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(73.69 KB 640x400 Snoopy's Game Club.jpg)

(62.19 KB 622x320 New Management.jpg)

Welcome back to /vg/! Anonymous 08/31/2021 (Tue) 05:18:29 Id: 51f976 No. 528 [Reply]
I am the proud new owner of /vg/. The prior BO's CSS will be retained, as will their setting of forced anonymity. I am currently cleaning the board of the trash accumulated in the prior BO's absence. /vg/ will remain a sfw board, and carry itself going forward as THE happy home for vidya game discussion. DA RULEZ (SANS GLOBAL'S): 1. Vidya Only This board discusses vidya games and vidya game accessories, not lolcows. 2. SFW Board Lewd content must be spoilered and outright pornographic content will be deleted; violators will be prostituted. 3. No Dupe/Shit Threads Duplicate/Shitty threads will be merged and/or deleted as necessary. I welcome anons new and old back to /vg/. Let's get funposting!
Edited last time by bajabronze on 08/31/2021 (Tue) 05:48:32.
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>>741 Just follow the 3 rules plus globals and you'll be right, mate. >>743 Amen

(9.53 MB 1280x720 1449125327108669440.mp4)

(1.25 MB 1280x720 1448936016539234304.mp4)

(543.63 KB 1280x720 1448730095238082577.mp4)

Linux/FOSS Gaming Anonymous 10/16/2021 (Sat) 17:39:50 Id: 000000 No. 802 [Reply]
News Epic Games announce full Easy Anti-Cheat support for Linux including Wine & Proton https://archive.is/nQi11 https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/09/epic-games-announce-full-easy-anti-cheat-for-linux-including-wine-a-proton Site to check anti-cheat compatibility status for games on Linux https://areweanticheatyet.com/ Nvidia DLSS support for DirectX 12 and DirectX 11 games just landed in Proton Experimental https://archive.vn/Fuj9B https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/10/proton-experimental-expands-nvidia-dlss-support-on-linux-to-directx-11-titles https://github.com/ValveSoftware/Proton/wiki/Changelog/_compare/0fbd91df152198bf396c92f806fec8a24771f76e...c2be7454d6af39068357d7750f91732d2386b679 X.Org server becomes marginally less unusable trash after adding "AsyncFlipSecondaries" https://archive.ph/uyYeu https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=X.Org-AsyncFlipSecondaries Developer testing footage now releasing for the Steam Deck as Valve ships them out to devs, see attached videos or their twitter. https://nitter.kavin.rocks/OnDeck Games

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>>821 Alright old man, fine. I'm saying the device on which the game is played looks beat up, in a uniquely MacGyveresque sort of way.
Update on BattlEye + Proton support >As we mentioned previously, BattlEye on Proton integration has reached a point where all a developer needs to do is reach out BattlEye to enable it for their title. No additional work is required by the developer besides that communication. Partners have started turning on BattlEye support for their titles, meaning these games are now working on Steam Deck. >Starting today Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord and ARK: Survival Evolved's BattlEye anti-cheat systems are working on Proton, and we expect others to follow soon. If you'd like to try this out now, you'll need today's update of Proton Experimental as well as the Steam Client Beta. >If you're using BattlEye and would like to support Steam Deck, reach out to BattlEye directly to request that they enable support. If your game uses BattlEye and you have follow up questions for Valve, reach out to us here. https://web.archive.org/web/20211106011856/https://store.steampowered.com/news/group/4145017/view/3104663180636096966
>linux gaming <(((Steam deck))) thread I knew it was all veiled homosexuality but this confirms it

>>825 Cringe torposter shitting up the board with snoozefest news updates, smh my head 😒
>>826 It's just a general emulation thread retard. Kill yourself.
>>827 No, I'm too busy generating PPH by poking the proverbial stick at the resident torpie

Game Jolt Game Hunt Anonymous 09/17/2021 (Fri) 06:39:18 Id: c62b2d No. 794 [Reply]
I like looking for fun underplayed games/demos on gamejolt, and I think you'll like it too. Post your finds ITT. Here's my favorite obscure gamejolt game-maker: https://gamejolt.com/@lierinwait Here's his most popular game, zipped for your pleasure ;)
(20.09 KB 600x337 3464210-vvhhwmqu-v4.webp)

(569.44 KB 1366x768 screenshot12-gxjakgya.png)

(29.15 KB 600x337 3464214-ayufwg75-v4.webp)

https://gamejolt.com/games/beyondthedusk/507775 Huh, this guy has a bunch of 2D in 3D games. This zelda one looks neat

(231.04 KB 466x500 bump-test-machine-500x500.png)

Bump Machine - Favorite Vidya Edition Anonymous 09/12/2021 (Sun) 22:40:23 Id: 08eb28 No. 766 [Reply]
Post your favorite vidya game/character ITT every time you visit.
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(104.49 KB 700x421 WCCFsupermonkeyballremake1.jpg)

(85.75 KB 940x1226 387Turtwig_DP_anime_2.png)

Best pokemon
(308.79 KB 684x1500 stella happy.png)

(428.98 KB 943x1500 rosa happy.png)

(382.96 KB 1412x1500 fang very happy.png)

(314.79 KB 1412x1500 naser prom happy.png)

(321.16 KB 1061x1500 anon happy.png)

The one where I can get a dino gee eff and boop her snoot... Snoot Game!

The Gondola Game [TGG] Thread Anonymous 09/02/2021 (Thu) 06:24:13 Id: db0514 No. 572 [Reply] [Last]
An anon from /v/ came up with this banger of a game idea: >since gondolas are adorable and liked by anons, there could be episodic stories made of the many different gondolas. Since it's about gondolas, any anon capable of using MS Paint can contribute art. Any anon capable of writing can contribute an episode. Any anon capable of composing music can contribute a song, etc. Personally I am capable of all 3 and programming in Renpy. To keep things simple, we will make the >game in Renpy. <what's Renpy? https://www.renpy.org/ The writing style is generally third person limited omniscient (TPLO) for flavor text/gondola interactions, mugshot images for gondola emotions, and a smattering of 1st/2nd person for seeing what gondola thinks about things. <What's TPLO? https://thewordcounter.com/how-to-write-in-third-person/ Music can be made with instruments or DAWs! <what's a DAW?

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by bajabronze on 09/04/2021 (Sat) 18:33:51.
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(158.36 KB 434x382 2uaczn.png)

>>798 Gondolanon seems to have gone AWOL, he hasn't posted since 9/11. That's ok, we can keep it going in his absence!
(79.24 KB 469x413 sad_gondola.png)

gondola game ded
>>800 I'm working on my own thing right now, but the gitlab is open to anyone who wants to contribute.

(905.00 B 440x228 440px-MIT_logo.svg.png)

(44.91 KB 614x600 GNU-Logo.jpg)

(27.56 KB 900x500 What-is-Open-Source-License.jpg)

Vidya Game Licenses Anonymous 09/14/2021 (Tue) 21:58:07 Id: aa4e52 No. 773 [Reply]
What vidya licenses do you prefer, and why? If you made a vidya license for your game or another person's, what would its terms be? Would it be freeware, open source, closed source, etc.? https://opensource.org/licenses https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/nonfree-games.html
>>773 >If you made a vidya license for your game or another person's, what would its terms be GNU GPL, anything else is a cuck license where you work for free, only to have a company swoop in, repackage your code and sell it as proprietary. With that said, cuck licenses are of for stuff I don't really care about. Ideally anything without a license would be fair game, but with how copyright works I have to throw in the MIT license or something like that. >Would it be freeware, open source, closed source, etc.? You can make a game Free as in Freedom or Open Source and still charge money for it. That's how Doom works, the engine is free, but you have to pay for the actual game assets. I think that's the best model if you want to make money, everyone is happy and even Stallman approves.
>>775 >That's how Doom works, the engine is free, but you have to pay for the actual game assets. Sounds reasonable to me. I'll keep that in my head if I ever finish a game decent enough to sell.

(11.81 MB 568x300 Proper ATC terminology.webm)

Flightsims/combat sims Anonymous 09/11/2021 (Sat) 17:55:52 Id: 540f0a No. 762 [Reply]
Anyone here play flight sims? Can you recommend any? Is AC7 worth it?
>>762 MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR is always a good option, iirc it's industry standard.

Anonymous 09/04/2021 (Sat) 02:22:24 Id: b54bec No. 678 [Reply]
What's a good racing game for PC? I don't want a simulator like Gran Turismo nor do I want anything cartoony like Mario Kart.
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>>703 basado
I recommend either Burnout 3 or Outrun 2006. Both incredibly tight and focused on drifting. Burnout 3 if you want something more filled with adrenaline and combat-y without being Twisted Metal. For something more comfy and slighlty more relaxed I suggest Outrun 2006. Amazing OST as well.
(1.91 MB 1920x1080 9 6 2021 10 03 33 PM.png)

BallisticNG is spectacular but you have to be able to self-motivate since the "Campaign" doesn't really have a story. Mods are also pretty cool.

(13.95 KB 320x320 HL PIstol.jpg)

Games with rewarding sidearms Anonymous 05/14/2020 (Thu) 20:36:55 Id: 51dc50 No. 260 [Reply]
I'm kinda annoyed that most shooters only give you pistols or other sidearms as a weapon of last resort for situations where you run out of ammo for the big guns and using them is fairly pointless because all enemies are bullet sponges. So - what are some good games where your sidearms - pistols, knives, fucking fists if need be - actually are rewarding? In the sense that they still have their respective role(s) in your loadout, and aren't something you avoid unless its positively impossible?
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>>260 tf2
deagle in cs glock in eft half life revolver halo reach pistol ghost in valorant
Halo and Marathon

#GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG + #NYS]: Coco's New Helicopter Ride Edition Anonymous 08/31/2021 (Tue) 06:14:26 Id: 54384f No. 529 [Reply]
ONGOING DISCUSSIONS: >The Gamergate hashtag was coined 7 years ago >Nathan Grayson leaves Kotaku to join the Washington Post's "Launcher" section https://archive.is/9hqq0 >Kotaku: "Sega Changes PSO2 Name To Something Less Borderline Racist" https://archive.is/XwXUd >Guilty Gear Strive censors mention of Taiwan and other countries https://nichegamer.com/2021/06/22/report-ai-kayano-voice-and-credit-removed-from-azur-lane-and-arknights-after-chinese-outcry/ https://archive.is/qTQD3 >Factorio developer attacked by SJWs after he refuses to denounce man whose programming advice he linked and denounces cancel culture https://nichegamer.com/2021/06/20/attempts-to-cancel-factorio-dev-backfire-players-and-positive-reviews-swell/ https://archive.fo/S9SyH >Voice Actress Ai Kayano's lines removed from Azur Lane and Arknights after Chinese people object to her visiting Yasukuni Shrine https://nichegamer.com/2021/06/22/report-ai-kayano-voice-and-credit-removed-from-azur-lane-and-arknights-after-chinese-outcry/ https://archive.is/qTQD3 >Five Nights at Frieddy's developer Scott Cawthon retires after SJWs and game journalists attack him for donating to Republican politicians https://archive.fo/wCpMC

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>645 >The best you can do is help those around you to be happy and helpful by being happy and helpful yourself. "Those around you" will snitch you out to the feds for even displaying the slightest bit of wrongthink. Have you seen the fallout following the January 6 shitshow? >>649 >The best I ever saw from them was a general push to support indie comic creators over marvel/dc. And of course that attempt failed because any attempt to make a good... anything really, will always fail because (((Gen Zyklon))) will always despise it.
>>656 ok millennial
>>530 >Australians

(266.65 KB 800x500 Mr_House.png)

Anonymous 09/01/2021 (Wed) 03:42:00 Id: 2d72b5 No. 552 [Reply]
Just a reminder that Mr. House is the best route in New Vegas as it is the only one where someone with sufficient resources actually has the intentions and the capacity to restore humanity to a non-fucked up state. The current government of the Republic of New California is focused on expansionist practices similar to those of the USA, Europe and China in the ancient world. Mismanagement has led them to forcibly absorb territories to obtain their resources (Chief Hanlon mentions that many of the NCR lakes have been depleted through misuse, which explains the interest in Hoover Dam), even if they do not really have sufficient capacity to maintain control. As things stand during NV, it is clear that the NCR will suffer from growing discomfort among citizens (not just Mojave) that will likely end in revolution and loss of control over annexed territories. The "independent" option (which is really following Yes Man's plans) may be the one that improves the situation in Mojave with the least amount of fatalities if it is decided to leave everyone on their own as they were before the war. However, this option provides nothing else. With House and the NCR out on this route, the chances of improving the situation in Mojave disappear, and although the people's situation may improve in the short term (if the player helps them), the progress of the civilization itself would be extremely discouraged by the lack of organization, resources and knowledge. Mojave would remain a place where the only thing that matters is to survive indefinitely. The Legion is the worst option of all, not only because it is too incomplete with respect to all the other routes, or because it holds a retrograde ideology that would place technological progress (and everything benefited by it) in a forced stagnation, but because in essence it is still a tribe where everything revolves around the personality of Caesar (the title, not the character), and as soon as Caesar ceases to please the tribe it will be violently dissolved. As Marcus said, this won't happen overnight, but it will happen eventually. It is because of this and other things that Mr House is the best (or at least the least bad, since it is not perfect) choice for Mojave. Like the NCR and Legion, House has no qualms about using force to wipe out those who get in the way of his plans, but unlike them and more in line with Yes Man House has an ideal of letting everyone be free to work for him and do what they want (as long as they don't oppose his personal interests). Also, unlike the NCR and similar to the Legion, House has a simple and defined objective that is not corrupted by the pursuit of money (on the contrary, he uses money to further his plans and convince others to help him). In short, House unites the qualities of the other factions into a semi-immortal man with an almost autistic (considering he spent 200 years and millions just looking for a chip) desire for progress, something Mojave desperately needs. Discuss.
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>>567 Anarkiddie or murder hobo? You decide.
>>566 In my case I imagine the courier returning to Goodsprings and living like a security ward in the NCR and Yes Man routes, living on the Lucky 38 as Mr House's PR guy (who convinces him not to automatically send securitrons to his opposition), or living in the Fort with Caesar as his right hand after killing Lanius in a duel. >>567 Yes Man's route is just Mr House's route but with a couple of non dead factions, absolutely nobody to boost the Mojave, and the possibility of causing Yes Man to go full Skynet after the Courier dies and there's nobody to tell him what to do.
>>569 Sounds comfy my man

(477.93 KB 698x1144 PC Master Race.png)

(22.16 KB 1040x506 toaster master race.png)

(131.05 KB 1920x1080 glawious.jpg)

(162.68 KB 1024x576 doom master race.png)

(147.81 KB 1985x2166 lady master race.jpg)

PC MASTAH RAYCE: LEG DAY EDITION Anonymous 08/31/2021 (Tue) 17:29:25 Id: 1bcd5c No. 547 [Reply]
IF IT INVOLVES THE PERSONAL COMPUTER AND ITS HAREM, POST IT HERE! PC NEWS AS OF AUGUST 31st, 2021: Japan has real-life loot boxes full of CPUs >In a country famous for putting just about anything in vending machines, Japan may have topped it all with a vending machine that dispenses CPUs. The twist? You don’t know what CPU you’re going to get. >Although we wouldn’t put it past someone in Japan to actually sell CPUs like this one day, the machine here is actually more akin to a loot box you’d find in a videogame. After dropping in 1,000 Yen (or about $9), according to Mujtaba, the machine drops a Ryzen box with random processors inside—it could be Intel, it could be AMD, it could be several chips. The setup brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “silicon lottery.” https://archive.is/HtPp0 Stranger Things 3 is being removed from Steam and GOG, but may soon appear on Netflix's gaming app >Stranger Things 3: The Game is being delisted from Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store on August 31. Anyone who owns the game on either storefront prior to its removal will continue to have full access to it, but it will no longer be available for purchase. >A reason for the delisting wasn't provided, but my guess is that Netflix is reclaiming control over its properties in order to further its own gaming ambitions. In May, the company announced a new push into gaming, which it solidified in July by hiring former Oculus content VP Mike Verdu as vice president of game development. And it's probably not a coincidence that Netflix is now testing Stranger Things 3, and Stranger Things: 1984, through its mobile app in Poland. <"Let’s talk Netflix and gaming. Today members in Poland can try Netflix mobile gaming on Android with two games, Stranger Things: 1984 and Stranger Things 3. It’s very, very early days and we’ve got a lot of work to do in the months ahead, but this is the first step." t. Netflix Geeked Twitter https://archive.is/CneG4 MIR4 is blowing up on Steam despite mostly negative reviews, probably because of cryptocurrency >MIR4 launched on Steam and mobile devices last week, and its peak concurrent player count has been increasing dramatically every day since. It’s on pace to crack into Steam’s top 50 soon, and this success is coming despite the ‘mostly negative’ reviews posted for the game on Valve’s platform. I’m pretty sure cryptocurrency is the reason why.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>547 >cpu gacha Too bad there isn't a mobo and ram gacha as well, maybe you could build a budget system by swapping parts.
>>549 It's an interesting concept, to be sure.

(467.19 KB 1920x1080 logo.png)

Anonymous 05/10/2020 (Sun) 23:27:02 No. 65 [Reply] [Last]
THIS WEEK THERE ARE 31 SLOTS • Every week you can fill a slot with one character per ID. All but six of these slots must be filled by videogame characters. All slots are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis. • If a character or character(s) has been nominated three times in a row, (Even within the same mania) it is not eligible for nomination for 2 more manias. You can find a list of nominations in the most recent mania article on the 8chanmania wiki. What counts as a “videogame character”? - Any character who you can access and originated in a “videogame” without using any form of character creator; this includes characters that must be accessed via a character creator but have a ‘default appearance’ that you do not have to personalize to proceed. - If a character can be accessed in a “videogame” but did not originate in a “videogame”, it must have had a substantial role in at least 5 games to qualify for a “videogame character” slot OR known almost exclusively for their videogame appearances. The first would be Goku and the second would be Pepsiman. - “Video game” includes only actual video games. This does not include “choose your own adventure” visual novels, but it can include visual novels with substantial game components, such as “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney”. ------------------ • Shitnom Clause: Unimportant real-life or virtual persons are not valid for nomination, even in a non-videogames slot. This means that you cannot nominate a person in chat, including and especially TNAanon, who is the host. This does not apply to notable public figures or characters that could pose an interesting plot. • Endless Battle Clause: This is a tournament and every fighter must play to win. Deliberately stalling out a match will not be tolerated unless it produces a roughly fifty-percent win-rate in the lowest amount of time necessary to do so as a valid strategy. Edits that are found to stall matches ineffectually ```will``` be edited. •GrandFather Clause: If a character starts as vidya or non vidya, they will stay in their designated category, regardless of any character arcs created within 8chanmania. ---------------------- Characters barred from entry Lego Skeleton Not Important Umihara Kawase Alis Landale

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>318 He is a belt winner. He is a champ who will fight the other winners in the series finale.
>>318 Because Yusei Fudo is quite literally a Gary Sue, even in 8chanmania he sweeps the competition, just like in the anime.

MGSV Chapter 3 Never Anonymous 05/18/2020 (Mon) 13:46:58 Id: 0e4cbd No. 390 [Reply]
Man, it's depressing to look at the concept art for MGSV knowing it'll always remain incomplete. The final boss would've been wild judging by the art.
8 posts and 5 images omitted.
>>504 >first poster in 2 months faggit
>>501 >source my ass >won't provide proof >dude trust me >>390 >The final boss would've been wild judging by the art. You'd shoot at a damage sponge until it died like in mission 50 and 31. How about finishing chapter 2 first? Where 12 missions are missing without a trace and replaced with literal reruns of chapter 1 missions. >>402 Maestro Kojangles needed 800 million dollars more and 50 years more, the game would've been a masterpiece. You'd get 72 hours of nothing but code talker tapes.
>>390 They could've at least released it as a $20 expansion instead of that turd MGSurvive.

(418.93 KB 1920x1080 8chanmania.png)

8chanmania S3 B25 - Aramania Anonymous 05/10/2020 (Sun) 17:49:37 No. 46 [Reply]
IT’S MOTHER’S DAY, AND THAT MEANS ARAS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD ARE GONNA FIGHT FOR A GREAT CAUSE! COME SEE THEM GIVE EACH-OTHER A MATERNAL MAKEOVER… WITH THEIR FISTS! 8CHANMANIA S3 BOUT 25, ARAMANIA, WILL START IN ABOUT 1 HOUR (3:00PM EDT) COME WATCH ARAS BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF EACH-OTHER FOR SHOTAS AND THE GLORY OF TITTIES Where to watch: https://cytu.be/r/8chanmania ———————- Guide to betting 1.In the case of fights: as soon as the VS Screen appears on stream, bets for an individual match shall be written in chat with the following format: "!bet (amount) (A,B) with A denoting the left side character and B denoting the right side character of that match. 2. Any other betting to be done, such as horse racing, gladitorial combat, or random banzai segments, will have their own betting screens and will be the same chat format "!bet (amount) (one of the multiple choice answers on screen) 3. Every week you will start with a clean slate of 1000 8bux, that will be added to your pocket(weekly wallet) 4. Any money you are left with by the end of tournament will be added to your bank (permanent balance) you can not withdraw from the bank, Alex Trebek forbids it. 5. You can view your betting score at: https://8chanmania.neocities.org/score.txt You can check the betting log at: https://8chanmania.neocities.org/last_results.txt You can check your total earnings in your wallet here: https://8chanmania.neocities.org/wallet.txt

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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I have an announcement to make. I don't know if anyone else has been recording these or not, but if not please do so until the end of 8chanmania season 3 and make it available for download. I've been downloading the VODs, then making shitty recordings, then making less and less shitty recordings as the manias have gone on starting with season 1 bout 31. I've downloaded some of the old ones still on jewtube or twitch also. The season 2 crossover special is lost except for a bunch of screencaps I took and the audio, so some parts could potentially be reconstructed classic/who/ style if necessary. I've also saved other related videos and shit. Most of the OC is not in with the collection I'm afraid, but all in all I have a decent almost complete collection going, and I want to put it up for download when 8chanmania is over so it may be preserved. I will try to record the rest myself, but 1. my recordings aren't the best anyway and 2. my health has been in gradual decline since February and I'm afraid I won't make it. Regardless, I have left a will that in the event of my death asks my brother to make available for high speed download my entire 8chanmania collection and to post the link to 8kun.top. I will be adding 8chan.moe, zchan.cc, julay.world, anon.cafe, and maybe I'll ask for a link to be added to the 8chanmania shoutwiki too. If the admin of the 8chanmania neocities site is interested, a link can be emailed out too. Just wanted to try and ensure the whole season 3 gets recorded even if something bad happens to me. At the very least, someone be sure to save the VODs in case of take down. The way I lost the MFW crossover was I was sleepy so decided to wait until morning to start downloading the VOD (which I planned to sync the missing copyright-claimed audio to), but twitch removed it while I slept. Love you faggots, I hope I can enjoy the grand finale with you. Crossposting this everywhere in case of takedowns and for maximum visibility.

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