We live in a time when Runkachunk might actually voice Jolyne in the official dub of Stone Ocean
>>476703 Wait am I a normalfag for smiling and laughing a bit because of that now? I want to make any girl on that list but that chaotic evil girl preggers but I am too broke to take care of a baby :^(
>>476747 >>476757 Is this the same person who did that New Vegas stealth suit comic, the one where she puts on a fucking Twilight Sparkle helmet?
(219.75 KB 1504x906 Helltaker.jpg)

>>476768 I think so. Apparently also the artist for Helltaker.
>>476770 Speaking of which, this webm is actually /v/ related as these are scenes from a free puzzle game.
>>476779 Is that Serious Sam?
>>476770 That's rather unexpected. I only barely know what that is, though. >>476785 >political shit from Twitter >Fox News
>>476809 Considering this is actually somewhat /v/ related, I will risk derailing the thread. The artist made a bunch of webcomics, you can find most of them on a Twitter archive, if you google them, then he made a free puzzle game, based on the stories from the webcomics, which you can get it from here https://vanripper.itch.io/helltaker or steam. As a puzzle game, it's short and sweet, it has the same level of content you would find on Newgrounds, back when flash was still heavily used I think he used to animate in flash, also heard he is partially color-blind, so about 1-3 hours of content, depending on how smart you are. The story is basically, a dude with a demon-girl fetish, goes to hell to gather his demon-girl harem. Later he made a free DLC mission-pack that presents an alternative future timeline, that some people didn't like, but I think it's fine. Right now he continues to make comics from time to time with the characters.
(11.51 MB 960x540 doomsphere warfare.webm)

(3.32 MB 540x360 the power of gentoo.webm)

(2.92 MB 320x240 resident kirbo.webm)

(87.71 KB 640x880 cutes.jpg)

(164.89 KB 1503x911 pat.jpg)

(327.53 KB 640x452 pats.png)

>>476814 you're not derailing, you're providing valuable comment. Its not good that webm threads become dump threads and no one talks about actual content of them Also they are cute
>>467226 >2nd webm That's has never been on German TV and it has never been banned. The filename is a lie. It's just some retarded Source Filmmaker animation and someone put the audio from a German cucumber TV advertisment in the background because haha sausage jokes...
>>476926 No, really? Say it ain't so.
(28.97 KB 474x474 guido.jpg)

>>476733 funny how this guy managed to do more direct impact in his field than any other
>>476959 ugly kike
>>476971 shut the fuck up
>>477068 He's right. He's an ugly rat but good at what he does.
>>476733 if only sargon was actually as good as that webm made him out to be
>>476733 The way you've worded this makes it sound like you're attributing the fall of UKIP to Sargon, which is untrue, he never had that much power, UKIP fall was all it's own damn fault where in fighting by cuckservatives and other faux conservatives essentially tore the party apart from within, then the Brexit party came along and they were essentially just what people wanted from a UKIP so they all jumped ship.
(1.22 MB 496x480 disney liveaction gru.webm)

>>477306 this kind of thing where people form new party and same old faggs jump ship to appeal to new audience is, I don't know, not common in america. How is the party doing now?
>>477091 >>476959 He did it because he has a direct impact on repair policies, as in he is the ground level man affected most from those. And he chose to pursue something that isn't a psych warfare, just few companies trying to play dumb luck with dumb customers
>>476959 That's because Rossmann is genuinely intelligent, a trait nobody in the IBS era possessed. When Rossmann got involved in politics by lobbying he was making national news, getting invited on television and got interviews as an expert. When Sargon tried to get into politics he sunk an entire political party.
>>477793 >a trait nobody in the IBS era possessed I'd say a certain neuro-biologist from the IBS era can be considered "smart", and his book/theory, could one day become mainstream accepted science, sadly he has too much baggage as he is considered a "white supremacist" and a "nazi" so it will probably take some other guy to come up with the same theories as he did, to become accepted. At the very least he was smart enough to censor himself so much that he has survived all Youtube purges, and still has a decent audience, though at the cost of being labeled as a "cuck", though he has other problems like his ego. Posting a webm, to at least pretend to be on topic.
(3.36 MB 900x720 Quark's Stolen Apes.mp4)

(883.55 KB 720x480 Seinfeld Hello, Newman.mp4)

(5.54 MB 1920x818 Inevitable.mp4)

>>477815 >5th Did vinny voice that?
(8.10 MB 640x360 test.webm)

>>478091 >no kissanime watermark missed opportunity
(709.04 KB 1280x720 CLACKCLACKLACKCLACK.mp4)

(5.23 MB 1280x720 I too am Kael.mp4)

>>479321 The fact an actual child Invoker is in the game now ruins the joke about "Kael Jr" for me.
>>479322 On the other hand, I as someone who never played that shit but did play WC and has watched ATHF enjoyed it immensely and it goes unspoiled even after you posted that. This is what not playing shit games does for you, lads.
>>479325 It's not a good enough game for that.
(565.49 KB 368x640 baby jew.mp4)

(14.92 MB 640x480 Believe or not, It's E3.mp4)

(1.97 MB 480x600 best part about meatballs.mp4)

(1.20 MB 640x360 big guy shrugs.webm)

(669.39 KB 550x720 blackest name.mp4)

(8.76 MB 1920x1080 based parrot.mp4)

(2.61 MB 360x640 chainsaw man.mp4)

(7.93 MB 480x270 Christian Ninja Force.webm)

(4.25 MB 640x640 george-floyd-the-anime.mp4)

(73.82 KB 400x454 ???.webm)

>>479660 Ok, in the parrot webm, which song is that parodying? Is it Linkin Park? I swear I've heard it before, but the name completely escapes me.
(403.23 KB 426x320 neutron_cock.mp4)

>>479838 The song is not a Parody. The actual song from is "Can You Feel My Heart" by "Bring Me The Horizon" some British rock band I never heard of until the song started being used in all those Giga chad memes. which the Parrot vid is in and of itself referencing
>>479838 How do you listen to that and think of Linkin Park?
Does anyone have that anime music video that used to be posted in 8chan's /a/ back in 2015-2016, showing a bunch of characters from a lot of anime like Golden boy, Akira and Eva?
>>472378 >black preon based i remember him during gamergate. it was a better time bros....
>>468650 I NEED HELP IDENTIFYING WHAT 2nd VID ARE FROM!!! wtf is nise it looks hella cute
>>480040 I'm not going to completely spoonfeed you, it's Monogatari. Find out which season on your own.
>>480066 (checked) Thank you, kind anon!
(15.65 MB 640x480 Insert_dick_to_continue.webm)

>>479872 >Bring Me The Horizon My fucking sides. Yeah, I know who they are, they have a couple of songs I really like (Throne, Drown, Avalanche, Oh No, Kingslayer, Ludens), so this is so funny to me that I was so close, yet so far away. Thank you for telling me, anon. Have this.
>>480342 >that YOOOOOOO gets me every time that sfx
>>477796 Name of guy alluded to?
>>478091 >No video with supported formate and MIME found. Test failure.
(3.16 MB 480x480 uta.mp4)

>>481500 Where's his turtle shell and golden nimbus?
>>481516 he sold it to buy some games
(10.65 MB 480x360 Women Writers 1.mp4)

(11.40 MB 480x360 Women Writers 2.mp4)

(19.97 MB 480x360 Women Writers 3.mp4)

Thanks to whoever recommended Miami Guns. Show started meh but after the halfway point you start seeing some crazy shit on a regular basis.
>>479872 Man that's a funny webm
>>482390 Im surprised spy doesnt show up talking about de gaulle's free france.
>>482390 Is Kaiserreich actually good?
>>482397 The DH version can be fun.
>>482390 >Heavy supports democratic Russia >"Considering your background" HOLY FUCKING SHIT, somebody who actually READ HEAVY'S BACKSTORY AND UNDERSTANDS HE FUCKING HATES COMMUNISTS LIKE NO GODDAMN OTHER, WHY IS THAT SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND!!
>>482397 Its fun but the devs have a commie bias that its just disgusting wit how many buffs they give to syndicalist nations.
>>482425 It's stated as much in the comics, and I thought the comics were pretty big in normalfag circles.
>>482425 >a rabbi >been taken in by communism I guess Karl Marx has been taken in by Marxism. Totally wasn't his fault.
>>471168 Funke is now an actual tf2 essayist with good points now. I will download few videos too
>>482792 I find most of the TF2 youtubers some faggy emotional wrecks but occasionally I kind of really dig what they do with their game analyses. >>481769 Harlan has always been a hypocrite but some of his stuff is genuinely thought provoking. The advice of not working for free (even though he's a chosen one) and doubling down against political correctness are awe inspiring.
>>482799 MANY of those essayists are self-fellating, i-am-very-smart cherry picking, the-curtains-represent-capitalist-society type with only tangential related to subject, more interested in pretty motion graphics or simply presenting opinions as facts. So finding one who suits you is pretty tough. I do like funke's other videos too, the movement shooters and games I would like to make ones. Too bad discussing about youtube content only leads to sperging and drama. Also you chose 251 webm audio instead of 243 video, I can hear fine in lower audio too. 240p is a bit too low for me. You can waste bandwidth feely
(1.03 MB 800x800 fernfine2.gif)

(1.64 MB 640x360 One struggle against homos.mp4)

(770.23 KB 640x640 i cant breathe.mp4)

>>476500 Sargon's Chuckle Laughter remix is a masterpiece of lolcow content, too bad I can't find it no more >>476500 Ah so that's what Fern was doing before being stranded in the Awful Hospital dimension >>476571 They're all versions of Socialism, it's just the spin on it that is different. https://invidious-us.kavin.rocks/watch?v=eCkyWBPaTC8 Capitalism is the ideological opposite of Socialism, of which Nazism (National Socialism), Fascism (from "Fascio d'Azione Rivoluzionaria" or "Faggot of Revolutionary Action", a Syndicalist, Socialist movement) and Bolshevism (International Communism) all form different spins on the same ideal. I'd rather you watched the whole thing, as it's pretty illuminating, though I know you won't. This guy's a bit of an ancap, so it's understandable if you disagree with him. Though the zaniest part is how literally all ideologies realized QUI is behind all of the pain and misery, all of them too late to do anything of worth about it.
>>482801 >Too bad discussing about youtube content only leads to sperging and drama. That's because fundamentally youtube content is a product, not something made for the fun of it. There's IDFs and roasters for all kinds of youtubers because people need to validate their own choice of watching X rather than Y. I spend a good chunk of the day listening to podcasts from that hell hole and it's insane the amount of non shit content you can find but will never be talked about because it's not economically or algorithmically "good" according to Alphabet. Also, many thanks, I have yet to download any other video barring those I already had because I've run out of available space and need to back up and delete a ton of shit. >>482806 I've rewatched that review several times, there's just something about that game that I have to try.
>>482803 Found it on Bitchute.
>>482808 >>476785 The eye of the tiger one was by far the best one >>482813 Many thanks, it must have been a recent deletion too. I had once found a website that automatically backs up deleted youtube videos, but it was mostly used by Qtards. >>477815 I really like these Don Bluth Seinfeld skits but I am way too scared to ask why the fuck they're furries.
>>482390 15.ai might be a bit crusty but there's something so genuinely entertaining about how the mercs argue about anything. The Pineapple on Pizza and Soldier's holes across the Canadian border ones are definitely my favorite ones. >>482397 It's Aut-History but like rather thought out. If you had to choose between the billions of shitty Hearts of Iron 3/4 mods, you should pick any Kaiserreich, The New Order and Red Flood, as they either change the meta into something much more fun than vanilla or have genuine changes to the entire experience. TNO is practically an Economy Simulator mixed in with Visual Novel elements and unlike base HoI4 it has an actual goal - avoiding thermonuclear war while also becoming an unipolar world. >>482425 Shame we'll never get an ending out of the comics. Anyone even knows what happened to those ideas? The moonbase map is in eternal beta.
>>482808 >it's insane the amount of non shit content you can find Kind share any channels you found interesting. With Freetube/Yt-dlp I find myself more open to just trying out new shit since I don't give it views, ad revenue and I don't get to use Youtube's dogshit site but at the same time a lot of the channels I end up trying on a whim end up pushing me away within the first few minutes, either their editing or comedy style is shit, or they put in zero effort, or they're faggots of the metaphorical sense, or they're faggots of the literal sense, or they simply have nothing of value to say.
>>482826 I use a mix of invidio instances when I like the content but absolutely hate the person making it and youtube when I want to watch long shit and need to remember the timestamp of where I left off. Most what I say here is subjective, so if you loathe the channels, that's fine by me. As far as gaming channels go, I have a hard time suggesting anything because it really depends on what you care about, whether it's some guys like Sseth that just play a bunch of random games and make essays about their qualities or autists that deep focus on a series or a specific game and make hours upon hours of content/modding/competitive shit around it. For non gaming, I suggest you check out without giving views the following ones: https://invidious.snopyta.org/channel/UCfZz8F37oSJ2rtcEJHM2kCg autistic brit ancap who deep focuses on the economic and political aspects of the World Wars, deeply hates Socialism and has hours upon hours of well documented research (as in he read the fucking books) on Allied/Soviet/Nazi war crimes (I learned through him about Operation Keelhaul, for instance). Also has a bitchute where he posts videos that youtube keeps deleting for being too edgy. https://invidious.snopyta.org/channel/UCqoGR_EedlhKDVuWNwYWRbg a collection of supposedly real manuscripts and accounts of various events, translated into english and narrated to give an account of how the world felt like to the people actually living through historic events. Guy's a bit imprecise though as you'll see in several videos people correct the mistakes he makes in clickbaiting the titles, but otherwise the accounts are mostly correct. https://invidious.snopyta.org/channel/UCpa-Zb0ZcQjTCPP1Dx_1M8Q lawyer and insufferable democrat lapdog who I never support by increasing his viewcount, but the non political videos (and some of his political ones too) offer a great deal of insight on the justice system and how it actually works. May be a bit more focused on American law than foreign law, also not really that funny as a person, but plenty of civics information I learnt from watching his shit. https://invidious.snopyta.org/channel/UCJbPGzawDH1njbqV-D5HqKw can't vouch for the entire channel but this guy has some real easy to follow tutorials for various programming languages, much better than most of the trite you can find on youtube at least. In no way does it substitute reading the literature, but it's a good pick-me-up. Got me through a job interview, so there's that. https://invidious.snopyta.org/channel/UCtESv1e7ntJaLJYKIO1FoYw real comfy Anglo-naturalized Russian Jewish professor explaining how chemistry works, going into deep detail about the history of it all as well as showing experiments performed on matter. If you've ever seen the "Shitposting Master" reaction pic, that's mister Polyakoff. https://invidious.snopyta.org/channel/UCbmxZRQk-X0p-TOxd6PEYJA a bunch of 3D tutorials by a guy that makes them look extremely easy to make, not a frequent uploader but what's there is pretty good. Then I do also watch like a billion other channels but usually they're either too autistic or too loud and unfunny, so even if the information they do share is useful, it's usually stuff that can be found elsewhere (say, boards like /pdfs/ kind of elsewhere) in a more digestible format. I also used to watch a bunch of geopolitical channels thinking they had good info to share but they've gradually declined (some guy called whatifalthist is probably the worst offender of this, since his videos look ugly as sin and he doesn't bother to show any sources anyhow).
>>482806 offtopic but hey
>>482806 Sseth's reviews kinda suck now So sanitized, formulaic and boring now
>>482940 It’s hard making “edgy” content when the whole platform is designed to make things as sanitized, bland, and inoffensive as possible. It’s why a lot of people who didn’t leave started to, knowingly or unknowingly, self censor. Those left either quit uploading altogether (like E;R) or moved to an alt-site. Of course, YouTube is not omniscient and things slip through all the time. For example, people have been getting recommended a full uncensored playthrough of Fate/Stay Night recently, all h-scenes intact, that has been up on the site for over a year without age restriction or demonetization
>>482940 He still has a bitchute channel for edgy stuff and whatever he has to take down because of youtube's ToS. >>482947 >Those left either quit uploading altogether (like E;R) or moved to an alt-site. Share some of them for us anon
>>482948 >edgy stuff on bitchute Yeah but that's an archive, I mean he's no longer making interesting reviews anymore He was at his best when he was uncensored and unshackled
>>482864 Either for vidya channels work for me. I find myself going back to re-listening to Tehsnakerer/Ross's stuff and I find myself wanting something I haven't listened to before.
>>482952 The problem is that if the only gimmick is how edgy the reviewer is, then inevitably he will become stale and formulaic. Let's say in one review, he says things like "the Holocaust never happened, but it should have", "Kill all kikes and hang all niggers", "Kikes did 9/11" and "Nuke Africa, Israel, China, New York and Los Angeles" and somehow it doesn't get removed. Well, what can you even say in the next review, to be even edgier, or just as edgy? Let's say he even starts posting CP and gore or some shit like that, that would be edgier, but then what's left to do? How can you top that? If you keep saying the same things, then you become stale, if you tone it down a bit, because he got bored of it, then he is "self-censoring". I enjoy Sseth, as he is a bit more "unique" compared to other reviewers, plus he sometimes plays games I have never heard of, like Highfleet, which looks like the type of game I might enjoy, though I am sure it's thanks to his army of Discord fags, recommending him some "hidden gems", and the basic formula of every review is to insert the latest memes he found on cuckchan his discord fans gave it to him.
>>482819 >I really like these Don Bluth Seinfeld skits but I am way too scared to ask why the fuck they're furries. Tribute in jewish style to jewish media to promote jewish perversion. Very simple to understand.
>>483023 It is not a gimmick that I refer to, it is the underlying principle, or the "willingness" to be edgy if he wants to be, aka the freedom that comes from being unconstrained. If you can review a game and say whatever the fuck you want to, you're a lot more likely to be funnier, the lens in which you review it changes. When I say he was edgy, what I mean to say was that he was unafraid to speak whatever was on his mind, whatever he felt like, and as a result, whatever funny parallels that others might be unwilling to bring up due to their perceived edginess, he brings up in reference in his review to its benefit. He doesn't have to be edgier than his last review, and it doesn't have to be a gimmick, he just has to be uncensored and unconstrained to ensure his comedy is not tamed. Tame people make for awful comedians and entertainers, and Sseth is increasingly being made to be a docile, tame man by constraining himself for YT's increasingly censorious policies and the communities surrounding him. "Toning it down a bit" isnt what I refer to because there can simply be a variance between individual reviews, it is more he has consistently toned himself down and hasn't really stopped doing so. He kept reducing the amount of comedy that was "non-kosher" (i.e. imageboard humor) because it was clear he was scared of violating YT principles, or worse, that he "matured", and the only "kosher" kind of humor that was still acceptable for YT without too much problems were gachimuchi memes, so he overloaded on them for that period of time. And now its pretty much just mildly snarky memes and commentary on shit, that's barely non-kosher and tongue-in-cheek. Plus the quality of his reviews just in my opinion, got worse. The HighFleet review has minimal amounts of memes and is largely static gameplay, and the main editing technique he relies on now is purely zoom-ins There was a period of time where the amount of memes he was inserting into his shit was ADHD-tier and shit, but HighFleet's review was a fucking desert that suggested to me its close to time for me to drop him. IMO, his golden age in terms of his reviews was everything up until Neo Scavenger or CK2, and then things slowly started to decline in terms of review quality. (And in terms of self-censorship, that was a more gradual process over time ever but probably "truly" started in earnest around the Deus Ex review onwards) He was still good enough to watch up until Caves of Qud, which imo was his last "good" review, everything from that point on was just merely "watchable", and the ones before it (Outward, Endless Space 2, and to a lesser extent Wizardry 8) showed signs of deterioration and him thinking that length of review = quality.
>>483032 I mean, I can see what you mean, since with Sseth it wasn’t just imageboard memes. He also used to be a lot more daring about putting cropped hentai in his videos and thumbnails (and even uncropped in some of his earliest videos) as well as covering h-games, which he hasn’t done since the Evenicle video. So when you say toning down, it’s not just the non-kosher humor, it’s also sexual stuff as well. Granted, he might have done it more recently (I recall him posting shots from that nonsummerjack anubis set which I want to say was for the Pharaoh 3 video, but might have been from an earlier one) but I’m not sure, but it is a far cry from the guy who used his sponsorship dollars to commission Godhand r34. Hard to believe that was already two years ago, I remember them being posted on 8chan just before it shut down
>>483049 Yep, I meant to include the sexual content/jokes/innuendos in there too, thank you for clarifying that He was supposedly working on a Sengoku Rance video a while back but presumably its been shelved or cancelled by him for whatever reason; I know he said that it was one of his favorite h-games or something like that, but with Sseth as he is right now, the review would probably only be "decent" at best (and it would be that high due to being unable to avoid talking about the rape/sex in the game), rather than the quality review would've come to expect 2+ years ago if he had done it back then Its a shame.
>>467206 Source on the sonics?
(7.72 MB 640x360 City Funk.mp4)

>>480342 Which episode of Evangelion was this?
>>482972 Are you the guy that posted the NotDante picture on the /gg/ thread? I really like both of the creators you mentioned, but they're either covering something mind numbingly boring or something really interesting (Ross' Baldies was actually pretty damn cool). Here's some guys with vidya essays and some channels related to specific games that I kinda like: https://yewtu.be/channel/UCgv1lXQsIDC8vwo47ov_Svg Suda51 autist who makes tons of essays on the same games over and over, kinda soothing https://yewtu.be/channel/UCO9EqAVSqqUxDMFwMI_K6Kg nip modder who practically demolished and rebuilt the entire Crash series, I posted a few webms of his work https://yewtu.be/channel/UCpRRS9PjIon7tkBzUmYvHjg some broad who keeps making advance wars related hacks, as the channel only pings about once a year there's an extra advance wars autist that mods shit (as well as documenting minute stuff from moderately popular games occasionally) https://yewtu.be/channel/UCVWoCTWqd8am2Mr3eFKJtMg https://yewtu.be/channel/UCHlTEt24Yb4ylJFuWz7hXIw somber guy who keeps showing just how much spaghetti the source engine keeps spilling any time literally anything happens in TF2 https://yewtu.be/channel/UC9O4gP6zi4GpNN4JY5XjDwA smash 64 modders, they apparently take showers https://yewtu.be/channel/UC-XXmB9IHCUdteHjgmmsaeg Sseth Lite, which goes right into https://yewtu.be/channel/UC83K3rWRhZxUgfSQYxa3VRQ + https://yewtu.be/channel/UClqGp5Lk0bongmD_1s_lacg command and conquer generals autists who show off various mods, there used to be a red alert guy who did something similar but I forgot his name https://yewtu.be/channel/UCEas6ztXcwEkbaClw4zof9g sadly dead channel where the guy explains how certain tech worked in old vidya, really fascinating but I'm fairly sure he just got depressed and left https://yewtu.be/channel/UCZKyj7wDE51SMbkrRBT6SdA the last bastion against Jewtendo's pretention, pro emulator guy who makes texture packs and discusses shitty ports https://yewtu.be/channel/UCVSblR4L6Zdqrn5TpegI2hg Jojo ASB and Soul Calibur autist, makes like a million custom characters https://yewtu.be/channel/UCPmHknS_745ujhqQNim-U-g comfy sprite artist, guy was supposed to release shit with the now dead and forgotten Barkley 2 team https://yewtu.be/channel/UCPswLO6Jrrmg8hXY03eXHAw I miss him lads https://vid.mint.lgbt/channel/UCYhpZj9HM_7mQP-g7tbZM4Q goon faggot who plays bad indie, horror and indie horror games, used to be much, much more popular when let's plays started to show up everywhere due to him covering games that were obscure by yesteryear's standards (I discovered Illbleed, Deadly Premonitions and MDickie through it) https://vid.mint.lgbt/channel/UCilouT5irlCNn2imcCDhhJQ most assuredly homosexual who covers really obscure old games, his critique is some faggy shit but some of these games have basically zero coverage other than his videos https://vid.mint.lgbt/channel/UCrmzfpLoX_ogBgSShfaiQ4A I have no idea what else these guys have done but the entire Silent Hill retrospective + hours long rant and analysis of the HD re-releases practically tell you all you need to know about 1) how shitty the industry is and 2) what you should demand as a customer for a series you like I tried to look for more "obscure" ones but generally speaking they all have at least a sizable subscriber base or are very niche. I won't include speedrunners because it really depends on what kind of games you really like. I know more of them, too, but didn't feel like making the reply even more bloated. What's kind of amazing is just how many "small" communities are there around these jewtubers. >>483054 Twitter. Some guy made that absolutely abhorrent take and they just roasted him over the course of like a day. I don't know what it is about SA2, its cutscenes are just that perfect amount of terrible and iconic. And it's even one of my favorite games
(31.35 MB 640x480 Every Revolution.mp4)

>>480975 What is the meaning and origin of the third video?
>>482806 >4th webm Where's 4 when you need her. >>483159 Bait and switch with some gaychink impact loli for the bait, the switch being from the "Mandela catalogue" ARG I think.
>>483159 Chink gachashit game has a fanbase of pepertually asshurt minor's and socjus faggots who get asshurt at lolifags who what to use the games loli's as cumdumpsters. They always kvetch about them and often fight with them.
>>482803 I swear that middle one was longer, making the executions more cathartic. In any case tiktok/discord/twitter/ifunny shit should stay on tiktok/discord/twitter/ifunny.
(12.02 MB 640x360 Japanese_Games_Just_Suck.webm)

>>483168 >>483163 I see, thank you, have some rage.
(4.17 MB 1920x1080 Punished Baldwin.webm)

>>483181 The trailer for that interview is so weird with the dramatic music and suspenseful cuts. It's edited like a thriller movie, not a face-to-face talk with a man coping with accidentally killing a colleague.
>>482824 >TNO How are you liking toolbox theory? I really like how autistic the economy is anow and playing the USA just to used gigantic amounts of money on glowops to fuck with japan and germany.

(625.48 KB 1280x720 mark14vtuber.mp4)

(3.96 MB 1920x1080 MAD HEIDI.webm)

(1.92 MB 1280x720 Real Life Gameplay vs Lore.mp4)

>>482864 >geopolitical channels Please link. With /pol/ basically gone, I want to research how the powerful are going to rape me in the future.
(7.77 MB 1280x720 TRANS-NAZBOL SUPREMACY!.mp4)

>>482808 >>482826 >>482864 >>483088 Matthewmatosis still remains the best vidya youtuber. Every time he drops, it's always some good shit. >>483173 >I swear that middle one was longer That may be because you saw the original, than that. That video is an edit of a "trans nazbol" troll video that was seemingly specifically designed to piss off both commies and anon's here. Posting it spoilered, please don't ban me.
>>470854 smegma king is a fucking word smith
(2.50 MB 640x360 Sonic and Race.webm)

>>483088 Cheers, saved that list. And no I wasn't the anon who posted not-Dante, I wasn't even aware that was in that video until you mentioned it because I listened only to the audio while playing vidya. Probably not a new recommendation but I also like Running Shine.
>>483306 TNO saddens me because it shows how there is no way in hell a good cold war videogame can ever be developed. M.A.D. only works as a fun mechanic if there's multiple ways to screw up, with two super powers you just keep going detente any time someone as much as sneezes in your general direction and the DEFCON drops. It's sad too because the only two entertaining vidya on the subject are Ostalgie and Crisis in the Kremlin, and both are created by legit tankies offering no chance to use the US of A or NATO.
(24.67 MB 1280x720 Duke 'Edmund' Nukem.mp4)

(552.07 KB 1280x720 Geimu Geimu GEIMU.webm)

(8.87 MB 720x480 minus8 Happy Home.mp4)

>>483669 Its funny when youre playing a non-nuclear country, youre just going about your business and then WW3 starts because of japan and the fishing boats.
>>483263 >accidental kill
(16.01 MB 640x360 Neco Arc's Desperation.mp4)

>>483713 -8's been doing SFW "mainstream" stuff? That's something that happened with a lot of the old Newgrounds artists over time but I didn't expect a modern artist to go that route.
>>483088 Don't forget about the Elder Scrolls patrician https://invidious.snopyta.org/channel/UCnw3aIEiz60S6O3XcztCVkQ
>>483833 >12 hour Oblivion video I've said this before, but video essayists need a goddamn editor. I'm certain there aren't 12 hours worth of meaningful discussion in that video.
>>483088 So again thanks for the list, but I feel like I have the Civvie 11 problem with these people(particularly Perez and HighHeelThor). They talk about really interesting games but they're utter faggots about it and in Thor's case they have nothing of value to say, just throwing in the hottest new twitter nigger mannerisms because that's "cool". The mysterious PS3 games video talks about Magus which I thought wow this will be interesting and then he goes and bitches that "OH NO THIS IS RAYCISM THIS IS SEXISM THIS WAS WRITTEN BY GAMERS" like some mega homo.
(3.85 MB 480x480 kramer geass.mp4)

(963.35 KB 240x426 I can't walk.mp4)

This made me laugh hard today.
>>483839 NIGGERS
(2.51 MB 848x464 trans rights lol.mp4)

(7.40 MB 418x360 femboy_friday.mp4)

(2.66 MB 500x278 1.gif)

>>483842 That was fucking good.
>>483714 My only complaint about TNO actually is that some of the stories (particularly those that use civilians) are some cringy fanfic.org tier shit. Except the ones after the end where it's either Fallout but more realistic or sick Nazi tribersmen >>483833 never watched him but thank you for your suggestion >>483837 you need to understand that most of the time these videos are more "podcasts to do other shit to with occasional amusing video cues", except in the finite number of parts where they make actually solid and original points, which is usually what gets clipped and reposted anyhow
>>483838 >They talk about really interesting games but they're utter faggots about it I completely agree. In some cases I'm more compelled to watch just to check out what kind of crazy indie or AA or slavjank shit they've found than getting their trashy hot takes. Most often I cut off the videos at the one minute mark as I've already understood all that I need to know and will try the game myself if it's interesting. But they still go out of their own way to find these, so it's nice to have a core of people who does the digging for you. The alternative is becoming like nu-AVGN, which is just old AVGN but old and with games that are usually extremely mainstream or uninteresting.
(2.61 MB 576x1024 IT ARRIVED.webm)

(3.76 MB 480x600 Real Life Wolf.webm)

(2.49 MB 1280x720 Soy.webm)

(1.76 MB 500x1080 Manchild.webm)

(1.19 MB 406x720 Real Father I Swear.webm)

Postan cringe from the normalnigger part of the net.
>>484086 >Except the ones after the end where it's either Fallout but more realistic or sick Nazi tribersmen I hope theres a sub-mod eventually for post WW3 burgundry vs omsk, that would be like metro mixed with 1984.
(185.00 KB 720x540 ROFL XD.jpg)

(1.50 MB 480x480 sour worm.mp4)

>>483842 >oh that guys is probably gonna get scared and run away with his legs >he gets scared and runs away with his legs >seen this shit just about a million times already >tfw Here is something I found funny though.
>>484333 >>484334 >>484335 >>484336 Damn anon you must be 4x more autistic than I am uploading your own gameplay videos like that. Also I fucking hate the AI's, every single one of them, they can't be disabled, they aren't entertaining and they nearly NEVER shut the fuck up, even the ugly sheboon speaks sometimes, FUCK OFF. They are made to appeal to ADHD, low attention span, tik tok using, dopamine addicted fucking normalfags. All I need is the medal announcer, anything more is overkill
>>484138 What the fuck... I have no words. Pleease don't post that or anything like it ever again.
>>484138 Who in the process of recording and uploading this shit never stops once to think "this is retarded and unfunny and a waste of time, I better not"?
>>484372 I think you made the mistake of assuming they are thinking in the first place.
>>484138 Oh what new sweet hell is this?
>>484138 >4th voice of 13 yo boy with no father, hair of 45 yo male jew, body of 30 yo bulldyke. absolute peak genderless blob.
(2.61 MB 750x562 Welcome to the USA.mp4)

>>484138 American culture
>>483713 >human woman is a whore for rabbits >rabbits like his own species more I give a thumbs up to the rabbit and laugh at the whore.
(7.25 MB 1920x1080 VID_20211204_090452840.webm)

I recorded and encoded this today
>>484591 Nice waifu bro. Don't know how that happened but make sure you use your dryer next time if you have one. Also got any tips on preventing my clothes from getting all wrinkly or covered in fuzz/dust?
(135.08 KB 854x480 Vsauce_I_want_to_die.webm)

>>484610 It wasn't mai waifu dude, it was in the trash when I walked in. I don't buy body pillows and I don't have a waifu because not even imaginary women can live up to my ideals.
(2.95 MB 800x542 toasterfricer.webm)

>>484138 Is acting like this in front of a camera a way to get views or some shit? I strongly doubt these people spaz like this, except maybe the guy in the 1st vid.
>>484679 You should rescue her and give her a nice comfy home this Christmas
(1.64 MB 640x360 Faggot.mp4)

>>473284 Song sauce on the first?
(18.76 MB 1920x1080 ok n.mp4)

>>484791 Ah shit I forgot to tell you I don't know lel.
>>483743 Building a following making porn and doing SWF stuff afterwards to appeal to a general audience is a surefire way to being e-famous.
(31.79 KB 600x362 laughing gamers.jpg)

>>484138 >Vid 2 >That bark jumping >>484720 Already posted, anon.
(1.55 MB 720x720 garfield-readyforaction.mp4)

we're ready for action we're ready i hope you fill commies with lead-y
>>484798 >lolis with thick thighs lolis with big boobs are oppai lolis lolis who are actually old af are lolibaba what would these be called?
>>484882 leggy loli has been thrown around.
(1.11 MB 540x540 smol dragon is excite.gif)

>>484882 >>484892 Ravioli ravioli don't throw around the leggy loli!
>>484698 >>484882 wouldn't that be a short stack? That's what Yordles and Midna are
>>485069 >wouldn't that be a short stack? No. >short with no tits + no thighs = loli >short with tits + thighs = shortstack >short with tits + no thighs = oppai loli >short with no tits + thighs = leggy loli
>>485071 "Leggy" has always been used for NOT being short, though. Needs to be a different word.
>>484882 Drumsticks, Turkeylegs, Chickenbutts?
(2.67 MB 476x476 kramer roll.mp4)

>>485071 What about Thicc Loli? Besides there are far more important questions about your loli than the name of the classicication. The real question is, do you take them in vanilla, maid, with animal ears or all of the above?
(11.81 KB 255x201 tom.jpg)

>>485357 >The real question is, do you take them in vanilla, maid, with animal ears or all of the above? What kind of question is that? MAID obviously.
(20.51 MB 1280x720 The Ballad of Cripple Kane.mp4)

(10.96 MB 720x480 Beakman's World.mp4)

(26.08 MB 1280x720 A Nostalgic Gmod Video.mp4)

(4.99 MB 1920x1080 fuckshit avenue.mp4)

>>485865 On the one hand, whoa, nostalgic. On the other hand, what the christ was wrong with these people back then
(19.88 KB 450x690 terra.png)

>>485865 Can't believe there wasn't a Banana Phone joke. >>485921 With limited hardware reducing the number of characters to keep the FPS up and the complexity of model movements (if you wanted natural motion, you had to do frame-by-frame). Everything had to be over the top. An example of this is the 16-bit era RPG sprite graphics. Character displayed over the top facial expression, because subtlety was impossible with what was available.
Dangit, Donkey!
>>468819 >that smoke detector beep in the beginning God damn niggers are stupid
>>485931 That makes a lot of sense. It's just the humor was so different back then.
(21.95 MB 512x480 the-legend-of-iowa.webm)

(18.37 MB 1024x576 Big Lunch Age.mp4)

>>487088 I think the board is eating some of my webm files again. Here's an invidious link in case it doesn't upload again. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=ifhC-maXJ3o
>>487091 Could it be filesize? If you just copied the 360p version of that link, it's 37mb, the file size cap here is supposed to be 32mb.
>>487105 No, I re-encoded it to be smaller, both files together were less than 33,554,432 bytes in size. It didn't even work when I tried to re-upload it here >>487091
>>486783 One Piece is fucking trash
>>489502 Sure smells like (((World Government))) in here.
(3.32 MB 960x640 banned from everywhere.webm)

>>489772 When the Arcade I went to for almost 20 years closed down I almost cried. Just arrived to the location and it wasn't there.
(68.28 KB 340x149 kohrah.gif)

>>484138 >5th >that iphone ding Something about that sound makes me want to jam a knife through someone's throat, and I'm not sure what it is.
(3.47 MB 360x360 Choose Your Landsknecht.mp4)

(2.35 MB 1280x1280 Realistic Counter-Strike.mp4)

(4.79 MB 848x464 Santa.mp4)

(318.12 KB 640x382 suck this cock CLEAN.mp4)

(526.94 KB 1280x720 god i wish that were me.mp4)

(3.93 MB 576x1024 offending tiktok.webm)

>>489847 Yo that santa mp4 is dope as hell got any sauce for it?
Now that Netflix's Cowboy Bebop has been cancelled, I'd like you show you all how the show ended. This now is officially the final scene of the series.
>>489856 Santa's Slay staring wrestler Bill Goldberg Fun movie, very much a product of its time though.
>>489955 Funny since it's the first (and only) scene of it I saw. What a fucking shitshow.
(30.00 MB 854x480 Dr. Doom VS Magneto.mp4)

>>489989 The seinfeld edit of it made me laff >>489999 nice quads
(3.10 MB 852x480 saigo no mission.webm)

slowly getting there
>>490117 You and me both, anon, but don't. There's a reason why sudoku is forbidden in literally every religion ever discovered across the entire planet - it's bad juju.
(9.17 MB 292x240 Ultimate Falcon Match.webm)

>>490304 I see your combo vid and raise you a Captain Falcon match.
>>489971 I'll see if I can find a download of it and stream it before Christmas. That'll bring some cheer I bet.
>>490428 Good news for those who hate jews! I found the movie, I downloaded it, it has subtitles! Be on the lookout for the stream announcement in a few days.
(20.86 MB 1920x1080 SHADOW.webm)

(3.80 MB 1280x720 Anon's Go For A Drink.mp4)

>>490570 Scotland is known more for its whiskey than its cider. In fact I don't think Scotland is known for its cider whatsoever. That's normally associated with the Westcountry.
(4.42 MB 582x360 cheese.mp4)

(1.97 MB 1280x720 BEANS5.mp4)

>>486598 Is this a rom hack or just a copycat game?
>>485069 Midna isn't a shortstack. She's not stacked unless drawn by niggers.
(5.99 MB 326x218 Dale_Dancing.mp4)

(1.61 MB 720x1280 heh heh heh heh.mp4)

>>484878 what game?
>>490901 if you like twitter so much why not stay there?
>>490606 >Scotland is known more for its whiskey than its cider. In fact I don't think Scotland is known for its cider whatsoever. That's normally associated with the Westcountry. Scrumpy specifically refers to that type of English locally made cider too. Probably it's just because scrumpy sounds funny in the Demo voice though.
Does anyone have that omegle video of a guy going "GEORGE FLOYD OF THE JUNGLE WATCH OUT FOR THAT KNEE"?
(1.66 MB 704x1088 George of the Jungle.mp4)

>>491020 Here you go. I have a request of my own: does anyone remember "When you open your eyes and see shota thighs, that's amore"? I thought it was a webm but I could be misremembering.
(4.16 MB 1280x720 DragonGay.mp4)

>>491021 I miss fuck, hope the UK gets nuked
(1.56 MB 1920x1080 hello anon.png)

(19.64 MB 1920x1080 eye catch 01 V2.mp4)

>>473368 >I hope drood anon returns some day. Hello >>484791 Wöhlerstrasse - Ko0x and Bzl
(293.19 KB 479x447 big boss smiling.png)

>>491118 Good to see you werent ran off by the no-fun faggots, i like your shitposting, can you post the archive with your drood stuff for HS2?
>>491122 Sure, why not? I've been out because of work and now working on another project. I do plan on bringing back Helena as a secondary character in it because I love her so much https://files.catbox.moe/y22fha.zip
Man I still want more berserk. I skill see some cool videos from time to time and im posting some. I have no faith in a proper adaptation from anyone but so far the best that I've ever seen was on youtube from this fan manga animation out of all places and things. https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=I5lLQza7Mew Check it out if you're interested.
(1.04 MB 720x1280 FacebookSoyboy.mp4)

(7.61 MB 1280x720 games press.webm)

(5.77 MB 640x360 templeOS.webm)

(3.73 MB 1280x720 I Wanna Rock Your Body.mp4)

(22.16 MB 1280x720 Osmium Alloy Bomb.mp4)

(6.17 MB 854x480 Jews chasing that big $$$.mp4)

(1.70 MB 480x360 Waito Piggu go home.mp4)

(2.86 MB 426x240 Netorare.mp4)

>>491021 I think it is this.
(4.60 MB 1280x720 Bat Tat Jiggle Physics.mp4)

(15.46 MB 1280x720 Chicken and Stars.mp4)

(493.70 KB 1280x720 Fuck You Luigi.mp4)

(19.63 KB 640x664 Megumin question.jpg)

>>491136 Anon, where are the character cards?
>>491643 What kind of degenerate would share his waifu with strangers? That's NTR is what is it.
>>491689 How else would one continue the droodpost then? I had them before together with viv, freya, danielle, niggerpill and red anon, but my HDD died.
(59.76 KB 396x395 nice_seal.jpg)

>>491118 >>491136 >He's back Glad to see you anon!
>>491689 >waifufags are suddenly allowed despite anons' hatred for them in the past I must be the last sane person in hell. It's the only explanation I have for how attitudes change so suddenly. And I have to point out, Mystery of the Druids is a fuck-old adventure game that was barely noted, gaining meme status because of the coverart, then elevated slightly more because of Mandalore. Even if it would get a sequel, which is highly unlikely and unnesccesary which is also something we, yes, we, the users of /v/, are suppoused to hate, they sure as hell wouldn't put a oversexualized underaged girl in it, much less as a main character.
(181.02 KB 640x480 extreme-ghostbusters-simp.webm)

(197.70 KB 654x480 1639584294101[1].webm)

>>491118 missed you crazy anon
>>492798 >western slag voice I don't often report for anything here, but that definitely earns a report, you fucking nigger.
>>492798 >hypno >doesn't fug & impregnate her >doesn't turn her into his wife as well >>492847 yeah it is fucking gay, lol she's a whore now XD I really hate everyone.
(131.21 KB 1670x802 helltaker.jpg)

>>492798 >being such an ultra virgin you have to rely on some cheap mind tricks in order to grab a women >not just becoming the embodiment of manliness to the point where women's panties get wet at your mere presence. Hypno is for niggers.
>>492859 >lol she's a whore now XD Corruption is a common theme in hentai, anon, lots of Japs like it. Because most Japs have shit taste.
(182.77 KB 966x542 Point of no return.mp4)

>>492798 I do like hypno but this doesn't really do anything for me, on another note I finally got around to adding sound to this.
>>492898 Here, you can improve it with this.
(131.77 KB 966x542 Point of no return 2.mp4)

>>492904 Ha, thanks anon.
>>482939 >art by senran kagura artist what the fuck is wrong with gooks?
(8.19 MB 426x240 Fetishes.mp4)

(5.48 MB 854x480 oh,_ok.mp4)

(3.19 MB 1024x576 initial descarte.webm)

(2.18 MB 854x480 fucking_pokefags.webm)

(123.25 KB 1547x726 Anal vore.png)

>>493164 You say that like you've never heard of guro before... Fetishes like that are simply the logical result of the push for ever more extreme fetishes as people grow increasingly desensitized to porn and sex. Why else do you think so many furries end up as trannies, fags or worse, getting into diapers, vore or even anal-vore...
>>482939 >Ssseth Politely kill yourself. That discord faggot is part of the problem.
>>482939 >bass cranked up to six trillion why does every normalnigger jewtoob cunt do this? is it because their retarded audience watches it on phones?
>>493260 In Sseth's case he does it ironically to mock the trend
>>482939 The creators of this and every other game like this need to be killed.
(21.19 KB 600x315 5oDVgQ5.jpg)

>>493437 See here: >>493417
(208.22 KB 800x700 kind-of-hot-58f4e6c7b7c35.jpeg)

(6.74 MB 640x640 techno dance rave.mp4)

>>493462 You could atleast post the noose guide you lazy faggot.
(51.97 KB 563x563 mona lisa smiles.jpg)

>>493417 You say this then defend pedophiles probably. Honest moral question, would you deprive psychopaths from their sick but fake porn collection if not having it would cause them to go out and commit actual acts of rape and murder? Or are you one of those "violent video games cause mass shootings" people who don't look at the data that shows that violence actually decreased when violent video games entered society? You don't have to play it you know, you just have to live with the knowledge that there are people out there who actually would kill other people if not for hentai. The world is full of horrible people m8. Why do you think alcohol was the main past-time of the human race pre-modern society?
>>493532 Looks like you got nothing left lol
>>493532 Supposing they are pedophiles, do you prefer them to go out and rape child as opposed to doodle about the act instead?
>>493582 if they doodle it, I see it if they go out and do it for real, I don't see it
>>493586 Well, bold take.
(128.28 KB 520x382 angry_valkyr.png)

>>493586 >if they doodle it, I see it >if they go out and do it for real, I don't see it HOW IS THAT ANY BETTER??!
>>493586 Ah, and the truth comes out.
(2.99 MB 640x360 robocop.mp3.mp4)

If you faggots are going to argue about this shit for the millionth time could you atleast post webms while you do it?
(518.42 KB 624x352 gimme the meat boys.mp4)

(29.18 MB 1920x1080 THE BAD GUYS Trailer.webm)

(843.94 KB 480x480 Imagine Draggin - Semens.mp4)

>>493599 I don't see what's worth sharing about this trailer, it's the same generic garbage as anythign else. But it raises a question for me Why do so many trailers feel the same to me?
>>493602 Trailers have become their own genera of media tropes and all. They all follow a set of rules to maximize the emotional response from the viewer. To make a trailer one needs to select a backing track that has a surface level relation to the parent property, interchange between focusing on characters talking and the backing track, cutting the backing track during an emotional climax (the punchline of a joke or a jump scare etc.), and ending the trailer with a montage of action shots to play out the music, letting it ring out during the informational slides. You could probably develop a dating system for trailers as they tend to influence each other rather strongly until an outsider comes in and shakes things up. Who remembers when every trailer had "in a world..." or Inception horns. The trailer's different because the movie's going to spawn a bunch more furries.
>>493609 Furries make porn of everything there's no way to starve them m8.
(334.70 KB 862x522 ANONGETOUT.webm)

>>493352 If the furries are any kind of weatherwane to go by, there will be enough people into the more extreme guro fetishes who are also willing to pay for it. Why else do you think there's so much hentai being made? This just caters to one specialized group. It's like furry diaper porn. Even among furries I suspect at least 99% of them hate it, the artists that draw it draw like 5 year olds, yet, those few furries degenerate enough to like it are willing to pay enough for it, that the shit still gets made. pardon the pun there To put it another way, just how large do you think the market for cock and ball torture porn movies is? But they still get made, no? Then again, maybe people just like to make messed up shit. Like Harvester.
>>493196 >>493352 >>493647 I think too much porn absolutely fucks up your sexuality in a bad way, normal people never get into shit like vore or guro and it's probably not the best thing for your mental health. I've known a few artists into those things, some of them from here, and all of them were a least a little fucked in various different ways. The worst part is how people don't believe that, even after becoming massive porn addicts who don't even find real people attractive anymore. Nobody wants to believe porn can be bad for you, especially extreme fetishes.
>>493352 >even regular anime is kind of seen as a basement dweller hobby. Doesn't that only apply to otakus that are seen as outcasts and degenerates?
(913.82 KB 320x240 Hoo HA HOO HA!.mp4)

(19.88 MB 640x360 Space Lords.mp4)

>>493164 Japan is still operating on the same level of social expectation and etiquette that gave us Jack the Ripper, only a lot more permissive of smut, like >>493522 said, people get their worst fantasies out in fiction so they don't do something terrible irl. >>493672 From what I understand, it depends on the kind of anime/manga. The kind of shonenshit that is mainstream in the west would get you looked at funny as an adult, because it's the Japanese equivalent of a grown man raving about Spongebob or Adventure Time, adults obsessed with children's cartoons.
>>493896 >The kind of shonenshit that is mainstream in the west would get you looked at funny as an adult Only if you're older than 30
>>493522 That is assuming it's ok these people to exist in the first place. The world's gene pool needed to be cut short a long time ago.
>>493609 The editing for trailers, both good and bad, are intentionally bait for viewers. Just like bait elsewhere, it's best to avoid falling for it.
(5.34 MB 1280x720 Mr Grinch.webm)

>>493609 I'm going to guess based on no evidence that hollywood farms out trailers to a handful of companies that chase each others' tails like how modern advertising is farmed out.
>>495077 It's been that way for literal decades. I doubt any studio would do their own trailers these days, even indies. One of the greatest trailer fuckups of all time comes from the 90s with Terminator 2. Arnie being the good guy was meant to be a major reveal, everything prior to the hallway where they all meet for the first time gives the impression Arnie is still the bad terminator, even down to the persona each takes on. Despite this colossal fuckup, studios didn't learn and they still end up farming it out to "professionals" that are little more than the film equivalent of an ad agency, but even more inept.
>>491356 It was definitely about shota thighs and it didn't replace "amore". Still, top kek.
(4.12 MB 480x360 arginduol kong.mp4)

I was looking for this the other day.
(10.86 MB 1280x720 GNOME POWER.mp4)

>>493602 Because all CGI movies nowadays are grown in a lab to appeal to the widest group possible rather than to tell a new and interesting story.
(1.21 MB 640x360 911 in a 1 a press.webm)

(202.89 KB 1280x720 all haters.mp4)

(4.35 MB 640x372 codemonkey new rosa parks.mp4)

(5.10 MB 640x360 doom muslims.mp4)

(4.35 MB 480x360 8chanparty.webm)

(11.65 MB 854x480 BRICKS.WAD.mp4)

(19.59 MB 1280x720 Blues Clues Pride Parade.mp4)

(608.82 KB 318x180 male fantasy.mp4)

(148.02 KB 1280x720 GetFucked.mp4)