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Left 4 Dead 2 after 13 years; Is it still good? Anonymous 09/23/2022 (Fri) 03:20:00 Id: 7a5e7b No. 697144
I'd say it's fine, not great or bad, the latest community update (The Last Stand) fixed a lot of bugs and exploits like map shortcut/skips and server crash exploit
Its still fun to me, though i only play it with friends, fuck playing with randos.
No, unlike Killing Floor you can't solo and the shooting mechanics are braindead. It's just exploits, map muscle memory and RNG, no skill necessary.
Adding to that, it's like if Half Life 2s item boxes were a whole game.
It still is the most fun I had with friends back when they were online. Nothing even got close to this. And mechanics they still have trouble copying in other games.
Yes, if you've never played it, it will still be fun. But you must be objectively brain damaged to stick with a game for over a decade. Move on retard.
>>698026 >But you must be objectively brain damaged to stick with a game for over a decade Sup gen Z.
>>697144 >>698026 more like, you have to be brain damaged to not be able to finish a level of this game
(419.73 KB 1920x1080 back-4-blood-squad-beta.jpg)

>>698026 >Move on retard. Move on to what? Back 4 Blood?
>>698089 what a shit awful game
>>698089 Darktide soon?
Hell yeah it is. It's not the kind of game I'd dump hours into every day, but it is the kind of game I'd play a couple campaigns in every other weekend. It's refined enough to have much more staying power than something like Back 4 Blood. The sound design alone makes it better, since the players on each team have a good idea of what the other is doing simply by listening to distinct musical cues or noises.
(119.87 KB 392x495 1644135517071.jpg)

I wish i had friends and a PC when LFD 1 and 2 came out originally. I played it once in a schoolmate's house and it was really fun. Now that i built a pc and got to check it out it doesn't feel right to me. Mainly because i don't know absolutely anything and the randos i get to play with just kick me from the fucking server because i don't know how to play properly. Just fuck of nigger, let me play with you.
>>699830 Get KF1, it's the better game Do it on a key reselling site, Tripjew does not deserve the 2 bucks.
Still mad about steampipe and that was 9 years ago. I pretty much only play custom campaigns, sometimes I'll run through No Mercy on expert. I usually get kicked by people who want to turtle, that map is 14 years old why are you going so slow? Also, occasionally it will want to re-download all the workshop shit that I already have into a temporary folder. For whatever reason the way it installs workshop content is it downloads all of it to one folder, then moves it to another. So I need to keep double the drive space available. Payday 2 updates the same way. Valve's answer to this was to delete all local content. Great fix. >>697144 >fixed a lot of bugs and exploits like map shortcut/skips Frankly I liked those.

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