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(445.41 KB 541x840 UNLIMITED SKELETONS.png)

Dragon's Dogma thread - UNLIMITED SKELETONS edition Anonymous 06/15/2022 (Wed) 21:06:48 Id: 559999 No. 623936
We got blueballed out of DD2 at the Capcom showcase, now we must suffer. The 10th anniversary video is releasing tomorrow, it'll probably be something stupid like season 2 of the anime or a clothing line. Anyway, on with the thread >post your pawns >rate 'em >post your builds >rate 'em >think about DD2 never ever >cry
>>623936 >season 2 of the anime I wasn't even aware of the first season.
(1.21 MB 2500x1408 oh no, netflix.jpg)

>>623938 It's not good, it barely has anything to do with the game. It's a generic fantasy anime.
>>623940 What a waste.
>>623940 >559999 ID check! >>623941 gayflix and sony/funmation/crunchy hole are the some of the worst things to have happened to anime.
(79.03 KB 600x375 marmaduke-feature-600x375.jpg)

>>623967 >to anime They're merciful compared to the fucking dogshit cartoons being made.
>>623971 I kinda feel like western animation started to die in 1995 when they kept adding ugly computer shit to everything. by 2001 (the dawn of Shrek). it was all oger...
Dragon's Dogma's official Youtube page has a new pre-order link. Also the aniversary video has different versions per-ratings boards rather than any practical distinction. Make of these facts what you will https://www.youtube.com/c/dragonsdogma/about
It's not fucking happening. Stop lapping up to Capcom like a little puppy because even if it is it'll be disappointing.
My money's on a remake/remaster. >>624240 I fucking HOPE a sequel never happens. It'd be shit. Better to daydream forever about what a good sequel might have been, than to regret that it was garbage.
>>623940 >>623936 The funniest thing about the dragon dogma anime is that Netflix is made Christianity canon so they can have an anti-religion rant episode Netflix Castlevania style. There are zero implications for the Catholic Church or Christianity even canon in the game universe until the Netflix show.
>>624474 >Netflix made Christianity canon I didn't believe you at first but then I saw the episodes are even named after the seven deadly sins. God the assblast those kikes have towards Christianity is amazing. Fucking talent less writers.
>>623940 I bet they are delaying DD2 to make sure it aligns properly with the Netflix poz. Inc Body Type A and B
(1.09 MB 1280x720 [distant_screaming].webm)

>STALKER 2 >Dragons Dogma 2 <They're both shit
(65.44 KB 770x433 Bolsonado.jpg)

>>624239 >They have a video stream per region Yeah, it's happening
The first was shit.
>>623936 Well, I have the game for three consoles even if I feel oversaturated and don't have friends to share pawns and get rift shards. I just wanted to whore my pawn and let it learn things properly.
>>624493 t. you're mom after your little sister was born
The anniversary stream is live soon if anybody cares to watch it. https://youtube.com/watch?v=so27-39aL2w
>>624545 I thought it would take a little while.
>>624546 Actually, it looks like it might be a YouTube premiere and not a livestream. That's when you have a video set to unlock on a certain date, but I'm not sure.
(726.71 KB 1116x666 DD10th4.png)

(98.68 KB 220x146 blinded.gif)

I will now pleasure myself with some she-goat-ogglin'
(70.91 KB 237x255 /tmp/phpwARVFy)

(563.63 KB 500x738 200%rad.png)

Where were you when dreams came true?
Clearly, none of you played Dragon's Dogma Online. If you'd seen what I've seen, joy would be the last thing you'd be feeling right now.
(219.54 KB 640x640 Strelok_E3_2018_Stalker2.png)

>>624655 Dreams are a mere thread away from becoming nightmares
>>624659 I did. If freed of its MMO bullshit it could have been good.
(27.79 KB 1024x1024 CalmEndlessDespair.jpg)

>>624659 Prob true
Oh, Crapcom announced it? Cool. Seven years ago nobody here would be caught spazzing out like this, because they were intelligent enough to know how vidya corporations and Jewish marketing worked. Holy shit., when was corporate cocksucking deemed socially acceptable? Cuckoldchanners, go back. These are not organic reactions, you're just mugging for a nonexistent audience. This "E3" still sucked.
Alright I'll bite - why in the name of God did they choose to delay their announcement like this rather than get it done with that Capcom stream? Generating artificial hype?
>>624677 >be always angry at everything! >everything is shit and if you dont agree youre a cocksucker!
>>624680 Maybe they wanted to put the video in the regular announcement but they had time constraint if it was during the E3 stream? Who knows, and I don't mind it that way.
(302.24 KB 1804x1566 1452996871078.png)

This is 100% monkey paw shit.
>>624695 I doubt it, Itsuno always delivers
>>624659 Let me be happy, damn it!
(257.77 KB 1000x1468 200 percent nice.jpg)

(27.04 KB 480x374 cum room leak.jpg)

God I hope at least some of the DDON classes are in it. Spirit Lancer and Alchemist are too damn cool to be trapped in that mmo and I need my prescription of punch man.
>>624742 That's not a big surprise, all of Capcom's major games for the last 5 years have used the RE Engine.
>>624745 I fucked off long before spirit lancer, but high scepter looked cool as fuck. There was no way in hell I was about to jump through all those hoops to get back on just to try it out for myself, though.
>>624754 <cuckoldchanner gets mad at having his simplistic behavior dissected and deconstructed And there's always the same reflexive strawmanning. <im nut mad u RR!!1! I wasn't even baiting but I guess I'm just an old man growing amidst an increasing number of emotionally stunted netizens. >>624680 Political factors, most likely. <hype
(332.01 KB 1112x252 Dragons Dogma HISTORY.png)

>>624659 Apparently Capcom hates DDO so much, they don't even mention it as part of DD history on the official site.
(821.10 KB 1056x542 jesse.png)

>>624773 I think you replied to the wrong person?
(94.66 KB 1280x720 Original_Plans_3.jpg)

(86.58 KB 1280x720 Original_Plans_1.jpg)

(85.03 KB 960x720 Original_Plans_2.jpg)

What do you queers want out of Dragons Dogma 2? I personally want >Horses >Co-op >Cooking (Eating aged raw meat is fucking weird dude) >Swimming >More vocations >More weapon types >Every dungeon to be handcrafted >Most importantly the cut features from the original plans to be brought back as the game will have much more funding this time around I WANT TO GO TO OTHER PLAYERS WORLDS AND GO TO THE MOON
>>624479 >didn't believe you at first but then I saw the episodes are even named after the seven deadly sins. Pretty sure anti-Christianity episodes are a part of Netflix's mandates checklist along with every adult animated show having a pro-abortion episode and pointless gay characters. Bojack horseman and big mouth had the same prop abortion propaganda episode.
Also who the fuck was the "Guardian" supposed to be?
(48.21 KB 746x494 yeah science bitch.JPG)

>>624784 <.gif Aw nuts, I would have never guessed. I'm guessing you have a (((Spotify))) subscription as well? >>624805 You're right, >>624773 was in response to >>624682 >>624695 It really depends on how far along it's been in active development. Given that there is no gameplay footage present I would speculate that DD2 has been in production for around 2 to 3 years but ching chang bat flu caused delays and Itsuno doesn't feel that the current work is near completion to show off.
I'm so sick of being a miserable jadded faggot so I CHOOSE to believe it will be good.
>>624816 >>624695 Hideaki Itsuno's involved, so at least there's a chance it'll be good. It's always good to be cautious, though.
(947.91 KB 1920x2352 Scylla.jpg)

>>624801 Not surprised in the least, Dragons Dogma Online cost a shitton of money and was a Wildstar tier disappointment. >>624811 >Spears >Enemies bigger than the Prisoner Gorecyclops roaming the Open World >More Greek inspired enemies >More biomes >Traveling by boat and being attacked by a giant creature
>>624765 If you quit way before spirit lancer that would probably explain your ire towards ddon. I think at some point between the first and second expansion they overhauled the combat a ton so it didn't feel as stiff and unreactive. Unfortunately it got extremely grindy towards the end of the second expansion so when all my friends quit, naturally, so did I. Still was a lot of fun.
(70.40 KB 1024x914 I am extremely peaceful.jpg)

>>624819 Forgot >Punching and punching weapons with punching builds
>>624830 I agree, just look at you trying to shit up the thread.
>>624819 <Spears Gauntlets for punching would be good too! Yeah dude they're called Gauntlets, they've even been in Dark Souls/Elden Ring since DS1. <Enemies bigger than the Prisoner Gorecyclops roaming the Open World There was the one really big motherfucker shown off in the announcement trailer I didnt watch, I don't know what his deal was but he looked cool though. I cannot find the art for him anywhere for some reason. <More Greek inspired enemies Like Gorgons or Titans and what not? <Traveling by boat and being attacked by a giant creature Sea monsters like Krakens and Sea Serpents would be fucking wicked. Keep in mind I don't expect any of this shit to happen, it's best to keep expectations low of course. Also I want Dragons Dogma Online to officially come to the west, I couldn't play with /v/ before because I had a toaster at the time.
>>624832 It's been months since I've been here. Its great to see torniggers still acting like torniggers! How dare we enjoy our videogames as a hobby on a videogame discussion board! If you have fun with any game or look forward to any game coming out in the future just remember that you are indeed a corporate SHILL anon! Excited and want to talk about a beloved game whose sequel just got announced and is making waves being celebrated throughout the internet? No you don't your not an organic poster you're a capcom employee trying to shill to a board of only 193 autists! FUCK YOU! :^)
(436.80 KB 1280x935 Typhon.jpg)

(67.50 KB 353x512 Berserk Ganishka.jpg)

>>624834 >There was the one really big motherfucker shown off in the announcement trailer Of the first game or the second game? >Like Gorgons or Titans Aye >Sea monsters like Krakens and Sea Serpents would be fucking wicked. Yeah, but I doubt it will happen, regardless, traveling by boat would be neat, just wondering if anyone is going to surface and fuck you up is more than enough for me.
(3.03 MB 1280x720 ALERTA MACACO.mp4)

Pururin will delete this but not the literal monkey going on about with his holier than thou speeches and shitting up the thread.
>>624826 I played a little bit into season 2. The only thing I remember changing about the combat is that Capcom's idea of fixing the shitty enrage mode in boss enemies was to make it so that bosses in new area were just permanently enraged until you broke cordyceps off them, making battles even more tedious than before. They tripled down on stupid for season 3, too, switching out the cordyceps for armor.
(9.81 MB 960x720 SOPA DE MACACO.mp4)

>>624852 >Agrees that he's a monkey Never change my bastard seed
I am looking forward to the release of Dragons Dogma II as I had greatly enjoyed the first Dragons Dogma. Thank you for reading.
(9.47 MB 1280x720 Brazil is cancelled.mp4)

(843.35 KB 1249x658 ClipboardImage.png)

>>624842 >Of the first game or the second game? The announcement trailer from 3 hours ago you fucking idiot. There was another one I think a big white dude too. Maybe they were supposed to be titans who knows? >just wondering if anyone is going to surface and fuck you up is more than enough for me Probably sea saurians and sea harpies or some shit like that.
>>624865 Pretty sure that's scrapped concept art anon
(17.23 KB 151x152 ClipboardImage.png)

Considering how mind meltingly obnoxious tor users are how the fuck didnt everyone just go ahead and mute them already? All they do it shit up the thread. All you guys have to do is go to that cancel sign and click the filter ID button and you /v/ experience is improved immediately and immensely. >>624868 I know that, its obvious. I know what concept art is and I beat dragons dogma. Did you not know what >"Maybe they were supposed to be" meant in my post?
(6.01 MB 320x240 DK64.webm)

>>624855 Donkey's Dogma when? >>624874 >filter ID button Only casuals use that.
(668.45 KB 978x550 ClipboardImage.png)

Hey so they announced it? Neat. Now I can begin to pray it doesn't suffer from any of the usual cancers that follow crapcom games.
I hope they don't pull that body type a/b shit
(1.14 MB 1280x720 Screenshot 1.png)

(1.12 MB 1280x720 Screenshot 2.png)

(207.67 KB 1280x720 Virginia & Arisen.jfif)

Can't help but notice that no one has posted their pawns. >>624624 I suspected as much. It seemed like they would announce it in the 10th anniversary stream if they were making it at all, and I was right. I'm just learning of this now from this very thread, but if all they did was post the logo and have Itsuno say a few words then that's lame after so long with nothing. >>624811 Fix all the more or less universally agreed upon issues with the first game e.g: >Open world design >Warrior class >Cut features Aside from that, some features I'd be interested in are >Different map, maybe one based on Byzantine or some other place you don't usually see but not one of the stereotypical alternatives to the "generic medieval" setting >More role-play options But I wouldn't want them to focus on this at the cost of the gameplay and world design. I didn't have much problem with the world myself mostly because I was fine to explore it once, put down portcrystals and then use them, but most people do and I think it could be improved. Regarding the cut areas of the map, I feel there's a risk of the map being too large. while there be more content, said content could be spread out between large swaths of land either empty or filled with placeholder enemies.
Regarding DD, I was wondering if I should restart my save, the reason being is that I've nearly reached the level cap but I haven't gone past the first area of bitterblack and I feel like being too high level might ruin the experience. My level is so high because I did all the side quests as well as some escort quests, and I fought some garms and the gore-cyclops.
>>624945 >Can't help but notice that no one has posted their pawns I'll have to reinstall it and make a new one since I lost my old images. Looking forward to wasting a very large amount of time trying to make something at least slightly passable.
>>624945 Maybe I should play again and make the perfect lolipawn.
(7.18 MB 600x338 8v_sings_into_free.webm)

(441.78 KB 1300x1200 6e0b09c3d6429c8b.png)

>>624962 Fuck, that made me so happy. I wanna go back. I WANNA GO BACK!!!
Well, I liked seeing DD 2 announced, but still it felt pretty empty.
>>624995 Logo only and no footage does that. Same with the Metroid Prime 4 reveal.
>>624754 >That's not a big surprise, all of Capcom's major games for the last 5 years have used the RE Engine. I was expecting unreal 4. Capcom played with having half their games made by unreal engine. I still like to know how umbrella corps happened and why did Capcom make it with the unity engine?
>>625003 I guess there won't be any footage or information for a long time. Still, seeing them talking about the many features they missed might be a hint about they are going to include.
>>623936 I really think V in DMC5 was like a preview for a Skellington Master or Summoner or Beast Master type class.
(471.10 KB 188x174 sweat.gif)

>>625029 >summoner class
I want a monk class or at least a monster wrestler class.
My #1 priority is slutty clothes for my pawn. Riftsluts were one of my favorite things about the game.
>>625050 Or at least telling you when was the author active for the last time. I wanted to give stuff to newcomers but I wasn't sure which were true new pawns and which were pawns of players who stopped to play.
>>624682 >normalfag talking points Proving him right. >>624967 What in God's name am I looking at?
>>625066 I guess a redraw of that hentai VN ending where the MC and one of his love interests choke together a bully bitch.
>>625066 God i hate that image so much, it showcases the fact that japs have no idea of how violence is commited and just fetishize everything like a bunch of psychos.
>>625084 > it showcases the fact that japs have no idea of how violence is commited and just fetishize everything like a bunch of psychos. What does this mean? You just do violence, bro.
>>625084 >>625075 >>625066 Everyone's talking about this like they know what the fuck that is, i feel out of the loop
>>625109 >bro Go back >>625110 I guess >>625075 explained it.
>>625110 You don't recognize one of the most classic VN screens of all time?
>>625112 I don't play visual novels, ever. Unless Danganronpa counts.
>>625118 >I don't play visual novels You should if you don't want to be out of the loop.
(56.43 KB 900x450 1399926317418.jpg)

I'm not sure if there's some schizo samefagging going on or what Back on top topic of Dragon's Dogma, what are your wishes? Not hopes or expectations, I'm asking about your wants and desires for this game. What would you like to see more of? What would you like to see changed or improved?
>>625122 A melee class, possibly a monster wrestler to pin down flying monsters into the ground. Maybe world travelling coop.
>>625122 Endless Tower towards the Moon and Bottomless Dungeon towards the Abyss
(155.67 KB 680x365 blinding glory.jpg)

>>624624 >huh, I wonder why the Dragon's Dogma thread is so active toda-
(49.10 KB 799x596 yume1.jpg)

>>625121 I think I like being out of the loop in that case, VNs are boring.
>>625152 You're likely just illiterate.
>>625151 She sure has the face of a bully, but never played the game so I don't know what she did to deserve being choked instead of just being bitchslapped.
>>625151 >>625152 >>625163 >>625166 I'm starting to agree with the other anon that this looks like weird samefagging, can you all stop? We have a VN thread >>267918
>>625168 Then fucking talk about Dragon's Dogma. Or even better, Dragon's Dogma 2.
>>625122 Better quests and world design, everyone talks about the story being flawed but most of the quests in Dragon's Dogma 1 are kind of boring. There are some interesting ones like the bringing the blacksmith's son back to life already in there, more of that would be nice. The world design is a mess, having a world more cohesive would help with the long travel times between places.
>>625176 Curious, of all things the world design in DD 1 was fine, working as intended. The quests being boring you are right. There were sometimes some quests that were wastes of time just to fill some time. Also please, no more gargoyles.
>>625168 Sorry anon, I didn't read the thread and just replied
>>625163 I read actual literature, not glorified Light Novels.
(600.63 KB 1006x1296 1359693097658.jpg)

>>625122 My wishes are the same as my hopes for the game but I have no expectations since I cant tell the future, but I at least expect it to be a good game. I said everything I wanted here >>>/v/624811 Considering the fact that DD is a hiking simulator I am surprised that nobody else wanted horses. Oh yeah why was there that blacksmith but for some reason he can't smith your weapons for you? Fucking weird. >What would you like to see changed or improved? Weapons sometimes seem to samey, I want more variations when it comes to effects and elemental damage. Armor for the most part is nothing but fashion most of the time, more of them should give off more stat boosts and elemental resistances. More inhabited towns, cities and villages, the world felt awfully empty with just Gran Soren, Cassardis and small camps sprinkled around being the only human settlements. The grind to level 200 is a pain in the ass it should be made easier somewhat. No more fucking long ass boring escort quests unless they have some kind of interesting spin on them or if it involves talking an NPC on a specific quest with you.
>>625213 Time to shill the video I made ages ago. Only relevant to the thread if you enable captions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsTtDXnq5jM
If they don't put mounts in the game (or at the very least give you unlimited stamina as long as you're not engaged in combat) and introduce at least two new classes (one that uses its bare fists and another that uses spears, and they better not half ass it like elden ring) it's gonna be a shit game, i liked DD enough to buy it three fucking times two on PS3 and one on PC but holy shit traveling was fucking cancer unless you set up your own teleport crystals all around the map.
>>625240 >they better not half ass it like elden ring How did Elden Ring half ass the weapons? Fists are some of the best weapons in the game if you're not shit at it, and that actually applies to every weapon honestly. Theres more weapon types than ever and powerstanced or not they all play great. Did you ever even actually play the game?
>>625250 I honestly thought the weapons were one of the more fun things in the game. The massive amount of weapons and Ashes of War allowed for a lot of experimentation and a lot of variety in playstyle.
(13.29 KB 360x323 buget.jpg)

Don't mind me just dropping a key for the game 4Q4A4-JT23M-FBDTP Don't forget to say thank you
(886.48 KB 2048x3546 Cirno_interview.jpg)

>>625276 >sorry, but the following items are not available in your country. your purchase has been cancelled.
>>625277 what does that mean?
(1.85 MB 594x546 whateva.gif)

>>625285 >what does that mean? >>625297 >dragons dogma:Dark arisen LATAM key >LATAM he gave us a key only spics can use. I mean I already have dark arisen so its no big deal
(2.21 MB 1745x1922 ClipboardImage.png)

>>625297 Have fun anon!
(2.10 MB 498x311 Lain dance.gif)

>>625297 Have fun, spicanon.
(713.21 KB 1257x1360 61594660_p7.png)

>>625297 Have fun, spicanon.
(204.53 KB 345x340 spicy.png)

>>625297 Play on hard mode enemies drop far more gold in general in there. Also if you plan to finish up all the sidequests in one run for the achievement be sure to use the wiki and back up your saves and put it somewhere in your computer after every specific section of the game. I screwed myself over by not buying enough forged documents for the court case quest and not backing up my save at the start of it. Anyways enjoy the game spicanon!
>>625084 >fetishize everything like a bunch of psychos Boredom does that to anyone.
(36.60 KB 640x480 1508563150-2.jpg)

>>625615 Not even the same company, retard.
>>625615 I'm glad for this. Now anons can stop pretending this uninspired gta riff was in anyway good.
>>624474 No, they didn’t. In the anime they refer to “the gods” not “God” or even “the Maker”. The Koch looks like a pope because they look like popes in the game.
(304.87 KB 512x512 take it brother.png)

>>625617 No, but DD2 *is* coming from the company that didn't put a breast slider into Monster Hunter World and keeps making the girls less hot in all their RE remakes and new Street Fighter games.
(1.18 MB 640x360 Booty Hunter World.mp4)

>>625760 Monster Hunter games never had a breast slider you filthy porn addict and if you want one you're gonna have to mod one in.
(1.06 MB 498x280 cow.gif)

>>625615 >>625760 I hope all women are removed from the game and replaced with big gay bara men literally just to piss you off cuck
(161.70 KB 397x478 None a dis matters.png)

>>624677 Yeah, you're right. Hope is for normalfags. The Jews won. It's all over. No good videogames will ever come out again. Might as well kill ourselves. EcksDee.
(45.06 KB 171x174 pain (2).png)

>>625851 >DD is even more obscure, it is simply a cult classic so it seems like it's more popular/successful than it actually is The PC port of Dragon's Dogma alone outsold the entire Mega Man Legends franchise several times over. Mega Man Legends 2 barely sold 110k copies. There are over 6 thousand people playing Dragon's Dogma on Steam right now. I'm so sorry, anon.
>>625855 why did you make your reply in this thread?
>>625855 To be fair, the new announcement probably spiked the players as it usually does On top of this in the age of digital stores it's entirely possible for cult popular games to just become regular popular, Dragon's Dogma was only of minor popularity when it released on PC from what I remember
>>625862 It was an accident.
>>625865 Apparently your id changes on your phone? I posted that on the toilet Yeah anyway it was an accident, I was reading the post from the index, copied the post number, went into the Dragon's Dogma thread where I assumed it was posted to and entered my reply. >>625864 This is true, however looking through its history on Steam Charts shows it's always had around 800-2000 players, which is crazy for a single-player RPG from 2012 not made by Bethesda or CDPR. And remember, that's players at any given moment, not people playing it that week or day.
(227.32 KB 1365x767 Screenshot_7.jpg)

First time playing, made a loli
>>626025 Have fun with your loli, anon. Just keep in mind that her legs are short meaning that she'll have trouble keeping up with you, unless you yourself are a loli/shota.
Are the pawn servers for DD still up? I thought I remembered hearing about them being shut down. >>626025 >Those hands Made for handjobs.
>>626102 Her mighty hands are made for climbing fearsome beasts, not grasping Moby Dick.
>>625864 >Dragon's Dogma was only of minor popularity when it released on PC from what I remember It sold 200k copies in a week I think, which is great for a PC release of a non-AAA game several years later. I think it's since outsold the original versions of the game, but they were also ported to PS4, Xbox One, Switch, etc and the PS4 combined with Xbone sold at least a million, I'd assume all of the new console ports combined outsell the PC version again. Capcom did note in one of their financial reports Dragon's Dogma sells unusually well for how old it is.
So, are you anons still playing Dragon's Dogma? And where?
>>627092 I played and beat it December last year. I played it in my bedroom in my house.
>>627140 With were I meant console or pc.
DD:DA has thousands of active players again because of the DD2 announcement, now is a great time to pimp out your Pawns, everybody.
(223.36 KB 1920x1080 20190306193938_1.jpg)

To the anon who showed off this pawn of his in some real high definition as fuck photos in a DD thread a few years back I am on your friends list somewhere and thank you for the pawn, she's amazing. >>627206 (holy fucking checked) I made my pawn based on one of my HS crushes. Some short big booty latina chick. >>627144 I used my hands to play it with a controller on hardware capable of running HD videogames at 60fps.
>>627206 There should be a pawn escort agency thread to list anon pawns, where they play, class and level, at least to help eachother with the whoring and have a closed economy.
Anyone in this thread who's just getting into this game should check this guy's channel out. It helped me a lot when learning about the game when I was just starting out. https://yewtu.be/channel/UCbdJQRwuWl0CvsBx6XCsKdA >>627092 I'm thinking about reinstalling it and doing another playthrough. I can't decide between doing that or finally getting around to reading Kara no Shoujo. >>627144 peecee.
>>624949 Any advice for this post?
>>624949 You need to give more details about your playthrough.
>>624949 If you're near level 200, yes you should restart as to not spoil the experience. A very large chunk of your power comes from your levels, and starting Bitterblack Isle at 100+ makes the whole thing way easier.
Reinstalled and started a new game. Luckily my previous pawn's knowledge transferred over, so my low level pawn now has a fair amount of knowledge to her. I'll be training her once I get to a higher level, but for now shitty mage pawn for hire. https://pawnguild.xyz/pawn/steam/1484/ For those interested in pawn training: https://pastebin.com/2jLTu85B. I can confirm that pawns to start to imitate what your Arisen does. When I start a fresh playthrough as Strider, my Strider pawn just spam jumps all the god damn time, all over the god damn place. But when I start a fresh playthrough as another vocation, my pawns don't jump around much, if at all. It is noticeable to the extreme.
I wonder if Capcom did demographic analysis of the pawn server(s?) and figured out how many were lolis, how many were amazons, and how many were Guts and used that data to know what to do for DD2.
>>628561 A man can dream. Alternatively, what if they performed the same analysis, but used the data to know what not to do for DD2? This, of course, would be the nightmare of nightmares. I'm mainly talking about the loli pawns here, but I can envision a situation where Capcom really just decides to kick us in the balls. Am I just being too pessimistic? I hope so, I really do.
>>628571 Or maybe they used it beyond DD2 and that's why Pragmatica has a cute girl as the main focus.
>>628575 Is that the game where you're a spaceman with a loli Kazooie on your back? Might be interesting. It doesn't assuage my fears for DD2, though.
>>628558 Didn't realize that putting punctuation after a link would make that punctuation count as part of the hyperlink >>628561 I hope they make it easier to search for pawns: I want a basic search and I also want very specific pawn builds. I also want a system that lets us transmog our pawn's gear when rented, so we can build a well equipped pawn that doesn't look like a clown or look like every other max level pawn.
>>627476 I don't know what else there is to say, I'm up to the the ever-fall and done a few chambers. I'm around level 147 now and I've been playing on hard mode.
>Search for mage pawns >Half of them have the duckhess's dress >The other half look like this Why are people so lacking in creativity? >>628995 How the fuck did you reach 147 in one playthrough? On my first time, main game plus postgame plus a little bit of NG+ didn't even get me to 100. And I didn't try to avoid fights, I fought a ton of unecessary shit.
I can't wait to play this game through finally once I build another pc I should also say I did play through it on ps3 I made a big tiddy brown girl as my character & a lithe elf with big tits as my pawn was an assassin and had fun. I plan to play a sorcerer & kinda started it but lost my save again but I plan to be a plain looking dude sorcerer & Red Sonja is my pawn. Anyone got the guide on level up stat allocation I can't remember how many levels I need as a fighter.
>>630643 You don't technically "need" any kind of specific leveling build. Leveling as a Warrior or Assassin till 50 will make BBI easier for physical classes, just as leveling Sorcerer to 50 will make it easier for caster. Past that, you can do whatever. You can level as a Mage from 1-200 and still be able to kill Hard Daimon as any vocation. Pawns are far less of a hassle to min-max, so feel free to do whatever. The best way to min-max them is to only let them get off- exp on the guard swarm event, and then restart the game on hard mode and rush to the guard event again. But even then, there's no hard rule that you must follow. My personal, subjective opinion: >fighter leveled as fighter/warrior/assassin, throw in some ranger levels if you plan on using Dragon's Maw >warrior leveled as fighter/warrior since they don't need stamina >strider as any physical class >ranger as ranger exclusively >assassin as any physical class >magick archer as sorcerer >mage as fighter 1-100 since they don't need matk >sorcerer as sorcerer >mystic knight as sorcerer
>>630687 is to only let them get off-vocation exp*
(375.88 KB 1804x2040 1655516827638.png)

(136.44 KB 725x1024 1655791127677m.jpg)

(273.05 KB 500x301 dd elder ogres.png)

(1.59 MB 1250x4999 dd loli pawn.jpg)

(346.04 KB 661x716 dragon's dogma.png)

(17.82 KB 164x281 1574548136760.jpg)

(17.21 KB 1084x494 1637020629763.png)

(93.02 KB 1280x720 1637015476333.jpg)

(290.59 KB 448x562 1625170426094.png)

(372.99 KB 587x621 1612965060275.png)

dumping dd reaction pics
(119.41 KB 354x420 1643286426817.png)

(150.50 KB 422x494 1643290565232.jpg)

(227.07 KB 315x423 1648563949782.png)

(335.73 KB 500x500 1652691759039.gif)

(589.63 KB 626x694 1653148187501.png)

(66.01 KB 508x508 1653148356152.jpg)

(49.09 KB 640x300 1653379645286.jpg)

(111.90 KB 277x300 1653357957834.png)

(87.88 KB 583x422 1653364012824.jpg)

(638.29 KB 500x590 1653362874316.png)

(159.86 KB 1600x900 1653383164686.jpg)

(115.71 KB 500x700 1653383151196.jpg)

(68.40 KB 582x713 1653510281451.jpg)

(239.77 KB 1000x1000 1654000634673.png)

(535.89 KB 619x529 1654094632131.png)

>>630743 don't do that again, I'll let you off the hook this time though.
>>630750 Is this a genuine mod being a fag, or just a larp?
(6.24 KB 238x212 download (3).jpg)

>>630751 I'm the real OG doin' it FOR FREE
(38.63 KB 667x667 Chihuahua2.jpg)

>>630752 Hey mark if you ever want a nice soothing backrub from another Sephardic Jew, just let me know. I have smsll hands so I guarantes you'll be very relaxed and comfy
>>630632 I remember my mage pawn had the Qipao like dress, with thigh-highs. Didn't had time to restart a game.
(116.56 KB 900x450 dragons loli.jpg)

Did anyone of you fags play dragons dogma online? Espeically with Daimon Dogs? How was it for you if so? Some nerds are making a private server once they finish maybe we could start up Daimon Dogs 2 or some shit
>>630852 Most anons say that mmo was bad, so I don’t know if any one would want to. Maybe some one could mod it.
>>630852 I played it. It was shit, and unlike a lot of MMOs, it wasn't mostly because of pay to win features. That was just the icing on the shit sundae. It was retarded design decision after retarded design decision with that game, and every time Capcom got a chance to fix things, they would just make things worse.
>>630632 I don't know, I did all the side quests. Did some escort quests until I stopped. I killed some monsters off the road a few times including that dragon and during post game I've killed somemore, I've also killed a few garms and the gorechimera a couple of times.
>>630860 >>630858 Damn. Did you see on DD's 10th anniversary website they had a timeline that included DD, the anime and DDDA, but no DDO? They acknowledge the doghshit anime more than the MMO, maybe that was their greatest failure and they'd rather not be bothered to show it off ever again?
(9.24 MB 1280x720 Wolves.webm)

(271.42 KB 550x450 harpy.jpg)

Is there a better build than just going sorcerer or Assassin as early as possible, then picking either a melee or spell class depending on what you maximized on up to level 200?
(1.27 MB 1844x2932 79176452_p21.jpg)

I gave Selene some plant from her grandmother's grave & now she loves me forever. Is this how romance with a goth girl works?
>>632102 >goth girl likes burial gift flowers >magical goth girl likes the flowers that sprout from the site of a burial all of it checks out honestly.
Why is there no mod to change pawn voicelines? I feel like that would be one of the easier ones to make.
I missed out on getting the gold idol because I couldn't let that little shit beat me in a race. >>632152 You can always turn off pawn chatter.
>>632102 Now be careful to never make anyone else love you again or you might confuse the dragon later.
(394.04 KB Elder Ogre.wav)

>>632408 >You can always turn off pawn chatter. You misunderstood. I don't want to remove the pawn dialogue, I was wondering why there weren't any mods to add new voices for pawns since it seems like it should be a pretty easy one to make. Just imagine the possibles. Your pawn voicepack could say anything you record, commission, and or generate using tts. Your pawn could call an elder ogre a dirty sodomite since they target men. You could have a jc denton voicepack, a spongebob voicepack, anything really.
>>632434 Well specifically something like that is pretty recent stuff & Dragon's Dogma didn't get noticed so much till recently because of the sequel announcement.
>>632408 >I missed out on getting the gold idol because I couldn't let that little shit beat me in a race. Serves you right for being an asshole who's shit at childcare. All you had to do was show a little girl a fun time, but you had to be selfish.
>>632460 >something like that is pretty recent stuff It doesn't have to just be tts. one could commission a VA or record the lines themself.
>>632408 Imagine needing to show your superiority by beating a fat little girl in a footrace. The gold idol may be valuable, but the real treasure is Symone's admiration. You ended up with neither.
>>630852 I played the DDO open beta with Daimon Dogs. It was a pain in the ass, since you had to use a VPN and my internet was already horribly shit, but they actually had surprisingly good netcode and lag compensation. The world design and enemy design was, as usual, incredibly on point (titty sphinx was awesome). However, the rage system made the combat completely fucking unplayable. No clue if they ever fixed it after the beta, but I sure as hell never touched it again. Also, I didn't know nipponese and using guides for what the fuck was going on, constantly, was a pain. So there was that.
>>632498 >>632516 She was being very entitled & bratty. She needed rape correction but the only thing I could do was humble her with a footrace!
>>632632 >No clue if they ever fixed it after the beta Not only did they never fix it, they shit on TWO chances fix it and even made it worse. In season 2, their "fix" was to just have the bosses permanently enraged until you broke off infected points on their body. In season 3, enemies were permanently enraged until you broke off their armor. Thankfully, the fact that Capcom doesn't even mention DDO in the Dragon's Dogma timeline means that they probably understand what a train wreck it was, which means the people responsible for it will likely not be allowed anywhere near DD2.
>>632698 lmao, all they needed to was remove the mechanic. Amazing.
>>632638 You failed to understand Symone's intentions from the very beginning. She only acts like an entitled brat to get a rise out of you for attention. When you crossed that finish line and left her in the dust, you trampled her heart. You are shit at babysitting and should never be within a mile of a child ever again.
>>632632 >Daimon Dogs
(528.78 KB 1264x700 1531229543.png)

>>632861 >>632878 Damn tsundere lolis.
Are there any mods that enhance the combat? I'm a big fan of all the weapon skills in the game, but every attack feels a bit slow and meanders quite a bit if you aren't using daggers or the like. I'd really like for swords and maces to get some faster slices with more mixups, and for the big swords and hammers to get the schway combat that was Berserk: Millennium Falcon etc. So are there any easy ways to mod in DMC style combat to this old ass game or are we just banking on DD2 having DMC 5 attack lists?
>>633117 >maces Just use your shield. Why are you using a mace at all, except to cast spells? Stop playing Mystic Knight wrong.
>>633180 >read one word >triggered autism
(697.72 KB 1274x720 what that's crazy.mp4)

>>633117 >weapons feel slower than the spin to win dexterity weapons >greatswords the size & thickness of a grown man are slow
>>633704 >slow weapons cannot feel good to swing in any game why though, it's not like it's a balancing issue, since the smaller, faster weapons output so much damage, it's not like their market would be overcome by a weapon that would still barely meet half the DPS. The problem I find is there are a lot of big, heavy hits with some of these weapons, but finding an opening long enough to grab that slice can leave a lot of void space in combat, especially since every time I've made a build in these games it feels like the slower weapons never seem to catch up to the power curve of the faster weapons fight to fight. The most I have for actually mixing up my attack strings is cycling in a pommel jab to restart a combo so I never have to see the final move of it so my hits don't grind to a halt.
>>634297 >finding an opening long enough to grab that slice can leave a lot of void space in combat But that's where the fun comes from. Stand still doing nothing for 30 seconds, then oneshot a chimera. Weapons don't have to be fast to be satisfying.
>>634304 >do nothing for 30 seconds >satisfying the impact of playing dante would be awful if it boiled down to anything close to this concept
>>634307 Bruh, Dante is a quick character. The point of the warrior is a lumbering strong man, with slow, but extremely powerful hits. It's all about the buildup - GS Monhun players know what I'm talking about. Admittedly, DD takes this to an extreme, and I agree that the charge times could be shorter - better yet, pulling off a combo or some other thing can skip half the charge or something, like how you can go straight to level 2 charge with GS if you know what you're doing in Monster Hunter. If all you want is quick speedy attacks, why the fuck are you playing Warrior? Play Magick Archer, or Assassin or something.
>>631036 Wolves HUNT IN PACKS, ARISEN I remember watching that video awhile ago, what was it? His point about Skyrim's combat being terrible is very salient, I don't think TES has had fun combat since the second game and with each entry the combat is simpler and more outdated.
>>634313 >if you want quick attacks then why play warrior I don't want them to be breakneck, I want the attack strings to not leave me open against small guys when the first hit in my string doesn't stagger. I enjoy slow, huge, heavy hits, but I need more than a couple of moves that actually knock enemies around. If I had some kind of Donkey Kong headbutt-plant or something that would keep the enemy in place while I charge I don't think I would mind as much, but the only thing so far as I can find is eventually hitting something enough times it falls over so a pawn can hold it down, and then charging up my swing to clock the enemy over the head. When I played monsterhunter, I played Gunlance, chargeblade, and a tiny bit of hunting horn; I get the first two have shields to get over their limited mobility, but a string of slices leading into some sort of hyper charge was always much more impactful, since I can still manage to chip away at the enemy and it rewards players for actually engaging the fight rather than hanging back and being defensive. I'm not really asking for dante's speeds, but the flow of his combos is really satisfying, and I know that I have options for disengaging a fight if my string hasn't gotten through the threshold of the enemy I'm fighting; it just doesn't feel like warrior has those options and is meant to just take the brunt of hits with his face, which can work if you're fighting enemies you're way overleveled for, but at that point you would swerve on them with any of your main stats on characters they apply to. Maybe I'm playing him wrong, but I'm on hard mode trying to clearance sale the bitterblack isle at a low level; with any character with a sword and board, I can perfect block anything and keep a combo up, but warrior has to play very carefully and just wait for the party to clear small boys out. >>634407 even playing with the combat mods in skyrim, the way attacks work in that game feels dreadful to engage.
>>634297 They can. They do. But shockingly you're not going for Devil May Cry combat when you're just a guy. Dante's half demon. That's why he's able to do the things he does. The arisen is just a magically cursed human.
>>634565 Guts is also just a guy.
>>634583 Yeah but Guts is really really strong & uses a lot of flips & momentum based attacks. Maybe they'll really really let that Berserk influence go even harder for the sequel. For now though the greatsword/longsword moveset simply just is.
>>634584 You're talking like a fanboy and using very short, thoughtless strings of information. Don't talk about shit if you've got nothing to bring to the discussion.
>>634585 There's nothing to discuss though. The giant weapons are appropriately weighty as they should be. How is this so bad? Use any of the yellow vocations if you want the fastest overpowered combat the game has.
>>634586 >i say it's good so it must be good retard
>>634588 It is good. You just want it to be more anime. That's fine but that's not what this game is going for. So again, play a faster vocation if you don't like warrior. Warrior's a tank. Not a lightning fast instant killer.
>>634588 All you've said so far is that the giant longswords should be quick, despite being giant longswords. If the game was following a realistic style, like using a Montante, it'd be a different story, but it's not. The point is big swings and big hits. You're seriously complaining about having a hard time at low level in BBI, where you're not even really supposed to go until at least post Dragon, and then whining that the game is hard because you're playing a mostly static class built around taking and receiving hits? Are you retarded?
>>634590 >long sword is big and therefore is as perfectly slow as it must be based on what though? what says that this is the perfect speed for it? Is it impossible to say that the design in any game is shit because "Well that's how the devs made it"? I don't hate the game, but you're sounding like a redditor when your arguments are just "it's only bad because you're at a low level" In any game if you've gotten the ability to play it from a baseline then reliance on stats shouldn't really factor into that ability; even if it were true, it can be dismissed by the fact that other classes at the same lower level have a much easier time dealing with the same groups of enemies. I watched a few videos and I'm getting a better understanding of how to play the class, but most of it is just relying on the special swings and only doing combo strings on enemies that you know will die in one hit. >you're not supposed to play that part it's accessible though, and I've been cycling my classes, it's not like it's impossible to do. It's just easy to notice some drawbacks to this class when you're underleveled because I can't just rely on my health or defense to push me through a fight. >class is built around tanking and receiving hits I agree the stat spread means that warrior gets the biggest health pool by the endgame, but I don't think you are actually meant to take damage ever in these kinds of games, certain classes just make it more or less forgiving to be hit.
>>634597 >I don't think you are actually meant to take damage ever in these kinds of games You are a fucking retard, never touch a game again.
(284.28 KB 1920x1080 20220701020410_1.jpg)

(190.35 KB 1920x1080 20220701094051_1.jpg)

You know what is actually stupid about this game? The beloved system. No one has any idea how it works & it seems to be completely random. For once I'd say Bioware of all companies actually did this romance aspect the best. Actually being able to actively choose your romantic option is better than just leaving it up to seemingly random chance. Hope they change this in the sequel.
>>634618 but its not random, its pretty simple actually, its based on the last person with highest affinity you talked too before facing the dragon.
>>634619 But that's so fucking retarded it appears random to the player.
>>634627 That's why its a simple lazy mechanic as romance does fuck all in the game, you can even use it to get Symone or basically anyone in the game to appear also why lots of people got merchants on their first playthrough as selling and buying items raises their affinity and doing that last minute prep before the dragon battle like buying shit got merchants to appear as their beloveds.
>>634613 nice argument >>634618 The beloved system isn't explained in the game but there are very thorough articles that explain how exactly it works and how you can increase or decrease romance with characters. It was worse in the original version, dark arisen gave three different changes, one of which being that you get a ring to betroth a character before facing the dragon to lock them in.
(494.61 KB 1920x1080 Selene and chocolate love.jpg)

>>634631 ahh i forgot about the ring.
I'm going to give this another go soon. Pick a class for me to play and one to give my pawn. If I pick it myself, I am just going to end up playing the same way I always do.
>>634727 Assassin for arisen, magick archer for pawn. I went this route in my game I believe, was pretty good overall.
(170.59 KB 318x257 1462329843480.png)

>>634728 Hey dumbass, pawns can't be hybrid vocations.
>>634728 >>634730 Alright I will play assassin. Pawn still needs a class.
>>634727 >>634736 warrior until 10, sorcerer until level 200, make them a mage after
>>634730 I haven't played in like seven years gimme a break, forgot about that.
>>634737 And the pawn is decided then. Thanks.
>>634619 Like how soon before the dragon? Before Deny Salvation or before Finale Battle?
>>634848 before finding salvation
(2.03 MB 2800x2500 Dragon's Dogma Girls.jpg)

Best Girl? 1. Oppai Merchant 2. French Casca 3. Goth Loli Witch Pick only one.
>>634867 Did you make this? Goth Loli Witch with French Casca being a close second. Only thing holding her back is she lost to Julien the edgelord.
>>634867 Merchant is a slut who lusts after julien, if you were dicking her down she would be thinking of other rich men the whole time goth loli is not a human so that's a strange choice at best, it would be smarter to make and fuck your pawn like a chad she-goat is a noble which is best for getting a seat of power, which would lend to bringing the nations a bit closer, since after the king dies the only other person who would really be worthy to take the throne would be the guy in control of pawns and who was able to kill a dragon, but that never really happens so you'd really just be a fisherman-made-dragon killer who has made a noble woman devoted to a person who spends most of their time running around smelly dungeons and killing unthinkable beasts. I'm not saying that they are all honestly bad options, but for lore reasons they are all basically the worst picks. Body type alone though, french casca is the top for muscle alone, aryan-jew is a very close second for her tits and ass.
>>634597 >I watched a few videos and I'm getting a better understanding of how to play the class Wait, you didn't even know how to play the class? So you're doing postgame content, on hard mode, at a low level and with a class you're unfamiliar with, and you're complaining about it being difficult? Top lel, you're retarded. >I don't think you are actually meant to take damage ever in these kinds of games Painfully retarded. Warrior gets multiple passives that increase its ability to take hits and even an inherent boost to stagger resistance. One of those passives subtracts a flat amount from all physical damage it takes, which makes it extremely durable against the small enemies. Though maybe not under your circumstances. You're playing what amounts to a self-imposed challenge run, of course not everything is going to be easy. >>634874 >goth loli is not a human Anon, have you even played this game?
>>634869 Her loss makes her more endearing. She's not a stronk womyn mary sue, but a human with limitations trying her best for those under her command. Persevering after her pride is wounded grants her far greater charisma. >>634874 >goth loli is not a human Her character arc is literally becoming human and learning to fear death as humans do since pawns can't truly die. >a person who spends most of their time running around smelly dungeons and killing unthinkable beasts It's true the Arisen would have no hope with the nobility angle. They're a peasant who does dirty work, whose talents are not in politics. I could see them achieving in a cushy high command position at best if they were focused on career rather than family, but that's not the focus of the proposition. >French casca is the top for muscle alone Oh, she'd be the top all right. Pray that your dick doesn't snap off.
>>634877 >class you're unfamiliar with I never said that, keep trying m8 >you are retarded because I am bad at not getting hit cool man, just like, keep being bad at video games >of course it won't be easy when was the difficulty of the run the thing I was scrutinizing at any point? You dumb fucking niggers have no ability to maintain a conversation without devolving into cherry picking like stupid journo cunts who praise every awful decision of any modern walking simulator The comment was that the warriors swings are so slow that his normal combos are almost meaningless to use on anything that doesn't stagger or die on the first hit, and it's not as though a faster swing speed would make the class easier to play or that it would remove any sort of nuance to his beefy-hit playstyle, since arc of deliverance does a ton more damage than warrior can produce in any other combo or set of swings. Otherwise I'm just doing jumping lights and hopping around enemies because that is faster than actually standing and swiping at enemies. The only other move that I can use at decent intervals is the pommel bash, which again does no damage but has plenty of stagger, but if the enemies don't fall over decently fast then I'm just sitting there swinging until I can get an opening or whittling away a healthbar with slow smacks. >>634877 >implying a pawn is human Did YOU play the game, retard? >>634881 >her arc is about becoming human I know that when a pawn's master dies they carry on the soul of their master and begin to age and develop emotions like a human, but I can't remember if it was ever stated that they become more than shells made by the senchal on the subject of the noble line, I don't think her family would care enough to go fetch her from the arisen, I'm just saying she would probably be sent further harassment from her family about how she dishonored them further by being with a man who cursed the kingdom he was from and which she was sent to aid.
>>634867 Madeline >Essence of sex >Money-grubbing THOT >Will probably cheat on and/or leave you if she gets bored or you're not filthy rich Selene >Cute >Bland >Pitiable, like an abandoned puppy She-Goat >Sexy accent >Buns of steel >Tomboy >Loyal >Devoted >Comes with money and status >Probably a virgin >Probably has a luscious bush >Would be a great mother >Will lift, train and go on adventures with you >In desperate need of love and support from a man; you can be the daddy she never haddy >So highly strung that she'll collapse into a pile of sweaty, coffee-colored sexual jelly after thirty seconds of groping It's not even a choice, man.
>>634892 >madeline will probably cheat on you or leave I didn't even consider this, but since the arisen is out and about on his own affairs she'd definitely be getting railed by every man in cassardis alone, then probably find someone willing to get her back to the city so she can continue swindling and thotting it up.
(7.74 MB 853x480 Harness Fast.webm)

>>634885 Arisen didn't curse the Kingdom. The Dragon did. That's like if a meteor hits the earth but everyone blames the person who tries to intervene to stop it as if they're the sole cause. >I can't remember if it was ever stated that they become more than shells I don't remember either, but Selene is more than a shell. Source: My subjective impressions. >so slow >doing jumping lights and hopping around enemies because that is faster >move that I can use at decent intervals >enemies don't fall over decently fast It doesn't require cherry-picking to see your complaints revolve around speed in which case just play a faster class. It's like if you were fat-rolling in Dark Souls everyone would tell you to remove armor. Mechanically, you don't get what you desire out of the game because of the way you are playing it. In many cases that's a cop-out to say, while in some cases it's genuinely not the fault of the game if it gives you plenty of options. >>634892 That's maybe a bit too much headcanon for the she-goat and I expected some obviously as I'm plenty guilty of it.
>>634904 >it's like blaming a person who tried to stop a meteor so I'm gonna explain how the duke used trickery to trick his people >go to fight dragon >don't want to fight dragon >dragon gives a choice of immortality or waifu and struggle >sacrifice waifu, no dragon to fight, no struggle >become duke >new arisen >I hope he doesn't choose waifu >oh shit my immortality is gone >I better make everyone think the arisen is the bad guy for taking away my immortality so I won't be dethroned okay, so now that you get the basics of the hard-to-follow story of this 10 year old game, let me also explain why "arisen cursed the kingdom" is not a statement worth getting into pedantry over >everyone believes it is the arisen's fault for cursing the kindom >the arisen, by killing the dragon and continuing the cycle, for all intents and purposes, is the reason why chaos descended on the people of the land >the great seashell is doing all of these things to test the arisen to see if he is worthy of becoming the next sensational spiderman so just to recap, there are expressly 3 different entities who are at fault for the world turning to shit, all of which have made choices which allow the world to enter that shit state, the only one that normal people in that world could actually blame for it though is the one at the bottom of the totem pole. >just play a faster class I don't want to play a faster class, I like playing slow and heavy classes, this one just doesn't have impact when playing unless you use a charge move, in which case the combo should either be faster or do a lot more stagger. I'm not asking for stunlocks, but I'm asking for the filler actions when finding an opening to be less shit. >it's like if you were fatrolling in dark souls I play dark souls with fatrolls and heavy weapons, this should be interesting >everyone would tell you to remove armor lol, no, I would tell you to put on wolf ring and a heavy weapon and swing away; the thing is that I know most enemies will stagger on hit in dark souls when you use a heavy weapon. I also know if an enemy will not stagger I don't need to use any special move to kill it, because you still only have your basic kit in those games unless you're using a unique weapon. The heavier weapons in DS are actually impactful because they have a much higher damage tradeoff compared to smaller weapons, and they don't swing too terribly slow compared to other things in that game. >the game gives you the options so it's okay that this thing is shit what makes the speed of the attack swings for the warrior so correct in your mind though? I can state clearly that the length of time it takes to swing once, as well as the time it takes to complete a single combo feels much slower and therefore extremely dangerous to do in situations where I'm fighting faster enemies. The only moves I can safely do are single swings and hopping away to avoid enemy damage. This overly defensive playstyle doesn't feel like how an aggressive barbarous strong man would be meant to be played. To validate my point, I would recommend playing the berserk PS2 game that everyone likes. Guts moves fairly fast and efficiently with each swing, and hits are still very punchy in that game without making him move at breakneck like dante. I just don't see how making the warrior class slightly faster would break things, since every class still far outdoes him in DPS and ranged or defensive options; I just think it would be nice to have big sword man not move his sword like he is bringing his weapon to a dead stop after every swing despite continuing the combo.
>>634885 >when a pawn's master dies they carry on the soul of their master and begin to age and develop emotions like a human I don't want to spoil shit for people who haven't played the game, so I'll just say that in Dark Arisen, we find out that this doesn't require the master's death. >but I can't remember if it was ever stated that they become more than shells Selene's story goes into this a bit, and Dark Arisen deep dives into it.
>>634904 >That's maybe a bit too much headcanon for the she-goat and I expected some obviously as I'm plenty guilty of it. Hence the use of the word "probably". Everything else is well-attested in the game >Accent All it takes is hearing her talk once. >Buns of steel Trained soldier and knight. >Tomboy See above, but against her father's wishes. Also pulls the "you must be making fun of me" when you give her a ring. >Loyal Cares for the men under her to the point where she fights a Hydra to protect them; gives you the credit you deserve for killing the hydra despite the fact that claiming that victory would go a long way towards solving her personal problems and she could easily get away with it >Devoted Again, the entire reason she's in Gransys. She basically nagged her dad into giving her an army so that she could go fight the dragon and then when she got there and got stuck in the sticks because dude vagina lmao she nutted up and did her job to the best of her ability. Also see the above point about caring for her men. >Money and status Nobility, duh. >Virgin "Probably"; extremely likely due to both her status as a noble and the fact that she's pretty awkward with her femininity. >Bush A hill I will gladly die on. >Mother Yeah, meant to have a "probably" in there >Adventures You literally do this with her in the game and it's also the entire reason she's in Gransys in the first place. >Daddy issues This is all but spelled out between her dialogue in the game and her page on the official DD site site >Sex jelly The second hill I will die on; fucking fight me faggot.
>>634892 >Sexy accent >Loyal >Devoted >Probably a virgin >Probably has a luscious bush >Would be a great mother
>>634949 >cousin
>>634952 What's your point?
>>634958 Anon no
>>634959 >>634958 The whole entire village is probably inbred anyways, could also explain why the arisen looks deformed in cutscenes
>>634952 kek that got me too. why is everyone in the village refering you as cousin? is it a mistranslation from the word friend? and why is the voice audio so low in the game?
>>634940 >gives you the credit you deserve for killing the hydra >despite the fact that claiming that victory would go a long way towards solving her personal problems >and she could easily get away with it There were many witnesses to the Hydra battle. She couldn't have claimed that even if she wanted to. >caring for her men Already acknowledged this earlier. It's not contested. >Money and status\ How much of that do you really have access to when you go against daddy's wishes over and over? People keep attaching wealth as a benefit when they don't really know how pissed Daddy would be about his already-defiant daughter marrying a commoner. >extremely likely due to both her status as a noble and the fact that she's pretty awkward with her femininity Her tomboy-ness is a primary reason that anons want to fuck her, but no one in all of Gransys loves tomboys? There's not a single warrior who likes a strong lass? That's why this is some headcanon shit. I'm for it, but know it for what it is. >So highly strung that she'll collapse into a pile of sweaty, coffee-colored sexual jelly after thirty seconds of groping The sexy French accent and overall attitude in her work makes it hard to envision her falling to pieces over a bit of groping. Working around a bunch of burly men for so long she'd be no stranger to cat-calling or lustful gazes from any recruits who didn't know of her status. That accent, that voice, that attitude, all just seems more like they'd be the sexual aggressor. We're venturing into headcanon with that, but as I said I'm not against it. The impressions I get are a bit different on this point. >bush It's sweaty enough working in armor under the hot sun without body hair to make it worse. Especially being a woman, tomboy though she may be, having any small semblance of a feminine side and given the conditions of her work I doubt she'd leave that prized bush un-touched, On this point, it just sounds like I'm bullying you yet despite my reasoning I know you would not abandon that dream anyway so I may as well say it.
>Really want to try and give the game another shot again, usually I'd lose interest incredibly quickly an hour in after you get access to pawns and finish the obstacle courses, fighting the cyclops and this happened like three times >can't even muster the interest to download the game What the fuck is wrong with me? I really like the opening of the game where you actually fight monsters and what little of the combat system I'm exposed to and I just want to skip to that part of the game but I can't find it in myself to be patient enough to do that.
>>635151 It gets there pretty quick. Gets there even quicker if you do the Bitterblack Challenge, but it's also cock and ball torture until you kill the undead dragon, as well. So, pick your poison, I suppose.
Tanned she-goat: a great all around choice Worshipping cos: begs God for your cock Greedy tits: is afraid of intimacy, will bring in money Goth biologist: a plain plank, probably infertile Virgin princess: a frilly dress I guess? Your own pawn: will become literally united with you >>634975 A hundred years ago people could differentiate a visitor from an another village some ten miles away. Incest is a family business anyway. >>634904 how the fuck did you leave your pawns in an another place? What magic is that?
>>635151 If you want easy mode in hardmode, sell all the DLC equipment as soon as you finish the prologue, buy a shit ton of throwblasts, sail through every fight up to the part you want by throwing bombs at things you don't like. The cyclops takes two to the belly, so you just need to jump and throw, can't remember how many hydra takes, and then you can access bitterblack before you're even level 10. If you go there, you can take all the quests on the board, get to level 10 pretty easily, and then come back to her to change your vocation. What I've been doing is cycling classes and fucking around in bitterblack, then when that gets too hard, I just go to the main game to build up confidence again, then try bitterblack once more.
>>635077 Honestly I assumed it's similar to islander culture calling each other bruddah.
>>635327 I'm pretty sure it is, given how literally everyone in Cassardis calls you "cos".
>>635347 I thought that was because they were all inbred.
>>635356 Given how we have no canonical parents and can look completely different than anyone else in town, I doubt it. They're probably more insular and closely related than most modern towns, but I doubt they're all literally cousins. Given the population and size, I'd say something like at least 5 degrees of separation at the furthest, which is enough to be genetically healthy.
(604.03 KB 1088x1429 Anon Vivian.png)

>>634959 ANON YES
Anyone have experience playing on multiple saves? just need to know how the pawn system works out with multiple saves
>>635471 Pretty sure your pawn is only uploaded to the server when you sleep or use a rift, so the version of your pawn everyone sees will be the old file version until you play online and upload it again. If you wanted, you could create a backup, then make a whole new character and pawn combo offline only, then if you wanted to reap the benefits of the other pawn, just backup the current save, pull the old one, go online and use a bed.
I went looking for mods and noticed in the screenshots that a lot of mods have far more extreme body morphs like huge breasts and such. How are they doing this?
>>638784 Fuck that shit, there's a single mod that lets you use all equipment on all classes, and all skills you can use with that equipment too, meaning you can have the versatility of a longbow and the raw power of a greathammer, or use mystic knight shield skills with a pair of daggers for hyper stylish action.
>>638784 I found it and it sounds like a chore. Either cheat engine every time you play or fucking with the exe of the game to alter the body moprhs. >>639863 That is pretty cool. I always like playing fashion designer in these games when it comes to customizing my char/pawn. The gameplay bit sounds good too for when I get bored later on and want to mix things up.
>>635327 Is that what happened to the previous arisen?
>>640069 Pretty sure the most recent arisen before the player is The Duke.
>>640416 You don't count the ones who didn't succeed, like the witch in the woods. Maybe that blonde faggot thief from Bitterblack?
>>640422 By that logic then only the seneschal counts. He killed his dragon & took the throne of watcher over the world.
>>640427 I misworded what I wanted to say, forgive my foreigness. I meant that you are not counting the ones who didn't succeed in even getting close to the dragon.
>>640455 Well as far as not even finishing their duty by facing the dragon, there's Death, Barroch, & Daimon. Unknown how far Selene's Grandmother Sofia got.
>>640525 But what I mean is that I believe they were more recent that The Duke, or that was the impression I got.
Are Sorceror pawns just a meme? They're not able to stand still long enough to actually cast any spells half the time.
>>640615 Sorcerer pawns are only good if they have the inclination that lets them group cast WHILST being paired with a Sorcerer Arisen. The only other way to have a good Sorcerer pawn is to have one with the Ranger augment that gives wind push immunity so their spells aren't canceled when fighting big enemies AND if you have a Mage in the party casting Spellscreen.
>>640046 an update, being able to play whichever class with whichever skills you would like at any given moment is pretty cash money, an issue I find is that I'm juggling between playing it safe by using a pawn that doesn't have any equipment they can't normally equip, and only equipping it to them for a moment for certain circumstances, but beyond that I can run around in heavy armor while leveling any class I want to, then switching between certain equipment as the situations require. It does make the perks of a well put together party seem less necessary, but it also means that I can rely on my own ability to deal with situations and my party is basically just picking up the slack of the option I'm not taking at the moment (warrior for big swings when I'm helping with flyers, archer for DPS while I'm mounting heavy focused strikes, Sorcerer for the battle control) >>640615 I have a sorcerer pawn that I'm leveling up to be a mage in the end, but she's been a good girl so far. I thought when I was playing the first time that I would basically need to teach the pawn how to fight, so I would play as a sorcerer as well, but what I've noticed is if you just leave them be and keep the agro off them, they'll constantly do their best spells, then put debuffs out, and they'll toss a buff your way if you ask for it. I have only played red classes this run, cycling fighter, assassin, and warrior every 10 levels, and because I switched my pawn from sorcerer to fighter a few times just to give them some extra points in defense, they also learned a bit of close fighting. I also noticed that as opposed to my initial runs, I haven't needed to climb on an enemy very much, since warrior will bring most big things to their knees, and assassin can basically just pluck away at a big enemy in vitals until the rest of the party brings it down. I haven't once needed to scold my pawn for grappling an enemy or doing a bad spell. If your pawn is having a hard time casting spells, it might be because you're moving away from it and it's enabling it's guardian inclination. Can you post a picture of your inclination spread?
>>640527 There isn't. The Duke is the most likely previous Arisen period.
>>635140 the person who decided she needed a french accent is my hero
>>641206 Ah, silly me then.
>>640762 Okay, I started a new run with both Arisen and pawn as Sorcerors and it is very satisfying to slam two Gicels into an ogre as he tries to rape my waifu.
>>643312 Twin sorc can be fun, just make sure you balance your party to take the agro so you can actually spell cast, it will get really rough midway through from my experience.
(1003.09 KB 991x565 classic_Nettie.png)

What is a good way to make a fuckload of gold? I am trying to buy one of every item in the shops, but the prices in there jump to crazy price ranges fairly quickly.
>>651799 playing on hard mode makes gold a non issue.
>>651841 Yeah I regret not picking hard. If I change difficulty mid-game do you keep your shit or does it reset you?
Dragon's dogma is - >a crap game >an overhyped game >an unfinished game >a "cult" game >a diamond in the rough >a derivative game >a /v/ favorite select only two
>>652212 I'd go with unfinished and rough.
>>651799 when you start purifying bbi shit regularly you'll be swimming in it nigga
(646.67 KB 480x360 ̸_v_̸_.mp4)

>>652212 >>652228 A rough obtuse but fun game. Until you go to Bitterblack Isle. Fun does not exist there.
(2.82 MB 1920x1200 367500_20170819090802_1.png)

>>652326 BBI is plenty fun, you just need to find it.
>>652212 A masterwork.
>>652330 >warrior >fun Had the vocation access to 6 skills & it's most powerful skill wasn't an ear raping slam then it would be.
>>652320 I've only played through the original dragons dogma and not dark arisen. What is a good level to check that place out? I just kind of assumed you had to be a high level before heading in or your shit would be kicked in.
I hope that the DDO Revival becomes playable before DD2 releases so we could try it out together. But realistically only a small fraction of you guys actually play games with other anons, or at all, but the ones who do are generally chill as fuck so it would be guaranteed fun. https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=J1xY5HqFEw0 https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=7QVDDnBLJmA You can check out a few more of the first guys videos to check out the classes they seem cool as fuck
>>652449 Didn't everyone say that game was a shitshow?
>>652457 DDO? yes. probably a spit on the face of the dragons dogma lore from 1 as every MMO based on a single player RPG tends to do. it would probably still be a fun ride with some real /v/ niggas.
>>652457 The combat looks amazing but if they removed the enrage mechanic nobody likes the game would probably be instantly redeemable.
>>651886 It resets your game unfortunately. I made a lot of money by just doing all the quests, selling everything that wasn't blue (me and my pawn were mages/sorcerers at the time).
So, what's the best way to build a mystic knight? because I usually go as a warrior or assassin. Tempted to make a magic archer because of the easy mode, but I like playing big strong guys. Also, I hope we get a monk class in the sequel.
>>655657 Pretty sure most of MK's skills are based on Magic Attack so Warrior or Assassin is about the worst way you could build one.
>>655663 I know, is just that I feel annoyed wearing a robe being a 7 feet tall fat man. And I guess Magick archer does the same. The worst thing about multiclassing is that your pawn gets confused the fuck out and starts grappling monsters as a magician.
>>653005 I got tempted to try it anyway, and I found you do keep your loot/levels/gold/etc which is nice. It just starts you back at the beginning of the story. >>655667 >grappling monsters as a magician Thankfully my pawn has avoided that level of stupidity.
>>655686 don't tempt other anons with your lies, Senechal. You don't get to keep the great that is currently equipped on you. So before advancing on a mission TO KILL A GOD!111 drop your good equipment (and your pawns too, mine got robbed clean) in the local tavern. If you're playing as a female loli arisen then equip bra and scanties, so Furnival can have some fun with your pawn. He deserves it for losing his wife-to-be daughter.
>>655741 >You don't get to keep the gear that is currently equipped on you What? It just stuffed all my gear into the storage so I could reequip it as soon as I reached the inn. I didn't notice any of it missing.
>>655657 >So, what's the best way to build a mystic knight? Just play as Mystic Knight. Min-max autism is retarded and completely unnecessary in this game. Get yourself a surcoat and some medium armor and parry the shit out of everything.
>>656574 Min-maxing in general is unnecessary and sucks the fun out of a lot of games. Ever min-max New Vegas? You spend the first 20 hours running around collecting skill books and completing perk challenges .
>>656588 Why do people even bother min-maxing in non competitive games, anyway? Autism?
>>656596 Pretty much. If you're not playing optimally it can feel like you're not playing right - why shouldn't you do things as well as you can? The problem is that in most games this turns it into an unfun grind because optimal play is rarely fun play.
>>656588 >>656596 >>656840 Well, it's somewhat satisfactory to oneshot death. Also to get the best equipment to pimp your own pawn.
Not sure if I need to use spoilers for a decade old game but to be safe I will. **I'm aware in NG++ the final boss you face is another player's arisen alongside their pawn. With that said, is there any way to make your arisen and pawn as difficult to fight as possible for other players? I ask because Savan notorious for being too easy**.
>>656892 Well, you fucked up the spoils so you should be bullied. The seneschal fight is generic and the strength is the same. Also, you can disable the option and fight your own arisens.
>>656893 So what class, equipment or skills you use has no effect? I can delete the post and re-post it with the spoilers fixed if you want
>>656896 It has no effect. Maybe the only thing you might feel is having a pawn that could oneshot you with the golden upgrade bow his arisen gave to him. And I don't care about the spoiler, it's just the funny meme. If I'm not wrong you can give golden equipment to your friend's pawn?
(47.87 KB 750x750 proxy-image.jpeg)

>>655748 You might be right. I believe some of mine went MIA. Anyway, >he doesn't know the scanties meta ending >>656892 Do you even need to fight them? Can't you just walk away? Pic related. >>656898 You are forbidden from giving upgraded equipment to other pawns. You can only "send them as a gift". To be absolutely honest with you, i don't know much about the online part of the game. Because **Yar - har - fiddle-dee-dee, being a pirate is all right to be! Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free, you are a pirate! You are a pirate! (yay!)** Now that is how you spoiler shit!
>>657031 >Now that is how you spoiler shit! lol
So, is anyone playing on the switch? So you people post your pawn IDs as I'm about to restart the game and powerlevel through it, to have your beginner pawns leach on me.
(99.56 KB 811x1169 jokork.jpg)

>>658573 I guess everyone plays it on PC then.
>>624945 >Can't help but notice that no one has posted their pawns Sure, have my current pawn and character. I went for viv as my pawn this time around. >>659978 Yeah I am going through it on the PC. I like adding a few mods to edit armors/skins a bit. >switch Nothing on there yet is enough to tempt me to own one. Sorry anon.
>>660104 I guess I can't ever find the right place. Have the game in 3 platforms already except for pc because my computer can't even handle prison architect. Anyway, how dependent is the Mystic Knight on Magic Attack and Physical Attack? because I would like to go to a warrior build just for roleplay purposes, but I want to also be somewhat overpowered to deal with Bitterblack.
>>660163 >Anyway, how dependent is the Mystic Knight on Magic Attack and Physical Attack? Mystic Knight relies more on magic attack just as all the magic classes do. It does gain a boost from physical attack on a lot of it's skills, but most of Mystic Knight's damage output is from exploiting the elemental weaknesses of enemies.
>>660168 Fuck, I wanted to play melee classes before going mystic knight, not having to do retarded builds where I play magician most of the time.
>>660163 >attack If you are going ranged with a staff, then it won't help as much, but I'm pretty sure a bunch of the skills still benefited from attack like magic cannon for example. All the fighter skills of course will benefit from it as well. Still, I would say magic attack is the more important stat (it is a magic class after all), but I don't see why a more balanced approach couldn't also work. I wouldn't let min-maxing ruin your roleplay as that would no doubt suck the enjoyment out of it. >spoiler That sucks anon. I hope your toaster gets some more love in the future, so you can play more vidya.
>>660185 It's fine to play as fighter and warrior for a while, especially since they have augments that can be useful for a mystic knight. When I do a mystic knight run, I play mainly as mystic knight, but I also play as other vocations in order to get the augments I want. Don't worry about min-maxing or fucking up your build, stats barely matter.
>>660221 I was thinking a bit of fighter and warrior, then assassin and from there... maybe some ranger for some extra vitality and who knows. finishing as a sorcerer for a while. I just want a robust character with some decent magic attack for both Mystical Knight and Magic Archer.
>>660225 Just play the vocation you actually want to play while only switching into other vocations in order to get the augments you want. Worrying about build autism, especially if it's your first playthrough, is only going to prevent you from actually having fun. Leave all the min-maxing retardation to people who have crippling autism.
>>660240 Well, not my first playthrough, that's why I'm planning in advance, but you migth be right. Anyway, do you get anything by completing all the scripted quests? or just the archivement where you can get an archivement? Not sure if not having archivements in the switch is a good or a bad thing.
>>660917 What do you mean by scripted quests?
>>661866 I mean the ones not listed on the quest board and have a story.
>>661944 I think I get what you mean now. No, you don't really get anything special from completing them all, from what I remember.
>>662011 I see. At least it's easy to do the mystic shield parrying? Also, can you parry the sleep spell and the death strike of Death?
>>662052 >Also, can you parry the sleep spell and the death strike of Death? I'm pretty sure you can't.
I made the mistake of playing warrior in my first playthrough of the game. Now after awhile I'm looking to try a second playthrough but I'm struggling a bit on vocation choice. I was considering mystic knight because parrying sounded cool, but after watching some gameplay it looked a bit simple and repetitive. Though I guess that's most of the classes. It seems like strider is just a straight upgrade from assassin. And magic archer is apparently the most powerful, looks interesting but it's still difficult for me to make a decision. I could do modded warrior so he can get more skills and actually be a functioning class but I kind of want to switch things up.
>>662246 If you don't know what vocation to choose, just pick strider.
>>662246 Not giving warrior another set of 3 skills like mage staffs got is fucking cruel. >struggling with vocation choice Just try each one until you find what you enjoy. I like maxing out all the vocations just to unlock everything. Sticking to a single vocation would likely get too boring for me, and min-maxing isn't essential to finish the game. >>662336 Yeah strider has very balanced stats so it adapts well to whatever you want to change into. Mystic Knight and Magic archers are mostly balanced stat growths too I think.
>>662357 >>662336 What class have a decent magic attack besides sorcerer and mage? To roleplay the road of a warrior going from a savage to a paladin.
>>662406 >What class have a decent magic attack besides sorcerer and mage? Mystic Knight and Magic Archer. >To roleplay the road of a warrior going from a savage to a paladin. A holy focused Mystic Knight is perfectly doable, probably.
>>662336 >>662357 I'll probably do strider. I'm curious how much the 1.6x jump height mod might break the game, especially since strider is a climbing vocation. I kind of want to do a short/loli character so would 1.6x bridge the difference for the retarded jump height debuff?
>>662659 I don't play the game modded, so I honestly have no idea. Just try it out and see how it goes.
Does anyone have any good character creation presets for good looking loli characters? I want to start up this game again, but I don't want to spend hours fucking around in character creation trying to make characters that look halfway decent.
>>651886 Every time you switch to normal mode and then to hard it keeps all the items you have in storage. I'm pretty sure it will even keep the warp stones where you left them while still letting you pick up more from the game world. I'm also pretty sure if you sell all your DLC equipment you will start out pretty loaded too, but if you want hyper efficiency then after you get to the capitol, go to fornival and purchase his martyr talisman, go farm the goblin spot around where you fight that griffon on the first part of the blue moon tower quest. If you've got a warp stone it makes the process faster, but you just keep doing that, do a sleep, then farm it again, you can easily pay for a dozen more per farm; I was able to get like 300,000 gold with each run easily. It's also great for farming vocations because of the double numbers. >>652381 I kinda get why people who love warrior feel the way they do, but I'm also a charge-blade main and I cannot understand why they don't want to maxxx with some crazy combos that end in a big charged finisher. I also don't get the reasoning for warrior only getting 3 skills but sorcerer and mage, also single weapon classes, get 6 spells. Well mage gets 5 because you're really only going to be running mage with healing and 5 other things. >>662406 I highly recommend playing assassin, mix some warrior and fighter in there for 50 levels, and then do another 50 levels of sorcerer, or if you want to keep the style of melee with magical buffs go mystic knight or magic archer. or do both if you're feeling froggy. Last 100 levels don't really matter too much beyond fine tuning, so toss levels where you want.
>>663185 That sounds good. So assassin with a mixture of warrior and fighter for the first 50 levels and then sorcered? I'll try that, and it also sounds like fun.
>>663209 If you want more power then give more to assassin, if you want more physical def then go for fighter, and if you want health then go warrior. having all three just makes for a good balance that makes you pretty hard to whittle down and gives a good margin if an enemy tries to go for your throat with a hyper-slam. Sad part is sorcerer is a straight upgrade compared to mage, even if you want the health boost, in which case it's easier to just do some levels in warrior since 40hp per level is fucking massive. Even fighter with 36hp per level is still pretty fucking good.
>>663215 Then how about 10 fighter, 30 warrior and 20 assassin? And after that Sorcerer and from there whatever.
I bought the steam port of this game since it's on sale, is it safe to leave the online stuff ON if i'm using mods? No re-textures or stat modding, i just want to use these two: https://www.nexusmods.com/dragonsdogma/mods/749 https://www.nexusmods.com/dragonsdogma/mods/108 Which are the original title screen music (replaces the incoherent femoid yelling of DA with the corny j-rock of the original) and japanese voices, will gayben ban my shit over this?
>>663519 I think the only mods that got you in trouble were the ones to do with altering pawn vocations/equipment/stats (anything impossible may flag the pawn as corrupt). Even then though, the only trouble you will encounter is in game (your pawn won't be hire-able by other players and it fugs up trading items) and not from steam.
>>663223 It's easier to build when you're actually playing, it'll make more sense as you progress which levels you want to take. I did a pure melee build and I was cycling every 10 levels.

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