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(181.13 KB 1017x591 8chanTV.jpg)

Stream Thread: Second Edition Anonymous 11/19/2021 (Fri) 20:05:26 Id: 936f31 No. 471628
https://watch.8ch.moe/ Post a link to your channel here if you're streaming. Previous thread: https://archive.ph/VwUMC
(106.21 KB 1871x968 stream key.jpg)

(84.87 KB 1002x742 example settings.jpg)

(52.73 KB 819x607 obs stats.jpg)

>How do I stream? Register an account at https://watch.8ch.moe/ , create a channel, go to channel settings(gear icon) to find your stream key. Install OBS Studio https://obsproject.com/ and paste your stream key to Settings/Stream, set Service to 'Custom' and Server to 'rtmp://watch.8ch.moe/stream/'. >What OBS settings should I use? Check the attached image for settings to use as a starting point. If you're dropping frames(check View/Stats to monitor OBS), set your cpu usage preset to a faster setting. Max supported bitrate is 3500 Kbps. Ask if you have further questions.
I'm gonna stream Darkest Dungeon with a hentai skins pack I downloaded. I'm actually one day late for International Men's Day just like on Halloween but I didn't feel like streaming yesterday. https://watch.8ch.moe/view/a180318b-88a4-4c81-aeb3-55e07a698291/ https://watch.8ch.moe/c/cunny
>nobody is lewd cam streaming I have mixed feeling about this.
>>472645 Stream's done. I forgot how hard the early stages of DD were. Lost some heroes. Built up the blacksmith a little. Dismissed a bunch of people all the time. Sorry for the issues earlier with the enemy monster girls not showing up. I'll try and fix it later but I have to redownload something and it'll probably take a day or two to get everything fully sorted.
Is there any way to change your name (even temporarily) to something other than "Guest#####" or is it that way by design?
>>473203 Make an account? Not like email is even that required
(238.47 KB 707x1000 Ashe promo.jpg)

Final Fantasy XII, part 2. https://watch.8ch.moe/view/00f48990-a2f0-4763-ba60-a142df58269b/ Ashe and co. trek across the desert to raid a tomb.
(1.59 MB 1080x608 carl 15AI midna huge ass.mp4)

(1.39 MB 1400x3296 midna sweater.jpg)

Playing more Twilight Princess! Last time, we got through the intro, met the imp herself, and defeated the first boss. We joked around, discussed some shit, talked shit, admired Midna's ass and fine body, and we will continue to do so. We entered the Twilight once again, ending in Kakariko village. It is time to resume our hunt for IMP ASS! And the light of the gods, I guess. Yeah. Come join. https://watch.8ch.moe/view/0dfe7da2-bfaa-4a13-80bc-ef70ea0d76b8/
(46.83 KB 309x158 ClipboardImage.png)

No stream today. Can't we stream some shit anime?
Hey, guess which movie I got my hands on from the local library? A scratched dvd with sticky marks, but it still plays. Even better, it has English subtitles! Gentlemen, I invite you to another Norwegian movie set in the year of our Lord 1998, with Solan and Ludvig of Flåklypa fame. >Synopsis Gurin the barngnome can't stop himself from acting out his foxy tricks, and one day wakes up with a fox's tail. Everybody wants a piece of this beautiful fur, and at the front of the chase is private investigator Sonny Duckworth and his faithful assistant Lambert! But they are out to SAVE Gurin! The movie sold over 700.000 tickets when it came out and was praised country over. Sadly, I was not in Norway at the time and did not get to see it as a lad. I was... surrounded by frogs, let's say. Playing on 8moe's very own streaming service this friday, 20:00 CET! Afterwards, we might see Trollhunter, the 2010 movie about Norwegian mythic beasts. English subtitles, for your viewing pleasure >Why are you streaming later than usual? Because I want those who want to watch it be able to reach it. It's also only two movies, unlike the normal three. I can afford starting later. Well met!
Whatever happened to the furry twink guy, he was cool. >>477025 The first one reminds me a Bakshi movie. Could you please share it?
>>477370 >share it I can only try, but what programs do I need to rip it?
>>477025 How do I go full Norwegian for this occasion?
>>477383 Shit, didn't read the part where you said it was a DVD. Then I'm not sure, I've neer ripped content from DVDs before.
(111.73 KB 640x800 average Norwegian male.jpg)

(2.93 MB 1322x1890 Theodor Kittelsen - Skogtroll.jpg)

(178.09 KB 1200x835 Theodor Kittelsen - Nøkken.jpg)

>>477393 Listen to Edward Grieg, eat some potatoes and fish with a side of bacon, get a knitted jacket, and enjoy some good old paintings. >>477408 It's alright. Come join us, at least. Enjoy a good movie.
>>477412 If you are using OBS to livestream you could record it then crop only the movie and share it. >Friday 20:00 CET I'll be there, man, looks like a comfy movie
>>477429 >If you are using OBS to livestream you could record it then crop only the movie and share it. I can try, but I guarantee nothing.
>>477025 Movie starts in 60 minutes, pre-stream is on featuring reruns of Ivo Caprino's classics. You can watch it all here https://watch.8ch.moe/view/0dfe7da2-bfaa-4a13-80bc-ef70ea0d76b8/
>>477929 Movie starts in 30 minutes!
>>477953 15 minutes left!
(229.79 KB 1000x1196 Theodor Kittelsen - Heks.jfif)

>>477978 WE ARE LIVE!!!
>>477982 Now we're hunting trolls in Norwegian woods! It's the Troll Hunter! https://watch.8ch.moe/view/0dfe7da2-bfaa-4a13-80bc-ef70ea0d76b8/
(924.97 KB 815x673 smug little shit.PNG)

(113.21 KB 1072x956 senko.jpg)

Comfy movies
>>477978 Shit, didn't arrived on time, did you recorded the streaming?
>>479984 No, but give me a couple of hours, and I'll record the movie for you.
>>480343 Thanks, man, you rocks.
>>480514 So funny thing, I set it to record, go make dinner and what not... it managed 56 minutes, and then the fucking movie crashed. To be fair, the dvd is old and scratched. Had to restart the recording, I want to give you it all in one go. However, I can confirm the quality of the recording is really good. Anyway, what's the best place to upload an entire movie?
>>480584 >what's the best place to upload an entire movie? You could try google drive, mega or cyberdrop.
>>480600 Awesome, thank you. Will try. Check back in two or three hours for an update.
>>480584 If you can put the DVD in your computer, there are programs, that you can use to directly extract the movie into an mp4. Can't remember exactly what it was called, but I remember using one after asking the guys at /scurv/ from back when and it worked.
>>480611 Well, I have handbrake, and the movie crashed again, so I'll try that. Here's hoping.
>>480611 Handbrake didn't work, and during recording the movie crashed at the same spot twice now, are you really sure you don't remember the name of that program?
Playing Nier Automata for a little while, because I'm angry, and I need to do something to calm myself down. https://watch.8ch.moe/view/0dfe7da2-bfaa-4a13-80bc-ef70ea0d76b8/
>>480600 Finally did it. Made an MKV file, uploaded to mega. It's the one named Gurin, pick it up here https://mega.nz/file/T7xgzRLY#23tlDNJb12TvhVPDfZ-wMkSX19F82zjlBMxBW1TNMVE AND GRAB IT WHILE IT'S FUCKING HOT. I don't know how long I can have it up there, if my account will even survive. Not that it matters, it's a burner account anyway. Final size is 4.46 GB. Should have English subtitles, at least it does in VLC media player. I hope you enjoy it.
>>480072 we are live again, continuing MGS1
>>480803 Thanks dude, I'm downloading it right now.
>>480803 Damn, mega damn near crashed my pc. The second the download finished my audio stopped working properly just a loud screeching, everything froze for a minute plus than firefox crashed and the desktop crashed and restarted itself soon after. Attempt number 2, hopefully it doesn't happen again since the download seemingly got destroyed in the crashing.
>>480928 I hope it downloaded just fine the second time.
(796.85 KB 1400x2071 2B.jpg)

>>480702 Playing more near a tomato but only for a little while. https://watch.8ch.moe/view/0dfe7da2-bfaa-4a13-80bc-ef70ea0d76b8/
>>481207 back with cherry coke
(707.45 KB 1200x1694 expelled-from-paradise.jpg)

(152.85 KB 1118x1410 mazinger z infinity.jpg)

I'll be streaming Expelled from Paradise and Mazinger Z Infinity for this Friday anime stream (8pm UTC/GMT, the weekend anime streams start around that time too) https://watch.8ch.moe/view/1c733a6c-9de6-488b-8c9b-8af7c2fd17ac/
>>482434 Expelled from Paradise is pretty good, nice picks.
(4.72 MB 1080x1352 NU ÄR DET FREDAG.mp4)

(558.33 KB 1186x1677 thegoldensmurf midna.jpg)

(235.02 KB 1920x1080 Chorus-1.jpg)

IT'S FRIDAY NIGHT! Streaming a brand new game I just pirated: CHORVS, or Chorus. You play as an ugly woman, but you have a cool space ship. Got in the mood for some space stuff. For those of you watching out for Twilight Princess, I'm streaming tomorrow at 18:00 CET as usual. We're picking up right where we left off, at the entrance to the spirit of light in Lake Hylia. https://watch.8ch.moe/view/0dfe7da2-bfaa-4a13-80bc-ef70ea0d76b8/
>>483827 Verdict on Chorus: story is servicable, main character can be ignored, ship AI is cool, and the gameplay is seriously fun. This has good fun factor, especially once you get the ability to drift through space by suspending your momentum and then unleash it in the new direction you are facing with minimal loss in velocity. Three weapons, for three healthbars: lasers for blue shields, gatling for red health, and missiles for yellow armor. The weapons come in ranks, but there are some differences. The laser can be found in slow-but-powerful variants, but I found the laser with a faster recharge to be more useful and fun, even if it was somewhat weaker. You can also outfit yourself with mods that... don't do all that much. I got one that increases my energy bar for special abilities by one, and it was part of a set with bonuses for equipping two or four pieces from the same set. Money will be important for upgrades, so sidemissions are a must. You can also passively find money caches around the space. Only five or six maps I think, seems like a short game. I had fun, pirate is reccommended. I'll see you all on saturday for more imp ass and underwater shenanigans. the riverrush minigame for more and larger bombbags is going to be such a PAIN using gamecube controls... I didn't know how good I had it on Wii
(333.38 KB 474x902 ClipboardImage.png)

Looking to stream 'Look Who's Back in a little while today. It's a genuinely funny and enjoyable movie about Hitler coming back to life in 2011 and viewing the world through his 1945 lens. After that I might stream Talvisota (1989) a Finnish miniseries that is roughly the length of a movie or so about the Winter War. I intend to regularly stream anti-Communist and historical movies from Europe and America in the future as well. I am open to suggestions from Eurofriends that might know more about such films than me.
>>484459 >I might stream Talvisota (1989) a Finnish miniseries that is roughly the length of a movie Do the Extended Finnish TV series version you coward, it's only 275 minutes. Finnish people doing their favorite pastime of shooting russians is never boring.
(161.04 KB 768x1024 midna.jpg)

>>484468 I have a version that is 3 hours and 20 minutes long which I assume is the whole uncut Finnish release since international cut is much shorter. I didn't know there was an EVEN longer version.
(241.20 KB 1280x720 Come on, join us.webm)

>>484470 I'm live, come see.
(186.08 KB 590x350 hitler.png)

(6.03 KB 209x200 hitler approves.jpg)

(10.76 KB 255x211 hitler_oven.jpg)

(58.45 KB 640x640 hitler.jpg)

(32.92 KB 540x332 hitler with sunglasses.jpg)

>>484487 I'm cancelling my stream for today because I want to join in on watching the Hitler movie. Been meaning to see that one anyway. Let's shitpost together with Uncle Adolf.
(61.61 KB 960x540 hitlerreichingball.jpg)

(332.34 KB 771x945 hitler.jpg)

>>484459 https://watch.8ch.moe/view/ca927f9c-2a57-440a-b3af-5c1e1943d83b/ Starting in a little bit, come join us for a fun adventure with Uncle Adolf.
(277.13 KB 760x1080 Cute Fin.jpg)

>>484499 Come watch 'The Winter War' with us!
(3.04 MB 1200x1692 ClipboardImage.png)

(3.43 MB 1715x1024 ClipboardImage.png)

Thank you for watching. Tomorrow I'll be streaming the most expensive budget film ever made in Poland called 1920 Bitwa Warszawska (2011) about the Battle of Warsaw. Come join and see the Miracle at the Vistula.
>>484659 >can find The Winter War (1989) and download it easily >can find and download Flaklypa Grand Prix (1975) easily >stay up late and spent first hour up this morning looking for Battle of Warsaw (2011) but cannot find it all torrents are dead Why are these older more obscure things easier to find than this relatively new Polish movie damn it!
(1.07 MB 683x1024 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.48 MB 1000x1500 ClipboardImage.png)

Alright change of plan. Going to do two more movies today. >A Bridge To Far An old movie from 77 about Operation Market Garden, an ambitious plan concocted by British Field Marshal Montgomery to end the war by Christ via seizing several bridges in Holland and leading a land force up the road connecting these bridges and into Germany (around the Siegfried line) >Patton Legend George C. Scott plays one of the best rolls in his life as America's "Fightingest" General. Patton was not only labeled the "fightingest" General in the American Army, he was the Army's youngest ever "Master of the Sword" and redesigned the sword carried by Army personnel, which became known as the Patton saber. Patton was also an Olympic athlete who competed in pistol shooting, running, equestrian, and swimming events. To top it all off, George Patton was a valiant fighter, and a pioneer of armored warfare, who made numerous improvements to tank warfare in the form of communications, tank movements, etc. RIP a true American hero and the principled actor that played him so well.
(23.31 KB 303x353 general_patton1.jpg)

(38.00 KB 537x538 patton wisdom.jpg)

(36.72 KB 599x406 patton wisdom 2.jpg)

(458.13 KB 467x556 patton vs turd.png)

(591.23 KB 500x613 patton ruthless.png)

>>485173 https://watch.8ch.moe/view/ca927f9c-2a57-440a-b3af-5c1e1943d83b/ We're starting with Patton in 10-15 minutes. Stay tuned after the movie for a reading of excerpts from 'The Patton Papers' a collection of Patton's letters and his diary. He has much to say about the war and his involvement in it.
>>485173 >>485219 Reminder they killed Patton because he kept saying good things about the Germans.
Sorry to say that I'll have to do A Bridge Too Far next week, something has come up. >>485319 https://archive.md/jwwbG https://archive.md/NKWDl Time to do some reading. >“Berlin gave me the blues. We have destroyed what could have been a good race, and we are about to replace them with Mongolian savages. And all Europe will be communist. It’s said that for the first week after they took it (Berlin), all women who ran were shot and those who did not were raped. I could have taken it (instead of the Soviets) had I been allowed.“ >On August 31 he wrote: “Actually, the Germans are the only decent people left in Europe. it’s a choice between them and the Russians. I prefer the Germans.” And on September 2: “What we are doing is to destroy the only semi-modern state in Europe, so that Russia can swallow the whole.“
(65.02 KB 204x303 laughs_in_silence.png)

>>487464 I'm confused Is the password NIGGERS or is it PS4 games?
since my audio got ass fucked i won't be streaming.
(403.10 KB 800x750 Captain King.png)

(30.84 MB 1440x1080 Cortana.gif)

Halo Infinite, first time. Campaign here we go. https://watch.8ch.moe/view/0dfe7da2-bfaa-4a13-80bc-ef70ea0d76b8/
(62.86 KB 1440x1080 Cortana.webm)

>>487758 >30.84MB gif I do say the gif graininess and dithering is nice
(1.73 MB 1440x1080 cortana.webm)

>>487832 Your encoding seems to have messed up, buddy.
>>487758 We're back from dinner break. The adventures of Master Chief continues. https://watch.8ch.moe/view/0dfe7da2-bfaa-4a13-80bc-ef70ea0d76b8/
>>487868 I used the av1 codec to get to that filesize, it plays well on pc but doesn't work on mobile i see now.
>>487832 thanks doc
(144.59 KB 467x393 check em.jpg)

(2.20 MB 1440x1080 cortana.mp4)

Today I will be streaming 'A Bridge Too Far' in a few hours.
(3.30 MB 1737x1158 ClipboardImage.png)

(108.64 KB 800x581 1st airborne.jpg)

>>490143 5 minutes and we're on
>>490079 >>490143 >>490149 The Longest Day is superior
(176.71 KB 1000x1500 the evil dead 1981.jpg)

(473.77 KB 1536x2048 evil dead 2 1987.jpg)

(2.48 MB 2759x3971 army of darkness 1992.jpg)

Ey, boys, it's time to get GROOVY! Tomorrow, Sunday 12.12.21, I'm streaming The Evil Dead (1981), Evil Dead 2 (1987) and Army of Darkness (1992) at 18:00 CET (as usual for Snowball streams). Link to the stream will be provided tomorrow an hour before stream starts. Remember, Stream Smart, Stream S-Mart.
>>490079 >>490143 >>490149 Thank you for watching, and may those who died rest in peace. >>490164 I've seen way too many D-Day movies and game scenes to care. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=g_OqkMqAmtY&t=186s
(642.88 KB 800x419 WW2.png)

>>490246 Thanks for hosting fag
(11.26 KB 196x187 skele rattled.jfif)

(616.25 KB 640x640 skele unnacceptable.png)

(51.85 KB 705x607 skele screams extenally.jpg)

(347.25 KB 2308x2059 skele robbery.jfif)

(503.44 KB 640x918 skelepuns.png)

>>490220 It might be out of season, but it's time to get spooked, fuckboys! THE EVIL DEAD ARE HERE! You will get spooked in one hour from now! Grab your drinks and snacks, and prepare for some GROOVY movies. Join us here https://watch.8ch.moe/view/0dfe7da2-bfaa-4a13-80bc-ef70ea0d76b8/
(20.47 KB 300x281 Skeleton at computer.jpg)

(34.59 KB 583x439 skeleton.jpg)

(61.76 KB 629x480 Angry fucking skeleton.jpg)

(32.81 KB 200x200 angry skeletal.gif)

(458.01 KB 600x699 Skeleton frat party.gif)

>>490461 WE ARE LIVE
https://watch.8ch.moe/view/e480e939-4774-4c35-a776-036e50612dfc/ I'm gonna draw some Vivians for christmusas, come we will have fun. No desktop sound I'm watching evil dead too.
(473.77 KB 1536x2048 evil dead 2 1987.jpg)

>>490466 Up next, Evil Dead 2
(23.14 KB 255x255 1432306844704-2.jpg)

(726.74 KB 1280x720 1621100483638.jpg)

I'm about to stream some of the newest episodes of Game Center CX in raw format (meaning no sub sadly) >Earth Defense Force (PS2) >Tokyo Bus Annai (PS2) >Super Monkey Ball (PS2) https://watch.8ch.moe/view/1c733a6c-9de6-488b-8c9b-8af7c2fd17ac/
(2.48 MB 2759x3971 army of darkness 1992.jpg)

>>490502 Last movie of the night, Army of Darkness! JOIN US https://watch.8ch.moe/view/0dfe7da2-bfaa-4a13-80bc-ef70ea0d76b8/
(1.60 MB 2420x3711 robocop 1.jpg)

(801.55 KB 1320x2000 robocop 2.jpg)

(315.63 KB 1408x2048 robocop 3.jpg)

>>490539 Thanks for coming to the stream, everybody. A blessing to have you. Next time, Robocop 1, 2 and 3! You have the right to not attend the stream, but know that your absence can and will be used against you in court! shitposting allowed during the latter two movies
Hey, is there a working password reset feature? cause it's breaking on my end.
(592.70 KB 2000x3000 robocop 1987.jpg)

(200.18 KB 1600x859 ED209.jpg)

>>490597 Reminder: Friday 17.12.21, 18:00 CET. He is... THE LAW NO,wait, wrong movie protagonist, that's for the next stream. But he is a cop. He is a >RoboCop is a 1987 American science fiction action film directed by Paul Verhoeven and written by Edward Neumeier and Michael Miner. The film stars Peter Weller, Nancy Allen, Daniel O'Herlihy, Ronny Cox, Kurtwood Smith, and Miguel Ferrer. Set in a crime-ridden Detroit, Michigan, in the near future, RoboCop centers on police officer Alex Murphy (Weller) who is murdered by a gang of criminals and subsequently revived by the megacorporation Omni Consumer Products as the cyborg law enforcer RoboCop. Unaware of his former life, RoboCop executes a brutal campaign against crime while coming to terms with the lingering fragments of his humanity. Hope to see you there.
>>492609 Four and a half hours till I send your ass to '80s Detroit. Can't have shit in Detroit.
(177.85 KB 680x956 1508612063360.jpg)

>>494053 Looking forward to it, Snowball.
Gentlemen, tonight's movie stream starts in one hour. Put away your keyboards and come to the stream with your hands in the air. Watch here https://watch.8ch.moe/view/0dfe7da2-bfaa-4a13-80bc-ef70ea0d76b8/
>>494134 Robocock, Robocock, Robocock
(1.60 MB 2420x3711 robocop 1.jpg)

>>494134 ROBOCOP begins right away. Come watch with us, anon! It's a three-for-three movie special tonight, I can feel it in the air. https://watch.8ch.moe/view/0dfe7da2-bfaa-4a13-80bc-ef70ea0d76b8/
(801.55 KB 1320x2000 robocop 2.jpg)

>>494164 Next, up, Robocop 2! Dead or alive, you're watching with me!
(73.03 KB 798x598 Video Games with Coco.png)

>>494222 (checked) Take it to the meta thread you little bitch
(222.46 KB 880x741 lamo.jpg)

>>494229 Well at least you're a real grilanon and not a fucking tranny.
bought a webcam, how do I stay Anonymous without exposing my face or my room? I play guitar, ukulele, acoustic bass and banjo. If it has strings I could finger the fretboard all day long.
(106.34 KB 1000x1500 judge dredd 1995.jpg)

(1.45 MB 2500x3704 dredd 2012.jpg)

Thanks for coming! Tomorrow, 18.12.21, at 18:00 CET, we will watch Judge Dredd take to the streets in two action filled movies! Honestly, these are the ones I have been looking forward to the most. And I hope you will be there with me to experience it. Same time, same channel!
(100.17 KB 397x399 400.jpg)

>>494347 heck yeah
>>494322 Tear off your own face. That's the best way of course, you don't need to worry about anyone recognizing you if you have no face!
(738.93 KB 2554x1383 (screams).jpg)

I promised an anon this screencap from Robocop 2. Enjoy, and use responsibly Or don't. I don't have the power to arrest you
>>494322 Anon you answered your question with your images. I suppose you could also wear a green body suit as well if you wanted to go to such lengths.
(572.40 KB 1300x1100 in your dreams.jfif)

(208.50 KB 800x1056 red dredd redemption.jpg)

(783.69 KB 1988x3056 dredd cover.jpg)

(169.23 KB 774x1498 arbiter.jpg)

(76.66 KB 678x993 arbitrator.jpg)

>>494347 Two hours!
>>494618 The stream is now up, movies begin in 50 minutes. Well met! https://watch.8ch.moe/view/0dfe7da2-bfaa-4a13-80bc-ef70ea0d76b8/
(1.32 MB 854x480 i am the law.mp4)

>>494631 Going live in five minutes!
(1.45 MB 2500x3704 dredd 2012.jpg)

>>494642 Next, Dredd 2012.
>>494347 I was reading the latest issue of 2000AD and since this anon was cool enough to stream some Dredd, I thought everyone who watched the movies would appreciate the latest issue as well. 1/3
>>494817 2nd image of the previous post is actually page 3. Hopefully I get the order right this time. 2/3
>>494817 >>494818 >>494820 >Crossover with the movies Breddy cool
>>494817 >>494818 >>494820 Huh, they actually respected the movies and treated urban's dredd as the kid of the group, neat. How old is dredd now though? Around 80? Has he received any rejuvenant treatments or something to keep going?
>>494817 >>494818 >>494820 Oh fuck yeah, that is so cool! I really liked this, thanks for storytiming it, anon! >Double-whammy? Fantastic exchange.
>>494817 >>494818 >>494820 Since when do comics make something that is not a leading cause of rectal cancer?
(164.84 KB 640x480 Best Grills.jpg)

>>495314 Only the big 2, Marvel and DC have went full on SJW cancer. And that's due to the fact that capeshit movies can take the loss. Comic stores aren't so fortunate though. Not to say that smaller companies can't or don't make aids, but they can publish good stuff unlike the big 2.
>>495318 I thought judge dredd and dark horse had gotten pozzed.
(1.05 MB 1987x3056 DUP BTFO.jpg)

>>495354 >Dark Horse Yes, at Comicon one of the PR guys gals even stated "we're not making comics only for straight white dudes anymore" but again, we're talking about the content which hasn't changed much so far. But then again that was said in Aug >Dredd I know there was a comic with Trump in it, outside of that, I don't think so.
>>495354 It's pretty much the entire industry, it's just to what degree. It's just another form of entertainment, and that entire monolith is a den of collusion and favours that it's always going to "go" woke outside of a handful of indie, too many of which are actively going the other way which make them boring reads. That said, doesn't Dark Horse mostly just publish and have little to do with the creation side of things? I'm sure they have influence and priorities, but as long as the authors aren't retarded, it's largely not a huge issue that Dark Horse themselves are retarded. Regardless, unless you're already insanely into comics, there's enough backlog out there to minimise ever needing new content.
>>495378 That's probably because they're not making comics for anybody anymore, issues rarely sell beyond more than a few ten thousand copies. It's literally headline industry news if an issue sells 200k or more on the first issue, when in the past there were series that got cancelled for that. The average sale of a Marvel comic in 1975 was around a million prints sold per issue. There are Marvel series today which don't sell a million prints throughout their entire lifetime. It's funny they say this considering that's still mostly the audience of comic books, probably moreso considering kids don't read comics anymore. Do you know any black girls who read Judge Dredd? Any Indian guys? This line of thinking doesn't even make sense considering the popularity of mango.
>>495486 > This line of thinking doesn't even make sense considering the popularity of mango. I mean, this is just evidence that the market is clearly there. Manga is going crazy in popularity, both actual sales and piracy. The audience for that type of media is there. Even in other nations, like France, comics are selling well. It's purely the English speaking west where they're in freefall. "Coincidentally ", it's also the only region that has gone hard on the aids. Sure, there's still some in other countries, but nowhere near the same extent. The market is there, and any retard that tries to say otherwise, that people in general simply don't want comics, is a bold faced liar.
>>495486 They can't adapt, they're all fucking dinosaurs sucking each others dicks. And now, even with all the capeshit movie and exposure coming in since 2008, they're selling worse than Kickstarted comics made by 2 guys. It's pathetic.
(18.68 KB 368x450 images (26).jpeg)

>>495568 >>495486 The comic book Crash of the 93 damaged the american industry forever. Sadly we might be living the final years of cape comics before they become a remember of the past just like argentinian comics.
(529.66 KB 394x360 Neco arc dance 2.mp4)

>>495591 >Ending of cape comics They'll be in life support as long as there are 400 pound nerds. I'm just waiting for a manga outfit that hires non-sjw autists with a couple bags of money to finally disrupt the walking corpse of american comics. Cheaply printed monthly comic omnibus for american up-and-coming artists fucking when.
>>495603 >Cheaply printed monthly comic omnibus for american up-and-coming artists fucking when. Fuck, that would be neat.
>>495568 >>495591 There are multiple factors. The crash of the '90s left things bad, but the SJWs have made things so bad that it makes the sales numbers of the late '90s look good by comparison. Things crashed, never recovered, and even though nobody thought things could get any lower, SJWs found a way to dive through bedrock. It should also be said that no western comics company has managed to set up digital releases properly. They keep trying to sell digital issues one at a time, for the same price as physical issues. They set up subscription services, but they don't have every issue, which is ridiculous when they are only publishing content they own and continuity is super important so if you miss a bunch of issues you don't know what's going on. And I mean it's one thing if they're missing issues where licensed characters like The Transformers or Bill Murray team up with Spider-Man, but they're also missing regular old issues for seemingly no reason. Why would anyone pay for that when you'd need to use a piracy site to get the missing issues anyway? All that said, that problem existed before. SJWs didn't, and they're what drove things even lower. >>495603 That already happened a long time ago. The only reason you hear about American comics is because of the characters and series they still have that were once massively successful in the medium and are now massively successful in other media. But SJWs are destroying them in other media now, so it won't be long before you stop hearing about them as much. Marvel will shamble on in some form, as Disney owns them, but it may well be by Disney licensing the comics rights to other companies and shutting down their own actual comics division entirely. DC is owned by Warner, and while that is big, not as big as Disney, so they might not last as long before something like that happens. >>495647 Anthology series like that used to be the norm. That's why Superman comes from Action Comics and Batman comes from Detective Comics and Spider-Man comes from Amazing Fantasy. But very slowly, over decades, they realized it was more profitable, at least short term, if Action Comics was just entirely about Superman, and Detective Comics was just entirely about Batman. And Spider-Man only appeared in the final issue of Amazing Fantasy which was getting cancelled anyway.
With watch.8ch.moe, how do you go about setting up a restream to something like peertube?
(140.08 KB 469x357 NK Cartoon.png)

>>495653 One thing I see is that there's barely any merchandising since like 2012. It's half the reason these characters were popular in the first place, from Spiderman PJs to Superman undies. They used to be everywhere and now, outside a specialized toy, you see fuckall. Did the Mouse up the licensing fees or made everything exclusive to their shitty stores> Because that's going to hurt them long term.
(976.92 KB 650x880 ClipboardImage.png)

>>495653 Why haven't the French tried to gobble up the American market? Their BD industry is doing fine all things considered.
(100.26 KB 383x442 1318736494495.jpg)

>>496061 Like with comics, merch companies probably started realizing that children don't have any money, so they started catering to a smaller audience of adult whales, but of course this is a bad long term strategy because it just keeps shrinking to a smaller and smaller audience of bigger and bigger whales, and without the kids and casuals, the whales don't reproduce and literally die off. Of course, the other factor is that kids don't like most kinds of toys as much as they used to. Video games drank that milkshake a long time ago. >>496196 Ah the French, an arrogant country that thinks they're still relevant on the world stage despite that not being the case for the last 200 years. Their market in terms of the characters', series', properties', and creators' recognition with the public is miniscule even compared to the broken and dead US industry. They might be doing fine in their own country, but good luck competing with Spider-Man and Batman in the English speaking world. Manga is much closer to doing that. But even then, it wouldn't really be "gobbling up" the market. It would really just be a completely new market moving in on the territory. The audiences for American comics, French comics, and manga are different, though they have significant overlap. The niches they fill are different. And very notably for the American market, the niche is largely people who want to read capeshit about the same characters and universes who have been around for 80+ years. Other countries' industries can move in and steal marketshare from indies, maybe, but the big two are a whole other market from American indie comics, even. The people who care about reading whatever SJW shit modern Image publishes (don't exist, and) are not the people who care about whatever SJW shit modern Marvel or DC publish. People only care about the SJW shit Marvel and DC publish because they love the older stories. Outside of Spawn, nobody cares about the properties' in indie comics. The appeal was supposed to be exciting new ideas that the big two wouldn't do. But that went away a long time ago, and now it's just SJW shit that doesn't even get the attention of ruining a character beloved by nearly a century of readers. So yeah, Franco-Belgian comics, manga, and others can move in on that territory, but only because there is practically no territory to take. The entire publishing industry has practically no territory, and comics are a small subset of that. The big two dominate and you only hear about them because of past successes. Indies are a tiny fraction of a fraction and the only people who even look at them are people who make money by making fun of them on youtube. They very frequently sell so little that they aren't even measured. There is no space to move in on. Maybe there is whole new space to build, but the american industry, and especially the american non-capeshit industry, is so dead that it's not even like stealing a watch off a dead guy. It's more like building a house on a site nobody even remembered was once an ancient indian burial ground.
(31.55 KB 504x489 Billy.jpg)

>>496242 >children don't have any money But their parents do
(50.90 KB 700x262 luthor's bukakke machine.jpg)

>>496255 Yes, but there are a noticeable number of fat middle aged dudes who have a lot of money, and it's easier to get them to part with it when they're spending it on their own enjoyment and not their children's. Especially since these particular fat middle aged dudes may not have children at all, but what they do have are collections of X-Men comics going back to the '80s, and they're not about to miss an issue after 35 years. And while they're at it, they might drop some cash on that $400 statue of Jim Lee era Rogue that doesn't require any glue to put together, but is going to get some anyway.
(446.13 KB 640x480 QUARK .mp4)

>>496258 >but is going to get some anyway.
>>494347 Watched Dredd 1995 yesterday. Today I was mistakenly suspected of stealing from my local supermarket. I had bad luck and walked through the security gate nearly at the same time as the thief, they caught him though. Not sure how I feel about this.
(3.77 MB 1444x2048 ogurat2.png)

(270.34 KB 921x1391 FGE97fTUUAM8vV2.jpg)

(611.71 KB 2000x1976 86095915_p0.png)

(1000.17 KB 1015x1200 47716359_p0_master1200.jpg)

Streaming an old Christmas specials tape. Going to have it loop for a bit. https://watch.8ch.moe/view/7b5de88a-42bb-4a37-a649-f4ebfc59f8b8/
>>496810 OH, HOLY CRAP! I have the same CBS airing of those specials on one of my old video tapes! Maybe not in the same quality as the recording you streamed, but I remember watching the tape as a kid around Christmastime. Ginhuldr, you're amazing, and Snowball is amazing too. You guys rock!
>>496521 You have no idea how funny that is. >>496846 You rock too. In fact, I think the viewers are the most amazing. Without you, streaming would be boring. Merry Christmas, and A Happy New Year to all anons. Let's stream some more next year.
So I have something in mind but I'm not sure how to do it on OBS: I want to have two parallel anime streams, one with spanish subs and the other one with english subs. I think the easiest way is to open two OBS instances and livestream to two different channels; however, I'm not sure how to put the respective subs to their respective livestream. I don't like to use the VLC input, I prefer to use a xspf playlist because it saves me a lot of problems.
(728.34 KB 876x1439 neichadotdotdot.png)

Looks like it reset my mono audio to stereo (which sets the audio to one ear haha) when it looped. I apologize to anyone watching after the first run. Going to end it after the drummer boy for now.
God Jul og Godt Nyttår, alle sammen. In Norway, every 23rd of December since 1980, NRK (the Norwegian national broadcasting service) has made a tradition of showing a small short known as "Dinner for One" (Grevinnen og Hovmesteren in Norwegian). At only 10 minutes long, it has filled Norwegian homes with laughter for over 40 years now. In the spirit of Christmas, I want anons to enjoy this little piece of tradition as well. And, as a change of pace, this piece features Norwegian subtitles, instead of the usual English. Don't worry, the entire short is in English. From its English Wikipedia article: >Dinner for One, also known as The 90th Birthday (German: Der 90. Geburtstag), is a two-hander comedy sketch, written by British author Lauri Wylie for the theatre. After featuring on the stage, the German TV broadcaster, Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) recorded the sketch in 1962 as an 18-minute black-and-white videotape recording, performed by British comedians Freddie Frinton and May Warden. It has become traditional viewing on New Year's Eve in European countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Estonia, or on 23 December in Norway, and, as of 1995, was the most frequently repeated television programme in Germany ever. Despite starting on the British stage, the sketch has only recently started to gain recognition in the country. The show is now broadcast every New Year's Eve in Britain on Sky Arts with its first national broadcast there airing in 2018. >Same procedure as last year, Miss Sophie? >Same procedure as every year, James. Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year from your local viking streamer, Snowball.
(121.19 KB 1200x900 NYC shekel bot 2000.jpg)

Any of you anons ever stream off Odysee? Found this guy recently. https://odysee.com/@QTRBlackGarrett:9/Raft:6
>>500875 You better be banging that negress you faggot
>>500964 I'm not the streamer, just found them at random and decided to post the link.
>>501057 You're not fooling anyone but yourself lad
Do we have any saved clips from any of the hundred streams we had? Any shitty clips or anything
(187.24 KB 1000x1290 Demoliton Man 1993.jpg)

(430.04 KB 1000x1426 28 days later 2002.jpg)

(1.29 MB 1697x2480 Drive 2011.jpg)

(489.11 KB 1500x2160 Solomon Kane 2009.jpg)

(136.74 KB 660x1000 Orion's Belt 1985.jpg)

Hallaien, Snowball here. Been thinking about streaming for New Years Eve since I'll be home alone celebrating it. So here are some movie choices for you all: >Demoliton Man 1993 Sylvester Stallone doesn't know how to use the three seashells. >28 Days Later 2002 London deserted. Time to say bad words with no rossers around. >Drive 2011 Ryan Gosling is a real human bean. >Solomon Kane 2009 The adventures of the legendary puritan swordsman, from the creator of Conan, now on the silver screen! No idea if it's good, but I like the character design. And a very special movie many have recommended me if I can get my hands on it >Orion's Belt 1985 Norwegian action movie filmed on Svalbard. Seriously, I have had so many people recommend me this movie. No idea if its good or not, but it did get international recognition. I'll go see if the local library has a copy of the dvd, or if I'm really lucky, the torrent will download. Feel free to make suggestions provided the torrent of your movie is available on rarbg. Place your choice or suggestion here in the thread. More info will arrive as the New Year draws near. For emergencies I guess I'll just stream video games.
>>501237 Drive is truly one of the best films ever created. Ryan Gosling is literally me.
>>501237 Put down a vote for 28 Days later, Drive and Orion from me. And don't worry about the faggots, I've reported them for offtopic posts. Best I can do.
>>501237 Oh Shit there was a Solomon Kane movie! Damn spiffy.
(294.19 KB 2008x2480 Ballot_Box.jpg)

>>501344 Wanna put down your vote for it?
>>501350 Yeah. Do I do it here or do you have a poll somewhere?
(56.33 KB 360x451 Fürher thumbs up.jpg)

>>501371 Doing it here is enough, I have a running tally.
>>501237 Snowball here, quick update: Library did have Orion's Belt on bluray, but I'm on a weeklong waiting list while it gets sent over, so that'll have to wait until next year. The torrent isn't much better, it's been stuck on 10.6% since I started it this morning. So fuck it, we'll watch the other four movies in a row. I'll be staying up with the fireworks anyway. In other news, I managed to snag all twelve Varg Veum movies, so if any of you are up for some Norwegian crime based on a popular book series from the coast of Bergen, we have enough material for a full four movie nights in a row albeit I doubt we'll do that. It would be too much. Gents, we're starting off tomorrow, 31.12.21 at 18:00 EST, same fare as usual. A short break will be had as the bell tolls midnight so I can congratulate you all on surviving another year, and then festivities will resume.
>>501828 CET! Fuck, I mean 18:00 CET!
>>501828 >>501829 Why not watch the movies in chronological order then? Start with Demolition Man and end with Drive.
>>501237 Tonight's movies can be found here, minus Orion. we start in five and a half hours.
>>502429 two hours.
(187.24 KB 1000x1290 Demoliton Man 1993.jpg)

(430.04 KB 1000x1426 28 days later 2002.jpg)

(489.11 KB 1500x2160 Solomon Kane 2009.jpg)

(1.29 MB 1697x2480 Drive 2011.jpg)

I experimented with obs's scene options. You can add webms and gifs, not just pictures. I don't know if what I've made is any good, but I sorely need more and better pictures that's more fitting various occasions. No matter. Stream is now up, movies start in one hour, starting with Demolition Man from 1993. Come celebrate the New Year with me at https://watch.8ch.moe/view/0dfe7da2-bfaa-4a13-80bc-ef70ea0d76b8/
>>502519 We are live.
>>502545 Now streaming 28 days later.
>>502594 Next up, Solomon Kane.
>>502656 Last movie of the night, Drive!
Happy New Year, 8chan.
(42.85 KB 838x392 gdq.png)

(327.92 KB 426x105 infinitybanner.gif)

GDQ is in a little over a week (starts January 9th). Schedule: https://gamesdonequick.com/schedule If you need a place to shitpost while watching the stream (because gdq will be gay) you can watch with with us at: https://infinity.watch
(34.34 KB 300x200 poetry.png)

>gay furries watching gay furries.
>>503124 I was just thinking about GDQ the other day but Christmas knocked it out of my mind.
>>503124 It's crazy how little I hear about GDQ these days with how mainstream it was only 5 years ago.
>>503302 Seems like the designated dilaters pretty much killed it.
>>503354 More likely them banning half the speedrunning community for arbitrary reasons.
Oh, and also the multiple 3+ hour runs that nobody likes to watch.
>>503302 Their lunatic retardation that causes them to fear the coof and only have gay online streams with no crowds that are boring as shit is a large part of it.
>>503302 It's all just a huge money laundering scheme anyway
(875.96 KB 1216x1054 2022 atsuko small.jpg)

Pepipopo here, i will just do some test streaming for the night for 1 hour before i go to bed :) https://watch.8ch.moe/channel/131/ https://watch.8ch.moe/view/90d93695-2f76-4293-9de1-fc9331d4f9d5/
(134.36 KB 832x1024 1635717438650m.jpg)

>>505093 Streaming again, click on same embedd. Playing some Portrait of Ruin and later something else.
(2.49 MB 1063x1500 ClipboardImage.png)

https://watch.8ch.moe/view/ca927f9c-2a57-440a-b3af-5c1e1943d83b/ Streaming some JoJo if anyone wants to join
(1.52 MB 800x900 ClipboardImage.png)

Part 2 now
(62.47 KB 640x480 1623438810033.png)

(92.97 KB 625x1000 1630127051978.jpg)

>>506711 Part 2 is my favorite Jojo, young Joseph will never be topped Hopefully I can pop in later tonight if it's not finished by then but it probably will be I just finished rewatching it funnily enough
>>506804 Its my favorite too. Its amazing how much hate it gets mostly because the Nazis aren't THE bad guys in it and end up helping instead.
>>506814 Just stop talking to SJWs or going on their websites. They are a tiny minority of people. It does not get any hate from the vast majority of audiences.
>>506814 Where the fuck did you hear that stupid shit?
>>506814 You're getting more thin skinned than Ameriniggers at this point. Nobody cares about the Nazis in Part 2 unless you visit tje botomless pits of Twitter or ANN
>>506910 Not even thin skinned. He's clearly just going to places where SJWs congregate.
(38.15 KB 500x333 Caesar Salad.jpg)

That was a good Jojo stream.
>>506828 >>506896 >>506910 >>506921 It was coworkers. Its my fault for answering truthfully when they ask if I like JoJo and anime.
(689.14 KB 400x300 1464296441553.webm)

>>507122 wait so your coworkers think jojo is bad because nazis are helping to fight ancient vampire creatures that can potentially destroy the entire human race? And they didn't question the vampires, or hamon breathing, or any random bullshit. They specifically said "jojo's all cool but it has nazis in it" And they say they LOVE anime. Why don't they say as well say anime is all good but its made by those honorary nazis
(789.37 KB 1280x720 gay gone.jpg)

>>506814 > Its amazing how much hate it gets mostly because the Nazis aren't THE bad guys in it and end up helping instead. Delete your twitter account faggot and get some shock treatment. No normal person would find the scenario of humans that would normally hate each other working together to fight a force that wants to wipe out every last human fucking offensive.
>>507122 >It was coworkers I guess muttlandia is just that fucked
>>506814 >>507122 What does your co-workers think about drangonball ????
(7.88 MB 640x360 attack on aeiou.mp4)

(2.73 MB 2048x1152 mark stando.png)

Gonna do the first half of S1 of Attack on Titan today and S1 of JoJo Part 3, Stardust Crusaders on Friday and God willing S2 of part 3 on Sat. >>506804 >>506814 Joseph best JoJo, his autistic grandson close 2nd. >>506814 But that's the best part!
(1.67 MB 1084x1560 JosukeAnime.png)

>>507250 >his autistic grandson close 2nd. >jotaro >2nd If anything, joseph's bastard son is second.
>>507260 Everything after part 3 is dissapointing The amount of shit that's teased in part 4 to just be left on the dust because Araki would rather focus on filler and the time paradox Psychopath is depressing.
(7.39 MB 2560x1920 ClipboardImage.png)

Active now
>>507250 >Joseph best JoJo, his autistic grandson close 2nd. That's not Giorno.
(622.76 KB 674x768 Josuke Sip.png)

>>506787 man girls in that sorta dress are great, also tiddy whatever her name was/is is great.
(633.13 KB 755x898 ClipboardImage.png)

(248.88 KB 480x360 ClipboardImage.png)

>>507250 >Joseph best JoJo Odd way of spelling Gappy
(247.89 KB 691x764 wonder of u.jpg)

>>507460 Gappy is just Jotaro, Josuke and god damn fucking Kira mushed into one person and somehow even more fucking gay looking than all three.
(1.45 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)

>>507468 >it's just Josuke but mixed with the best villain and with the best traits of Jotaro I can't see how this is an argument against him.
>>507469 >best traits <being homosexual Please fuck off >>507431 You too gay lover
>>507476 You think the best traits of Jotaro is being a fag? Sounds like you're the homosexual here.
>>507477 I'm referring to his homosexuality being incompatible with the supposed best traits of jotaro, not everything is about your raging love of cocks
>>507479 You're the one that introduced the topic of raging homosexuality so I imagine love of cocks was something you were fixated on, my mistake.
>>507480 >introduced the topic of homosexuality No, that was when you posted pics of that down syndrome faggot
>>507506 >Gappy >Anything but straight as an arrow Take your homolust elsewhere.
>>507512 Nobody buys what you're selling, fruit merchant
(36.65 KB 696x540 1460732540016.jpg)

>>507515 Fuck you
>>507506 Gappy is unironically the straightest Jojo since Jonathan.
>>507556 No one said he was gay. He just dresses like a fag.
>>507515 This, Gappy is the only Jojo who spends the majority of his time with a girl. He even almost gets reverse-raped once. Canonically every other Jojo is more homosexual than Gappy, with the obvious exception of the refined gentleman that is Jonathan. >>507559 >sailors >not manly as fuck No one wants you here cockmuncher
>>507562 >sailors <manly Yes, but not in the way you're thinking of
Question? On 8chan TV is allowed to streawing ANY sort of drawfag work?
>>507576 If it's a drawing i don't think it matters what it is.
>>507576 Eltonel was streaming his smut making once
(4.06 MB 1200x1695 ClipboardImage.png)

Alright niggers, if you're done fighting over whose JoJo cock you'd like to suck more then read this. I'm going to stream the entire first season of Stardust Crusaders in a little while. Will post here 10 minutes before starting. >>507260 I like Josuke a lot too, mostly because he's the first protagonist to break the typical hero saves the world archetype to just be some ordinary kid that gets thrown into Bizarre situations in his strange home town. >>507431 Boring homosexual choice.
>>507562 Actual sailors manly no fucking argument but some weirdo with a hand fetish, dresses like a Japanese school girl and has an imaginary friend called Soft and Wet is not fucking manly and we will have some disagreement. Anyway are just talking looks Anon and Gappy is the fucking gayest looking JoJo by a large margin. Looks like a fag is not the same as being a fag.
>>507780 >dresses like a Japanese school girl He dress like a Japanese Schoolboy, not a schoolgirl. >Anyway are just talking looks Anon and Gappy is the fucking gayest looking JoJo by a large margin. >gayer than boy-cleavage donut hair with his 4 twinks and 1 trap friend Sure thing buddy.
(9.81 KB 255x162 butthurt.jpg)

(22.91 KB 620x377 angry hitler.jpg)

>>507788 >Glorious dubs wasted on a JoJolion fanboy. Only the first three JoJo's looked manly Anon. The rest I do not know what the fuck Araki was thinking.
You are all gay tbh.
>>507790 I know all the Jojos look like fags (and a dyke) after Part 3, but to put Gappy in first place for faggotry when Giorno exists is fucking retarded.
(268.41 KB 300x517 giorno.png)

(976.05 KB 856x1399 josuke.png)

>>507796 Giorno does look faggy BUT he is bigger when it comes to build. I still think Gappy looks way worse.
>>507576 As long as your not streaming pizza any sort of stream should be fine.
>>507820 You mean cheese pizza right?
(95.75 KB 1366x768 yare yare.jpg)

(50.16 KB 455x332 Yare yare aru.jpg)

>>507836 No anon, literal pizza is ding dong bannu. Ya dingus.
(185.29 KB 655x473 platlettes.png)

>>507849 Active now
(321.37 KB 1920x1080 5 friends.jpg)

(44.68 KB 442x740 sad big boss.jpg)

>>508929 Good evening, and RIP those lost on this Crusade.
(328.13 KB 786x531 Mariahfacespinoff.png)

(252.97 KB 764x469 Mariah face Manga.jpg)

(94.68 KB 1280x720 Mariah face Anime.jpg)

>>509268 >Mfw my internet cut out halfway through Hol Horse-Boingo combo and I couldn't finish the stream. We doing Diamond is not Crash?
More Attack on Titan at >>508929 Episodes 14-25 of S1 >>509277 Going to save Diamond is Unbreakable for a bit later next week. Don't know about anyone else here, but watching all of Stardust Crusaders gives me JoJo Fatigue.
(140.94 KB 756x580 Erins whole motivation.jpeg)

>>509491 >Attack on Titan Never forget this is what it all came down to.
(136.74 KB 660x1000 Orion's Belt 1985.jpg)

(168.21 KB 800x1200 døden på oslo s 1990.jpg)

(1.49 MB 3240x2175 Varg Veum Bitre Blomster 2007.jpg)

A funny thing happened today. Orion's belt came in to the library, so i'm gonna go pick that up, and the torrent finished today as well, which is... entirely fucking useless at this point, but what can you do, eh? I'm planning on streaming this Saturday, 15.01.22, 18:00 CET as per usual, so I invite you all for another Norwegian movie night. The movie program is as such: >Orion's Belt, 1985 The film follows three Svalbard-based shabby seamen, played by Helge Jordal, Sverre Anker Ousdal and Hans Ola Sørlie, who discover a Soviet bearing station. They are subsequently targets of Soviet liquidation and American interrogation in an attempt to quiet them and retain the political status quo. The Cold War topics were a critique of the Norwegian policy of allowing a Soviet presence on Svalbard. I must have really hyped this movie, I have no idea how good it is. Let's hope its good. >Death on Oslo S, 1990 The film is about the two teenage boys, Pelle and Proffen, that try to help Pelle's girlfriend, Lena, who has a drug problem. She is only 15 years old, and they initially meet at a snackbar in downtown Oslo. She has been abused by a social worker at a home for troubled teens. While they try to help Lena she runs away, they get beat up and watch people overdose at the central train station in Oslo. Based on a book in a series for young teens, back when people dared to be a bit more adult about it without being gross. >Varg Veum: Bitter Flowers, 2007 The seven year old daughter of a politician goes missing. Said politician seeks out private investigator Varg Veum to look for her lover, who has also gone missing. Are the cases related, and if so, how? The first in a series of 12 movies, based on the books of the same name. A household name in Norway if you're into books. Next stream, if I can get the torrents to work, I'm thinking of streaming some more action movies, but this time of a more Chinese variety. We're talking Rumble in the Bronx, Hard Boiled, Forbidden Kingdom, and if all else fails, I might just slap on Logan's Run and The Running Man, with our boy Arnold. Or I'll save those for next time. I also found out that there are a LOT of Running Man stuff... Like, stuff from 1963 all the way up to 2007, films, tv series, music It's a new year, with new streams, and we're back in business! For the time being, anyway. And fuck, I wanna rewatch Akira. I'm gonna go do that once I come back from the library.
(858.11 KB 2000x3000 Akira.jpg)

Decided to stream Akira again. Wanna join? Better than gays dong quick, I promise. https://watch.8ch.moe/view/0dfe7da2-bfaa-4a13-80bc-ef70ea0d76b8/
>>512402 Now watching Appleseed Alpha.
>>507260 >>507431 >>507442 >>507460 >>507468 >>507469 Alright you fucking JoJokes. Gonna be doing DIU later today. Hope you're ready for some Morioh madness.
(149.82 KB 1920x1080 ohyeah.JPG)

(339.06 KB 500x501 erection.png)

(110.38 KB 1024x576 okuyasu hands together.jpg)

>>513098 >>513097 >>513093 Going to start within the hour. Get your snacks and drinks ready.
>>513098 >>513285 I can't wait.
>>513285 Cool, my tomodachi. I'll probably be there.
(200.28 KB 385x341 Lets gooooo.png)

(84.58 KB 576x648 Kenshiro.jpg)

JoJo is ghey, watch a real anime
>>513311 How about reading the fucking manga instead, I swear the anime was the worst thing to ever happen to JoJo.
>>513438 The anime is great, eat a bag of dicks.
(136.74 KB 660x1000 Orion's Belt 1985.jpg)

(168.21 KB 800x1200 døden på oslo s 1990.jpg)

(1.49 MB 3240x2175 Varg Veum Bitre Blomster 2007.jpg)

Stream begins in 1 hour. Enjoy some radio theater in the meanwhile. https://watch.8ch.moe/view/0dfe7da2-bfaa-4a13-80bc-ef70ea0d76b8/
>>513707 30 minutes, prepare your food.
>>513721 10 minutes.
>>513728 Stream is live!
(1.06 MB 1024x640 unbreakable.png)

Gonna do 4 episodes of JoJo today to bring it up to the Kira arc and the rest of part 4 tomorrow. https://watch.8ch.moe/view/ca927f9c-2a57-440a-b3af-5c1e1943d83b/
(695.44 KB 994x738 Sweating Jotaro.PNG)

>>513886 >thought I slept through the entire rest of DiU >it was only 4 episodes today I think this is just one of the risks I take for sleeping after staying awake for over 40 hours.
Gonna do the rest of Diamond Is Unbreakable in a couple of hours. >>514314 You're good, the best part of it is today.
(220.48 KB 1920x1080 breakdown.png)

(97.05 KB 1200x675 kira.jpg)

Starting momentarily.
(8.62 KB 250x208 BITEZ ZA DUSTO!.jpg)

RIP Shigechi
(793.32 KB 852x480 did somebody say boom.webm)

(184.45 KB 1200x1800 Hard Boiled 1992.jpg)

(194.18 KB 1000x1500 Bullet in the Head 1990.jpg)

(247.59 KB 1000x1500 Rumble in the Bronx 1995.jpg)

(857.09 KB 1400x5552 chinese_you_get_what_you_pay_for.png)

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Alright, peeps, Snowball here again, this time with a double stream announcement! Friday, 21.01.21, at 18:00 CET, I will continue streaming Varg Veum movies. Just three, will be plenty. We'll still have another SEVEN to go through after that. Friday's movies are >Din til Døden // Yours until Death >Falne Engler // Fallen Angels >Kvinnen i Kjøleskapet // The woman in the refrigerator I'm not kidding about that last one. I can hear /co/ screaming. But then comes Saturday, 22.01 at 18:00 CET... Prepare for Chinese Take-away! ///It's the Crouching Anon, Hidden Stream!\\\ A real hai-ching pang-pow evening of Hong Kong action! Starting us off is none other than the John Woo classic, ///HARD BOILED\\\ from 1992, starring Chow Yun-Fat as the main character, Tequila! Followed by an earlier movie, Bullet in the Head from 1990! That's right, I'm flipping the script this time around, we're watching the newer one first! Never saw that one coming, did ya? We'll then ease it off with a Jackie Chan classic, considered by many to be his career breakthrough, Rumble in the Bronx from 1995 English dubbed version. Grab some strong rice wine, order some wok, and grab those red flags by the flag strings, we're goin' ///red\\\! You get what you pay for, which is nothing, so you get nothing. ///Don't learn Chinese.\\\ I did consider Forbidden Kingdom, but the subtitles were in DIRE need of some editing, so I have to spoil that movie for myself to get it fixed before streaming. Yes, I actually ran tests this time. As for upcoming stream night ideas, here's a few I have. >Legend of Riddick marathon Vin Diesel as an alien, which spawned a pair of supposedly really good video games for the og xbox and pc. Huh, who'da thunk? >Running Man, Logans Run, Memento Yet more dystopias, but classics in their own ways. Memento is just to fill out the night. >Nolan's Batman Trilogy Do I need to say why? If yes, two words: "Ruse cruise" and "meme magic". >Reservoir Dogs and "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" I just need a third movie about criminals to complete the night of crime. >Clint Eastwood marathon Three movies of the Good Clint himself, thinking we start off with The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, followed by Pale Rider and ending it with Gran Torino. Because of course I have to end it on Gran Torino. I'd be a total loser if I didn't. Yee-haw, pardner! Seriously, though, this is gonna be a LONG FUCKING NIGHT. As for you, dear Anon, I do want something in return this time. I really, really want to do a sci-fi themed movie stream. As long time viewers already know, I'm not much when it comes to movie knowledge. I have seen the original Star Wars trilogy, but who the fuck hasn't at this point? My question is, are there any other GOOD action sci-fi movies? High-speed chases through asteroid belts, killer robots, laser beams, space opera! I need, no, CRAVE, good sci-fi. I'll even take animated movie suggestions. Hell, is Snowpiercer (2013) any good? It's listed as sci-fi. Yes, I'm aware of Legend of Galactic Heroes. I have it saved already, don't worry I'll see YOU in the stream!
>>516794 >Reservoir Dogs and "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" >I just need a third movie about criminals to complete the night of crime. Pulp Fiction?
>>516800 checked >Pulp Fiction Heh, funny, I've actually seen that one. It was alright. But sure, that's a good suggestion. Yes, I have also seen Kill Bill 1 and 2.
>>516803 Just do snatch.
>>516813 That looks like a really good movie, already downloaded. This might be the one. Thanks for the rec, man.
>>516817 Where'd ya download it at? I wanna play.

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