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(1.27 MB 850x875 ClipboardImage.png)
Granblue Fantasy - /gbfg/ Anonymous 04/30/2020 (Thu) 06:28:01 ID:2b8632 No. 917
QUARANTINE Edition Crews 1.Infinity - 692908 2.Kihou - 740471 3.Sky Lords - 733000 4.Raven Nest (Dead) - 1024216 5.Heaven&Hel(Dead) - 933194 Guides and info https://gbf.wiki/ >How do I even play this shit? You can play it from your browser by going to http://game.granbluefantasy.jp/ >I'm not going to use google botnet to play this. You can use chrome alternatives, such as Slimjet or Iridium. If you don't like doing that, use an agent spoofer for the browser you do use to spoof chrome. Relink http://relink.granbluefantasy.jp/ Versus https://versus.granbluefantasy.jp/
Polaris did nothing wrong.
(1.91 MB 850x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
(894.13 KB 850x603 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.18 MB 850x1083 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.65 MB 850x1232 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1085 >anything being better than draphs and their big titties
(558.68 KB 680x460 EW5qn-ZU8AAymbz.png)
(324.31 KB 468x550 EW5qtC7VAAEwNfJ.png)
May 2020 Schedule 4/29 - 5/7 = The Art of Mercy 5/8 - 5/14 = Proving Grounds (Fire favored) 5/15 - 5/27 = iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls collab event 5/29 - 6/6 = Story event https://granbluefantasy.jp/pages/?p=30152 >Proving Grounds will start on May 8th, with Wind enemies (Fire favored). As with the previous Fire favored Proving Grounds, enemies will take more damage when afflicted with Burn status. No new weapon >May 15th, the iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls collab returns with two new SSR units: New Generations (Uzuki, Rin, and Mio) and Takagaki Kaede. >May 25th, "The Birth of a New King" (Beelzebub) will go live as a 6-player raid fight that uses Battle System V2. The description of the Bubs fight says that he is equal in difficulty to Dark Rapture Impossible {Faa-san HL). The Astral Weapons (which you could previously get from Beelzebub DLC in Granblue Fantasy Versus) will be available in the shop, and you will not need to defeat Beelzebub to buy them. However, there will be a new 5* for these weapons that will need Beelzebub drops. >May's Side Story will be Ranger Sign Bravo! Event SR Walder will also receive a 5* uncap on the day that Ranger Sign Bravo goes live in Side Stories, and his uncap fate episodes will serve as a sequel to the event. >In early June, the following characters will receive balance adjustments: Fire: Anthuria Percival Water: Summer Narmaya Aglovale Earth: Threo Valentine's Medusa Wind: Gawain Carmelina Light: De La Fille Seruel Dark: Vira Olivia >The new date for the Cavalier and Lumberjack CCWs is May 19th. Due to the nature of these classes, each of the classes will receive two Class Champion Weapons. Lumberjack will have both a harp and an axe, while Cavalier will have both a spear and a gun.These Class Champion Weapons will not require Emblems to give them skills - instead, they will have two unique skills that cannot be changed.
>>1245 And most importantly, more awakening levels coming cause these ones were shit
>>1123 Makes no goddamn sense that draphs are not the master race of the granblue world. If draphs were real they would just be fucking 24/7.
(192.03 KB 960x800 Anzu gbf.png)
>>1245 I know nothing about Idolmaster despite having all the characters in Granblue, I even skipped those stories back in the day. Maybe now it's a good time to go back and get to know these girls. >>978 The devs did her so wrong.
(6.55 MB 2500x1662 ClipboardImage.png)
Art of cute plain clothes primals babysitting an annoying child for the day of the cancelled Fukuoka granbluefest
>>1688 I want to fuck Io.
>>1642 Sadly, the IM@S fates in Granblue are mostly still stuck in the 2014-2016 intro>monsters attack>menial quest>bandits attack>'Wow, I learned so much!' -style of storytelling. It gives you a decent idea of who the Idol is, what she likes, etc. but you usually miss out on their backstory, the relationship they have with the Idol world and arcs that they may have gone through. The IM@S events (like most collabs) are mostly about the novelty of having these characters in the Granblue world and not much else. We don't even get a lot of interaction between the Idols and our crew. One of the only moments that sticks out to me is in Shiki's fates, she asks Lyria if she wants a love potion to give to the MC.
How bad is Granblue Fantasy compared to FGO when it comes to their gatcha rates and value?
>>2265 I've never played FGO, but in Granblue, you have a 3% rate on the class of drops you care about most, doubled to 6% during bimonthly events. If you don't spend money but play diligently, you generally get enough crystals and tickets for a few hundred pulls a year, and there's a mercy mechanic where you get the drop of your choice if you perform 300 pulls within a set time period (usually a day or two). There are also a bunch of seasonal freebie events where you get free pulls, usually to the tune of 10/day, like Golden Week (going on right now), New Year's, and the game's annual March anniversary.
>>2265 I play both and I think Granblue is a lot more generous with the gacha. Sparking means that as long as you save your tickets and Crystals and pull during Galas, you can get a shitload of SSR characters and Summons. If you want an specific permanent character or a Limited one during Anniversary, Surprise Tickets and the Beginner Ticket are good, too. For the price of a paid 10-pull you get a 10-pull ticket to use whenever you want plus the character of your choice. The Beginner ticket works the same but it is way cheaper and appears every month around the date you made your account until you buy it. If you have zero plans to spend money there's also the roulette during the end of the year and anniversary that gives everyone free pulls every day. >>2270 In FGO you literally throw the Quartz you have been saving for months or your money to see if you get the SSR you want and even then the chances of you walking away with nothing of value are high. No mercy or pity are there to help except for the USOs which are a joke. In order to get an USO you need to get a 5* Servant 5 times. Then from the 6th onward you get an USO and the Servant. You need 10 USOs to exchange for ONE COPY of the Servant you want.
(1.45 MB 1357x2125 Japanese.png)
(636.00 KB 2480x3507 German.jpg)
>>2273 >if you get the SSR you want and even then the chances of you walking away with nothing of value are high >In order to get an USO you need to get a 5* Servant 5 times. Then from the 6th onward you get an USO and the Servant. To me it seems like FGO's gatcha is designed to scam and just take the money from you without even rewarding the player for spending time on the game or for simply spending money on quartz. I just don't understand why the Japs and weebs worldwide love this game so much despite the fact that games like Azur Lane has waifus that are way better than what FGO offers and it's way more generous to giving what you need to roll.
>>2276 It's the franchise. Due to how DW gets millions every month they don't need to bother with free pulls, half-off pulls, or voice acting for the story or events while they can pump out anime made by anime studios that charge peanuts for the production.
(933.34 KB 850x664 ClipboardImage.png)
Box of potatoes
>>2276 FGO has the advantage of an established universe and characters, while also having what is probably the best written gachashit game story out there. Plus the concept of "Here's the mythological hero you know and love except he's a hot girl now" is pretty good you have to admit.
>>2334 >Best written gatcha shit story so in other words all other gatchashit games have shit story but this one's a little bit better. >Plus the concept of "Here's the mythological hero you know and love except he's a hot girl now" is pretty good you have to admit. Nope I would much rather have Alexander The Great and other male heroes who are female in Fate just be male and properly written as the characters that their legends portray them.
(194.89 KB 500x850 Untitled.png)
>>2336 Alex in Fate is a big buff dude though although he does have a shota ver for gays like you
(49.18 KB 1000x369 Terry A Davis.jpg)
>>2339 Nah go back to your containment board /lgbt/ FGO is shit and you have shit taste fag.
(5.52 MB 800x450 The_Tranny_Wars.webm)
>>2276 I want to talk about Azur Lane but I'm afraid not enough people have migrated over yet. Would of been nice if this was a general gacha thread.
(204.04 KB 1400x975 122.jpg)
(275.89 KB 1338x1200 116.jpg)
(1.31 MB 993x1450 106.png)
(365.39 KB 1546x2048 105.jpg)
>>1123 You understand.
>>2369 >Trannies in granblue These faggots will appear up anywhere that is about anime, but always will they suck at the games they orbit around. >I want to talk about Azur Lane but I'm afraid not enough people have migrated over yet Well there's nothing stop ya isn't there? I wouldn't mind having a general gatcha thread as long as FGO is talked about. *I would also like to know if any anons on here have been playing Idolmaster*
(59.09 KB 412x536 shrimpgrid.jpg)
would you bother even when its only viable one day a week?
>>2628 It's a decentish build for a meme build outside of Fridays, and on Friday it's ridiculously powerful. I wouldn't spend crystals on it though. SSR Friday will have the ability to make every day Friday and then this grid will take over the meta
>>2585 >I would also like to know if any anons on here have been playing Idolmaster I assume you're talking about the other gacha games. I used to play both CG games. The original one got fairly boring, I passively play it now. Just doing my daily log-in, checking out the events and keeping up-to-date with the newest idols/cards. SS on the other hand, I do actually still play regularly. It's also one of the only mobile games that I actually use as a mobile game. If I need to wait somewhere or when I'm walking home from work, it's a lot easier to pull up SS, play a song or two and then go about my business than with other games. I do sometimes do that with GBF but it's not nearly as fun. I've fallen pretty deep into the IM@S hole. I've been with the franchise for over a decade so add some early teens nostalgia bias into the mix and I generally like the music so your mileage will inevitably vary. >>2651 >ridiculously powerful I wouldn't go that far. The SHRIMP gun only has 3.5% attack skill more than an LE and I'm not exactly seeing Zeph dagger grids rampaging around.
>>2671 Medium compared to Big Might 2 is pretty big man.
>>2677 I forgot that it was Big 2. So a 5.5% difference. That amounts to a 66% normal ATK difference with single Agni compared to a dagger grid. That is still not nearly enough to even bother with and it will not even beat a standard Ixaba grid considering that has more cap up (and works every day).
>>2682 You're comparing a free(ish) grid with a max whale grid, I still think shrimp guns (on Friday) will be the best F2P grid for fire for sure. Still, it's pretty pointless until we get SSR Friday to shake things up.
>>2694 That "free(ish) grid" costs you at least 12 bars, a Grand and 5.5K crystals and it only works 14% of the time. If you spark 3 extra Ixabas you can do better for the same bar cost and it works everyday. You can also spend no bars/grands and suffer through the Prom grind.
God I would risk getting an STD from Metera
>>2825 You get the whole package.
>>2697 I think the shrimp weapons already come mlb the wiki say it only needs 2 shrimps for 4* which which means you'll have to sacrifice all your pocket shrimp, even then i doubt i have enough for the grid since im stuck with 17 pocket shrimp.
>>2874 I didn't fully consider the real costs of that grid apparently. 17 shrimp is the current max you can have. If we assume that the weapons come MLB'd then that means that you can't even make that grid unless you spend bars on the FLB due to the extra shrimp cost. As of right now, you'd have to spend 4 bars. Let's not even talk about the cost if they don't come MLB'd. Another fun fact to consider: This upcoming GW is the first one where a Friday coincides with a relevant day in GW, that being round 4 on this occasion. Usually it's during Prelims, break or it simply doesn't overlap at all.
(2.74 MB 1478x1109 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.81 MB 1478x1109 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.81 MB 1478x1109 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.87 MB 1478x1109 ClipboardImage.png)
Valentines cards have been shipped. Here's some I found on twitter. I wish we could use some this art as ex poses, since a lot of them are better quality than ingame art
(3.47 MB 2047x1238 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.24 MB 657x1024 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.31 MB 2048x960 ClipboardImage.png)
(3.93 MB 2048x1609 ClipboardImage.png)
(4.86 MB 1536x2048 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3306 Draphs Robots Kou, You and ninetails Primals The samurai harvin's cards actually link up
>>3306 >>3311 Looking good. Yeah, I wish they did something with all this art in-game. I'd love to have the original versions of these saved somewhere. My Vampy card is probably going to take a while to arrive but I'm looking forward to it as much as each year before.
>>3306 I'm glad the colorized version of the Fenrir one looks better. I still prefer the one they did a couple years ago where someone was feeding her a chocolate.
(357.31 KB 493x723 ClipboardImage.png)
(350.64 KB 493x699 ClipboardImage.png)
(349.02 KB 493x709 ClipboardImage.png)
(369.06 KB 491x731 ClipboardImage.png)
(338.89 KB 495x743 ClipboardImage.png)
New moon weapon uflbs are in
(358.05 KB 493x697 ClipboardImage.png)
(383.01 KB 495x725 ClipboardImage.png)
(370.38 KB 491x739 ClipboardImage.png)
(385.61 KB 493x737 ClipboardImage.png)
(340.12 KB 495x711 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4393 The harp apparently boosts all skill 1's on ougi, so it works for lumberjack and rising force
>>2276 Does Azur Lane let you self-insert? If the answer is no, then its fairly obvious why it isn't popular.
>>4469 You literally marry the ships, so the answer is yes.
>>4473 Too bad it's literal red chinese chinkshit. If only Kancolle had better gameplay. I've tried out the arcade version and it's actually not bad.
>>2276 Namebrand recognition along with it being the only think TM is working on in the gaming department so there are alot of fags who are just along for the ride. A shame because I believe that the gacha format is ruining alot of the servants in terms of character. >>2336 >Nope I would much rather have Alexander The Great and other male heroes who are female in Fate just be male and properly written as the characters that their legends portray them. Eh even with the males they aren't completely historically accurate, alot of them don't even have the same personality traits or grudges they had in their historical/mythological counterparts. Genderbends have been apart of the series since the beginning and honestly I would rather have genderbends then fujobait bishes running amok.
do the angel summons sub aura damage cap stack with rtob caps and cosmo caps?
>>5120 Yes, the Primarchs sub-aura is separate from the grid cap.
(527.63 KB 615x779 Capture.PNG)
Is there an online resource somewhere where I can look up notable weapons and grids, both farmed and gacha? I started recently, and I'm terrified of trashing some one-in-a-million build-defining drop because I didn't know how it worked or what I was supposed to do with it.
(118.54 KB 641x328 2020-05-14.png)
(592.98 KB 632x719 2020-05-14_2.png)
(476.51 KB 614x859 2020-05-14_3.png)
>>5935 グランブルーファンタジー.gamewith.jp/article/show/47075 kamigame.jp/グラブル/武器編成/理想編成_火.html These are the most up-to-date and popular resources for examples. They should not be taken as gospel, they should be used as guidelines. they can be varying degrees of wrong so feel free to consult the thread or your crew (if you're in one) and do some cross-referencing. Gamewith has a step-by-step guide so it's easier for progression and Kamigame has more extreme and niche end-game builds. >terrified of trashing some one-in-a-million build-defining drop Sadly, there is no easy to use English "don't destroy this weapon"-list, that I know of. As a general rule of thumb, never use Gacha SSRs for skill levelling and don't reduce them unless you are desperate for weapon stones/quartz. I recommend that you buy a weapon and summon stash (pic 2 and 3). If you're ever unsure you can just toss the item in there and you don't have to worry about it. The raids that you'll be faming for a bit are the magna/omega raids. You can compare the following article with the example grids to see which weapons are worth keeping and which you can use as fodder. グランブルーファンタジー.gamewith.jp/article/show/37987 Don't hesitate to ask the thread about anything if you're stuck/confused. Though, keep in mind that we'll probably be slower to respond due to recent events.
>>5935 You should join one of the crews in the OP and ask in crew chat if you need an opinion.
(2.36 MB 1440x2560 Screenshot_20200514-131420~03.png)
>>6024 >"don't destroy this weapon"-list, that I know of. the granblue wiki seem work pretty alright as far as i get is: >the weapon has a note saying safe to reduce, or no note. safe to reduce >the weapon has a note saying not reduce do NOT reduce it >the weapon has note that says maybe you want to hold it foar a 4 stars. its up for you to reduce it or not. most of those weapons i though it was safe for reduce because it was something like this: dark weapon, first skill big boost to dark attack, second skill, big boost to fire attack. BITCH tell me why i would want fire boost a attack in a DARK weapon that probably will be put in a grid for a team with DARK characters?
>>6324 Oh, yeah. I completely forgot that the English wiki has those little notes. They seem fairly accurate as far as I can tell too. >fire boost a attack in a DARK weapon That's a holdover from when they were slowly introducing and expanding on the idea of multi-element team comps. There were viable Odin and GO teams around in 2015-2016. S.Zoi (and dark in general) completely ruined that idea and Shiva was the final nail in the coffin. Funnily enough, something similar happened with the GOHL raid. Multi-element teams were the best way to gain honours quickly in that fight but now dark has taken over, again. Nowadays, the secondary element skill is a complete waste but these weapons can still be improved since they can get third skills on FLB now. Narus katana got a pretty bad FLB but Vampys dagger and the like can still be saved.
>>6024 >foiled by moonrunes yet again >machine translation ahoy This is going to be an adventure. I did buy all the storage capacity I could, though, and it's been a godsend. Thanks for that. I was linked the wiki's starting grids as a place to, well, start, then sent to the Pooky guide, which naturally contradicted a lot of the wiki stuff. I'm getting to the point where I'm starting to get some M2 drops and occasionally even a few Prometheus-tier drops, but outside of a single Prometheus build on Pooky, I'm not sure how those would play with my current gear, or if they require a whole ton of gacha drops to really hit their stride. >>6035 I'm in one of the crews in the OP, but I'm slow on the uptake, so I'm worried that my flood of idiot questions is annoying crew chat. >>6324 >>6366 I try to use the wiki notes, too, but I got smacked with a rolled-up newspaper when I followed its advice to save Balmung.
I'm a bit of retard, so I have a question: does putting the bunny as your main summon for xp gains also boost rp gains, or am I a big dummy for even thinking that. Also, if anyone has some rp levelling tips besides "do shiny slime search lmao" that'd be cool.
>>6397 Balmung is a very niche weapon that may or may not be useful for you in the very long term. You can hold onto one, but no big deal if you reduced it. >>6709 The game is pretty good about specifics like that, so if it says, "boosts EXP gain" it does mean EXP and not EXP & RP. Rank doesn't matter much outside of getting to HL so I wouldn't worry about it if I were you.
(285.76 KB 337x393 ClipboardImage.png)
So similar looking
(190.60 KB 557x464 Untitled.png)
(523.62 KB 641x851 Capture.PNG)
(111.39 KB 627x293 ClipboardImage.png)
Death to localizers.
>>4638 >A shame because I believe that the gacha format is ruining alot of the servants in terms of character. How so? I presumed that they kept the characters the same as they were written in the LN.
Finally cleared the Proud+ Gilbert. Robomi last stretch clutch MVP
How much money did you faggots spend on this game?
>>8917 In 3 years I've spent $60
>>8917 in 4 yrs never put a dime in it, everything was crystal grind, free rolls and roulettes
>>8917 Nothing. I've accidentally done stuff that apparently required real money to do, but I was too lazy/retarded to translate the moonrune popup demanding my shekels.
>>8917 I'll admit I've dropped hundreds into the game over the course of the 4-5 years I've been playing. The way I excused it (to myself) is that I play Granblue as much as I'd play a normal MMO, so I looked at my occasional purchase as a subscription fee.
>>8917 I spend $30 every year on the anniversary. That's about it. The anniversary ticket is a really good deal though, and spending money on this game otherwise is a dumb idea.
>>9023 >>9053 >>9070 >>9074 >Spending money at all on gatchashit Retards
>>9471 >spending money on anything
How do you guys usually set up your teams?
(771.63 KB 511x807 8927389789743.png)
>>9553 I usually just use whatever characters that let me full auto everything with ease. MVP/honor racing setups can vary though depending on the fight.
(686.41 KB 625x703 Untitled.png)
>>9553 I just have parties with various weapon/race specs and use whatever fits the situation. The other tab is for when I need more customization and "for fun" teams.
(208.42 KB 628x365 ClipboardImage.png)
>"Alright, I know what to do. Hear me out." >get pic related My sides. Laguna apparently has the best sense of humor out of anyone on the crew.
>>10053 translate nigga
>>10346 Hell if I know. Either the translation botched that line completely or the client dropped whatever packet was supposed to make it tell me the line in English. I just really like the idea that Omar told Laguna whatever she needed to know in some sideways-ass language that nobody alive would naturally know, and she relayed it verbatim to the rest of the crew.
>>9553 I just got started playing and I don't even know what to do or how I should set up my build.
>>9553 >>10637 How new are you talking? First month? First day? There are anons in this thread and the crews who are pretty knowledgable about helping new players find their bearings.
>>10759 First month so far and I'm confused on what characters I should grind items for and trying to learn all the characters and their skills or at least what's good for a build.
(861.19 KB 850x719 ClipboardImage.png)
The simplest rule of thumb for a new player is to run miserable mist on mc, and then have a character who also has def down to try and reach the def down cap of 50% (mist is 25%. There is some complication with single sided and dual sided debuffs, so check on the wiki. mist is dual sided). Then just run a buffer and you should have a basic team. Also, make sure your grid has 1 baha weapon, 1 seraph weapon (ie michael's sword), 2 ex weapons, and the rest magna. That's the best early spread. After that is where it starts to get complicated.
When is she going to join my crew? I've been waiting for years. I just want her to hurry up and be added to the gacha so I can ticket her and marry her.
(6.08 MB 2048x1536 ClipboardImage.png)
(4.38 MB 2048x1536 ClipboardImage.png)
(373.71 KB 600x338 Untitled.png)
>>11716 Why don't you just play Princonne and be done with it. >>11716 >that bottom left
>>11721 That ain't the same doggo
(394.70 KB 725x675 ClipboardImage.png)
Lumberjack Europa
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxIHtlB1S4Y I fucking love this parrot meme. So bubs raid has just dropped, just waiting for the tryhards to figure out what comp works for it aside from Tormentor cheese. I also have to farm the dragons now because I didn't expect it to need dragon mats. What did you guys run to beat it? Don't show me your Tormentor comp
>>13666 Hey Satan mind explaining what this parrot shit is?
>>13666 I expected the one with the raids that drop gold bricks.
(300.83 KB 542x274 2020-05-26_18-51-12.png)
(646.96 KB 633x652 2020-05-26_18-51-24.png)
(775.69 KB 628x650 2020-05-26_18-51-34.png)
>>13666 I managed to clear the raid three times so far. 2 of them were as Tormentor but here's my Chaos Ruler set-up that I used for the third win. My sub-skills probably look pretty weird but I need Twin Coil+Decimate to clear the 30-hit triggers. Theoretically, I could clear those with the help of Grims S3 but because it also has delay; he usually just stops the Omen entirely. That's good and all but that means that I'm missing 7 hits the next turn. That's where Twin Coil and Decimate come in. Quick Down is a huge help to everyone's survivability. Gravity is mandatory in my opinion but, obviously, not everyone needs to take it. Blind is another good option. The amount of skills that help out the entire raid is more limited due to Beelzebubs mechanics (phalanx, clear,etc. are ineffective). Dispel is an exception. You need to dispel 5 of his raid-wide buffs to debuff him at 50% and you can dispel a few of his local debuffs as well. As you can see, I'm using Grim, Yurius, Anchira, Katze and Estarriola. I don't have V.Grim but regular also does a good job in this fight. I think, once people get more familiar with this fight and more details come out, you could replace him with Siete. Siete would give you the opportunity to clear the 75% and 60% triggers really easily which is a huge help and that means that you don't need as much coordination between raid members. Yurius and Anchiras inclusion don't really need to be explained. Katze is there as a net in case any non-monkey unit dies. His sub-passive is nice too. Estar is less useless in the backline than in the front but overall still pretty useless. I'm using a standard Zeph stam grid with an Indra's Edge for extra safety. Enmity would be way better but I'm working on two other primals this year so I'm holding of on any Zeph investments in the foreseeable future. I don't have my Opus UFLB'd for the same reason, other elements have priority now. I will replace that Xeno fist with Innocent Love soon though. Summons are fairly self-explanatory. Raph and/or Satyr could be replaced by Qilin. Typhon and Thor are also useful. Any summon that helps you clear his triggers is appreciated. I can also post some of my findings and tips if you want.
>>13773 You can look up party parrot on youtube or twitter, you should get it after watching a few vids. >>13853 >I can also post some of my findings and tips if you want. Sure, go ahead.
>>14100 This is a big, dry and ramble-y wall of text. It's not a quick and easy read so if I can find the time, I might make a clear and concise infographic like the ones LuciH has. Please feel free to ask any questions if anything is unclear. Same thing if any corrections need to be made. Okay, first some special conditions in the fight. He has the standard ATK/DEF down resist. He also has immunity to charm (and para, instant-death,etc.). All-elemental cut (Phalanx) and veil are rendered ineffective in this fight. Elemental switch+elemental cut still works. When any unit is killed by Beelzebub himself, he restores 20 mil(3-4%) HP, clears some debuffs and he gains a big ATK buff. There is one extra detail with this condition but I'll talk about that later. He also gains a stacking buff each time he successfully uses a special attack or trigger. It's called Trance, it raises his DATA with each stack and it can stack up to 3 times. At 3 stacks he also gains a massive ATK buff. It can only be removed by successfully cancelling an Omen. Lastly, there is a turn limit. It's not detailed anywhere in-game but the turn limit is 180/no. of players so 30 turns for 6 people. On turn 31 he'll prep a trigger called 'King's Religion' which is un-cancellable and wipes out your entire party including back-line. I've heard people talk about how if one person gets this trigger as an Omen it will show up for everyone else as well but I can't confirm that. I do know that it has a lower priority than some of his other triggers so you can sneak in some extra damage if you time it right. Now for some strategies and a rundown on his special attacks and triggers. All his Omens are only cancellable locally, so the other raid members can't help you. On turn 2 or turn 1 when you use a summon, he'll use Chaoscaliber. It's a big all-ally attack that hits once and inflicts stunned for 1T. A common strategy is tanking this with any all-sub character on turn 1. This saves your 30-hit tools for later and it can bring out evokers easily but it does mean that he has 1 Trance stack and has an ATK buff from killing someone. If you have Geisenborger, he can almost singlehandedly clear the 30-hit trial and then use all-sub to let himself get killed. Kolulu can also be used. After this trigger, he starts using Chaoscaliber when he's in OD and between 100%-75% HP. Every version of it is cancellable by hitting him 30 times. Unisonic is a special attack that he'll use when his diamonds are full, he's not in OD and between 100-75% health. It hits three allies which means it can be dodged via mirror image or Six's S2+ ougi or any equivalent. When it hits, it reduces buff durations on the affected character by 6 turns. Afterwards he goes into OD and gains counters-on-damage. His counters are actually dispellable. Unisonic is cancellable by dealing 10 million damage. He removes his debuffs at 75% once and then preps Karma. Karma does relatively very little damage to your entire team but it inflicts summonless for 12 turns and it can inflict Subjugated for 2 turns on one ally. Subjugated prevents that ally from attacking, using skills and they have 100% hostility. Karma is cancellable by using CB. This is where the true difficulty of this fight comes in. CB management. Karma is not just a 75% trigger and a 60% trigger but it's also his special attack in OD. It is quite difficult for all 6 players to get a CB for 75% and have one more ready at 60%. People used to split up into two teams to handle this situation but it's starting to fall out of style. Black flies is his non-OD attack from 75-50%. It's a multi-hit attack that inflicts Slashed, Collapsed(100% bar for 3T) and reduces your charge bar by 200%. Meant to make building CB way more difficult. Cancellable by dealing 10 million damage. Not much else to say. 50% triggers another debuff clear, 5 raid-wide buffs on Beelzebub and Langelaan Field. First order of business is dispelling the 5 buffs. His 5th buff is Veil so you need to clear all of them before you can debuff him again. Everyone should contribute on this. Langelaan Field is very unique 'attack'. Instead of the Omen disappearing after 1 turn, it lasts for 4. Beelzebub does nothing as long as he's channelling but he has reflect on him. Every time you hit him he deals 2K plain damage back to you. There's also the fact that he deals a stupid amount of plain damage to you if you use a red or blue skill during this time. The field is cancellable by dealing 5 million damage. A very important thing to note, if you guard for 4 turns in a row the field simply runs out and does nothing. I mentioned something extra about his healing condition at the start, that comes into play here. If someone dies to Langelaan Field, the entire raid needs to deal 20 million extra damage individually to stop the field. This is why Guarding for 4 turns is seen as more desirable. He starts using Just Execution after 50% as his non-OD special. Does 24 hits of respectable damage. It gives him 1T of ATK up and puts him in OD. Cancellable via CB. Chaoscaliber comes back as his OD special. Still cancellable by 30 hit, it just does more damage now. 30% and 15% triggers are Black Spear. Big all-ally damage, inflicts Defenseless (can't Guard 2T), Bored (huge DEF down 2T) and stackable Max HP down. Cancellable via CB. This attack exist to set you up for the following triggers. It's best to cancel Black Spear and just Guard the next one. Chaos Legion is his 25% and 10% trigger. It does a decent amount of damage to your team. Not really dangerous if you can just Guard it (which is why Black Spear removes your ability to do that). It does have a special condition. If you're at 3 stacks of Trance, instead of random elemental damage it'll deal plain damage instead. this is basically a team wipe. Cancellable via CB. The main crux of the fight is CB and charge diamond management. The most important trick I can impart is the fact that you can use Guard to make certain characters not ougi. You want to manage your CB meter as best you can so having your entire team Ougi at 90% CB meter is a big waste. In that same situation, you can have 3/4 people Guard and just let one person ougi to get a CB. This means that you can guarantee 36% CB meter the turn after. More general tips. Bring as many tools as you can to inhibit his normal attacks. Blind, DATA down, mirror image, dodge-and-counter, regular dodging,etc. Delay is the other big portion of the fight and the main reason why Tormentor is the class of choice. Some of these cancel conditions are nearly impossible to do back-to-back so delaying Omens is vital. Gravity is basically a must and makes the fight go so much smoother. Yurius is not required this time around but he is still fantastic to have. He doesn't really clear your buffs so no need to worry too much about that. Make sure you have 5 dispels ready raid-wide so you can clear his 5 buffs at 50% ASAP. Whoever is on debuff and/or dispel duty should not be the one to trigger Langelaan Field first.
Finally beat the Bubs solo battle. Why the fuck is the recommended power level 25? That battle is NOT a 25 power level fight.
(10.58 MB 1280x720 x93p2Ns8MxFVK6Fe.mp4)
>>14373 Thanks but I think I'll wait for the clear and concise version if it's all the same to you. >>14773 Tormentor kind of makes it a really easy fight, but I agree that it shouldn't have been that hard. Almost feels like it's 50% of the raid battle in terms of difficulty.
(1.32 MB 1249x839 Beelzebub trigger chart.png)
>>15133 Someone beat me to it. This covers most of what my post talked about. The last section is still relevant though.
(113.62 KB 547x500 EZL9dzGU0AA6hou.jpg)
(15.77 MB 960x540 Hellshake Yano.webm)
Man this event is good. If only all fujo events could be this entertaining.
>>15548 I channeled my inner Hellshake Yano and I got everything in this event by now.
>June 2020 Schedule 5/29 - 6/6 = The End of the DOSS 6/7 - 6/14 = Rise of the Beasts (Gold brick in the shop) 6/13 - 6/19 = Xeno Ifrit (New reward is SSR Summon Xeno Ifrit. Xeno Axe gets a 5*.) 6/20 - 6/27 = Unite and Fight (Fire Favored) 6/28 - 7/6 = Story Event
(416.76 KB 638x403 ClipboardImage.png)
(582.06 KB 494x730 ClipboardImage.png)
(669.79 KB 631x655 ClipboardImage.png)
news https://granbluefantasy.jp/pages/?p=30611 RotB on the 7th. A gold bar will be added to stock. On the 9th, A new proud battel will be added, this time the purple knight (water). The proud battles will be moved from the special tab to their respective islands. On the 13th, xeno ifrit will be held. It will add a new xeno ifrit summon. The xeno axe will get its 5* too. GW on the 20th. The NM raids will get a fight again button on the victory screen like the ex raid has. They've added some champ merits to the boxes after 46. At 400k honours, you get 3 gold books instead of 1 600k honours no longer gives champ merits, but a red ring instead. the 700k and 800k honour rewards have swapped (now 2 omega m2 animas at 700k and a red ring at 800k). There's a bit of an apology about the GW changes since they didn't think many people reached 45+ boxes. They say they'll continue to adjust it over the next few GW. New tier 4 class: Monk. Fist and staff spec. The next class is in July. Light De La Fille will get her 5* this month. Now it's only Carmelina and Mellaeu from the starters who don't have their 5*. All of the crest summons will get an flb too. The balance patch is set for the 9th. All battles will now have a 90 minute time limit, including arcarum. This will apparently improve the servers. It sounds like you can make your own new player grid guide and post it into the new player section. You can like other guides to rate them. (Either that or you just like the existing cygames guides. It only details the like function). The shop is going to get a redesign to add a 4th tab and more ordered. New main story in late July. However, due to the delay, we will get 8 new chapters instead of 2. Main story will now give special rewards. Anime dvd with dark BK & Orchid dual unit on the 24th.
Balance news for the 9th. https://granbluefantasy.jp/pages/?p=30759 Fire Anthuria: On Ougi: Activate sk1 SK1: the dodge and hostility boost upped 1 turn to 3 turns, but the skill cooldown also gains 1 extra turn (6t). It also gets other self for 1 turn. SK2: is now a 0 turn toggle between silent tap and excited tap. (details in passive) SK3: She gains 100 charge bar. Uplift, shield, and hype to allies. Passive1: Excited tap: extend hype on allies by 1 turn and stack attack on them when dodging. Passive2: Silent Tap: Heal and boost def (stackable) for all allies when dodging. Percival: Ougi: Gains 20% charge bar on ougi. SK1: Gives himself a fire crest. They're also buffing the self heal. SK2: Added delay to the petrify skill. SK3: Down from 8t cooldown to 6t. Gains buffs based on crests. (1crest: debuff success rate increase. 2crest: DA buff. 3crest: TA buff. 4crest: crit buff. 5crest: Keen. Passive1: Gains fire atk based on number of crests. Passive2: Adjusted so attack is easier to obtain (I guess it caps out earlier compared to the DATA). Narmaya: Ougi: Gains other self instead of mirror image. SK2: DATA buff on herself is increased. SK3: Changed from break assassin to anytime assassin. Damage boost lowered to compensate. Crit chance increased. 6 turn cooldown now. Passive: Her passive dodge buff caps at 5 turns instead of 10 (same values). Now does damage and delays the enemy on dodge. Aglovale: SK1: Gains a water crest. SK2: Coldcage will always be 2 turn duration, instead of random. SK3: Like his brother, now gains buffs based on crests. Crest1: def up. crest2: revitalise. crest3: veil to self. crest4: fire damage cut (no % given). crest5: dispel cancel to self. Passive1: Gains water atk based on crest amount. Passive2: His boost to allies water attack on chain burst now works from backline. Sarasa: SK1: Gains 30-90% Jammed for 3 turns. Axe mode: 1 turn of 3333 drain. Sword mode: Amplify damage by 30% for 1 turn. Cooldown nerfed to 6 turns instead of 4. SK2: Before 5*: Axe: Dodge/counter for 3 hits. Sword: attack without using a turn. After 5*: 100% TA in both modes. Axe: Boost to hostility. Sword: 30% echo for 1 turn. Passive1: Before 5*: Gain 3 stacks of undying (Dark Vas's buff that makes him not die) at battle start. After 5*: 300k supplemental damage on 3rd hit (Akasha axe effect). V.Medusa: Ougi: Activate Sk1 instead of inflicting stoned. SK1: Changed to earth damage, poison to enemy, increase sweet snake level by 1 (max 7). Activates 3 times when sweet snake is level 7. 5 turn cooldown. Passive1: Changed to Boost to ougi specs based on sweet snake level. Passive2: Activate sk1 when enemy uses a special attack. Gawain: Ougi: team shield buffed to 1500. SK1: Does more damage. at 5*: does earth attack down as well as normal attack down. SK2: Changed to wind damage to foes, jammed effect. Consumes 30% hp. SK3: Now has 100% debuff resist on the damage cut. Passive1: changed to boost to attack/def based on how low hp is. Carmelina: SK1: DEF down value increased. All debuffs hit rate increased. SK2: Now stackable debuff resist down. Added an aoe nuke to it. Passive1: Boost to attack specs when mirror image is up. Passive2: new passive. Boost to ougi specs based on the number of enemy debuffs. De La Fille: SK1: 4k shield to her. the echo buff last until she takes damage. Echo amount buffed. SK2: aoe damage, light def down (buffed value from before). dark atk down. SK3: heal all allies, revitalise to them. Changed from 10/5 to 7/3 cooldown/uptime. Seruel: SK1: light damage with atk down. at 5*: inmprove atk down, add dark atk down. SK2: gives 100% TA to him instead of DA at 5*. Passive1: Boost to all allies DATA if they don't have a debuff. Passive2: deals light damage every 3 turns, boost to skill damage (stackable). dark Vira: Ougi: When merged, reduce all cooldowns by 1 turn. SK1: now stackable mist. Reduced from 7 turn cooldown to 4 turn. SK3: enemy element atk down + light attack down on enemy. Self heal buffed to 3k. 9 turn cooldown buffed to 6 turn. Passive2: Boost to the buff she gets when merged. Olivia: SK1: damage increase. DA down value buffed. SK2: Now an aoe delay. damage increased. cooldown buffed from 8 turns to 6 turns. SK3: Changed to gain a shield, self veil, and 3 stacks of fallen angel buff. Fallen Angel buff goes off when she's hit and gives her TA, crit, debuff success rate, damage cap, and echo. 1 turn increase to the cooldown. Passive2: Her boost to damage when she has a dark atk buff has been changed from the seraphic modifier to normal. Anne now has staff spec. Anthuria(both versions) now has harp spec. Light vira now has spear spec. Gawain now has spear spec water and fire socie now has harp spec. Magisa now has fist spec Melissabelle now has axe spec. All Yuels have lost sword spec and now have harp spec.
>>17608 >The NM raids will get a fight again button on the victory screen like the ex raid has. Fucking finally.
>>17608 >Threo becomes a worse 4* Six This is sad. And the worse part, all the buffs are dispellable.
>>17665 Half of this feels like a prank. Why bother having 2 characters of each element in that list? Everyone knows that they don't care about balancing the elements and there's enough for that in just that list alone so why even put up this façade? Giving two wind characters nothing and buffing DLF (again) at the same time as they announce a 5* for her really makes me question their decision-making more than I normally do. Not to mention poor Sarasa. It would've been better PR if they literally did nothing. >>17917 Technically, we don't know all the details about her rebalance yet so there might be some semblance of hope left. Assuming they don't change anything that's written in that post, we don't know how long her guaranteed TA lasts or which buffs are dispellable. Most of her buffs are only 1 turn anyway so not like it matters too much. The only buffs that could (still) be dispellable after the 9th are: Jammed on her S1, Earth ATK up on Axe ougi, her S4, her undying stacks(which would be hilarious) and possibly her guaranteed TA if it lasts more than 1 turn which it likely won't. The only way I can see her actually being used after this is if earth gets Rei or an equivalent of her Moksha, they rebalance her again or that 300K supp damage is more impactful than I think and she'll be used anyway.
>>18378 >there's enough for that *There's enough evidence for that
>>18378 >her guaranteed TA if it lasts more than 1 turn which it likely won't >3 turn jammed >30% amp >30% echoes >3 undying stacks >300k supplemental damage >3 turns of earth attack up >3 counters >3333 drain I wouldn't be surprised to see 3 turns of TA.
(16.61 MB 1280x720 Pray to boobs for SSRs.webm)
>>18391 Given that even the nips are mad about this I don't think Cygames are dumb enough to do her dirty. That said, they're mad about the Yuel change and it's quite unlikely that Cygames will change their mind about that.
First time 10boxing one of this events, this really sucks. When's magnafest?
Maintenance time. We'll be getting the rebalances after this though we don't know if it'll be directly after maintenance or at the usual update times. We also don't know if any changes have been made to those rebalances. The third Pride of the Ascendant fight is also releasing today. Monk, the UI updates, DLFLB and the crest summon uncaps had no specified release dates so they might show up as well.
(787.35 KB 558x763 violet.png)
That wasn't too bad. Really not looking forward to Proud+
(617.83 KB 510x708 ClipboardImage.png)
Christmas naru is broken
(1.93 MB 1500x997 ClipboardImage.png)
Offical art from cygames to celebrate the rainy season with a wet naru.
The 5* Uncap of the Xeno axe can now be seen and will be available tomorrow. An EX boost to HP sounds like fun.
(121.57 KB 485x152 ClipboardImage.png)
I've completed the game
(316.39 KB 1400x864 130.jpg)
(199.94 KB 847x1144 132.jpg)
(1.61 MB 1572x2005 126.jpg)
>>26822 Best girl.
(135.47 KB 467x479 firegrid.jpg)
fire gw soon, time to post them grids.
(1.52 MB 991x973 fire.png)
(471.62 KB 1080x1091 Screenshot_20200617_093703.jpg)
I don't even know what I am doing.
(809.28 KB 636x657 Untitled.png)
>>39424 You can try this grid. Granted, it only works well with a fire sword suicide party. You can also swap out the xeno katana for the hollowsky in this case, but I like the passive damage from the katana.
Livestream on the 28th. They said there's no news for the game, but maybe freebies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqxbjkIfdDk
(436.32 KB 783x1000 008.jpg)
SSR when?
(1.68 MB 1441x883 CurrentFireGrid-06192020.png)
>>38961 Rank 146, just need to get out of there for the Draconic Harp. 2x Shiva for auras, I don't have Agni yet. I could swap Athena for Grea for burst attacking.
>>41484 Rather than planning to get a summon you may or may not draw, you might want to consider getting a Demi-Agni instead if you really insist on building an Agni grid. You'll want to look into Egg Sacks either way because they're ridiculously good now.
>>41487 You can you get more copies of the demi summons? I just made the selection for Demi Agni, but are sunlight stones the only option?
>>41496 Yeah, they are. Unless you're planning to ticket Agni sometime, it's your best option. That said, I've been doing ShivaxColo with AES and while I don't have an Ixaba, it's been working really well for me. You may want to build your grid that way until you luck into an Agni via gacha.
>>41501 I have a complete lack of sticks. I only got 2 from pendants this month. So I think I'll try for Agni when he gets a rate up.
>>41504 The only "rate up" primals get is when they appear on generic element rate ups. Otherwise, you'll need to spend money to get a ticket on special events like anniversary, or save up gold moons to Sieroticket one. That's why it's not advisable to build a primal grid unless you already have the summon.
\>>41514 I have Zephyrus and Hades and I still run Magna because I'd be swapping my entire grid AND the Dark Opus weapons.
>>41528 Yeah, it's hard to justify the swap when your magna grid is already developed. However, eventually you will reach the tipping point where your magna grid has no room to grow, meanwhile a primal grid always has room for sidegrades at least.
(2.04 MB 1592x868 Untitled.png)
>>42802 Nice Umineko portrait
(386.11 KB 360x456 Screenshot_315.png)
What do I replace the hollow with in my unfinished grid? There has to be something better aside from Astral right?
(169.40 KB 1000x625 EbV8UqqUMAAzxBK.jpg)
>>46928 Too bad those birds have their mom's fucking bullshit dodge rate.
Is the game down? i can't acces it
(692.96 KB 800x800 ClipboardImage.png)
It's over
>>47887 It isn't over till GW is dead.
(849.30 KB 545x730 haas.png)
Only three more to go. New Arcarum content when?
(767.87 KB 854x480 Lyria engrish.webm)
Lyria speaking engrish
(704.60 KB 854x480 lyria engrish 2.webm)
>>49736 The engrish keeps coming
>>49736 >>49779 cute there's something adorable about japanese women speaking english
>>51085 Anon, wrong vid
July 2020 Schedule 6/28 - 7/6 = Hot Summer Fete 7/7 - 7/13 = Xeno Vohu Manah (Xeno Vohu in the shop and 5* for the Earth Harp) 7/14 - 7/21 = THE MAYDAYS 7/22 - 7/28 = Proving Grounds (Wind Favored. New weapon is an Earth Spear) 7/29 - 8/6 = Story Event Main Story will go up to Chapter 140 with Defense Order weapons as rewards. They will be reworked so they have a general use. On the 27th the Six Dragons Raids will be added with the requirements being Rank 150 and having beaten the Lindwurm Raid. Six new weapons will be added at some point that can be in the same grid as Dark Opus and Draconic weapons and the difficulty will be easier than the solo version with a maximum of 6 people. Christina will get a 5* uncap. Romeo and Juliet will be a Side Story. Among other things, the next news will be on the 8th of August with the summer stream.
(971.93 KB 850x623 ClipboardImage.png)
Some late GW art
>>52301 Fraux isn't there so it's inaccurate. Fuck Enlil.
A52C40 for LuciH Candi pls attend
>>57721 9CE386 now
Don't fuck me captcha
(944.97 KB 640x480 christina.webm)
Christina's 5* ougi
I keep reading the thread title as >Granblue Fantasy - /lgbt/
>>58002 That's a lot of build up for a pay-off that an R character might have. At least she has animations now. Her skills are also a mess. She's the worst type of all-rounder, she can do everything but only at a sub-par level or worse. I hope we get an actually worthwhile 5* next month.
>>58008 She might have some uses as TH enabler for a bandit MC. There's also some synergy with other dagger wind SSRs for some debuff stuff. In any case, she might have more uses than collecting dust now, which is good enough for me.
(314.39 KB 2560x1440 EcucMoCU4AU6XZE.jpg)
(416.82 KB 2560x1440 EcucYXeVcAExSPk.jpg)
New story trailer is out. We're getting this MC skin after we complete the latest chapters. Vicky skin is also coming out later this month.
>>59954 You can use the Love Live axe to complete the school theme.
>>59989 It's probably going to be a full skin like the yukata, racer and anime ones. I wouldn't be surprised if it has the same old boring attack and ougi animations too.
Is chat broke for anyone else? Get an error any time I try to say something.
>>60302 Nevermind, DMM is doing maintenance apparently.

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