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The Zelda Formula Anonymous 11/17/2021 (Wed) 17:16:42 Id: 92ab4a No. 469298
I've played a decent chunk of the Zelda games by this point and feel that the series has evolved enough to fully realize those feelings evoked by looking at the concept art for the earlier games, which, in my opinion, is the end goal. BotW is effectively a reboot more inspired by the earlier games as opposed to the ones inspired by ALttP and eventually OoT, and while it does do plenty wrong like lacking proper dungeons, limited enemy variety, and no special equipment, I consider it to be an important step design philosophy and a remarkable improvement in pacing from WW, TP, and SS (as well as being the better game in general). With the new one releasing and being a direct sequel, we can be reasonable and assume that it will be like the first game, so instead of focusing on that, how do you want hypothetical subsequent Zelda games to feel? Also, post Zelda girls.
>>469298 >how do you want hypothetical subsequent Zelda games to feel? Give me more windwaker.
>>469306 Why does everyone love windwaker so much, it was so tedious sailing everywhere. Am i the only one who thought it was just padding the game.
>>469298 >how do you want hypothetical subsequent Zelda games to feel? Give me more Imp Midna.
>>469320 I have yet to play Wind Waker, but Twilight Princess feels exactly like this. >>469321 I don't see you posting any imp, fucko. They fuck in the manga adaption, by the way.
Thought there already was a zelda thread up but ok here we go. I think BoTW was a great step in the right direction, they have a good skeleton of a game, they just have to add more stuff and refine the things that dont work. >post zelda girls Which one? Zelda has like 10 different variations, what kinda princess ass do you want? we got the cold and distant ass, we got the cheerful childhood friend type of ass. We even got the cartoon ass if you're into that. God help you if you're into whatever the fuck the cdi zelda was supposed to be.

(99.07 KB 544x1334 ErV4QPIXYAAg-WT.jpg)

(986.89 KB 600x561 1430815769843-0.png)

>>469339 kinda funny how princess zelda is like 10 different characters but people still treat it as one.
(281.63 KB 900x935 E-poS2WXEAMyrfa.jpg)

(585.32 KB 3000x4000 E70dzeOVcA8y72R.jpg)

(220.31 KB 900x1606 heart.jpg)

(1.21 MB 3000x4000 E_H8kP4WYAEjPDt.jpg)

(211.17 KB 700x766 Zelda and Hilda.jpg)

>>469298 >how do you want hypothetical subsequent Zelda games to feel? I don't mind the nonlinear direction that the zelda series is currently going for. I prefer how BotW and a Link Between Worlds allow the player to tackle dungeons in any order they choose. It gives them more replay value than linear games like A Link to the Past.
>>469298 >how do you want hypothetical subsequent Zelda games to feel? Fire Aonuma and hand the series off to someone who has actually played for the first couple games for more than 10 minutes.
(1.96 MB 2559x3292 Midna 1.png)

(92.12 KB 471x900 Kuroi Moyamoya Midna.jpg)

(247.61 KB 1280x1056 Kuroi Moyamoya Midna earrub.jpg)

>>469335 There's a manga adaptation of Twilight Princess? >There is, and it has 9 volumes >It's not on mangadex, and my usual spot only has 28 chapters Anon, don't you fucking DARE hold out on me. You can't just say Link has sex with best girl in an official product and then NOT provide me with a link to where I can bingeread the entire thing! How dare you? HOW DARE YOU??! ANON, PLEASE, I NEED IT!
>>469371 The kind of openness in BotW is a blessing and a curse. I like the notion of being able to beat the game at any point depending on the player's level of readiness, but it also concerns me that it will adversely affect how the game progresses and that we'll be doomed to having the found footage-style storytelling. It's not that both things can't exist because it's obvious that there's an intended route that the majority of players will take, but this clearly led to a mindset that, since the player is equipped to finish the game as soon as they leave the Great Plateau, a person who rushes to the end should be about as well equipped mechanically as a person who has put more time in. Now, there are no more interesting things like pegasus boots or hookshots.
(348.92 KB 960x675 NINTENDO SEAL OF APPROVAL.png)

>>469445 Here, mate. It's still on-going. Open the spoiler you want to see what's in store for you. https://archive.org/details/the-legend-of-zelda-twilight-princess-manga-chapter-1-to-45/mode/2up
>>469445 >This helmet Can confirm her helmet is a fuckcunt to draw
(1.59 MB 1080x608 carl 15AI midna huge ass.mp4)

(165.62 KB 850x1201 zelda 2.jpg)

(142.02 KB 730x1095 zelda 3.jpg)

(482.34 KB 800x1000 zelda 4.jpg)

(228.15 KB 800x1245 zelda.jpg)

(198.58 KB 178x731 zeldas.png)

(560.52 KB 783x1200 Ea_we2hUEAINwNz.jpg)

(111.10 KB 960x960 EYAAr-hXkAE5mgk.jpg)

(99.34 KB 960x960 EYAAeodXsAAVhOJ.jpg)

(107.34 KB 844x1294 EYAAdsHXYAEiJpB.jpg)

(280.46 KB 1324x1222 EYAAcpAWsAMfgrT.jpg)

(471.79 KB 766x1200 Kanelfa Midna 2.png)

(467.43 KB 766x1200 Kanelfa Midna 1.png)

>>469461 Thank you, thank you! Now please excuse me, I have some reading to catch up on!
(292.57 KB 970x546 impa.jpeg)

>>469445 >Midna Horrid little goblin. Impa is the superior girl.
I want a more "edgy" theme like the Darksiders games.
(166.46 KB 1280x720 nigger wut.jpg)

>>469524 >Wants edgy dark Zelda game. How underage are you?
(114.10 KB 800x939 ClipboardImage.jpg)

>>469524 Have you played Blood Omen?
(121.52 KB 800x957 ClipboardImage.jpg)

>>469524 >>469546 Or, Shadow Man?
>>469546 >>469534 >>469548 I worded that wrong. I wanted "more" edgy Zelda-likes like Darksiders, not a more edgy zelda. Yeah I've played Blood Omen but not Shadow Man. And of course I've played MM.
>>469548 Nigger-man
(143.93 KB 1400x1400 ganon.jpg)

>>469560 Oh I get you Anon. I'd actually quite like a Zelda game where you play as Ganondorf, no Link or Zelda just Ganon fighting an even bigger asshole than himself. Would be fun seeing him kick the shit out of Demise for making his life fucking pain.
Please, mods. Don't delete the lewds. Spoiler them if necesary.
In an effort to encourage more discussion, the takeaway that I've gotten so far that everyone seems to agree on is that a Zelda game needs to have cute girls. What I want to know is that, removing that factor, is there anything redeemable about Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword? I still don't get why any of those games are liked.
>>469320 >Why does everyone love windwaker so much, it was so tedious sailing everywhere. Am i the only one who thought it was just padding the game. When it came out it was hated by pretty much anyone except children and manchildren who would swallow everything Nintendo put out. Since then the people who didn't like it have moved on and the children are now old enough to post here. Wind Waker was unfinished shit. I actually like the virbrant art style, I just wish you weren't playing a 10-year old. But the art style is WW's least problem. The game is just plain boring, if you cut out all the sailing the game would be over in three hours, but at least it would be you playing the game for three hours instead of staring at a screen saver. The triforce search at the end is just pure padding of the worst kind. And yes, I know about the song that lets you teleport. Guess what: taking a very tedious task and making it slightly less tedious still leaves tedium. The ocean simply has nothing worth exploring, all you get to find is money which exists only so you can pay Tingle to decode the treasure maps, which is a feature that should never have been in the game to begin with. But even if exploration was worth it, it's just so fucking slow. First you have to sail to the area, then fold in your sail, slowly row your boat to the spot where the glow used to be, then lower your grappling hook and slowly fish out the treasure chest.
>>469627 >Twilight Princess I loved the game as a kid. the dungeons are great and the story made me genuinely care for Midna.
>>469627 >In an effort to encourage more discussion, the takeaway that I've gotten so far that everyone seems to agree on is that a Zelda game needs to have cute girls. Every game needs to have cute girls. No exceptions. >What I want to know is that, removing that factor, is there anything redeemable about Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword? I still don't get why any of those games are liked. Nintendo is a lot like Disney in that people get attached to the idea of the brand more than the actual product. Zelda games do one thing really well: they give you a feeling of adventure. Wind Waker had the massive ocean full of mystery, Twilight Princess returned to its darker roots similar to OoT. I haven't played SS myself, so no comment there. The games themselves are rather meh. Once you look past the veneer they are just tedious chores wrapped within the illusion of an open world. Zelda is mostly being carried by reputation of the series and its grand epic atmosphere. Also, lighting four torches to open a door really make you feel big braned when you have room temperature IQ.
>>469320 What can i say? I liked sailing around while seagull coasted by, cool music played and the wind blew around, it was very aesthethic and made you feel like youre in a true high seas adventure.
(1.94 MB 640x358 link-toon-link.gif)

>>469320 >Why does everyone love windwaker so much Its unique artstyle is extremely expressive and timeless. It's one of those few games that actually feels like you're playing a cartoon brought to life. Nintendo tried to recapture the cel shaded charm with Skyward Sword and BotW. But the facial expressions in those games weren't quite as charming as the cartoony Wind Waker.
(657.57 KB 680x888 1413214368304-2.png)

(376.52 KB 700x953 1413215227090-4.jpg)

(151.02 KB 600x500 1413215516794-3.jpg)

(199.62 KB 746x433 1413215551870-2.png)

(29.31 KB 400x600 1413215629765-0.jpg)

(199.89 KB 700x560 1413215551870-0.jpg)

(55.19 KB 462x600 1414820921562-0.jpg)

(144.37 KB 802x1280 1415111211280-1.jpg)

(121.25 KB 774x1032 1415311669008-0.jpg)

(612.29 KB 1000x1412 1414821301227-0.jpg)

(47.84 KB 600x540 1415312773486-0.jpg)

(40.11 KB 600x626 1415312817243-0.jpg)

(439.04 KB 1280x1810 1415319637858-0.jpg)

(23.86 KB 415x587 1415353729937.png)

(123.67 KB 788x900 1415787208464.jpg)

>>469627 SS is irredeemable but Twilight Princess and Wind Waker were fun and felt like an adventure. Didn't like how railroaded TP was, though. >>469637 >lighting four torches to open a door really make you feel big bra(i)ned when you have room temperature IQ. Only true gamers feel satisfaction at opening a closed door at the end of a hallway, with four torches, by lighting the three unlit ones. >>469461 >zelda manga There's a lot of good ones. Four Swords is a fun read, though OoT's manga is the second best behind the Twilight Princess serialization.
(884.70 KB 817x836 1416480971011.png)

(1.87 MB 700x700 1429422675266.png)

(1.41 MB 960x2295 1430903533356-0.png)

(1.71 MB 900x2574 1430903499490.png)

(3.48 MB 1024x3528 1430903533357-1.png)

(283.30 KB 1552x2048 E-kFlz8XoAYfGHF.jpg)

(681.50 KB 528x899 EMgQNA_U0AACCzG.png)

(242.87 KB 1304x1998 akairiots.jpg)

(498.93 KB 1972x3059 E2G6AkOX0AEctcw.jpg)

(916.58 KB 1890x1472 moobitch.png)

(730.75 KB 2034x1940 0b9343e5e75db21cff0909d995f0fbae.png)

(43.19 KB 1080x791 Ez3zck-VEAQw4KV.jpg)

(106.67 KB 1250x936 Ez3zdIKVEAIp0M9.jpg)

(285.07 KB 2107x1850 E4kgYwtXwAQJrMo.jpg)

(189.64 KB 900x719 zelda-cdi-good.jpg)

(1.46 MB 1170x1780 leopardprint.jpeg)

I like the little Zelda Games & Watch. Gonna beat Link's Awakening and fuck Toon Zelda until she can't walk straight.
(99.68 KB 813x983 download.jpg)

>>469461 I just speed-read the entire manga for this. I feel bamboozled, I saw no midna lewd.
Oh lord I sure love off-model fan art.
>>469780 Any porn is considered off-model fan art
>>469783 Changing a character's outfit is not quite the same as drawing them "off-model." I suppose you could make the case for Midna porn, since she is naked in official art and clearly lacks genitals, but even then, you're being pedantic.
>>469780 Almost all fan art is off model in some way
>>469856 And that means we should like it being off-model? No, in 90% of cases it's not done for legitimate artistic reasons, but just because the artist isn't good enough to draw on-model. Or sometimes it's porn and they're just injecting their own fetishes. Actually, usually with porn it's both. But with porn especially, why would I want it to not look like the actual character? If I wanted something that didn't look like the character, I wouldn't be looking at Rule 34.
>>469884 Lay off the vaccines.
>>469892 No argument. Kill yourself, faggot.
>>469758 Some chapters haven't been translated yet.
>>469893 >Kill yourself, faggot. Right after you. Go ahead, I'll watch.
(27.28 KB 181x320 ClipboardImage.jfif)

>>469898 Here's some off model fanart of the event. Enjoy. It's just as good, right?
(1.74 MB 2400x5600 4FEka8s.png)

On-model fanart looks ok sometimes
(28.09 KB 242x255 holy_shit.jpg)

I usually wouldn't make this complaint, but what is with the STUPIDLY MASSIVE >3MB PNG FILES? I mean good god, did a JPEG murder your dog or something? This is like when weebs encode an entire anime series with FLAC audio because somehow they can hear an difference which is imperceptible to the human ear.
(864.44 KB 1200x1000 zeldass2.gif)

Breath of the Skyrim is a shitty copy of Todd's game.
>>469902 Some people suck at compressing PNGs, too. I've recently taken to recompressing some to lossless WEBPs.
>>469941 Oh, gross. She's off-model. 0/10, would not bang with a bokoblin's dick, let alone my own.
(47.07 KB 634x434 1498961741.jpg)

>>469941 It's better than Todd's game.
>>469578 Really like that idea. Maybe have it be more combat focused but still having that LoZ gameplay loop somehow? Maybe a game following a new Ganondorf incarnation on his rise to power? Perhaps make him more of a might-makes-right or order-bringer kind of character bringing an iron-handed rule to a Hyrule that became lost in chaos from a different conflict or somesuch? Seems like a neat idea.
(19.64 KB 503x319 Hidden Skills.jpg)

(184.43 KB 1206x715 TP_Link_and_Hero's_Spirit.jpg)

(53.07 KB 216x285 TP_Link_Using_Helm_Splitter.jpg)

>>469627 The swordplay in Twilight Princess was really cool, especially if you play the GameCube version and skip the waggle controls. I actually learned how to do some autistic speedrunning trick, just so that I could replay the game with the wooden sword and make the fights last a little longer. I really wish they'd kept Link's expanded moveset from TP. As for Wind Waker, the sailing was fun as a child, no idea if it still holds up because I never owned my own copy of it. But I do remember enjoying the exploration and filling out the map, I even liked the pearl quest and the Triforce hunt. I guess it's a charming game if you don't go into it expecting much. There needs to be more good high-seas adventure games in general. Skies of Arcadia is the peak age of exploration experience.
>>469578 >Ganondorf hack and slash where he bulldozes through the 7 standard temples, just destroying every single obstacle Nintendo would never do it, but it'd be pretty fun. A lot more worthwhile than that Age of Calamity shit
>>470937 Nintendo might have let it be done as one of their indie Wii shop games, whatever it was called. I guess that era is behind us now though.
>>469578 Aren't Ganon and Demise the same guy, at least in the way all the Links are the same guy. Unless Ganon goes back in time to before Skyward Sword and fights his own previous incarnation. Mite b cool.
Fuck it Darksiders 1&2 did Zelda better then last few Zelda titles.
>>469298 Retards keep thinking Zelda 1 was completely open-ended, forgetting the manual existed.
(3.62 MB 400x225 ParryAttack.gif)

>>469986 >I really wish they'd kept Link's expanded moveset from TP. TP's combat was a downgrade from Wind Waker's combat. It didn't have split second Parry Attacks.
After playing a bit more Twilight Princess (just beat Temple of Time), I've warmed up to it a bit. It immediately improves by a lot as soon as you get the Master Sword because you're no longer forced to play as a wolf, the story no longer involves the ugly children, and the dungeon design is so much better. The Yeti Mansion might be one of the best dungeons in the series and it actually based around a non-gimmicky item. That's another thing I'm going to add to the list: >must have cute girls >no shitty items like Beyblades That makes two, what else?
Found a rather succinct explanation of the reason why BotW's much compliained about durability system was implemented and an alternate solution to it. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=2yiywesTnyo >Why Breath of the Wild's weapons are bad on purpose >Although much maligned, I can appreciate Breath of the Wild's durability system for what it was attempting to do. It does also create an interesting automatic balancing feature, in that players can't find a single high power weapon and invalidate any other loot. I find the alternative approaches to open world loot admirable, instead of going for common strategies like equipment with randomly rolled stats or bonuses. Really though, the thing I found most stifling about the durability system was just how it disincentivized combat. It never felt good to just get into a battle, because the weapon cost was always weighing on my mind.
(2.66 MB 845x1425 ALBW_Blacksmith.png)

>>471089 Wouldn't it make sense for the setting to have at least some blacksmith that's able to repair/upgrade weapons and shields? Or would that make combat too boring for later?
>>471045 >it doesn't have parries so its worse TP's combat is overall better, doesn't mean it can't be improved. Parry would make it better but even without it, combat in TP is simply better than WW's. >>471054 Main quests that get to the fucking point. Keep in mind that before the Master Sword, you have three-ish objectives that pull you around. That narrows down to basically one right after, since you don't have to worry about the kids or banishing the twilight. >>471098 >>471089 Enemies are too samey for upgrades to be done combat-side. At the very least populate the land with shit like Darknuts and make gobbos less braindead. What'd be cool is a weapon-mod system. Kinda would suck with existing mechanics of weapons breaking in ten hits, but in a overhauled weapon system it'd be cool. Or in conjunction with a weapon crafting/repair system where you can jury rig weapons together. I suppose the idea I'm trying to get at is a way to modify weapons so they aren't just bigger damage values, add effects/enchantments, etc. Attach Chu-chu jelly to a weapon to temporarily make it elemental. That kind of shit.
(121.00 KB 248x267 demise.png)

(25.80 KB 544x306 GanonWW.jpeg)

>>471004 No the original Link pretty much sealed Demise in the master sword so Fi could slowly kill him. She probably bored him into non-existence with statistics and flow charts a bad way to fucking go. But before Link did that Demise sent his hatred towards Link and Zelda out into the world to become it's own entity. That is how Ganondorf came into being. Demise is pretty much Ganondorf's father they are not the same entity. Ganondorf himself does not even hate Link or Zelda in Wind Waker he is actually quite civil to Link in and does not know really why he does the shit that he does, he does not know that he is basically Demise's the last "fuck you asshole!" aimed at Link.
>>471260 I've got mixed feelings about Demise. I absolutely despise the reduction of the three Goddeses to just Hylia tho. That was super fucking gay and apex homosex.
(420.21 KB 545x480 Akumarender.png)

>>471260 Demise always reminded me of Akuma from Street Fighter for some reason. Maybe it's the nose. >>471310 Hylia and the 3 Golden Goddesses are different entities, I believe. Hylia is just a minor goddess compared to them.
(169.46 KB 600x784 SHUTEN_DŌJI.jpg)

(490.45 KB 1000x1306 yasha.jpg)

>>471315 Both Akuma and Demise's designs are similar and that will be down to the fact they are meant to be demonic and Japanese demons or yokai mainly the warrior based ones have a certain look to them, A lot of Japanese demons are buff old men.
>>470937 Try the original Hyrule Warriors, its Definitive Edition is out on Switch. You can wreck hundreds if not thousands of enemies on most levels as Ganondorf, story mode has an arc where you as Ganondorf take over Hyrule, and there's a separate mode where you wreck armies and boss monsters as Ganon (though that one honestly sucks). It might scratch your itch.
>>469335 How? Whatever padding TP might have it can't possibly be the same as Wind Waker's boring ass sailing
(63.59 KB 250x250 250px-Link-Alt1_SSBU.png)

I still don't get why Zelda isn't green in BotW. they made him for Smash Bros
(185.55 KB 1266x688 82b.png)

>>474529 >Zelda >him Leave
Why is absolutely every humanoid male but Link ugly as fuck or super old in this universe? Ganondorf seems designed to be ugly, but at this point he's the second most attractive non-Link man in this universe behind Ghirahim just because he at least doesn't have boogers drooping from his nose and isn't a hunched grandpa. Ravio is Link, he doesn't count.
>>474544 I mean, there’s Groose.
>>474544 Shad? Pipit? Grante?
>>474549 I'd bang Pipit's mom
>>471310 >I absolutely despise the reduction of the three Goddeses to just Hylia tho. But they didn't, Hylia is just some lesser deity the three Golden Goddesses left in charge after creating the world and the Triforce
(826.71 KB 1280x1451 1635936077499.png)

>>471260 >She probably bored him into non-existence with statistics and flow charts a bad way to fucking go.
>>469688 >SS bad Ok Egoraptor
>>469627 >Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword Try playing them?
>>469628 As much as it may hurt, it's not 2003 anymore dude
it's funny and sad how no matter where I go, it's always >"Oh X Zelda game? Yeah only manchildren/Nintendo fanboys liked that one" Pathetic
(402.80 KB 402x923 Purlo.png)

>>474544 Purlo is pretty normal looking. He isn't a femboy twink, but he's not ugly.
>>474544 Most of the random male NPCs are fine, like the guards. All of the Zora with the exception of the King from OOT are bishi fishmen as well. The brothers at Lon Lon were not "handsome" but they were an obvious Mario reference, and then there's the King of Hyrule who is usually an honorable bearded huge guy with an air of dignity. Zelda is supposed to be the type of adventure where you never know who or what you'll see next, it would defeat the purpose if all the dudes were hot.
Why does Link keep putting up with this bullshit? Surely after the billionth time that Hyrule gets blown the fuck out by Ganondorf, somebody should have noticed that maybe they should increase their military a little, or that maybe, just maybe, it might have been a good idea to genocide all the fucking gerudo so they can't shit out yet another Ganondorf. How are these people worth saving?
>>492293 Normal people don't stand a chance, BOTW world had an actual army and it got destroyed by the retarded robots lonk slaughters by the dozens, the soundtrack for the ruined castle even incorporates the sound of the footsteps of all the soldiers marching towards the enemy.
>>492325 >Normal people don't stand a chance Not to mention that the goddesses have a sick sense of humor and keep giving the Triforce of Power to ganondorf. What good is an army gonna do against a guy with god blessed power? That nigger has powerful magic and can turn into an unkillable pig monster. One that can't be defeated by anything besides Light Arrows and the Master Sword.
>>469447 > The kind of openness in BotW is a blessing and a curse. I like the notion of being able to beat the game at any point depending on the player's level of readiness, but it also concerns me that it will adversely affect how the game progresses The first game has a pseudo-nonlinearity that worked. * You could travel almost anywhere on the world map at the start of the game, except that tougher enemies would destroy you. * You could take on some of the dungeons out of order. * Practically, you could not enter the later dungeons without tools found in the earlier dungeons. Drawbacks: * You needed the map from Nintendo Power to find all the secrets that were needed to beat the game. The alternative was to bomb/burn every rock/tree on the world map. There were no in-game hints as to which held secrets. The openness in the first LoZ was part of its design. The game was about exploring a world with different landscapes: rivers, forests, falling rocks, etc. That had not been done in a console video game before, at least not to that quality. The world map and its features were the main attraction, while the dungeons and secrets were tacked on and you would find them by exploring. Now that attractive landscapes are in every game, it's no big deal anymore and all that players care about is finding the dungeons.
(1.17 MB 640x891 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.69 MB 640x892 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.08 MB 640x742 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.16 MB 640x640 ClipboardImage.png)

(822.68 KB 616x613 ClipboardImage.png)

Why aren't there any clones of 3D Zelda besides Okami? Plenty of 2D Zelda clones, but I can't think of any other 3D ones.
>>492471 He obviously mean games that are new and specifically marketed as "zelda-like" (why haven't someone already do it)
>>492464 those Dark Souls games have the same combat gameplay as 3D Zeldas. their creator even admitted it was true, that Souls games borrowed so much from Ocarina of Time
(3.13 MB 2560x1440 stonk.jpg)

>>492481 Splitting hairs here, but I heard this game was like BOTW. I don't own a gaystation or have any interest in playing this though so I wouldn't know.
(151.85 KB 1114x570 job.jpg)

>>469375 >>469941 OH NO! AONUMA PLAYED ANOTHER SHITTY VIDEO GAME! It's the last one you played Which game is he going to ape for his next idea, pounding a square peg into its round hole? Speaking of which, what will Link and Zelda be like?
(92.47 KB 768x927 link.jpg)

>>469298 I think that BOTW's design of being open world and returning to its roots to the first Zelda game is a step in the right direction. But there's still things to improve like the combat, enemy variety, and proper dungeons. Better hope that Nintendo doesn't fuck it up in the next installments. >>471089 One of my complaints about the durability system is that it doesn't give you a bit of time to experiment with the weapons you use. So its more of a resource management than collecting weapons to fight against many enemies at your disposal. I wished that there were blacksmiths like the ones in Skyward Sword.
(2.73 MB 3840x2688 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.05 MB 3840x2688 metalmax2map.png)

>>492505 >Metal Max 2 Reloaded >relatively non-linear world filled with sidequests >critpath and exploration is mainly blocked by need to defeat powerful enemies rather than direct obstacles >gear needed comes from sidequests, being found in dungeons or very expensive shops (which you afford by doing sidequests for large cash payments) >character and tank improvements are done separately <while tank is significantly stronger, you can't take it into most dungeons (at least not until you solve a puzzle in the dungeon to open an alternate route into it) and is more susceptible to being slowly worn down due to limited ammo and armor that can only (truly) be refilled at settlements, while personal weapons have unlimited ammo and characters can recover health easily >overworld opens in large chunks (pic related), each of which has plenty of content (big green square=town, small green=point of interest/minor settlement, red=dungeon, and that's not counting the content that's based on the overworld or the handful of small greens that have a dungeon hidden in them) >dialog options routinely let you be an asshole to everyone for the sake of it or flirt with random women (even with FeMC) >can bang at least 4 women (even with FeMC) Not too bad. For Zelda the main change that needs to be made is replacing the boss gates (bridge, Skunks, U-shark, Calistro) with dungeon items and a slightly bigger world with more chunks
>>492485 It's on PC now, though. Just pirate it.
>>469320 Fast travel, nigger. Mostly the tedious part was having to readjust the wind every time but that was fixed in the remaster. Wind Waker made feel the world massive while at the same time giving you plenty of mysterious places to explore.
(92.38 KB 250x250 owo.png)

>>474544 >Why is absolutely every humanoid male but Link ugly as fuck or super old in this universe?
(345.17 KB 1106x1659 TWW_Medli_Artwork.webp)

>>492590 I'm not a faggot or a furry so I don't find them attractive, but man if I love their culture. I'd unironically like to live with Ritos.
(243.72 KB 1885x1414 bird pet 3.jpg)

>>492592 >I'm not a faggot or a furry so I don't find them attractive Me neitehr but i can appreciate how cute or cool birbs look and this translate to mansized ones.
(801.57 KB 1115x780 50815932_p0.jpg)

(6.05 MB 3310x3390 81175848_p0.png)

(51.58 KB 800x600 59717215_p0.jpg)

(1.55 MB 2894x3549 78205033_p13.png)

(950.42 KB 2986x3122 85154702_p24.jpg)

>>474544 I think these two are cute.
>>492547 Nah. BOTW left me wanting and from what I've seen this game has fewer mechanics/physics and less to do. There might be fun to be had with Horizon, but I'll stick to emulating and modding BOTW.
>>492505 >FFXIV BOTW is now an mmo. you and about 10 million other niggers run around ruined hyrule doing quests. I dont know if it would be a. Themepark mmo or just one of those completely open MMOs but either way It might be fun.
>>492811 >fem link doesn't have red hair You criminal
(715.92 KB 500x299 SPOILERS.gif)

>>474544 Ravio is pretty cool...
>>492505 >Sir, Ganon and his minions have seized the Island of Lingshan. <Hmm, how can wii help? >It is written: Only Link can defeat West Hyrule.
>>492471 God I really hope they don't fuck up the next Darksiders, I've been waiting to play as Strife since the four horsemen were revealed and Genesis was just enough to light that fire in me again.
>>492877 why would Fem link be a redhead? is this a red head?
>>492531 Which Metal Max games are worth playing?
>>493754 1R, 2R, 3, 4 and PS2 Metal Saga are all good and, aside from 4 (which can't get a full fan translation because nobody actually made a good dump of the DLC before Nintendo moved to a more secure distribution setup) all have an English translation. Avoid 2 Kai (GBA), Season of Steel, and both versions of Xeno. Season of Steel and Xeno throw out everything that makes the series good (they're very linear among other big issues) and Season of Steel is full of game killing bugs on top of it. Kai is one of the worst ports of all time (it runs like shit, destroys the balance, is full of bugs, and more). Xeno is the only one of these in English anyways. I don't think there's any real reason to play the original FC version of the first game or SFC Metal Max 2, not because they're bad but because their remakes improve on everything, but neither of them are translated anyways.
Excluding the sword/boomerang/bow/bombs/instrument that's in virtually very game, what's your favorite item in the series? I think a good item should >allow for creative puzzles beyond just use X to progress >have its puzzle uses fit the game world instead of working on conveniently placed things that interact with it >be useful outside of puzzles I think the Pegasus Boots are a good item. They're used in plenty of puzzles, and the puzzles use them in plenty of creative ways: You can use them for the expected use of moving quickly to do things in short time, but you can also use it destroy large segments of grass and to knock into things for effect. Since they let you move at high speed, they're useful pretty much everywhere in the overworld for going fast even after you've solved all the puzzles they're in. Minish Cap's Gust Jar is another good one. Its suck and blow functions are both very multi-functional. Sucking can not only remove obstacles, but catch certain projectiles, and cause Link to stick to certain surfaces, while blow can not only shoot stuff, but redirect stuff, and propel Link's vessel. It's not super good outside of puzzles but hardly useless.
I found some interesting videos about new mechanics in BOTW2 Time Reversal in Breath of the Wild 2 - In Depth Analysis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSWPpQ_2ubk Phasing through CEILINGS in Breath of the Wild 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WR75CCqW_9U
>>511045 Fascinating, so Prince of persia style rewinds plus nightcrawler style teleportation? Fucking nifty. Could be good.

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