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(340.24 KB 500x337 ClipboardImage.png)
/agdg/ - Amateur Game Developemnt General Anonymous 08/08/2020 (Sat) 18:45:05 Id:dd50e9 No. 80381
"You better have a demo ready" edition Links: >Wiki: http://8agdg.wikidot.com/ >Board: >>>/agdg/ >Previous thread: >>8707 Announcements: >QUARTERLY DEMO DAY SCHEDULED FOR November 11th (11/11) >Please contribute to the wiki and the board if you can.
>demo day is today >nothing about it >next scheduled on 11/11 Feels bad man
>>80410 We're in a state of recovery, hopefully by November we can most anons back.
>>80410 I skipped 08/08 precisely because it's today and it would look silly to have that date there until November. The thread edition is >"You better have a demo ready" edition If you have a demo, start a DD thread. >>80416 we didn't skip a demo day even when everything was in disarray. The only reason I didn't start it yet is because I don't have a demo ready this time. unless I'll just post a build of an old project or something
What are some good books on writing. I've neglected my writing skills and don't want that to come back to bite me.
>>80445 I bought one, once. It was called "The Ultimate Guide to Videogame Writing and Design". It was basically how to write safe AA games that followed a Hollywood script. Would not recommend
>>80445 Orson Scott Card's How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy. And then there's a book series that isn't one book, but a large series on every element of... well, fiction writing: Elements of Fiction Writing. If you want less details on implementation and more philosophy, Wizardry and Wild Romance by Moorcock is good if you can ignore his (retarded) political views. If in doubt though, Lester Dent Pulp Master Fiction Plot Formula is always enough if you're used to reading. TL;DR: 6000 words is your basic shortstory unit (you can view this as a chapter), have something exciting happen at every quarter of it and try to keep it fresh and don't necessarily throw a fight as the standard thing in. Easy enough to adapt to video game writing too, though for vidya, you're mainly going to need Characters, Dialogue and Story Structure (see Elements of Fiction Writing Series)
>>80590 Thanks for that. My next project (starting maybe next year) will be a fantasy game, and I'm a complete novice when it comes to creative writing. I love the worldbuilding and depth of Tolkien and 40k, the emotion of Lovecraft, and the poetic prose of the old Conan novels, and it's all simultaneously inspiring and humbling.
To anyone with more drive than I to actually take game dev seriously, best of luck anons. Also to the anons making Perpetia, that's some good fucking shit
(45.93 KB 338x322 Cube Man.PNG)
If I want to make a character in Godot that's just two cubes (for now), and I want to make the upper one lower to simulate a character crouching, is it better to just make and animate that in blender, or should I do that procedurally in Godot somehow? No walk cycles or anything, I just want to quickly make something simple so I can jump to messing around with running and jumping physics because that's the fun part for me.
>>81298 Godot has pretty good animation tools for object properties. Moving a cube up and down and scaling the hitbox should be easy. Actual bone animations need to be done in blender, but something like that will be easier in godot.
(219.21 KB 599x742 indieliveexpo2.PNG)
Indie Live Expo are taking submissions for their next showcase.
>>81734 >November AAAAAAAAAAAA
Hey, how about listing chats related to /agdg/ in the OP? There's #8/agdg/ in Rizon, which is basically dead, then there's also a Matrix room, #agdg:matrix.org, which does have some activity and some people in it. But please, don't put any Discord servers. That chink shit nu-platform deserves to die. Don't create more, and don't mention them. Don't enable those faggots.
>>81844 This. The only good way to use Discord is via the web portal to not give it as much personal information, and only use it to DM gfur porn between your friends
>>80445 you could learn writing from yoko taro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OO_d3fwTNPo
>>81844 >Hey, how about listing chats related to /agdg/ in the OP? just use the wiki bunker list. Come join us. >>81741 11/11 demo day and maybe some agdg devs getting exposure, might be an interesting month
>>81312 Thanks anon.
(6.79 MB 512x512 2020-08-12 00-28-33.mp4)
Working on the reception. There will be a cute loli to attend you. >>80410 We were too busy. I'm gonna try posting more progress pics here.
>>81734 Submitted. Why not?
>>81881 Neat, will have to listen to this tomorrow. >>80590 Bless you anon. Got plenty of reading to do now. >>80468 >Would not recommend Good to know.
>>82606 I'm not going to say it's a terrible book and that you should burn it, but I don't feel like it was especially useful for like, an indie game. I feel like you'd get more value out of reading random writing wikis or something
(76.94 KB 829x829 shared-xp.png)
After two months of refactoring I'm back to adding new features. Here's the first test for the new Grouping feature—the first aspect I'm working on is shared XP between groupmates. The extensive refactor was needed to be able to write this test (specifically, having two clients in one process). I try to do test-driven development where possible. It helps to find regressions, results in a more robust server, makes the code more modular and decoupled, and it's good practice for my day job.
>>83861 looking good
(365.49 KB 610x454 graph.jpg)
So how would I go about establishing a network/reputation so I can get more people to play my game? I'm pretty much a nobody, so I don't have connections with anyone that I could share my game with in the hopes that they show it to others. My gameplan is something like: >pick some creative skill (considering music; i can already program but it's not as capable at building a following) >find some place where i can share my early stuff and get feedback to improve >gitgud enough to contribute to other projects >start doing this, slowly building up reputation for each thing i contribute to >work on game demo all the while >once i have a decent-enough following, release demo
>>84083 >find some place where i can share my early stuff and get feedback to improve I wonder where that could be
>>84083 >say you're a tranny >shill on SJW sites >SJWs will be obligated to shill for your game and buy it, even if they never actually play it
>SJWs will be obligated to shill for your game and buy it >buy it When Sarkeesian actually recommended a game it didn't get any significant boost in sales if any at all. Don't have the image saved.
>>84083 >shill your game to reviewers, journalists, e-celebs, etc. probably a way more direct and easier way to get people to play your game
>>84185 There's a decent chunk of streamers and Youtubes that look at new indie games apparently
Weekly report >Implemented bladder for pioneeres >Implemented framework for AI >Fixed collisions here and there >Added show emoji action
(460.37 KB 775x666 uwee.png)
>>85189 >Emojis
>>84083 >So how would I go about establishing a network/reputation so I can get more people to play my game? If you simply want more people to play your game: 4chan's /agdg/ -> improve game until it has a decent following -> Steam -> keep improving game as long as you wish This has worked out for multiple anons, even for paid games in a few cases, but you need to be actually good at gamedev. If you want reputation and a network, look at succesful game-related patreons, and keep in mind you'll probably have to give up making good games along the line. >My gameplan is something like: >once i have a decent-enough following, release demo Literally the opposite of what you want to do unless you're trying to get patreonbux for vaporware, your game will naturally attract more attention if it actually exists in some playable form.
>>85648 Yeah, I imagine a bunch of anons cross-post in order to shill their games.
>>85680 Generally speaking, you want to post in 4/agdg/ to get suggestions, publicity comes from the youtube lurkers liking your game and from anons making webms/threads/mods related to it.
>>85695 >going on cuckchan for suggestions Now you're just being a faggot
>>85705 >caring about super cereal internet slapfights instead of caring about your game Like it or not, the low numbers here mean you simply won't get as many experienced devs to help you, and probably no one that has already ran into the same problem as you did.
>>85706 >experienced devs Have you SEEN /v/3m
>>85707 /v/3
>>85707 Still better than >>80410, isn't it? Also they have a significant amount of yesdevs. The people on altchans that actually get shit done tend to either be preexisting groups (like hgg) that easily survived a few site changes because they had actual purpose and goals besides "muh cuckchan", or lone wolves like >>49960 that make OC that appeals to this community but mostly get help from other places.
>>85705 Cuckchan users and discordniggers are 3/4 of this thread's posters.
>>85714 >they have a significant amount of yesdevs. fuck off, betz. 8agdg bothered to put one trailer on that shitshow and it was the only good game it had. >The people on altchans that actually get shit done tend to either be preexisting groups and yet you have shinobudev, peridevs, laetus guys, Hellas guy and other devs still lurking and posting, getting shit done for the sake of making game - the sole purpose of agdg. >lone wolves like >>49960 that make OC that appeals to this community when did /v/ start eating up shit in the form of low effort asset flips, I wonder You are a dumb nigger and you should stay on with the other schizos on cuckchan if you love it there so much.
>>84083 The only real way to get anywhere is to be part of a well-connected clique to begin with. Like the memetale guy for instance, nobody would give a damn about him if he wasn't part of Starmen's circlejerk. Groups like that have people who either have friends in high places or are in such places themselves. Really the idea is to try to get networked in with these cliques, but that's way easier said than done. Forums are all dead now, so it's not like you can just post there and get people to recognize you.
Kenney made them. They were way too easy to steal. I find them expressive. But yeah, overdo them a little and they'll start emitting IQ dropping aura.
What do you guys think of a programming language that is made for game development? I've exclusively used GDscript for a year and its been super fun and intuitive.
>>85897 I've used Dream Maker for a bit, it was ok. I wish more languages had minimalistic but functional manuals (no hierarchies but has search functions for subjects and contained words. Also opens instantly upon pressing F1). But, overall, without the control that REAL languages have, you (and everyone else) end up making shitty crutches that may bite you in the ass later.
>>85897 Terrible. This is basically an engine API like GML that one fits one thing. When you have a general, low level language like C or Lua, you can literally reshape it into what you need while still having a ton of power behind it
In case nobody knows about this already, but steam has now updated their policy for devs and publishers, if you plan to release a game on steam you can not discuss your game on outside platforms or provide content patches that would circumvent steam's "no adult content" rule. http://archive.is/2lihh
>>86021 >no adult patches I already thought that was a rule. Is this update a combined thing to prevent Steam from hosting games with explicit content? I thought it already had adult games and queer VNs arent games
>>86052 Valve seems to be all over the place in regards to how they're handling adult content, in written policy and in enforcement of policy, so I really don't know if this might be new or a reminder of previous policy.
What happened to that guy that was making a weird Zelda-ish 2D game on the old AGDG threads ? Aethyr Labyrinth or something like that. did he finish his shit?
(84.29 KB 700x800 ClipboardImage.png)
(5.59 MB 417x411 unnamed (1).gif)
(9.42 MB 375x307 unnamed (2).gif)
>>86111 https://store.steampowered.com/app/1271900/Aethyr/ after the successful kickstarter he went full "don't bother me I'm devving" mode. He's still at it. I get backer messages every few months https://soundcloud.com/michips/the-dhanaren-woods https://twitter.com/Mult_Labyrinth You can easily get in touch with him but he doesn't seem to visit imageboards anymore.
So i slapped together a game as a favour to my friend and now some leech is stealing my assets for their jewtube lets play channel. What do.
>>86151 same thing happened to Keyreal sadly.
>>87802 As you build more of a name for yourself not only as a game developer, but also a potential programmer for more professional industries, you'll unfortunately want to slowly disassociate your public image with a place that's perceived as being a "nazi incel darknet site that breeds mass shooters". There's also the simple fact that once you're breaking more popularity, you don't really belong in /agdg/ anymore. Any thread you participate in once you're somewhat famous, then you'll inevitably get hundreds of accusations of attention whoring. It would be like successfully starting a band and then participating in your school's talent show. No matter what your intentions are, people are just going to assume the worst of you. >>85897 Annoying, and it's one of the main reasons I've been holding out on using Godot for so long. I already prefer static/strong typed languages for gamedev, but now you're throwing in not only Python, but it's also the special Godot version of Python that you have to read an entire manual on to get started. UE4 has a similar problem, but at least its BP is slightly more intuitive. >>85919 >Dream Maker Anon, did you ever participate in the BYOND forums, by any chance? I did, and now I'm a permanent celebrity there despite having not been there in about 7 years
>>87862 >Annoying, and it's one of the main reasons I've been holding out on using Godot You can use C# for everything as well. Not perfect, but good.
>>87862 >you'll unfortunately want to slowly disassociate your public image with a place that's perceived as being a "nazi incel darknet site that breeds mass shooters". This is why I'm nervous about posting any kind of progress or talking about my game at all here. Even though the GG bullshit is over, you've still got people watching this imageboards like a hawk, ready to cancel any /agdg/ dev who gains an ounce of notability. It sucks too, because this is the only place I can imagine getting anything resembling support from. I'm too much of an autist to gain followers on social media, and I'm not part of some long-standing forum clique like what >>85830 described.
>>88059 Why are you here to become a professional game developer? This is for amateur hobbyists. If you are so worried about cancel culture, go hang out in those other garbage woke sites. We don't give a fuck about that here, nigger. You've literally just canceled yourself.
>>88160 You sound too much like an idealist. >>88059 Anon, I want you to participate in good faith. Don't exploit the thread for popularity or traction. The thread is mostly here to exchange philosophies and intelligence regarding design & tech, and to whitepill others into making their games. Of course that's not to say that posting progress as a means of building up an audience isn't unheard of.
(6.87 MB 480x480 2020-07-07 02-09-19.mp4)
>>88172 >You sound too much like an idealist. And you sound like a little bitch. For 4 years and counting Ive done nothing but invite 8chan into my project and shitpost with them. I've never given in to this boogeyman cancel culture because I don't give a fuck. I do what I want. My project is successful because I kept at it and separate it as a hobby from my IRL occupation, something you don't want to do. You are being a spineless nodev who is afraid of the mob. Just like make game.
>>88184 Again, idealist. What you're saying has 0 basis in reality. If you can't accept that then you're the little bitch, here. But it sounds to me like you're just throwing around phrases without properly understanding their meaning.
>>87783 It depends on two factors. >Are you EvaXephon/Yankike? If so, kill yourself. >Are you anyone else? If you have any legal weight to throw here - copyrights etc - then put together a simple package to prove that they belong to you and nobody else, then put in a copyright claim on JewTube. This will actually have a double benefit to you - all of the wannabe eceleb's videos will have your information slathered all over it, and if they get any revenue from the video at all, the instant your claim hits their channel their revenue goes to you. If you can't prove that that's your content and it's being plagiarized, you really don't have any recourse at all, unless you want to make a deal with the fag and say "yo that's my shit, just link to my game on your videos using those assets and we're cool".
>>88189 My reality is the reality you wish you had (successful patreon, subscribestar, etc.). Your reality is that you are scared of posting progress because some people from around the world might falsely accuse you of being something you are not.
(3.73 MB 640x360 purring chicken.webm)
>>88184 Please do not bully the chicken.
(154.10 KB 768x1024 1571884543740.jpg)
>>88189 >If you can't accept that then you're the little bitch, here. But it sounds to me like you're just throwing around phrases without properly understanding their meaning.
(59.08 KB 593x417 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.23 MB 1862x892 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.80 MB 1890x891 ClipboardImage.png)
>>88059 >you've still got people watching this imageboards like a hawk, ready to cancel any /agdg/ dev who gains an ounce of notability nah. Just post progress, don't be shy >>87862 >a potential programmer for more professional industries Jesus Christ, how horrifying. Who the hell would want that? We make games here. We make them for ourselves and anons to play on demo day. Any sort of success is a bonus. >>87802 >same thing happened to Keyreal sadly. I think I never posted pic related. Sorry about that. >>88172 >You sound too much like an idealist. You sound like you don't even have a game and want an excuse not to post progress >The thread is mostly here to exchange philosophies and intelligence regarding design & tech, and to whitepill others into making their games >mostly bro, were you here when it was about making games and critiquing each other? ""exchange philosophies"" is fucking language wars primarily. If you're whitepilled about gamedev, post game. >>88189 >What you're saying has 0 basis in reality look at the newfag dissing shinobudev posting progress while I laugh
How do you deal with not having any progress to show, coding in circles and then reimplementing things every few months, then ultimately getting bored with your project and restarting, when you don't even have a playable proof of concept each time?
>>88218 Gahoole became a tranny?
>>88198 First of all you have me confused with someone else. I never said I don't post progress on here, I was only explaining why some anons don't come back to this place after they find some form of success. The reason I call you an idealist is because you want people to conform to what you think is ideal, but you don't really consider what's possible for people in other positions. And, like you mentioned here >>88160 It's a regular thread for amateur hobbyists. Once someone finds financial success in their gamedev, then they don't really belong here anymore. No hard feelings; I don't believe you're actually retarded, I just think you made a somewhat retarded statement. Good luck on your game. >>88220 <a potential programmer for more professional industries >Jesus Christ, how horrifying. Who the hell would want that? >We make them for ourselves and anons to play on demo day. Any sort of success is a bonus. Well, anon, which is it? Making money from your job or making money from gamedev? Being a programmer is a career choice for people who don't really have many other marketable skills because they're too autistic to do anything else. Some people use gamedev as a resume of sorts for higher paying jobs. I'm looking forward to you releasing your game for free since money apparently doesn't matter to you. >You sound like you don't even have a game and want an excuse not to post progress Like I said to shinobudev, you're mistaking me for someone else. All I suggested is to avoid being an opinionated retard and try to understand why some people do what they do. But yeah, you're right. All of the yes-devs who have left these threads are just "little bitches" who are in it for the wrong reasons. >bro, were you here when it was about making games and critiquing each other? These threads have never been hostile unless someone was being a faggot, like rustdev or yanderedev. They've always been positive with good-willed bullying. AKA "tough love" but that sounds gay, so I'm not calling it that >If you're whitepilled about gamedev, post game. You've caught me with my pants down. I don't really have any fresh progress to post since I've been procrastinating a lot and been busy with job-hunting lately. I can show you some screenshots and videos, but it would be the same things I posted about a month ago. But let me stress again that I was only explaining why people do the things that they do, and that in some cases what one /agdg/ anon may think is ideal is impractical for another person. That's all.
(149.98 KB 406x591 ubermensch.png)
>>88208 Nice proofster.
>>88261 Basado.
(156.40 KB 1079x1090 finnish gahoole.jpg)
>>88261 No, he became a fingolian.
(302.53 KB 960x642 output.webm)
>>85897 I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand it's really simple to use. On the other hand it's hand to write something more advanced and it's hand to debug. Wring AI was pain in the ass. Progress: >Added new enemy >Added AI for it Framework turned out nicely. I wrote like 5 lines of GDScript to make it work. >New death animations, thanks to pixel artist
(19.80 KB 200x271 yoba kot.jpg)
>>88610 >On the other hand it's hand to write something more advanced and it's hand to debug. Ey hohol, did some gopnik liberated your r key or something?
>>88686 Coding while writing around anything that contains a certain letter would be pretty hard though. Sounds like good material for a coding challenge/jam at some point. "Write a game without using 'R' in either code or variables"
(12.43 KB 192x286 1574950012091.jpg)
https://www.blender.org/press/unity-joins-the-blender-development-fund-as-a-patron-member/ >unity now sponsors blender WELL MAYBE NOW YOU CAN FIX THE BROKEN ASS IMPORT PIPELINE YOU LAZY GOOD FOR NOTHING CUNTS FUCK
Anons I'm curious, are you all amateur like 3D modelers/animators/artists/musicians too? Whenever I try to pick up godot and go through the tutorials I keep thinking later down the line how I'm going to get art/sound assets for a game and then my progress just stalls for a couple of months before the cycle repeats.
>>88763 Anim8or makes 3d modelling/animation far easier than blender and there's a transl8or on their forums to make the results work with Unity (and Godot) More modern style pixel art is stupid easy, I use Aseprite for easily keeping my pallete consistent there and it also works for making rudimentary pen and ink sketches (think old Fighting Fantasy art). For music, use a tracker like Milkytracker for ease of creation. Use older style, simpler tools and you can concentrate on learning how to do the task rather than learning how to use your tools.
>>88763 I'm a proficient programmer but not an artist. I've taught myself enough pixel art to make Hellas not look like it was drawn by a toddler (like my previous games).
>>88763 Yes. Not a musician though. They're valuable skills and can open doors at a workplace. I started out editing images when I was young. I wanted to tweak character skins and make joke images and it went from there. I learned to 3D model using idiosyncratic bad software as I wanted to work on an indie game being developed in a community I was in, and later learned Blender at university. I don't have an answer for you, but, for me, I learned these things because I was a control freak and wanted to do everything (I hate dependency on others and am very particular about designs), had the free time of youth and a direct need for those talents at the time. Programming came last for me, and after that, game dev, and it was a convenient confluence of skills I already had. If you're passionate (really passionate) about an idea, you could go ahead and execute it with simple 'developer art'. If your gameplay is great it'll work regardless of how it looks, and you either learn later or contract out the work to a third party. Otherwise, I would say you probably want to start working on these 'foundational' skills first. They're not super quick to learn and it will take perseverance.
(2.63 MB 2627x3235 pluto pls.jpg)
>>88733 Wait a second, I recognize that comic, it's from the same artist that made the bro dragons strips: name is floccinaucinihilipilification and the only way I know how to spell that is because of e621's autocomplete feature Pic related.
(9.25 KB 618x194 RBMK-1000.png)
(152.48 KB 1679x998 poorman factory clone.png)
(44.14 KB 659x681 plant diagram WIP.png)
>spend 2-3 hours figuring out why my factory object keeps having items on its output variable despite it should be cleared >found out that I forget a underscore in self.work_time in the if condition clause Welp what a stupid mistake from me, also I need to still heavily work on the factory object and a proper system for ingredient/recipes and item input/output functions as its a little bit barebones at the moment nothing too complex but it should be bit more polished and cleaner code. There is also still several objects/functions left to do such as: Condenser, Generator, Power Grid, Waste Processing Facility, Waste Dump, Reprocessing of items, separation of Boiler and Reaktor object. And lastly a minimal event system which defines win/failure condition for the player which can be political or power plant related. I'm going to leave most of the code structure as it is which is quite OOP oriented and with minimal amount of ECS-ish pattern (only the component part as I don't fully understand the Entity and System relationship at the moment). For the near future 2D version I will try to make it more ECS patterned and less object oriented.
>>89119 Yep that's the one. They also do the cringe bee comics and a lot of strips about Harry Potter.
(5.32 MB 512x512 2020-08-26 01-24-43.mp4)
(670.62 KB 512x512 2020-08-26 01-20-54.mp4)
Pumping life back into thread... I rewrote how my game handles character logic. Before it used to be single c# file managing all sorts of actions for something (eating food for example). But it was problematic as the project grew in size because there was too much code repetition. Now everything is handled in ultra modular single action classes that can be chained together to do stuff.
(91.72 KB 1288x747 2020-08-27_005423.png)
Added grouping, with shared XP and shared loot. Next step will be my first dungeon, so the groups have something to do.
>>88059 I wouldn't worry about it, if anything just point out that 8chan and 8kun are completely different entities.
(123.15 KB 1677x872 depot.png)
>>91839 So hohols are behind every banking cartel on yurop? At least I truly see. Also after 6 gorrilion hours in bydłon I managed to finally fix the unload and load function so it can store shit, it just needs a items category so that waste dumps object cannot hold regular materials.
>>85705 Results > Principles. Learn this if you actually would like a chance at success in ANYTHING.
(1.44 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
>>93137 >The methods don't matter, only the results!
>>93142 >>93137 he has a point you know. Not everyone has the opportunity to stick to their values at all times
>>93148 I just wanted to jojopost
>>93137 It’s better that your principles are fluid with an overarching goal and being flexible if your goal turns out to be unworkable. Like say you want humanity to be able to be cyborgs, but binding metal and flesh or housing organs in metal is impractical, you would shift gears and look at the big picture and boil it down to what you really want. So you boil down cyborgs to “giving humanity the capability of instant self improvement”, you look at you methods and see that genetic engineering and genetic rewrite, biological improvement stuff is workable. So you do that. The issue with principals is being hyper specific with no flexibility, have flexibility and you will get results. Having principles is the foundation of results, not a hinderance. It’s how you treat your principles and what you focus on that counts.
Is LMMS still the best DAW for indie music, being 100% free and all? All I want are some piano rolls and many instrument samples to mess around with
(31.13 KB 500x374 DYFLTgoW0AA_14-.jpg)
I have $1000 and wanna build a good PC rig. What specs would you recommend, /v/? Besides playing PC games, I need a good PC that can handle programs like Maya & ZBrush like a breeze. As well as Unreal & Unity without crashing. I also plan on playing console games on emulators like Cemu.
>>94306 Wait for the new AMD chips to launch in a couple months and then get a Ryzen 4700X. Maybe a 4800 or 4900 if you have a Microcenter near you and want to dump that much into productivity. Assuming case and PSU are about $250, and you bundle a motherboard that's $150 or less, that leaves you with anywhere from $200-400 for a GPU. Not excellent but unless you have raytracing or machine learning tasks you should probably just get a used nVidia card, a mid-range ATI card, or something budget like one of the 1660 cards. All of those would fit your price range and probably be a better deal than the new RTX 3000 series cards.
(76.71 KB 800x531 faggot.jpg)
>>94306 Reddit's /r/PCMasterRace has a wiki of some price-optimized builds
>>94306 Besides >>94433, logicalincrements is pretty good and has been around for a while.
>>93142 Look through all possible solutions to the problem. FIRST discard all that will not work. Then pick the least-shitty solution according to your principles. The key is that you actually pick workable solutions, and not pick the solution that makes you feel best.
>>94306 Waiting since new stuff is right around the corner. New stuff will be better and old stuff will drop in price.
>>94447 You pick the solution that's optimal for your architecture roadmap and time budget. If you aren't thinking deeply about the structure of what you make you end up with a box of shit that makes you dread working on it.
(8.58 MB 1280x720 2020-09-03 00-24-55.mp4)
Tracers. They're decorative right now, but they can be actual projectiles.
>>97585 very naisu
(7.69 MB 466x352 hahaha_an_hero.webm)
(31.60 KB 681x407 6 gorrillion hours in geany.png)
Trying to learn to program with bydlon feels like playing on a shitty UT2k4 invasion serb with RPG mod all over again.
(4.76 MB 1052x518 2020-09-08 12-01-11.webm)
>Make a very complex and efficient value weight finder thing, which is very generic and cool and can be reused for a ton of AI decision making in the future, it even dynamically takes which ECS values to take into consideration from XML and therefore can be modded and is extremely flexible <It's used to decide which 'Happy Icon' to use in the NPC tooltip Feels bad having done so much and having so little to show off
>>101395 looks like the GUI is shaping nicely
>>101395 Oh this is cute.
(104.09 KB 720x540 Half Life Opposing Force 2.jpg)
Has anybody ever attempted making weapon mods for Sven co-op? And if so how difficult is learning angelscript? I might consider very late fiddling around with it because I dislike how Sven co-op weapon works where on most custom maps the enemies tend to be bullet spongey and the players firearm can't hit the side of a barn for shit. It's fucking weird it has tons of maps but barely any custom mods for it.
(637.70 KB 800x447 ClipboardImage.png)
Trying to think of a less intrusive way to display your health status in a FPS. I would like to avoid adding HP bar style elements for it (aiming to keep the screen as clear as possible), but I'm not a fan of the usual ideas of bloody jelly and other vision impairing cancer. Anyone have any ideas?
>>104793 Dead Space is a TPS but they put health bars on the back of Isaacs suit
>>104794 Yeah problem is that with my game being a FPS, you only have your arms, hands, chest, and legs visible. Legs and chest are out since you would have to look down to see your status which is bad. Depending on what weapon is being held, hand/arm positions change so whatever HP bar I set up there, may not be fully visible or even visible at all so that doesn't work well either. I guess I could try using both hands to display it, but I'm still not sure on it. I keep feeling like there is a better way that I'm missing.
>>104803 I don't know what setting you're going for, but I've always wanted a Future Soldier style AR overlay over one eye. Like, when it's "folded up" and not directly over your character's eye it could be in the top left corner of the screen displaying health, armour, ammo etc, but with a keypress you could bring it down and maybe it would highlight enemy outlines, or it could be your night-vision, or maybe it'll show a compass direction to your objective or something
(419.22 KB 544x350 ClipboardImage.png)
>>104836 >toggling the hud elements Hmmm..may have given me another idea to try out. Thanks anon. >what setting you are going for Science fiction setting.
>>104855 If you felt like modeling a little more of the arms, you could just tilt the camera with a button press to simulate a guy glancing at his elbow to read his HP tattoo or whatever. You could either have the display directly read from the arm, or just have the guy glance at it and pop a very temporary UI display up to communicate it to the player. That's sort of what some of the WWII games do for ammo, where the guy unloads his gun and glances in the magazine, or weighs the gun in his hand and says "half full" or something. You could have a "mutter" key which makes the guy talk about how shitty he feels. That wouldn't be much use in a pinch, but maybe you prefer it that the the player doesn't have perfect health information in a pinch. You could have a collectable health implant that buzzes the player when his health falls below 60% and buzzes them more urgently when it falls below 30%. It doesn't have to be a Metroid-style neverending buzz. Maybe it's a badly designed implant in-universe, so it just buzzes once and is easy to miss. Maybe people complain about it in-universe and eventually the company releases an over-air software upgrade that makes it more annoying and people then complain about that. That'd be for a EYE-style slavshit dark humor game, which doesn't probably fit yours too well. I guess think about what you want in the abstract and go from there. You already know you want the screen free of clutter, but what if the health UI element was a band around the outermost extreme of the viewport? That would be visible in the player's periphery but out of the main action. What if it were a big but nearly transparent colored area right in the middle of the viewport, so that a player could see through it easily but still know about how healthy he was at a glance? You could have a button to have the PC "focus his eyes" on it to make it less transparent, like focusing on the glass of a window instead of the thing you see through it. You could have the actual UI elements be just above the viewport, and have a button that tilts the view just slightly upwards so that the health bar is visible. That'd be like a helmet-mounted HUD that uses peripheral vision. If you wanted to get fancy, you could probably handle it in a way that emulated the PC nodding his head slightly while looking up so that his view of distant objects doesn't change but the UI comes into view anyhow. That'd keep it from being too disorienting. There are lots of ways it could be handled. I'd suggest figuring it out completely in the abstract (shows up with a button press, shows up automatically, audio only, visual only, or, whatever) then coming up with a way to make that fit with the game's milieu, which is probably what you are already doing.
(70.14 KB 277x182 ClipboardImage.png)
How the fuck was he able to develop a full length game while juggling college, a full-time job, and raising a family when most of us can't even finish our practice games?
>>107310 He probably knew what he wanted and went nuts with it. None Cave Story parts hard to implement or very complex, but each of them complement one another so spectacularly that it just came out great.
>>107310 Your practice game is too complex. Simplify.
>>107310 >college >full-time job >already had a family >literally one-man-armied a game, right down to the fucking engine >made at least three different systems for game music (piyopiyo, organya, pxtone) >inspired countless indie devs in the west >legitimately humble, not just "oh I never thought I would get that far teehee" faux-humble Everything I learn about this guy makes me respect him even more. When I played his game at 14 and learned that he did the whole damn thing himself, I felt inspired to make my own vidya. too bad I'm twice that age now and have nothing to show for it, outside of a couple small highschool projects and a mountain of unfinished work
>>107869 >spoiler Well, you've never given up, have you? Have you?
>>107869 should have posted progress
(14.22 KB 484x876 Screenshot_20200918_154925.png)
So, I just started teaching myself how to do SDL and I came across a problem with my code. I don't know where to turn to so I thought this would be a good place to ask. Pic of code. In the compiler, it gives me this error: > SDL_UpperBlit: passed a NULL surface I made sure the BMP file was in the right place but I can't figure out why it returns a NULL.
>>109415 You have "if (image = NULL)" instead of "if (image NULL)", you forgot one equal sign. There is a trick where you write "NULL image" instead of the other way around, then if you forget an equal sign your program will not compile because you cannot assign a value to NULL. At least GCC won't let me do it, not sure if that is always the case.
>>109431 Well shit, this place allows for inline heading markup. Let's try it again. You have if (image = NULL) instead of if (image == NULL) // two equal signs There is a trick where you write NULL == image instead of the other way around, then if you forget an equal sign your program will not compile because you cannot assign a value to NULL. At least GCC won't let me do it, not sure if that is always the case.
>>109415 The other anon already told you what's going wrong, but for the love of god turn on -Wall -Wextra and read your warnings. Things like this are guaranteed to produce warnings as it's a common typo to make. "Read your warnings, understand them and fix them" is the best learning advice I can give. So many people just fucking ignore what the compiler tells them and just start changing random shit till it works.
>>109488 I second that. C lets you do all sorts of retarded shit in the name of performance, so at least have the compiler tell you when you are being retarded. It still won't catch all the retardation it lets you do, but it's better than nothing. (the reason it won't tell you is because the entire world is running on mountains of retarded legacy C code and maintainers would lose their shit if all new compiler warnings started popping up all of the sudden)
>3 days off Maybe I'll work on my game and have something to show for it
I finished a game a long time ago. I just don't know if it is worth trying to sell for cash or not.
>>112321 Throw it on Steam, they take pretty much anything. Worst case scenario, you get enough money to buy a coffee or two.
>>112329 But if the game is truly bad, it could ruin your reputation which could effect your later games.
(71.62 KB 200x200 viv10.png)
How hard is it to make a basic VN? Is there an easy not too complex way to make one?
>>112542 You could use Ren'Py, its pretty easy to use.
>>112547 Thanks. I'll check it out.
>>112359 That's why you register a company name the cheapest way possible in your country and use that as the developer. Doesn't matter if there's a company register that lists you as the sole proprietor somewhere, only the most autistic of autists would look that up for a mildly disappointing experience. Alternatively, publish it under your real name and publish your next game (if any) under a company name. >>112542 About as hard as writing a novel. Slightly more complex because a novel is only expected to have a single ending, no choices, and there's no art. So somewhere between a novel and a fighting fantasy book.
>>112605 Fantasy RPG books actually have gameplay though. VNs are basically reading simulators with pictures. Is a CYOA a game?
(6.75 MB 1920x996 2020-09-24_12-46-22.mp4)
(6.08 MB 1920x996 2020-09-24_17-01-16.mp4)
(7.67 MB 1280x720 2020-09-24 22-29-55.webm)
How is your experiences with selling vidya? I have one or two vidya games that I should try to sell for cash eventually.
Weekly report >Added energy bar >Added energy
>>115927 Why is it so fuckhuge
>>115930 Is it? It seems fine to me.
(5.48 KB 128x176 mockup.png)
(28.90 KB 480x421 ClipboardImage.png)
More fucking about with tilesets in Aseprite, but I'll never touch my code against at this rate
(630.38 KB 328x210 2020-10-04-0015-40.mp4)
Worked on some water sprites, need to tidy them up proper tomorrow
>>120633 For no reason at all, that gives me FFMQ Ice Pyramid vibes. Maybe it's the color scheme.
>>120734 I'm using Tactics Ogre: LUC as a reference, being a Square rpg there's probably some overlap. Now mind you I haven't made my own palette yet, and I had some of their sprites side by side to closely replicate the feeling. The bottom right tiles were done entirely by me, as were the lame crystal walls; the water and bottom left were referenced and need slight tweaking
(1.29 MB 1280x962 output.webm)
Yeerk's weekly >AI now can react on Yeerk I was hoping to also add attack, but unfortunately it stays for the next week.
>>121575 keep it up!
(41.21 KB 432x672 ClipboardImage.png)
Water is just a generic tile, same as the other floors. However, does it look better to have special cased little ledges to create apparent depth?
>>121768 I really like the depth look, yes. Also I would consider putting a dark shadow on the water right below the edge of the ice if you do it, as it makes it look like the ice goes under the surface of the water and looks really good everywhere I've seen it.
(374.95 KB 328x210 2020-10-05-2306-11.mp4)
(417.20 KB 328x210 2020-10-05-2306-51.mp4)
(9.50 KB 672x288 sample.png)
Also here's all the door and window variants, as well as stairs and a few choice tiled floors >>121861 The black outline is actually on the wall tiles to serve as a hard visual divider between walls and floors. I did try a few things with the ice, but it didn't look that much better (it's mostly a placeholder for now anyways). The water is going to be done with two layers, the animated parts here is the base layer, then I can do a surface layer with bubbles, drifts, skin, etc for things like tar or lava
(121.26 KB 1280x800 ClipboardImage.png)
(3.66 KB 329x80 ClipboardImage.png)
(25.14 KB 443x235 ClipboardImage.png)
>>121891 So this is the game I'm trying to copy, but I just realized that despite being a shitty Win98 game, they're still actually using 32x32 tiles for everywhere, where I'm using 16x16. I find it very easy to make tiles at that size, but anything bigger gets hard to fill with detail. Likewise, characters are nearly impossible for me to make distinct at a small size, and going up to 32x32 makes it much easier to do so. I'm not sure what to do, and I thought of doing a 2x scale on my tiles with 32x32 characters, but that results in mixed pixel sizes which anyone here will call out as cancer. Maybe it does actually look okay with 16x characters
>>122792 >CotW Nodev here, but I guess what I would do is create a "logical tile" object that consists of four (not necessarily the same) 16x16 tiles, and then tile your world with those quad-tile objects. That way you can make a logical tile with, say, three 16x16 floor tiles and one 16x16 half-wall-half-ground tile in order to produce small-size diagonal corner walls that creatures can still occupy or have small furniture that doesn't take up an entire 32x32 tile or whatever. I don't think that would be too jarring since the actual pixels for the tile drawings would still not be of mixed size. As for the character sprites, though, you're probably just going to have to redraw them at 32x32, although you could have some "small" monsters be 16x16 and be able to put more than one in a tile (if you wanted that capability).
>>122995 That's actually a pretty viable solution (and it's similar to how NES/SNES builds tiles anyways, so I'm not unfamiliar with it). Since the tiles were fairly hard to see anyways, I was going to scale them up 2x zoom when drawing them, but that avoids the need to do that - I just make "supertiles" or whatever, and put a 32x32 character on it, and everything shares the same pixel resolution. I'll have to upsize my doors and such to be compatible with such a system, and make a few variants to break up the walls, but that solves a potentially major problem
(34.54 KB 136x163 1524758333860.png)
Is there any guide how to model a complex soft surface out of from a blueprint? I'm trying to model the AMX-30 turret but its weird shape is killing me, no matter what method I'm trying I never get the shape to look correct and the faces are fucked in propotions.
(1.43 KB 296x96 example.png)
>>121891 I wasn't talking about the black outline, this is what I meant you should consider doing with the water.
>>123531 Oh I'm retarded, yeah that looks way better
(134.04 KB 1288x795 ClipboardImage.png)
(88.67 KB 882x833 ClipboardImage.png)
Well it's hardly new or exciting for me, but I've started to put some of my work into code. What's more significant this time is that the texture coordinates are being labeled and loaded from a file and turned into a resource (eg I will be able to do something like DrawTile(x, y, door_close_1) eventually)
(1.39 MB 1056x896 output.webm)
Do anyone have or know where to find a good sound for textbox text? I was actually planning on an 'a, e, i, o, u' sounds that play depending on which vowel is present in the current syllable
>>125734 Get a copy of Goldwave or openMPT or some other thing and try making them yourself. If you just want blippy bloopy sounds you can probably manage yourself, even if it's just chopping up and remixing other audio. If you want something that actually reminds people of speech, that is probably going to be a little more difficult.
>>125734 >Get a copy of Goldwave or openMPT I was afraid of some answer like that. I guess I will get a voice to text to say some syllables and mess with them. I wish to not have to 'waste' so much time on it though, want to get a proper demo going this year still, doubt will be in time for 11/11 though
>>125738 Your demo will probably survive even if you have to use placeholder audio. You can grab openMPT and a sound bank and probably have some goofy but good-enough-for-prototyping noises in a couple of hours. There are probably free-audio resources on the internet for things other than music, and maybe one of those would have some audio that would work for a demo, but I don't know any of them offhand. Maybe another anon does.
(212.42 KB 1280x962 output.webm)
Yeerk's weekly >Still working on attack Animation is in place, but no hitbox yet and no mechanism to exit the state.
(843.02 KB 1053x512 cursed.webm)
(691.66 KB 820x874 2020-10-15-0227-52.mp4)
(6.23 KB 283x163 ClipboardImage.png)
This is the most interactive thing I've made in like 7 years. I don't know whether to be happy or sad. It has stats on every actor which can be changed (goblins have 6 to 14 AC, so some are easier to kill). Really need to reduce the spaghetti on it though
(61.45 KB 526x545 hat.jpg)
(32.92 KB 357x480 yingletwtf.jpg)
What are some good free tools for someone who already can code and just wants an easy-to-learn framework to get started in 2d and maybe a little 3d gamedev? I've tried some of the new Javascript based tools but they were a pain in the ass to set up and get working right. I'd prefer something that works out of the box on Linux, just apt-get and go, and doesn't send me running through forums for days to fix obscure errors before Hello World works. Some devs are using something that spits out crossplatform binaries for Linux, Mac, and Windows. I have no idea what they are using. There seem to be at least two different products that do this. How do you develop a game so that it can go into one of these packaging systems and go to market? tldr: what are people using to make games these days?
>>128783 Make your own engine in c++ with vulcan or you're a little bitch.
>>128783 It ultimately depends on how much of a framework you want, and for which language you want it. I've been using SDL2, which is for C, and is quite thin. There's some pretty good tutorials for it too (lazy foo's), and you can configure your window to use OpenGL or Vulkan instead if you want to go that route.
>>128783 >What are some good free tools for someone who already can code What language?
>>128002 Actually I just realized that what kills my projects every time is getting bogged down with drawing code before I even touch the mechanics. I can draw shit no problem but its managing it that steals all my effort. For example, its easy enough to slap an index on a tile and say "draw this texture". But then a more sophisticated system is an index to a tile type, which then has more information than just a texture. So then all your tiles hold references or indexes (or get magically figured out on the draw loop), but then what about tiles that are composed of several tiles (eg two layers)? What about effects that display a tile as something else? You cant just overwrite the basic data or expect the draw code to necessarily know that a mechanic would require something else to be drawn. So handling all that tends to fuck me over
>>128938 You ought to only have to do all that once, though, if all your projects are approximately the same graphics-wise. It sort of sounds like that's the case that if you aren't building up a pseudo-engine that you'll at least have a lot of code you can reuse. This sounds like the kind of thing that ought to be a well solved problem for 2D graphics, and you shouldn't have to reinvent the wheel. Maybe spending some time inspecting a free game's code or a free engine would help? Maybe one of those 2D graphics for games books (ebooks, I wouldn't waste money on them) would have ideas?
>>128961 Well sort of, like I've got a decent structure for drawing things (FrameSet object contains a texture and one or more texture coordinates, so it can support animated or sequenced images), and a sprite batching object that sucks up draw calls and manages them (dont even have to fuck with vertices), so that aspect is great. It's the part that goes "this graphic should be drawn for this object when A and B are true, otherwise draw C" and how to storwle and build that information every frame
>>128967 Again, though, this is a thing that all 2D games must be able to do. The video games industry, what there is of one, isn't big on consensus methods or standardization (except when someone gives it to them on a plate), but there still ought to be frameworks you can look at to figure out what passes for best practices in the field. I don't think you necessarily want to feel as if you have to figure everything out on your own, if that's what's stopping you.
>>128783 >Some devs are using something that spits out crossplatform binaries for Linux, Mac, and Windows. I have no idea what they are using. There seem to be at least two different products that do this You probably mean Unity, UnrealEngine and Godot Engine. Unity and Unreal are proprietary and come with mandatory accounts and agreements of profit sharing, and they lock features behind paywalls. That being said, Unity is the biggest thing in the Indie/hobbyist market and probably the easiest choice, at least if you wanna do 3D, since there's a giant amount of tutorials and answered question. If 2D is enough or you can cope with somewhat more adversity and figuring things out on your own in 3D, Godot is better since: >Free and Open Source (MIT) >No profit sharing or contract stuff potentially fucking you over >No account registration necessary That being said, none of these are "frameworks" as such, they're full engines. But they're all quite easy to figure out how to work after a tutorial or two.
>>129003 >proft sharing I'm not certain about Unreal, but Unity requires you pay a fixed rate based upon if you earned less than 200k or not. They don't take royalties, so I don't know if that counts as profit sharing. Technically, if your game does really crappy and you get less than 100k per year from it, you don't have to pay diddly, though you don't get the snazzy features like removing that ugly unity splash screen and all that. So it'd probably be worth to get plus just to remove that crap and then not buy it when you're developing your next game, assuming you got at least enough from your game to cover the 350 bucks it costs for a year subscription (which is the only payment model they have). I feel like I'm shilling for Unity now, but profit sharing doesn't seem like the right word I suppose. I feel that most people here probably will never need to by the plus edition, unless they really feel the need to remove that splash screen or have some advanced analytics. All the other paywall features are just bullshit you don't need and can be fulfilled better elsewhere by free things, so they're pointless to even consider, imo. That said, however. >>128783 If you're looking for just a framework, I'd go with what this guy >>128804 said and use SDL2. I know for certain it supports 2d graphics, but I have no idea if it supports any 3d. If you want 3d for certain, I'd go with OpenGL, but that's a more difficult library to work with in general. However, if you're looking for a lightweight engine, I'd go for Love2D. No 3d, again, but it's only a little heavier than SDL2 and uses .lua, which is dicks easy to program in. You could also use SDL2 or Love and just implement the 3d yourself if you got the chops for it. Though at that point you'd probably just want to do your own shit anyways.
>>128967 (Sage for double post) Can't you just use a layer system for everything you want? Your tiles have a terrain reference, that reference is sent to your drawing function that determines what's drawn on layer '0'. You can then send overrides to your draw function at a higher layer, and it'll only draw the highest layer. You could implement more functionality for transparency easily as well, such as a simple bool that makes it so that the layer directly beneath is also drawn. If you want to make it more performant, you could remove the implied array in this example and just make it so that higher layers overwrite the current drawn tile, though you'll no longer be able to stack tiles for whatever purpose (decals, transparent floors with modular floors beneath, etc), so rip that.
>>129114 Well yeah, layering is already supported by means of my sprite handler having depth sorting, it's associating textures with data that gets me
>>129145 As far as I'm aware, you shouldn't be associating your textures with data, besides an index being called to determine what texture is drawn. I can't really think of any situation where you might need to have anything other than what a texture needs to be a texture embedded within it's structure. You should have other functions and data values that determine whatever you might need to do with the texture. Maybe I'm just misunderstanding the problem?
>>129159 I've always been horrendously bad at explaining my issues in these threads, I'd say don't worry about it, it'll probably click for me in a week or two
>>129104 >I know for certain it supports 2d graphics, but I have no idea if it supports any 3d. No, you have to create an OpenGL or Vulkan context and use that instead if you want to do any 3D.
>>128002 >>128938 >>129165 Alright, I've thought of a workable solution that I'm okay with; even if it's not ideal in all cases, it should get the ball rolling. Basically I'll have an array of the same size as my map. At the start of my draw call, it'll iterate the region of tiles to be drawn and look up the tile type to see which index etc to use then write it to the array. Then, if any spell effects or illusions happen, the array can be safely modified. After that, it's just a matter of actually drawing it to the screen, followed by whatever units and items (which are more trivial)
(59.85 KB 808x627 ClipboardImage.png)
(55.49 KB 808x627 ClipboardImage.png)
(54.12 KB 808x627 ClipboardImage.png)
Today I added a hardcoded but nicer looking message box, and then starting mucking around with tile handling and generation, so now I can smooth maps with simple cellular automation (I can define a min/max number of neighbours for a live or a dead cell to change)
(4.37 KB 262x260 1468356826299.png)
Hey aggydaggy, any of you fags make an Ludum games? Give me some links so I can rate your shit.
>>129844 I honestly keep forgetting that Ludum Dare exists and when it happens.
>>129850 Twice a year but i don't know the dates
>>129852 How about a webring Ludum Dare? I mean, there are enough anons on /v/, /t/ and smug / plw etc, it could be fun.
>>129850 Me too, only reason I ever make something is because I have a friend who reminds me. >>129866 That's basically demo days.
>>129874 Just made an account on their site, maybe they'll email when it's about to happen? Here's hoping, because I definitely won't remember in 4 months or however long it takes for the next one.
Is it just me or has Genshin Impact basically got perfect cell shading on it's characters? I've played a couple of hours and I haven't seen anywhere it looks awkward yet (not to say it isn't the fanciest slot machine in town). I wasn't aware that cell shading was a solved problem.
>>130414 Who did the chinks steal from to perfect it then?
>>130327 I don't remember but I don't think they do. I try to remind here in these threads when it happens but I haven't really browsed imageboards since the lolishit when down on 8kun. Is this the primary new replacement or did everyone disperse to different sites?
>>130414 If you look hard enough you can see weird shading just fine. The cell shading effect is just very minor, so it doesn't stick out during animations. It also helps that almost all details are just drawn onto the model; rather than having a defined shape.
>>130554 I guess you're right. It's a bit hard to tell on my phone, but I'm not installing that shit on my PC. I guess it speaks to the strength of a generally cohesive art direction.
>>129844 you mean like previous ludum dares? because I haven't touched that since last year https://ldjam.com/users/shodanon/games I return to these with much nostalgia. Also a game done when agdg joined forces but I didn't take part: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/40/sniper-protector Ninjemnik is now Peripeteia and that was posted during demo days. ||David Shire can eat my ass.||
>>130609 >Showdown I remember this. I was mostly thinking if there was some games from the most recent one since rating is still open but this is some cool stuff. I like how there's no "safe" games there, always pushing what's possible to do in such a limited timespan.
>>130614 post your LD thing if you made one this time. I love that gamejam shit but working on proper projects has been taking priority ||not to mention last time we made a LD thing it turned into a proper project||
(578.61 KB 1129x631 ClipboardImage.png)
>>130727 We made a small puzzle game where you program a robot. We've got quite a bit of feedback but it seems to be a mixed bag overall. I'm pretty happy with it at least.
>>130752 How easy was it to implement the logic for programming it? I had an idea for an automation game where you mine an asteroid or something using very specialized little drones you design ahead of time, like turtle miners
>>130782 It is super simple, like less than 100 loc for the basics. It's open source, you can just check it out here https://github.com/Bentebent/LD47
(881.11 KB 400x300 BraviHungerTest.webm)
(388.22 KB 783x585 NewMainMenu.png)
(145.20 KB 778x583 NewPathMenu.png)
(161.99 KB 776x584 NewStatusMenu.png)
Update after who knows how long. Bravissima's gimmick has finally been implemented. Bravissima's gimmick is Hunger. At the start of each of Bravi's turns, her hunger rating doubles. At the end of her turns, she is damaged by her current hunger rating. If she drains a character via her basic attack, her hunger rating returns to 1. Additionally, her abilities will (in addition to costing MP) multiply her current hunger rating. New assets for the main menu, Status Menu, and Path Menu were added.
(819.18 KB 800x600 2020-10-22-0155-57.mp4)
(30.30 KB 525x525 ClipboardImage.png)
Things are kinda clicking together again again. Still haven't worked out an ideal tile format though. Code quality is fucking garbage
>>131690 Looking great. Hopefully we can have a stream sometime and show all this stuff off.
(798.30 KB 852x480 gnu-waifu existential dread.mp4)
Is there an easier way to do the joint constraints in Blender and export them correctly, rather than trying to edit the bones in Godot blindly?
>>93137 Then you'll be a soulless husk with a bunch of money who either wants to kill themselves or has a bunch of people who'd rightly want you dead. You should be principled enough to not be Soros' protege, but not so much of a bleeding heart that you're useless.
>>134039 >>93169 The idea is that if you really really want something done, you really shouldn't let your principles take over in getting results. Compromise is necessary. Just a question for all the John Lennons in these threads who apparently hate money and are only working on their games out of the goodness of their hearts: What do you do for a living? How are you putting bread on the table while also being able to work on gamedev? Not a rhetorical question, I'm genuinely curious because I'm trying to find a good compromise myself.
>>134504 I'm on NEETbux and autismbux. Normalfags get forced at gunpoint to pay for my deving.
(1.09 MB 2048x1202 output.webm)
After two weeks instead of one >Pineeres's attack is finally working >Yeerk is dying I've had to implement additional animation system that is unrelated to movement for that. Pretty happy with result. Core mechanics are almost done. Hope to finish them next week.
>>134504 I work at Walmart PT and keep my costs low (under $1000/mo CAD including rent) so I can save as much as possible. I have a few investments on my savings as well (silver, collectibles, cash, mutual fund, self directed stock investing, etc). Other than that, I expect under $1000 in sales or donations if I ever do finish a game, so I mostly treat the programming as a fun thing
(86.57 KB 808x627 ClipboardImage.png)
Worked on some more tile/lightmap stuff. I feel like it's a little cumbersome to read/write tile data codewide (it uses an array treated as a 2D array, but has bounds checking for every operation), but it works and doesn't have any performance overhead so I'll just keep running with it, I guess. Also added the dynamic tile outlines (merges and outlines based on wall shapes), might have to add in the corners after all. Also certain outlines let you know that a tile on the opposite side is empty, so I need to do some kind of position-based culling, too.
(37.87 KB 535x285 ClipboardImage.png)
Got the LD results, it's pretty good but worse than last time.
>>137132 >humor and mood What if you made a horror game? Humor doesn't matter there. Granted its for a jam and needs to be immediately engaging but still. Effectively top 500 in everything is great. What was the theme?
(491.70 KB 1109x617 asar_fun.png)
>>137154 The was "Stuck in a loop". You are able to opt out of categories, we opted out of audio but should have opted out of humor as well since we're not really "ha ha funny". We've made a bunch of new maps and elements this week and will probably launch on steam before christmas, hopefully.
(38.74 KB 512x256 ClipboardImage.png)
Boy oh boy do I love animating water
(915.21 KB 800x600 2020-10-28-1903-06.mp4)
>>137464 >Realizing that tiles have 48 combinations and if I want nice water edges, I have to break it down into that scheme where you do 4 corners per tile, depending on how it merges, but then there's also 16 frames of animation with varying edges
(7.70 KB 256x256 ClipboardImage.png)
(39.10 KB 1008x223 ClipboardImage.png)
>>137505 Mask and animations reduced to 8x8 tiles
(5.88 KB 194x224 jc ragemode.jpg)
Oy goyims, does any of you have any gud pdf that teaches math for scrubs with almost no math background, apart from the 4 basics? My greatest strength is not calculation.
Anyone has the old agdg logo, the one with the swatsika?
(15.23 KB 308x306 toned_black.png)
(48.06 KB 924x918 toned_white@3x.png)
>>138201 thanks anon
>>137843 What are you having trouble with? Other than linear algebra, you don't need to fuss with a lot of higher math, generally.
>>138698 I'm trying to find a method to do a proper pitch calculation for the chassis/turret actor class, currently I'm using brutal doom method to change the pitch which doesn't have any proper pitch calculation at all and he just used frames which are in different angles to make the chassis pitch up and down which it doesn't work well on all sloped surface. inb4 brutal dood spaghetti code.
REMINDER THAT DEMO DAY IS ON NOVEMBER 11TH, WHICH IS JUST TWELVE (12) DAYS AWAY >October 31st: Halloween >November 2nd: Election Day >November 11rd: Demo Day >November 26th: Thanksgiving
I've struggled to figure out how to use this json lib over a year ago and still can't figure out how to use it: http://argo.sourceforge.net/ I try to parse a simple string as json with this format: > { int: { int: string, int: string } } which is more simple than what I'd want but just for the sake of testing it out, but I can't parse it in any way, just all errors for every method I try to call on it as a JsonNode object, I thought maybe I couldn't use ints as keys so I changed it to > { string: { string: string, string: string } } Doesn't matter, can't parse it, and I tried to follow the example code in the documentation to the best of my ability. I dread trying to handle the complexity I was planning which I think would be formatted like this: { (int) ID: { (int) Subtype: { (string) Name: (String), (path) Texture: (File), (ItemStack) ResourceDrop: (String), (int) DropQuantity: (Int), (ItemStack) SmeltResult: (String) }, (int) Subtype: { (string) Name: (String), (path) Texture: (File), (ItemStack) ResourceDrop: (String), (int) DropQuantity: (Int), (ItemStack) SmeltResult: (String) } } }
>>138732 Loads of different json validation sites online, and most will also generate the hello world equivalent. Try using one of those and using that as your input. I remember when using json before, the syntax was pretty strict
>>138732 Looks like you are messing around with types way more than you should if you're working with json. >(ItemStack) SmeltResult: (String) That for example, what is it supposed to mean?
>>138767 So it seems that you can't use ints as keys in json, I'd have to cast each id to a string first but that still leaves me clueless as to why the json lib doesn't parse this: >> { string: { string: string, string: string } } >>138792 The itemstack one isn't necessary because it's just a string and an int that I can split up, same with path, which would really just be a string used for the file location, it's not the json I was testing mind you.
>>138845 Are you serializing or deserializing? Can you post the actual json/object you're trying to work with?
(381.27 KB 1288x747 2020-10-31_033223.png)
I put together a Halloween event over the last couple of days. Some neat costumes and objects for players. Most of the work was the art—the graveyard terrain and pumpkin farms. Tuned for ~lvl 10 players. Hopefully it'll bring people back for another hour or two of playtime.
>>138935 Glad to see you're still working on this. Quick question, how are you drawing your tiles? I assume each has an index into a spritesheet/tilemap. I see a lot of terrain transitions and shaped pieces too. I only ask because right now I'm using strings and its somewhat miserable
(1.41 MB 1920x1080 30-10-20-1604081772_scrot.png)
(1.35 MB 1920x1080 30-10-20-1604084226_scrot.png)
(1.47 MB 1920x1080 30-10-20-1604085422_scrot.png)
>>138706 I have no idea if I need inverse tangent or inverse sine to calculate the required pitch, the only height variable I can access is the invisible Z actor "points" I can spawn at the front and at the rear and the player height itself, I don't know enough of ZScript how to calculate the sloped floor angle so I need to use a different method. When I use inverse tangent it sort of works except that the pitch rotation is jittering a lot and when I rotate the chassis the pitch angles are to the extreme when its not aligned to the slope direction. The jittering might be fixable if I spawn 2-4 more Z height actors that I change its thing ID in order to retrieve its Z (height) value. The current code looks like this: https://pastebin.com/GKpJY7XS
(7.68 KB 400x400 ClipboardImage.png)
>>139122 >Z actor points I can spawn at the front and the rear So doesn't that give you something like pic related? You can easily turn those two points into a right-angled triangle, and figure out the angle that way, and use it as a factor in the pitch calculation, no?
(43.20 KB 681x525 kot in bed.jpeg)
>>139140 Under ideal circumstance yes, but obviously I made some calculation mistake and its not working right. I would have to put the vertex "A" and vertex "B" height value into a variable and subtract/add the height value from the player and then apply a inverse tangent (atan = (A / B);) ; (atan = (1 / B)), well I tried doing that and it doesn't work either.
>>139167 If you have the direction vector of your tank, you can calculate the slope of your angle. The direction of gravity is your hypotenuse, and the vector of your movement is one of your sides. Now you have one angle - add your angle and 90 degrees, subtract that from 180. That will be the angle of your slope, since the angle of gravity compared to your tanks normal (the angle we just calculated), will be equal to the angle of the slope. Hopefully you can then use that to pitch your tank.
(32.75 KB 802x544 ClipboardImage.png)
Replaced Castle of the Wind's character sprite with my own and named him Bjorn.
>>139227 oc donut steel.
(650.00 B 32x32 shallowWater01.png)
(653.00 B 32x32 shallowWater00.png)
(636.00 B 32x32 rocky.png)
(181.59 KB 1288x752 2015-06-29_032923.png)
>>139005 Generally tiles, but for this particular area I took two different tiles, made a large area of each, then blended them together with a marble pattern. So it's basically a large picture that's being drawn on top of the real terrain. For the tiles themselves, I have: 1. Character codes -> terrain info <terrain index="c" id="rocky" color="B09AB0" /> <terrain index="V" id="shallowWater" color="3478D8" frames="32" frameTime="200"> <tag name="waterSource" /> </terrain> 2. Tile images (pics related) 3. The map itself, using the characters; for example: <size x="2" y="2" /> <row y="0" terrain = "GG" /> <row y="1" terrain = "GG" /> The odd rows are offset horizontally by half, making a hex pattern (pic 4 shows tiles without blending). To blend, I divide each tile ino quarters, then create that tiny square by drawing the terrain image of each of its neighbours, with an additive blend mode.
(1.21 MB 800x600 2020-10-30-0350-30.mp4)
(1.97 MB 800x600 2020-10-30-1849-25.mp4)
Alright last progresspost for today >>139294 You say that, but I am excited by the prospect of stacking only strength, getting completely naked and smashing down castle doors and punching goblins to death. >>139306 Thanks, I'll keep that in mind when I get that far
(1.10 MB 1920x1080 30-10-20-1604097148_scrot.png)
(1.05 MB 1920x1080 30-10-20-1604098537_scrot.png)
(1.08 MB 1920x1080 30-10-20-1604098558_scrot.png)
>>139211 (checked) By default the height is 0 (assuming the sector height is 0) and the pitch is 0, so if I get your calculation right it means I would have it do it like this: user_B = CallACS("MT_ReturnHeight", 88000) - CallACS("MT_ReturnHeight", 14880); = {height of vertex "B"} - {height of player}: --- user_B = 180 - (user_B + 90) Result = 90 degrees Which if I would A_Warp() it then the chassis is facing upwards. The bare minimum of calculation is that I need to subtract the player height from the vertex "B" height else it will give me total different and false numbers. However you did gave me some other idea how I could try and I think I am closer to my goal now, the next problem is I need a method to stabilize how fast the number changes because right now it has this nasty jittering effect when the chassis is moving upwards or downwards. So I think I need to calculate the chassis angle into it somehow and calculating all 4 vectors instead of 2, I also have this bug where B0 height gets returned but B1 actor doesn't get returned when I use the same thing ID, might be fixable when I change the tid instead and then using a median/average value of the 4 actors. The current calculation is this: user_B = Actor B0 height - Player Height; user_trigpitch = MFunc_TrigPitch(1, user_B) - 45; (= atan(1 / user_B) - 45) A_Warp(..., user_trigpitch, ...);
(10.29 KB 651x395 crappything.png)
>>139337 I don't exactly understand what "height" means in Zscript or whatever your using is. I'm glad that you were able to find a solution regardless, though. What I was saying was to take the normalized vector of your movement (so if you were going at a 45 degree diagonal, it would be like (.5,.5,0) or something like that). You would then take the inverse sine of your vector over (0,-1,0) (gravity direction), which is the angle of your gravity compared to your normal, which is then equal to the slope that your traversing. I've included a shitty diagram for your amusement and belittlement. I don't particularly know how you would translate that into the pitch for your tonk, but you said you couldn't find the angle of slope you were traversing, so I thought I might help. Translating that from 2d to 3d should be as simple as averaging x and z, though I am a brainlet so don't take my word on that. In any case, anybody should be able to take the general theory and come up with something good, so I hope my impromptu and awful trig/physics lesson helps.
>>139569 just realized you don't need to divide by -1, just take the inverse sine of the square root of x squared + y squared from your normalized movement vector and you have your angle. So that just shows how dumb I am.
(1.35 MB 1920x1080 31-10-20-1604142533_scrot.png)
(1.22 MB 1920x1080 31-10-20-1604159045_scrot.png)
>>139569 Height has 2 meanings in any doom based sourceport, one is a sector/vertex height and one for the actor. For actor the height can be of any value same for the sector however it is its own value since the map format is 2.5D not pure 3D (which John Romero claims) the physics are if it can be called as such is different from a 3D engine. So for the sector things are different there is a floor and ceiling height value represented by the Z (height) value. Actually this page describe it in more detail how sectors work: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Sector >What I was saying was to take the normalized vector of your movement (so if you were going at a 45 degree diagonal, it would be like (.5,.5,0) or something like that). You would then take the inverse sine of your vector over (0,-1,0) (gravity direction), which is the angle of your gravity compared to your normal, which is then equal to the slope that your traversing. I just managed to print the values of the 3 vectors of the player class and well sector heights and sloped surfaces does not have any impact on the player vector directions, So if I square root all the values then I get values like I think 8-9 and it stays the same no matter where I move, the only times it will change is when the sector has a different "terrain" applied that is marked as ice surface or contains a speed modifier. Height difference does not increase the player velocity Z, on the 2 screenshots 4 values are printed at the top which is (Vector X Y Z, Normalized Vector). Also there is a edge cases where when the player moves over the edge of a sloped surface the height difference is much higher too, I cannot pinpoint it exactly but I need to figure that one too as it screws up my pitch calculation, fucking hell what a fucking mess this whole damn sloped surface implementation is. I just checked the wiki again and it seems there is a call that lets me retrieve the floor height which is: <floorz — returns Z height of the floor underneath the calling actor as an absolute double value (portal- and 3D-floor-aware) I totally forget about this one, I think I need to restructure my calculation and see if I can get better result this time. There was also a goy working on "the hunter" mod clone for GZDoom and he managed to write a proper tank angle/pitch behavior on terrain yet he didn't released his mod at all so I cannot see how he it did in on his own way, I also tried searching if other goys made a "proper" vehicle/tank physic for GZDoom and so far there is none which sucks, also on promo screenshots for "Blades of Agony" they featured a M4 Sherman tonk which seems also have a proper pitch calculation yet that version hasn't been released yet. https://invidiou.site/watch?v=B_j9Qeb5nbg (Hunter TC, GZDoom) I'm not going to give up just yet, because I still want to figure out this shit because its about damn time that after 7 years of mod development there is finally a pitch calculation for the tank.
(313.07 KB 960x642 output.webm)
Yeekr's weekly >Implemented reaction on dead bodies >It's now possible to eat pioneeres Art guy was busy so visuals aren there yet. Shouldn't be a problem though. Main mechanics are ready. It makes me happy. I plan on making 1st level by the demo day.
>>139782 I'm not quite certain I get how the movement vector could stay the same if you're moving up or down. It's direction of your movement - if you're going up, down, back, forwards, sideways it should all have different values. But, I have absolutely no idea how doom does anything, so what do I know.
Aha! After some more search there is a SJWHub repository for Blades of Agony which contains the new tank code which is here: https://github.com/Realm667/WolfenDoom/blob/master/scripts/actors/enemies/tanks.txt now I just need to figure out how any of all that damn thing works because it looks really complicated than I can handle as I'm just a plebeian programmer. This might be finally the final solution to the damn pitch question. Obviously the main difference is that I'm using A_Warp to handle the chassis while their solution is well completely different, so I need to pick apart of the relevant code/calculation but it's hard finding what is needed and what not because it has shit like: double maxdrop = mo.master ? mo.master.MaxDropoffHeight : mo.MaxDropoffHeight; which I'm not sure what it does apart that it defines a double (float) variable and does some funky stuff. The mo.master ? part makes no sense to me. It is indeed going to be challenging to "de-encrypt" it. >>139893 tbh I don't know either how movement exactly works in GZDoom, it seems any actor gets automatically pushed up or down depending on the sector floor height assuming the actor is not flying or affected by gravity when it gets pushed too hard, so that might be the why the normalized vector stays the same when the player actor moves towards a sloped or staircase surface.
>>140205 The ? : operators work like this: int var = a ? b : c; If condition "a" is true, var is set to b, otherwise it is set to c. This is equivalent to: int var; if(a) { var = b; } else { var = c; } In the code snippet you posted, the condition is "mo.master" is true. Since "mo.master" is an object, it becomes a shorthand check to see if it points to a valid object. So you can rewrite it as double maxdrop = (mo.master != NULL) ? mo.master.MaxDropoffHeight : mo.MaxDropoffHeight;In other words, it checks if Actor "mo" has .master set to an actual object, and if so, it uses the MaxDropoffHeight from .master. Otherwise it uses its own maxDropoffHeight.
(107.59 KB 500x456 it's all tiresome.png)
>>140215 Thanks for the explanation, so those 2 operators are similar to a boolean/switch case statement then. Welp fuck it I guess I'm going to take the code 1:1 then as my attempts at cherry picking certain lines failed badly, hopefully doing adjustments so that it works with A_Warp() will do it. I spend enough time trying to roll my own solution and adjusting brutal doom tank code which also failed badly. It is going to be a bit ironic considering that BoA is a mod about blasting Wehrmacht soldiers and my mod is the opposite.
Instead of writing any code I masturbate.
So if each of my tiles has a bool for whether its solid or not, I can use that for pathfinding no problem. But what would I do if there was a passwall monster that couldn't cross water, or wanted to make it so that one actor could maybe walk through dirt tiles based on a spell effect? It would seem that each actor would need to maintain its own solid map for walls and such, or else calculate it every time its their turn to move. Another issue is stuff like actors or props having a solid flag - perhaps a large column or closed door sets solid as well. It needs some way to overwrite the tile's value but without actually changing it.
>>140472 >But what would I do if there was a passwall monster that couldn't cross water, or wanted to make it so that one actor could maybe walk through dirt tiles based on a spell effect? Give them an array of tags based on an enum. In your pathfinding, check if a certain tag if present to see if the tile you're examining is passable. Alternatively, do a state machine with a different pathfinding for each tag/tag combo, but that can quickly get out of hand. Saves on computation though.
>>140584 >>140472 Not a huge fan of enums, because they're hardcoded types (eg I'll use them for direction values or flags, rather than effects). That said, that gave me the idea to just use a collection of delegates/method pointers to funcs that return a bool(x,y), so I can just attach whatever queries to an actor, so that when it moves it checks each one against that target position. That would solve the different movement types, and if I change the order (or assign a priority to each) then it lets them override eachother easily. That seems to work, it'll give me something to work towards during code tidy up
I was thinking of making a simple third person or first person shooter with some platforming. If I choose to implement it, the most advanced thing I'll have would be walljumping. Going to probably do it in Unity because that's what I'm most familiar with. This brings me to my question, which I think is simple. What do you anons think about using a state machine for the movement, i.e: separate states for moving around normally, being in mid air, sliding on a wall, etc.? I ask because the last time I tried to make a platformer, I couldn't get walljumping to work, because long story short, I think the regular movement code was overriding the walljumping code.
>>140599 I'm pretty sure that even a game like Super Metroid makes heavy use of player states, for both movement, momentum tables, and graphics
>Had to implement a min/max heap because C# doesn't have one in the base library >Need it for vision, pathfinding, A* shit, god knows what else At least it works with any arbitrary data https://pastebin.com/raw/vkLvSj8v
(788.41 KB 800x600 2020-11-02-2239-55.mp4)
Stripped out my lighting/vision code, and cleaned up my tile drawing stuff, as well as simplified the actual tile data. Still not quite where I want it. Also worked on the first pass of a Dijkstra map system that works against generic types. In this case, I define each coordinate that contains a wall as a goal point and it determines how many cardinal steps away from the wall it is. This can be used for pathfinding, such that a monster stays near or avoids walls, and will really pay off later when I get much further.
(2.07 MB 800x600 2020-11-03-1434-24.mp4)
>>141455 Still hardcoding a lot of spaghetti, but this is now probably the most interactive thing I've made Polite sage for quad posting
(13.17 MB 1920x996 leejy5.mp4)
Your demo is ready, right anon? vid unrelated
>>140785 Hey, thanks anon. Now the only thing I have left to think about is how to handle gravity. Is it better for the state machine or the states themselves to apply/manage it? >>141455 >>141847 Lookin' good, anon.
>>142788 (heiled) At this rate I will be only able to upload the older version of my mod as I haven't figured out the stupid blades of agony tank code yet, as it has some nasty bug when the player is close to a pit the chassis model goes bonkers and I don't know why.
>wanted to make a retail/shopping sim for some time >realize my crude RL engine might be good enough to do so now >hopping projects is a bad thing though Fugg
YES YOU STUPID FAGGOT I SPENT OVER 2 MONTHS PROCRASTINATING ON A SHITTY "PATROLLING" AI I had all the pieces I needed for it, but every time I opened up Visual Studio, I'd fuck off on the internet for 12 hours then close it up and say, "Ho, guess I do it tomorrow instead" This took me like an hour to do total. For TWO FUCKING MONTHS I procrastinated on this. Please enjoy. :)
>>145067 >open /v/, Twitter, and a few other sites and boards to check for dank memes, porn, and shitposts >0 updates >close the browser and immediately open those tabs again >repeat for 4 hours >well thats a productive day
You guys ready for demo day?
>>145105 >Nov 11 If I can work for 7 hours straight every day and make something that's not in any way shape or form resemble my planned final product, then maybe.
(65.42 KB 500x500 yesterday.jpg)
>>145105 The dungeon won't be done in time, but I can keep the Halloween event going for another week to pad out the content. Some fresh blood would be nice.
(60.04 KB 1505x512 ClipboardImage.png)
This is more of an observation than progress, but I thought it was interesting enough to share. Diablo 2 has pretty much all of its data stored in plaintext files that can be easily edited with any spreadsheet program. What I thought was interesting was how the stuff was structured. For example, there's a "properties.txt" that contains a friendly name like fire-min or hp%. Each property can have up to 7 internal stat variables associated with it. These properties are referenced by other text files, like "magicsuffixes.txt" to build effects. A magic item in Diablo 2 can have up to one prefix and one suffix (which each contain 1-3 properties) and a rare item can have up to 3 or 4 prefixes or suffixes attached to it. Pretty cool since it spawns an item with whatever prefix and rolls the min/max values for it and it just does the rest of the work magically. In terms of dev usefulness, you could extend this to pretty much anything. Attach a blob of stats to an effect object, and you can make a buff/debuff alter anything, or perhaps do a Morrowind-style spell system, and just throw mods onto it in a similar way. Lots of potential when I get that far
(1.01 MB 800x600 2020-11-06-0117-36.mp4)
(1.52 MB 800x600 2020-11-08-2029-49.mp4)
(1.42 MB 800x600 2020-11-09-1614-16.mp4)
Bumping with some more progress. If I participate in demo day, it won't be with much more than this. >1: More refined controls / placement >2: Variations on placeable tiles >3: Loading monster stats from a text file, saving them to a template, and then spawning monsters from that template
>>148164 You're further along than me with my roguelike bud, keep it up. Mine's not even halfway playable yet, I don't even have enemies.
(113.09 KB 700x489 osborne.jpg)
Well, since the 08/08 Demo Day went kind of under radar, I still have money in my Demo Day fund: https://www.blockchain.com/btc/address/37ryGA75rV94CijxMFQgZD2a9YnBF47on6 So everybody is welcome to include a Bitcoin address with their submission and if your demo is functional, fun and made some progress since the last time, you will get $10 in Bitcoins.
>>109415 >>109431 >>109434 The "canonical" style in C is to add parentheses to assignment expressions. if (a == b); if ((a = b)); if ((a = b) == c); Clang and gcc have a warning for this, -Wparentheses.
(2.85 MB 1280x720 2020-11-11-0107-38.mp4)
Well, I made a list of about 6-8 small tweaks to get done tonight for demo day, but I spent 3 hours getting one of them half done, so I don't think I'll have anything too presentable. I'll still post what I have when I'm done being a wagecuck tomorrow night. Anyway, tonight's progress is better logging and inspecting actors... I tidied up a bunch of input handling under the hood as well It feels awful, but when I submit a message, I do Log(string, color, params object[]), and basically do a String.Format, and write the string to a list, and the color to a separate list. Feels hacky, but I can clean it up tomorrow. The way the combat is written, I have a bunch of Log() calls across every function, which feels bad. I think what I need to do is make an AttackResult object or something similar, which contains the source, target, attack roll, relevant stats, resistances, etc and just log that. >>148737 Is there a site/software for btc wallets/exchanges that you would recommend? I don't really need the $10, but it's not a platform I have much experience with >>148483 Thanks, I appreciate your encouragement. Having something this level of interactive is still quite new to me as well, since I burn out well before reaching this point usually.
DEMO DAY IS HERE POST YOUR GAMES >>149845 >>149845 >>149845 >>149845 >>149845 >>149845 >>149845
>>149847 there's also a DD thread on other boards https://zzzchan.xyz/v/thread/18328.html
>>149623 >Is there a site/software for btc wallets/exchanges that you would recommend? I use Bitcoint Core, but that requires 350+ GB for storing complete blockchain. For normal user, I recommend Electrum - that uses other full nodes for information about transaction an only stores your addresses. Using web wallets is dangerous, because you don't have full control of your money and I strongly advice against it.
(1.62 MB 1280x720 2020-11-12-0401-21.mp4)
Formalized my camera a bit more. Added large levels and scrolling, redid my tiles again again (in the style of int[], bool[], bool[] etc since it's easy to just iterate and paste a value over the whole array and swap datasets around), and adjusted my LOS code to have both visibility and explored flags. The last part for explored was actually pretty easy - each update, you normally clear the array and then calculate what is visible, but instead you just don't clear it. This is analogous to drawing every frame, but not clearing the screen.
Got called out for not posting in the AGDG threads, so I'm back to doing that. Language wars are gay, progress bashing is gay (different from criticism), excessive shitposting is gay. > ANUBITEK Squad control has been updated and is much better, UI has been updated but still experimental, Tactics control has been updated and squad members/NPCS can take turns. Work on NPC AI today. https://youtu.be/NuRU4qo4tjE >PLUTONIA: BLEEDING EDGE Map01-Map06 has been modified, it is designed with my fork of Brutal Doom Sperglord Edition in mind but also works with vanilla (pistol start past Map02 not tested yet). Trying to make new videos but I forgot how much I suck at vanilla Doom, I've been spoiled by fun to use and OP weapons. https://youtu.be/-ppCxS7QULs
What are some open source games that I can look at for a good example of how to implement AI? I'm trying to implement AI in my game using State Machines and I'm really starting to see the limitations already but I don't know if making a behavior tree system and rewriting everything is worth it. It feels like the NPC system is becoming a huge spaghetti mess with my base Enemy class having a shit ton of empty virtual functions and whatnot. Bonus points if it's a Unity game's source code.
(134.64 KB 1280x1024 Leopard 1.jpg)
(248.69 KB 1280x800 Leopard 1.jpeg)
Welp I almost finally finished the damn Leopard 1 model which I started working on saturday, the damn gun mantlet gave me some trouble to get it right as it was for me hard to tell how the hell it needs to be shaped, the turret was quite bitchy to get it right as well. Now I just need to find ways so that it looks like it has thick armour and applying crappy textures to it. It does worry me that it has 5,5k~ triangles now compared to my Tiger 1 model which has 3,9k triangles.
Does anyone have articles or books on emergent gameplay gamedesign or world/people simulation? It's not really covered in standard books, and it's hard to just figure out because everything is so connected, so balancing is a nightmare. >>151321 Have a look at the book "AI for Games". Haven't got a pdf to give you unfortunately, but I'm sure you can find one. It's a book that explains which AI to use for what and how to implement it well.
(139.11 KB 1494x552 anons-topology-advice.png)
Anyone have some useful screenshots they've collected of yesdevs giving advice, whether technical or non-technical? I'm thinking of adding a section on the agdg wiki with misc. screenshots of random but useful advice. I used to have a complementary image to this where he gave examples of alternatives to n-gons and tris.
>C# yet again does not have a quadtree implemention out of the box >Something I've puzzled with for ages >Implement the splitting and querying basically with no problem today It's actually pretty satisfying seeing a List<T> getting bullied into 4 chunks and resorted on the spot
>>153112 >>C# yet again does not have a quadtree implemention out of the box Why would a language include a spatial data structure?
>>153319 Why would it have linked lists, queues, or stacks?
>>153357 Because all of those are basic data structures used in wide variety of software, unlike spatial data structures.
>>153112 I would recommend turning to nuget in this scenario. It has a lot of high quality libraries, including all the optional extra stuff Microsoft wrote but didn't ship as part of the language baseline, most with fairly permissive licenses. You should definitely be able to find nuget packages with data structures that have such constructs. There will be several very mature options out there because it's such a conventional use case. Check the license before using and make sure you adhere to license terms if you're going to sell what you make. Microsoft promises you a clear functionality baseline and has good doc and support for it; so can we really complain? They have to draw the line somewhere, and it's not like such a construct would support anything else they offer as part of .NET.
>>153382 >language baseline In retrospect, poor terminology. I would instead use framework baseline. Sage.
>>153382 >Just use NuGet Thats not an option for me >Using Win7, stripped down all telemetry and KBs etc so its pretty decent as a modern box >Even before doing this, SP1 refused to be installed for some reason >This enables some big compatibility thing that 8.1 rolled out that many programs need/use >Using VS 2010 C# Express Edition >Doesn't have NuGet integrated into it and limited to C#4.5 at best because its fucking hardcoded to the VS version >Cant update VS because it needs SP1 which means no NuGet or any modern C# features I could use a different IDE but I have a comfortable workflow as it is and any environment tinkering is mad frustrating for me.
>>153464 Well, I hate your workflow, but it's your life. I think we've talked about this stuff before. I guess you can always use the nuget website for discovery and then get source or binaries from there or GitHub and reference them via DLL. But I guess it sounds like you already wrote your data structure so I guess you're set.
Fellow nodevs, how can a goy without shekels go about acquiring good, pirated game assets? I know there are some free asset websites out there but the stuff available seems very limited. Since I dont intend to sell my games any time soon I was wondering if someone buys the good stuff and dumps them somewhere, kinda like a piratebay for game art.
>>153583 There's links for free assets on the Graphics and Audio sections of the wiki. The "The [X] Resourse" websites are cool though you will have to decompile games that aren't on there yourself. For example there's UE Viewer for games on the Unreal Engine.
>>153583 >>153729 If you're in total "don't give a flying fuck" mode, you can also rip HL2 assets via GCFscape. Some of its props and textures hold up pretty well for indie games.
(54.39 KB 1288x747 ClipboardImage.png)
Quadtree is effectively implemented, though I need to spend a day doing a good code audit/tidy up. I realized this is a bit of a game changer, because now it lets me query entire regions and object types (find all props in this spell's radius), etc
(16.16 KB 342x304 ClipboardImage.png)
>>153995 I've had a chance to play with my quadtree a bit, but it seems that the way I implemented my Add() and Split() logic is a bit laggy when I hit a 128x128 full region. For example, depending on how big the minimum region and bucket size is, it could be calling Add() over 121,000 times, for just 16,384 objects. By bigger concern is when I use foreach to build a list of objects in the tree, which I actually profiled. After switching to a stack-based method to poll child nodes, it took about 190k ticks to traverse at my testing scale. My own maxheap took 108k, and dictionaries, hashsets, lists, and arrays took 103k, 64k, 58k, and 48k ticks respectively, so I feel like I can improve the times by a factor of 2-4 times. Does Sigmadev still post here? His project is open source, isn't it? I'd like to see how he approached certain things, because I'm certain he implemented one, too. My own code is here if anyone wants to take 5 minutes to look or laugh at it https://hastebin.com/etegiricag.csharp
>>154659 Made a few optimizations already. Times are in ticks: >550925 - baseline >533329 - change from rectf to recti (ints) >522639 - remove min size checks, stops splitting at size = 1 >501142 - changed subdivision happens >400000 - removed redundant bounds checking
(2.29 MB 358x318 hoe_not_terrible_anymore.webm)
Finally got out of the bug fix hell (plenty of issues with my grass). Finished fixing up the hoe to make it not terrible. Yellow is where it is queued to hit, green is the next target. You can press once and it will commit to the tiling (cancel with esc or unequipping the hoe). In the future I will implement (maybe as a tool upgrade) holding shift and it will just keep tiling in the same direction.
(1.72 MB 459x242 attack-animation.gif)
I finally added something resembling combat animation (though it's closer to the fake animation in Pokemon battles). Hopefully it makes combat a bit more interesting and easier to follow. Actual animation, if it ever happens, will be tough because I'd need to animate all the different pieces of gear that show up on players.
>>155006 make it go down/up on crits before coming back
(1.46 MB 1600x900 ClipboardImage.png)
I want to make a game that feels like Space Harrier with dialogue and branching paths, how hard would that be if I have literally no experience with game development?
>>155139 You would need to code a tool to create levels, some sort of timeline of when and where enemies appear. Besides that I believe everything else is simple scripting.
>>154953 What you and your brother think about the Sakuna game?
>>155368 Brave Fencer Sakuna is a wonderful rice autism simulator, I love the aesthetics and atmosphere, my brother didn't play at all. He lieks cute loli though I am still falling into the rice rabbit hole, like what the fuck does root fertilizer even do. Shame I also fell down into the trash isekai diving again and won't be playing until I finish reading all officially translated Lazy Dungeon Master releases. Back in topic, we might later add plagues and diseases when we add alchemy, so you can companion plant garlic to fuck insects in all adjacent tiles or similar. It is something that was half already planned and half inspired on how the rice pests/diseases work.
>>154742 >302000 - inlined for statement >188474 - inlined bounds check >179487 - converted to midpoint/no rects > 71782 - changed where split check occurs That's for adding 16384 values to my QT (128x128, size 4), repeated 10 times. Most of the gains appeared from converting node iteration (for 0..4) into nested if/elses, bounds checks inlined, and being smarter about where splitting nodes is checked. I'm pretty happy with it now, it's about 8 times faster than it was a few days ago
>>153995 Today's progress is making a shitty wrapper around Dictionary<T, float> so I can add variables to my game entities at runtime. In theory this should make it easier to mod, because content can define what vars to check for eg (SomeEntity.Vars["is-door"] > 0). A little more cumbersome than hardcoding, but a bunch of it should be handled automatically
(5.65 KB 266x268 ClipboardImage.png)
There was an article that explained how to do weighted RNG by using a fair dice and an unfair coin, but I cannot find the article anymore (I want to cite it in my implementation). It was on a personal or edu site, looked like web 1.0/2.0 and had diagrams that looked like pic related. Basically you take a number of weights, normalize it, then pack it into bin. When you need a value you pick a bin at random, and then either return the value or a secondary value
(285.68 KB 1920x1080 webm.webm)
Does anyone have experience with object trails? I tried using the default line material and I got jaggy trails, when used the soft particle I get weird snake trails. The other materials just render a dark trail. I think I need a circle material but I couldn't find it.
Guys, the russian hooked cross pixel artist is back! >>>/pol/4885 He already made all his assets.
is being a gamedev the same as being a cuckold? you are putting time and effort into a partner that will just be used by other players.
(12.03 MB 3840x2160 screenshot_full_2.png)
>>158124 A ton of people become gamedevs to play games they don't see on the market, so it's a self-serving hobby too. >>158123 Cool. I don't know if anyone will take up his offer, but time will tell.
>>145067 >>151321 Here is a course on Unity Learn about AI and State Machines, with examples. >"Artificial Intelligence for Beginners" https://learn.unity.com/course/artificial-intelligence-for-beginners >"Pluggable AI With Scriptable Objects" https://learn.unity.com/tutorial/pluggable-ai-with-scriptable-objects
(1.43 MB 584x544 seed crop.webm)
The tooltips for crops that are also seeds was too fuckyuge, now there is a button to switch between ingredient information and seed information. Finally I've reached the polishing phase for the next demo, so I will be back to posting constant progress for the next month or so, rather than just doing invisible bug fixes.
do pounds have a "kg" equivalent? once my item stack weighs 1000g I can change it to 1.00 kg, then at 1000kg to 1.00 tg, etc when using lb... it is lb all the day? there is no 'kilolb'?
>>159393 I guess you could always convert it manually once with a method or something. You're using unity right? I've never heard of anything like that.
>>159510 I made this huge trash due to not knowing exactly how ToString works and if it could do this automagically public static string UnitConversion(int value) { if (Save.Options.UnitUsed == OptionsClass.Unit.Metric) { if(value > 1000) { if (value > 10000) { if (value > 100000) { if (value > 1000000) { if (value > 10000000) { if (value > 100000000) { return (value / 1000000f).ToString("0 t"); } return (value / 1000000f).ToString("0.0 t"); } return (value / 1000000f).ToString("0.00 t"); } return (value / 1000f).ToString("0 kg"); } return (value / 1000f).ToString("0.0 kg"); } return (value / 1000f).ToString("0.00 kg"); } return (int)(value) + " g"; } else { return (value / 454f).ToString("0.00 lb"); } } But I have no idea what to do with 'lb', there seem to be no such thing as a 'kilo lb'
>>159393 There's stone(st), which is 14 pounds, hundredweight (cwt), which is eight stone, and a ton (t), which is 20 cwt (which is thankfully standardized, because this used to be a different number depending on what you were measuring in centuries past)
>>159539 Who the fuck came up with these? I think I will default to kg if the number exceed 999 lb Nobody will fucking know how to read this trash.
>>159517 I reworked your code because holy shit anon public static class UnitConverter { public static string Convert(Unit unit, int value){ if (unit == Unit.Metric){ return ConvertMetric(value); } else { return "NIGGERNIGGERNIGGERNIGGERNIGGERNIGGERNIGGERNIGGERNIGGERNIGGER"; } } private static string ConvertMetric(int value) { int length = (int)Math.Log10(value) + 1; string format = string.Empty; string appendix = string.Empty; float newVal = 0.0f; if (length < 4) { appendix = "g"; newVal = value; format = GetWeightFormat(length); } else if (length < 7) { appendix = "kg"; newVal = value / 1000.0f; format = GetWeightFormat(length); } else { appendix = "t"; newVal = value / 1000000.0f; format = GetWeightFormat(length); } return $"{newVal.ToString(format)} {appendix}"; } private static string GetWeightFormat(int length) { switch (length) { case 4: case 7: return "0.00"; case 5: case 8: return "0.0"; default: return "0"; } } }
>>159614 But it's literally the same, except bigger. You still need a if/else for each log value and a if/else for 0.00/0.0/0 The only difference the last one is a switch rather than if/else
>>159619 But it's actually readable unlike your if-statement nightmare. For big numbers you also check it up to 6 times for no reason.
>>159614 >not raising an exception instead of returning a silly value
(5.81 KB 200x200 1356222174497.jpg)
>>159645 >>not raising an exception instead of returning a silly value
>>159645 returning nigger seems like a reasonable exception.
>>159646 Any kind of conversion or parser code should raise an exception instead of silently failing unless you can guarantee results (in which case why do you need a specialized class to convert something?). He should be using existing things like String.Format() to display values instead of reimplementing what is essentially the same thing.
(27.23 KB 236x236 1401917141564.png)
>>159649 I think you're an autistic retard because it's obvious that in that else statement he should put his code for imperial measurements but I'm not doing that fucking work for him. How is he supposed to use string.format to deduce what unit to use?
>>159614 >>159517 what the fuck just format the string with printf you nigger
>>159651 I havent looked at either person's code beyond the signature since I don't have a means to analyze it right now. OPs looked like a shitty clusterfuck and I was suggesting ways to make it more robust in general. Yes he'll need if statements and not just String.Format, but there are much better ways to do it than he has it
(37.93 KB 526x300 1367956339487.jpg)
>>159654 >I havent looked at either person's code beyond the signature >still criticizes AGDG in a nutshell.
>>159557 God, just make up a single arbitrary unit system already instead of trying to use pounds and stone (which are silly outdated garbage) or kg (which Americans can't understand). Just call them "units" or go with some other name, then use the kilo prefix that everyone who plays a video game can understand. Switching back and forth between pounds and kilograms is the absolute best way to piss everyone off. Making up your own system allows you to fudge weights less noticeably, too, which I guarantee you are going to want to do at some point. You want to help your players not notice the unimportant things you are fudging so they can focus on the important parts of your video game.
>>159792 >Make another measurement system >Nobody adopts it >It's yet another piece of baggage people need to write a converter for
>>159539 >>159557 This shit made sense centuries ago when it was mostly used to measure the weight of grains. It was basically a logarithmic scale, where you had tons of different units for small weights and a few for large ones. It's pretty horrible today which is why most industries (even ones in the US, including NASA et al) use metric.
>>159808 Don't be dense. I meant to use it specifically for the game so that a person doesn't have to field "but in reality that item would weigh only X grams" complaints. >>159852 Old units die out as their users die out, mostly, so long as laws, regulations, and industry practice doesn't cause them to cling on. It's a good example of how training youth to think a certain way can, with enough patience, eventually train an entire industry (or society for that matter) to think a different way. But if a regulation says "you will use X-equivalent units on all document Y you issue under penalty of whatever," then the meaning of X will hang around a long time after everyone else has started using the much more practical unit Z.
(184.39 KB 500x390 Upper class Epiphantsev.png)
I'm looking to make a mod/game that features monsters ripped off from different games since I am just a noob programmer, something lame tactical oriented as I would be interested how a modern military well a single soldier in this case would fare against monsters from different dimensions that are not hell/alien themed as well having the ability to drive armored vehicles with some features added in to make their weapons fun to use. Would using GZDoom be a good base for that? I have seen some few okayish looking monster pack for it, that one pokemon wad I have seen looks like a good base to expand upon it. However there is one minor gripe I have with GZDoom is if I would bother making vehicles for it then well it would be a bit a waste of time implementing these as there would be no means to make those vehicles usable on other doom wads as these maps are not suitable for vehicle warfare which sucks, custom weapons wise there would be no problem. So considering the limitation of the vehicles usage it seems like I would be better off using a game engine instead even though I don't mind using GZDoom first and making a second version on different engine, since I like playing doom tbh. So is there anything I need to consider when I take for example assets from one of those resource site?
(209.55 KB 500x500 shabat.gif)
>>161083 Would be cool to see something like Hideous Destructor with that concept. Doubt you'd pull it off, but give it a try.
>>161089 Trying to imitate Hideous Destructor is too strong for me and requires too much knowledge to make all those functions, I was more thinking along the lines of Brutal Doom tactical mode or that one Rainbow Six mod which are still tactical-ish but not too hardcore and more forgiving since I'm also seeking being able to kill off 500+ monsters at a map. Those types of mod are easier to work with which is what I had in mind. Though I'm not sure if I can also get some fairly basic RPG/Adventure feature stuff added to it as in something like in stalker where NPC's gibes task and there are different monster faction which you can either be neutral or hostile to these, depending on players action but small things first, such as maps and items which should be fairly easy to do as there is tons of mods to rip off from. I don't really care much about publicity since I just want to make shit for fun and share it with fellow anons.
Hey guys, long time no see. Haven't been here since right after 8kun's exodus. Looks like /v/ never recovered from the continued division, huh? Nodev that I am, I realize I'm little more than a spammer, but I wanted to come back to this little corner of optimism in an otherwise horrible reality.
>>161252 It recovered slightly. The board is split among primarily two sites, one board each. At the start, there was about five major sites with an active /v/ and maybe seven boards total. The trend has been to unify, although it's slowed down significantly. It's been a rough year since the site went down, but there's something comforting about /v/ being more or less the same. Even if smaller. Glad to have you back.
I am INCREDIBLY FUCKING MAD >finally get into a rhythm of using git to upload changes to bitbucket, using whatever@bitbucket.org through git >try to log into the bitbucket site <we're partnered with Atlassian now, all accounts are migrated! :) >try to log into whatever@bitbucket.org >username or password not recognized please create account >create an account using whatever@gmail <okay but now you have to pick a username! >oh, my old username was Whatever <sorry! that username already exists >of course it exists, it's the one i was fucking trying to """migrate""" >now have whatever@bitbucket.org via git that works >second account at whatever@gmail that has the same name and username as whatever@bitbucket.org, but is a completely new account with no anything >support has been useless I can't even log in and delete my repo if I wanted to
(55.13 KB 348x383 1401926502181.jpg)
>>163819 Bitbucket has been part of Atlassian for over 10 years anon, are you fucking retarded or something?
>>164041 That's actually helpful information, since I made the account some time in the last 2 or 3 years. I probably have a one off email I wrote down somewhere that is associated with (fuck maybe it was a cockli address that was probably it) that I forgot about. Thanks anon
>>164142 >>164041 >>163819 Yup, fixed it. Fuck I'm retarded
(17.32 KB 956x147 REEEEEEEE.png)
>>159231 Why can't I post on your blog from Tor? REEEEEEE
(139.80 KB 391x318 nice_digits.png)
(383.03 KB 787x449 ClipboardImage.png)
(9.92 KB 480x352 ClipboardImage.png)
For one of my side projects, I'm trying to work on a pathfinder for platforming games. Basically you'd feed it in solid/empty tiles and give it some simple physics data (jump height, etc) and it would figure out what sections are accessible or not accessible. I remember seeing a thing about how Spelunky classic did something like this, but that game is a little unique since you start at the top and work downwards, with no expectation of going back up. So for example, each stretch of ground has its own node, which runs the width of the ground and is placed in the bottom left of that platform. If the goal was to get from the bottom blue node to the top blue goal node, it would always take the first green node, then branch off to some other nodes, but eventually it would find the way to the top goal node. How it does that is what I'm having issues with. Like the player can jump 7 tiles in this case, so it would prune any of the blue line, except for the first 4 blocks, and then know that it could reach the next node. But because of different horizontal and vertical distances, different block configurations, etc, that strategy doesn't always work
>>164882 I decompiled your project, Shodanon. Why is every damn thing a Monobehavior? You know you can abstract some of your shit down to its own base classes which will remove some CPU overhead from calling needless functions on each component for each gameobject? Is this why the game runs so damn slow? Love you, plz don't hate me
>>165096 >Why is every damn thing a Monobehavior Unity Luckily Unity ECS works damn fine, shame 80% of it is still a broken under construction mess. You still can make a game by going hybrid though. I wish they could just fucking finish it already though.
>>165143 You don't need to make all behaviors a Monobehavior in Unity, unless its actions are coupled to the game engine's update loop, and even then it wouldn't hurt to call those things yourself for better flow control.
(163.21 KB 350x440 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.13 MB 1200x1140 ClipboardImage.png)
Which one should I read?
>>166644 The game programming one should be easier to get due to relevant examples, but they're both bound to be 'mostly' the same.
>>166644 Game Programming Pattern is available for free online at https://gameprogrammingpatterns.com/contents.html but it doesn't look that useful if you want to learn actual architectural patterns.
>>165096 >I decompiled your project, Shodanon. based. I respect the effort. >Why is every damn thing a Monobehavior? Unity, most of our stuff is happening in update functions. I regularly profile that shit to make sure it doesn't cause performance problems and it's not an issue from what I see. >Is this why the game runs so damn slow? I wish, man. I yearn for the beautiful time of my first project where everything could be improved by just optimizing code. The primary culprit for low performance now is the the rendering: volumetric lighting, use of realtime lights in order to he able to have them switchable and shootable and a very long shadow distance (which is 50 on the LOWEST setting- I'll go lower in the coming hotfix though). We'll make that potato friendly version soon enough, though. Love ya too.
>>166726 >The primary culprit for low performance now is the the rendering: volumetric lighting, use of realtime lights in order to he able to have them switchable and shootable and a very long shadow distance This would be a fuckload of work, but split your scene in many pieces, and have each piece have a baked version of each of the lights it can be affected for, so the distant pieces can use this baked version rather than real time shadows. Not sure if it's worth the effort, and depending on the light source positions, it's not really possible, but it's worth considering.
>>167351 >>167352 Too long, didn't read.
(346.14 KB 640x360 suspicion.mp4)
>>167351 >>167352 Please leave.
>>167355 >>167360 Reminder to not reply to schizoposters
(23.77 KB 277x281 1597336663984.jpg)
I'm mainly doing 2d stuff, but if I wanted to do something like a 3d platformer or an fps, would godot still be useful?
>>167486 There's that fox-thing platformer shown off in the website. Engine should be ready for basic gameplay in 3D.
>>167486 My understanding is that Godot supports 3D but is mostly built for 2D. I have a friend doing a project in it but he found that he needed to (re)implement a few things because they weren't to his satisfaction. With little to no experience on the matter I'm tempted to just say use Unity
I'm developing a 2D multiplayer browser game in C# with Aether2D for the physics engine (University final project, I'm responsible for basically the entire back-end). Multi-threading has been a nightmare because for some reason the engine itself isn't thread-safe. I had to come up with some ridiculous mutex based priority locking scheme so that the world was always guaranteed to step before anything else (user input, etc) was processed. However, I just got projectiles working, so that's something.
>>167985 I don't think you ought to complain about having to do work for your exit thesis. You're there to show that you know what you're doing, and correcting the objectively bad behavior of a public library is probably a good way of doing that.
>>167994 I mean on principle you're right but complaining is fun. I mostly was upset because multi threading well is like another project itself on top of writing the game server code which means that to meet the deadlines I have to put in like 2x the amount of work. Maybe I'll make a fork of the library just to make all the functions I use async (although now that I say that, it sounds like a lot of work).
>>168000 >>167985 Maybe you could toss out multi-threading entirely. Chances are that whatever you're delegating to other threads actually costs less to perform than the actual communication between threads.
>>168072 Probably the correct answer. If you need to do a ton of synchronization between threads you're probably either designing it wrong or applying multithreading to the wrong problem.
>>168072 I tried to do it in a synchronous way at first for the reason you mentioned, but it was very laggy (Basically I had a queue and every time a user did an action it would be added to the queue. Before every step of the physics engine it would first process all the actions in the queue). I can't say my implementation was right but I think in a multiplayer environment the best way to do things is usually with multiple threads.
>>168515 Having an input queue that gets serially processed is logical, even if your game's logic is parallel. If you process inputs in parallel, then a race condition might reorder the inputs. Any code to prevent this race condition would effectively serialize it. It being a multiplayer environment has nothing to do with the amount of threads. You throw more threads at something if it requires more work than one thread can handle, and the work can be parallelized efficiently.
>>168523 What you say makes sense. This time around I put user actions in a concurrent bag, and do a parallel for each loop which processes all of the actions in the bag before each step. I figured it doesn't really matter if the order of actions is guaranteed. Does that sound good?
(3.10 MB 1872x1044 itjustworks.webm)
Fucking hell. I really underestimated the complexity of video game AI. So much stuff to juggle, so many things you got to do to make sure that you're not having adverse effects on the flow of the gameplay. I'm thinking about implementing "slot-based" positions for multiple close-ranged AIs in the future, where there are 4 or 8 "slots" surrounding the player that can be occupied by an NPC and they'll circle around him. On the surface, not much has changed since my last update. Graphics still look like shit and will likely stay that way for a fair amount of time. I added an event queue system to my game which allows me to time certain functions and decouple them from other in-game stuff. At this stage of development, is it normal to feel like you're sloppily duct-taping shit together until the fruition of your labor looks more polished? I've had so many other projects under my belt where I'm making decent progress at the start but then holy shit I implement something that even remotely resembles something that would create a goal for the player and then all of a sudden it feels like I'm fucking my own shit up.
(98.12 KB 1288x747 ClipboardImage.png)
(135.51 KB 1288x747 ClipboardImage.png)
Started dicking around with lightsources and stuff again. Borrowing from how Source did things, each light has a constant/linear/quadratic falloff, so you set how fast the brightness diminishes. You can also specify one or more colors for the light to smoothly interpolate between as the distance increases. I'm working on this part now, so it looks kinda fucky. I realized that rather than holding a big grid-like array of visible points, or strictly relying on my level geometry, I can just make a List<v2i> for all the points a light can see, and then being a list, I can further prune and reduce it. It's going to be pretty cool when it's done, I hope
(143.54 KB 1288x747 ClipboardImage.png)
(86.82 KB 1288x747 ClipboardImage.png)
(74.67 KB 1288x747 ClipboardImage.png)
>>172959 So here's a full radius light source of r=32 (walls always drawn full brightness for illustration purposes). Then I can apply a "filter" by giving it a min/max slope to reduce the angle and turn it into a spotlight. Finally, I can apply a "filter" that uses Life logic to prune anything that is just kind of an ugly crumb. The best part is, even though I'm using this for lighting, the exact same thing works as vision logic. That means that if I prune off stupid areas, it works the same for players and monsters (and besides that, lighting is basically just LOS from a light source)
(13.12 MB 640x360 Vortigaunt Combat Traits.mp4)
>>171496 If you want inspiration for AI, look at Half-Life 1. It basically says "lolfuckthat" to dynamic behavior in favor of heavy scripting and honestly I feel it works a lot better. It might actually be easier to implement starting off.
>>172970 Doesn't HL1 use behavior trees though? I'd have to dismantle all my code and start over since I'm already using FSMs.
(1.48 MB 1280x720 2020-12-10-2034-59.mp4)
>>172969 There, things are starting to come together somewhat. Still some optimizations to be had, the spotlight angle in particular, and my processor chokes dick for r>48 or so
>>153357 Exactly, it shouldn't.
Trying to optimize my lights a bit now. The raycast part of it is fast enough, but when it comes time to draw it, having even 4 or 5 lights (radius is the big factor) makes my cpu suck dicks. I looked at Terraria's source and it looks like they just have a 6400x1800 array of tiles that holds information. Their source is a mess, but I know that's from decompiling it, as well. If my map is a static size (eg 128x128 or something), I can cache the values easily enough. I already have a well-made sprite renderer, but I wonder if I should just store the color information per tile and use that when drawing the tiles (color blend value), rather than drawing on top of the tiles. It would reduce the number of draw calls at any rate. One other thing I could do is to create a rendertexture per light source (per scene?) and just draw to it where one tile is one pixel, then use that as an overlay. Not sure of the best approach and it feels like I'd be cheating to rely on textures to cache stuff, since they're less predictable (eg maximum size, volatility/texture loss when graphics device changes, slower to write to)
(32.84 KB 680x240 OL_Object_Attach_Points.jpg)
(52.14 KB 780x420 OL_Push_Attach_Points.jpg)
(82.23 KB 948x530 OL_Combat_Attach_Points.jpg)
>>171496 i don't think slot based enemy positioning is ideal for swarms of enemies. It will just mean player could be swarmed and have no place to go, making movement restricted. Not to mention having slots can open up a whole lot can of worms. Overlord had slot system for enemies and objects and they get clipped and broken so easily. You should not get dragged down to have a polished material in first try, especially when implementing new goals or features. You can duct-tape and return back when duck-tape fails. Thats why writing clean code is more important than having perfect code in the first try. So when you come back you wouldn't have to explain yourself why this variable or function is created.
(217.56 KB 1288x747 ClipboardImage.png)
>>176629 Figured it out. >Take each light and raycast to figure out what the fuck it can see >Convert each tile's coordinates to a Vertex and put it into a Vertex[] buffer per light (updated when a light's coordinates etc change) >Take each Vertex[] buffer and draw it additively to a shared RenderTexture (done once per frame, to support eg flickering/strobing) >The RenderTexture is then drawn multiplicatively over the normal scene With hacking it together, I can get 64 colored lights going without straining my CPU. When I scale up to 256 lights (non optimized), it starts to chug. So I think with some improvements, life is good.
(1.52 MB 1280x720 2020-12-14-2338-14.mp4)
>>177656 Some more light tech with shitty recording quality. Still need to optimize it, but it's almost feature-complete. Just need a better control for strobing.
(131.24 KB 2048x2048 kirbpute.jpg)
Is Rust a meme for gamedev? I saw it has some integration with Godot going on and checked a little about Bevy. What I mostly gathers is there aren't nearly as many libraries and such available with Rust which is duh-obvious. I read Bevy supports hot-reloading assets and some other just enough things like not caring about graphics APIs.
>>180493 Rust is a meme in general. You can achieve memory safety by using smart pointers in C++. Rustfags just like having the computer hold their hand. For gamedev it's not nearly mature enough. Maybe in 5-10 years... if a big company picks up the task of developing it further.
>>179647 Looks nice. Aesthetic even. I would like to have the gradient shading on direct light as well, like the static light on the side.
>>180509 I figured as much, thanks. Even Bevy is quite prototype yet it looks like.
(11.10 MB 704x330 2020-12-16 18-46-17.webm)
Bunch of bugfixes and hammer implemented, we are getting really near to actually having a game rather than an overly complex grass tech demo
(5.02 KB 199x147 project start.png)
This is it. My journey begins this Friday, when I will be completely free to work on this. I will dedicate unhealthy amounts of time into making a top-down mech shooter. Things will start very simple in terms of scope and get more complicated as time goes by. I'll be using Unity because I have more experience with it and U4 keeps crashing on my poopy computer. I already started the project with a place holder player character (white dot) and enemy (red). The character can shoot and nothing else for now. Also got a bunch of free art assets to use temporarily (or not). I have a question: is a spawner script a good idea for deploying enemies/objects in a scene or is it redundant since you can just add what you need through Unity itself?
(518.91 KB 1189x572 ClipboardImage.png)
I know I implemented a texture atlasing thing a few years ago, but I can't seem to find the code. At the time, I used a page/tutorial that basically kept a rectangular region, then split it in two, horizontally or vertically. Has anyone seen it? It resulted in things like pic related.
>>181526 >I have a question: is a spawner script a good idea for deploying enemies/objects in a scene or is it redundant since you can just add what you need through Unity itself? I won't give any tips because I will tell you to use ECS and dabble about in incomplete and experimental features for months and take forever to accomplish anything. Though it will run pretty damn fast The actual answer depends, do they respawn? if yes, then make the spawner script
>>181700 Respawning may be implemented later in the game but for now I think I'll do without it, then.
(9.81 MB 1604x848 2020-12-13 16-08-54.webm)
>>164444 We got anti-spam on, and it picks Tor and such, we were getting a fuckton of bot spammers, sorry Also the site gets attack attempts daily, not sure if this is normal or if i made someone really mad, good thing I gave it a very long password and auth. Also did my brother show the vine plants growing already?
(10.38 MB 1920x894 2020-12-13 16-14-34-2.webm)
The crop system is finally stable and big fields work properly with save/load
>>182861 looking good
>>182861 This is amazing. Keep up the good work.
Quick question: How the hell do games "catch" audio? Google results just gives me plebbitors who can't figure out how to use real microphones. >Is there a virtual microphone attached to the game's camera? >Can I make the microphone hover above my character's head instead? Bonus: <And why does binaural audio need to be pre-recorded with microphones placed inside fake ears anyways? <Isn't the audio just going to pass through my ears when I listen to it anyway, and thus end up passing through two sets of ears? <Why can't I just place two virtual ears on either side of the game's camera and get binaural audio like that?
>>185044 >How the hell do games "catch" audio? ??? >And why does binaural audio need to be pre-recorded with microphones placed inside fake ears anyways? >Isn't the audio just going to pass through my ears when I listen to it anyway, and thus end up passing through two sets of ears? I think you don't understand how sound and our ears work. Sound waves propagate everywhere, they can get messed up with interference along the way. The sound waves behave like water waves, and our ears have evolved to bounce them in our earfolds so we can distinguish where sound is coming from. When you hear audio in your headphones, the soundwaves are only coming from one direction, so your earfolds are practically useless. Most games use stereo sound so you can at least distinguish if a sound is coming from the left or the right, they do this by lowering the sound volume in one ear. Binaural audio works by passing the sound going through fake ears, thus the sound your ears are hearing are a simulation of a sound that has gone through earfolds, so your brain can estimate where the sound source is. The problem is that the sound has been recorded in a fixed position, when they record a sound behind you, you will always hear that sound behind you. There are a lot of papers that try to have better sound simulation in games, Thief is a great example of a game with good sound simulation.
>>185044 The fake ears give incoming sound some surfaces to echo and reverberate off of. The timing between the ears is one aspect of how we perceive sound, another is how the anatomy of the ear causes sounds from different directions to echo at subtly different timings and become more or less muffled through interference, giving sounds an intrinsic sense of direction. Panning audio to one side or another conveys the directionality of sound about as well as rotating and moving a flat picture of a 3D object describes the object's form. That is to say, it doesn't. There's a difference between "branch crack 10 feet away, 30 degrees right of the listener, head height" played in flat stereo and "branch crack in flat stereo" played 10 feet away, 30 degrees right of the listener, head height. I'm sure there are some sound modelling techniques out there that can approximate direction by processing the sound in a specific way, but it's definitely more involved than just playing a recording. Slapping two separate "virtual ears" on your character and making sure that any sound that does get played has just the right amount of direction/distance dependent desync between your audio channels might be close enough to what you're looking for, but you'd probably want to test this out and see if it's a horrible migraine-inducing nightmare before committing any serious time to it. Flat panning is endlessly better than bad stereo.
>>185059 >>185063 Thanks anons, I think I get it. >>185059 >How the hell do games "catch" audio? >??? Sorry I definitely worded that stupidly and is probably kind of a dumb question anyways. I mean, when you're playing a third person game I'm assuming the sounds that come out of my speakers are probably from the camera's perspective, not the character's. Like when a sound effect plays (like a vase falls down), a line is drawn between the vase and a microphone placed and that determines the volume of the sound. I wonder if I could instead place the microphone at the character's head or something, or if some games already do that, or if that's even how audio works at all in games, it's difficult to Google because I keep getting results for other stuff.
>>185070 THANKS.
(549.84 KB 1024x768 23-12-20-1608748414_scrot.png)
(621.09 KB 1024x768 22-12-20-1608670211_scrot.png)
(460.86 KB 640x437 Thug Life.png)
>mfw I figured how to make very basic 2D tonk game in godot Can't wait to tell Graf Zahl to kiss his ass good bye. I just need to figure out how to organize my scripts better, take advance of multi inheritance/composition and later on write HUD rendering and a RPG like Inventory system, as well splash damage as my projectiles currently don't have any and I don't know how. Then when I finally managed to get the all the basic necessary stuff to work I will work on ripping off the remaining C&C tiles so that I can work on the maps more. Microtank mod and the "Sandbox" map will be put on hold for now because I'm sick of fucking around with ZScript at the moment, because its some fucking bullshit that despite I checked a thread that indirectly explained how casting a actor object works and I still cannot access it's fucking variable, with python it's fucking trivial to access a object variable, but nope Graf has to make everything complicated for the sake of complications.
>>188293 >as well splash damage as my projectiles currently don't have any and I don't know how. You can create an Area2D node with a circle shape inside to serve as the splash area of your projectiles, then call get_overlapping_bodies() to figure out which other objects are within the range of the splash. Of course you don't want EVERY object that's inside of it only the ones you can damage, for that you can refine the list by checking each objects type (and then calling a "damage" method or something) or if you want something more generic (say both enemy tanks and terrain objects that can be damaged) you can add the entities that can take damage into a group (call it "damageable" or "takes_damage" or whatever) and further refine the list using get_tree().get_nodes_in_group("group_name"). I hope it helps.
(418.70 KB 1024x768 23-12-20-1608753424_scrot.png)
>>188303 Thanks m8 that hint really helped me out, I thought it required more arcane solution to get splash damage to work. The projectile behave now as it did before but it does destroy multiple targets now within its splash radius. This is how the code looks like now, I find it surprising that the call to explode() doesn't interfere with the code below as the explode() function removes the projectile. python explode() var hit = 0 for target in $SplashRadius.get_overlapping_bodies(): hit = get_tree().get_nodes_in_group("Destructible") if target in hit: #print(target) target.hurt(damage) I printed out the output from "target" and it seems to print out every object in this whole scene, is this normal? Wouldn't it cause slowdowns when a scene lets say has 10k objects or something?
>>188313 All I can really tell you from my experience is that it will return the TileMap node if the collision shape of a tile in that TileMap is within the splash radius (I personally think that behavior is strage but I think it is by design), I can't really tell you why it is returning every single object in whatever scene you're talking about (I hate the Godot nomenclature, a "scene" could mean anything, it's just confusing) at the end of the day you're just gonna have to experiment and find the better solution, I merely offered advice on a technique that you could use to achieve your goal but naturally you shouldn't just be a triple-A nigger and ignore optimization altogether, I think it's pretty clear you are not a nodev Im sure you will figure it out by tinkering a bit.
>>188347 >All I can really tell you from my experience is that it will return the TileMap node if the collision shape of a tile in that TileMap is within the splash radius (I personally think that behavior is strage but I think it is by design), I can't really tell you why it is returning every single object in whatever scene you're talking about In my case I have just a empty Node2D called "main" that has currently no meaningful script and does nothing, I just use it as a container for additional nodes, I did the same way for the 3 other object types (Destructible, TreeGroup, Special) which also acts a container for map objects, because I have no idea of any better method to group the nodes to make it more manageable. My TileMap node is a child of the "main" node. >I hate the Godot nomenclature, a "scene" could mean anything, it's just confusing Yeah I don't like it either, it makes no sense to me that a player object, a projectile and anything else is considered a "Scene" in Godot, when I think of scene then I think of something else such as maps or menus or something but not a object. > at the end of the day you're just gonna have to experiment and find the better solution, I merely offered advice on a technique that you could use to achieve your goal but naturally you shouldn't just be a triple-A nigger and ignore optimization altogether, I think it's pretty clear you are not a nodev Im sure you will figure it out by tinkering a bit. I'm still grateful for this advice as its much better than getting no advice, well I'm pretty much a scrub when it comes to programming and I only figured out 3 days ago how shooting works by looking up how angles are converted in vector which luckily are just sin for y xis and cos for the x axis. I still barely understand how vector work and I put off Godot over a year because of this. For now I will leave things as it is and I will just continue adding shit and trying to make not too much a spaghetti out of it. Later I will make a Godot forum/QA account for specific questions. I think it's anyway a little way too early to think about optimization when I don't even have the not planned gameplay loop going at the moment. The past 2-3 days fiddling around with Godot was for me on average more comfortable to work with then fucking around with Löve2D or Pygame which is quite off putting to me as it requires even more code to get basic stuff working. I don't know I just don't like the idea of having to manually fiddling around collision area with code only as it requires me having to load up the game several times just to see if the numbers are right or not. With GZDoom it's already bad enough I don't even get any debugging tools to work with.
>>188303 >get_tree().get_nodes_in_group("group_name"). Eh, it seems the correct function is is_in_group("group_name") instead of get_nodes_in_group("group_name"), since with the call to get_overlapping_bodies() you already have a array list of what actors collided with the collisionshape. So the code becomes instead: python for target in $SplashRadius.get_overlapping_bodies(): if target.is_in_group("Destructible"): target.hurt(damage) compare it with the direct impact only projectile code: python func _on_8mmMG_body_entered(body): explode() if body.is_in_group("Solids"): body.hurt(damage) elif body.is_in_group("Destructible"): body.hurt(damage) So calling a for loop function to the scene tree is unnecessary to check for valid actors in a specific group. My game is at the moment a very poor example for benchmarking because right now everything runs in just a few miliseconds (0.02ms~), so I have no means to stress test it. I did tested the change against regular destructible actors and spawned destructible actors and it causes no additional error. Because while I programmed the barrel spawner actor I had some nasty bug where Godot would crap itself where the explosive barrel couldn't properly spawn the explosion actor, and the solution to this problem was to use the same method as I did for spawning projectiles for the T64 player actor.
(43.50 KB 760x570 ks3pq95bnaw01.jpg)
Dearest anons, I really want to finally crown my life long dream of having one vidya under my name, but I'm struggling to find some solutions to various practical problems. I will do some digging of my own, once I'm done with a few life related errands, but I really wanted to ask stuff from those who are more experienced than me. I know there's the aggydaggy wiki, but other than cursory glances and some backups I've made, I've yet to fully delve into it. So here goes. I'm trying to create a 3D Kart Racing game, incorporating stuff from various racing and non racing titles I know to make something that, while not entirely unique, could possibly become enjoyable in the long run to at least a small circle of people (may seem odd to you but another title I enjoy to this day is basically the passion project of five people and it's still played by an average of 10 daily). Here's my questions: 0) What is the objectively best programming environment to create modern games (yes everything should run off Assembly for some people but I want to finish before the Chinese takeover of the West)? 1) Assuming I'd use some pre-built engine (I want to create one of my own, but I don't have the skills or mental fortitude to tackle this kind of project), what would be the most optimal choice? I'd be down for tweaking it a bunch if need be, but I want to aim for a game that is consistently fluid even on modern medium-end hardware, don't really care much about graphical fidelity right now. 2) Are there any good channels, irc chats, (((discord))) groups and whatnot to discuss game development, maybe even doing some programming on the side to hone my skills? 3) As for 3D, I see a lot of tutorials to basically sculpt your way into making a model, but is there any trick or guide to make a model with the absolute minimum number of polygons? Bear in mind, I don't mean "making a low poly model", I'm talking about creating a 3D model that still looks presentable (at least to a Source Engine game tier) but that shaves off as many unnecessary tris to make the game run faster without looking like hot garbage? 4) Are there any good resources for stock sound effects or those CDs with tons of samples that don't just come off youtube links? 5) Other than Demo Days, are there any good places where anons or even non anons can share their own vidya with others who could playtest them? Thanks in advance lads.
(142.80 KB 233x217 Double Taiwan.png)
>Friend and me decide to work together on a small game we could finish in 1-2 months >He's more of an ideas guy than I am, but I try and guide him to keep things simple- if progress goes well, we'll be able to implement the cooler stuff he wants <"Dude, don't worry, with us working together we can totally get this stuff done in time!" >I decide to work on movement, he promised to work on combat/enemies >Get basic movement and jumping working in a day <The next day he says that I should work on all the code, while he works on the art and stuff, since I'm more familiar with the engine we're using >Disappointed, but shrug it off and keep working >Get camera working, time to make combat "Hey, pal. We're going to need some models soon for-" <"Actually dude, I'm not going to work on the game anymore, I'm going to work my own project instead. But you got this!" >I spent the better part of two days working on a team project for almost nothing I'm at least a little bit mad anons. On the bright side, I might as well operate on the sunk cost fallacy and continue work on it. Sorry if this blog post gets uploaded to the site more than once. It was acting up when I originally made this post. >>188959 >1) Unity or Unreal are your best choice for 3D. Both of them have a lot of tutorials and premade assets that you can use to get your game up and running as fast as possible. >2) As much as I hate to say it, Discuck might be your best option in finding people to discuss game design/programming with. Unity has an official group Unreal probably has one too. There's also a huge game dev server as well, but I don't remember the name of it. You could also try the Brackeys server, but that's mainly for Unity. Your other best choice is asking for help and making posts on the official engine forums, if you use one that is.
(28.93 KB 540x542 blee.jpg)
>>188959 >0) What is this supposed to mean? "Programming environment"? If you mean your own dev environment you just pick whatever you're comfortable with where your choice of engine also works, it doesn't matter. >1) Godot, Unity or Unreal. It doesn't matter which if you don't have any prior experience. >3) This is a skill that takes a long time to develop, there's not shortcut here. The basics is obviously using some kind of displacement mapping to fake geometry, normal mapping or tessellation usually. >4) Google you faggot. >5) If you find one let me know. Anons don't even seem to play each others games on demo days anymore. >>188966 Your friend sounds like a massive cunt.
>>188966 Many thanks. What a sad state for developing communities though, I was frankly expecting more. I know the anon.cafe guys have a Discord up but I have honestly no idea how many people even post on it, given how barren the site is. >>188968 >What is this supposed to mean? "Programming environment"? If you mean your own dev environment you just pick whatever you're comfortable with where your choice of engine also works, it doesn't matter. I should have probably said IDE or whatever, I'm used to (((Notepad++))) but I'm always wondering whether there's more efficient ways to go about stuff. >This is a skill that takes a long time to develop, there's not shortcut here. I feared as much, shoot. >Google you faggot. On the one hand, why use Google when Yandex, Searx and Startpage return real results? On the other, while you're right, a ton of them are hard to come by, which is weird to me, given that there's plenty of easy ways to access music and sound making tools.
(516.88 KB 819x459 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.21 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
>>188975 >IDE Visual Studio is unironically good. >I feared as much, shoot. Setting the bar at HL2-tier graphics for a solo developer without experience is too high anyway. Look at my game in pic related. In terms of technical ability it's absolutely abysmal. But it's consistent and catering to our strengths as only 2 programmers. >there's plenty of easy ways to access music and sound making tools I think what you will realize is that sound often comes fairly late when implementing stuff anyway. It's hard because often animation and sound follows each other closely so at least to me its easier to finish an animation then do the sound effects afterwards. For example when doing gamejams, I always end up doing all the sound effects and music in the last 12 hours or something. What I'm saying is that when you reach the point where you will actually need production quality sound you'll be more knowledgeable about it in general. It's one of those perfect "do something everyday"-things where if you can't be arsed implementing something in your game someday, sit down and try to find some sfx or music instead. You'll be making progress but you're not forced to model/program/animate.
(252.90 KB 1880x1047 ClipboardImage.png)
>>188959 1) Unity also have a Blueprint equivalent (Bolt 1, free on asset store (https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/visual-scripting/bolt-163802)) Unity is easier and faster to get into than Unreal Engine. Unreal Engine is not for small teams in my opinion. 2) Unity official discord has been very helpful to me in the past, although I seldom use it. There are channels for all levels of skill. Not sure what a Microgame is, but checking the what's new in 2020.2 I found pic related
>>188978 >Visual Studio is unironically good Lately I can't get it to work properly for me. It keeps 'forgetting' to display errors, code navigation stops working, to to mention being horrendously slow. Worse yet, I can't get VS 2015 nor 2017 to work on Unity, forcing me to use the slower and worse VS 2019. Overall, terrible. I really miss Eclipse from my Java days.
>>188978 I think your game looks pretty charming though. Also yes I am sure it's an unrealistic scenario, but it's probably as good as I'm going to get and I'm going to get there, eventually. Just knowing it makes my life a bit easier. >>188980 Many thanks.
>>188978 Cute looking game. >>188982 Also, don't feel bad about taking and/or using premade assets, especially when you're just starting out. Game development is a lot of work, so take the easy way out whenever you can. Unless you're selling a game with a bunch of premade models/art you found, nobody will seriously bully you about it. Check out that microgame that other anon posted. It'll be a great starting point.
>>188986 Thanks for the encouragement. It's not like I'd feel ashamed of using them, it's more like, I want to avoid developing nasty habits of depending on other people's work before even getting to do something myself.
>>188981 VS Code might be worth it if you need something more light weight. I'm using VS2019 without too much trouble but it's Microshits so experience obviously varies a lot. >>188982 >>188986 Thanks anons, I really appreciate that. >but it's probably as good as I'm going to get and I'm going to get there Nothing wrong with setting big goals if you're determined to work for it, I'm sure you'll do great.
>>188975 >>188966 Is discord really the best way to go? I know there are non-pozzed folks with good knowledge but joining big groups almost always have a tendency for being shite. So one would have to pick their groups carefully, which ardently means swimming through the discord sea. Frankly an /agdg/ discord would have the same result after a while. Is there any easier ways/tip to find right groups?
>>188992 tfw stuck with VS2010 C# Express edition (and C# 4.5)
>>189000 There's riot.im which is built off the Matrix protocol, and uses some open source video/voice chat backend that I think Jitsi uses. The only major feature it lacks in my opinion is having a "push-to-talk" key. So voice is either always on or always off and you have to press an icon on the UI to change it. It keeps persistent chat logs just like discord but you can set up your own server, your chat is encrypted so you don't have to worry about snooping from mainland taiwan.
>>189000 Like >>189023 said, there's Matrix/Element/etc. There's even a few game dev servers/rooms on them, but sadly, they're nowhere near as populated as the Discord servers. >>188992 You're welcome, anon. >VS Code I think it’s great. You just have to remember to turn off telemetry.
>>189134 >There's even a few game dev servers/rooms on them Which one of these would you recommend to join?
(96.21 KB 247x568 ClipboardImage.png)
I made this thing
>>190558 Thanks for contributing to the thread, anon. It looks nice enough
>>190558 That ass is fat. Has anyone here ever played a game with a nice in-game IDE?
>>190558 While scrolling down i thought it was a low res vergil.
(41.50 KB 1182x441 ClipboardImage.png)
I can't tell if my placeholder art is endearing or horrifying
(32.24 KB 171x149 12412211 (Kopie 1).jpg)
>>191821 >that fucking bear Just rip off assets from old games or something.
>>191821 I'll be very disappointed if this isn't used as your final art.
>>191821 Is that centipede supposed to be some kind of spurdo abomination?
(24.11 KB 640x429 screaming-begins-again.jpg)
>>191821 All of them look like they scream in pain.
(1.23 KB 64x64 ClipboardImage.png)
>>191827 I am, except I'm drawing them from memory >>191894 >Can tell it's a centipede If you can tell what it is, I don't think it's that bad. Also it's two mandibles and a mouth
(36.67 KB 250x363 spurdo centipede.jpg)
>>191904 I'm not sure that redrawing things yourself from memory is really "ripping off assets." I think that other anon meant, like, extracting them from the game's package files, or cutting and pasting from screenshots. What you're doing is putting them through enough layers of interpretation that it's probably at most just imitating a style. This is especially true for things like "jaw thrust bear" and "fellatio amp owl" which are fairly generic--although I can't think of any extremely characteristic sprites offhand except the protagonist from Street Fighter 2010, which is my failing more than a failing of 2D games in general. Although it's hilarious, it's still commendable that you're doing your placeholders yourself, and I'd be interested if any anon recognizes the game being roughly parodied from the drawings.
(21.61 KB 443x439 map.png)
>>191978 The game was a shareware dungeon crawler from like 95-98, and I don't have an emulation set up for like WinXP yet. Plus, any wiki or community site for it is basically dead
I used a class as a parameter to a function instead of endless switch statements today. yay
>>192163 Oh you mean like passing a type as an argument via generics? Or regular function passing with an instance? Either good job for learning something new
(18.82 KB 634x422 ClipboardImage.png)
RIP the skin
(308.91 KB 1919x1026 error.png)
Does anybody know how to use this addon: https://github.com/Kehom/GodotAddonPack ? I'm having troubles following the tutorial and according to it, it is sufficient to add a variable with valid variable entry and call add_item(var) to the inventory node but on bag.gd I keep getting this error: Invalid call. Nonexistant function 'disabled_slots_occupied' in base 'Nil'. I looked which script it has this function and it is core.gd yet on the plugin loader script it seems to load it already(?) however I don't know how to verify if core.gd is properly initialized or not. I did tried out its provided demo and oddly enough it just works, yet somehow with my changes it completely fails. It does run when I comment out the "add_item()" function but well its pretty useless when I cannot add any item to the inventory node. InventoryManager.gd: http://controlc.com/7aea1158 If it helps I can upload my game somewhere. inb4 I have to write my own inventory system.
(93.80 KB 317x588 ClipboardImage.png)
Made some improvements.
>>190558 >>192327 There's something weird about the legs, they look misproportioned I think. Otherwise nice though, better than anything I can come up with.
>>191821 That's better than anything I could do. Feel proud of yourself anon. >>192327 I think it's pretty neat. Did you design her from scratch or did you start from a base with something like this: https://opengameart.org/content/base-human-models-low-poly?
>>192339 scratch >>192338 thanks, will do corrections
>>192351 >scratch chad.
(303.95 KB 1750x1750 1504364165.jpg)
Do you any of you anons have resources, advice, and/or information on using Unity's new input system? It looks pretty cool, but I'm not finding Unity's documentation on it to be very helpful.
>>192613 That seems neat. Thanks for sharing.
(24.08 KB 1024x768 30-12-20-1609353288_scrot.png)
>>192290 Welp I got it working now, I made a issue on his Github repository and he responded that I was supposed to use call_deferred("add_items", item) because the way he did is that the node is not fully built when the script is run leading to issues like this, now I just need to clean up the few custom function I have made for it and well integrating to my game properly, so that I can finally implement items and writing a basic weapon system script that accounts for the used weapon and the ammunition being loaded. Yes the GUI looks like ass because I am more concerned about the functionality of it first before I arrange the grid properly. Finally a STALKER like inventory system, obviously I also later need to figure out that weapons can only be used on specific tank types but that part comes later, I need a working basic gameplay loop first.
>class based rpg >something like an Adamant 2H sword needs Swords: 100, 2H: 100 to use >Warrior gets like +10 each level, so he can use it by lv 10 >Ranger gets like +8 to sword skill, +2 to 2H each level, so he can use it by lv 50 (unless he multiclasses) Is this system dumb? Was thinking of extending it to spells too
>>193052 unless there's a way to add to the skill level why not just level lock it then?
>>193096 I want to have a lot of grinding and reward multiclass builds. In this case, two shitty hybrid classes could eventually use the same gear a more focused class could.
>>193031 That's pretty rad. I can relate to your inventory problems. I always thought they would be easy to implement in games, but in practice I always struggle with them. There’s a lot that can go wrong. Items not being added, things going missing, stacking, etc. Again, good job. >>193052 Sounds like something you'd have to play test. It might sound good or bad on paper, but you'll have to play it out to see if it's "worth" using, if that makes any sense.
Anyone have a simple game that just needs cheap assets or a skin to put on top of it so that it's complete? I might ask one of you to make me a game someday. Coding is too hard since I'm more of an idea guy with no free time.
>>193105 >I'm an idea guy You and everyone else, bud
(1.08 MB 1920x1080 30-12-20-1609365047_scrot.png)
(36.22 KB 1024x768 30-12-20-1609363662_scrot.png)
(42.94 KB 1024x768 30-12-20-1609365183_scrot.png)
>>193103 I didn't write any inventory system at all, the closet thing I managed to write was a "buying" system for my microtank mod with ZScript which took me 8 days to complete it, which includes categories which is a major improvement over the ancient ACS based system I had. The most troubling part to get it to working right is the keyboard cursor so that it does not get off the grid which causes a array access out of bound error (VM Abort). Also I managed to write a more proper "add_item" function which prevents triggering the warning when items get added whose stack variable is over its max_stack variable, retrieving the item database function is rewritten in a niggerlicious way from his random item generator as I did not fully understand how his inventory script works. Since I have a bit better grasp how his system works I will later rewrite the function in a more sane way. The other part is I sort of delegated the "split item" function/node into its own scene which gets instanced and emits a few signal so I had to rewrite his invdemo.gd script to reflect this change. The major gripe I have with his system is that the invdemo.gd script has a lot of hardcoded variables which in my opinion is quite a poor example for a addon script when most of those function is what makes his inventory system to work in the first place as showcased in his demo project. > I always thought they would be easy to implement in games, but in practice I always struggle with them. There’s a lot that can go wrong. Items not being added, things going missing, stacking, etc. Again, good job. Well Initially I did looked on other solutions first such as looking at some youtube video tutorials that explains how to write a inventory system or the more straightforwarded way using one from Godot asset library, however all the 5 inventory assets are either fucking stupidly made or does not provide any example how to make use of it (I'm looking at you gdinv core). While I searched for a video tutorial I found one that implements a diablo style inventory but as I have seen how he wrote his function it was totally unreasonable style of writting a inventory because he used some weird math formulas in order to determine the items size to make it fit inside the grid which is a fucking image node which is the most niggerlicious way I've ever seen instead of using a for loop to generate node grid. Some other people also mentioned to me that I should take a look at Ryzom source code to see how they did it and well I did skimmed its CPP file and I cannot reason this structure at all, which makes sense because that game uses a completely different engine and presumably made in the time before Godot became a much more usable engine that it is today. Skimming the X-Ray source code was not much of a help either.
(2.71 MB 1574x885 First Pic.png)
(4.21 MB 773x8164 Cooking.png)
(155.09 KB 1367x698 Seed Tooltip.png)
https://www.mediafire.com/file/eodoqzzww9dasp4/Everyday+Life+31-12-2020.zip/file End of the year demo. Can you guys help find bugs? Just do some random shit and attempt to find a bug, or something that looks like a bug. Things that are not properly explained can end up looking like bugs, so we will have to "fix it" somehow too. Hopefully this can be fleshed out into an actual 'game' for 2/2. Planning on making a mini game where you can buy ingredients/seeds/tools and sell cooked items, so you can have at least an game loop until the next 2 years of development makes this into an actual harvestmoon like game How the cooking works: (Second Image) https://fablesoflaetus.com/everyday/cooking/ We need another page for the farming, but it goes like this: Cycle/How to Use scythe -> Cut grass -> Use hoe -> Tile ground -> Use seed -> Plant Crop -> Use Watering Can -> Hold button into the tile -> Hold F3 while the grass grow, make sure to water the plants often. Water Plants have a max and minimum acceptance, you can't 'overwater' plots with crops, but you can fill a plot with up to 40, which will flood most plants The ground will move towards it's natural state (20 everywhere for this demo, the river bank will be 30 next demo) at the rate of 1 'water' per hour, so a plant with 23 min and 37 max will last 14 hours if 'max watered' You can just hold the LMB to water a selected tile while holding the Watering Can, it will water the tile to it's plant's maximum worryfree Plants have a hidden value "Water Buffer", which lets it 'not have enough water' but take no damage, it regenerates as fast as it expends when in acceptable water ranges. We are planning to 'unhide' this value, but I really want to have an actual game before I do any more 'optional' interface work. Traits When harvesting, plants can mutate, each trait have about 1% chance of spawnning, so if the trait list for a crop is not full, chances are you will get a new one. The plants currently support 4 traits (will be 9 next version), each trait do something simple, like 'increase plant resilience, which can put the min water of the plant below the ground natural state, making it unnecessary to water it)' I am leaving most other very particular details of how we implemented some stuff for you guys to find out and give feedback. I want you all to see the stuff without any prior knowledge of what to expect, so I can get proper feedback on those.
>spend 3 hours on level design in Unity using Probuilder <This level is coming along pretty good, now I just need to organize the brushes in a hierarchy >finish doing that >also click the "set pivot to center" button on ProBuilder >game objects in that hierarchy just fly all over the fucking place >the scene's hierarchy is also fucked up; the objects appear twice in the hierarchy window >try to fix this by deleting one of the doubles and seeing if that does the trick >Editor freezes the fuck up >restart the Editor >3 hours of progress gone down the drain I want to die.
>>193951 Also has anyone else had a problem with ProBuilder where you click on "New Shape" and the cube will just spawn 50 feet away from the camera?
>>193951 >not compulsively saving every 30 seconds >not mashing ctrl-s after adding a comment >not saving after scrolling the view
>>193977 Oh believe me, I've learned my lesson now. This is the first time in my 5 years of using Unity I've ever had it crash on me but that one time was enough. I'm pretty much pressing ctrl + s every time I make any visible changes to the geometry.
(465.07 KB 1920x1080 left.jpg)
(146.25 KB 798x318 2.PNG)
>>193876 >After using the ingredient store and mousing over some of the ingredients, there's a bunch of text that gets left over at the bottom left corner at my screen (pic related) >The raw preparation text is misspelled in the game world ("Raw Perparation") >When typing anything (including recipe names) while a cooking dialog is open, "E" will trigger closing the dialog >Adding more than one grain to the beer recipe behaves strangely (pic 2 related) Performance: >The game burns my GPU up >Noticeable frame drops whenever I mouse over an ingredient in inventory or in a shop QoL: >The opening screen doesn't say how to open your inventory >When clicking on an ingredient to adjust its amount after adding it, the slider bar displays the amount actually used, while the number field just says 0g >When removing an ingredient by setting it to 0g, the taste bars don't update until you click on another ingredient >Quitting should take you to main menu Some questions: >Are you supposed to be able to interact with characters yet? >Can plots be made only in certain grass areas? >Is autocooking supposed to make you burn stuff?
>>194062 Thanks for the info dump, no idea how some of these bugs were not noticed in almost a whole week of testing. >The game burns my GPU up It's the grass, I will try squeezing a 'low QL grass' mode for 2/2 >Noticeable frame drops whenever I mouse over an ingredient in inventory or in a shop Will be fixed after 2/2, there are two UI systems being used, some trash asset store XML, and the new unity UXML thing, the UXML is way faster, but I can't replace any more of the current slow UI with it without doing the whole thing, and that would take too long to do before I have a game loop >Are you supposed to be able to interact with characters yet? Not yet, hopefully yes by 2/2. >Can plots be made only in certain grass areas? Right now, if it's grass it should work if you have cut the grass first, later on, you will not be able to do so inside the city walls. The grass where you spawn is not technically part of the map, but of the city geography, so it does not even raycast there to try to check if you can. >Is autocooking supposed to make you burn stuff? Uuhhh, probably no, unless you made a recipe that had an item burn. Auto cook will try to follow all steps you took, and I am unaware of any of the recipes that burn your stuff. I will check the rest of the issues tomorrow
I'm looking for advice on how to handle something in my game. Long story short, I'm working on combat for my game, but I would like to know how to structure it related to the AI. I currently have a state machine for their movement (idle, following, etc.), but should I use a separate state machine for handling the enemy attacks? >>193957 Can't say I've had that happen with Probuilder before. Are you using the latest version of Probuilder? Maybe it's a problem related to your Unity version?
(280.05 KB 838x587 ClipboardImage.png)
Pretty much any time I do lightmapping in Unity it always looks like shit. I'm really not sure what to do about it. I'd love to save performance but at the same time I don't want the game looking like total ass. Am I just better off sticking to realtime shadows throughout the whole damn thing?
>>194542 I have the same issue, but I've opened Unity made scenes with lightmapping done on them. They are beautiful and I have no fucking idea how they were made. There is a trick that needs to be learned to get lightmapping right.
(206.61 KB 871x476 ClipboardImage.png)
>>194546 Well I could disclose that the shadow seams in the picture are also occurring where there are model seams. I've noticed that Unity in general isn't good at handling "seams," I was working on a physics based platformer a while back and I used tile-based level design meaning that each tile had its own collision mesh. Well, long story short any time a rigidbody went over a tile it caused it to somehow gain some upwards velocity.
(596.09 KB 854x480 2020-12-29_16.08.48.png)
Maybe someone can spitball some ideas my way, I've been posting my progress on revamping minecraft's code over on the mc thread and I can't think of a good way of handling gradients on texture overlays. I've made it so ore blocks use two textures, one layered over the other so there doesn't need to be a whole bunch of textures wasting space on the texture map, the overlaid pattern is grayscale and uses a hex value to color it, but it just doesn't look right without a proper gradient. Any ideas how to handle this? I thought about breaking up the ore pattern but that would quadruple the textures needed for every type so that didn't seem like a good way to handle it.
>>194566 I forget if I said anything over there, but do you have control over how textures are blended? Eg using multiplicative vs additive color blending. I found it made a huge difference in how my tile-based lighting system looked.
>>194587 As far as I can tell there's just the color multiplier that's used for grass and water based on biome, which I'm using for coloring the patterns. This is the colorizer function for grass: humidity *= temperature; int i = (int)((1.0D - temperature) * 255D); int j = (int)((1.0D - humidity) * 255D); return grassBuffer[j << 8 | i]; Grass has a getBlockColor method that returns the value of ColorizerGrass.getGrassColor(0.5D, 1.0D), for temperature and humidity, and the getBlockColor method is called by the getRenderColor method which is called by the RenderBlocks class where it actually applies the textures and color multipliers. The getBlockColor method actually seems useless because grass has a colormultiplier method that gets the grass color from a method implemented by biomes. Maybe it's using using the values from colorMultiplier and getRenderColor to blend the colors, but looking at the RenderBlocks class doesn't give me that impression.
>Create file with event names (C#) >Load file and create a dict<string, EventHandler> and feed them in >Grabbing one from the dictionary and adding an event handler to it works fine ... until I leave a function's context then it disappears >What the fuck >Spend 30 minutes and then I discover that delegate types / invocation lists are handled as struct/copy by value types in C#, and not as referenced objects I don't understand why, but it caused a fair bit of confusion
>>194646 Oh duh now I remember, the getBlockColor method in grass blocks has static values because that's for getting the color rendered in the player's inventory and not in-world. So yeah there's no methods for fancy color manipulation, just the multiplier which doesn't necessarily need to be used on grayscale textures.
(621.59 KB 1172x703 ClipboardImage.png)
>>194062 >When removing an ingredient by setting it to 0g, the taste bars don't update until you click on another ingredient It's so much worse than that, the game actually don't notice you removed the item, and you can craft 0 nothing full of NaNs. working on fixing it, should be just 'telling' the window that the item was actually removed
(223.63 KB 632x506 ClipboardImage.png)
(206.07 KB 541x547 ClipboardImage.png)
(291.98 KB 638x575 ClipboardImage.png)
Trying to make a jester character here, what can be improved?
>>195784 Why does he wear the mask? But seriously why the mask?
>>195815 Why not? Masks present deception small guy.
>>194062 Fixed all this stuff and implemented a 'no grass' mode. "low grass" mode to come, hopefully soon. Now you need to click a button (which decides if full grass or no grass mode is used) to start loading the game. Seems that most of the low fps issues come from the non-occluded non-lod furniture. Will probably have to disable all furniture for the next demo. https://www.mediafire.com/file/rc3srkq1k5rq57f/Everyday+Life+03-01-2021.zip/file (still uploading at time of posting)
I guess I can post progress since I implemented something even if it's not visual. I wanted my game to have a Diablo 2-style loot system since it was so highly regarded (maybe not with eg rares, uniques etc, but as far as the drop tables go), so I worked on a parser for the drop table and I think I have it functionally working for what I need it for. Drop table: https://pastebin.com/raw/wtL4ik5d Opening "Act 5 (H) Chest C" (the best chest in the game) 1000 times: https://pastebin.com/raw/GUGLizbu
>>195784 It'd be better if you posted some concept art so I can tell if it's supposed to look like that or if you just fucked up. Really hard to tell what everything is supposed to be when there's no colour.
Made up an excuse plot for my dungeon crawler today. The part about the demons in the mine was the excuse plot of the game I'm borrowing from, but the part about the curse and missing leaders is my own work (as is the role of the guilds). I dont know why theres a curse or why everyone fucked off, but i needed a plausible reason to reset the setting and also remove their characters from it https://pastebin.com/raw/Mv7BazZN
(880.70 KB 1141x645 ClipboardImage.png)
Less than 4 weeks until release and I'm still making maps, I should probably stop soon.
(4.66 MB 490x360 yevgeniy.webm)
(119.58 KB 1024x768 04-01-21-1609797374_scrot.png)
(311.63 KB 1920x1007 04-01-21-1609797586_scrot.png)
>>195784 J O G E >look up for any gud tile maker plugin for Godot >there is 2 plugins that splits the image up >2 of these involves by creating several sprites nodes >don't think much of it and create the tiles from the sprite nodes >look up the tilemap editor and the rows are all fucked up Ain't that some shit, god damn it why is Godot 3.2 tile editor so fucking trash, it is so annoying having to click on the sprites manually, setting the name for it and still have a subpar tiles alignment in the editor. Meh I guess I have to live with it, now I just need to find some okayish looking tiles that I can use in the meanwhile. On other note I also finally managed to fix the orphaned node issues, I didn't know that declaring variables when the function cannot fire the weapon due the timer is bloating up the memory usage. Later I need to figure out to implement "use" button that gets triggered on any interactable objects and for picking up items which I haven't gotten around yet adding it. As well making the ammo item stuff work.
(28.02 KB 1271x335 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.31 MB 1199x923 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.50 MB 1117x729 ClipboardImage.png)
I need some VERY MATH HEAVY help right now. I need a sequence that matches Picture 1. That sequence is the order in which I place the blades of grass on the grass tiles. Each grass tile have 1024 blades on normal, 256 on low and 64 on minimum. I never actually managed to generate the sequence that I actually need, so when you play on minimum, it quickly shows that the sequence I am using is not nearly good enough to solve the LOD issues (pic 2). Same issue happens on very far grass on Low settings (pic 3). The issue don't happen on Normal grass because the LOD never reduced the rendered amount per tile low enough for it to show. How can I generate a sequence as described on Picture 1 that fits 1024 points in a single square grid? The actual result I need is the long lists on the bottom of the picture, the upper part of the picture is visualization help on the sequence constructed manually up to level 5 (I think I need level 16). The list of grass positions is generated once and reused many times, so even a dumb solution that rewrites the same values multiple times would be acceptable, so long the final result is correct Either way, new version: * No more fps killing furniture, will have to work on that before furniture can be re-introduced. * Quality settings for grass (Normal, Low, Ultra Low, None) Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ji4zsx2arz82bg7/Everyday+Life+04-01-2021.zip/file Same as always, help me find bugs and issues, if there is none, I will probably only release another pre-demo right after implementing quests (hopefully before 2/2).
>>196722 Is this really the best way to implement LOD for grass? Wouldn't it be better to have larger planes with per-vertex lighting and no animation instead? So basically just lower the resolution of your grid instead of this algorithm.
(545.98 KB 1920x1080 apach.jpg)
>>196722 When you go up from a grid to a checkerboard, shift every entry by half the size of the grid. (And merge that with your previous list.) When you go from checkerboard to grid, mirror all entry coordinates. (And merge that with your previous list.) B O O M
>>196743 >When you go from checkerboard to grid, mirror all entry coordinates. Whups, this is not perfectly correct in all cases. What is correct in all cases though is shifting everything one grid entry over one axis, modulo'ing stuff to keep it inside the grass tile. Anyway the basic gist of it all is that you alternate between a checkerboard and grid pattern, in case that wasn't obvious.
(2.76 MB 698x520 2021-01-04 21-15-01.webm)
>>196738 >Is this really the best way to implement LOD for grass It's one of the two I have. As each tile gets further and further away from the player, I cut in half the number of grasses drawn, by that I mean, I just send half, quarter, etc of the buffer to the video card to be drawn. Because of how they were ordered when added to the tile, it just works. The other system is 3 levels of shadow detail: Receive and Cast shadows / Receive Shadows / No shadows. (I never tested if no receiving shadows actually does something for FPS though) Both of them work at the same time in 3 draw calls. >Disable animation It's on the vertex shader, I doubt it would make that big of a difference. >So basically just lower the resolution of your grid instead of this algorithm. Each blade of grass is an separate mesh using instanced rendering, this algorithm does exactly that, reduces the resolution without any need of recalculating anything, just render less of the grass and it just works. >>196743 >When you go up from a grid to a checkerboard You mean go down? The last half of the buffer will be the last level to be added, the first blades of grass to go away. I actually can't figure out exactly what you mean. The webm shows how the grass is currently ordered. Also, it would be lovely if each level of detail were to be added in an random order, so that when it goes away in the LOD it happens spread around the tile, thus removing these straight lines in the webm. I might end up having to look at this issue again in the future, as I don't have the time to worry about it unless the solution lands on my lap
(2.84 MB 1237x811 ClipboardImage.png)
>>196783 for clarification, outlined in red is a single tile that can have up to 1024 blades of grass on it (more or less). Since tiles are only 0.5 high, they break (and thus have less than 1024) blades of grass often on ramps and slopes, which is probably why it is rectangular rather than being square.
>>194676 Interesting. I've only ever used Action and Func for callback work so I've never seen that issue.
>>196819 I was exposing it through an extension method on dictionary as well (GetValue(), which would return the value or default null if it wasn't present, rather than raise and exception) so some fuckery was happening where it was just broken. Putting the dictionary into a class and using methods to add and invoke it worked perfectly fine so it's what I did
(80.78 KB 413x375 ac_1_script.jpg)
>>196783 >it just works. I mean it doesn't though, since your lods don't work. But I'm sure it'll work out eventually. I don't really understand what your grid algorithm is supposed to represent or solve. Do you procedurally generate grass so it's visible like in pic related? Otherwise the ordering doesn't matter, just fade the tile in. Or use a noise texture for "true" random grass placement?
(3.65 KB 512x128 ClipboardImage.png)
>>196783 Fuck yo grass, toss it out of the window and focus on the pattern. You're asking a math question, take your stupid botany elsewhere. Your pattern is either a grid or checker. When you add entries, you switch between the two. When you go from grid to checker, you add the size of the grid*0.5 to all entries to generate the new ones. This also "doubles" the resolution of your grid. When you go from checker to grid, you add the size of your grid to one coordinate of all your entries to generate new ones. This is how you generate the sequences that match pic 1 of your original post. I don't care how it looks in question and you should probably just add some randomization to make your grass look better, here's the maths.
(218.33 KB 1092x1023 1474492433001.png)
(64.65 KB 1024x768 05-01-21-1609872386_scrot.png)
>>196720 Eh well I did something else today then working on the "use" button function. I got a very basic enemy actor to work at least for the shooting part, now the thing is that I don't understand since process function seems to be called every function how do I get to implement animation such as firing and it stays at this frame for a few seconds, do I need to use another timer for it? And is there a tutorial somewhere that explains how to implement a Doom 1 like AI?
(331.62 KB 626x536 2021-01-05 17-43-07.webm)
A ton of trial and error later: grass_positions[0] = new int2(0, 0); grass_positions[1] = new int2(16, 16); grass_positions[2] = new int2(0, 16); grass_positions[3] = new int2(16, 0); ModeA(grass_positions, 4); ModeB(grass_positions, 8); ModeA(grass_positions, 16); ModeB(grass_positions, 32); ModeA(grass_positions, 64); ModeB(grass_positions, 128); ModeA(grass_positions, 256); ModeB(grass_positions, 512); private static void ModeB(NativeArray<int2> grass_positions, int size) { for (int i = 0; i < size; i++) { int mod = size / 2; int sqrt = (int)math.sqrt(mod); int offset = 32 / (sqrt * 2); int spacing = 32 / sqrt; int x = i % (mod / sqrt); int y = i / (mod / sqrt); grass_positions[i + size] = new int2(offset * ((y + 1) % 2) + x * spacing, y * spacing / 2); } } private static void ModeA(NativeArray<int2> grass_positions, int size) { for (int i = 0; i < size; i++) { int sqrt = (int)math.sqrt(size); int offset = 32 / (sqrt * 2); int spacing = 32 / sqrt; int x = i % (size / sqrt); int y = i / (size / sqrt); grass_positions[i + size] = new int2(offset + x * spacing, offset + y * spacing); } } 8chan better fucking have code tags All that remains is putting up some random on each level of detail.
>>85189 at first I thought that outhouse was being propelled upwards by a geyser of shit
(194.58 KB 1920x1080 20210104221245_1.jpg)
Remember anons, your game doesn't have to be perfect. Even AAA games have piles of spaghetti code or visible UV seams.
>>197240 I think this point could bear reiterating: most players of a game (assuming your game gets distributed to the wider gaming public at some point) won't notice the kind of misalignment in the picture unless it's literally all over the place, for instance. However, having said that, things like texture misalignments are not, I don't think, what the majority of amateur game devs spend inordinate amounts of time worrying over. Secondly, avoiding spaghetti code is a good thing for an amateur developer to be cognizant of, because if nothing else developing the game can be a way of developing one's skill at writing good code. Coding is like golf: if you start off allowing yourself to have bad habits, it becomes very hard to even realize that your habits are bad, let alone to fix them. Big software houses, though, tolerate bad code because they prefer cheap hires, getting things out the door quickly, and trading developer quality of life for results. None of those things should be relevant to the amateur developers of the sort that populate this thread. To contradict myself a bit, though, I also agree with you in that I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if a certain type of amateur developer can get discouraged by thinking they have to write best-practice quality code 100% of the time from the get-go, or if not explicitly thinking that then continually beating himself up over worries about whether his code is good enough. Some devs don't give code quality a second thought as they teach it to themselves, and I'm sure some obsess over it to the point where they don't even enjoy what they're doing any longer. I think that's probably a hard balance to strike when you're more or less on your own as a relatively new programmer (or programming a new type of thing, or a significantly larger thing like an entire game engine). I don't have any tips to help new developers with that except to try to be aware of how you feel when you're working, and, like the other anon said, to be mindful that you'd rather have something that isn't perfect but is released than something that you give up on because you start to hate working on it.
>>197240 It is for me good enough that I finally can free myself from the grips of (((Wargaming))) and (((Gaijin Entertainment))) games, with their fucking boring grinding and lame 15 minute matches which doesn't even provide options for single player mode.
(2.00 MB 814x532 2021-01-05 19-02-00.webm)
Looking good. Now to fix my shaders. >>197240 I try my very best but I still have enough spaghetti code that it not only bothers me on autistic level, but actively hinders me. My bad decisions when making the cooking system are about to haunt me for the quest system and I don't have the time to rewrite the cooking system. At least the farming system was done correctly.
>>197240 I restart projects so often, I find it's better for me to implement something, like perlin noise or a loot table, tidy it up and optimize it, then push it to my framework so I have a ready-to-go system for the next attempt
I need some advice to help me finish a project. It's the furthest I've gotten to finishing a game and I don't want to give up now. Luckily, I compartmentalized my code enough that I could throw out large parts of it without having too much stuff break. Long story short, I might have bitten off more than I could chew. I have seperate state machines to handle enemy movement and enemy attacks. My problem is that it's gotten too difficult to make these work together. Should I combine them into one state machine, or use a state machine for one of them and something simple for the other? Like I said, I'm in a position where I can throw a lot out if I have to. If it helps, I'm also using Unity.
(3.83 MB 2048x1024 art.png)
I regret to inform anons that I realized MTG works wonderfully for placeholder monster art
(83.22 KB 540x677 1458667409830.jpg)
>have two OpenGL windows with different GL contexts >works perfectly fine on dev machine (Windows 7) >works perfectly fine on old shitty XP machine >works perfectly fine on old shitty Windows 95 machine <second window does not draw anything on Windows 95 VM, despite the context initializing fine and no GL code producing any errors >works fine on Windows 10 VM <Nearest Neighbor scaling doesn't work on Windows 10 laptop and all textures are blurred by default
>>197520 Just wait till you run it in Linux.
>>197400 Can you try making a state machine that decides which of these two state machines the enemy is currently using? Enemy moves -> stops moving -> attacks -> resume moving -> repeat or something like that.
(54.23 KB 383x343 1409954139461.png)
>>197520 >windows 95
>>197758 The whole point of having 2 FSMs is to run two different trains of thought at once (in his case, evidently having the attack and movement decoupled) I think he'd be better off just using one FSM or rewriting the whole thing and using Behavior Trees.
>>197758 While that is an option, I think that might be harder to work with. >>197901 Behaviour trees sound sexy, but they're probably overkill for my project. Since you suggested just using one state machine, that's probably the better idea. Still, thanks to both of you anons.
>>197520 That's what you get for trying to write your own engine from scratch.
(1.34 MB 1872x1044 physics.webm)
>realize I want my guns to add force to physics objects >do a rough implementation <it looks okay, but the force isn't location-based and look funny >realize I've been meaning to write a "DamageInfo" class for later anyway which contains a lot more information about the attack than just who you're hitting >write it up in about 5 minutes and all of a sudden shooting my shitty gun feels much more fun than it did before Don't you just love it when stuff turns out exactly the way you expected it to?
(1.27 MB 3200x3600 Zero Approves.jpg)
>>198342 That looks pretty sick.
(11.51 MB 1126x522 2021-01-06 21-04-09.webm)
New grass LOD. Now it culls out a WHOLE LOT of more grass, Fully configurable (ingame after 2/2 in real time) Repeats image N times when the total number of blades of grass cuts N times. (4 repeats if 1/4 grass on the tile) Not sure if better than before. Another thing I worry is that my game will not be streamable with the grass moving like this. 10 mb for 5 seconds video>>198350
fucking hell I wish there was a button to open the reply box without adding the quotes, I always forget to remove it later My ID probably changed, vpn is being funny
(212.46 KB 378x482 ClipboardImage.png)
(96.35 KB 187x543 ClipboardImage.png)
(248.83 KB 659x535 ClipboardImage.png)
Third time I've posted this stupid thing. please shoot me
>>199190 It's not bad for what you're trying to go for.
Is there a option somewhere in the Tiled map editor to change the snapping grid for the collision maps? I've tried searching for a solution but so far I haven't found anything, making maps with Tiled is pretty good apart that its collision editor is poorly designed which is for me difficult to finely define the collision boxes. Or do I have to try using the LDtk map editor with the importer plugin for Godot?
>Not sure how to break my ideas down any further into more workable chunks >Not even sure exactly how or why I want to accomplish some things >Mind feels foggy and I just can't focus on anything today I hate it
(35.53 KB 607x760 ClipboardImage.png)
>>199840 I'm working on a simple combat loop (using state machines?) where an idle character will either attack or heal, and then enter a cooldown state. I'm not sure if I'm approaching this correctly, or if this is a good way to handle combat. I want something I guess like FF games have
(596.54 KB 640x360 Imma start screaming.webm)
(10.18 KB 200x280 fuck you nigger.jpg)
>>199692 God damn it, I've tried LDtk today and somehow it manages to have some terrible workflow, first of all for some dumb reasons layers are tied to a particular tilesets meaning if you change the tileset of a layer it will also change all the placed tiles to the selected ones instead of keeping. To expand the map I would have to pan the camera to the edge center and have to keep expanding or shrinking manually. When the map becomes too big LDtk starts to lag, the way it manages layers is worse than in Tiled there is no option to select multiple layers at once nor there is a option to add them to a directory which makes managing several layers that require each other so that the tiles "fit" a pain in the ass, its tilestacking system is a terrible workflow and adds more to the confusion than it helps managing. Jesus christ this is some serious grade A+ bullshit here, Tiled does pretty much everything good except for its backwards pants on heads retarded collision editor and LDtk gives the impression it is designed by a soyboy. How the fuck can you fuck up a 2D map editor this bad?
(466.11 KB 1437x826 ClipboardImage.png)
(200.21 KB 750x548 ClipboardImage.png)
(140.71 KB 788x535 ClipboardImage.png)
WIP replacement model for the degenerate enemies. For all I know I could end up replacing this model, too, but it's my first time trying at a properly done humanoid 3D model and yesterday it took 14 straight hours of looking at other references for proper topology. I'm still not sure if I'm set on making 3D modelling one of my "main skills" but I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel like I've "levelled up" like an RPG character. Still don't have the texture ready, UV Mapping is still proving to be a pain in the ass and it's probably one of the reasons I'm procrastinating by posting here instead of getting my ass back to work.
(1.24 MB 584x404 2021-01-08-1953-29.mp4)
>>200170 >>199840 Made a very simple combat simulator between two entities with fixed stats (eg the stat names are hardcoded, but the values of them can be changed as normal). In no particular order: >if there is a timer, wait until it elapses >if the timer elapses, do something based on state >if idle, choose an action, and begin charging it (new timer) >if performing an action, actually execute the action >after performing an action, enter a cooldown state >choosing an action: if hp < 80%, cast a heal spell, otherwise attack
(816.28 KB 1280x720 hax2.mp4)
>>200936 Nice. I too had made something a while back like that
(574.38 KB 762x558 ClipboardImage.png)
(330.15 KB 671x461 ClipboardImage.png)
(159.05 KB 758x421 ClipboardImage.png)
Working on the textures now. Only thing missing are the eyes. I'll likely be giving him a bit of a hunched posture to compensate for his height.
Redpill me on Godot. Why use it over other engines? Is it best to use it for small, 2d games from the days of flash or the SNES/Genesis? Which of the devs are cool?
>>201716 If you're doing 2D, you're better off making your own engine. Read some books on SFML 2.1 and have fun. I use Unity or UE4 for 3D games but I can't seem to find a 2D engine without a lot of bulk so I always prefer writing my own shit.
(203.57 KB 1000x352 ClipboardImage.png)
>>201816 One thing I absolutely hate about SFML is that it doesn't have a depth (Z) coordinate for texture coordinates. This means that even if you try to scale it manually, you end up with affine mapping and it will not look right, if you even try to use fake 3D. I realize SFML is for 2D projects, but even if it gave no support for 3D but allowed you to pass 3D coordinates, would be a godsend.
>>201716 Don't listen to the engine fag unless you mainly want to learn programming techniques and making an actual game is a secondary goal that is not important to you (because you will more than likely give up). As for godot, I use it because I don't want to use commercial engines and have to worry about licenses if I finally get to polish and release a game, but it has some annoying shit: the retarded nomenclature like "scenes", the shitty python clone that's not really python that the engine is built around (which also means real languages like C# are second-class citizens), UI is rather shitty in many aspects e.g. tile editor, can be buggy and crash at times. So yeah they have a long way to go.
(46.02 KB 815x395 ClipboardImage.png)
>>200936 Added 3 rows for front / middle / back row. Each character has a "distance" and "range", which affects what row they are in and how many rows away they can affect things. Right now, the goblin can't attack the player who has a range of 2. What should eventually happen is that the player would be considered in the front row because he has no allies in front of him
(14.11 MB 800x600 2021-01-10 12-14-31.mp4)
I feel like a fucking retard, it took me 8 hours to make the MCV move to a defined pathnode properly and getting it to deploy, I will use this feature mainly to make "support units" appear from certain spots and deploy bunch of structures nothing too fancy. Excuse me for the shitty video quality and the lack of audio but I have absolutely no idea how OBS works. Now I just to make the Conyard become actually useful not there for show that means I need to implement these features: buying/selling items, technology research, switch chassis and upgrade chassis. All done on the Conyard for now till I implemented other structures, much later on when I managed to write a switchable scene function for Hexen style hub maps which I'm going for I will make the units have limited command ability for redeployment purpose.
>>201816 >>201879 Same anon that you two replied to. Thanks for letting me know. I guess I'll wait for Godot to get a little more developed. God, I wish Monogame wasn't so tedious to install and use on Linux.
>>202486 If you're doing a 2D game, go ahead. No need to wait. Everything's there. You just need to get used to the engine and gdscript. If you're doing a 3D game, you can do that now but I'm hoping Vulkan support in Godot 4.0 will drastically improve 3D performance.
What's the best format or codec to compress audio while mostly preserving quality? Several dozen lengthy .ogg files will end up inflating my file size way more than I'd like it to.
>>202972 for most compression vp9 opus? but could take a chunk of processing. How much is sound files taking space? Thats why most just keep uncompressed .wav . Do search around
>>202486 Honestly, it seems like the godot folks expect 4.0 to be their debut into the big boys table. If you believe they'll deliver you may as well go ahead and start learning version 3.2, you will probably be able to apply 95% of the knowledge you acquire and porting the code shouldn't be much of an issue. I personally think godot is a good mid-to-long term investment.
(503.52 KB 850x425 ClipboardImage.png)
How would any of you anons recommend programming units in a simple rts/crpg? Nothing crazy like Supreme Commander or anything, just something where you can select one or more units to move, click on something to make them attack, and maybe activate/use abilities/spells.
>>206011 For pathfinding, probably something like boids or whatever for having a mass of units move together. Not sure how you'd handle formation or preventing units from clumping around the edge of a cliff single-file, though. When you issue a command, a function pointer or equivalent would be handy, so when they're out of range / not close enough to their target, they move closer, and then when they're close enough, they execute the command. For activating an ability (say you have a wizard with infantry), the infantry can't use spells, so you'd have to interpret whether the user means to move their infantry to the spell target or not as a default action
>>206034 Hey thanks! >Not sure how you'd handle formation or preventing units from clumping around the edge of a cliff single-file, though. Ha. I'll try to design my maps to prevent that. >When you issue a command, a function pointer or equivalent would be handy, so when they're out of range / not close enough to their target, they move closer, and then when they're close enough, they execute the command. So does that mean I should have the units keep track of their target's position and update it as needed? Also, since you mentioned actions and commands, should I create some sort of "unit action" object that stores a unit's orders, and have a queue storing those orders, or is that overkill?
>>206079 >I'll try to design my maps to prevent that This will happen with literally any map that has terrain they cannot cross, whether its because cliffs, rivers, buildings, or other units. It's something your pathfinding has to account for eventually. >Keep track of target's position? If it's something like an Attack command, they should move towards the position as it changes. If it's an Attack-Move command, that's a move command to a general area (fixed), while also attacking threats along the way. In either case, if they're out of range to perform the action, just do a distance check and if it fails, have them walk closer
(1.48 MB 3840x2160 OGL1.png)
(1.26 MB 3840x2160 OGL1_back.png)
(1.92 MB 3840x2160 OGL1_front.png)
I made a fighter jet of sorts.
>>206105 Thanks again for the insight. >>207041 Pretty neato.
>>207041 oh.Project Wingman DLC?
I seriously hope you guys are preparing for the next demo day
>>211267 >Two weeks away >Thread is 6 months old Fugg
>>211267 >>211311 I'm preparing but I'm worried that my game is far too incomplete. I have the first level about halfway through and and so far only have 1 enemy type. I imagine by 2/2, I'll have the level geometry/texture work done but I likely won't have the enemies done.
(744.35 KB 878x547 ClipboardImage.png)
>>211267 YES For once in a whole year I think I will have a demo for demoday.
(263.36 KB 383x306 BORK.gif)
>Feel like messing around and making an FPS >Know how to make my own, but I'm feeling lazy >Unity has a pre-built "microgame", so I could just mess around with that for a bit >Unity even made an extra project for wall running in case you want to make a cuhrayzee FPS >Download the project files and look at the code >Code files aren't properly organized- they're all over the place >They're also this weird mix of stuff broken up into components and giant classes >There's a class for something that can be destroyed, but there's also a health class >Everything looks like it was programmed in the most complex way possible Jesus Christ Unity. I know my way around programming, as well as making games, and I'm having trouble understanding this stuff. Imagine what it's like for someone just starting out. They'd want to kill themselves. How do they expect someone to learn with this stuff?
>>212237 That's what C++ was like when I was just starting out. Endless tutorials saying "just do this thing lol" without ever explaining what that thing actually does and when using it is proper/improper. Looking at my old code from a year ago as I rewrite it now disgusts me sometimes, but fuck, I didn't know any better. I think you're almost expected to copy-paste shit with no knowledge of what you're doing until things click, and then hopefully you're future code is less retarded. It doesn't help that most "advice" from places like Stack::Overflow is "your formatting is not what the C++ Gods said is proper", and "you should error check for this scenario that will literally never happen" instead of actually explaining what the fuck you're doing and why you should be doing it. It's why I remember even the simple shit they taught me in coding class in school, I never fucking understood it. In retrospect, I'm quite sure it was literally just For loops, Cin/Cout and Fstream, as well as some routine mathematical equations to run with the info you get. But fuck me, when you're told "include this thing lol, just do it faggot", it's never going to click in your mind like that. The best way I've always learned to code is to run examples and just change numbers and values, to see what happens. That's what I did like a decade ago when I first fucked around with Game Maker and that's what I did when I was first learning WinAPI just this year.
(7.63 KB 800x300 template.PNG)
(61.73 KB 800x303 ex 1.JPG)
(100.35 KB 800x547 ex 2.jpg)
Trying to figure out the exact mechanics of my row system for combat. If your character is in the back row, but they have nobody alive in front of them, the game considers them closer than they are, putting them in the front row. Basically everyone has an adjusted position. In the first example, it's just simple distance, but in the second example, A and B are together in the middle row, with nobody in front of them, so everyone is effectively that much closer (or I guess it should just be A and B that are shifted closer, not C). X is dead, so Y is considered front row now. It's designed this way so fragile characters can hide in the back and do their thing, forcing you to either attack the front row, or manipulate the order to hit them. Kind of like Darkest Dungeon, but less strict on positioning as a core mechanic The problem is that I don't know how to translate the distance check into code. The numbers on the top are the row positions as integers, and right now I've been doing (player + enemy distance) and checking against weapon range, which works fine, but as soon as I need to consider ally positions, it gets a little fucky (I don't have a party/encounter system implemented yet). But even so, having to check every in the player's party, seeing whether it has an ally in front of them, and is alive, it feels like I'm approaching this incorrectly. Any ideas?
>>212381 Actually, come to think of it, if the distance shift only affects the frontmost entity, I can probably get away with a check like (hasAlly() && allyIsAlive() && allyDistance() < myDistance) and solve my problems
>>212343 That's fine in your case anon. We all have to start somewhere. Programming, especially game programming, is a lot of work. So I found it tragic that something meant to ease someone into game development was complex and hard to follow.
(60.96 KB 500x400 1UfGfXQ1uQzDbJMk9dEqVqg.jpeg)
So I just found this place.I left 8kun when a bunch of other people left after mark had his tantrum and got fired. How many people are here from 8kun /agdg/?
>>213262 Most people here participated on that shitty site in some capacity until it got too shitty to even tolerate. Better question is how did it take you this long to find 8moe and how many people are seriously on 8kunt's agdg?
>>213471 I didn't find it earlier because I didn't know this place was a thing. I'm having trouble remembering the timeline right but I think things went 8chan.net then 8ch.net then maybe 8ch.moe then 8kun.top. I could have sworn the other 8chan used .moe for some period of time. But anyway each time 8chan changed their domain the userbase fractured each time and so it was hard to keep track of where people were going. Some went to zerochan or whatever the darknet one was called, some went to their own specific webring chans, and so on. I think some people were talking about maybe using 8chan.pl at some point. Either way I want to say that because 8chan couldn't use .moe anymore I think I figured there couldn't be another existing 8chan there now. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong about the original 8chan using .moe though.
>>213471 Oh and I checked maybe a month or so ago on 8kun to how their agdg was doing and I think it was very slow. I don't know if many people there are left from when it was going at a comparatively decent pace. I used to post there a bit though back when their /v/ was going strong. It was nice because unlike 4/agdg/ your posts wouldn't get washed away in the shitstorm of engine shitposting and namefagging and so on.
>>213498 >Someone please correct me if I'm wrong about the original 8chan using .moe though. I don't think it ever used .moe.
>Have three days off >Oh boy time for some progress! >Rename one function, tidy up one small data class, and redo a comment Fugg
>>214081 Maybe im confusing it with one of the boards on the webring then.
>>213262 Speebot dev is gone. I know a bunch of devs are on discord now, but they wont let you in unless you show them the game you're working on. I honestly don't want to namefag with my game. Check the bunkers: http://8agdg.wikidot.com/general:bunkers >>213498 >>214081 8chan.moe was between 8chan and 8kun. It was only up for a few months. I think that's when the SS13 server came back for a brief period.
>>214997 I don't care all that much for discord but I don't really mind showing off my game if anyone wants to see it.
>>213262 you didn't notice the past couple of demo days didn't happen on 8kunt, right? I mean, the thread had links to here and zch since November. It's... the second to last post in that thread. >>214997 >Speebot dev is gone. you can still contact speebotdev if you wanted (and you can still buy and play The Phantom Path) but many people disappeared entirely after original 8chan was lost. I need to update the wiki someday and make a list, but I mourn the loss of doctard the most. >>215021 post game, brother. let me guess, it's vid related
>>215507 Mark had his tantrum months ago. I havent been there since except just to take a quick look a couple times. I'll post my game when I get home from work. I work on it a little bit in the mornings before I leave.
>>215507 >you can still contact speebotdev if you wanted He hasn't updated his twitter or blog in a year. I think he threw in the towel. >but many people disappeared entirely after original 8chan was lost Yeah it really sucks. The thread was like an oasis in a swamp. Was the only thing that kept me coming back, since the rest of 8/v/ went to shit and 8/vg/ was extremely slow. Genuinely have no idea where to lurk for gamedev stuff besides here. I'll be honest these threads feel extremely stagnant to me and are more demotivating than anything. >I mourn the loss of doctard the most. Who was doctard?
(13.33 MB 1920x1080 ROGUE FIRST PERSON.webm)
>>215507 So basically quite a while ago I was working on making a 3d first person roguelike but after a while I realized that the way I was generating rooms and things was going to make any sort of dungeon generation more complex than bsp way more elaborate and difficult than I would like so I scrapped pretty much everything I had made at that point and started over using 3d block tiles. So while before I was going to just make my own thing, this time around I decided to remake the original 1980 Rogue in first person before doing anything else original so I can hopefully work out most of the easier problems of making a roguelike in 3d and first person. So far the dungeons generate almost exactly the same as the original with dark rooms, mazes, and missing room acting as they should, some of the enemy behaviors are in like wondering the dungeon and chasing the player are done, weapons and armour are in, and some other basic stuff. Right now I still need to add the rest of the monsters and their behaviors, potions, wands, traps, and a couple other things.
Any of you know where I can pirate/view pirated Zenva files and tutorials?
(2.97 MB 1280x720 Not normalized.webm)
(2.93 MB 1280x720 Normalized.webm)
So I have a question for whoever wants to answer. In my remake I'm trying to get the feel as close as possible to the original rogue so I'm wondering if it make more sense to not normalize movement vectors? That way things would move faster diagonally but they would take the same amount of time to move from one tile to the next no matter which direction they were going and since the original was played on a terminal it would be very similar to that. The webms show the difference with two kestrals that are set to a confused state. Also in the normalized one the other kestral entering that room was completely coincidental, I haven't coded in anything to prevent confused enemies from leaving their rooms yet.
(3.78 MB 800x600 StoryUpdate11.webm)
>>131690 Story update since it's been a while and I don't have much else to post about. There is a gap between the previous update and this one, but it doesn't really matter. Setup to the scene is that Alto has discovered that the Cantabile training that broke her wribs was completely pointless (which is an actual plot point in the original game). Alto retreats to her tent and Teagan follows her.

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