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Most annoying enemies in vidya Anonymous 06/27/2020 (Sat) 11:49:29 ID:46b6db No. 48168
What are some of the most annoying enemies in vidya? For me it must be pain elementals from DOOM, although Chaingunners are fucking obnoxious, I can see them having more uses in mapmaking than Pain Elementals, as at least they usually die in one hit. Pain Elementals seem to serve no other purporse than just to eat through your amunition if you don't take care of them early enough, even Archvilles have an use by raising tension tremendously and seeming scary but not that annoying when used properly.
(88.05 KB 400x300 Driller.png)
>You know what this game that's set mostly inside tight spaces needs? A silent, long range, hitscanner enemy that can take a life in under seconds if you're caught in a terrible place. >You knwo what else the game needs? This enemy, placed in ambush spots or at opposite ends of a corridor that you cannot dodge in >have fun savescumming and saving homing missiles for these cunts
>>48173 Honestly? I really don't like Descent, I don't understand how other people like it either. The gimmick is cool, but it's not fun and very repetitive.
>>48174 I liked the second one and Overload a lot but I can see where someone might not like the games.
>>48174 most people today pick it up with a mouse/keyboard that's the most ass way to play it, need 1-2 two joysticks like a controller would be an easy one these days to get that effect. Even then it's still probably not going to knock your socks off, 6 axis movement was just groundbreaking for its time.
My entry is the same as it was in a previous thread,on a previous website. I'd throw money at whoever made a 30sec clip of Axel sawing off the legs and doing backflips with them of the 2 Blaze clone bitches from the boat level in streets of rage,as a kid that shit was beyond infuriating
Enemy dogs, anything underwater
(70.27 KB 308x278 REMOVE BIRD.gif)
(219.58 KB 640x560 ClipboardImage.png)
(118.67 KB 233x211 2018-03-19_141943.png)
(10.54 MB 1920x796 performaids.mp4)
Performaids in elona, their such speedy little shits that shadow step all around you and try to cut you down with some of the most annoying attacks, especially the fucking cocruel with their eye of insanity.
>>50965 Early in the game, before you get see invisible, pumpkin type enemies are this for me in Elona. They don't get you killed or anything like that, but they throw crap that you and your friends step in, and since you don't see them if you can't get them wet they take some effort to find and kill. Then again, lots of enemies are irritating in Elona for one reason or another at different points of the game. ToME has a couple of enemies that are annoying as shit to fight mostly because they slow my potato down to a crawl when they show up. It takes a pretty shitty enemy design to cause a normally smooth roguelike to chug.
(826.00 B 181x160 fleaman.png)
(507.00 B 64x62 fucking_asshole.png)
Imagine if fleamen rode eagles from ninja gaiden or medusas
(14.51 KB 481x213 SC2_Slyandro_Probe.png)
(998.15 KB 890x663 Birds.PNG)
>>50991 Anon, I hate to break it to you, but you pretty much just described the final section of Dracula's castle in Castlevania 1. Just thank god it's only two screens and that you don't have to replay the final section after you reach Dracula himself.
The grim reapers in Kid Icarus I hate how they sperg and the music changes and they go all crazy on you.
>>52231 The audio in that game is still one of the best ever.
(282.44 KB 1364x768 hitman2_hidden_valley.jpg)
>>48168 The Chinese. They are parasites in the industry, they're everywhere and there's no end to them. And don't get me started on the jews.
(170.34 KB 570x800 Rat1.png)
The Lost Souls in Doom 1 They'd be fine if they just had less health. >>52431 damn anon you've got the whole board laughing

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