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TF2 Bots Reach Critical Point Anonymous 12/06/2021 (Mon) 04:03:36 Id: e00cf0 No. 485732
The bots that have been plagueing TF2 for at least two years now have finally made it so they can no longer be kicked from servers - basically the one thing which should hopefully force Valve's hand to address the problem. For those who need a quick recap... >TF2 has automated bots run by independent third parties who join casual servers en masse, typically mic spamming or spamming chat >These bots pick sniper and have aimbot activated >TF2 does not automatically ban these bots >Their names are sometimes links to youtube channels or they spam discord channel links/steam profile links in chat >Valve refuses to acknowledge them or even try to lessen the influence of these bots And now this is the current situation... <These bots now impersonate the name of someone on the server <They cannot be kicked <They initiate votes themselves and will vote to kick whoever they're impersonating <Basically any server these ones join should be considered kaput and unsalvageable See .mp4 for details. Valve NEEDS to address this or their game will die, for real this time. Here's the funny part which may intrigue you, Valve is running a conference with Robin Walker and the TF2 devs with a select few from the TF2 community. The select few? >Uncle Dane >Some tranny bitch named Jill >SolarLight >some other comp faggots So with these people acting on behalf of the fucking community, it's highly likely all that will happen is they'll have Robin Walker say 'le trans rights!' or 'le robin walker gaming!' or, if we're especially unlucky, they'll ask about removing shit like random crits or bullet spread. Bots won't be addressed, let alone solved. Well, that's just the cynic in me talking. Discuss the absolute state of TF2
I understand your concern but this has been going on for at least months now (from my experience), probably years already. The TF2 team isn't even Valve anymore, it's just like, two guys or something.
>>485737 The bots have evolved, it's much worse than it used to be.
>>485732 >playing casual Bots singlehandedly revived community servers. Reject matchmaking, return to server browser.
>>485732 >they'll ask about removing shit like random crits or bullet spread. Not a big fan of uncle dane especially and a lot of the other hyper-competitive people in this game for that reason. I really don't get the constant hate for these two features in a casual setting, though I can understand why you wouldn't want crits in a comp mode. Is a bit of RNG to add spice to things that much of an issue? And RBS on shotguns doesn't seem like it'd be an issue if they'd just make the first shot in the mag fixed and have it reset after going a bit without shooting like how pistols, miniguns, etc work. Never really understand why'd people want to take the charm out of the game like that. And honestly, if they did get rid of random crits I'd probably quit the game for good. It's already hard enough to find a server with random crits without using casual... I can't imagine how bad it'd get if no crits was the default.
>>485732 Good god. Suddenly extra glad I stopped playing this ages ago. I enjoyed my time way back in the day, but every big update felt like a step in a direction that I wanted no part of. Between this and the Titanfall shit though, they really are just letting hackers run rampant.
>cannot be kicked lmao can't even terminate a connection wtf...
>>485749 I’d personally like to know the mechanics behind it, though considering Valve’s spaghetti code, maybe not
>>485747 I still have about 1% of hope after the tf2 modders got the nice enough notice from valve about copyright. Hoping it also means some support for things like this.
>>485749 They can't be bargained with. They can't be reasoned with. They don't feel pity, or remorse, or fear and they absolutely will not stop, ever. Until TF2 is dead.
(3.05 MB 1280x720 kane guts.mp4)

You know the BEST part about it? How easy it is to solve ALL of the problems in 1 month with a dedicated team - Fix the cathook vulnerability. The source code is in github, you can solve it easily. Hell probably some ponyfag has fixed it and running on his server. And still Valve is basically trying to killed the baby by allowed it to be naturally strangle in its umblical cord, because they have no team left to maintain it or outright pull the plug
>>485732 God, i thought i was the only one seeing this. This shit is fucked for real.
I think Valve is more than happy to just let TF2 die. If I have to choose between them letting it die or tf2 becoming even more focused on E-sports i would happily choose death as well.
>>485732 It's annoying how they got random ecelebs but at least people like Dane seem interested in keeping the game alive, he runs servers which from what I've heard are bot-free. >>485749 It's likely an exploit somewhere in TF2's complete clusterfuck of a codebase. A big reason nobody at Valve wants to fix these problems comes down to how most of them would require complete overhaul of the engine to fix. If you've ever read TF2's source code you'll know just how much of a mess it is. >>485770 This is the funniest thing, these bots are open source. It wouldn't even be hard to shut them down. Hell if Valve really wanted to they could C&D these people. The problem lies in Valve's flat structure, there are no bosses forcing anybody to do anything so everybody spends all day playing DOTA and fucking around with prototypes that will never get fleshed out into full games. Fixing spaghetti code is not fun, it's a tedious and infuriating process that nobody in their right mind would willingly want to do. Unless Gabe/Walker put their feet down and say "we're fixing TF2" it's not going to happen.
(3.58 MB 854x480 tf2_programmers.webm)

>>485932 Did Valve’s flat structure produce anything good? If that leaker years ago proved anything it’s that Valve has terrible office politics which keeps productive people from being productive, all for petty reasons.
>>485949 I don't think there's any way to know if the good things Valve has done is because of their retarded company structure or because someone important actually pushed for them to get done. Valves Linux work has been pretty great, but one could argue that it's a mostly sane move to make to avoid micojews and not necessarily some passion project some random fuck decided to work on. Reminder that these retarded fucks put pic related out while they let TF2, one of the most popular games in the world, die.
>>485741 Good, and? What the fuck are you going to do about it? Nothing. Either enjoy the bots or stop playing forever. You refuse to take action.
Are there TF2 aimbots that shitpost about the JQ in chat?
>>485962 >clicks community server browser uh lol
>>485964 They don't say much of anything, Valve disabled F2Ps from talking.
>>485732 >some tranny named jill Jill is literally the tf2 developer. >uncle dane >solarlight Two of the worst people to ask about gamebalance holy shit this is going to be awful.
>>485964 No because the only bot hosts who have autism enough to activily pay for premium on multiple accounts are furries, ponyfags and discord trannies.
>>486040 Jill is just a community manager, not directly hired by Valve, you imbecile
>>485981 Most of the bot accounts aren't even F2P, they're constantly spamming voice chat with retarded songs. Valve banning chat from F2P's did literally nothing except give them a way to milk more money from players.
>>486043 that's what you'd like to believe.
(79.64 KB 970x610 gayben.jpg)

Don't you think Valve would want this game to die at this point? Valve is so uncaring about TF2 at this point that they might as well delete the fucking thing.
>>485732 >UncleDane >that retarded no fun allowed nigger
>>485964 There are Myg0t bots I've seen before that vomit out stereotypical edgelord shit but there's no thought put into it. Plus Myg0t is a pathetic shell of its former glory. >>485957 Linux support has to be Gaben's pet project and his ultimate plan to out-Jew the leading software Jews. There isn't any other way a project like this with little tangible benefit would have been sustained this long at Valve, especially when you consider the monumental effort put into it by Linux devs and the fact that so many exterior resources got involved with Proton and other things. The only reason Dota 2 isn't dead yet is because the money pouring in from it is absolutely ridiculous. TF2 could have easily been a sustainable revenue stream with minimal effort too, but no one was interested in maintaining it further. And despite its guaranteed success, Half-Life was shelved, breaking many of Valve's promises, until they finally had a different reason to make an FPS again (VR). I anticipate the next thing to slowly die will be CSGO. Valve doesn't have a board of execs that force people to work on what's profitable. They can afford to do this now that they have entrenched themselves as the leading PC distributor and have also established Dota 2 as a revenue stream. Seriously, look up the prize pools for its biggest annual tournament if you want to lose a little more faith in humanity.
>>486145 Oh yeah and I forgot to mention that writing compatibility layers for Wine is boring and tedious as fuck. None of the sheltered brains on legs that Valve hires would want to work on that because "I did that type of work when I was in my 20s and I'm better than that now."
>>486145 The "myg0t" bots have nothing to do with myg0t, they're ran by LARPing Discord skiddies using the name. The OG myg0t guys would all be like 36-48 now, they're not trolling random kids on Counter-Strike anymore.
>>485732 Didn't these idiots DMCA OpenFortress and TF2Classic as the only actual thing they've done with the community since the bot crisis started? As if that was more of a priority than nutting up and actually dealing with Cathook and the like.
>>486154 I miss Teamgamerfood
>>486163 I don't miss any trolling groups at all, they were all annoying and I'm glad they're mostly a thing of the past. Never understood why anybody simped for them.
>>486165 There's JIRXIN who is still relatively in operation these days, plus some other people. They mostly target streamers which, if you ask me, is a thousand times better than picking on random nobodies in pub matches. Streamers are scum of the earth and deserve to be hounded. >>486157 That is 100% correct, my friend. They put effort into DMCAing for their 'intellectual property' rather than cleaning up the shit on the floor in their actual intellectual property.
>>486157 >>486172 Valve's priorities are a complete mystery to me. They targeted mods but not the people actively fucking with their game. Maybe >>486095 is right. >>486163 Why? Conrad's a fucking loser, he's middle aged and still lives in a shitty apartment hacking random kids in video games. All "epic haxx0r" types are like that. Look at the Lizard Squad guys, they're always complete losers playing the "2edgy4u" card. At least the lead guy behind Lizard Squad was only 19 before he got vanned, Conrad is doing this shit well into his 40s and maybe even 50s. He even looks for mentions of himself on 4chan, possibly elsewhere.
>>486165 If there had been more trolling groups in the past, fags, trannies, and horsefuckers wouldn't be such a big problem today.
>>486194 You seriously overestimate how much the average person cares about le ebin trolleing in real life.
>>486200 No one cares what "the average person" thinks. We're not discussing that.
(90.92 KB 250x233 disabled.png)

>>486194 >>486206 >if more people trolled on video games gay people wouldn't exist You're a fucking idiot
(427.28 KB 634x444 z0mby and goroncity.png)

>>486163 I miss z0mby (GoronCity in general actually), but him dying of OD is just... damn did he not get high on pissing off people in cs 1.6 pugs anymore?
>>486249 GoronCity was a pioneer in video game trolling. I hate that most “trolling” videos that came after were unfunny bf3 videos with shitty rage comic faces slapped over.
>>486145 >Valve doesn't have a board of execs that force people to work on what's profitable Is that possibly a blessing in disguise?
>>486260 it's both a blessing and a curse when it comes to valve. while it gurentees valve won't go full sperg and release copy and pasted games a thousand times with insanely preditory pay-to-win mechanics attached like other publishers/devs. It however means that the employees don't work for a whole or a good product, just individual success. It's like the bell labs of vidya. you can have the few heavily dedicated devs working on insane and amazing shit. but for all the good devs there is definitly a larger group of developers who are just there for the paycheck, so they take the path of least resistence and get paid for doing basically next to nothing. They'll just add a new case with majority community made items and call it a day. Valve has never made profit on their internal talent, only by hiring large amounts of dedicated external talent have they managed to make actual good shit. Every game they've ever made aside from the first half-life has been designed and made by modders. Even now with proton it's the same fucking way. They just hire people with passion, but eventually that passion wares out and you are left with the majority of what makes up valve now. At some point, someone at valve needs to be the tard wrangler.
(30.90 KB 400x299 lizard_of_disdain.jpg)

This is what you get when you force matchmaking and kill community servers.
>>486262 It's amazing that even still after that awful shitshow they are continuing to talk to the same e-fags responsible for it.
>>486262 I'm still not sure why a game like TF2 even needed matchmaking to begin with. Are server browsers too hard? The quickplay option was fine for people who didn't like it.
(126.04 KB 1280x960 HE HATES IT.jpg)

>>486262 >>486263 I hate matchmaking I hate contracts I hate weapon skins I hate killstreaks Team Fortress isn't Counter-Strike, it didn't need all this tryhardy bullshit.
(31.91 KB 242x276 lime.jpeg)

I mean look at this. Can you believe this game once had a purely 1960's aesthetic?
>>486213 Faggots exist due to a lack of bullying.
(22.22 KB 582x319 2FEdzKdCFUMAAEllI.jpg)

>>486270 Of all the crimes Valve committed against TF2, destroying its art style was one of the worst.
>>486264 Matchmaking came out when competitive FPS games were becoming huge. Overwatch was a direct competitor and still in good health, so Valve said “Overwatch is selling well, they have matchmaking. Let’s add matchmaking to TF2!!!” Plus you had compfaggots like Dane and the tranny Jill whispering in Valve’s ear egging them on to make matchmaking a la CSGO which was also in a big spot at the time.
>>486286 I agree you should have been bullied.
>>486194 >If there had been more trolling groups in the past, fags, trannies, and horsefuckers wouldn't be such a big problem today. Most trolling forums are filled to the brim with trannies just look at foxdick farms.
>>486165 >unironically butthurt about griefing and trolling in gayming >simp Of course the redditor would detest being called a faggot online.
>>486331 The evolution of "trolling" was just herd nigger pedophiles and trannies. Internet banter and "trolling" are not the same thing.
>>486338 >The evolution of "trolling" was just herd nigger pedophiles and trannies Trolling didn't evolve, it's about the same as it was in the past, except Gen Z has made it even unfunnier and stale. All the ear-rape, copypasta spams, and griefing weren't any different than /v/irigins had done on random multiplayer servers. >Internet banter and "trolling" are not the same thing. You are both vague and idiotic.
>>486347 >You are both vague and idiotic. You mean kind of like the entire concept of trolling is? Ironically I'm actually being more specific than you are by drawing direct analogies for the behavior. Herd niggers flooding this site with CP is "trolling". Calling people faggots in a TF2 lobby is banter. Banter is fun, "trolling" is something autistic troglodyte losers do. Shit-posting about Acid being a cuckold is banter, posting the address of his family members is "trolling".
So wait who are Solarlight and Uncle Dane? I wrote them off as just ecelebs but some anons seem to have a bone to pick and I could read some amusing shit.
>>486351 I'm a bit interested too. I only know the name Uncle Dane as some faggot Engie main who makes tutorials for beginners and made a video petitioning for the removal of Random Crits. I didn't think of him as anyone Valve would have a sitdown with.
>>486351 For whatever reason there are a bunch of anons that really hate deterministic gameplay. Probably gachafags leaking out of their containment threads.
>>486356 >I didn't think of him as anyone Valve would have a sitdown with. It's just the standard thing where somebody who wants to communicate with a very loosely affiliated group assumes that the loudest voices are the leaders.
>>486351 Their both retarded compfag who play a watered down tf2 and claim to have authority over gamebalance. An example of some of their stupid takes would be: 1) "demoknight should be invulnerable to pushback (airblast)" 2) "effective health of the wrangler is op" 3) "random crits r bad" 4) "random bulletspread r bad" 5) "ctf is a bad gamemode" 6) "tf2 casual matchmaking is better then quickplay" 7) "spy's ambassador nerf is good" 8) "base jumper nerf was good" 9) "trickle down balance ("""""high skill""""" players should decide how you get the play the game) " 10) "you should always be playing exclusivly for the objective" and much more! Just watching dane's video where he explains his philospohy on balance is enough to completely disregard him cause he makes retarded assumptons like >b.a.s.e jumper nerf didn't effect pub players cause they weren't even using the weapon correctly in the first place lol
>>486415 >1) "demoknight should be invulnerable to pushback (airblast)" With boots I can see a reduction in pushback as alright. Not really needed since demoknight is powerful as is, but boots are totally forgotten since losing any ranged options and the ability to pipe jump. I'd give full, or otherwise high turning speed with the boots while using the other shields, which is how it used to be before the tide turner got added. >2) "effective health of the wrangler is op" It is. Getting 2/3rds more HP is pretty overpowered when level 3 sentries are already tough and the long range damage from rockets is minimal. >6) "tf2 casual matchmaking is better then quickplay" Now that's real retardation. Matchmaking is so fucking slow and having to wait 2 minutes at the end of each game sucks ass. Quick play was fast and had a map rotation so there were always servers with other maps. There should always be as little downtime as possible between games. Casual matchmaking offers ZERO upsides to quickplay. >7) "spy's ambassador nerf is good" It was. Ambassador was so easy to use and did so much damage. Revolver spies are fucking annoying.
>>485746 >I really don't get the constant hate for these two features in a casual setting Literally it's annoying for capturing footage, same reason why "Stuns literally shouldn't exist ever and airblast is a dumb mechanic" -Soundsmith TF2 even happened
>>486421 >With boots I can see a reduction in pushback as alright. it doesn't. Demoknight shouldn't be allowed to just w+m1 as he pleases especially against the pyro. who unlike demo is exclusivly close range when it comes to his primary weapons. Demo can literally just equip any other fucking weapon to deal with the situation acordingly. but pyro is fucked irregardless in that situation. >It is. Getting 2/3rds more HP is pretty overpowered when level 3 sentries are already tough It isn't. on a pub a sentry isn't just gunned down by one individual. most of the time a sentry is attacked my multiple people. the wrangler naturally "removes" (not really but sort of) the auto aim so the engineer is also forced to be somewhat near the sentry in order to aim it. If not then the sentry is a sitting target. Perhaps back when you could fully heal a sentry when it was wrangled this arguement would make sense but it fucking doesn't at all now. >the long range damage from rockets is minimal [doubt] you can 2-3 shot a sentry at any range >Ambassador was so easy to use [doubt] try hitting what is essentually a pixel at long distance when that pixel is jumping around doing fuck knows what. >Revolver spies are fucking annoying. Thats bias not balance.
>>486359 The problem is Solarlight literally wants airblast removed because it's a demoknight counter And cankle strain launched servers after matchmaking practically strangled the life out of user servers and declared his the very best most correct way to play the game fully aware he's being completely dishonest about the validity of his servers.
>>486427 >The problem is Solarlight literally wants airblast removed because it's a demoknight counter Retarded, don't know who this fag is and don't care. >And cankle strain launched servers after matchmaking practically strangled the life out of user servers and declared his the very best most correct way to play the game Except he's correct. Deterministic outcomes are proper in a shooter like TF2. The only people that don't want deterministic outcomes in a shooter are gachafags. Regardless there isn't a reason to even care about any of this sit. The problems with TF2 go so far and above the core balance and RNG issues that I don't even give a fuck about them. Valve doesn't need fucking consultation to know what to do to fix their game, they need a developer that cares enough to sit down and write the fucking code in the first place. So unless one of these jewtubers is planning on getting hired by Valve and allowed to make commits to TF2 I don't see how anything is going to get accomplished.
>>486437 People who are salty about rng don't know how to have fun. change my mind.
(140.01 KB 800x677 Hmm.png)

>>485732 What are the chances these bots are set up by competing FPS companies to get people to stop playing TF2?
>>486351 Uncle Dane hosts TF2 community servers that have quasi-tryhards but not quite tryhards playing on them, that middle ground between complete casual and guy who spends a billion hours in PvP >>486213 Being a Team GRN unofficial member, I disagree with you If you can't handle some griefing in your precious game, you deserve a bit of a snippy on your willy
>>486462 None. No one cares about TF2 players. There's only about 10000 players at peak. There would also have to be a competing FPS in the first place.
>>486464 There's Overwatch, but I think its userbase dried up when they confirmed it was going to be replaced with a sequel.
>>486471 There was Global Agenda to a limited extent but that was Hirez, and it was the first game Hirez made, and the marketing was shit, and it was barely marketed to begin with, and then the big gimmick of the game(a PvPonly MMO, no grinding or anything just fighting) was butchered to try and attract players, and then it died for Tribes Ascend. which in terms of hirez killing a game for the sake of another was probably the best trade we had but still I fucking loved GA and fuck Hirez.
>>486464 Not sure where you got that number from but current players: 65,923 peak today: 90,164 steam stats
>>486474 Most of those are bots. https://teamwork.tf/community/statistics This is the real number.
>>486477 I've heard before these figures aren't that reliable, for example it claims only 11 people are playing comp at the moment. Even if you assume they are it still reports over 10,000 daily concurrent players.
>>486524 >for example it claims only 11 people are playing comp at the moment Anon I don't know how to tell you this but that's unironically 100% accurate.
>>486427 >i want to remove one of the most high skill and fun abilities in the game to enable my fetish for this shitty class variant that shouldn't have been added I've heard about Dane and his awful opinions, not this. Demoknight made me stop playing the fucking game when it came out and I didn't return until the game was infested with bots. Apparently it needed balancing and received it shortly thereafter, but seriously fuck that class role in general. If anything Soldier should have received that sort of kit. Demoman is supposed to require slightly more thought and finesse, Soldier has always been the goto class for newbies, which this kit is definitely designed for. Either way it was intolerable when everyone was using it. >>486438 I don't understand where all the niggers like you came from. Literally no one existed on the face of this planet who thought "Classic team based arena style FPS needs more random numbers in it and if you disagree you're a sweaty tryhard buzzword" until TF2 came out (and stagnated for several years). Like the other guy said, the problems with TF2 are much more pressing than the 5% of the time when your good streak on a pub is stopped by some random loser due to a crit, but it's still an idiotic position to have. I certainly wouldn't shed a tear if random crits went by the wayside. Now random spread is a little different, you'd have to be a turbo-autist to believe that this actually matters. That is an example of something which has existed in FPSes since the beginning. It is pretty easy to visualize the cone of spread for a given weapon but Dane needs views on YouTube so he came up with something to bitch about.
>>486652 Random bullet spread is just as indefensible as random crits are.
(331.81 KB 2048x1536 aboriginal.jpg)

>>486652 There's no tangible benefit to the game provided by random spread though. It's perfectly reasonable to remove it, even if the square pattern does look a little odd. I do agree that random crits are fucking AIDS, and always have been, however. I'm convinced that the only people who like them are redditors.
>>486652 Demoknight is fine, the issue is when dummies are like duuuuuh why do I have coutner I melee class???
(52.35 KB 637x354 bfeggius21-093.jpg)

>>486652 The problem is dumb retards like you see the word random, and have a literal existential crisis over it. Learn to have fun faggot, it's a game, not a job and you have jack shit to prove.
>>486681 >>486684 >just as indefensible I just think it has next to no impact on the game. Chances are the faulty hit boxes are a greater factor to you missing a few pellets out of a shotgun shell than the random spread. If you're spending time thinking "man I'd be untouchable at this game if it weren't for random spread," you're wrong, there's definitely something else you aren't thinking about. Crits are a little different because neither the user nor the recipient expects a sudden burst of damage and it never felt rewarding to me, but at the same time it can make or break an important fight over an objective. Spread just isn't as decisive, specifically because you can play around it, which you can't do with crits. >>486693 It isn't about proving anything you simpleton, it's about thinking you were going to win all things being equal, only, surprise surprise, some faggot got a crit shotgun shell and you died for no other reason than the pseudo random number said so. Crockets don't even piss me off as much because I can see them, it's the hitscan crits that can be annoying. The only reason it doesn't piss me off to stop playing by itself is because it's infrequent, but that doesn't make it good. Next you'll say winning isn't fun and if you like winning you must be a sweaty tryhard. RNG is fine in a game with calculated risk like an SRPG, I don't understand why you bother bashing people who don't like it in a genre that never had it and was just fine about not having it until TF2 came along. It comes off as disingenuous because you don't want to be seen agreeing with an eceleb.
>>486697 >I don't understand why you bother bashing people who don't like it in a genre that never had it and was just fine about not having it until TF2 came along. Because it's been in since day 1 and you're the ones demanding it get changed.
>>486698 >he conveniently forgets people have been bitching making memes about random crits since day 1 You do realize there are such a thing as server variables right? You seem like you've never played a shooter before TF2 with your ape brain "all changes must be applied to public matchmaking servers" mentality. My position is that people like you can stop flaming anyone who says "I don't like random crits" now, we believe that you don't like Uncle Dane, really we do. You act like the very existence of these community servers makes the game less enjoyable even though you aren't playing on them. People like 816d2a are who I am referring to, you are just using me as a canvas for whatever retard you don't like that I am not aware of. Fuck matchmaking, the impact of this terrible algorithm driven garbage has been so profound and brainwashed so many people into fighting each other over pointless issues that could be solved with dedicated private servers. Each change proposition, no matter how reasonable or subtle, is met with terrified "but it'll ruin the game for me" knee jerk reactions. I'm sick of it.
>>486697 >I just think it has next to no impact on the game. The impact it has on the game doesn't really justify its existence in the game. There's simply no reason to have that variable in the first place. It only creates opportunity to miss your shot of no fault of your own.
>>486701 >he conveniently forgets people have been bitching making memes about random crits since day 1 Wrong actually, it used to be you retards would quarantine yourself to servers that had crits disabled so you wouldn't get triggered by the laserbeams. Quite literally it's only a problem NOW because of the retarded push for a unified matchmaking to force everyone in to, which came FROM your collection of sub-communities.
>>486707 Drats and fiddlesticks, you've found me out. You'll never guess my secret plan to ruin your next favorite game with matchmaking.
>>486710 I mean I could live with that, literally every other multiplayer game is plagued with this shit, and it's why I play tf2 to begin with.
>>486697 If TF2 was a game like Counter Strike where it's 5v5 and highly competitive, then I'd agree random crits should be taken out, but TF2 was never meant to be competitive, it's a fun game where 12v12 is the highlight and random crits prevent one person from carrying their whole team by themselves. It's called TEAM Fortress for a reason. Crits are never a guaranteed death sentence, either. Sniper and Medic can have crits on demand but neither of them are game winners on their own.
>>486717 >random crits prevent one person from carrying their whole team by themselves Except for the fact that they do the exact opposite. You've got to love how the go to defense for crits is actually an argument against them but the people defending them never understand how crits are actually implemented. The better you perform the higher your chance of getting random crits are. It's particularly hilarious when a heavy who just got kritz from a medic and wiped out your entire team proceeds to get rewarded with random crits and wipes out your entire team again because of how high his recent damage output was. Or medics having a permanent 50% crit chance on their melee swings and crossbows because of their constant HPS output.
>>486723 >It's particularly hilarious when a heavy who just got kritz from a medic and wiped out your entire team proceeds to get rewarded with random crits and wipes out your entire team again becaus That's not how Random crits work, and you are no longer worth listening to
>>486705 Sorry for doublepost but I didn't read your post until now and I need to refute it >It only creates opportunity to miss your shot of no fault of your own Read >>486697's last line. It's called a calculated risk, and every good game has risks like that. If you want to kill someone with your shotgun, you should obviously get close and aim for their CoM. You shouldn't expect to always meatshot someone who's standing mid-distance away from you if you're using a shotgun. It can be a chance you take, but not one you will always make. Calculated risks. Random crits are also a calculated risk even if you don't realize it. Maybe I'll face up against this heavy fucking up my sentry with my shotgun in hopes that I can crit and kill him before he can kill me. I crit and kill him, good for me, I took the risk and gained for it. I don't crit and don't kill, too bad, I took the risk and paid for it. Again, the point goes to TF2 not being competitive and not needing all RNG taken out of it. If you want something with zero RNG and 100% competition, play Chess, nigger. >>486723 You think I don't realize that? Let me turn that argument back on you. Even a shitty player can click a mouse and damage an enemy. It may not kill them but it will be damage. Damage that will go towards increasing your crit chance, which even a low-skill player could take a risk with and try to dethrone the faggot killing his entire team. But your argument mainly hinges on the teams being unfairly balanced, which is a fault of matchmaking and pure universal chance rather than the game itself being poorly balanced. A good team can get around random crit hoovies and still come out on top, like how I play scout and simply jump all around a heavy without getting hit or caught out even once sometimes.
>>486724 >The base critical hit chance for standard weapons is 2%. This is modified by a bonus percentage based on how much damage the player has done in the last 20 seconds, which scales from 0% at 0 damage to 10% at 800 damage.[1] For example, if the player has dealt 200 damage in the past 20 seconds, the additional bonus percentage is 2.5% and so the overall critical hit chance is 4.5%. As a result, the highest natural critical hit chance attainable is 12%. https://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Critical_hits
>>486730 Yeah the wiki's missing an important factor there. Unless it isn't and you're intentionally omitting the part that would make you wrong.
>>486728 The fact it influences gameplay is hardly an argument in favor of it existing. Random variables create stupid outcomes and force stupid decisions. There are already dozens of risky decisions made in moment to moment encounters, adding another one that is entirely dependent on rolling dice in a shooter is fucking retarded. >Damage that will go towards increasing your crit chance, which even a low-skill player could take a risk with and try to dethrone the faggot killing his entire team. Now you're just being obtuse. Good players will always have a higher crit chance on average because good players will always be landing more shots and outputting more damage in a 20 second window. Random crits objectively improve the performance of good players over bad ones on average. >>486732 If the implication you're trying to get at is that being crit-boosted resets your crit chance you're wrong. Crit-boosted crits do not reset your crit chance to stock values.
>>486737 Well again, your argument kind of assumes matchups will always be High skill vs Low skill, whereas it can be any combination thereof. In a competitive field, it would always be High vs High (presumably) which makes the chances of crits, theoretically, equal.
>>486693 I don't know why you're so autistically defensive over random crits. How is getting blown up by a crocket randomly (Or randomly crocketing an opponent) fun? I enjoy myself in games when I'm playing skillfully, not just from seeing a spectacle. Random Crits are a handholding mechanic for shit players, to provide them with a sense of accomplishment for rolling well on the dice. (Crit rampup from damage notwithstanding)
>>486794 The issue is you're autistic and projecting.
>>486795 Physician, heal thyself.
>>486773 Except your argument was specifically about crits giving bad players a chance against a pub stomper. Competitive mode already has crits disabled so it's a moot point.
>>486773 Well, no, What happens is that one guy gets random crits (Or is Krieg'd) and then would proceed to snowball thanks to their crit chance ramping because of the damage they've already done. In a high-skill environment it would primarily act as a "win more" mechanic. (With the occasional retarded crocket wiping people).
(113.19 KB 1072x956 senko.jpg)

>Random crits promotes fun loving babies, conga lines, meme loadouts, chat banter. Because it doesn't have any vocal proponents >No random crits inardently promotes tryhard fagottry, meta loadouts only, and "sick comp" wannabe. Because its most vocal proponents are people exactly like that.
>>486903 >RNG lovers are reddit faggots that spend their time role playing in an arena shooter instead of killing each other Sounds about right
>>486903 >no vocal proponents Have you been reading the thread at all?
I like random crits and random spread.
>>486998 I shot a random spread of cum into your mom and crit her eggs, faggot.
>>487011 You are being a very bad boy! No chicken nuggets for you and take your insulin shot.
Random crits and bullet spread are stupid and fun unless there happening to me then their stupid and gay
>>490145 They're "fun" when you first start playing the game, maybe. But after awhile even getting them becomes annoying as fuck. Blowing up an entire team with a crocket to win a game that was relatively even is the most cancerous shit imaginable. Especially since the matchmaking in TF2 is so unbelievably dogshit that actually getting an even match is nearly impossible, and when crits ruin otherwise fun games it's the worst regardless of whether you're on the receiving end of them. The only people that defend crits don't play TF2, it's as simple as that. They're literally just those israeli chaos bots designed to sow chaos into forums so the goyim don't talk about anything fun or productive.
>>490258 I don't mind crits. I don't get angry when I die to them. I don't get angry when I kill with them. As long as every player has the capacity to get crits as I do, it's fair in my book. Beat these hours, you niggerlover.
(177.48 KB 1746x269 no more communites.PNG)

>>490260 >I don't mind getting fucked in the ass as long as everyone else is Okay but I didn't ask.
Can anybody explain whats the point of those bots?
>>490277 As far as I understand, it's to advertise some product or software, or simply just to troll. Any idiot who tries to get their own hacks or botnet from myg0t will simply get a crypto miner installed on their machines covertly, so there is definite gain to be won.
>>490277 Some guy infiltrated the main group doing it and he says it's a bunch of unironic losers who do nothing all day but circlejerk in their Discord about how le epic trolls they are.
>>490282 >>490285 Thats really fucking gay, i was expecting something interesting like mining bots trying to get cash in the ingame economy, but its just a circlejerk.
>>490277 >>490296 There are billions of people with access to computer hardware. Billions. All it takes is like a dozen of those billions to do what's been done to TF2. With issues like these it doesn't even make sense to get bothered or upset by the "trolls". Their existence is a mere inevitability, especially considering how basic and easily circumvented what they're doing actually is. If there is an exploit it will be exploited. If you put in absolutely zero barrier to entry for that exploit it will be exploited a lot. Valve has done nothing to prevent people from exploiting their software and therefore it is being exploited. That is the inevitability. What is retarded isn't that of the billions of people on the planet a handful are running some bots. What's retarded is that Valve hasn't hired a single person that cares enough to fix one of the most played and profitable games on their platform in over 2 years.
>>490301 But muh 20 year old spaghetti code that's too much work to sort through.
>>486157 They weren't DMCA'd, they were offered official distribution through steam on the condition they stop doing so on other platforms, the reason they are still inaccessible is simply Valve time.
(54.97 KB 600x725 mediiiick.jpg)

>>490315 >the reason they are still inaccessible is simply Valve time They might aswel lbe dmca'd at that point lmao.
(6.63 MB 1280x720 the engineer.webm)

Welp I guess I will be stuck playing Engineer or Vacc Medic forever now
So the TF2Connect stream came and went. Here are the excellent questions the devs got asked and answered... >They won't be talking about future plans for TF2 >10th class would've been "The Brick", could block entrances and hallways >Robin regrets not adding the female variants of the classes >Robin's favorite TF2 meme is Nope.avi >Jill called out Dario Casali for adding the Banana Hat >They flew over the question concerning the state of TF2's economy >Got Uncle Dane to say "Uncle Dane Gaming" >Got Robin to say "Valve gaming" As expected, nothing about the bot situation came through.
(671.89 KB 661x661 shits_fucked.png)

>>490573 >first time actually comunicating with the dev team in years >lots of bugs issues and shit that needs to get fixed and/or addressed <le say epic meme gaming XDDDDDD tf2 didn't deserve this.
>>490285 >>490296 I'd ask "aren't we a circlejerk?" but I know for that fact that nobody's been jerking me off unfortunately. Nothing to jerk anyone else for either, no matter how much we want it were all jerkless. Sucks to suck I guess. Might as well ban the torniggers and /b/tards and become a christian website already.
>>486262 Wait, the server list is no longer a thing? How the fuck is TF2 still alive then??? >>486267 Anon I considered TF2 dead in 2015 if what you say is true that its far beyond a rotting corpse at this point, its nothing but some foul smelling pile of dirt and rot.
>>490843 >Wait, the server list is no longer a thing? It's still a thing. Anon is just being hyperbolic.
>>490573 >>490837 >They won't be talking about future plans for TF2 >They flew over the question concerning the state of TF2's economy >As expected, nothing about the bot situation came through. This is absolute willful ignorance at this point.
>>490573 >>Got Uncle Dane to say "Uncle Dane Gaming" >Got Robin to say "Valve gaming" What exactly is this is stupid fucking meme? I keep seeing it being pushed with everything, Kiryu Gaming, Majima Gaming, Heavy Gaming, etc, what's the point of it? Where's the funny part? what does it even mean? >Robin regrets not adding the female variants of the classes was there a fem-heavy? A fem-scout? Fem-soldier? I would have loved to see those.
>>490573 >10th class would've been "The Brick", could block entrances and hallways if someone where to mod this, they should just make the model an actual brick
>>491548 Just make the model Gaben.
>>490887 > what's the point of it? Where's the funny part? what does it even mean? Its a joke about characters becoming videogame streamers.
>>490573 >>491548 >10th class >would exist just to block pathways medic with stock uber already exists though?
>>490573 >>491595 Wasn't the 10th class supposed to be a dog that would charge people and attack exclusively with melee, a concept that was later reworked into Demoknight?
(503.95 KB 440x248 a4b504f.gif)

>>485743 >return to server browser all right let's see what we are working with >skial 24 hour servers with instant respawn and tranny jannies >uncletopia servers full of tryhards and tranny jannies that will ban you for having an edgy name on your weapon >the furry pound >minecraft trade servers boy i sure love my options here
>>491802 No that was an April Fools joke.
>go to kick name stealing bot from server >the guy who had his name stolen and his butt buddy instantly start losing their minds on voice chat screaming to vote no >explain that I voted out the correct guy and it wasn't kicking him >they keep autistically raging on voice telling me to cope and seethe or whatever the vote Dems say these days >laugh it off and call him a faggot and keep playing >minute later some other random goes to vote kick the bot and instead votes to kick the real player and everyone votes yes >his friend starts to rage that they voted the wrong guy off I haven't felt this smug in a long time.
>>503915 >vote Dems Guess I need to start writing "whatever the heck kids say these days". Can't string together too many bad words on pedochan.
(5.15 MB 640x360 et64gd.gif)

>>486262 >search for my favorite old maps like cp_granary or cp_egypt on Casual matchmaking >16 fucking minutes pass with no matches found >tick meme maps like 2fort, Dustbowl or DeGroot Keep >find matches instantly
(428.47 KB 476x268 heavy.mp4)

>>503946 >search for koth_harvest >1 server with players >i'm banned from it.
>>490573 this has to be a shitpost, i cant find anything on this
>>503946 How much would a TF2 server cost to host?
>>508699 Almost nothing. Finding players is the real issue. Most servers which aren't the (((usual suspects))) either have players for a specific period of time (exclusive to events) or are completely dead. Seems the only way to get actual users is to either cater to competive shitters or cater to literal children with "lol so randum" wacky mods and map pools. There are no vanila servers with a good ratio of skill and there never will be so long as matchmaking exists. If you're thinking of hosting a /v/ server, know that the skill level even here is drastically different to the point where the server will eventiably die within a day or two. There is no convenience in having a single server and the timezone issue is too pervaliant here. You also got to consider regions for anons. Europoors and ausneets won't be able to play properly on a North america server. The ability to get 24 autistic anons together on a single server would be a near impossible unless scheduled and even then it's not gaurenteed. Don't want to dissway you from attempting to host your own though, go ahead and try It's not that community servers are dead, it's that the modern enviroment of games and communities can't actually facilitate it anymore. No one actives fourms anymore, there are no niche groups dedicated to playing the game. The ones that do exist have moved over to discuck and are populated top to bottom with birracractic limp dick trannies. Truth is no one looking to play a video game for escapism purposes wants to interact with actual people in order to get a game going. Cause to do so would mean having to deal with overly politicied bullshit and what is essentually a pr and hr department. Community servers will never once again be what they once were. Even if matchmaking was pulled and all the valve servers stopped functioning, no one would even bother to play on community servers. The game was already in the state where community servers were dying LONG before matchmaking. All matchmaking did was put the final nail in the coffen.
>>504088 >>508710 >tfw randomly roll'd the same vpn server i used a week ago Well, isn't that interesting.
>>508710 >dissway >birracractic

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