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(93.90 KB 1120x1008 Fa6JG8IXwAASJ4n.png)

(93.25 KB 1120x1008 Fa6JG8GWAAAbVT8.png)

Sexy Sprites (part 2) Anonymous 08/24/2022 (Wed) 10:00:42 Id: 349da7 No. 675497
Continuing from the old one >>516987 Here's what i spent working ALL DAY.
>>675497 Nice!
Draw her brapping
>>675497 nice >>675500 fuck you
>>675497 I love the gameboy palette.
>>675500 She already has, hence the colours.
Don't we have a drawthread?
>>675553 Yeah we do but this is a thread for sexy pixel art and sprites.
(33.05 KB 354x449 sprite drawing.jpg)

>>675553 >>675554 If we have this thread for Sprites then where are the ones for Pepsis or Dr. Peppers?
(25.89 KB 340x554 Pepsi_Man.jpg)

(306.05 KB 2048x1365 pepsi achieved.jpg)

(899.66 KB 1489x2455 PEPSIGOND.png)

>>675645 We can have one for pepsiman.
(1.13 MB 2048x1545 Fa1aXxJVUAAf40I.jpeg)

Also did thisnbut didnt like the results.
>>676233 Reminds me slightly of how it would look on a Gameboy Pocket, rather than a Gameboy. Nice Rolls as usual ShinPepi.
(597.68 KB 490x656 GameBoyPerformance.png)

>>676233 >>676264 Reminds me of looking through this piece of shit
>>676233 Could you draw her anus expanding?
Anybody has a gb flashcart?https://files.catbox.moe/c7jy9e.zip
>>676795 Buy me one and I'll have one.
>>676795 Works on an emulator. Pretty nice Rollbutt.
(185.93 KB 960x864 roll1.jpg)

(188.61 KB 960x864 roll2.jpg)

(184.92 KB 960x864 roll3.jpg)

>>676795 >>676912 Forgot my images.
(57.69 KB 300x381 Delicious.jpg)

>>676795 This seems like GB Studio. If anyone wants to make an image into an NES file: https://kasumi.itch.io/ichr https://nesrocks.itch.io/naw This can convert images into the NES palette: https://nesdoug.com/2021/01/07/nesifier/ This can convert images into most old computer/console palettes: http://mrsebe2.bplaced.net/ham_convert/
>>676995 Great list, thanks a bunch anon
>>676995 Yes it is.
Not lewd or loli but still a little sexy.
>>676995 NesMaker is better
(65.37 KB 640x373 Junon.jpg)

I need to learn Japanese so I can play that Slayers PC98 game.
>>677355 You're interesting. Roll spreads her legs and her pussy looms over Mega Man’s tiny body. The massive W logo pulsates ominously as her folds open with a hot hiss. “Do you best Mega! Fix what Dr. Wily did!” Mega gulps as his blue tights tent out, but he slides himself into the slick opening bravely.
>>677394 >>677355 Go back to Deviantart you fucks
>>677376 Yeah, to make template based games that look like NROM early NES games with a bit more color, its a shit engine.
>>677469 Don't blame your lack of skill on the engine.
>>677559 Well, you'd have to pay me for more. Fascinating idea though.
(746.28 KB 336x200 pervduck.gif)

I must see Wily Fortress Roll.
>>677672 Pussy
>>677672 DO IT
fuck off josh
>>677564 >paywalled >shits out 512 KB ROMs for everything even when the game has 20 KB of data Still garbage.
(4.77 MB 3456x4608 Roll on an iPod 3rd Gen.jpg)

(5.35 MB 3456x4239 Roll on an iPod 3rd Gen 2.jpg)

Took shots of the Roll pics from OP & put them on the monochrome screen iPod.
(1.21 MB 640x360 look at that booty.webm)

>>676917 Why does bare cunny version have a white censor bar? Is this from Pixiv?
>>677875 But can Roll run Doom?
>>677875 Put the Rom on a flashcart or a super gameboy to run it on real hardware please! >>677944 I guess so, pepi post primarely on his Fanbox.
>>678172 Does a flashcart on the older Nintendo DS count for real hardware?
>>678400 I don't guess you have access to something like a Famicom DD. That would be something interesting to play around with.
>>677061 >pop art 3dpd e-girl 'pixel art' filter Where did you come from?
(11.94 KB 256x224 Adeleine [orig].png)

(18.14 KB 720x630 Adeleine.png)

(10.23 KB 320x375 1 bit promotions.png)

Behold and rejoice! Some more promotion worthy artistic kino from 8anon!
>>678572 >'pixel art' filter Made me respond.
>>678671 Oh God that's excellent anon. I love you and I love her too.
>>677061 >>678572 >>678699 It's called super pixel time. http://superpixeltime.io/
(23.77 KB 595x840 Hyrule.png)

(24.66 KB 595x840 Contra.png)

(29.85 KB 595x840 Sega Master System.png)

(24.33 KB 595x840 NES.png)

(27.74 KB 595x840 Atari 2600.png)

>>679179 If >>677061 were made with super pixel time then wouldn't there be logos on it? All that SPT seems to be doing is a mosaic filter followed by color filters. There's no halftone dithering. Here are some examples.
(53.66 KB 640x480 terry2.png)

(25.28 KB 500x500 terry3.png)

(43.17 KB 500x500 terry4.png)

(45.53 KB 735x490 terry5.png)

(55.92 KB 800x450 terry.png)

>>679179 I put Terry in with the C64 filter >>679242 The logo can be disabled.
(83.63 KB 637x900 bigtiddymarios.png)

>>679179 Neat.
>>679253 Now that's a backdoor if I've ever seen one. Where'd you find this?
>>679250 They look familiar. Are they from a doujin?
>>679263 That's clearly not Terry dumbshit, it's just some guy vaguely dressed like him.
>>679248 Even if it couldn't, you could just extend the bottom of your image before filtering so the logo is placed in blank space, then crop out the logo. It was a silly question.
>>679250 Where the big titty lolis at? Good times
(549.73 KB 1200x2200 THQ_AMA.png)

(407.45 KB 1627x3303 thq_chance_of_a_lifetime.png)

(8.18 MB 2894x4093 thqviv.png)

>>679902 was bretty gud
(93.12 KB 1280x720 IMG_7583.jpg)

(38.29 KB 400x300 IMG_7582.gif)

(45.59 KB 400x300 IMG_7581.gif)

(38.93 KB 400x300 IMG_7580.gif)

(20.91 KB 204x179 IMG_7579.jpg)

(47.82 KB 480x360 IMG_7584.jpg)

(45.80 KB 350x350 IMG_7587.jpg)

(43.68 KB 350x350 IMG_7588.jpg)

(242.95 KB 1024x768 IMG_7585.jpg)

(45.18 KB 448x336 IMG_7586.jpg)

(3.70 KB 160x128 valis1-gen-29.png)

(6.77 KB 256x224 valis1-pce-08.png)

(8.35 KB 256x224 valis1-pce-29.png)

(2.85 KB 128x224 valis1-pce-intro02.png)

(2.39 KB 128x224 valis1-pce-intro03.png)

(225.89 KB 640x800 Dvg__QiXgAIhGIW.jpeg)

(212.02 KB 640x800 Dvg__QcX0AAwFx5.jpeg)

(192.78 KB 640x800 Dvg__SPX0AAAMFs.jpeg)

(197.98 KB 640x800 Dvg__S8WsAAA470.jpeg)

(66.03 KB 642x402 needlg22.png)

>>676233 A fat butt is not bad, Anon.
>>684477 I remember these showing up on some SFC anime slideshow ROMs made eons ago, i think i even have them on my SNES Everdrive.
>>685054 I've been wanting to find those for a while now for nostalgia's sake.
>>685054 Do you remember one of those with /d/ tier stuff? It had menstruating anime girls and shit, it traumatized me as a kid.
>>684477 Do you have these in png oe gif format? What game is this anyway?
(3.32 MB 2048x2400 PROMOTIONS.png)

(194.53 KB 2048x2400 CGA promotions HD.gif)

(176.61 KB 749x827 ANSI Promotion.jpg)

>>685612 OH SHIT anon, how did you do that? I've not had much luck with ANSI stuff.
(182.21 KB 1123x632 ANSI Snake.jpg)

>>685613 https://manytools.org/hacker-tools/convert-image-to-ansi-art/ It's AI shit, so results will vary. I had the best luck so far with a max 160 width, use colors, and Extra Contrast. 16 Color pallet may work better with some images, but none of the ones I played with
>>685616 I wish there was an image editor that allowed you to draw something with a direct output to ANSI.
>>685616 >>685612 >>685566 >>685596 >>679263 >>679248 oh great, here comes the offtopic shitsling spam
>>685057 They'll be in GoodSNES.
this threads sure come and go....
I'm so glad i came to 8/v/, i wondered where 8 went years ago when it got shoahed, thank you fellas for keeping a consistently good board quality after all these years.
>>694308 You just showed up mate?
>>694310 i settled for the scraps of 4/v/ for the past few years, coming in and out every now and then. Didn't have a lot of motivation to go looking for 8 again because i had a good enough time with the few good people left on 4. I regret that now though heh.
(795.44 KB 3096x4128 20201014_171101.jpg)

>>694308 If only the rest of the anons lost back during the 8kunt purge found this place like you have, so many people still don't know we exist man.
>>694316 Well, this is a spiritual successor to 8chan, way less active but some of the usual faces like Mark are here. Do you know about the webring, anons are scattered across different sites, this is only a fraction of the former userbase. zzzchan.xyz is another site you should check out.
>>694319 Maybe it's for the better to be completely honest. Being a big platform were you have eyes from every angle of the internet means there's less of a quality filter. >>694322 If you wouldn't mind giving me a list i'd appreciate it. I need to get off of 4 before it rots my insides haha. I like a slower site with better people over a faster site with more garbage to have to sift through. Apologies for derailing the thread a bit fellas, i'll see if i can contribute in a bit in exchange for the conversation you've given me here.
(106.62 KB 500x432 Trust nobody.png)

>>694316 >>694324 The remnants of /v/ are completely overflooded by shit When the braindead literal fucking niggers from Gamefaqs are some of the less terrible posters there, you know it's bad. And it's not like any other board is any better, /co/, /a/, /k/, /pol/, /vg/ and /tv/ are even worse and they all post in the same way and make the same threads. It's simply terrible
>>694329 Right. I thought i could find a semblance of quality on /tv/, but there it seems compromised by shilling and ragebaiting, it's insane. >>694331 Thanks buddy.
>>694324 https://bvffalo.land/ Here's an extensive list of imageboards you can browse
(12.44 MB 1280x720 Goodbye Josh.mp4)

>>694380 >9chan is still listed lmao
this thread reminded me of isadultart's amy rose new year genesis loop, one day i'd love to run this on actual hardware with a flashcart. Also have the idea to try and pixelize some of his art just to see how it'd turn out.
>>694406 uhh that shit runs on the actual genesis? Why would you wanna do that anyhow
>>694406 >runs on actual Genesis >Modern Amy Anyone who is autistic enough to make this should be autistic enough to know this is wrong. If it's on Genesis it should be Classic Amy. Yeah, she's only on Sega CD technically, but at least that's sort of Genesis. Better than a Dreamcast era design.
>>694319 Might be for the best. We don't want to be overrun by cuckchan zoomer faggots.
>>694473 Yeah but we could use atleast 20 anons more, the hispachan boost gave more life to the site but we are still mostly /v/.
>>694487 Yeah but the people who find this place organically are more likely to be less horrible users. I wish the whole world was people who could fit in here and wouldn't ruin the site. But most people would. The vast majority would. So fuck that.
>>694488 By here I assume you are talking exclusively about this board and not the site as a whole, which is a fucking disaster with some of the most disgusting boards imaginable.
>>694491 Yes. But even that is because the people I don't want here found the site. It's already in a sad state. We don't need to make it worse by getting more undesirables to come here.
(32.03 KB 474x665 Nei.jpg)

>>694458 Honestly I prefer modern Amy's looks, with classic Amy's personality. I hate they just turned her into an empty thot constantly chasing after Sonic's dick like a pink stalker. She was much more likable when she was just trying to be her own hero, with Sonic as a friend and inspiration, with the whole girlfriend angle being much more of an undertone. But, overall, I don't really give a shit since Sonic was nothing other than just another good Genesis game out of a library of games I liked, and if anything I fucking loathe the modern franchise because of what Sonic Team has done to Phantasy Star in order to milk the fanbase for fees to subsidize the development of more shitty Sonic games that nobody wants. Spoilered because not sprites.
>>694579 >It's just basic, "straighten up and fly right"/Take responsibility for yourself common sense shit that your dad should have taught you when you were 10. You have it backwards. Classic Amy was the one that was not at all her own hero. Literally her only character trait was that her tarot cards told her she was destined to be with Sonic, she she chases him around. Modern Amy is the one that has a story in Sonic Adventure about her learning to be more independent, even if it is for the end goal of getting blue dick. Also, Classic Amy is hotter because she canonically goes commando. See Sonic The Fighters. Better than Modern Amy's pantsu shots, even. I don't care if it's all blocky and there's no actual textures so she's like a Barbie doll. Still better. But that's not the point. The point is if you're autistic enough to run it on a real Genesis, use a Genesis design, not a Dreamcast design.
(7.94 KB 560x560 comm-donovono.png)

(9.75 KB 336x496 milchi-gamesprite.png)

(5.69 KB 292x404 rosalina-sprite.png)

(4.66 KB 212x272 vattletoads-blista.png)

I do some sexy pixels sometimes, although I've seldom done pixel portraits, they're mostly "in-game" style character sprites.
(5.45 KB 292x404 big dik is back in town.png)

>>694625 the last one you never finished you double nigger.
>>694635 AMazing.
>>694625 You sure do love Chunky bitches Josh.
>>694655 I do... and I'd welcome other people drawing them
(11.65 KB 500x425 clothed lolevi water_big.png)

(11.60 KB 500x425 nude lolevi water_big.png)

(152.10 KB 535x295 rainbowdevilcolor2.gif)

(25.00 KB 480x320 cielgangbang2scene1sketch.png)

i like drawing sprites of the mmz girls that last one is a wip, it's part of an animation i'm making
>>695461 This is pretty shit.
>>695461 Also LOL, what the fuck is this anon? What compels you to spoil all these whooping 16 pixels of what could appear to be something lewd if heavily autistic?
>>694625 Still think you went with the wrong face for Blista, generic cute doesn't suit a battletoad. >>695479 You forget that the mods are heavily autistic.
>>695461 >gangbang i too like to masturbate to multiple men fucking my wife
>>695461 Zero does not approve.
>>695768 >Self Inserting This is "watching porn makes you a cuckold" tier.
>>695775 Why don't you try justifying the appeal of gangbang porn to me instead? Because I can't imagine anything less arousing than multiple men having sex with a single woman at the same time at that.
(855.10 KB 1280x960 vattletoads-anonpromoartedit.png)

>>695767 >Still think you went with the wrong face for Blista, generic cute doesn't suit a battletoad. On the one hand I do understand this mentality but I think I had my reasons for doing so at the time. I was working with multiple concepts from different anons as well as my own ideas for the character and I tried to incorporate a bunch of them to the best of my ability. I personally like how she came out, and I tried to have her cater to 8chan tastes in the best way possible given that we're the ones doing this game. This was also to make it more rewarding when you eventually unlock the secret three-way gangbang ending with her and the other toads In any case, the project isn't actually dead, but it is on hiatus. Terry A. Davis is project lead on the game now by which I mean the guy who codes the /v/ board in our slack whose name I forget, and it's not in my hands anymore. He tells me he'll be posting a new thread whenever he has a demo ready, and when the time comes I'll still contribute art to it.
>>695784 Good luck anon >>695783 Who cares? It's not real!
(18.87 KB 450x190 6215503-6130091937-megam.jpg)

>>695785 Josh loves to LARP.
>>695785 >Who cares? It's not real! Just entertain my autism instead of being like this.
>>695461 >this post getting shat on Kek, since when did this place gain some normalniggers here? Scram to halfchan, you reek /acrg/. >>695771 Zero wouldn't, but won't stop Nakayama's hand. Start pumping that tight reploid orifice, Wily's AI soul wills it.
>>679242 Gravity Rush on the GBA looking sick
>>695461 >>695479 8 bit and 16 bit nude lolis are just the tops.
>>695795 >/acrg/ Is that some cuckchan term?
>>695800 But you can't see anything. I need nude loli games that are very hi-res and have movable cameras, as well as a gameplay style that encourages the cameras being placed to give you good views.
>>695803 It's a halfchan brainrot center. it's where failed shartists go to.
(594.27 KB 2304x1296 capcom poker night.jpg)

>>695795 >asking capcom characters to get it on You fool, what you ask for is impossible.
>>695804 Katamari Lolidacy?
(247.98 KB 1230x1207 Poison Dart Carbuncle.png)

>>695784 Nice, good to see this thing is still alive. Is the fight on top of the Dark Queen's boobs still going to be in the game?
>>695841 Yes god damn it.
(64.64 KB 264x768 ciel.png)

>>695461 Someone should finish this sheet and anything else from spriters-resource.com and leave it in the original size dimensions.
>>695841 >>695861 Video game logic would have you bouncing constantly while realistically you'd be sinking and it'd be difficult to stand.
>>695861 But anon that's not the Dark Queen, this is.
(565.15 KB 217x200 ´Puke.gif)

>>696745 Unless they're plastic and made of silicon I assume >>696757 If this game was made in Japan she would have been even hotter than before and probably maybe have even fatter, juicer milkers.
>>695840 But you can barely even see your character most of the time in Katamari, and even when you can, I wouldn't say you get a very good view. The best I can really think of would be something like a single-player fighting game/beat-em-up, so you can move the camera around, have it be relatively close to the player character, and have the character do lots of moves that will give you different views.
>>696970 The loli would be the katamari, and you'd roll up other lolis in an orgy.
>>696981 I've seen that exact picture.
>>696970 >But you can barely even see your character most of the time in Katamari, and even when you can, I wouldn't say you get a very good view. What? I swear you could see the Prince at all times in the corner of the screen?
>>696757 I still find myself questioning the malicious incompetence that led the designer to make her all purple Even a splash of color would make that generic look slightly less of a wash
>>696757 if you're gonna make her flat at least have the decency of making her cute loli
>>695861 Fix the breasts, they're lopsided.
>>697295 Not mine.
>>695775 Just say you like penises aesthetically and get it over with, then you can begin your spiritual journey to being gay.
>>700885 That's some great sprite work, gorgeous body on that girl.
>>695775 Whoever the artist is for these animations is a god.
>>701124 I just wish he drew males that were a little easier on the eyes.
>>694319 Weren't there some anons who wanted to take this and other sites down because loli isn't banned? >>695775 Sorry anon, i cannot get hard at seeing non-humans fuck females despite being a mentally challenged thirld-worlder
>>701196 >Weren't there some anons who wanted to take this and other sites down because loli isn't banned? They weren't anons.
>>701196 You must be confusing filth from Alogs/Tvch and 8kunt with anons, easy mistake for a newfaggot.

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