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(111.56 KB 1280x720 deck.jpg)

(65.85 KB 720x241 ebay.png)

(12.34 MB 640x360 nfsmw on deck.mp4)

Steam Deck thread Anonymous 03/20/2022 (Sun) 14:29:52 Id: c8894d No. 558576
Deck is released and being shipped for Q1 niggers. >Reservations now pushed to Q3. Moving out very slow. >Windows drivers are functional but not good for performance. >Xbox game pass and shit is now available (M$ being the first to put this surprising) >No word on dock (its just a usb hub that acts as a stand) >Battery life is realistically 1.5 - 6 hrs.
I thought it was already out
(26.94 MB 1280x720 PCSX2 deck.webm)

>>558577 it is but hasn't reached to most people yet
Don't we already have a thread? >Battery life is realistically 1.5 - 6 hrs. Sounds like my Onexplayer, but I think that's just for AAA games.
>>558581 >mashing buttons during God of War 2 This shit bothers me to no end watching people play dial a combo games doing this. It's no more than 6 buttons, just press them like a normal human being instead of CLACKCLACKCLACKCLACKCLACK
(2.70 MB 954x720 хуйлодец.webm)

>>558576 >$1,599-2,500 dollars for steam deck on ebay What the fuck?
>>558628 no you're mistaken. its not $2500 for the steamdeck. Its $2500 for the "confirmed order" of steamdeck, meaning he's selling you the reservation of the product, which he doesn't have yet.
>>558632 That's even more fucked up.
>>558634 >>558632 >>558628 I seriously hope you sell your steam deck anons
(153.30 KB 1280x720 mpv-shot0007.jpg)

>>558576 If we're going to have future threads of this sort, can they get renamed "UMPC generals" to futureproof them and remove the stench of brandfaggotry? I think the real potential of the Deck, as much as it's the 720p60FPS handheld computer I wasted two years of my life trying to prototype, is to create a new market sector specifically catered to /v/ anons. Yes, the chinks already paved the way, but fuck chinks. What's I'm interested in is if the manufacturers like ASUS and MSI wise up and start creating their own private label versions with SteamOS 3.0 installed. Instead of wasting resources on shilling Shitdows license keys and RGB keyboards they can actually sell their gaming laptop boards in form factors people would actually want to buy. Piratefags can essentially roam around and pirate everything under the goddamn sun with those devices. If you own any business you can technically write these off on your taxes and fuck your country's tax accountants over. You can even use them for legitimate work as well. Not to mention this class of devices can potentially save gaming. No, I'm serious. If we assume that hardware development follows a power law, then we're wasting resources on trying to push games out at ridiculous and unnecessary resolutions and filesizes. Ever wonder why most of /v/ concludes that gaming started to rot at the 6th console generation and normalfags conclude the 7th was the last good era? Resolution has a large part in that. The conclusion I drew is that 720p is a perfect sweet spot in balancing graphical fidelity and resources expended and invested, and 60fps for performance. Any improvements come in, we reinvest them into other areas like AI and physics like /v/ has desired for many years instead of gayphics. There's a reason that the GTX 1050 and Radeon HD 7950 SKUs were able to persist so long in running current games, because once fixed at 720p they can run most games fine. If devs had to optimize their games to run at 720p, they would be able to put out and polish content faster than if they had to fulfill a stupid 4K quota. With the rise of cross-platform games the Steam Deck and similar devices are poised to represent the next paradigm change in hardware and software development: "scalable gaming."
(139.62 KB 695x1574 odin.png)

(84.29 KB 695x872 odin_2.jpg)

Fuck making a separate thread for similar devices, this now is a "portable PC/emulation stations" thread. Thoughts on the AYN Odin? It's an Android handheld with a Snapdragon 845 that seems to be able to run emulated games up to the PS2, Wii and 3DS. There are lots of videos of people reviewing the device and testing different emulators, but the handheld's official page still redirect to the IndieGogo page of the project, so I don't know if it's possible to buy one of these things yet. >>558604 >Don't we already have a thread? Yep, but Mark likes to make Steamy Dick threads. >>558920 This isn't the financial world. You can't sell things you don't have here.
>>558604 >>559065 other threads are anchored. The battery life is in line for these kinds of handhelds. Having bigger capacity battery is the only way to extract more life off this. >>558920 I seriously doubt anyone is buying them from ebay, just bidding to keep the value high for illusion
Valve Suspends Payments to Developers in Ukraine and Russia https://archive.ph/lXI5u I can respect Valve's neutral stance and lack of a desire to punish random civilians who have fuck all to do with the current war in Eastern Europe as I'm not pro Putin or pro Zelenskyy. Xbox Gaming comes to Linux & Lutris dev talks Deck https://odysee.com/@linuxgamecast:0/xbox-gaming-comes-to-linux-lutris-dev:0 >>559065 I'm fine with it running Android so long as it's possible to un-Google it if you wanted to and isn't locked down like what Soyny and nu-Samsung does with theirs. >"portable PC/emulation stations" I like that idea >>558576 ^ Take note OP >>558628 Oof
>>559065 I keep confusing AYN is not AYA, even though both are in shenzen. As of now I don't see a buy page so ???? Also its android + snapdragon 845 so it should be cheap. >>559041 Yours an interesting post so lemme take some time to reply >>559172 I'd rather not turn it into a recurring general, and its good to talk about other handhelds/linux development/steamos >Valve suspends both Ukraine and Russia Somehow I feel its more retarded than neutral. And how are ukraine devs supposed to get money if their country is invaded? Russian can walk into a bank and take all their money so you're effectively giving them money?
(483.21 KB 751x566 taking the b8.png)

>>559183 The title of the article is clickbait, the bank Valve uses for steam payments is the one doing all the increased restrictions or outright blocking, the retarded poster just decided to use the clickbait title for his post because he is a nigger.
(73.71 KB 1920x1080 /tmp/php6xmrJ0)

>>559183 >Valve suspends both Ukraine and Russia They didn't do it, they can't sent money to those countries due to the bank sanctions. Some Ukrainian devs report still being able to be paid if they use PayPal instead
Unrelated but I wonder if there's some madman out there who's figured out how to get Nintendo Switch Joycons to work in Steam. >>559183 >Somehow I feel its more retarded than neutral. Retarded yes, I'm not sure what makes all these Western companies think that taking away peoples bread and circuses will somehow effect the war effort in favor of the Ukrainians when in reality it does fuck all and is more likely to encourage piracy. >And how are ukraine devs supposed to get money if their country is invaded? Russian can walk into a bank and take all their money so you're effectively giving them money? Hence why Valve encourages Holol, Belarusian, and Russo devs to open foreign bank accounts. Ukrainians will likely just do their banking in Poland, Slovakia, or even in Switzerland if they're willing to hike there and Russians could always just sail across the Caspian and go to Turkmenistan for their banking needs. Belarusian devs are kinda fucked though as there's nothing geographically convenient for them to just walk/sail across the border to as Poland doesn't count since their dictator keeps trying to flood the Pols with African and Arab refugee's and migrants for some reason of which Poland's response isn't exactly like that of Germany's and Lithuania likely is paranoid about them to especially now. Valve wants to pay them for their work. I mean say what you will about Erdogan, I don't exactly like the dude but at least when he threatens to weaponize the Syrian refugee's he's stuck with he does so to scare the EU into giving him money so his country isn't financially bleeding itself sheltering them as a result of America, Israel, and Saudi Arabia fucking around in there. Not his fault Turkey is the cross road between Europe and the Middle East after all so I don't really blame him as I'd do the same if I was in his shoes. How the fuck did Belarus end up with dozens of Africans anyway? That doesn't make any geographical sense at all.
>another shill thread Back to >>>/cuckchan/
(1.45 MB 854x480 wiimote.webm)

>>559194 not exactly that but. I suppose valve/bank holding their payments for ukraine (not just russia) is legal now?
>>559225 too late Halfway through the OP I was already Pre™-™Ordering™ 5™ Steam™Decks™
>>559212 I realize now gyro works great for ace combat and other flight games. You can twist and turn with sticks and aim around with gyro
>>559194 >how the fuck did Belarus end up with dozens of Africans anyway They did it on purpose. They conspired with the RusFed and many Arab/Muslim countries to fly in thousands of them to flood the border with. Their defenders say they did it to own the libs. >>559311 You can? I've never tried playing a game like Ace Combat with gyro, how much better than stick would you say it is? I'd imagine it would be great for using your gun.
(29.81 KB 1280x720 steam-deck-dock.jpg)

(309.61 KB 1424x2048 steam_controller_patent.jpg)

(42.69 KB 527x512 decknggrfull.png)

Once the dock accessory is released, I'm hoping that there's enough success for an updated Steam controller to go with the Deck. I like most of the Deck's button layout, and I want to see it on a gamepad.
>>559356 Agreed, NerdNest has been doing some great videos about what you can do with action layers with the Steam Deck's controls, and would love to see it carried over into a new Steam Controller.
>>559306 anon why do you have turn every thread into being about how many cocks you can fit inside your mouth?
>>559361 >action layers >built-in radial menu Looks neat for fine-tuning more settings, even if it takes some tweaking. Would the amount of input options be enough to use it for most PC games that rely on the keyboard/mouse?
>>559450 I don't see why not unless it somehow uses every single button on a keyboard, and Steam doesn't have Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing.
>>558576 personally I think this is gonna turn in to Ouya 2.0 and I have no intention of buying one. Still, I hope it succeeds for no other reason than it will weaken M$ gripe on the desktop gaming market. That being said the asking price is retarded, I could get a much better gaming laptop or a full atx gaming desktop for that price.
>>559878 There is no $400 gaming laptop with a comparable GPU.
>>559452 Why did Mavis Beacon become such a well known typing game?
>>559883 >Why did Mavis Beacon become such a well known typing game? I dunno about other anons but that's what my old high school used to teach me to type correctly. >>559452 Maybe Valve or a third party will release a detachable keyboard similar to what the Microsoft surface or Panasonic tough book uses.
>>559878 >Personally I think this is gonna turn in to Ouya 2.0 That comparison doesn't make sense to me. The Ouya was a failure because ultimately you were paying for a console that's only software was mobile phone games. The is no reason to buy that when the only reason people even play mobile games to begin with is simply because it's something to do with their phone when their bored and don't have many options. The only way for the Deck to be in a similar situation is if developers needed to make software for the Deck specifically, but the entire point of the Deck and Valves use of Proton is supposed to be that developers don't actually need to do anything for their game to be playable on Deck. The Deck is just supposed to be another way of accessing Steam's already existing catalog of games. >I could get a much better gaming laptop or gaming desktop One of the main selling points of the thing is the Handheld form factor, it's not really competing with laptops.
(32.92 KB 625x626 936.jpg)

>>559878 >thinking this is even remotely comparable to the OUYA
>>559882 There's also no gaming laptop without a physical keyboard, a screen smaller than 10 inches, and running on a resolution of 800p either, let alone the single USB-C port not to mention using the $400 price point is disingenuous since everyone's buying the $650 model, but that's what I'd expect a steamdrone to do anyways
>>559883 Because, ironically, the game features a niggeress as the "teacher" for both English literacy and computer usage, which was something completely different back in the 80's and 90's.
>wow its almost like its not a laptop and is actually a separate thing >>559041 >720p60FPS handheld computer I wasted two years of my life trying to prototype were you using raspberry pi?
>>559903 My post wasn't even an argument for the steam dick. I don't give a fuck about the device, but it's just flat out wrong to state that you can get a better laptop for the same price as that anon did. You would be much better off just buying a laptop instead for most people. But as of today there isn't any RDNA 2 laptop in that price bracket. There probably will be by the time most peoples steam dick orders are available though. Develop your reading comprehension sperg.
>>559878 >I could get a much better gaming laptop or a full atx gaming desktop for that price Tell me where I can get a gaymer PC/laptop for $400 and I'll buy it.
>>559925 >Tell me where I can get a gaymer PC/laptop for $400 Best Buy, Amazon, Office Depot...ANY place that sells computers!
>The Steam Deck when docked will not have an increase in performance. Because Valve decided to for consistent performance across the board. Why
>>559943 Because it's not a Nintendo Switch. All the complaints about a short battery life are essentially kvetching about basic thermodynamics and physics. 15W-25W hourly draw? That drains a 40W battery fast. Yeah, you can downclock the onboard graphics and CPU manually if you really want to, but Uncle Volvo is not going to automatically do it for you. The "increase in performance" is due to Nintendo gimping the Switch's Tegra chipset intentionally to extend battery life when separated from a power source. When you have an audience who 1) is intelligent enough to do it themselves to their own specifications and preferences and 2) is used to 60FPS, you don't include this as a feature due to potential backlash. Consolefaggotry has rotted as many minds as Windows "I have to look online every time I am missing .dlls but ackshully Linux sucks" gamers when it comes to tech illiteracy on display.
>>559925 >inb4 anon posts a link to a shitty Dell chromebook prone to over heating or a nu-Thinkpad that has the RAM soldered to the motherboard that's a bitch to open up and clean when they inevitably get dusty
>>559943 You're free to overclock it.
Looks like I got my order email yesterday. It says I only have 3 days to confirm the purchase. But considering the ebay prices for it are way more sane now I doubt it would be worth the effort to resell.
(223.53 KB 1200x1200 gpd-win-2.jpg)

What are the chances given the current cultural shift against Microcock corp that GDP will respond to the Steam Dick with their own linux gaymer distro free of the shitty Windows tax? Either that or promote distros like Manjaro or Pop! OS? After all Win11 is just holding hardware back unless you've got over 9000 Niggabytes of RAM to run it at this point. >>559904 First pic is kinda cute honestly. >>559903 Well it does have pretty good speakers from what I've heard as well as a pretty fast SD card reader. >>560545 It's probably worth the wait, sure you won't get six gorrillion dollars but you can still turn a profit non the less. That or just give it as a gift if you know anyone be it a friend or family member who'd want something like that. Of course if your to lazy and unmotivated to be bothered then you should probably just cancel. Honestly I agree with what other anons said, the people selling Steam Decks for thousands of dollars are probably just inflating their value with bot bidders and throwaway accounts. I wonder any of those have actually been sold, I wanna be optimistic and doubt it but there are plenty of dumb fuckers out there to disappoint me too.
>>560545 Did you get your reservation, in hopes of getting the Deck and playing games on it, or in order to resell it at a higher price? If it's the former, then go ahead and buy it, if you have the money, and if you aren't interested in waiting for a potential Deck 2. >>560560 >cultural shift against Microcock I have no love for Microsoft, and I also wish for them to have real competition, still, that doesn't mean hat it's good to live with such delusions.
>>559946 >Because it's not a Nintendo Switch. could have fooled me, it basically is the Switch for PC games, just look at it. The main group of people you need to convince that it's not isn't anons, it's Valve since thats how they are marketing it. Speaking of which, what percent of the PC gaming community is even interested in gaming on the go? Maybe Valve knows something I don't but I don't normally think of PC gamers as a group of people who plays away from home.
>>559041 It's very likely that any handheld PC coming from now on use SteamOS as their platform - they get away from windows tax and get shit like systemwide fps lock, TDP slider, FSR support, Play/Pause and other things that steamos provides. Would they give up native windows support? Its not like aya neo is being bought for running fortnite/halo. How is piracy in linux? Its only download cracked windows files and it just work?
>>559041 >ASUS, MSI making there own versions It would mainly require steamdeck/handhelds to become popular enough/in-demand enough. Asus actually makes a gaming phone and gaming tablet so they are already well poised to make their deck clone. Hell, it can even be 8inch tablet with side mounted clip controllers like pic related, running on steamOS. And they might be able to get the same custome RDNA2 chip deck uses. I would be satisfied if laptop makers get their shit kicked in and start offering powerful GPU + okay CPU at $500-600, but ofcourse it will first require deck/handhelds to be successful enough.
>>560588 the flow isn't even in the running here, 2k for a mobile gaming device is retard tier.
>>560588 The issue with that is making a portable x86 device is alot different from making a portable arm device.
>>560597 Hardware manufacturers have had 44 years to figure out how to make a portable x86 device. There's no excuse except laziness at this point.
>>560604 the asus tablet is an intel 12900h machine.
>>559946 Yeah, downclocking when undocked is just recipe for disaster. Normalfags will complain about not hitting 30fps for half hour of battery life. Better just give manual control to the user and have them the flexibility. Ryzen also doesn't give that big of a performance boost when overclocked compare to the increase in power draw, atleast with desktop chips.
>>560604 If we want to get autistic then portable x86 exists, as Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Wonderswan. Now instead of x86 think IBM PC compatible. I faintly remember that One Laptop Per Child thing started the market for small laptops. Steam Deck might achieve something like that.
>>559452 The Typing of the Dead is not supported for the Deck, and adding in a keypad to it looks impossible. Maybe ASSFAGGOTS and some strategy games wouldn't be ideal with the Deck's controls, either.
>>560687 >adding a keyboard is impossible Pffft
>>560687 Well many games that are tagged as Unsupported by Valve just mean they aren't something that is easily Playable in instant you boot it up, they require more effort on the users part. By the Nature of it's gameplay Typing of the Dead pretty much makes a keyboard mandatory. If you just plug a Keyboard in either though the USB, or Bluethooth, then the game is going to be playable, but that requires extra effort on the users part of having and setting up the keyboard. And also as shown though the webm here >>559450 It would technically be possible to make a control scheme that allows you to map an entire keyboard to the Deck's controls using action sets, It would just be an ungodly pain in the ass to set up and memorize how to type with a controller to the point you can actually play Typing of the Dead though such ridiculous means.
>>560561 I reserved it because I found the device interesting but I've since realized it's not really the product I actually want. It's not pocketable and not very powerful. I'm hoping they innovate a lot more with a steam dick 2 down the road. Or that the steam dick inspires laptop manufacturers to evolve.
(115.68 KB 1280x720 PinePhone (Pro) Keyboard.jpg)

(518.40 KB 800x450 pinekb_feat.png)

>>560687 This, >>560699 I'm sure there's already at least one autist out there who's made a little kick stand for the Deck to lean on and carries a wireless Bluetooth keyboard and if not then it's only a matter of time given the demographic the Deck appeals to. After all there are already people who unironically use the Pine64 phone+little keyboard as their daily driver. >>559320 How does that conversation go, "Hey Abdulla wanna be used as cannon fodder to piss off the Polish? I mean there is a slight chance you'll break through the border and could make it to Germany after all." Or do they just lie? I mean if your stuck in war torn Libya or Yemen I guess that shitty offer might actually be appealing...
>>560763 I hope there's some sperg that uses the CAD files provided by Valve and makes a controller like the keyboard/gamepad combo for the Gamecube. It would be impractical, but funny to see.
>>560800 If they device had pogo pins you would have an infinite number of potential third party accessories. But Valve is retarded.
(1.80 MB 640x360 Pain Elemental.mp4.mp4)

>>560996 I'm going to buy this, play my old videogames on it, pirate and emulate everything on the go and there's nothing you can do to stop it.
>>561025 I don't need to do anything since Valve will do it all for me, good luck getting one by the time your attention span loses interest and you move on to whatever Valve's next fad is
I'm getting a GPD pocket 3 instead, i already have a retroid pocket 2+ for emulation. I can play VNs on the GPD3.
>>561047 >win11 >webcam how does it even work in such screen? Tablet mode?
>>560586 Nah AYA will make its own OS, sure it might take some things from steamos but once you're under steam you're under valve too.
>>561162 It shows windows 11 on the screen but it runs windows 10, and i installed Windows 10 ameliorated Edition. The touch screen also works after you install the drivers.
>>561168 what other functions ame removes that needs to be added back in?
>>559212 devs having performance issues with proton is basically down to them making a bloated complicated mess to begin with
>>560763 >After all there are already people who unironically use the Pine64 phone+little keyboard as their daily driver I feel called out
>>561241 >Games having performance issues with emulators is basically down to them making a bloated complicated mess to begin with <After all, it couldn't POSSIBLY have anything to do with the emulator itself
>>561320 >wine >emulator
>>560800 it has a usb connection, does it not?
>>561378 Do you understand analogies or are you too high on penguin farts?
>>561378 Wine is an emulator, you idiot.
>>561415 Not in a traditional sense, since it's not trying to emulate a specific hardware+suftware configuration. It's a compatibility layer, translating commands on the fly from Windows ones to Linux-compatible ones. Emulators do that too to an extent, so the line between the two is kinda thin. They do have different aims, for the most part. Where Wine attempts to have 1:1 accuracy with every version of Windows' software, most emulators aim for "close enough" accuracy in favor of speed.
>>561415 No it isn't.
>>561320 Not really. If your game is in vulkan basically no calls need to be translated so it runs well. If it isn't made with vulkan then there's some overhead in the translation, though sometimes even then it still ends up performing better than windows, don't ask me how that ends up working. The funniest shit was that Elden Ring performs better because valve was able to fix retarded nigger mistakes fromsoftware made attempting to use dx12. Once proton translates it over to vulkan you can just patch in whatever you want to make it run properly over proton. As much as the steam dick is kind of a big meme I have to admit it's pretty hilarious that because of it we unironically witnessed an easy anti-cheat game run more smoothly on Linux by a non-insignificant amount within the first week of launch on one of the best selling games. The absolute fucking state of windows niggers.
>>561026 That statement is more indicative of your worldview and outlook than it does of people who paid out for the device. It would be a disaster if the users metastasized into another niggercattle cult centered around shitty plastic. You don't see flame wars online about whether Cox or CenturyLink is better, and discussions around the Deck should be the same and free of console niggardy. I know you're trying to force this to be another Tesla, but none exists. >>561167 It would be completely legal of them to remove the Steam UI from SteamOS and slap on some logo. >once you're under steam you're under valve too You do realize SteamOS has a desktop mode that excises Steam, right? >>561415 Wow, I guess Windows is an emulator then too. >>561524 As stated earlier in this thread Windows niggers have to look up missing .dlls because of pooouttadaloo pajeets all of the time but then turn around and act like Linux is incapable of working out of the box.
>>561378 >It's ma'am
>>561172 The bluetooth, the sound, the touch screen. On their website they have a drivers pack that installs everything again, so you don't need to worry about that. The one problem i've had is getting old games running on old resolutions to running on the screen with limited resolutions. Simcity 2000 runs with half the screen missing, everything has to run on window mode or not at all. So i can't get Starcraft to work, but Diablo 2 works in window mode. Also the prince is really expensive, 1,5000$.
(3.82 MB 640x360 1611432835866.webm)

(1.41 MB 640x360 1611436467011.webm)

(3.52 MB 368x208 1612403407485.webm)

(2.95 MB 544x302 1638645147221.webm)

>>561542 Whoever does Kaiba's voice there is fantastic
>>561554 I messed up, it's 1500, not 1,5000.
(20.60 MB 854x480 mkbhd steamdeck.mp4)

steamdeck will fail because of normalfags
>>561879 >anti-cheat only works with windows or linux but won't work with steam deck You've got to love when these peoples entire careers revolve around knowing basic entry level tech information and they can't ever muster that much. That nigger should probably stick to gushing over the colors of phones.
>>561879 Every show as disingenous as one having the black/white afirmative action duo shouldn't be listened. > Do you know how many hours did i put into gaming bro? You don't even know how many hours bro, i'm gaming all the time because i'm a gamer. >Because my knowledge of gaming goes so deep i'll compare it to the newst piece of consumerist media because i'm a gamer 2 minutes later >There's a lot of reviews but we didn't have that much time to properly review with bro > Rocket league is the first thing i think when i think about the steam deck
>>560586 >How is piracy in linux? Its only download cracked windows files and it just work? Sames as windows but you need to run games through lutris. Repacks are an exception, since you will need to install most of them using either vm or windows os, and then run these games in Linux OS once the installation process is complete.
>>560588 amd 6000 mobile apus will have rdna2 so next gen aya neo can have similar performance to deck
>>562601 maybe, but it won't have gyro or trackpads
(29.81 KB 300x300 1411811120316.jpg)

I have so many cool indie games in my Steam library that I'm actually pretty interested in buying this, but so far it seems like a pain in the ass to buy and pretty expensive, especially from a shit third world country like mine where the government doubles the price of all imports and there's a very high chance that some corrupt nigger in the customs office will outright steal it anyway.
>>561879 >thinks the trackpad is dpad which clicks badly >installs games which clearly say yellow playable and complains about it plays badly >plugs in oneplus's charger, which is perhaps the only charger using proprietary fast charging instead of quickcharge and complains about it charging slowly valve is wise to not release it to the general populace, they'll complain about not able to insert nintendo switch cartridges into it
>>558576 Valve fucked themselves royally with the Deck in my opinion, it 100% will go the way of the of their other products for one simple reason: The release of this thing. It's by a reservation system, what in the fuck? Not just a reservation system but one with the waiting time of what you'd expect with ordering a Lamborghini or Pagani or Koenigsegg. Although at least with the prior when you order them you at least WILL receive them because they are being BUILT for YOU amd they are ALREADY PAID FOR. The Deck uses a fucking reservation system where you're waiting in a line for months and months and months for....the OPPORTUNITY TO FUCKING BUY ONE. Just like the niggers who camped at Gamestop for weeks and months to buy a fucking COD game on release day. Best part is gods help you if something happens and you can't afford to get it in the fucking 3 DAY WINDOW that the fat kike is gracious enough to give you. Can't get it in the 72 hour window that you paid for? Lol tough shit, have fun paying another 5 dollars and waiting another year for your 72 hour window to come again to buy the fucking piece of shit. What in the fuck were they thinking? By the time the first windows became available in February only a bare handful of people were given the opportunity to buy the fucking thing? Come the end of the year for the second opportunity it'll be the same fucking thing, another bare handful of people. Etc etc etc. I don't know if they're trying to make this fucking thing "super duper secret exclusive only kool kids can have". Or if their excuse is the supply train, which it is they should have waited to announce this thing, let alone START ACCEPTING PEOPLE'S FUCKING MONEY, when they...you know....COULD ACTUALLY SHIP OUT MORE THAN A HANDFUL A YEAR. Quite a concept I know, truly extraordinary 999+ IQ thinking right there. By the time they even get through fucking HALF of their reservations, assuming people don't wisen up and cancel their reservation goy tickets ASAP, it'll be too late. There'll be major competition out there. INTELLIGENT competition. The type that'll have a better product that'll actually be...you know....FUCKING AVAILABLE. That everyone will flock to and will do the exact same shit as the Deck but even fucking better. Valve has to realize that other companies are paying attention to the hype this thing generated right? Valve has to realize that their hilariously awful handling of this things release will be a golden goose to any other company that can shit out a handheld computer right? Asus? Hello? How about Apple huh? Nvidia? Intel? Potentially MSI, Gigabyte, etc? How about all the other little companies and autists out there with time, money, and 3D printing machines? Valve can't fucking do anything right can't they? The fucking nerve of that fat fucking prick to charge people for the ability to....buy a fucking product. A fucking product that isn't even fucking available. A fucking product that will be completely obsolete and drowning in competition by the time even half of whatever retards who still kept their reservations and bought the damn thing even fucking receive it. How do you fuck something so simple up so badly? I don't get it. This almost textbook pyramid scheme tier, and with the parasites selling their reservations on Ebay for thousands of shekels it pretty much is textbook pyramid scheme at this point
>>562687 Pretty sure the reservation system is only in place to control costs. They could invest to massively pump out more, but then increase the cost of the item, having to scale the manufacturing facilities up to handle a higher load.
>>562687 I'm not quite sure what is compelling you to sperg the hell out so much here anon but whatever. Valve hasn't done hardware manufacturing to this degree before. The Steam Controller was a Niche experimental product, and the Index was not only Niche but quite expensive. In both of those cases Valve could probably take manufacturing orders on a case by case bases because the demand wasn't all that high. When it comes to the Deck Valve had no real way of knowing what the demand for it really would have been, they couldn't just work on the assumption that this hardware they've never sold anything like before was going to get enough orders that it was going to be back up for possibly over a year, because if they spend serious time making a years worth of bulk Steam Decks, and the announcement didn't manage to cause that kind of demand What the fuck was Valve going to do with That much product that wasn't going to sell? In their position it's far smarter to make the Reservation system, so they can get tangible numbers for what the demand is and how much production they need to achieve, rather then just trying to Gamble with Zero Data to work with. If anyone is complaining about Not getting the Deck fast enough that just means Valve was lucky enough that they underestimated just how much demand there really was going to be in the first place, since how where they really supposed to know? And it doesn't even matter to Valve if there is competition for this kind of hardware, if anything it's a good thing for Valve if there are more products like the Steam Deck in competition, because Valve is selling the Steam Deck at a loss, (The cheapest model at the very least), The profit is coming from people buying Steam games, and Valve lets anyone who wants to use Steam OS. And even if a Steam Deck like piece of hardware isn't using Steam OS, it's very likely people will still use Steam Regardless. The only thing Valve has managed to do is underestimate how large Demand was going to be, but still everything makes sense.
>>562687 Also if someone has months to save up the money and then they can't pay up when the purchase date comes up, then that's their problem, not Valves. That person needs better Money saving and time management skills, and if their life throws a curve ball at them, and they can't afford the Deck anymore, they probably have bigger problems in their life then not getting a Portable Gaming PC. If one person doesn't have their shit together in time, why shouldn't the next person in line who does get their a chance instead.
>>562687 It's the first ultra hyped product I've seen from them, it seems to be selling like hotcakes, it's innovative, people want it and there is no worthy competition to speak of. The biggest tech channels on Jewtube are shilling hard for it and reception is generally quite favorable so that normalfags will want it. Everything points towards it being successful, they just need to sort out the manufacturing shit.
(2.08 MB 1834x2136 orange and white cat.jpg)

(12.23 KB 236x176 serveimage(2).jpg)

>>562680 >>561879 You really underestimate how normalfags operate. If it looks like a console, they expect it to work like a console, and they expect it to work like every other console. A thing-a-magic that looks squarish and is used to move up and down? Its a dpad. Why isn't it marked like a dpad? Why doesn't it click like a dpad? Oh a game can be installed but has massive red flags around it that says all the risks involved? Well if they didn't want me to install it why give me the option? Why doesn't it work well? Oh a plug fits into a hole and it says charging but it doesn't charge fast? I don't wanna hear about voltages and amps just charge it quickly and take my money. Normalfags don't care about putting in their own work. Normalfags don't care about customizations that take more than 1 button press. Normalfags don't care about anything else but ability of "things just works" and that counts as user experience. If valve removed every single feature, locked the fps, locked the settings resolution of games individually, allowed only handpicked titles that work out of the box with specific control scheme, that's the device that normalfags would like and buy out in droves. Hell they would be surprised if they didn't have to pay for online like other consoles, forget about steam sales. People don't wanna use their brain especially when playing videogames.
>>562687 The way you purchase the device is the single most retarded thing you could have possibly criticized about the steam dick. They literally could not possibly have gone about it in a better way besides having more units to sell at launch, which is completely out of their control anyways unless they delayed it by another year.
(1.12 MB 1028x1027 Chinsu.png)

>>561297 >I feel called out Proofs with timestamp?
>>562601 I'll consider buying a Aya Neo when they sell a model free of the Windows tax.
>>562656 >but so far it seems like a pain in the ass to buy and pretty expensive, especially from a shit third world country like mine where the government doubles the price of all imports and there's a very high chance that some corrupt nigger in the customs office will outright steal it anyway. Hey, don't feel so down. The midterms are in just a few more months, and that'll help make Biden's handlers a flock of lame ducks until the next election cycle.
(79.86 KB 960x960 Brazil.jpg)

>>563104 >Hey, don't feel so down. The midterms are in just a few more months, and that'll help make Biden's handlers a flock of lame ducks until the next election cycle. I think he was implying that he lives in Brazil,Argentina, or Leafland anon. Otherwise he could probably just have it delivered to Rite Aid and then drive/walk there and give his name to receive it with zero hassle or concern and then maybe buy a drink, a pack of gum, or of course any medicine he might need. The US/Canada has it's problems but I've never heard of importers/warehouse workers outright stealing shit before it even gets delivers at least not in terms of it being so bad it's a national crisis. Rite Aid is pretty good for that when you don't want something delivered to your front door for whatever reason. >>562656 How much would a plane ticket or ferry boat ride plus a tourist green card be to hypothetically have it shipped to the USA? Would that unironically be cheaper than just buying it natively? Might as well spend a vacation in the US too while your at it, have anywhere in particular you wanna see?
>>558576 >>561524 Can one run Elden Ring pretty well on Linux distros w/ proton? I'm looking to move from windows altogether, and games are the only thing that keeping me at the moment.
>>562687 Besides what everyone else has already posted, another good thing about the reservation system is that it limited scalping, as you could only reserve one or two per Steam account, and that account had to be at least six months old. As such, when the Deck was announced, scalpers couldn't just make a thousand "different" Steam accounts and order a thousand Decks, unless they knew half an year in advance about it, which is highly unlikely. Would it have been better if Valve could have produced thousands of more Decks? Sure, but the chip shortage is still a problem, not just in consoles/computers but also in automotive as well as other industries.
>>563377 this was in linux thread >>562680 >>562712 mistaking the trackpad into thinking is a dpad is a compliment actually, and deck can have a "charging slowly" indicator when used with a shit charger. But the games being able to install when its not "verified" is a genuine problem that needs to be addressed. If it says its "playable" but not actually playable then change the name to something else, "installable" is better. Verified games need to be placed front and centre because that's what you want the audience to play with. Hell, even partner with the devs to make "Deck Flagship Titles", market them, and it solves the issue of games. Maybe go one step beyond to "lock" installing the non-verified titles behind a simple math equation captcha which these "tech journos" won't be able to solve and just spoonfeed them your select titles. Release it as a proper console out of the box and then non-normalfags can enable tinkering it.
>>563432 That's kind of wild that it performs like that. I guess I should look into some distros and play around with mint etc. Only problem is that I've heard nvidia cards don't play well with linux.
>>563377 >Can one run Elden Ring pretty well on Linux distros w/ proton? Download the johncena141 release and swap the WINE version to the latest Wine-GE-Proton7-7 in 'wlaunch.sh' before you launch the script and you're all set.
>>563377 Should run as well as it does in Windows if not better.
I'm gonna miss this
>>563432 this guy explains the problems with verification
>>565228 >Gay nigger with a lisp Stopped watching right there, whyh the fuck is the USA so fucking emasculated? Holy shit
>>565230 I dunno, why are you so emasculated?
(512.66 KB 752x508 Christmas Hacka Doll.png)

>>565230 >whyh the fuck is the USA so fucking emasculated? We're the biggest producer of soy beans in the entire world, same reason girls start growing tits before they've even hit puberty in the USA and then go insane later on. Also while we've reduced our reliance on BPA plastics as of recently in the past couple of years we're still feeling the sheer impact of that being the norm for several generations. There's some other reasons for that like being overly medicated for shit that could be cured simply by not having a garbage diet making those the three primary reasons we're collectively fucked.
>>562712 What's the PCB that has that faggy message? >>565230 Great sounding gentlemen aren't easy to find. Lend your own voice to help.
>>565228 This is the most pedantic shit I've watched in my entire life. Who the fuck gives a shit if Valve puts a stamp on a game? This is like complete retard normalnigger tier issues that don't affect anyone that knows how to look up a game on protondb. >zomg valve didn't give me permission to run this game on their console!!
(444.21 KB 3200x3000 Valentine eating a burger.jpeg)

>>565390 Yeah he is kinda a faggot BUT he's a faggot who has his content mirrored on Odysee/LBRY so I occasionally watch is videos sometimes muted if I don't care about the contents enough. I hate "You"Tube ///Goolag\\\ (((Alphabet))) enough to do that.
(2.58 MB 1920x1080 Gondola_fields.webm)

>>565390 he's putting forward correct points from a dev's perspective - your game can be marked as yellow even if you did everything to support it and vulva doesn't tell you why. Your players will report stability issues and crashes even if its marked green and vulva can't tell you why. From the audience perspective, when you're trying to court the "console crowd", you'll have to stoop to their level. Like this>>561879, you have people who will cry "this says playable but it doesn't work, frigging bugged game mechanics". Making a closed, accessible in only one way, but convenient magic box that plays games - that's what the normalfag wants. Else steamdeck will become a dreamcast-like device - great hardware and potential, but failed in mass market
>>565957 Your point is undermined by the fact that the Deck is just a PC. The Deck has already succeeded. It's back ordered into autumn of this year. The problems you're talking about amounts to "the console will 'only' sell 30 million units instead of 300 million." The normalfags who will have problems like "oh no da game green no work" were never PC users to begin with so you've really gained a sale that you never would have got to begin with. Meanwhile PC enthusiasts are buying the thing in droves because the value is so good (although sold at a loss). And the normalfags who will have these issues will still be in the minority anyway, even if Valve fucks up their traffic light rating system
>>565957 >Your players will report stability issues and crashes even if its marked green and vulva can't tell you why. The fuck do you mean valve can't tell you why? It's not valve's responsibility to tell you why your fucking game is crashing. Literally go run it yourself and look at the fucking logs and see why it's crashing then fix it. >From the audience perspective, when you're trying to court the "console crowd", you'll have to stoop to their level. Like this>>561879, you have people who will cry "this says playable but it doesn't work, frigging bugged game mechanics". Making a closed, accessible in only one way, but convenient magic box that plays games - that's what the normalfag wants. Else steamdeck will become a dreamcast-like device - great hardware and potential, but failed in mass market The verification system isn't designed to bug test your game. It's the developers responsibility to bug test their games. The verification is a surface level process. I'd agree that from the consumers perspective it's retarded to have things labeled "verified" that might have bugs and stability issues, but from the developers perspective they just need to actually test their games. I don't see how this is a developer issue beyond people bitching at them for not having their games run properly, which is something people should be doing anyways.
>>565957 >court the "console crowd" There is no Steam on any console. Steam Deck is sold only to Steam users for now, Valve isn't fishing for any other audience.
(1.05 MB 1627x912 ClipboardImage.png)

>>561879 Some jewtuber paid a scalper $1900 for a Steam Deck, barely knowing what it was because his fans told him to buy one. So I guess this is as Normalfag of an opinion as you're gonna get. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=-sqC0ikIDuc
>>567206 That's not a normalfag, that's just a retard with too much money Normalfags don't waste money on experimental shit, they waste money on what's already known and popular
>>567206 Why? Yeah it's a long wait but he could have just had one for 419€.
>>567206 The retards that pay for scalped goods cause more damage long term then the scalpers themselves.
Any tried a heavily modded rimworld game? did it go well?
>>567556 You'd probably have better luck asking this once at least one anon actually states they've gotten a Steam Deck. And given there is 13 Mondays until Q3/July for them to keep sending waves of email order confirmations. There is only a 7.69230769231% chance that anyone who is Q2 is going to get their email this Monday.
>>567206 I fucking hate tech enthusiasts goddamn. These are the faggots with endless money that make scalping viable. >he mentions he lives in the LA area as well Why am I not surprised.
>>567564 Yeah my current order availability estimate says: >Q3 (July-September) 2022 So unfortunately it'll be a while before I can share my experience with the board.
>>568096 I'm probably gonna get mine on either April 4th or the 11th considering that I preordered it in the first 40 minutes of pre orders going live. Still, I'll likely need a few weeks with the device to get that initial "hype" feeling to wear off.
(18.99 KB 298x269 laughingnig.jpg)

>people here actually bought a steamdeck
>>569250 What about all the others then?
(1.34 MB 1680x1680 ClipboardImage.png)

(205.35 KB 1230x689 ClipboardImage.png)

>>569247 I don't think any anon here has actually gotten the chance to buy a Steam Deck yet, we are all just waiting in line to buy one. What I have bought so far is a 1TB MicroSD, that I'm gonna load up with Roms and ISOs for emulation. I'm also interested in getting some quality wired Earphones, but I know very little about what would be a good pair to buy. I'm considering 2nd pic related since they look and sound fancy, and I'm willing to splurge a little, but for all I know these could be overpriced.
>>569258 >we are all waiting in line to buy one >I already bought 1tb microsd >I want to splurge for earphones Sandisk extreme is the best choice for 1tb microsd, fast and reliable. KZ ZSN Pro is the value for money pair, try them. Are you also looking for a battery pack?
>>569257 What others? Considering Mark has explicitly told Valve he wants to work for them, he's probably already designated this place as a shill-worthy place for them to throw some resources at We won't know true numbers or anything until a year down the line, but it's guaranteed to not be very many people.
>>569265 I am interesting in a battery pack yeah, and I'd appreciate a suggestion.
>>569267 You think just those 4 people are paying for the opportunity to buy this shit? More than half of this site have preordered this shit. What does that say about this place? And people don't have to shill here, they already fallen for the specs and price and continue to give vulva money >>569269 Crapshoot. Many power banks have wild quality control issues, and you're taking a gamble with even most expensive product. Buy in a local store
>>569295 >Crapshoot. Many power banks have wild quality control issues, and you're taking a gamble with even most expensive product. Buy in a local store Well thanks for the advice, if it comes down to me feeling like I need a Power bank, I'll see if I can find one at a local store then. but realistically a power bank probably won't be necessary unless I end up on ride that's gonna last longer then 2-3 hours, and only if i'm determined to play something that demands that battery drain.
>>569258 >I don't think any anon here has actually gotten the chance to buy a Steam Deck yet I had the chance but I passed it up.
>>569295 >More than half of this site have preordered this shit. How rude. I know Mark is fat, but still, not cool, dude.
>>569295 >What does that say about this place? I suppose it says that people here are interested in playing video games and are willing to spend money to have that experience. Is that a significant revelation to you? I mean, the Deck is already launched and slowly getting into the hands of people, and so far there haven't been any significant controversies about it. No major hardware flaws have come up, and the software bugs keep getting fixed and updated from what I've seen. At this point what is there to be negative about? And I don't mean that rhetorically; can you give specific issues with the device that make it a bad purchase? I don't own a Switch, so I'm buying this for travel/couch/bed gaming. And I want to use it for emulation. Playing my steam library is a secondary bonus. Also, you're misusing the term "pre-order". A pre-order is paying full price for something before it launches, but the Steam Deck reservation is just spending $5 to hold a spot in line, and you're not obligated to buy it once your turn is up, you can drop your reservation.
Isn't this just for people who can't afford a real GPU?
>>569722 It wouldn't even be all that useful for them either. It's for people that want a portable gaming thing with a controller attached to it.
>>569738 It's for people who ride the bus?
>>569741 I guess. It's for people who for whatever reason need to play games in situations where a laptop wouldn't make sense or might be too bulky. But frankly those situations are incredibly niche.
>>569744 If it was waterproof it might be good for the hot tub. Apple still hasn't made a waterproof tablet.
(792.81 KB 1251x646 ClipboardImage.png)

(154.18 KB 960x475 ClipboardImage.png)

(327.58 KB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)

>>569744 Well I have no desire to own a laptop personally, and I'm already a fan of the formfactor of the Wii U, it's just the Wii U wasn't actually portable unless you hooked it up in a way like Embed related https://yewtu.be/watch?v=8-ajOX5Y0Sg The Steam Deck is pretty much just a better version of what I already liked about the Wii U. and yeah the Switch exists but I'm not a fan of how it can feel kind of fragile, I prefer something that doesn't seem like It could be warped or bent.
>>569797 Any particular reason why you want a cellphone screen in the middle of your controller? I think I'd be more into the Steam Deck if it came with a VR headset that gave you an HD virtual screen to play on. Sort of an Oculus, but for running regular games.
(83.87 KB 410x350 kazuya.jpg)

>>569247 I'm interested in the device, but getting one isn't a priority at all. My plan is to wait a year and get a second hand Deck, assuming that chinks haven't managed to produce a device with similar specs and cost (currently the alternatives are really expensive or glorified Android phones with joysticks), something that could happen relatively soon: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/first-wholly-domestic-chinese-GPU-graphics-card
>>569811 Sincerely, why not just get a laptop, like a normal non-retard?
>>569813 Because most laptops suck for playing games. Only actual retards play games on laptops.
>>569295 Even if I wanted it's not even avaiable in my country, get the fuck out of here
>>569818 Oh, so it's a fashion statement? >>>/fa/
I think it might be a good choice for rich retarded children.
>>569829 Rich children buy real PCs, gamergays with no money buy steaming decks.
>>569823 It's not available in my country either and it will probably never be (officially) The only way I could get one would be from resellers trying to scalp me for double or triple the price.
>>569833 You're missing out, it has 2x GTX 3090 Titanium Edition in there.
>>569803 I like handhelds like the PSP and such, but I'v just always wanted one with a proper controller built into it. >>569830 I have an PC, but It's not exactly convenient to lug around to places, If you ever wanted to go to a get together. Steam Deck reminds me of the few times my extended family System Linked Xbox's at a party, only now your selection of games doesn't need to be limited to how many discs you can carry, or what console you bring.
>>569875 If you are going anywhere you don't need to play games there, if you aren't you have a desktop. Mobile gaming is for pariahs, Linux is for permavirgins, congrats on finding a way to optimize being both. Now look up suicide methods and put that efficiency to use.
(664.27 KB 743x1075 Trish Cosplay 2.png)

>>569883 Eh, I'm only planning on killing myself some time after Ninja Gaiden 4 comes out. If you caught me right after I beat DMC5 after waiting 11 years, then maybe I would have felt satisfied enough to consider killing myself, but now I'v gotta see Ninja Gaiden's comeback before I have any intention of dying.
>>569894 Can't you just find out as a ghost?
>>569895 I'd prefer to be alive when it happens, and maybe while i'm waiting for NG4 I'll find some reason to care about being alive beyond video games along the way. It's not like i'm genuinely suicidal, i'v just not tried the whole "getting a life thing" very hard yet.
(188.64 KB 320x187 kirb coffee rbay.gif)

>>569894 Are you okay? People who joke about this sort of stuff tend to not be doing very well.
>>569900 He's gay, stonetoss.jpg
>>569894 You should volunteer to be front line soldier in Armenia. Suicide is kinda gay but dying a martyr and perhaps even taking a few Azerbaijani soldiers out with you would be pretty neat but if you fail at that you'll still force them to waste ammo or perhaps even a expensive guided missile on your ass, depends on how crafty you are. Be sure to post a time stamp here first before going out in blaze of glory in the Caucasus Mountains. >>569900 Probably not
ahahahahahahahah >ukraine calls out for volunteers >gets suicidal trannies
(25.04 KB 620x465 fp1.jpg)

>>569900 I'd say i'm much better now then I was a few years ago when I was more on the depressed side. I'm no longer depressed, and the Killing myself part was just a gag. I'm just in a position where it's really easy do not much of anything. I still live with my family, and work with the family business and get paid, so I'm getting money and have no expenses, but we live in the middle of nowhere, and no body I can relate to is in this area. so aside from playing video games, I'm not particularly fulfilled with life. I'v only just gotten my G1 drivers license this year, despite being out of Highschool for years. I just never felt the need to drive before. Now I want to try and find something I want to do, but finding out what the hell that'll be is hard since I don't know. I'm considering going to collage to learn Japanese. I'v tried learning from books before, I but I can't keep myself on a consistent schedule if i'm the only one trying to make me do it, I think I'd do better if I had a proper curriculum to follow. But bottom line, I'm not at a point I want to die, but i'm sort of just natural to being alive, I know I can probably make myself happier once I start doing something productive, i'v just not made it there yet, Trying to get my full license and a car is my current goal, and i'm not exactly in a rush. >>569906 unfortunately I'm a leaf.
>>569906 >>569916 oh sorry I thought you typed America, not Armenia
>>569894 Unfortunately no game made by gooks has ever been good so it will be shit.
(160.72 KB 850x400 ClipboardImage.png)

>>569916 Baby steps is literally the best approach to anything and everything. Good luck.
>>569720 >steam users >playing games anon be honest, you just wanted another device to buy more games you won't play on, nice try
>>569908 Hence why I suggested Armenia though if our friendly suicidal anon prefers a warmer climate he could go join the Houthis in Southern Yemen instead. >>gets suicidal trannies So long as they aren't avid Reddit users who will reveal their bases to Tencent/China for upboats they have the potential to be useful canon fodder. I still stand with my idea of the Holol government giving them their most beat to hell inaccurate guns with shot out bores, the cheapest dogshit tier ammo they have laying around and a few old Yugo car with a map that leads straight to Donbas or the coastline near Crimea. That's what I would do if I was in charge of leading the tranny foreign legion anyway. >>569916 >>569919 >unfortunately I'm a leaf. >oh sorry I thought you typed America, not Armenia Well Appalachia and the Caucasus aren't really all that different when you think about it, both regions have well armed dirt poor farmers and red necks running around getting themselves into goody shenanigans and are a forces not to be reckoned with lightly even with a swarm of deadly drones at your disposal. And I'm sure both would actually be quite welcoming to a friendly Canuk. But yeah you should learn Japanese, that's a better use of your time then looking for ways to get your ass bombed in a third world country. Though if by some miracle you survived you could go on to become quite the successful warlord.
>>569921 Isn't this the gay retard that wrote Faggot Club?
>>569929 No, that's the guy who wrote The Great Gatsby.
>>569930 More like The Great Gaysby.
(661.09 KB 1280x728 ClipboardImage.png)

(15.67 MB 852x480 The Shadow (1994) Part 1.webm)

(15.91 MB 852x480 The Shadow (1994) Part 2.webm)

>>569928 >Though if by some miracle you survived you could go on to become quite the successful warlord. The idea of fucking off to some 3rd world country becoming a Opium warlord, then getting kidnapped and learning how to harness physics powers, to then become a pulp Hero does sound appealing if I ever feel like embracing my darkside... but as of right now i'm not a particularly violent person...yet.
>>569940 Imagine a Canadian trying to do anything but get cucked and kill himself.
>>569813 If I wanted to play video games with a KB&M form factor, I'd just play on my desktop. And I'm not gonna take a laptop with me to bed. I just don't find that very comfortable.
Laptops and steaming decks are both garbage, buy a real PC. Not that any of you can afford one.
>>569948 >playing a Steam Deck in bed You clearly haven't taken a good look at this shitty device you're salivating over, this thing is meant to be played on a surface, it's a literal brick in terms of weight and size
>>569949 Who are you talking to?
>>569949 >not that any of you can afford one. Damn straight i'm not getting a desktop. Why the fuck would i pay the price of a car for something i'm only going to use emulators on? And it's not mobile AND it wont even give me a blowjob. Wasted investment.
>>569940 >but as of right now i'm not a particularly violent person...yet.
>>569949 To play what "real" games? Online games are full of cheaters, they are pointless. Yes? What title lid is really innovating these days? And no, laptops aren't dumb, you can at least do work on them.
>>569797 Didn't the Switch survive a droptest of 1000 feet? The joycons are shit but hori switch pads look pretty comfortable
(6.92 MB 640x480 Garden of Eden.webm)

>>569957 >this thing is meant to be played on a surface, it's a literal brick in terms of weight and size Eat a steak and a salad and do some weight lifting. >>569949 >Laptops and steaming decks are both garbage Depends on who the manufacturer is, most laptops do indeed suck though. >buy a real PC. Not that any of you can afford one. I thought about that in the past but there's two problems that persuaded me to not bother one being I can't carry a giant tower plus monitor around easily and two good CPU's and GPU's are fucked price wise and things will likely only get worse given the mono-polar world we're violently heading to. Also this >>569963 Buy a Steam Deck™ and play comfy emulated old classics and the few gem Indie games in a nice form factor because modern triple gAAAy shit isn't worth the resources it takes up to play. Then use the thousands of dollars you'd otherwise have spent on PC parts and get bags of rice, ammo instead, a good quality pair of boots, and solar panels and maybe something for any hobbies you may enjoy on the side.
>>569980 <emulation doesn't work on laptops lmao
>>569979 well that makes sense since Nintendo makes it a habit to make their systems accident proof, But I still prefer the default formfactor of the Steam Deck and all the natural benefits that come from it being a PC.
>>569992 Congratulations on making the dumbest inference ever.
>>569992 >Laptops >twice as expensive for the same performance as the Deck >you have to pay the Microsoft tax >it won't be as portable for travel >you'll still need to plug in a separate controller, so that's another piece of hardware to carry around Anon please
>>570030 >same performance >implying gaming laptops are running games on 720p at sub-30 on a 7 inch screen >implying anyone bought the $400 model with the same amount of storage as a fucking chromebook >implying a controller is necessary when all you need for most games is a mouse if that >implying that a controller with a gaming laptop wouldn't be better than a shitty controller glued unto a shitty device >comparing the difference in portability for items that both need their own carrying cases anyways and both fit in backpacks regardless >implying most retards aren't paying a far greater steam tax than any winjews tax due to issues with piracy on loonix, along with mostly steamdrones buying this shit >defending a specific device you nor any normal person don't even own this hard against gaming laptops which have been around forever and have been able to handle desktop-level gaming for years now Oh shit, the choice between a 650 dollar steam deck made by a company that hasn't had a single successful hardware release and has a single port but is advertised as a "computer" vs an 800 dollar gaming laptop by experienced PC part manufacturers and comes with most of the trappings of a PC without any inconvenience, whatever will I choose?
>>570039 Post the specs of a 700 dollar gaming laptop. Let's see it.
>>569267 Who doesn't wanna work for Valve? It's fucking Valve, it's literally a dream job for anyone remotely interested in working in the video games industry
>>569267 Oh and stop IP hopping, it makes you look pathetic.
>people start buying steam deck enmass >devs no longer can release bloated 90gb games >devs no longer push for rtx and graphics since its 720p <devs prioritize gamepad support and tank controls <devs no longer put native linux builds since proton works so well
>>570292 <devs prioritize gamepad support and tank controls Keyboard and mouse will always be the number one way to play first person games. That said developers already prioritize gamepad support, so I don't see how things would change <devs no longer put native linux builds since proton works so well Isn't that a good thing? less porting and having things just work.
>>570292 >since proton works so well Does it? I've heard plenty of complaining about "Desk Verified" games havign problems. >devs no longer put native linux builds I've also heard of "Deck Verified" ignoring linux builds of games. >devs prioritize gamepad support This had already been the case for ages aside from the more complex genres.
>>570292 <devs no longer put native linux builds since proton works so well That's a good thing. Devs are too retarded to do native linux builds and linux is too retarded to have stable dependencies.
>>570292 Ya win some ya lose some.
>>570292 <devs no longer put native linux builds since proton works so well >soydevs no longer entrusted with keeping apace of the speed of linux development This is probably good. Many games got released onto Linux native but then never maintained, so the native build would just segfault against newer libraries. Darkest Dungeon is still broken if memory serves right.
>>570292 >devs no longer put native linux builds This is better in my opinion. A lot of the time the developer doesn't actually use linux so they tend to be VERY lazy with the linux port and often there are more bugs on linux that go unfixed then with the windows version. I can think of quite a few games where even when it has a native linux build i'd still use proton to play them. And they aren't small no name games either: Terraria as example is a monoport (lazy fucks) so it has a shitload of bugs like the UI not scaling properly or straight up not taking input devices wasn't an issue before 1.4
>>570820 (rant deleted) I assure you that Linux will never ever take over anything, and Apple won't either, and mobile won't either. That's because programming is hard enough, and programming on anything except Windows sucks soooooooo bad. Windows: just code Microsoft is the only company that understands coders.
>>570861 >That's because programming is hard enough, and programming on anything except Windows sucks soooooooo bad. Anon literally no one besides game developers actually use Windows. Virtually every other form of software development has Windows users as a minority. While I recognize that this is bait you have to at least make it map onto reality somehow. Next time specify game developers so you sound less obviously retarded.

(581.63 KB 1920x1080 98ae6e.jpg)

(345.03 KB 1920x1080 99ae6e.jpg)

(423.13 KB 1920x1080 98ae6f.jpg)

The TSA made fun of my Steam Deck https://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/steam-deck-tsa/ https://archive.ph/NxpXd LOL Designing the 3D Printed 308 Battle Rifle - Full CETME Interview https://odysee.com/@FuddBusters:f/designing-the-3d-printed-308-battle:f
(134.49 KB 873x539 ClipboardImage.png)

>>570907 What a faggot deserved it though, its funny how he deflects it to being about gaming hardware in general when its just a Deck problem like a fag
>>570861 Cool, Wheres your game?
>>570911 It's not a game yet. I have successfully gotten a window with some buttons on it. Rather proud of myself. In C# in visual studio you just click and draw and hit play.
>>569906 Nigger who cares about fighting for Caucasoid retards that are backed by kikes. Let them all kill each other. >>569928 There isn't a tranny foreign legion. How many Redditors do you people think actually have the balls and the ability to get off their lazy asses to go halfway around the world to a warzone for that matter. When these people are rent free in your head you overrate them.
>>570659 Maybe Linux would be more popular if it wasn't a massive fucking nightmare to maintain packages and build software that is cross-distro compatible. Most Windows software from the XP days still runs on 10 with no issue. That's 20 year software which still works. You know what Linux dependency management reminds me of? It reminds me of Javascript development. A hundred package dependencies, and everything is updating independently all the time, potentially breaking compatibility. Bundling dependencies with the given software into a binary is "bloat" to Linux autists (and even then implementations like Snap Packages apparently have problems and aren't universally supported anyways). (This vid is somewhat old but still mostly applies today): https://youtu.be/Pzl1B7nB9Kc
>>571027 Don't see how it's a nightmare? Just opensource your code and let people compile it themselvs lol.
>>570907 That BR looks pretty cool for a hunk of plastic
>>570907 These are neat, but you still need to get some metallic parts and i have no means to get ammo.
>>570979 A lot of redditors are trustifarians.
(137.21 KB 284x337 [coughs].png)

>>570907 >>570908 Oh my fucking god that article is unbearable. "The TSA" didn't even make fun of his Deck. One agent thought it was a Switch, then remarked it was big. This douche wrote an entire article whining about a 10 word conversation he had several days ago. Fuck game journos.
(186.79 KB 850x1322 pat_pat.jpg)

>haptic touchpad You'd think someone would have some sort of headpat game for these by now
>>571159 The people at TSA are always nice. People who complain are just mad they can't bring their bong.
>>572017 T. tsa agent
>>572017 Every time I've gone through TSA it's been the most demure braindead niggers. TSA is literally a job programs for nigger cattle like the post office.
>>572246 >>572017 >>571159 I have never heard tsa ever stopping a bomb or big smuggling, just small baggies by tweaked junkies and grandmas dentures or something. They're the most "I did the job boss" kind of job imaginable.
>>572246 Rural post office routes are super demanding, you sort your own mail, have to speed to get it all done, and you have to drive your own car (which means driving from the passenger seat, some of the time). >>572248 gas yourself drug addicted tranny
https://odysee.com/@onnion:1/jkasteamdecktest:3 >>571318 >You'd think someone would have some sort of headpat game for these by now The dual haptic trackpads is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be cute or sexy for that matter. ...But seriously keep in mind the hardware has only been out for a couple of months and only in the hands of small crowd of Loonix enthusiasts. Give it a few more months or a year before you start expecting to see even amateur game devs specifically targeting the Steamy Dick hardware first and traditional PC's second being published because these things take time.
>>572253 did someone hit a nerve??
>>570292 and don't forget >people buy their kids steamdecks and they can't play fortnite/pubg/any chinese gacha shit >kids use their parents credit cards for hats and microtransactions out the ass >>572420 what benefit does haptic touch ever provided, other than in keyboard typing? Just like gyro devs have to work to implement it in their games, which is extra work no mainstream dev wants to do. Maybe some indie shit will come up with "feel your hair" mechanic
>>572434 No, he's still here, he didn't inhale any VX.
The Steam deck needs to be around 399 for the premium model in order for it to sell millions.
>>571135 Exactly and war zones are not conducive to such a life style. This is the kind of person that would get sent back because they are worthless even off the battlefield. >>572436 >gaming device >cannot play fartnite on it Sounds like bliss to me.
>>572436 I wouldn't call gyro aim a niche use case. It's beneficial for any FPS, third-person games too. After playing BOTW and Splatoon I'm fully sold that gyro aim should become a mainstream feature of all such games. I'm less enthusiastic about haptics though. It can be cool, but doesn't really offer any big advantages in my mind.
>>570979 >Nigger who cares about fighting for Caucasoid retards that are backed by kikes. Let them all kill each other. Oh I'm sure some (((chosen people))) are involved on both sides of the conflict but that's the norm for every war. But the two biggest outside supporters of the conflict are actually Iran and Turkey with the Persians supporting the Armenians because they don't want more Kebabs at their doorstep and Turkey supporting Azerbaijan because I dunno killing Armenians is just a national past time for them I guess. In retrospect Armenia's-Azerbaijan's border disputes could easily be solved by both parties agreeing to redraw the borders to allow for their enclaves to connect to their mainlands BUT I'm under no delusion that will happen any time soon. >>572436 >kids use their parents credit cards for hats and microtransactions out the ass I've played some shitty freeium games as a kid-teen in the past and never spent a cent on them. You'd be surprised how many of them are dudes who have real jobs. Whaling is quite profitable anon. >Maybe some indie shit will come up with "feel your hair" mechanic Well then rejoice anon because the Deck was practically explicitly created to appeal to Indie devs, surely our future will have many hair brushing simulators. >>572507 Well they did say they're thinking about making expanded storage models so we may see a huge discount on the 64gb model in the future. At least I hope that's the case anyway. Also while I personally don't care much about having a custom profile bundle pack shit but there are plenty of people who do care so maybe Valve should just give people some fancy animated profile theme's for the 64gb model too since that's their least sold model.
>>572711 Where's Devil Engine Ignition Okuu?
(102.26 KB 854x480 movie480.jpg)

>>572724 >Where's Devil Engine Ignition Okuu? I didn't even know what that was until you mentioned it but it looks interesting and I do actually rather enjoy spaceship bullet hell game things so maybe I'll try that out, preferrabley in a pirated mode to see if if it deserves my money. Does it work through Loonix proton in your personal experience? Because the Steam game page doesn't mention if it does for me.
(1.13 MB 1920x2096 ClipboardImage.png)

>>572724 When it comes to that game, the devs have actually been in a long drawn out Legal case, and have been with holding the release of the Finished expansion DLC, until all matters are settled.
>>572507 If you really want to assfuck Valve you'd buy the $399 model and call their loss leader bluff, then pirate and seed all the goddamn vidya you want and play it through the KDE desktop on Lutris. You can get a 2230 SSD for very cheap these days so long as you target storefronts who assume you're buying it for your business laptop and source from liquidation and overstock. As evidenced by this thread the $649 model price point already attracts enough retards who think the device is locked down to Steam only and that the extra $250 is worth it for a $35 SSD, a different screen and some JPEGs, so why lower it further and attract even more who would brick their devices immediately and complain they got "scammed" by their own stupidity? You're making money off manipulating mental invalids into thinking they're getting value when you're gutting them, why do the reverse? Also, you dumb nogs, Social Pressure Valve already intends a wider release for next year, though I wouldn't count on it as I expect global supply chains to further break down. Again, if we get more decent handhelds out of this from imitation I would be the happiest man in the world. Devices like >>559065 can actually compete with PCs in the SD's tier with developments like >>564986; it's an exciting time.
>>573142 At $400, you're better off buying a laptop. If you can wait a bit, see if there will be an i3 with an Arc, which will be vastly superior to the Steamer. You'll get higher framerates even at 1080p, instead of the measly weird 800p of the steamer.
(488.51 KB 757x568 Annoyed Rally.png)

(276.22 KB 1000x1000 Ecocapsule mobile dwelling.jpg)

>>573147 >At $400, you're better off buying a laptop. If you can wait a bit, see if there will be an i3 with an Arc, which will be vastly superior to the Steamer. You'll get higher framerates even at 1080p, instead of the measly weird 800p of the steamer. Yeah but I'd still have to pay a Windows tax and sure I could just delete it later on but I'd rather not fund Bill Gates next bio weapon ///unfortunate disease as a result of eating bats\\\ or whatever other crisis he's planning on and most manufactures are just gonna put Windows or Chrome OS on their hardware to appease the niggercattle otherwise I'd gladly just buy the hardware with no pre installed OS. So I'm stuck either getting a Steamy Dick or a System 76 PC which is very expensive by comparison and frankly I don't care about playing Fortnite at 4K with 60FPS. Your voting with your wallet anon and when you pay the Windows tax your voting for the medical surveillance state, white genocide, disarmament of the citizens, GMO lab grown meat, and communal cuck pods that require and Xbox live account just to get in the front door. That's NOT a future I want and you shouldn't either. In retrospect the pods themselves aren't inherently bad, some are quite neat in fact but not when they're forced upon us by a Marxist government taking marching orders from big corporations like Microcock or Goolag.
>>569940 >physics powers Oh, so like punching people? If you ever did high school physics you'd know it's that sort of power lol.
>>573040 >>573073 I know, I'm good friends with Sinoc, I was just making a joke since Okuu is his waifu
(50.38 KB 640x360 snapshot2.jpg)

(487.85 KB 800x800 3_4_1800x1800.png)

(80.46 KB 1200x720 Slimbook-ONE iMac mini killer.jpg)

A Surprising Way to Cleanse Toxic Kidneys - Dr. Berg on Kidney Detoxification https://open.lbry.com/@DrBerg:4/a-surprising-way-to-cleanse-toxic:4 >>573147 <<573154 Also yes I'm very much aware of the fact there's plenty of great Loonix or blank disk/no OS tower PC's and Mini PC's. I've humored the idea of just getting one of those Minisforums or Slimbooks though I think the latter of those is only available in the EU;SSR since they're made/assembled in Spain or whatever. I dunno, I hear both make great budget servers which makes sense since you could basically Jerryrig one anyone in your home like on a book shelve or behind a TV and forget about it less the power goes out. I also like the fact that they have small SATA HHD drive slots since I still have a few of those laying around and it be nice to put them to use for something in combination with the SSD. But of course non of those are wireless devices so even if I did get one they wouldn't be my daily drivers, also I don't currently have a use for running a server at least for now anyway so I'd prefer something with a battery.
>>573154 Have you considered GROWING UP and playing REAL LIFE, incel?
>>556094 >Yet their pocket books and Win's sell regardless, it doesn't matter if they're niche if they've still got customers When you say success and don't clarify the degree, that's relevant for expectations and parameters. GPD can be said to be operating under very modest definitions of success under a very specific set of circumstances, this is not comparable to a major platform holder, and the expectations should not be kept to the absurdly high, almost delusional standards one sees in these kinds of threads. If anyone thinks the Deck will sell over 10 million, they are literally delusional. Hell, even 3 million would be an absurdly high amount of devices for Valve to have sold. 500K to 1 million is far more likely. >They'd probalby sell more if Sony wheren't insufferable picky faggots and would just let game devs make games for them without being impeded by censorship and other bullshit. Yes, Sony is cancer. >That depends For rare edge cases maybe, generally speaking the parts manufacturers make their money based on the fact that they overcharge for the individual pieces. Most businesses do this purposefully. >Why are you against a Vita 2.0 running a Linux Desktop? That just doubles the possibilities of the Vita. Do you not like the idea of being comfy in bed playing Shadow of Colossus while also shitposting on 8Moe? Sounds nice Sony should do it and give up on their shitty PS5 gimmick. Except this thing isn't the Vita 2.0 and anyone claiming otherwise is retarded. This is some kind of hulking monstrosity. Its build quality is poor, its ergonomics are positively shit, its oversized, its overweight, its overpriced (not for a computer admittedly, but for a handheld), its screen is mediocre, its got no physical games and the platform holder has no interest in making any good native games anymore, and its ability to pirate is dubious and that's the only way I would run something that literally has a DRM store built into it. Its emulation ability seems somewhat decent, I'll give it that, but that's the only thing of value I see in this thing. It also supports Valve, which I view as a very negative and dangerous force on the PC gaming market. Yes, they're not as bad as Origin, Epic, and whatever other stores are shit, but they're still a net negative as they are, and they will get worse without question as their decline over the past years have shown. How are you gonna "play in bed" with a device like this, have you taken a look at it? You need a surface to play it on essentially, and its battery life for non-indie games is piss-poor so you'll need to charge it for any session longer than 2-3 hours. >What's not to like about the Deck? It will allow people to play the games they already own on the go as apposed to what other consoles do where you have to buy several copies of the same game. The Deck will be a huge success anon and I'm not saying that as some deluded famboy because Valve has done plenty of retarded shit in the past rather this is a unique situation where Valve has struck gold and managed not to fuck it up this time by giving the customer exactly what they want, a device that they truly own, can fix, and modify to their hearts content without breathing down their necks for doing so like other companies do, plus it plays vidya. <games on Steam <"own" good joke anon. >buy copies Maybe that's the fundamental difference here. I'd only buy physical games if I do buy games, or DRM-free games if they're cheap, I'd always pirate otherwise if I can. >The Deck will be a huge success No, it won't be. They already chose a horrible time to release it. On an objective level, they have fucked up so many aspects of the release that it is guaranteed to be modest at best. Valve is also likely selling this at a loss. I'm not gonna say you're a Valve fanboy, but you definitely don't know anything about how successful standardized gaming hardware releases are done. Valve has basically put a hard-limit on how successful the Deck can be for the foreseeable future. What Valve can do is, because of the absurd amount of capital they have at their disposal, is take financial hits from the Deck's release (and their other failed hardware endeavours) and keep trying in spite of it until they finally do make some headway, but the Deck, practically speaking, is the first real attempt to make a device like this available to the public at large. Have you noticed the only people who are doing YT videos on the Deck are Linus, who is a "new tech" shill, some minor tech reviewer e-celeb who recently became obsessed with the Deck, and like 3 loonix autism channels, and that's it? Its over a month into the release of a supposedly hyped new product, and nobody's fucking talking about this thing besides those channels. Almost like nobody has this thing in their hands, and their interest for the device's novelty is fading rapidly (as one can see if one actually looks in the comments sections of the few Deck vids from people outside of the circle of autism/shilling)
>>572724 Valve posted a video about the updates they've made to the software over the last 3 months.
>>573371 <3 months actually it's just 1 month, not sure why I thought 3 months.
>>573363 Sperg.
>>573386 too bad you can't ignore me to play games on your steam deck, eh fag? But I'm sure watching e-celebs talk about how great it is is so much better, think about how much more money you'll be able to spend once you get one too!
>>573447 nice try china
>>573329 isnt miniforums that one small factor pc that lie saying they use liquid metal but actually used thermal paste in the cpu ihs while having liquid metal splatter everywhere in the board ?
>>573695 you talk like a retarded chink.
>>573805 Coronavirus is spread through food.
>>573695 That liquid metal gimmick was quickly abandoned and they've since learned their lesson but yeah that was a problem in the past. >>573363 >I'd only buy physical games if I do buy games, or DRM-free games if they're cheap, I'd always pirate otherwise if I can. External DVD drives exist and you could just connect one off Ebay or whatever to hook up to the dock. Also I personally believe physical Vidya copies should just be stored and sold on micro SD card so it can be installed off that since CD's/DVD's/Bluegay DVD's are going the way of the dinosaur. Not even giant PC tower manufactures are putting DVD slots on their devices anymore. >No, it won't be. They've already been overwhelmed with pre-orders anon. It's already a success and word will get around, people in coffee shops and subway stations will wonder what those strange devices are and when the Deck hits the Japanese or Honk Kong market they'll probably sell double the amount of Decks especially for those who want a gaymer PC but live in a shitty micro apartment that's so small it would make the average JewYorker feel like a king.
(226.91 KB 288x400 Lain dance.gif)

The decent performance cheap APU revolution will kill low end and even mid range GPU's. This is the future now and good riddance to because fuck Nigivdia honesty.
>>574005 >will kill low end and even mid range GPU's Also, it'll waste RAM on the graphics chiplet, but nobody stops to think about that...
(138.42 KB 649x594 Nvidia eating your RAM.jpg)

>>574026 >b-b-b-but it doesn't have muh 6 gorrillion niggabytes of dedotated wam!!!!!!!!! Not a big deal for most games these days, Firefox uses more RAM than even most modern triple gAAAy titles at this point so 16gb is usually going to be enough. Not my fault some triple gAAAy soydevs can't optimize for shit if their lives depended on it so just don't play those games or if you do pirate them else you'll be rewarding lazy fucks.
>>574005 >this APU will kill a class of GPU that hasn't existed for over 3 years Uh huh
>>574040 Gottta start somewhere I guess...
>>574002 >you can just hook up an external DVD drive to a Deck First you need a dock, and then a drive, and then you have to jump through hoops to make sure it works because >SteamOS >loonix anything Not to mention the difficulty of running older games that were developed for Windows 95/98, XP, and 7 on linux in general. If you're interested in JP games, you're SOL. >They've already been overwhelmed with pre-orders anon. It's already a success and word will get around, people in coffee shops and subway stations will wonder what those strange devices are and when the Deck hits the Japanese or Honk Kong market they'll probably sell double the amount of Decks especially for those who want a gaymer PC but live in a shitty micro apartment that's so small it would make the average JewYorker feel like a king. Anon, you don't know their actual statistics, nor do you know what's really going on or how many of those reservations (not even preorders) will translate to actual sales. Their manufacturing capacity does not match demand, and demand wanes with each passing day that normal people, not tech shills, don't have this in their hands. Demand has already waned significantly thanks to their foolish delays and now they have permanently hamstrung their launch. >Japanese/Hong Kong Market >double the market Anon, this is delusion. Not to mention Hong Kong is pretty much fucked as a market anyways due to China. People can just get a laptop and most of them probably do already have laptops. There is no evidence that Japan nor HK is interested in gayming PCs for that matter. And you think they'll just automatically warm up to something running SteamOS by default, let alone a device this shitty? You think that clown-tier setup of running this thing next to a monitor with a keyboard isn't a bad joke? Anon, the Deck will never penetrate those markets. It has the best chance in EU/NA, and that's it, and in those markets its already fucked.
>>574292 >First you need a dock There's a usb port on the device. DVD drives plug into usb ports the same way "docks" do. >SteamOS >loonix anything I'd bet money getting external DVD drives to work is more difficult on windows than linux. >Not to mention the difficulty of running older games that were developed for Windows 95/98, XP, and 7 on linux in general lolwut? >You think that clown-tier setup of running this thing next to a monitor with a keyboard isn't a bad joke? I don't care about the steam dick but the concept of docking a portable device at your desk is absolutely the "future" of consumer computing. So no, it's not really a bad joke. I think the steam dick executes on that process kind of poorly though.
(292.23 KB 1920x1080 c6f200.jpg)

>>574292 >First you need a dock, and then a drive, and then you have to jump through hoops to make sure it works because I doubt it, in fact it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if I just plugged said external DVD drive in a Deck and it just werks. Linux doesn't need drivers to make shit work, that's one of the many reasons its superior to MicroCock Wingblows. In fact there are people out there right now hooking up their Decks to drawing tablets with little trouble. >How to Use a Wacom Pen Display with the Steam Deck https://odysee.com/@DavidVStewart:e/how-to-use-a-wacom-pen-display-with-the:6 >There is no evidence that Japan nor HK is interested in gayming PCs for that matter. Oh they most certainly aren't interested in conventional gaming PC's, however the Deck isn't a typical gaming PC and Nippon's have been shown to in the past and very consistency not care about things like Muh Gayrphrics or having 60 FPS for that matter given things like the Wii and Switch are still very popular there. I think you really underestimate Nippon autism and absolutely believe people in Japan will carry these things with them on the subway on their way to work/school whatever. Might even end up being more popular in Jpan than in the US in fact given they have first world public transportation and more reasons to therefore carry a Deck.
i'm interested in the steam deck but i'm having a few doubts. if windows is installed on it will i be able to pirate games on it? will this cause problems?
>>574376 If you pirate games, you're a racist. If you pay for games, you're a groomer.
>>574358 >that painting (girls giggling)
1000% serious, sell that pos while the prices are so good lmao windfall profits, take advantage.
>>574376 >i'm interested in the steam deck but i'm having a few doubts. I don't it's not like they're reinventing the wheel because UMPC's have already existed for a while so there's plenty of past examples of what does and doesn't work and the Deck is nothing like that past flops such as their Steam machine because Valve is actually putting effort into something for once and a lot more so than they have with their past projects so they'll be supporting that thing long term. Or at least I think so anyway as it's a matter of survival for them now, even if they wanted to abandonment their Deck project like their other past projects they can't now because they're to deep in it now to quit with all the time they've invested in engendering, testing, labor training, and even just organizing their third party clients and suppliers and if they fail to fulfill their customers wishes to deliver on their product their competitors and every random bloke on the street will never miss an opportunity to shit on Valve for it. Stress breeds innovation or a breaking point for that matter. >if windows is installed on it If you do intend to do that you should probably get the highest storage version unless your comfortable just changing the eMMC drive out for a third party M.2 SSD. But given Valve is providing support for that now it will probably work with some tinkering. >will i be able to pirate games on it? will this cause problems? Are you asking if you'll have the ability to run torrenting programs like Transmission or whatever it is people use on Windows these days on the Deck hardware itself? Sure I don't see why not, it's just a PC with joysticks after all. Also look on the bright side even if you end up not liking it you can always just sell it used market later on and be guaranteed a buyer perhaps for even more than it's MSR price if WW3/the Cold War 2.0 gets hot since a little energy efficient gaymer station won't make much of a dent in their diesel gas generators they'll be using while curled up in their bunkers so there's no reason not to buy one.
>>574292 I'm no expert but even I know that it's often easier to run older games on Linux than in Windows because you can set compat in Wine/Proton. The delusion I think is coming from all the Anons that think this is going to fail. A year from now you will still be pounding dirt.
>>574793 Lotus Improv doesn't even run (it launches but eventually glitches) in any option* whatsoever. Not sure why, but if productivity doesn't work, then the situation for old games has to be extremely dire. >wine >virtual pc, any version of windows >virtualbox, " >vmware, " I haven't tried virtualbox, but it's expressly not intended for use with applications (and so it's not designed to assure good reads/writes)
>>574376 The windows driver for the device is apparently really fucking awful. So it isn't really recommended at least for now.
>>575123 qemu will forever be the best VM next to xen for security autism
>>574376 >wanting delete a perfectly good distro for no reason what so ever Leave Tux alone anon.
Did they put a GTX 3070 in the Steam Deck?
>>575871 No lmfao It's just an integrated GPU
>>575874 Pretty decent as far as energy efficient integrated graphics go, granted AMD's only real competition is Intel which is currently infamous for halving battery life probably because a quarter of it's threads are dedicated to sending your data directly to MOSSAD's HQ servers and since shitting on Mark here is just part of 8Moe's culture we'd get even less battery life for being naughty goyim I'm sure. Though maybe Valve should have waited for Zen 3 to come out especially if that has the potential to boost battery life. Maybe that's why they're humoring the idea of making a Deck 2. I hope they also find a way to mount the battery without it needing to be glued too if so but more battery life is more than enough to make me consider getting one.
>>576165 The dick 2 will definitely be mountains better. Dick 1 is better tester phase.
(435.78 KB 480x270 Kino grin.gif)

>>576244 Oh I hope so, especially if the Deck 1's go on sale as a result.
>>577193 If they paid me I would not take one.
(22.43 KB 474x315 Kino MG.jpeg)

>>577481 >If they paid me I would not take one. Yes we all know you wanna work for Valve Mark... I wouldn't mind getting a free Deck but I really don't deserve one as I'm not a game dev or Valve employee either and don't plan to be but if that's your dream than go for it.
>>577512 Jokes on you, I'm getting a free Deck. although it'll probably come around in about ten days or so.
>>577633 >being a reviewer/journo Cancer If you're smart you'll pawn it for a cool 2-3k
>>577651 what if agdg?
>>577651 They aren't going for anywhere near that anymore. Only during the first week or two after launch was that the going price. Now they're maybe a few hundred over MSRP if that.
>>577753 >nowhere near that Nah, I see plenty on ebay that are at least selling for 1.5-1.9K, which is not bad at all
>>577689 Are you telling me if I learn how to make shitty asset flips and market myself as a "developer" to companies they'll give me free shit?
>>577793 Doubtful. The market is insanely saturated, getting noticed by anyone or anything is virtually impossible.
>>577633 >Jokes on you, I'm getting a free Deck. I'm jelly now but good for you anon.
>>577793 They gave free decks to eroge devs
>>578507 be jelly of this 9
>>578507 I'm literally not. A laptop with Intel Arc is better lmao
>>579243 Are there $400 arc laptops, arc autist?
>>579252 I expect sub $300 Arc laptops.
>>579254 >I expect sub $300 Arc laptops. I expect such a product to be prone to over heating at that price since you'll likely cut corners around the fan and heat sink and also because (((Intel))).
>>579264 Use one of those force fan thingies.
sorry about my ip changing, crappy connection.
(28.38 KB 480x270 women.webp)

>>579254 >check expected TDP for netbooks and (((Chromebooks))) >6W >check expected TDP for lowest performance Arc chip >25-30W Cucksoleniggers trying to pretend to know anything about computers, everybody. I bet this stupid nigger also believed (((Bloomberg))) claims that Nintendo would put a 70W automobile chip into a kiddie tablet. I know it's the weekend but you can fuck off back to >>>/cuckchannel/. What's taking so long for benchmark numbers? Not just framerates during gameplay, I mean objective scores you can pit against other SKUs to rank it. I know "AMD/Valve 100-000000405" doesn't exactly roll off the tongue and isn't SEO friendly, but you would think at least one person with somebody in their flesh-attic could run a program.
>>579295 Just plug it in lmao what do you live in botswana?
>>579295 Yeah, about the awol Arc, tbh I have no idea. But the fact nobody even is asking is suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper WEIRD.
>>579265 >just compensate for CPU throttling with a powerful battery draining fan Or just buy AMD or ARM instead of a MOSSAD black box with a CPU glued to it. >>579266 >sorry about my ip changing, crappy connection. Don't worry about it, completely understandable especially when a tree knocks out a power line which happens often where I life.
>>558576 where's the steam deck dickgirl
>>578528 That's smart, eroge will make people get the deck, I'll probably use it a lot for that. Too much jerking off at a desk, sick of it
>>579645 Priorities It would unironically be perfect for that though. >>579526 >where's the steam deck dickgirl Make a visual novel ''"game"' about fucking a Steam Deck with a feminine penis anon otherwise no one will cares as the Internets moved on with trying to make good OC for Deck-Tan given of course the lack of OC.
Did Mark get his Deck™ yet?
(9.31 MB 720x720 Intel Tranny.webm)

>>579252 >arc autist It's obviously bait
(2.29 MB 4000x2252 20220422_182036.jpg)

(125.06 KB 640x360 oh hi Mark.webm)

>>584738 >chrome Retard
>>584743 I deserve that
(82.44 KB 1800x1400 Lain Iwakura.png)

>>584744 >>584738 Never too late to learn. Hell, anons could learn the specifics of how different browsers work on the Deck. >>>/t/984
so how well does elden ring run on the deck?Medium graphics or low? compared to a high end pc
>>584933 Well you can checkout the Digital Foundry video if you want deeper details. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=o1HuX2_Hhss But basically due to the updates Valve made specifically for how Proton runs Elden Ring, you'll get pretty consistent 30FPS, comparable to playing the game on PS4, and it's pretty impressive considering how poorly the game was running Day One before the Proton updates.
(238.80 KB 1920x1280 Gundem promotions.jpg)

>>584738 can i have it?
(3.68 MB 700x285 laugh.gif)

(1.95 MB 4000x2252 20220423_141734.jpg)

>>585099 pls no billy
>>585270 How is it? is the UI for the deck just built into the steam build or do they appear to have actually utilities built on the OS itself? Is it a full kde install or just a minimum version of plasma? Do you have ease access to terminal? How well does it play vidya? (both steam and non-steam) Have you put lutris(or winestaging) on it to even test it yet? Tried any GoG games? Did you unmute the rootfs (remove the readonly limitation)? I know next to fucking nothing about the device or how it handles so i'm being quite wery with it. I'm honestly more curious with the OS included then anything. >still using google chrome Use this: https://github.com/Eloston/ungoogled-chromium I don't know exactly what package manager steamOS uses but considering you somehow got chrome i assume it's compatable with flatpaks or some other agnostic system. I don't believe arch by default packages google-chrome (unless it was pre-included by volvo) Also mark a genuine question: how familar are you actually with gnu/loonix *tism anyway? As far as i've seen your the only one on this board who has a deck (or
>>585270 Is that a discord notification on your taskbar?
>>585281 Mark is a fucking retard anon, he doesn't know the answer to literally any of those questions. He's the target audience for the device, a fucking idiot that installs jewgle chrome to arch linux.
(148.73 KB 702x870 Ape Gape.PNG)

(297.34 KB 1824x1180 APE GAPE LOGO.png)

>>584738 >>585270 Neat, have you played MGR on it yet?
>>585282 >Is that a discord notification on your taskbar? I actually know what Marks discord account is, I came across his account by chance because he posted in the same Devil May Cry server I'm in.
>>585415 I doubt it's top secret information. I probably have like 12 screenshots from various drama happenings that include his gayscord messages.
>>585417 Yeah, true. I just found it funny I randomly came across him in the wild.
>bunch of dumb cunts talking about how they use discord Pathetic. The lot of you are pathetic.
>>585436 >>585437 Did you deleted your own posts, Mark?
>>585496 How strange, they weren't actually shit posts either t. someone who despises the Steam Deck
(1.47 MB 1400x1888 goose.png)

>>585281 >How is it? I like it a lot >is the UI for the deck just built into the steam build or do they appear to have actually utilities built on the OS itself? So there's two modes, one is gaming mode which is the custom built in UI which is where you access the special features of steam input such as gyro and touch pads, the other mode is a minimum version of KDE plasma that's kinda locked down but that's likely intentional due to the target audience of this device. >Do you have ease access to terminal? As I've said before, the device is known to be locked down, however there's an option in the settings to unlock it called developer mode. I have not enabled it due to Valve invalidating changes as the device gets more system updates as dev mode is basically pointless unless you want to install Windows or another flavor of GNU/Linux >How well does it play vidya? (both steam and non-steam) Pretty solid, the only issue I've had was that Elden Ring couldn't reach 60FPS no matter what settings I lowered, I'd say it was at 45FPS at average. Every other game I played with it such as DMC5, Gunslinger, KOFXV, etc. ran fine. >Have you put lutris(or winestaging) on it to even test it yet? yes, but the only non-steam game I've played so far are Smash remix, Custom Robo, and Project 06 >Tried any GoG games? not yet >Did you unmute the rootfs (remove the readonly limitation)? I don't intend too. >>585282 Yes, I have discord to keep in touch with friends, personal contacts, and porn. >>585382 Not yet, I'll install it tonight. >>585496 >>585498 I forgot to put on my VPN since I typed up the messages as soon as I got home, my apologies.
>>585502 The fuck is this post. >As I've said before, the device is known to be "locked down," however there's an option in the settings to unlock it called developer mode. I have not enabled it due to Valve invalidating changes as the device gets more system updates as dev mode is basically pointless unless you want to install Windows or another flavor of GNU/Linux Interesting, I didn't know this. I panicked for a bit thinking there was no way to use pacman with text, only to get relief after doing my due diligence. https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2022/04/steam-deck-developer-mode-does-not-turn-off-the-read-only-filesystem/page=2/ <Will SteamOS have a read-only immutable OS file system? >Yes. By default the OS updates will be distributed as a whole OS image, and we recommend installing additional applications via flatpak to avoid issues. If customers want to do more than what’s available by flatpak, they can turn off read-only mode. We don't recommend this though, as they may get their Steam Deck into a bad state or compromise their data. In addition, anything installed outside of flatpak (via pacman for instance) may be wiped with the next SteamOS update. So you will be able to use it like a regular Linux PC, just anticipate having to redo your setup once updates release because the babbies are afraid of what they think is "jailbreaking." This actually answers why we haven't seen a lot of modding and cool tricks with the device yet, it hasn't reached individuals who know how to use Linux properly.
>>585610 >So you will be able to use it like a regular Linux PC, just anticipate having to redo your setup once updates release sounds like shit. If there exists a standalone version of the deck utils it'd probably just be better to install any other distro.
>>585610 the "locked down" part is only to stop people from trying to jailbreak their device with easyjailbreak.exe >>585502 how is the updates situation? what games do you actually play in it? does the novelty wear off after a few weeks of use? Does playing in it feels better/worse than sitting in pc? do you now shill for valve instead of nintendo?
I remember how hard some anons were shilling for this and got very mad when people gave it criticism.
>>573154 So trusting Valve which is another mega crop is owning M$? I'm gonna be real with you Linux fags while I don't like M$ period I also think it's retarded how you'll suck off anyone even if they are another mega crop out of spite for M$ because it's not M$, Valve is not your friend and thinking they'll somehow harm M$ with a handled is naïve as fuck.
>>585686 Hey subhuman, he's talking about how this is pushing the support for Linux gaming forwards as an alternative to M$, but you have terrible reading comprehension.
>>585749 >Hey subhuman, he's talking about how this is pushing the support for Linux gaming forwards as an alternative to M$, but you have terrible reading comprehension. So by supporting a massive crop like Valve?
This seems overpriced compared to a Switch and much heavier.
(16.49 KB 788x463 ClipboardImage.png)

(17.57 KB 696x325 ClipboardImage.png)

(26.96 KB 397x537 ClipboardImage.png)

>>585788 The Switch with Joycons is just under 400 grams, The Wii U gamepad is 500 grams, The Steam Deck is 669 grams. So yes it is heavier, and yeah it does cost more, but essentially you are paying for more powerful hardware. The majority of mutiplat games that have a Switch version need to run at 30fps. Those same games are run at 60fps on the Deck, and you have the freedom to limit them to 30fps if you want, in exchange for some more battery life. Even in the case for actual Switch games, emulated Switch games run better on a Steam Deck then they do a Switch. So the decision is up to what you want. Are you fine with what the Switch offers, or do you want more power?
>>585799 I rather just play on my rig as most of the games on the deck is shit I already own on steam. I think this is a cool conpect and all but I don't think this is a great handheld device.
>>585803 Well the Deck isn't supposed to replace your rig, it's supposed to complement it. If you were invested in playing a certent game on your rig, but you needed to go somewhere for an extended period of time, you can still keep playing that game up on the Deck. Of course that's not something that's going to appeal to everyone. If your are satisfied with just playing on Desktop that's cool. but Me personally I'v been in situations where i'm away from my PC, and it would have been nice to have a Steam Deck to kill time, and keep grinding away at the game i'm currently playing. So that's the reason I'm getting one.
>>585380 I think Jewgle Chrome is the default preinstalled browser.
>>585807 >If you were invested in playing a certent game on your rig, but you needed to go somewhere for an extended period of time, you can still keep playing that game up on the Deck. Outside of multiplatform games that are already designed with a controller in mind, how does this function with games that are designed with a M&K? For example, the how does F.E.A.R. and Command & Conquer play on it?
>>585843 You can use either the trackpads, or the gyro that toggles if you have your finger on the right thumbstick for mouse aim.
>>585843 >>585851 Yeah there is Trackpads that can be used in place of a Mouse, and Gyro for more fine tuned Aiming. Steam Imput also has extensive customization options Embed video as an example. so as long as you are willing to put in the time for thinking up a control scheme you can make one to fit the game you are playing, or someone may have already made their own custom control scheme and uploaded it for you to use if you like. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=nEh79r93vYY
>>585851 >>585857 But have you actually USED those features?!? That's the kicker. We KNOW about what the Dick is capable of, but we do not see people actually using it for the purposes of playing PC developed games on the go. What we SEE is people playing the same games they would already be playing on the Switch, the Vita, the 3DS, the PSP, and so on.
>>585860 Fine, God. Here's a guy that mapped out playing an MMO on it. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=eUmUdcRhM6g
>>585860 >But have you actually USED those features?!? I don't have a fucking Steam deck yet, so no anon, I have not. I'll be glad to post a bunch of shit about mine when I get one, and test out what ever shit anon may be curious about. But I can't do that yet.
>>585860 I'm going to flex by using the Steam Deck to write a novel in LibreOffice and publish it.
>>585971 Will it be about how many cocks you've sucked in your life thus far? If so it'll never get finished
>>585977 It's an ongoing series about how many cocks I've sucked. You can sell more books with a series than just one.
(142.17 KB 1280x720 JazzHandheld.jpg)

>>585860 >but we do not see people actually using it for the purposes of playing PC developed games on the go Man, if I had a Deck, all I would ever play on it are DOS games.
>>585996 Make it a trilogy, anon. That's where the big money is. >Original Poster: A New Cock >Original Poster: The Glans Strikes Back >Original Poster: Return of the Cum
>>585799 Sad. People should just wait to buy an i5 with top Arc graphics.
>>586259 I'm buying an Arc to mine buttcoin
>>586292 I'm going to use mine to solve the biggest problems in science.
>>586300 Arc will power the greatest ai revolution known to man and i will be the supreme commander with my Arc when the revolution starts.
(4.82 MB 400x225 5OXhGz.gif)

>>586292 >>586300 >>586308 I'm just going to use mine to slap around some anime titties in VR. Am simple man.
(194.73 KB 1300x1300 s-l1600.jpg)

>>585686 >So trusting Valve which is another mega crop is owning M$? Valve just wants to sell vidya and vidya related hardware to the consumer. M$/Gates which is allied with the World Economic Forum/WEF and does the bidding of the US and Chinese government wants to enslave humanity basically so yeah will argue that Valve for all their faults is the lesser of two evils as much of a meme tier argument as that is it's still objectively true given the context. After all Valve isn't trying to disarm me and force me to live in a Fema Camp that only serves tofu, freeze dried bugs, and fluoridated water which is even worse than many prisons in the world but that's just how much of a sick fuck Bill Gates is. >Valve is not your friend I was never under the impression that they were to begin with, of course that said a for profit company can still occasionally do some good in the world or at the very least be a thorn in the side of even worse companies. Are you gonna stop buying food at your local grocery store just because they aren't your friend? Are you gonna refuse service from a mechanic when your care breaks down just because he's not your friend too? Of course fucking not because that would be asinine and retarded. As a Minarchist Libertarian of sorts I certainly don't agree with everything Iran and North Korea does either but I non the less support their anti globalism and anti central bank stances. My stances with Valve/Steam are similarly aligned plus the Deck is a neat little piece of hardware with a CPU that's good at what it does which is balance vidya performance and battery life. >>585270 >Wireless keyboard that doesn't require an annoying USB antenna dongle thing to pair Interesting, how's it feel typing on that Mark? I might consider getting one myself. Does it use normal triple A batteries? You should buy one of those third party Nintendo switch stands, I've seen a few examples of them actually being perfect for standing the Switch and Deck and since you already own both there's no reason not to plus it's just a cheap piece of plastic though I supposed if you were really autistic you could just 3D print one but that requires knowing WTF your doing since 3D printers aren't just magical boxes, there is after all a lot of calibration trouble shooting to get it right else you just end up with a bunch of plastic spaghetti mess all over your garage which is why I personally don't fuck with it though it would be kinda cool to make one of those FGC-9's I'm not really qualified to mess with 3D printing or to be a gun smith for that matter and I like having all my fingers in tact but if your competent in your craftsmanship give it a try I guess otherwise don't and just spend the six or so dollaridoo's on the Switch stand. There's a lot more than just these two but you get the point.
>>586322 Valve is a lesser evil, yes, but if you think that Valve isn't serving the Chinese government and doesn't already have many massive problems that you aren't implicitly supporting by buying this piece of shit, you are naive. Valve wants to control the PC gaming marketplace, that's just their field, but they are still a multi-billion dollar company and that's a rather large field to possess. Valve still pushes globohomo through their storefront, Steam is still proprietary, hardware-accessing DRM spyware, and they censor and deplatform Japanese games routinely as well as censor their users increasingly for any wrongspeak (and supposedly if you get banned from Steam community as a whole, you lose access to your Steam library too as of late). Their greed and desire to milk the customer even further is also very present, they're just holding back on the worse stuff (like paid mods) because of the backlash they've gotten in the past but that will return. This doesn't get into the fact that SteamOS will likely end up like Android did for phones. Android is based on linux but you wouldn't know it with how it is, and the same will likely go for Steam.
>>586313 Unrelated but i really fucking hate how every vr anime tiddy sex sim gets Perspective and camera options wrong. I want to FUCK the big tiddied anime bitch not watch in 3rd person and a disembodied pair of limbs and cock do it.
>>586336 I think you are supposed to self-insert as the pair of floating hands and cock. How would you make the first person hentai game, otherwise?
>>586199 change that to return of the foreskin that way it sounds like the mc is sucking new dick and the dick is circumcised but then on the second book it is retconned that he dont lile sucking thr gland so he go back on the old cock or get a new one that have a foreskin or get that circumcised cock a foreskin by stretching or surgery
>>586020 nigger just buy a $20 laptop from the late 90s / early 2000s.
>>586336 We don't have adequate force feedback or haptic controls to do that without some visual indicator of where your hands are, so I don't know if you want to play as a blind retard with a missing parietal lobe but most people don't.
>>586322 >As a Minarchist Libertarian I'm one as well but thinking Valve is somehow a better alt is retarded I'm no fan of M$ but it's naive to think Valve won't try and fuck you either. Plus you really think Valve won't add shady shit hardware wise? >>586322 >everything Iran and North Korea does either but I non the less support their anti globalism and anti central bank stances. Sure they aren't globhomo but one is >An Islamic shitehole with Sharia law >The other is run by a fat gook who starves his own people This is like choosing cancer over aids both are going to kill you but if different ways.
(737.11 KB 576x576 Hate Ray.png)

>>584738 >>585270 I hate everything about these pictures. I hate where you live. Fuck you for making me look at all of this cake kike.
(250.98 KB 600x600 bound fairy.jpg)

(136.85 KB 682x722 Cronyism.jpg)

Intel Did it Again! (AMT & ME SPOOKINESS) https://odysee.com/@AlphaNerd:8/intel-did-it-again-amt-me-spookiness:7 >>>/v/591474 Oof, and this is why you should get a Steam Deck anons. Or any System76 laptop with a discrete AMD graphics card. >>586662 >Plus you really think Valve won't add shady shit hardware wise? Like the CPU necessary to run the device? While ///AMD\\\ is arguable less cancerous than Intel a current member of the world economic forum they still have their equivalent of the (((management engine))) too unfortunately. >>586662 >Sharia law Iran as far as goat fucker nations is actually quite moderate when compared to places like Saudi Arabia, North Sudan, and Somali. Plus Shia's and their Alwhite allies in general don't harbor the same erg to behead Kufirs like Sunni Salafists do which is why Christians, Pagans, Zoroastrians et cetera prefer their rule (not love) over the former since they'd either turn them into slaves or just exterminate them. >>The other is run by a fat gook who starves his own people Well at least Norks don't have to pay taxes so I'd say that balances things out. >This is like choosing cancer over aids both are going to kill you but if different ways. It's not like the USA hasn't itself become a socialist shithole. Aids and cancer as apposed to what? Ebola? Some degenerative disease? American exceptionalism is a dangerous mindset especially with the joke fake opposition presidents we've had over the past couple of decades. >>588549 Shoulda known what you were getting yourself into anon.
(32.06 KB 308x307 doit.jpg)

>>584738 >Mark's literally three blocks from my old workplace EL OH EL
>>591544 >While ///AMD\\\ is arguable less cancerous than Intel a current member of the world economic forum they still have their equivalent of the (((management engine))) too unfortunately. This is why when i eventually upgrade i'm going to PPC unless a decent high power arm/riscv alternative shows up Talos workstations seem to be the best bet for freedums while still having good performance. Only issue with PPC would be needing to use a VM with passthrough to get x86 vidya to work, but that's a small sacrafice for having full access to ring-3
>>591544 >Iran as far as goat fucker nations is actually quite moderate You've never actually bet a Persian whose lived there. Your trying to make excuses for shitholes being a alt just because the west is fucked doesn't mean the shitholes are based you retarded failure of a lolberg. You are A REASON WHY PEOPLE THINK LIBERTRAINS ARE TREATED LIKE A JOKE! Because you chose the most retarded positions or defend other corps which fuck with you the same way.
>>591882 where did you work in that picture? >>585270 I actually like the black/grey look of the device, doesn't look too garish and out of place in such public places. Browsing in it looks like using a normal tablet, the joysticks doesn't jut out and doesn't scream gaymer at all. Also that other tab. cheeky fucker
>>591882 Please tell me you don't still live in jewyork.
>>591921 Didn't he move to Jew Jersey?
(123.55 KB 596x1024 NJ.jpg)

>>591926 >Jew Jersey? Big yikes, ironically even worse... Why not a good state like New Hampshire, Vermont, Texas, Florida, or Wyoming instead? >>591899 >You've never actually bet a Persian whose lived there. Oh no I'm not denying it's a shithole, I'm merely arguing it's less of a shithole compared to it's neighbors (exuding Roachystand). We're talking about a country that forces men to become trannies after all because "reasons". >You are A REASON WHY PEOPLE THINK LIBERTRAINS ARE TREATED LIKE A JOKE! People think LoLberts are a joke because American "education" is intentionally shit (hence why 90% is effectively nationalized) and because all the news media companies are allied with or under threat of our own government. You shouldn't worry yourself with the pointless thoughts of jackboot licking lemmings less you have a way to correct their path in the right direction. Seriously the average American unfortunately will believe fucking anything if it's spun the right way, we're just as indoctrinated and as blindly jingoistic as North Korea is. And again I don't have a love for Valve, I have an ideological hate boner for Microsoft and it's vast amount of power over individuals, even those who choose not to use their shitty operating system and Xpox live services still find themselves surrounded and forced to use other thinks like Linkedin to have a job. Assaulting Bill Gates empire from any front is therefore inherently justified and necessary. >>591896 Do it anon
(381.90 KB 3750x2500 TREAD ON THEM.png)

>>591544 Shut up Torbertarian
>>591981 >We're talking about a country that forces men to become trannies after all because "reasons". It's either that or get tossed off a building for being a fag.
Whats the one game you think would be THE GAME TO PLAY on this system?
(34.05 KB 460x215 Bad_Rats_Logo.jpg)

>>593195 theres only one pc exclusive to answer that
>>593195 Are you retarded? Steamdrones don't play games
(300.24 KB 1710x900 rocketleague.jpg)

(88.67 KB 573x196 badrats.png)

>>593391 you jest but pic related >>593195 I think rocket league was one game that could be advertised for deck's flagship title. Its light, casual, pick up and play nature. Too bad its epic games exclusive now
>>592295 >It's either that or get tossed off a building for being a fag. Wrong actually, that's an Arab thing. Persians just tie you to a steak and execute you via firing squad now which is far more dignified in my opinion. Personally if I was forced to choose between taking the pink pill and becoming a tranny or just get pumped full of cheap surplus lead I'd choose the latter option. Also let's not forget why Iran is a theocracy in the first place, it's a result of CIA glow nigger and KGB glow nigger fuckery and surprise surprise it backfired like all short sighted US foreign policy endeavors do. We really should just stay out of countries that don't like us honestly and focus more on the few that do want our presence like Taiwan. Also I personally don't care if countries like India wants to buy Iranian gas. For now Iran is a necessary evil that keeps the Saudi's, Israeli's, and Turks in check. Hopefully one day the Persians have their own version of a Ron Paul who isn't shafted and hindered by the "independent" media and transforms the Persian plateau into a more free society but I'm not holding my breath for that since they're constantly under thread from all sides and their only friendly neighbor ironically enough is Armenia and that relationship is merely built on mutual hatred for the Turks. >>593404 >Are you retarded? Steamdrones don't play games Yes because they're productive members of society and don't have a lot of time to sit in front of their juiced up balky gaymer stations for several hours, that's why the Deck™ was created to remedy that by having a decently powerful portable purpose built gaming PC.
>>595012 >productive members of society What are you talking about nigger? That's a big joke if I ever heard one
Teachers Union THREATENS Parents Again!? https://open.lbry.com/@RagingGoldenEagle:1/teachers-union-threatens-parents-again!:d Bugsnax out on Steam, looking good on Steam Deck but tweak needed on Linux desktop https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2022/04/bugsnax-out-on-steam-looking-good-on-steam-deck-but-tweak-needed-on-linux-desktop/ >>595072 If speaking the truth is considered a joke then I've become the board Jester.
>>595085 I think you got the wrong thread. The GG thread is two threads down.
>>595085 Becoming a human conduit from your own wallet to steam for no benefit to yourself or anything around you does not make you a productive member of society, it just makes you a retard Spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on things you won't use (and can't even dispose of for money value) is the polar opposite of productive You are definitely the board jester for vehemently defending something that only Mark and the biggest retards on the board otherwise would bother with
>>595012 Fuck Iran. >>595085 When is Valve going to release desktop SteamOS?
>>560604 >Hardware manufacturers have had 44 years to figure out how to make a portable x86 device. The WonderSwan had an x86 chip. A slightly upgraded clone of a 1978 chip on a 1999 machine. Now imagine if the Steam Deck had the processing power of a Pentium 4...
Bunny On Musical Note https://open.lbry.com/@SampleDragon:4/BunnyOnMusicalNote:3 Army couple beheaded on wedding day in Nigeria https://open.lbry.com/@UncensoredChannel:4/nigeriaweddingbeheadingarmy:5 >>595091 >I think you got the wrong thread. The GG thread is two threads down. Lurked there for a couple minutes, it's just a bunch of horny posting and Twatter screencaps. I took a few days off from posting here so I'm catching up. >>595096 It's a way of supporting the few good game devs out there who haven't sold their souls, I don't really condone or condemn piracy when it's application is done within reason like (insert shit company here) owns the rights to a hand full of games that are actually good but either refuses to continue publishing them or will only do so after heavily censoring said content. Blizztard Microsoft loses money is always a good thing even if that's a mere dent on a heavily armored tank it is a start. >>595145 >Fuck Iran. Well if you insist anon... >When is Valve going to release desktop SteamOS? Are there people who really care about that? Could easily just make your own knock off Steam OS themed OS in Manjaro KDE or whatever. I'm sure they'll get around to it eventually though.
This is a thread about a gaming device. Keep these LBRY videos for more appropiate threads.
>>595203 This is the Steam Deck thread, go to the lounge nigger.
>>595203 >Are there people who really care about that? A linux distro ran by a company that has infinite money and autistic retards that actually care could be good. But unfortunately Valve is filled with complete retards that have no concern for basic security and UX in their own software so them building a desktop class distribution would be no better than something like Manjaro is. In another timeline they do though, just not this one.
GPD REALLY hates the Steam Deck... and other Steam Deck news! https://open.lbry.com/@TheLinuxGamer:f/gpd-really-hates-the-steam-deck...-and:9 Touhou Niggas https://open.lbry.com/@WebmPoster:e/1629063306525:3 >>595218 >This is the Steam Deck thread Everyone pretty much agreed this isn't exclusivity a Steam Deck thread anymore but rather a thread for UMPC's in general as seen here... >>559041 >>560586 >>560588 >>595239 >In another timeline they do though, just not this one. We were born in the ultra gay global homo timeline where the United Nations exists unfortunately.... Okay to the UN's credit it did call out the USA's bullshit once when our gov said Assad gassed his own people (because reasons) so that's pretty neat otherwise it's whole existence has been pretty fucking useless.
(292.55 KB 1200x800 stock image.jpg)

when can we expect deck on store shelves?
>>595350 Anon youre too autistic and should stop, or really, go to the lounge thread.
>>597277 Probably not until next year tbh. I'm still waiting in line for mine despite getting in the queue within the first week. I can only imagine that the queue has gotten longer since then. Maybe if the stock issue improves by next year they could do a physical store "launch" for casuals.
(2.13 MB 4000x2252 20220513_182816.jpg)

Man, this stand really makes a difference. I probably need a mouse as well, but I have my own portable computer in the palms of my hand, that I can also play vidya on. The bad part is that Elden Meme doesn't run at 60FPS and I've been playing a lot of co-op on that game. Other than Elden Meme I recommend the steam deck, but if you have a messenger bag or something you can carry a small Keyboard and stand with then I'd highly recommend it. That said I DO wanna upgrade the internal storage to a terabyte, but I'll probably wait a few months for them to come down in price.
>>597293 Where do you think we are?
>>599545 >eating finger food and using a keyboard What's next, you're gonna order crab legs at the arcade?
>>599545 >deckposters
>>599550 Pass the keyboard bro.
(23.35 KB 118x213 Mark hates jews.png)

>>599545 Mark your a fucking slob.
>>599545 So you bought a steam dick to use it like a more cumbersome under-powered laptop?
>>599559 >your
(31.86 KB 615x748 smug archer.jpeg)

>>599545 Do you always have to take a picture with food?
>>599571 Yes YES YES
>>591882 I live in that area
>>599563 Laptops will always be more cumbersome than anything else.
>>599574 watch your back
>>599574 So does your PHAT jewcy asshole, watch your back or I'll watch it for you hahaha
(773.14 KB 901x676 ClipboardImage.png)

I got mine last week. it showed up on my birthday. It's neat. Emudeck and EmulationStation made setting up emulators a fast automated process. I'v just gotta take the time to get some rom sets aleast for non CD games that aren't going to have large file sizes. Right now I'v just testing things out with some Tony Hawk 1 & 2 Dreamcast and Tony Hawk 2x Xbox, and I'm getting accustom to Linux since it's the first time i'v used it.
>>599579 A laptop isn't any more cumbersome than a steam deck, especially how cakejew has his setup with a stand and keyboard. If you could detach the controller portion and use it like a tablet then maybe it would be actually portable. But gen 1 steam dicks are barely more portable than a laptop.
>>599563 I also intend to use it that way, though I intend to attach another screen to it(is that possible?)
>>599594 Plus, laptops with Intel Arc are better and don't make you look like a manchild.
>>599594 I'm gonna wait for gen two, this one is clunky as fuck and already fits the "v1" descriptor
(446.82 KB 1110x500 ClipboardImage.png)

(870.47 KB 2500x1406 ClipboardImage.png)

>>599600 Your gonna need something to connect the USB-C port to the monitor, but yeah that works. Valve's official dock hasn't been released yet, so until it is you'll need some other USB hub.
(14.32 KB 320x320 1384458478890.jpg)

>>599601 Welcome back, Quentin.
>>599604 > official dock hasn't been released ye Wat
>>599609 Nobody will know you're trans if you have a laptop covered with the tranny flag, it's the deck that reveals it
>>599668 *dick
This thread is proof-positive that the board needs a collective lobotomy
>>599719 I recommend a curated safe space like all of the others
>>599731 Makes sense, since those communities are lobotimized
>>599731 Not a question of offense, but disgust
>>599745 Don't care bout ur feelings
>>599751 Hard to understand you with all that semen in your mouth
>>599757 Easy to understand me.
>>599592 I can do this on my 120$ phone
>>599760 Exactly. Without looking like a retard.
>>599760 With what buttons? Bluetooth garbage? Pfft >>599763 >caring about what normgroids think Niggercattle diarrhea gtfo
>>599592 >>599545 How is the keyboard/typing experience using the standard touchpad?? Can you shitpost like usual with them?
>>599592 >>599545 Also can you show some recorded footage?
>>599786 >3 days ago Neat. Took them fucking long enough.
(4.41 MB 1280x720 typing.webm)

>>599812 >>599816 Obviously typing with a keyboard is the better choice but using the touchscreen or the trackpads is functional, Maybe you can get fairly fast with the trackpads once you get used to them.
>>600513 damn using the screen to type is slow as molasses. Didn't valve had a different style of keyboard made specifically for steam controller that used both the circular touch pads? The idea being you use two halves of keyboard separately with touchpads.
>>600946 Yes, but I've heard it didn't work too well with the Steam Deck on release. Will probably come back.
>>600946 >Didn't valve had a different style of keyboard made specifically for steam controller that used both the circular touch pads? The idea being you use two halves of keyboard separately with touchpads. >>600959 That typing method shows up halfway through the video.
>>600974 There was a keyboard layout back on Big Picture mode that visually segregated the left and right sides of the keyboard for using touchpads/control sticks with it.
>>600513 The two cursors for the on-screen keyboard is a pretty cool idea.
(141.81 KB 960x540 original-4261777065.jpg)

>>600988 >>600946 >>600974 They also tried experimenting with this circular keyboard. Its old nokia kind of typing that never caught on
>>597277 they're not gonna sell this thing offline where normalfags don't know the brand nor the pc-like nature of it anytime soon. They're currently focusing on their established market of pc richfags and steamdrones. Once they beta test there and satisfy them, they'll move out to the offline stores and level 0 normalfags. Then you'll find these in shelves. Would be year away, would be the steam deck 2 by then.
this shit seems like its bigger than a switch. how comfy is it to hold for a long time? curious
>>602080 Very comfy actually. It's heavier than the Switch, but it honestly doesn't feel like it. The weight is balanced very well.
>>602080 >how comfy is it to hold for a long time? It feels like you're grabbing Gabes fat juicy mantits
>>602080 Even shills like Linus admitted you need a surface to play on due to its weight
>>602153 Linus has baby arms. My normie body can hold it just fine for long periods with no issue.
>>602164 whatever you say anon
>>602164 >normie How embarrassing.

(90.57 KB 1280x720 mpv-shot0014.jpg)

(119.86 KB 1280x720 mpv-shot0015.jpg)

(111.63 KB 1280x720 mpv-shot0016.jpg)

(168.94 KB 1280x720 mpv-shot0017.jpg)

In keeping up with >>559065 >>559041 https://piped.kavin.rocks/watch?v=0nUxYj4Givg Aya Neo Geo or whatever held a press conference last weekend where they announced not just one, but at least three new UMPC models. >Air <taking a page from crApple's book, this model addresses all the normalfag bitching about it being bigger and heavier than a Switch Lite and has a 1080p OLED <only has Vega integrated graphics >Slide <knockoff of GPD Win 3's design >Neo 2 <has an AMD Ryzen 6000 series CPU and a Radeon 680M iGPU <no prices announced for any of the above it's afraid As suspected the first movers are repositioning to focus heavily on aesthetics and other "USPs" like native Windows. Basically, anything but the actual hardware and price to performance ratio. I woud like other companies to at least throw their hats into the ring; hell, Dell could dig its UFO concept out of the dustbin and make the resident Arc shill very happy. There's also a shady undercurrent to how the chinks are trying to compete with Valve; Game Pad Digital has already spilled its spaghetti in trying to spread outright disinformation about the SD and both companies seem to be using third-party footage recorded from the Deck running games in advertising their currently weaker models. I also wouldn't be surprised if AYA Space is cribbing software developments from Steam OS 3, and AYA is announcing a freemium model for it no less. As for Volvo, they've updated SteamOS to 3.2, with 40Hz refresh limits and improved fan control. In terms of hardware refreshes I suspect they'll try to get either 6 or 7-series APUs, although they probably can't maintain the same price points without significant upfront loss. >>599812 >>600513 Valve recently backported radial typing from the Steam Controller API so it works the same there as >>600946 >>600996 >>602080 >>602121 >>602146 >>602153 >>602164 >>602168 Cuckchannelers are demonized for good reason.
>>602257 I had a mild interest in the air, but I saw it didn't have an SD card slot and told my self "oh fuck off".
>>602257 doesn't look bad, I just wish it was more sleek and used other color schemes, but its got a sort of Nintendo Wii-style aesthetic on the white ones. I like how they're getting smaller too, the AIR looks like what the Switch lite should've been (assuming its size is not misleading) It doesn't show the thickness on those pics, its not as bad as it could be but its still not great. The padded sticks on 2 are a good idea if they have good build quality. D-pad doesn't look great on 2 though. If the Air is priced at $500 like the rumors say, that might make them a bigger player in the market, all depends though.
>>600513 Wish I could suck on your fingers
>>602257 What's the difference between the main and NEXT lines? The NEO 2 looks cute by the way.
(44.62 KB 1063x971 ayaneoair.jpg)

(88.03 KB 1280x720 mpv-shot0018.jpg)

>>602305 The NEXT line honestly strikes me as the company's "experimental" line in that it incorporates and tests out niche features for mainline. >fingerprint sensor >Hall-effect sensors advertised as reducing joystick drift >WiFi 6 GPD seems to be tilting back towards its clamshell origins and focusing on (((Intel))) hardware, aiming for a demographic that balances gaming and work and firmly retaining physical keyboards. AYA, meanwhile, is actively trying to sell itself as the "first AMD handheld on Windows," emphasizing the native Windows installation and aggressively diversifying into as many niches as possible. Both companies are essentially betting on (((Intel))) and Microshart brand recognition overpowering that of Valve's. OneX is kind of in an awkward position where it initially distinguished itself through its higher resolution and PPI screens, but now that its competitors have coopted that feature it's stuck with fast charging and gimmicky branding deals and collabs. It's rumored that the new AYA devices may have lower price points to better compete with the Deck, which is good news to the consumer as it means the latter has succeeded at market disruption. Air is rumored at 3999 RMB, or just around 600 USD, though of course with inflation and global crises (and no validity) it's no guarantee. AYA out of the preexisting market has the best chance of keeping up with Valve as they are betting on continued improvements in hardware and are going out of their way to establish their own software suite, though some argue they are overextending and diluting themselves. It really depends on if they can match the Deck's value proposition, as they can't afford to loss lead like Valve can.
>>602336 >some argue they are overextending and diluting themselves I kinda agree with them on this. I think they should reduce their available models to just two (the cheaper, less powerful Air and the more powerful and expensive main model, maybe renamed to Pro to further differentiate them) and release the keyboard as a separate accessory compatible with both models. 5 (turns out the NEXT has two editions) models are too much, specially when three of them are so similar to each other. IMO the Air model is the most promising of the bunch. It seems to be of the same size of the Switch while having specs similar to the Deck's, and if it's price isn't too prohibitive ($600 like you say) or decides to offer an alternative OS (maybe even SteamOS once Valve releases it), it could be a great alternative to Valve's device.
>>602080 >>602121 Its the weight distribution. A pound and half reads heavier than any handheld device but since its distributed over a wide area and mostly around the center, its much easier to handle. And has controller like grips rather than flat surface to hold it. >>602257 >>602435 They should really focus on one model alone, its almost like they're throwing everything at the wall and see what sticks. The NEXT is the perfect device for this. They can even use SteamOS as a fork of their own AYA OS. But that would require lot of software engineering, something they can't compete with valve on
will the steam deck be able to be purchased from stores eventually or its gonna be only through Valve orders???
>>602480 >will the steam deck be able to be purchased from scalpers* eventually or its gonna be only through Valve orders??? ftfy.
>>602336 what does the hall effect sensor do? Does it really reduce joystick drift?
>>602475 >They should really focus on one model alone, I disagree. Having a Lite (for potential new customers who don't want to spend too much on a "stronger Deck") and a Pro model (for those who were ok with the high price of previous models) is a better approach. >its almost like they're throwing everything at the wall and see what sticks When you are an unknown manufacturer producing devices for a small niche that has recently been entered by a mega-corporation with more employees, money and contacts than you, the only way not to be destroyed by it is to innovate as much as possible until you find a space that the big company has not yet occupied. >They can even use SteamOS as a fork of their own AYA OS Not yet. Valve hasn't released the version of SteamOS used in the Deck.
>>603011 That's a good take, the lite model for bringing in new customers and pro model for those who want more powerful thing. But it depends on the kind of customers they will be having. If the lite is at $4-500 or less, some customer may just pay a bit more for the deck. And if the pro model is barely more powerful than deck, they'll again go for deck and save money. Since pricing is not confirmed, air should be priced $300 to appeal to "who don't want to spend too much" audience >the only way not to be destroyed by it is to innovate as much as possible until you find a space that the big company has not yet occupied. Aya Air could go for the pocketable market, those who want to carry one in a pocket. Vita sized preferably. But then performance will take a hit, so they'll have to balance that. I don't think that current aya customers would want the company to go that route. >Valve hasn't released the version of SteamOS used in the Deck. Oh, they just released a recovery image for reinstalling not the standalone, Can it be used to get it working on other devices? Biggest plus point for Aya (any other handheld company) is they can ship much quicker than valve's reservation system. They need to get their mark on the market first before big baddie shows up.
>>603029 I think they will struggle at selling it at $300, it would just be a pure loss The reason Valve can sell at a loss is because it has money to burn and an online storefront to rely upon and make money from These small companies largely only have crowdfunding and deep pockets of niche consumers, maybe they have a few venture capitalists too but I doubt that
>>603011 >>602475 https://vid.puffyan.us/watch?v=Xr2BO4IPqro People have gotten Steam OS working on other devices like the Aya Neo
>>603029 >And if the pro model is barely more powerful than deck The current models are way more powerful than the Deck, like 15-20fps more with the same visual settings. >air should be priced $300 to appeal to "who don't want to spend too much" audience There's no way the basic model will cost less than $500. Valve can sell their Deck at $399 because they can buy a truckload of components at a discount and cover the loss of every device sold with the sales of their store. Meanwhile, GPD, AYA, OneX and all the other Chinese manufacturers of handheld PC have to pay more and wait longer times to get the necessary components because they lack the resources and capital to optimize their designs on the level of Valve and produce their devices in a large scale, which in turns increases the prices of the final product by a lot. The best chance small manufacturers have to compete with Valve (and to a lesser extent, Nintendo) in terms of specs and price is by moving from x86-64 to ARM (at least in their Air/Lite models) and implementing high-end chips like the Odin Pro did (or will do, I don't know if the device is out yet) that are relatively cheaper than Intel/AMD/NVidia's chips, consume way less energy and take less space than PC components, and perform well with emulators. The biggest downside would be the loss of support of Windows games, but that can be patched to some extent with Linux and WINE.
>>603313 >The biggest downside would be the loss of support of Windows games, but that can be patched to some extent with Linux and WINE. Has already had proof of concepts done running games over wine using ARM linux. So it's only a matter of time until ARM absolutely shit shatters x86.
>>603369 >Has already had proof of concepts done running games over wine using ARM linux Links?
>>603126 it'll likely have little impact on his viewership, but I urge everyone never to watch this cuck. He's one of those "free speech does not mean freedom from consequences" cancel culture (mob rule) faggots. He didn't even have the balls to practice what he preached and delete his older "problematic" videos. This is guy who went on twitter to claim his yellow fever was ending racism. His social and political opinions are pure cancer from a sheltered So-Cal degenerate. I once saw his son fellating a corn cob on his stream as Linus kept telling him to stop. I wouldn't be surprised if he were outed as a groomer if his kids are acting out weird shit like that, but it could also be his son's teacher given where they live. Regardless, So-Cal creatures are to be avoided like the plague they are.
>>603530 Technically he's not SoCal, he's a canadian which might be even worse >fellating a corncob sucking on food in dumb ways is just playful dumb shit from little kids unless he was really doing it like an actual blowjob or something.
>>603530 https://yt.artemislena.eu/watch?v=M0txbwkXKzo The comments on this video are hilarious. Linus shills for socialism on twitter and yet how he runs his own company is literally as exploitative and capitalistic as you can do it. He also balked at the notion of his employees unionizing when someone brought it up once. The dude is a sleeper lolcow.
>>603583 Linus is one of the most greedy and ruthless (in terms of his business strategy) fucks out there, he has basically seized control of the entire tech news sphere on YT, dude literally has like, 10+ different channels for it and works with the others so his finger is in every pie. Its impossible to escape this fag if you're looking for tech stuff on YT.
(657.96 KB 1280x769 Fat 1980s Tony Hawk.png)

>>603602 >dude literally has like, 10+ different channels for it and works with the others so his finger is in every pie. Dang, even that tubbo that does Deck Ready?
Heritage Rough Rider VS Heritage Barkeep https://odysee.com/@CloverTac:4/Heritage-Rough-Rider--VS--Heritage-Barkeep-_-22-Single-Action-Revolvers:8 >>603602 Don't really use YT much nowadays since Odysee and Bitchute exist but what are some non shitty or dare I say even good YT channels I can just make a playlist of their videos of and let run in the background to give them the YT equivalent of an upboat or ratio? Even if I personally aren't interested in what they have to say I'll still play it in a muted tab just because especially if it fucks over the tech pozz. I guess Louis Rossman comes to mind even if he's done a du-op with Linus once he's not exactly advertiser friendly, and there's also Mental Outlaw though YT's algorithm likely cucks him for obvious reason I'm sure. >>603571 >which might be even worse Some leafs are good people and just wanna be left alone with their SKS's and maple syrup anon even if their nation has become Reddit incarnate.
(160.77 KB 1213x769 UFDLinus.jpg)

(59.88 KB 1280x720 UFD.jpg)

>>603583 Did Linus JUST UFD Tech somehow? I know he and his team were on hard times, youtube was fucking him over, his kid got cancer, etc. Saw this on one of his videos and didn't know if he was just playfully poking fun at Linus, or if there's a deeper hatred that inspired it. The guy is very much Linus's schtick, and Linus being the prick he is, it wouldn't surprise me if he pulled strings with his Youtube partner to fuck over UFD. He was certainly looking rough there for a while.
>>603011 >>603029 somehow I doubt Steamos is gonna run as well as on other devices. Valve made it specifically for deck, its integrated with chipset TDP, framelimits, sleep mode with play/pause. Not to mention it uses a custom AMD APU.
>>603844 it will probably run better than Windows would on those devices at least, and that's coming from someone who despises (((Steam)))
Stop talking about that cuck. >>603636 >they can target specific markets - the emulation crowd, the pocketable crowd Maybe not GPD and AYA, but the companies that already produce "retro devices" (like Retroid or Powkiddy) could benefit from using old high end Snapdragon chips instead of whatever they use now to increase the amount of consoles that can be emulated up to GC/Wii, PS2 and 3DS levels without too much effort.
>>603628 >call an e-celeb a faggot and refuse to watch his videos <YOU'RE GIVING HIM VIEWS AND FALLING FOR CLICK BAIT >responds to every single post entirely ignoring the context and derailing the thread <YOU'RE THE ONE RUINING IMAGEBOARDS This post was so abhorrent it unironically warrants a public ban. Kill yourself retard.

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