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Stop complaining about loli you fags

anyone got any stories?
Wow, this is the last place I’d expect to see my OC, not gonna lie
>>475 this is your OC? they are pretty nice. Got anything more of them?
Nah, at the moment I don’t have anything new. Was thinking of more scenarios for him to eat Klonoa, cuz I just love the idea of a sibling eating a sibling.
>>480 what sort of scenarios do you have in mind? I can see this character eating klonoa and impersonating him, out of jealousy.
I’m pretty stumped right now, but that is a good idea there. This OC was just created to be Klonoa’s brother which worked surprisingly well, but I’m shocked to know that people seem to like the scenarios I’ve done so far, so that might be what I go for next, if at all.
>>484 how do you feel about alternative vore types and this character? That could open up possibilities. Feel free to post any arts of this character here, for context.
I’m not sure, to be honest. I just really prefer the oral vore side of things cuz that’s just my main thing. I’ll post when I can, if I get any new updates, though.
>>486 Good to hear. If I come across any general art of cabbits, I will post here.
>>542 this would be amazing in colour
anyone taking requests?
>>760 source?
>>469 I want to see more of this character

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