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(255.71 KB 1366x768 20220301160452_1.jpg)

(208.74 KB 1366x768 20220301163129_1.jpg)

Valve has found a way to release games in a timely manner Anonymous 03/01/2022 (Tue) 20:13:10 Id: 344ed5 No. 545391
They just have to make them 20 minutes long. Let's silently wonder whether there's even anything to discuss about an experience so short it's already over by the time you finish writing this post. Oh actually yeah, how come Cave was successfully uploaded? Wasn't uploading Caroline a backup plan in case they didn't manage to upload Cave?
Damn, i gotta play that, its free right? I cant deny it im a sucker for portal and half life, they are good vidya.
>>545400 yeah it's free, you need a controller, though it could work with xbox360ce if you somehow don't have one.
>>545418 Well that went places, i dont understand the implication of the ending though.
(413.17 KB 1920x1080 Grady.jpg)

Grady is really cute and I want to paint him white, but his voice is very unfitting and poorly acted. I wouldn't complain about this if they didn't hire J.K. fucking Simmons for the project as well.
>>545473 Either it means nothing and it's an alternate universe, or they're implying Cave is alive and will appear in some sort of Portal 3-adjacent project.
>caring about Portal lore The cake is a lie, right my fellow gamers? I don't usually hate things by association but Portal is truly the Stairway to Heaven of gaming.
There's a really big problem with this game lore-wise. What year is it meant to take place? Desk Job seems to take place around the late 1960s to the mid 1970s, but the technology isn't something seen in-universe until at least the 2000s with Grady being a core like Wheatley. Grady talking about the state police indicates it's definitely before 1998 and the complete lack of GLaDOS points to it being decades before that. Is Desk Job not canon or did Valve stop caring about any kind of internal consistency?
>>545501 >did Valve stop caring about any kind of internal consistency? The entire Portal universe doesn't make any sense when Half-Life is taken into account. The Seven Hour War supposedly happened after the Black Mesa incident in 1998, which means during the Combine occupation of Earth Aperture somehow still existed, was still being funded and scientists still worked there with no Combine oversight.
>>545519 I thought the aperture facilites went down around that time, i know that the borealis from aperture plays an important role in HL 2 episode 3/half life 3.
>>545523 Aperture collapsed after GLaDOS killed most of the staff when she was first turned on, which was a few years after Seven Hour War if the timelines add up. Didn't have anything to do with the Combine. Portal takes place a few years after that, the facility still exists but it's run by GLaDOS now. One of the few surviving scientists from her massacre, a schizo named Doug Rattman, lived to see Chell in Portal 1 which takes place in 2010. This stuff explicitly happened during the Combine occupation.
>>545495 I thought that was Undertale
>>545528 where are you getting your dates for the seven hour war from? as far as I know HL1 intentionally obfuscates it's date as 200X and portal is said to happen in 2010, but with an unknown amount of time between it and GLaDOS' creation and subsequent murder of aperture's scientists, it's not a stretch to assume the facility has been abandoned for longer than the Combine invasion and has gone under the radar because a majority of it is underground.
It's funny how in the main timeline Cave Johnson presumably had Carol killed so that a copy of her could run the facility.
>>545484 Does Cave show up in person? Cave is technically alive in one game, as a core in Lego Dimensions's Portal stage.
>>545550 Well not alive, not technically. Play it, its a 20 minute long turret simulator.
>>545557 Oh I'm aware, 100%'d the level and the world. Still real cute though.
>>545495 that's like being mad at henry ford for getting hit by a car.
>>545779 I am, has no one taught the retard to look both sides before crossing?
>>545837 okay I didn't get that at first but its funny how did I not notice that
>>545528 How could Aperture have still been operational AFTER the Seven Hour War?
>>545935 They're miles and miles beneath the surface and are effectively self-sufficient after the robots take over. The combine could have easily missed them.
Can I download the game without steam?
>>545935 Which is the point I'm making. Portal is supposed to be in the same universe as Half-Life, but the writers don't treat it as such.
>>545391 >They just have to make them 20 minutes long. I dunno anon, for all we know it might have over arching branches based on your choices like The Stanley Parable but we'll just have to wait and see... Unless I'm ignorant and it's already published and people have played it that is. That's what I'm hoping for anyway.
>>545969 I posted it right after playing it, it's been out for a while now.
>>545973 Oh, well was it a fun 20 minutes at least?
>>545975 Id say so, 7/10 needs more toilet testing.
>>545935 >>545937 Better question: How the fuck was there an inconspicuous wheat field during the combine occupation. Did they just ignore North America? Even in the extremely unlikely scenario that they decided to grow wheat during their occupation, they would have demolished the shack that Cell exits to maximize their output.
>>546100 Well the combine keep leaving convenient abandoned areas for the resistance everywhere.
>>546107 Its not like the Combine is really concerned about the wellbeing of the humans. They are being moved to city 17 so they can slowly die off. Its not like the land there is being used for any purposes that the combine would have a need to maintain or return to in order to get something out of it.
>>546100 >>546107 The year Portal 2 takes place in is never confirmed but it's at least 2060. The Combine were long defeated by that point. This leads to the bigger problem of Aperture laying in ruins for decades with nobody finding it. In Robot Repair we see Aperture is hiring people again, so obviously there are still ways to get into the facility.
>>546112 Is there anything confirming Portal 2's year other than relative level of decay? Also robot repair is probably not canon given the framing device, and if it is, the player could be one of the cryopreserved humans from the portal 2 coop.
>>546112 Huuh, so that means we win? Or atleast hold off the combine invasion by a couple decades.
>>546112 1. How do you know the Combine even GET defeated? HL3 isn't out and probably never will be. 2. How do you know the dates? 3. Regardless of when Aperture switches to robots after Glados murders every human (we don't know when that happens), we know Glados is defeated first during the Combine invasion/occupation and laid to ruin afterward for an unknown amount of time. We can't take the announcer's voice at face value, because the number of 9s it says is 2.7*10^42 years. If we assume it's exactly what it says before repeating (it's just broken), it's 273.8 years. And if we assume it just stopped counting at 5 digits, it's no less than 273.8 years and indeterminately long otherwise. The foliage growth (underground? how?) throughout the facility gives a clue as to the amount of time it has been degrading, but it sure as shit isn't 2060.
>>546133 If you go by epistle 3 the Combine are basically done by the time of Portal 3, with the Borealis outside their reach the Combine on earth are irreversibly stranded, with no leadership and with no way to call in reinforcements, humanity might still die because of the massive ecological disaster though.
>>546142 > How do you know the Combine even GET defeated? Well, the planet looks healthy. >>546144 The combine on earth, theres still the rest of the vcombine, but they dont have teleportation tech like humans do so that gives earthtime to get ready.
>>545950 What this fag said.
>>545391 Anyone of Valve's target demographic back when they actually produced video games is almost 30 now.
>>545969 Stanley was alright for a walking sim.
You can noclip through the game and explore the facility, there are tons of easter eggs and stuff. Source still looks great after all these years
>>548406 It's Source 2 nigger, not Source
>>548415 Nigger, Source 2 is to Source what Creation Engine is to Gamebryo.
Source 1 also looked shittier back in the day. Valve just always updated their old games.
Look niggers let me break it down for you in layman's terms: Aperture and Black Mesa compete in the same time frame. Aperture makes more advanced on world tech, Black Mesa makes off world tech. Aperture has levels upon levels of underground chambers enough that nothing can penetrate them. Cave Johnson at some point gets placed into a giant robot head. Cave kills the only scientists who know he's there, and he's left alone. Cave gets shot at to try and kill him but it fails. He falls deeper into the facility and never get's brought back but is kept alive by perpetual energy. The rest put Caroline into Glados. Then they die too. Half Life likely happens around this time, but Aperture's levels are so numerous that no one can keep track of how deep they go. Glados perfects the turret design. In Portal 1, Glados states that she keeps the combine out. The combine despite wanting to get in there for the tech cannot go in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bse9_MI5nc&ab_channel=BCCMightySanta Portal 2 takes place sometime later. Aperture's robots are strong enough to keep the Combine out. Either that or Half Life 2 occurs and the Combine is too busy to keep running raids on Aperture. Or they discover the Borealis isn't in Aperture and stop altogether. t. Knower.
>>548507 Thanks.
>>548507 cant kill one dumb bitch but can keep a super alien army from coming inside their house yep
>>548513 The alien super army is full of jobbers who would die to a turret as fast as Chel would so, yes.
(267.79 KB 737x719 laughing chinese monkey.png)

>>548406 >machine learning >its a bunch of robots watching captchas >the ones in the back are taking a nap >>548513 Same could be said about them not being able to kill a nerd with a crowbar, wich neither could the US marine corp or xen.
Didn't know you could play this without a Deck. I'm downloading. >>548406 Valve and their Easter Eggs and ARGs. Looks like they went overboard.
Just played through it. It was okay, except the Cave AI goes against what's been established. You can play it with a normal controller, without gyroscope, back buttons or trackpads. Source 2 looks good. I like the surface effect or the green energy orb thing. It's a nice effect that showcases the engine.
(786.65 KB 2560x1440 God awful shit.jpg)

>>548872 They really nailed the texturing and lighting. Fucking hate how most modern AAA shit just shits out flat poorly lit shit and normalfags eat it right up calling it "the best gwafix evah!" Puke inducing shit
BTW, regarding continuity, I read this in some Half Life wiki: >This game is listed as taking place within the Portal "expanded universe". The multiverse of Portal was explored in the Perpetual Testing Initiative DLC, anchored by an alternate universe version of Cave Johnson who has some key differences in his background that clarify it is not the Cave Johnson from the main Portal 2 game. Therefore this tech demo, like Aperture Hand Lab, is considered non-canon to the events of the main Portal games. >>548888 That's called GloBaL IlluMinAtion!
>>548896 Even with RTX Global Illumination on it looks like absolute dogshit. Search it up
(752.72 KB 1022x731 1566282554.png)

>>548896 >Multiverse shit
>>548898 No need. I believe you. >>548904 You have to suffer.
(31.45 MB 1280x530 Protectors [S2Fm].webm)

>>548904 >caring about lore and cannon >>548888 source 2 gives a unique lighting and texture feel, I don't know, but its looks a bit film-like. Webm related, ignoring all the filmamker crap and post processing its a different look to all modern engines
>>548921 I think it's the highlight desaturation. Here's a video mentioning it for Blender renders. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9AT7H4GGrA
>>548927 someone at valve knows photorealism, this explains all
(642.32 KB 3000x1918 vegan creatura.jpg)

>>545391 Why did it take over 100 employees to make a 20 minute demo?
>>548940 Valve has a constant stream of money and therefore, does not need to work.
>>548927 >>548921 That alone doesn't explain everything. You need to have correct textures which blend in with the artstyle, correct application of said textures, and an artstyle first of all. The 70s artstyle here serves immensely with the engine itself
>>548994 Yes the volumetric lighting/dust in the air sells the atmosphere too.
(155.52 KB 2085x1119 Grady fist bump.jpg)

(284.79 KB 1983x2048 Grady hand.jpg)

(368.39 KB 1852x2048 Humanoid Grady.jpg)

(118.42 KB 1058x764 Grady open hand.jpg)

(161.70 KB 1304x1046 Grady thumbs.jpg)

grady post
Oh... i lik it
>>548927 >>548938 >>548994 another blender tutorial i found great
>>545391 >Let's silently wonder whether there's even anything to discuss about an experience so short it's already over by the time you finish writing this post. It's literally just a demo game that exists for the Steam Deck much like how every Wii came with Wii sports or whatever. I don't see what's so controversial about it.
(293.74 KB 2371x1421 alienisolation.jpg)

>>548994 >>549179 >>549862 Note: Alien Isolation also had this same art style. It was, need I say, a very beautiful looking game. It was also superbly optimized. It ran cleanly even on my previous computer which was an outdated bucket of bolts.
>>548940 I think this is more of Valve giving everyone who so much as sneezed at the game in the company a credit rather than showcasing those that put real effort into it. One of the downsides of everyone being able to work on any project whenever they want.
>>550447 >Alien Isolation Now that you mentioned it, they do follow a similar artstyle. And they optimized it well. What other games have this artstyle?
>>550441 That it is a neat little tech demo and a good look at source 2.
(606.94 KB 1518x1670 Grady throw.jpg)

(300.03 KB 1669x1719 Grady thinking.jpg)

(133.26 KB 1024x1024 Grady humanoid.jpg)

(105.24 KB 1371x997 Grady collage.jpg)

(607.60 KB 1280x1176 Grady turret.jpg)

grady post
(897.01 KB 1000x543 ClipboardImage.png)

>>550441 wii sports had like 5 hours of content though. >>558294 Mr. Grady?
>>550542 >>550447 >>548406 The kind of future/advanced technology people in the 70s believed would happen?
>>559094 That was about color/light, not geometries/tech.
>>560186 Yes that's the artstyle. Funny how it looks more photorealistic than others that push for graphics. i think tf2 also follows the same lighting principles, just in cartoony way
(2.12 MB 1280x720 Grady by Undertow.webm)

Somebody awhile ago in another thread said they wanted to see Grady flipping off the viewer while a second hand descended down from him and started jerking them off. That's a very strange and specific request, but I found something kind of close.
>>548904 >multiverse shit Did you just forget that the entire Half Life story is based around the invasion of our universe from another multiversal empire? The Combine has conquered countless worlds across different dimensions, many of which operate under different physical laws than ours. Multiverses are completely canon in the HL/Portal setting, it's pretty much the central plot device. >>548896 Yeah, it's not 100% certain but the Aperture Science we see in Desk Job is most likely one of those "other" Apertures. In this case, one where Cave was successfully uploaded to a robot body and thus Caroline is never turned into GLaDOS. The video for those that don't know: https://youtu.be/b7rZO2ACP3A
(156.25 KB 1017x842 Grady truth.jpg)

>>545519 >The Seven Hour War supposedly happened after the Black Mesa incident in 1998 It happened most likely in year 2003,however there is not a single mention it happened in 1998,not sure where you got that from. "200-" excludes 1998 automatically. However HL universe isn't consisent too if you take into account gearbox's fuckups like confusing "March" with "May",to name a few. >scientists still worked there with no Combine oversight I'm pretty sure they were busy escaping Glados given how she killed most of them that resisted and the rest were turned into test subjects. >>545528 <this guy gets it
>>573196 That hand movement is kind of jank, otherwise a very well made animation. >>545540 >>599768 He's probably confusing the release date of Half-Life with the date of the resonance cascade. That's a common mistake, even Erik Wolpaw has mistakenly said HL takes place in 98.
>>611643 Nigger are you just gona bump all dead threads every single day now?
(5.94 KB 364x295 a dark wind blows.jpg)

>>611648 This is the first thread beyond the 4th page I've posted to in months, what are you talking about
>>611652 If youre not, then theres a faggot that keeps bumping dead threads with single posts every day.
>>604146 >>611655 no that was me posting in old threads, sorry if annoying I was posting in threads I saw on catalog >every day must be someone else? or many people doing what I am yes I am ESL no bully
(1.28 MB 791x600 acid_dog.gif)

>>611655 You're giving me the urge to do that too, it's been a while
(163.79 KB 1129x1075 FKD7oiyVUAEsFdx.jpg)

>>545391 >They just have to make them 20 minutes long. Let's silently wonder whether there's even anything to discuss That's what your doing right now isn't it? :^)
I'd play Half Life 3 in 2-3 hour chunks I guess

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