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(8.05 KB 228x320 Baron of Business.png)

DOOM/Retro FPS thread Anonymous 12/05/2021 (Sun) 00:01:01 Id: 7a0ccb No. 484680
"It's been awhile" Edition There's probably a copypasta somewhere but I don't have one. Nobody reads them anyway.
(9.03 MB mouth.mp3)

(14.98 MB love.mp3)

(10.56 MB rise.mp3)

..and to start the thread, here are some random, totally not related songs :^)
(5.73 MB bones.mp3)

(10.98 MB chair.mp3)

>>484681 Second post because total combined file sizes were too big
(324.63 KB 1024x1280 odd best couple.png)

>>484680 Go to doomworld right now and press RANDOM. Play the wad you get provided its not a deathmatch one and report back.
>>484699 I got an older version of Mayhem Mansion. I can appreciate it's weirdness and all, but just doesn't grab me as much as Mod o' Fun did.
(737.83 KB 1280x677 randowad1.png)

(398.47 KB 1280x677 randowad2.png)

(454.69 KB 1280x677 randowad3.png)

>>484699 Got a really old level from '97. Despite the weird staircase of enemies at the start, it was an alright level. Very short and very random enemy placement, but decent for the time.
I got one called nightmare. A lot of black and white color pallet and interesting room placement with a lot of a enemies.
>>484699 >daisy wait a sec.. That's Luigi's Girl!!
(62.86 KB 680x522 1572021874923-1.jpg)

>>484728 I've always hated how Daisy's entire personality is just excited yelling.
Duke 3D > Quake > Blood > Shadow Warrior > DOOM > DOOM II > Quake 2 > Unreal Gold
>>484740 God Unreal was such a fucking letdown when I finally decided to get around to playing it.
>>484747 I dislike blood so much, i cant see how theres people that prefer it over duke 3D.
>>484740 >>484774 Why is Unreal hated? And nope, i didn't played it yet because it doesn't itch my attention, but i'm curious about why it's suddenly a Bad and hated game
>>484740 Duke3D has surprisingly more depth than its openly crude mockery of 80’s/90’s macho-man movie archetypes. The level designs are arguably some of the best in fps history, that still hold up today.
(2.65 MB 2026x2865 thinking hat.png)

I've never played any Duke
>>484789 Go play it then you fag, its really fucking good, either duke 3D or the PSX games.
>>484781 The only good reasons I've ever heard to hate Unreal are, first, that the netcode was absolute garbage. It was terrible. It was unplayable even by the standards of the day, and I think that failure dragged UT down by turning people off of the series branding. UT was a relative success but it should've had much more staying power as a series than its ignoble end as the name for an engine. The other reason is that it was finicky about graphics and audio hardware, even (again) by the standards of the day. Having said that, I have absolutely no ability to judge the quality of a single player level. If the anons who have problems with Unreal hated its level design--okay, I literally can't argue that point. Maybe that's the reason people hate it. The only FPS I've ever played that I really hated to the point I couldn't finish them were Blood 2 and Gore--and even Gore had some ideas that might've worked in a better designed game.
(58.43 KB 640x400 Ashes 2063.jpg)

How's episode 2 of Ashes?
>>484778 For me, it's the dynamite, spray can and voodoo doll.
>>484740 What about Heretic, Hexen, and Strife? I've always been curious about those, they seem kind of obscure. >>484795 I think I tried at some point but I was frustrated by not having Y axis control and since I didn't think there was much more to the game than the memes I didn't really insist. I think there are newer ports now that solve that so I should try again after wrapping up all the Blood mods I want to play. >>484801 >Blood 2 I had a feeling it was going to be shit. I haven't played it yet but judging from the pictures I've seen it looks really bland, kind of as if they betrayed everything that they were going for in the first game. Reminds me a lot of what happened with Dungeon Keeper.
(2.83 MB 1200x1512 Hexen cleric.png)

>>484810 Hexen is fun but expect doom 2 tier of level design but with melee weapons. Also fuck you all, cleric best!
>>484801 >It was unplayable even by the standards of the day, and I think that failure dragged UT down by turning people off of the series branding You must live in a different universe than I because UT was immensely popular as an online multiplayer shooter. I was playing original UT multiplayer through the mid-2000's. Zombie's server lasted like into the mid-2010's, I believe and was always busy among others. >>484801 >it should've had much more staying power as a series It lasted a long time. Original UT was eventually eclipsed by 2003/2004 which shouldn't surprise anyone. They had better gameplay and 2004 introduced vehicles. Original UT deathmatch levels were even ported to the new games, so original UT continued to live on well past its lifecycle. The last UT was when the franchise died, but the entire genre was sorta fizzling out at that time if I remember correctly.
>>484812 I remember back then you either played quake 3 or unreal tournament, then you had CS 1.6 and MoH AA.
>>484814 >quake 3 I played Quake 3 Arena and I didn't like it. It wasn't fun even though the graphics and gameplay were good. I felt soulless and hollow to me. UT was just an all-out blast.
>>484815 >quake 3 arena >soulless Are you sure you played in multiplayer? That shit was insane back in the day.
(294.40 KB 620x349 forumimg2.png)

And oh yeah, this mod looks cool as fuck too, the shit talented people can do with GZed is pretty nice. https://www.moddb.com/mods/deluge-onset
>>484818 Where do I download this? Don't see any links at that url
>>484817 >Are you sure you played in multiplayer? I played it on a LAN for a few nights. I said it wasn't fun, but it was actually okay. We play UT a lot more. I don't remember as many people raving about Q3 Arena as they did the UT series.
>>484823 Still in development anon
>>484810 Blood 2 was, I think, a victim of its shitty engine and the jump to 3D and, I think, being rushed. I wouldn't call Heretic or Hexen or Strife obscure except insofar as people don't play a lot of them these days. Strife was significantly less popular than Heretic or Hexen or Doom, but everyone who played Doom knew about those three, even if they hadn't played them. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Strife was probably the first FPS with a branching plot. I thought the late-game really fell apart gameplay-wise but it was neat to see how the little micro-plot developed itself. The sigil was a huge fucking disappointment. You can see they wanted a superweapon that you'd use at a cost when you were in deep shit, but I always thought it ended up being a shitty gimmick. The mostly urban-industrial-gothic levels were kind of uninspired, too, compared to something like Thief--but then again Thief came out a lot later, so that's really not a fair comparison. >>484811 Hexen gets real repetitive after a while since every class only has four weapons. Even with magic items, that just doesn't cut it for the length of the episodes. I have the whack-whack-WHACK of the Fighter's first weapon burned into my head, though, and I can't think about that game without hearing it. >>484812 My point was that if Unreal 1's multiplayer failure hadn't occurred, then UT and its successors could have been bigger than Quake's multiplayer scene. Don't get me wrong. Unreal Tournament was hugely successful (and deserved to be) but it and UT2003 (and their TCs) always felt like second fiddles to Quake and its TCs. It's kind of an out-there suggestion but I suggest that Unreal was so terrible in multiplayer that I think a lot of young players just abandoned the series, and a lot of them didn't look back when UT rolled around. I could be completely wrong. I agree that UT and UT2003 stayed relevant for a long time, but there were some damn good TCs for UT and UT2003 that should've had a lot more players than they did.
>>484831 No, Blood 2 was a victim of poor funding and rushed dev time
>>484853 Daytime drama?
>>484853 What the fuck is this?
>>484853 lulz as in lulz.net?
>>484805 >How's episode 2 of Ashes? Pretty good. It's a lot bigger and more open-ended than Ashes 2063. Ashes 2063 is very linear, but Ashes 2 plays a lot more like Strife on a Fallout NV setting. It's a lot bigger and longer too. I think just the first chapter of Ashes 2 is as big as the entirety of Ashes 2063 (both in amount of content and in play time), and there are more than 10 chapters. I haven't finished it yet, I currently just ended chapter 6.
>>484781 Levels are either empty and way too large or cramped as fuck and filled with enemies that you need a lot of space to fight adequately, not to mention places where everything looks the same . It does get better once you have the guns to just oneshot stuff that's annoying but it's never great, any of the other classics is just better designed in both enemies and levels, even Blood / Shadow Warrior / Plutonia with their shitscanner everywhere approach to enemy placement
What sourceports are anons using for doom? Ive been using prboom+ mostly for vanilla
>>484854 Thanks, I'll check that out. >>484856 Regular Day by TheBadHustlex(discontinued) >>484860 Just something fun to look at in general and does play like crap.
>>484867 GZDoom. Playing BTSX right now on UV and it's so hard that I quick save like every time I go around a corner. Was a mistake using that difficulty. I even use decorations to nerf Archvile by reducing pain chance and max health and Revenant by removing the homing missile. This mod mod spams those two enemies, especially Revenants.
>>484795 Not really an FPS but I wish someone else would make a game with the premise "you're the last man on earth, save babes from evil and repopulate the earth" besides Planet of the Babes.
>>484880 >has never played duke >describes his perfect game >it's just the plot of every duke nukem Christ what the first guy said just go fucking play it you faggot.
>>484884 I've played Duke you faggot, and Alien Armageddon and Demon Throne and AMC TC and Ion Fury and even that dogshit top down Bombshell game, I said besides Planet of the babes because >Duke is ded RIP >I don't really like how Planet of the Babes plays or handles the "last man on earth" plot
>>484884 He is talking about a duke game, fag.
>>484883 Which thread? Seems like golden mine for high level autism.
(28.53 KB 350x350 thefunny.gif)

>>484891 https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/55145-post-a-picture-of-yourself/ The forum title is "Welcome to Ultra Progressive World, enjoy your stay", so that probably tells you a lot about the userbase. Found this gif on that site, though, so it can't be all bad.
>>484883 It's weird because >she clearly is going for that teleports-behind-you aesthetic but keeps >her feet.
>>484883 What is that sword even made of? It clearly cant be steel, a steel sword of that size would take some effort to hold like that and you would see the tension on is arms.
>>484964 Probably plastic or whatever's a common material for prop swords.
>>484964 >a steel sword of that size would take some effort to hold like that >not realizing it's a duder
>>484971 But i did? >>484970 Maybe some cheapo plastic or balsa wood, since nylon still has a bit of weight to it.
>>484778 Strong atmosphere, dark humor that doesn't almost entirely rely on references like Douk, better use of the interactivity provided by Build, and John Woo style action as opposed to Duke's Commando, mainly. Also Caleb is much more charismatic than Duke. Both games are fantastic, but a lot of people find that Blood builds upon what Duke laid the foundation of and ends up superior
I sure hope S'Arais doesn't show up.
Are there any lewd gameplay wads besides H-doom and I guess Monster Girl Quest 3D?
>>485022 >Monster Girl Quest 3D Where can I download this? Is there a full game?
Found a weird one called HereCHOOK
>>484865 Holy shit, that sounds amazing Thanks, I'm finishing Sleeping Dogs and getting right on that train.
>>484778 From my experience, most people hate Blood because muh hitscan, which would be a fair criticism if there wasn't ducking to avoid fire. You have to bob and weave, pretend you're an action hero. It isn't exactly like Doom 2 where chaingunners snipe you on a very regular basis
>>484880 My problem with those games is that they're just streamlined Tomb Raider games with more shooting and less exploration. Zero Hour did the TPS Duke game thing a little better.
>>484831 I'd say quite the opposite. If Unreal 1 multi was successful, it would have resulted in them never creating UT in the first place. You would have gotten the turd that was Unreal 2 and that would have been the end of series. They would most likely have dumped PC development even earlier and might have gotten something like Unreal Championship 3. UT3 was such a huge dissapointment, but then, everybody was drinking the "PC is dead" kool-aid back in 07-08. Didn't help that the art design was just Gears of War with UT gameplay.
>>484831 I think one of Hexen's worst aspects is the actual combat. The part that comes to mind is that one ice map in the first episode where you spawn in this small circular area with dozens of ice demons surrounding you, you kill them and then the walls go down and another wave of ice demons. Combat in Hexen was either bullshit like that or just a worse version of Doom's. The reason I think that is because while it shares the same idea as doom's combat, a lot of hexen's weaponry are gimmicky, and a lot of hexen's enemies are also gimmicky and it just doesn't work as well. I've never really enjoyed the combat in Hexen at all.
(7.89 KB 108x82 Iron Lich.png)

(5.97 KB 62x87 Undead.png)

>>484810 >What about Heretic, Hexen, and Strife? Heretic honestly isn't great. It's a near one to one Doom clone with a different coat of paint and the addition of an inventory. Your staff is your fist, the gauntlets are the chainsaw, the Elven Wand is the pistol, the Dragon Claw is the chaingun, the Ethereal Crossbow is the shotgun, the Hellstaff is the plasma gun and the Phoenix Rod is the RPG. The only original weapon is the Firemace which happens to be the worst weapon in the game. It's a similar deal for the enemies. The Iron Lich is the Cacodemon, the Undead Warrior is the Revenant, the Golem is the Pinky and so on. There are a couple of unique ones but they're still variants of Doom enemies like the gargoyle which is pretty much a Lost Soul that also has a ranged attack.
>>484810 https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=23024 is pretty much the end result of what hexen tried going for, it's pretty good
I just realized that I've played a lot of Heretic and Hexen but very little Heretic 2 or Hexen 2, even though overall I was playing a lot more FPS in the Quake/early-3D era than the Doom era. It's a weird feeling. >>485318 I just played a bunch of Hexen within the last year or so, and I can't even remember how most of the enemies fight. My memory's pretty bad, but that's pretty damning, I think. I think they sacrificed too much development creativity to the necessity for balance between the three classes and to the need for like a quarter of the weapons (even if they're all low-tier ones) to be melee-ranged. Between having four weapons and the ammo for the fourth one being shared with two other ones, it creates a pretty strong incentive to beat low tier enemies mostly with weapon 1 and to save weapon 4 for extreme problems. That means a lot of switching to your shitty weapon and not much use out of what should be your best one. ROTT, for an example, ought to have had a similar problem, but because the missile weapons were varied and the guns didn't feel like pointless shit to use, it really didn't in my eyes. You could count on SOME missile weapon showing up pretty quickly, so you didn't hold back your missiles if the situation started to get too much for your guns. >>485347 I forgot that this isn't obvious to someone who hasn't played Heretic. It's a really good point, though, and worth pointing out. The Tome of Power weapon upgrades helped a little bit, but not enough. Nowadays Heretic doesn't feel like it has much of a reason to exist, but back then I think people were willing to put up with one reskinned game as long as it was Doom that was getting the reskinning.
So are any of the upcoming "retro throwback" FPS games worth a play? I've played Ion Fury and Amid Evil, the former I really liked sans a couple of issues(shotgun was too good especially since it doubles as a grenade launcher and has the most numerous ammo, bowling balls were too gimmicky and too unsatisfying, general lack of enemy variety and general overuse of those flying drones/spider drones enemies when they're the least fun ones to fight) while the latter I felt was mostly alright, I remember it mainly for the music and aesthetic instead of the actual game. What about games like Prodeus, Graven, Wrath Aeon of Strife, Project Warlock(1 or 2), White Hell or Dusk? Are there any others you anons played that you could recommend? Where are all the Quake 'throwbacks' >>485786 Hexen 2, again I never really liked the combat. It being the quake engine the movement was fantastic but everything felt like a health sponge and it shares the same weapon design issues as the first one. Heretic 2's fun but clearly rushed in places and not as complete as it should be. It changes to a third person shooter ala tomb raider and is the one of that TPS-type that I actually liked playing besides Advent rising, you get acrobatics and shit that's really satisfying to use. There's also hints of the beginnings of Jedi Knight's saber combat, clearly not as deep or satisfying but still a very fun addition to the game. Honestly it's a shame Ravensoft
>>486373 Raven was already making kinda shitty games for a few years prior to being sent to the CoD mines. I don't think many people remember Quake 4 or Wolfenstein 2009 very fondly.
>>486515 I think Wolf 2009 is retroactively being looked at fondly because the machine games Wolfensteins weren't particularly good.
>>486523 People seem to like The New Order, every game after that has gotten either mediocre or negative reviews. There was a leak some time ago that showed Youngblood flopped fairly hard despite all the hype about it charting #2 on the UK boxed charts. Something like 300k sales total which probably didn't even cover production costs.
>>486523 TNO is a polished turd whereas Wolf 09 is a very rough game with interesting things in it.
(136.83 KB 1200x630 angelcop.jpg)

>>486523 Not really, The New Order and The Old Blood round about the average and mediocre, TNO has some alright writing outside the Jewish bullshit anf TOB writing is pure ass. The New Colossus is shit in every single way, it's fucking embarassing how bad it is, think something more shit and pozzed than TLoU2, that's how bad it is. 2009 got a lot of shit because it was running on an outdated engine, had some console shooter shit like regen health that pissed off longtime fans and was poorly advertised, truth be told, it's somewhat rushed, but it's a great fucking game. It also probably took a fuckton of work to port to 7th Gen because idTech4 hadn't been ported to those yet. Absolutely give it a try, the weapons all feel great to use and have a shitton of upgrades that can be bought with the secrets you find, which makes you actually go hunt for them and reward you for doing so. The way I see it the year 2009 was particularly shitty despite plenty of good games coming out, because Activision shilled MW2 so fucking hard that pretty much every normalfag only paid attention to it and nothing else. That includes Wolf 2009 which they barely advertised to shill MW2.
>>486526 >>486532 >>486539 It really worries me they might get Machine Games to butcher Quake with a remake or two. I'm still afraid to actually try out the "new" Quake episodes by them because I'm expecting a Dukes World Tour level of mediocre to shit episode.
>>486546 Oh man, I hated World Tour. Huge system requirements for a really mediocre (as you said) new episode and gimmicks like developer commentary. In fact, I just hate the recent trend of bringing classics out of their graves to cash in on them again. Just let them rest in peace, if you're not actually going to add anything. They also deleted the ability to buy the old Duke games, and World Tour does not include certain expansions.
>>486569 > They also deleted the ability to buy the old Duke games, and World Tour does not include certain expansions. And, that's why you only buy physical copies of games.
>>486569 >They also deleted the ability to buy the old Duke games, and World Tour does not include certain expansions. wWasn't there some copyright issue with the expansions?
>>486576 > And, that's why you only buy physical copies of games. Or you could just download the Eduke32 source port instead
>>486587 Bobby Prince still holds the rights to the music. He's also a lawyer so trying to fuck him over is a bad idea.
>>486587 Didn't stop Megaton Edition, which was the version that was removed.
(62.28 KB 576x1024 Now pickup that can.jpg)

>>486576 You can still pirate them you stupid motherfucker and people who bought Megaton can still play it. Plus Eduke32 is the best way to play it, not that Devolver garbage port. You're a retarded nigger dinossaur and physical shit still gets changed if you download updates.
>>486602 >Didn't stop Megaton Edition, which was the version that was removed. Yeah but I thought copyright bullshit was why it got removed in the first place.
(259.98 KB 1000x1000 Badass.jpg)

>>486587 >>486626 It was copyright bullshit, Devolver had some of the rights to the original Duke 3D release. Then Randy started waving his fucking dick around and removed it and replaced it with World Tour.
(642.68 KB 1280x720 AHAHAHAH.webm)

>>486629 Forgot to add that Randy sued the Eduke32 devs Android port as well. Which was made by a single cripple and was pretty much done. He's also stopping pre release Duke Forever builds and assets from being released to the public. Copyright law as it stands right now is a fucking joke, but then again, so is the USA.
So at this point, whats the best version of Duke 3D and where can i get it? After hearing you fucks talk about 3D i feel like playing it again since i havent since high-school.
>>486373 I don't know how you didn't like the bowling bombs, I thought they were immensely satisfying personally, but the most redundant weapon in the arsenal was the clusterpuck. I know Duke had mines but there just isn't much of a niche for such a weapon in a fast paced game. The last boss was a letdown though. And holy shit they're taking their time with the expansion. >Quake throwbacks You already mentioned one, Wrath is a Quake retroclone and to a limited extent so was Dusk. >>486523 I enjoyed Wolf '09 enough to play it through completely. The magic powers were a bit gimmicky but the final boss is a cool throwback and the game manages to do weapon attachments which don't look horribly retarded like Vanguard's. I think I remember the encounters fondly despite the fact that it's an "open world" shooter like Machine Games' own Wolf game featuring unfunny female Beavis and Butthead. You'd think the level design would suffer but I remember the Paris fights being fun. >>486526 >>486532 TNO allows people who don't like shooters to play a shooter with its stapled on stealth mechanics. The "correct" way to play is to rush through and kill the officers before they can call reinforcements, or don't give a shit and kill them anyway. It was OK, the stealth was shit. Muh space Jews gave me a laugh though. The other games from Machine are irredeemable as has been already said.
>>486637 Groovy.
>>486532 >Wolf 09 is a very rough game with interesting things in it. Not even remotely. I honestly think Wolf 09 is one of the most bland games in the series. You've got some neat enemies and weapons yeah but a lot of those enemies are just kind of rare special enemies and ammo for the actually neat weapons are extremely rare to the point where you rarely get to use them except for tough enemies. A good portion of the game is just shooting standard nazis with standard WWII weapons and hiding whenever your health is low since it uses a regenerating health system because "we want the CoD audience". Might as well play Call of Duty. TNO at least tried to do new shit instead of just trying to play shit safe. No standard nazi uniforms, no standard WWII weapons (more importantly though, every weapon has a cool design and unique function), and most importantly, no fucking regenerating health.
(74.96 KB 320x237 2275_bendo.jpg)

>>486790 >and ammo for the actually neat weapons are extremely rare to the point where you rarely get to use them Nigger, you suck at the game >TNO tried something new >Wolf 2009 played it safe >TNO has no regen health\ You haven't played either game you gigantic cocksucker
>>486539 >TNO had alright writing I still can't get over the JEWISH SCIENCE CULTS as the excuse for why the Germans developed sci-fi tech
I miss him. When will Gearbox and Randy Pitchford fuck off?
>>486970 Burgundian Gamer Empire appreciation thread when
>>487019 Randy Pitchford has already fucked off, he's trying to get into Hollywood and has largely left Gearbox to do it's own thing. He's little more than a figurehead now.
(91.20 KB 550x1077 fun times ahead.jpg)

>>487071 Sadly never because anons think TNO=reddit thread.
>>486970 No no no anon, you see, while before Natzhees were using supernatural Germam pagan stuff like in, Return to Castle and Wolf 2009, the devs at Machine Games are self hating nordcucks, so Natzhees in their canon, stole everything from the Jews. Everyone knows that Natzhees and Germans can't invent things you dumb gentile! And all those high tech weapons and experiments by the Semitic geniuses that maim and kill everything in their path was all totally philantropic and in the name of science goy, we swear! B.J also somehow get's out of a 15 year old coma still /fit/ as fuck. You know what? I take it back, the writing is shit, the worldbuilding is alright, I think that's more of what I'm talking about as the logs and newspapers are pretty good.
>>486645 >The "correct" way to play is to rush through and kill the officers before they can call reinforcements At higher difficulty level it's played like a cover shooter because littering shitscanner that can waste you from full life in seconds everywhere and making them armored on top of that isn't exactly good design for run'n'gun. >>486790 I won't argue that 09 is a good game because it really isn't, however it's mostly because it's badly executed and lacks polish that this is the case, TNO up to basically its full potential as a game (minus a few things like mixed dualwield and the perk system being disruptive for a first time player) >You've got some neat enemies and weapons yeah but a lot of those enemies are just kind of rare special enemies and ammo for the actually neat weapons are extremely rare to the point where you rarely get to use them except for tough enemies You can buy ammo, and it's not like you're lacking in ammo for anything but the panzershreck in fact the actual ingame problem is that the Stg.44 exists and literally invalidates using anything else but it because it's literally fucking busted, that and the shearing crystal upgrade making it so most combat sequence can be solved by sprinting with veil mode on, even enemies that really shouldn't be affected by veil powers that badly. >TNO at least tried to do new shit instead of just trying to play shit safe It's literally a worse attempt at Crysis 2 style gameplay than Crysis 2, and it does have health regen to some degree.
>>487684 >B.J also somehow get's out of a 15 year old coma still /fit/ as fuck. To be fair I'm all for this if it means a game doesn't start off with a boring 30 minute segment where you're limping all over the place. What's really homosexual about the machine games Wolfenstein games is that even putting aside what you're playing as, the game has this air of trying so hard to be "badass" yet none of it is actually cool in any way and I felt this way too with the new Doom games. It tries so hard but it still feels restrained because it's a shitty AAA game that can't actually do much so you have retarded scenes like some preggo lady dual wielding machineguns while naked, the game insisting that this is super cool and sick and #BADASS but it still looks retarded. Or how there's a bass fart every time Doomslayer™xXxT1mmyR3@perXxX does anything.
Any recommendations for good recently released wads, total conversions, mappacks, gameplay wads, anything? I tried a few gameplay overhauls for Hexen 2 and it still hasn't really clicked for me. The movement being quake makes it great but the actual fighting leaves a lot to be desired.
>>486515 I've always had a bit of a sweet spot for Wolfenstein 2009. It's not a flawless game but it definitely feels like a game that belong to the franchise and it's fun to play and go through the different locations. TNO frustrates me because it goes to great lengths to be mediocre, like for example the complete lack of doors in the whole game except for some special situations. I couldn't believe they did something like that when I figured it out. If I remember correctly the undead or some other recurring theme of the series is also completely missing from the game. It doesn't feel like a sincere attempt at a Wolfenstein game, the best and most fun part of the whole game is the Wolfenstein 3D level recreations.
>>490373 You did try Arcane Dimensions for Quake and Death Wish for Blood, right? The latter has received a few updates over the years.
>>490532 Yep. Also replayed Quake with Quake 1.5 too recently.
>>490373 Bloom is pretty good. It's a Doom wad that's a cross between Blood and Doom in just about every aspect. You can choose between Doomguy and Caleb, the maps are all really neat and crazy mishmashes of Doom and Blood levels, and even the enemies themselves are hybrids of enemies from the two games.
(4.90 MB 480x480 butthurt.gif)

>>485379 >a monsterless platforming and barrel pushing level >in DOOM
>>490826 Will try it, cheers. It also appears to have had its final release very recently so I guess why not. When the fuck are any of those cock-teases shown over the past two years in realms deep coming out?
>>490826 >>490855 This is ridiculously good. Thanks again for the rec.
(52.06 KB 1065x389 1639439583254.jpg)

>>491300 Better times
Turok 1 and 2 are still my favorite retro FPS games with 1 being my absolute favorite. Nothing else has ever come close for me. Tal Set is best Injun.
>>491442 How do you feel about Bitter? No seriously when are any of these realms deep games coming out? It feels like there's at least 20 upcoming FPS games but none of them are actually complete or playable yet.
>>491442 Best music track? Port of of Adia or Ancient City? Think carefully! >>491504 Looks like shit I'm waiting for Compoubd Fracture
>>491504 >when are any of these realms deep games coming out One of those games is actually being made by some devs here >>389089
>>491516 I know Ded Gaem(or whatever it's called now) is also in the same boat. I really hope they eventually unfuck Perpetia's performance because it constantly ran like shit for me in the demos. Man I really want to gamedev but I know I'm utterly talentless for it.
>>486539 It's kind of disgusting how many people instantly dismiss Wolf09 because of the bandwagon. Is it a perfect game? Fuck no, but that doesn't mean it's bad. Highly recommend it and people who say otherwise need to actually play it instead of chasing the bandwagon.
>>486373 Prodeus is okay, though it seems to want to be an arcade game with their use of a score system. I don't know if I would recommend it personally (unless you're definitely after a retro shooter style game), but it's still a solid game. Project Warlock 1 is a bit odd for me. I enjoy it, but it just feels like it's missing something and I can never put my finger on it. It might be the lack of vertical aiming, it's all on a 2D map akin to original Doom, including the tricks of verticality but very, very little overlapping (if at all). Project Warlock 2 is adding vertical look back and looks a lot better for it, so hopefully it will live up to what it's currently showing off. Dusk is an absolute recommend. It's just the right length, the difficulty ramps up appropriately, the gunplay is smooth as hell. There's a modicum of story, and apart from a couple moments where it gets thrown in your face, it's all you need for these types of games, with anything more feeling bloated or forced. It's probably my favourite of the throwback shooters out there, and where I personally would start if someone was interested in the subgenre at all, or looking to get into it. If you're looking for a Quake throwback though, I recommend HROT. It is still in Early Access, so I wouldn't recommend it on that basis, but it's very much Quake 1, but Soviet Russia with some fucked up shit. It's a bit janky at times, but it's also a custom engine they themselves are making. Definitely check it out if you're even a little interested.
>>491504 >Retro shooter with nu-doom mechanics >Degenerated graphics would not even considered good by 90s' standards. >Forgettable weapon/enemy design, mostly 'inspired' by other game. >Reputation based on youtube/twitter shilling >Likely cost $15 or more Who started this? Is this the new format to a profitable game?
>>491550 I think new blood started that trend with Dusk and Amid Evil. Honestly I'm not against it at all, I really liked Ion Fury and I'm fairly interested in a lot of the upcoming games. Yeah the devs themselves are a particularly aggressive brand of cancer most of the time whenever you're trying to just look up information on their games but at the same time that's a tradeoff I'm willing to make over a decade of really boring scripted first person shooters with the occasional "its okay" indie game like Hard Reset or Wrack was.
>>491551 Ion Fury and Dusk actually have decent art design. Most shit you see from these guys looks like it came from Free asset store. I mean, ffs, this Bitter game is supposed to be a Turok clone and yet it has PS1 pixelation, lack of perspective correction and the enemies are generic demons.
>>491646 Don't get me started on the aesthetics of these games. Cultic's supposed to look like Blood but instead they made it look like piss, with lots of saturation and bloom and really harsh contrast.
>>491511 I'm going to have to say Ancient City purely because that song is still firmly implanted in my mind from so many hundred hours of play. Sometimes I even find myself humming it sometimes unaware.
(1.29 MB 640x360 Dancing Cultist.mp4)

>>491662 >I'm going to have to say Ancient City Truly you are no poseur but a man of incredible taste!
>>491646 He fucking copy-pasted the visuals from Strafe and changed it to a jungle theme. Down to the effects and particles. Enemy design is a huge fucking problem I'm noticing with these games as well. Even SgtMarkIV's game has incredibly generic "buff mean monster guys," I'd have thought he would come up with something better knowing he's played a million FPSes and Doom mods. >>491300 Like the polar opposite of Todd's "buy my new game, Redguard" post. >>491652 Cultic's aesthetic is a huge disappointment. I love Blood but man these guys make it difficult to be optimistic.
(55.98 KB 740x420 Brutal Fate (1).jpg)

(302.70 KB 730x411 Brutal Fate (2).jpg)

>>491781 >Even SgtMarkIV's game has incredibly generic "buff mean monster guys," I'd have thought he would come up with something better knowing he's played a million FPSes and Doom mods. What gets me about Brutal Fate is how it looks like Doom 64. With how hyped up Brutal Doom and Mark himself both were you'd think he would be able to come up with something more unique.
>>491781 Sgt Marks stuff looks great, don't know what you're talking about. He nails the 80s/90s SciFi aesthetic really well.
>>491810 Ah yes, gray skinned buff guy with horns is very reminiscent of that one iconic 80s/90s sci fi franchise... something.
(132.56 KB 1920x870 Baron Brothers.jpg)

>>491781 >>491798 >>491820 Worst part? The gray buff "demons" aren't even hot, they look stupid and have silly goofy faces. Doom knew how to deliver the fucking goods.
>>491781 >Cultic's aesthetic is a huge disappointment. I love Blood but man these guys make it difficult to be optimistic. I mean yeah you can turn off the really harsh post processing and make it look slightly better but it still looks nothing like Blood. >>492104 I hope you mean hot in the sense of R63'ing them.
>>492124 >make it look slightly better but it still looks nothing like Blood. Was it supposed to be a one 2 one copy of blood visually? I figured it was attempting to do it's on thing like Dusk where it's obviously inspired by Blood but doesn't want to be a complete rip-off visually. There's no reason to hump blood's visual style that hard sicne Blood is still perfectly playable.
>>492127 That's all fine and dandy but when the game looks very brown, and all of the cultists dress in either brown, dark brown-grey, or dark green(and they also can be influenced by the nearby lighting, a cool effect as shown by Ion Fury but also a poor one for visual clarity also shown by Ion Fury), it's kind of difficult for them to pop out. Blood's cultist's had the same colors but they popped out due to the contrast from the surrounding areas, their colors also popped out in the artstyle of Blood, and most importantly they actually made some noise. But fair where fairness is due, I only played the first demo to get a general idea of what the game is like and haven't played any of the numerous updates since so I assume they must have done better with it. The actual game was pretty fun but I don't really get the point of a pistol and a lever action rifle if the former's just going to obsolete the latter.
>>491820 Looks better than it's imp equivalent in Doom, yes
>>492104 >R63 How ever you serve them is fine, but I can't say I'm not mirin'.
>>492185 Replied to myself like an idiot, meant for >>492124
>>490373 Do you check the Caco Awards? Sometimes mediocre stuff can show up there but it's usually a good recap of everything decent that came out that year.
Kinda irrelevant, but have anyone ever enjoyed doing 'pacifist run' in a FPS? Why would any developer endorse this? Do they have autism or something? Games like Golden Light would be so much better with out this forced moral mechanics. Somehow I think Undertale is the one to blame.
>>496540 The only pacifist run I have done in an FPS is a Jesus run on Postal 2 just because it goes completely against what any normal person would do in the game which made it funny to me. Other than that, I have no done a pacifist run in an FPS game because I personally do not see the point. That would be akin to playing Serious Sam on anything other than Serious difficulty. I mean, you can do it, but why would you?
>>496550 Well Deus Ex is an FPS, sadly you can't really do a pacifist run, as you have to kill 2 or 3 guys, unless you do some sequence breaking. Thief and Dishonored are both technically FPS, and you can do a pacifist run in those games, as far as I am aware,
>>496540 >Undertale At the latest it would be Mirror's Edge. At the earliest, probably Thief. >have you enjoyed it Only in Mirror's Edge, but that is because the combat is awful in that game and the game design disincentivizes it so heavily.
>>496540 Undertale probably is to blame, but it entirely depends on the context. Postal 2 makes sense and predates Undertale, but that's more of an Easter Egg possibility, rather than recommended as anything other than that (probably to piss off moralfags by saying "you didn't need to kill anyone in the game, that was your choice", making it less an autistic choice and more "fuck you, carol"). >>496557 I think the latest term for those games are "immersive sims", which does nothing to actually describe the genre, but a decent portion of them have no-kill options.
>>496601 >I think the latest term for those games are "immersive sims", The term's probably older than you anon.
>>496666 Odd, I've never heard it until this year. I've heard others say it's old, and it's clearly established as a tag on storefronts. I've just never seen it before despite playing some of those games for years now. Guess I'm just retarded.
>>496670 >Odd, I've never heard it until this year. I've heard others say it's old, and it's clearly established as a tag on storefronts. I've just never seen it before despite playing some of those games for years now. Well, it actually might be a fairly new term even though the games it describes date back to at least the 90s. The earliest usage I can find is in 2017. I just assumed the term was in use longer since the guy who coined the term(Warren Spector) worked in games since the 90s, but he may have only came up with the term retroactively. It's still been in use for at least 4 years though.
>>496697 That might make more sense. Kinda like how Isekai didn't really become a term until a few years ago but still describes Digimon. I knew "immersive sim" had been applied to older games like Deus Ex and such, I just hadn't seen it before recently.
What's even in the genre beyond Deus Ex, System Shock and maybe Vampire the Masquerades? I know the Brigand games are kind of like that but I really couldn't stand how technically broken they are and I guess Core Decay's an upcoming one, any others? I really like the gameplay of SS/Deus Ex and would like more.
>>497053 Are we talking about games with mouselook and pointer modes for manipulating stuff? There was at least one old shitty early 3D exploration-themed FPS that used the idea. It was the kind of game nobody bought but that was packaged along with Descent or Magic Carpet or something in 3D card boxes. Arx Fatalis, Stonekeep, and I think the Ultima Underworlds did it. Didn't Dark Messiah of Might and Magic use that kind of interface, or am I just thinking about all the stuff in the environment?
>>497388 Just talking about games with that style of semi-linear level design where you can approach objectives however you like and kind of actiony, RPG character building. I don't really know how to describe it further beyond I just want to play more shit like Deus Ex or SS1/2(more 2's side, I enjoyed the gameplay slightly more in that).
>>497400 Ark Fatalis might work for you then, although it's not extremely open ended--but then again neither is System Shock compared to Deus Ex. As a shitty rule of thumb, probably any game with optional lockpicking (or a similar mechanic obtained by point distribution) is going to be similar to that kind of game. I mean, the Quest for Glory games weren't. Stonekeep sort of was but didn't have lockpicking. Maybe my rule of thumb is too shitty.
>>497402 Already played Fatalis, but thanks anyways. It's Arx, not Ark fatalis
(141.41 KB 1280x720 Action Doom 2.png)

>>490373 Not at all new, but have you tried either Action Doom? The first is a neat Contra-inspired action game and the second is a first-person brawler with a comic book style. AD2 is the most original Doom TC I know of. >>491504 >>491550 The problem with this wave of """boomer shooters""" (fuck e-celebs for creating this term) is how bland most of them are. A lot of them feel like they're either copying Doom or Quake when the classic era of first-person shooters had dozens of really unique games like System Shock, Strife and Descent. Not everything has to be Romero worship.
>>497497 Descent has Overload I guess, and to an extent I guess Core Decay's meant to be in spirit to System Shock. No idea what can be mapped to Strife though, unless you count Hedon Bloodrite
>>497497 They are copying the utmost most popular games of the period for the extra marketing potential of "hey, I remember (popular game)." It's a tactic that contemporary shovelware/low-dollar games also used (like Chasm).
Thanks again to the anon who recommended Bloom. I've just finished the episode with Doomguy and am now moving on to Caleb, things are about to get Bloody. >>497912 It's derivative(I'd argue something like Severed Steel and Amid Evil aren't) sure but again I'd overall happy that the indie FPS scene appears to be thriving. I don't recall anything of that sort beyond Wrack and Hard Reset prior to Doom 2016. It's just a shame so many of them appear to be stuck in Early Access for quite a long time now. It's also a colossal shame looking up Wrath Aeon of Strife again and seeing my biggest worries with games that take so long in Early Access start coming true, apparently they're skimping out on content and are being lazy and a bunch of other shit.
What's your opinion on this 'art style'? The texture work and color schemes are so lazy it reminds me of those shitty mobile games.
>>499449 Superhot's is a lot more cohesive. I think the look of gem-like facets is a lot more appealing. But generally yes, it looks like shit and most people don't understand what gave early 3D games their charm, much like with many retro 2D pixel games. The third image is especially bad.
>>499449 Is the third one Enchain?
>>499449 Superhot is something totally different, it's not trying to look retro. It's going for a minimalist style which coincidentally includes a few low-poly designs.
>>499451 >most people don't understand what gave early 3D games their charm Can you elaborate about that? <Inb4 muh it's because indies- No, no, i mean about explaining what gave early 3D ganes their charm, i'm curious
(107.27 KB 640x480 Hexen.png)

>>499470 Not him but I think I can elaborate. Early 3D games were trying to look good. They were doing their best despite their limitations. A lot of them did this by using every inch of what they had, character designs and color palettes were built around these limits. That's why so many games of the era were high contrast, for really detailed designs they had to be. When your engine only supports 128-256 colors (like the Build engine and early idtech) you have to make every one count. This doesn't mean games trying to imitate that style look bad, but they're not operating by the same rules or restrictions and that inherently gives a different result. Ultrakill uses way more colors that a game of that era would have been able to support and it really shows.
Oh yeah a question, is Sin Reloaded supposed to be a full on remake or just a remaster?
(675.55 KB 624x1952 ClipboardImage.png)

(246.76 KB 828x1014 ClipboardImage.png)

(758.91 KB 827x1167 ClipboardImage.png)

<NFT Doom (2021) >As PC Gamer reports, the biggest difference between regular Doom and NFT Doom is that, instead of shooting the hellish monsters that populate the original, players take screenshots of Bored Ape-esque primates and, in turn, rack up as much in-game money as possible >Among NFT enthusiasts — and in particular Bored Ape purchasers — is the concept that right-click-saving or screenshotting an NFT, you’re actually stealing it. It’s pretty deranged, and they even have a name for it: the “right-clicker mentality,” which has become parlance for people who, like the creator of NFT Doom, enjoy trolling NFT stans https://archive.is/Vz4qb
(41.04 KB 600x450 laughing snakes.jpg)

>>499492 Lel, any salt to mine with this?
>>499476 Actually now that I think about it neither that nor the Kingpin remaster/remake/whateveritis have had any information out since their announcements. Is something up at Nightdive? Systemshock/Powerslave taking all of their time? I might end up pulling the trigger and playing Sin anyways because I haven't played it before, but Kingpin I was hoping for a remaster to fix all of the bullshit I've heard it has gameplay wise.
>>499539 Im pretty sure system shock is their main priority, and with good reason seeing all the stuff they are doing with it.
>>499540 I get that but still, they mentioned coming 2021 and all for both games I think and it sucks that they can't deliver or even bother bringing it up. I take it I should just go ahead and play Sin Gold anyways? I thought I could wait just in case they made elexis' tits bigger or something.
>>499545 They bit more than they can chew.
>>499493 With NFT shills there's always salt to mine, they're a never-ending parade of butthurt. >>499539 >>499545 Speaking of which, how is that System Shock remake going? I know 3 was such a disaster they sold it to Tencent but I heard they restarted the remake's development because fans didn't like how it looked and Spector himself felt it drifted too far from the original game's vision even though he wasn't directly involved in it.
>>499569 I played the demo and it was actually pretty good, i have nice expectations for it.
>>499492 >the biggest difference between regular Doom and NFT Doom is that, instead of shooting the hellish monsters that populate the original, players take screenshots of Bored Ape-esque primates and, in turn, rack up as much in-game money as possible This is some fucking cancer. Have some nuCacosemendemons as recompense.
>>499569 >>499575 I have some good expectations for it but I hope it also pushes some people to actually give the original SS1 a shot because it's a wonderful game. >>499747 That's some hot caco.
>>499470 >>499474 The first guy who replied to you summed it up, but specifically most modern devs use particles as a crutch for having to come up with an art style. Hexen and Heretic in particular have always been some of my favorite games aesthetically even if they aren't the best idTech games. They were trying to make a game that looked like a fantasy metal album cover come to life. Despite the primitive graphics there was high attention to detail by the artists. Look at the second and third images in that post. Especially the third image. What you have is a shockingly simple environment which looks like placeholder assets from a non-artist, covered in simple color decals and particles. Basically it's the video game equivalent of a child applying multiple coats of finger paint. Modern tools make it easy but it sure doesn't look good. It's a shame because mechanically, the third game is one of the more appealing. These particles and decals are virtually never designed in a way that meshes with a retro art style either. The textures might follow a proper limited grid, like each tile being 64x64 or 32x32, but a decal painted on it breaks the pattern by haphazardly appearing wherever and not obeying the grid. You can have particle effects that fit the aesthetic, look at Hexen for example; it was among the first to do so. But those particles were tiny sprites that followed the same rules as other sprites whereas in most modern indie games they're simple colored cubes or something. Even Quake had blood particles that were softer and gib models that looked more organic. There was basically never a period where early 3D games looked so hodgepodge and mismatched with the quality of their individual assets.
Out of pure coincidence I just stumbled upon one of the artists for Ultrakill and he seems to mostly do gay porn, largely of bara trans guys https://twitter.com/francishsie I have no idea why they hired this guy, he's not a bad artist but this isn't the style you'd want for a retro FPS about killer robots.
>>500426 If it's not in the game I don't really care. I'm more concerned about the gay meta-progression in Ultrakill more than anything.
>>500428 Oh I'm not complaining about the weird porn they're drawing or anything, I just find it strange you'd seek out a person who draws bara to do art for a 90's styled action game. That would be like hiring Junji Ito to work on Puyo Puyo. It's not really a fit, y'know?
(102.37 KB 1200x675 E33vOr2UUAAF7_a.jpg)

>>500426 >Those fucking scars Puke induncing shit
>>500439 I don't think they sought them out specifically, maybe they were friends or worked together or something. They could make it fit if they aren't magical realm fags about it and as far as I've seen I've had not much qualms about Ultrakill's visuals, not unlike something like Hedon where you can very much tell what the artist's fetish despite it not being in the game was but it his artstyle still kind of fit in the GZDoom style regardless.
(31.53 KB 407x600 Maksim.jpg)

>>500426 What in the fuck
(1.42 MB 2264x6791 Long Torso Johnson.jpg)

>>500445 It's not fair to compare anything to Hedon. This guy is at least a good artist, Hedon is obviously made by a person who has never drawn anything other than ripped 7 foot dickgirls and isn't even good at it.
>>500453 She looks like a dick that grew legs and hands.
>>500453 I don't get why the game had you playing this abomination instead of the red demongirl with the big titties and trenchcoat. Hedon as a game bothers me greatly. It feels like the developers cared more about doing technically impressive shit in the GZEngine rather than making a fun game instead.
>>500945 >Hedon as a game bothers me greatly Same, I much prefer the heache pain reliever
>>500958 Hedoff vent or I'll have you bent.
>>500958 >>500974 Oh wait, is this another epick meme by FPS Channel Awesome? Fuck, I hate that guy.
(1.52 MB 480x360 Headon.mp4)

>>501054 I have no idea who you're talking about, they're referencing an infamous commercial from around 17 years ago for a quack pain reliever called HeadOn.
>>501059 It seems like just the kind of joke FPS Channel Awesome Civvie 11 would make and overuse in his videos.
(1.86 MB 200x200 ravidrums-wiimusic.gif)

>>501054 >>501064 It's not my fault epic eceleb Youtube man uses cuckchan and knows about 2006 memes you cunt. You know what would help you not getting angry at ecelebs and the normalfags that watch them? YOU NOT WATCHING HIM!
>>501067 You're right, my fault. Anyways, are there any other Blood map packs besides Deathwish? I kind of want to replay Blood again.
>>501064 Well he is a fan of Hedon because he has fucking awful taste but the headon meme has nothing to do with him and predates him by over a decade.
>>500426 >Didn't even bother to make an alt account for gay porn This is way worse than doekuramori
>>500945 Never played, is it any good in terms of gameplay? The sprite looks like it came from some furry dating sims, and I hate how people are charging money for total conversion doom mods.
>>501099 The game plays more like Brutal Doom with heavy weapons having a lot of shakey cam with a bit of Strife in the second episode with big open ended kind of levels where you just explore around a large map fullfilling all sorts of objectives and finding big overarching secrets. I like that part, especially the Strife-like maps(paradise lost in Episode 2 is really fun most of the time), and I like how heavy some weapons feel. The axe is great, the "pink cloud" grenade launcher that can be flamethrower'd for bigger booms is great, the crossbow rocket launcher is neat, and nearly all of the Bearserker weapons(special difficulty settings where you switch to a different weaponset that's all melee focused) I really like. What I dislike is plenty about it. >Maps are large with lots of unique items sure, but that means lots of backtracking when you get a new item and think "why do I need corrosive acid or where does this item fit as a key or where". This also means less tight level/combat design of the original doom and more of just "Big circular arena where you fight lots of enemies". >This especially shows with how more technically impressive the effects and numbers can get for the larger fights or enemies, but as a game this doesn't really fit well. Episode 2 ends on a really bombastic 5 phase boss fight and not a single phase is actually fun to play, and both episodes end on a gauntlet of rushing though areas with a fuckton of enemies stringed around the place and they're also not particularly fun either(episode 2's penultimate level where you have to free the brown elf slut was some serious fucking shit. So were the clusterfucks of charging the human settlments at the start of that episode too, when you're running around with like 5 other friendly NPCs just steamrolling everything I really fail to give a shit about anything when the combat encounters are designed so loosely). I'd say if you're going to play it, pirate it and maybe give Episode 1 a bearserk play, while Episode 2 you might want to just skip to paradise lost(I think it's maps 7, 8 and 9?) and then quit on the penultimate and final levels because they're exhausting. Technically impressive, bombastic, yes. Exhausting and not that fun to play(At least for me, someone who doesn't quite like Slaughterwad type maps, and Brutal Doom that much)? Also yes.
>>501111 Oh and so far I'm more interested playing Ashes Afterglow than I was doing in Hedon. Hedon has production value and lots of heart behind it sure but I still don't think it's worth the price it's asking, maybe on a discount.
>>501111 Finished the demo, the gameplay is competent while the visuals are painfully mediocre. My main issue is that some of the enemy design were taken directly from blood, doom, heretic, freedoom, and they all look like shit.
>>501221 I think the iron maidens(the spearman ladies) are especially shit in terms of visual design. In terms of gameplay design I really hated the Flame Elementals(the caco standins), they dealt too much fucking damage and they acted as mini pain elementals too, and they exploded on death so close combat fights were ass.
Why are the cultist sounds so iconic? I can't get them out of my head.
>>499449 Superhot's style was deliberate because it was supposed to look like a slightly stylized (blood, for instance) or hollywood-type VRML or early-3D-virtual-reality world. It makes perfect sense there and doesn't look all that bad. Looking like a shitty 1990s Quake TC made by someone who can't texture just isn't a good stylistic choice. >>499476 SiN had a lot of charm for its day. But that's back when a game's most memorable line could be something like "hey, a quarter!" and it'd still count as charm.
>>485379 I've gotta thank you for posting this link, this wad is fucking awesome. A bit annoying in some places, but the different classes are excellent, and the progression feels really good once you know where to go to get new weapons ASAP. Very solid!
>>501069 You can find plenty of good shit here. http://blood-wiki.org/index.php?title=List_of_Mods >even cuckchan has made a blood level pack
(2.99 MB 390x260 Infomercial_stupidity.gif)

I spent the entirety of my first playthrough of Doom playing without sprint and I didn't know you could run until Doom 2 forced me.Bully me.
>>505287 I forgot Doom had a run feature, most people have the game set to auto run. It must have been hell playing through Thy Flesh Consumed while walking. >Bully me You'd like that, wouldn't you? Slut
(1.13 MB 331x1003 Hello Bill.gif)

>>505287 >>505372 what was the revolutionary Product™ they tried to foist onto retards?
You guys think an FPS today could work without jumps like classic Doom? There are some shooters today without it but no FPS comes to my mind.
>>505287 Back in high school, my friend got to Saddler in RE4 and didn't know you could run
>>505390 >There are some shooters today without it but no FPS comes to my mind Are there? Usually they just make it contextual so they can make whatever button it's assigned to multi-use for over actions. Even then it's more comon in hybrid games where shooting is typically just one element.
>>505394 Well Gears immediately comes to my mind. There was also Mass Effect. Especially ME2 which didn't even have a dodge maneuver really outside of the vanguard charge biotic. I think its possible but the FPS would have to have some serious thought put into it for it to work and it would have to most likely have fast movement speed. I think Killzone 2 and 3 came sort of close since you can't jump and shoot while in mid air in those games and you rarely want to jump much in them. The campaigns also featured cover systems so likely if an FPS did have it they would likely go that route with it. It has kind of been something I'd like to see done again tbh.
>>505396 I fucking hate consoleshit, goddamn 7th Gen was pure fucking cancer.
>>505390 Project Warlock didn't have jumping IIRC, and that did well enough to get a kickstarted sequel. As for a mainstream/AAA release? Probably not, and the ones you mentioned here >>505396 are all third person shooters.
>>505683 Did cawadoody and (the newer) battlefield have jumping?
>>505396 Your examples aren't exactly "games of today" and, like that other anon pointed out, are TPSes. >>505390 Free jumping has become such a standard of the genre (and a thing that game engines can handle well in their built-in movement and physics packages) that I don't think developers would consider not putting it in, unless they were specifically trying to replicate the feeling of playing a game in an old engine. Having said that, I'm pretty sure simulators like ARMA and WWIIOnline currently don't have it, but I haven't touched either in so many years that I really don't remember for certain. You could probably argue that it's not an important enough part of a simulator to put in as long as you have another way of getting over short walls such as mantling or limited jumping solely for getting over walls, and putting it in might incentivize people to play them like normal FPSes, which sim fans would despise if it happened and worked. >>505699 Frankly I've played those series up to World at War and BF2142 or Bad Company 2 (whichever was later) and I actually do not remember for sure if it was ever taken out. Pretty sure Battlefield had and still has it.
>>505699 Never played them, but I feel like they do. I'm certain I've seen something in passing that shows people jumping, but now that you've asked I'm doubting it.
>>505699 Call of Duty has jumping, but it is used solely for throwing off enemy aim as you round a corner. I can't remember a single level where jumping was integral to traversal.
(15.98 KB 636x93 Enchain.png)

>Quake-inspired FPS with a grappling hook, DARK SOULSLIKE™ progression and I guess metroidvania aspects This will either be super fun or a massive clusterfuck and my pessimism leans towards the latter.
(61.93 KB 600x337 hd minecraft texture pack.jpg)

>>506441 >inspired by platform fighters >and Quake Like orange juice and toothpaste. This is just a bunch of buzzwords thrown together. Also the game looks like dog shit.
>>506443 That's just par for the course for all of these games, they don't look good and the most I can hope for is some way to make the game look tolerable. I think the only one I really liked in terms of art style was Amid Evil. Speaking of which, when is the expac for that thing?
>>506441 Did some faggot ran his game description through a pajeet SEO filter or what?
(44.25 KB 667x680 potato society.jpg)

>>506441 >hack & slash >retro FPS >platform fighter >Quake >Dark Souls >look up gameplay >it's just Mannpower
>>506481 >>506443 So what is a platform fighter? A platforming game with combat like Mega Man?
>>506488 Smash Bros
>>506489 How would that work for an fps. This makes no sense
>>507596 An FPS with small arenas and strong emphasis on jumping on mostly vertically-stacked platforms?
>>507601 They seem to place a pretty high value on "juggling" considering it's one of the basic gameplay elements they describe the game as including: juggling, platforming, and gunplay. Since FPS never focus to that extent on juggling, I get the feeling that's a fighting-game-ish thing they're claiming to integrate. It also sounds like a boring-ass gameplay element to worry about or concentrate on to this FPS player, but I'm not the target for this game anyhow.
Any recommended guides to modding Doom in CY+~? I was thinking of making a wizard mod where you play as a slow glass cannon with a blink teleport and who shoots fireballs and lightning, and with a left-hand push spell for reflecting enemy projectiles.
>>507596 Actually it's not like smash, you don't get knock back after taking hits. Also you're forced to do some execution move in order to kill and grind ammo, so far the demo is just frustrating.
>>507596 You understand the problem, then? That description is throwing words around and hoping they add up to something.
>>507683 What engine do you want to use? GZDoom probably has the most support, but the multiplayer is basically nonexistant. It makes me laugh to this day that anyone who wants to play Doom or a mod online has to use Zandronum because nobody on the GZDoom team cares about it at all. >a wizard mod where you play as a slow glass cannon with a blink teleport and who shoots fireballs and lightning, and with a left-hand push spell for reflecting enemy projectiles You'd probably want to start with the Hexen assets so you have something to work with. Plus they look sweet anyways. I've only made mods for GZDoom but I will say it's fun. Learn DECORATE script, which is very simple, and ACS if you want to make cool scripted maps. It becomes a satisfying workflow where you get to see your changes very quickly. I used Slade for WAD edits.
>>507731 That sounds even worse. It sounds like Playstation All-Stars.
Since we're on the topic of DOOM, I made a grave mistake in buying anything. Case and point, DOOM 3 BFG edition, which I just now found out was the INFERIOR version of the game, something I realized when I was having a schizo moment when I realized that there was a helmet flashlight for all weapons, something which I swore wasn't in the game originally, as the game made a big deal about darkness and having to switch to your flashlight. I was right Is there anywhere where I can legally get original DOOM 3 on PC anymore, or am I stuck pirating seedless torrents?
>>513637 >Is there anywhere where I can legally get original DOOM 3 Either get an old disc or buy it on steam, I dunno how you missed it since it's way cheaper and usually goes for a couple bucks on sale. You might even be able to redeem the disc code on steam. Though honestly you should just pirate.
>>513637 > which I just now found out was the INFERIOR version of the game, something I realized when I was having a schizo moment when I realized that there was a helmet flashlight for all weapons The flashlight was an official mod applied to the game. Where the game is ACTUALLY inferior is that 3: BFG is based off of the Xbox port of Doom 3, which shortened the levels, and altered the original Doom WADs. > Is there anywhere where I can legally get original DOOM 3 on PC anymore Drop by thrift stores and antique shops. I've seen a few copies of Doom 3 floating around. However, the RoE EP is much rarer.

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