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(46.92 KB 1280x720 vi.jpg)

Vorarephilic Experiences Anonymous 09/04/2021 (Sat) 17:12:19 No. 222
Feel free to share any experiences you had with friends, family, or strangers related to this fetish and others similar to it. Whether it be something simple like a one time casual conversation, or a deep and integral part of your relationship with this person, all stories are welcome on this thread.
I'll share some from when I was a kid and a few recent ones when I was a kid I would act out a lot of vore fantasies (I didn't know that's what they where at the time tho). my childhood friend and I would scatter toys all over the floor and walk around on all fours, putting them in our shirts pretending to swallow them. Sadly I haven't talked to them in years, but thinking back on it they where probably into vore too, we did this a lot, and especially with stuffed animals. I also liked to play with goldfish with another friend of mine and pretend we where monsters and they where our victims. I also remember a time in daycare when I was like 11 or 12 where I came in an chugged water from the fountain, and then layed down and listened to the sounds as I sloshed my belly around and being very intrigued, and even got a few friends to do it. My adult ones have sadly not been many with other people, but one time when I was getting head from one of my friends, they swallowed gummies and water for me a bunch and I came 4 times in 10 minutes. I've also regularly swallowed gummies whole and might even try something living sometime like a really small turtle frog
Hey this is reaaly Nice, thanks for moving My thread into here. I thought it would be forgotten
>>222 Kind of an odd one, but when I was much younger, I went to a museum where they housed dinosaur skeletons. Weirdly, my first thought at looking at the skeleton of a T-Rex was "I want to be inside it's stomach". Much younger than that, id wrap myself up in my blankets and "pretend" to be unable to escape. Thats where the kink for me stemmed from afaik.
Still annoyed at that guy from 8Kun who said he listened to airpods his gf ate. My coomer ass tried it and was extremely disappointed to find the post was just a creative writing exercise
>>316 how did you find out it was just a creative writing exercise exactly?
>>316 >Roses are red >Your mother's name is Ruth >Only a fool would believe something posted here is the truth
>>316 That's cause you're a fatass anon
I'm the op of the original thread, my is legit it's bassicly My vorephiliac experience with My now wife
>>346 do tell
(171.63 KB 720x1245 Screenshot_20210907-142855~2.png)

>>356 I'm too lazy to tell it again. The picture was an Old pic of Voreacious
>>316 how did you find out it was just writing though?
>>343 >>561 I'm 130 pounds soaking wet (lanklet tier) and I couldn't hear shit. I can't imagine the gf in the post was any thinner than me. They just aren't loud enough. This post was sponsored by Raycon
>>704 Tired of not being able to hear the insides of your GF's stomach? Well here's the solution. RAYCON EARBUDS with their ultra hyper mega deluxe sound you'll be able to hear even the tiniest and most quiet sound of her body.

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