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What the hell happened 01/19/2022 (Wed) 00:11:58 No. 10
Someone explain why the old board got nuked into the ether
Your guess is as good as mine. :(
>>10 Seems the site is broken. I can access the board through boards.js (search), but direct links 404.
>>10 literally because they where openly posting loli and shota content, if you do that you cant direct link in to the board due to cp laws in i belive its russia
>>14 This is very vague. Can you please elaborate?
>>15 B-based jannies?
The board is still up, you just can't get into it through links outside of 8chan that's all. https://8chan.moe/vore1/
>>18 Their options are to nuke two threads which they have obnoxiously pinned to the top of the board, or be a pain in the ass to get to. the logical choice is just to ban shota and loli, as they had no qualms doing that with people swallowing mice, to follow what i assume are similar laws in another country. if they want that more sketchy shit let them make a second board for it and just be done with it.
its also worth noting that the vore board fell from what third position to 8th or 9th, now because all the normies don't realize its still up.
>>23 If you can't be bothered to do two extra steps then that's your problem. Censoring art just feels like a shit way to fix a problem and would just give the dumb assess that hate that shit an ego boost. Getting rid of IRL vore was logical since it's animal cruelty and is something that is severely wrong, loli shit is sketch but still, it's just art. Nothing gets hurt and I feel people shouldn't be censoring that shit, in the end almost all anime characters are under aged and if we start limiting fiction now it will end up going too far and lose a lot due to ridiculous censorship like how people want to stop violent video games and media, censoring fiction even for extremes will lead to a loss of content and creativity in writing. Imagen if berserk couldn't be as graphic and so Griffith didn't rape Casca and kill all of the band of hawks but instead hugged her hard and knocked out all the members, oh how cruel of him.
>>26 nothing to do with being bothered, it's about actually tucking knowing to do the extra steps, which based on its current rankings now most folks don't seem to know how to do and just assume the board is dead. your opinion also applies to IRL vore, both meet the criteria for art, because of how broad it is. the fact of the matter is both are illegal in some countries, so if you nuke one but keep the other for the same reason you don't have a leg to stand on. also, kek rape and killing is what you consider extreme and prone to censorship, shit was main stream in the victorian era. every headline was something graphic or hedonisitc if you actually go and give it a gander. Only thing stopping them posting actual pics of dead bodies was cameras where not a thing XD
>>27 nobody took a bath either. bro, you'd fit right in
Because the mods couldn't deal with people shitting on their loli and shota fetish.
>>28 not a refute of my points so i will take that as a win
(129.62 KB 1134x811 first-victoria-feature.jpg)

(38.76 KB 440x340 Mummy Unwrapping Party.jpg)

(269.90 KB 2220x1248 primary_499.jpg)

>>27 >>27 >or be a pain in the ass to get to When you say this it's implying that you are annoyed about wasting time not that some people don't know. Also yes it went down but it's been about 2 weeks, after a big change it's going to take time to get back which it seems it's starting to with it now at 6th place. >your opinion also applies to IRL I would agree if it was all based on fiction but people were posting videos of them eating live animals. To say there is no difference means you completely misunderstood the argument. It's not about if one is technically legal but that one is a work of pure fiction and shouldn't be limited because we shouldn't limit fiction if nothing is hurt by it, pen on paper can't be hurt. The IRL stuff was literally people posting videos of girls eating baby mice, goldfish and any living thing small enough, how is that also implied. >also, kek rape and killing is what you consider extreme and prone to censorship The point is that they're being censored slowly, people wanted to censor video games for being too violent, it got to a point where they wanted to ban things like Mario and Pokémon because it was satanic and violent modern-day people are soft and want to complain about everything. Even after age ratings came in people would complain about GTA and their kid playing it yet it was their fault for buying the game, extreme today will be different tomorrow and is based on the general opinion. By the way, the Victorian had cameras, they also did post mortem photography which is to take pictures of the dead because it was that expensive and people were dying all the time a big reason why death, rape and kek were seen as almost normal was because of the frequent deaths and that education was not as great. We shouldn't censor terrible things because we'll never learn if we hide the past and today people want to forget about everything that has happened to this world even though that will lead to us repeating those mistakes again. But to get back to the point art shouldn't be censored as it's a release from the restraints of the world and censorship will not only affect art but our understanding of the world.
>>30 Look at them goalpost. I accept your concession.
>>26 Oh spare me with the animal cruelty nonsense. If one can feed live mice to a pet reptile, one can feed live mice to a human female. This moralfag shit is just nonsense.
>>15 what, is the russian """ government """ full of incels? putin and his yid handlers are sex-hating faggots, aren't they?
>>71 based take, moralfags are the ones beating their wives and raping kids, or nowadays preaching "TRANS RIGHTS" while brainwashing kids into circumcision.
>>26 the low intelligence like you are responsible for this board for going down the drain, with your irrelevent moral-grandstanding and word salad. fuck off, make a new vore board where the things you dislike or are "illegal" are banned and leave us alone.
Lmao what happened to the boards. Used to be a bunch of normal vorefags now it’s the same bunch of nazi fucktards that are on the rest of this swamp of a website
>>99 what are you talking about? saying "responsible for this board for going down the drain" is convoluted and makes no sense. This board allows less content, you can't have animals (because no board is allowed that type of content) or loli (because all loli boards are inaccessible outside of the site). You ignored every other post, and what type of dumbass response to a comment from over 3 months ago on a dead ass board. This board is dead because there is an already active board that everyone uses, it was dead from the beginning so really saying "going down the drain" isn't just a dumb way of saying going downhill, it's also inaccurate. The main reason no one wants to use this board because the other one works better and has more content, so people come here to find out there is a better board and then leave. If you want people to use this then start up some threads and start filling them up. Since this board is easier to access if it had content people would probably use this more, so if you want this board to do good don't bitch and balm and actually try to make the board better.

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