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(7.26 KB 240x160 descarga (1).png)

(7.74 KB 260x194 descarga.jpg)

(10.60 KB 240x160 descarga (3).jpg)

Thread about hack roms pokemon Anonymous 07/06/2022 (Wed) 03:45:17 Id: 5124fa No. 637063
thread about hack roms pokemon, discussion, recommendations, etc
>>637063 Gaia was fucking trash
Red Chapter's breddy gud
>>637072 Why? I thought it was pretty good. Though I liked the beta version more, the later versions cut down a couple of the routes and made them smaller and less interesting.
wich one has the Undead Regi trio?
Is talking about clover verboten here because muh cuckchan? I never played it, but I heard about it over the years. Is it actually good, or is it a meme romhack that just adds a few references into the mix?
>>637683 That's the worst part. It's a semi-competent linear RPG that is pretty fun to play once you stop cringing so hard you develop scoliosis. Or at least it was a few years ago. Wait, I'm thinking of Pokemon Reborn. Nevermind.
>>637704 never heard of it, what's the skinny on Reborn wait, is it the crystal romhack that started out really edgy but then the dev added a lot of sjw tranny shit? clove, last I heard, was a romhack where you play as a s4s oc(keksandra) and it had a lot of jokes relating to that period(2013/14), I never looked further than that into it
>>637707 Yeah, but I heard recently that Reborn actually went back and toned a lot of that shit down to be less embarrassing. I have not replayed it to confirm this, though. It got pretty hard towards the end last time. I never bothered with Clover since Sage always looked so much better. The monster designs really are important when you're doing this sort of thing.
>>637734 The problem with Sage is that it runs like absolute shit, even on decent hardware. I just can't play a game at 10fps.
>>637063 Would recommend moemon
>>637683 Clover is pretty fucking good, challenging, and well made up until after the Elite 4. The post-game is a bit sloppy, but I enjoyed all of it's contents and even 100% the pokedex. I can sincerely recommend.
>>637734 Clover beats Sage purely on the fact the game exists, and while I don't condone shit designs for shit designs, the spritework in the final edition is well-done, even if the subject matter is comedic in tone. Good luck building a good team after the wiki was shut down though.
I want one that lets me pick a slew of mons as my starter. I think one of the crystal ones did.
(51.13 KB 280x254 pokemon-prism-gbc.png)

Pokemon Prism Version Super Mario land 2 DX Super Mario Land DX Wario Land II polished and uncensored Kirby's Dream Land DX
>>649755 a recent update in Prism I think it was a crystal romhack made EVERYONE a shitskin or a nigger.
>>649783 I'm still using the summer beta, is blacks and browns the only sjw thing added?
>>637063 I unironically like Pokémon Wack. 4600 pokemon, 42 types, hundreds of new moves for each type and abilities. And yes, the entire story is a shitpost, but who cares? The way it's played out is enjoyable and an actual fucking challenge.
>>649810 >the only It's not the point. It's that their priorities are bad and anyone who would do something like this wouldn't make a good product anyway.
>>649755 >Rainbowdevs I still find it really scummy that the faggots who picked up prism after the c&d removed the actual dev's name from the game and replaced it with their own. That guy spent years working on it, they fixed a couple of bugs and then acted like they made the whole thing. >>649783 I don't think Prism has had an update in about 2 years, must be something else.
>>649719 Actually now that I think about it I really only like going through the game with my favorite mons. DO any other ones let you pick other than prism?
>>650000 quads confirm it
(98.88 KB 900x900 1647072515931.jpg)

>>637063 >install Uranium >first professor sprite looks like shit >first fakemon sprite looks like shit >lose all urge to keep playing >uninstall
>>637707 >what's the skinny on Reborn Is the fangame equivalent of teenagers posting extremely edgy (and crappy) emo gore art and messages on Deviantart in the early 00s, except with the pronoun cancer spawned in the late 10s. >wait, is it the crystal romhack that started out really edgy but then the dev added a lot of sjw tranny shit? That one. The fangame where you pick one of 6 characters (including 2 non-binary ones) and immediately a train crashes killing everyone but your selected character.
>>650571 Is it good... around that?
>>650565 I like your velociraptor anon.
>>650578 Thank you, Bearded Vultures are unfathomably based.
(29.92 KB 512x376 wafaefergwrghrwgwerg.png)

(15.12 KB 512x384 asdasfwgbewvervfergfrgf.png)

(7.24 KB 512x384 Oh god.png)

>>637734 I decided to replay it just to see if that's true. In character creation you're still asked to give your gender. Unfortunately unlike wack version I can't identify as an attack helicopter. It turns out you're no longer the only survivor of the train, with white hair in pic 2 saving you. Considering the continued existence of this green haired girl in pic 3 I doubt the writing has gotten much better. Once I had control I checked how much I would have to suffer, only to find out that they finished the gyms. The last time I played this the fairy gym was where I quit, which means 4 more gyms of suffering at the very least. After confirming the amount of Broken glass and fanfiction tier writing I would have to go through, I went and got my first pokemon which was a rowlet named Lorde.
>>656904 After going back to main area of the pokemon center I get ambushed by one of the more annoying faggots to appear in this game, pic 1 related. Getting into my first battle, I notice a new addition seen in pic 2. I think this might have to do with the terrain effects, however I'm not sure. After winning the first battle and reading some horrible lines from the annoying faggot Cain, we fight one of the better characters from what I remember, Victoria. after which the game lets you free to do whatever you want in this shithole of a city. After a the few fights around the pokemon center I got a very shitty team together.
Not a big fan of these games but I've been playing FireRed Rocket edition, it's a nice change playing as the "baddies" and being able to steal pokemon, save for some edgy dialogue it's a nice change from the normal formula.
(22.25 KB 512x384 dasfasdfsdfasdfsagsdgasg.png)

(15.39 KB 512x384 asdsgfwregfwrefwrefwwfwe.png)

(19.15 KB 512x384 asdgebrtyh.png)

(20.10 KB 512x384 ahdfhfdadfgsdfgsdfgsdfgsdfg.png)

>>656913 Going back towards the train station the police that were once blocking the path into the city are now gone. Going a bit above the station shows a scene that's new to me of other survivors getting treatment. After finishing everything I can right now in Lower Peridot Ward I run into a teenager trying very hard to be cool. I then get forced to infiltrate a abandoned factory in a attempt to find the group that bombed the train. Fern's sister then makes an entrance for us. Finally the main 3 characters that will be interacting with us in this first section of the game are introduced in pic 4 with fern's other sister. So far the dialogue seems just as bad as the last time I went through this.
>>656904 Oh, fuck off, man! I picked a Rowlet too. >>656913 Are you talking about the Combat Stage indicator next to the pokemon's heatlh bars? I think that's pretty useful.

(7.89 KB 512x384 hnfhghnmhj.png)

(8.52 KB 512x384 aasdasdasd.png)

(11.68 KB 512x384 asdfsdfsdfsdfsdafsdfasdf.png)

>>656979 > I picked a Rowlet too. The first couple gyms are going to make you regret that choice. >Combat Stage indicator next to the pokemon's heatlh bars? No, I'm talking about the stat change indicator. >>656947 I didn't find much of note in the factory besides more bad dialogue, and a good line from Fern. After that I decided to look up the password needed to control the weather as there's a lot of pokemon you can only get at specific times and weathers. Using my new powers to control the forecast for the next few minutes I obtained my second permanent team member for this run. After which I attempted to get a onix from a event, only to find out you're not allowed to get it before the electric gym. Feeling despair at having not a single good match up for this gym available to me, I went in with this team. As you might imagine, this did not go well. The only real problem being the flying type Oricorio which can avoid my poison spikes. Realizing this I switched out the hoothoot, for a delibird. Which had ice shard and got it up to level 16. While I did this I luckily ran into a noibat, being my first dragon type. With the delibird, and a evolved poochyena I managed to barely scrape by after a close call with the electrode.
(15.27 KB 512x384 asdasdasdagwrwrfw.png)

(7.99 KB 512x384 asdasdasdasdagvfverge.png)

(30.28 KB 512x384 sdasdasdasdasdasd.png)

(36.06 KB 512x384 adsagsgfesrfrfsfsdfsd.png)

>>656997 After leaving the gym Victoria stops us to give us the news that plants are growing rapidly in the onyx ward, and are currently trying to kill people. Hearing this the only choice we have now is to throw ourselves at it, but first to get that onix I wanted for this gym. After getting that onix I went to the onyx district and explored a bit. After realizing we can't continue without the cut tm, we start making our way through the slums. The slums as a area has been redone. I would say they're overall an improvement from the old ones. After coming out the other side I make my way down to the coral ward. Here we meet another cast member that will be important later, and Cain saves a popplio. After Smashing his face into the pavement I finally get cut and can continue with the story. Attempting to Get to what's causing the plant problem proves to be more annoying then anything. Everyone that attempts to help you deal with the plant problem being kidnapped, or restrained is also new.
(7.68 KB 512x384 dasfvvsde.png)

(6.43 KB 512x384 agfbfdv tgtged.png)

(12.16 KB 512x384 asdadagsrgrgsrgsrg.png)

(16.30 KB 512x384 sdaasgsgsrgsrgsdrfgsd.png)

>>657043 After saving everyone I travel to the gym in the onyx ward. I also realize that the last area was obsidia ward. Fern's a cunt like always and locks us out of the gym, but forgets the other door to the building. So after copy and pasting answers onto the terminals controlling the door, and beating Fern I can finally fight the gym leader. This is the team I used for the second gym, pic 3 related. As a side note feel free to suggest names. The gym was a lot easier then I remember it being with me beating it first try. Afterwards we are roped into destroying another one of those machines that caused the park to start consuming the surrounding area. So far the story and the characters seem mostly normal, which from what I remember starts changing soon with the rapid expansion of the party. Once I get to the Peridot ward I encounter Corey who's done treating the injured, and a girl named Heather who seems to be his daughter.
>>657337 Name the Spoink Bobby after the the character from Deliverance.
>>657342 It's been done. Spoink won't be used much after I get a ralts, however that's around half the game away. Also all pokemon besides Lorde, and Slave the rattata are open to new names.
(23.95 KB 512x384 aasdasghvevgfgf.png)

(55.49 KB 512x384 asdasghergergeg.png)

(56.51 KB 512x384 asdasdasdasdasdasd.png)

(23.31 KB 512x384 sadasdadfgergergferfrf.png)

>>657453 Heather after getting away from her father has decided to play hero. Making my way into the old abandoned gym I find another tangrowth hooked up to a machine with a guy watching it. I get ambushed, however Heather playing hero jumps in to save us. After we make quick work of the enemy her father finally finds her, only for her to run away after painting a target on her back for team meteor. Her father tells us to not talk to her or his daughter ever again, then leaves. I then make my way to beryl ward to deal with the final tangrowth.
Why in the wretched world are you playing this?
>>657470 Curiosity mainly. So far it's not been that bad other then the writing.
Is there one that makes Black and White good? I'm giving Platinum Deluxe Version 1.1 a go in the meantime and it's okay. >>657473 Your screenshots do look interesting, but the writing is too painful.
(37.50 KB 512x384 sdfdfghfshdghdghdhhh.png)

(37.61 KB 512x384 sdfagdfhgdhhhgfhfghgfh.png)

(12.12 KB 512x384 asdasdagsdfgsdfgdfg.png)

(34.21 KB 512x384 asdasdasgsgsrgfsrgsrgsrgsr.png)

>>657461 After finishing everything in the jungle that I can currently do. I progress the story and get more terrible dialogue. This fight is by far the hardest fight so far with a growth spamming mega tangrowth. However after 6 sand attacks, and a thunder wave it might as well have been in a coma. After winning Heather gets the shit kicked out of her. As I saved all the police officers I manage to catch Corey as being a part of team meteor.
(36.96 KB 512x384 sdfasdfasdgadhfhdfgdf.png)

(13.49 KB 512x384 sdfgdfgsdfgdfhdhdfhdsfh.png)

(12.13 KB 512x384 aasdasafswfewfwfwef.png)

(37.18 KB 512x384 fdsgdgdfhgfjgfhjhhh.png)

>>657500 Corey then runs to his gym, and we chase. The police get mind controlled or something. Then it's more terrible dialogue about how terrible existing is. I changed my team quite a bit for this fight with the addition of Bobby, and pangoro. The fight goes very well with it only taking 2 attempts. Heather then storms in and throws a temper tantrum at her father, after he asks us to protect her. Heather storms out, he then leaves for the bridge and tells you "to stop by for a show".
(12.89 KB 512x384 adsfsdfsgsdfgfs.png)

(12.91 KB 512x384 dghgfhgfhjfgjfhjhj.png)

(13.47 KB 512x384 sdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdf.png)

(13.43 KB 512x384 asdfasfsdfsdfsdfsd.png)

>>657542 Corey then commits suicide.
(11.75 KB 512x384 dsadasfasasfafafafa.png)

(11.70 KB 512x384 asdfgdfhgdfhhtht.png)

(14.06 KB 512x384 sadfsdfdhadfgdg.png)

(16.41 KB 512x384 sdfgsdhgfhjfghfghgfhgfhgf.png)

>>657544 After the suicide, I make my way back around to the lapis ward where I find the next gym leader this cal guy. The 4th gym leader shows up and cleans up the mess left by Corey, then Cain shows up to make me want to jump off a bridge. Cain then distracts the police allowing us to go into a hole in the stairs nearby so we can save Victoria. After doing that we fight Victoria, then fern before going to check on the gym leader because Fern apparently left her in tears.
(5.83 KB 512x384 cvxngfnfhnfhnfnnn.png)

(8.23 KB 512x384 shghgfnnnhnnn.png)

(12.20 KB 512x384 dfsagdhdhjdhjhhh.png)

(21.02 KB 512x384 dsfsafsdfgsdfgsdfg.png)

>>657656 We're asked by her friend to get a doctor as she's currently throwing up and what not. So I go to get a doctor at the orphanage down the street. All his patients seem to all not be the most normal of people, and talk about how he uses electric pokemon in his therapy. Being a moron the main character ignores this and makes an appointment. After we get back Shelly decides to do her duties as a gym leader to help get her mind off things. I beat the gym on my second attempt with this team. Afterwards the doctor stops by and seems very interested in if Shelly has parents or not. This leads to her friend getting very mad, and doing something he regrets. We follow him outside only for him to say "I don't deserve kindness" and shit because he was mean to Shelly. Victoria tries to get him to join her school so he can learn to control his emotions. Then Cain appears and challenges me. I beat his ass, only for him to say gay shit about it. Heather then appears to see Shelly only to get dragged away by the doctor after he finds out she doesn't have a guardian. Everyone decides to not stop him because he reads the law to them about forced adoptions in this world. Everyone then decides that they don't care about the law anymore and attempt to break into his orphanage to forcefully take her back.
(9.97 KB 512x384 sdfgdfghhgfhgfhgfhgfhgf.png)

(11.29 MB 854x480 Mike.webm)

>>657667 We break into the orphanage and force our way through the works. We make it to the top and save heather, only for everyone to abandon me forcing me to fight the doctor alone. Naturally, he doesn't stand a chance so I follow everyone to the underground railway. When I get there I get informed that they need to turn the power back on, and that it's connected to the old powerplant owned by shade. Seeing as I'm the only one with free will, I make my way over and start my fight with shade. This one took me 3 tries. After shade turns the power back on team meteor somehow knows exactly where everyone was and was waiting on the other side of the door in an ambush. They all get captured, except cain.
>>637669 clover
Is Iconoclasts/nig innawoods anon at it again?
(10.09 KB 512x384 sdghhgfhgfhjhjfjgfjgf.png)

(16.64 KB 512x384 sdfgdfghgfhgfh.png)

(16.35 KB 512x384 dfghfhfjfjfhfghhh.png)

After Everyone gets taken by the enemy, I get tasked to help take out a team meteor base. A simple puzzle, attempted murder, and one rug muncher decked later and the place is destroyed. We're tehn tasked of going to an island to attempt to stop another pulse machine, and to get the next badge. >>657744 I'm not him. Just a bored anon that decided suffering through this game again might be at least somewhat fun.
(6.17 KB 512x384 assdfsgasfdhgdfghdf.png)

(26.72 KB 512x384 zczczbxcbxfbxffvfv.png)

(27.89 KB 512x384 jgkjkhjkhjklhjklhk.png)

(13.08 KB 512x384 asdfsdfxsfsdfsf.png)

>>658098 Once I get there I warn them, and they say they'll keep an eye out. With that out of the way I can now focus on the badge. To fight Kiki I must first beat Victoria or Cal. I choose both and swiftly beat both. As a side note Cal's been here for around a couple days and is suddenly a new person. I then try to challenge Kiki, only to get my ass kicked multiple times by her lucario. The lack of a fire, and water type is really starting to cause me problems, so I decide to put this badge on hold and work on my team a bit.
>>657656 >cleans up the mess left by Corey Literally? As in, his corpse?
(13.27 KB 512x384 asdfsdfasdfsdfsdfsdfdsfsd.png)

(20.07 KB 512x384 sdgdfgsdfgdfgdfgdffdgdf.png)

(24.17 KB 512x384 fghgfhfghfghf.png)

(24.95 KB 512x384 jkhjkhkhjk.png)

>>658108 After finishing the changes to my team it still takes me a number of tries to beat her. The Medicham that could one shot everything on my team proved to be a difficult challenge, however I managed to just barely beat it with poison. She then collapses after the fight. It's now time to prepare for the fight with the level 75 garchomp which an anon stream around a year ago. Of course you're meant to lose, however I plan to win. The way I plan to do this is a destiny bond drifloon with a focus sash. After getting the garchamp killer I continue with the plot by finding a lab on a different island. After which I follow them back to the first island to attempt to stop them from blowing up the volcano.
(19.66 KB 512x384 sasdfgdsgdfgdfgdfgdfg.png)

(20.78 KB 512x384 fsdgdfgdfgdgdfgfg.png)

(19.08 KB 512x384 sdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdf.png)

(20.42 KB 512x384 ghjgkghkhjkhjkhjk.png)

>>658212 The garchamp is obliterated, and the faggot that owns him starts yelling about how I'm powerless. Cal then kills kiki's Medicham by throwing it into a volcano, and garchomp then kills kiki. Cal then decides to change sides after kiki has died, at least the island is safe for now.
(7.05 KB 512x384 fdhhgfhfghhh.png)

(15.75 KB 512x384 dfsfsdfsdfffff.png)

(14.23 KB 512x384 ffdgsdfgdfgdfgdfgdf.png)

(13.12 KB 512x384 sadasdasdasdasdasdasd.png)

>>658227 After the shitshow on the volcano everyone heads back, and we find out that cain isn't on good terms with his parents. truly a shocking revelation. His sister is also the next gym leader, and there might be a pulse machine near their house. We get then and find out the pulse machine is off, and cain then runs away again refusing to even see his family. We go inside and find Fern beat us there somehow. Given the door to this area was locked he must have teleported. Fern does what Fern does best and made everyone he talks to hate him. And we barely get our gym battle before the almost gym leader throws in the towel and quits. Lucky the rock gym leader was here to calm her down. So after getting our badge we leave only to find Cain ask me if I now understand why he doesn't want to talk to his family. I answer no, and he attempts to fight me only to get his shit kicked in. When I leave the area Cal appears and starts talking about how he didn't mean for any of that to happen, and that he already sabotaged it beforehand. He then hands me the strength tm and fucks off. Overall the game seems to be the same as last time with the same dog shit dialogue, and the same alright gameplay.

(7.92 KB 512x384 dasfsdfasdfsdfhhh.png)

(8.99 KB 512x384 dsafsdafsdfsddsffff.png)

(11.82 KB 512x384 sdfasdfsdfsdgggg.png)

>>658315 After getting strength we go to save everyone else. Cain makes me want to kill him even more then before, and we work our way though the building. We save everyone, however we have to give up a necklace that's bound to be important. We then make our way back to the railnet and use the train to bust through the barricade. After which we go meet the sister of red and purple hair. We then attempt to get medicine for one of the girls who I can't remember the name of.
(18.24 KB 512x384 asdfdsfsdfsdffff.png)

(12.70 KB 512x384 bgfdhghgfhgfhgfh.png)

(26.31 KB 512x384 dsafasdfsdfsdfsdfsdf.png)

>>658761 I manage to get to the town after getting through the teleporting forest only to find the town also teleporting around. I talk to the gym leader and her son who's obsessed with a girl. I then battle my through the gym and attempt to fight the leader. I get my ass kicked without being able to even take one of her pokemon. This is about where the difficulty becomes bullshit. The bosses start all having field effects that are absurdly broken like all of their attacks doing double damage, and can't miss, while also giving them massive evasion and crit buffs. So I now have to build a specific team to beat this boss, or take the penalty for breaking the field.
(23.93 KB 512x384 asdasdasdasdasdas.png)

>>658811 A 430% boosted flash cannon did this much damage. It might even be more depending on how damage is calculated.
>>658850 >Sandslash could have done it if the enemy didn't constantly get 5-10 crits in a row ignoring stat boosts I guess next up is medicham.
(10.99 KB 512x384 sasdgdgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfg.png)

(11.35 KB 512x384 asdasdadasdasdasdasdasd.png)

>>659089 I finally managed to get a run without the glaceon getting 7 crits in a row. This allowed me to stack enough advantages to one shot her entire team. To that unfortunate soul that claimed to be trying to do this as well, get a alolan sandslash.
(10.66 KB 512x384 sdafsdfsdffffdhdgb.png)

(10.42 KB 512x384 sdfgsdfgdsfsgdfgfdg.png)

(23.16 KB 512x384 asdasdasddddd.png)

(18.13 KB 512x384 asdfsdffhhhj.png)

>>659103 Finally done with that gym, I return with the remedy for one of the girls, only for the house to be minutes away from a siege by team meteor. I defend the best I can, only for the backline to break at a bad time leading to me having to retreat. This causes one of the girls to get captured and I now have to follow one of her sisters into team meteors base after her. When I get there she gets I find corpses outside.
(11.76 KB 512x384 dghdgfghhhjgjghj.png)

(17.42 KB 512x384 sadasdasdasdasdghdfgbvdbv.png)

(17.80 KB 512x384 asdasdasdasdadasdasd.png)

>>659162 After tearing through the guards I find simon who apparently lost his wife in the siege just now, poor simon. I make my way to the command area only to get teleported away by a pulse abra. In a tunnel that is randomly getting larger, I attempt to find an exit. I find trouble instead.
(7.84 KB 512x384 asdasdasdasdasfgghhhjut.png)

(17.69 KB 512x384 hjkhjkhjkhjk.png)

(15.37 KB 512x384 asdasdasdasdghghdghdgh.png)

>>659164 We then hijack the steelix and take it to go kill team meteor. Their boss shows up and almost kills one of us. I was inside dealing with the abra. Afterwards we get access to route one.
(11.01 KB 512x384 dfgdsfgdfhj.png)

(27.48 KB 512x384 asdasdgfhgjhjasdasdasdas.png)

(9.41 KB 512x384 dfssdfsdhdbdbvcbcvb.png)

(14.18 KB 512x384 asdfsdfasdfsdfsdfsdfsdf.png)

>>659180 Going through route 1 I find a weirdo, get told to get over myself because I don't like team meteor, and find the next gym. While there the leader's pokemon gets stolen. He doesn't seem worried, however his 'daughter' asks him to go get her back so he does his best. We hunt El down, who is a religious zealot who's appeared exactly once before. we chase him into a underground garden and tower area, where a faggot confronts us about our 'crimes'. Apparently he thinks we brainwashed El's daughter, stole the bracelets we were given earlier, and treated gardevoir badly. We track them inside only for the faggot to be very confused and decide to join us through the tower to figure out what's happening. He then tells me his pronouns.
>>658227 Oh they actually fixed that awful incineroar sprite. Shame they didn't fix the rest of the game.
(17.81 KB 512x384 dasfsdfshdghdghtrghrthtrh.png)

(13.77 KB 512x384 asdfsdfsdgsdfgfsdgsdfgdfgd.png)

(14.10 KB 512x384 sdfgdfgdfgjfhjfhfghfg.png)

(8.42 KB 512x384 gfjjghjfghklgh.png)

>>659319 After we catch up to El we have to fight a level 75 arceus with recover, judgement and leftovers. To say it goes poorly is an understatement. He also has 3 full heals meaning I have to hope to not only have the quick claw proc on the first turn, I also have to hope for it to paralyze immediately and for no misses in the next 3 thunder waves. After around 15 resets I manage to do it and beat the arceus. After that everyone returns to the gym and I attempt to get the badge. Unfortunately he has a Malamar that I struggle to kill. Which means I need to find a bug type. I then learn that bug types are absurdly rare in this game. I have around 6 options of which most are dog shit. I settle on Pinsir as it's relatively close by, and has swords dance. I come to regret this later as the """"Puzzle"""" requires me to run around 12 different entrances to a forest trying to find all the logs and webs to break through the use of honey on trees to attract a pinsir and heracross that can destory one of the two. This takes me around an hour, and the pinsir is level 40ish. Which means I then have to level it up 17 times to make it even useable for the battle, and I have to teach it a bug move because it doesn't fucking have one. After all that I manage to finally get through the Psychic gym, only to have the gym assaulted by team meteor. We are then given the goal of saving luna, El's daughter from team meteor.
>>659408 One of the things I was hoping would change was a vast reduction to the size of the cast. Unfortunately that's not the case and there's nearly 100 characters in this story of which I would say exactly 3 are interesting. And 2 have not appeared in the story for at least a few hours.
>>659447 I bet they're all the creator's little faggy forum friends.
(27.23 KB 512x384 dsgdfgsdfjfhj.png)

(38.48 KB 512x384 fdgsdfgdfsgdhj.png)

(11.93 KB 512x384 sdfgdfgsdffjjfghgfhgf.png)

(13.71 KB 512x384 asdfsdfsdfghsdfhdfhdg.png)

>>659440 After getting out of there I have to join a gang to obtain the ability to visit the black market. Once there I find El leading a cult, and he attempts to do a ritual on luna. Of course we stop him, and I can finally challenge luna's gym. Luna's gym is by far the easiest besides the umbreon that is a pain in the ass to kill. I've finally reached half way through this game. I would say so far that nearly nothing has changed, everything for the most part has played out exactly how I remember it.
>>659632 She's here. I'm officially at the worst part of the game.
(21.30 KB 512x384 ehryhjryryhrtgtrgrtg.png)

(19.82 KB 512x384 7o78i8yiyutjgjghfv.png)

(18.86 KB 512x384 gfdhdhhjyeyu467446x.png)

(485.85 KB 480x360 1573698254812.webm)

>>659698 Who in their mind looked at this dialogue and considered it good?
(2.63 MB 476x268 yell_depression.mp4)

>>659698 If I get a chance, I'm killing terra so I no longer have to read this shit.
(4.04 MB 640x360 please kill me.webm)

(14.59 KB 512x384 cugfuigjkgh.png)

(13.51 KB 512x384 sdfadgdfhwethggreg.png)

>>660027 I've come to the conclusion that the game is most likely cheating. During this gym battle, I've been constantly outsped by a level 66 hawlucha. Even when perfectly bred this thing can only have 245 speed. My Alakazam has 220 speed right now, and after a 2 tier speed buff has 440 speed, which has seen it outsped. So unless this field somehow gives 196 points of speed, or makes its first attack always first, it's cheating.
(13.56 KB 512x384 asdsdasdfgdfgdfgsdfgf.png)

(12.54 KB 512x384 dsghghjjktyjtb.png)

(15.51 KB 512x384 ghfhjfrhyrh.png)

(58.49 KB 220x233 aggrgrgreg.png)

>>660072 After far too many tries, I finally beat the fighting gym leader. This is the team I used. I basically tried my hardest to put his first pokemon into a coma so I could stack an absurd amount of buffs on my Alakazam so I could sweep him team. Honestly I don't see how you could really do anything else as the field can't be removed, it doubles to triples his damage, and a number of his pokemon are far faster then they should be. He was basically out speeding and one shotting everything I had. Afterwards the suffering started again, at least it was brief.
(1.94 MB 1366x1536 1445730568948.png)

(12.71 KB 512x384 asdfdsgsdfgsdfagsdf.png)

(21.86 KB 512x384 sdagsdfhdhhyjyuu.png)

(20.75 KB 512x384 hgfjghfjgfhj.png)

>>660122 I head off to get the surf tm, only for the local rug munchers to in fact only be one rug muncher. As red hair was lying to prevent blue hair from killing herself. Thier relationship then falls completely apart and blue hair tries to kill herself, and red hair jumps after her in a attempt to save her. Red hair also tasks me with saving them as neither of them have a way up the waterfall, so much for being the water gym leader.
(20.44 KB 512x384 dasfsdgsdfgsdfgsdfsd.png)

(19.13 KB 512x384 dasfhhrbyj.png)

(18.80 KB 512x384 hadfhdfhrhjyj.png)

(11.60 KB 512x384 sfgfgdfsgdfgdfgdfty.png)

>>660132 We attempt to make it to a town I forgot the name of, only to find it blocked by ice. So we make our way to a different town, only to almost get hit with an artillery blast. We then randomly wander into a team meteor base, and one of the members quit, only to instantly be killed.
(22.04 KB 512x384 gfhyjtyjtju.png)

(20.56 KB 512x384 dasdfasdfasdfghhtt.png)

(7.80 KB 512x384 asdfgdhtrhrthrtgt.png)

>>660157 Aya gets kidnapped and we get into town only to find Fern join the enemy After which they attempt to threaten us with Aya's life, only for me not to care. We make a plan to save her by going around with dive as the barrier most likely doesn't extend beneath the water. We now need to beat the fire gym so we can use dive. I've also just found the new form of suffering that is the fire gym field, not only does it boost the damage of fire moves to such a degree that 99% of targets will instantly die to an eruption, it also makes water moves do half damage. It's also a double battle. I wish I remembered how I beat this last time.
>>660253 Finally beat the fire gym. My strategy was to one shot her before she one shot me. Because of the field water types would die in 2 hits to a move like heatwave. Everything else besides ground types died instantly. I will say that a lot of these fields are just flat stat increases to certain types. I think the only ones I've liked have been the forest one, and the poison one used by the guy that killed himself.
>>659806 From what I remember, it used to be worse. Goddamn I feel like I've went back in time like 3 years
>>660122 Two things; One, yes the game is cheating. Back when I played I ran chest engine on it to see the stats and states or various battles. They will egregiously buff numbers on your opponents to pad the gameplay. Back in the build I was playing, one of the "unwinnable" matches made the enemy mons have 9999 stats. I imagine it would've been higher but they built the game in rpg maker. Two, does the game still run like hot shit down a pant leg? I was playing on a laptop and I had so many freezes and crashes it was unreal.
>>660732 The game still freezes for a second when changing areas, and when starting a battle. I've only had it crash once so far. I am using the linux version.
(26.49 KB 512x384 asdasgdhtghtrghthj.png)

(21.50 KB 512x384 sdfaagsdfgsdfsdfsdhds.png)

>>660483 So I use dive to kill the thing making all the ice, and we make our way to this town to find Heather. Here we find Cal's brother who constantly says shit like 'gg', 'noobs', or 'fam'. I didn't get any pictures as I was just trying to get through it as fast as possible. We beat the shit out of him, only for him to run away and give us back the ruby ring he stole, and the waterfall tm. Unfortunately I now have to fight terra, which means going through a dog shit area called 'the glitch world'.
(15.86 KB 512x384 sdafshgsgsdfsdafsdfsffsdf.png)

(16.17 KB 512x384 ashdghdhrrhbrbtrh.png)

(13.07 KB 512x384 rhrygrbrhyyhryhryhyrhry.png)

(2.63 MB 476x268 depression.mp4)

(5.24 KB 512x384 rhrthrjryh.png)

(23.20 KB 512x384 fdhjkffhgfyjfghfnfnj.png)

(10.99 KB 512x384 asdfasdhfdsagdfgdfgdfvtregg.png)

>>660915 After chasing terra through the worst area in the game, I beat her in 2 attempts and hopefully never have to deal with her again.
(8.45 KB 512x384 shghgfhfghryhr.png)

(10.34 KB 512x384 ytntjktktu.png)

(13.84 KB 512x384 sadfsgsgsdfdsfasdf.png)

(11.84 KB 512x384 sdfgdfhtrbrtbrb.png)

>>660921 After obtaining the badge required for waterfall I go into the water processing plant at the base of the waterfall. There I do a number of puzzles to save red and blue hair. Once we get back the house is under siege by team meteor, and after 3 double battles and 36 pokemon beat into the dirt we're finally safe. Funny enough this has been the easiest battle so far as there's no field effects, and no cheating. Blue hair wakes up and apparently forgot everything that's happened so far in the game. Red hair is pissed because she's back to living a lie, and fucks off to a desert that apparently exists nearby. We now must beat the final gym at the circus so I can use fly and return to reborn city.
>>660981 The flying type gym proved to be a massive joke. This was the team I beat it with.
>>660988 The fact that you're working your way through this is respectable. I salute you, anon. I hope Terra is dead and will never come back.
(11.21 KB 512x384 asdsgfsdgsdfvtegtgegt.png)

(24.49 KB 512x384 asdfsdfgsdgsdgasdf.png)

(8.63 KB 512x384 asgfsdgdfhghgh.png)

(10.28 KB 512x384 asdgasdgsgfsdfsdaghhthty.png)

Ace gets killed right as you return, and I find it hard to care in the slightest. Once I return I'm given a bunch of fetch quests. I finish them all and we start a raid on a building that team meteor is staying at from an anonymous tip. Of course it's a trap and the champion, a gym leader, and 3 of the strongest trainers in the city including myself all get captured. They could only stop me by electrocuting me in a surprise attack. Waking up out of my electric indued coma I find myself forced to beat the shit out of my allies. Of course I'm not allowed to just break myself free with the power of 6 level 80 pokemon, because plot. >>661004 I'm currently trying my best to finish this game, after I got back to reborn I felt the desire to stop playing immediately.
(10.97 KB 512x384 asasdfsdagsdgsdgfd.png)

(13.64 KB 512x384 asdfsdfsfsdfsadfsfsdfsd.png)

(11.23 KB 512x384 asdfsddsfbvgvtdeg.png)

(11.34 KB 512x384 sdagdfghdhdh.png)

>>661396 So currently everyone is being tortured in some way besides me. The fights have honestly been a joke difficulty wise compared to the earlier ones with me only really using Eel. I can see attempts at making them hard, however when I can just stack buffs to the point of being able to sweep the opponents team with no effort it comes off as a joke. I suppose these fights would be hard if you couldn't use items, however at that point you're just at the mercy of the ai constantly getting crits exactly when it needs to, which it has a high tendency of doing.
(9.79 KB 512x384 dfasgfsdfa.png)

(10.06 KB 512x384 sagsghdbvtgege.png)

(6.98 KB 512x384 sadgsgsgsdagtveg.png)

>>661406 After the second tile puzzle we get to watch the champion get decapitated, before getting another fucking tile puzzle.
>>661414 I should really be calling them """Puzzles""", as they don't take any brain power, you just click the next switch until you finally get through it.
(22.52 KB 512x384 sdfsdafsdsagsgfsfsg.png)

(12.84 KB 512x384 sdafasdhbtrbrhjutyu.png)

>>661414 Zel is now also dead. they shouldn't have put me in a self defense situation.
(6.45 KB 512x384 sdaggevbrhrr.png)

>>661429 A good question. With the answer being because the creator said so. Quite frankly the main character would be qualified as a calamity for the organization with how everywhere he appears he ruins everything they had planned. There's literally no reason for them to leave such a massive threat alive, especially when they keep getting stronger, and are currently nearly unstoppable without tricks like sneak attacks.
(14.16 KB 512x384 asgsgsghdehbgt.png)

(13.48 KB 512x384 asdgsdfgsdfhgbrybtrghgh.png)

>>661449 With the fairy gym defeated I'm now 75% of the way through the game. Every fight since I've beaten the fighting gym has been a joke. The only problem is the ai getting 10 crits in a row leading to a loss, wh
>>661471 which happens more then you'd think.* I have no idea why it cut off the end of that sentence.
(44.53 KB 512x384 sadfsdfsdghdfgdf.png)

(36.25 KB 512x384 asdgsdgsdfghgbryhrhrh.png)

>>661471 What a "fun" open area of fuck all.
(92.39 KB 512x384 asdgsdfgdberbebtege.png)

(24.98 KB 512x384 dasdsafasdfvfasdvgsdf.png)

(18.09 KB 512x384 asdfsdfghdfsdbbhyrhy.png)

(17.49 KB 512x384 saghfhgbryrhyh.png)

>>661484 Getting to the end of the desert I find visual clutter the puzzle, can you spot the train you need? After that I come out where ever the fuck pic 2 related is. And after going through it the steel gym leader almost dies, and manages to kill Lin. So we're going to beat the steel gym.
(11.22 KB 512x384 sadgsgvdbrbrtgh.png)

(11.05 KB 512x384 asdfhdbtrhrtyu.png)

(14.67 KB 512x384 asgdfghdgbvgtgh.png)

>>661781 Another gym down and I'm apparently working with Lin now according to Lin. While I have no idea what that's about, I only have 3 more gyms to go and the post game before I never have to look at this game again.
(79.04 KB 512x384 reborn.png)

>>661781 It's this one, right?
(14.41 KB 512x384 asdgdfsgadfgfsdgsdfg.png)

(11.81 KB 512x384 asdfsgdfhrnbryjjk.png)

(11.63 KB 512x384 dfgdhgfhgfbfbfgyh.png)

(21.44 KB 512x384 asdgsgsdfgsdfsdfsd.png)

So I get told to go to the water gym only for blue hair to keep running from me when I attempt to challenge the gym. Leading to her attempting to kill me. >>661792 Unfortunately that's not it.
(9.80 KB 512x384 rebnjtyjtju.png)

(9.48 KB 512x384 ykynmybnfh.png)

(9.63 KB 512x384 hfgjdhytybnty.png)

(15.28 KB 512x384 asdfgsdgsdfgsdfad.png)

>>661795 Luckily read hair finds me before I die and drags me to safety. They start arguing about killing people before they both storm off. Blue hair says she'll fight me now. With basically no effort on my part I win, and she I assume went off to kill herself.
>>661798 >They start arguing about killing people before they both storm off. >Like you've never done something like that?! ...what the fuck is up with the writing for this game?
(13.51 KB 512x384 dsafsdfsdgfafsdgfasdgsd.png)

>>661798 I decided to spend some time changing the team around, because while I've never played this far I've heard that there's a gauntlet of 3 double battles coming up, that I know my previous team couldn't handle. Here's the new team.
So, I'm a newfag when it comes to the whole ROMhacking thing, and I only got recently after starting to play Gen II with some childhood friends. Is there a ROMhack that's basically just Gen I but with the shitty programming fixed and the ability to catch all 151 Pokémon?

(6.04 KB 512x399 adsfsdafsdghadsfggerg.png)

(6.21 KB 512x399 asdfsgasdfgbvg.png)

(7.89 KB 512x399 asdfsdafsagasgsdfg.png)

>>661833 So we make our way over to where apparently everyone has been going one by one only to disappear while we were gone. How any of them even managed to make it over here without the required badges is beyond me. We instantly get captured because of course we're just retarded. They don't kill us for some reason, and we save a glaceon that then kills a grunt. >>661814 It's really bad. I've not even shown the half the dogshit dialogue, the reasons things happen are almost always nonsense, and the massive amount of characters are almost all terrible.
>>661861 >got recently *got into emulation recently
(18.42 KB 512x399 asgsfdgdbvgbtdt.png)

(19.08 KB 512x399 dfhfgkgnju.png)

(32.56 KB 512x399 sdfgdsfgdfhsdgdfsgsdfg.png)

>>661863 After a puzzle I finally make it to the pulse machine, only to have to beat cain and shelly as they've been mind controlled. I beat them only to instantly be I assume mind controlled and assaulted. I've now woken up in a void.
(15.41 KB 512x399 adfgdfhdgbdbghd.png)

(19.68 KB 512x399 asdfgdhgfhgyrhjyj.png)

(22.24 KB 512x399 asdfsdgasdfghsdfgafggfsdg.png)

>>661890 In the void we get shown a lot of shit. Most of it's not important in the slightest. We do learn that Radomus's Gardevoir wanted to marry him.
(24.01 KB 512x399 dgshdffjtguj.png)

(24.15 KB 512x399 hjkhjhl,l.png)

(24.11 KB 512x399 asdfsaghnyfryj.png)

>>661921 We're then saved by luna and shade. Once we're out of the void Radomus tells us what happened in the past 30 minutes. Luna though out the story has claimed to be the child of Radomus and Serra, who don't even know each other. El is also her father or something? It's not explained well enough. Anyways she gets called out to the factory we are at by shade, and gardevoir calls Serra out here as well for whatever reason.
(20.98 KB 512x399 sdhgfhjgfhfgfhgfh.png)

(20.45 KB 512x399 asgasdfgdfhthtrh.png)

(20.31 KB 512x399 sdaasfgsdfagadfsgf.png)

(14.99 KB 512x399 asgdfahdghgfhgfhsu.png)

>>661925 So they get to the room I was in only to find me mind controlled. They attempt to stop me only to get pummeled into the floor. I'll take this moment to mention that this was 3 fights in a row of which 2 were double battles with no allies. This means I just went 6 to 30 with no healing besides a set of full restores after the second one. Gardevoir then goes ballistic and tries to take me, and the pulse down by making a fucking black hole. This works and puts me into the void, somehow. This also takes gardevoir, cain, and luna. I then return through bullshit, lunas, and shades help.
>>661933 There also seems to be some time travel bullshit happening in the story, as there's a lot to suggest that luna's telling the truth in some way. So soul time travel? I have no fucking idea.
(17.45 KB 512x399 gfasdgdfbrthh.png)

(17.24 KB 512x399 hjhjdjtgjytio.png)

(17.22 KB 512x399 adsfgfdgdfhdhdghdgh.png)

(19.11 KB 512x399 ghdjdtyjtyjutyuy.png)

>>661940 We get back only to find out that hardy's town is now under siege by team meteor. So we go over to stop it. When we get there for some reason the leader of team meteor thinks he can even put up a fight against me. This is the 3rd time he's lost. I will say that I do like how everyone acknowledges how powerful you are.
(13.08 KB 512x399 asdgdfgghgfbrgfh.png)

(23.93 KB 512x399 dfahgfhjghjyjk.png)

(14.42 KB 512x399 asfsdgsdagsdfgfasdfsdf.png)

(15.77 KB 512x399 asdfsdfasdghhrth.png)

>>661966 So Lin gets away because everyone refuses to attack her, and the fighting gym leader gets hit with a black hole. Then right afterwards I challenge the gym.
(21.94 KB 512x399 asghryjyhtrhj.png)

(21.99 KB 512x399 sdfgjfhnujyi.png)

>>661995 There's now a thing call the 'pulse2' which just gives the enemies more ivs.
(18.21 KB 512x399 dfgdmgkiu.png)

(7.46 KB 512x399 jhjhkhjmjhk.png)

(22.30 KB 512x399 asdgsdfgsdfgdsfgdfgdfsgd.png)

>>662007 So we seige the city, and I now have to deal with a wonder guard dark ghost. Which is immune to everything besides fairy.
Pokemon Wilds is pretty good. Its a nice mix between minecraft with the open world and gen 1 pokemon.
(18.90 KB 512x399 ghjghjghjghj.png)

(14.95 KB 512x399 dfshgfhgfhdgfh.png)

(79.42 KB 300x293 1626812086212.jpg)

>>662031 I was hoping she was gone.
>>662050 She's still aliiiiiiive... *carhorn* I miss Jedi Academy funnies
(15.28 KB 512x399 ghjkmkyukio.png)

(15.14 KB 512x399 jkl;kl;.png)

(16.46 KB 512x399 afgdfhgnjjk.png)

(16.15 KB 512x399 ghjgkjmik.png)

>>662050 I hope I can kill her myself.
(15.28 KB 512x399 ghjkmkyukio.png)

(15.14 KB 512x399 jkl;kl;.png)

(16.46 KB 512x399 afgdfhgnjjk.png)

(16.15 KB 512x399 ghjgkjmik.png)

(8.71 KB 512x399 mgujokhg.png)

(9.00 KB 512x399 ghjgkjmuk.png)

(23.26 KB 512x399 fhdjfhnhgfjyj.png)

(26.41 KB 512x399 fdhfnhj.png)

(26.54 KB 512x399 fkjkjjhk.png)

(25.96 KB 512x399 agfgfhyrtrh.png)

(26.01 KB 512x399 ghdfhjgjuuk.png)

(25.84 KB 512x399 afgfsdghgbv.png)

>>662077 >gucci fanfiction >yikez >admits to being lol so randumb >roflcopter >bootleg bugsy >twerk >delicious vore >delicious >vore Whoever made this needs to be shot.
(26.99 KB 512x399 jkhlhjkljk;';'.png)

(26.54 KB 512x399 fghjfghgfhgfj.png)

(26.27 KB 512x399 sdfgdfghh.png)

>>662096 For context we're all being forced to fight each other and the ones that lose get 'deleted'. While this is all going on with attempts at character moments, you have terra talking constantly.
(18.01 KB 512x399 hgkjfyu.png)

(24.88 KB 512x399 asgsgdfghn.png)

(25.45 KB 512x399 nhjngyujtujthj.png)

(24.51 KB 512x399 dhbgtggsdfgsdfgdfg.png)

(26.52 KB 512x399 hkljkljkl.png)

(46.41 KB 512x399 sdfghsdhdg.png)

>>662115 She's dead finally.
(32.53 KB 512x399 fdgsdfgdfgdfgfsd.png)

(30.87 KB 512x399 sfsdfasdfsdf.png)

>>662154 Lin has killed the commander, and victory road is ahead.
>>662164 I hate this game so much. Here's a guide to the """""puzzles""""" in victory road: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=90x2_3ypLKc It'll take a fucking hour of painfully simple """""Puzzles""""" to get through this fucking area. 2/10 game, nothing can change my mind at this point.
Rom hacks have become so advanced these days. Back when I played them 10+ years ago, most of them were in broken English, had default tilesets and were merely variants of existing games. I had a blast playing Pokemon ShinyGold. More recently, I played Blue Kaizo however I think I almost got filtered by one of the cave tunnel puzzles. You don't get flash, so you have to do it manually. And it's really bad. I think I got through it but it drained my motivation and I never played again.
>>662222 Isn't Reborn made in Gamemaker?
Are there any romhacks or fan games that have double or triple battles? At least for the latter you'd expect them to change up the gameplay formula in some way like adding front and back positions like you'd see in other rpgs.
(21.96 KB 512x399 gfasdfghdg.png)

(23.26 KB 512x384 agfgsdfgdfgdfgsdfg.png)

>>662200 Alright so Blake and Fern are both apparently dead, and I'm half way through these fucking puzzles only to now be told to go on a scavenger hunt. This is by far the most dogshit area in this game.
(18.61 KB 512x384 asgfsdabgfasdgfasgs.png)

(19.65 KB 512x384 fhgfhgfhfdh.png)

(20.01 KB 512x384 hdhdfghdfghdgd.png)

(16.53 KB 512x384 asdggdfghdfhfjyjrt.png)

>>662441 >It ends with a 7 part code that's made up of 4 types of gems that's completely random I just want the suffering to end.
(25.92 KB 512x384 fghfhnjgyujyu.png)

(26.74 KB 512x384 nhffhnhjy.png)

(27.05 KB 512x384 dfjhjghjkyuk.png)

(8.83 KB 512x384 adhdhdgfdasgtfaggafsdg.png)

>>662467 It's now time for the elite 4, hopefully this is the end.
(32.40 KB 500x500 150186323070.jpg)

>>662085 >>662096 >>662115 Anon suffered for us
(12.40 KB 512x384 asdfgdfhdgbh.png)

(12.82 KB 512x384 jfmmjkuiiii.png)

(12.48 KB 512x384 vbjbnmjk.png)

>>662475 In the final fight of the elite 4 we're told that time travel has indeed happened, and we're the existence that was brought forth by the wish of anna. We've basically been created to win. That's why we always do.
(8.48 KB 512x384 dfgsddfhdhgdfhdsfhdhdf.png)

(9.54 KB 512x384 sdfgdfjfhgfhjgfjfh.png)

(18.13 KB 512x384 gshghsddgdfgdf.png)

(8.44 KB 512x384 asdfgsdfgsddff.png)

>>662494 I'm so tired of this fucking game. It's not even hard or anything, it just takes time. The only 'difficult' thing about combat for the last half of the game has been the enemy constantly criting. Crits ignore stat boosts, and always one shot in this game. I might as well be rolling dice at this point.
(13.94 KB 512x384 asdfsdagsgdgfs.png)

(13.83 KB 512x384 asgsdfhgdbth.png)

(15.11 KB 512x384 asdgasgsdgsdfdfsd.png)

>>662498 >Clefable can one shot without a crit through 600 SDF and without being super effective What the fuck is this fight.
(25.39 KB 512x384 asdfsdfgsdfasdfsdfsdafdfasd.png)

(14.29 KB 512x384 sdafdfsdfaasdfsdafdsasd.png)

(13.63 KB 512x384 sagasfhgbryhyr.png)

(13.93 KB 512x384 fmugghvfd.png)

>>662504 After revive stalling for 60 turns for her last two pokemon as thy one shot everything, I've finally won. Unfortunately it seems god was just toying with us.
(13.50 KB 512x384 asdgfsvtadsgd.png)

(13.75 KB 512x384 dhfybyfhfsdh.png)

(14.30 KB 512x384 asdfdbryhygf.png)

(14.45 KB 512x384 gfmufjhjgfdhjg.png)

(14.41 KB 512x384 astdgbgtbtbhg.png)

(14.20 KB 512x384 asdfdbtrbsthgdgfdgdfgsd.png)

(14.45 KB 512x384 asdfgdbvthhtht.png)

(14.21 KB 512x384 gftngtujgjh.png)

(14.36 KB 512x384 gshghfjgjhhgfhgfh.png)

(13.84 KB 512x384 sdafvdtbtgdtgsdfg.png)

(12.07 KB 512x384 sadfsdfdfagfdsf.png)

>>662510 So from what I understand god was sealed in a box basically, and I just freed her. Now she plans to play with me for all eternity. God also apparently forced everything to happen. So I suppose nothing ever mattered. I wake up at the start of the game. I also was just told that she's in 'the new world' I assume that's where I was at the end of the game, and that we're planning on beating her? I really don't understand what the fuck is happening anymore.
(13.37 KB 512x384 asdfggbfrthrtyhjg.png)

(13.31 KB 512x384 asgdfgdsghdgh.png)

(13.38 KB 512x384 asgsdfgsdafsdfsdf.png)

(13.17 KB 512x384 asgfdfsdfsdhdfghdh.png)

>>662511 So maybe Lin is only god of the 'new world'? I have no clue what's happening as I previously said.
>>662515 Alright looking into it seems I missed exactly one fucking trigger for the true ending where more is explained. Lin is a girl getting help from an arceus that was trapped in the box. She managed to fall into it somehow, and has been stuck there, Arceus made an avatar for her to interact with the outside world, and she sort of has control of reality. She's been forcing this outcome for a while, and in the post game she dies from the arceus, however it's implied it's all a loop. Unless you save her, then it doesn't loop and she gets off free of charge for all suffering everyone's been put through, however the loop stops. I would say this game is a 2/10 at best, and the story a 1/10. The only way it works is if literally nothing matter and everyone has been controlled by Anna and Lin.
>>662525 Also i forgot to mention that before the arceus event her life was really bad. I honestly don't care though.
>>662525 >Kid with a shit life running away gets gifted power by a God to go on a powertrip Why does this sound like Dice?
Whatever happened to the Red++ and Polished Crystal romhacks?
How does someone actually write all this shit without just killing themselves? I've looked into the tranny who made this. She seems like your typical internet weirdo with too many mental afflictions and a crippling addiction to bad anime.

(242.41 KB 512x384 dgdfhfghtrytyerwt.png)

>>662525 After finishing this game I decided I was not going to do the post game. I was also going to suggest playing rejuvenation, or Desolation instead of this game. However after replaying reborn and realizing how much worse it is compared to what I remember, I decided before I make that statement I will play through both and report back. I will not be going through the entire game with summaries and screenshots this time, however If I find anything I think deserves a spotlight I'll upload it with my current thoughts on the game. I'm starting with rejuvenation as I remember it being very well polished when compared to Desolation, even if I liked desolation more. >>662613 >How does someone actually write all this shit without just killing themselves? They found an audience of retards that don't care. It's also on a forum that is owned by the creator of reborn. >I've looked into the tranny who made this. Reborn was made by a tranny? That would explain a number of things.
>>662618 A tranny or an ugly woman. I couldn't tell.
(294.61 KB 512x384 gfdhffghfhghhhh.png)

(19.21 KB 512x384 sfadsdfasdfasdffgbbbbb.png)

(13.82 KB 512x384 sadfsdffsgggfgfg.png)

>>662618 I'm currently in the prologue of the game, and I have a few things I've noticed so far. One would be the strange level ranges, with the first badge being the strangest. The second is an achievement list. So far the game has been fine, and almost exactly how I remember it.
(20.78 KB 512x384 sgdfgdfgdfg.png)

(43.63 KB 512x384 hhfhjfghjghjghjgh.png)

>>662622 The enemy is a cuck. There's also warning signs for my future suffering. 'Other' was not an option the last time I played.
>>662613 Homestuck. And Mario Bros Copycat Syndrome.
(132.16 KB 512x384 asdfsgbtghrthhtg.png)

(130.91 KB 512x384 asdfasdfasfsdfasfasdf.png)

>>662625 These close up are strange.
>>662085 Pokémon Wack (I mentioned earlier) has a tiny bit of "random" and "edgy" humor in it (the two teams are based on globalist jews and the NSDAP, and your friends are Anne Frank and Adolf Hitler), but the way the game itself actually plays and the story that comes out of their interactions redeemed itself, in my mind. Points I've found notable are: 1. Type redundancy. We don't need 42 types. I appreciate the sheer volume of work that went into creating them and new moves and new pokemon, but there's zero need for Tech and Cyber and Virus. Just combine them. There's zero need for Dark and Shadow and Fear and Zombie. Just combine them. There's zero need for Blood and Heart. There's zero need for Grass and Wood. There's zero need for Flying and Wind. There's zero need for Fire and Magma. There's zero need for Steam to "round out" Water and Ice. Come on. 2. Type worthlessness. Fabric, Food, Paint, Glass, Rubber, Paper, Plastic. All cool ideas for Pokémon, but they would be better served as a single type. Synthetic, maybe. Sound and Light aren't really necessary. Magic is a cool idea, but could easily be put under Psychic/Fairy/Dragon, depending. 3. Gauntlets. Holy shit, this game loves gauntlets. It will even mock you about them sometimes, with NPCs saying, "Wow, this cave is pretty long, isn't it." Or "You thought I was the gym leader? You're only halfway done!" I prefer challenge to what the real games do to you these days, but geez. At least it's not Pokémon Insurgence, where you have to heal after every wild battle and they also expect you to grind. Fuck that shit. 4. Unobtainable Pokémon. This is my OCD, borne out of playing the originals from childhood. I want to catch everything. Don't put 4800 Pokémon in the game and then make over half of them unobtainable in a regular game (you have to use wonder trade a trillion times or play a randomized game). 5. Non-Pokémon "pokemon". Don't be lazy. There's a lot of genuine effort in this thing, with hundreds of new moves, some new abilities, dozens of new items, and thousands of Pokémon, many of which are great ideas. But then the "meme" pokémon take you out of it. The sprite-rips from other games (literally Bowser, with 20 branching evolutions; literally all Touhou characters, literally other video game characters) and fucking Digimon thrown in there just take me out of it. Don't have shit like that at all or come up with more real pokemon to replace them. 6. New Pokémon designs. Aside from the fact that perhaps the guy was 10 when he started drawing some of them, they're mostly really cool ideas. They fit with their typing very well and (the ones that aren't ripped from other franchises) feel like actual Pokémon. And there are thousands, so that's a big deal. 7. Soft-locking. A couple of places. It's terrifying once you realize it can happen and it's infuriating to have to replay from the last save. 8. Story length. People complain about Pokémon games having little to no post-game content. NOT. FUCKING. HERE. I'm not even done with the damn thing yet and I don't even remember fighting the elite 4 anymore, it has been so long. It's great. 15/10 for that aspect of it. 9. Made me feel emotions. I played a video game and felt an emotion this side of 2010. That's good enough in my book. The music is appropriate and humorous. It plays up fake moments and resonates with real ones. I'm totally cool with that.
(6.53 KB 255x220 what the hell, man.jpg)

>>662654 >42 types Does it at least tell you if your moves are effective or not against the enemy? Am I actually expected to remember all that shit myself?
(149.88 KB 1033x774 1574557442052.jpg)

>>662872 I don't know if I can get past how juvenile it looks. I need my Pokemon to look like they weren't made in MS Paint.
(13.52 KB 512x384 sasdfsdfsdfagsdfsdafsgdf.png)

(13.48 KB 512x384 asdghdgbgbhnyhj.png)

(10.40 KB 512x384 dsfdsgdfghgfgfhfgh.png)

>>662641 So far I've been very much enjoying this game. It also seems to have it's own custom variants of pokemon. >>662868 From what I remember wack started as a joke making fun of the people that do shit like this. I also don't remember it ever really mattering that much. Apparently the post game is where things start getting good, however I've only ever got to antarctica. Which I assume isn't very far.
(16.56 KB 512x384 dsafsdgsdfgasgsdfsdaf.png)

>>663237 Saki is the only character so far that has embarrassing lines, which at least fits because I think she's a teenager. This game overall seems to fix a lot of my problems with reborn. So far I would recommend this game if you can ignore the bugs, as I've run into a lot of them. I've only had one crash so far, and no soft locks. However it's very clear that what I said about polish no longer applies to this game.

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