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Nyte Nyte Comics 01/16/2022 (Sun) 07:22:37 No. 6
Since the old link has been removed by unknown reason we have to use t his one then.
thanks so much for the great posts...and your sharing..!
>>137 >>140 >>141 Thank you very much everyone!
Thank you all for your hard work!~♡ there is now only three left before all are up to date!^^ the latest monster hunter, back vore blood, and the portal one :)
does anyone have the portal comic?
This may sound like a weird request but does anyone have their classics in mega files? Like the original palutena vs medusa, Jessica rabbit and toothless, or morrigan? Those are the few originals I'm missing and yes I see them as normal pics around but I'd much prefer them in the way nyte has them instead of one of each pick downloaded
>>153 you know that link from the very first post? that's a collection of the pervious comics that you can get.
>>154 Sadly it's not there
Nope lol when I'm talking about palutena vs medusa I'm talking about the original lol the one where medusa is the giantess and gulps her down :)
(1.16 MB 750x1125 bloodborne-cover-small.png)

Anyone New Upload of Voresoft: Bloodborne?
>>157 not a pdf file, but it is the comic you want https://e-hentai.org/g/1077926/b82a1a0c06/
(148.45 KB 430x221 ClipboardImage.png)

>>157 Bro, it's right here. It is absolutely in that link.
>>160 No it isn't, he's talking about the one from a few years back where Medusa is the pred.
>>161 Oh, I do actually have that. I tried turning it into a PDF just now, but it made all the pages sideways. Here it is anyway.
(831.52 KB 750x1125 bvb-cover-small.png)

(757.80 KB 750x1124 portal-cover-small.png)

Can someone upload portal and back vore blood please?
(60.43 KB 1280x1280 moanapv2.jpg)

(713.33 KB 750x1125 Moana Cover Small.png)

Wow! there's more new disney series moana vore came out this comic.
Anyone have the new comics
does anyone got the portal comic?
Any of the new comics??
Ok here you go! Now can someone please post bloodborne, Moana, portal, and back vore blood pls? https://mega.nz/file/RHIEUawY#Oc3bNliXmnpcrciBSFC-U9pxOZTqwTqrX26eqConLCM
>>186 You're a good man Anon, but I gotta say that this one was a bit more disappointing than I was expecting. The whole burning in lava thing really doesn't do anything for me.
>>187 Agreed, big disappointment for me. I enjoy torn's art style and jurassic park stuff ticks the right boxes, but that ending ruined it. Would've preferred an external shot of the dino and then at least the implication it escapes. Even better: it ends up on the evac boat in a cage and everyone's wondering what it ate. Oh well. >>186 Still, can't complain too much about free stuff, thanks for sharing bro.
Nyte's work has gotten less and less appealing to pay for. I told him direct and it was a sob story of a response. Dude doesn't understand that when you put out a product you need to make customers happy not just assume they will "yass kween" you all day long for what you do.
most of those comics are shit, but Chirpy always delivers, now only if there was more poon in the comics like how that Raven comic was
>>190 Thank you! :) though I'm sure that the other ones are good too! But still, thank you for your help :)
Anyone got the moana comic?
>>192 ...they...they literally just posted it. It's literally two above you!
>>193 that's too far up, you have to understand
Does anyone have the portal one
>>195 Thank you so much! :D
His earlier work is way better. The newer comics are dissapointingly bad.
(1.16 MB 1280x1280 host-avc-thumb-square.png)

I ever seen there's more audio comic the host on friday! Yay! :D
does anyone have the portal comic? i really want it to get that

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