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PC Hardware Thread + News: Battlestation Edition Anonymous 09/01/2022 (Thu) 15:56:48 Id: 104321 No. 680781
Share your build specs to rate and rig pictures if you'd like. Then others can rate. It's news time, no nvidia stuff this time around since there's no solid info. AMD Ryzen 7950X, 7900X, 7700X, & 7600X Specs, Price, Release Date https://yewtu.be/hVnJbiYOCq4 AMD Ryzen 7000 desktop chips based on Zen 4 architecture coming September 27th for $299 and up >AMD says when compared with a previous-gen Ryzen 9 5950X processor, the new Ryzen 9 7950X chip delivers <Up to 29% better single-core performance <Up to 45% “more compute for content creators in POV Ray <Up to 15% “faster gaming performance in select titles” https://archive.ph/spgRW >During its event, AMD made some bold performance claims versus Intel’s 12th Gen Core processors based on Alder Lake. First and foremost, AMD claims the entire Ryzen 7000 series line-up, including the lower-power, more mainstream Ryzen 7 7700X and Ryzen 5 7600X, will offer better single-thread performance than Intel’s top-end Core i9-12900K. >To that end, a Ryzen 5 7600X was shown running F1 2022 side-by-side with a 12900K, and the Ryzen put up an average framerate approximately 11% higher, though both chips were capable of hitting north of 350 FPS in the test. >On average, AMD is claiming about 5% better gaming performance with the Ryzen 7000 series versus Intel with the 7600X, with faster parts obviously increasing that lead. https://archive.ph/fhSAU AMD Radeon RX 7000 series: Everything we know about the RDNA 3 GPU >Recent rumors suggested that RX 7000 graphics cards could be up to 130% faster than the previous generation overall while staying relatively power-efficient. While AMD is still quiet about the details, it has confirmed that the new GPU series will offer more than a 50% improvement in performance per watt over the previous generation. We also have confirmation that AMD will be adopting the 5nm manufacturing process, which should help drive some of this performance boost. >AMD has confirmed it will make use of a new chiplet design borrowed from the architecture used on its Ryzen processors for RDNA 3. This change in design could allow the company to double the number of compute units on each die. If all else is the same, we can expect AMD’s GPUs to ship with at least 12GB of VRAM. The company had previously claimed that 12GB of RAM on GPUs is the minimum requirement to be future-proof when playing AAA titles. Current AMD GPUs ship with GDDR6 memory, and we can expect the same with Radeon RX 7000 since Nvidia has an exclusive on the faster GDDR6X standard. https://archive.ph/ZSCTT Previous Bread: https://archive.ph/stG4B
i want a fuckable computer what do i buy
>>680781 I kinda wanna upgrade from a 5800X to a 7900X, but I also have to buy a new RAM and Mobo, so I'm not sure if it's worth doing this year. >>680784 Ask your mother
>>680792 i am not a cyborg i don't see how that would help
Thinking of buying a new one Arcade Fight Stick. Any good recommendations guys?

(10.51 MB 480x360 I love my computer.mp4)

>>680784 >i want a fuckable computer what do i buy A Persocom, if you can find one.
(669.74 KB 1121x1107 media_FZpN_HMXgAEI0ap.jpg)

I'm considering getting an 8000+$ set up to make a bare minimum computer for machine learning. This may not be the best thing to ask, but can you start making money off that level of computer? What small business can I run with machine learning?
>>681112 >>681282 linked the wrong fucking post
>>681283 Rape correction is needed.
Is it safe to jump back into PC building again? Because I heard the market was garbage for a while. My current PC is 12 years old. While I did upgrade it it's time for a new computer altogether. I'm not looking for anything super high-end, I just want a computer for gaming and 3D graphics work. Can anyone help me out here? I have a preference for Nvidia and Intel stuff because that's just what I'm used to.
>>681282 Semi-accurate, but I don't emulate shit. I prefer playing retro things on original hardware with a CRT the way God intended..
>>681327 GPU prices are coming down because a new gen is releasing sometime later this year, but many of the current gen are still near or above the launch MSRP. Hold off from buying for now until it's clear how big the generational gap is; either it'll be worth it to buy the new ones, or the old ones will get cheaper. CPU-wise, the next AMD generation's release (7000-series) is imminent. It's a new socket after several years on their previous one, so potentially a good time to buy if you might want an in-socket upgrade later on, assuming it lasts as long as the previous one did. It's the first DDR5-only CPU generation, so RAM would be expensive as fuck, and it's not mature yet. Intel's most recent generation (12th gen) is compatible with both DDR4 and DDR5 depending on motherboard, so you'd be choosing between an end-of-life format with no upgrade path or, again, one that is expensive and immature but has a future. Even if you prefer Intel, AMD's 7000-series should be significantly better than Intel 12th-gen, so it'll be worth staying open-minded. I'm not sure when Intel's 13th gen is coming, but I assume we're more than halfway there. In general, everything's more expensive that it used to be and that's not going to change. Power requirements are also climbing. The lowest-end CPU AMD announced for the coming generation is 105W, compared to 65W on the previous generation's equivalent. GPUs are in a similar spot; even the 3060Ti takes two 8-pin power cables, with some higher cards needing 3, and the next gen's projected to keep climbing. Plus, some current GPUs have transient power spike issues that can cause instability unless your PSU has a lot of headroom. On the bright side, if you're coming from a 12 year old build, you might find that modern cases are very nice to work in. Unless you want a 5.25" bay in which case the case manufacturers say fuck you.
>>681327 Give me your GPU price range, if you want intel aviv then get the 12600k, the lower end ones use last gen silicon so you want to avoid those. You can get a 6800XT or a 3060 for a GPU. https://yewtu.be/jdicNwoq2a8
>>681367 Dodged a bullet when deciding what GPU to get earlier this year for my new rig. Fucking 3090 cards are going half price now.
Fractal Design Torrent, one of the upcoming flagship CPUs+mobo+RAM+cooler and possibly a new PSU. Is going to be worth it? Not a chance. Am I still doing it? Yes.
>>681367 How will the midrange GPUs perform? I've recently bought an RX 6700 XT for less than $400 for 1440p, and I don't think that a newer version of it will be any better besides a little more ray tracing power. The only rumor that I've heard is the RTX 4070 being as powerful as a 3090.
(336.57 KB 1920x1080 GTX 1060 6GB.jpg)

>>681367 >Is it safe to jump back into PC building again? Because I heard the market was garbage for a while Market is still garbage, except this time pcfags have either accepted the inflated prices or they are all shills, leaning on the latter because of real life happenings.
(542.47 KB 360x320 suzukidance.gif)

>>681369 >>681367 Thanks for the info anons. I really would like to get a new PC by the end of the year, I'm probably gonna wait until Black Friday so I'm aiming to get this thing in November unless I can find some good deals immediately. Hopefully by then the new generation comes out. >Give me your GPU price range, if you want intel aviv then get the 12600k, the lower end ones use last gen silicon so you want to avoid those. You can get a 6800XT or a 3060 for a GPU. I'm still unsure about the prices I have in mind for individual parts, but my budget for this thing is roughly $1500 Canadian (or about $1150 USD) (yes I'm a fucking leaf). I've been out of PC building for a while so I'm not sure what to look for. I have two monitors for a dual monitor setup and since I'm gonna be doing 3D work I might as well get that going. Also, this just a miscellaneous feature I want, but I live in a dry dusty climate and I don't like having to spray dust my computer every few months so I'd like a case that minimizes the amount I'd have to do that. Maybe something with HEPA filters.
I'm thinking of jumping into Zen 4 for a new workstation thoughts?
>>681986 HEPA filters would cause a real hit to cooing performance. And it's a niche product, so while I think there are one or two out there, they're too expensive for your budget. You'll have to just look for a case that's easy to clean. One case that's usually at the top of recommendation lists is the Corsair 4000D Air. It's got a magnetic mesh filter on the front intake, so it should be easy to pop out and clean as needed. I think it's around C$135 normally but I've seen it go on sale for C$99 several times. I'm not too sure of the hardware demands for your 3D work (i.e. relative importance of CPU vs GPU, and single-core vs multi-core) so I can't really recommend much else, and again, with all the upcoming launches the landscape will change a lot before Black Friday. As far as power supplies, the tier list at https://cultists.network/140/psu-tier-list/ is generally considered a useful reference. For reviews of most components, GamersNexus on Youtube is the most rigorous and reputable outlet I've seen. They do CPUs, GPUs, cases, coolers, recently some PSUs, and more.
My last rig was assembled 3 years ago. Helped weather the bullshit stay home order even though I spent most of my time on an even older first build. Next PC down the road will be decided on price to performance.
Recently i've been having temperature issues to the point that my computer warns me about it (due to my case and GPU's size i can't fit more than two fans, one in the back as exhaust and one in my CPU cooler), so i've been thinking about replacing my small case and fans with an NZXT H510 Flow and a 5-pack of Artic P12 PWM fans (two on the front, one in the back and two for my Hyper 212 EVO), would this be a good idea or should i get something else? I'm on a really tight budget ($200) but i need to fix this ASAP as i tend to leave my PC torrenting shit overnight and while i wageslave. If possible, could you guys also recommend me a CPU cooler? I've been eyeing the Vetroo V5 but i'm not fond of RGB shit and i don't want anything to do with no-name chinese parts anymore, so replacing the coolermaster fan with two artic seems like the most sensible choice here, but if there's a better air cooler for $40-$50 then i'm all ears.
>>682292 Hyper 212 is just fine, but if you want a better one, go Scythe. The mugen 5 is pretty damn good. So is the deepcool assassin 3. Also, in the case department, try finding a Lian Li Lancool 215 mesh.
>>682292 Don't listen to 5da544, get an Arctic Liquid Freezer 2 for 100 bucks.
(645.43 KB 1051x589 do not want.PNG)

>>682292 >2 fucking fans I have 9 fans and an AIO, used to have 12 fans but that was overkill since it impeded airflow. I pity you anon.
Should i install a new hard drive into my original xbox, get a rasberry pi 4 setup, or get a new hard drive for my PC?
>>682323 wow 12 fans?
(1.53 MB 505x337 Deep Dark Fantasy.gif)

(342.61 KB 629x500 kinzo.png)

Reminder to always buy prebuilt. Do not buy each part yourself, do not order online. Grab a prebuilt from your nearest shop and be done with it. That is, unless you are up for the risks and challenges.
(90.40 KB 739x742 CIA bait.jpg)

>>682878 >no argument
>>682323 Why would you pity him when you're clearly retarded enough to impede your airflow because you think more fans always = more airflow? Anything beyond 3-4 will almost always have significant diminishing returns.
>>682893 Dimishing returns =/= Impeded Airflow They are not the same thing, if it's just moving air then it's simply redundant, but not harmful, unless anons positioning is retarded and has the fans at max speed, which generates more heat than it transfers out, then it's actually getting in the way in the first place, which is then retarded.
I just upgraded from an i3 to an i5, updated my bios and fixed corruption with my RAM today. I was really iffy on the i5. I had a coupon for Staples of all places and ordered it from their website. It came packaged loose in a anti-static bag in a box lined with packing foam, but so far its working better then my old one.
I just found out my cheap chinese fans (that i've had for nearly a year now) actually did come with anti-vibration rubber pads, they were in the little gray strips that came in the box. In my defense, i thought those were pieces of doubled-sided tape to mount the little hub you can plug directly to the PSU in case your MOBO has no RGB header. This isn't the first time something like this happens by the way, my CPU cooler has two fans and i couldn't daisy chain them, so i plugged them to FAN and OPT, a couple months later i decide to use the little syringe of thermal paste included in the box and i notice it also had a splitter inside.
>>688082 It took me hours of fiddling to figure out how to use noctuas retarded rubber screws.
(300.70 KB 784x1160 USB420.png)

Finally, the 40Gbps bandwidth limit of USB and Thunderbolt which has strangled external GPUs may end. https://archive.ph/sOESU Once they get this 80Gbps USB4 2.0 port into laptops all you'll need is a laptop with a decent CPU and an external GPU enclosure to use any proper desktop GPU with a laptop and the bandwidth will be sufficient. At 80Gbps eGPUs should actually be viable.
>>688136 External GPU's are strangled by the fact their enclosures all cost more than the fucking GPU's do.
(263.52 KB 1584x714 09-11-2022_142421.png)

(333.21 KB 1611x767 09-11-2022_142434.png)

(211.22 KB 1499x941 DanCase A4-SFX.png)

>>688137 True. Still, Small Form Factor enthusiasts pay out the ass for low volume boutique cases regardless.
>>688142 Enclosures need to come way down in price for me to ever consider them. They would be very ideal for a laptop config but I'm not spending $300 + tax on that shit. $150 is the most I could stomach, and that fucker better come with a PSU that can handle modern GPU's even at that price point. But EGPU will never be a mainstream method so I will forever be priced out.
>>688151 >But EGPU will never be a mainstream method Yeah, it's going to stay niche most likely, but at higher bandwidth it can at least become viable. What has existed thus far with 40Gbps is just so frustratingly half-assed.
I've am on a verge of building a new PC. My original plan was to go with 3070Ti or 3080Ti, but I noticed that 3090s and 3090Tis cost as much as 3080Ti and have double memory. They would be handy for me down the line, as I started playing with blender not long ago. I never dealt with high end, power hungry cards. How are they compared to mid and low-mid ranged ones? Are they: >significantly louder >significantly hotter >need extra cooling >that power hungry >require some other special treatment I always ran mid to low range cards in midsize, quiet cases. I never had to worry about temperatures. Noise was only ever an issue if I really pushed my GPU. Is 3090Ti going to turn my PC into a loud space heater?
>>688369 >Is 3090Ti going to turn my PC into a loud space heater? Take the max TDP of each card you're looking at and compare them. Assume you'll be generating your CPU's TDP + the GPU's TDP and a little extra on top of that. Look at the power output on space heaters and if you're approaching that value then yeah, you will be. You can make it less loud, though. But if you want to keep things cool, you need to either find a lower TDP card or figure out how to put your PC in a different room.
>>688369 Well Ventilated Case + Good Case Fans + Good Aftermarket Cooler on GPU = Low Fan Speed + Low Fan Noise + Decent Temps Any high end video card is going to exhaust heat into the room. The other part of the equation to consider is having a capable Power Supply. Many will overspend on Power Supply wattage for the sake of playing it safe, future-proofing and maybe for efficiency, but the RTX 3080 at least can even make due with a small 600W SFX PSU: https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=Bdohv96uGLw
>>688394 Also I'm running a 3080 Ti build on a little 750W SFX PSU (which never tripped OCP) so I know firsthand that you don't need a 1000W+ behemoth PSU for these high-end cards. Maybe if you want a 40 series card later go higher wattage, but otherwise it's not as necessary as some may claim.
Post PC builds you like, it doesn't matter if they're years old, I just REALLY like looking at them. Gonna post anons PC's from the last bread too
(108.83 KB 1280x720 HoboGaming.jpg)

(122.51 KB 984x480 WV2FsYZ.jpg)

(130.64 KB 450x422 pc_beer_dispenser_3.jpg)

>>688404 What 3080ti model are you using?
Apparently ETH is going PoS for real now and people are saying the used GPU prices are going to tank even further. They are looking decent and actually below MSRP on ebay now. I've never bought a used GPU before so I'm a bit hesitant. Especially since I read a lot that miners will flash a custom BIOS onto the cards for mining performance. But I'm considering only hunting for cards that have dual BIOS switches on them to lower my chances of having to deal with bullshit BIOS flashing, especially since I think almost all the software for that is windows exclusive and I really don't feel like installing (((windows))) to fix a GPU.
>>688822 Checked. Can you post the ones with the toaster and fridge?
(484.43 KB 2364x1773 IMG_4700.JPEG)

Here's my PC hardware.
>>688822 A mineral oil PC was something I considered to make just for make.
(479.04 KB 2400x1080 Screenshot_20220914_122018.png)

LOL >X570 was too expensive >You ain't seen nuthin' yet
>>690052 There' a handful of GPU you never wanna buy from a miner >anything HBM HBM is fragile and degrades easily, and you can break the interposer with a simple repaste even if you don't feel like you've done anything wrong >3090s Cooked VRAM because double sided >GDR6X in general No a complete write off but I wouldn't personally, it runs hot and most AiB don't care, it also degrades easily compared to other types of VRAM, mining is one of the most VRAM intensive task. >Ampere anything with hynix VRAM (ask for a GPU Z screenshot) Has major reliability and performance issue, you can genuinely get a completely cooked card even with low end models like 3060, and even when it works it's gonna be shit. Make sure you account for potentially fucked fans, all purpose machine oil is a temporary fix (though it can last years).
(394.39 KB 1688x1186 1447165966973.jpg)

>>690636 Do you have a chart of all the cards that use Hynix BRRRRRAAAAAAAAM?
>>690648 Nope, any could potentially be using it outside of extreme OC models.
>>688800 >#3 Are they trolling with those crumpled up and pinched off tubing bends? >>688833 ASUS TUF Gaming. It was the only model I could get from Shuffle during the crypto boom shortages. I would have preferred an EVGA card, but there's no issues with this Asus card thus far (even with my janky unfastened riser cable) so I'm sticking with it.
>>690636 I was mostly looking at the RX 6000 cards. The Nitro+ in particular, which has very easy to replace fans.
>>690746 I haven't heard anything specific regarding ex mining 6000 series, the reference design on the upper tier ones is mostly solid and the Nitro+ is a good custom design.
>>690817 I think they aren't as efficient for mining as the 5700XT for whatever reason. I remember hearing about miners trading 6700XT's for 5700XT's.
(1.96 MB 3240x3410 styrDb.jpg)

Are there any cheap laptops with amd rdna2 GPU? Don't wanna run anything fancy just older titles. Preferably with HDMI output and good battery life
>>691222 A steam deck, unironically, if you want a full GPU then it ain't gonna be cheap
>>691234 I want an actual laptop and screen, being handheld is not required. Is there seriously no laptop out there with comparable specs? I'm thinking $600ish, cheaper would be preferable, don't want nick from eBay again. If there is discrete GPU options without nvidia? I dunno if amd GPUs have improved compared to their CPUs >>691240 I like them
>>691234 He asked for an actual laptop
>>690052 What are some GPUs that a poorfag like me should keep an eye out for? In july people were shilling the $400 RX 6600 XT, but it was a little expensive for my liking (the RX 6600, also on sale, was $250). I really, really need this upgrade, my build is from late 2019 and it was a budget one R5 3600, GTX 1650, which means i can't play many recent games on acceptable settings or run "old" games on max settings at a constant 60fps.
>>691347 You could try getting a 3060 when the 4000 series come out as it'll drop in price hard.
>>691405 why not 3050? is it that bad?
>>691433 It's gonna age poorly and plus a 3060 with it's 12GB at 1080p will last for a good decade especially with the cheaper prices upcoming it's best to just bite the bullet a bit and snag that.
Do any of you anons still have some new old stocks of A8-7600 and FM2+ motherboards?
>>691455 >Get a 1080ti, I can still run games up to 4K at 60+ with minimal settings tweak, turn off or minimize volumetric fog and your games run and look much better Might as well get a steam deck instead
>>691347 It's all a matter of the cost per frame you're getting. Find averaged out game benchmarks for a GPU (hardware unboxed is good for this), divide the cost by the frames, and there you have how good of a deal it is. 3060 might average 84 fps at 1440p. There's one on ebay for $305. That's $3.6 dollars per frame. Though I'd probably wait until the 4000 series is announced. I'd imagine prices will shoot down even more then. If you get lucky on bidding the 6600 can potentially go for $200-$220. But it will probably be a lot easier to get that price and lower when people are off-loading their GPU's in anticipation of the next gen.
>>691298 >Is there seriously no laptop out there with comparable specs? Nope. > I'm thinking $600ish, Doubly nope Last I checked even a laptop with just a R5 6600U and no dGPU is still above $800 and that's about as close to matching the deck as you'll get. Though at that point might as well go with something that has a 6700M dGPU for around $1.2k >>691347 6600 it's gonna be the same level as a 1080ti (except 1440p+) costs less than it and be a lot less power hungry, 3050s cost way too much and while nowhere near as bad 3060 are overpriced as well, maybe the G6X version coming up will bring prices down.
>EVGA has terminated its partnership with Nvidia and is abandoning the GPU market entirely That's wild news. GPUs were their main product, they were well-respected among partner boards, and they've been a loyal Nvidia partner for years.
>>691405 >>691571 I don't know, the 3060 is currently selling for 450 to 500 dollars and i doubt it'll ever drop below $400, that's kind of expensive for me. >>691585 Really? The 1080 Ti is exactly the card i was going to purchase since i can get one for under $300 CiB on ebay, but if the 6600 performs just as well i'd rather wait for it to go on sale again and grab it for $200 if i'm lucky.
>>692752 Nvidia is routinely reviled by just about everyone who has spoken publicly about them in the industry.
>>692834 Sure, but no matter how reviled they are it's still remarkable for a company to ditch a market that constitutes 78% of their gross revenue.
>>692752 Why are they leaving GPUs? And does this mean anything for their legendary warranties on them?
>>692909 Well the margins are notoriously shit for board partners and nvidia is notorious for not telling board partners MSRP until they literally announce it to the world. They probably read the writing on the wall and realized that Nvidia was going to fuck them in the ass on margins this time to make up for the supply blunder.
>>692815 >I don't know, the 3060 is currently selling for 450 to 500 dollars and i doubt it'll ever drop below $400, that's kind of expensive for me. I'd bite the bullet and save up as it'll last you for years.
>>692752 Man this is wild news.
>>692815 >I don't know, the 3060 is currently selling for 450 to 500 dollars and i doubt it'll ever drop below $400, that's kind of expensive for me. Like I said wait until the 4000 series is officially announced and assess prices then.
>>692918 >And does this mean anything for their legendary warranties on them? They're retaining stock of both components and whole GPUs so they can keep warranties going. >Why are they leaving GPUs? As >>692929 said, prices are fucked. Nvidia sets an allowed MSRP range for the completed cards, and they set how much partners pay for the chips, but the partners don't know what any of those prices are until the public announcements. So they have a limited margin to work with for their design, and they don't actually know what the margin is while they're designing it. Then add in that Nvidia can massively undercut them with FE cards and it gets even worse. Reportedly, the flagship-level partner cards are currently selling at a massive loss (hundreds of dollars per card) because the prices partners are paying Nvidia for the silicon can't keep up with Nvidia's price cuts for complete cards. It kind of makes me wonder if it's simple short-sighted greed by Nvidia trying to milk the current gen, or if Nvidia has aspirations of forcing partners out of the market and centralizing the whole business.
>>692752 Well shit, what's the next best manufacturer then? All i know is that EVGA was the absolute best and ZOTAC the worst.
>>692934 I've got about $500 saved up, but i'd rather not spend it all on a new card unless it's a killer deal, and in my opinion a $500 3060 isn't. >>692950 That seems like the best choice, i'll wait for either the release of the 4000 series or crypto crashing so fucking hard (((miners))) have to sell their GPU's below MSRP just to break even.
>>693003 Miners are already selling their GPU's. ETH just switch to PoS. But it will probably take a month to settle in on the aftermarket pricing. So by the time nvidia announces the 4000 series prices will probably bet at their lowest. I don't think I'd wait for the actual release of the 4000 series, people are usually off-loading before that.
>>693003 As >>693034 just said, the main mining currency etherium just switched away from proof of work (mining) to proof of stake (token ownership), so mining on the ETH blockchain is no more. This has caused another mass sell of GPUs, check ebay and you might be able to pick up some high-end units on the cheap.
>>692815 >Really? The 1080 Ti is exactly the card i was going to purchase since i can get one for under $300 CiB on ebay, but if the 6600 performs just as well i'd rather wait for it to go on sale again and grab it for $200 if i'm lucky. It's gonna be within the same level of performance in many cases, though there's a lot of variance depending on DX12/Vulkan or if the title is is nvidia friendly, also emulation the 6600 is gonna be worse than the 1080ti noticeably so on a few emulators. So it's a tradeoff but it's worth considering if you can find a 6600 for cheaper than a 1080ti.
>>692752 That's fucked up. EVGA would keep your warranty even if you disassembled the video card to install a water block. Does anyone else do this? Anyone at all?
(68.91 KB 532x893 marijuana.jpg)

>>692752 The published some figures and despite it being 80% of their revenue, they were literally LOSING money selling $1000+ GPUs. That's how fucked Nvidia's prices are.
>>693215 Jesus so they just making motherboards, PSUs, mice and keyboards now?
>>692752 >It's real! >EVGA Abandons the GPU Market, Reportedly Citing Conflicts With Nvidia https://archive.is/UmWdf Looks like A LOT happened in just two years.
>>693216 Coolers and cases as well. Note that just because those sales were 80% of revenue does not mean they were 80% of profits. The GPUs cost more than they sold for. They would have more money not buying them at all.
>>693216 Why wouldn't they be able to work with AMD to produce cards for them? It'd take a lot of retooling, but not as much as switching it over to a completely different component altogether. Aren't they already working with AMD to produce motherboards as of last year or so?
>>693233 That's what the Gamer's Nexus video is trying to figure out, they say it doesn't make sense for the company to just drop out of the business like that. They think either the CEO wants to spend more time with his family and is going to downscale the business to do that, or they're bluffing and plan to use it as leverage to get a better deal from AMD/Intel.
>>693235 >They think either the CEO wants to spend more time with his family and is going to downscale the business to do that That makes even less sense, since it'd be a smarter move to just step down and appoint another CEO and then sticking around with a comfy consultancy job. Hell companies usually do that anyhow just to ease the transfer of leadership, unless the previous CEO really fucked up or jumped ship to a better deal that needs to be kept under wraps.
>>693233 >It'd take a lot of retooling Not even, literally is just designing a board and BGA soldering the GPU on it, maybe a bit of BIOS tweaks but both Nvidia and AMD have closed down shit significantly,, so there's no retooling, the basics of a well designed board are still the same and the rest is the same as designing a board for a new series, maybe there's different obligations regarding the voltage control but usually that doesn't cause much issues, the easiest part to fuck up is the cooler, but even then you have brands reusing entire design and while it's clearly inferior (ASUS with AMD cards) it's not unusable. >Why wouldn't they be able to work with AMD to produce cards for them? AMD has even tighter control over the 3rd party for some things so probably would just end up the same, also they lock down OC like crazy which is bad for a brand with a huge reputation towards that. >>693230 >Note that just because those sales were 80% of revenue does not mean they were 80% of profits. All the stuff they've got left is high margin especially compared to GPU during a crash.
Advice on a current mid-range gaming CPU? I haven't built a new PC in years and I'm out of the loop on hardware. I'll probably get a mid-range current GPU to go with whatever CPU (AMD or Intel/Nvidia).
>>693487 At the moment I'm leaning toward a Ryzen 5 5600X. Any thoughts?
>>693489 It's a solid CPU.
>>693491 I'm seeing a lot of good stuff about it. Now I just need to choose a GPU. I'm leaning toward the 6800XT because I don't care about ray-tracing but I want something that can do 4k. The alternative is that price bracket is the 3070ti which seems to get a very lukewarm response.
>>693489 All depends on the price you're planning to pay and new vs used.
>>693492 I own a 3070ti and is a good card that you shouldn't buy as it's a moderate bump in specs to the vanilla 3070, you're better off getting 3080 or AMD equivalent of it. As for why I own the it was on sale and cheaper then a 3070 and I needed a GPU very badly.
>>693500 How much did you pay?
>>693506 This was last year so I paid 1000$ CAD which I normally wouldn't of done but I was in desperate need of a GPU now a 3070ti is much much cheaper now.
>>693489 The 5600X was basically the default gaming CPU recommendation for most of its life, but the 5600 non-X and the 5700X have changed that up. These days you're probably better going for either the 5600 non-X or the 5700X. With the prices I'm seeing the 5600 non-X is significantly cheaper than the 5600X (C$200 vs C$250) with a performance gap so small it's barely noticeable on benchmarks. Meanwhile the 5700X is only a little more expensive (C$280), and gets you the higher core count—not relevant for gaming, but useful for heavily multithreaded tasks.
>>693489 >>693521 Of course, there's also the fact that Ryzen 5000-series is right at end of life, with the next gen launching in a matter of weeks. For a mid-range build the 7000-series is probably a bad idea though. It'll be more expensive than it's probably worth. On the other side, Intel's 12th gen was also competitive on price to performance (something like a 12400 or 12600) if you got a DDR4 board. Like AMD, they'll be releasing a new gen within a month or two. Obviously there's always new stuff on the horizon, so if you always waited for the latest release you'd never buy anything, but it's close enough that it might be a good idea to wait and see how prices move around.
>>693492 >>693500 3070 Ti VS RX 6800 - 52 game benchmark comparison: https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=QI-JJ4ar6FA Not the RX 6800 XT, but still quite a coincidence that this video appeared today while you're talking about these.
>>692965 >if Nvidia has aspirations of forcing partners out of the market and centralizing the whole business. They'd be repeating what killed 3dfx 22 years ago. For what purpose?
(19.57 KB 280x210 nerd280.jpg)

>4080 Rebranded as 4090 $1600 >4070 is rebranded as 4080 $1199 for 16gb $899 for 12gb >4060 Rebranded as 4070 $599 >4050 Rebranded as 4060 399$ https://yewtu.be/fj245xMr-BM https://archive.ph/dvloH https://archive.ph/Go8DL Marks Jewcy financially irresponsible ass finally has a new job, so he can afford the highest end card, money well spent and livelihood sabotaged. :^)
>>695488 >low end is 400 dollarydoos wew lad
>>695488 >we fucked the customer with crypto miners, gpu scalpers, reseller bots and artificial scarcity >how do we make it up to them with our new launch? <"Fuck them harder!" >GENIUS!!
(101.65 KB 389x386 Sakura discomfort.jpg)

>>695488 >marketplace is absolutely flooded with previous generation product due to overproduction during the crypto mining boom >this is how you compete with that
>>695488 >$899 for 12gb Note that it's not simply a difference in VRAM. The core count, power draw, and memory bandwidth are all different too. Either the 4080-16GB should be the 4080Ti, or the 4080-12GB should be the 4070Ti. Calling them both 4080 is basically the GT1030, with its two memory versions, all over again, except this time instead of the lowest-end card, they're charging a thousand fucking dollars.
(64.50 KB 625x330 Internet_20220920_120639.jpeg)

>the goyim know
notice they didn't talk about rasterization ONCE for the 4080s? all DLSS crap, AI shit and memetracing
>>695568 Where is the second screencap from?
>>695576 cuckchan /g/, don't remember the exact thread, going around the net to see the general reaction to novidia kikery and screencaping interesting takes and memes
LOL THE KIKERY DOESN'T STOP. >Recently, NVIDIA has announced their new RTX 4000 series based on the ‘Ada Lovelace‘ architecture. >In addition to that, a new DLSS 3.0 has also been announced offering up to a 4x increase in performance. <However, that comes at the cost of you buying a new Lovelace GPU. https://archive.ph/BdZ4T
>>695488 >>695809 Pelosi and her fellow inside traders did the right thing dumping their Nvidia stocks and EVGA quitting the GPU market. Fuck this shit.
>>695809 The fact nvidia is releasing the tooling to mod any old game to have ray tracing will add quite a lot of value to higher ray tracing performance. It's quite an interesting play by them. A feature I otherwise wouldn't give a fuck about will now be relevant to all the random games I play, potentially. I'm hoping AMD can catch up on ray tracing performance this time around since I really don't feel like dealing with nvidia's nigger tier drivers. Though part of me is annoyed that old games will get ray tracing modded in since now it won't be as cost effective to just buy old used GPU's if you want the best bang for your buck. I guess you could just not care about ray tracing but I find it interesting.
(204.47 KB 1200x1200 flyjew.png)

>>695809 I can't blame Evga for leaving NVIDIA but I don't really trust AMD to do the right thing in the long run either.
>>695809 It's literally frame interpolation, you do not want that shit for actually playing games, the vaseline filter was bad enough as it is.
(947.51 KB 1940x3552 DLSS is cancer.jpg)

(728.33 KB 1024x683 huang the lier.png)

>>695957 no dlss 60hz vs 120hz dlss 3 pic, and shitvidia want us to pay premium for upscaled shit, my hate for this company has reached unreal levels
>>696144 >still frames to demonstrate in motion fidelity Kind of retarded anon
>>696188 You don't need motion to notice the metric fuckton of interpolation artifacts. In fact motion might make it less visible since it sort of acts like object motion blur.
I was gonna rip some stuff off some old hdd's but ran into an issue with the mobo I have, it's awkward to get the cables into the sata ports.. there's also no dimm plug in (or the power plug in if I'm mistaken on the name) so I'm not even sure it'd function (it might?). I was considering enclosures I found this for an okay price anyone know about enclosures or this company? I'll do some of my own looking to make sure this is even worth bothering with but here's a link: https://www.amazon.ca/UGREEN-External-Enclosure-Adapter-Housing/dp/B076WQHK2G
>>696210 UGREEN is about as good as chinkshit is gonna get, honestly even "reputable" brands tend to have very shit enclosure unless you pay a lot.
>>696211 fuck I mean it's all chinkshit garbage at the end of the day; I'm just after something useable if it dies after I rip the stuff I need off of it I can just return it as is say it was broken when I got it whatever Amazon let's stuff like that slide.
>>696210 I bought a sabrent or whatever and it worked I think. Basically all amazon e-waste products are a complete gamble. At the very least Amazon is generally very good about returns and so are the companies and they will bend over backwards to either get you another product or refund you so you don't leave a 1 star review. But they ship out utter garbage constantly and bank on most people not bothering to complain about their faulty product.
>>696220 yeah I was contemplating returning it after I got what I wanted give a 2.5-3 star review "did what I wanted but malfunctioned" for lels. Sabrent a "good" brand?
>>696231 I couldn't tell you. For all I know next time I got to use it it won't work. Unfortunately there are a lot of areas of tech these days where there simply is no such thing as the premium overpriced brand anymore. You can't even pay for good quality if you want to.
(70.82 KB 1019x680 $_32.jpeg.jpg)

Here's something interesting: How many of you have exotic computer parts, I'm talking about sever racks, corporate network switches, enterprise drives, early production processor unit, workstation graphics cards, HEDT, etc. I've had this beauty a little over 2 years and it's worked beautifully, I bought for less than 900$ which was a steal at the time, and it's where I put all my most frequently accessed documents and top priority vidya games. It's around 7tb and it's fast, fast for gen 3.0 at least, it's between a samsung 970 and an intel optane drive.
What would be the best way to store old laptop batteries and devices containing li-ion batteries in case they end up bulging and catching fire at some point? Just in a steel box?
>>696808 I put them in antistatic containers and fill the box they're in with dirt.
(403.78 KB 846x477 Greasing the Union.png)

Their strat is to up prices since GPUs are selling less now due to the mining meme being over but the semiconductor crisis still being underway, plus the Nvidia brand of course. How else would you play Fortnite, CSGO and LOL without an RTX 4090TI?
>>696811 Well I don't think I want to dig through dirt every time I want to pull out an old handheld.
>>696817 666 hail satan
>new AIB boards get as large as "four to five" slots wide >capacity for up to four 8-pin connectors on some 4090s >one of Asus's cards is being marketed by claiming that the new fan blade design and massive cooler stack merely allow it to be no hotter that the 3000-series lmao
(87.63 KB 800x600 arx1.jpg)

(117.44 KB 1024x768 fear1.jpg)

(121.55 KB 600x338 maxpayne.jpg)

>>695845 How old or new does the game need to be in order to mod in ray tracing? DX9? DX10? I wouldn't mind playing Arx Fatalis again with RTX. Having light bounces from the spells you cast would look really neat. The game is already very atmospheric so RTX lighting could amplify that. F.E.A.R. is another game in which lighting contributes a lot to the atmosphere. Imagine that with RTX. What about Max Payne? Maybe these games are too old for RTX mods. This is kind of like when HDR first started appearing in movies it was predominantly trash newer movies, but then they started remastering and having older movies in HDR, older stuff that you'd actually want to watch, then HDR in movies was nice to have. Modding RTX into older games could be like that where you can get actually good older games with RTX that you want to play instead of shitty newer games with RTX that you don't. They've already put RTX into Quake II, Minecraft, and soon Portal apparently. Just need a bigger library of past games modded into RTX games. To be honest, they're providing the tools and expecting others to do that work for them as a means to market their products. The tech is cool, but would be better if it were platform agnostic. I still like the tech and want to see more of it regardless.
(235.67 KB 1280x720 Doom-3.jpg)

I also just thought DOOM 3 would be an excellent fit for an RTX mod, but if I recall DOOM 3 BFG Edition disabled native mod support. I don't remember if they ever enabled that again.
>>696951 I think I recall them saying it works on DX8 and DX9. Not sure about DX10. >The tech is cool, but would be better if it were platform agnostic. Well it's at least vendor agnostic. I think there are ways to do ray tracing on other hardware but I haven't looked into it that much. >They've already put RTX into Quake II, Minecraft, and soon Portal apparently. >Maybe these games are too old for RTX mods. They showed Morrowind as an example, so I doubt it.
>>695488 Odd how excluding NVlink entirely didn't cut down the price by even one penny. Including NVlink in past must have cost zero dollars.
(203.02 KB 1200x900 amd.jpg)

(129.16 KB 719x906 nvidia gpu prices.JPG)

>>695494 You buy now gweilo!
(142.65 KB 667x884 AMD.jpg)

>>697392 Literally the next day AMD announced a price cut. Article is written by the same person funnily enough.
>>697398 3060 is $380-400 while 6700xt is $410-450 retail. What's it like on ebay?
Guess my next card in 6 years will be AMD
(15.99 MB 854x480 Bad_Friends_60fps.webm)

>>696144 How did they fuck up what ffmpeg can do just fine on its own?
>>697477 Completely different methods, FFMPEG is doing basic interpolation while Nvidia is doing AI super sampling. DLSS also has to do it in real time.
>>697481 >DLSS also has to do it in real time SRB2Kart's most recent version also does it in real time yet looks six million times better and runs at 60 interpolated fps on a 10 year old system. Even if DLSS is doing super sampling the interpolation shouldn't have much in the way of artifacts unless the game lags or DLSS screws up while scaling frames, proper frame interpolation has been around for a long time so there's no excuse for them to fuck up something so basic.
Does anyone have any experience using both a high end and low end monitor in a dual display setup? I would want a high end one (120hz, 1440 or 4k resolution) for gaming, but I like having a display on the side for web browsing and things like that, which absolutely does not need anything but a 1080p/60hz display and even shitty color/brightness etc is fine there. What I'm wondering though is will there be any problem running two different refresh rates and resolutions at the same time
>>698649 On windows no. On linux it will probably break some refresh rate bullshit unless you're using wayland. I use multiple monitors with different refresh rates and it seems to work fine on linux with nvidias bullshit. But I wouldn't chance it unless you're on wayland.
>>698649 I've got a 2k/1080p setup. When they go to sleep whatevers on the 1080p screen will sometimes maximize to the 2k screen depending on which was wakes up first. Also media player classic has green/purple colors when on the 1080p screen.
(879.19 KB 1920x1080 Price to Performance.png)

>The AMD 7000s reviews are out The important thing out of the review is the the price of CPU + DDR5 RAM + AM5 Mobo compared here, its gonna be a while before things cheapen out. 7600x itself is not THAT better in gaming over 5600x to shell out a full setup. Meanwhile 5800x3D has a comparable performance leap without needing new mobo+ram
>>699586 I'm not on AM4 already and AM5 chips appear to have onboard graphics which is convenient. I'll probably wait until I get a new GPU to upgrade the entire platform though, so around the end of the year or next year. Maybe by then there will be some 3D cache CPU's for the autism games. That's something that I also suspect these reviewers don't investigate. I think the 5800X3D performs much better in oddball games like MMO's and weird indies like factario. So there's probably hidden value in them depending on the game you play.
>Ryzen 7000 series boosts to its max temperature then thermal-throttles to hold there, as standard practice >instead of frequencies being set and your cooling system determining temperature, now temperature is set and cooling determines frequencies >the CPU's actual performance will depend on the cooler, the case and its fans, and even the ambient temperature of the room This is a complete mess. Reviews just became half useless, because benchmarks of the CPU's performance now apply only to the reviewer's cooling setup, and the same CPU in a different setup could do significantly worse. >>699586 >$180 for an AM4 motherboard >$290 for an AM5 board You can get a low-end B550 board for under $100. Meanwhile from what I've heard, even that $290 estimate may be too low for anything AM5.
>>699586 I just wanna know how the chips will be for linux shit like IOMMU and the like.
>>699723 the fuck are you saying that makes no sense, is the cpu going to do useless operations when not enough work is being done or perform useless arithmetic nonstop when idle cuz if its not doing anything it doesnt produce heat
>>699827 Fucking obviously it's cooler when idle. That's its behaviour under load.
Hey, anons, i want to upgrade my RTX 2060 super. I currently have a Ryzen 9 3900, 32 gb of ram. Is there something in the 600 to 1000 dollars range that's worth the price? I'm not upgrading right now but maybe buy one around Christmas time
>>699835 What res are you playing stuff?
>>699833 then your just describing what ever fucking cpu does when overheating
>>699838 Mostly 1080 and 1440. I do 4k if i'm able to run it properly (mostly games from 10 years ago and older).
>>699843 I'd tell you to wait for the 4000 series to release and then grab a 3080 for cheap if you have the disposable revenue and want to take advantage of 4K. Though personally I'd stick with the 2060 since there's really not much outside of RTS games and tactical shooters that need a decent GPU as most AAA games are pure shit and poorly optimized for 4K.
>>699839 >when overheating Yes, you illiterate moron, it's what they do when overheating. It's not what they do when they are not overheating, and a state of "not overheating" is usually the standard. Normally overheating is a sign of shitty cooling and is something to avoid, and under normal circumstances the CPU is expected to run into other limits before hitting its thermal limits. The 7000-series is designed to thermal throttle first. That is abnormal and a significant departure from expected behaviour. I have a 5800X, air-cooled and in a normal case, which runs in the 80s. Reviews report that the 7600X, on an open bench with a 360mm AIO, hits 95°C as a matter of course. It is extremely unusual for an R5-class CPU to overheat in those conditions.
>>699860 complete nonsense there is no other limit to the cpu it doesnt do anything until it overheats all fucking cpus drop their clock when they overheat they dont do anything before that youre talking shit you retard and the cpu is already designed with stock cooling in mind you clown why do you think cpus can be overclocked, theyre intentionally clocked lower at what the stock cooling system can actually keep up with and the temp is arbitrary, max temp is whatever its designed for comparing temps of different cpus is idiotic anything above normal temp is already overheated and already reducing its clock slowly
(508.76 KB 1920x964 Screenshot (8).png)

7600x currently is at a bad spot. While it does offer great performance over 5600x, 5800x3d manages to sneak a victory at both gaming and productivity. Hope cheaper am5 and ddr5 rams are revealed soon. I say 5800x3d will be the final tier for upgrading niggers and 7600x onwards will be strictly new builders only
>>699723 I wanna see the difference between cheap air cool, expensive air cool, and expensive water cooled setups have in performance. Der8aur already delided and managed to get >10C peak difference. But I have no idea what deliding means or should people even do it
>>700026 >I wanna see the difference between cheap air cool, expensive air cool, and expensive water cooled setups have in performance. Time to make consumer phase change CPU cooler. > But I have no idea what deliding means or should people even do it Means removing the thermal shield on top, meaning yes you wanna do it IF you're not afraid of killing your CPU outright (those with thermal paste like intel 4-10th gen aren't hard but ryzen are soldered so they're very hard to delid)
>>700024 I can get a brand new AM4 motherboard on ebay for $80. Presumably the used ones will go even cheaper when people start getting their hands on AM5. It's looking like used AM4 parts will be ridiculously good price to performance. Bet used DDR4 ram will cost next to nothing. Seeing some used 32GB kits going for under $100 in the last week.
>>700196 Unless you can know for sure what ICs those kits are I really wouldn't go for it, some DDR4 is dirt cheap even new and there's a reason for that, it's fucking trash.
>>700024 >>700196 Yeah, with current hardware, comparing the price to performance, the 7600X makes absolutely no sense. Even if you're not waiting for great deal or considering used parts, and just shoving in whatever's listed on PCPartPicker, it still works out better to buy 5000-series.
What will DDR5 JEDEC specs max out at? For example DDR4 started at 2133MHz CL15 and ended at 3200MHz CL22. I'm not interested in XMP profiles nor manual overclocking potential
>>700762 nevermind i found this
>>700765 >>700762 They could extend it a bit since DDR5 is expected to go well beyond current speeds, even more so than DDR3 did, DDR3 JEDEC stopped at 1600, 3000 kits were available DDR5 has some people saying 12600 is gonna happen.
>>700781 Won't DDRX run into RDRAM problems at some point? CAS latencies keep getting higher with every successive generation.
>>680781 which videocard should i be looking out for that can cover me this console generation now that the mining shittery is over? my power supply is 700watt i believe, and i wouldn't want to spend on it more than 500 bucks
>>701000 I bought a 3-fan 3060 Ti and I've been very pleased with it. I haven't really pushed it yet but paired with a 12600k and 32GB of RAM it has proceeded to crush absolutely everything I've thrown at it in 1080p while staying quiet and cool and and being quite moderate with power consumption. Having an XBAWKS HEUG case probably helps with cooling, but still. The only thing it has ever stumbled on so far was when I was playing around in Stalker Anomaly and I went from 90 FPS with literally every other bolted-on, performance-robbing, marginal gains GRAFIX setting maxed out to 4 FPS when I doubled the size of the grass.
>>701000 How cheap do you want to go? If under $200 then it's AMD all the way, If you're looking at the $300-$500 range, go Nvidia. Two cards I'll list >RX 5500 XT >decent, more powerful than the PS4 Pro's GPU >130 watts >only $169 >TX 3060 Ti >moderately powerful, moreso than the PS5's GPU >200 watts >$399 >beyond this the price starts increasing steeply and it's not worth it >generally considered the best card for the price at the moment
>>699835 >>701021 Get a 3070
>>701034 3060ti is a better 3070 tho
>>700781 >They could extend it a bit since DDR5 is expected to go well beyond current speeds Do you mean XMP profiles will go beyond 6400? I'm not interested in that, only JEDEC spec. I don't care about absolute lowest latency and highest bandwidth, I care that my hand-me-downs will be 100% compatible with my relatives' prebuilt OEM shitboxes. I got burnt trying to install my old DDR3 2133MHz Ballistix XMP kit in someone's Dell Optiplex, it only ran at 1333MHz. I swapped it for a generic 1600MHz JEDEC kit and everything was fine.
>>701317 >Do you mean XMP profiles will go beyond 6400? No I mean having JEDEC go beyond 6400, though doubtful DDR3 had talks of extending JEDEC to 2000 iirc, never happened though. >I care that my hand-me-downs will be 100% compatible with my relatives' prebuilt OEM shitboxes. Yeah DDR5 isn't gonna do you any favor, many boards struggle with JEDEC with two sticks, 4 sticks is literally not even a consideration outside of half ranked ones
>>701318 >many boards struggle with JEDEC with two sticks isnt that just 4800MHz CL40? They really cant handle it?
>>701319 Well lowest JEDEC specs do work, but the really shit boards struggle after 5200 when they really shouldn't and JEDEC goes all the way up to 6400.
(2.68 MB 1280x720 Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong.mp4)

Question - do JEDEC vs XMP matter in real life usage?
>>701331 JEDEC içs slow as fuck but generally mostly guaranteed to work, XMP tends to be faster but it's also sometimes very shit, manual tuning is a bit more work but almost always worth the trouble.
>>680781 > AMD Ryzen 9 3900X CPU > AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT GPU w/ 8gb VRAM > 32gb RAM I have been on 1080p 60hz monitors for so long, and for the longest time it was enough for me. I recently visited someone with a 1440p monitor and a refresh rate above 200 and now I can never look at my own setup the same. My current setup has served me for so long. Is it good enough for what I saw or am I going to have to upgrade?
>>701350 3900X is really not great for games though if it's a half worstation half gaming station that's not too bad but a 5800X / X3D / 5900X is a lot better for high refresh games (µI'd wait for a sub $400 deal on the 5900X an grab that), the 5700XT isn't bad for 1080p120+, 1440p120+ is more 6800/XT/6900XT territory though but on older title the 5700 XT will do fine.
>>701353 Thank you very much anon
I'm building a new pc for my office and I was wondering if a 5600g would allow my kid to play shit like Fortnite and Fall Guys. I mostly play old stuff like Age of Mythology and Monster Rancher DX, plus a bunch of indies that run on potato machines. I'll just make sure to get fast DDR4 RAM, like 3200MHZ since there's not such a huge difference between that speed and higher tiers. At home I'm building a 3060+5600X.
>>701399 5600G is pretty decent, as long as you pair it with decent RAM there shouldn't be any issue with esports / low end indie stuff stuff (try to see if you can find 3600 CL16-18-18-38 that's usually the decent ICs CL16-19-19-39 isn't too bad either avoid 16-22-22-42 that's the real shit stuff)

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