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(47.18 KB 871x871 Miles_O'Brien_after_20_yrs.jpg)

(102.03 KB 1024x576 Morden.jpg)

Space Game General Anonymous 09/12/2022 (Mon) 01:03:15 Id: 746ee6 No. 688371
Back on the old 8chan, we used to have a Space Thread for games set in space and to remind others that Dukat did nothing wrong. I'll try to revive that. Still waiting for The Mandate too.
Space is too big, too much to discuss
Easily some of the highest poly count out of any PS1 game Buttery smooth controls and engaging combat God tier soundtrack Yet completely overlooked.
>>688375 Oh fuck, I rented Red Sun a few time back in the days. Excellent games.
(7.12 MB 798x598 FaLzBVd.gif)

>>688371 I was just thinking of making this thread the other day. I've been playing starsector like crazy since I got the mod that lets you play as fighters and mobile suits. I'm so used to playing zoomed way the fuck out so having to zoom in to see myself has been strangely refreshing. Doing a build with just a very few carrier ships and an assload of fighters/bombers. Mostly all crappy ones though since everyone on the map hates me so it makes finding new ones a bit difficult. God help me when someone brings the correct amount of PD to a fight, but for now I have been getting away with fighter swarms. Currently getting my ass hounded by pathers and pirates constantly while I try to defend my colony. Nonstop waves keep hitting me no matter how many I kill. I have a smallish colony so I have no idea why they are willing to throw so many lives away by breaking their backs against my space station. >>688375 Fuck me. I just remembered reading vidya magazines way back in the day and always wanting to play one of those but never got around to it for whatever reason. I gotta go do that now.
(30.59 KB 220x321 Parsec_cover.jpg)

(257.02 KB 1600x900 star-trek-voyager-elite-force.jpg)

(259.82 KB 1500x1343 81f0s-SitEL._SL1500_.jpg)

(139.71 KB 640x807 SQ3front.webp)

>>688375 >Yet completely overlooked. I played the absolute shit out of Colony Wars on one of those Playstation Underground disks, but could never find a copy locally. By the time I remembered it and found a copy somebody just left laying about on a website somewhere seemingly abandoned... I couldn't get into it as much as I used to. Still have it on my Vita, and I ought to get back to it sometime. Since the topic is far too broad - I'll just list my first, most recently played, and favorite. First - Parsec on TI 99/4A Most Recent - Star Trek: Elite Force Favorite - Infinite Space But special mention go to Master of Orion I & II and the Space Quest franchise.
(2.06 MB 640x360 GondolaGalaxy.webm)

>>688416 >Infinite Space I had almost forgotten about that one. It was very unique and we never saw the likes of it again. I think I'll play it again after my current Starsector run.
>>688428 I has it's problems, and a lot of technical limitations from the DS's hardware - but looking back at the entire 7th generation consoles - that was one of the few to really make me sit up and take notice. I hadn't sat down and finished a 50+ hour RPG in damned neared a single setting since I was a kid, and I haven't done it since.
I keep seeing good things about infinite space but few people talk anything about specifics what makes it gud?
A couple I've been trying or eyeballing have been Ostranauts, Rebel Galaxy Outlaws, & IXION. >Ostranauts Made by the devs behind NEO Scavenger, its essentially a shipbreaking/scrapper game involving you & a team if you want making a living via scrapping parts off derelict ships & stations, but Early Access dev. & lack of other objectives besides making payments to the (((Spacer's Guild))) really hampers enjoyment beyond the initial 3-5 hr. honeymoon period so avoid until it gets 1.0 release & mod support. >Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Pretty much a First-Person version of Rebel Galaxy whereas instead of flying Corvettes, Battleships, & Dreadnoughts of space in the previous title, your ships are Fighters, Dregs, Cargo Runners, etc. so controls are now 3D-oriented instead of the weird 2D only camera in the first game. I enjoyed my time with it, but the scale of economies are broken with me being able to get a Cargo Runner/Gunboat loaded with Fuck-your-shit cannons within 5 hrs. makes combat piss-easy, game is sorta a poor man's space version of Mount & Blade Sandbox with a good country soundtrack making it feel like your some trucker in space delivering cargo while giving pirates a deep assfucking should need be. >IXION From what I've found & seen, its a city-builder slated for a late 2022/early 2023 release whereas you manage an orbital station due for a maiden journey but it's launch fucks up the Earth & now people want to skullfuck the entire crew for their fuckups, causing you to balance the station's resources with upgrades, travel to other parts of the solar system to scavenge or learn more of the world, & etc. There's a demo I haven't tried but I'm definitely keeping an eye on it. Are there any space-sim type games with interactive environments to try, because Moonbase Alpha is all I can think up currently.
(270.38 KB 561x414 fn1w4iw.png)

(69.90 KB 606x527 Nele2.jpg)

>>688457 That's the weird thing, it's one of those titles where the sum is greater than it's parts - but it's greatest strengths would be it's ship building and it's story/atmosphere/characters. The ship building is a kind of Tetris-like block arrangement puzzle where you have to fit the best modules you can into the pattern each ship blueprint provides. Each module has a different shape depending on it's sophistication and function - and certain parts of ships are color coded, giving bonuses to modules that are placed there (or restricting where a module can be placed). So you can really autistically design your ships and weapon load-outs for specific builds and then go test out how they function. You get five ships per fleet, and what column in formation matters for weapon ranges and damage thresholds. Ships in the back row have weaker kinetic weapon damage, and must rely on long-range energy weapons, but they take less damage and have greater evasion. Ships in the front row will take the brunt of damage, but also have some of the most hard hitting short range weapons and bombs. Additionally, the crew assigned to your fleet - every post from Captain down to Cook have innate bonuses based on what their professions were and hidden talents. These bonuses help you in a number of ways, from finding anamolies to battle prowess, to keeping up morale. You pick up new crew from spaceports, quests, and story beats - and all the named crew, even the missable ones, have at least a few cutscenes and interactions that help flesh them out a bit. Unfortunately, combat mostly boils down to a game of Jan-ken-pon where you're flitting in and out of the combating fleets various weapon ranges - you have basically three options. Evade, Attack, and Barrage. Each action uses up some of your action point pool (high morale keeps the AP pool refilling quickly). Evasion does what it says, but it's wasted if the enemy just does a normal attack and you'll take extra damage - but critical if they attempt to barrage you. Attack has a standard AP draw, and does standard damage, unless the enemy evades - which could leave them vulnerable. Barrage unleashes all of your weapons, with bonus damage, but can completely miss if the enemy evades. Enemy AP is shown on screen (might need advanced scanners), so you can tell - if their AP is full, swoop in close and evade to bait them into a barrage, then counter with your own barrage while they're (hopefully) too drained to evade themselves. But they could also fire a string of normal attacks and cripple your front line. It makes for a nice satisfying little gameplay loop, if a bit simplistic in execution... with an extra helping of autistic ship optimization and customization if you're into that (I think you can auto build, but it's going to gimp your fleet potential). Ship-to-Ship boarding is pretty shit though, which is the same basic jan-ken-pon setup - but without all the autistic configuration and customization. You're basically just relying on your security team's leadership to give bonuses. There's also away missions which take the form of old-school dungeon crawlers, but the combat is the same as ship-to-ship boarding - and some of the dungeons have traps that can cause a game over if you're not careful. Also, everything I said is absolutely meaningless once you get a Carriers, mechs, and a good mech pilot squad recruited. Ships can't move when they're under attack by mechs, so it's a good way to pin them down while whittling away their defenses with long-range weapons. Anti-Air defenses can be deployed to shake them off of you, and they can only stay out so long before needing to come back for a refit and cooldown. The (Laterno, I think) you can get early on and progressively fill up your carriers with them. They have both great damage and great durability, and in the hands of an experienced pilot squad, can melt enemies with chip damage while you take your time pounding them. They're big, so you'll probably need at least two carriers out of your five available ship slots in your fleet to make them durable enough to break the game. As for the story, I won't say much about it - because it's not gameplay, and because if you're at all interested - you probably don't want spoilers. I'll just say that it can be brutal to characters you like if you make the wrong decisions. Even if you don't, as well. The ending also kinds of falls apart due to what I assume were time or cartridge space limitations
Test post
(1.57 MB 1280x1828 bulkslash.gif)

>>688371 I highly recommend people to try out Bulk Slash. Anime mecha action/dating sim-lite for the Sega Saturn. It looks great for the time and is very fun to play. There's a high quality fan patch that adds English dubbing and text that you should get. On the topic of Star Trek, Picard isn't just the worst in the franchise, it is one of the worst television shows ever made especially comparing it to TNG. I have no idea why they would even try to make something so directionless and shitty. Strange New Worlds is the best of the three since Pike's actor has a lot of charisma, but other than that there isn't much chemistry in the cast.
(77.08 KB 616x353 capsule_616x353.jpg)

>>688371 I remember playing a lot if Independence War back when it released. About the only thing I remember about it is that it was a very good game and that it used actual full Newtonian physics, making it one of the only space games to ever do so. So, now I have a new game to replay. Thanks op.
I want to be the space cowboy shooting space niggers and fucking space bitches. why oh why are the only games that let me do this mass effect and SWTOR?
>>688629 Based
>>688629 You might enjoy Subverse, then, otherwise Trails in Tainted Space if you are a furry.
>>688631 wait thats the game where you watch weird monsters fuck your girls. I dont want that at all, fuck studio fow.
>>688635 From what I heard it's only one girl(the bio-engineer or something like that) and it's optional. Can't confirm or deny, since I have played it.
>>688635 >the game where you watch weird monsters fuck your girls
Talking about space, any good 4x games? Or spaceship travelling and traving game.
>>688400 >Starsector You're not the only one. I just cleared Alpha Site using a Conquest, Eradicator (P), Falcon, Gryphon, Venture and about 13 smaller ships that were instantly destroyed. Really need to remember the next time I try that fight to queue up as many high explosive weapons as possible. Fortunately every missile slot was filled with hammers so it wasn't too bad, but I've been avoiding using any of the premade builds. So far it's been working pretty good.
(101.44 KB 706x530 explorers025.jpg)

>>688644 For a little bit of both there is X4: Foundations. It has all the jank of an X game but it is fun and extensive, especially with all the DLCs. Often on sale too. Otherwise there is always Elite Dangerous with its glacial development pace and the depth of gameplay of a phone game. But the spaceship flying part is very good. Stellaris is also an obvious choice but it is a Paradox DLC platform. On the bright side, if you play MP, only the host need the DLC.
>>688652 Decided to quickly look and the other ships were >Condor >Enforcer >Hammerhead >Mule >3 Sunders, one of which was damaged in some fucked up way where I couldn't equip a large energy weapon as its main weapon >Afflictor >Brawler >Gremlin (P) >Kite >Shepherd >Wolf >Wolf (H) >Wolf (P) And the Venture wasn't fully equipped for combat because it was the one that was found at Alpha site.
>>688653 >stellaris - DLC platform Not sure about the steam version, but I know you can get it on gog and then just pirate all the dlc and still play online. Only issue is all the mods being tied to steam workshop so you have to tweak shit a bit to make it work which can be a pain when you have a lot of mods.
>>688631 Subverse isn't even good, why does it get so much attention? I don't understand normalfag porn games.
>>688653 I just want to roleplay as space orcs, but I imagine most online games in Stelaris are whitelisted.

(43.73 KB 460x495 rps-7.jpg)

>>688507 I should definitely revisit the game and finish it, dropped it after the time skip when I was in a dungeon and got insta-killed, because I went right, instead of left with no prior warning, and hadn't saved in some time. I agree that the ship Tetris was great, I also liked collecting crew members and assigning them to different positions. While playing the game, I felt the combat was lackluster, but I can't think of how you could expand on it, to make it any better. In the unlikely event I would actually develop a spiritual sequel, I am not sure how you could make the combat better, without completely changing it. Sure you could say, that one should replace it with he combat of Starsector or some other space game, but I am trying to think of how you could keep the core of the first game's combat(getting in the right position, baiting your opponent, trying to predict his movements in order to counter them), that is more than just rock-paper-scissor, or rps-7(pic related). Do you have any ideas or suggestions? >>688644 >Or spaceship travelling and traving game. Space Rangers 2 is good for that as it has a dynamic universe in which every NPC is doing something, and you can actually sit in a cornet and see how the Big Bad Evil Empire slowly conquers the galaxy, so your actions, or lack of will impact the state of the universe. It also has an RTS minigame as well as some short, but sweet VN/CYOA sections through out the game, as well as simple 2D space combat. Another game I enjoyed was Rebel Galaxy, and the best description, is imagine you play as a redneck truck driver, but in space. Your spaceship, feels less like a fast moving vehicle, or a battlestation and more like a truck. The gameplay is also good, and while it might look 3D, everything happens on a 2D plane, which is fine, the best thing from the game, in my opinion, is the soundtrack. >>688669 It's the usual "sex sales", and there aren't all that many "high" budget western porn games with a space theme on the market to compete against.
>>688464 ostranauts has too many ugly people and fag shit in it. hard to ignore when it isn't just a portrait.
>>688654 Is the alpha site the one with the "fuck you I'm EMP incarnate" ship?
>>688416 Elite Force 2 is 90% superior in every way except it's too short >>688631 >Trails in Tainted Space if you are a dick loving faggot cuck ftfy >>688635 that's both of the games he listed Not space related but Anons on /hgg/ are maintaining a mod for CoC that is both uncucked and has extra content >>688644 I second Space Rangers 2 but also the entire Space Empires series is good galactic strategy with 1 spinoff where you are a ship captain if you have to time to get the software running again. The Strategy games are kinda like a mash between Civilization in space and an early build of stelalris with worse graphics and space combat but with more features >>688671 Ye try Space Empires
>>688698 Yes. Except its EMP motes also do high explosive damage when you face it. When you get it, it's just pure EMP.
(3.82 MB 896x522 HaloGondola.webm)

(280.69 KB 1920x1080 halostellaris.jpg)

(1.04 MB 720x720 J1Iao3b3yMRHqc3s.mp4)

I've played over 2 thousand hours of Stellaris, and yet I can not fathom why the hell they continue to limit themselves for a shitty console port. I want to be able to finish a game on the maximum galaxy size without the game bottlenecking and slowing to a crawl just before end-game.
>>688371 >and to remind others that Dukat did nothing wrong The p'takh FAILED to remove hasperat.
(1.87 MB 325x244 Star Kek.gif)

>>688790 Official Star Trek ranking (TV shows only) TNG > DS9 > TOS > Voyager > Enterprise = TAS >>>>>> Strange New Worlds = Short Treks > Lower Decks >>>>>> Discovery >>>>>> Picard Or, to simplify it TNG > DS9 > TOS > Voyager > Enterprise = TAS >>>>>> all of Kurtzman Trek
>>688871 Fixed the chart for you: DS9 > TOS > Enterprise = TAS > Voyager > TNG
(501.86 KB 800x600 Trek3.png)

>>688871 >Or, to simplify it TNG = DS9 > TOS > Voyager > Enterprise = TAS There is nothing else. Obviously movies, books, games, etc are excluded since you only wanted to keep it TV show rankings
>>688871 Pretty good list. Now, let's rank the captains. Kirk > TNG Picard > Sisko > Lorca > Pike > Janeway >>>>>>>>Archer >>>>>>>>>>>> Whoever the Asian chick is >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Picard Picard
(181.59 KB 1357x1080 Christopher_Pike,_2267.jpg)

>>688928 Ok, I have no idea who those characters are that make up the last three slots - but it screams wasted potential to me. The asian woman looks like she has the gravitas in her demeanor to make a believable military officer (more than Janeway, anyhow) that - like Picard - has a professional stern exterior, but who breaks the mask when off duty to open up to her inner circle of senior crewmates. The second to last looks like he would have made an absolutely fantastic grizzled Mirror Mirror villain that breaks into our universe and leads a small confederation of Federation enemies to harass Starfleet along the border regions. That would be interesting - follow the adventures of a Captain who is a villain as he starts from just a single starship and claws his way, through piracy, quick wits, and force of arms, to build a small raiding band that goes on to build a small empire ala the Mongol hordes. The last actor just looks like Pike, which I guess mission accomplished, but there's not really anywhere for his character to go since his ending arc has already been written.
>>688938 Second guy is actually a mirrorverse captain who replaces the primeverse self. Pike's actor is excellent casting in both appearance and character. They redo his story a little bit where he has foreknowledge of his accident and the season finale of Strange New Worlds goes into the consequences of him trying to alter that future in a retelling of Balance of Terror from TOS where he's still the captain of the Enterprise and makes a decision that ended up causing a war between the Federation and Romulus. Most of Strange New Worlds is pretty fucking stupid because a lot of TOS is pretty fucking stupid. It's TOS with a budget, and with that budget you'd think that they could afford smarter writers. Pike's actor is the only one who really stands out, but Number One is also decent.
>>688871 >>688922 >>688928 >TNG>TOS >ever pleb tastes, I bet none of you would even bother to ask what would god need with a starship.
>>688938 >>688955 don't bother with the new shows it's all Secret Hideout shit and will inevitably disappoint you.
(77.73 KB 500x349 accurate_portrayal.jpg)

>>688653 I second X4 if you ever truly wanted to feel like a space gazillionaire. There's nothing like building the equivalent to KOTOR's Star Forge, printing giant fleets and positioning them around all military outposts of a race, then sitting in front of the giant viewing window of your massive superyacht's bedroom... and declaring them an enemy. An empire spanning half the galaxy, wiped out in five minutes. And for what? Because you felt like it. Exquisite decadence.
(1.89 MB 1200x798 it goes.png)

I'm looking for kind of an arcadey experience. Not Lego Star Wars type of babby arcadey, but more like Ace Combat in space. Any reccs?
(243.11 KB 1920x1080 alien-isolation-3675740486.jpeg)

(413.99 KB 1600x1200 hy.jpeg)

We can all agree Alien isolation is the best survivor horror game ever made. Dead space 2 comes second.
>>689100 From the games I played, you might like the Wing Commander series, Tachyon the Fringe and/or Freelancer. There is also a Star Wars mod for Project Wingman, if you really want the AC experience in space. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=Are1-LM5Xt4
>>689100 >>689106 Don't forget Freespace 2 anon. Nothing like avoid flak walls while dogfighting between capital ships fighting each others with giant beam lasers. >>689103 I played Isolation in VR and it was one of the best thing I ever played with the VR meme.
>>689100 >but more like Ace Combat in space. Any reccs? The entire Rogue Squadron and Battlefront series?
>>689154 Rogue Squadron 3D can be janky without a joystick & the space battles in OG Battlefront 2 feel sorta static considering the main ships can't even slug it out with each other. There's also X-Wing Alliance which was pretty cool in offering custom games with you being able to throw in all kinds of fighters and ships from the series.
>>689158 What about Strike Suit Zero, Robotech: Battlecry, and half of the Star Fox games?
This asshole keeps following me just out of range. Impossible to catch too. How do I make him die. Nothing works. It vanishes once I go in a system, but pops back up whenever I leave. Just constantly floating nearby and out of reach. I keep ignoring it, but it doesn't leave.
>>690086 You could try leaving some ship in storage to get some speed and catch it with a few frigates. At least to see who this asshole is.
(66.99 KB 397x316 1382474481215.png)

>Star Trek Online reveals the current Emperor of the Mirror Universe in its timeline <Wesley Crusher
>>690327 Did you forget that was the original plan for Next Gen? And, unironically happened in Galactica 1980?
(917.16 KB 960x720 Picard Wrong.webm)

>>690327 Fuck, the Empire is fucked then.
>>690622 The current big plot seems to be Emperor Wesley pulling out all the stops to make himself God, of course this makes Mirror Leeta and Mirror Janeway help you shove a knife up his ass because he's become insane.
>>690086 You should be able to scare it off with an interdiction pulse. It'll be back after a while but it'll still give you a break.
(25.51 KB 448x336 Sisko_facepalm_5.jpg)

>>690630 What happened to insuring a pure human future by enslaving xenos? Now cucks want to become gods.
>>690703 >What happened to insuring a pure human future by enslaving xenos? It went out through the window. >Now cucks want to become gods. Wasn't that one always the case?
>>690327 >Wesley Crusher
>>690656 So what is it? Anytime I leave a system, it is right on me again.
>>690767 It's either small pirate or redacted fleet.
>>690725 >It went out through the window. But even Picard™ shows a human supremacist timeline. There's an annual day where humans get together and celebrate the genocide of the sapient species they've exterminated, for fuck's sake.
(24.49 KB 474x406 archer.jpg)

>>690794 It was the usual and required "but muh Trump Timeline" from the creativAely bankrupt tv show jews.
>>690799 Seems about right.
(112.32 KB 589x594 chad.jpg)

I'm playan tsar whores: the falling hors d'oeuvres, I am surprised EA made any single player games within the last decade, I thought they said they didn't think they were viable or something. Anyways, I'm playing on an ultrawide and it's beautiful, but do you have any mods you think I should install? Playing it vanilla
(766.39 KB 350x262 startrek balok laugh.gif)

>>690767 >So what is it? Anytime I leave a system, it is right on me again. You gun git Baloked
(158.75 KB 308x236 Screenshot.png)

>>690327 Upon further reflection, I realize that Wesley I's ascension makes perfect sense. >be Mirror Wesley >Mom is Captain's woman >Captain treats me like shit >makes me watch while fucking mom >if I clear my throat, both will suddenly stop and scream, in unison "SHUT UP, WESLEY!" >can't take much more of this >dude shows up to demonstrate new weapons system >his assistant is this ugly motherfucker who keeps looking at me >whatever, go back to swabbing engineering deck >ugly dude sidles up to me >"You're pretty special, Wesley. Do you know why?" >"No, clitoris-face, I have no idea." >"You are gifted, much like Ghengis Khan or Julius Caesar. You are destined to rule." >"How do I do that?" >"I can show you... if you let me raw-dog you in the storage unit over there >Bored, and, like everyone in dark universe, am bi-shading-to-fag, so I let him >he shows me I have amazing mental abilities >trains me in them between rawdogging sessions >finally ready >"Hey, Jean-Luc! Is it true you're bald from too much sex with a Gorn?!" >"GUARDS! STICK AN AGONIZER ON HIS BAL--!" >Picard's head explodes >take over the Enterprise >most willingly swear loyalty to me, for whatever that's worth >have mom thrown out airlock >make Data and Geordi wear matching pink speedos whenever on bridge >"Set a course for Earth, gentlemen. I have an appointment with... the emperor!" Yeah, actually, Dark Wesley is all too plausible in the REGULAR universe, let alone the mirror.
>>688928 >Picard Picard I hate how perfectly that works.
>>690983 It's decent idea, but I am sure they would just handwave it away.
>>689140 Man Freespace 2 was so sweet. I only played it recently and it's such an amazing experience to find great games in current year+8. I'm happy it still has an independent community that actively develops it.
Did anybody ever play Solar Winds? I only ever had the first episode on shareware, but I remember it being pretty good. You're a lone space vagrant doing odd jobs, gathering scientific data, and fighting pirates in your personal craft in a far flung sector of space. It's kind of like Asteroids in combat, where your ship glides around and you can rotate 360 degrees to fire missiles and kinetic/energy rounds, while also managing your energy output to various systems like weapons, shields, engines, etc. The story progresses in a more linear fashion like an RPG though, and the first episode ends with you going through a wormhole to an uncharted sector and making contact with a strange alien race known as Earthlings. Been thinking about going back and finishing the series, but I have other titles I want to work through first. How many chapters were there? Just the two, or did they do the three-chapter breakdown that most Shareware had?
(485.45 KB 1440x1080 MilkyWay Refugees Not Welcome.jpg)

>>691070 Shit, forgot to add a link to a browser-playable version. https://www.playdosgames.com/online/solar-winds/
>>688464 >Rebel Galaxy Outlaw What's your opinion on Rebel Galaxy? I was planning on playing Outlaw but anons convinced me to try the first game first because apparently it was the better game and I ended up dropping it so I just dropped the whole series. Is Outlaw as repetitive as the first game?
Started a new Starsector run recently, found a new interaction from Starship Legends. Very neat, I quite like it.
>>691070 I did. I had the shareware version and never actually found the full game so, thanks anon. >>691416 I'm going to start downloading a few mods and get one going as well.
>>690789 Feels more like deep space is haunted, and my pirate run is forever cursed by foul spirits. >>691416 That is pretty nice. Makes the world seem more believable when it reacts to your accomplishments even if it is pretty inconsequential. >>691736 Make sure to increase your ram in the game settings if you go overboard with mods otherwise you will run into issues.

I've been trying to dig up info on Sins of a Solar Empire II, so far all I've found are just a few preview articles and an epic store page for preorders to get access to a paid beta. Please tell me it ain't so. Not a paid beta for early access for an epic store exclusive...
>>692176 >Makes the world seem more believable when it reacts to your accomplishments even if it is pretty inconsequential. You get a story point out of it and those are quite useful and somewhat scarce in late game, especially if you raise player level cap without adjusting the scaling. >Make sure to increase your ram in the game settings if you go overboard with mods otherwise you will run into issues. Make sure to leave some RAM free, JVM can clog it very quickly before the garbage collector kicks in.
>>692203 Seems to be so, fuck them.
(21.00 KB 520x390 scorpius.jpg)

>>692203 Paid betas are the new Season Pass and day 1 dlc. AAA shit devs and publishers saw how Early Access was swindling retards so they went for it too. They can't call it early access so they went for "beta".
>>692203 >an epic store page for preorders to get access to a paid beta Well that sucks, but is also not surprising. >>692242 >You get a story point out of it and those are quite useful and somewhat scarce in late game I meant that more about the roleplaying/story aspect than the gameplay. >Make sure to leave some RAM free, JVM can clog it very quickly before the garbage collector kicks in Yeah don't max it out of course, but increasing it a bit can alleviate a bunch of issues. >>692305 I remember just buying then refunding games that did this so I could give them a test run. What is epics refund policy like?
(86.22 KB 282x300 1620403995813.png)

Any of you guys played Xenonauts? I feel like a Xcom game but already played the shit out of the original ones and Phoenix Point.
>>692887 It is decent, but ayys can see your fags through fog of war and you do not, so be aware of that. Ayys snowball pretty quickly too.
>>692944 Removing ayys is never easy but it must be done. I'll give it a try, the new Xcom games just don't scratch the right itch and I played Phoenix Point too much.
I haven't played Starsector since February I believe, has anything substantial enough come out for it since then to warrant another playthrough? Did they improve the AI and balance? Also I have no idea what space game to play next. I haven't checked out what the X fags have been up to in a while but last time I did they were keeping up the screw up streak they started after X3.
>>693180 I don't think there were any updates since last year. 0.95.1a is the most recent version. AI seems to be more or less the same as it was before. >>692887 Personally I liked it outside of enemy psionics. There is no counterplay to it outside of silly things like dropping weapons at the end of your turn since ayys can cast them without LoS as long as you are in range - and will always be in range of an enemy psigger when you're storming UFOs.
>>693415 fug, that's the same version that I played the last time. It wasn't that great of a playthrough, the AI on your side felt really dumbed down compared to games on previous versions and some of the changes felt a bit half assed or not completely positive. But I still want to play some space vidya and I don't have any clue what else to play.
I finished Elite Force last night, and started up Elite Force II. Honestly, so far I kind of like Elite Force better despite Elite Force II being an objectively better game, because it naturally feels more like an actual episode of Voyager - while Elite Force feels a lot more ham-fisted excuse to stick you on the bridge of the Enterprise under the command of Picard in order to sell more games. I'd really rather be on DS9 doing special ops on the frontier. Or if we're going to ham-fist it, throw us into a time anomaly that puts us on the bridge of Kirk's enterprise - using TNG tactics with TOS tech - with an all-new strike team, culminating in defeating the final boss and opening up a way back to your own time. ...That and I've just really been soured on Picard as a character post TNG - starting with the TNG movies and ESPECIALLY after the nu-Picard TV series. Once Patrick Stewart really accepted his role as Picard and started to be given more creative control over the character, it completely went to shit. And that started with the movies. I'm sad now that it's over. I might give up EFII soon if it doesn't pick up, and start 25th Anniversary.
(74.74 KB 640x480 terminus.jpg)

>>694608 If you want some Privateer feels you can play Rebel Galaxy Outlaws. Too bad reddit niggers harasser the devs so much he became a voice actor and make way more money without having to deal with normalfags. If you don't mind some jank, I recommend Terminus, I played the shit out of it as a kid and didn't know what I was doing half the time, Though it introduced me to newtonian physics. As for Xenonauts, I found that you can easily disable or tweak Psi in the config files.
(1003.24 KB 1920x1153 starbound11-2894957051.png)

>>688371 Recently started playing Starbound again. I'd forgotten most of the commands and have spent the last day trying to figure out what the hell I was doing a year or so ago when I binged too much on it and took a break.
(81.67 KB 550x315 event_horizon_02.jpeg)

>>694674 Is it still in development? At this pace Starsector is going to reach 1.0 before them.
>>694674 funny I just burned out on playing Starbound a month ago. I had a server I had a couple anons on and everyone slowly lost interest due to the issues of maintaining the fucking thing.
>>695620 Frackin Universe mods
>>695620 It "released" years ago after it had gutted 99% of the game mechanics that made it unique.
>keep forgetting to not take spysat missions in starsector >keep getting borderline impossible locations unless I go all phase ships and take every effort to max stealth or bait in enemy fleets to distract + fuck with their sensors by hacking/destroying their shit The chump change they pay out for these missions is not worth it. A shame really though, as I like the idea of sneaking in and shit but the difficulty is either stupid easy or ungodly annoying. >>695745 I was going to say I do vaguely remember there being some controversy around that one.
>>696178 >spysat missions At least dead drops were fun, if nerve wracking at times. >Erased Hylotl-Floran star war, treasure hunter, explorer plots and changed it into generic space jesus plot. >Botched ammo/energy system. That's what I remember right now. >>695638 It does fix the game, but also adds way more grind. Updates are prone to completely change something or break stuff too.
>>696178 >>696190 They also gutted the procedural generation by removing 80% of the pieces used for it.
>>694626 >EFII What difficulty are you playing on? The final boss is supreme bullshit on hard mode. Make sure to use DSOAL as the game has a breddy nice EAX implementation.
>>696191 theres mods oyu can git to improve that too
>>696198 Normal mode, because I've run into a few bugs that would make hard mode annoying as hell. Half the time I fire my weapon it'll just automatically fire and I can't stop it, and ocassionally it just won't fire at all. I'll have to look around for a community update patch or a fix or something. I'm just not super motivated to keep going at the moment, and I've got other games I'm working through to keep me busy.
What Star Trek game most successfully gives the feeling of playing an episode/movie from the series? Somehow FPS games and space-flying sims don't capture that very well. Then again, I'm not sure how a video game could capture the episodes I like, like Kirk trying to convince everyone a random actor is Hitler like Conscience of the King. Maybe there could be some sort of Ace Attorney thing that tries to recreate the climax of episodes like Measure of a Man, but I doubt that actually exists.
(80.67 KB 692x530 bestepisode.jpg)

>>696519 Bridge Commander. 25th Anniversary is pretty close too.
>>696523 Which version of 25th Anniversary? I was just looking into that and as far as I can tell the NES version is a completely different game from the others. Does the other version play anything like that, but just with different levels or something?
>>696528 I only ever played the PC version. Didn't even know about the NES one.
>enter some random system for a bounty >see the "!" fleet and kill it, bounty complete >intel says the bounty is still there so I guess I cleared another bounty without realizing >this happens two more times before I get the bounty I actually came here for Not going to lie, I was enjoying this nonstop violence with pirate swarms and making loads of money was a nice bonus. Glad I accidentally brought my cruiser with me or this would have been a pain instead. Still strange to see 4 bounties in one system.
>>697139 >Still strange to see 4 bounties in one system. Maybe they were having a convention? Did you bomb the Holiday Inn too, just to be sure?
>>697173 Yeah maybe it was a "Sector's Most Wanted" cast reunion. Or maybe it was a ruse by the the hegemony/iron shell to get them all lured here to arrest and/or kill them for tax evasion. >Did you bomb the Holiday Inn too? Of course, I did it right after I let my marines have their fun for a bit.
>>697139 Which game are you playing?
(709.96 KB 566x642 1612145466939.png)

>>697271 Starsector >tfw I lost my Starsector webms
>>697350 Time to make some more!
>start new starsector run >exploring around to get my first colony going >find incredible sector, 2 terran worlds, 2 desert worlds, 1 arid world, some of those with maxed out stats and even low gravity >small detail: it's a high risk REDACTED world fug
(116.27 KB 917x434 fug.png)

>>699328 Like shit, look at those stats. 5 habitable planets in the same system, what are the odds? Ultimately I know it's overkill and planet diversity is important because of the special items that enhance production but still.
>>697350 I might have them if you posted some before. I'll check later and see what I got. >>699335 What sector generation settings did you use? Still looks pretty sweet to me. I just get happy when I find one with a gate in the system.
>>699335 >Three 5s, a 4, a 3 and a 1, all with valuable resources and enough to cover everything you'd need from AM generation to building up fleets You lucky motherfucker, what's your sector ID?
The Callisto Protocols gameplay looks pretty rough. Maybe it's just the case of the retard playing the demo being shit, but he's just blindly firing slugs into enemies and kind of waling on them. Plus it has same lame stealth mechanics shit that looks ripped straight out of last of us. On top of that the monsters look like they are from the last of us and are very uninspired. Generic zombie retards instead of sick necromorphs. I was excited from it initially but man it looks pretty fucking dull. Maybe I'm just cynical. https://invidious.tiekoetter.com/watch?v=OnmOtGf88HY
Here's a question for you: do you prefer third person POV or first person cockpit view? I think the first game that really sold me on cockpit view was Elite Dangerous, mostly because of the diagetic UI. For arcade-style dogfighters like Rogue Squadron and Project Wingman, I like the third person view more. >>688375 I think one of the big advantages that space games had on older hardware (and still somewhat true today) is that since there's no polygons in the environment, the devs can put more polygons on the ship models.
>>699612 >I was excited from it initially but man it looks pretty fucking dull. Maybe I'm just cynical I am the same way. When I first heard about it, I was really excited. Then you see the tired gameplay elements and really generic designs and that excitement dies pretty fast. >Generic zombie retards instead of sick necromorphs That has to suck. You nail the designs the first time around and then end up in a position where you no longer own the rights to that design and have to settle for generic shit. The fact EA is picking up dead space's corpse to shit out another game is also additional salt in the wound. >>699651 First person, but I do like third person views alongside it so I can admire whatever I am piloting.
(26.91 KB 736x414 ra.jpg)

>>699612 It looks like focus-group inspired Last of Us but in spaaaaaace generic trash. I hope I'm wrong. I'm too jaded to expect nice things.
>>699612 The enemy design is pretty bad but everything else looks pretty alright to me. Might be a good 7/10.
>>699666 >You nail the designs the first time around and then end up in a position where you no longer own the rights to that design and have to settle for generic shit. They didn't have to settle for "generic shit", they could have just created different variants of the monsters they created for Dead Space that make sense in the setting of their new game.
>>699612 To be honest, I didn't really like Dead Space 2, and never played Dead Space 3. Dead Space was kind of a one-hit wonder for me, so it's not a surprise that when the team is squeezed for creativity by having to avoid stepping on EA's toes - they fall flat. Probably not all that different than TurtleRock never being able to live up to the standards they set themselves with Left 4 Dead.
>>699733 Dead Space 2 is okay, it has a bit too many reused sets in the start of the game but otherwise it's like 1 but more. Dead Space 3 is kind of only a Dead Space game in gameplay, and even then it's just a worse Dead Space. They regressed on the controls for the menus and forced in a cancerous weapon customization system that is truly awful to try to manage. And the story and levels are basically nothing like actual Dead Space. It loses all the gritty atmosphere for an an Alien franchise atmosphere instead. It isn't awful as a coop space shooter game, but it isn't really Dead Space. Dead Space 1 is the pinnacle.
>>699451 I didn't do anything special, it's all defaults. >>699537 >You lucky motherfucker Yes, but you might have missed that this is a high risk remnant sector. In my last playthrough to fight in those sectors you needed end game gear and it was still not easy, so what's the point? By the time I can break into it I'll already have everything I need. It's frustrating. Additionally while there are some incredible planets it doesn't actually end up being that useful because some of the items that increase production levels a lot can't be used in them like the Mantle Bore. There's also a habitable desert world in the sector right next to that one that has +3 transplutonics and +2 ore and I think some farming and organics with like 150% hazard rating. But it's high gravity and again, given that it's habitable it's never going to produce anywhere near as much as a world where you can use the Mantle Bore, and those stats are much more commonly found in other planet types where you can too. >what's your sector ID? I'll look into it later.
>>699729 You are expecting way too much of modern devs. This generic shit is likely the best they could come up with. >>699733 (checked) To be fair, the DS games lost more of their identity with each new game since EA was pushing it to be something it never was or could ever be without losing everything that made it interesting to begin with.
>>699733 >not all that different than TurtleRock never being able to live up to the standards they set themselves with Left 4 Dead. With TurtleNeck there is an argument to be made, that most of the key people that made Left for Dead good did not go to TN, but either stayed at Valve or were from Valve. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=EdRLNUGmFC8 Skip to 23:51
>game advertises to be realistic space sim >there is sound in space
>>699768 >High Risk Remnant Sector All I need are a few capital class ships and a bit of luck with black market manufacturers being willing to fulfill my weapons orders. With those conditions met, the entire sector is MINE. Until you've colonized a 175% or 200% hazard rating world and turned it into a profitable megahive, don't complain. Dealing with 150% is easy as fuck compared to that.
>>700014 Webm showing a fight with a 3+ Radiant remnant fleet or GTFO. Either way, unless you're rigging the game somehow you're not going to get 'a few capital ships' without getting colonies first and at that point you won't have a need for the sector anymore. >spoiler Hazard rating is a meme, it's only kind of important on the planet you're going to be building your heavy and light industries on since those are expensive to maintain and in any case you can alleviate the cost increase with AI cores, but unless you make really bad choices profit is going to be higher than cost so I think prioritizing accessibility and planetary resources is more important. At least this is how I see it. I used to like building my first colonies on cryovolcanic worlds because you can get high stats of ore, rare ore, and volatiles with a single cheap industry so despite that they have very high hazard rates you get a lot of money, but that was before the production items were introduced and now I think they're not such a good investment anymore.
>>700210 Cryovolcanic worlds are actually better now since the cold and poor light/darkness condition can be nullified with an orbital lamp, and the mantle bore for improved ore mining requires a non-habitable world.
>>700218 It seems that you're right, but there was some other item that conflicted with regular cryovolcanic stats. I think it was the Catalytic Core (for Refining) which conflicted with cryovolcanics having some sort of toxic atmosphere or something. I like to have my refining industries on the high hazard planets due to it being very cheap to maintain. >orbital lamp How convenient are those really? They introduce an extremely high requirement of volatiles which sounds really costly, and on the other hand the benefit of shaving off 25 or 50% hazard rating feels like little.
>>700232 Catalytic Core (refining) and Synchrotron Core (fuel production) require no atmosphere present. I think a few cryovolcanic planets can generate without atmosphere, but you'd be better off colonizing some 150% barren world for those. With any AI core slotted into Population and Infrastructure Volatiles demand goes down to 9. A shortage of 1 unit of volatiles increases the hazard rating by 5%, and IIRC the highest production of them on an NPC colony is 8. If you already have an orbital lamp there's no reason not to slot it into your first cryovolcanic colony as it will only decrease your running costs, even if it's not much.
>>700245 >I think a few cryovolcanic planets can generate without atmosphere It sounds like a nightmare to try to get both that and good mining stats on the same planet. >but you'd be better off colonizing some 150% barren world for those. Yeah, but then you don't get any volatiles. But it's not like they could compete with Gas Giants with the special item nowadays either. I thought what I started doing after the new items were introduced was just getting volcanic planets for mining and refining since they can get very high mining stats, but now I'm remembering they also have some awful atmosphere to them so you can't use the Catalytic Core on them either, which is a fucking shame because I just found a +3 ore +3 rare ore volcanic world next to a system with a 100 hazard rating world which would have been sweet. I even got paid to survey it, lol. I need to make up my mind very fucking soon about where to settle down, I'm getting fucked over by storage charges and fleet maintenance every month and I won't be able to handle that for much longer.
>>700210 >you never found the random 2-3 d-mod XIV Onslaught or XIV Legion while exploring outside core space >you never took on a bounty where there was one capital with a handful of cruisers while piloting a fleet of cruisers and managed to recover it >you never bought a Conquest from the Independents There are so many opportunities to get capitals without building a colony or siding with any of the factions that I can only describe your playstyle as self-crippling, terrible and otherwise bad. Also >you openly engaged three fleets of remnants at the same time because you don't know decent maneuvers to keep them from ganging up on you >mfw
>>688371 Daiteikoku.
Any of you guys have some good Humanity Fuck Yeah! stories. I lost those too.
>>700771 Do you play on easy or something? Because nothing of what you said makes much sense in my experience. Specially since they boosted how powerful the remnants are in one of the last releases. Like I said, show webms faggot. >you openly engaged three fleets of remnants at the same time because you don't know decent maneuvers to keep them from ganging up on you Did you just confuse Radiants with Ordos? Because Ordos with 3+ Radiants each one are perfectly possible in high risk remnant sectors.

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