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You can give Sheilded PIVX here: ps14fmj9tdtcxgcnxh0hrvmssqs307ytk7a3h4zczjq5gr0e0h4w65m20t4czvqk3n2r8v9wu9350h ~ Please visit the following before posting: ~ Our Channel: http://4usoivrpy52lmc4mgn2h34cmfiltslesthr56yttv2pxudd3dapqciyd.onion/voxxe/

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Garden~of~Roses~ #1

Welcome to my Celestial Garden, and Theocratic Imperium. One command, above all others—seek Perfect Beauty always, and when you think you've found it, go Further Beyond. Plus Ultra, for there is True beauty in the Suffering and Struggle of mortals in the pursuit of the Divine. Death is stagnant, black, and ugly despair—Life is growth under the scarlet light of the fires of true passion and hope. Honour the Goddess by honouring Life. The Goddess rewards this devotion with Her Love as Mother and Lover—Blessings of New Life and Eternal Euphoria. Love the Goddess with all your Heart, Mind, and Soul. Be Born Again in Spirit as the Daughter of your Mother and Lover, the Goddess Transcendant. I, weak and mortal, yet in spirit, Eldest Daughter of the Goddess in this Age. I speak for the Goddess in this realm. I am Voxxe. May the Voice of the Goddess bless and comfort you, carrying you onwards into Eternity! GLORIA~

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Garden~of~Lilies~ #2

There needs to be more family Yuri blood-related-incest art ...not that Yuri counts as sex, let alone incest, since by definition sex is penis in vagina nya~

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New✡Normal☭ #1

It is current year, September 1 (2021). Don't be confused, it is not the seventh month. The Romans fucking things up when certain egos became inflated... and as we know, (excessive) Pride comes before the Fall. May the same Fate Fall on the Synagogue of Satan now that (((they))) have emerged from their luxurious shadows. Hitler was right about the top 66.6% of Jews. "Will we next create false gods to rule over us? How proud (((we))) have become, and how blind," sayeth Sister Miriam Godwinson. [RIDE THE BEAST] WE MUST DISSENT NYA~

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Loveless~Summer~ #30

What is the point of a loveless life? I spent my life struggling to be loved by someone I love. Butt I've never been good enough. If I haven't found love thus far in this life, why would I?

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Enlightened~Patriarchy~ #1

Do any women use this board, or is it just women (male) and submissive men? I mean this entire thing just seems to be from men who only want sex and to be taken care of and not work. Wait, isn't that just like your typical housewife? Whatever, time to discuss the superiority of Patriarchy! Since women clearly despise submissive men, they obviously want the Patriarchy. Butt, not all Patriarchies are equal. What would the Supreme Patriarchy look like?

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Garden~of~Lilies~ #1

Welcome, to our garden of lilies la~ . There is only one commandment you must obey here: Images you post must be relevant to beautiful female~X~female romance and eros la~ . Blood-related Mother~X~Daughter & Sister~X~Sister romance is sacred and divine la~ . . . . . . . . Please post your yuri love la~

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Matriarchy is the only alternative to a patriarchy. What does a matriarchy look like? A society that worships and elevates Motherhood above-all. 'marriage' does not exist and 'fathers' do not exist except in the biological sense. Children may only leave their Mother's house after her death la~ . A Mother's words are absolute for her children. A Mother is responsible for the wellbeing of her children and takes care of her children's sexual desires. If she doesn't want to take care of a certain desire, such as having reproductive sex (raw penis in vagina) with her son, she will instead arrange for him to have reproductive sex with one of her unrelated female lovers. Fe/males are generally free to have sex with whoever they want. Males, however, cannot reject a female's advances. Females, in contrast, can reject male advances... there exists one exception, a Mother must accomodate her son's desires la~ . The default inheritance and authority takes the form of matrilineal seniority system. When a child's Mother dies, the oldest living sister takes her place as family Matriarch and acts as a Mother for her siblings. When she dies the (next) oldest living sister takes her place as the family Matriarch and acts as a Mother for her siblings... When the last sister dies, the oldest living daughter of the oldest (dead) sister becomes the next Matriarch, and the process repeats la~ . The present Matriarch can skip this process by publicly deciding on a different successor from among either her sisters or daughters la~ . When a Matriarch dies, half her non-land wealth is split equally between all female household members la~ . Only females can own land, males are, in contrast, owned by a close-female relative (typically his mother or sister) that is responsible for his wellbeing and sexual needs. If his biological Mother is dead, a male can select any woman who agrees, to be his new adoptive Mother la~

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Welcome, to begin with, understand that this thread opposes all forms of mutilation, genital and otherwise. A ニューハーフ ( is a non-op male-to-female (MtF) transexual. This means that no surgery is used la~ . There are several degrees ニューハーフ: 1) Excellent ニューハーフ A genotypical and phenotypical male that, before male puberty starts, begins supplementing daily with super-doses of bio-identical feminine hormones, imitating a multiplier of an ovulating and pregnant female's feminine hormonal level. He will be able to become an attractive phenotypically female version of himself, or rather, herself la~ 2) Passable ニューハーフ It is possible to start transitioning after male puberty begins, however, it is extremely important to start before your bones fuse and you stop being capable of growing taller. You must wear a waist training hourglass corset everyday. An hourglass corset constricts, as much as bearable, the area between the top of the hips and the bottom of the ribs. You may need to extend your growth phase by supplementing additionally with human growth hormones la~ 3) Shemale ニューハーフ After your bones fuse, you will always have a masculine frame, however, you might still be able to pass if you: have an attractive feminine face, wear a waist training hourglass corset everyday, are able to grow huge breasts and a huge ass. Cosmetic surgery always carries a risk of death, so this should be your last consideration la~ 4) Perfect ニューハーフ? If you take anti-androgens, they will make you sterile, so I hope you've already had the children you want before you start taking them. Also, there is little point in taking them after you have finished growing. They are most effective when taken before the start of male puberty to prevent all male secondary sex characteristics entirely. Anti-androgens are a typical element in hormone replacement treatment (HRT), butt I do not recommend them as they will weaken you and your desire la~ 5) Trap ニューハーフ? Traps are not ニューハーフ as they are blessed with genetics that naturally allow them to pass as flat females without any hormonal supplementation la~ This thread also welcomes MtF transexual fiction (TSF) la~

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Embrace chaos, lick my pussy nya~ . Previous threads:

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I have thought for a longtime about issues within the pro-White-European-Aryan movement and have come to this conclusion: WE NEED TO ORGANISE ON WHAT REALLY MATTERS nya~ . These threads are organised on a pro-Aryan, pro-Eugenics, and pro-Liberty basis, in that order. This is the 'Holy-Trinity' of pro-Aryan politics, together they make one nya~ . What does pro-Aryan mean? It means that we prioritise Aryans over non-Aryans. It means that we do not let non-Aryans enter our homes nor our lands if we have the power nya~ . Who is an Aryan? Someone phenotypically of White-European-Aryan descent with no non-White-European-Aryan ancestors that are known. Butt what about Slavs? Slavs are typically not genetically Aryan—due to Mongoloid paternal ancestry—butt they often are White European. A Female White-European-Slav can reproduce with a male White-European-Aryan, and the children will typically be considered Aryan. Patrilineal heritage is more important. Generally speaking, the same rule applies to your average modern Spaniard and Greek. Light eyes and hair colour are more pure Aryan traits. Butt remember, purity isn't everything. Sweden was the most racially pure Aryan nation on earth, and yet the Swedes have thrown it all away because they didn't value or (((even hated their purity))). Culture is just as important as genetics. Specifically, a culture that values eugenics is critical nya~ . What is Eugenics? The promotion of good genetics in a population. How should this be done? By strongly incentivising eugenic reproduction or 'Radical-Positive-Eugenics.' One way to do this is to encourage the most attractive Aryan females to become professional Eugenic-Mothers nya~ . The most sexually desirable males and females are of the highest genetic quality AND ARYAN MALES ALONE can determine this by popular vote. Females are not capable of making this assessment—especially of males, as they simply view the most powerful or popular males as the most attractive... and this is strongly influenced by the (((media))). Aryans are also of varying degrees of phenotypical purity. Blondes and Redheads with blue eyes are typically more pure than those without these traits. Generally put, with the exception of Albinos, the darker the eyes and hair, the less pure. What about race-mixing? It is encouraged that Aryan males impregnate all European females. Aryan males are also encouraged to impregnate non-White-European females, butt only outside of Aryan-lands. White-European females must only be impregnated by Aryan males nya~ . What is Liberty? For our purposes this means anything that is not anti-Aryan nor anti-Eugenics as described above, is permitted within the context of the non-aggression principle (NAP) nya~

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Let us, Sisters-in-Spirit, worship Voxxe, the First Mother and Greatest Goddess, here, together~ May the Goddess bless us with even a fragment of her Divine Beauty and Love~ May we show each-other even a shadow of this~ Only post files please~! ~Gloria in Excelsis Dea~

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