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WEBM/MP4 Thread - White Women Making Games Edition Anonymous 08/23/2022 (Tue) 04:00:19 Id: 207872 No. 673938
New Saints Row is out, and boy is it something All Vidya related webms/mp4s welcome, bonus for triple A western cringe like vid related
>>673939 What's sad is that whoever designed the menus and level art design did a wonderful job.
>>673938 >>673939 Weapons grade awful. Well I guess Saints Row as an IP is going to be dead after this.
(6.41 MB 360x360 A Fortnite.webm)

(17.22 MB 69x120 spurdo2.webm)

(1.09 MB 480x360 Laugh.webm)

>>673938 here's my contribution
(1.25 MB 500x377 Rayden- lightning throw.gif)

(1.76 MB 500x377 Liu Kang - roundhouse kick.gif)

(787.17 KB 500x377 Johnny- split punch.gif)

(1.01 MB 500x377 Scorpion- nut hit.gif)

(847.36 KB 500x377 Sonya- uppercut.gif)

Not actual WEBM/MP4's but neat nonetheless.
(1.65 MB 500x377 Johnny- slide.gif)

(703.34 KB 500x377 Johnny- flying kick.gif)

(1.40 MB 500x377 Kano- throw.gif)

Hopefully inspiration for AGDG to make a klassic MK klone at some point.

(56.13 KB 272x408 large.jpg)

(58.65 KB 272x408 large2.jpg)

(58.45 KB 272x408 large3.jpg)

(44.64 KB 408x272 large4.jpg)

>>673974 >Hopefully inspiration for AGDG to make a klassic MK klone at some point.
>>673976 Sorry anon it's the format I found them in.
boy, this game is giving call of duty "written by sam maggs" vanguard a run for it's money with it's shitty story and unlikable characters. even something like cyberpunk 2077 might be better, despite being a broken piece of shit, because it at least pretends to have a cool sci fi setting and story, instead of having a "millenial power fantasy" of paying off your student debts and destroying capitalism btw, did you faggots catch that fucking waffle tattoo on one of the retards that's supposed to be a major character in the game? so WACKY AND RANDOM, AM I RIGHT?
my last mp4 mentioned eurogamer, and look what I found when I trying to find more videos for the thread >what if you could make your face look like an ICE CREAM CONE? XD it's like the only people who are even remotely interested in playing this game were looking at videos of bunnies with pancakes on their head of cats wearing breadcrust like a suit and other lulz so random shit in 2010s now trying to be "nostalgic" for their childhood correct me if I'm wrong, didn't Volition REALLY needed to fucking sell this game, otherwise they would be going under? lol
(13.73 MB 640x360 trackmania downgrades.webm)

(12.11 MB 210x372 shart mart spergout.mp4)

(2.36 MB 640x360 ghost jew ranch.webm)

*or have some more videos btw
>>673999 >second webm What did the guy say to trigger the liberal shopkeeper? At first I thought he had a MAGA cap, but he simply had a normal cap.
>>674022 he's wearing a trump shirt. jacket? Fuck it, I dunno what it's called. It says Trump on the chest.
>>674023 I see now, thanks.
>>673938 >>673939 Fuck, are singing voices a social construct too?
>>673938 Embracer might be kind enough to let their studios do their own thing without much interference. But wew, this is Agents of Mayhem boogaloo.
>>674045 I just hope this doesnt fuck embracer up or make them more controlling of their studios.
>>673938 Redditors out.
>>674051 Hopefully it means the heads of this trash fire take the much-deserved hit and the studio itself isn't taken out the back EA style. There's some talent at Volition but it certainly isn't at the creative management level.
>>674051 Embracer are gonna have to have a nice talk with those same imbeciles at Kock Media and Deepsilver for trying go for a two for two shitpile flops with Volition. Agents of Mayhem and now this hipster piece of shit.
(5.25 MB 294x240 Westaboo Jam.mp4)

>>673997 >didn't Volition REALLY needed to fucking sell this game, otherwise they would be going under? Aren't they owned by Embracer? Maybe I haven't been paying attention, but Embracer seems to be really hands off - but they do request that companies they own actually make products that people will buy, because their own model is to not compete with AAA shit headon, but to make a shit-ton of AA titles that have lower budgets and middling sales but please the customer, and they use those to fund more acquisitions of seemingly abandoned IPs and studios. If that's true, then I could see them going in and cleaning house after this shitshow. Is anyone from the original Volition studio even still working there?
>>674107 I actually want to play this game.
>>674066 Agents of Mayhem was before Koch Media/Deep Silver got engulfed by Embracer though. Did they even fire anyone after that shitpile?
(7.73 MB 854x464 The Saltzpyre Strut.mp4)

(222.80 KB 640x360 san_fransisco.mp4)

(1.13 MB 1280x768 use_me_as_a_cocksleeve.webm)

(314.73 KB 320x180 Virtual Youtube Nigger pass.mp4)

(13.69 MB 640x360 kingdom hearts dialogue.mp4)

(21.07 MB 720x480 Shake talks about Korra.mp4)

(9.75 MB 1280x720 Better Off Dudette.mp4)

(254.49 KB 720x460 enough.png)

(1.03 MB 640x480 History be like.mp4)

(5.45 MB 1920x1080 misato walk.webm)

(679.90 KB 304x384 Money and explosives.mp4)

>>673939 That's horrible.
Non-vidya. Only post vidya or vidya related webms in this thread.
>>673939 Everything is horrible, it just keeps getting worse and worse with each passing year. The things I used consider bad just look good in comparison now.
>>674107 >>674110 There actually was a flash game based off of The Naked Gun, iirc it was a point and click adventure game but it looked like shit
>>674192 Non-vidya gets uploaded all the time, why ban the guy for that? >>674268 >Hit the streets and channel the hard-nosed, dim-witted Lt. Frank Drebin Jr. in an all-new adventure based on The Naked Gun. Spoofing modern crime dramas & popular video gaming culture, THE NAKED GUN: ICUP features a fully voice acted, classic adventure game updated for today’s modern audience.
>>674192 >Only post vidya or vidya related webms in this thread Since when has that ever been a rule in the webm threads? Also, the last video in his post was from a video game so he didn't even break the rules.
>>674299 >>674293 Fuckoff, videogames
>>674303 Too little, too late, faggot. You should've made that a rule 8 years ago instead of right now.
(8.93 MB 640x360 Pumpkin_Hill_Dance.mp4)

>>674607 It was a rule years ago, faggots just ignored it.
>>674724 Then the mods should've done a better job enforcing it.
(6.74 MB 1920x1080 Droodin magic test.mp4)

(2.10 MB 1818x936 Drood Drums-1.mp4)

(5.52 MB 1920x1080 gamer fuel.mp4)

(563.94 KB 1280x720 An Rúraíocht-1.mp4)

(13.52 MB 1920x1080 walk cycle.mp4)

(2.05 MB 1920x1080 6 feet under.webm)

(7.39 MB 640x360 doom_assblasted.webm)

(11.97 MB 580x326 Sonic Boom The Biggest Fan.webm)

>>674767 If you weren't such a fucking newfag you'd know they gave up because faggots threw fits about it and bitched for weeks.

(7.58 MB 1280x720 Pistol_enjoyer.webm)

(1.83 MB 1280x720 Zap_da_maiden_gits.webm)

>>674793 Druids2posting is one of the best things to come out of this iteration of 8chan, I love it.
(7.45 MB 940x529 80% Positive, No Lies.webm)

(7.38 MB 640x360 ALEX QUEST.webm)

(7.82 MB 426x240 BLM Minecraft.mp4)

>>674192 >Only post vidya or vidya related webms in this thread. Since when did this rule ever came to be?
>>674950 It was always a rule on the video games board, you massive mongrel
>>674984 Calm your tits, I have no problem for the thread being only dedicated to post vidya stuff. But past threads (including the previous one) had some anons posting non-related vidya shit for a long time, and very little complained about that IIRC.
(23.25 MB 1280x720 Coco the Streamer.mp4)

(2.59 MB 640x360 Genofag crying.mp4)

(7.75 MB 640x360 Hajime no Fire Emblem.mp4)

>>675143 That was on the mods for being lazy. Concessions were made just like with the gamergate thread now.
>>675152 as long as the cancer isn't being spammed, micromanaging those who post webms is autistic and shouldn't be done just for some non-vidya posts here and there
>>674984 >>674303 <(1) kay why ess
>>674893 What game is this?
(16.03 MB 1554x1174 Boss of This Mountain.webm)

(9.00 MB 1280x720 Rules of Nerevar.mp4)

>>674607 >>674767 >>674984 Maybe someone could make some sort a place, like a, I don't know, like a... bulletin board or something, for all kinds of webms and mp4s?
(18.76 MB 1920x1080 ok n.mp4)

>>674793 >>674893 I have this, idk if I have anymore
(6.78 MB 1280x720 welcome newfriend.mp4)

>>674984 When the fuck did you start using this site? Yesterday? Welcome newfag enjoy your stay in that case. Anons been posting non vidya related webms for 8 years including myself and I never been banned even once for it.
(3.45 MB 960x540 dingaling.webm)

>>675224 Sure, but not everyone's going to visit (or want to visit) those boards and even if they do they might not see a thread specifically for videos. Maybe I'm just being autistic but a specific board makes the most sense instead of scattered threads. Plus people use these threads often as a dumping ground for popular garbage normalfag memes from youtube and elsewhere.
>>674121 They cut down a lot of staff, mostly the people who weren't "important". Problem now is this is the fucking result. Wombless middle-age women pretending they're in college again and playing indie quirky dev.
>>675243 Sounds like they have a great hiring process then, fucking retards.
(11.66 MB 720x720 Alberto Balsalm.mp4)

>>675240 when is he transitioning? He's already been groomed

(28.91 MB 1280x720 LORENTZ FORCE, GO!.mp4)

(5.41 MB 480x360 why ea is an evil company.webm)

(3.97 MB 256x144 why we play games.webm)

A couple very important ones that I always keep in mind when playing games.
(1.32 MB 1280x720 take_on_dude.mp4)

>>675210 Underrail
>>675356 >>673999 ross has so many good clips like this. got anymore?
(67.12 KB 866x214 original.png)

>>675367 The third video ended up having a different thumbnail compared to the original file when uploaded here, what a shame.
>>675362 Thanks. I misread that as 'Undertail' for a second and had to do a double-take :^)
(1.22 MB 480x360 avgn rolling rocker.mp4)

>>675363 No but if anyone goes through his library he'd be a great source for little clips.
>>675405 god I miss James. what would his last arguable good episode be? I remember one of the first signs of his decline was that mortal kombat mythologies episode
>>675407 I would personally say the Earthbound one was the last semi-good one, or at least a bittersweet way to end things. When he talks about playing it with his kid you realize he's a guy in his late thirties who's still relying on peepee caca doodoo to make a living. The one where it really should have ended was the ten year anniversary Mega Man episode.
>>675405 >>675407 >>675409 Meanwhile in an alternate timeline... There are alot of these so I probably wont be posting them all https://yewtu.be/playlist?list=PLvGXoIzpVPSe8m2tfIYp3_i8tkNpjT_2f
(4.24 MB 640x360 AVGN Ghiaccio.mp4)

(329.31 KB 640x360 avgn kills akko.mp4)

>>675439 why are japanese so obsessed with him
>>675440 Because the Japanese are a breed of retarded manchildren spawned from a harsh and uncaring origin who have replaced their old ways with the worship of modern idols to the point of obsessive fixation and self-destruction.
>>673939 Wtf is going on?
>>675407 the recent contra retrospective is pretty good. Its just him nostalgiafagging for 30 mins.
>>675407 He still has good videos from time to time. The videos he writers are still great, the videos those hacks at Screenwave write vary from good to terrible. I think Earthbound was the last episode he wrote entirely by himself.
>>675407 Megaman, everything about it was top tier. That's where it should have ended.
>>674893 Underrail looks so good
>>674893 >>675210 >>676201 Underrail is so fucking good oh my god, imo on par with the original Fallout We have a thread for it here >>591381 It was recently discovered the game's mysterious charms contain secret gypsy magic that activate when kissed
>>676223 I'm probably still too much of a retard to get into underrail. I couldnt even finish the first fucking quest because I got so damn lost and confused. Are there any decent beginners guides for me? I honestly need those to properly get into certain games.
>>673938 >>673939 Jesus fuck.
(2.11 MB 4584x6588 Map_by_Pipboy.png)

>>676273 If you're getting lost, this will help It doesn't have the expansion but it does have almost the entire base game
>>676392 This anime looks like low-budget shit and she seems like an awful and ugly character even ironically
(8.26 MB 1280x720 lifeofbrian.webm)

i will trade this for the neogaf queen video sorrry i'm drunk
(11.97 MB 830x500 Time_Warp (1).webm)

best song
(81.19 KB 570x558 bullshit.jpg)

>>675440 >Giorno appears <OH MY GOD! IT'S BUGS BUNNY! I admit that was hilarious.
>>676465 He literally has a stand with toon force
(14.41 MB 1216x684 learning that Suzume is dead.mp4)

(1.84 MB 1280x720 Reset Fortnite.mp4)

(975.79 KB 1280x720 Rance-Sama.mp4)

(1.88 MB 640x360 Rance Fans Explaining.mp4)

>>676392 women don't play videogames. get the fuck outta here with this anime brainwashing bullshit.
>>676559 You're trying way too hard to fit in, newfaggot.
(14.15 MB 480x360 YTPMV_ Robotnik_II.mp4)

(13.88 MB 960x720 Whatll It Be.mp4)

(12.86 MB 960x720 Objection Funk Remastered.mp4)

(22.28 MB 1280x720 Robotnik Rock.mp4)

(557.27 KB 320x426 Q-HfXcjj9cTViCA1.mp4)

(1.95 MB 1280x720 coma gamer anime.mp4)

(293.49 KB 640x360 Lemon Guts Berserk.mp4)

(1.29 MB 764x484 andrew tate theft auto.mp4)

>>676676 Shut the fuck up you disinfo shill. We all know that the only women that exists is my mom! Roasties are nothing but a scary story monsters made to keep us in line.
(1.50 MB 1280x720 WOKE MORALISTS.mp4)

(1.39 MB 1280x720 jack o.mp4)

(4.21 MB 1280x720 fat anime milkers.mp4)

(104.77 KB 360x202 male detected.mp4)

(3.35 MB 720x852 walk in london.mp4)

>>676557 My daughter Reset is so fucking adorable.
(1001.21 KB 360x198 DRAGON TRAIL PREORDER NOW.mp4)

(743.63 KB 720x866 XxTAHdYcHzZOUdm5.mp4)

(2.33 MB 640x854 LAyZ1wFhaAVGTFnF.mp4)

(1.15 MB 724x720 LeHp9Enu38zAv-xE.mp4)

(828.46 KB 176x320 lil didnu nuffin.mp4)

>>676883 I like the music in the first one I assume they stole it, where from?
(424.53 KB 720x720 blacks.mp4)

(2.32 MB 480x360 an instant classic.webm)

(7.31 MB 1280x720 randy_is_a_pedo.mp4)

(9.11 MB 854x480 Tengen Toppa Call of Duty.webm)

(3.51 MB 1280x720 Rust Grips.webm)

my dumbass accidentally deleted the 5th video from muh last post. >>676887 I have no clue but when I wanna find music I dont know about I pull out my phone and use "sound search", it should be like an app or some shit and there are apps on the play store that could do the same thing. I often use sound search at supermarkets by raising my phone into the air while the song is playing and BAM, instant sauce. Also fucking that LS user fucking grifter for being better at LS than me, he out of all people does not deserve the right to even be good at monster hunter.
(10.18 MB 1920x1080 Starbound_Aryan_Race_Mod.webm)

>>676887 That's "God Knows" from the anime of Haruhi Suzumiya.
>>677023 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31aBzZokJMA From the show, and I'm pretty sure the full song was on the OST.
>>673939 Is Sleeping Dogs and Yakuza the only games that had the bright idea to at least make the karaoke sections a rhythm game?
(175.06 KB 289x274 blk saints chode.png)

>>673939 I sincerely regret that these characters aren't real people so I can hunt them down and kill them.
(2.52 MB 1920x1080 Caesar.webm)

>>677109 god. that concept for a chariot from van buren was cool. there is a series based on looking into design docs of van buren that would be cool to post in a thread like this or a fallout thread, but I am too lazy to compress them all to 32mb or less. if anyone is interested, here is the playlist https://invidious.snopyta.org/playlist?list=PLCagUJdg-iWr4kukWlqXsT_5F1r_iXcSz
>>677055 But they are anon, just go to any big American city
>>677111 Double check your link.
>>677115 works for me. here is the jewtube link if this doesn't work for some reason https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCagUJdg-iWr4kukWlqXsT_5F1r_iXcSz
(25.73 MB 1280x720 Furry apocalypse.mp4)

>>676557 that first webm ;__;
>>675409 It's worse than that, he tried to reinvent himself multiple times and it nevere worked out right.
>>677164 If I recall, james is actually medically autistic, who found success in one thing he loves. Even if he tries something else he won't find satisfaction and thus we won't find satisfaction too.
(1.05 MB 640x480 sir_get_down.mp4)

>>677137 >Objective: Destroy the e621 servers My sides
>>673938 Excuse me lads someone had posted a video on AIs/robots taking over with a Vocalod version of Little Dark Age, was it deleted?
I found a decent review of the game that summarizes what makes it so shit, but I couldn't really compress it properly to 32mb or less without it looking like shit here is the original, maybe someone more skilled than me in editing can make a better mp4/webm https://vid.puffyan.us/watch?v=5x_kmviMP1Q and yes, in case you've been living under a rock, the new saints row game is absolute garbage that makes cyberpunk 2077 look respectable, just look at the first two mp4s of the thread if you haven't already
>>678909 I found fleek about a 2 weeks ago when someone linked him somewhere else he's entirely right. That bit at the end is my feelings exactly.
(4.12 KB 200x178 1399603012481.png)

>>675404 The fucking engine hitting max RPM
>>678915 Its too bad he suffers from the same editing disease as most popular youtubers today - spastic ADHD-approved editing. He needs to calm the fuck down. Ross does it well, why cant he?
>>678970 I actually don't mind it, he does it in a way that's obnoxious, but self aware about it, almost like he's mocking the whole gen z-esque culture of over-editing and post ironic humor substituting for actual humor and content. also, his reviews and jokes actually land, but the man has terrible taste in gaming(he said he unironically bought modern ubishit like watch dogs legion, gross)
>>678970 At least it's not max0r levels of editing.
(1.22 MB 590x360 westaboo.mp4)

Here's a challenge, can you compress this while still making it readable? https://yewtu.be/watch?v=wZR-fQ0Nvq4
>>678909 i had fucked up and now reuploaded, webm is down to 480p >>678970 its the mlg dorito edits, most of today's 20 somethings were influenced by it. You can see its influence everywhere today >>678989 gonna need to call the guy who brought whole 3hr movie down to 16mb
>>679002 thanks, looks much better >3hr movie down to 16mb that sounds interesting, do you have it?
(16.00 MB 640x272 16_MB.webm)

>>679013 yes. the movie is kung pow released probably before you were born;-)
>>679021 That's pretty fucking neato, when did this happen? Of course I know Kung Pow, but I never really had a chance to watch it
>>679023 >when did this happen? Well over five years ago.
>>679023 >when did this happen? when people celebrated 8chan having 16mb file limit. welcome newfag >>678989 here's my attempt at it
>>679068 well fug
>>673939 The first time I saw this disgusting creature, I had two thoughts. 1. This is a tranny, given womanly curves to keep from triggering the IRL trannies 2. It reminds me of Brian "Mags" Vissagio, and is possibly based on him. Going through the comments section of the trailer, I find I'm not the only one who sees the similarity. I think some cuck on the team is actually in love with this faggot and crafted an avatar for him.
>>679132 I'd believe it.
>>679132 it's not even uncommon. Like some cuck at Riot designed a character after some chick he was obsessed with.
>>679068 Hey, that's pretty good.
(12.63 MB 1200x720 death of neogaf.mp4)

>>676462 Accepted. Let it be known that we are an inclusive sort and we do not discriminate against drunk drivers.
>>679302 Ironically currently neogaf is one of the saner forums on the internet, maybe like gamefaqs of yore with less autism.
(353.52 KB 552x356 jew joy behar aghast.png)

>>679380 >that time Whoopi triggered Ultrajewess more than Trump ever did
(4.21 MB 1280x720 PL Scream.mp4)

(13.56 MB 1280x720 PL autism.mp4)

presented without context
(2.08 MB 716x714 stealth_level_up.webm)

(16.19 MB 1280x720 Blazing Sword animation.mp4)

>>679970 Kind of a weird jagged and sharp artstyle but great animation, thank you for posting this, best FE Sauce?
>>679991 3 years, 7 months it took this guy to make. https://twitter.com/sinocx5/status/1560572125760868352
>Sega went to the trouble of mo-capping the band for the song, then putting them in the cutscenes that are in the game.
>>679970 >>679991 >>680017 Issue is the frames, the animations have way too low of them so characters move unnaturally. Really like the artstyle though. Reminds me of that 40K cartoon
>>681076 >Reminds me of that 40K cartoon The hammer and bolter series? Theres more of them and each worse than the last, atleast the tau series is cool.
(9.27 MB 640x360 Big Iron Animated.mp4)

>>681052 That is pretty cool. Too bad Sega supports abortion & makes Sonic.
>>681613 Is this about trannies?
>>681635 No actually, it's a platformer co-developed by the A Hat In Time devs. Niko's gender is intentionally ambiguous though
(50.14 KB 460x215 Tranny game.jpg)

>>681637 What is the phone argument about then? >Niko's gender is intentionally ambiguous though Why would you do that unless you wanted to push some sort of political agenda? >>681642 >tranny color scheme Adds up.
>>681635 >Incredible amount of dialog >Mom calls >Dad calls >The characters looks uncomfortable when talking to them >Mom says a doctor knows how to fix the ambiguous looking character >Cute Paper Mario-kind style, to lure some audiences >The fucking color scheme, like another anons pointed out Nah, it's a troon game. It's written all over it.
>>681679 I don't know if you can even call this a game. It looks like a visual novel at best.
>>681642 Guess who my favorite Marvel superhero is anon.
(202.72 KB 695x1102 Cyberfrog.jpg)

>>681688 >Marvel
(1.78 MB 1988x4732 marvel iceman's gay.jpg)

>>681688 >Guess who my favorite Marvel superhero is anon. A gay, trans, handicapped negro who used to be a straight white man?
>>681691 Ethan should spend more time finishing his comics instead of posting on Kiwifarms tbh
(245.72 KB 640x360 Based Upon the Gospels.mp4)

(463.38 KB 576x1024 Lovecraft Puberty.mp4)

(1.22 MB 460x816 Bald Eagle Catch.mp4)

(2.06 MB 640x640 Pedo Hater=NAZI!.mp4)

(2.17 MB 576x720 VEGAN MEAT EMOJIS.mp4)

(869.09 KB 480x562 Half Life Cat Dance.mp4)

(783.13 KB 476x476 Kittens.mp4)

(1.01 MB 576x1024 Lego Multi-Track Drifting.mp4)

(2.13 MB 718x718 Dragon Ball Spic Parade.mp4)

(195.29 KB 360x360 Stop hating on Israel.mp4)

(185.32 KB 360x360 To Whom It May Concern.mp4)

(464.77 KB 360x476 I am not racist.mp4)

(6.30 MB 320x240 What is Love - Chris-Chan.mp4)

(245.45 KB 316x270 A Reason to Keep Going.mp4)

>>682766 These are good.
(329.24 KB 360x360 Kool.mp4)

(820.01 KB 460x258 Kirb.mp4)

(3.02 MB 486x360 DESU DESU DESU.webm)

(257.09 KB 640x480 does this offend you.webm)

(658.28 KB 360x360 Why isn't it possible.mp4)

(22.76 KB 640x480 conquistador relaxo.jpg)

>>684189 >using his fingers instead of bread Marrano barbárico.

(374.33 KB 576x316 2rv58m9DDpUmBRI0XkRASjvQp7QJ.mp4)

(5.06 MB 640x360 YMN's_Skyhigh.mp4)

(381.74 KB 360x360 1642620583027-0.mp4)

(6.27 MB 480x360 1647933503968.webm)

>>682767 What top 15 youtube count down is that third webm from?
>>673938 >>673939 Ken dolls and cunts
>>684183 >3rd vid One of those rare opportunities where you're allowed to wade into a pool of women and start throwing punches because you know you're on the side of angels.
(1.34 MB 816x460 vegan chinee.webm)

(905.14 KB 640x568 vegan ice cream.mp4)

>>682759 >vegan homo bullied by guys with meat emojis Beefed and porkpilled.
(251.16 KB 616x693 jew i don't know.jpg)

>>684702 >Jocks bullying a guy for trying to PREVENT infant genital mutilation
(10.77 MB 1280x720 youre dead meat.mp4)

>>681706 I guess you got your wish
>>684710 They're obviously jewish
>>684710 >>684728 nah just cut cope
>>684757 Just golems then
>>679386 Go back to cuckchan you autistic nigger rodent.
(19.32 MB 1280x584 EJMG62IqV_k.mp4)

>>679387 Thought the first guy was Mr. Shitface before I read the name.
(23.23 MB 1280x720 frogs music.mp4)

too big for /mahodou/
>>684711 Worst Road Rash ending.
(1.80 MB 640x360 NUKE DEGENERATES.mp4)

(102.74 KB 480x360 DISGUSTING.mp4)

>>686547 How do the beats work? Am I supposed to do a full stroke for every beat or do I do a half stroke with every beat?
(1.12 MB 540x720 eASKHtq8xGyWnH4k.mp4)

(594.50 KB 426x426 DRLziWZle5jW6HG5.mp4)

(7.24 MB 576x576 d3xJOIkDRXxHaSoJ.mp4)

(12.00 MB 720x720 ADQ2UeAW1mBQ9Qrl.mp4)

(5.57 MB 500x500 Friday Night.mp4)

(3.26 MB 576x1024 battler seggs meme.mp4)

>>686580 Lmao the suffering continues
(7.53 MB 1280x720 HASAN PIKER.mp4)

(9.48 MB 1920x1080 8O6_U3T3gpSIEynL.mp4)

(1.75 MB 576x576 v_RC8i1bmBxs1b0h.mp4)

(1.95 MB 1208x720 7ovoabrw3lR5NNJ8.mp4)

(5.99 MB 640x480 wings friday night.mp4)

>>673953 >>686578 decided to make this for no reason at 2am.
>>686580 Is the dude a cardboard cutout or something?
>>674070 pretty good performance
(8.99 MB 770x558 8chan party hard anon.webm)

(2.59 MB 240x180 8chan race war.mp4)

(7.44 MB 640x360 8chan the devil.webm)

(605.76 KB 640x360 9-11.mp4)

>>682768 How come Lucas said that Russian filmmakers have more freedom than America, knowing the fact that they can't make a movie that makes criticism on their government?
>>686972 Lucas is operating under the idea that their funding is secure as long as they don't say the government does anything bad. But when he wants to make a movie, the topic is irrelevant, he needs to find funding that believes in the idea. That means constantly having to market, and often compromise, your vision. He likes the idea that, as long as he doesn't make a movie about the government being bad, they'll pay him to make his vision with no compromises. I think the reality is the USSR never had that level of freedom, nor great funding, so there are still limits to Soviet creativity. And under certain leadership the government was willing to throw you in the Gulag if they THOUGHT your movie didn't represent the right values. Stalin was notorious for taking comments out of context and getting rid of people just because he didn't like them. I'm sure under Gorbachev and some of the others you could just get your paycheck, make your film, and not worry about it. But there's no way ILM or whatever would be a thing under that system. Innovation would not be as rapid. There's no way you could have made most of the movies Lucas made under that system. And knowing what we know about Lucas now, he really needs something to reign him in.
(86.58 KB 639x639 Dog vomiting.jpeg)

>>686976 >second video
>>686591 Glorious
>>686723 he has segged so much that theres nothing left
>>686988 Andrei Tarkovski had conflicts with the post-Stalin government, because he wanted to add a lot more Christian themes in his movies, but was not allowed, since Atheism was the only way to go in Communism. In the end he had to flee the USSR and filmed his last two movies in Italy and Sweden. It also didn't help that his films costed a fortune, because of reshoots, such as Stalker being filmed at least twice and they didn't really sell tickets at the cinema
>>686591 Isn't that Andrew Dobson?
(2.27 MB 640x618 GBW whistling.mp4)

(386.45 KB 1676x2047 wretched tales.jpg)

(13.58 MB 1280x720 Games are art.mp4)

(7.02 MB 576x336 Bk64.mp4)

(7.28 MB 1280x720 female_twitch_wage_gap.webm)

(9.33 MB 1280x720 ocelot.mp4)

(1.70 MB 510x360 b474638.mp4)

(1.48 MB 1280x720 video0-83.mp4)

(3.53 MB 1280x720 Fire.mp4)

(3.99 MB 1280x720 intro.ia.mp4)

(813.85 KB 720x1280 Black guy read Talmud.mp4)

(3.54 MB 852x480 six gorillion.webm)

(7.89 MB 1920x1080 anime - Install Windows 7.webm)

(590.57 KB 854x470 Asian mom on blacks.mp4)

(15.78 KB 691x597 Hiding boner.png)

(8.76 MB 1920x1080 based parrot.mp4)

(1.97 MB 480x600 best part about meatballs.mp4)

(1.20 MB 640x360 big guy shrugs.webm)

(9.80 MB 480x360 Billy Herrington speech.mp4)

(4.65 MB 640x360 tranny rage.mp4)

(3.92 MB 944x598 tranny regret.webm)

(6.05 MB 440x320 v discusses traps.webm)

(391.20 KB 640x360 Whats your favorite holiday.webm)

(413.33 KB 320x568 white boyfriend.mp4)

>>687789 That's not good even by anthro standards, get some taste anon.
>>687794 It looks like a fucking rotten mummified corpse, I wonder if people actually fap to this shit.
(88.98 KB 568x389 epic.png)

>>687828 >It looks like a fucking rotten mummified corpse just like UR MOM
(79.31 KB 722x720 RetardLisp.jpg)

>>687838 she's uglier than I thought I'm very sorry
>>687794 you posted something even worse
(2.10 MB 320x236 Sonic's funeral.webm)

What ever happened to those old YouTube skits? Did teen culture change or does YouTube not promote these kinds of videos anymore? I do hear YTers complain about "muh algorithm" constantly. >>687847 Ayylums are not worse than horsefuckery, Mr Brony. I will not let your propaganda fly.
>[insert the comic of anon knocking the sign off of /v/ to reveal /fur/]
>>687851 >Did teen culture change or does YouTube not promote these kinds of videos anymore? I do hear YTers complain about "muh algorithm" constantly. Anon teens all use tiktok. And there's literally millions of cringy autistic videos made by teens there.
>>687851 Anon, Jewtube is literally TV now It's nothing but paid advertisers pretending to be entertainment.
>>687847 >weird humanoids are worse than literal bestiality I see right through you, I know your game, I know what you are. >>687851 >Did teen culture change or does YouTube not promote these kinds of videos anymore? I do hear YTers complain about "muh algorithm" constantly. Teens still make comedy skits, mostly on TikTok. It's entirely the latter, YouTube does not want to promote anything that isn't MSM, pop/hip-hop music videos, movie trailers or family vlogging channels. Get off of Invidious and raw dog the front page of YouTube, you'll see how bad it's gotten. Random Jimmy Kimmel or Colbert clips with like 70k views """completely organically""" sitting at #17 on trending. >>687856 isn't lying about it being TV now, people are telling the truth when they say the dreaded algorithm is screwing them over in favor of legacy media.
>>687858 >cute talking horse or <disgusting moving corpse
>>687865 Anon They're horses
>>687865 >wants to fuck a horse over a Sangheili Are you samefagging? This is the same wording as the other guy, "corpses". It's specific and odd, Sangheili don't look like zombies.
>>687870 No, I am just doing this to piss you off. If you are into necrophilia, you do you.
>>687853 >>687856 >>687858 >tiktok That's a real shame, lip-syncing to random viral videos is a far cry from classic YT era sketch comedy. Then again, you did have stupid shit like this going viral for no reason in 2000s era YT. It wasn't perfect, either. >raw dog the front page of YouTube You are not getting my personal information, Susan. >>687865 >>687868 >he's a brony Of course I was right, I can smell you fuckers through the screen.
(3.21 MB 640x640 Mr tumbles.mp4)

(1.88 MB 640x360 IMG_3800.mp4)

>>687876 >That's a real shame, lip-syncing to random viral videos is a far cry from classic YT era sketch comedy. Tiktok morphed into a generic video website. It's essentially attempting to become like facebook, an all encompassing platform, except for teenagers.
>>687868 There's no nuts like ponuts!
(17.75 MB 500x350 Hypocrite.mp4)

(14.77 MB 480x360 Doin' Your Mom.mp4)

>>687876 >I wasn't perfect I'd rather 3000 Million vlogs by angsty emo kids than 30000 TV celebs making soy faces. At least the first was actually not owned by a fuckhuge corp trying to sell you a goddamned product. When fucking Ray William Johnson seems edgy and not the worst thing you've seen, you know Youtube is fucking bad.
(1.21 MB 1138x677 Modern Youtube.PNG)

Here's your fucking frontpage
(2.67 MB 400x300 931fbd_8250981.mp4)

(84.87 KB 476x318 chad.ia.mp4)

(10.73 MB 640x360 2004.mp4)

(2.52 MB 960x720 Piano.mp4)

>>687868 Why does that poorly drawn catgirl have no fingers? "Artists" are getting lazier every day.
(546.54 KB 776x1024 large.png)

>>688606 Firstly, she's clearly drawn in a chibi style. Secondly, she's obviously a dog girl, not a cat girl.
(144.31 KB 640x480 You_disgust_me.mp4)

Does anyone have that webm of the two guys doing a voice over in Huniepop?
>>687868 >>687912 Here's your home: >>>/zoo/18
>>688697 >trying to equate fiction with reality jacking off to drawings of sexualized animals has no bearing on whether or not you're a zoophile don't you know?
>>688286 I decided to check one of those front page jewtube videos, and since I suffered, I think it's fair for you all to suffer as well. Honestly I did not find it funny at all, maybe it's the type of humor kids these days like, that I am too old/jaded to get, or maybe it's because I don't use Discord, so I don't understand it.
>>688744 Jesus Christ 6 minutes of some retarded kids discord conversation? Is this what children consider entertainment? I made it 45 seconds before tapping out. Curious how far other anons make it
>>688749 15 seconds, this was horrible.
(6.46 MB 352x262 History of the F Word.mp4)

>>688744 I made it to 2:34, but that's about my limit. Here's one from when I was younger, though I only had the .wav file back then pre-Jewtube.
>>688744 Reeks of the same stink fake ads have Likely fake Possibly generated by an ai or Indian content farm I'd rather watch Chris Bores hunt ghosts again
>>688970 I'd rather fuck my beautiful wife and kiss her in the lips than watch this shit
anyone has the "Never Change Japen" webm?
(7.17 MB 640x360 Never change japans.webm)

(2.28 MB 640x360 blin cat.webm)

blin cat
>>689079 >that last webm He will now become the Brazilian Swordsman

(383.71 KB 640x360 never_played_2hu.mp4)

(9.57 MB 640x360 touhou jojo mix.webm)

(7.66 MB 852x480 Ninja_Re-bang.webm)

(1.43 MB 1280x720 no FRENS.webm)

(15.50 MB 852x480 Orc_Content_5chan.webm)

(5.97 MB 704x528 puru purin.webm)

(21.90 MB 1280x720 Finale Wrestling.mp4)

(13.79 MB 640x360 Asreil.webm)

(2.89 MB 640x360 Ricarto Opening.webm)

(12.25 MB 1090x560 goodbye_billy-fuck you mark.webm)

(2.36 MB 480x360 SpaceBattleshipGondola.mp4)

(3.94 MB 600x250 LoghwebmDDBENIS.webm)

(3.23 MB 400x225 Gondola_goodbye.webm)

>>689079 Terrible post.
(714.27 KB 1280x720 v - So It Is Written.mp4)

(212.67 KB 476x268 CUUUUUUUUTE!.mp4)

(2.77 MB 640x360 Le Tour de Troit.webm)

(168.41 KB 480x270 15 ai in a nutshell.mp4)

>>689627 This is perfect.
>>689627 >Demo goes with Biggie and not Slick motherfucking Rick Goes to show how little whoever made this knows about rap. He may not be the best, but Behind Bars has one of the best music videos ever made.
>>689868 The argument was about the best rapper not great rappers. Each of their choices had at least some kind of argument behind why they should be considered the best, even Soldiers shitty choice had an argument behind it. You yourself have stated that he is not the best. Just because they both have eye patches doesn't mean make it a good choice. More importantly, someone had to choose biggie so that when Heavy picked 2pac they could come to terms with one another and show how diffused the situation was.
(4.20 MB 1280x720 Stop posting Killer7!.mp4)

>>685878 >>688993 >>689002 POST MORE KILLER7
>>689893 Slick Rick is better than at least half of those rappers. No, I don't think he's the best, but even putting aside that he's a one-eyed Brit, he is regularly ranked within top 20 MCs and has influenced every single one of those people on that list INCLUDING Hypnotize, which actually SAMPLES Rick. The best MC was MF DOOM. He's was a god-tier producer, lyricist, and personality.
(28.35 MB 1280x720 Killer7 - Russian Roulette.mp4)

(1.23 MB 1280x720 AND WE'RE.webm)

(554.20 KB 360x360 bayonigga 2.mp4)

(437.47 KB 1912x1080 bayonetta 1 and 2.jpg)

(2.37 MB 540x716 Bayonigga.mp4)

>>690008 >didn't post bayonigga 1 FUCK

(2.09 MB 854x480 nanomachines 1769.mp4)

(16.63 MB 1920x1080 No Thanks, Bro.mp4)

A zzzchan user paid for a service that has random normalfags (whether they're paid or not, I don't know) survey a website of one's choosing or your own website. The following webms are normalfags giving their "review" of the site according to the service's instructions/guidelines. Enjoy.
>>690090 and one more
(19.42 MB 1280x800 normalfag_reviews_8chan.mp4)

(17.79 MB 1280x800 normalfag_reviews_8chan1.mp4)

>>690091 And here are some he did for 8chan
>>690090 Source on the zzzchan pos/videot?
>>689921 Didn't expect it to go to the credits theme lol
>>689002 Speaking of Killer7 to the people who brought it up: there used to be an RPGMaker "sequel" game to it and The Silver Case where you would control Garcian Smith getting assignments from characters from other Suda51/Grasshopper games, it was really crusty but I remember the sprite work for the characters being decent. Anyone else know what I'm talking about?
>>687851 I literally watched that video probably 20 times in a row the year that came out. Then even stuck up for them when AOTS shit all over it on G4.
>>682767 >3rd video Is that the same guy who says the exact same Number 15 line on Smiling Friends? >>687851 They're still around but like other anons said it's all TikTok/Instagram or bust. My worries though is that a ton of old youtube content is just either removed, delisted or impossible to find. A lot of genuinely funny and witty comedy gone forever because muh sponsors. >>687764 Is that the voice of one of the Postal Dudes in the first webm?
>>689868 First 3 seconds weren't catchy at all.
>>690093 >>690091 >>690090 Glad to know we're still completely unapproachable to normies
(397.73 KB 620x700 umineko meme.mp4)

(5.42 MB 640x360 AvastYoshikasAss.webm)

(8.95 MB 640x360 Touhou - Flandre And Vodka.mp4)

(1.31 MB 480x320 Epic S-AX.webm)

(141.08 KB 546x360 Chad Warden – Girls.mp4)

(1.14 MB 320x240 nigga stole my bike.mp4)

>>690090 >couldn't get past the captcha Truly hilarious. Kind of makes me wish we had chess captcha.
(13.76 MB 720x480 webring.mp4)

(999.40 KB 1920x1080 impossible captcha.PNG)

>>690590 I wonder if we will ever get a new version of this webm, with new boards and memes. For some reason, no matter how bad things seem to be, no matter how disjointed we are with the rest of the webring, with all the infighting and "how dare you post the same thread on X", watching this webm always brings a smile to my face.
>>690103 Dinner is what a true warrior should strive for!
(90.61 KB 1024x1024 4ezIzWF.jpg)

>>688744 I liked this video.
(12.04 MB 1920x1080 icup 7 finals.mp4)

>>690627 You're right anon, someone should, but not me, I suck at video encoding, let alone editing. >smug Pretty much the same deal as always just with a ton more v-tuber cancer >cafe Half taken over by a Christian fundamentalist vs. Soyjack/Anime spammers who try and rile them up, half /k/ommando and news bunker. Recently /japan/'s BO has conquered that board too. Also Infinity Cup. >sportschan Pretty much dead with a few anons relentlessly posting and a few others spamming the shit out of it on a weekly basis with skiddie shit >zzchan By far the more interesting of the webring sites by virtue of having more than a single community that is quasi active. They make a lot of OCs, but it's also true that their numbers outside of /v/ are kind of lame. >alogs /cow/ saw a surge of popularity thanks to Kiwifarms going TOR only but it's really shite as a board, they're more lunatic than the people they mock (occasionally good memes though). The other two communities worth talking about (/ita/, /robowaifu/) are pretty much dead or migrated elsewhere. >trashchan Deserves a lot more love. /finance/ was gonna be a good board. >/animu/ Proliekwhatever I have absolutely no idea, I only used it when the Honkening was happening because a resident canuck was bringing news from the frontlines. Definitely less active than smug but their projects are still ongoing. >Tvch Don't care, /dup/ is the only fun board. >Erischan Chaos incarnate, what'd you expect? Won the cup, by the way. >fatchan Dead. >late.city Also kinda dead because kind2.moe attracted their users and the rest went to anon.cafe/comfy/ I'm planning to catalogue as many active imageboards as possible, but rather than just posting them on some rando /dir/ type thread I'll make it on some wiki.
(191.29 KB 480x360 playstationnoooooooooooo.webm)

(10.47 MB 1280x720 swrp.webm)

(47.39 KB 186x189 Screenshot.png)

(3.45 MB 377x372 laugh gal.gif)

>>689087 >fuckin' vid 3
>>690731 My bad. I thought I'd cropped her nips. Can someone please spoiler pic 1? Thank you.
(2.60 MB 640x360 you need me.webm)

(4.40 MB 1280x720 Cascade hl1 simpsons.webm)

>>690731 eh its blurry enough
>>690749 >What you see is a 2D render of a 3D slice of a 4D object. My head hurts.
>>690731 I used to jack it to amater porn too much but never once to fake "professional" high production shit like this, it feels so inauthentic, disingenuous, slimy and downright fucking disgusting. She is pretty though, how unfortunate for her parents.
(197.72 KB 720x479 beato magic.jpg)

>>690749 >known connections between high dimensional space and certain crystal structures What manner of wizardry is this?
(113.11 KB 800x800 lovecraftshub-niggurath.jpg)

>>690749 >"The 4th spatial dimension is not time" So they've made a simulator of the very thing H.P. Lovecraft warned us not to fuck with?
>>691123 Amazingly, it isn't. It's way older, at least 2011-12. But thanks for the effort, I'll be looking into this one.
(1.11 MB 460x260 blk lion king game over.mp4)

(460.81 KB 426x234 739443.mp4)

(3.85 MB 1280x720 739677.webm)

(1.71 MB 960x960 739676.webm)

(2.90 MB 1280x720 741178.mp4)

>>691275 >first video Fucking zoomers
(1.38 MB 480x360 George.mp4)

(583.98 KB 540x540 Controller.mp4)

(649.39 KB 426x426 Minecraft.mp4)

(735.25 KB 576x576 1541775.mp4)

(374.33 KB 576x316 2rv58m9DDpUmBRI0XkRASjvQp7QJ.mp4)

(3.76 MB 1136x720 Car_-_The_Automobile.mp4)

(2.60 MB 476x318 Mentos.mp4)

(4.31 MB 640x360 Gen3.mp4)

>>691532 Wanna see some zoomer humor I found and saved when I found it trending on twitter? I am in that age range and am not white so I find it kinda funny too.
(54.53 KB 587x645 concern.jpg)

(43.64 KB 734x608 FcOi459XwAAANg4.jpg)

>>691603 I even found the or a standalone chopper pic! Nice right?
(3.27 MB 720x1280 RacistZoro.mp4)

>>691581 I already know about the one piece cock edits
(2.16 MB 640x360 Vidya Akbar.webm)

(34.38 KB 600x600 image.jpg)

>>691581 >>691583 >>691584 If there's ever a group of people that deserve to live in a post apocalyptic wasteland it the fucking zoomers.
(2.95 MB 626x360 videoplayback.mp4)

(5.22 MB 1280x720 red dead 76.mp4)

any one have the waited song long berserk ending?
(11.84 MB 1280x720 Drawthread.webm)

OC from Drawthread.
(175.26 KB 321x492 doritos.png)

>>692047 fuggen doritos oligarch
(134.42 KB 388x432 Batman.PNG)

>>691581 >>691583 >>691584 I don't understand.
would look less like a video for ants now.
(11.05 MB 640x360 epona.webm)

>>693540 It's the characters they're emotionally invested in with their dicks hanging out.
(369.05 KB 460x414 maybeiam.mp4)

(175.97 KB 640x360 videoplayback.mp4)

(5.17 MB 640x360 psa_golf_cart.mp4)

(20.02 MB 640x360 neptune_ops_3.webm)

Happy Holidays
(14.46 MB 854x480 Skyrim Zoom Call.mp4)

>I join the Imperials because I don't want to be a racist Stormcloak. >Proceeds to genocide every Thalmor they come across. Redditors, everytime.
>>694160 It does get me stiff.
>>693477 Nice OC, you deserve a (you).
>>694161 The Stormcloaks were a Thalmor psyop to prevent Imperial reunification.
(485.85 KB 480x360 1554789166.webm)

>>686547 Lord help me, I like it.
>>693477 I cringed. Jesus Christ, this site is absolutely pathetic.
(435.37 KB 600x718 leave japari park.png)

>>694475 Make me.

(5.33 MB 1280x720 yWpkD2ocapWxwQUv.mp4)

(913.75 KB 426x426 Woody.mp4)

>>694472 You'd find that sort of thing on pre-exodus 4chan. And it's not the whole site anyway.
(17.35 KB 537x200 1464930291950.png)

>>693477 Someone should make these style on videos when shitposting or non-malicious derails get out of hand, I feel it'll be an amusing format like those /mlp/ videos
I think I remember seeing a webm about how disastrously buggy Cyberpunk was, think it involved cars clipping through terrain and the player turning into a chicken. Anyone got something like that?
(599.29 KB 500x903 Dewrito Pope.png)

(8.48 MB 1280x720 leftypol BO.mp4)

Someone requested this. Blame them not me.
(4.48 MB 960x540 hello anon.webm)

>>694744 God dammit nobody want's to see that.
>>694818 Well I'm definitely not fapping to whoever voiced that, nasty
>>694818 >Pathetic loser who faps to cartoons. vs >Pathetic loser who voices a cartoon.
>>694604 Did I ask about cuckchan, faggot?
(4.35 MB 1008x720 greenandpurple.webm)

>>694819 You wont need to when you see this.
>>690749 >>690993 Here's another similar 4D game that the dev made called 4D Toys.
Let's all love Lain.
(11.89 MB 720x540 Lain_OP_-_Ascii_Ver..webm)

(7.32 MB 1520x1080 lain_intro.webm)

(3.23 MB 480x320 lain.webm)

>>693477 We need more of these and for different threads
>>695018 But what's the gameplay? Washing motorcycles? That seems lame. Outfits are hot but they need to work on their asses and the faces are a bit weird., also it looks like they have a mustache above their lips.
>>695039 It's a survival game made by a Croatian studio, Gamepires. Got marketed and published by Croteam of Serious Sam fame.
>>673938 Gas this house of cunts. >>673939 'Why would anyone chose these character- >turns into a 90s film/' '-Movie franchise where they ran out of ideas so utterly they resort to a shit (and poorly sung) musical number End the lives of everyone involved and everyone who might play it so they're not exposed to this level of radioactive trash.I mean what the fuck were they thinking.
>>673999 I love that meltdown so much, the way he *almost* undermines his stupid childish shitfit by selling it then doubles down instead.
>>695018 What?
>>695018 >>695039 >>695433 It's based on the music video to Benny Benassi's Satisfaction. I guess because the only changes are cosmetic improvements, so a video like that could show them off, and they're probably hoping for some sort of outage publicity from it.
>>695437 How's the game? just the usual shitty grifting zombie survival game? I like the idea of starting as a fat fuck and slowly lose weight and become a body builder.
>>695438 The usual butwith autistic levels of detail and piss and shit meters.
>>695438 I remember having some interest in it but then I saw how characters move in game and was immediately repulsed because it was such mushy garbage. Also, a lot of the attention to detail just serves as a proof of concept since as far as I'm aware none of the in-depth diet mechanics or other tech elements are used in an interesting way. It is not like there is some sort of magic system that induces hunger when you cast spells with different spells "consuming" different types of food from your stomach causing you to adopt a certain diet and/or avoid certain foods as "taboo" which would manifest in your character's physical build, you just eat whatever like in any survival game and when you reach a point of easy subsistence you eat "better" food for stat gains. A shame too, a lot of the work they did with things like camouflage and skill values was neat but again, nothing really more than neat.
>>695455 >>695460 I see, I actually liked seeing my character get better boxing by increasing his skill level in boxing.
>>695455 So like FATAL is for table top RPG's?
>>695474 I know I've seen one or two other games where raising a combat skill changes your animation, it is a nice detail but I've got to ask you, did they create situations where raising your boxing skill would've been better than raising a firearms skill? If not, you can see why I was unimpressed with the end result despite the laudable ideas and effort invested. That being said enough new details have popped up that I'll probably take another look at it to see if my misgivings were purely a result of looking at an earlier build but that is going to have to wait until I'm back on my dedicated hardware. >>695545 Nah, SCUM looked actually good and even with my criticisms the autism on display still served more of a purpose than FATAL's does. I swear on a female infant's ugly baby tits.
>>694827 thanks lid. I was going to post that one as well but I suck at encoding and my attempts couldn't fit in the file size limit. Feels like if you played around with that game enough you'd eventually get a intuitive feel for 4D space sort of like how the portals in portal felt like magic the first time you see them but after a little while it just clicks
(5.18 MB 1280x720 monkey music.mp4)

(7.99 MB 1280x720 Crimson 1's Door is stuck.mp4)

(4.17 MB 1280x720 Scp (1).mp4)

(1.23 MB 640x640 632a52549891d.mp4)

(6.43 MB 960x720 Muhammad_Sumbul_Edit_HD.mp4)

(565.09 KB 680x797 PROMOTIONS.png)

>>696081 Khajiits
(548.89 KB 720x886 allah cat.mp4)

>>693477 Nice.
>>696612 Cute.
>>696612 This is cute, have more?
(216.84 KB 756x756 FbnpjGEaAAEckAP.jpg)

>>693477 this is some pretty damn good video editing to be honest, almost like the professional shit you see on jewtube. Very impressive.
(963.67 KB 360x640 Sad Cat Dance Nagatoro.mp4)

(2.98 MB 400x712 fe2.gif)

(4.89 MB 400x711 cc6.gif)

(4.38 MB 320x568 93f.gif)

(3.13 MB 600x338 f49.gif)

>>696748 It's just the latest meme.
>>696754 It works better with the song they were using up here: >>696612
>>696748 The original inspiration and a parody.
>>696758 So, it's an extension of the Zone-tan animation.
>>696761 Pretty much, it's a derivative meme. Here's a few more actual examples.
(12.00 MB 1000x1080 HoldMeBack (Uppermost - Fly).mp4)

>>694164 >>694614 >>696712 Thanks. >>696753 Got experience editing AMVs nearly 2 decades ago and many template compilations. Haven't done any editing in ages, but knocked that out in a few hours most of which were spent waiting for Premiere to start again since it keeps crashing. >>694472 >>694618 lol, that sort of creative writing is still more entertaining than arguments we've already seen a dozen times.
>>696761 I wonder if there is a Serious Sam custom map with this music.
>>696765 Why do you keep up with normalfaggot memes? Are you some sort of fucking zoomer?
(1.42 MB 2400x1775 1454823109225.png)

>>696804 "zoomer" is also a normalfaggot maymay anon
(2.66 MB 720x480 smug.webm)

>>696804 >worried about normalfag meme influence >uses normalfag memes unironically
>>696812 I wouldn't know, it sounds appropriate enough and surely beats /pol/'s failed "Gen Zyklon". >>696813 Which normalfag meme? I literally got that from NND ages ago.
>>696804 >>696814 >reveals his faggotry >"I wouldn't know" its time to go back
>>696816 I don't have to go back anywhere since I've always been here. If anyone should go back, it's the absolute shit taste normalfaggots posting tiktok tier videos ITT
>>696818 Cuckchanners have no right to try and gatekeep anything, go back
>>696820 Haven't posted in Cuckchan since 2014, try again. There's such a thing as cross pollination of words, you know.
(115.41 KB 703x338 trophy.jpg)

>>696822 >I'm not a cuckchanner, I just follow the crossposters Even worse, you're someone who licks the shit off the bottom of people's shoes
>>696827 I will say the zoomer word again.
>>696822 You donkeys need to cross-pollinate some fucking sense of dignity.
(571.42 KB 478x358 cowboybebop-edward.gif)

>>696828 >I will shit on the floor because someone made fun of me Forget cuckchan, you're more like a discord tranny
>>696834 You are >checks list >scratches cuckchan >aha!, you are a [discord tranny]
>>696835 That's a problem, anons here are intellectually lazy and grasp for their nearest boogieman in desperare hopes of having a "gotcha!" moment when confronted with uncomfortable territory, but end up looking like paranoid schizos. I'd prefer having actual arguments as to why they see it this way instead of haphazard accusations that derail threads.
>>696835 >lacking this much brain capacity >can't even realize he's being insulted Forget discord tranny, you're just a posting vegetable >>696836 >didn't bother to check who he was replying to >or read the posts You might be as bad as the barely functioning potato above you
(198.33 KB 1200x1200 Cuphead+comp_4e12d6_6407718.png)

>>696839 It's not worth derailing a thread over this, all the anon has to do is acknowledge the crosspollination and move on realizing that he has to hold himself to the standard he holds other anons to. can I cum inside you?
>>696836 Anons got seriously defensive after I used a no-no word that perfectly encapsulates the sort of content posted ITT.
(46.23 KB 250x300 wow.webm)

>Defensive >For pointing out that the tumor is calling aids cancer
>>696844 It's anons trying to call you out for a double standard, take the criticism in stride and move on. There's no need to fuss
(15.59 MB 1280x720 TF2 - California girls.mp4)

>>696847 who is this semen demen?
(550.05 KB 1392x790 Disapointed.png)

(825.30 KB 468x352 lurk moar.webm)

(12.32 MB 640x512 Rabbit Hole.mp4)

>Checks back on thread. Lots of new posts. >Surely there must be a ton of new OC >It's just some newfag getting butthurt about being called a newfag. Why do I keep getting exited, only to meet the same old disappointments...
>>696879 That last video is funny because it implies Fallout went to shit at 4
(3.86 MB 1024x576 I disappear.webm)

>>696882 New Vegas was better than 2
(6.68 MB 940x529 Fallout 4 Positive.webm)

>>696882 The fact that 76 was worse does not make 4 any less shit.
(1.27 MB 640x640 im black.mp4)

>>696844 >>696835 >>696822 Anon I been through what you just went through multiple times. Arguing with retards on the internet is a waste of time, it's like trying to reason with emotionally/mentally stunted special needs children, retain your dignity anon and don't even bother giving them your attention. If you engage with them it will stop being funny really quickly and will just end up being sad and tiresome. You can try fighting fire with fire and acting like an ad hominin splurging retard to them yourself but you may just end up getting addicted to it and also become one of "them". No need to prove yourself either they don't give a shit about that they just want textboxes to bully for some gay reason. also you were getting shat on for mocking cringe tiktok videos which gen z cuckchanners usually love some "anon from here" tells you to go back to cuckchan for trying to defend this boards culture even though its obvious you were in the right point is I think they may be from cuckchan or some other shitty site themselves trying to D/C this website for some reason, there is no other reason to accuse obvious anon of being from cuckchan other then them being unironically retarded