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What Are (You) Playing? Anonymous 05/05/2021 (Wed) 13:53:01 No. 26
Title says it all. I'm currently playing through The Great Battle II: Last Fighter Twin, my first impressions of the game aren't all that great. You play as SD versions of popular Japanese characters from different franchises in a crossover beat 'em up. Extremely lackluster so far, since all characters play the exact same.
In the second stage, the floor keeps destroying and you aren't allowed to progress unless you beat each and every wave of incoming enemies. Your attacks have an almost non-existant reach and your kick is absolutely useless because of said reach and it's long animation. I've found that the only way to beat enemies is to spam the kick button. You can swap between characters by pressing the Select button, this triggers a short freezing of everything on-screen and (don't quote me on this) seems to give you brief invinciblity, abusing this character swapping seems to be a sound strategy so far. This is a broken, unforgiving game.
Since the floor was completely destroyed and couldn't hand enough damage to the off-screen enemies who kept coming back, I died and got game over as my character kept respawning in the middle of the air. I don't know if it's this one enemy class specifically, but as you can see they are floating. I don't know what the fuck they were thinking here. I also shouldn't have picked the axe since it doesn't seem to have much higher damage than my regular punches and has a rather slow animation, although it kept the enemies at bay, it didn't help much considering the poorly designed stage hazards.
>>28 I made it back to the second stage and I can now confirm that not all enemies are capable of flying. It's also preferable to not stun your enemies if possible.
And just like that, I wasted my special attack gauge. There seems to be several levels of special attacks that you can perform based on how many energy pickups you have gathered, you can use LR to choose which one you are going to perform, pictured is Ultraman's seemingly strongest special attack.
And just like that, second boss defeated along with my first capsule. I hope to get a password soon because i'm running out of continues.
(32.57 KB 727x376 ClipboardImage.png)

This is an interesting password system to say the least, would have probably been annoying to use as a kid with just pen and paper.
I'm in the fucking jungle now, this funny little character can turn into plane so it's best to wait for him mid-stage and land some punches on his ass before he can turn back into a plane or whatever and drop bombs on you. This game is not that bad.
>>35 >into plane That reads like something a caveman would say, i meant to say a plane, geez.
Gorgos defeated
OP here, i'll probably keep playing this series when I get some more time and update this thread. Too bad about this whole webring issue though.
>>74 >webring issue What's going on? I gave up on this place and only come here for this place and /t/.
>>75 >please wait for validation ...I'm guessing that's the issue you're referring to?
>>76 Hello yes, kinda. Please stay... I love you

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