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If you have any cool banners, post them here and i'll add them. Maximum size is 640x140 and filesize of 1mb.

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SEGA Channel

Anyone every play?

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Any cool romhacks or translations you know about? I recently played Rockman CX, a massive MM2 romhack with plenty of crossovers and cool new bosses

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Game Music thread

Post some tunes

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Anybody like this game?

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Snes games

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What's the time limit for a game to be considered retro?

It's clear at this point as the years go by systems like the ps3, Xbox 360, and the Wii would be considered retro systems at this point but other disagree. What are your opinions on this because as unusual as it feels to some I feel that it's apt for the seventh console generation to be considered retro. Pic unrelated.

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Do you guys like Medievil? I loved the first game as a kid but I could never beat it as a kid. I find it amusing that it got not one but TWO remakes across different generations. However no one ever seems to talk about MediEvil 2, was it that bad? How good is the PS4 remake?

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Nintendo 64 thread

Figured I'd make a thread about the mediocre console with a handful of great games. What're your favorite N64 games /vr/? I've been playing the english patch of Custom Robo and Donkey Kong 64 recently, been having fun with both of those games although I wish DK64 wasn't super autistic about collectables.

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this is my favorite retro game it came out two years before i was born

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Import games and consoles

What import games does /vr/ like? I've been looking forward to playing Sweet Home. I have a Famicom I got some years back, and I can use the English translation as I own a flashcart. I'm pretty fond of the PC-Engine and MSX as well, both very interesting consoles/computers in my opinion. What does /vr/ like?

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What's your favorite Bomberman game? Also definitely check out Power Bomberman, a massive Bomberman fangame with hundreds of characters and an active online community.

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Recommended game charts and lists.

First, therefore benis.

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What Are (You) Playing?

Title says it all. I'm currently playing through The Great Battle II: Last Fighter Twin, my first impressions of the game aren't all that great. You play as SD versions of popular Japanese characters from different franchises in a crossover beat 'em up. Extremely lackluster so far, since all characters play the exact same.

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What the fuck happened to her legs?

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Retrocomputing game thread

So /vr/, what's your favorite retrocomputer? I'm fond of the MSX and Amiga.. Both have some great games (especially the Amiga, check out Turrican). What's your favorite

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/CRT/ general

/CRT/ general This thread is for the spirited discussion of CRT displays - Televisions, monitors and projectors used for the playing of retro games!