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(1.63 MB 1085x1550 vattletoads-anonposter.png)
(855.10 KB 1280x960 vattletoads-anonpromoartedit.png)
(427.87 KB 1085x1550 ClipboardImage.png)
(242.65 KB 938x606 ClipboardImage.png)
Project /v/attletoads - Hole in the Toad Anonymous 08/27/2020 (Thu) 04:00:30 Id:17e0a0 No. 91739
A new Battletoads game came out on Friday. It fucking sucked. It was an insult to fans of the original and a trainwreck of cringeworthy detached millennial irony humor written by one of the BPD-afflicted faggots who wrote Rick and Morty. We could write a book detailing how bad this game was, but instead we're taking the high road. Since Microsoft is too fucking retarded to make a good Battletoads game, we are taking matters into our own nodev hands. So we are making a new game, entitled Project /v/attletoads, that we will do our best to make into the new game the series deserves. Planned features: >4 player co-op >Online! >New playable female Battletoad, Blista! >All new original sprites and cutscenes featuring original artwork >Over the top furry death >Titties If you're a coder, musician, or pixel/vector artist, we could use your help. Collaborate with us on our project, even if you're not any of the above things, you can still help out by posting suggestions, artwork and comments in this thread. Also, discuss Battletoads in general. The plan: 1. Work on the game. 2. Drop the 1.0 version. 3. Disseminate/mirror it everywhere. 4. Let the Streisand effect do its thing as Microsoft can't C&D this shit fast enough.
(30.91 KB 540x644 Evil titty crow.png)
>>91717 >>91721 We were talking about new enemies so I suggested this crow. The idea is that it has robot tits which shoot projectiles, maybe it could be a boss?
>>91748 I thought about crows or eagles or whatever for another enemy type but I'm not too sure on how it'd pan out. Aerial combat is absolutely not one of Battletoads strengths. Maybe they can swoop in to deliver a ground enemy, and if you hit them fast enough they just fuck off without doing anything?
(223.58 KB 516x376 ClipboardImage.png)
Progress: 08/22/20 Started conceptualizing the game. Created Blista concept. 08/23/20 to 09/29/20 Began work on sprites and concept art. Coders looking into which engine to use. Some story details written.
>>91748 It's a funny design, but it doesn't appear to have any logic behind it. It's just a weird bird with tits apropos of nothing. Ideally we're trying to go for something that has internal logic and isn't just loaded with crazy non-sequitur shit. BT2020 was full of that, and while I'm personally not against that brand of humor, it stops being funny quickly if you condition the audience to expect it. BT2020 couldn't even do that right and none of its jokes landed.
>>91748 The main problem is that Battletoads is at it's core a brawler and like >>91749 said flying enemies don't mesh well with that sort of gameplay without it being very cleverly conceived. Maybe if we included a run and gun level that could work.
>>91756 Well, Battletoads arcade had completely 2D sections where you couldn't move laterally. So maybe flying enemies could appear in those kinds of sections. It could be doable if they were weak enemies that die in one hit, meaning that they're mostly just fodder/nuisance enemies.
>>91748 Okay. >>91754 I had the idea it would be a flat-chested enemy jealous of the dark queen and Blista, so it would wear robot tit turrets as compensation. But I see what you mean >>91756 I suppose I was thinking it would be for the gimmick sections. On the topic of new enemies, would it be good or bad to have some "rival" enemies with similar abilities as the toads? I just learnt of pic related and thought a toad with a spiked mustache would be cool. I don't know if they would be minibosses or just regular enemies that appear in a later stage.
(28.11 KB 246x328 114773.png)
(18.30 KB 381x262 114779.png)
>>91756 We should start planning the levels, since if we're making for example a snow level we should make a snow boss. Also anyone remembers this boss. It scared the shit out of me as a kid. I also remember the pixel nipples on the Dark Queen which made me horny. Great memories.
(447.84 KB 600x800 ClipboardImage.png)
So this is how I was thinking the control scheme would go: The four face buttons would be used (assuming you're using an Xbox controller) X - Punch Y - Smash Hit A - Jump B - Super Smash hits would all be combo enders. You would do a string of jabs with X and then cap it off with a Smash Hit (Y) as your regular bread and butter combos. Smash Hits have considerable startup/recovery and very small cooldown attached to them so you can't just do them all the time. They're best used to end combos or for crowd control. "Super" attacks are screen-clearing attacks that each toad can perform with rare items they pick up throughout the stage. Each toad has a unique animation for this. Pimple: leaps into the air and turns into a flaming meteor, annihilating everything. Rash: morphs into a giant round cartoon bomb and nukes the stage. Zitz: Puts his fists together and turns them into a gigantic drill (or maybe a laser weapon) and does a Shin Psycho Crusher-esque move (Giga Drilla Killa?) Blista: Morphs her hand into a giant missile battery and rains missiles all over the stage or maybe she pulls her jacket off and her breasts morph into missile launchers Do you guys think this combat system is okay? Should we go ahead with it? What would you change, if anything?
(76.07 KB 320x310 bad frog.png)
Got one of those poisonous dart frogs whose a tumblrfag because she has colored hair? A race traitor, perhaps?
>>91762 First we need to make a list of levels.
>>91765 >>91762 I only have the first and last levels thought of. Level 1 is an escape from the Dark Queen's space fortress, and the Final Level is a Raid on the Dark Queen herself literally, as she is giant and destroying a galactic capital city, so the stage is on her body and the final battle is on her tits
I couldn't believe how they fucked up Battletoads so much. Barely any beat'em up fighting. Full of mini-games. Even with the few good mini-games, they stretched them out too long that it becomes repetitive. Obviously done to pad out the game that you could beat in 3 hours. Maybe 4+ hours if you suck really bad. Cringe humor representative of modern cartoons. A lot of terrible self referential humor. If I have to hear about if the Battletoads are brothers or not, I'll rip my eyes out. They didn't have a self insert, at least that I know of, but they did have that backhand insult to the fans who didn't like the outfit in one scene. They have couch co-op but no online co-op because they were lazy. Almost, forgot the anti-climatic ending where you don't even get to fight the Dark Queen after taking care of the gay lisping tabletop pieces know as antagonists. I find it shocking they couldn't think of anything clever to vary up the gameplay but generic mobile mini-games inserted between the beat'em up sections. They got outplayed by the 1991 original, a 29+ year-old game. They even got outdone by Streets of Rage 4. This is like the female Ghostbusters (2016) of video games. It should get an added subtitle to it like that film so it doesn't get confused with the original. Or better yet, scrubbed from history. No wonder they didn't advertise it during the xbox showcase because they knew how crap it was. I'm sure we can make something better than this pile of shit game.
This ain't goin' anywhere.
The passion put into this warms my black pill encrusted heart.
>>91769 Like clockwork
>>91765 >>91766 >>91769 I think the only way this will actually happen is if it's set up like Anon's Bizarre Adventure where any anon can contribute a level/s, then it's all pieced together into one game. Anons can share assets and borrow concepts / characters but no editing other's levels. That way anyone can put whatever shit they want into the game and ideas guys are encouraged to get directly involved.
>>91774 >Anon's Bizarre Adventure Where is it? I really wanted togive it a try
>>91779 Thanks laddeh
(71.69 KB 800x1000 queeniearmsup.jpg)
>>91774 It's fine for anyone to contribute levels or ideas for levels. Just pitch level concepts and we'll probably design the best ones. There are a number of things to consider though. We don't want to bog it down with too many tedious slog levels or ones that are badly designed. The stages should all be a certain uniform length. The way we're picturing it is, odd-numbered stages are beat 'em ups and even-numbered stages have some gimmick about them. It might be vehicles, or it might be flying, or it might be 2D with no lateral movement. I personally think we should aim for the game to be under two hours. But maybe one thing we could add in the future is moddability so anyone can create their own levels/enemies.
>>91783 >Just pitch level concepts and we'll probably design the best ones. >We don't want to bog it down >The way we're picturing it is Gonna stop you right there, who is "we"? Because I thought /v/ was making a game.
>>91765 >>91766 >Level 1 is an escape from the Dark Queen's space fortress - end of level has toads use escape pods >Level 2 Toads are crash landing into a nearby planet and have to control the pods as they fall, there'd be some enemy ships pulled into it as well >Level 3 Toads land in desert level, desert-themed enemies >Level 4 Toads tail across the ocean on a boat, have to fight off enemies that come out of the ocean onto the boat >Level 5 Toads arrive in the jungle, and fight jungle enemies >Level 6 The toads go to the temple which has lots of traps >Level 7 The toads exit the temple and enter into a village occupied by the evil queens forces. After defeating them all the toads take their spaceships and fly to galactic city >Level 8 The toads arrive on the outskirts of the city and make their way into it, They quickly come across the queen's giant body and climb up to her tits where the boss battle commences
>>91788 Well yeah, everyone can contribute. But (I think) there's gonna be a core team doing stuff. We have a coder who's still getting back to us on the engine he wants to use. It is a little disorganized right now and probably will be until we have a distard or a git.
>>91739 <4 player co-op <Online! Do you even know which engine we're using yet? I see many people with ideas but no plans.
>>91791 One guy said he wanted to use Godot engine in the last thread, some others suggested Love2D but Godot seems to be the one we're going with. There was a slight debate over it.
There's a dedicated beat em up engine but I forget what it's called.
>>91795 Wasn't there an open source Streets of Rage like one? I remember running it on Dreamcast CDRs back in the day. Maybe it wasn't open source. Forget I said anything. (Beats of Rage )
>>91796 Found the link. It's open source. Might be a good start I'm not sure https://sourceforge.net/projects/openbor/
>>91763 First of all, how does this compare to all of the previous games in regards to the control scheme? All my following questions require that to be answered first.
(217.98 KB 408x402 queenieimpatient.png)
If CodeAnon flakes on us I could try doing it myself, but I only know a tiny bit of Godot. I'm mostly an artist so pretty much anyone who claims to be a coder is likely to know more about coding than me. >>91798 Previous games just had two buttons: attack and jump. >>91789 I'd ask that anyone who wants to contribute levels try to keep them space/sci-fi or heavy metal/industrial themed. Putting the toads through ancient temples or whatever doesn't seem to suit them, unless you could sell it as being scifi in some way. Also try to keep in mind that there's a story for the game. I'll write up a post about it later.
(35.24 KB 387x445 eddie.jpg)
>>91789 >>91799 Can the toads go to Egypt and meet Eddie?
>>91789 >Level 1 is an escape from the Dark Queen's space fortress - end of level has toads use escape pods >Level 2 Toads are crash landing into a nearby planet and have to control the pods as they fall, there'd be some enemy ships pulled into it as well Keep these two, but the rest need to be changed. Even then, I'd say extend the concept of the second level to where they also find a way to leave the planet. Perhaps make it where they land on a "junkyard" planet of all the Dark Queen's previous universe domination schemes and projects that have all been forgotten or rendered needless because she face little opposition to take over the universe with the absence of the Battletoads. >>91799 >Previous games just had two buttons: attack and jump. In that case, why not have it where you have your "main" attack, an "alternate" attack, your "smash" attack, your jump button, and a "super" attack that is activated when you press the "main" and "alternate" attack at the same time? Also, what about "grabbing" enemies? But, then again, that depends on how complicated you want to get with beat 'em up aspect. Because do you want it to be a button masher or have the player actually think about the commands that they input?
>>91799 >Putting the toads through ancient temples or whatever doesn't seem to suit them, unless you could sell it as being scifi in some way ? Battletoads in battlemaniacs had them going through apocalyptic hellfire volcanos, snake caves, a rollercoaster(?), chessboards, etc etc. There is no coherent theme to it!
>>91806 >In that case, why not have it where you have your "main" attack, an "alternate" attack, your "smash" attack, your jump button, and a "super" attack that is activated when you press the "main" and "alternate" attack at the same time? That is making the controls too complicated, which is another problem BT2020 suffered from. Controlling a beat em up is supposed to be easy. One thing I did think of though, and I forgot to mention it at the time, is that there might be a button for tongue attacks since the toads previously only used them to catch flies. You could use your tongue as a grapple, an enemy snare or a powerup grab. But I wouldn't want to bog down the controller too much since this is supposed to be an arcade-style game.
>>91807 Here's a list of the levels from the previous games for people to reference: https://battletoads.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Levels
>>91810 Then have it where the "smash" and "super" attacks are the same button (Doesn't sound like it needs to be separate anyway), gave the tongue it's own button for "grapple" attacking (Would be a little hilarious to have the weaker enemies brought across the stage to the toads to senselessly best on them, meanwhile trying to grapple the bigger enemies results in the toads being flung across the stage into the bigger enemy and stunning both the toad and the bigger guy (Unless the bigger guy is already stunned, then that gives you a chance to senselessly beat on them)), have the main attack, and jumping.
>>91790 >>91799 >>91806 >I'd ask that anyone who wants to contribute levels try to keep them space/sci-fi or heavy metal/industrial themed. >Also try to keep in mind that there's a story for the game. I'll write up a post about it later. >Keep these two, but the rest need to be changed. <Oh yeah, I can't actually code but let me tell you what game you need to make Another dead on arrival game that will go nowhere because anons don't understand what collaboration or fun means
Will there be WRASSLIN'?
>>91813 I was just spitballing levels
>>91813 >Oh yeah, I can't actually code but let me tell you what game you need to make Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't the codemonkeys need to have a general idea of what's going to be made before they can actually get to work on attempting to make it? At least, that's the realization I'm coming to as I learn to code.
(326.66 KB 1055x652 ClipboardImage.png)
This sketch is really rough. I'll draw more tomorrow. >>91813 We already have a coder you half-literate ape. Plus I'm getting the graphics done so anyone can put them in their engine.
>>91739 >>91791 >online better have delayed rollback >no git project not off to a good start
>>91812 This isnt a good idea. First you dont understand that smash and supers are two different things. Supers are gigantic screen clearing attacks. Smash hits are just large combo enders as well as powerful attacks that do not at all serve the same utility. Look up footage of battletoads arcade. A smash hit is what happens every time the toads do an attack that turns their limbs into objects. Secondly your idea for the tongue grapple stunning larger enemies and the player is impractical to the point of uselessness. It makes sense for tongue grapples to pull you closer to an enemy or pull them closer to you and that's what makes it useful. if the move can stun you in the process it becomes useless and there is no point to having it.
>female toad I see. You fucking niggers better complete this shit
>>91820 codefag checking in As mentioned when I semi-volunteered I'm a bit busy at the moment thus no update on progress. I'm working on clearing some time soon. Basic mechanics like moving around, attacking, etc can be worked on straight away. Special levels and bosses are the only thing that need extra attention. For now I'm just going to focus on getting a single character moving around, then work on implementing attacks, and then collision, and then enemies + AI. Once that is done, the bulk of the remaining work is adding content in the form of levels. But since Battletoads is a known entity and half the stages will probably be "walk to the right and fight dudes" and "ride your jetski without hitting anything", work can start on that right away. >>91841 I found someone's example code for rollback netcode using Godot. While I haven't studied it, it's good to know someone has done it and it works.
(12.94 KB 400x400 moon man.jpg)
>>91739 >Online You fags are over thinking shit just make the game on an old version of Game Maker. Just make it like the old ones. You don't want this shit ending up like Anon's Bizarre Adventure. If you niggers keep it simple I bet you could put out a better Battletoads game in a week. That would really trigger the devs tof Nu-Toads. You have to strike while fuckers are still laughing at them.
(60.39 KB 640x608 very hard.jpg)
>>91766 >Climbing on her >Have to climb through her pubes or >Fall into her cleavage >Bush stage where you try to untangle yourself But for real though, what attacks/dangers do her titties have? I imagine some sort of bouncing attack where she bounces/flexes one breast bouncing you to the next, with the risk of falling off, her squeezing her breasts together to try and squish you or something to that effect.
>>91912 It's not a porn game anon (I like where your head is though) titillation is fine though.
>>91799 I'm still here. You guys still have plenty of time to come up with the assets, I'm not going to be making an engine for a while.
>>91916 I was memeing with the pube stuff, but the boob stuff were legit suggestions, I know this is cheesecake at best.
>>91912 Was thinking a brief boss rush would take place on her tits with weaker versions of bosses youbfouggt earlier. She would just be walking through the city and her breasts would bounce while she just watched you fight her old minions, occasionally laughing when you fucked up. After the boss rush you fight her face and hands. She does things like try to smack you, flick you away, or crush you in her cleavage which is an ever present hazard you can fall into. She could also do Master Hand-like attacks like zapping you with her lightning fingers. >>91853 Thanks for sticking through, based codefag. I'll work on some sprite animations soon after I finish Zitz and Rash's sprites.
>>91739 I hope this is an actual project and doesn't become another Anton and Coolpecker.
(1.81 MB 2048x1886 morrigan.png)
>>91739 I know code, where can I contact you?
>>91916 >>91764 There's a lot of idiotic decisions that desperately want to be either raunchy or reference modern politics for the sake of LOL. You're doing the same fucking thing nu-Battletoads did, just from the other side. Let the game stand on its own, fuck modern politics. You wanna make a titty joke about Dark Queen? Sure, I'll give you that one but try to think of things that fit in the universe of the original games. Does a reference to Tumblr dykes really fit in anywhere in the original? Of course not. Control your fucking autism for a few minutes, please.
>>91965 It will go to Discuck, there will be constant infighting and feature creep, anons will forget about it and it will be released long after anyone stopped caring or it will just be quietly dropped. That's how these things go
>>91978 Make a Slack group and focus on the core game first and foremost. Leave online for either 2.0 or 3.0. Or better yet just make a server browser and have people drop in/drop out
>>91842 >Secondly your idea for the tongue grapple stunning larger enemies and the player is impractical to the point of uselessness. It makes sense for tongue grapples to pull you closer to an enemy or pull them closer to you and that's what makes it useful. if the move can stun you in the process it becomes useless and there is no point to having it. Thinking about it, you are correct that it will make the tongue grapple feel like a punishing move when it comes to the larger enemies. Would it be better to have it when it still flings the toads across the stage, if the enemies are bigger than them, just as a way to quickly travel across the screen after avoiding the their attacks? Also, what about having it where, when you press the "main" button, it either cancels the tongue grapple or (If close enough to an enemy) has the toads deliver a kick that knocks back the enemy (Was throwing that around, but thinking that's it's too fast paced for what's being done)? >>91965 I wasn't around for that, and, from looking it up, it appears that it never went anywhere as they spent three years making a tutorial level due to the people involved wanted the project to go in 20 different directions, and people losing interest due to the sudden influx of other 3D platformers: https://archive.vn/etGAB http://archive.vn/nFg1k In order to prevent that, should an actual board be created for /v/ game projects as a way to "Centralize" and ground them?
>>91981 Sounds like a good idea
>>91977 do you really think any of the people here are capable of understanding what you just said
>>91973 Discord: PsychoJosh#6423 >>91978 That is how these things go. But we're gonna try to make it work.
(2.06 MB 640x360 Sargon needs more dopamine.mp4)
>>91977 >Muh equine footwear
>>91978 >>91980 >>91990 Why not use Telegram or Tox instead? https://telegram.org/ https://tox.chat/
(1.09 MB 2429x3439 queenie-serverroom.jpg)
Here's a slack invite for anyone who wants to join the team. https://join.slack.com/t/vattletoads/shared_invite/zt-h3lj55c1-2Y8nlXcWfB_eYFeRLZrPTw
Has /v/ ever made a game beside Minecraft? These projects never seem to work.
>>92003 Katawa shoujo, although that's a VN. There was also Hellbreaker made by a guy from the AGDG threads.
>>92003 Speebot, vaguely certain RoR1 was an agdg project too.
(357.96 KB 668x583 ClipboardImage.png)
>>91977 I think we'd do things a bit more subtly than that. For example put Big Blag in the game and have him wearing Jim Sterling's clothes.
Get Eltonel to draw a bunch of porn of the toad girl particularly of the final scene where shes giant have the other toads morphs into giant cocks
>>91990 >psycho josh Some fag is going to screech autistically
Edited last time by Mark on 08/27/2020 (Thu) 17:27:31.
>>92032 >Giving Jim Sterling a cameo fuck that
>>91996 whatever works
>>92066 >Edited last time by Mark on 08/27/2020 (Thu) 17:27:31
If there's going to be any pop-culture references, make sure that it's going to be something that people can look back at 10/20/30 years down the line and still understand and find humor in. No one's going to know who even half of these modern e-celeb shitbags are, nor understand why they see an old meme being mentioned that was never funny in the first place. It's going to do nothing except make the game feel dated and disconnected.
>>92066 People have good reason not to like Josh, though.
>>92087 It's /v/, everyone is fucking autistic.
(407.30 KB 537x667 ClipboardImage.png)
There's a desire to keep the game pure and keep the references to a minimum. I respect it. We'll maybe try to keep the outside references to small occasional quips, visual gags or easter eggs hidden in stages. I was thinking one of them would be the BT2020 Dark Queen hidden in a cavern somewhere (called "Dark Karen" in game) and a cutscene plays. Just for some hidden content. >>92085 It'd still probably be humorous in the future but it'd take a bit more digging to figure out what it was referring to. Like the 40s pop culture references in Bugs Bunny make it seem quaint now. But there is a median point within 10 years where it just seems kind of lame.
>>91963 When you finish the toads post it so i can get an idea of the spritework and help you with the enemies. >>92032 >>92078 Who?
>>91987 He said something about we shouldn't turn the other cheek right and throw stones back at the sjws for digging up an old IP and shitting on it, flipping it over and reburying it in a shallow grave right? Because we should totally throw the stones back. Who cares if this passion project never makes it past concept? I kid and hope for the best because having more good games is always awesome. But yeah people do have to turn the other cheek and not make blind attacks on the other side or else even if the project takes off and is done it will be loss and forgotten in a year like BT2020 will be
>>91977 The bush stuff was a joke, lighten up, the tit stuff could be a fun gimmick to a nice eyecandy level.
I'm a programmer, any way I can help?
(771.31 KB 797x1063 queenietits.jpg)
>can't stop seeing toadlady in brown jacket as Tiddy Kong
Uhm, can you guys bring back the ability to grab bitch's by the hair like in Battletoads Meets the Double Dragon? And for the love of god do not make it a pseudo remake. Turbo Tunnels is fine but do not repeat the rest of the levels. I would love to see a Battle Toads title that was more of a beat 'em up because the first level of the original is fantastic. Level 2 is fine. But then it shits the bed with absurd difficulty. And this is coming from someone who can beat Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2, Earthworm Jim, Comix Zone and etc without cheats or save states.
>>91806 >Perhaps make it where they land on a "junkyard" planet of all the Dark Queen's previous universe domination schemes and projects that have all been forgotten or rendered needless because she face little opposition to take over the universe with the absence of the Battletoads. This sounds good. >>92085 I think "pop-culture" references could work if they were subtle and used sparingly. Like >>92123 said. We should probably make the story and levels first before thinking about easter eggs. I'd say if we are going to have nuqueen as an easter egg, a garbage planet would be a good place to put her. >Slack That takes me back to my university days
>>93049 I think this game should be more like Arcade Battletoads. I love the original, but the arcade is just so fucking good.
>>93049 I hear you. We're not completely treading old ground, ideally it'll be mostly like the arcade, but with a few vehicle sections. Might do a more simple snake level where you mostly beat up enemies but have to switch snakes every so often.
>>93058 If you're going to homage the arcade version please bring back the animation where the Toads grab the giant rat guys by the nuts and punch the shit out of them.
>>92008 RoR1 thanks agdg in the credits so yeah
(1.46 MB 1024x1024 ClipboardImage.png)
Alright, we got a few new additions in the Slack, and I have to say this:: To everyone joining the Slack channel, please announce who you are and what you're planning to contribute in the appropriate channels when you join. It makes it less confusing for all of us when we know what you're doing and what we can rely on you for. https://join.slack.com/t/vattletoads/shared_invite/zt-h3lj55c1-2Y8nlXcWfB_eYFeRLZrPTw
>>87101 Her bending over and waving her ass at them was almost hot until I watched this again with the sound on. >>88169 Oh god. I can smell the Rick and Memey coming off the dialogue and behavior. It feels like Jeffry is just fucking Jerry from Rick & Morty copy pasted into this. >>88597 >Was OG Lara Croft designed to be arousing? Yes? Wasn't it stated that her big tits were an accident initially that they decided to intentionally leave in? >>88770 >just like the "glass is a slow liquid" thing. Wait, that's a myth? >>88839 >I propose naming her Blista. It's perfect.
Here's a GitGud group for those who don't want to join slack. https://gitgud.io/vattletoads
>>93168 >Wait, that's a myth? technically glass is a solidus, the state of matter between liquid and solid
(634.60 KB 1252x1252 Untitled.jpg)
>>93200 >Is Solidus Snake actually trans?
>>92123 Why is this bitch showing so much skin. She needs to have her face covered as well.
>>93207 is he also actually a snake
>>93241 He's a periodic table element. Ahhhhhh boo.
Not sure if anyone checked it out but I posted a Beats of Rage link its an open source engine for beat em up games. Might be easy use but I'm not skilled in that area.
>>93207 Is his name Solidus because everyone in the room broke out laughing when Kojimmers unveiled his villain Gaseous Snake?
(36.58 KB 765x745 Rat001.png)
>>93255 (checked) There's a discussion about it in the slack group. Thanks for the suggestion. Also here's the sketch for the rat. What do you anons think it should wear? The usual shirt or something else?
>>93281 Maybe a Pickelhaube
(111.94 KB 1500x1331 719AVDrK6iL._AC_UL1500_.jpg)
>>93281 A Steven Universe shirt
>>93281 >first enemy sprite Not bad.
Codefag checking in. Only had about half an hour to play with it tonight but movement is working. No animations or collision but I'm doing some reading and trying to figure out the best way to handle collision, since it needs to happen in pseudo-3D. Then I'll tune the movement mechanics to emulate the arcade game. Does anyone have a ROM dump for Battletoads Arcade? I'd like to play with them side-by-side and possibly reverse-engineer the movement.
>>93330 >https://files.catbox.moe/zc4l89.zip if i recall the movement is different between characters along with moveset each game 'mode', with rash being extremely fast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gN2hHf1v_FA this dude has some good commentary and explains a bit about the game for high level play
>>93281 I'd say a black tank-top and a pink mohawk.
(668.85 KB 945x735 ClipboardImage.png)
>>93330 Hey there Codefag. You doing this in Godot? We have two other anons who joined in on the coding side on Slack. We'd like you to join to make it easier to co-ordinate. Currently we need someone to work on networking: https://join.slack.com/t/vattletoads/shared_invite/zt-h3lj55c1-2Y8nlXcWfB_eYFeRLZrPTw But if you don't wanna join Slack, another Anon made a git for us to use: https://gitgud.io/vattletoads>>93330
>>93429 that reminds me. we could use the redesigned version some anon made when this stuff was announced. I dont know if that anon is still around but i like his dark queen.
(529.18 KB 1536x2048 ClipboardImage.png)
>>93448 I like how she looks with the earrings and makeup and stuff but we're not doing the Calarts style. Doesn't suit her grace and raw sexual power.
>>93453 I'd say that the redesigned Karen should be one of the first bosses, who Blista motorboats upon defeat as a "taste" of what it's going to be like after defeating the Dark Queen.
I feel like not calling this Maximum OverToad is a missed opportunity.
>>93458 I think making her a boss is a bit much. Putting her as an easter egg is better because it doesn't interfere with the plot and players who don't want the game to be dated can just ignore it. >>93517 I'll take name suggestions and we can put it to a vote later. Post em if you got em. Currently we have: Battletoads: Maximum Overtoad Battletoads: Killin' Em Kindly (KEK)
(144.61 KB 328x352 75643hfhgjdji8dfjgfdh8w20.png)
>>91739 >they added a w*man character
>>93262 It's because he's the hero like Solid, but he's also the antagonist like Liquid.
(41.89 KB 766x748 Rat001Concept1.png)
(8.57 KB 767x744 Rat001Concept2.png)
How's this? Which one looks better?
(5.87 KB 363x418 Rat001Concept1(1).png)
>>94178 I kind of like the spiked one but use the mohawk too, as a different color.
>>94178 >>94183 Can you fuck the rat?
>>94190 You can fuck him up
>>94178 I like spiked one more. I think we'd probably use different combinations of colors and clothes to denote different variants of the enemy.
>>92085 I agree. Remember the option to "Geek out" from Xeboblade Chronicles X? no one even knows where the fuck "geek out" comes from anymore.
>>94212 Are you telling me i can't get rickrolled by Rash?
(48.23 KB 894x894 95a.jpg)
>>94212 >generic president is always a white man
(3.40 MB 5300x3300 blista-smashhits1.png)
Concepts for Blista's attacks. Still have to do her execution move.
>>93429 Joined. Been playing with collision. Haven't actually written any real code yet; just trying to learn this editor. Overall it's not bad. Very easy to do simple tasks. I just have no idea what best practices are. I'll see about animations next, followed by camera movement. What I need most though is background sprites. I ripped this background from a screenshot and it's a bit of a mess as a result. Godot seems to have a tile editor built-in. I'll get some more details on it, but if we could get a generic "barrier" and "floor" texture that tiles then it would be helpful.
(1.33 MB 1600x1600 8ch-bigdong1.png)
>>94284 Looking great. We're in business. Maybe we should look for some music guys soon. I'll try and have a look around. If anyone is interested in doing music for us please join the Slack here and introduce yourself in the appropriate channel. https://join.slack.com/t/vattletoads/shared_invite/zt-h3lj55c1-2Y8nlXcWfB_eYFeRLZrPTw
>>94288 I used to make music on LSDj but that wouldn't go well since it's not a gameboy game. That plus I know nothing on how to make specific music. I wish I could help out on this.
>>94178 Those are great. Both work but I like the ragged one.
>>94237 looking good. For the cannon, I wouldn't have her arm turn into one, but instead have her pull it out of her cleavage or have her chest extend into it
(94.50 KB 1086x779 fourdoorsaur.jpg)
>>94297 What you're asking for doesn't make sense and is going to be really awkward to pose and animate. I might ditch the wheel trolley on the cannon but having it there makes it a bit more humorous. Update We now have four coders and two spriters. All we need is some soundfags/musicfags and we got us a convoy. This is a monster design I made for another game I was making, maybe we'll use it here.
>>94854 Do we need voice actors for the toads? I supposed we’d need to pay some amateur voice actor for Blista unless any anons have a sister willing to voice the lines. Shouldn’t be too expensive to get them to say “yeah” “alright” and *grunting*
>>94881 I have a deep voice so I could attempt to voice Pimple if we need it. If we choose to hire voice actors it'd probably be best if we came up with a bunch of lines for them to say rather than just grunts and confirmations.
I know a girl with a deep voice who could probably be convinced to play Blista. I'm sure among the entire team it would be doable. But we do need a comprehensive list of lines with direction for each.
>>94905 There's a brief line I thought of during one of the scenes when they approach a Wookie Hole-like level. Blista: "Wookie Hole? I got a couple of those, if you know what I'm sayin'! hehehehehehyea" Rash: "hehehehehehyea" Pimple: "hehehehehehyea" Zitz: "... Yeah."
(256.58 KB 436x480 ClipboardImage.png)
>>94905 >Girl with deep voice There is only one way to do it
>>94906 Shouldn't those cutscenes be without voice over like the arcade though? We'll have to see but usually unless the dialogues are done by professional voice-actors with the same microphone quality, it sucks pretty hard.
(64.10 KB 640x400 rampage all your.jpg)
>>94214 SOME things are everlasting.
Concept art of the final fight.
>>94927 There should be fall zones on the edges as well, but some of attacks should sweep inward so you get cleavaged more often than rolling off. Imagine there being a pit 1 tile wide on either side, and a 2 tile pit in the middle. She could swing her tiddies left or right which could shift the stage from 1-2-1 pits to 2-2-0 or 0-2-2. Or maybe she could spread her tits even wider manually and make the middle 4 units big
(707.11 KB 505x675 toad100.png)
>>94927 Now we're cooking Anon. Magnificent work! I'm thinking Queen would be really large, like she'd be a background two screens wide. Also I think part of the hazard would just be maintaining your footing on her breasts as they'd slope downwards and make you naturally gravitate towards the pits at the sides or in the middle
>>94929 The way she sways her breasts could work with my aforementioned slippery footing idea. so that when she sways them to one side you're slid towards the other and have to put a constant effort into not falling off.
>>94932 >>94930 It's an unusual setting, and there's lots of fun, silly potential to be had
>>94927 Sprite 2 and 3 three could be the same and just flipped.
>>94944 I think her head/shoulders would be one background layer and her breasts would be a layer on top of that. Her face itself would be a sprite..
>>94927 How are her arms going to move around with her hands?
>>94973 She's going to be so large that her arms won't need to be drawn. Just her gloves.
>>94927 >When you have a size fetish, antagonist fetish, and anthro fetish I'm so fucking ready. If you jumped higher on this level due to the soft ground with little fleshy "boing" sound effects that would be wonderful. It would also make for a good excuse to add a bunch of aerial projectiles and enemies to platform around while you wait for the boss's weak spot to open up.
>>93517 >>93556 Operation ToadKill
>>95076 >>94932 >>94930 >>94929 All excellent ideas. You could also do a parallax background and between phases have her "move" to the left or right 4-5 steps, with the background scrolling the appropriate direction, her moving up and down some like she's walking, her breasts bouncing more prominently and thus your bouncy platforms moving up and down, and as the background is scrolling have the physics push the toads in the same direction due to inertia (with an accompanying slide in the opposite direction when she finally comes to a stop).
>Pirate Boss with a huge hat that covers ears >Blista: "Where are your buccaneers?" >Boss: "They're under me buckin' hat." >buccaneers burst from his hat while he uses cannons in the background
(29.69 KB 1110x539 ClipboardImage.png)
Sorry I'm late. Haven't been feeling good the past few days. Here's a very rough Rash. Gonna tweak the pose a bit more. Still working on Zitz too.
(38.92 KB 1431x522 ClipboardImage.png)
Still haven't made much progress on Zitz. I've been thinking about the 'toads movesets. Since I'll be doing new sprites for them I'm thinking I may give the toads new Smash Hits but let them keep some of their classics as well. For example I think Rash will have a spring-loaded boxing glove and nunchucks as some of his smashes.
Secret ending: After the final battle Blista is still huge and kind of riled up so she looks at the toads as if to say "we did it" and then they give her sly grins. She blushes and asks if they should celebrate and pretty soon the toads have all morphed into giant cocks and started banging the fuck out of every single one of her holes, a lewd giant display that traumatizes countless children citywide. The toads all explode their loads inside and outside of Blista's giant body, and in the afterglow as Blista lies in the street with toad jizz all over and inside her, she says through her panting gasps, "you guys are great! Why did they ever stop making games of you guys?"
>>95976 For a shitpost, I have to say the salty reactions of faggots upon getting an ending like that blind would be pretty hilarious, degenerate as it is.
(29.97 KB 480x480 2012382-pete.jpg)
>>95976 >>95983 Maybe we could commission a hentai artist to animate this for us like Mike Inel or TwistedGrim or somebody
(385.88 KB 750x761 visible confusion.png)
>>95976 >missing the opportunity of Blista having constant rough lesbian sex with the defeated queen to the point it breaks her mind and becomes her slave/gf
>>95996 How about mind-breaking her to the point that she develops a split-personality; one that is Blista's slave GF, and the other that is the usual Dark Queen? Or, at least, something similar to how Sister Jill wants to have rough lesbian sex with Cutey Honey, but both of them remain stark enemies.
>>94288 on and off recovering opiate addict musician with expertise in 80's metal here, I'll join the slack and see what's up and how I can help.
>>96042 >opiate music The music of the gods.
(975.91 KB 1798x1225 8318ec0c7c6773db7b72c56dd168e381.png)
>>96002 Or how about the meme route and after beating the game the dark queen turns into this goat looking up nervously at the toads who are all glaring down with a look of mal-intent before fade-to-black. Alternatively maybe just a line of dialog after introducing the female toad where as the scene fades out she asks "Why do you guys have a goat in here?".
Some of new things: >We are planning a swamp level in the spirit of turbo tunnel and surf city. We were thinking each toad could have a unique vehicle. Rash could have a surfboard, Zitz a jetski, Blista would be riding a shark, and Pimple could be swimming really fast. >First sprite of the small pig enemy. >We got 2 composers! Here's a rough concept from one of them. Feel free to make suggestions.
>>97379 I mentioned in the slack that I don't think the vehicles would be that different. The three toads could have some traditional watercraft while pimple has a swamp hovercraft with one of those giant propulsion fans.
(2.15 MB 3896x1952 PANuBattletoads.jpg)
How much do you have to fuck up to make fenceshitters like Penny Arcade make fun of you?
Wow, this project is really taking off isn't it? I'm shocked. Too bad Psycho Josh is the main guy and he just has to insert his fetishes
(18.39 KB 890x765 ClipboardImage.png)
>>97481 >Pretending they aren't shared by the audience and some members of the team
(462.20 KB 498x330 wtf.gif)
>>97451 Finding myself laughing at and agreeing with a Penny Arcade strip. Can 2020 fuck off already.
>>97451 What the fuck is Gabe's hair doing?
>>95988 >it's that time again
>>97379 That's some pretty good music >swamp level Not exactly a space/sci-fi or heavy metal/industrial themed level not that I mind Can I ask if you guys agree with >>91806's suggestion for level 2 >Toads are crash landing into a nearby planet and have to control the pods as they fall, there'd be some enemy ships pulled into it as well >They land on a junkyard planet of all the Dark Queen's previous universe domination schemes and projects >They find a way to leave the planet at the end
>>97451 I'm surprised to hear how few people complained about the awful writing, some even praise it. It really shocks me Penny Arcade of all people came out with this hot take. >>97494 I know I'm definitely not one of them.
(9.71 KB 256x224 New_Junk.png)
>>97510 >junkyard planet Could it be?
>>97499 Getting DPed by his eyebrows, apparently.
>>97497 I can't believe that strip is still around. Who reads it? What can they have to say that hasn't been said already? How has the art managed to get worse twenty (?) years on?
(33.47 KB 600x322 wreck-gar-planet-junk1.jpg)
>>97519 I was imagining it more like this but your's works too. >>97510 >Toads are crash landing into a nearby planet and have to control the pods as they fall MULTIPLE SIMULTANEOUS AND DEVASTATING DEEP STRIKES
(37.54 KB 1429x514 ClipboardImage.png)
Do you guys like a boxing pose for Zitz or should I try something else? How about the other toads? Do they look okay? Keep in mind all of these are really rough and the lines are thick because I still have cleanup to do. I've been having trouble with Zitz and Rash but I think Rash came out okay. Zitz I'm still ambivalent about.
>>97548 Compared to the other toads, Blista looks a little too much like a cute fan character (Which she is, but that's beside the point). Could you try making her a bit more firm or "striking"?
>>97554 She is supposed to look cute, that is kind of the point. I like her this way but I could try making the shape of her face more like the other toads.The thing is with Blista's face I wanted to make it more round and heart-shaped since she is a girl and not have the same sharp and brutish faces that the guys have.
>>97546 > How about the other toads? It's hard to say much in their rough state. I suppose Their heads, or at least pimple and zitz's, might be facing the camera too much Also, rash and zitz's poses may be too similar >>97556 I think he meant to give her a smirk
>>97379 >First sprite of the small pig enemy. His shoulder guard needs some shading it's too flat. Also remember not to fall to much into the pillow shading trap. Other than that it looks good and I'm glad to see some more finished looking sprites.
>>97556 I would prefer she look like the second OP image, actually. I have nothing against cute, feminine and anime-like designs, but it's not Battletoads.
>>97623 I'm unclear on what you want me to change.
(15.41 KB 741x512 ClipboardImage.png)
>>97623 Something like this? Which do you guys prefer?
(5.94 KB 379x477 ClipboardImage.png)
Option 3 is that I sort of combine them by giving the original head the width of the new one.
(46.59 KB 1120x512 BlistaSprites.png)
Well, we gave it time to run it's course, and option 3 has it. We'll go with that. Regarding the other options: >Give her a cock Go jump in a woodchipper futagays. >Where's her headband? This is something I don't think we ever reached a decision on. Do you guys want a headband on her or not? I kinda like her without it, but if we made a poll for it I didn't see the results. So here's a fresh one. Make it count. http://poal.me/xs4cb9
>>98374 I kind of like the headband but I'm not married to the idea so I'm fine with what everyone else decides.
>>98374 Give her a cock Gay, I propose we give her a big bush.
>>98374 As it stands she has no real defining features. She should at least have spiky knee pads and/or a pauldron. I'd also highly recommend giving her as little hair as possible, so maybe a braided ponytail so she doesn't look so different from the others.
>>98583 >She should at least have spiky knee pads I knew she was missing something! Yes that would help a lot.
(8.50 KB 439x540 ClipboardImage.png)
My bad. I forgot about her kneepads when I went to draw the other toads. Here's a rough version.
>>98684 Looks good. The OP also has spiked bracelets which look pretty good. Those would add more balance to her design probably, and make her consistent with the other toads.
(1.05 MB 1600x1718 ETw6iLBU0AALOcl.png)
>We couldve had a new Battletoads by Platinum Games >Instead we get cursed as fuck Rick and Mortytoads by a literal who UK mobile dev Why is existance just endless pain?
>>98703 >Why is existance just endless pain? Things will only get better when you force them to get better fren.
>>98715 Then we will proceed on our path to glory. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXGkJmRtU0o
>>98703 As much as I like Platinum I don't think their patented dodge mechanics would work on something like battletoads.
Can we have a level where you crawl up the Dark Queen's vagina a la that level in that one South Park game where you crawl up a gay man's ass?
>>99240 You just want straight up unbirthing porn. We're not doing that. Mod it in yourself
>>99240 Your glow is showing.
>>98684 Now that's better. She fits in much better with the other 3 toads now.
(563.44 KB 3196x3632 ClipboardImage.png)
Concept art for Robo-Manus battle posted by one Anon.
(6.26 KB 256x256 vattletoads-blistaanims.gif)
Rough idle. Just keys and lineart so far.
>>99648 It could use a slight bounce.
>>99648 The momentum doesn't quite work. Bit stiff. But a good start.
>>99648 There are a few problems as the other anons have mentioned, but the one I'm concerned with is the breast bouncing. It don't look quite right.
It's cool I added a few more frames of animation. I'll upload another WIP later today. Thinking the resolution for the game should be 640x480. What do you all think?
(4.18 KB 160x163 monitor.jpg)
>>100097 Finally, something I can play on my monitor shouldn't be an issue as long as we can stretch the window lmao
(9.97 KB 256x256 vattletoads-blistaanims.gif)
Small update. Still a work in progress. I'll fix the tiddies some more.
>>100387 Lookin' good. Just need to smooth it out, and it'll be perfect.
>>100172 Nice clock, Ahmed.
(9.97 KB 256x256 vattletoads-blistaanims.gif)
I made it a bit more exaggerated. Too much? I'm worried about it being too distracting if she's bouncing with this much energy.
>>100534 I think it's fine; there will be other things moving on the screen. Would you like me to dump it into the prototype and demonstrate how it looks against a background at appropriate scale?
>>99648 Maybe I'm not seeing it right, but it looks to me like the bounce of the boobs is following the motion of her chest. I.e. when her chest moves down her boobs move down as well, and when her chest moves up her boobs move up as well. I would expect the boobs to have some inertia to them: as the chest moves down the boobs get visually pushed up, and when her chest moves up again her boobs should be elongated downwards. At least that's how it looks to me. Maybe your boob delay is just too small to be noticeable. We need to get our priorities right after all.
>>100534 The hair bothers me, though, since all of the other battletoads are bald. But it looks bretty gud :------D
(2.10 KB 66x77 blista sample.png)
This is closer to what I had in mind for Blista's in-game look, for the record. Will mods be doable in any way? I'd probably just make a mod for personal use later if the game got finished. Also, kawaii uguu Blista's bouncy idle animation looks cute. Can't wait to see her final bouncy tiddies with inertia.
(23.17 KB 526x616 blista sample.png)
>>100801 That looks great. I vote for that one. Maybe smooth the nose a bit more but other than that it's bretty good.
>>100801 Nice work! That looks really well done. The bandana and tits are perfect.
>>100804 The legs need more detail but I have a feeling you already knew that and were simply emphasizing the tits/headband/hair. You know, what we all came for. Other than that I love this.
>>100825 Yeah, it's only a sample so I didn't do the rest. Also noticed that I shaded in the wrong direction based on the light source in the other sprites, so no real point in it when I'd have to redo it anyway. Figure I'll be doing a lot more edits if this game gets finished, I can put the work in then.
(6.66 MB 1835x2142 ClipboardImage.png)
(287.63 KB 300x682 ClipboardImage.png)
>>100801 >>100804 Good shading work. But, I don't know, I kinda prefer her the way she looks in my sprite. I'm not going to be a stick in the mud, if everyone prefers her with the bandana I'll add it in. But I think she looks kind of like a chola when she has it on (see pic related). I take it you were going for a hot sporty girl like B. Orchid from Killer Instinct or something? I wanted for her sprite to stay a bit more on the cutesy side, but I could try adding in a headband if it's what you guys want. I'll try to emulate the way it looks in that second pic in the OP. I'd draw you guys' attention to this poll again, currently it's a 50/50 split with two votes for headband and two votes for no headband, please decide. http://poal.me/xs4cb9
>>100848 I personally agree with you that it makes her look like a chola, but I can see that the people that want it want a sort of '80s gym look. Does that fit with Battletoads? I'm not sure. Battletoads is more '90s than '80s. Would it be possible to have the headband be an option, or the ability to toggle it be unlockable? I know that would take twice as many sprites, but hopefully each one would be a relatively minor edit. Also make the ability to toggle vest/panties be unlockable.
>>100801 >Will mods be doable in any way? I'd probably just make a mod for personal use later if the game got finished. That will probably depend on what we choose for an engine; we've been working on prototypes individually, so the decision is still up in the air at the moment.
(45.18 KB 931x633 siegheilboi.jpg)
>>100853 >Would it be possible to have the headband be an option, or the ability to toggle it be unlockable? I know that would take twice as many sprites, but hopefully each one would be a relatively minor edit. Also make the ability to toggle vest/panties be unlockable. I REALLY don't feel like having to do four separate sprite sheets for the same character, and in fact if you guys ask to go with the headband I'll have to redo the existing sprite animation and it'll probably look shitty. But mod support could be an option so you guys would be able to do it yourselves. Battletoads is literally a 90s franchise so 80s chic wouldn't really make sense in it. 90s girls had the "Rachel" haircut which is basically what my sprite has.
>>100853 Would be a pain unless the head and body could be made separate sprites and overlayed. You could have two heads, smug punk toad with 80s hair and cute feminine toad, and two bodies, clothed and nekkid, cutting down on the amount of work. But it's still more work than just picking one. Of course you could make one set and maybe nekkid and let users possibly add more heads and bodies down the line.
>>100876 Well for the headband thing, you're only altering part of the head, and don't need to touch the rest of the body. Altering the panties would basically just be a color change with like a pixel or two to indicate that toad pussy but I can see how the vest would be a more major alteration. Of course, I'm just ideaguying right now, and I totally get if the guy actually doing the sprites doesn't want to do any of that. But he is right about the headband. It would need some work to make it look like anons seem to want, instead of it looking like a chola. And even then, making it look like Olivia Newton John or whatever is still like ten years out of date with the rest of the Battletoads franchise. I don't think the "Rachel" is actually quite in line with Battletoads' era either, it's a little bit later. But it's a lot closer, and the sprite anon already made for that looked fairly neutral and timeless, IMO.
(8.50 KB 420x535 ClipboardImage.png)
(107.88 KB 294x482 ClipboardImage.png)
Made an attempt. I don't know guys. I don't think I can make it look good. It conflicts with the way I see this character. Giving her a cheesy 80s sports headband makes me think of Betty Deville from Rugrats.
>>100889 It's a big improvement over the last headband sprite posted. Not sure if I like it as much as the headbandless one, but I wouldn't say it makes her look like a granola bull dyke like Betty.
(77.57 KB 355x369 mokoucomeonboy.jpg)
>>100890 Either way that's the image it gives me. It's starting to pull her away from the character I have in mind. I respect that the pro-headband anons have a vision for Headband Blista but I'm probably not the anon to realize it. I think the best option would be to push for mod support so you guys could add in Headband Blista the way you want it because I really don't know how to work with this look.
(6.20 KB 390x439 ClipboardImage.png)
One last try. Best I can do, I think.
>>100919 You posted this in the wrong thread but that all sounds like typical anxiety/depression symptoms. They can address it in therapy.
>>100927 I like it, but I wonder if the headband will be mistaken as eye shadow.
>>100929 I can't imagine how the one you're replying to could possibly be mistaken as eye shadow. The previous one, maybe, but I still personally think that one looks better. But either way, I think the headbandless one looks at least as good, and if spriteanon prefers that, I think it's fine. That's just me, though.
>>100929 I think the sprite need to be finished first to really tell.
>>100889 >>100927 I disagree with everyone else, she doesn't need the head band. You could just copy the hair from >>100801if you're going to add it.
(205.91 KB 538x448 ClipboardImage.png)
Well, we're at a tie again. Seems we are perfectly divided on this. In what arena shall we settle the war of the Headbandfags vs the Nobandfags?
>>101130 Jackbox?
>>101130 What program you using to make the game in? Please don't say unity.
>>101195 I think the plan was to go with Godot. We're NOT using Unity or Unreal because they'll licensecuck us if they get wind of us doing something illegal (I.E. copyright infringement). Godot is open source so it doesn't have that problem.
>>101130 I'm still fine with either headband or no headband. >>100801 >>100804 This is a nice sprite though.
>>92085 Something that would be fun to do is put Easter Eggs of past Rare games like a severed head of Banjo or Conker puking on the background.
>>101254 Strip club with a bunch of other Rareware girls like Joanna, Berri and Orchid
(9.98 KB 256x256 vattletoads-blistaanims.gif)
Enhanced titty shake. Too much?
>>101729 Looks fine to me.
>>101729 Maybe slow down the giggle a bit. Other than that it looks great.
>>101729 That thigh jiggle is great
>>101729 It's pretty great as an anon said slow it down a tad so we can see it more
(529.33 KB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Took a short break from spriting. Been working on other stuff too. I sketched this instead. You guys want me to finish it?
>>102079 sure why not but make a different one without the other toads in it and she's just moving her ass, that'd be nice.
Newfag Question: Is Queenie playable? Is Queenie gonna have that smoking hot body, sexy bikini suit (or a similar sexy outfit) with a shiny raven black hair (without the grey hairstrip) she had in the old titles? Will the frog girl have a similar sexy body that can rival Queenie? I might jump in this game should it go well enough.
>>102483 >Is Queenie playable? No. Unless someone mods it afterwards. >Is Queenie gonna have that smoking hot body, sexy bikini suit (or a similar sexy outfit) with a shiny raven black hair (without the grey hairstrip) she had in the old titles? Yes. The last fight will take place on her tits even. >Will the frog girl have a similar sexy body that can rival Queenie? Yes. Join the slack group if you want (https://join.slack.com/t/vattletoads/shared_invite/zt-h3lj55c1-2Y8nlXcWfB_eYFeRLZrPTw). Even if only for shitposting, give ideas or see (almost) daily progress of the game.
>>102497 >link expired well fuck
>>102497 I want to point out that I'd rather not have people joining the slack if they're not going to contribute and are only there to shitpost. But lurking is fine I suppose.
>>102521 >use my spare >doesn't send the e-mail I was pretty much just gonna lurk to see what's going on anyways.
Sorry about the lack of updates guys. I'll start spriting or finishing that Blista pic this weekend.
>>104275 Bruh take your time as long as you're being productive and producing more sweet sweet froggy tittie
>>102079 Yes please
>>102497 Oh shit, I had one of those.
>>104275 you have failed us
(86.90 KB 540x720 monitor hugs.jpg)
>>104275 I continue to monitor this thread.
(191.23 KB 908x897 ClipboardImage.png)
Quick sketch of a boss concept. I think you'd fight this fly at the end of the Swamp level. He would mostly stay in the air and you'd have to bring him down to the ground with aerial smash hits. You could clip his wings if you hit him from behind enough times but even then he has grappling moves. After draining all his health he turns into a regular fly and you can eat him.
>>105395 Stockman got swole.
>>105357 THe balls on that guy holding up the monitor, jesus chirst those things have claws that would shred him up if it wasnt placid like the in file.
>>105488 Stop talking shit about that man's wife.
More stuff. One of our composers came through with a song arrangement (still a work in progress).
>>105426 I was going to say that. >>105519 Oh. He's suppose to be like a wrestler. I could figure out the leg and arms were spiked bracelets but I wasn't sure about the spiky pants part. I thought iwas part of a samurai gear of something Japanese related.
(4.66 MB 2372x1800 ClipboardImage.png)
>>105523 This is another anon's interpretation. The way I imagined it in my original doodle the spikes are supposed to be the chitin on a fly's legs. The folding chair was also his idea, I don't know if he'll be a wrestler but the idea I had was to have him attack by divebombing and dropping stuff on you like heavy things or explosives.
>>105519 He's a big fly
(496.21 KB 498x377 wario approves.gif)
>>105519 >Music Hey, if you're in the thread, this shit is fly as fuck.
>>105554 for shoo
(221.82 KB 1264x928 ClipboardImage.png)
Lines and flats on toad ass. Would you guys like it if I made a discord server?
>>106219 Obligatory >discord You could try suggesting literally any other chat software
(64.03 KB 315x256 cgabeardthink.png)
>>106223 IRC channel?
>>106219 hey there should be an edit where she's talking to the viewer instead & the tongues/hands are missing.
(33.02 KB 306x340 viv dance.png)
>>106236 That artist sucks, fuck you
>>106233 I planned to have a version like that, yes.
Has anybody on /v/ even made a game before I think this project might be a disaster otherwise What if it's C&D'd
>>106615 >What are /agdg/ threads
>>106633 Has anybody published a game from there though, I don't use them
(55.69 KB 616x353 capsule_616x353[1].jpg)
(285.17 KB 1920x1080 2015-09-21_00002-noscale[1].jpg)
(156.35 KB 1430x552 311778-feefeeheader[1].jpg)
>>106640 yes actually. Aerannis is pretty good even You play as an assassin uncovering a conspiracy in a feminist dystopia. The main character is a tranny but it's actually a fundamental part of the plot instead of being hollow virtue signaling
>>106662 Is it blatant /v/ pandering?
>>106615 Speedbot anon did. Shinobu anon is working on it.
>>106672 Yes. Oh, yes. It has a Vivian James cameo and features several feminist strawmen based on various meme feminists from the time like Big Red.
(213.85 KB 460x215 ClipboardImage.png)
(195.78 KB 460x215 ClipboardImage.png)
(222.73 KB 460x215 ClipboardImage.png)
(182.63 KB 460x215 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.02 MB 2286x400 ClipboardImage.png)
>>106662 >picking that game as an example there are literally better games
(381.95 KB 402x497 DmTpcr2XgAAW1e5.png large.png)
>>106615 Several anons have made games as I recall. >What if it's C&D'd Let them try. Even if they want to they can't really do anything until we release something. Which is why the onus will be on anons to mirror it as far and wide as possible once we drop the 1.0 and Streisand effect the fuck out of it. This whole thing is an act of civil disobedience. The great thing about 8chan is that we can do clandestine gamedev like this since the site's blacklisted at so many places. Google doesn't even list it in their search results. So they set it up perfectly for us to be able to work in private and still post updates to our little community about it.
>>106704 >Google doesn't even list it in their search results. Is that true for 8moe and not just 8kun?
>>106681 >feminist strawmen I'm trying to picture what that would look like. Feminists have already reached such heights of retardation that I would believe they were a strawman if not for the video footage of them sperging out.
>>106615 >>106640 Ever hear of Minecraft?
>>106672 in a most ingenious way because the main character is trans, the usual suspects couldn't criticize it. The closest they came to a negative review was to express a bit of confusion over its tone
>>106686 I ashamedly confess that I haven't played any of those
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cYhXkPCH-8 Yahtzee reviewed BT2020 last week. He briefly shits all over it and then talks about this other game. At the very least he raises good points.
(1.27 MB 805x1000 ClipboardImage.png)
Also ATTN CODEFAGS If you guys are still viewing the thread I need a status update from you guys. How is everything going? I'm back on spriting this week. But it'll still be a while until I have anims done so you should just use the arcade sprites for now. Let me know how it's going.
(13.23 MB 4300x3300 vattletoads-blistaassnosig.png)
(13.76 MB 4300x3300 vattletoads-blistaassnotext.png)
>>108322 >Dubs >Nice ass baby Absolutely checked and great work Anon.
>>108322 one without tongues & hand when? captcha brok
>>94216 all presidents up until that fucking nigger obama have been white men. a real blight on the history of the country but hey, the original america died after the civil war anyway. >>107866 this is just gonna turn into another Anton & coolpecker isnt it.
>>108610 Here.
>Male characters are naked but female characters of the same species must be clothed Haha classic!
>>109176 She's clothed because it's hotter you freak. I dunno what you're talking about either, the toads are wearing clothes. Same as Sonic and Tails. Shoes, belts and gloves are clothes you retard.
>>109178 >Shoes, belts and gloves are clothes you retard. Don't be a smartass. You know what I meant, male toads aren't wearing jackets or panties like Blista.
>>109179 And? She's wearing clothes because it accentuates her tits and ass. Her butt stands out as a result of her thong.
>>109176 This feels reminiscent of the posts back on 8kun about toads not having boobs. Yeah, it is "classic". That's the point, to be reminiscent of a 90s design.
>>109176 There could be an option or mod that allows you to see her naked, but i think if she is nude at all times it would look kind of weird. Specially considering she doesn't (or at least she isn't supposed to) have nipples.
>>109204 >anons should edit every single sprite in her animation to remove the clothes for an option I pity anyone autistic enough to actually do this
>>109210 You know there will be
Next you'll be saying you don't want her to have tits or hair because the other toads don't have them. Wearing clothes accentuates her personality and her body.
The leader of the project should be a programmer. If it's an idea guy or an artist, it's doomed to fail. Speaking from experience.
(1.13 MB 720x480 ideaguy.webm)
>>109275 Definitely.
I do know some programming but I don't think my skills are good enough to be in charge of that. If someone else wants to take the reigns of the project they can be my guest. I'd still be on contributing art. But no programmer has stepped forward thus far saying they want to take control so until then it's me. It doesn't make a difference in any case since we'd still be working the same way.
(476.15 KB 1280x1024 bat boobs.png)
>>109176 >Male humans can walk around shirtless but females of the same species must cover their chests Haha, classic!
(286.92 KB 667x820 fixed.png)
>>109176 Also, I fixed your image.
>>108322 >>108962 Bless now do one where the tongues are all over her tits
(145.49 KB 1277x798 Blarms_suggestion.jpg)
(92.30 KB 720x960 ChrisSonicBoomArms.jpg)
(106.40 KB 960x717 PROTESTING_SANIC_BUM.jpg)
>/v/ tries to make a game >Gets distracted by making porn of the game when they've barely begun brainstorming
(45.00 KB 827x496 Racemixing.JPG)
>>108322 Fantastic
>>109934 I fail to see your point
>>109934 am i the only one who remembers anton and coolpecker? this is going to end the same way.
>>109934 >fuck these kikes ruining vidya >we'll make our own game, with nostalgic music and fapbait >in fact, forget the game Happens every time. Jokes aside, I don't regret it. The A&CP OST is breddy gud and we always get some nice OC out of it even if the project fails. Also as long as all the stuff is archived, somebody could always revive any of the projects at some point after gaining more experience.
>>109275 Do we have a codeanon yet?
>>110097 Yes >>94284 You from zzzchan?
>>110097 Yes, we have had several codefags since the last thread. >>110093 As long as everyone's doing their part, I'm committed to doing mine until the game is done.
(295.29 KB 480x360 darkqueenfuckingangelicasback.gif)
>>109934 >>110087 >>110093 This project hasn't failed and will only fail until we all give up. There hasn't been many updates because we are mostly working on secondary sprite frames and cycles and the coders have been experimenting and stuff. We'll probably update you anons soon. Right now we're thinking how to make Angelica more hot. Any ideas?
(17.72 KB 708x944 D8pchf3XUAkc0WE.png)
If any drawfags wanna draw concepts for Angelica you're more than welcome. We'll pick the most stunning aryan goddess and make her our new Angelica. Was initially thinking of giving her a look like this.
>>110157 how about, since several anons have raised concerns, we wait until the first build is made before making any more character designs. Codeanons can just use placeholder sprites for the time being.
>>110236 Designing NPCs in the meantime doesn't hurt anything. They're not tied to game mechanics and are just going to appear in the story. Update on the music.
(198.92 KB 2781x469 main_8cpp__incl.png)
>>110097 There're a few of us around; we've mostly been working individually on different prototypes. We'll probably get together soon to discuss which direction we'll commit to, and If you want proof that code is being written, here's the repo for one of the prototypes https://gitgud.io/AnonOnSlack/engine/-/tree/%231-prototyping-a-cpp-route and an image of main.cpp's include graph.
(29.33 KB 1014x978 ClipboardImage.png)
Old Rare would've done the same thing in our shoes.
Never fuck toads or you will have warts all over your dick!
>>110874 Yes, but without the cringy female toad thingy.
>>110885 >ummm sexy female toad is kinda cringe ngl???? You need to go back
>>110884 Hey, that'd not something unique to toads, my uncle fucked a hooker and got genital warts
>>111094 That's because the hooker fucked toads.
>>110888 "Let's just add a new player character but we will make it a sexy female so we can fap to it"
>>111564 You're shitposting, but I'll bite. Fapping is a benefit, not even the primary reason for adding more sexy to the game. This game is being made in response to the nuBattletoads that has shit gameplay and cuts out all the previous sexuality Battletoads had. Making it have sexy is part of the rebellion against the faggots fucking up Battletoads.
>>111564 Correct.
>>111564 Of course.
>>111564 Absolutely.
>>111564 You bet your nigger-faggot ass.
>>111564 Positively so.
>>109210 I wonder how many sprites there will be to edit in total. Sprite editing is just about the limit of my pitiful computer skills, but I might just be autistic enough to do this. >>109853 You know I just realized that Chris Chan has a point. Amy's arms aren't pink. Does Amy shave her arms? Also, it's always been kind of weird that Sonic and Amy have skin colored arms but fur colored legs. So if anything, Amy and Sonic should both have fur colored arms. Of course, the real reason is so that the arms stand out against the body as you run horizontally across the screen, but that doesn't matter to autism.
>>111876 Depends on how complex her animation cycles are. >>111564 Yes, and?
>>112244 all me
(225.43 KB 1230x1207 Carbuncle1.png)
(240.17 KB 1230x1207 Carbuncle 2.png)
(139.53 KB 1230x1207 Carbuncle.png)
Sorry for the lack of updates. Besides working on the sprites, we came up with a new enemy called Carbuncle. Is an evil battletoad clone. Here you can choose what design you like more: http://poal.me/kksqu2 >Design 1# >Design 2# >Other There's a PNG if you have an idea for a different color pallete.
>>110087 I thought that was still being worked on?
>>116405 I like design one personally speaking.
(218.69 KB 1230x1207 ow the edgetoad.png)
I voted design two, first looks a little too close to a regular battletoad. I tried experimenting with the colors and gloves to see if I'd like it better, but in the end, it didn't even matter. I still liked the blue and fingerless gloves better.
(185.10 KB 1230x1207 Dart.png)
(756.38 KB 1062x918 Poison_Dart_Frogs.jpg)
>>116405 I like the first one, but why stop at just one? You could make an entire team of evil clones. Most of them aren't toads, but a lot of poisonous amphibians have bright "danger" color patterns that you could base the baddies on. Two of them could even be called Dart and Arrow, named after poisonous frogs of the same name. I'm shit and drawing and coloring but here's a quick mock up.
>>116523 This looks much better than the solid color fest above. They look like common grunts rather than bosses.
>>116523 Could do that, but I'm interested in keeping him as a toad. The idea with Carbuncle was that he would be the boss at the end of a level filled with failed Battletoad clones who lurch around like zombies and have their arms/legs permanently transformed into giant weapons, and they'll lumber towards you and try to smash you wtih them. Carbuncle himself will have smash hits all his own that are based on a theme, similar to how the other toads have themes for all of theirs. His theme is horror/monsters.
>>116594 >His theme is horror/monsters. How about laboratory instruments? It would make sense since he's a clone
>>116405 >>116523 How about him being a recurring enemy/boss that gets more difficult to beat as the game goes along and each time you meet him he's a different recolor?
>>116523 This looks great. It has much better contrast and is just a more memorable color design in general. And I don't know, it does look pretty horror/monster to me with the blue color and solid red eyes.
>>116594 That scenario is perfect, If there's a ton of failed clones then you can have every design (even some that look like the nu-Battletoads). Some can show up as minor enemies, others can be mid-bosses, and you can save the design you like the best for Carbuncle. >I'm interested in keeping him as a toad He's still a toad, he's just frog colored.
>>91739 >A new Battletoads game came out on Friday. It fucking sucked What the fuck was up with that? It came out of nowhere, it looks like Any good cringe that came out of it?
>>116605 Doesn't make any sense at all in addition to being boring. >>116620 Nah. Thinking you encounter him twice, once in the clone level and once in the final level. >>116778 No. All of it was cringe but none of it was good. It was a flaming pile of dog shit beginning to end. Cursed as fuck Rick and Mortytoads.
(248.00 KB 1230x1207 Poison Dart Carbuncle.png)
>>116838 >Doesn't make any sense at all in addition to being boring. >made in a lab >laboratory instruments don't make any sense Also don't understand how it would be boring. To be clear, I was thinking of things like syringes and other nasty devices >>116523 >>116669 Looks like design 1 is going to be used based on the poll. But I suppose they'll add spots to it. I agree that this design looks good, but I feel like it should have a different colored belly like the other toads.
>>111564 Why not?
(398.47 KB 1206x632 This isnt't for you shitlords.png)
>>116778 >>116838 There was this
>>116854 >Lab instruments don't make any sense Correct. Also they would be extremely boring. What's he going to do, hit them with a bunsen burner? A beaker? How is that better than turning his limbs into octopus tentacles, dinosaur heads, rusty chainsaws and all sorts of horror-related things? There isn't much that can be done with lab equipment unless you're talking about something really dull like poisoning the toads. Also, the smash hits are more than just visual gags this time, they actually have effects of their own.
>>116930 If he's some kind of lab horror, you could go with the old Japanese standby and do things like thrusting out intestines as spikes or exploding warts. A shitty knockoff never really works exactly right, so things other than his meat appendages could be be doing the changing. It's not exactly fitting for the character as designed, I admit, as it'd be more sensible if his design was obviously "wrong" like with his insides on his outsides or his head where a foot should go. But there's no call to do that. Actually, though, it might be effective: the player is probably expecting something that looks and acts like a toad to behave like the other ones, and then his left eye changes into a battleaxe. I dunno, I'm bullshitting.
>>116930 >Correct No, it's objectively not correct and I just explained why. >. What's he going to do, hit them with a bunsen burner? A beaker? Yeah, or anything from a genetics lab really, it's only boring if you're uncreative >How is that better than turning his limbs into octopus tentacles, dinosaur heads, rusty chainsaws and all sorts of horror-related things? The chainsaw would be thematically in line with the rest of the toad's artificial objects, the tentacles and dinosaur heads would not.
>>117027 >YOU'RE OBJECTIVELY NOT CORRECT LISTEN TO MY SHITTY AND RETARDED IDEAS REE Goodbye. >>117024 Well the thing is, Carbuncle is supposed to be a successful and perfect clone, the "shitty knockoffs" are the failed clone enemies you fight in the level (they're called "lesions" and as a group they're called the "lesion legion"). Carbuncle himself has a warped and depraved mind so he creates monsters as his smash hits.
>>117047 >YOU'RE OBJECTIVELY NOT CORRECT That's right. You said it didn't make sense, without any explanation. My original post said why it made sense i.e. he's a clone, and I repeated myself with more clarity i.e. he's a clone made in a laboratory. If you can't see how that makes sense, then I have a strong suspicion that you're genuinely retarded. >REE Now I know you're retarded
So are controls still up in the air? I'm ambivalent about the screen-clearing super move idea, but I think manual smash hits would be a nice way to make the fighting a bit more fun. In the NES original just had you tap the B button like crazy and after 3 to 5 punches that seemed to do nothing your toad would automatically do some flashy move that actually did damage. Fighting would be a lot more interesting if the player chose when to unleash the smash and there was some degree of trade-off as to how many light punches you threw before unleashing the big hit, perhaps softening them up more first results in more damage per hit, but too many hits and the enemy will stop being stunned and hit back, along with the time you take giving other enemies a chance to cut in. As for the input, aside from mapping smash hits to a different button, you could hold the button a moment to charge the hit. (There was usually a pause before the smash hit, so it could be in that rhythm.) This would also allow players to pick out what smash hit to use by pressing a direction while releasing the attack button. (Or there's direction + attack at the same time, but that seems like it would be too easy to accidentally trigger.) Of course the running attack should be same as it ever was.
>>117074 I don't care how your autist brain makes sense of it. Lab equipment simply doesn't make sense for smash hit attacks. The only idea you put forward is a syringe and left the rest up to someone else. Your idea is just dog shit. Quite literally both boring and uncreative. "This character lives in a house, let's give him house-based smash attacks" >>117077 Yeah, this is something I made a note of earlier. I think at the character select screen we'll have a choice between Auto and Manual smash hits. Auto: Only one attack button. Press it repeatedly to do a full combo ending in a smash hit. Downside of this is that it's harder to perform juggles. Manual: Attacks are two buttons (jab and smash hit). End your combos by pressing Smash Hit.
>>117083 > Lab equipment simply doesn't make sense for smash hit attacks That's debatable, but either way you should have said that in the first place instead of just saying "it doesn't make sense" the way an actual autist would. >This character lives in a house, let's give him house-based smash attacks That's a false equivalence since a clone being made in a lab is unsual as opposed to a guy living in a house, but there are a lot of different appliances in a house, so yeah that potentially would be interesting. Certainly more so then generic body horror. If you don't want to use my idea that's fine, it was pretty obvious that you weren't going to, but you don't need to act personally affronted when you make incorrect points and people explain why they're incorrect. <b-but you sperged out I called you retarded after you sperged out because you were acting retarded, yes
(30.87 KB 499x338 popukothisguy.jpg)
>>117088 >That's debatable, but either way you should have said that in the first place instead of just saying "it doesn't make sense" the way an actual autist would. I said it "doesn't make sense" and that alone was sufficient. I was speaking about Smash Hits from the beginning. The fact that you weren't able to recognize this obvious context is a facet of your severe autism and is in no way anyone's fault but yours. > That's a false equivalence since a clone being made in a lab is unsual as opposed to a guy living in a house, but there are a lot of different appliances in a house, so yeah that potentially would be interesting. Certainly more so then generic body horror. Your opinions are every bit as shitty as your ideas, you need to grow as a person. Carbuncle's smash hits are not "generic body horror" so in addition to everything else you lack reading comprehension.
(575.01 KB 1230x1207 ClipboardImage.png)
Problem with the above colors I can see is that he looks too bright for what his character is. I propose this as his color. What do you guys think?
>>117092 >I said it "doesn't make sense" and that alone was sufficient Not really, no. Unless you're an autist who just expects people to know what you're thinking without explaining yourself >Carbuncle's smash hits are not "generic body horror" >tentacles >toothy mouth >not generic body horror <b-but it's a dinosaur Still generic body horror shapeshifting <b-b-but I mentioned a buzzsaw That's only one thing you mentioned, and "all sorts of horror things" is not specific.
>>117094 I don't mind the blue spots on black in that picture, however yellow on yellow looks atrocious. I don't think the blue spots is good design though for this game because you have to keep in mind the low resolution. Designs need to be simple enough that the character can be comfortably represented at the desired resolution without looking like a bunch of random unreadable pixels everywhere. I don't think giving him a pattern is a good idea unless it is minimal texturing on top of a different shade of the same color. His accessories in the art are already black with highlights, making him black underneath those might be fine (although without a pattern it would look like he's either just wearing a belt or wearing pants, so I don't think #000000 is a good idea either) due to animation making it clear to the player what form he has, but having random non-black pixels in the middle could look pretty confusing. For the sake of the pixel artist, I think one of the original 2 designs or the pale blue undead color would be better than both black with spots or complete black. Hope this is legible, my brain is fried right now. >>117095 He has said multiple times the body horror is only on the imperfect common enemies for the stage, the character being discussed is perfect and going to be more like a "shadow battletoad" or "dark battletoad" where the enemy looks like a dark clone of the player and uses the same moveset, but still beats your ass unless you git gud. Still not an original idea, but no body horror. And I don't think it has to be 100% original ideas anyway, the point of the game is to be fun, and body horror, clones, and the evil clone cliche are still fun at the end of the day, just like a hot female battletoad is.
>>117174 >I don't mind the blue spots on black in that picture, however yellow on yellow looks atrocious. I don't think the blue spots is good design though for this game because you have to keep in mind the low resolution. Designs need to be simple enough that the character can be comfortably represented at the desired resolution without looking like a bunch of random unreadable pixels everywhere. This isn't a problem. The game isn't so low resolution that this could happen. The sprites are actually somewhat bigger than the arcade game's sprites so they are able to convey a lot of detail and little stuff like spots/blemishes on characters wouldn't be an issue, it'd just have to be carefully animated. Also stop replying to the half-literate retard, he's not worth your time.
(17.35 KB 256x256 vattletoads-blistaanims.gif)
EXTREMELY rough Blista walk animation. There's still a lot to be done but I hope it conveys well what I'm trying to do. Wanted to give her a walk with personality so she's doing a little toad skip.
(160.72 KB 680x680 costanza comic.jpg)
>>116911 >They actually put that line in the game Glad that shit bombed.
Sorry about the lack of updates you guys. There's a deadline for something coming up regarding one of my other projects and I've got a lot of work to do on that end. Development is currently paused just for like a couple of weeks while I sort this out. If any drawfags are in here please draw more Blista and Dark Queen tid/ass. Thank
>>121284 Did it bomb? >>123015 no worries, best of luck.
>>117642 Very nicely done, I dig it.

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