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EVO 2022 Thread Anonymous 08/04/2022 (Thu) 14:08:01 Id: d6bc2c No. 660996
Biggest fighting game tournament in the world now owned by Sony. Expect a lot of circlejerking, shilling and game announcements. https://www.twitch.tv/evo
Will they show the italian not-Juggernaut "female" character from SF6? She'll either be a 10/10 sexbomb that the concept art did not represent well or a complete trainwreck and I'm ready for either.
>>660999 If it's shown on Soynys EVO, surely the second.
>>660996 Just another reason not to watch I guess.
>>661086 I wonder if PsychoJosh is going to EVO this year
>>661090 Not until GM is finished.
>>661091 Yeah, sure.
>>660996 >shilling for e-sports garbage Go back to plebbit.
>>661351 He was talking about PsychoJosh, not evo
>>661360 GigaMaidens will never EVER be finished
>>661422 NEVER
>>661445 EVER.
(684.04 KB 1181x1748 kasharosie-kiss-mgz04-v2.jpg)

Stop bullying me you motherfuckers. I've got a plan. It's just a matter of how long it'll take me. I'm making a franchise not just one game.
>>661633 You dont even have a fucking movement demo to show for it you larping autist.
>>661633 Is your plan to sit on your ass? How much entrepeneural experience do you even have to start reaching to the stars like that? A franchise, this fucking guy.
>>661639 My theory is that its all larping to get people to draw his OC daughteru.
>>661635 >>661639 I have a blog with gameplay videos and stuff, just read that you guys!!!! https://gigamaidens.moe/?p=81 >Entrepreneural experience Who needs that? I didn't say all the GM games would be fighting games. I just mean I'm currently making smaller games set in the same universe while GM itself is on hold.
>>661086 Last time I looked at Steam charts it was like 60 concurrent players tops, dead game
(82.61 KB 768x1024 1287882041176.jpg)

>>661646 I just need you to finish your game. Don't go full YanDev and wait until you have a cult, just work on your project and post more frequent updates, literally don't fucking tease people with non-existent media and expect them to keep their faith in you. The faster you finish your game, the faster you'll have it at EVO, then you'll have your glory or whatever, and we'll have a game. ou should make an OnlyFans with
>>661654 Thanks Anon but you're misunderstanding what I'm doing here. In order to make GM properly I'm gonna need funding, and in order to convince the money-havers to fund it, I'm gonna need some finished games under my belt. So I am making some smaller games with the same characters and universe. I can see how this seems similar to YanDev and I'm hoping I don't wind up like him but this is the plan I'm going with for now. There is much about the 3D development pipeline I need to learn, and I'm currently trying to gain the skills to do everything myself if I need to.
Nigger you're not putting out shit scouring 8chan for any mention of your never ever game so you can go GUYS I TOTALLY HAVE THINGS IN THE PIPELINE RIGHT NOW IT'S COMING EVENTUALLY. Fucking make something first and then play damage control otherwise shut the fuck up your dumb attention whore.
(449.59 KB 642x1531 anna-wizardofrank.png)

I'm taking a break today. Drawing and eating hamburger.
>>661633 Honestly even if you only just keep making and commissioning Kasha art I'd be happy.
(4.38 MB 4000x2585 kashamilchigolf-manncho.png)

>>661665 Thank you Anon, I'm happy you enjoy her. Glad to put out something people like even if it's not a game just yet.
>>661360 EVO as a whole is e-sports garbage.
>>661680 Yes, but there will be game announcements.
>>661676 Honestly does it even need to be a game? Why not just make a comic or something.
>>661704 I suppose I could do that, but I really want to make games. I had thought of doing a comic but I'm making some progress on gamedev and don't wanna stop now.
(158.79 KB 600x448 1497956584275.png)

>>661706 You can do both though, what matters is output. If you're not drawing comics, something tells me you're not making games either. You need to clue people in more mate, you haven't left much of a tangible impression on anyone other than request fagging. I must say I'm certainly thinking you might not have anything under your belt. Why haven't you imported any 3D models into your game? What you're doing here is extremely vague and honestly I can see why people shit on you for that. It's some nodev shit.
>>661708 He also failed to lead development on a Battletoads game. He's a straight up nodev through and through
>>661708 >Why haven't you imported any 3D models into your game? What do you mean? The video of the old build I showed clearly has imported models of the main character. In truth I am working on models, pixel art, and all kinds of different things at once. I am making an effort to keep people updated, that's what my blog is for. >>661710 I've officially swapped hands with a coder who is going to be the lead on that game so /v/attletoads has been out of my hands for some time now. It's now all up to whenever he plans to post updates about it.
What? Is this a grift? Are you pretending to be someone else or are you telling me that's the fruit of your labor?
>>661713 Doesn't matter, what matters is that you failed to lead the project.
(41.47 KB 323x224 f1913079576.jpg)

Don't know why anyone would bother watching Strive competitively. Considering that historically it all boils down to leo v ram matchups since no other character can reasonably compare to them aside from off picks like nago and Happy chaos. Literally more then 80% of all brackets have turned out to be some boring ass ram fests. You can look up any of the last major tournaments and see for yourself how garbage it all is. It's like watching melee but instead of seeing cracked fox players everywhere it's just slow ass jiggly puff and peach.. melee is trash in it's own way but you get the point I'd die to see a chip, millia or i-no player in grand finals but i know that'll never happen since strive's balance is absolute one-sided shit at a high level. Back when very little was known about the game you'd see more diversity in character picks but now that everyone knows a shit ton more about matchups and character weaknesses theres fucking nothing to showcase outside of the overly optimized easy to pull off 5 move tods that go full screen into wallsplat. Overly generalized normals that cover way to many options and os that makes doing any form of pressure on block a nightmare for anyone that isn't the privileged characters with gapless pressure.
>>661849 is Sol still OP?
>>661633 A franchise starts with one game.
>>660996 https://www.evo.gg/schedule >Multiversus Hahahahaha
>>661860 He's strong, but objectivly he's much weaker than nago for sure. Him vs Leo is also completely unfavored since Leo has many armored moves and is capable of pulling up behind his slow moving projectiles. Sol' pressure against leo on block suffers because leo is capable of doing invincible reversals that don't require a forward input (so he can OS any gaps in sol pressure while without risking himself) Sol's pressure is ultimately all stagger which means he has a good number of gaps when blocked This makes him much weaker even if he has some really strong moves like his 3 frame normal. Sol is good but not that good at a high level compared to his opponets.
>>661873 What are you laughing at? Multiversus has a $100,000 pot.
>>661878 That just makes me feel worse.
Huh, apparently they just announced a bunch of guilty gear stuff
Oh boy! I cant wait to see a bunch of sweaty niggers go at each other in a videogame.
>>660996 >now owned by Sony Wow. Is it even possible for EVO to get any more censored and politically-correct than it already was? >>661661 Never give up. We need more people on our side who can develop games. I plan to throw my hat into the ring as well once I get a better PC. Just don't rely too much on outside funding. That'll make you easy prey to cancel culture.
>>661849 Looks like the game is suffering from the DNF Duel effect, at least in that game, there are more OP characters that one can play. Goes to show that high damage, high OP characters with basic moves makes the game boring, it's the equivalent of a story having epic stakes/superman level of power, it eventually becomes boring. Instead a more grounded, technical, balanced match makes for a more exciting game to watch. Despite SFIV being what it is, it was an enjoyable game to spectate and play.
>>662129 >developing games for the side that's going to pirate them
It's still telling despite being a total faggot Low tier god was right about EVO.
>just tune in to Skullgirls >sonic fox on stage I have the worst of timings.
Wait what is this shit? Everyone is masked, even the players and commentators. The absolute fucking state of the FGC. >>662272 What'd he say?
>sonic fox wins skullgirls
>>662347 >sonic fox >winning a game no one cares about Sounds about right
The game was rigged from the start.
>>662393 remember when the devs removed mods from the steam workshop that allowed people to take out the sonicfox cameo?
>>662411 This is something that will have to change once I acquire the IP.
>>662419 Shut up Josh
>>662482 Fuck off furfag no one wants you here.
Weren't there supposed to be announcements between all the enuchs shitflinging?
(118.14 KB 263x366 in_charge_here.png)

>>661633 >I've got a plan
>>662296 I am genuinely glad I wrote this off.
Gamera had a terrific comeback. I didn't actually mind the pace of Granblue despite being so slow. First time I see the game anyhow.
(109.40 KB 236x388 Huhh.png)

>>660996 >and game announcements. What were the announcements.
So how many sex offenders are there this time?
>>663266 You get to replay old games with rollback.
(40.54 KB 960x544 FZlbqGuaIAAgTPt.jpg)

(498.17 KB 500x375 condombuying.gif)

>>663658 Thank you based Saudis for granting us a new Garou.
>>663658 SNK really stepped up with this EVO announcements.
>>663365 At least one that they even called out in the twitch chat during the grandblue finals. Guy looked the part too, I think his name was Shinku.
(51.09 KB 250x167 Pun Pendejo.png)

>>663658 >new Fatal Fury/Garou So I guess it's more of a Fatal Furry.
(1.37 MB 320x240 Boner.gif)

>>663658 >New garou I mean its probably going to be 3d instead of those beautifully hand drawn sprites but whatever I am pumped.

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