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(938.69 KB 1573x1800 kashamilchi-teirusuki-fix.png)

(2.39 MB 540x540 ariecomplete.gif)

(4.34 MB 729x685 outgoing.gif)

Gigamaidens Thread Anonymous 11/30/2021 (Tue) 15:28:13 Id: 000000 No. 481188
I thought I'd make a thread for that one anon that's trying to make a fighting game about big gals. I hope he succeeds. Remember to not let the green kangaroo guy or the boomerang guy donate to your game once you get into early access.
I guess it's better than pretending to talk about KikeZ anymore Speaking of which, do you have any plans for cameo characters in your game, gigadev?
are there any mecha
>>481194 >background characters >some degenerates with shitty OCs donate to try and fuck the game up for their fetishes and clashing designs >they end up showing up in a building in the background >it turns out it's destructible and they all die I want this to happen, that would be too funny
>>481188 >he You mean you because you're psychojosh
(145.16 KB 914x1249 reimu.jpg)

Isn't it way too early to make a GigaMaiden's thread when there isn't even a conceivable stable development build? And wouldn't this be better off in /agdg/ if not an Ideaguy Thread?
>>481230 Probably An interesting discussion might come out of it at least, I'm personally interested in his game and seeing what happens, and the various communities that might be involved in something like a pseudo-fetish game
>>481205 No I just made the thread for him because I'm a fan of his characters and I want to give him a little encouragement.
>>481258 Nice try Josh
>>481261 Josh isn't exactly good at opsec, I doubt he'd use tor
'Josh' can fuck off until he has an actual game ready.
>>481188 Sorry friend, but I'm into miniguy analvore. I'll have to give this a pass
>>481287 Time to commission some fanart then
(37.89 KB 510x550 furry fatty.jpg)

>>481188 >I thought I'd make a thread for that one anon that's trying to make a fighting game about big gals. A CHALLENGER APPROACHES
>>481425 how the hell does her body even do that it look like she's carrying a basketball in her pussy
>>481430 it's literally just her gut sagging down in front of her pussy. She's got so much fat that it can't fight gravity anymore.
(5.40 MB 2976x2200 sachidrarin-feiskyoko-2.png)

(5.64 MB 2976x2200 sachidrarin-feiskyoko-3.png)

(4.93 MB 2976x2200 sachidrarin-feiskyoko-1.png)

>>481188 >Boomerang guy I know about the green kangaroo fag but not this, who's the Boomerang Guy? >>481194 No offense taken, Anon. I wouldn't either. But the plan was for the game to be free to play anyways so you wouldn't have to spend money if you didn't want to. >>481190 >>481199 Yes, I had thought of plans for cameo characters in a way that they wouldn't need to be animated. Background cameos would be things like parade balloons, statues or murals of characters, which would all be destructible. So provided that some disgusting furry OC shows up as a parade balloon, you would just be able to pop it. Unless you're talking about playable guest characters, which is a different thing entirely. I wouldn't let that be a kickstarter tier, if that's what you're asking. I'd only let official companies have a crossover character in the game.
>>481505 > So provided that some disgusting furry OC shows up as a parade balloon, you would just be able to pop it. I think that would make some furries cum
>>481188 >green kangaroo guy >boomerang guy who?
(1.45 MB 1933x1840 dai-jamoart.jpg)

>>481507 Possibly but I think it'd be hypocritical of me to make a game like this and exclude the furries for wanting to cum. Especially since the furries are the ones with serious autismbux that would be able to help with crowdfunding. What should I do? Should I just make a stipulation that there's no furry OCs allowed?
>>481505 >F2P How the fuck would you make money and recoup costs then? Don't tell me it'd be through microtransactions or something like that? If you're purely making this game out of passion and love, I'll be impressed, but handle things like you want with caution Money is a good way to increase the scale of your operations and the scope of what you can do, though it also creates risk of loss of integrity, greed, and lots of other problems that can hamper a game Having no money means the game might peter out if you need to keep it supported in the wake of something unexpected, or any sequels or other games might be very difficult to make I don't mind paying 15 bux for indie games, or less on sales, plus its a good barrier to entry. >>481530 Boomerang guy is the guy with the special snowflake donut steel self-insert who he made pages upon pages of autistic details for. Name is Reize Seatlan, though the cringe I used to see might've gotten wiped already He got into shovel knight and tries to put himself in every game where crowdfunding is allowed. I think he's some autist. >>481530 Green Kangaroo was some degenerate furry who ruined a kaiju fighting game because he was a hyper-funder of it and fucked up development for accommodating his OC. >>481532 Furries have a lot of money, but you should only allow it if there is a way for you to keep it in without undermining your artistic and creative integrity An animated anthropomorph might do that. Worry about it later when it comes closer and handle things as they go, you're a ways away from the crowdfunding step so its not important right now For the time being make sure that whatever plans you have in mind for that shit are clearly limited.
(242.28 KB 706x1131 monsieur_scarlett.png)

>>481532 >Especially since the furries are the ones with serious autismbux Yea, be careful with that. Degenerates have surprisingly huge wallets. That paper mario clone (Bug Fables) only had 1 tranny bug in the whole game. Some faggy backer paid enough to unlock the kickstarter tier of adding his gay OC into the game. >>481561 Holy jesus. That pic is dripping with sheer autism.
>>481532 >Should I just make a stipulation that there's no furry OCs allowed? Furries are just the most common example, there are plenty of non-animal autists who can try to hijack your game to prop up their faggot OC. Remember Reize the boomerang nigger from Shovel Knight who has an entire fucking bible on what you are and are not allowed to do with him?
Oh yeah, Reize, I remember him. I don't think he's nearly as bad as the Super Best Friends guys putting this shithead in everything though. Thankfully they've disbanded so they won't be doing that anymore. >>481561 >How the fuck would you make money and recoup costs then? >Don't tell me it'd be through microtransactions or something like that? I was thinking something akin to KI 2013's model where the free version only has a few characters that are rotated on a bi-weekly basis. You can pay for one character or just pay a one-time fee and get absolutely everything. I know there'd be pushback against microtransaction but I have to make money somehow and I have to do it in a way that makes sense. I don't think it's "sacrificing your integrity" to make a push for a bit of money, but I wouldn't do something completely idiotic like NRS charging money for simpler move inputs or whatever. I kind of expect that most people on 8chan would pirate the game anyways, which I can't really do anything about, so it doesn't make sense to shill anything for money here. But if you must pirate the game then all I ask is that you git gud and take part in the community and shit. >Furries have a lot of money, but you should only allow it if there is a way for you to keep it in without undermining your artistic and creative integrity >An animated anthropomorph might do that. Since the background characters would be completely inanimate parade balloons or murals or statues or something, there is no need to worry about animating them. >>481577 If Reizefag donated to my game to get a parade balloon none of his lore would really apply since he'd just be a balloon. All he does is float around and pop.
>>481597 To be absolutely clear: I dont think I'd do microtransactions. But I'd have to think of something to do to get money. The reason I'd be going free to play is to hit the ground running and get as many people playing as possible.
(496.54 KB 814x1319 Reize.png)

(101.83 KB 711x238 ss (2015-09-14 at 11.55.07).png)

>>481530 Reminder.
Reminder to visit /gts/ if you like big girls Would welcome a Gigamaidens thread there too if anyone likes >>481505 You gonna allow any crossover characters in the game at any point, like any of your artist friends' OCs, or any well-known characters from the community?
(150.39 KB 885x1502 duncan.png)

>>481597 >>481655 >Kaiju combat That was a good thread, anons went a bit overboard near the end and stopped being clever about stuff.
>>481692 What, you mean like put Chun-Li in GigaMaidens? You think Capcom would let me do that? Mashing her giant Chunbutt against buildings, crushing skyscrapers like watermelons between her thighs? I'd... enjoy that very much, but I'm pretty sure Capcom would say no. I am open to the idea of crossover characters, I have a few in mind later down the line that I would love to add, but I'd have to wait until GM is a franchise before I did that. And sure I'd allow my friends to put their characters in the game if they ponied up however much it costs to develop them. Maybe you guys wouldn't like it as much though because I have some friends with rather... autistic character designs, shall we say.
>>481745 Probably not chun li topkek, but some less... massive franchises might have a chance of letting you do so Thats definitely something for down the line though you're probably right, base game is most important to focus on Though if a potential character is sufficiently popular to the point where it might boost sales/revenues it might be worth putting them in earlier than later >autistic character designs Weird, hopefully they're not too clashing though
>>481745 You just give her a red outfit and hair spikes instead of buns and call her Journalist Federali, and they can't touch you. The players will know who she is.
>>481745 You might get Them' Fighting Herds or whatever in for free lol
(65.86 KB 400x300 12236937.jpg)

>>481745 >And sure I'd allow my friends to put their characters in the game if they ponied up however much it costs to develop them. can 8chan anons design a character for you? Are we your friends, gigadev?
>>481752 There are a couple of licensed characters I have my heart set on that I would like to add later down the line. But I wonder if Sunsoft will let me add Arina and Roomi. >Weird, hopefully they're not too clashing though They might be, which is why I'd think twice about it. Unless you're okay with hyperfat >>481760 Nah, I don't wanna do an Expy Donutsteel of Chun. If it's not the original I wouldn't wanna bother, I got plenty of characters jotted down already. >>481763 I'd consider it only if they let me make human versions like those awful Equestria Girls >>481786 Of course you're my friends, Anon. But if you do design a character all I ask is that you take it seriously and try to make it fit in the universe. Don't make a retarded one-off meme character, do it right.
>>481801 I don't even know who owns Sunsoft's IP at this point. See, Japanese circles get away with commercial use of paper-thin parodies (or not) of characters all the time, as five minutes on DLSite demonstrates, possibly because those circles are actually in Japan. I assume it's mostly Nintendo-adjacent properties sold by westerners that are most at risk. You probably know more about it than I do though.

(475.79 KB 720x405 ClipboardImage.png)

>>481801 >I'd consider it only if they let me make human versions like those awful Equestria Girls Uh you know what I changed my mind on this I'm not adding TFH shit ever. >>481809 Sunsoft is still using those characters, I recall they added an expy cameo of Tesse in Blaster Master Zero 2. So I think there's a chance.
>>481801 >Don't make a retarded one-off meme character, do it right. Look, man. All I'm saying is that a green kangaroo with boomerangs might be a rad idea. Just give it a chance. :^) But joking aside, I'll think about it.
(96.22 KB 728x926 1420931949283.jpg)

(189.44 KB 1024x1365 1423722215718.jpg)

>>481834 Doesnt TFYC technically own the rights to vivian officially?
(63.21 KB 734x467 ClipboardImage.png)

(66.05 KB 799x570 ClipboardImage.png)

(23.65 MB 2300x4088 ClipboardImage.png)

(24.41 MB 2300x4088 ClipboardImage.png)

>>481839 >>481834 I still wait for more big Danielle and Freya art >doesn't TFYC technically own rights to Vivian officially Vivian is public domain. On a funny note >the proceeds were donated to the colon cancer alliance fuck the early GG days were funny
>>481853 Why'd you delete fag?
(427.68 KB 937x900 sachivsdrarin.jpg)

>>481826 If you really are interested, let me give you some lore guidelines to base your character around. Here's a basic summary. There are two worlds in GigaMaidens, the Country of Tokyo and Pera World. The character roster in the game is evenly split between my OCs and those of my lead artist Yilx, which belong to each respective world. GMs from the Country of Tokyo (COT) are mostly magically superpowered humans and amazonian monster ladies. There's a lot of lore to unpack here but the gist of it is that girls all over the COT are randomly selected to become "Thaumasoldiers" by fairy animals who grant them divine powers. They need this because cultists, demons and all sorts of paranormal things attack the COT on a consistent basis. The COT is a place where all the world's nations, cultures and peoples have been magically fused into a single nation and monoculture following a catastrophic event called the Inverse Babel Incident. Despite the name, Japan is culturally extinct in this world. GMs from Pera World are generally goddesses, titans and monster girls. Pera World is a mysterious, dreamlike planet with a very strange and overpowering magical aura. Human-like beings exist here too but they are regularly preyed upon and ravaged by all the goddesses and monster ladies that inhabit this world. Its namesake is given to it by Pera, the daughter of the dragon goddess known only as "Mama Pera" who has laid claim to this world (no one knows her real name, only identifying her by her relation to Pera). This world is mysteriously linked to various others (including the COT) in some strange way via a gigantic Yggdrasil tree that naughty Pera neglected to take care of. Spoilers: Pera World may actually be an afterlife planet, a purgatory where lost souls go after being killed by paranormal entities on Earth. Both worlds have monster girls, but the ones in the COT are more human-like whereas the ones on Pera World are more monstrous, if that makes sense.
(616.78 KB 1240x1480 sachi.jpg)

>>481857 Sorry, I made some mistakes and had to edit. Anyways, here is Sachi. Sachi is the game's leading heroine, she is a Thaumasoldier from the COT who lives a miserable life of wage slavery when not fighting monsters. She is a super elite Thaumasoldier, far and away more powerful than most of the others in the COT, strong enough to contend with demons and gods. Sadly, she is still mortal and needs to put food on her table. She leads a team of four other girls accompanied by their fairy dog Purufy (whom she hates, because she doesn't like dogs).
>>481866 Sachi works in a mall serving fast food, not as an office lady. She didn't really have time growing up to pursue a degree in anything. But regardless, the Pera World GMs don't attack, rather she ends up in Pera World after being assigned to track down a seraph who posed a threat to Earth.
(131.55 KB 1200x1173 sad-doggo.jpg)

>>481861 >(whom she hates, because she doesn't like dogs)
>>481871 >that entire webm was all marketing >making it look like some virtuous thing to be part of the endless cycle of mcdonalds employees >acting like you'll learn life skills from burger flipping and giving fries to people this is horrifying
>>481871 >watch Kitchen nightmares >laugh at the Chef ramsas yelling at people >go to work at a real restaurant >get yelled at >no funny anymore lol >Also pissing off everyone there wasn't good either, everyone psychologically bullied me to get out The hidden Ronalds makes me think there is some other subliminal messages hidden in the ad.
>>481858 Just be prepared. You're probably going to end up with Viv or Libbie with the serial numbers filed off. Or maybe with them still on, I guess.
>>481913 Viv a cute, I don't mind her. But who's Libbie?
>>481916 >Being a footfag.
(29.30 KB 831x165 ClipboardImage.png)

(34.66 KB 815x317 ClipboardImage.png)

>It's been at least like 6, near 7 years now since this project started >no gameplay shown when will people get this is just a fat cunt that no one who's actually talked with them likes parading around their fetish under the guise he will eventually make a game. Psycho Josh is objectively a bigger hack then Yandere dev but for some reason we don't laugh him out.
>>481925 >INB4 someone totally not psycho josh shows up to say "Uh actually there's this 3 year old beta video of characters having a jab but 0 collision or anything else so it's a glorified single animation and not gameplay"
>>481916 >Whos libbie The definitely not furbait mascot for /t/ >>481924 I thought the part where giant women flattening cities made it obvious
>>481925 I've had two separate builds, Anon. I have videos of them on the website. Lord knows I've put a lot of time and money into this. You can't just snap your fingers and make the game happen. I give a full rundown on the timeline of the game here. https://gigamaidens.moe/the-saga-of-gigamaidens-timeline-of-events-the-games-current-state-and-future-plans
>>481930 >Years of did effectively no progress compared to any developer who had made a product of worth. >Could have at some point just learned programming at any point over this apparently 11 year fucking project, still has other people doing it when it's in your own blog shown to constantly fuck up >july 10 2021 all that's there to show is a uni grads first 3D project if even that. Thanks for making it clearer this is a hack sham.
(17.69 KB 966x678 fyFK4kTx.png)

>>481933 No problem Anon, but to be fair, my years of silence probably created some confusion for you. Truthfully I have been learning programming, and 3D modelling, and animation and all the stuff one needs to become a game development polymath. It's still not that simple. "Eventually" can be a long time, but I will get there. I need this game to happen.
>>481930 >replying to a sperg You're gonna have to learn when someone just hates you fag. Just ignore him. >>481925 Yandev was a traitor before anything else which is the far greater sin
>>481930 >replying to a sperg You're gonna have to learn when someone just hates you fag. Just ignore him. >>481925 Yandev was a traitor before anything else.
>>481942 >defending a 2 time lol cow here Okay, I'll call you when I set up a pyramid scheme
>>481943 Fair enough. Also in what way did YanDev betray anyone? I haven't kept up with anything regarding that guy or his game.
>>481946 He betrayed 8chan and cuckchan years ago
>big, soft muscle look I'm much more of a fan of the hard, low bodyfat look. I know it's a trick of the mind, but a girl like pic related looks stronger to me than the majority of muscle girls out there. That's probably because a lot of "muscle girl" artists make the mistake of drawing a fat chick, putting lines that are supposed to be abs on her stomach rolls, and calling it a day. Pic related, on the other hand, makes me feel like her idea of a fun way to impress me would be to see how many push ups she could do with me on top of her. Sadly, very few artists have the skill to pull off the hard muscle look, but the ones who can are gods among men to me.
>>481941 >and 3D modelling, and animation Did you make these 3d models yourself in Maya? >>481188 They look pretty nice. I guess all those years of learning 3d modeling, UV mapping, rigging, and 3d animation finally paid off. I'm a 3d modeler myself and I'm kinda jealous, honestly.
(709.23 KB 699x612 ClipboardImage.png)

>>481971 >I'm much more of a fan of the hard, low bodyfat look. I know it's a trick of the mind, but a girl like pic related looks stronger to me than the majority of muscle girls out there. The thing is, Anon, in order to have a more "chiseled" look like that you basically have to be starving. Softer/fatter muscular people are genuinely strong. But I have a bit of both among our characters. >>481975 >Did you make these 3d models yourself in Maya? No, I can't take the credit for those. They were made by Atelier Lily.
>>481941 Please do a demake or spinoff in this style sometime after you get the regular game done. Reminds me of playing Rampage on the NES as a kid.
>>481971 Those are excellent 80's colors on her bikini.
>>481987 >image this has been a meme for a long time and it's near the truth but not quite. People who compete in strongman look like that when competing in strongman to have the excess energy to maintain their form for single lifts and if you ever see strongmen who do competition while working for competition they would genuinely die in a functional scenario like working in removal (6-10 hours of cardio and lifting) because their bodies simply aren't good for long work like that. You can even see it with Eddie Hall who after stopping with strongman professionally now looks way more like the first image than the second but I doubt anyone would say his body is for show now considering it's still the man who first did a 500KG deadlift. Also strongman is beyond impractical for the strength it gives, Eddie Hall before winning worlds strongest man was burning money like he was a Florida fire outside a bank to afford the health support and food to maintain it, it's amazing what they do but it's really stupid that an image like this presents stupid points like "If a person puts on a lot of muscle without fat implies steroid use" when the muscles are literally going to burn away fat at an super high amount for just being there and that big. https://i2-prod.mirror.co.uk/incoming/article22175015.ece/ALTERNATES/s1200d/0_3.jpg TL:DR person who made this image learned how health was from /fit/ and doesn't actually follow strong man but knows anons talk about it a lot.
>anchored Why Mark?
Why the anchor faggot? This isn't breaking any rules afaik.
>>481946 >in what way did YanDev betray anyone? He kept adding gimmicks and easter eggs instead of fleshing out the core game. We told him to stop adding more half-finished junk on top of his existing half-finished junk and to finish something up. He sperged hard and left 8chan forever to go hang out with cuckchan and reddit who provided a hugbox and weren't sick of his shit yet. Predictably, they later realized the same thing 8anons found out: he's incapable of producing a finished product and will find excuses to waste time on side features and modes just to kill time and keep himself entertained. They eventually also turned on him, and he had to run to a Discord channel he moderates. I think even the Discord turned on him at one point, but I know even less about what happened there. Maybe someone has the screenshots from his spergout, or an archive of the thread. A number of ideas in the game came from 8/v/. I'm pretty sure he grabbed some of my ideas for the Punished Snake easter egg, but I never actually confirmed.
>>482028 It's a shame that YanDev is still milking his shit game even to this day while poor sweet tetradev got his soul crushed and just disappeared.
(1.48 MB 1131x1600 sachi-tovior.png)

>>482012 >Please do a demake or spinoff in this style sometime after you get the regular game done. Indeed, that is something I'd like to do as well. There's a million things I wanna make with this franchise. One idea I had was basically an anthology of multiplayer minigames but with giantesses. Like GigaMaidens Party or something, or perhaps Numan Athletics 2. Maybe that'll be the first sprite-based GM game. >>482015 Fair enough. I did not know all that. I guess it stands to reason that if you keep your muscles long enough eventually all your fat burns off. Here's a picture of Sachi with incorrect hair. >>482028 >>482032 That sucks but I don't really feel like I could make fun of him because making GM hasn't been a straightforward process for me either, although I have been laser focused on the core game, it's just tough and finance-intensive. I need to find a more efficient way of making it so I have it on the backburner while I complete smaller projects.
(468.48 KB 799x688 CERTIFIED.png)

>>482036 Rude.
>>482028 Don't forget the other things happening at the time too He was willing to go to the games media despite anons' advising against him to do so (and in the height of GG as well, so everyone was becoming unaware of just how vile those people are) And he censored his game around the same time as well for the masses. He became a cuck with no integrity
Why don't you ask the Future Club guys if they'll let you put giant Skullgirls in your game :^)
>>482036 >Autistic gaymers deserve shit fine, I'll find another hobby to Autisticlly be part of. I don't need (you) or anyone else. This will the best hobby in the world, you''ll see, you'll all see. Now to find a hobby besides shitsposting and using computer I am depressed and lost interest doing anything else
(449.24 KB 1536x2048 sachi-tedbob84-v3.jpg)

>>482563 I'm kinda down for this actually. Maybe if they allow me to make all the SGs evil. I know a fair bit about SG lore, there's stuff that could make it mesh well with what I have in mind. I'd make a stipulation that Ahad would have to be onboard though.
All this discussion of fun things to add afterwards is fine and good and all but one of the biggest things that prevent people from finishing their games is feature bloat and scope creep during development Make sure to only keep this shit in mind as a very far thing in the back of your mind and focus on clearly defining what needs to happen more so than anything, worry about the smaller stuff later and don't focus too much on it or you'll end up fucking up the project, Do your best to define everything that's most important for your game to be complete in the way you want on initial release and work towards those goals consistently as you can
>>482665 Fair enough. Feature creep can be a project killer. Just look at yandev and how much wasted time it stalled him.
>>482676 Yandev's inner rottenness, laziness, incompetence (shit code) and induced complacency due to all that funding and hype he received all contributed to that as well
>>482665 I'm not worrying about feature creep at this time, just trying to get the core game done is hard enough. I don't think creep is the problem holding the game back right now, but yes, I am mindful of these things..
>>482676 Everyone blames feature creep, but it seems to me that was just a symptom. The disease was a mix of too much ambition with zero talent or focus. I remember when Yandev played Natsuiro High School and suddenly wanted to expand the game from the school and a few select locations, like Yandere-chan's room, to an entire town full of NPCs, side quests, ect. Then, he played a Yakuza game and wanted to implement a combat system, rival gangs, and all kinds of other shit. The idiot never realized you need a dedicated team of people who actually know what they're doing to pull off even a fraction of what he wanted to do, but it worked out in his favor because people are fucking retarded and will keep throwing money at him until he dies with the game still unfinished. Bonus points: remember those guys who actually made a clone of Yandere Sim that was fully featured, functional, and complete in about two weeks and Yandev went fucking nuts and said he'd sue them for using the same free, Unity store assets he himself used? Comedy gold.
>>482742 Wait, you're telling me Yandere Sim was just a glorified asset flip this whole time?
>>482774 All the big scam projects are, Yandere Sim, Monster Girl Island, etc. The con is in keeping cost and effort to a minimum while raking in maximum cash
>>482776 >MGI Another traitor no less, ironically enough What is it with some of these fucking devs.
(590.35 KB 1506x661 ClipboardImage.png)

Well Anons, I um. I've had a rough year, and my birthday is on the 12th, and... w-well... If there are any drawfags present I'd really love drawings of the GigaMaidens in any way you can think of them. I never get any presents, birthday, Christmas, or otherwise, so... I-I'd really appreciate it... Here's galleries of them, if you need them. https://imgur.com/a/EakZC https://imgur.com/a/5bYJW0f
>>482807 Why not request in the draw thread?
>>482810 Because it'd probably get deleted for being off-topic OC autism. At least here it's topical.
>>482810 Also hes probably the autist who keeps asking for chun li as a giantess farting on a city
>>482777 There are all those people out there who tell folks "hey, you should do work that not only pays you but that you like doing." So these devs realize that they like sitting on their ass and occasionally poking at some autism project of theirs, and they also realize that there are people out there who will pay them for doing exactly that. I don't say all of them went into the endeavor with the express idea of turning their idea into a dribble of cash, but for a certain kind of lazy person it's probably pretty tempting once the "hey, people are actually paying me for this" realization sets in, like how some people don't realize they're drug addicts until they actually take heroin for the first time.
I'm not in it for the money. I probably will need plenty of money to get the game done but as long as I can just meet my needs, I'm satisfied. I'm more interested in being influential. And fanart. I really would like some fanart. Birthday in 9 days.
(427.56 KB 395x504 ClipboardImage.png)

I'm putting Skullgirls in the GigaMaidens thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxddgpJtgCE
Next blog post is gonna be delayed as I've been binging Halo Infinite lately and haven't had time to get on my gamedev grind. Dunno when I'll post a new blog. Maybe in January. Incidentally, my birthday is tomorrow. Please lift my spirits with some GigaMaidens art, gentle drawfags. https://imgur.com/a/5bYJW0f
(56.61 KB 992x600 gigagondmaidens.png)

(8.97 KB 385x545 gigagond 1.png)

(31.03 KB 529x548 gigagond 2.png)

>>490102 >>484337 It's not much but Happy Birthday anon. Posting it today because my connection to cakechan has been tenuous for the past 3 days.
>>490499 This is adorable.
>>484337 Aren't you in it because you have debilitating autism?
(608.00 B 61x81 gond kasha.png)

>>490515 Well the background and foreground didn't really turn out how I wanted, even given my meager abilities. Maybe at some point someone will edit the gondolas into a better picture Here's the tiny Kasha gondola too that I forgot to post.
>>490102 happy birthday
>>490499 >>490535 >>490555 >>490639 Thank you so much Anons.
>>490102 Happy birthday, Gigadev. But... >I've been binging Halo Infinite lately you should really stop torturing yourself.
>>490499 I really like the GondolaMaidens, Anon. I posted them on the blog. Thanks so much. >>490535 These are cute too. I appreciate the effort. Although Milchi isn't generally "giga"-sized when she's with Kasha. >>490800 >you should really stop torturing yourself. It's fun. Although I agree the battle pass is pretty gay.
>>490860 Happy birthday I know I'm one day late but still really rooting for you here hope you go through with your idea no matter how long it takes and that it's successful.
>>481941 Explain why a fantasy female knight and a feral looking catgirl duking it out in the modern American city
>>490976 Clearly you have not played many fighting games before, they're all very convoluted
>>490976 You should check out the lineup for War Gods. Or hell just Killer Instinct for that matter.
>>490976 Who said it was an "American" city? For all we know, it could have been Japan and their ongoing kaiju problem of Godzilla-sized women.
(27.17 KB 540x371 (you).jpg)

>>490976 >American city. Doubtful. Very fucking doubtful.
>>490976 Knight wanted to pet catgirl. Catgirl did not want to be pet.
(250.37 KB 785x1111 sachi-bookjacksonedit.jpg)

>>491558 Quite the contrary, Milchi loves headpets. She mostly prefers giving them, although she enjoys receiving them as well. Maybe that's the problem, she tried to headpet Sachi who did not appreciate it.
(342.43 KB 685x770 red_anon_edit.png)

Any interdasting updates to report? Part of me wants this thread to also discuss any games in general involving big women Pic unrelated because she's only kinda big
>>511362 Not really any big updates to share, but I hope you had a Merry Christmas, Anon. I didn't get to do anything and received no gifts. Nose back to the gamedev grind while hoping my chronic pain doesn't kill me. The pain of being an adult.
wait this thread is still going on? thought this would be a fetish game that would be forgotten again in a month or two
>>511694 its a fetish game thats going right next to yandere sim because psychojosh is an incompetent attention whore
>>511694 Development has been ongoing for the better part of a decade, although it's not just one game, but many projects in the same universe.
>>511791 Maybe he should do one project at a time
>>511792 That's what I'm doing.
(151.84 KB 192x361 4494899.PNG)

>>511791 >>511790 yeesh this is probably my last post here since i'll probably not bother checking this out from what you guys are saying
>>511811 View the blog if you're interested in future developments. https://gigamaidens.moe
(48.88 KB 535x315 ClipboardImage.png)

>>511683 just buy more blender tutorials bro isn't that hard to fill time while upskilling
>>511811 They're just being overly negative. At the very least nice fanart is getting produced gigadev is getting better in the art department himself.
(26.87 KB 582x438 lammybeg.jpg)

>>513015 It's what I'm doing god damn it. Be patient with me I'm autistic and a slow learner. I'm taking lessons every day.
>>513080 he paid for like 99% of those
>>513262 False

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